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Chapter 02: Another Surprise

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I had invited my 18-year-old neighbor to my house — though I knew that it was completely and totally out of bounds. It would seem like kidnapping if her father caught her here. The family had all been away on a family trip. I lay in wait for their return — her return.

She came to me the first afternoon, not an hour after they got back, during siesta time. She simply appeared at my open courtyard doorway. I got her away from there fast and led her upstairs, straight to my bedroom — closing the door behind us. I let her look out from my balcony — discreetly, drawing the curtain aside — at her balcony (for that is how we had “met”). She said her parents were going take a nap and that her brother was in his room back at his computer. I missed him. I suspected him of spying on our last encounter in her father’s vegetable garden.

I had never seen Isabella by daylight before. I was not disappointed. She had her dark hair down in a side ponytail. Full lips, almond eyes, smooth olive skin. Broad shoulders. We embraced. She was strong and held me hard. But I held her harder, squeezing her against me, crushing her breasts against my chest. The fullness of those breasts and the warmth of her body shot right through me. I reached down to give myself room to grow. We kissed greedily, bruising each other’s lips. I could feel my cock pulsing and surging, and no doubt she could feel it too, pressing and throbbing against her belly.

She was wearing the clothes she’d travelled in: sleeveless t-shirt, bra, shorts, sandals. I lifted her top right off her and took off my own shirt just as fast. I undid her shorts and they dropped to the floor. She had a sexy pair of lacy cut-off panties and must have had them on all day, waiting for this moment.

I ditched my own shorts. My erection was straining against my briefs. I guided her hand to it and kissed her again. Then I reached behind and undid her sturdy bra with its double clasps. I took it off slowly and tossed it on the floor. Her breasts swung out. I leaned in and held their weight in each hand, then I gave each of those nipples a single sucking kiss. I kissed her chest, her throat, her lips, her shoulders, and slid my tongue down to taste those nipples again, now stiffer than before. I sucked, she sighed.

With a little help from her I had sprung right past the waistband of my briefs. The head of my cock and several inches of the shaft were free and the rest of me was longing for freedom. I peeled off my briefs, then knelt down and did the same for her. I remained on one knee and kissed her luxuriant, aromatic bush; it was already damp. We were both completely naked now. My cock was stiff as a board and aching with anticipation.

And we had privacy. I felt a surge of strength and picked her up in my arms, crosswise, as if taking her across a stream. I kissed her on the lips and she hung her arms around my neck. Then I laid her down on my bed and stared at her. Her chest was rising and falling quickly. I knew what I wanted to do. I looked at her strong thighs and I laid my head between them, wrapping my arms around them. I spread her legs and felt her inner heat and a strong, sexy odor hitting me. My fingers stretched for her curtain of pubic hair and parted it from the top. The look of those full, flushed-red labia slick with her own sweet, slimy juices was irresistible.

I dove in with my lips and tongue. I let her have it, now teasing her big, beautiful clitoris with the tip of my tongue, now putting my whole mouth on her and eating her whole, then wrapping my lips around that sweet, pink nut and sucking rhythmically, listening to her sighs get deeper.

I drew my arms back and tipped her thighs into the air. I let my tongue travel south, stroking her in that sexy no man’s land below her slit, and then a pause, then lower to brush her exposed anus. I could feel her tense up, but I took command and held her legs where they were and went to work. She submitted; she had an appetite for learning. I slipped my tongue up, down, and then around, lightly, with a swirl, with a stroke, and then with a poke, until the tip of my tongue had penetrated that little ribbed orifice. She squirmed with excitement. She was moaning continuously now.

I had been away from the rest of her for a long time. I rose, flushed, and just looked at her lying on her back, so ripe and ready for love. I stared at those full, spread-out breasts with rosy red nipples asking to be sucked. I straddled her at the waist and sucked one, then the other stiff nipple to my heart’s content, kneading them lightly with my teeth. Then I straddled her at the chest and told her to press her breasts together for me. She piled her breasts into two high mounds. I slid my shaft between them and pushed it and pulled it through that soft, warm flesh. I told her to use her tongue on me when I slid all the way through. She stuck it out and licked me like a lollipop at the end of every stroke.

Then I reached for a condom, backed down, gave her a sweet kiss and sank my swollen self into her parting flesh. She was hot and slippery, but inside, down in the heart of her, she was tight. I stayed right there, deep inside of her, pressing in slow waves against her cushiony mons, making my cock swell inside her at the end of every wave, filling her up, stuffing her with a rod of hot, hard, swelling flesh. Then I withdrew enough for some good, firm sliding strokes, and from her sounds I could tell that she was going to come. I wasn’t there yet, but I knew I could be if I tried.

How did I try? By slapping into her pussy with all my force, by fucking her as brutally as I liked. She had a body that could take that kind of a beating, and it was just hard sex, after all. She began to come, with that growl of hers, and as she twisted and bucked beneath me, I pounded on until I was as taut as a bowstring, and then my body went into spasms of thrusting and gushing as I shot the arrow of my flesh as far inside of her as it would go. As the sharp edge of orgasm tore through me, I groaned a long, guttural groan. Both of our bodies quivered and quaked with the aftershocks. I collapsed on top of her. My heart was still racing. I placed her hand on my chest and felt for her own heart: the same wild beating. I rolled off beside her. We lay on our backs exhausted. I felt fatigue loosening all my muscles. We fell asleep, side by side.

I woke first, an hour later. What if she were missed? What if we heard voices from next door calling for her? What if someone rang my bell or knocked on my door? She was still asleep, on her back, her long hair dishevelled on the pillow. I watched her breasts softly rise and fall for a long time, voyeuristically, until I was hard again, then lightly kissed a nipple. She stirred. I kissed her tenderly all over her body as she shook off her sleep.

She opened her eyes and shocked me. “My brother knows. He saw us.”

“Oh my God! But does he know who I am?”

“He knows.”

This was upsetting news.

“What is he going to do?”

She paused. “He wants to watch us. Make love.”

The idea of his watching us had been exciting when I didn’t think it was actually happening. But the reality of being blackmailed into putting on a show for Isabella’s horny twin brother was something else. Isabella told me he was as shy as she was bold, a nerd, very smart but awkward around girls.

Second shock: “He wants you to teach him.”

“Teach him? How am I going to teach him?”

She looked down and didn’t answer.

“Oh my God, no,” I said, as I realized what her brother must be meaning.

“I know,” she said. “But we have no choice. Otherwise he’ll tell my parents.”

I was dazed. My erection, brought on by gazing at all that sweet flesh, shrivelled away. Isabella noticed.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, but I had to tell you.”

I just lay there on one elbow, stunned. Was I going to coach this boy in how to screw his own sister? She said I had no choice.

Human beings are strange creatures. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wanted to do it. I am a teacher (an English teacher), after all. What’s the matter with giving a few lessons to an Italian teenager? English, sex, what difference is there, really? It will just be like teaching a second language. No, easier: we are all native speakers of sex.

And I too like to watch. If I said yes, I was going to get to watch Isabella being fucked by her brother according to my own instructions. And once it happened, her brother was going to have to come over to our side. We’d have something on him. I began to get secretly excited at the idea, though I didn’t let on.

Of course, I also realized that this was just more of the same madness, and that it could not come to good.

Just as I was getting used to this latest development, Isabella, who was feeling sorry for having told me, and for seeing what the news had done to me, leaned over and took my shrunken penis in her mouth. It was so small and limp and helpless! She had never seen it like that, and she must have been worried.

She didn’t have to worry for long. I felt it grow inside her warm, wet mouth and fill her up and become too big for its shell and push itself half outside her lips. I could see that Isabella felt proud of herself. She took hold of me and sucked some more. I held her head with both hands and guided her. Soon I was just using her skull and those full lips as if I were masturbating with them.

I got up, laid Isabella on her back crosswise on the bed with her head hanging off the edge of the mattress, grabbed a big pillow and knelt on it, and slid my cock between her lips. I supported her head and slowly fucked her in the mouth. She couldn’t take all of me, but she tried, she wanted me. Her breasts fell backwards and looked massive in reverse gravity. I fondled them while she sucked on me. But now the sight of Isabella’s snatch led me on. I helped her back on the bed and backwards-straddled her and dipped my head, and my tongue, between her legs from above. She rolled my cock between her breasts. Her pubic bone bumped up against my lower lip in search of more friction until my upper lip was sore.

If it was friction she wanted, I was going to give it to her. I got up, put on another condom, and told her to get on the floor (on the rug, that is), on her knees, hands on the floor in front of her. She did as I said, and her compliance fed my pure, animal urge to dominate her. So did the sight of her pussy pouting out from between her legs, with a tuft of her bush flaring out of the middle of that ample ass, asking to be taken. Standing but bending deeply, I entered her from behind, slowly. She sighed until her sigh slid into a groan.

I increased my speed gradually but relentlessly, until I was pummeling her with strong diving strokes. We could see ourselves in the full-length mirror on my wardrobe. She watched me thrusting at her, and I could watch the expression of primitive submission on her face. Her mouth was open. I watched my own chest and belly and hips, and it made me excited to see myself attacking her body from above.

I laid into her with short quick strokes like a rabbit. I heard her making pre-orgasmic sounds. I fucked her in a perfect frenzy, my thighs aching past endurance, and I felt myself about to come. “I’m coming,” I cried it out to her, passionately, because I the controller was now out of control — and her reply was simply a long, low, shuddering moan. I made one last deep, piercing thrust, and I felt her squeezing along all the length of me, and wringing every last drop of strength from me.

I was bathed in sweat. My loins ached and my thighs were trembling. I helped Isabella up to her feet and embraced her. The truth is, I was falling for this girl. Dan-ger-ous.

We showered together. I loved soaping those big breasts and broad shoulders. I had never had a girl as big before, and I saw what I’d been missing.

And perhaps her parents had been missing her too. Suddenly I felt a panic.

“We’ve go to get you out of here!” She felt it too. She quickly dried herself, but her hair was wet, and I had no hair drier. How could she explain that to her parents? She would have to get past them and get to her room.

Her brother. She called him on her cell phone.

“Alessandro. It’s OK. He’s agreed to teach you. But I need your help right now…”

And so her brother got her parents out of the way, she slipped in the back door and up to her room, and I saw her on her balcony drying her hair with a drier. We had gotten away with it.

Except for the fact that we were now at the mercy of her brother.

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