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They landed for the night on a rooftop in the Bronx. Ryder paced the perimeter for a long time, looking for what, Angel didn’t know. She stayed huddled on the roof, her arms wrapped around her knees, trying to stay warm. A cold wind whipped her hair around her face, stinging her eyes and chilling her to the bone. She’d been wearing a pair of jeans and a sequined tank-top when Hornet and Reaper had attacked her and Jordan. She hadn’t been planning to stay outside all night.

Ryder watched the streets below, searching for any sign that they’d been followed. He’d prepared the rooftop for occasions such as this, so he doubted they could have been followed even if someone was trying. Still, he wasn’t willing to take chances. Not where Angel was concerned.

It was a good twenty minutes before Ryder realized his charge was shivering uncontrollably. With a curse at himself he sprinted to her side, picking her up and carrying her to a corner of the roof without a word. In the pre-dawn dusk, she could see the angular cut of his features against the sky. As he set her down on a pile of blankets, she felt the corded muscles in his arms move underneath her.

He went to tuck the blankets in around her, but held on to him. “I’m c-c-cold-d,” she said, her lips blue. “P-please, Ry-d-der.”

He smiled at her, though the smile looked sad. “Of course, love,” he said, lying next to her and pulling the blankets over both of them. She curled to his chest, seeking his warmth. His arms enveloped her and held her close. He turned his head down to kiss her, but she held her head away.

“First you explain about Shakespeare,” she said firmly. The wind licked around her bare neck and she pressed against him again. He only grinned wider. She’d said “first,” implying that something came after it.

“I’ll tell you what I know, but I’m warning you, it isn’t that much.” Ryder propped himself up on his elbow. Angel let out a small mewing cry and pressed her head into his shoulder, still trying to warm herself. “When I saved your mother’s life, it created a Bond between you and me. That Bond has made us incredibly attracted to one another, but it’s also given you some things that you shouldn’t have.”

Angel arched an eyebrow. “Like?”

“Your looks, for one. You call yourself Angel, and angelic you look indeed. That isn’t genetics. Second, you have an uncanny ability to make people trust you, no?”

Angel nodded.

Ryder continued. “You know there are angels, but you must also know that there is a yin for every yang. A pro for every con, so to speak. Our counterparts are the daemons, and they want you very badly, Jenna.”

Angel tensed. “Why? Why me? I don’t know anything.”

Ryder stroked her hair, tucking it behind her ear. “They believe you have a dormant power of telepathy or predetermination.” At her confused look, he explained. “They think you can tell the future, and/or read minds.”

She laughed. “Well, that’s really too bad for them. I can’t.”

He huffed against her neck. “Yet. You’ll be coming into your powers fairly soon. The more time you spend with me, the faster it will happen. They will come for you eventually.”

Angel closed her eyes. “And what am I supposed to do? You’re going to leave me. There’s no way I’m going to be able to stand up against an army of… of…”

“Daemons,” Ryder finished. “I know. I’m staying with you, don’t worry. This was an unplanned situation.”

“Daemons,” Angel repeated. “What are they like?”

Ryder frowned as he thought. “They look like us, for the most part. Like I do. They change on will. Except Lucifer. Part of being thrown out of Heaven was the he became stuck in daemon form. He’s not a pretty thing to look at.”

He sensed her next question. “Your friend Shakespeare was turned. It wasn’t his fault, although that hardly matters right now. He’ll be after you as well. You have to remember that he’s not the man you know anymore. His mind has been corrupted.”

Angel nodded. Ryder leaned down and kissed her cheek, feeling her slight trembling. It was from fear this time, not from the cold. “Anything else?” Ryder asked with a quirk of his mouth.

She thought for a moment. “If you’re an angel, why aren’t your wings, well, white?”

He laughed. “Do you know how impractical white feathers are? It’s a myth that we all have these ivory wings like some overgrown swan. There’s only one of us I know of that does. That’s the problem with the human race,” he said. “You see one, and you assume the rest of us are the same.

“Now,” he continued, “I’d get some sleep if I were you. We have a long day coming up.”

Angel turned to look at him, her delicate mouth drawn into a smirk. “Telepath? Maybe not. But sleep isn’t what’s on your mind, love.” She emphasized the last word, making fun of his constant endearments.

He chuckled quietly, but sucked in a breath when she touched the spot on his neck that made his wings pop out. They slipped through the slits in his shirt and unfolded elegantly behind him. Never breaking eye contact, she reached out and stroked them, smiling when his bright eyes rolled with pleasure.

“Jenna, are you sure you…”

She pressed her mouth against his, their tongues meeting halfway. Ryder shifted, and Angel moved so that he straddled her, his hands on either side of her head. She held his neck in a death-grip, afraid he would leave before they could finish.

He broke the mad connection, breathing hard, his eyes dark. “I take that as a yes, love.”

She looked beautiful, laid out on her back, her hair spread around her like a halo. “I’ve been told it can feel good,” she said softly. “Is it true?”

Ryder scooped her up into his arms, holding her slim frame to his. He placed a kiss on her neck, sucking slightly, before he nibbled on her ear. “Oh, darling, yes, yes it can.”

Without another word, he lay her back down kissed under her jaw, one hand going to her breast. He massaged it gently, teasing her nipple until it hardened under her shirt. Finding the fabric got in the way, he slipped it over her head and tossed it away. He did the same with her bra, taking a moment to admire her body before he kissed and licked his way down her neck and across her collarbone, pausing at the hollow of her throat to stroke the sensitive skin there.

She shuddered under his touch as he moved down her chest. His soft caresses were so different from Whit’s. She moaned as he took one of her nipples in his mouth, teasing the nub with his tongue and teeth, biting enough to bring pleasure instead of pain. She felt her arousal start pooling between her legs. Ryder smiled to himself as she arched her hips, longing for his touch.

He teased the skin of her hip with his fingertip, brushing it lightly across the waistband of her jeans. She wiggled her lower body, trying to get him to put his hand where she wanted it.

Leaving her hips, he cupped both her breasts in his hands and leaned in. He captured her mouth with his, tugging on her lips with his teeth. Angel took his face in her hands, pulling him into her, moaning as he squeezed and massaged her pert breasts. Suddenly, her jeans felt too restrictive, and Angel’s hands flew to the button, her fingers fumbling.

Ryder tugged them away from her body, drinking in the sight of her exposed skin. He fell upon her stomach, kissing every inch of her, probing with his tongue into her belly button. He ran his teeth along her hip bones, nipping gently. Almost regretfully, he pulled his hands away from her breasts and down her sides.

He slipped a finger under the hem of her panties, stroking her outer lips agonizingly slow. He pulled the scrap of fabric down, letting it play against her thighs. She moaned deep in her throat as he touched his tongue to her throbbing clit, thrusting her hips up in search of relief. He put his hands on her hips and swirled his tongue delicately as her legs twitched.

Still tonguing her clit, he rubbed a finger over her wetness and slid it inside her. He sighed as her muscles contracted around his finger, his erection pressing tightly against his jeans. “God, Angel, you’re so tight.”

Angel barely heard him. As his thumb began tracing circles on her aching clit, she gave herself up to the pleasure. Her moans grew louder as he slipped another finger inside her, pulsing them in and out in time with the motions of his thumb. He let her dance on the edge for a while, enjoying the delightful shudders that ran down her spine.

“Please, Ryder,” she begged, her voice husky with desire. “Oh, God, please.”

“Hmm,” he said, pulling his fingers out and licking them. He closed his eyes. “You taste marvelous, love.”

Angel made a sound halfway between a whine and a growl. “Fuck me,” she hissed.

Ryder looked up in shock, meeting Angel’s eyes. She looked as surprised as he did, but she didn’t take it back. She pulled him up, pressing her mouth to his with feral need. Her hands gripped in his hair as she tasted herself on his lips.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Take me and make me yours.”

Ryder felt a sharp pain in his chest. He wanted desperately to do just that, to make her his and only his. Looking at the need in her eyes and the rapid rise and fall of her chest, knowing he had caused that… there was nothing he wanted more. But like he’d told her earlier, he didn’t belong here. He never would. He would always have to leave her, and if he was half the gentleman she thought he was, he would leave this for a man who could stay with her. Especially after what she’d been through, she deserved that.

Angel noticed his expression. She caressed his face, and he turned into her touch. “Please,” she said softly.

Ryder’s train of thought snapped at her touch and the sound of her voice. The need to possess her reared up inside him, and he didn’t wait for her to tell him again. He stripped off his jeans and shorts as quickly as he could. Angel’s eyes widened as she took in his full length. She wondered how he was going to fit inside her.

“If you want to change your mind,” Ryder said, his voice sounding strained, as he bent her legs so that her knees grazed his waist, “now would be the time.”

Angel shook her head violently. Ryder’s cock grew as he watched her breasts jiggle, eliciting a low moan from him. Without another word, he positioned himself at her entrance. Angel jerked at the feel of his manhood on her sensitive skin.

Ryder leaned down to kiss her. “It’s going to hurt, just for a moment,” he breathed. Then slowly, he inched his way into her.

Angel felt herself widen to accommodate his width. As he continued to push, a bright pain erupted and she cried out. Immediately Ryder’s mouth was over hers and he pulled out, only to push back in a second later. As his thrusts grew in speed and in intensity, the pleasure overrode the pain and Angel gasped as the sensations overwhelmed her. Her body jerked and thrashed, coating Ryder’s cock liberally with her juices. Her voice rose into a scream as she yelled out his name. He groaned, feeling himself reaching the edge.

He went to pull out, but Angel grabbed his waist. Her eyes shone in the aftermath of her first orgasm. “Don’t you dare leave now,” she whispered, and purposefully clenched her muscles around him.

“Jenna, I…” Ryder’s protest faded into a scream as he came deep inside her. Angel’s voice matched his own, feeling the thick hot spurt of cum. She unconsciously milked him dry and he collapsed next to her, spent.

He slipped out as she curled next to him, pressing herself against his chest. Already, he was realizing the gravity of what he’d done. He had risked getting her pregnant with his child. Oh, God…

Angel’s kiss distracted him from his thoughts. “You don’t look happy,” she said. “Did I do something wrong?”

Ryder reached for the blanket, pulling it over them again. “Oh God, love, no. You’re perfect.”

She smiled up at him, radiating contentment. “Thank you,” she said.

Ryder returned her smile. “I should be thanking you. You don’t realize it, love, but you let me have something precious.”

When he didn’t get an answer from her, he looked down. He chuckled quietly. She was asleep, her mouth slightly open. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Sleep well, angel.”

Ryder was about to close his eyes when a rush of air and a curse brought him to his feet. He saw a figure get up and shake his russet wings. “Fuck it, omnipresent and everything and all I get is ‘a rooftop in New York’. You know how many rooftops there are in New York? And on top of that, do you know how many have people fucking on them? Any idea? God, I’ve seen enough ass this morning to last me a lifetime.”

Ryder sighed, pulling on his jeans and stepping away from Angel. He turned to the figure, the young man who owned the russet wings. “Good morning, Tenner.”

The young man laughed. “Good for you, you lucky bastard. It’d be good for me too if I’d spent my morning with that hot thing.”

Ryder couldn’t stop the possessive growl that rose in his throat.

Tenner put up his hands. “Whoa, there, buddy, don’t worry. She’s off limits.”

Ryder shielded his eyes against the dawn. It highlighted Tenner’s rust colored hair and his frame, which was still more boyish than anything else.

“You didn’t come here for a social visit,” he said.

Tenner shook his head. “Nah. As much as I’d like to say I’m here for purely personal reasons, well, I’m not.” He paused, and the merriment went out of his voice. “Michael’s not happy with you.”

Ryder ran a hand through his hair. “I can’t leave her. We’re enjoying some peace right now, but if they get their hands on her, it will mean war. Again. I can’t let them use her against us. And I can’t let them kill her.”

“They could do both,” Tenner added helpfully.

“Or both,” Ryder growled. “Until she’s safe, I have to stay.”

“I understand,” Tenner said. “Michael doesn’t. He thinks you’re pulling his leg about this Bond thing in order to get a cheap fuck in.”

Ryder hissed, his hands forming fists at his sides. “That son of a bitch. He should know.”

Tenner grinned wryly. “Which is one of the reasons he’s bent out of shape about this. He doesn’t know, for once, and it’s irritating him. But relax for a second. He just wants to talk to the girl to make sure she’s on board with it all.”


Tenner smirked. “That’s why he sent me, Blondie. He wants you post-haste, as in yesterday. Late fee and all. What I’m saying here is let’s go. Now.”

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