They finally meet

The Introduction of this story is completely true. The rest is a pure fiction based on fantasies that Claire (not her real name) and I (John is not my real name either) shared over many years. This is my first story published in English. English is my fourth language but most used right now since I have been living in Australia for the past 20 years.


Claire and John have known each other for long time. John was there when Claire got married for the first time, got real-life lover, divorced and finally married again. Claire, on the other hand, was there when John’s wife had major, life threatening surgery. They have been there for each other and although both ‘taken’ they have been drawn together through one common point. They both have insatiable sexual desire that has not been fully satisfied in either of their marriages. Their on-line affair started many years ago and they have exchanged numerous written fantasies dealing with their wildest and often darkest sexual desires. They met occasionally using SKYPE and John gradually amassed great collection of Claire’s innocent and not so innocent and even pornographic pictures and video recordings.

Even though that John has been living on the other part of the world, they had several opportunities to meet personally and realise some of their fantasies ‘in flesh’. Several times, they had just a few tens of kilometres or hundred kilometres between each other. However, each time they did not manage to get together for various reasons. Either because John, who has apparently ‘perfect marriage’ with little exception of unsatisfactory sex, pulled out because he feared consequences, or because Claire was not able to travel to place where John was.

One of the fantasies John used to have was a sex with MILF. Since Claire got pregnant and later gave birth to little boy, John has been reminding her that particular fantasy. At that time, Claire and her second husband moved temporarily to Crete where he was posted on job.

Several months later, John has got an offer to spend one month of his research leave on Crete. He did not wast a minute and started to plan. This time, however, he did not divulge any of his plans to Claire and had firmly decided to fulfil his MILF sex fantasy and ideally many more, no matter what.

First meeting

So at the beginning of September he has found himself in Crete without Claire having slightest idea about his plans. His first few days at Crete were very hectic organising everything for his stay but on a first Friday he was settled enough to start working on his plans. Freshly showered, shaven, perfumed and nervous, John took his phone and dialled Claire’s phone number, leaving fate to play the rest.

“Hello, this is Claire…” he heard nearly immediately.

“This is John, Claire. I wanted to hear you again and I have not seen you on-line on SKYPE for some time so I decided to call you” said John nervously.

“I am glad to hear you too, John. And particularly today so. We have had arguments with my husband lately again and on top of that, he had to fly to Prague on business for week or two. I am here on my own, upset and lonely, only with my little boy…”

“Well, I am so sorry to hear that, Claire” continued John and they spent next few minutes discussing their lives and what has been happening to them lately.

“It is pity that you are so bloody far away. I need a man and good sex so much right now.”

“How about I tried teleporting myself from Australia to Crete,” joked John.

“Yeah that would be fantastic, but unfortunately you are not Dr Who…” said Claire gloomily.

“Well, how about I told you that I already am on Crete to stay here for a month. I have been in this hotel since Tuesday spending time plotting best way to let you know that I am so bloody close to you and in a need of great woman and even greater sex.”

“I would say that you are a stupid liar and bastard to make a joke like this. Should I be able to lay my hands on you, I would spanked your sad ass so much that you could not sit on it for a week.”

“Well, as you know, I would not mind bit of spanking, but considering mutual benefits, I would prefer if it was not that hard as you are suggesting.”

“Stop fucking with my mind John. Don’t make life even more miserable than it already is…”

“I am not fucking with your mind. If you do not believe me, please call my hotel and ask for apartment number 3,” continued John and gave her number of the hotel. “Or better still, why don’t you come here?”

“John, you are really here? God, what a surprise. I cannot, little one just fell asleep.” Claire gushed out. “No, I still don’t believe you. But you know what? If you really are here, you will be ringing my doorbell in 15 minutes. Here is the address,” says Claire now starting to realise that it is not dream and dictates him her address. “It should not take you more than 15 minutes to get here from your hotel. You will get 5 lashes with my new cane for every minute you are late…”

“I bet you do not have a cane, so stop kidding,” laughed John.

“If you are not kidding me and really are here and want to find out if I do have a cane, then be late. Your fifteen minutes start right now…”

John wanted to say something else, but realised that the line is now dead. He took city map and started looking for Claire’s address.

“That bitch! It’s impossible to make it in 15 minutes,” flies thorough John’s mind while he is quickly getting dressed and in less than three minutes leaves his hotel.

It is hot outside and he does not want to get too sweaty. But on the other hand, he is not too keen to find out how it is with the cane. At least not right now. There should be enough time for it later, judging from what he has just heard about Claire’s husband being away.

John tries his best, but it takes him good 20 minutes before he arrives at given address and presses button on the intercom. Claire’s face appears on the screen.

“You bastard, you are really here. But you are 6 minutes late and that means 30 lashes with cane before we can have some sex…” says Claire and John suddenly knows that she means that. “The door is open. Walk straight through the corridor to the living room. Strip naked stay next to the coffee table facing the door and ring the little bell that is on the table.”

“Claire, I did not plan to meet you like this. Should we not talk first a bit first?”

“I did not plan to meet you like this either. You are the bastard who makes surprises and then cannot be on time. So either it will be as I say, or you can leave now… You have three minutes to ring the bell or disappear from my life forever,” says Claire sternly and the screen darkens.

In a second John know that it is now or never and in the next second he makes the decisions. He walks inside the house, to the living room, strips naked, folds his things on a chair and standing a shaking slightly he rings the bell… He does not know how long he waits but than he finally sees Claire. Dressed in black lacy bra, matching black panties barely covering her bushy pussy, black stockings and holding long cane in her hand she stops in the doorway.

“Claire, finally,” says John and makes few steps toward her.

“Stop and don’t move!” orders Claire John exchange too many fantasies with Claire over the years to know that it is better to obey her, so he stops and waits. She walks slowly towards him and then circles him and inspects his body. “Not bad for someone over 50″ she thinks for herself and is pleased to see that just a look at her is causing John’s dick getting quickly from flaccid state to something much more desirable.

“Look at this” she points with the tip of the cane towards his now fully erect dick. “So, you like it…”

“No, I don’t like…” starts John and then stops suddenly. He knows more than well, that he is the sub now and he is supposed to shut up.

“Shut up and don’t speak without being asked…” she chuckles. “And if you speak, don’t forget to use a proper language. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Madam Claire.”

“God I wish I could just go and fuck your hard dick, but rules are rules. Bend over the armchair,” she orders.

John reluctantly and excitedly at the same moment walks towards closest armchair and bends over it. His ass is sticking high and his dick is bent down on the back side of the chair.

“Count them for me,” says Claire and first lash lands on John’s buttocks.


“Let’s repeat it, you missed something” says Claire and second lash lands on Johns buttocks.

“One, thank you Madam.”

“Two, thank you Madam.”

Lash after lash lands on John’s buttocks and some on his upper tights. It hurts but not as badly as he expected and to his surprise he is getting harder and harder and precum is flowing out of his dick.

“Twenty five, thank you Madam.”

“Now, I am going to make a deal with you John. I will waive last five lashes and whatever you have earned on top of that since you arrived under the condition that you make me cum with your mouth only in less than 10 minutes. If not, I will double the remaining lashes and add another 25 for not making me cum. Are you up to this challenge John? You have fifteen seconds to think about it.”

John knows that Claire usually needs more stimulation than just mouth, but he also smells her pussy so he expects that she is as horny as he is and decides to risk it.

“Yes, Madam, I accept your challenge and ask you to double the punishment if I am not successful,” he answers, surprising himself with a bold suggestion.

“Wow, you trust yourself, John…” says Claire and strokes his now painfully hard dick. “If you make it, I promise you won’t be sorry… The reward will be ten times better than punishment if you don’t make it. Come here,” she says.

John straightens his body and sees Claire sitting in the other armchair and pulling her skimpy panties down her legs. He walks slowly towards her, giving her time and making decisions for himself. He knows that he might need to take some risks if necessary. Then he kneels between her legs. She puts her tights on his shoulders and pulls his head to her soaked bush. As soon as he starts licking and finds her engorged clit, he knows that he will get through this challenge. He laps her slit with long laps first, but then he concentrates on her clit. He sucks it into his mouth and bites it a bit. Her moans and her hands pushing him hard to her crotch tell him he is doing right. He enjoys Claire’s pussy so much that he loses control of the time. He is no longer punished slave; he is lover who makes sure that his goddess gets what she deserves. He works on her pussy and clit as best as he can and suddenly she squeezes his had with her tights and pushes even harder to her crotch with hands. Few seconds later she erupts in orgasm so strong that it surprises John. His mouth is flooded with so much juices that he knows at once, that Claire had a female form of ejaculation, thing that he never experienced before and though would never experience.

Exhausted Claire eases grip on him and catches her breath back again. “Wow, you made it and you have time to spare…”

“Wow, I have never dreamt of experiencing something like this…” says John with his face covered in her cum.

“And you have never got blow job like you are just going to get,” trumps Claire knowing well, that John’s last blowjob was more than 20 years ago before he met his now wife. She slides down the armchair and kneeling in front of John takes his entire 8″ dick in. He feels her throat and he knows that he will cum soon. She does not give him too much time to think about it though, because her expert deep throat ministration of his dick is soon followed with two fingers massaging his prostate. In no time, he blows his load straight down to her throat.

She swallows every drop of his load and with big grin says “Welcome to my home John. Now that we did the first step, we can enjoy week and maybe even more. I am sorry that I played it this harsh way and that I rushed things through, but I wanted to make sure that neither of us would change mind and pull out again…”

“Thanks for playing it this way. I have completely enjoyed it and yes, I was worried that I pull out at the last moment. You did not give me chance. So, here we are, having finally real affair and time and space to fulfil at least some of other fantasies that we shared in the past.”

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