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(The continuing saga of Charlie’s rise – written comments welcome!)

“Oh, crap!” Karen moaned. Her mother had just noticed her tank top was on inside out. She obviously knew something more than pool was going on in the basement. Karen looked over at Charlie. Poor Charlie, she chuckled to herself. His eyes were wide open in shock, dumbfounded; he looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Do you think she knows. I mean, maybe she thinks we were just making out or something.”

“Yeah, I’m sure back in their day you made out by taking clothes off!” Charlie had just finished fucking Karen in the back furnace room when they heard noise coming from upstairs. They quickly dressed and in their haste, Karen had put her tank top on inside out, and of course her mom picked up on it right away.

“Anyway, it’s too late now. If she knows, she knows.”

“Were you ever…I ummm…I mean….uhhh, did you and…” Charlie searched for the words to ask his new girlfriend if she and her old boyfriend, his step-brother, had ever been caught fucking.

“No, me and fuck-head never did anything at my house. I’ve never been caught or even been this close before”.

Karen had been dating Charlie’s step-brother for almost a year. It was pretty much common knowledge, at least among her peers, that they had been enjoying each other’s bodies. Mark, the step-brother, had been bragging all around school that he and Karen ‘hooked up’. That was the beginning of the end as far as Karen was concerned. She wasn’t ashamed about fucking Mark, she fully enjoyed being fucked. What she didn’t like was the dick-head telling everyone and their mother that they were intimate. Intimate, she thought. Oh hell, we weren’t intimate, because now I know there was no love between us, it was just fucking. Even to her, that sounded pretty lame.

“I better get going before your dad comes down with that shotgun of his loaded.” Charlie’s attempt at a joke falling on humorless ears.

Karen was looking at him with concern and fear. What had begun as just a little fun and maybe some retribution, Karen started dating her ex-boyfriend’s step-brother about a month previous. What she didn’t expect was how completely different he was than his brother. Where Mark was selfish, a braggart, and even sometimes violent, Charlie was caring, tender, and loving. She thought dating him would stick a knife in Mark and make it clear she was no longer interested in him, but now she found herself actually falling in love with Charlie.

She thought back on what had just happened in the furnace room. Although she kept insisting that they stop, Charlie pushed on until he was buried deep in her cunt. Even through her insistence, she knew in her own mind her reluctance was simply a sham. She wanted to get fucked, she enjoyed it, and it had been a long time since dumping ‘ass-hole’. But even though she may have been a co-conspirator, and even though Charlie ignored her faux-insistence that they stop, Charlie was still more gentle and tender than Mark ever was. The activity may not have been the romantic interlude that she frequently dreamed about, but there just seemed to be an air of love and concern around his actions. He wanted her, and he wanted her bad, but in Karen’s mind she knew that part of the reason he pushed on was because her objections were faint, if not down right absent. She knew if she had been adamant about stopping, he would have.

And that was her concern now. Her feelings for Charlie were building daily and she truly did not want to see their relationship come to an end.

“You ok?” she inquired.

“Yeah, now that my heart isn’t beating so fast! Look, Karen. I hope this doesn’t create too much problems for you or for us being together, but I’m not sorry in the least for what happened. I know this is crazy and way premature, but I think I’m falling in love with you and I don’t want us to come apart. I think you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I want to be with you, for ever.”

“Oh, Charlie, I’m sooooo happy to hear you say that”, tears welling in her eyes. “I know it’s only been a short while, too, but I really, really like you. Fuck it, I think I’m in love with you, too!”

The two new lovers moved to each other, wrapping their arms around the other in a loving embrace and finally a heart-felt, tender kiss. Both of their feelings of apprehension were sated by each other’s admission.

“I better get going,” he reached for her again, kissed her full on the mouth and looked deep into her eyes. “I love you, Karen.”

Karen’s body flushed, tingles tickled up and down her spine, and she suddenly was covered in goose bumps. “I love you, too, Charlie. See you tomorrow?”

“Try to keep me away,” he challenged, again kissing her full on the lips, his tongue slipping into her mouth. “See you tomorrow.”

Charlie picked up the phone on the second ring. He had been in his room going through his email. It was Karen and she was her usual chirpy self, which helped to set his mind at ease, given what had occurred last night.

“Hey, babe. It’s me,” she obviated. “Gotta tell ya this! My mom and I had a looonng talk last night after you left.”

“Oh shit! About us?”

“Yeah, but it was nowhere near what I expected. Let’s just say everything is cool! I guess since I’m now the big One Eight, she felt a discussion was better than a lecture!”

“So we’re cool? Your parents aren’t sending the Navy Seals to end me!” Charlie joked.

“We’re good. She likes you, for some weird reason.” It was Karen’s turn to joke. “She actually thinks we’re perfect for each other.”

“Oh great! Now I’m gonna HAVE to marry you!”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, lover, I just want you for your body.”

“You got it!” They both laughed quietly to each other, knowing full-well that his comment was more true than hers. “What’s up?” he asked.

“I know this is a little weird, so soon after last night and everything. But I’m going to spend the night at Bev’s house. It’s something we had planned a couple of weeks ago. In the rush of madness last night, I forgot to tell you. You’re not mad are you? I can see you tomorrow, all day if you want.”

“No worries, babe. You have fun with your girlfriend, I’ll find someone to keep me hard, er um, I mean busy!”

“Not funny! If you need things to be difficult, you know HARD, I’m more than willing, and happy to boot, to take care of that for you!”

“Just jokin’. You know you’re the only one for me”, Karen’s heart melted. “Ok babe, have fun tonight, I need to organize my porn collection anyway. Love you.”

“Stop!” she cried, “I love you, Charlie” as they each hung up the phone.

The continuous buzzing finally broke through the sleep-induced haze. Charlie realized that the noise was his cell phone. Through closed eyes, and no light, he reached for the phone, noticing the caller ID was ‘HotStuff’, his affectionate nickname for Karen. The clock on the end table said 11:10 p.m.

“ello,” he partially answered his vocal chords not yet as awake as his mind.

“Babe, it’s me. Did I wake you?”

“No, uhh-uhh, I was asleep anyway.”

“I’m sorry, but I’ve got a huuuggee favor to ask you.”

“Ask and ye shall receive,” he joked.

“Me ‘n Bev are working on our science project and I forgot my notes on my dresser. We’re here alone, Bev’s parents are out with my parents at the party. Neither of us has a car, my parents dropped me off on their way.”

“Science notes? What the fuck? You sure you’re not just testing me, to see how much you can control my every move?”

“Babe, I would NEVER take advantage of you, at least not that way! You know how I feel about you. We need the notes to finish our report, and besides, we’re ALONE! You know, NO parents!” she emphasized, the implications finally sinking in for Charlie.

“I’m on my way.”

“Oh you’re such a sweetheart! Like I said, my mom and dad are out at a party with the Eggars. They won’t be home until one, two o’clock in the morning, pro’lly. You can slip in the back door, there’s a key for the lock under the rock by the flower pot. I’m sure you can find your way to my room. The notes are on my dresser, by the family photo.”

“I always wanted to get into your bedroom!”

“That’ll have to wait, at least for tonight. Call me on my cell when you get them and are on your way over here, ‘kay?”

“Yeah, sure, youbetcha!” Charlie shut the phone after their extended goodbyes. He jumped out of bed, got dressed, and headed out the door, his parents satisfied with the excuse he gave for going out so late in the evening.

Driving over to Karen’s house, Charlie was suddenly lost in thought. This was a first, he’d never been in her house alone before. He was feeling a little apprehensive and thrilled at the same time. Sort of like when you were younger and playing hide-’n-seek and you were hiding waiting for someone to find you and you got that tingly feeling in your loins like you had to take a piss or something. I can snoop around Karen’s bedroom, he thought. With no one home, I’ll have the run of the house.

As he arrived at Karen’s house, feeling somewhat conspiratorial, he decided to park his car around the side of their property, away from the front door and garage. He walked over to the gate of the fence surrounding their back yard, opened it and headed towards the back door. He quickly found the key, inserted in the lock, opened the door, and walked in. The home was eerily quiet, no sound was coming from anywhere.

Charlie had to stop at the back mud-room to get his heart rate under control. Technically, he supposed, he could be charged with B & E, if he got caught, although he doubted Karen’s parents would press charges. But, they may be pissed enough to forbid him to see Karen for some time, and that would not be good! He almost turned around to go back out, stopped, shrugged his shoulders, and headed into the kitchen area.

Fortunately, Willy, Karen’s dad, had installed night-lights throughout the house, so while it was dark inside, he could still see well enough to navigate the rooms on his way to his girlfriend’s bedroom. Once inside her room, Charlie took in the surroundings. A four-poster bed was positioned between two windows that overlooked the front of the house, above the garage. I can’t wait until me and Karen are bouncing off that mattress, he thought. Focus, idiot, you need to get in and out and over to Bev’s place. End tables were on each side, with table lamps, a digital alarm clock, and the remote control for the TV that hung from her ceiling in the far corner.

There was a long, six-drawer dresser with a large mirror attached to it along one wall. If the door were closed, the full-length mirror on the door could be seen from the mirror on the dresser, so that one could see their front and back at the same time. Curiosity getting the best of him, Charlie walked over to the dresser and started opening drawers, checking out the contents. Hmmmm, nice bra, he thought, as he took a black, lacy item in his hands. Moving some of the other items around, he saw a number of very sexy looking bras in the drawer. Yeah, he thought, a hot chick wears hot underwear! Opening another drawer, he found panties and thongs, all of which were starting to create a tickle in his cock and he could feel himself becoming aroused at the thought of seeing Karen in them, and then taking them off her.

What a perv, he thought, as he slammed the drawer closed. The combination of seeing her intimate clothing and the exhilaration of sneaking around someone else’s home uninvited was creating some voyeuristic thoughts in his mind.

As he past her walk-in closet, he noticed the taller, four drawer dresser in the corner of the room with the large photograph sitting on top. Charlie stepped away from the closet to get closer to the photo. Inspecting it, he realized it was a family photo of Karen, her mom Teresa, dad Willy, and older sister Angela. Looking at the three women in the photo, Charlie wondered how Willy could keep his mind on everyday life. Each of the women was more beautiful than the other. Karen definitely took after her mom; Angela on the other hand must have taken after Willy. She was taller, probably five feet seven inches, had long auburn hair that Charlie knew from personal experience that the photo didn’t show, came all the way down to her lower back. Her blue eyes had a glint of experience in them, and he could see their similarity to Willy’s. For the photo, she was wearing a cream colored blouse, the top two buttons undone, displaying ever-so-little cleavage. Her brown skirt ended about six inches above her knees. Charlie followed her long, toned legs up the photo and could almost visualize her thighs.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by an irritating buzz. It took Charlie a couple of seconds to realize the sound was coming from the cell phone in his pocket.

“Uh, babe! I need my notes tonight!” Karen admonished. “Whatchadoin’ lookin’ in all my drawers!”, she chided. “Are you touching and sniffing my undies?” Charlie’s stammering and searching for an answer made clear that her accusation had some truth in it.

“It’s OK, really, Charlie. But I think you would rather see and feel them with someone in them, wouldn’t you?”

Busted cold, Charlie could do nothing but grunt his agreement and apologize for taking so long. He quickly grabbed the notes by the photo, and started to head out the bedroom.

“Got them! I should be over there in about half an hour”, he mumbled self-consciously.

“You’re sooo cute! Hurry up, I want to kiss you!”

“I’m on my way!” He closed the phone, thinking about being startled by the phone ringing and not really knowing why he did it, he put his cell phone on vibrate. Suddenly, the room lit up like someone had turned the ceiling light on. Charlie froze, as he heard the garage door rolling up. Oh crap, he thought, Teresa & Willy must be coming home early from their party. It was 11:45.

Not knowing exactly what to do, Charlie thought he might hide in Karen’s room, but if he did that, it would be harder than hell to get out of the house without being heard. It was way too far from her room to any of the exit doors. He started to head down the hallway, jumped two or three stairs at a time until he was on the main floor, in the family room. He heard the garage door close, car doors slamming shut. The door from the garage into the house suddenly opened and Willy and Teresa stepped into their kitchen.

Charlie couldn’t see them yet, and they couldn’t see him. There was a wall separating the kitchen from the family room, although the entrance to the family room was three or four times larger than just a doorway. He had a few seconds to make a decision. Hide or get busted! Quickly looking around the room, he saw the coat closet just on the other side of the doorway. He leapt across the few feet to the door, opened it and jumped in, trying to close the door behind him. His foot lagged behind the rest of his body and the door bumped against his ankle, stopped, and fell open about eight inches.

Fuck, he thought, as he reached for the door knob to pull it shut. He wasn’t too worried, since the parental units would probably head right upstairs to bed, it was late for these old-timers, he laughed quietly to himself. As he started to pull the door closed, he caught a glimpse of someone entering the family room and he stopped short, afraid any movement would be noticed. He hunkered back into the far corner of the closet, waiting to be discovered.

Seconds turned into minutes as Charlie waited cowering in the corner of the closet, the door ajar. Finally, he eased himself towards the opening and carefully looked out into the family room. Willy was sitting on the sofa, arms outstretched on the sofa back, feet up on the coffee table. Teresa was nowhere to be seen. Willy was wearing slacks and a nice dress shirt. Wherever they had partied, it was mildly formal, not black tie, but not jeans and t shirt either. Willy kicked off his shoes and returned his stocking feet to the coffee table.

Again, a movement caught his eye out of his peripheral vision, and he leaned away from the opening as Teresa’s head and shoulders came into view, walking by with a couple of cocktails in her hands. Oh great, he thought, they’re going to have a drink before heading to bed. How long am I going to have to stay in here, he wondered.

As she approached Willy, Charlie was able to see her fully for the first time, and his gasp almost announced his position when he took in the vision in front of Willy. Karen’s mom was wearing a short, black cocktail dress that come about mid-way to her thighs. She was wearing black nylons and pumps; her hair was combed straight to her shoulders, with one side just barley overlapping her cheek. She handed one of the drinks to Willy, and turned slightly to sit down. When Charlie finally saw the top half of her body, his previous thoughts of her having small tits vanished, quickly. Teresa’s dress was cut low, he was actually able to see past the curve of her breasts, to the skin below. Her breasts were uncovered all the way to the tip of her areola, at least that’s what he thought. His previous thought that she didn’t have an ample rack disappeared quickly as he took in her beautiful mounds. She looked incredibly sexy and his libido agreed as his cock started to stiffen.

“That was a fun party” Teresa said, while taking a seat next to Willy. Her sitting caused her already short dress to creep up her thighs a little. Charlie could see what he thought were the tops of her nylons and maybe a little skin of her well-defined thighs.

“It was OK”, responded Willy. “Though I was about to cream Tim. The fucker couldn’t keep his eyes off you!”

“Oh, Willy!”

“Hun, you look absolutely fantastic, definitely the hit of the party. You’re a MILF, MY MILF! Ten of those hose-bags put together couldn’t hold a candle to you. I thank God every day that you chose me. Even after all these years, just looking at you gives me a boner,” he smiled, half-jokingly. “If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute!”

“Stop, Willy, you’re embarrassing me! I’m 45 for Christ sake, I’m over the hill!”

Over the hill, Charlie thought, I’d like to be over that hill, then immediately felt embarrassed about his carnal thoughts. Good lord, the woman could hold a candle to any of the girls he knew at school, well, except for one, he smiled to himself, thinking of Karen. Willy was looking into Teresa’s eyes, a smile curving his lips, as he reached over to the coffee table and set his drink down.

“I’ve seen that look before, you horn-dog!” Teresa put her glass next to his.

“Come here!” he demanded as he reached for her.

Teresa scooted her ass closer to Willy, letting him take her by the shoulders, and leaned into his body. Willy flattened his lips against hers, kissing her full lips. Their mouths opened as each sighed contentedly. His tongue flicked out, brushing her lips. She returned the favor, Willy letting her tongue enter his mouth. He sucked for a moment, then found her tongue with his as they battled for superiority. His arms came around Teresa and he pulled her to him, holding her tightly against his body.

“I love you, Teresa, I don’t know what I would ever do without you”.

“You’re the only one for me, Willy, always have been. You make my life complete, now shut up and make love to me!”

Charlie stifled a sudden gasp. Great, he thought, waiting for them to finish a drink would have been far more desirable than waiting for them to ‘do it’, and now I’m going to have to sit through these old-timers groping each other. But, curiosity once again got the better of him, so he slid quietly to the floor, sitting on his butt and watched the show.

Still locked in a tongue-mashing kiss, Teresa reached for Willy’s shirt and started undoing buttons. When she was finished, she pulled his shirt off and nipped at his nipples, eliciting a shocked giggle from him. He placed his hands on either side of her face, pulled it close and kissed her again, gently, lovingly. Teresa reached for his zipper, pulled it down than attacked his belt. Soon, belt and pants were lying on the floor in front of them. Willy was sitting there in just his boxers and socks.

Teresa was awash in desire. All the attention the guys at the party were bestowing on her and knowing this was making Willy jealous, had her primed and ready. The thought of doing anything with anyone else never crossed her mind, so she knew that her arousal was for Willy and Willy alone. She reached into his boxers, winding her small fingers around his cock. Willy moaned, pulling her by the shoulders to his mouth yet again. Teresa slid her hand up and down his pole, smiling at the obvious pleasure she was giving her lover.

Pushing him back against the couch, she got on her knees between his legs, reached up to his boxers and pulled them off, taking the socks at the same time. There he lay, totally naked, with seven inches of prime meat pointing at the fan in the ceiling. Once again, Charlie choked back a gasp as Teresa reached with both hands, one taking his cock in her hand and one supporting his ball sack. She gently squeezed his balls, pumping her other hand up and down. Willy’s head was leaning back against the top of the couch, the smile of a Cheshire cat contorting his face.

Sliding one hand under his ass, the other on his balls, Teresa lowered herself to his cock, taking one then the other of his nuts into her mouth. Sucking each one, her nails dug into the flesh of his butt. Her tongue popped out of her mouth and she slowly, excruciatingly slowly, licked her way up the underside of his cock. As she reached his glans, she licked around the underside of his crown, stretched up slightly so that she was fully over his groin, dropped her head down and took his full length into her mouth.

“Oh fuck” Willy moaned. Oh fuck, Charlie moaned. He could hear slurping sounds as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. Stopping with just the head in her mouth, her lips sealed around his crown, she sucked in, creating a vacuum. It felt like she was pulling the cum right out of his dick. Willy groaned, reached down with both hands and gently placed them on Teresa’s head, pulling her tenderly into his crotch.

After a few moments, Teresa’s other hand slipped under his ass and she squeezed both cheeks while her head pistoned up and down on his dick. Willy’s ass was actually rising off the couch cushions as he neared his release. Teresa let his cock slip out of her mouth, a trail of saliva unwilling to break contact. Again, she licked the underside of his cock from his balls to his corona, tickling around the ridge, eliciting yet another moaning groan from her lover.

Willy was close, and he told Teresa so. She took one hand away from his ass, grabbed his cock and licked it like an ice cream cone, around the head, up and down the underside, tickling his glans, and finally putting the knob back in her mouth. Charlie just stared in awe and wonderment. Slowly, Teresa slid her mouth up and down Willy’s cock. His hips were thrusting up and down, fucking her mouth. Teresa was moaning now, she could feel the head of his cock begin to enlarge. On a down stroke, she noticed his balls were in the ready position; she dropped her head down hard, lips contacting his pubic hairs, taking his cock into the back of her throat.

Charlie just stared as Willy held Teresa’s head, growled a low guttural sound, locked his hips against her lips, and let loose a torrent of cum into her accommodating mouth. They must have done this before, Charlie thought, because as soon as it looked like he started to cum, she pulled away from him slightly, allowing the blasts of jizz to pool in her mouth. Reaching for her glass, she deposited the mass of cum into her unfinished drink, while her other hand manipulated Willy’s cock for the last few twitches.

“My turn!”, Willy reached for Teresa, pulling her off her knees. Charlie was checking her out, unbelievably, she still looked absolutely stunning, hair just right, no disruption of her clothing. You would never have thought she just gave someone a world-class blow job, a deep-throated blow job at that!

Willy stood up with Teresa, pulling her to him and kissing her once again. Ewww, Charlie thought, he can probably taste his own cum. Maybe he should try it, if trying it meant getting to that point the way he just witnessed. As they stood in front of the couch, Willy let his hands fall to her ass, cupping her cheeks at the curve where they met her thighs. Still locked in a loving kiss, Teresa moaned her approval into Willy’s mouth. His hands roamed up and down her ass cheeks.

Charlie was at a loss as to what to do. He was watching the most erotic, loving fuck scene ever, but because of who it was, he was feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Not to mention he was finding it increasingly more difficult to not take his lust in his own hands. The buzzing he was feeling along his crotch wasn’t helping either.

Buzzing, oh shit, he thought. That was probably Karen calling him and his phone was on vibrate. Hmmmm, a thought crossed his mind about letting the vibration get him off, but he quickly dismissed the idea when the buzzing stopped. Hoo boy, what was he going to tell Karen!

Looking back at the torrid scene before him, he saw that Teresa and Willy were still engaged in a lip-lock, Teresa was standing on one foot while the other foot was bent at the knee and sticking out behind her. Just like those romance movies, he thought. He really wanted to divert his eyes, but as his conscience was about to get the best of him, Willy reached behind Teresa and started to pull down the zipper on her dress. I shouldn’t be looking, he thought, as his eyes strained to take everything in.

He could faintly hear the zzzzz of the zipper as it was being pulled down. Come on, daddy, he jokingly thought to himself, pull that fucker off! He watched as Willy’s hand came to rest at the bottom of her back, just as her butt flared. He paused for a moment, keeping his arms firmly wrapped around her waist.

“Here, or upstairs. Where do you want to go,” he asked, his voice straining with desire.

“Karen’s spending the night at Bev’s, hun, let’s live dangerously and do it right here!”

“Do it,” he laughed. “You bet that lovely ass of yours we’re going to ‘do it’. In case I forget to tell you later, I love you!” They again locked themselves in a deep, soul-searching kiss. Willy’s hands were at Teresa’s shoulders and he started to slip her dress down. Willy squeezed her now bare upper arms and shoulders while they continued their kiss. Teresa let her arms fall to her sides and the dress fell to her waist.

Charlie looked on, dumbfounded. Any thought that Teresa wasn’t built flew out of his mind as he looked on to see her bra-encased breasts in all their glory. She had to be a ‘d’ cup for sure, he thought. They looked bigger than Karen’s and she was a ‘c’. Her bra was a dark purple, satin bottom, and lacey on top. The bra had a clasp between the cups and he could see there was no clasp on the back. The lacey material cut across her bosom at a hard angle, just covering her nipples. He could see her breathing in her bra as each breath pumped air into her tits, enlarging them like a balloon. Willy nuzzled her cleavage, and pushed the dress to the floor.

Oh…my….God…thought Charlie. There standing before him was his girlfriend’s mother, dressed only in her bra, panties, garter belt holding up her black nylons, and her pumps. The panties, worn over top the garter belt straps, matched her bra in color. The purple bikini panties did little to cover the magnificence of her near-perfect butt and finally tearing himself away from that view, he could see her mound outlined in the panties. He also noticed a considerable amount of wetness where her legs met.

Teresa turned around in Willy’s arms so that she was facing away from him. His hands moved up her belly, cupping her breasts. She laid her head back against his shoulder, sprinkling his neck, cheek, and ear with butterfly kisses. His thumb and forefinger closed around each nipple, squeezing gently, and eliciting a quiet moan from Teresa. Her hands were behind her, and Charlie could see that she had taken a hold of his cock, slowly pumping it up and down. The reaction was almost instantaneous, as Willy’s cock grew to its working size.

Willy reached for the clasp between her breasts and popped it open. The material bounced to the sides, but her tits remained encased in the cups. Willy’s hands snaked up and cupped her, pinching and twisting her nipples gently. Her moans were getting louder and Charlie was getting harder. With his hands full of boob meat, Willy lifted them off and the bra cups broke away and fell to the floor. Her breasts were voluptuous, sitting comfortably and firmly on her chest. Even after two kids, there was no droop to them, they simply had a little tear-drop shape because of their heft. Her nipples looked slightly upward, and at the moment swelled out long and stiff. Her areola were a shade darker than her breasts and her pink nipple finished the masterpiece.

It had been a long time since Charlie had the urge to cum in his pants; tonight looked like that record was about to be broken. His phone buzzed again, his mind was awash in lust and curiosity. Even though what he was doing was not good by anyone’s standards, he WAS learning a lot watching these two lovers in action. The only problem was how was he going to tell Karen where he learned all this stuff!

Willy turned Teresa around, holding her by her hips. His mouth dropped to one of her nipples, licked around the areola and took the little nubbin into his mouth. Teresa’s head bent backward as she pushed her tit into his face.

“I love you, Willy,” Teresa whispered, her voice hoarse and fraught with desire.

Willy’s mouth was all over her bosom, licking and sucking, hands squeezing and pinching. Teresa, now facing Willy, had her hand firmly wrapped around his fully-engorged cock. Breaking away slightly, a mischievous grin broke her countenance. Willy stopped his sucking, looking a little bewildered. Teresa just smiled, dropped to her knees and once again took his rigid member fully into her mouth, bobbing up and down. Willy whimpered a half-hearted objection, trying weakly to pull her up to his level. Teresa could tell he wasn’t quite ready for her to stop, since his hips started rocking into her face.

“Okay, okay! You’re the best cock-sucker I’ve ever met!” he laughed as she continued her ministrations. “Really, you gotta stop! I’m about to blow again.”

She finally let go of his pecker, stood up face to face with him, smiling from ear to ear, her eyes sparkling and hooded with lust. He grabbed her ass with both hands, pulling her tightly to him, mashing her tits into his chest. Massaging her ass cheeks, he grabbed the material of her panties and pulled them down her legs, dropping to his knees to complete the job. Her hands held his head by the sides as he looked up into her eyes.

Charlie couldn’t believe how sexy and wanton his girlfriend’s mother looked. She stood in front of Willy with her legs slightly parted, he could see the backside of her pussy. From this angle, he couldn’t tell if she was clean shaven, but what he could see was hairless. Willy’s hand dropped behind her, grabbed some ass meat, pulled it upwards while his other hand found the space between her cunt and ass hole and gently, but firmly, massaged the area until even Charlie could hear the increase of her breathing. Willy’s hands moved around to her front, stroking her thighs, letting his thumb just tickle her outer lips.

Teresa was moaning so frequently now it was almost like one long moan. Willy gently took her by the shoulders, turned her around, and set her ass on the sofa. Charlie could now see that Teresa was mostly bald, just a small tuft of hair forming a ‘V’ pointing towards her slit, moisture visibly apparent. Before she could settle into her sitting position, Willy reached under her thighs and pulled her bottom towards the edge of the sofa. Charlie could now see her snatch in all its unopened glory, her outer lips protecting her inner secret a little longer.

Willy leaned forward, kissed her on the forehead, tickling her eyelids with his kisses, then moved to her nose. Finally, he placed a tender peck on her lips, nuzzled down her neck, kissing each breast and taking each nipple in his mouth in their turn. Teresa was lolling her head from side to side, moaning as Willy continued his journey down her body. He kissed along her belly, then stuck his tongue into her belly-button. Charlie had no clue from watching, but this was her first mini-orgasms as her body shook and her legs frogged open and closed.

Willy looked up into Teresa’s eyes as each of them smiled that knowing smile that true lovers experience. He placed his hands on either side of her hips, tenderly massaging them while his tongue drew a line from her belly-button to the apex of the V at the top of her pussy. Her thighs splayed out slightly. Charlie could see her lips begin to spread apart as Willy’s tongue made final contact with the top of her cunt. Her groan once again telegraphed her arousal as Willy’s thumbs drifted along her lips. Gently, his thumbs pushed her pussy lips apart and he dipped his tongue, lapping at her steaming cunt.

Charlie was rubbing himself through his jeans, his cock was like a steel rod. His boxers were wet from the pre-cum dribbling out of his slit. The intermittent vibrations in his pocket were getting him closer and closer to losing the ability to keep from blowing his wad.

Teresa’s pink pussy was on full display. Willy had his tongue positioned at the very bottom of her gash. He gently slid his tongue upwards, delighting in the taste of the woman he loved, stopping when he came in contact with her clit. Tenderly, he sucked the nub between his lips, softly licking it with his tongue. Slipping back down, Willy tightened his tongue as much as possible and shoved it into her hole. His hands were grabbing and squeezing her ass, his nose was buried in her moistness. Working his tongue in and out of her cunt hole, he was rewarded with a flood of nectar as Teresa’s thighs closed around his ears, holding him captive as her second orgasm washed through her. Her spasms finally subsided, she released the death-grip on his head, placed her hands on his face and pulled him up to her.

“God, I love you,” she managed, while Willy worked over her tits and nipples again. With one hand on her ass, he brought the other up and covered her breast, gently squeezing it and tweaking her nipple. Her moan pushed him to continue. He again began his downward journey, paying attention to every detail of her body. As he arrived at her gash, he once again used his thumbs to open her up, taking her clit into his mouth, letting his tongue slither over it.

His left hand was behind her, holding one of her cheeks. He slowly slid it towards the crease, and grabbing her flesh, gently pulled it apart, separating her cheeks and allowing her ass hole to see the light of day. Imperceptibly, his hand roamed up and down her crevice while his tongue abused her clit. Teresa was rolling back and forth on the couch as her husband continued to invade her. With one hand on her ass, a tongue in her gash, Willy brought his other hand up to her upper thigh, kneading it as he slid it up to her pussy. Placing the heel of his hand just below her otherwise-occupied clit, and cupping over her hole and up to her ass hole, Willy stroked up and down her pussy. Licking and sucking at her clit, Willy could sense her build up to release. He had done this to her a number of times in the past and she always got off on it.

“Uhhmmm, uhhhmmm” she moaned, “ohh yea, yeah yeah….oh Will…oh, babe, I’m sooo close”, and he knew she was, letting his tongue dip slightly into her depths, he was rewarded with her tasty love goo. Licking back up to her nub, he delicately placed his middle finger just at the entrance of her cunt. Letting his other fingers flicker over her ass hole, he felt her stiffen. Knowing that her climb had begun, he drove his middle finger deep into her cunt, until his hand bottomed out on her vulva.

“Geezzzussss Kaaarrriiissst”, she roared as the feeling of his finger jabbing in and out of her pussy, his tongue ravaging her clit, and the tickle on her ass hole was too much as her whole body stiffened, she arched her back, and let loose! Charlie could hear sloshing sounds coming from his girlfriend’s mother’s cunt, as his girlfriend’s father finger fucked the shit out of her. That was that for Charlie, his pants were filled with his jizz. He just couldn’t hold it, the scene he just witnessed was so erotic, made him so horny, yet the love between the two was always apparent. His pants were still wet, love or no love, that was fucking hot! he thought.

Almost forgetting what was going on, Charlie’s attention was attracted again hearing his girlfriend’s mom screaming “ooohhh, geez, will, geez, it’s fucking coming again… geez….krissst…I can’t believ…ohhh geez….here…ohhhhhh, nOOOWOOWWWW” And again her body stiffened and her back arched. Willy stopped jabbing her cunt, and wrapped his two arms around her as she slowly relaxed from her orgasmic state. She looked into Willy’s eyes, and just smiled and lay down on the couch. Her head was facing away from the closet, so when she spread her legs, and opened her snatch, Charlie had a clear view of her innermost treasure, so pink, and moist, it looked like she just got out of a shower. He could see, pink, all the way to her tonsils.

Charlie took in the sight before him, as his girlfriend’s father stood over his girlfriend’s mother. Him with a fully erect 7″ cock ready to eat some meat; her with a cunt splayed open, revealing its innermost secrets, all the while still with her garter belt and nylons on. Who hasn’t wanted to get fucked by a gorgeous woman AND have her keep her nylons on, Charlie thought. Christ, he was getting hard again!

Willy knelt between Teresa’s legs, holding his cock in his right hand. He placed his left hand on the sofa, next to Teresa’s ear and knelt in for a kiss. Her mouth was immediately open, waiting for his tongue assault, as their lips touched, he was already deep down her throat. Teresa reached down to take his cock away from him, and gently pulled him down towards her thighs. She tenderly wiped his cock head along her moistened slit, smearing his pre-cum along the way. Once she reached the top of her pussy, she laid his cock flat and told him to slide it along her lips.

Never one to argue, Willy started rocking his hips back and forth, letting his rock hard cock slide along her pussy, helped along by their shared juices. He slid down far enough that his head was able to pummel her clit as he rocked his hips. Teresa’s arms came around Willy’s neck and pulled him down, her tongue already searching for him, her eyes closed, she was obviously lost in her arousal. She took hold of his cock on the down slide, and placed the bulbouous head at the entrance of her hole. Willy gently rocked forward, his cock slowly slipping down her tunnel until their pelvic bones touched.

“Uuuhhhh, ohhh Will, fuck me, honey, fuck me.”

Willy pulled out until just the tip of his cock was still inside Teresa. This stroke was a full on power blast as he jabbed his cock hard and deep, eliciting another “uuuhhhh” from his lover.

“Ohh, God…Ohh, Ohh, Uhh, Uhh, Ohh honey…oh…yea….uhhh….uhhh” Willy was fucking her like he knew what he was doing. First a couple of quick, long, deep thrusts; then a couple of short, slow just the head slips; then pull out and slam it right back in, again and again. Charlie was mesmerized at the skill of his girlfriend’s father. He watched as Willy began the next round of thrusts, quick, long and deep….pull out, slip the head in, out, in, out, in, out…slowly….let her feel every ridge on your cock; then back to long, deep, pounding thrusts, all the while Teresa slowly lifted her legs and wrapped them around Willy’s hips, pulling him more forcefully into her.

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