on your knees

-~*{One Man’s Search}*~-

A fan fiction based off JinkiesFarie’s “The Femme In Me” series.

Chapter 1 — Fate

Reggie lay on his bed in his nice apartment and gave a long sigh as he stared at the white ceiling. His night with Nic was enjoyable to be sure and her new boy toy’s ass felt wonderful, but seeing those two together only helped remind him of the hole in his own life. He rolled over onto his side to change his view from sheet of white to sheet of red as the window curtains covered any godforsaken dawn light that might try to attack his tired eyes.

Reggie found himself depressed. He had no worries in life, as an accomplished author any financial worry he might have was nonexistent and he continued to have a social life, doing book signing events as well as hitting up bars and club with his friends. None of it was what he truly wanted. The one thing this man lacked seemed to be the one thing all his friends had: a partner.

Reggie glared at the crack of light coming in through the side of the window and rolled back to stare at the white wall that had a beautiful wall decal on it of a black and red Japanese tree. He was a fan of Japanese culture and loved the gift that displayed itself on his wall. It had been given to him by Nic for doing a book signing at her bookshop.

The thought of Nic made his mind go back to his depression again. He sighed again and pulled the covers up to his neck and closed his eyes. Images of body features flashed before his eyes as he tried to imagine his ideal partner. He could honestly care less if it was a man or woman, being bisexual he liked pleasure no matter its gender; it was the personality and demeanor he was having difficulty finding. He thought of the ass he had plowed earlier that night, Vicky had nice curves but his figure really was too masculine for his tastes… Nic had a nice figure however she was way too dominate to mesh well with him on a daily basis. As he continued to think about his ideal lover, sleep claimed him.


Reggie walked around the illuminated living room and glanced out at the sunset from the huge glass doors that led out onto his private balcony. He was still depressed; however, now he was simply battling boredom. His pocket vibrated and he pulled out his cell phone; it was Nic. Reggie pressed the ignore button and shoved it back in his pocket, she probably wanted to “punish” her pet again with his chocolaty goodness and he didn’t want to see the twistedly happy couple again. He walked out onto the porch with his cup of coffee (which couldn’t really be considered coffee with all the milk and chocolate put into it) and he looked down at the busy street five stories below.

He sighed deeply then grimaced at his own listlessness. He was a masculine, why was he moping around here like some hopeless feminine? He took his phone out again and dialed his friend; Lola knew all the best clubs…


Reggie shrugged his way through the crowd following the small girl through the haze. Lola was easy enough for him to follow though since, at 6’8″, Reggie towered over the mob. The music pounded in his ears and through his body giving him a surreal feeling. He glanced around and started scanning faces to see if anyone new caught his eye. He knew most of the people here, the usual clubbers, a few one-nighters, and some usual hunters looking for their next conquest. He shook his head at himself, why did he talk himself into coming here again? Sure he was bored but doing more of the same thing he usually did at night wasn’t the answer he needed.

He turned back to tell Lola he was going to give up for tonight. She was no where to be found. He groaned slightly and proceeded to search for her in her usual haunts. A woman danced her way up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck even though she was quite a bit shorter than him.

“Hello, Tall-Dark-and-Handsome.” She said playfully in what was probably her most sexy voice. The way she said it made him feel like she wanted to devour him. Despite his usual playfulness he was simply not in the mood, “Not tonight, Annie.” He moved her out of his way and continued his search for Lola.

Annie pouted after him and crossed her arms and turned back towards the mass of bodies grinding together.

Reggie was getting annoyed now. Lola was obviously not trying to reach him since he stood out easily so he grumbled and turned towards the exit, making his way towards the neon green sign indicating his freedom from this chaos.

The night air was refreshing on his face and he breathed it in deeply, it soothed him to the core and allowed him to think more clearly. He looked around and saw two girls passionately making out against the wall of the club and rolled his eyes. He wondered again if Fate would be so kind as to deliver him his partner, he was almost 30 for god’s sake.

Reggie pulled his cell out and texted Lola to let her know that he was heading home again. Just as he put his phone in his pocket he looked up and saw a lean young man standing in the middle of the street staring up at the night sky. Reggie looked up to witness that stars were actually visible tonight, which was so rare within the city. As his gaze returned to the boy his eyes fell on his face; the man was obviously Asian but he seemed to have a splash of western looks in his features. His sandy hair fell around his face and would cover his eyes if he hadn’t been staring upwards. His eyes were what caught Reggie’s attention the most, however. They seemed so solemn, like he was about to weep.

Headlights pulled Reggie out of his reverie as he saw a red car racing straight towards the still man. Panic slapped Reggie in the face as he realized the man wasn’t moving and the car wasn’t slowing down.

“Watch out!!” Reggie yelled as he ran towards what was sure to be a horrible fate…

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