Abby and Ashley had just moved into their apartment in a not so good neighborhood in Philadelphia. Abby’s husband took off with another woman and left his wife and daughter with nothing. The change from suburban Upper Darby to this run down place was both striking and depressing. Though she had been a stay at home mom for the last eighteen years the thirty-seven year old mom resolved to get a job and provide for her eighteen year old daughter and herself. The slender mother realized what little money she had from the sale of the house wouldn’t last very long.

Ashley couldn’t help but notice the look of concern on her mother’s face and stated, “Don’t worry mom. I’ll graduate from high school in two months and I’ll get a job too. Everything is going to be alright just wait and see. Please cheer up mom.”

Abby forced a smile and answered, “Honey that’s nice but what about college? You leave the wage earning to me and concentrate on your studies.”

Ashley added, “Well I could help out with a summer job anyway.” It had been a rough day and Ashley had to start her new school the next day so they both went to bed early.

After pounding the pavements looking for a job the tired mother returned home and was surprised to find the apartment empty and wondered where her daughter was. It was after 6pm and she should have been home from school long ago. Mom was relieved when her daughter came barging through the door at seven-thirty but wondered at the girl’s disheveled appearance and demanded, “Where have you been young lady? You look a mess and dinner is ready. I’ve been worried sick about you.”

Ashley told her mom, “I’ve met new friends and we were dancing. Sorry I’m late, let me freshen up for dinner and I’ll be right back.” Abby was pleased that her daughter had found new friends but told her to be home earlier for dinner in the future. After a couple of weeks Abby announced that she would like to meet her daughter’s new friends and asked her to invite them over for dinner Friday.

Friday night four black girls came for dinner and they kissed and embraced Ashley and her mom. One tall girl with enormous breasts kissed mom passionately and grabbed her buttocks as she pressed her huge globes tightly against the delicate mother. Mom felt strangely aroused but just thought the girls were very friendly. As they ate pizza Abby noticed that three of the girls looked much older and learned their names were Linda, Wilma, Betty, and Madison. The stocky girl named Wilma announced, “The pizza was great and now we have a surprise for you!” Her and Linda went to the car and returned with a big cooler filled with coke and they also had two bottles of Bacardi Rum.

Wilma took charge and fixed drinks for everyone after she told the others to get comfortable in the living room and put on some good music. As planned she added an aphrodisiac and some Valium to Abby’s drink to make her horny and relaxed. The plan was to turn mom into a black cunt scoffing slut just like her little girl. Ashley sat on the sofa with three black girls as Madison squeezed next to mom on a small love seat. When Abby took a drink she realized it contained alcohol and blurted out,”I don’t drink and besides I have to go out again in the morning to find a job. I can’t do this and my daughter is not allowed to drink. She is a minor.”

Madison whispered in her ear,”Don’t worry mommy we have taught your little girl how to drink and so much more. I have a friend that owns a lingerie shop and I will take you downtown tomorrow to meet her. Now be a good little mommy and tomorrow you will be employed. All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself and a good word from me will get you hired.” Madison kissed and licked her neck and ear as she tilted the glass so that the confused mother would swallow more of the drink. She then instructed Wilma to get another round.

Abby’s head was spinning and she couldn’t understand why she was so aroused. Abby really lost it when Madison began kissing her passionately and inserted her long fat tongue in her mouth. The sensual black beauty brought Abby to her feet and they slow danced in a tight embrace. The white mother was so turned on but she didn’t want her daughter to see her like this. Then she spotted her girl dancing with two of the other girls. Ashley was in the middle as both black girls were grinding into her. One from the front and one from behind. Suddenly Wilma was pushing into her from behind and she felt something that felt like a big dick pressing into her tight butt but thought that it couldn’t be possible.

The next thing she knew all the black girls disrobed and then stripped mother and daughter naked. Madison brought Abby’s face to her huge ebony breasts and commanded, “Suck mommy. Suck these big black tits then I’ll give you a very special treat.” While she nursed on the mammoth melons she felt Wilma’s mouth and tongue on her anus and flooding pussy. She quivered with delight as the tongue and mouth worked magic on her aroused pussy. She spotted her daughter on her knees eating pussy and was shocked and ashamed that watching her own daughter’s lewd and degrading act turned her on so much that she reached the best climax of her life. The next thing she knew the tongue was replaced by a huge strap-on dildo that pumped in and out of her stretching little love hole. At first it hurt her so much but soon the pain gave way to sublime ecstasy.

As Wilma and Betty pounded pussy with vigor Linda and Madison taunted, “Fuck the shit out of the two skinny white sluts. Make them scream out for more. Don’t forget their puckered brown holes. Bet this will be the first time taking it up the ass for mom but we all know that Ashley loves it”. Abby thought that she would die when the massive intruder entered her rectum but she merely collapsed after another quaking climax.

The black girls allowed mom and daughter to regain their composure before demanding that they both crawl to the sofa. All four black girls were sitting on the sofa with their legs spread lewdly. Madison commanded, “Ashley get to work on Wilma and Abby get between my invitingly spread legs and just sniff the smoldering sweet treat I have for you. Watch your little girl gobble up some beautiful black cunt and learn just what is expected from you. When you are ready put your mouth on my waiting chocolate pie then you are permitted to eat the motherfucker. All white women adore and worship juicy black cunts. Some just don’t know it yet. Just wait and see how much you love it mommy. When I’m finished fucking your pretty face you will be hooked and won’t be satisfied until you can feast on some chocolate cunt again. You will be begging for it. As a matter of fact I want you to plead with me right now for the honor of giving you this juicy treat.”

Abby was fascinated watching her girl feast on Wilma. Madison was playing with her hairy opening. The sight and smell of the aroused woman was driving her crazy. She couldn’t understand how she could be so turned on watching her daughter eagerly pleasure the black girl and her overwhelming desire to do the same thing to the voluptuous Madison. Finally she implored,”Please let me do it now. I am begging you.”

Madison teased, “Do what now Abby? Tell me exactly what you want to do to me.”

The white woman felt ashamed and humiliated but her carnal cravings were out of control . The moist dew drops leaking from the aroused pussy only inches from her face combined with the alluring aroma peaked her desire so much that she begged, “Please let me eat your beautiful pussy. I want to bring you pleasure and I’ll do anything you ask. Please!”

Madison told her,”This is a cunt bitch,not a pussy. You are a pussy. Oh hell I can’t wait any longer. Put that face of yours between my legs and and scoff the motherfucker all up. Hell yeah! Lick and suck it. Sooooo Fucking gooooodd! You are a natural born cunt lapper. Fuck yeahhhhh! Don’t stop, here it cums.”

Abby was lost in lust and couldn’t believe how good the juicy cunt tasted but was startled when a warm stream of savory cum filled her sucking mouth and splattered all over her face. They all laughed knowing this was the first squirter the woman ever saw let alone drank. Mom and daughter were then made to eat every cunt and ass that was served them. They totally loved it and didn’t stop until they fell asleep.

The next morning over breakfast Madison stated,”So very nice of you to feed us Abby but then we feed you both plenty of juicy chocolate hair pies don’t we? By the way mom Linda is your daughter’s school mate and we are some of her older friends. We are in our twenties. Now Linda and your daughter have to get ready for school and I will take Abby to meet her new employer. Dress up good for Ruby to impress her. I guarantee you that Ruby will be the most stunning woman that you will ever meet and eat! Ha ha, hee, hee.”

On the drive to Ruby’s store Madison dropped off her two friends and told Abby, “Your dressed way to conservatively for Ruby’s taste but she will soon take care of that. Kiss unemployment goodbye and prepare to meet your future.” Abby was excited but couldn’t help but wonder exactly what was in store for her.

As they entered the shop Ruby kissed and hugged her friend in greeting. Madison explained that Abby needed a job and would be perfect for her. Ruby gave the nervous white woman the once over and asked, “Don’t I know you? You look so familiar.”

Madison announced, “This is Ashley’s mommy. Don’t they look a lot alike?”

Ruby answered, “I declare, they could be twins. Both have blonde hair, big blue eyes, tiny tits, pretty faces and the same skinny frames but now that I take a closer look it is clear that this one has more miles on her. I could use some more help but you must work hard and do as you are told. While you are here your whole reason for existing will be to sell the merchandise and attend to my every whim. I have many needs and you must satisfy all of them is that clear? Do you feel that you are up to the task?”

Abby was trembling and muttered, “Yes ma’am. I do understand and will do my very best to sell the merchandise and attend to your every need.”

A naughty smile crossed Ruby’s face as she stated, “Humm, Ma’am, I like that and have decided to give you a chance.” She thanked Madison for bringing her new employee to her and took Abby by the hand to her office. The thirty-one year old Ruby instructed the two black women on the floor to take care of business while she was occupied. The amazon black beauty sat at her desk while Abby filled out the application. When she finished Abby looked up at the most amazingly gorgeous face she had ever seen. The piercing dark eyes, the red lips so full and inviting, and the entire presence of this alluring woman commanded adoring attention. The intimidating six-foot-two-inch goddess stood and questioned, “You seem so uncomfortable my dear. Do I make you feel that way? I see desire in your pretty blue eyes and your mouth is wide open. It appears that I am the object of your lust and cravings. Is that correct my dear? I’m flattered but we can’t let that be a distraction while you are here at work now can we?” Ruby strolled to the other side of the desk and leaned back into the desk. The smoldering siren was positioned just inches from the bewitched white woman’s face. She lifted her dress and in a sultry voice offered, “I want to let you worship at the alter between my legs before you go to work. Feast on my delicious black cunt to your hearts desire. I want to satisfy your carnal cravings before you go to work. Now dig in and enjoy my pretty pet!”

Abby was speechless and just stared in awe at the inviting chocolate treat between the wide spread ebony legs. As she whiffed in the amazing aroma of this turned on woman and watched the dew dripping from the hairy honey pot Abby was compelled to feast between the shapely legs of this dazzling creature and bring this goddess as much pleasure as she possibly could. Abby tingled all over as her tongue entered the delicious cavern and explored the divine love tunnel. Ruby grabbed a fistful of blonde hair and held the woman’s face tightly to her erupting volcano. Strong ebony legs held Abby’s head in a vice like grip. Ruby moaned, “That’s it baby, eat it it all up yeahhhhh! Nibble on my fat pussy lips, suck my clit, put your whole fucking face in there. Oh my God! Here it cums, fuck yessssss! Drink it all up bitch and don’t spill one drop of my cum. Yessssss! Oh, oh, fuck yesssss!”

With her face covered by woman cum and her eyes glued shut by the sticky gooey fluid all Abby could declare was, “Oh ma’am that was so fucking awesome. I am at your service when ever you want me. You taste so divine. I never imagined that it could be this good. Thank you so very much. That was fantastic!” The white mother licked her lips to savor every drop of the cum that she loved so much.

A wicked grin crossed Ruby’s stunning face as she offered, ” So glad you liked it but there is more in my cunt and some dripped down into my big butt so why don’t you get busy and lap up all that good stuff. Drink from the flowing fountain of your black goddess and don’t stop until you have finished every last drop.” Abby eagerly obeyed and didn’t just lick all the leftovers but brought Ruby to another tremendous orgasm. Ruby was pleased that not only her cunt and ass were licked clean but Abby’s tongue and lips traveled down her shapely legs and even cleaned her shoes.

The ebony goddess then said, “I suppose we should clean you up and teach you the job but your pretty face looks do fucking hot covered with my gooey cum. Bet that would turn on some of my customers as well!You will receive a decent salary and there are lots of perks that you can get from servicing some of our more demanding clients. Most of our customers just come in to purchase lingerie and other garments but we have a select few that want their lesbian needs catered to. I know who they are and will tell you if they want your services. I have Lola and Misty for the white women and now I have you for the black lesbians. Oh my it’s getting late. Where did the time go? Your sales training can wait until tomorrow but don’t worry you are on the clock. Think I’ll send the girls back here to feed you some more black pussy. You are such a needy slut aren’t you? Just stay on your knees darling. These black bitches are fucking nasty and by the time they are done with you that flicking tongue of yours will need a rest. See you after your next meal my pet.”

Lola and Misty entered the office and wasted no time stripping for their sex toy. Abby delighted in eating pussy and ass for a couple of hours. Her face was fucked so furiously that it turned beet red from the friction but still she couldn’t get enough. Abby not only loved the pussy but she thrilled at eating out their ass-holes as well. The girls left her alone and Abby collapsed on the floor wondering how she could have transformed from a perfectly normal mother to a black cunt craving slut. Somehow she felt strange thinking about what she had become but at the same time she felt thrilled and content. She couldn’t recall ever feeling better than when she was feasting on a black cunt. Especially if that cunt belonged to Ravishing Ruby .She passed out exhausted but totally satisfied.

The next five weeks flew bye for Abby. Each and every day she improved her skills to the point that she became the best saleswoman in the store. There were many women both black and white that requested her services. She was paid handsomely for her lesbian services even after splitting with Ruby. The other girls approached Abby and informed her that she was wanted in Ruby’s office. Her heart skipped a beat and her whole frame tingled with delight at the thought of Ravishing Ruby allowing her to feast on her chocolate delicacy. She entered the office full of eager anticipation. The boss invited her to have a seat and announced, “My dear woman, you have become a real asset to the store and me and you will be getting a well earned salary increase beginning this week. Your sales have gone through the roof and you are also my top lesbian service earner. Business has been so good that I have decided to hire another white worker. There are many that would be delighted to fill the position but I thought of your daughter. As I recall she loved eating my scrumptious cunt just as much as her dear mommy. The added income will put you both in a great financial place. You look disappointed. Why?”

The needy mom explained, “It will seem strange working with my little girl and she will be looking at going to college soon but anything Ravishing Ruby wants is fine with me. My look of disappointment is only because I had hoped you called me into your office to dine on your delicious cunt. No matter how many women that I’m with I’ll always crave more of you. That’s all ma’am.”

The Amazing Amazon stated, “That is extremely flattering my love but you have nothing to worry about at all. I enjoy feeding you my juicy cunt as much as you adore eating it. As a matter of fact the juices are starting to flow as we speak and I behold your beautiful face. Just as soon as we finish this matter it is dinner time! I will get your daughter into a top local school and she can work for me part time. A couple of the best teachers are good friends of mine and they will be sure Ashley is admitted to the college. It will require her eating lots of ebony candy but that shouldn’t be a problem should it? Little Ashley loves eating my juicy cunt just like her mother does. I look forward to having you both in my office together. Just think of all the fun we can have together. Just picturing in my mind you and your daughter on your knees worshiping my ebony body together is making me so fucking horny. Come sit on my lap and nurse on my huge boobs before I serve you my juicy cunt for dinner. Let’s go!”

In the blink of an eye Abby jumped on her lap and began to nurse on the huge ebony breasts with fervor. The white mom sucked one nipple while fondling the other. As Ruby moaned with ecstasy Abby whispered, “I love you!”

Ruby was touched and ran her long fingers through the blonde hair saying, “I really can’t express exactly how fond of I am but my desire is to have you with me for the rest of our lives. Let’s plan a vacation real soon! We can go anywhere in the world my dear, any place you want.” They had wild and wonderful sex ending in a sixty-nine feeding frenzy. Then they cuddled tenderly in each others arms.


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