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I always find it funny to read comments about stories that had warnings in the introduction. Several people referred to the first story as the reason for AIDS, etc. This is a series of stories of a husband and wife exploring sexually. They will have sex with other people. Lots of sex with other people. If this isn’t your cup of tea, please move on. Enough moralizing on a site about sex stories. For those of you who enjoyed Chapter One, thank you and here’s Chapter Two



My name is Anne. You’ve already heard a lot of the details of how my husband and I got to the point of me fucking another guy. I won’t bore you with a repeat of the details, but fill you in on some of the things he wasn’t able to tell because he wasn’t there.

After we had decided to try some extra-curricular playing, I had several guys in mind just as I am sure Tom had some girls in mind. Unlike, Tom, however, I am not the analytical type. Once I decide something, I follow through.

I don’t it surprised my husband at all that after my next trip to the gym, I had a date. Sean was someone I had flirted with innocently in the past, especially after my husband and I had watched that documentary on the couple with the open marriage.

Once I made it clear to Sean that I was in need of something to do on Friday, he asked me to dinner and I readily accepted. In fact, it was all I could do to stop my urges to drag him into a private area of the gym and fuck him then.

Anyway, I was off work on Friday so I got my nails done and a full wax down below. As I wasted most of the day doing mindless tasks, I was so damn horny. I knew I was going to get fucked by a new penis for the first time since Tom and I started dating almost 12 years ago.

Finally it came time to get ready. I took extra time making sure to lotion everywhere as well make sure my hair and makeup were perfect. For clothes, I kept it simple. No bra or panties. Just a simple black dress and heels.

I am usually pretty self-conscious about my body because I think I could stand to lose a few pounds. I am a size 5 who wishes she was a size 3. Tom never complained and always wanted me to show off more of my body anyway. Tonight was that night. My dress showed plenty of cleavage and leg. If I sat wrong, it was safe to say I would Sharon Stone anyone with the right angle.

Tom got home right as I was leaving and told him I would text if anything happened with Sean. He kissed me deeply, which only served to make me hornier. I knew he wanted this as bad as I did.

I met Sean at the restaurant. He wore a simple brown fitted t-shirt that showed off his well-defined chest and arms and a pair of black slacks. He looked awesome.

I guess I should tell you about him. He’s 28, 10 years younger than me, and built very well from working out all the time. Not gross big like body builders, but more like Michelangelo’s David built. He had dark hair and was tanned – he looked very Italian. He was probably 6’2″ and when he put his arm around me as the hostess took us to our table, I felt very secure.

We flirted nonstop as we drank, ordered food, and then ate. I took every opportunity to touch his arm and hands on the table. I was so excited such a young Adonis was so into me. Of course, I had a hunch that was because he knew he had a good chance to fuck me. Okay, I was so excited such a young Adonis wanted to fuck me.

After dinner, I was a little tipsy from my two glasses of wine when he asked what I wanted to do next.

“You know I’m wearing nothing under this dress,” I said smiling as innocently as I could at him.

“Really,” was his innocent reply, even though his eyebrows gave away he had no innocent thoughts on his mind. “You always dress like that when your husband is out-of-town”

Oh yeah, I had made up that lie in order to not freak out Sean about Tom and I.

“Sometimes. Depends on who I go out with and what I am after. So after I use the ladies room, why don’t you take me back to your place and fuck me until one of us begs to stop.”

I couldn’t believe I was so forward, but I was so horny and the wine had lowered my filter.

I didn’t wait for his reply as I stood up to go to the bathroom. While I had to pee, I also wanted to text Tom to make sure we were still on the same page as each other. After a few texts I knew we were.

When I got back to the table, Sean was paying the bill. He said he had to go to the bathroom and as he stood up, he whispered into my ear “I guarantee you’ll be the one begging for me to stop.”

I sent a few more texts to Tom that the challenge might make me later than we had talked about, but he was enthusiastic in his replies.

When Sean returned, he offered his hand and helped me out of the booth. The irony wasn’t lost on either of us. In a maximum of 30 minutes, he was going to ravishing me with the most raw animal instincts we have, but at this moment, he was a classy gentleman helping his lady.

Once we got to his car, which was a super cool two-seat sports car, and left, my hand no longer cared to touch his hand or arm. I was now caressing his cock through his pants. He felt like he had a nice package down there.

I’ll be honest here. I don’t have the same problem many women on this site have as they seek out a new penis to fuck. My husband as a very nice 8″ penis. In fact, Sean did feel a little smaller in both size and girth than Tom. Not much, but this wasn’t about me needing a bigger dick to fuck. This was about me wanting a dick to fuck.

Once we got to his house, we parked in the garage. I had to admit, for a 28-year-old, Sean had to be doing pretty well for himself – he was in banking/finance. It wasn’t a huge house, but it was in a nice part of town and looked well-maintained – at least from the night sky.

He immediately got out of the car and moved around the car to my side in order to help me out of the car, which sat low to the ground. If he saw up my dress, he made no facial gesture of it. Instead, he helped me to my feet and put his arm around me and led to the door into the house from the garage. It was the last “gentleman” thing he did for me.

Once we got inside the door, he moved behind me in a flash and pushed me over at the hips. His hand pressed my head against the wall in the small entry way and I heard him unzip his pants.

Two second later, I felt his cock pushing into my pussy. I came. Right then. He wasn’t all the way in me yet. He had no care for my orgasm though because he immediately began thrusting in and out.

He untied my dress from around my neck and unzipped it so it would fall away and his other hand could maul my nipples. His right hand was still forcing my head/upper body against the wall. And he pounded away. I came two more times before I felt him withdraw.

He turned me around and forced me to my knees. By the time, I realized what he was doing, my mouth was open and he was shooting his cum in my mouth. I had another orgasm.

In the course of the orgasm, I lost control and realized that he had squirted cum on my face and I hadn’t been able to swallow fast enough and a lot dripped out of my mouth and onto my chest. My dress caught a lot as well.

Before I really had my faculties back, Sean scooped me up in his arms and carried me to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed, helped me out my dress and handed me a couple of wipes to clean cum off my chest and face.

As soon as I finished with that, I noticed he was naked, getting onto the bed and was either hard again or still hard. When he spread my legs, I noticed I still had my heels on – such a porn star hot thing to do. He eased body down onto mine and as our lips met, his dick easily slid back into my pussy.

Once he was all the way into me, he just held himself there. Our tongues met and my legs wrapped around him. The only movements we made were those that our hips instinctively made. And our tongues.

He had fucked me with wreck less abandon just moments before and now we were making love. Two naked people, genitals and mouths enjoined and enjoying the feeling. He was masterful.

We must’ve stayed in that position for what seemed like an hour – probably only ten minutes – before he began to slowly withdraw and push back into me with a regular pace, albeit still soft, slow and sensual. The only time our tongues weren’t dancing was when he kissed my ear and neck.

Slowly I felt an orgasm building and tried to use my legs and hands to get him to go faster, but he resisted. Instead, the slow pace brought on a slow buildup before I finally exploded in the biggest orgasm I had experienced in years.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t black out, but there were a few moments I was unaware of where I was. When I regained focus, I looked up and saw he had lifted slightly and had a huge grin on his face.

“Are you sure you don’t want to just tell me you won’t be able to keep up,” he said through his smile. “I promise not to gloat too much.”

“Just shut up and fuck me,” I said, smiling back at him. “I will gloat when I win.”

Right as I finished saying that, he began to thrust with same pace and force as earlier. As he fucked me, my hands explored his perfect arms and shoulders. My eyes gazed at his perfect pectorals and chiseled abs. I noticed no hair on his chest, stomach or pubic area. He was as smooth as I was. I came again. Hard.

After my orgasm, he rolled over and put me on top of him. I was putty in his hands. With me on top, I was really able to gaze at him and his body. I was lost in lust. I came several more times riding him before he moved me onto my side and entered my in the spoon position.

I was now in a constant state of orgasm as he was thrusting back and forth. I felt him tense and shoot his cum deep inside me, which caused me to explode with my second biggest orgasm I had experienced in years.

I lied there breathless and only half-aware of where I was. I say half-aware because I knew Sean was behind me and in much the same state I was in. It was only when his softening cock slipped out of my pussy that I was fully back into the present. And I had to pee.

I got off the bed and started to take off my heels, but decided to leave them since I was acting like a porn star anyway.

“You giving up,” Sean asked me as I got off the bed and stumbled, my legs were a little weak from the action.

“Absolutely not, big boy,” I replied. “You need to get that cock hard or I am the winner.”

I noticed the clock read midnight. I had been there for 1 ½ hours. Sleep wasn’t going to plentiful.

I peed and cleaned cum out of me as best I could. By the time, I returned, Sean was hard again. He was a machine.

I got on the bed and immediately began working his cock with my mouth. I had always been able to deep throat Tom and since Sean was not quite as long or wide, I was easily able to deep throat him and keep him down my throat. I worked his cock like it was a lollipop. I wanted to make him cum. I knew he had already cum twice and it was going to take some work, but I was determined. After about 20 minutes, I sensed he was building a release.

Soon he began to fuck my mouth and was soon cumming down my throat.

This time it was his turn to use the bathroom. We exchanged our give up routine, but I was more interested in watching him walk away. His back was just as ripped as his chest and his butt was chiseled and beautiful.

I felt myself get even wetter and began use a finger to play with my clit. When Sean returned to the bedroom, he saw me and immediately jumped on the bed and lowered his mouth to my pussy. I don’t know why I noticed, but I saw the clock read 12:45.

I guess I remember because the time on the clock was 1:30 when he rolled me onto my hands and knees to fuck me doggy style. For 45 minutes, he licked, tongue fucked, finger fucked and licked me to several orgasms.

He was now hard for the fourth time fucking my doggy. Here I was, a 38-year old woman that gravity has had some effect, able to get a young, muscled Adonis 10 years her younger hard four times in a night. My self-congratulatory mindset was interrupted when I felt his finger playing with my asshole.

“Oh yeah, play with my ass,” I hissed at him with desire. “Get my asshole ready. I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to stick your big cock in my ass.”

I couldn’t believe that was me. I had never begged to get fucked in the ass. Tom and I had done anal in the past and I had enjoyed it, but he was the one that had always brought it up.

Sean withdrew from me, which left me empty, but he soon returned to the bed after retrieving lube from his nightstand. His cock immediately went back into my pussy and I felt some liquid on my asshole.

Sean worked his finger slowly into my ass as he continued to fuck my pussy. Then a second finger. It took some time, but I felt my ass muscle relax. He sensed it as well because his fingers were now replaced by the tip of his cock.

He slowly entered my anal cavity with his cock. He took his time as my hole adjusted to his size. Pretty soon he was all the way into me, but he just stayed there as I adjusted. He had obviously done this many times before.

Once I adjusted, I began to rotate my hips, which he sensed because he began to move back and forth in my ass before slowly increasing his pace. He fucked my ass. And he fucked my ass more. And more. And more. He had already cum three times and had plenty of stamina.

He fucked my ass first in doggy position, then spoon position, then with me on top, then spoon again and then doggy again. I had never cum from anal before – I had only done it for Tom – but Sean had me cumming over and over. Finally, I felt him tense and shoot cum in my ass.

We were both exhausted. I stumbled out of bed – remember I still had my heels on – to the bathroom. I cleaned up some before heading back to the bedroom. I removed my heels and got into bed with him. Both of us naked. It had been years since I had slept naked. I snuggled in next Sean and we adjusted into the spooning position. I felt his massive arm pull me into his naked body as we immediately drifted off to sleep.

The last thing I saw was the clock which now read 3:30.

The next thing I saw was the clock, which read 6:30. I was awakened because Sean was working his cock back into my ass.

“If you don’t want this and want to give up, then just let me know,” he said once he realized I was now awake.

“I figured you’d have a limp dick this morning and I’d win by default,” was my reply as he was now fully back in my ass.

For the rest of the morning, we fucked. He lasted 90 minutes the first round. As we showered, he got hard again and fucked in the shower and then the bathroom when the hot water started to go out. He lasted another 90 minutes.

We had breakfast, neither of us bother to get dressed. We then fucked again in the kitchen. He lasted another two hours that time.

During all of this, I had no problem staying wet because he was so hot to look out. A few times, he might’ve sensed I was weakening and would use some lube, but I was having more orgasms that I could count each round.

After that, we went to the living to watch some TV. Still naked. We turned on some porn and needless to say, we both got turned on. We fucked some more.

Finally, I saw that it was 4:45 when he pulled out and shot a small load on my chest. It was his eighth time cumming. I was surprised it wasn’t just cum powder.

After I cleaned up, I told him I wasn’t giving up, but I had to go because my husband was supposed to be home around 8:00.

He made me promise that we would continue the bet another time. I readily agreed.

I finally got home around 5:30. I was worried what Tom would say when I got home, but before either of said anything, I knew everything was okay because of the erection he was sporting.

I told him I would tell him everything, but I was too sore and tired to do so at that moment. I did blow him and thankfully he didn’t last too long.

I showered and was barely able to stay awake as the hot water trickled off my skin.

After I showered, I decided to stay naked as I crawled into bed. Last night was the first night I had slept naked in years – maybe our honeymoon was the last time. I was going to sleep naked for the second time in two nights.

I had a feeling I was going to be spending a lot more time naked in the future. I actually felt moisture release in my pussy. But I was too tired. It took probably 30 seconds for me to go to sleep.

To be continued

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