The screen flickered into life and the familiar start up jingle sounded and she changed away from the screen into some seductive underwear. The see through panties matched perfectly the turquoise mesh balconette bra, lifting her buttocks and breasts in a way that drew attention away from any flaws she thought she had. Her long, dark hair tumbled around her shoulders in thick waves, gently brushing over the tops of the mounds of her breasts. She smiled to herself as she moved to sit in front of her laptop. She clicked on the light blue icon on her desktop and waited for it to go online, bringing up the list of contacts.

Glancing down the list she spied the person she wanted to talk to most and started the conversation. Waiting for him to respond, she went over to her bottom drawer and took out a few select items that she thought might heighten the evenings coming pleasure. She laid the items out on the bed just out of sight of the built in webcam and started a video chat. As her number one fan came into clear view on the screen, she started her conversation, twirling her hair around her fingers and winking. His response was immediate; the flush to his cheeks and the uncontrollable grin said everything and told her she was definitely going to be satisfied tonight.

Chatting away, her fingers starting moving downward, brushing gently over the creamy mounds of her breasts. Using her need for a drink as an excuse, she stood, showing off her chosen underwear to its full advantage, peering over her shoulder and watching as his eyes followed her every move. She sashayed back to the bed and sank down with the fluidity of a cat, leaning back and pushing her breasts upwards. His eyes glittered, and his hand moved down and out of sight and she knew instinctively what he was doing to himself.

Licking her lips, she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting the weight of her breasts hold the cups in place while she slid the straps down her arms and off her fingertips before lifting her arms skyward and letting the bra drop into her lap, exposing her nipples, hard and pebble like, to the cool air in the room. She tweaked her nipples and kneaded her breasts in the way only she knew how turned her on. Her fingertips brushed up and down her ribs and torso, the tickling sensation making her sex clench. She could feel herself getting wet, her panties moist.

His laptop was moved backwards and she could see him stroking himself through his boxers, a damp patch where pre-cum had seeped out of the end of his deliciously large cock. Shuffling backwards, she made sure he had a view of the full length of her body, knowing he would want to see everything she was doing to herself, while wishing it was he doing it instead.

Her fingers rubbed herself through her soaked panties. She removed them and gently circled her clit, using her own juices to lubricate herself. She could feel her juices dripping down from her sodden pussy to her butt crack, tickling her puckered hole. Selecting the first of her toys, a small pink silicone item, she inserted it into her pussy, covering it before licking it clean and inserting it again. Dripping wet, she slid it further down and gently eased it into her asshole, her mouth opening with a gasp as it stretched her virgin ass.

Letting her fingers toy with herself, she let herself get comfortable in front of the camera, watching as he removed his boxers. The sight of his engorged, throbbing cock only heightened her arousal and her sex clenched, wishing he was inside of her, instead of on a camera. Inserting her fingers, she rubbed her palm against her clit, giving herself a dual sensation. The toy in her ass pushed her pussy walls inwards, and even just two fingers made her feel full.

She licked her fingers clean and selected her second toy, another pink device which she inserted into her pussy, aligning the ears with her clit before turning it on. Feeling the lowest setting of the vibration start against and inside her made her gasp aloud. She felt alive and invigorated and pushed the vibrations up a notch. Her pussy clenched hard around the vibrator as his fist started to pump up and down his shaft, his other hand reaching down to fondle his balls. She knew he wanted her pussy and her lips wrapped around his cock, but until that time, this is what they both had to crave.

Writhing on the bed, she started to move the vibrator in and out of herself, rotating her hips, feeling the toy in her ass move as she gripped it in her forbidden tunnel. She knew that already she was close, her skin thrumming and her heart pounding. She notched her vibrator up to the maximum and lay back feeling all the sensations, hearing his moans and watching his arousal seep from his cock, coming thicker and faster.

Just as she reached her own climax, he reached his, cum spurting thick from his cock and up onto his belly. She knew that next time she saw him; she would be swallowing that instead. Her own climax came so hard that her pussy pushed her vibrator out, juices flowing down to her ass. She took hold of the toy there and moved it in and out, riding the waves of her release, moaning and gasping and she struggled for air. As her climax faded, she removed the toy from her ass and put it one side with her vibrator, rubbing her pussy with her hand, feeling just how wet she had gotten from only an online encounter.

Hoping the real thing would be just as amazing, if not even more so, she bid her male companion goodnight and set about trying to calm herself for sleep, the smile on her face the only indication of how satisfied her body was to anyone who did not know….

I clicked the link, it was Darren again, I had talked to him a few times online before and he seemed like a genuine guy, he only lived 10 minutes away and wanted to meet. I had his number saved in my phone, but I had never worked up the courage to contact him. I was new to the cruising scene and had never tried anything with a guy before, always telling myself that I wasn’t gay yet returned to the same websites time and time again to flirt with the various guys.

Reading the email from him made me hard from anticipation, there was something very erotic about knowing that he wanted to fuck me and with a simple text I could have my first experiance with a man. I started stroking my cock through my jeans and was starting to unzip my fly when I thought “No, its about time” I picked up my phone and sent him a text, I’d be there soon.

On the drive over my heart was beating in my ears, time seemed to be going slower as my thoughts raced “What if I don’t like it? What if he doesn’t find me attractive? Wait… what if I love it? Could I really be gay?” these continued as I pulled up outside his house. I sat in the car for a minute considering leaving and turning back, until I saw him open the door and wave me in. Fuck, he was hot.

When I got to the door he invited me into the living room where we started to talk, Darren was slightly older than me, he had very handsome features with a great body and he was wearing a tight t-shirt showing off his figure, God I wanted to see what was under it.

About 20 minutes must have passed before he made the first move. “So, are you nervous” he said, as he put his hand on my thigh. This came as a shock to me, but the contact was starting to make me hard again

“Uhh A little” I stammered feeling off guard as he started rubbing my leg

“First time?” he asked as his hand slowly worked his way up to my crotch

“um yeah” I replied

He moved his face in close to mine

“Well… You will love it” he said as he grabbed my dick and kissed me

I jumped up nervous and dizzy, I was scared but I had also never been as aroused in my entire life, the whole thing was so disorienting, I could feel precum forming already.

“I … I think this was a mistake… I should go” I said as I scrambled for the front door.

As I was unlocking it I felt Darrens strong arms grab me my the shoulder, turn me around and pin me against the wall.

His hand made his way into my underwear and grabbed my rock hard dick.

“HHmm really? You seem to be enjoying it, remember all those times we talked online, I know you want it, I know you have been waiting for this” he whispered in my ear. As he said it my legs went weak, his smell and breath on my ear made me so horny I knew he was right.

He leant in and kissed me again, this time his tounge worked its way into my mouth parting my lips and feeling its way around, and soon after I repayed his passion in full.

We started climbing the stairs kissing passionately, making our way to the bedroom as my hands explored his body, removing any item of clothing that would get in my way.

Before I knew it, we were topless at his bed.

I slowly started kissing down his neck, onto his chest, further down to his stomach and finally made it to his waistband, his trousers were unzipped already so i pult them down and was staring right at a rock hard bulge in his underwear. I worked my fingers into his waistband and kissed his dick through the fabric, my hands started to shake as I pult down his boxers and saw his rock hard 8″ dick right before my eyes.

I looked up at him and met his eyes then started a long lick from the base of the shaft to the head, fuck, he tasted so good. His hand came to the back of my head and forced my mouth to take his entire cock. I started sucking hard and played with his balls, more and more, harder and harder as I felt his cock swell in my mouth, I could taste the precum forming on the tip, he was ready to explode.

He moved my head from his dick and stood me up

“Bend over for me, I want to fuck you hard” he said, and without a second thought I was bending over his bed.

He pult my trousers down exposing my virgin ass

“Oh that looks good” he said with a grin.

Next thing I felt was his huge tip pressed against my ass, fuck, he wasnt going to use lube. He slowly started pressing it in, further and further, my mind was trapped in a state between pain and extacy, I would have told him to stop but I wanted more. He kept pushing and pushing until his entire dick was in my ass, and I was loving it. He started slowly and softly, but quickly got harder and rough, fuck, I liked it rough. My face was pressed into the matress of the bed masking my heavy breathing and moans of pleasure as he proceeded to pound my ass over and over. His warm cock felt better than anything I ever experianced before.

His hands were on my hips pulling me back as he thrust himself into me trying to get deeper with each push. Fuck, I couldnt think, i was trapped in extacy, never before in my experiance with women had I ever felt this good, I had never thought of myself as submissive, but the way he was taking control drove me wild. Harder and harder he was pummelling my ass, hands grabbing me so hard that it started to hurt, but I didnt care, all I wanted was more, I had never been so hard in my life.

He came hard, filling my ass with his cum leaving a warm lasting feeling as he pult out, Fuck, I was spent. I lay on my back on his bed, rock hard, filled with cum and in a state of euphoria, he looked down at me “hmm we better get you sorted then”

He took my hand and led me into his bathroom then into his shower. He came in with me, shut the door, started the water and pushed me against the wall. My hand brushed his cock as he did this, he was already starting to get hard again. He started kissing my kiss and stroking my still rock hard cock, “We have to see about this” he said into my ear and started kissing down my body untill he was on his knees.

He took my cock into his mouth and started giving me the most intense blowjob I had ever recieved, none of the girls I ever dated knew how to make me feel as good as he did and before long, I shot my load into his mouth when he swallowed it all without spilling a drop. Never before had a shower made me feel so dirty.

We got out of the shower, got dressed and made my way to the car where the realisation hit me. I’d never be satisfyed by women again

this was originally written a while ago as the start of an e-mail play between myself and someone who never directly responded. Therefore, it looks like it is the first part of multiple; and I might be encouraged to make it so; depending on feedback, so let me know.

City of Heroes is a well-known online game which is copyrighted by its owners. No infringement intended by its mention.


I look down at the piece of paper with an address in my hand. I’m really nervous. I’m coming to meet you, but I’ve never met you in person or seen what you look like. More nerve-racking, you’ve done neither for me. You know I am in a wheelchair but that is all. I’m afraid you’ll walk away once you actually see me and what little I can do, unless one of your fetishes happen to be the adult baby variety. I try to cheer myself up. I can actually do quite a lot if one is patient enough to work with me. But I’ve not met a person like that yet. And I somehow don’t think you will be one, because you already told me that you are not really into the tender love stuff when it comes to play.

So what is going to happen to me? I start to admit to myself to being more excited than scared. The submissive part of BDSM scares me more than a little, because I am an abuse survivor. But I know there are ways to be submissive that don’t necessarily involve whips and chains being applied to you. And I also want to take back all of the things that happened to me and turn them into something good. So I have opened up to the idea. What intrigues me more though is the master side. I have never been in control of my body, let alone anybody else’s. Having someone else restrained like my body is all the time and letting me do what ever I wish however long it takes me is a scenario that has invaded my fantasies since I came to know you on the Web.

The address that matches the paper turns out to be what looks like a small abandoned warehouse. Confused, I look for another place. But there isn’t any, so I roll towards what looks like a door and push a button beside it to open it.

Suddenly, just inside the door, I have nothing under me anymore. My chair is gone, and I’m falling. In a blink, the fall stops, and I’m standing on my legs. Standing?! And not tired. I try a step, and discover I can walk. Further inside the room, there is a mirror. I look at it.

Staring back at me is Phoenix girl. I am too shocked at the mere fact that I can walk to be too surprised at this. Phoenix Girl is my first character inside the game called city of heroes. I have turned into her exact replica. Orange hair like fire, matching tights and boots and the bird for which she is named emblazoned on her chest, which is otherwise naked except for metallic accents covering her sides and her breasts artistically. My breasts. The reflection lifts up her hands to cradle them and I can feel the results. Not only is my body nondisabled, I am a superheroine! My wheelchair is nowhere to be seen.

But I quickly lose the surprising newness of my body, like it has been mine for always. So I don’t run wildly, like I have always thought I would if a miracle happened for me. I don’t even want to. What do I want?

An orgasm. Strongly and now. I look around. You are nowhere to be seen. My eyes are adjusted to the dim light now, and I can see a bed and a blanket on the floor beside it. My need becomes too strong to ignore any longer, and I sink to the floor. My hand plays with my pussy through the leather like tights, and then I reach in and down to feel skin. I think briefly that this will be my first completely successful masturbation session because my body won’t fight me. Very quickly, I lose all thought but how this feels. I’m sure there are instruments around me that would help me, but for now, my long finger is enough. Circles slow and deep inside on the right where it always hides first. I’m going to actually get myself off. I’m going to come…

But just before it explodes, I hear the door open again. I groan and stop, not because I’m embarrassed for you to see, but because I want to share it with you, and because I’ve heard that sometimes releasing too soon is cause for punishment in this world, and I don’t know what you expect of me here yet.

Sure enough. “Starting without me?” Your voice. I scramble up to stand and face your beauty. There’s a charged tension between us for a second, and then something inside me snaps. I have made a decision.

“Well, you are late.” Not yet knowing my own strength, but knowing I will use it all, I pull you against me and kiss you roughly and deeply, pinning your arms to your sides. I don’t linger long on the thought that this is the first time that I have kissed or done anything sexual with another woman. I dwell instead on the look in your eyes, a mixture of surprise, light fear, and admiration. I don’t know how my eyes are looking to you. All I know is that I want to own and consume your beauty and strength, take it from you until you give it. And I want you to feel it. Every last sensation of it will dwell in your body’s memory forever. If you thought you were going to be the dominant one here, you have another thought coming. At least for this round.

Still kissing you, I suck in your bottom lip and bite it, quickly but sharply. You jump and try to move away. But you can’t. Maybe you don’t really like being bitten. But I don’t feel guilty. You will feel this. All of it.

When I have to break the kiss to breathe, I push you onto the bed we are standing near, making sure I fall with you to trap you there with my weight. In a minute, I get out of the bed to look around and see what items I have at my disposal, warning you that if you move, things will just go on longer. I find and quickly put the handcuffs to use, taking my time afterwards to choose my instruments.

I find a blindfold mask and put it on you, wanting feeling to be heightened by lack of sight. Then I go back to perusing a drawer full of instruments. You moan the word please, and I don’t know if you are asking me to stop or to hurry. I’m not stopping, we both knew what meeting in person would probably lead to. And there is no hurry. Maybe you don’t like some of my ideas, but there will be plenty of other times where we can discuss your likes and wishes. And I will give them to you. But for now, I am taking this.

I find what appear to be little clips and something that looks like a miniature pizza cutter. I think it is called a sensation wheel. And the clips are for the nipples and/or pussy lips. Even though I’ve only seen them used in one video, I’m sure I will be able to use them to your sensation and my satisfaction. I put them within easy reach.

You, seeing nothing, are squirming with impatience. I stand over you and suddenly and expertly use my thin blade weapon to slice openings in your superheroine garb for your breasts and pussy. Seconds later I am feasting on first tit I can reach. So good. Consuming all parts of it in every way possible with my mouth and teeth. Only after doing the same to the other one do I apply the clips to each already hard and long nipple. You make a shocked noise, but your body tells your pleasure is present. And I am beginning to smell you too.

I move down your body slowly with kisses. When I reach my destination, I pause to enjoy for a moment. I have never seen another woman this close. You are so beautiful. I feel a little nervous. I’ve never eaten anyone out either, and this time I actually do let myself hope for a second that I will not disappoint you. But your smell is making me drunk. This is mine for now. And I’m heady for a moment from the power and your gift.

I begin by tentatively licking up some of your wetness, and your body responds encouragingly. Then I just follow the map of what I would enjoy, circles and suction fast and slow and across, using my finger to provide the deep sensations. When I want you to remember this forever, I lightly graze my teeth on your clit, no actual biting here until I ask you about it. You began shouting my name, begging for the release that is imminent.

But I stop while you are this heightened. You swear in a foreign language. “Well, now you know how it feels,” I say, referring to my stopping when you arrived.

I am kissing and lightly biting your lips and throat area while I reach for the sensation wheel. You know what it is at its first touch on your skin. Still kissing you downward, I apply the wheel to different spots than where my mouth is working, mostly the breasts and nipples for now. I push it into your skin enough that I know you feel it, but not so much that I think it hurts. You are making those combination pleasure and pain/fear sounds, but mostly pleasure, for you still need to come so bad and you feel everything magnified.

When I reach your pussy again, I realize that I’m not sure whether it’s safe to use the sensation wheel inside there. But I take a chance, and just briefly and barely flick it across your swollen clit.

This action causes your orgasm to explode, and I’m holding you close with one arm to my face to taste and smell you while my other hand is fucking you deeply with the handle of the little wheel. I keep up with your rhythm and you go on and on, but I am not losing strength or desire to take it all from you, drunk with joy over the fact that I gave it to you, that I could give it to anybody.

When it is over, you give me a soft, almost romantic, kiss in gratitude. Then you relax into the bed and I think you are spent so I remove all of the handcuffs and other tools. I am kneeling beside you on the bed. You lay there for long minutes, basking.

Then suddenly, you’re also kneeling. You are in front of me with a forceful energy. Again, tension passes between us, and I feel the balance of power shift.

I have no idea what’s about to happen to me, but I know it will be one hell of a ride.

To say that I was eager would be an understatement. Eager couldn’t even begin to describe the feelings inside me.

Here I was, in a taxi, on the way to finally meet the woman who had submitted to me online. The woman who had turned her back on her husband and former master for me.

Online, we had done it all. I’d fucked her ass, I’d fisted her. My flogger had raised stinging, red welts on her skin. Online, we’d even made love. But now, just a few more minutes down the road, we’d being doing it all again in real time.

My hand was shaking and moist as I rang her doorbell.

“Yes, Master. It’s open,” she called from the other side of the door.

Pushing the door open, I saw her. poetess, my slut. Naked, in the position, with her ass facing me. Oh yes, she knows how much I treasure her ass.

Dropping my bag, I went up behind her. My left hand grabbed her hair, while my right gave her ass a hard open-palmed slap. And another.


“Yes slut.”

“May I say how my heart is filled with joy.” Her voice was shaking, her breathing already rapid. “Now that I’ve finally met you.”

“Yes slut, I know. I feel the same.” I let go of her hair and stroked her head. That’s when I noticed it. The collar I’d sent to her. Thick black leather, with 3 solid rings.

I smiled inwardly. The slut was already well-trained, and prepared.

“Master… do I have your permission to show you something that I’ve made ready for You?”

“Of course.”

She lead me to a room off the hallway. It was almost empty. In the centre of the room was a solid table, but no chairs. On one wall, about 6 feet from the floor and a yard or so apart, there were two solid chains with leather cuffs attached. A similar arrangement could be seen on the floor, about one yard from the wall.

I was impressed and told her so.

“Thank you, Master. May I suggest a trial? To see if it meets Your needs?”

I nodded and lead her to the wall where I secured her wrists and then her ankles. Then I stood back and admired My poetess. Arms above her head. Legs spread wide.

She was unable to move away… as if she’d want to.

Satisfied, I walked up behind her and stood very close. I could feel the heat of her. I could smell her want.

My hand went to a thigh. It stroked. Slowly. Softly.

Then it slapped. Hard. Fast.


“What about your husband?” My voice was harsh. “The one who calls himself your master.”

“Don’t worry about him. He’s still away on business,” she replied nervously.

Hand slapped thigh again. Hard.

“And, Sir? He’s no longer my Master. You’re the only One I serve. The only One who can meet my needs.”

My hand went to her pussy. The folds were wet, swollen. “And what are those needs?”

“Discipline, Sir.” Her voice shook. “And pain.”

I went to the hallway to get my bag. As I undid the clasps, I could hear the rate of her breathing increasing. When I pulled out the flogger and swung it through the air, she gasped. When I swung it quickly at her pussy, she moaned.

“Is that what you’ve been waiting for, slut?”

“Yes… Master.” Her voice was raw. “Oh, yes.”

I swung the flogger again. Harder this time. And I could see her ass and her legs clenching.

My arm lashed out again. She moaned.

And the door opened loudly, followed by a shouted, “What the fuck!”

I saw a stocky, red faced man filling the doorway, his hands clenched at his sides.

“Poetess?” I asked quietly, “Who’s this?”

“I happen to be her Master,” he answered for her, “and her husband.”


She looked over her shoulder at me. The momentary look of fear in her eyes changed to one of devotion.

“He’s no one, Master. I now serve only You.”

He made a move toward her, but I quickly stepped in front of him. “You heard My Poetess. It’s time for you to go.”

My height – I had a good four or five inches on him – and the calmness of my voice worked to my advantage. He backed away slightly.

In a voice that was now less assured, he said, “I’m going. But only for a minute.” And he stomped out the door.

As I heard his feet on the stairs, I turned to Poetess. “Is this really the man that you married? That you served?”

“Yes, Master, I married him, and I did serve.” Her voice was quiet. “But I discovered long ago that he only wanted someone to beat.”

“Well, Poetess, maybe it’s about time you gave him a taste of his own whip.”

“Yes, Master.”

“So, tell Me. Where does he keep his toys?”

“Over there,” she said, indicating with her head, “in the closet.”

I walked over, opened the door and looked inside. The back wall was a Dom’s dream. Arranged carefully were canes, floggers and single tail whips. Cuffs and chains. Clamps for both nipple and clit.

After selecting a 7 foot long braided single tail, I walked back over to where Poetess stood waiting, her wrists and ankles still secured.

“This might have just the right sting for him,” I said, and began undoing her cuffs.

After she accepted the whip from me, I noticed a change in her eyes, the look now harder, much more assured. She threw her arm forward sharply, making the leather… SNAP.

We heard footsteps and then her erstwhile master was standing at the door, naked now and holding a single tail of his own.

When he saw his former submissive and what was in her hand, his eyes opened wide and his body seemed to sag. All but one part of his body… his cock. It was coming to life, stiffening rapidly.

He still hadn’t said a word, and when the first lash of the whip landed, the only sound he emitted was a moan. A low, long moan.

His cock also jumped noticeably.

I could feel something changing in the room. Looking over at Poetess, I saw a confident smile form on her lips. She threw the single tail again.

This time, when leather met skin, the cock not only jumped. It erupted in single, fine stream of cum that landed three feet from its producer.

“Poetess…?” I asked, “Now that you’ve put the bastard in his place, maybe you and I should get to our unfinished business.”

Looking at me with what seemed like pity, she said, “Oh, our business is finished.”

“How dare you speak…”

“Listen,” she spoke patiently, “I’ve got the best of both worlds now. I know that I can keep him in his place. And I’m damn sure that I can make him give me what I want when I need it.”

Her eyes locked with her husband’s, and she added, “Isn’t that right, sub?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

*You are the man of my dreams. Thank you for your confidence in me, this is for you.

Amber was a newly divorced Housewife of a twenty-year marriage. She was getting ready to celebrate her 43rd birthday, and was not going to have another year of just being content. She wanted to be desired, to feel sexy, and most of all wanted to experience the life she knew was out there. She was tired of just sitting around the house waiting for something to happen and was going to do something about it.

One day while sitting on the front porch surfing the Internet, she saw an advertisement for a chat room. Curios, she clicked on the link and her screen flashed to life. She read a little about the chat site and decided to give it a try.

She joined the chat site, chose her screen name “AmberEyes” and signed on. She wanted to find someone to talk to, get to know them, maybe flirt a little. What she did not expect was all of the immediate “invites” from other members for private chats. She accepted invitation after invitation, only to find this was way out of her league. There were all kinds of “Sexual Request” that freaked her out. This totally ruined the experience for Amber. A little shocked and embarrassed, she logged off of the site and closed her computer.

Later that evening while sitting in bed, Amber decided to give the site another try. This time when she logged on, she chose to be invisible, and to do the “invite’s” herself. She thought back and decided that she wanted just a plain guy, none of the wild names that popped up earlier; like “BigDaddy,” “Whipsforyou,” or “BeMyDaughter” (that one was really wild, he wanted to role play; he wanted to be her daddy while Amber was the naughty Daughter) she thought, “I think not!”

Amber scrolled down the list of members currently online and saw a user named “Jim Guest.” “Hmmm,” she thought to herself, “can’t get more normal than that.” So she clicked and invited “Jim Guest” to a private chat. Within seconds he appeared in her private chat room. They exchanged pleasantries, asked basic questions, age, location, marital status, etc. They were both divorced, he 46, she 42, both missing a little something from life. She lived in California, he in Florida. She thought, “Ok, no threat; I can chat with this guy, have a little fun.”

They talked for a long time in the chat room. When they got ready to sign off, neither wanted to say goodbye. They agreed they would find each other the next night.

The next day Amber could not wait until it was time to get on the Internet to meet “Jim Guest”. She had thought about him all day, there was just something about him that stuck in her mind; he just made her feel good about herself. Just talking to him that one night, he seemed so sweet. As 8pm rolled around, she took out a bottle of wine, poured her a glass and sat down with her laptop.

She signed on and sure enough “Jim Guest” was online. She went invisible so she would not be disturbed and invited “Jim Guest” to her chat room. Again within seconds he was there.

His first response was “Hello Sweetheart,” she thought to herself, “He does not even know me and he is calling me Sweetheart.” Just to be fun, she responded with, “Hi sexy.” He went on to tell her that he was glad that she was able to be online that evening and that he had thought a lot about their conversation from the night before. She was hoping, going by their conversation tonight, that he was feeling a little like she was. They begin more of a flirtatious conversation. He was telling her about how he would like to be holding her at that time and that he felt like there was a connection between them.

Amber did not understand how she could in real life, like and have feelings for this guy. This was only the second time she had spoken/chatted with him and she felt as if she had known him forever. She laughed at herself because she actually had butterflies in her stomach just thinking about him. They spent hours on the Internet that night, chatting, flirting, and even describing how it would be to make love to one another. By the time they were ready to say good night “Jim Guest” asked for her real name. She told him it was Amber, and he replied that his was Jim. He asked her if he gave her his email address if she would be comfortable emailing him and chatting outside the chat room. She agreed, so they exchanged email addresses and after testing the addresses they said their goodbyes and signed off for the night.

From that day on, Amber and Jim exchanged daily emails. When they would each have the time, they would chat, there were erotic chats as well as common every day-to-day goings on. They spoke on the phone every other day. Amber started to feel as if she were falling in love.

Three weeks later, as Amber was checking her emails, like usual she had an email from Jim. He had just been assigned to a job for three weeks in California that would have him less than forty miles from her. She was in shock. They had discussed meeting, but deep down she never really thought they would be have the chance to meet. Now in less in than seven days, he was going to be within driving distance of her. Everything they had discussed ran through her head; the long talks about walking hand in hand, her lying in his arms. The sex chats they had had. “Oh God,” she thought. “I can’t do this.” She closed her laptop and dug out her phone to call Jim.

Jim was sitting at his desk when is cell phone rang, checking his caller ID he knew it was Amber, he answered “Hey Sweetheart.”

“Hi,” then all was quiet for a while.

“What’s wrong, did you get my email?”

“Yes, I got it… Jim…I-I don’t know if I can do this, I’m not that person. You know I have never really done all that stuff we talked about. You can’t come here expecting that in person. We have both talked…well, um; you know about sex stuff, but I’m not like that in real life,” she said anxiously.

“Whoa, whoa, Sweetheart, calm down, I’m not expecting anything from you. We can meet and talk, just take it from there. I know we have both said things; I’ve never done half the things I said either, most of it was just talk. We will work it out, Ok? Just calm down and talk to me.”

Amber sat down on the sofa and took a deep breath, “I’m just scared Jim. We live different lives, miles apart from one another. We don’t really know one another.”

Sitting back in his chair resting his head on his headrest “I feel as if I know you. I want to meet you. You are all I think about. I look at this as fate giving us a chance. We can take it step by step. No promises, no guarantees. Ok?”

Taking a deep relaxing breath she answers, “Ok.”

“Sweetheart I’ve got a meeting I’m going to be late for, I will call you later and we can finish this. Are you Ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine now, bye Jim.”

“Bye Sweetheart.” Each time he called her Sweetheart it made her heart flutter. She loved it. She had never had anyone call her that.

The seven days went by really fast. They talked each night on the phone and made plans to meet in the lobby of the hotel the evening he came in to town.

Amber had never been so nervous in her life. She was almost in love with this man and she was getting ready to meet him for the first time. Jim had told her to take a taxi to the hotel and that he would call for her a taxi when she was ready to leave.

She called for the taxi and was delivered at the Hotel at 7:55pm, five minutes early. She decided to run to the bathroom to check her make up and try to get her nerves under control.

Jim was sitting at the hotel bar, watching the door. He knew any minute Amber would walk in. He watched as a taxi pulled under the breezeway. A woman got out of the taxi and looked at her watch. As she turned around he saw that it was Amber. His heart stopped, she was even more beautiful than he imagined. Her pictures did not do her justice. He sat there, frozen in his seat. As she came in the door she went the opposite direction of the lobby. She was going into the ladies room. He smiled to himself and got up from the stool he was seated on and made his way towards the ladies room. Wanting to surprise her when she came out, he stood to the side of the door, posing perfectly.

Amber washed and dried her hands, looked in the mirror and said to herself, “Ok, we can do this. It’s just Jim.” Taking a deep breath she pulled open the door, turned and was shocked when she noticed she was face to face with the man that she had been dreaming about for the last three weeks. She took in a surprised breath, grabbing him by his upper arms.

She couldn’t speak. Jim stood there smiling. She looked him in the eyes, “Oh God, it’s really you, you’re really here!”

Without thinking, she raised her hand to his face and palmed his cheek as if to make sure he was really there. He leaned into her touch, looking down at her; he noticed she had tears in her eyes.

He pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly, “Shhh, its ok Sweetheart. I’m here, I got you. Please don’t cry.” She didn’t know what to say, didn’t know why she was crying. It was as if all of her feelings came rolling in on her at once, and here he was in the flesh. He was here holding her for real, she was not dreaming it, not wishing it, and he was actually here with her right this moment.

Wiping her eyes, she pulled back and looked at him, “I’m so sorry. Wow, you must think I am some kind of crazy women. This is all just so weird to me.”

Looking into her eyes, Jim replied; “I know Sweetheart, I feel the same way. I want to hold you and never let you go. I can’t believe you are standing here in front of me. Can I ask you something, no expectations, no nothing? I just want to be alone with you so we can talk without being disturbed. Would it be to forward for me to ask if we could have dinner in my suite? I can call room service; we will have all the time in the world. I’m starving; I know you need to eat too. If you’re not comfortable, please say no and we can go out like we planned, I just want to be with you and I don’t care where that is.”

The whole time he was talking he was stroking Amber’s wrist with his fingers. He was not going to let her go now that he had her.

She smiled as she looked at him, “Yes, room service would be great.”

Pleased, Jim stood and held out his hand, Amber reached and took it. Together, hand in hand they walked to the elevators. Not a word was spoken as they rode up to Jim’s suite. Jim swiped his keycard, held open the door as Amber entered. Once inside the suite, Jim removed his evening jacket and asked Amber to have a seat.

Jim walked to the bar asking, “Would you like a drink?”

“Please, wine if you have it.”

Jim poured Amber’s wine and brought it to her on the sofa and took a seat beside her.

They were sitting in complete silence when he finally spoke, “You’re beautiful Amber, I never imagined you would be this beautiful.”

Blushing, setting her wine glass aside, “Thank you, in your pictures, you were so small, I really could not tell. I’m glad I took the chance to see for myself, I was totally right. You are as handsome as I thought.”

Scooting closer, Jim set his glass down beside hers and took her hand in his. “Please Amber, I’ve been waiting forever. May I kiss you?”

“Yes, I think I would like that.”

Slowly Jim leaned in and took Amber’s head between his hands, as his lips touched hers; it was only a whisper of a kiss, so soft, she wasn’t sure he had really kissed her. Then he kissed her again, this time putting a little more pressure behind the kiss. Angling his head he went in for the third time, his tongue coming out to lick the seam of her lips, begging for entrance, she lost all sense of control; she opened her mouth to him, licking at his tongue, kissing his lips.

“Oh God, I knew you’d taste so good,” he said as she pulled back from the kiss after giving in.

Leaning in, kissing her again, the kiss grew more demanding, their bodies coming in closer to one another. Jim slid his hands down to her waste as Amber slid her arms around his neck. Pulling him to her, she laid back onto the sofa. He kissed her from her lips to under her jaw line, to her ear. Amber arching up for his touch as his hands was roaming her body. Kissing down her neck, Jim’s hand found her breast. Teasing her nipple still covered by her blouse. Running his other hand under her blouse he found the clasp of her bra and released it giving him the room he needed. He found her breast again and played and toyed with the nipple, sending tremor’s trough her body.

Lifting her shirt, he took her breast into his mouth. She arched against him; she had never felt anything so wonderful. He kissed, licked, nipped at each nipple like he was a starving man. He raised his head and looked into Ambers eyes. Looking for approval, he started removing her blouse. He slid it over her head and then began sliding her bra off of her shoulders kissing each inch as his fingers slid the straps down her arms. When he had her bra removed he kissed each breast tenderly. Kissing a trail down to her stomach, he licked around and into her bellybutton, kissing it as he did her breast. His hands going to her pants, he started removing her belt, then the buttons. He slowly eased her pants down her legs, leaving a trail of kisses and licks as each inch of skin was revealed from her hips to her feet. Leaving her in the sexiest black thong he’d ever seen.

Kissing his way back up her body, stopping at the tiny strip of black lace fabric resting on her mound; he laid his head there, closed his eyes and inhaled.

“Mmmmm heaven,” he said as he kissed the tiny black strap of fabric. He tucked his fingers under the straps and pulled the thong off. Spreading her knees open with his hands, exposing the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen, he nudged his way between her thighs so that he would be kneeling in front of her. He kissed the inside of each thigh. Making room for himself, he took her legs placed one on each of his shoulders.

Looking up at her with an evil smile, “I told you, I was starving.”

He took his tongue and gave her clit the most erotic kiss; she grabbed hold of his head. Clinching his hair as his tongue worked its magic. He would lick, suck, and nibble, driving her insane. He then licked his way to the opening of her pussy and tongue fucked her, as she squirmed against his chin. He alternated tonguing her pussy, then her clit, driving her crazy. She was holding onto his hair, trying to get as close to him as possible.

“Oh God Jim, I’m going to cum…”

Jim took that as a sign, and licked his way back up to her clit while taking his finger and inserting it into her tight pussy. He fingered her as he sucked her clit, running his tongue around and around, then stopping long enough to nibble and suck. He felt her pussy tighten on his finger and he fingered her faster, sucking her clit harder, then he inserted another finger. Finger fucking her, licking, sucking, he latched on and gave a hard suck, feeling her body let go, she came screaming his name. He licked up every last drop from her, kissing her still trembling pussy until she came back down to earth.

Kissing up her body he lowered her legs and took her mouth in a demanding kiss sharing the taste of her release. She gave as good as she got, tongues tangled, she sucked his tongue inside her mouth bringing her hands up to his face. Not ever wanting to lose his touch.

Opening her eyes, looking into his she let out a low moan, “Oh, Jim that was…wow…” Jim stood, sliding his arms underneath her knees and under her shoulders picking her up. Amber tightened her arms around his neck.

“What are you doing? Put me down,” wiggling her legs to get him to release her.

“I’m not going to make love to you for the first time on a sofa, Sweetheart!”

Laying her head on his shoulders she allowed Jim to carry her to the bed, softly laying her down.

“I’ve dreamed of this for so long, now it’s finally going to come true,” he bent and kissed her. He straightened and stood to the side of the bed and began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Stop!” Amber said sitting up on her knees in front of him. “I get to do that, and fair is fair!”

She swiped his hands away and took over the task of removing his shirt. Kissing him on the lips, moving down his neck as her hands began with the buttons on his shirt. She unfastened each button kissing each area as it was exposed. His chest covered by his undershirt, she could still tell he was a well-built man. Once she got to his waist, she pulled out his shirttail and raised the shirt over his head. She took both of her hands and ran them up the inside front of his undershirt, feeling his stomach quiver, as she continued upward to his chest where she found his nipples, she toyed with them as he had toyed with her. Raising his shirt, she bent her head and kissed her way from his stomach to his chest. She licked and kissed each nipple.

“Raise your arms,” she pulled the undershirt over his head.

Kissing her way back up to his mouth, closing her eyes, feeling her way with her hands, they slid down his body to remove his belt. She unbuckled, and then unsnapped his pants almost instantly. She unzipped him and ran her hand inside pants. She felt the impression of his cock through his underwear. Running her hand up and down his shaft, she kissed him again and again.

Pulling back from the kiss, “Your killing me here Sweetheart, if we don’t hurry, this is going to be over before it gets started.”

Smiling, she slid her hand inside his underwear, stroking his cock. “mmmmm, really?”

Gasping Jim let out a, “Yessss, really.”

Giving him a sly smile she released his cock and started to remove his pants, taking his underwear down with them. At the same time, Jim was kicking off his shoes. He pushed her hands aside, and took over the task himself.

Still on her knees on the bed, he heard a small giggle looked at Amber and she was covering her mouth.

“What is so funny?” Jim replied looking at Amber.

“Someone is a little impatient, don’t you think?”

“Hell, yeah… I don’t think, I know I am Sweetheart!” Jim said as he smiled at her and then bent over and took her mouth in the most passionate kiss she’d ever had. He laid her down on the bed kissing her with everything he had. Thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth as he would soon be thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy, nibbling, and licking, biting at her lips, showing her how much he wanted her.

Sliding his body over on top of her, he settled himself between her legs, his cock resting on her stomach. Amber wrapped her legs around him to draw him closer.

Leaning up on his arms looking into her eyes, “Are you sure Sweetheart, we don’t have to do this?”

“Jim, please make love to me.”

That was all he needed to hear. Reaching to the floor, he pulled open his wallet and removed a condom. She heard the tear of the foil and then watched as his fingers slid the condom down onto the most beautiful, long, hard, thick cock she had ever seen. Smiling she looked up at him and gave him her own version of an evil grin.

He settled back down between Amber’s legs kissing her, whispering in her ear:

“I never imagined I would ever really get to do this. Thank you Amber,” he stroked his cock through her wetness, bringing it up to her clit and circling it around. His cock finding its way back to her opening, wet with her juices. Looking her into her eyes, he entered her inch by inch; he whispered, “God Amber, you’re so beautiful.”

Amber’s hands were on his shoulders as he entered her, he slowly pressed deeper inside her. She gasped as he filled her.

“Yes, you’re so tight. I’m not going to last long Sweetheart,” as he settled balls deep into the tightest warmest pussy he had ever been in. He knew if he moved at this second, it would be all over.

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