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“I’ll be back in about half an hour, Rod is here if you need anything.”

I knew Erin’s comment was meant more for her husband. Rod had suffered a stroke two years previous, and although he could get around, I had come to learn in the several weeks I worked for them he managed little more than pressing the garage door opener so I could get at their gardening tools. This summer I decided I would do what I loved for a change. We needed extra cash to pull ourselves out of debt, and I had done the shit jobs already, including overnight paper deliveries and scrubbing toilets. The money was steady but I hated it. This summer I planned to spend my extra time digging in dirt so to speak. I loved working outside, flower beds, veggie gardens, shrubs and trees… you name it I loved it, and living in an apartment complex for two years had taken that away from me. This summer I had some flyers and business cards printed, posted a couple free online ads, and quickly started getting odd jobs here and there.

I loved it but my wife hated it, “You need something permanent” she’d say. True enough if we were to pay down the debt we owed and get out of renting, I definitely needed a steady second income. My hope for the summer was to obtain a few steady clients who I could work for a couple nights each week after my regular day job, but by mid-August that hadn’t yet happened. It was still the odd job here and there. I didn’t care so much since I enjoyed doing it, ‘do what you love’ they say… well I was, but was resenting my wife more and more. Every week we would argue about the money I wasn’t making. Fine for her since she wasn’t the one doing the shit jobs due to a shoulder problem that kept her from anything beyond her daytime desk job. And I was looking for something else although half-heartedly, not wanting to lose out on the potential of a steady client for my fledgling summer business. Of course the arguments did little for our sex life, Mother’s day and once the weekend after. Before that maybe five times in the previous year. I had no idea what she did for relief but I spent my time searching free porn sites and literature to masturbate to. That and I lived vicariously through a buddy who although was in a relationship was tapping everything he could, and mostly younger women he worked with… “The summer of Tom” he called it. Tom had even invited me to partake in one of his regular weekly nights out, seems one of his co-workers (almost 20 years his junior) had a younger sister into older guys as well and he thought I fit the bill. Flattered, curious, I have to say I definitely considered considering it. In the end I took the high road and opted not to partake…

Chapter 1:

Erin had replied to one of my online ads offering yard work and odd jobs in the evenings, telling me on the phone they had a large corner lot (in a fairly high end subdivision I would soon see) and had let it go recently but were looking for help getting it back up to what it was. I was to come by one night after my regular job and spend a few hours prepping a couple flower beds, moving some dirt and mulch, general stuff. “If it works out we have a lot of work for you” she had told me.

When I arrived that first night the attractive older woman met me at the front door and asked me to meet her around the side at the garage. As I walked around the corner I thought to myself she was probably in her early fifties, no older, and obviously a professional of some sort based on the business attire she was wearing. As I came to the side the garage door was opening and I had the opportunity to look a little more closely as she stood there waiting to greet me again. The door revealed red two inch pumps, fairly muscular looking bare legs to the knee, black skirt, black jacket and red satiny blouse, and then a stunning smile, glasses framed her twinkling eyes, and sandy light brown hair tied up in the back, not a bun but something like that. “It’s great to meet you Eric” she said as she reached to take my hand in hers. Soft. “Sorry I didn’t have time to change, traffic was bad and I just got in before you arrived. Let me show you around.”

As she bent to take off her shoes “Can’t walk around in these things” I took the few seconds to glance down her blouse. Nice cleavage for an older lady, and the fringe of a red lace bra. She led the way in bare feet across the driveway and down the short but fairly steep slope to the back yard, muscular calves indeed, possibly a runner I thought. She spoke as she walked, telling me about the numerous flower beds that needed to be spruced up, hedges to be trimmed and other general maintenance around the yard. I enjoyed the conversation, throwing in a few timely comments, showing I knew what I was talking about, and also enjoyed watching the sway of her hips as she walked from one area to the next. She gave me instructions for the three hours I had committed to and then explained about their situation briefly.

Her husband Rod was a retired navy officer, they had purchased the home three years ago mainly for the property and grounds. Shortly after he had suffered a stroke and had spent the last two years in rehabilitation. At this point he could manage to mow the front expanse of their lawns on the ride-on ( pretty much a big square, no intricate turns) and they had been looking for someone who they could trust to do what was needed and not ruin what they hoped Rod could get back to in time. She asked a bit about my situation so I explained this was an ‘on the side’ thing as I tried to pay down some debt. The bonus was I loved to play in the dirt, and living in an apartment with my wife and two kids didn’t give me much opportunity any more. “Hence the name” I said as I handed her a card “Digging in the Dirt, Yard Work and Odd Jobs”

“I like that” she said taking it from my hand chuckling “Cute! Well I’ll let you get started, I’m off to start dinner.”

I spent the next three hours doing my best to be sure I impressed her. I figured if they had money to spend it might as well be on me! As I was chopping up some of the dead lilac branches I had removed Erin came out to inspect my work, still in her skirt and red blouse, no jacked and a pair of ugly garden clogs or something. “It’s certainly cooling off in the evenings” she commented as she folded her arms across her chest.

I showed her my handiwork, how I cut the dead branches and trunks at an angle to stop rain water from pooling to avoid rot. (she was impressed) The main flower bed I had worked on was neatly edged and mulched (further impressed) and I mentioned a problem I had spotted with her Virginia Creeper overtaking her water and electric meters that would need to be cut back to avoid complaints from the two utilities. As I spoke she glanced around at the things I mentioned and I took those opportunities to quickly steal looks at her nipples which were jutting out through the shiny red material of her top. Her smile said it all, “It all looks great Eric, I’m very pleased. Just knock once you’ve cleaned up and we can discuss what’s next.” What’s next I fantasized, letting my mind wonder what was under the skirt as I watched her walk back to the house.

We agreed I would come over two to three nights each week when I didn’t or they didn’t have other commitments, mainly working in their yard but also I would do the odd job inside as well, finally giving me the some of the regular hours I was looking for. So over the weeks that followed I did just that, and mainly worked outside. Rod had made a list of things he wanted done, which had new things added each day as I crossed things out it seemed. Fine by me as they paid well and were great people to work for. I started to do the odd thing inside as well. Moving heavy things that she couldn’t, including livingroom furniture one day, and putting together a shelving unit in their basement rec room which took almost four hours one night. This was this night we got to know each a little better. Rod couldn’t make it down to the rec room, and after guiding me down with the two large boxes with the shelving materials from some box store, Erin promised she’d be back in a minute to help.

Help meant she stood over me for a few minutes as I read through the instructions and laid the pieces out and then slumping in a big comfy chair with a drink she made at the bar. As I worked we chatted about nothing at first, then about gardening and the new things she wanted to do with the back. I made sure to pause to look at her while she talked ever so often, both to be polite and to check out her shapely legs in the baggy shorts she was wearing (like cut off sweats that were probably Rod’s at one point) and braless tits in her clingy tee. Although she didn’t have the perky ones of a twenty something hotty, for a fifty-three year old they looked great! This no doubt from the two half marathons she trained for and ran each of the past twenty plus years. This was where our conversation changed.

She told me of how she and Rod had moved here after his retirement, a relief for her after living all over the country following his Navy career. They had hoped to live quietly until Erin retired at fifty-five as a legal consultant. Something she had done for the past eight years after struggling as a lawyer hopping firms and cities. Everything changed of course with Rod’s stroke. They needed a live in assistant for him so Erin could pursue her career, “And although I’m grateful for the nearly two years he stayed with us, we lost all privacy in our lives.”

Curious I questioned this. “Oh well, you know….” Erin paused, looked at me and bit her lip. Then she downed the remaining drink in her hand, “Let’s just say it’s like living with an unwanted house guest who always seems to be under your feet, but needs to be under your feet and your thankful they are… do you know what I mean?” I shook my head. Then she blurted out all at once, “I needed to close and lock the bathroom door when I went in to use it, to shower, lock the bedroom door when I changed, I bought new less ‘flattering’ night clothes, things like that… would you like a beer? I’m having another drink…”

“Sure I’d love one.” That was a vision, Erin in the shower, changing, I wondered what she used to wear to bed… what she wears now!!! “So was this guy always barging in on you or something?” I asked.

“No not at all” she was at the bar again, her back to me. “A perfect gentleman actually” she said as she walked back handing me my beer. “I was just self conscious mostly.”

“About what???” I probably sounded a little too incredulous, still thinking about her naked in the shower. She gave me a quizzical look, pausing as she sat down. “Take a break, have a seat.” She gestured to the sofa next to her chair.

Okay change the subject before you get in shit I thought “So wow, two marathons? I’m envious, no wonder you’re in such great shape.” I praised.

“Half marathons” Erin corrected. “And it’s not so bad, you could probably do it, do you run?” She hadn’t even flinched at my compliment.

” A bit, not as much as I would like… no time really.”

“Oh are we keeping you too busy?” She was genuinely concerned.

“No no…” I quickly put her at ease “I don’t make the time is more like it, sometimes I get out a few nights a week at most.”

“No wonder you don’t make the time if your running at night, try mornings that’s when I run, gives me energy for the rest of the day.” She paused a few moments as if considering her next words… “Why don’t you come with me sometime, I’d be happy to help you get into a routine to work up to a half too if you’d like?”

“Sure!” I blurted before I thought, and then it was too late.

“Great!!! When would you like to start? I’m running in the morning and it’s only a short one so I can go easy on you…” she smiled that gorgeous smile. I could tell she was genuinely excited about this. “Can you meet me here at 6:30? We’ll take my car up to the head of the trail I run on, I know when I need to turn back for which distances so I’d prefer there if that’s okay?”

“Sure… that’ll give me enough time to get to work on time.” What did I just do… how stupid was that… “I better get this finished then.” I said is I drained the beer and got back to work.

“I’ll be upstairs then” Erin said as she stood up and stretched her arms above her head. I took another quick look as the tee stretched across her tits and nipples, giving me a peek as well at her almost flat stomach as it lifted slightly. “Call me when your done and I’ll pay you before you go.”

With that she took my empty bottle and headed up. I watched the muscles in her calves tighten with each step, and although she was a bit hippy, I sooo wanted to see her ass better than in those baggy shorts.

Chapter 2:

“Hi!” Holy shit was more like it… Erin came out before I knocked the next morning wearing tight short lycra shorts and a matching sport bikini-like top thingy and runners.

“Ready to go?” She asked, glancing down at my runners, “Glad to see you’ve got decent shoes!”

The drive was a short one with not much conversation. I wouldn’t look over as I knew I couldn’t do so without getting caught checking out this sexy older woman. Bad enough my thoughts were causing my dick to stir a bit inside my loose shorts, and too loose to hold it down so I bit my tongue hoping to get my mind off what I was thinking and avoid an embarrassing situation. I knew once I started running it would be fine… WRONG!

We got out of Erin’s car “Stretches first?” was all she said as she started loosening up her muscles in front of me. I walked around beside and a bit behind her… bad move. I watched her ass and legs while she went through her routine, hardly stretching myself. Well part of me was stretching, my dick was almost fully erect seeing Erin’s sexy ass in her tight shorts, my favourite part of a woman’s body. As she reached to one ankle and then the other, bent at the waist with her head almost touching her knee, I could make out the lines of her pussy as the fabric stretched over her mound. Fuck, I was useless.

After this she stood asking if I was ready “Yup” I said, staying in a stretch to hide my erection. As she started I shifted it as best I could so that it wouldn’t be so obvious and then caught up. We ran at a fairly casual pace, I think she took it pretty easy on me that first time. Not that it mattered really, as about two km or so in I got a cramp in my right calf and went down like a baby, whimpering and clutching my leg. Erin came right over to me and encouraged I lay back and stretch it out as she massaged the knot in my calf muscle. My erection had not completely left as we ran, probably because I kept thinking about that ass and pussy running beside me. As I was realizing this I also realized Erin was squatting at my foot as she worked on my calf. I looked down at her and could perfectly see the lines of her pussy as the fabric stretched across it and the seam parted the lips ever so slightly. BAM my erection was completely back. Problem was I still couldn’t get up to try and conceal it.

“Here let me help you up, maybe you can walk it out.” Erin said as she rose and came around to reach down and gave me her hand.

I let her help me up, hoping for the best, but when I stood my dick was tenting out in my shorts so it would be obvious to Erin. She was a champ though and didn’t say a word, just walked with her arm around my waist. This of course meant her sweaty body was pressed against mine and my erection wasn’t going anywhere. When I had walked out the cramp, Erin suggested we head back “just in case”. So we fairly quietly went back to her car and then to her house. “I’m gonna head home” I said as I went to my truck.

“Try again on Friday?”

I hesitated at first but then answered “Sure!” What the hell I thought.

“Make sure you stretch that thing out properly first though okay?” Erin said this with a wink, I was sure she meant my erection. I couldn’t wait to stretch it now though. I drove five minutes from her house and pulled into a large parking lot, stopping in the middle away from the few other cars and the entrance to the grocery store. I was so horny by this point thinking of how Erin looked in her outfit, her hands on me, how I’d love to fuck her with that ass grinding in my crotch, I barely pumped my dick a few times before I felt that feeling in my balls. I cupped them and gently squeezed as I pumped, sending the first two streams up and onto the windshield and over the steering wheel. Then I lay my spinning head back and kept pumping until nothing was left.

Chapter #3:

Friday morning turned out to be a hot, sticky morning, the temperature already high by the time I drove to meet Erin for our run. As I drove in she was outside stretching, already with sweat glistening on her body. “Morning” I greeted her as I glanced down at my dick to be sure the snugger fitting shorts I had on were doing their job.

“Morning… I already went for half my run, hope you don’t mind? I needed to add a few extra k’s in after the other day put me off my plan.”

“Sorry about that” feeling a bit stupid as I blushed.

“No it’s fine, you were obviously in no shape to continue.” I caught her glance down as she spoke, “better stretching today and more hydration I hope?”

“Definitely” I replied. Plus I had already beat off in the shower before getting dressed as I pictured Erin’s ass in her tight running gear.

With that we headed to the trail and this time spent an uneventful run in the heat. I was quite proud of myself, both for keeping up with her and for managing to avoid another erection. When we got back to her car we stood outside and she dried off a bit with a towel as we chatted, while I wiped sweat with my shirt. “Here” she tossed me the damp towel.

“Thanks.” I used it to mop my face, inhaling her sent as I did. I quickly caught myself as my mind went to her ass again. Not wanting a repeat in front of her I tossed it back and headed for my door “Ready to go?”

As we arrived back I mentioned what time I’d be by that evening and confirmed what work had priority. Erin mentioned she had a couple errands but Rod would be there if she wasn’t when I arrived.

I pulled in the driveway just before 4:30 that night and assumed she hadn’t yet left as her car still sat in the garage. “Oh hi Eric” Erin greeted me as she came out into the garage. “I’m just about to go out, I shouldn’t be too long.” Rod followed her out, waving to me and smiled. She came back and gave him a peck on the cheek, “I’ll be back in about half an hour, Rod is here if you need anything.”

With that she hopped in the car and backed out. “How are things Rod?” I asked.

“Oh you know.” To look at Rod you would never know the man was not his normal self other than his right hand which appeared as if it were glued and unmoving, to the right side of his stomach. As he spoke the words were spoken slightly slow and deliberate, as were his movements.

“I’m gonna get started” I said as I started to turn.

“Help me to the back” he said as he shuffled towards me. I took his arm and we carefully eased down the slope to the back, then up the two steps to the ground level deck as he pointed to a chair near it’s edge. “Mind… Mind… sorry…………… Mind if we chat while you work?”

“Not at all” I replied as I went back to get the tools I would need for the nights work. When I returned Rod was surveying the back yard from his vantage point.

“You do good work, we really appreciate your being here.”

“Thanks, I enjoy the opportunity.” We were quiet for a while then as I started hand trimming the forsythia hedge along the back of the lot. I expected he just wanted the company while Erin was out but soon realized he had other things on his mind.

“She enjoys you running with her.” I smiled in reply. “And.. And… And I appreciate you’re spending the extra time with her.” Odd comment I thought.

I continued working as he fell quiet for a longer period this time, and then started again. “Erin will be back soon, would you mind coming over so I can get this out?”

“Sure, what’s on your mind?” I asked.

“She mentioned what happened on your first run.” Shit, he’s pissed I thought, I’m fired. “No don’t… don’t… don’t……………………. don’t be concerned” he said guessing my thought.

“I… I……..” he drummed the fingers of his left hand on the bench next to him as he attempted to speak what was in his mind. Sorry…… I… wanted to tell you a few things concerning what we spoke of. Since my stroke Erin has been at my side practically every….. moment. She’s a great woman, and I love her to death.” This time the pause was deliberate. “A side effect of my stroke is that I’ve lost all desire to be with her intimately, even though I still think of it at times.” He paused again and studied my face. I stood unmoving, his words racing through my brain. What the hell was this man telling me, what did they talk about?

“She was…. embarrassed at first when, she started to tell me about you’re getting excited. I think she felt obligated to tell me. Now I’m unsure what had caused you to be stimulated and it doesn’t matter, but I assumed and told her she was the cause.” Again he paused but wasn’t looking for an answer. “She relaxed a bit then and told me more…….. of that morning and how she knew the effect she was having on you. She also spoke of times in the gardens when she had caught you looking at her body while you walked about. The more she talked about it I could see she was becoming aroused. By the end of it she approached and kissed me, looking to continue what the conversation started, but I couldn’t. I wanted too, but nothing… and I couldn’t even bring myself to please her.” Again he paused.

I took this time to interrupt him. “Rod, listen, I hope I didn’t step out of line. Your wife is attractive…” I hesitated. “I’m not sure why your telling me this?”

“I’m telling you this because I want you to sleep with my wife!” He blurted this, spit flying from his mouth, visibly shaken with the words. Taking a deep shaking breath, he scrubbed his hands over his face under his glasses.

I couldn’t believe what he just said. Actually I didn’t believe he could have said what I thought and asked. “You heard what I said” he replied. “You think I’m fucking crazy don’t you!” he chuckled. “I’m serious… I understand Erin needs more than I can give her right now. I…… love her and can’t imagine what would happen to me if……….. I lost her… this is my thought on how to keep her from straying, even though I trust that she wouldn’t. I don’t know, maybe I am fucking crazy!!!” He pushed himself up, “Get me back inside before she comes back.”

I walked him back to the garage not saying a word. “Consider what I said, as hard as it may seem I’m okay with it.” Then he looked me in the eye and awkwardly reached out his left hand to shake mine. “I trust you with this, but Erin can’t know I spoke to you about it, not yet… in time.”

As I shook his hand I swallowed hard and spoke up,”If this were to happen, how… when would…” He saw that I was struggling and shook his head.

“If it’s to happen it will… just understand I’m okay with it. I know she needs more than I can give right now and I’d rather it be someone I know and can trust with it.”

“But you hardly know me!” I protested.

“I know the type of man you are” was all he said before turning and going inside. As the door closed I could hear Erin returning so I quickly exited and headed out back to finish.

I was dizzy with thought. What Rod had proposed, my respect for him, my wife and kids… I jumped when Erin spoke behind me. “How’s it going? Oh sorry did I scare you?”

“Just lost in thought.” I turned expecting her to be, hell I didn’t know what to expect. “Sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?” she asked, “I snuck up on you.”

“You snuck up on me?” I stammered.

“What? No! What… never mind. Eric I wonder if you could do me a favour?”

Holy shit, this is it. “If I can.”

“On Sunday morning Rod’s brother is taking him out for the birthday party of an old family friend of theirs. He’ll be gone most of the day and I wanted to paint the room downstairs we’ve turned into his temporary bedroom, and I was hoping you could come by and help? I know it’s not a regular day, and it’s a day of your family time but I don’t think I can finish it in a day by myself.”

Was this the plan then? Or was this an innocent request I wondered? I didn’t think Rod had the time to share his conversation with her since she got back. Then she added “Don’t mention it as I wanted to surprise him… it’s been his only complaint about being in that room, the colour I mean.” That confirmed it, and innocent request for help, but I needed time to think.

“Let me see if we have any plans and I’ll let you know before I leave.” She turned as I pulled out my cell to call home.

“You’re fuckin’ right you’ll do it, and she’s paying you right? A favour doesn’t mean it’s free right!!!”

My wife pissed me off so much I thought I’d fuck Erin then and there if I could. Although in my head now that I basically had the go ahead, I really didn’t think that I could. Not to mention Erin had to be willing and she wasn’t even in on it from what I could tell. “What time Sunday?” I said as Erin opened the door.

“Shhhh!!!” She pushed me backwards out the door closing it behind her. She leaned in and whispered close to my face, keeping her hand on my chest. “Remember it’s a surprise for Rod” she said with a smile. “What time can you be here?”

Her touch was shooting electricity straight to my cock and it was responding. ” How about eight?”

“Make it seven and we’ll go for a run first if that’s okay?”

“I would say yes but I’ll be all sweaty and gross…”

“No just bring a change of clothes and you can shower when we get back. Here.” She pulled some cash from her pocket and put it in my hand. As she opened the door “Thanks again Eric, so we’ll see you next week the? Okay bye.” She turned, smiled and winked at me before closing the door.

Chapter 4:

Saturday I was useless, all I could think of was what reception I would get if Rod told Erin his thoughts. I had to masturbate twice Friday night after getting home. Once in the bathroom right after I walked in the door, and again in the shower. The whole time thinking of the possibilities with Erin.

But Saturday was different. I was nervous and in a bad mood trying to hide it. Made for a long day, and to make it worse I thought (through guilt I think) if I made love to my wife that night it wouldn’t be so bad if something happened with Erin the following day. “Why are you coming to bed so early” she said as I crawled in naked beside her.

“I don’t know, what do you think I’m doing.” I cuddled up to her heavy ass so she could feel my hard cock between her cheeks.

“Did I miss an anniversary or something?” she said as she reached back to take it in her hand, giving it a squeeze.

“Mmmm, no, just wanted to get close to you.” I slid my hand over her round hip and under her flimsy tank top to her not so flat stomach and heavy breasts. My wife wasn’t exactly in the same shape as Erin, especially since hurting her shoulder. Sometimes I thought she used it as an excuse not to exercise until her doctors told her she couldn’t over exert.

“I’m not sure if I’m in the mood right now.” Right now! I thought… when are you ever. “Lock the door so the kids don’t come in, then warm me up.”

I got up, my dick flopping around, and locked the door. When I came back she had pulled the sheets back and was lying on her back, fat legs spread open for me, rubbing her pussy. I got in my usual position on her left side, lifting that leg and putting my head sideways in next to her big hairy mound. She took her hand from her pussy and took my cock in her hand again as I slid my body up closer to her head. This gave me great access to eat her out while leaving my hands free, and also gave her access to suck me into her mouth if she took the notion. Which she never did any more.

I slowly started to lick over her pussy back and forth across her now swelling lips. I brought my left arm around so I could part her pussy and dig my tongue into her slit, then used my finger and thumb to find and gently roll her clit between them. This got her moving her hips up to meet my mouth and pumping my dick a little faster. With my right hand I slid two fingers deep inside her now wet pussy, pulling them back out slowly before pushing back in to my knuckles. After a few times I replaced my mouth over the whole of her glistening lips, slurping at the juices spilling out. I probed her asshole with one of my lubricated fingers and continued working her clit with the other hand. “Fuck” she moaned as she let go of my cock and grabbed my head with both hands, trying to push my mouth harder against her bucking pussy. I slurped and sucked, worked her with my fingers until I could hear the tell tale sounds of her orgasm which continued oozing her juices into my waiting mouth. History told me if I kept at it she would have another more intense one in a minute. I wanted to get inside her for that as I knew she would tighten her cunt on my cock as always and milk every drop out of me.

As I started to mount her she told me to lie down. One thing my wife could do well was fuck when she decided to and I knew I was in for a good ride as her favourite position was on top. But she surprised me by moving my legs apart and squatting on her haunches between them, her nose an inch from the head of my dick as she took me in her hand again. I thought holy fuck, she’s gonna blow me! First time in years… wrong again… She continued to pump my cock faster and faster, and the whole time I’m hoping, praying she would just take me in her mouth, or stop and slide it in her hole. Instead she beat me off til I came all over my stomach. The she got up and threw me a towel and said she was taking a shower. What the fuck was that… well at least my arm wasn’t tired. By the time she came back I had fallen asleep, but not before I put the cum soaked towel on her side. A lot good that did as she elbowed me when she crawled back in beside me. Bitch!

Chapter 5:

Sunday morning I was up before my alarm and showered before getting ready to go. I packed some extra clothes for painting and some deodorant and such, then headed out the door to meet Erin.

Again she was out stretching, and again in the first running ensemble I had seen her in. “Morning!” She was bright eyed and smiling as she greeted me. “Ready to go? Oh here, is that extra clothes?” She said as she reached for my duffle bag. “I’ll drop them inside and we’ll get going.” As she opened the door she called out, “Rod, I’m leaving…” She bent to place my bag on a low shelf by the door and I took a nice long look at that ass again. ” Rod? Just a sec…” She said as she looked back at me, catching my eyes eating up her tight ass, then she disappeared inside.

I took the time to do some stretches of my own, and adjusted myself in case my dick decided to stretch as well. Erin came back a few minutes later telling me she was just saying goodbye to Rod as he would be gone before we returned. “We’ll take you’re truck if that’s okay, I don’t want him to know you’re here… the surprise paint job remember?” I did but had forgotten Rod didn’t know, in my head I was thinking they would have spoken and worked out my sleeping with her.

We drove to the trail and got ready. Erin wanted to head off a different route, she said it was a bit longer but not by much, plus went be the edge of a small lake and was a nicer run. I was up for it so we headed out. A few minutes into the run and we were no longer able to run side by side as the trail had narrowed more to a path which was pretty overgrown with branches we had to push aside as we went. Me being behind, I was on the receiving end of a few branches Erin had pushed out of her way as they swung back. I eased up a little to keep my face from getting smacked and let her get ahead of me figuring I would catch up when the trail widened again. A couple minutes later I did catch up where the trail met the lake as it turned sharply left and I nearly knocked Erin over as I emerged into a small clearing. She had stopped at the edge of the lake. “Whoa!!!” I reached out trying to keep my balance as I ran into her, causing both of us to stumble forward. Keeping my balance turned into having my arms around her waist, as I stopped she didn’t with the momentum of my hitting her sending her forward toward the water. I succeeded in stopping Erin from going head first in the lake, but we were at the muddy edge now and her feet slipped out and she sat down hard in the muck with a smack.

“Oh sorry…” I was trying to help her up.

“Ow fuck!” I hadn’t heard this from her before, must’ve really hurt. As I stood her up I saw she was covered in mud on the backs of her legs, ankles all the way up to her ass. She reached behind as I backed off a bit and she massaged her butt with both hands. “That hurt!!”

“Sorry… I didn’t expect you would have stopped…” I felt bad having knocked her down.

“No no, I shouldn’t have stopped in the middle… Oww I must have sat on a rock or something.” She was just massaging the left cheek now. It actually looked sexy, as if she were spreading the mud over her ass, squeezing it between her fingers. “… I said are you coming?”

I had been caught looking again. I looked up to see Erin looking back questioning me about something. “I’m going in to get cleaned off, there’s a spot up ahead. We can avoid the mud here and it’s not too far. I don’t want to get your truck all muddy, besides the water may ease the pain I’m feeling a little.” She walked half limped ahead and I followed, turning off a short ways ahead

on another path. It followed the edge of the lake a bit taking us further from the main trail, ending in a cleared area littered with some larger rocks probably used for sitting, a small fire pit with charred and half consumed wood and bits of garbage. Erin winced as she sat on one of the rocks to remove her muddy shoes. “Are you going in?”

I stood there watching her not moving “I’m not all over mud like you.” I replied, not really in the conversation.

“You might as well, I’m going to clean off then maybe swim out a ways, I don’t feel like running any more do you?” Erin was walking down to the edge of the lake which was gravel here, not muddy like the other spot. She stopped and waited while I took off my shoes and shirt. “It drops off pretty quickly here, you can swim I hope?” I could.

I was beside her by then as we walked in, the early morning water was cool and Erin’s nipples jumped out as soon as we stepped in. I didn’t get to look much though as she took a couple more steps and dove in, surfacing fifteen feet or so out. “Oh that’s nice!” She exclaimed as she came up. I dove in after her being sure to open my eyes so I didn’t run into her under water. No fear of that though as she had swum out further.

“A little too cool for me I think, I’m gonna head back in.” As I swum back I could hear her following. I walked out, pulling at my shorts so they didn’t cling to my shrinking dick. I dried my face with my shirt then turned to offer it to her as she came out.

“Thanks.” Erin wiped off her face before tossing it back. Her nipples looked hard as rocks, jutting out from the cold dip in the dark lake. “My butt still stings.” She half turned as she said this, trying to look at her sore cheek.

“I think you’re bleeding” I told her. A small trickle of blood was seeping from her shorts in the water dripping down her leg.

“Am I?” Erin turned more, pulling at the leg of her shorts. The fabric stretched tight as she grasped it, pulling it up over her left ass cheek revealing a small scratch halfway up. As she inspected the small wound she was also revealing herself to me. Mouth open, I admired her untanned skin as the leg rode up the crack of her ass. “Does it look bad?”

“What? No…”

“How can you tell, it’s still bleeding isn’t it?”

“Well yeah but…” I hesitated not knowing what to do. Erin was tenderly wiping the area with two fingers but was only succeeding in smearing the blood and water around. “Here” I said offering my shirt again.

“You do it, I can’t really see.”

My heart started racing as I closed the gap between us, I felt like I was in junior high again about to have my first slow dance. I knelt down, just inches from this luscious ass and gingerly dabbed at the bloody scratch. “No stitches but it doesn’t want to stop bleeding.”

“Put a little more pressure on it then, you’re barely touching it.”

I started to push but she was off balance from turning the way she was and wavered. I put my left hand on her right hip to steady her as I pressed with my right. We stood like that for thirty seconds or so before I checked it, “Seems to be stopping.” I took my hand away and she immediately pulled the fabric from the crack of her ass, giving me a short peek at pussy in the process. My dick responded at the sight, I wanted to grab her and pull the shorts away to bury my face in there. Instead I stood up and looked at my wet and blooding shirt, deciding not to put it back on.

“Sorry about that.”

“Just a shirt.” I said. We sat to put our shoes on and started to walk back. My dick was still straining in my damp shorts as I imagined burying my face in that hot ass and pussy. By the time we got back there was no concealing it and of course as I sat in my truck it tented my shorts so they stood out pointing at the steering wheel. I hoped she wouldn’t notice but I thought I saw Erin glance down at me a couple times as we drove.

When we pulled in her driveway and stopped I started to get out but she didn’t move. One foot out of the truck I turned back “Are you coming?”

“Do I do that to you a lot?”

“What?” Her words hit me like a ton of bricks.

She turned to me her voice shaky “Do I do that to you a lot?” she repeated gesturing at my crotch.

“Sorry I…” I moved to sit back down and cover myself. “Yes… you do.”

Erin looked down at her hands on her lap and smiled, blushing a little. “An old broad like me.”

“You’re not that much older than me I’m sure” At fifty-three she was only eight-teen years older. “And you’re no ‘old broad’, you’re quite sexy to be honest.” I couldn’t believe I was saying this, both of us married, but there was no turning back now. “I have to say you’ve got the sexiest ass I’ve seen in a long time. Being close to it like I was at the lake nearly drove me insane.”

“We better go in.” was all she said as she got out. Now I have gone too far I thought but at least she didn’t tell me to get the fuck off her property.

Chapter 6:

Erin walked in the door ahead of me, the door was closing as I got to it. I pushed it open to see her bent at the waist untiing her shoes. It was all I could take. I stopped just behind her and reached out putting both hands on her waist. She stopped what she was doing and didn’t make another move. Deciding to go further but ready to stop, I caressed her round ass all over the tight fabric of her running shorts while she braced herself with on hand on a small table by the door. I slid my fingers in the waistband and slowly started to pull them down revealing the crack of her ass as I went. At the half way point Erin whispered ‘the door’, so I paused and pushed it shut, blocking what was happening from the outside.

Once I had them down over her thighs, Erin moved her legs together allowing me to slide them the rest of the way, taking off her second shoe at the same time. Then I pushed her legs apart again and had my first real view of her perfect ass and pussy peeking back at me, the sight had me ravenous with lust. I got on my knees and leaned in the gently kiss and licked over her cheeks, first one and then the other. Moving my tongue to the top of her crack, I slowly slid it down the length of her, tasting the pungent salty depths of her. Spreading the cheeks I gently licked and probed her dark little hole, which produced the first sound from her since I started. “My legs are getting weak.”

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