one woman two men

Emily walked through the doors of the grand hotel and immediately felt at home in the atmosphere. It was dark inside the enormous lobby. The only lights came from the roaring fireplace and candelabras set strategically about the room. Emily made her way to the fireplace to warm herself. The streets of Paris were cold at midnight, something she hadn’t thought of when she left her own hotel in barely more than her trusty black velvet trench coat. She held her hands out to the fire and rubbed them together, hoping to regain some feeling in her fingers. As a man in a uniform approached her, Emily patted her coat pocket to ensure she had what she needed.

“Good evening, Mademoiselle,” the man said in heavily accented English. “Can I help you to find anything?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I am here for Carine’s ball.” The man bowed slightly and gestured for Emily to follow him. He led her down a long hallway that was even darker than the lobby. When she was sure there was no one else around, Emily reached into her pocket and retrieved her harlequin mask. She had found the treasure in a small antique shop on the Left Bank the day before and knew it would be perfect for tonight. Emily tied the velvet cords around her head and felt the cool silk settle into place over her eyes.

“You may leave your coat with the attendant in the receiving room. The fete lies beyond,” the uniformed man said as he left her.

Emily pulled open a small door set nearly invisibly into the wall. Inside was what must have been the receiving room. A few uniformed men, much like the one that had brought her here, lined the walls. She approached one and started to remove her coat. “How many have arrived?” Sh asked.

“You are the last one, Mademoiselle,” the man said as he took her velvet coat and hung it for her.

“Perfect.” Emily stood back and let two of the men pull open the huge, ornate doors that led to the ballroom. Beyond the doorway, the party was in fill swing. Some guests were in full court regalia while others, like herself, were sporting much less. Everyone, however, was wearing a mask of some kind, a requirement according to the mysterious invitation that had arrived at her hotel room the day after she arrived in the city.

At the moment, the DJ in the corner was playing a classic waltz and looking quite bored with it, but the guests were reveling in the dance. The entire center of the room was filled with couples pressed up against each other and following the steps perfectly.

“May I have this dance?” Emily was startled. She had’t realized anyone had approached her after the doors had closed behind her. She had been too entranced by the swirling people. She looked up and saw a man in a tuxedo and black Highwayman’s mask. It was impossible to tell if he was handsome or not, because of the mask, but he had a strong jaw and cheekbones and his hair was pitch black in the barely-lit room.

“I am afraid I do not waltz”, Emily replied.

“Nonsense,” the man said in a voice Emily now realized was accented with French. “The waltz is simple, I can show you something much more difficult after.” And with that, the mysterious man whisked Emily into the swirling mass of dancers. He grasped her left hand in his and placed his other hand on the small of her back. She instinctively placed her free hand on his shoulder. “There, step one,” he said with a mischievous smile. Emily couldn’t help but smile back, wondering where this was going to lead.

The man slowly began to sway to the music, causing Emily to have to shift her feet to stay in his grasp. She soon realized that they were taking the same steps as every other couple on the floor and she was dancing a waltz. “I wonder what else you’re a natural at,” the masked man said.

“Why don’t you find out?” Emily said and grabbed his hand, dragging him off the dance floor. Emily had never been one for subtlety and she only hoped her mystery man could keep up. The two of them made their way off of the dance floor and past several couples in various states of undress. Emily knew right where she was going. She had come in the day before and snuck into the ballroom while they had been setting up for the ball. She had scoped out a few rather secluded alcoves at the edges of the room, but she had something special in mind for this man.

Emily led her dance partner to a far corner of the room where she pressed the call button for a small elevator. The door opened immediately and Emily pulled the man inside with her. She leaned against the back wall, trying to make out his shape in the near dark. “And where are we going?” He asked.

“Six.” He pressed the button and then came toward her. her back pressed flat against the wall as he pushed against her.

“Did I tell you how magnificent you look?” She smiled coyly. She had come to the ball in only a corset, panties, and stockings with her heels. “Such a tease, though.” He began to unlace the black ribbons that held her corset together in the front.

“Oh, I’m the tease, am I?” She asked, cupping his obvious bulge through the front of his pants. He groaned softly and captured her lips with his own. She ran her fingers up and down his length as he struggled with her corset and plunged his tongue into her mouth.

The elevator stopped and she pushed him away, beckoning for him to follow her into the hallway.

She stopped at the third door in the hall and slipped a key from around her neck. She turned it in the lock and opened the door. As soon as the door was open, the man spun Emily around and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips and could feel his cock straining at his pants. She began to kiss him violently as he walked them to the bed. He threw her down and began undressing himself. Emily undid a few more laces on her corset, just enough to free her breasts and then slipped off her panties. She kicked off her heels but kept her stockings on. She did not plan on this being her last stop of the night and did not want to take up too much time trying to get dressed again.

Emily leaned back against the pillows and spread her legs as she looked at her mystery man. Neither of them had taken their masks off, and that made Emily even more aroused. The masked man crawled up the bed toward her but stopped when his face was level with her cunt. He licked her labia a few times, but never touched her clit. She shivered with anticipation. The man continued up the bed until their faces were level. He kissed her briefly before pulling back.

“I want to fuck you from behind,” he whispered in her ear. She smiled. She wouldn’t tell him, but she knew that she would let him do anything he wanted to her.

Emily flipped over and raised herself to her hands and knees. The man adjusted and held his cock level with her entrance. Emily had been wrong earlier, he wasn’t a tease, he plunged right in and began thrusting in and out vigorously. Emily grabbed onto the headboard and met him thrust for thrust.

“Oh, fuck.” She wasn’t sure who had said it, but she was sure they both felt it. The mystery man’s penis wasn’t the biggest she had ever had, but it was definitely satisfying. Emily reached under herself and began to flick her clit back and forth. She had already been aroused and rather wet from the dancing and elevator ride, so Emily was nearly ready to cum. With one bone-shaking last thrust, her dance partner plunged into her and she fell off the edge. Her orgasm was so intense that she could no longer hold onto the headboard. She collapsed onto the pillows as the man stayed sheathed inside her. When Emily’s breathing was once again normal, she realized he was still hard and erect inside her. She moved back, making the man get off the bed and stand up. She walked to the opposite wall that was covered with heavy curtains. She could feel the man tracking her through the darkness. Emily pulled a cord at the end of the wall and the curtains pulled back, revealing a wall of windows with a view of the Paris skyline beyond.

The mystery man stalked toward her and finally lifted her against the glass, sheathing himself in her and capturing her breast with his mouth in one swift motion. The cold glass mixed with the heat of his body was nearly enough to push Emily over the edge once more, but this time she wanted them to come together. Emily wasn’t the romantic type, but cumming with a man always made her orgasms more intense.

It didn’t take her Highwayman long to empty himself inside her. Emily clawed at his back as her inner walls clenched around his spasming cock. He set her feet on the ground and fell back into a chair in the corner. Emily figured he must be spent, but she was only just getting started. Before she was able to make another move, however, there was a knock at the door.

Emily crossed the room and pulled open the door, revealing herself in a disheveled state to her visitor.

“You know, some of us have to work in the morning,” the man at the door said. He was attempting to look nonplussed at the discovery of a nearly naked woman, but he failed. His eyes scanned her body, pausing on her bared breasts and naked pussy. He cleared his throat and returned his gaze to her face. “I would appreciate if you ceased with the noise.”

Emily took her turn to size him up, as well. The man was dressed only in black silk boxer shorts. He was lean but muscular, with olive skin and dark hair with a bit of gray. His cheeks were coated with stubble and his eyes were tired.

“Oh, we beg your pardon,” Emily said. “Perhaps there is something I can do to make up for it?” The man looked her up and down once more.

“Well, since you did wake me…” He trailed off when Emily gestured for him to enter the room. She glanced quickly at her masked partner in the corner. She saw that his interest had been piqued, but he made no move to join them.

“Please, do have a seat,” Emily said, showing her visitor to the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed as she sauntered toward him. “I am so sorry I woke you, I’m sure you have very important things to do in the morning. I only hope I can sufficiently make it up to you.” She grinned at him and pushed him until he was lying flat on the bed. She crouched down and slid off his silk boxers. His penis was already hardening, though she was sure she could help it along. Emily grabbed the base of his cock, lifting the tip to her lips. She wasted no time, taking the entire head in her mouth and bobbing up and down his length. The man moaned and Emily heard a similar noise from behind her. She glanced around and found her mystery man slowly stroking his own cock in the chair in the corner of the room.

Emily slowly withdrew the new man’s cock from her mouth and climbed onto the bed. His penis was now fully erect and she lined it up with her opening. Slowly, Emily slid down his length until he was fully sheathed inside her. She bobbed up and down slowly a few times before increasing pace and riding him furiously.

Emily turned slightly, beckoning for the masked man to join them. He got up from his spot in the corner and approached the fucking couple. Emily bent forward, allowing the man on the bed to take her nipple into his mouth and the man behind her to align his penis with her asshole. Very slowly, and a bit more gently than Emily liked, the Highwayman filled her ass. Emily stopped moving for several moments, adjusting to the feeling of the two cocks inside of her. This night was starting off even better than she had expected.

Slowly, Emily once again began to ride the man lying beneath her as he sucked on first one nipple, and then the other. She reached between them and began to play with her clit, reveling in the overwhelming sensations. The mystery man behind her began to piston faster and faster into Emily’s hole. She could almost feel the two cocks meeting inside of her. That thought, mixed with all the different sensations running through her body, sent Emily over the edge. She came in a gush, her walls clenching around one man’s penis while the other filled her asshole with his load. After a few more thrusts, the man beneath her came as well.

The man in the mask pulled out of her, his cum dripping from her asshole, and collapsed on the bed beside the couple. Emily relaxed, her head on the visitor’s chest, his penis still inside of her.

After Emily was sure both of the men had fallen asleep, she got up, fixed her corset, put her panties back on, even though she still had cum spilling out of her, and grabbed her heels and room key. She slipped out the door and into the elevator at the end of the hallway to return to the party.

The night was still young.

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