We’d been seeing each other for a few weeks. I’d pop round on the way home from school for a quick fuck, sometimes on your settee in the living room, other times on the stairs right in the hall. A couple of times you picked me up from school and took me on a short drive into the woods. Sometimes, if I had ten minutes and I was at home, I’d pop round and give you a blow job and then run back home.

After three weeks like this I managed to get away for the night. I said I was visiting a friend, left the house, went down the road, and then sneaked back up and into your house. We spent all evening in bed together. I sucked your cock and you licked my pussy for the first time. I posed for photos for you and showered with you. I took my clothes off as soon as I was through the door on Friday and didn’t put them on again until I went back on Saturday evening.

One night we were lying in bed when you asked me if I’d like to go away with you for the weekend. I said yes, I’d love it, but where?

“A nudist place,” you said. I thought you were joking.


“Yes, it’s nice. Feeling the breeze against your bare skin, the grass, the bark; it’s how humans are supposed to be after all.”

“I suppose,” I replied. “What sorts of people do you get?”

“Oh all sorts. All ages, sexes, races, and some families. What do you think?” I didn’t really know, I’d never thought about it, but it was a chance to get away, and as long as they had a room we’d spend most of our time in there. I didn’t imagine it would be much different to any other holiday. So I agreed.

A school friend of mine had moved away a few weeks ago and I told my parents I was going to stay with her. They drove me down to the train station, and about half an hour after they left you arrived and I got in your car. We drove for about an hour, eventually turning off the motorway onto country lanes.

“It’s not far now.” You said. “Actually, there’s something I need to tell you.” I was a little nervous “Given your age we can’t say we’re a couple, can we? Now, don’t worry, we’re still in the same room, but I’ve had to tell them you’re my granddaughter.”

I burst out laughing, “Your granddaughter?”

“Yes,” you said, “pretty silly I know. Are you ok with that?”

“Sure,” I said, still smiling, “that’s fine.”

We turned up a wooded track with the sun breaking through the leaves. We came to a gate across the narrow road with a speaker next to it on the drivers’ side. You rolled your window down and pushed a button. When the answer came you said “Greenbourne and granddaughter.” I laughed again as the gate opened. You looked at me and smiled too. “Behave, or I’ll tell mum and dad,” you said with a wink.

We parked the car, took our bags out, and walked over to a wooden building which looked like an office. There was no one around and it was very quiet, just the sounds of nature. You opened the door and I went in ahead. As my eyes adjusted from the sun to the office I was startled to see a naked man in his fifties stood in front of me.

“Hello,” he said, “you must Ms. Greenbourne?” I didn’t answer, I was pretty stunned as I took in what an unusual situation I’d got myself into.

“She is,” you said as you came up beside me, “I’m her grandfather.”

“Excellent,” the naked man said, “I’m Terry, it’s a pleasure to have you both here,” he said, “a real pleasure.” He repeated, looking at me.

Terry got the key and took us to our chalet. On the way he gave us a tour of the place. It was off season, he said, so there weren’t too many people around, about 15 or so, but there was a sauna, gym, tennis courts, hot tub, and several acres of woodland we could walk in. Our chalet was small but clean, and was in a cluster of other chalets. As we went in Tony wished us a good time and said he looked forward to seeing us around the camp.

“You’re very lucky to have a granddad who’ll bring you somewhere like this,” he said before taking one last lingering look up and down me and turning to leave.

Inside the chalet we dropped our bags and had sex straight away; me bent over the sink with you behind me and my face pushed up against the window. Afterwards, with your cum dripping out of my pussy and down my thighs, we undressed, went to the bedroom, and lay down.

“I think we’ll have fun here,” you said.

I smiled. “Keep doing that and we will.”

You smiled too. “True Stace, but we have to go out and about round the camp as well. It will look unfriendly if we don’t.”

“I don’t mind being unfriendly,” I said “I’m here to spend time with you.”

“I know Stace.” You said after a pause, “Me too, but…it’s something I enjoy. And you like me being happy, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” I was a little upset by the idea that there was something I wouldn’t do to make you happy.

“Good,” you said, pausing again. “If you want me to be happy Stace, when we’re out there naked, if you’re sunbathing and your legs are a little spread when someone walks by, don’t close them. I want us both to be totally relaxed. That’s the point of this place.”


A little later you decided we should take a walk. “Naked?” I asked, hoping you’d say I could take a towel or something.

“Naked.” You answered. So I sat on the bed and pulled my trainers on, but was totally naked otherwise.

We stepped out of the chalet and I was all nerves in case someone saw me, I was tingling all over. It was as though my body wanted to be so sensitive it could feel even the slightest glance at me. You were relaxed and I wished I’d felt the same. As I looked round at the other chalets I froze and went cold as I saw two guys on their porches looking at me. They were sat in the shadows, out of the sun, and were at least in their 40′s. I wanted to move my hands to cover my pussy and tits but, as though you could read my mind, you said softly “Remember Stace, relax.”

You took my hand and led me off our porch “Afternoon.” You said to the guys, and they eagerly said the same back. As we walked past their chalets to the path leading out of the clearing I could feel their eyes over every inch of my skin. Their gazes were hungry, I could almost feel them pawing at me. Part of me felt sick and embarrassed, but, to my surprise, part of me enjoyed it. My pussy tingled a little. Not only was I doing what you wanted, I also enjoyed the feeling of power I had over those guys.

We walked until we found a wide open stretch of soft grass. I brushed a space free of any twigs and lay down, and you did the same next to me. I closed my eyes, and I felt the sun and soft wind on parts of my skin I’d never felt them on before. My nipples hardened from the gentle breeze and I felt the warm rays of the sun on my vagina lips. I enjoyed the feeling and opened my legs up a little further.


I was woken up suddenly by the sound of laughing. I raised my hand to my eyes to block out the sun and saw, standing facing me, a stranger totally naked. He was about two feet from my ankles, which had spread wide apart exposing my pussy to the stranger.

“Sorry,” he said to me, “didn’t mean to wake you up.” You were smiling as well so you two must have been talking while I slept. The stranger crouched down so he was close to me, reached out his hand and said, “I’m Glen.”

“Stacey.” I said shaking his hand.

“Just been talking to your granddad,” he said, “shame you’re only here for one night.”

“Yes,” I said looking at you, wondering what else you’d said.

“You have your own chalet Stace?”


“Shame,” he replied before realising he might have said something wrong “You know…”

“Cheaper that way.” You said.

“Yes. That’s nice,” Glen said, “very nice.” I could see that he was staring at my bald pussy spread wide just a foot or so in front of him. I looked to you for some instructions, hoping, I think, that you would distract him or indicate I could shut my legs from his invasive gaze, but you just smiled and nodded your head slightly in Glen’s direction and, instinctively, I knew what you meant. I looked at Glen’s small, wrinkled cock and saw it was getting hard, its head twitching upwards.

A buzz ran right through my body seeing the effect I was having on this guy. I smiled back at you and sat up, resting with my arms behind me with my elbows on the grass, crossing my legs, and leaning far back to spread my cunt as wide as I could for him. I wondered if he could see that I was getting a little wet from showing myself off to him like this. I could see his cock take another leap upwards, which he tried to hide by facing away a little. Glen flushed, mumbled a little, and said he had to go. “If you fancy a break from you granddad come over and say hi,” and he was off into the wood. When he was gone we started laughing.

“Bet he’s off for a wank.” You said.

“Probably,” I said, “but he didn’t look at my tits once.”


That night was another first for me. I was washing my hands by the kitchen sink when you came over to me like you had that afternoon. You kissed my neck as I felt your stiff cock against my arse. I sighed and leaned back into you as your hands ran up from my hips, over my stomach to my tits, stroking all the way, and taking my nipples in between your thumb and finger, and rolling and squeezing them gently. My pussy was soon soaking and ready to receive you, and I offered no resistance as you bent me forwards over the sink again. I closed my eyes and smiled with anticipation as your left hand played with my left breast. I had my right hand working on my other breast and my left hand fingers rubbing my swollen clit. I couldn’t wait to feel the tip of your cock against my swelled, sensitive lips.

Suddenly, I felt cold jelly on my arsehole. You were rubbing it around and poking it a centimetre or so in with the tip of your finger.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Shhhhh Stace.” You said.

I knew what was coming, and I knew it would be painful. I took my hand from my breast and grabbed a wooden spoon by the sink. You took your hand off my tit and placed it on my shoulder, pinning it to the counter with all your weight to hold me in place. I felt the tip of your cock against my tight virgin arsehole, which had only ever had the tip of your finger up it. I thought of what your stiff seven inch cock would do to it, gulped, and closed my eyes.

“If it hurts Stace,” you said “it’s ok to let it out.”

You were guiding your prick into my arse with your right hand gripping the base. You eased in the tip easily enough, the swollen helmet which pulsed with blood. Your finger had been about that deep in before. “Here goes,” you said. I gulped again and squeezed the wooden spoon handle.

“Aaaaaaaagh!” I screamed at the unnatural, burning, tearing pain in my tight arse as your cock forced its way in. You stopped and stroked my hair.

“Shhhhh,” you said, “there Stace, it’ll be fine.” I looked at my hand, white from squeezing the wooden spoon handle so hard, and then it was gone as my eyes closed from the pain in my arse from another deep thrust of your cock. I screamed again. Tears were streaming down my cheeks I noticed. This was worse than when you’d taken my virginity. I took some comfort from thinking that while it had hurt at the time, I was fine with it now. This would be the same, surely?

I let out another scream, which I tried to stifle by biting my lip as you pushed in again. This time you were all the way in as I could feel your pubes against my arse cheeks. I heard you grunt.

“Fucking hell,” you said, “that’s tight.”

You didn’t thrust in and out, hard and deep, as you did with my pussy, instead you rocked rhythmically backwards and forwards, our hips moving together. There was no new pain, but there was plenty left over from your entry. You stroked my hair with your left hand and held my hip with your right as you fucked my arse. I tired not to make any more noise which would put you off.

Soon the pain welled again as you pushed deep in me and I let out a deep groan. You were tensing and I knew that meant you were about to cum and you did, heavily, filling my arse with hot sticky juice.

You pulled out slowly which hurt as well. I let go of the spoon, surprised I hadn’t broken it, wiped the salty tears from my cheeks and tried to stand up.

“Agh.” I let out as the pain from my arse shot through me again. You pulled me close and patted my head as I buried my face in the silver hairs on your chest and sobbed.

“There there Stace, you did really well, I’m so, so proud of you.” I stopped sobbing and said thanks. “That’s something I really enjoy, you made me very happy.” Not only was I now not sobbing, but hearing you say that actually made a smile flicker across my face. Then came a knock at the door.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“Probably some of the others here come over to say hello. It’s a friendly sort of a place.”

“Can you tell them to go?” I whispered weakly.

“We can’t Stace,” you said, “we have to be friendly back. And remember, I enjoy it here and like doing this.” You looked into my eyes “It makes me happy.”

“OK.” I relented.

“Good,” you said. “They won’t stay long. Go off to the bathroom and clean yourself up a little. Remember, you’re my granddaughter.” I walked painfully to the bathroom.

I shut the door behind me, wiped my face and straightened my hair a little. I could feel your cum seeping out of my arse, so I pulled some toilet roll and ran it gently up in my arse crack. I looked down at the paper to see cum mixed in with blood. I dropped it in the toilet, ran another handful and did it again. I repeated this a couple more times then flushed. I looked at myself in the mirror once more. I looked ok, but the pain in my arse was throbbing and burning. I took a deep breath and went back out into the living room, trying to hide the pain as best as I could.

Sitting around with you were Glen, Terry, and another couple of guys. “Stace,” you said, “you know Glen and Terry, this is John and Mark, they’re in the chalet two down.”

They both said hi and I managed to reply. The two of them, and Glen and Terry, were staring at me like they had been this morning. I immediately became very self conscious about being stood totally naked in front of them.

“Take a seat Stace.” You said. I couldn’t really say no, and the only seat was on the small sofa in between John and Mark. I walked over, hiding the pain in my arse, their eyes roaming over me all the way. I came in between them, turned my back and taking a deep breath began to lower myself onto the sofa. The pain was incredible but I managed it.

The gap between John and Mark was so small that my hips were pressed against theirs. Both continued to stare at me, and neither made any attempt to hide the fact that they had solid erections. Neither did Glen or Terry for that matter. I was turned on as before to discover the power my body and sexuality had over these men and my nipples hardened but the pain I was in stopped my enjoying it as much as I would have otherwise.

“Your granddad was telling us you have to keep this secret from your parents,” said Glen. I nodded.

“Yes,” I said. It was kind of true.

“Do you have any other secrets?” Mark asked. As I turned to face him he made a big point of looking me up and down.

“Then they wouldn’t be secrets,” you told him.

“There was quite a bit of noise coming from in here just now,” Terry said, “everything ok?”

“Yes,” you replied. “We were taking a splinter from her foot.” I noticed that John had snuck his arm around behind my shoulders.

“Is it just me or is it hot in here?” he asked with a wink. The others giggled like schoolboys.

“It is a bit warm,” you said. “Stace, maybe you could get us some drinks from the fridge?” I didn’t much like the thought of getting up and walking around given the pain I was in, but it got me away from Mark and John so I took another deep breath and pulled myself up, the two guys making a close inspection of my arse as I did so. I kept my cheeks tightly clenched and headed for the fridge.

“You’re a lucky man to have a maid like that.” Mark said to you and I heard you all laugh behind my back. I shut the fridge door and came back with five bottles of water. I stood in front of you all and crouched to put the bottles on the floor. The pain shot through me again, though a little less than before. I was beginning to recover. I took the top off one and handed it to you. Then I turned and handed one each to Mark and John. Then I heard Terry behind me cough rather obviously. I turned to him and he was looking at you so I switched my gaze to you wondering what was going on.

“Er…Stace” you said indicating the floor underneath where I was crouching. I looked down, and a wave of shame and embarrassment hit me so physically that I could feel my skin burning as I saw a few drops of blood. I stood up and headed straight for the bedroom and as I shut the door I heard sniggering behind me. I curled up on our bed and cried. Not for the pain or embarrassment, but because I felt I had let you down.


That night my arse was still sore, so you lay me face down on the bed and spread my legs. You put some more of the jelly on your little finger and worked it into my anus. It hurt, but as you pulled it out and pushed it in slowly the cool jelly made the burning go away a little. You stroked my hair softly with your other hand. Soon I began to drift off to sleep, with the breeze fluttering through the curtain by the open window, and your finger still gently working me, stretching my sphincter. We were going home tomorrow. “I hope I’ll be better for the netball match on Tuesday,” was the last thought I remember before falling asleep.

It was the early eighties, a rare, long and hot English summer as we made our way from the stuffy airless mining village into the cool clean air of the countryside in our tiny Fiat 500.

I was wedged into the back seat of the small white box with the bags, booze and presents ready for my Mum’s 40th birthday. She and her twin, Aunt Tina, were celebrating at their new place deep in the Dales. Her husband, Uncle Dave, had done well under the new government and had been a part of a, then new fangled, management buyout and hit the big time.

They had moved away from the small town we, and my mother’s other sister, Aunt Jane, called home. Aunt Tina had bought into the countryside lifestyle big time and was more than a bit snobby. She tended to rub our noses in it a bit with the girls going to public school, you know, and, to me, the large and modern house looked like a mansion.

Uncle Dave worked in London during the week, my Mum and Aunt Jane were both single parents this meant that I was going to be the only male in the house for at least the rest of the day. The twins, Tina’s daughters, Joanne and Julia, a pair of identical twins, unusual in our family and Aunt Jane’s oldest, Chloe, would be there for the height of decadence in the 1980′s – a pool party.

We could never tell the twins apart so we nicknamed them Twin 1 and Twin 2, depending on whichever appeared first. Our nickname for Chloe was Mundy, a jest on the daughter in the Addams family, her name of course being Wednesday, but she was the same – dark, straight and long black hair, petite, pale skinned and demure.

The twins had been, until around 18 months ago, at the same school as the rest of us and had a reputation for being a bit slutty, having “worked” their way through most of the boys in my class. They had been in the same year group as Wendy, my twin, and I. Mundy was a couple of years above us and was by then in her early 20s.

We were going to be joined by Uncle Dave and by my grandparents the next day. Saturday was the main event, a garden party and BBQ. Aunt Jane’s other two daughters and Tina’s youngest, already married with a baby girl, would be joining us, together with around 50 carefully invited guests.

Mum and Wendy had badgered me all day about joining in. I was a bit shy and preferred my own company. I was to be paraded like some kind of a prize bull but I was used to this being the only male offspring in this branch of the family. The gatherings were infrequent but the families were quite competitive, coming from a small council semi there were few things that we could compete on.

Ever since I was a young boy I had been paraded to the family. Both aunts had always been all over me, making me sit on their knees and cuddling me incessantly. I had also begun to notice that, particularly older, women would give me longing looks as I wandered around the town.

I was under developed for my age, below average height and rather scrawny. My sister was a couple of inches taller than me and rather chunky in appearance – big boned it was termed in those days. I did, however, have one aspect of my body that was well developed – something perhaps to brag about.

My name is Billy Wadsworth, my friends call me Wad, but this is not necessarily a shortening of my name. My cock is, and was then, rather large, almost 9 inches when flaccid and growing to a thick snake a few inches longer when fully erect. It is a feature of it that even when flaccid it makes my package look rather full, which is why I still receive flattering glances from the ladies. At that time I was yet to fully blossom but had lost my virginity during a skiing holiday earlier in the year.

I’d had a couple of non serious girlfriends since and had a few gropes that had only managed to make them run for the hills when my size became apparent.

The car coasted down the long gravel drive and my mum beeped the horn as we swung around to a stop outside the double colonnade that famed the large white front door, Dallas style. We sat in a momentary silence as we waited for the door to swing open, I half hoped that we had the wrong house and that Aunt Tina could not possibly be that posh.

We were greeted by a line at the door as we piled out of the small and stuffy car. Tina at first gave an exaggerated air kiss but soon melted into a genuine sisterly hug for my Mum, followed by Wendy as the twins then welcomed her. Aunt Jane and Mundy were next as I dived into the back seat and grabbed the luggage.

Aunt Tina beckoned me, her posh accent slipping as she demanded a hug and a kiss. As she squeezed the life from me I looked over her shoulder at the twins, resplendent and elegant in their silk wraps. They had indeed blossomed. They had always been a bit lanky, tall and lean but their boobs had now developed as had their overall shape, they looked really good. They in turn had noticed me and recoiled timidly at the bulge in my denim shorts. They were beautiful, tall, long legged and blonde, until they opened their mouths, then the commonest of accents betrayed their true lineage in spite of their mother’s best efforts at correction.

After the ubiquitous tour I was ushered to my room to prepare. The house was big and posh, 5 bedrooms, a big kitchen and of course an outdoor pool surrounded by a large courtyard and patio area. They had televisions everywhere, 2 video recorders and even a professional looking camera, it had lights and everything.

My room, the study, had been kitted out with a canvas camp bed. It wasn’t too bad, a bit small but cosy. Essentially it was a corridor with a small double seat green leather sofa on one side and a desk, with a PC computer on it, opposite. The metal framed camp bed lay in the narrow space between. At least the French doors at the far end opened directly on to the patio area with the pool. The other end joined to the dining room. With thick curtains at either end it seemed private enough as I slipped into my swim shorts.

The table where the “oldies” had camped out on was directly outside of my room and I had the clear sound of their conversation as I pulled back the curtain and gently opened the door to the patio. Aunt Jane stopped in mid sentence as my pale frame emerged into the bright sunshine. The girls playing in the pool all stopped too, Mundy even glanced up as she lay flat out on the brickwork in her black one piece. But none of them seemed to be looking at my face.

Shyly I made my way to the pool and jumped in as the conversations sparked up over the bottles of wine stacked in the centre of the wooden table set. After a while the girls suggested a game of volleyball in the pool. We had no proper ball so a blow up beach ball would have to suffice.

They took the deep end and Wendy and I the shallow. The pool wasn’t huge, around 15 yards long and about 10 wide. At its deepest it was up to my neck, about 5 foot and it sloped to broad steps at the far and shallow end. There was an imaginary net and the game started gently and non-competitively.

I noticed that if I bashed the ball into the air the twins had to stretch to return it. Each time they leapt their boobs would almost pop out from under their matching, and quite skimpy, yellow bikini tops.

“That’s enough of that.” Wendy said in threatening tone as she stood waist deep in the water and had caught on to my game.

The twins didn’t seem to mind as their splashing grew and their dives became quite exaggerated. At last Twin 1′s small and firm right boob popped out from below the thin material. With false modesty she covered up as I returned the ball to her sister and lo and behold, exactly the same thing happened! By this time we were having almost our own private game, I would lob the ball high in the air and watch, as by now, both sets of pert boobs would “accidentally” spring free.

“What the hell!” Twin 1 exclaimed as she tore her top all the way off. “You’ve seen it all now anyway.”

It was obvious by the lack of any pale outline that they wouldn’t normally have covered their tits up. Her sister took her lead and exposed her 2 pert and brown breasts fully. They were small but compact with pink and dainty nipples protruding from small round centres. This was a game I was enjoying! I looked behind and saw Wendy peeling her top off and letting her larger but pale white tits fall free as if in competition with the twins.

Once the cat was out of the bag it was like a wave, before long every one of them was topless, Mum included. It was only Mundy laying prone on a towel that covered her modesty. I was trying not to look but being a young male my gaze couldn’t help but dart from one set to another, my member, of course, had other ideas and started to stir within the confines of my baggy union jack swim shorts.

The twins changed tack. Instead of returning the ball to me they started to volley it out of the pool, “accidentally” of course. Each time I would haul myself up and on to the side, walk past the prone Mundy and bat the ball back before diving into the pool. Not that I minded as I could cop a letch at all the bare flesh as I spun around.

This happened three or four times before Wendy had a brain wave. As I hauled myself up and whilst I was balanced on the edge of the pool she yanked my shorts down and completely off. I was committed to pulling myself up and out and sprang up, fully naked, in front of Mundy. It wouldn’t have been too bad but with all the flesh on view my cock wasn’t exactly fully relaxed. Even if it had been so it would have been big enough, but as it was sticking out at 90 degrees and half erect, it bought an audible gasp from Mundy just a couple of feet away.

I raised myself from my knees not knowing what I was going to do next. Wendy’s hysterical chuckles were silenced as I turned in profile and decided to collect the ball as if nothing had happened. All conversations stopped as the women at the table noticed my predicament. I caught the expression on the twin’s faces, Twin 1 was waist deep in the pool, with her tits out, standing stock still and open mouthed. Her sister, a few feet away, audibly caught her breath and raised her hand to her mouth as she followed my progress across the warm patio floor. I glanced left to see Tina and Jane grinning as their eye line was firmly fixed on my semi rigid cock. My mother’s expression wasn’t the look of horror or shame that I would have imagined, rather a smug look – “that’s my boy”, was written all over her face. Even Wendy wore an expression of superiority, a look of “beat that if you can” as family pride had clearly been re-established.

It was the look on Mundy’s face that caught me most by surprise. She was normally such a demure and shy creature but her pale blue eyes shone and a deep look of lust radiated at my thick tool. She sprang up and sat erect as if in a trance, studying every vein and tracking every joggle of my cock as I moved to collect the ball. Noticing her clear and undivided attention I made no attempt to cover myself as I swung slowly around, allowing her a full view as I did so. I glanced around, noting that all eyes were seemly following every sway of my swelling cock. I couldn’t help a huge and involuntary twitch as all of the attention made it lurch to more generous proportions.

“My, my.” Was stage whispered by either Jane or Tina as I took the two or three steps to the pool edge. I paused, threw the beach ball back and jumped in, making directly for my floating shorts.

Next came the game of piggy in the middle. Twin 1 just beat me to the punch as I neared the centre of the pool. She grabbed my shorts and lobbed them back to her sister in the deep end with me wading desperately after them.

Back and forth two or three times they went before I decided to take direct action. When the shorts were with Twin 2 at the shallower side of the pool, I dove full length at her. I grabbed her hips and yanked her bikini bottoms down in revenge as she attempted to get away. She fell and I managed to slip them over and off her kicking legs and feet. I looked at her taut and naked backside wobbling sexily as she stood and made good her get away. She threw my shorts high as she stumbled and fell head long into the water.

The shorts fell short but Twin 1 made it to them just before me. I repeated my assault, but this time on her bikini bottoms, ducking down and under the water as I pulled them sharply down. I sprang up and back, clutching both pairs of the skimpy material in my right fist, defiantly and with a victorious cheer.

I paused with my midriff only half covered by the water and looked at the fully naked and stunned twin before me. She stared back at me, but again not at my face. I looked down to see my dick end, now almost fully hard, jutting out above the waterline and peeping out from its thin sheath of foreskin.

I studied her in turn, moving my eyes down her dripping and bronzed stomach to the pale patch that marked her pubic area. A thick mat of blonde pubes stood proud of the water and hinted at a pink and open slit beneath. This sumptuous view simply served to stiffen my cock yet further.

I heard a splash from behind me. I swung around only to be flattened by Twin 2. She had jumped up and bowled me over and under the water. She stood over my head and prevented me from coming up for air. I began to kick the water behind her as she clamped my head between her thighs to prevent my escape. I did the only thing I could think of to do. I grabbed her hips and planted my mouth up and on to her exposed gash. I pulled her down and on to my tongue as I darted it into the soft folds of her slit. For a split second she pushed her hips down to meet my probing muscle but instead released me from her grip and glanced back in embarrassment as she moved aside. She looked down, her chest heaved, but she wore a curious expression – an almost wicked glint in her eyes. Wendy, trying to diffuse the now obvious sexual tension, made for a towel and beckoned me out of the pool. Nothing was said bar Wendy’s cheerful,

“Aw Billy, give them back their bottoms.”

That broke the ice and both chuckled nervously as threw the skimpy bottoms over my shoulder. I waded to Wendy opening a towel before me, grabbed it, ran up the steps and hastily made for the study, leaving the door ajar behind me but closing the curtain whilst I changed into my denim shorts.

It was getting late and soon after the girls left the poolside to watch a video in the lounge. I joined them but was unimpressed with the choice, a girlie flick and I soon got bored and returned to my room, mainly with a wank in mind.

It was still hot in the room and so I decided not to close the door as I lay naked on the bed. The women were still outside and the wine fuelled conversation had gotten rather more bawdy but I could only hear half the conversation from who I assumed to be Tina.

“My God, I had no idea he was that big. You must be very proud. Where did he get it from?”

“He was how big? No wonder you had such a smile on your face back then.”

“You want to see it do what? That is very wrong, you naughty girl!”

“How often? Well I do suppose he is a teenage boy. Dave told me that he used to do it two or three times every day.”

“That’s cruel. Poor lad. I bet he does it in the middle of the night. And you say Wendy tries to catch him at it too – poor lad, he gets no peace.”

“I doubt if it would fit.”

“Oh you can, can you? I would like to see that too.”

“I know where I could fit something like that….. it could be arranged you know.”

I lay back, my cock hard and in my fist as I listened to the tone of the conversation. After all it had been a day full of tits and flashes of my cousins snatches.

After a few minutes things went quiet outside. A security light came on and shone directly through the crack in the curtains facing the pool. At that moment a loud click indicated that the door behind me was being opened.

I felt a cool breeze against the top of my head as someone came in. I realised that I was bollock naked with my rock hard cock in full view. The light dazzled me as I looked up to see a figure stand astride my head, with one leg each side of the narrow canvass camp bed. Without a word the figure bent down and took the tip of my cock between her warm and soft lips. I looked up to see the dark outline of a swimsuit and the fuller figure of one of the older women, but which one?

She smelled heavily of cheap wine as I felt her hot breath tumble over my exposed and sweaty midriff.

She sank down to obscure any other view as she slid her mouth further over my now straining shaft. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came, after all I had been wanking madly moments before. I lay motionless, staring at the ceiling, with a mixture of horror, guilt and pleasure as her soft lips clamped tight over my engorged phallus. Further and further she sank her hot mouth down until I could feel the back of her throat against my bell end. With a gag, and to my surprise, she sank yet further until I could feel her tonsils flex against the underside of my purple helmet. She stroked at the remainder of my length, about a half, yet to be drawn into the hot and moist void with her hand and moved down to knead and cup my aching balls.

She was expert at giving head and knew, possibly before I did, that the point of no return had been reached. My hips bucked up as my cock pulsed the first gush of a salty load down her throat. She jumped back, women always seem to be surprised when I cum, and allowed me to spurt the second thick jet over her face. Two or three more strong pulses followed and pumped my hot cum up and arcing out of my twitching dick.

She leant back and lapped at my end, making it jump and jerk uncontrollably, as she licked the final drop of cum from the eye at the end of my tip.

The bed collapsed as I thrust upwards again in search of her hallowed orifice. She sprang up and in the light thrown into the room I saw her cum covered and bespectacled face – it was Aunt Jane! She wiped my dripping cum from her cheek before removing her smeared glasses and smiling down at me.

“Billy, you have got a big cock there. You’re not going to be short of girlfriends with that thing aren’t you?” With that she put her finger, still with a large white glob of cum on it, to her lips and made for the open patio door.

Stunned and in disbelief, I lay back and closed my eyes with a mixture of shame and satisfaction. I didn’t know what to do so I just lay there. It had been a long and unusual day to say the least and I soon drifted into a fitful sleep. It was too quiet and all too soon, or so it seemed, I was awoken, this time by splashes coming from the pool. I opened my eyes to the daylight but it was early, I groped for my watch and noted the time – 6.15 am!

I leant forward and parted the curtain to see who was in the pool. I looked out into the bright morning light to see, standing on the edge of the pool, the naked shape of Aunt Tina. For a near 40 year old she had quite a figure, her tits were a little saggy but quite suckable. Although not as tall as the twins she was a good few inches taller than me, slim with long and flowing fair hair – not at all similar to my Mum who had much the same shape as Wendy. Her pink nipples stood proud and erect and her ample chest allowed the drops of water to be channelled down her bronzed body towards her bald and perfectly shaven cunt. My eyes were drawn in and studied every fold of her ample and puffy inner flesh.

My cock immediately leapt to attention. She dived into the water and splashed to a few widths of the small pool. I stood back as she stepped out, grabbed her towel from the side and made her way into the kitchen. I looked at her ample arse wobble delightfully as she walked bare foot across the brick surface.

Cock in hand again I started to stroke it rhythmically – after all I was a teenage boy and it was a quiet country morning!

“Click”, the dining room door sprang open again and Tina breezed in.

“We haven’t got long. Now where is that giant cock of yours?” She placed a small pot on the desk top before kneeling down beside my waist.

Not even a “good morning” as she took the semi erect tool from my hand, probably still stinking of wine from her sister’s breath the night before. She looked into my eyes and guided my knob end between her soft pink lips. Again I didn’t know what to say or do, guilt or pleasure, guilt or pleasure….. She put her finger to my lips to usher me quiet before concentrating on bringing my cock to full readiness.

Once she was satisfied I was at full length she removed her towel and mounted me facing the patio door. I felt the cool damp of her thighs against mine as she settled on my lap.

The bed collapsed further under our combined weight and lay flat on the floor with a clunk. Tina paused momentarily as if trying not to disturb the remainder of the house. She grabbed at my cock and making a fist, offered it to the entrance of her bald cunt. I looked to see if I could watch my cock slide into her depths but couldn’t and so I concentrated on her corpulent arse flexing and over spilling my loins as she rose up.

I felt her hot and wet cunt wall grip at my shaft as she lowered herself down and on to my thick cock. I grunted as her soft inner flesh smothered and cradled my invading rod. Her inner heat contrasting with the cool morning air and her own cold and damp flesh pressed against mine. As she sank down I could feel my tip being forced against the upper limits of her gripping cunt.

She stopped pushing down, raised herself slightly up and tried to force more of my length inside of her, by using her cool and tightly clenched fist wrapped around the base of my thick shaft.

Alas she couldn’t force any more of me inside her and with a deflated sigh lifted completely off.

My cock flopped against my stomach with a distinctive slap. She made a grab for the pot on the desk top, opened the distinctive rectangular lid of the Vasleline jar and spread the cool goo on to my end and massaged it down my twitching shaft. With a wink she reached under her groin and deposited the large glob from her finger at the entrance to her hot hole.

I lay motionless as she shifted position and lay back over me, her cool and damp flesh smelled of chlorine as she sank back. She spread her legs and raised her knees, limbo like. Her hand again gripped my tool as she re-offered it to her warm entrance. This time, as I felt it slide in, she gasped and shuffled her hips to allow greater and fuller access. I groaned in delight as I felt the warm and slippery flesh of her inner lips butt against the base of my rigid tool.

I could do little bar look up at the ceiling as my chin was being pushed back by her shoulder. Her wet hair dangled in my face as she raised her head to look down her slender body, and concentrate on settling my cock fully within her. God it was tight, especially around my base, fully embedded inside her damp and heaving body.

My entire cock was swathed in a hot and tight fleshy sheath, it was almost too much to bear and I could feel my balls tingle as my sap had already begun to rise.

Instinctively I made a grab for her tits from below her arms. I pulled my hands up, cupped her large and chilled mounds and tweaked at her hard nipples with each hand before she took my right with hers. She guided my fingers down her cool body, across the smooth mound of her pubis, to the silky soft inner folds of her fleshy and open cunt. Her breathing was laboured as she ran my fingers across the hard bump of her clit, through the thick folds of soft and lubricated inner flesh, and down towards the warm and wet cavern below.

I was naïve and hadn’t yet realised fully what was going on. She pushed at the back of my hand and forced the tip of my finger into the wet entrance. She grabbed another and pushed that further forward, making two. Joining my fingers with at least one her own she guided me to stir her pot with the distinctive flesh on flesh sound of mutual masturbation.

It was about that time that I realised what was happening with a start – if my fingers were in her cunt where was my cock? I jumped and then froze, she stopped moving and stoked my hand.

“That’s the only place that that thing will fit lover.” She whispered over her shoulder. “Now just lay there and let me fuck the cum from it.”

I was shocked and stunned at her language but thought the better of it when I realised that my cock was deep in her arse and I had 3 fingers buried in her sopping gash.

She offered me her cum soaked fingers over her shoulder.

“Here, taste me. Taste my cum. Take it from my fingers.” She whispered huskily as she forced the cool digit between my lips.

Her long nail traced a path along my tongue as I closed my lips over the slender finger and began to draw off the oily residue. I closed my eyes to savour the flavour and breathe in the scent of her intimate place.

She moved her left hand below mine, cupping her exposed cunt. She spread her lips wide beneath my hand and plucked at her clit with her middle finger. She raised her torso up and began to pump up and down with her hips. Slowly at first, she allowed my full length to gradually rise in and out of her warm and tight rectum.

Almost in time with her clitoral manipulations she rose and fell, each time embedding the full length of my cock deep inside of her.

“Frig me Billy, frig me harder. ” She insisted as the rhythm of her thrusts increased.

I could feel the hard shaft of my tool through the walls of her cunt as I probed it deep with a fourth finger. It squelched loudly as my hand withdrew and thrust upwards in return. I felt her cunt tighten and clench my fingers, her chest heaved, her stomach tensed and arched as she whimpered to her crescendo.

She thrust down sharply at the final moment, as if wanting to impale herself on my dick forever. Her pulsing and clenching muscles gripped at the base of my cock as I withdrew my dripping hand from her cunt.

With a series of panted wails and quiet whimpers she came, her whole body shook and writhed on top of me. Her soft buttocks stuck themselves against my loins as virtually every pore in her body opened and spread a shimmering mist of sweat over her soft skin.

“Oh God Billy, Oh God!” She panted out as her muscles flexed involuntarily in a series of bodily jerks. “Haven’t you cum yet?”

She was slightly raised and I instinctively thrust my cock rapidly upwards in a series of short jabs as I felt the sap rising further in my balls. Her tight arse yielded as my cock swelled and finally pumped its thick seed into the depths of her hot hole.

I was sure I heard an external gasp as she allowed my cock to slip out from her abused bud. My cum ran out and down my balls as she leant forward and stood.

“My God Billy, you do take after your father, don’t you.” With that she picked up her towel, opened the patio door and left, still naked, wriggling her butt and proudly allowing me to see the wet stream of my cum also flowing down her shapely inner thigh.

I opted to keep a low profile and tried not to make eye contact with anyone, especially Jane and Tina when I finally plucked up the courage to enter the kitchen. After breakfast the girls went off horse riding. I noticed that the Twin’s arses looked really good in their jodhpurs as they went off in their car to the stable with Wendy but mentally beat myself up for harbouring such impure thoughts. Mundy stayed and helped out in the kitchen, I loped about and generally tried to stay out of the way.

Grandpa and Grandma turned up about mid morning as did the waves of workmen. I watched as the marquee arrived and was erected. This was followed by deliveries of booze, food and all kinds of other stuff. It was like some kind of military operation. Grandma took charge and strutted around ticking off lists and barking out orders to the assembled family workforce.

Mostly I sat outside with Grandpa. Uncle Dave arrived around tea time as did the girls. As soon as Dave came back the beer bottles came out, much to Grandma’s chagrin. Soon everyone was at the booze, even the girls were allowed a couple of bottles of wine.

We had a light tea, pizzas I seem to remember, before the girls went off to watch yet more videos. Uncle Dave, Grandpa and I hopped into the car and headed off to the “local” for a couple of pints – being men folk and all.

I remember going in, it was rather like the metaphorical piano stopped playing as we approached the bar in complete silence. We sat, sipping our pints, trying to avoid eye contact with the obviously hostile locals. I don’t remember how long we stayed there, but Dave tried his best to engage with the landlord, who, in turn, was polite but clearly disapproved of us – the nouveau riche.

It was reasonably late when we returned and both Grandpa and Uncle Dave decided to turn in. The girls were still at the video player, quite a raucous one judging by the cheers and coos coming from the lounge. The older women folk had all retired, probably on orders from Grandma.

I went to bed and lay in the small and hot space, naked again and with my cock out and ready for action. The damn security light sprang back on after just a few minutes and shone through the crack in the curtains. I lay back and thought I could hear a shuffling noise outside, I considered closing the curtains and as I leant forward the patio door burst open. In stepped Twin 1 dressed in a pink pyjama set.

“We haven’t got long.” She said as she started to peel it off.

She gently pushed me back, prone, spun around and mounted me facing the patio. After groping from my thick tool she shuffled forward and positioned herself over it for an easy entry. She lay back and thrust her hips upwards like a limbo dancer, gripping my tool in her fist and offering it to her tight and hairy snatch. God she was tight as I felt my tip penetrate her moist little cunt.

She sighed in satisfaction as she took a few inches inside and lay back. She was wet, almost gushingly so but the down side was that I kept popping out when she lay back. My exposed end lay against the wiry down of her blonde pubes.

Each time I came out she would sit up, re-insert me and lay back again, determinedly so. The security light was flickering annoyingly but suddenly went out all together.

At last or so I thought. My hands went immediately to her small but firm boobs as she lay back again. She was tall and her soft hair, still pleated rested against my face. She sighed and arched her back to accommodate more of my thick and eager tool. Again it slipped out. At that moment the dining room door burst open, the light was switched on and a broad and common voice whispered sharply,

“I told you that wouldn’t fit in there”. It was Twin 2. She paused for a moment as my tender end snaked up and along the hairy roughness of her sister’s mound. My eyes were dazzled and I struggled to focus on her to ascertain her mood.

“Here, I told you what to do.” She said in annoyance as she too peeled off her matching pyjama set.

“Lay back.” She barked at her sister. “I told you we’d have to do him like we did Jason Michaels.”

I was confused. I thought we’d been busted. I lay there with one twin laying on her back stretched out on top of me, my cock nestled between her wet cunt lips, protruding up and on to her belly and her naked sister, jabbering on like a machine gun, and climbing on top.

Twin 2 just wouldn’t shut up – she went into some kind of verbal overdrive, barking out instructions and making comparisons.

“God his cock is big. Bigger that Paul Wilkinson’s, isn’t it?” She didn’t wait for an answer, she didn’t even pause for breath.

“God I wonder how it feels.” She said as she squatted over her sister’s belly. She lowered herself down carefully so to allow the remaining length of my swollen cock to slip between her smooth labia. She wiggled to consolidate my cock, trapped like a sausage between two sets of soft and moist cunt lips.

She rocked gently back and forth and I could feel the hard bump of her clit just under my phallic head. I looked over Twin 1′s shoulder, as she was also, at the sight of my cock sandwiched between their two sets of lips. My eyes rolled in their sockets as Twin 2 started to gently rock back further, her soft inner flesh massaging the exposed tip of my solid cock. Expertly she ground her hips down and along its length pausing only to increase pressure on her sister’s wet slit below. God it was hot.

I am not sure how long she kept this up but she chatted incessantly throughout,

“God that’s good. God that’s hard. God that’s big.” And, “See I told you this was the best way to get him off.”

Twin 2 was quite competitive, “I bet I can make you cum before I do.” She offered as a challenge to her sister.

By this time I had almost tuned out . I was gently kneading Twin 1′s tits and kissing the back of her neck. She in turn cooed as mine and her sister’s machinations pleasured her. By this time Twin 2′s slit was glistening and slippery wet, she was thrusting herself fully forward until the tip of my knob brushed her puckered butt hole. On each sweep I sensed her push down, gaining pressure, trying to slip my cock inside her gushing cunt. Twin 1 gently eased her hips upwards and presto, my cock slipped into the hot and wet entrance. At least it seemed to shut her up for a few second, she drew breath through gritted teeth as the first few inches of my cock found its way inside her tight twat. She gripped at my shaft with the walls of her cunt before releasing it and sliding forward, allowing it to fall again between her silken lips.

They repeated this process, in perfect tandem, over and over again, and with great skill, both using their cunt lips in cooperation to wank me off. Each subtle movement slow and deliberate, each tilt of the hips slight, as they deftly massaged my meat with the soft inner walls of their cunt lips.

Twin 2 slipped my tip into her hot hole almost with each backward sweep of her loins. She gripped the end firmly in her wet walls and jabbed forward, slapping my cock gently against her sister’s open gash, and clit, below. Then she would release, allowing me to slip out and up her wet crack.

I could feel the soft bump of Twin 1′s clit slide down the underside of my shaft as her sister’s soft inner lips pulled gently at my tender skin opposite. Up further she slid until I could feel her hard nub just under my phallic ridge. Back and forth they slowly swayed, building both in intensity and allowing Twin 2 greater penetration with each backward stroke. She was using her cunt to lubricate my shaft and I could feel her sweet juices run down and mix with her sister’s drenching the base of my meat below.

Twin 2 was now lost in her own world, she fell forward, gasping, eyes closed and in range for me to suggest something dirty of my own to her sister.

“Suck her tit.” I whispered into Twin 1′s ear as I nibbled the back of her neck. My nostrils filled with the scent of her perfume, and a slight hint of horse, as her pleated blonde pony tail fell away and over my shoulder.

She was hot, sticky with sweat and dead weight as she drank in the sensations raging through her loins. She rose up, almost peeling her soft skin from my chest and duly obliged, drawing a gasp from her sister who now had permanently mounted the top couple of inches of my rock hard cock. I was pinned and could do nothing to help as she struggled to thrust her hips upwards and forwards to drive my cock in further.

Her sister’s wetness flowed down my ball sack as Twin 2 continued to stab herself on and over my cock. Her forward thrusts gently slapped the remainder of my shaft against her sister’s exposed and erect clit. Each bump bought and increasing response from the twin sandwiched between us.

I am not sure who started first but when one went we all did. Twin 1 withdrew from her sucking with a hiss, Twin 2 closed her eyes and threw back her head trying to stifle a scream and I instinctively made a grab for any bouncing flesh that I could hold on to.

I think Twin 2′s cunt walls flexing finally drove me over the edge. As soon as she sensed me spurting she lurched forward to allow me to spray both hers and her sisters open snatches with my hot cum. And boy did I cum, in waves, I pumped my seed over the soft mat of Twin 1′s bushy blonde pubes before her sister sank and ground hers down. My cum spread and soaked them both, their downy hair sticking into tacky mats as more spurts sprayed the melee of pink and open flesh.

Twin 1 lay there, her chest heaving and panting as convulsions spread through her torso and down her legs. Twin 2 looked down in awe as she saw her sister enjoying a major orgasm. As her quivering subsided her sister grinned and stroked her forehead tenderly ,

“Wow Jo, that’s the best one yet!”

We paused momentarily, something stirred outside, both twins shot up, collected their pjs and left via the dining room door. I lay there, sweaty and with my balls covered in a mixture of my and the twin’s cum, satisfied beyond all belief but more than a little concerned about the possible family implications. I had heard the tales of the twins “double heading” my mates but thought they had been just that – tales, but now I knew better.

I lay back and relaxed into a deep and contented sleep.

I awoke with a start, again to the sound of the dining room door latch. I felt a cool breeze and a dull thud as someone’s clothing hit the floor. It was early and I was tired and so I made little effort to swing around to see who it was. I am not sure who I expected but I certainly didn’t expect this one – it was Mundy standing to my right stark naked. She looked good, short and compact, pale but reasonably athletic in appearance. Her tits were on the larger size for her frame, pendulous with cherry red areolae and small bud like nipples.

She paused as if to allow me to feast my eyes on her naked frame as she studied mine. I lifted my hand to her and she guided it straight to the neatly trimmed V of her crotch. I stroked downwards and marvelled at the smoothly shaven sides and lips of her hot cunt, already wet and open.

My cock was less than enthusiastic, it lay limp and exhausted from the previous night’s exertions. I am also sure it would have been heavy with the scent of the Twins but it didn’t seem to matter to Mundy – she stooped down and gently lifted the soft member to her warm lips. She threw her leg over my head to allowed me the opportunity to do her a 69, an offer that I took full advantage of. I could feel the intensity of her hot breath over my balls as she drew and sucked at my slowly stiffening end.

I grabbed the solid globes of her butt cheeks and spread them slightly as I offered my tongue to her open and already damp snatch. I started at the delicate fold of her clitoral hood and probed the tip of my tongue under to search out the small and firm nub beneath. She jumped as my soft tongue hit home and rotated her hips to make my tongue run along the smooth and remarkably straight line of her slit. I paused and concluded that she must have been turned on before she came in, her cunt was too juicy and open for it to be just me.

My tongue was resting against her hot entrance. I curled the end and threw it into the fleshy void, swishing and swirling it around the wet opening before driving it in as deep as it would go. The darting thrust bought a hum of appreciation that sent vibrations down through the core of my cock, still deep in Mundy’s mouth.

I repeated the process, a swirl, a suck and then a dart of my fully extended tongue. She gasped at each intrusion, her cunt walls gripped and pulled my soft member in further, almost ripping it from its anchor.

This Story was kindly edited by tangentjoker.


I own a company, mostly online, that deals with people’s fantasies. Most of my clients are older rich women; women that have deep, dark, depraved, sick fantasies.

They pay me well for fulfilling their dreams. So well, in fact, that I have an agency of people who help me fulfill their needs. A lot of my clients are fairly regular users of my company as I am the only company in Ireland who supplies to this kind of demand for the rich folk.

I walk into the office. I take off my coat and hang it on the rack. I drop my briefcase on the floor and slouch onto the big plush sofa.

“You okay?” Louise asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine, Babe. Just tired, that’s all,” I reply. “Anything new in today?” I ask.

“Yeah. Mrs. McGirk again. She has a new one for you,” Louise says as she works her fingers on the keyboard.

I reach for my bag and pull out a bundle of money. “That’s for yesterday,” I say as I toss the bundle onto the desk.

“How much did you charge her?” Louise asks.

“1200 Euro,” I said as she started to count the 50 Euro notes out.

“And how much do we owe Tomas for his day?”

“350. I gave him a little bonus this time as he did a great job on Mrs. Walsh and she paid us a little extra and said she would email us for her next appointment and can’t wait to use our services again. You would think the old bitch was new to this, wouldn’t you, but she has been using us for nearly 4 fucking years now, the dirty old cunt,” I replied.

“Well, looking at what is left, you both must have given her a good seeing to this time because even with Tomas’ wage took out there is still 250 extra there,” Louise said as she looked at me.

“Well, let’s just say the dirty old bitch really enjoyed herself this time. That’s why I’m so fucking tired. Mrs. Walsh had a hell of a lot of energy yesterday and we just kept at her the whole day and night. She is a randy old cunt, as you well know, Babe,” I said, relaxing more into the sofa.

Louise smiled over at me and said she would make coffee. Getting up, she walked around her desk and to the coffee machine. I watched her as she went, her small tits pushing out through her tight white blouse and her plump arse wiggling as she walked making the black ruffled sticky out skirt dance as she walked. She caught my eye when she turned around and asked did I want a fuck this morning.

“No. Not yet, Babe,” I replied to my stepdaughter.

“You sure?” she asked.

“Later, Sweetheart,” I said as I pushed my head back onto the sofa.

Coffee came and I sat up to take and drink it. Louise was back behind her desk before she spoke again.

She said, “Back to business.

“There is nothing booked for the next two days, Pops, so you can have a rest. Then, on Friday, there is Mr. and Mrs. Green in Navan. They want the same as last time with you and black Bob. Only this time, they want Mr. Green tied up on a chair in their sitting room. Here is the best part: They want you and Bob to force Mr. Green to wear his wife’s pink lace bra and panties as soon as you get there. They say in their email that you both can beat him a little harder, if you wish, but only beat Mrs. Green the same as last time when you and Bob are raping her. Then, of course, the same ending with Mr. Green being forced to eat your cream pies from his wife’s pussy and asshole. They have already paid up front and deposited an extra 150 for changing their story to include the new panty fetish for the old fella, as stipulated in the agreements,” Louise said as she gasped a breath before starting again. “It’s only a half day for you and Bob on Friday so it shouldn’t be too tiring and i know you don’t like doing it in front of spouses but they are good customers and have been with us for years. They always pay what we want and are always on our website saying how good we are and how professional we are and have got us a lot of work from newbies too. And everytime they get a visit from us they write their story of what happened on that said day in our story blog and they get quite a lot of good comments from other users on the site. So, you see they are good for us.”

“I know that, Princess, but I just think it’s kind of odd that a 70-year-old man enjoys being tied up and, now, dressed in his wife’s underwear while myself and black Bob break into their house, beat them both and fuck every hole his 65-year-old wife has, then force the old fella to his knees to clean up our cum from the woman he loves after we are done raping her. I just find it strange that at their age they get enjoyment from this, that’s all. I know they are paying for our services and that they are just living out a fantasy but, fuck me, at their age you would think they are past all that; especially him. You would think he would want to protect her and mind her not to have two guys come to their home, slap them around and rape her as he watches. I don’t know, Babe. As I said, I just think it’s strange they live in that fantasy world at that age, that’s all. It’s fucking odd,” was my reply.

“Look at it this way, Pops. I hope when you get to that age, you are still able to perform. Still able to fuck me. Still able to make love to me. Still able to live out your fantasies with me and, besides that, as old as they are they have and still are spending a fortune with us every month and have gotten us loads of new customers over the years. And, just remember, I once offered them a freebee for their loyalty and help in building our business to what it is today. And they kindly refused, saying it would not feel the same if they didn’t pay; that paying for our people to use and abuse and rape was all part of their humiliation, which they thrive on. So let them at it, and enjoy the lifestyle that you earn from the Greens,”Louise said, looking for my reaction.

I nodded a knowing nod and drank more from my coffee cup. Louise got up and filled my cup again with more hot black coffee, returning the pot after she topped her cup up.

She walked past me and asked, “Are you sure, Pops?” grinning as she swayed her nice, full, round arse past my eyes.

I knew what she meant. She wanted me to fuck her in the office, but tiredness was taking over my body.

“We can fuck later, Louise,” I told her.

She looks at me with pity in her beautiful blue eyes; not pity for herself, but pity for me.

“Okay,” she started. “Saturday, there are three bookings, but none for you. Two are regulars in Dublin and one in Cork. The Cork one is only a second visit, so not really a regular, and Samantha was requested to do it, as she was before. It’s a guy who apparently likes to worship pussy and ass and then get strap-on fucked as she drags her nails down his back, ripping the skin off him. First time he contacted us, he was charged 1000 Euro. But when he contacted us this time, I asked Samantha about him and she rang him.

“She told him on the phone that if he wanted her again then he was going to pay more. The cheeky bitch charged him an extra 300, which he gladly paid, and readjusted his payment online. I told her she shouldn’t be doing that, and she said he was minted and could well afford it. And she said, anyway, she worked him hard. And she knew he would come back to us again, so she upped the price. So I will split the extra 300 with Sam fifty/fifty and pay her her usual 350. So she has a good payday from that dude and we make a little extra from him, too.” Louise took a breath again and then carried on, “The two in Dublin are the usual old pair of dolls. They have booked Michael and John again, same as always: Dinner date, dance and fuck. Two and a half grand between them. Same every week. Pay the boys 700 between them, plus their own personal expenses: petrol, clothes and such and we make about one and a half grand.

“On Sunday, I have one myself. It’s Mrs. Caffery, but only for a few hours as her husband is playing golf locally. She’s still being charged the same as usual. I just treat her like a dog: walk her on a leash, make her eat from a bowl, have her lick my pussy and rim my hole. Then, I finish with the usual: make her drink my piss from my pussy and lick my arse clean when I shit on her saggy old tits. So it’s going to be a quick session for her. And she doesn’t mind not being fucked by me, or getting her usual spanking, as she is afraid her husband will return early,” Louise said.

I then remembered what Louise had said to me when I walked into the office about Mrs. McGirk and asked her what it was that she wanted different than the last time.

“Well, Pops, you know she likes to change things around now and again. Like the last few times you and black Bob have been with her and doing to her whatever it was. Well, she wants a change again. She asked for you both again, but wants things to be different. She still wants to be raped by you both. She wants you both to use a little more violence, but not to mark her face. She basically wants to be kidnapped, gagged, hooded, roughly treated and abused by you both. Only this time, she wants it like she has seen in some of those humiliation pornos. She has sent a few clips in her email of what she would like to happen, and has asked us to email her a bill for it for the extra services.

“You can look at the clips later, if you want too, but its mainly ass-to-mouth, gagging and puking on cocks, facial spitting, pussy stretching, tit torture and bondage. That kind of stuff,” Louise said.

“Fuck me, she is really getting into the rough side of things, isn’t she? I remember the first time she booked me, she was so embarrassed when she first sucked my cock. And now look at the dirty old cunt! She can’t get enough of it since she first started. She is a dirty old fucker. Remember last bank holiday she booked me and Bob? Well, we took it in turns with her, after both using her on Friday evening and night.

“We kept her at it all weekend. All over the bank holiday, she must of only slept about five hours, total, because we would take it in turns to rest and sleep, so that there was always one of us with her at any given moment. We wouldn’t even let her go to the bathroom. We made her piss and shit in a bucket in the corner of the room. Then, we made her go outside naked at night and empty out her mess and clean the bucket out. Ha, ha, ha, that was funny, because she didn’t want her friends seeing her out there like that.

“I thought she was going to piss herself when I shoved her out the door into her garden with the bucket and wouldn’t let her back into her house for ten minutes until she had the bucket cleaned properly. And now she wants a bit more humiliation, degradation, suffering and pain? Well, as long as she is paying, the old whore can have what she wants. When has she booked for?” I asked.

“She hasn’t booked a date, yet. She says in her email to run it by you. And if its OK with you, then to book her either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. She said you should pick the day and surprise her at home. She will be home alone for those three days and doesn’t want to know when you plan to visit her. She wants to have the surprise when it happens, but she only wants to hire you and Bob for twenty-four hours; not the whole three days. So, what do you want to do, Pops? Do you want to do her on Monday, as you’re not booked for then, anyway? And I can move Bob’s other appointment around so it suits you. Or do her on Tuesday when you’re both vacant?” Louise asked, looking at me as I settled myself down on the sofa, laying on my back ready to have a snooze.

“Yeah, Tuesday is fine. We can do her on Tuesday. We get an early start on Mrs. McGirk because she really is a goer. She can go for three days so we will have our work cut out on her. So may as well make it an early morning visit, I think. If you’re not too busy, Louise, you can come and watch, if you like. It will add to her humiliation even more if you’re there laughing, watching and advising us on what to do to her while she is bound up being used. I know she has spoken to you many times on the phone but she has never met you and i think it would be a real nasty treat for her if you were there and humiliated her with us. What do you think about that?” I asked.

“Well, I’m busy in the morning, Pops, but I could make it for the evening time, when I close the office, if that’s not too late,” Louise said, smiling at the thought of getting off at someone else’s expense.

“That’s that sorted, then. So, it looks like Mrs. McGirk is going to get a good seeing too this time. First by me and black Bob, and then by all three of us. Fuck me, she is going to panic when she realizes that not only is there another woman in the room watching her flabby old body being used… but she is going to be very embarrassed when she finds out it is you, the dear sweet girl on the other end of the phone that she has spoken to so many times,” I said with a laugh.

“What will we charge her this time?” Louise asked, half laughing at the thought of it all.

“Just the usual 1000 for Mrs. McGirk; and 200 extra for the extras that she wants. And the surprise of you being there we won’t charge the old fucker for. She can have that extra free of charge because she is a weekly booker and always gives us a little bonus every week. And the fact is she isn’t too bad a fuck for an old bitch. She can take my full 71/2 inches and Bobs 9 1/2 inches and she always has dinner in the oven left for us and a few beers in the fridge. So, she ain’t so bad, after all. But anything over and above her time and she has to pay premium rates for,” I replied.

“She never goes over her time and most of the time you all are finished with her early, anyway. And she always pays up front and gives you and Bob a good tip. So, I think you’re right to give her a nasty surprise free of charge, now and then,” was the reply I got as I pulled more pillows under my head.

I could hear the buttons click on the keyboard as Louise sent my reply to Mrs. McGirk.

I was just nodding off when Louise said, “Fucking hell, she is eager. She has replied and confirmed the booking and is delighted at the price. Payment is already in the account and she looks forward to being used by you both again. Oh, the poor old dear really does love the attention you give her. Little does she know what she is in for this time, hey Pops?”

I smiled as I turned my head to look at my beautiful stepdaughter.

“What is it with women wanting to be raped and abused, Louise?” I asked her.

“Its just a female fantasy, Pops. All women want to know what it feels like to be used that way. They want to feel the humiliation, disgust, pain and abuse. They want to feel helpless and feel dirty. It’s just a fantasy that every woman I’ve ever known would have at least once in their lifetime.

“Most women would never dare ask their partner to rape them in role play. They would be too embarrassed to ask. That is why they find us and use our services: to fulfill their desires and dreams. But some get addicted to it; to the feeling of helplessness and to the humiliation they feel during and after the act. And if they can afford it, then they become our regulars. Most of our clients, the regular ones, stem from the first time they used us. They are the ones that keep our books full all the time.

“They are addicted to us and the service we provide. Women are lucky that we are here. We give them what they want: their fantasy; their dirty little secrets and their life’s dream. It’s just a woman’s thing, Pops. That’s all.” Her voice drifted off as I did.

I woke to the sound of Louise moaning and groaning. As I opened my eyes, I could see that she had moved her chair around to where I was sleeping on the sofa. She had her legs spread wide, her feet lifted up and opened out on the sofa. Her short skirt was pulled up around her waist and she had her plump arse perched on the edge of her seat. She was leaning back on the backrest and looking at me as she was fingering her lovely pussy.

I watched, as my head was clearing, and looked between her chunky thighs as her fingers rubbed her clit faster as her other hand forced a big flesh-coloured dildo into her waxed cunt.

My attention was taken from her delightful pussy as she shouted out, “Oh, Pops! I’m cumming!”

I looked at her face and she was flushed red as her orgasm reached its height.

“Fuck,” she screamed as her legs shook and made the sofa tremble. Still fucking herself with the dildo, she didn’t slow down until her orgasm had passed. She removed the big rubber cock from her cunt and lifted her legs down to the floor. She put her fingers up to my nose and I sniffed them before opening my mouth and licking all Louie’s pussy cream from them.

She pulled her fingers from my mouth, lifted her arse from the chair to fix her skirt, then re-sat, using her legs, she slid herself and the chair back around her desk and shot a wicked look at me.

“You’re a dirty, nasty, cunt,” I said to her as she smiled that dirty kinky smile she always has when she does something out of the ordinary like this.

“It’s your fault, Pops. You didn’t want to fuck me when you came in here earlier on, and then you fell asleep. What am I supposed to do? You know I am always wet and horny, that my pussy is always soaked, and you didn’t do anything about it. Even if you had licked my slit when I asked to be fucked, then, that would’ve been enough for me. It would’ve released my orgasm and I wouldn’t've been so fucking horny looking at you over there laying on that sofa. So, its your fault and I just had to share a little bit of my jilling off with you. It’s not my fault you woke up to the sound of me cumming, either,” she said with a dirty laugh.

“You always have you fingers stuck up your twat. You can’t leave your pussy alone for more than five minutes. Every time I look at you, you’re fingering yourself. You’re a fucking nympho, Louise. If it’s not your fingers on your pussy, then it’s something stuck up your fuck hole. Thank God you don’t have a cock or you would have it well and truly pulled off yourself,” I replied, getting up and looking at my watch to check the time.

“Look, Pops, you know I always get horny when I’m near you. I’m horny at the best of times; but when you’re around, my pussy just gets so fucking wet and hungry for cock that I have to jill one off if you don’t take care of me like you usually do,”she replied.

I got off the sofa and went to the bathroom door in the office. I opened the door, walked in past the shower and wash hand basin, lifted the toilet seat, took out my cock and started to pee. Louise was talking to me but I couldn’t hear her. She moved into the bathroom as I was midstream and said that there were two more enquirers today when i was asleep. She had emailed both of them back and had set them up with an account on our website. She had used the chat room to discuss their needs and wishes. Both applicants were happy with what they had learned. Both had joined the website, filled out our disclaimer and paid their deposits of fifteen grand each. Louise had set up meetings with them for tomorrow at two different locations and both she and I were to attend the meetings, as usual, to discuss their requirements further.

So it looks like I’ll have something to do tomorrow, after all, I thought to myself as I stripped and climbed into the shower. Louise said it was knocking off time and she was going to tidy up a few loose ends while I was in the shower and shut the office down.

Shaved, showered and out the door we went. Heading for the car, I asked Louise if she was cooking tonight.

“Am I fucking cooking? We have made a killing over the last week, so you’re bringing me out for dinner; Italian, I think. That nice cosy place in Navan town will do nicely,” she said as we got to my car.

Sitting, eating dinner, with my sexy stepdaughter, Louise, was a nice treat. The waiter always thought we were a couple because of the way we acted together.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.


Small towns can be kind of funny when you’re an outsider. In most cases, the people are super-friendly while, at the same time, you can feel like they’re a little distrustful of strangers. With my job, I had abundant opportunity to witness this since I traveled a significant amount. I did quite a bit of flying but I did a lot of driving and the nature of my business took me to many small towns. There were times I felt like I was really welcome, times where I almost felt like a celebrity to people who were used to the same faces and the same places all week long and definitely times when I was anxious to get back on the road again. Don’t get me wrong; I love small towns. I wouldn’t have done what I’ve been doing for so long if I didn’t. Of course, you’d be surprised how easy it can sometimes be for a stranger in a small town to get laid. It added to the feeling of being a celebrity when you encountered the “groupies.”

It wasn’t like you just showed up in town and the babes started throwing themselves at you but I’d developed a sense over the years that helped me figure out where to go and, once there, who might be open to an encounter with a stranger. They came in all shapes, sizes and ages, too. I’d spent passion-filled nights with single young ladies, older married women, skinny women, chubby women, attractive women and ugly women. Most encounters were memorable in one way or another but, of course, some stood out more than others. One of my favorites involved an older waitress at a bar in western Nebraska. She was a good looking woman, probably in her fifties, with a nice figure. The faded jeans she wore really showed off her sweet ass and she appeared to have a decent set of tits, too. I started out just being friendly since I was a stranger and waited to see her reaction before deciding whether it was safe to flirt or not. I did note that she was not wearing a ring on her left hand.

I was also careful to make sure I was friendly with the rest of the staff and the other patrons, as well, so I didn’t come across as fixated and creepy. This was pretty much second nature, whether I was pursuing a lady or not, but it didn’t hurt if I came across universally as a good guy. When I was comfortable that I’d received a stamp of approval from the locals, I did start to subtly flirt with the waitress I had my eye on and was pleased that she was not only receptive but started flirting right back. As the night went on, I was definitely getting a good vibe that she could be into some adult-oriented fun. Finally I just went for broke.

“So what time do you get off tonight?” I asked her.

“Why?” she asked right back, with a shy smile on her face.

“I’d like to eat your pussy until you cum,” I whispered, making her blush. I’m sure she was expecting either that I’d be coy about what I wanted to do or that I’d just come right out and say that I wanted to fuck her. I really did want to devour her pussy and figured that offering it right up front would help get me in the door and, if I did a good job, would assure that things continued to progress. She had such a nice figure that I definitely wanted to get her naked, not just fool around out in my rental car. I also wanted to watch as her pretty face inhaled my cock.

She was only working through the dinner rush so she gave me enough time before she was taking off to close out my tab and head out the door so we weren’t leaving together, then I followed her to a modest little home not too far away and parked behind her in the driveway.

“Are you okay with me parking there?” I asked as we headed to her front door, “You’re not concerned with what your neighbors might think?”

“You take care of me tonight the way you offered to,” she replied, “and I’ll be out here pointing your car out to anyone who will pay attention to me.”

I didn’t expect her to follow through on that, but I certainly intended to follow through on my promise to eat her pussy and make her cum. Once we were in her living room, we were in each other’s arms, making out passionately. My cock was stiffening so I suspected that her pussy was becoming wet, as well. Of course I had no idea how sexually active she was but I figured that her options in such a small town were probably limited so she might be a bit sexually frustrated and likely outright horny. I wanted to make sure to fully satisfy her, multiple times if possible, before indulging myself by slipping my cock into either her pussy or her mouth or both.

I ended up picking her up and carrying her over by her couch then set her down and dropped to my knees in front of her. I opened her jeans and slid them down, revealing a pretty non-descript pair of blue panties. As she stepped out of her jeans, I caressed her sweet ass through her panties while kissing her abdomen and upper thighs. After lightly brushing my fingertips over the front of her panties, I started to slide them down, revealing a nicely groomed brown bush. I ran my hands over her bare ass cheeks before continuing to slide her panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them while I admired her bush then sat before me on the couch with her legs spread nice and wide.

I kissed my way up along her smooth inner thighs until I reached her bush, then ran my tongue up her slit, tasting the juices that were flowing from it. She moaned and grabbed my head, not pulling me against her pussy but just holding onto it. I lapped at her pussy, slurping up her nectar while she humped it rhythmically toward my face. I don’t know if it was the anticipation or that she hadn’t had any action recently, but I got a sense pretty quickly that it was not going to take much to get her to that first orgasm. I had no intention of stopping at one, though, so it didn’t matter to me if the first one was immediate; I was planning to keep going. I slipped first one, then a second finger into her slippery pussy and pumped them in and out while licking and sucking her clit. It wasn’t long before she started tensing up while continuing to moan louder and longer so I knew that she’d soon be right on the verge. I didn’t necessarily want her to cum quickly; my goal was to provide her with as much pleasure as I could manage. When the tension suddenly left her body and she started to shake while crying out, I was certain that I’d achieved that goal.

I continued to eat her pussy as she was cumming and she didn’t try to stop me once her long, intense orgasm had tapered off. She seemed to relax as she was catching her breath, but gradually began to rock her hips toward my face again. Her pussy had been flooded with additional lubrication when she came so I was slurping some of it up around my continually pumping fingers before focusing once again on licking and sucking her clit. Again I made it my goal to provide her with high levels of pleasure, not just to get her off again. Fortunately, I was a big fan of eating pussy, especially when it was a pussy I’d never eaten before. Because of that, I had a lot of experience and I tried to learn something from each experience. My philosophy had always been that it was a privilege just to be able to see a woman naked; to be allowed to eat her pussy or have sex with her was definitely not something to be taken lightly. I never wanted a woman to feel regret over the access she had granted me so I did my best to make sure the experience was memorable in a good way.

As I continued relishing the opportunity to eat her pussy, I could tell that she was building up to another orgasm. The signs were the same as they’d been previously — the tensing up, the wetter, more engorged pussy and the longer, louder moaning — so it appeared as though my techniques were successful, giving me no reason to change anything I was doing. It was only moments later that she started cumming again while I continued eating her pussy. Again, her orgasm appeared to be long and intense, just the way I always liked to serve them up, and again she didn’t stop me once she’d apparently finished cumming. I smiled as I pumped my fingers in and out of her even more slippery pussy while licking and sucking her clit because I wasn’t getting remotely fatigued or bored with what I was doing. I wondered how many orgasms she could endure without starting to lose it.

The final number turned out to be four. As I continued to eat her pussy while she was recovering from orgasm number four, she took my face between her hands, turned it up toward hers and started to sit up.

“My head is about to explode,” she said before leaning down to kiss me. We made out for a minute or so but my cock was threatening to burst from my jeans, so I stood up and started to undress. I kicked off my shoes as I pulled my shirt up over my head while she straightened up and started to unfasten my belt and open my jeans. Once she had everything undone, she started sliding my jeans and underwear down until my cock popped out in her face. I took over sliding my jeans and underwear down while she took my cock in her hand and pumped it while cupping my balls. She licked around the head then wrapped her lips around it and slid them down. My jeans and underwear had only made it as far down as my knees but I had to stop and savor the pleasure of her mouth sliding up and down my tool.

She didn’t suck me off for very long, I’m assuming because she still wanted to fuck me, but it was long enough for me to know that she had skills. After slipping my cock out of her mouth, she smiled up at me then helped me the rest of the way out of my jeans and underwear. I then stepped out of my socks as I took her hands and had her stand up, too. I raised her t-shirt up over her head, revealing a decent set of tits encased in a pretty non-descript white bra. I caressed her tits, feeling her hard nipples, then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. As I slid it down her arms, I admired her breasts, areolas and hard nipples before lowering my head to lick and suck her nipples while caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair, indulging me briefly before steering me toward the couch. She pushed me so that I ended up sitting on the couch, then straddled me. I steadied her by holding her waist as she reached for my cock and guided it toward her pussy. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto me and my cock was embedded in her hot, slippery pussy.

I ran my hands around to caress her ass as she started to move up and down, though my attention was drawn to her bouncing tits. As I watched them, I knew that my hands would not be content to remain on her ass for long. When she leaned in to kiss me and I couldn’t watch her tits anymore, I brought my hands around from her ass to caress them. Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths while my hands explored the soft, smooth flesh of her tits and her pussy moved up and down my rigid tool. Her pussy felt absolutely outstanding which had me thinking that it was an absolute travesty that she wasn’t getting laid on a regular basis. Of course I didn’t know that for sure at that point, it was just a suspicion based on her bringing me home and fucking me so enthusiastically. If only any one of the local boys knew what they were missing. I suppose there were some that did as she must have had sex with somebody around there but I had to count myself lucky to be in the position where I currently found myself because if one of the locals was giving it to her, I’d have been out of luck.

The longer she rode me, the harder she was riding me, to the point where it was difficult to continue making out. Instead, she pressed her face into my neck, moaning longer and louder as her pussy was becoming even wetter and hotter than it already had been. I could feel an orgasm stirring within me but knew it wasn’t likely that I’d be close to cumming by the time she did. Sure enough, it wasn’t much longer when she dropped down on my cock and just sat there as a shudder passed through her. Since she’d cum repeatedly so easily when I’d been eating her, I assumed that she would just go back to riding me again once she’d finished cumming. I was more than pleasantly surprised by what happened instead.

“I’m going to suck your cock like it has never been sucked before,” she told me once she’d recovered enough. She kissed me hard then climbed off of my cock and knelt on the floor before me. I just leaned back and watched as she took my cock in her hand and slowly pumped while leaning in to lick my balls. The feeling of her tongue caressing my balls felt outstanding and I could feel my cock growing even harder as she took her time and really gave them a thorough tongue bath. When her tongue finally left my balls, she was holding my cock so that her tongue could run up the underside all the way to the head where she licked and sucked just the head between her lips. Finally, holding the base of my cock in one hand while the other cupped my balls, she slid her mouth down my cock as I let out a moan.

When I thought she’d inhaled as much of my tool as she could manage, she paused and moved her lips down a little bit farther. She took her time and deep-throated as much of my tool as she could before sliding her lips back up again. Then she started to slowly slide her mouth up and down my tool while pumping the base and continuing to caress my balls. She left no doubt that she was a considerably talented cocksucker, which meant that she had to have gained her experience somehow. I wasn’t really concerned about her background right at that moment but I eventually learned about, not only the years that she’d been married, but how she’d been saving herself for Mr. Right back when she’d been in high school. In any case, I knew that I was fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy her skills and I was certainly appreciating them. In addition to being able to provide increasingly intense levels of pleasure, she was also drawing out the build-up without making me feel like she wasn’t allowing me to cum.

She wasn’t just bobbing her head up and down, either. She’d occasionally go back to licking my balls while pumping my shaft or running her tongue around the head of my cock. I wondered if, like me when I was eating her pussy, she was getting as much enjoyment out of sucking my cock as I was getting out of having her suck it. I would have been perfectly content to have her spend the rest of the night with my cock in her mouth but, eventually, she seemed to focus more on bringing me to orgasm rather than drawing out the pleasure even further. Turns out that I was perfectly okay with this, as well, as I savored the build-up to my orgasm. My cock grew even thicker the closer I got to cumming, but she never let up at all even when I started to spurt into her mouth.

She continued to suck me off even as she was swallowing down my load while I felt as though I might never stop shooting into her mouth. When I was finally spent, she let my cock fall from her mouth and smiled up at me.

“I’ll wake you up with another one just like that if you want to spend the night,” she offered. It wasn’t all that late at that point, but it didn’t take any convincing for me. We retired to her bedroom where we went at it for a while longer before we fell asleep together.

I woke up briefly a few random times during the night but I was up for good, in more ways than one, when there was light trying to sneak through the blinds. There was a warm mouth sliding up and down my rigid tool, which has got to be one of the best ways to wake up. I lay there savoring it for a little while before she realized I was awake. She continued for a little bit longer, whether because she’d promised or because she wanted to I don’t know, then crawled up to straddle me. I reached for her tits as she guided my cock to her pussy and lowered herself onto it, causing both of us to moan. I was caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits and toying with her hard nipples as she slowly rode my cock while the room continued to grow brighter. Her pussy was as incredibly hot and wet as it had been the previous night so it felt fantastic as my cock slid in and out of it.

As she gradually increased her pace, her pussy was feeling even hotter and wetter than it had been when it had first engulfed my throbbing tool. She’d dropped a hand down to massage her clit as she was riding me, so I assumed that was helping with the amount of pleasure she was feeling in addition to my cock. I was pretty engrossed in her tits, either fondling them or watching them bounce when I ran my hands around to caress her sweet ass. With the room becoming much lighter, I was able to admire her entire body as she loomed over me as well as observing how attractive she was even first thing in the morning. Once again, I was counting myself lucky for the opportunity to be with her at that moment, experiencing the pleasures of her body. As I’ve said, I’ve had the good fortune to score pretty often in my travels, but this was definitely one of my more memorable and cherished encounters.

When she dropped down hard on my cock and remained there as her entire body trembled and she let out a cry of pleasure, I was happy that she’d been able to cum again. I just waited to see what she wanted to do next while watching the expression of intense pleasure on her face.

“I’m going to finish sucking your cock now,” she announced as she opened her eyes again.

“How about letting me lick your pussy while you do?” I asked.

“Absolutely, lover,” she replied, then leaned down to kiss me. We made out for a minute before she climbed off of my cock and moved around to position her pussy over my face. I immediately slipped a couple of fingers into her while she started pumping my cock as she licked around the head. I wanted to admire her pussy at close range again momentarily before putting my tongue to work but, at about the time that she engulfed my tool in her mouth, I started licking and sucking her clit. The small bedroom was filled with the sounds of moaning and slurping as she sucked my cock and I ate her pussy. I was focused on providing as much pleasure to her as I could but not so focused that I couldn’t appreciate her oral skills once again. I think even at that point I was realizing that I didn’t want this to be a one-time thing with her. She was not only skilled, but enthusiastic as well, and I had a strong desire to continue experiencing that combination.

As appeared to be typical for her, the longer I licked her clit and fingered her pussy, the wetter and more engorged her pussy became. I could feel my own orgasm building, as well, due to her oral talent but I was pretty certain that she was going to beat me to the punch yet again. I was perfectly okay with that, obviously, especially if it meant just lying there after she’d cum, staring up at her pussy while savoring the feel of her mouth on my cock. I didn’t push to try to make her cum sooner just so I could experience that; I remained focused on providing as much pleasure as I could. Plus, as I’ve said, I’m a big fan of eating pussy, so I would have been more than content to continue eating her even if she hadn’t been sucking my cock.

When I was 18, I worked as a waiter for my local pub. After work I would usually sit at the bar for abit, and get a quick drink before going home.

One time after finishing work, I sat down at the bar, next to a man called Dave.

He was in his 40′s, had receding hair, wore glasses, and was a larger man. But he seemed nice enough, quite chatty, and a bit drunk already.

After chatting for a while, he noticed that I was tapping my fingers. He looked at my hands for a minute, and said to me “I bet you’d give a great handjob”.

I shrugged it off, thinking no more of it, and took a swig of my drink. I told him I’m not into that sort of thing, and changed the topic.

Throughout the rest of the night, I kept thinking about it, about giving him a handjob. I never thought I was gay, but for some reason, I was somewhat interested in it.

After a while, I started to get ready to go home, and he did the same. We got outside and I hung around with him while he waited for his taxi. After a few minutes I finally worked up the courage to ask him if he was serious about the handjob. He looked me in the eye and said “why don’t you come back to mine for a drink?”

During the taxi ride, we kept up the usual conversations, but I couldn’t help but keep looking down at his crotch, imagining just what his cock was like.

When we finally arrived, I sat on the sofa and he went into his kitchen and got a few beers out and sat next to me. After a couple of sips, he asked me a few questions.

“You ever do this before?” he says. I told him I hadn’t, but really wanted to try it.

He took my hand and put it on his crotch, and let me feel him up through his trousers.

I could feel his cock getting harder, and I could see it pushing up against his trousers. He smiled at me and gently bit his lip.

I slowly unzipped his trousers and pulled them to his ankles. I gently massaged his cock throughhis boxers again for a moment, before pulling them down. And out flopped his dick. It was about 7 inches, cut, and a mass of pubes. His balls were quite hairy too, and a drop of pre-cum was glistening on the tip.

I wrapped my hands around it and gently started wanking him off. I was a little worried at first because I’m not cut, so I wasn’t sure how to do it properly. He told me that I was doing good, so I started to do it a little faster. I took one hand off and started to massage his balls at the same time. He let out a sigh of pleasure so I know he I was doing well.

Then, I couldn’t explain why, but I had the overwhelming urge to suck him off. So I leant in, and licked the pre cum off his tip, before putting my lips over his cock. He looked down in surprise, and gently ran his hands through my hair.

I kept sucking, and twirling my tongue around his shaft. I could taste the pre-cum in the back of my mouth. It was a strange taste, but I sort of liked it. I found myself gagging gently if I took him too far into my mouth, but I kept going at a good pace.

After a few minutes he spoke. “Don’t forget the balls.” So I slid him out of my mouth, and gently sucked on his balls. Sucking one at a time, then licking the sack, all while still wanking him off. After giving his balls a good tongue bath I went right back to sucking his cock. I could feel him gently thrusting, and I could hear him grunting and sighing in pleasure. A few moments later he said “I’m gonna cum, I’m about to cum!”

I thought about taking him out of me, and letting him cum elsewhere. But I didn’t, I kept on sucking him and waited for him to cum in my mouth.

After a moment, I could feel his cock pulsing, and my mouth filling up with his warm gooey cum. I sucked every last drop out of him and swallowed it all up. It was a strange taste, but I still found myself wanting more. He wanked out the last few drops, and I licked them off his tip.

He pulled his boxers back up, and we sat on the sofa together. He was still a bit breathless from just having an orgasm, but he looked at me and said, “What did you think?” I paused for a moment, and said “I think I’ve got a taste for this now. I’m glad I met you, and took you up on your offer.”

He smiled and said “You got much to do tomorrow?” I replied “No, I’m not working so I’m free all day”. He gently kissed me and said “Would you like to stay the night, and learn a few more tricks?”

I smiled back and said “With pleasure”, and he gently kissed me and led me to his bedroom.

I’ll put the rest of this story up tomorrow :)

Hope you guys liked it, theres more to cum!

My boyfriend and I love watching porn videos, but I have to smile when we see one where somebody seduces the babysitter. The reason I smile is because it isn’t ever the way they show in the movies. I know, because it happened to me.

I know that a dirty movie isn’t realistic; it’s just somebody’s fantasy on film. But I can’t help but think about it because it was just too good to forget.

I had just turned eighteen when all this happened, but I was a little shy as a teenager and never dated very much. I was old enough to know what to do and too young to care. I was still a virgin, but I had giggled enough times with other girls when we talked or went to slumber parties and I knew what sex was. I didn’t want any other the other girls to know, but when the sex talk started I never left the room. I was obsessed with sex, but afraid if anyone found out I would be labeled a slut or a whore or whatever.

In fact, I was more than obsessed. I ached for sex. I couldn’t quit thinking about sex. I had already found out how good my fingers felt on my pussy and on my clit. I had discovered that my fingers were too small to be satisfying when I fingered myself, but too big if I tried to put them in my ass. I listened to all the jokes about using petroleum jelly and laughed along with the rest of the girls, then almost ran to the cosmetics box that my mother had so I could try it. I searched the entire house to find something that was the right size and never found anything that was just the right size. I had tried everything in the house with a handle and found everything was both too long and skinny, or too thick and short. My mother never did figure out where her little flashlight went, but it was hidden under my nightstand. I wasn’t satisfied with the flashlight, though, because it didn’t taper on the end, it was just flat and I could only use it after lubricating it and being really careful putting it in. Then it was the right size around, but it was still too short and after I used it I had to clean all the petroleum jelly out of the nooks and crannies. I settled down to having a long-term affair with my hairbrush handle.

It was just about that time that I got the babysitter’s job at the Harpers’. They were the nice couple that my mother had met, and they had this adorable little boy that they wanted someone to baby-sit. I was happy to baby-sit for them. I needed the money, plus their little boy was so cute. I really liked the Harpers. Mr. Harper had a job as an executive at a company and made a lot of money. Mrs. Harper was absolutely model beautiful and dressed like it, with all these fantastic showy clothes and shoes and perfect hair. The big benefit was that it gave me time away from my mother.

The first time was pretty straightforward. I played with the Harpers’ little boy and kept him fed and entertained until bedtime. Then I put him in his crib and was there in case he woke up and was scared or cried. He was really good and slept all the time after I put him to bed, so it was pretty boring.

It was a few weeks later that I began to snoop around the house. They were good about leaving me things to entertain me, like movies or magazines, and they left food for me, but there was a night that I didn’t feel like reading or watching a movie. There wasn’t anything on TV, either, so I started snooping around the house.

Mostly I wanted to see the clothes Mrs. Harper had. She had all these fantastic clothes and shoes, and every Saturday when they went out she would have on some absolutely stunning, sexy outfit that showed off her figure and her cleavage. She usually had heels on, or sometimes long sexy leather boots that fit to the shape of her legs and looked amazing. She always had hose, or net stockings, or seamed stockings or something fabulous that showed off her legs, too.

So there I was looking through the clothes in her closet like I was in the shopping mall. I had a lot to look at; her closet was almost the size of my bedroom, and she had the most amazing clothes I had ever seen. I was looking at some really sexy outfits that looked like they were from Frederick’s or Victoria’s Secret, and right next to all of it, just there between the hanging clothes was a big dresser, so I opened a drawer to see what was inside. I wasn’t a prude or anything, back then, but I was shocked when I looked. I guess it was her sexy lingerie cabinet and it had all kinds of things in it. She had thong panties, and split crotch panties, and garter belts and hose in it. She had several corsets that I guess were custom made just for her. One of them was made of patent leather.

I got embarrassed and went back downstairs and made myself watch TV. I couldn’t make myself stop thinking about it, though. I couldn’t make myself stop thinking about it all that week. I knew it was wrong, but all the sudden I was having all these mental pictures of Mrs. Harper in these sexy outfits like a centerfold, or even worse, just nude, maybe wearing nothing but a pair of high-heels. I would wonder if she wore them for Mr. Harper, too, and think about her dressing up for him and them having sex. I couldn’t get the pictures out of my head.

It made me masturbate. It was to the point that I was making myself sore and I washed and washed my hairbrush but it still smelled like…well…it smelled like me. It smelled like I had been carrying it around in my panties all day. It smelled like when I had my period. It just smelled like it, and every time I brushed my hair I would be thinking about how the handle had been jammed between my legs a few hours before.

When the Harpers got home the night that I found the lingerie I had a hard time talking to them. It was uncomfortable. I was embarrassed and didn’t know how to face them. I just kept thinking that they must be having sex as soon as Mr. Harper got me home and got back to Mrs. Harper. I knew they didn’t know what I had found, but I knew and it made me uncomfortable.

If I had just left it there, then I probably would have gotten over it. Instead, stupid, snoopy me had to go back and look again. So a week later my willpower gave out and I was back in the bedroom closet again, looking at all the sexy lingerie Mrs. Harper had. It wasn’t just panties and sexy bras and hose, I found out. She had form-fitting leather outfits and corsets and bustiers. It was the bottom drawer that floored me, though. I opened the bottom drawer and there was the Harpers collection of porn videos.

Now I had noticed the video player and the TV in the bedroom when I went in there, but I had just assumed they watched TV at bedtime, like everyone else. Now, to add to my torment, I had a picture of them watching porn movies while Mrs. Harper dressed like a hooker and they both had wild sex.

It was a couple of weeks later that thinking about the porn videos intrigued me enough to go back and watch one. I guess I had opened the Pandora’s box. I had seen porn movies before, but I never had the chance to watch one uninterrupted and without fear of getting caught. So I took out one and watched it the next time I baby-sat for them, after the baby was in bed.

I had to look through them before I decided which one to try. There were a lot in the drawer that were still in the box with all these stupid titles that were trying to sound funny and sexy at the same time, but mostly they just sounded silly. I watched a few before I started coming to the ones that were just in cases with nothing but dates, or that had things written on them, like “Tom’s birthday,” or “Toni’s October visit.” I just thought they were home movies. One night I made the mistake of watching one.

There on the video was Mr. and Mrs. Harper and another woman, and they were all three having sex. Mr. Harper was kissing Mrs. Harper, but the other woman was giving Mr. Harper a head job. Mrs. Harper was wearing dark hose, with garters and heels, but the other woman was completely naked and so was Mr. Harper. I took it out as soon as I could and put it away. It was really hard to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Harper that night.

Damn it, I couldn’t ever get that picture out of my mind. It would just pop up in my head and I would see a porn video in my mind starring Mr. and Mrs. Harper and the cute, dark-haired woman I had seen them with. It was bothering the hell out of me. So like the idiot that I am, I couldn’t wait to watch it the next time I baby-sat for them. I was in such a hurry that I put the baby to bed early and nearly ran to their room and started watching. I sat on the floor in their room and masturbated and watched them having sex with this woman in one video, then in another video Mr. Harper was sharing Mrs. Harper with another man and every video I watched the sex seemed to get wilder. I saw Mrs. Harper have sex with men and women and masturbating with a vibrator.

The vibrator idea got to me next. There I had been with a hair brush handle and now I started thinking that there must be a vibrator somewhere in the house that looked just the right size and shape as what I had wanted. So I intended to go looking for it the next week.

It was one of the days just about that time that Mr. Harper talked to my mother. He told her that since they got back so late at night; sometimes it was three o’clock in the morning when they came home; maybe it would be better if my mother just let me spend the night at their house and sleep in their guest bedroom. I didn’t think a thing of it. I really hated staying up that late and then getting home even later, then being sleepy and tired all the next day. If I got to spend the night there, I could have my fun and then go to bed and get a little sleep. So my mom okayed it and I started spending the entire night over there.

The next week, I did a little diligent hunting and found the vibrator. In fact, I found a lot of them. They were put away nicely in a cardboard box on the floor at the back of the closet, along with some flavored lube and candles and handcuffs and other things that just about blew my eighteen year old virgin mind. There was another big box right next to that with something in it that looked like a big, black bucket cut in half and laying on it’s side with an electrical cord. I didn’t have any idea what it was, but I went back to the room with a couple of things to try and a video to watch.

Oh my God! The vibrator was fantastic. I didn’t try just one of them, I tried two, one that was just straight, and another one that looked like a big fluorescent orange penis made out of some kind of transparent jelly that just felt fantastic inside me. I orgasmed again and again and finally realized how late it was getting, so I cleaned everything up and put it all away just like I had found it. At least, I thought everything was just how I found it. I hoped that if I hadn’t the Harpers wouldn’t notice.

I guess I hadn’t even thought about how Mrs. Harper and probably other people had used the vibrators. I guess I was pretty naïve and didn’t know any better. I washed them both in the bathroom sink with soap and water before I put them back and figured that would be okay. I dried them with a washrag and patted them all over to make sure they weren’t wet anywhere, then put them back in the box that I had taken them out of.

All week I could only think about how much I wanted to do it again. When I got back to their house I pretended to be bored like nothing was going on, then after they left I fed the baby and gave him a bath, then let him play for a little while before bedtime. I was really anxious and I felt wet the entire time, but I wanted to quit putting the baby to bed early just because I wanted to have fun. Finally it was his bedtime and I made sure he was asleep then almost ran to the bedroom and got out an unmarked video and the orange vibrator. I was ready and I hit the play button on the video and almost died when I saw it. Mrs. Harper and the pretty brunette woman were on the floor and the thing in the closet that looked like a half-bucket was laying between them. The half-bucket machine was laying on it’s side with a big, flesh-colored vibrator sticking out of it and it was plugged in to the wall. The brunette woman straddled the bucket and slid the vibrator into herself and then turned on a switch on what looked like a remote control and I could hear the thing making a vibrating noise and the woman began smiling and going up and down on the vibrator. Mrs. Harper was kissing her and touching her breasts. By the expression on the woman’s face it was really good.

“So that’s what that thing was,” I thought! I went into the closet and pulled the box out and it was like an entire kit, with the bucket and several different size and shape toys that attached right into the top. I unpacked all of it and plugged it in. When I turned on the buttons the toy on top began moving and vibrating. I couldn’t wait. I put a little gel on the toy and began straddling it and pushing it into me. Oh God, did it ever feel fantastic! I rode it up and down and watched the video of the brunette on the machine and had one orgasm after another. I finally told myself I would have to stop and cleaned everything up and put it away, and went to bed happy.

The Harpers got home after I fell asleep and Mr. Harper took me home the next morning. I was in a really good mood all day. My pussy was a little sore, and my thighs were all rubbery feeling from riding on the machine all that time, but all I could think about was how good it felt and how I wanted to do it some more.

The next week I am back baby-sitting and back doing the same thing. This time I just go ahead and decide to do everything. After the baby was in bed asleep I went to the bedroom, stripped and put on some of Mrs. Harper’s lingerie. I was wearing a garter belt and a pair of her stockings and a pair of her high heels. The stockings were a little long for my legs and the shoes were way narrow on my feet by I managed them anyway. Then I took out the machine and set it up and put in the video. It had come to the part where Mrs. Harper was on the machine and, from the looks of it, she was enjoying herself. I put some lube on the toy and straddled it and began enjoying myself, too.

Oh God, that thing made me come. Here I was dressed sexy and having one orgasm after another, watching Mrs. Harper dressed almost just like I was and watching her orgasm and buck on the same machine. I got lost in it. I don’t know how many times it made me come, but I was in the middle of a good hard orgasm when I realized that the bedroom door had opened and someone was standing there.

Mr. and Mrs. Harper had come home early and were standing in the doorway watching me. I think I almost fainted. I didn’t have anything to cover myself with, except my hands so I tried covering my breasts and my pussy with my hands and realized it was useless, so I covered my face with my hands instead and just kind of slumped down over the machine. I figured the yelling would start any second.

Well, here is where my story parts company with the baby-sitter porn movies. In a porn movie the couple would have come into the room and told the baby-sitter that she had to have sex with them or they’d tell, or maybe she’d just be so hot that she’d have sex with them, anyway. Then they would all get naked and have a hot threesome and the guy would get head from both of them and then shoot come all over both of their faces.

But that didn’t happen in my story. What did happen was that I heard Mr. Harper tell his wife that he would let her talk to me and he turned around and I heard him go downstairs. Mrs. Harper just said, “don’t be scared, honey, I’m going to close the door so you won’t be embarrassed and when you feel like coming downstairs we will be in the kitchen.”

That’s it. That’s all there was to it, at least for right then. My little sexual fire had been completely put out for the evening, so I got out of Mrs. Harper’s lingerie and put my clothes back on. I put the machine back in the box, but I didn’t really put everything away, since I didn’t see any need to try to cover it up anymore. I figured it would be the last time I would see the inside of the Harper house again, and once they told my mom it might be the last time I saw daylight, or nightlight, or whatever, for a while. I went downstairs to the kitchen ready to face the music.

Mr. and Mrs. Harper were making coffee. When I came in Mr. Harper excused himself and left the room and Mrs. Harper told me to sit down at the table. I think I started crying. Instead of yelling or threatening, though, Mrs. Harper put her arms around me and tried to quiet me. I didn’t know what to think, whether she was coming on to me or just felt sorry for me or what. But she held me for a second and told me it was okay and led me to a chair and sat me down.

“Look, honey, stop crying, you aren’t in trouble,” she said.

I think that eased me a little, but I still didn’t quite know what to think.

“No one is going to do anything to you. We just need to discuss some things, is all.”

She hesitated for a few seconds like she was either letting this sink in, or gathering herself for something.

“Look,” she said, “you’ve seen our videos that we have in the bedroom.”

It dawned on me that they had things to hide, too, and maybe if I didn’t tell anyone about them, then they might not say anything about me. I began to think that I might get out of trouble.

“We both have a sexually liberal lifestyle. We’re swingers,” she said, and paused as if she needed to let that sink in before she went on. “That’s kind of an old phrase. Now people like us go by the name ‘polyamorous.’ We have a sexually open lifestyle. We love each other, but we enjoy having an open marriage where we can have sex with other people.”

I guess this seemed pretty weird to me. I think I had heard about it before, but I never thought I would meet anybody like that. Still, I really liked both of them and they didn’t seem weird to me. Right that moment I guess they seemed pretty nice.

“We both think people are too repressed about sex. It gets shoved into the dark and people hide it and nobody ever talks about it. People start thinking that it’s weird and bad and filthy. We don’t think that. We think if people could just admit that they enjoy sex and were encouraged to have a healthy sex life we wouldn’t have all the sexual problems people have today.”

I wasn’t getting the ‘you should be ashamed’ lecture, instead I was getting the ‘I’m a cool adult and I understand’ lecture.

“I don’t understand,” I started, ” are you telling me that you aren’t mad at me?”

“No, we’re not really mad, but we do have to discuss some things.”

“Discuss,” I asked her?

“Yeah, we need to lay some ground rules.”

“Well, like how do you mean?”

“Well, first, as open as we are about sex, we don’t really want everyone knowing about us. If everyone knows what we do we would have people spying on us and people coming by thinking that we just have sex with anybody, and we don’t.”

“You don’t?” I realized as soon as I said it that it probably sounded stupid or like an insult. She didn’t seem to take it that way, though.

“No, we don’t. We are really pretty closed about who we swing with. We have some friends that we know well and we’re attracted to, and we pretty much only are open with them. Anyone else we have to get acquainted with before we do anything. You probably saw Toni, the girl in the videos. We meet her a lot because we know her really well and we trust her. It’s kind of a trust thing.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

“So if we’re going to give you your privacy and let you behave as you want, you have to respect our privacy and never tell anyone what we do. Agreed?”

“Well, yeah, okay,” I agreed.

“And we will give you your privacy. When you’re here you’re free to do as you please, sexual, or otherwise. We’ll figure out what we want to let you have access to here in the house and what we’d rather you didn’t, but you can do what you want, otherwise.”

//NOTE: There will be a few more chapters to come!//

It was Friday night in Chicago and I decided to go downtown to Boystown—the gay district in Lake View East. I wanted to get my boyfriend a new dildo and look at some other toys, and it was the perfect time to do it, considering my 19-year-old sister had gone back to my parents’ house for the weekend. Boystown was only a twenty minute walk from my apartment, but that night I was feeling lazy so I took my car. I had thought about going to the popular Spin Nightclub on North Halsted Street that night, but my best friend and party buddy, Ryan, was spending the night in with his new guy.

When I got to Boystown I parked my car in front of Cupid’s Treasures, a sex shop I frequently went to. I went inside the store and greeted the cashier, a young Brazilian guy named Gary who I saw all the time.

“No clubbing tonight, James?” he teased.

“Naw, I’m all alone tonight. Ryan has a new boyfriend, so he stayed home,” I told him.

“Well, say hi to him for me,” Gary smiled.

“I will do that,” I said. Gary went back to whatever he was doing behind the counter, and I proceeded to walk to the back of the store where I knew the dildos were kept. When I got to the back, I stopped dead in my tracks as I laid my eyes upon the sexiest boy I had ever seen.

This boy looked about 18-years-old and was around 5’7″. He wore black skinny-jeans; a tight, white v-neck shirt; and cute glasses with black, square frames. His eyes were this gorgeous ocean-blue colour and he had long eyelashes and a lovely head of blond hair which was styled into a ‘faux hawk’. His lips were full, pink and beautiful… I just could not stop staring at him. He was the most perfect thing.

The boy was gazing up at the shelf of dildos with this cute, clueless expression on his face.

“Are you looking for something specific, babe?” I asked.

The boy turned to look at me and seemed somewhat embarrassed.

“Oh, um… I’m just browsing, really,” he said, smiling slightly as a soft, pink blush crept onto his cheeks.

Wow, even his voice is amazing… I thought, smiling back at him.

“Well, just in case you need a suggestion, I would recommend this one…” I took a packaged dildo off the shelf and showed it to the boy. “It’s a bit more slender, if that’s what you’re looking for, and it’s good quality silicone for a good price,” I explained.

“Wow, thank you…this actually looks perfect,” the boy said.

“No problem,” I said, handing it to him.

“Hey, um…this might be a stupid question, but what’s the difference between a dildo and a butt plug?” he asked, turning considerably red in the face. I couldn’t help but smile at his innocence.

“It’s not a stupid question. A butt plug is meant to stay in for a longer period of time to loosen up the hole, whereas dildos are meant for play,” I explained.

“Wow, that makes so much more sense now. Thanks,” the boy said.

“You’re welcome,” I smiled. He seemed so clueless about gay sex—it was cute. “Do you have any more questions?” I asked.

“Actually, I have a ton of questions, but I don’t wanna bother you with them all…” he said.

“It’s not a problem at all. I’ll answer any questions you have. Why don’t we take a walk?” I suggested.

“Um, sure…” the boy nodded hesitantly.

“Only if you want to, of course,” I added, seeing his hesitation. I didn’t want to make him feel like I was pressuring him. Plus, it was 10 o’ clock at night and he might not have felt comfortable walking with a total stranger at that hour.

“I do want to,” he assured me with a smile.

“Okay, let’s go,” I said. I wasn’t completely convinced that he was comfortable going with me, but at that point I was too turned on by him to pass up his company.

The boy paid for his dildo and then we left the store together.

“My name’s James, by the way,” I said as we walked side-by-side down North Halsted Street.

“I’m Tyler.”

“That’s a great name.”

“Thanks,” he smiled.

“So, what are you doing down here alone so late?” I asked.

Tyler shrugged, “I just wanted to live. I’ve never been to Boystown and I just wanted to see what it’s like,” he told me.

I nodded, “How do you like it down here?”

“I think it’s great. I wanna get a place down here someday,” he said.

“Yeah, it’s a beautiful place to live,” I said.

“Do you live down here?” Tyler asked.

“About a twenty-minute walk away,” I replied.

“Wow, that’s pretty sweet,” he said.

I spotted a Starbucks about a block away. “Why don’t we sit down in Starbucks and I can answer those questions for you,” I suggested.

Tyler agreed and we walked to Starbucks. I held the door open for him when we got there and admired his perfect ass as he walked ahead of me and sat down at a table.

“Do you want anything?” I asked, nodding over to the counter where the baristas were serving drinks.

Tyler shook his head, “No, thanks,” he smiled.

God, his lips looked so good. I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to kiss him… Tyler noticed my staring and blushed, looking down at the table for a second.

“Sorry,” I chuckled, “you just have the cutest smile.”

Tyler smiled even wider and even cuter, “You’re such a flirt,” he said.

“You like it, don’t you?” I teased.

Tyler blushed and laughed shyly. “Yeah, I kinda do…” he said, biting his lower lip.

I felt my cock twitch in my jeans as I watched Tyler. God, I was so into him.

“Have you ever flirted with an older guy?” I asked.

“No, this is a first, actually,” he replied, adjusting his glasses.

I nodded. “Anyway, you must have a lot of questions. Lay ‘em on me, boy,” I smiled.

“This is so embarrassing…” Tyler laughed. I laughed with him—he was adorable.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I probably had the same questions when I was your age,” I assured him.

“Okay, well…what does anal sex feel like for the person who’s, like…on the bottom?” he asked.

“It’s pretty much this intense, amazing feeling deep inside you that you never want to end,” I explained, looking straight into his eyes.

“Wow, that sounds incredible…” Tyler smiled, looking right back at me. “Okay, next question. After a guy fucks you, does your asshole stay like…open for a while?” he asked.

“Depends on how thick the guy’s cock is and how long he’s inside you for. But, generally, yes your asshole will stretch to an extent, but it will return to its regular size in time,” I replied.

“Oh, okay,” he nodded. “What’s rimming?” he asked.

“That’s when someone licks your asshole,” I told him.

“Oh, that sounds gross!” Tyler laughed, wrinkling his nose.

“Trust me: If anyone ever gives you a rimjob, you won’t think it’s gross. It feels absolutely amazing,” I said.

Tyler raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Would you give me a rimjob?” he asked.

“I totally would if you wanted me to,” I smirked back. My heart rate sped up. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous boy had just asked me to pleasure his ass. I was ecstatic.

“Maybe some other time,” he smiled.

“You’re such a tease,” I chuckled. Tyler laughed and I watched him lick his lips subconsciously.

I wanted him so bad.

“I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been as horny as I am right now,” Tyler admitted.

I raised an eyebrow, surprised at his blatant comment. “I’m pretty horny myself…” I said.

“My parents think I’m at a friend’s house for the night,” he told me.

Okay, he was definitely insinuating something now. Tyler smiled and I smiled back and reached across the table, taking his hands in mine. “Well it’s getting late, maybe we can go to my place and I can answer some more of your questions…” I suggested.

“Only if you can drive me home in the morning,” he said.

“Of course, babe,” I said.

“Okay, let’s go,” Tyler said with excitement in his voice.

We both got up and walked back to my car, in front of Cupid’s Treasures. Once we got into the car, Tyler said something.

“What?” I replied, looking over at him.

“I said: Can you kiss me?” he asked, looking into my eyes.

I paused for a moment, pushing thoughts about Chase out of my mind. Then, without answering, I hungrily leaned in and pressed my lips against Tyler’s. It felt so good to taste him and I kissed and sucked his lips urgently, placing my hand on the back of his head, pulling him closer to me. After tasting Tyler’s sweet lips for a minute or two, I pulled away, panting from arousal.

“I want you so bad,” I breathed out, staring at him.

Tyler was breathing heavily and I looked down to see the growing bulge of his erection in his pants.

“I’m so horny,” he smiled.

“I can tell,” I smirked, staring at his bulging crotch.

“I wanna show it to you,” he said, rubbing his hand slowly over his erection. I grew more and more aroused as I watched him rub his cock. Suddenly, he took my hand and put it on his crotch. I could feel the outline of his hard cock through his jeans and it made me crazy. I started rubbing and gently squeezing his teenage cock, all the while looking into his eyes as he whimpered quietly.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” I said, kissing him.

“Ohh God, James…ohh yeah…” he moaned against my lips. By now my cock was so hard in my pants and I needed to get off.

“Are you gonna cum?” I asked.

“Yeah… I don’t wanna cum in my underwear though…” Tyler said.

I stopped rubbing his crotch at those words.

“Let’s head to my place to finish up then,” I said, starting the car.

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed.

“So, how old are you, by the way?” I asked as I drove.

“I’m eighteen,” Tyler replied.

I glanced over at him. “Really?” I asked, wanting to be sure.

“Yeah, really,” he replied.

“How old are you?” Tyler asked.

“Twenty-eight,” I replied.

“Wow…I thought you were like twenty-three…” he said.

“Too old for you?” I teased.

“No, I’m just surprised…” he said.

We got to my building soon and went up to my apartment. I took Tyler’s hand and led him into my bedroom before shutting the door behind us. He stood awkwardly in the middle of the room while I emptied my pockets of my wallet, keys, cigarettes and lighter, and put them on my bedside table.

“Take your clothes off, babe,” I smiled gently at him.

Tyler smiled and blushed as he pulled his v-neck shirt off, exposing his gorgeous torso, complete with a budding 6-pack. I didn’t think my dick could get any harder than it already was, but when I saw Tyler’s naked body I felt it stiffen even more.

“Shit, you’ve got such a sexy body,” I said as he pulled down his jeans. I smiled when I laid eyes on his tight, hot-pink and black underwear, which showed the outline of his hard cock clearly. He was such a twink and I loved it.

“Do you want me to take my underwear off, too?” he asked.

“Not yet, just lie down,” I replied as I undressed myself.

“What are we gonna do?” Tyler asked, propping himself up against one of my pillows as he watched me undress.

I stripped down to my boxers and lay down next to him on the bed. “We’re gonna suck each other’s dicks. How does that sound?” I said, rubbing my palm gently over his nipples.

“Good,” he replied, leaning in to kiss me.

I slowly rubbed his dick through his underwear as we made out and was pleased to feel a wet spot where his pre-cum had soaked through the material.

“James…” Tyler breathed out.

“Hmm?” I replied.

“I don’t think I’m gonna last too long when you start sucking me…I’m already on the edge after what we did in the car…” he said.

“It’s okay, baby. Don’t worry about that,” I said before continuing to kiss him. “Take your underwear off now,” I said after a while of making out.

“Okay,” he said. Tyler lifted his bum so he could slide his underwear all the way down his hairless legs. I could not take my eyes off of his dick. It was perfect: It stood straight up, about 6 inches long, and thick with a nice pink head that was covered with clear pre-cum.

“Fuck…” I said under my breath as I took in the sight of this boy’s perfect cock. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and flicked my tongue over his swollen dick-head as he leaked fluid profusely.

“Oh shit, that’s so good… Oh my God…” Tyler moaned as he tightly grabbed fistfuls of the blanket.

I took the whole thing into my mouth after that and began bobbing my head up and down on his cock while he continued to moan and curse uncontrollably.

“I’m gonna come…” he warned me.

I sucked on him harder until I felt his muscles tighten and his warm liquid fill my mouth. I swallowed Tyler’s big load and then sat up next to him.

“Told you it was gonna be quick,” he smirked.

I chuckled, “Well, I guess it’s your turn now, hey?” I said.

“Yeah,” Tyler nodded.

I pulled my boxers off and Tyler’s eyes widened when he saw my 9-inch cock.

“Oh my God, you’re so big…” he grinned.

“Go ahead, babe,” I smiled.

Tyler lay down between my legs and began sucking the tip of my dick.

“Yeah, that’s it…” I moaned, placing my hand on the back of his head.

Tyler took more of my cock in his mouth and started sucking up and down my shaft, scraping it with his teeth every now and them.

“No teeth, please,” I said.

Tyler lifted off of my cock with a “pop” sound. “Sorry, it’s only my second time,” he smiled innocently before going back to giving me head.

“Geez, you’re so goddamn cute,” I said.

Tyler couldn’t fit my entire cock down his throat, so he wrapped his hand around the base and stroked it while he sucked on the upper part.

“Mmm, that’s good, baby,” I told him as he pleasured my cock.

To be honest, it was a pretty sloppy blowjob, but it was only his second time, so it didn’t really matter to me. I was just happy to have such a cute teenaged boy sucking my dick.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth, Tyler…” I moaned as I got close. “Do you want my cum in your mouth? Do you?” I asked, breathing hard.

“Mmmhmm…” Tyler moaned, his lips still tight around my cock.

I felt my lower stomach tighten and a wave of intense pleasure go through me and I knew I was about to come.

“Swallow my load, babe, swallow it…” I moaned, grabbing a handful of Tyler’s hair, forcing him to swallow my cum.

As I squirted ropes of cum into Tyler’s mouth, he swallowed most of it, but some leaked out of the corners of his mouth, running down his chin.

“Mmm, that was good, James,” Tyler smiled, licking his lips as he looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. I was in heaven, looking down at the beautiful boy between my legs, licking my cum off his lips.

“Come here, baby…come sit on me,” I said, patting my thighs.

Tyler sat up and sat facing me, straddling my legs. He put his arms over my shoulders and I kissed him, licking my own cum off his chin and bringing it back to his mouth with my tongue so he could taste it, too.

“You’re amazing,” he panted, licking his lips and looking straight into my eyes.

“No, you are,” I grinned. I held my middle finger up to his lips. “Suck on it,” I told him.

Tyler took my finger into his mouth and sucked on it gently, swirling his tongue around it.

“Get lots of spit on it,” I said.

Tyler did as I said and when I felt like my finger was wet enough, I took it out of his mouth and brought it down to his asshole, pushing at his tight entrance.

“James, no…” Tyler protested.

“Shh…just relax, babe,” I told him.

I got the tip of my finger inside him and he let out a whimper.

“It hurts…” he said.

I kissed him to try and shut him up, but he just pulled away and kept telling me to stop, so I did.

“You’re so tight,” I said, running my hands up and down his back.

“I’m sorry, I’m just not used to sticking things up there,” he smiled.

“After you try out your new dildo you’ll be more comfortable with things up there,” I said.

“Yeah,” he nodded. Tyler leaned in and kissed my lips gently—he was such an amazing kisser.

I kissed him back and we made out for a long time, just holding each other and getting even hornier.

“I wanna taste your cum again…” Tyler said against my lips.

“I’ll make sure of that,” I told him.

He laughed and pressed his forehead against mine. “I’m so glad I met you,” he smiled.

“I’m glad I met you, too,” I said back before pressing my lips against his once again.

A second later, I felt Tyler’s fingers wrap around my cock and start rubbing it. I smirked and looked over at him—he had this coy smile on his face and he was blushing like mad.

“You really want my cum badly, don’t you?” I said.

“Yeah,” he nodded, still smiling.

I leaned over to kiss Tyler hard on the lips. My cock was getting so hard beneath his touch and I was loving every minute of it, feeling his inexperienced hand squeezing and rubbing my cock. I pulled my lips away from his, breathing hard, and he whimpered longingly.

“Keep kissing me,” he begged, still rubbing my rock-hard cock. I felt my eyes glaze over with lust when I heard him beg for my lips on his, and I couldn’t get over how sexy and amazing he was.

“You bet I’ll keep kissing you. Get on your knees in front of me,” I told him.

Tyler did as I said and got on his hands and knees in front of me, with his ass in my face.

“Are you gonna rim me?” he asked.

I didn’t answer—I just spread his ass cheeks apart with my hands and let my tongue caress his tight, pink asshole. Tyler gasped and I felt his asshole contract and then release under my tongue. God, his ass was amazing. I slowly licked his hole all over, kissing and sucking it every now and then. He tasted so fresh and I loved it. I took in his boyish smell with every sweep of my tongue and I felt like I was in heaven.

“Ohh fuck, James… Shit, that’s good… I can’t believe how good it feels…” Tyler was moaning.

I took a break from working his hole and started kissing his ass cheeks, giving him bright red hickeys all over.

“My dick is leaking so much,” he said as I marked his ass.

“That’s good babe…that’s really good,” I said.

I reached between his legs and felt the tip of his cock. Sure enough, it was completely covered in sticky pre-cum. Once again, I spread Tyler’s ass open with my hands and went at his hole. I licked up and down his crack a few times before working my tongue right into his tight cherry.

“Ohh, wow, that’s amazing…” Tyler moaned as I moved my tongue in and out of him.

I spread his ass wider and tried to get more of my tongue inside him, but soon my jaw got too tired so I stopped. I kissed his asshole a few more times and then told him to lie down on his back.

Tyler lay down with his head at the foot of the bed and I started sucking his cock as I lay next to him. It wasn’t long before I felt his hand on the back of my head and his hips started to buck up, pushing his cock deeper down my throat.

“I’m gonna come…” he panted.

I felt his body go rigid and then his warm boy-cum poured into my mouth. I swallowed it all and then Tyler pretty much tackled me onto my back, got on top of me, and started kissing me.

“You are so fucking amazing,” he said

breathlessly as we made out.

I bit his bottom lip and he let out a sexy moan.

“Suck my cock,” I ordered him.

Tyler got off of me and I got up onto my knees, my cock pointing straight at him. He took it into his mouth eagerly, lapping up all the pre-cum from the head before sucking the whole thing. I took his head in my hands and held it steady as I began fucking his mouth. He choked a little when my cock hit the back of his throat the first time, but I kept going and eventually his throat opened up for me and I pushed my entire 9 inches into his mouth easily.

“Ohh, yeah, that’s it babe. Just keep going like that,” I told him as I continued to thrust my cock down his willing throat.

Tyler started moaning as he deep-throated my cock, which felt so good—I could feel the vibrations his throat made on my cock. I could tell he loved that I was fucking his throat; he was looking up at me with those innocent eyes that screamed, “Use me.”

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