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He watched her as they ate. She was not the first woman to have dined, unclothed, in his chambers – but there was something about Allys – her diminutive size perhaps…..her youth and innocence. More and more he was finding himself as captivated by her as she was becoming of him and by the time he was leaning back in his chair with a glass of brandy he found himself contemplating the next stages in her lessons with quiet excitement. She ate delicately, savoring the roast swimming in it’s own gravy, the individual crisply browned Yorkshire puddings and the vegetables, lightly steamed and buttered. He prided himself on his table and spared no expense to ensure that his chef and kitchen staff were of top quality and that they and his housekeeper spared no expense on provisions.

The girl had declined a poached pear and now sat across from him, sipping a sweet sherry and toying nervously with her napkin while staring nervously into the fire.

“Is anything amiss, kitten?”

Blushing she began to stammer again, “I-i-i only h-h-have the one gown w-with me Ronald. I must beg your assistance…..or th-that of a m-maid to assist me with corset and lacing. I….I MUST get to the necessary in all haste.” Hanging her head she flushed to her toes with embarrassment.

He flushed himself, rising with haste and holding out a hand, picking up a taper from the box on the mantle and lighting it. “My apologies, pet. I should have anticipated long before now…..”

Leading her to a doorway, half hidden by heavy drapes he opened the door, revealing the luxury of an inside toilet and bath. Lighting the small paraffin lamp and stove he adjusted the flue and tested the tap to make certain it was open and the water tank was full. The luxuriously appointed bathroom was even well stocked with a supply of the new therapeutic papers for use in cleaning oneself afterward.

“Here you are kitten. The water is heating should you desire a bath…”

Her eyes widened in dismay, but her stammer was gone for the moment when she gasped, “A bath?”

He chuckled, pleased to have finally reached her, “Yes, Lady Allys….a bath!”

Taking her hand he turned it to place a kiss in her open palm, his other hand reaching to brush one soft pink nipple. “Don’t be long my pet,” he murmured as he turned and left her, leaving the door partially ajar so that he could hear if she required assistance and also so that the heat from the fire might reach the enclosed bathroom. Stroking himself thoughtfully he returned to the wing chair by the fire, pouring himself another brandy as he passed the table. From the sound of things her curiosity and intelligence had led her to discover the reason for the pull chain depending from the tank on the wall above the toilet seat. The further sounds of splashing as she filled the copper tub made him smile to himself as he realized she was, in fact, making use of the opportunity to bathe.

Settling into the chair he picked up the new book, recently sent to him by his American factor, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. While disbelieving that even in the wilds of uncivilized middle America young lads can run so amok, he still found himself enjoying the tale of adventure penned by the Clemens chap, at one point so lost in the story of young Tom and his friend Huckleberry witnessing the murder of Doctor Robinson, that he did not hear the draining of the tub or his bride re-entering the bedroom, wrapped in a bath sheet that clung to her where her body was still damp from bathing. It was the scent of her youthful flesh, clean and fresh from the bath that reached him first and his nostrils flared. Almost as quickly his prick began to stir where it lay against his thigh, damn but the girl had an astonishing effect on him. The quiet rustle of her movement made him look up from his book to find her standing next to the chair smiling, her hair was flowing loose over her shoulders and down her back – a mass of loose, curling ringlets. The change in her was remarkable to say the least and he found himself sliding a marker into the book and setting it to one side.

Reaching around and taking her hand he pulled her forward between his knees again, loosening the bath sheet where it clung to her curves and letting it fall away onto the floor. Pulling her farther forward he buried his face between the sweetly scented pillows of her breasts, pleased when her arms lifted to circle his shoulders and neck, pressing him closer to her still. The throb of his prick decided him. Much as it pleased him to have a pretty young virgin, all to himself, to train to his own ways and pleasures…..he found a serious need for release growing with every moment that passed. Standing he bent over the little thing, scooping her up in his arms, her gray eyes glowing with reflected fire and candle light. Striding the half dozen steps to the bed he deposited her against the pillows, pausing a moment to eye her with appreciation before sliding into the massive bed next to her.

Bending to kiss her he pulled her hair back from where it hung down across her breasts, fanning the auburn curls over the snowy linen of the pillows.

“Did you wash away your guilt with that bath?” he murmured against her throat.

She flushed and lowered her eyes, turning her head down and away.

“Don’t…Allys…look at me!”

His hand captured her chin, turning her face back toward him, calming and gentling her, stroking her hair and the line of her jaw. Kissing along the opposite side that his fingers caressed, his lips slid down over the curve of her jaw seeking the warm spot where her pulse beat like a trip hammer below her ear. He lingered there, his lips following the line of her neck as it flowed gracefully into her shoulder. Lifting her hand he nibbled her fingertips, breathing warmly into the palm of her hand. She sighed and goosebumps flowed over the surface of her skin. Her nipples tightened and pebbled, inviting his lips and fingers but he denied them the pleasure for the nonce, wanting to take his time with her until his young wife was actively yearning and aching for the fulfillment only he could bring her.

Planting a kiss in the palm of her hand he let his lips and tongue flow down the length of her arm, tracing the blue veins that seemed to lay just below the surface of her marble skin. Burying his face in the little tuft of copper hair in the pit of her arm he inhaled – the scent of her strong here despite the fresh washed smell of Pears soap and sun bleached towel. The scent of a healthy young female – ripe and fertile. His prick was cast iron now – rigid, hot and heavily drooling pre cum. But fecund or not – she wasn’t ready yet. He could smell her arousal though, beginning to heavily scent the air around them.

Cupping her breast where it rose above her ribcage he nuzzled and licked the sensitive crease of the underside, letting his fingertips spider walk over the surface of both breasts, stroking and circling closer and closer to the turgid strawberry tips. Cupping both heavy mounds in his hands he pushed them as close to his face as possible – lipping and gently suckling from first one and then the other of the sensitive tips. Watching his bride’s face he found her eyes tightly closed again – her hands balled and knotted into the sheets – her bottom lip caught between her teeth with her periodic gasps of pleasure.

“Allyson….Kitten….LOOK at me…….Touch me!” He commanded hoarsely, pleased that when her eyes opened this time it was slowly and there was a soft, distant look in them. He realized that this time it seemed she had closed them from a desire to lose herself in the pleasure she was feeling and he smiled to himself, feeling quite satisfied and pleased – both with himself….and with her. Keeping his hands filled with the firm globes of her breasts, he began to explore more of her body with his mouth – the deep dimple of her navel – the crease between her thigh and her belly – his lips and fingers gently stroking away the deep, seemingly permanent ridges left by her whalebone corset.

As he moved to mouth her sex her hands moved, almost against her will, gliding light as feathers over the skin of his arms and shoulders until she could bury her fingers in his hair. When her slender digits knotted against his scalp he knew she was very close to the point of no return. Using every bit of skill and mastery developed over a lifetime spent enjoying the pleasures to be found with the fairer sex, Ronald bent to pushing her past that point and well beyond. Stroking her with the tip of his tongue he parted her nether lips, sliding his tongue deep within her honeyed well – noting how she sighed, spreading her legs even further apart than his hands had already pushed them, as she did so. She was swollen, hot and dripping sweet nectar and he followed the trail of liquid silver down – ever further – reach the tight pink spiral of her rosebud anus. Spreading the cheeks of her arse with his hands he briefly admired how the moisture glistened around her sphincter, sparkling like diamonds in the fire and lamplight.

When the tip of his tongue began to trace the outer rim of the spiral his young bride gasped, attempting to rise from the bed but he easily pushed her back down against the mattress again. Turning and crouching half over her, he pinned her to the bed – his muscular arms wrapped tightly around her hips allowing no further dispute with his actions. Spreading her buttocks again he continued the feather light licks until he had removed every delicious trace of her arousal. Returning his mouth to her cunny he lipped and sucked the ruffled pink lips gently while the girl’s hips began a hesitant, barely perceptible lift and thrust against him. The quantity of her juices smeared across his face allowed him to grind his chin against her harder than he might have, had she been a colder natured chit.

He began the slow spiral in toward her clit. At the same time the sight of his lean hips and muscular thighs kneeling next to her – to say nothing of his hard shaft steadily drooling pre cum – apparently became irresistible. He first felt her fingertips tentatively touching his naked ribs and thighs and hummed with encouragement. When her warm fingers closed around his prick and began the stroking motion he had taught her he thought he might lose his mind and his nut at one and the same time.

This little girl, virgin though she was, was more spirited and lusty than many an older and more experienced woman he’d dallied with over the years and he spent a brief moment lost in anticipation of the weeks and months to come – wondering exactly how few sexual limits she might prove to have as her training and lessons continued… Feeling his cock swell dangerously close to the bursting point he focused his attention on the hard pink pearl of her clitoris. Sucking and even nibbling it he stroked it lightly and continuously with his tongue tip. Her hips began to buck uncontrollably below him and making a quick decision he slid two fingers into her, quickly locating the thin membrane of her hymen. Pressing against it with his fingertips he felt the tissue shred beneath his touch but Allyson’s hips barely paused and the moan she uttered could have been one of passion or of pain. Sliding away from her and pulling her hips to the edge of the bed he stood and pushed her legs up and back with one hand, fumbling at his cock with the other.

Stroking his cock head first in the abundant liqueur she produced he pressed home into her, gasping at the delicious heat and glove tightness of her untouched cunt. Her own eyes had opened wide – her mouth rounding into an ‘O’ of astonishment when she felt him penetrate her. Bending to her with a mixture of lust, delight and the beginnings of affection he kissed her deeply, barely moving his hips for the moment to allow her to accommodate herself to his dimensions. She moaned against his mouth and he felt the clamp of her muscles as her pussy sought to expel the ‘unwelcome intruder’. Continuing to kiss her, his mouth moving over her lips and throat, he began to gently tease her nipple as well.

She started to relax under his touches and he leaned backward again so that he could use both hands on her body. Teasing her nipples until they were turgid peaks caused a renewal of the stream of juices she was capable of producing – allowing him to begin to move more freely within her. At first rocking a scant inch forward and back – his hands roamed, one toying with her nipples and stroking the sensitive feathers of hair under her arms – the other hand roamed lower, sliding below her to cup her arse as his finger tip gently circled her rosebud again.

He saw her bite her bottom lip, arching against the mattress, her eyes rolling backward and closing when her pleasure grew to be more than she thought she could bear and bent to kiss her again.

“You like it don’t you Kitten? My sexy little one likes fucking! I’m proud of you pet – my cock is inside you and you’re enjoying it – not enduring it. It feels good doesn’t it my sweet?”

He murmured to her, more in hopes of encouraging her than in hopes of obtaining a response and was both astonished and pleased when she did answer.

“Oh yesssss m’Lo…….yessssss Ronald……feels sooooo very good……..” Opening her eyes again she gazed up at him earnestly, her lips swollen and pink from his kisses. “It feels as though I’m about to burst into a million pieces and fly away….”

“And would you like to Kitten……burst into a million pieces and fly away?” He could feel his balls drawing hard and tight against his groin as he continued to stroke inside the hot velvet sheath of her cunny.

She bit her lip again, trying to look less than eager he thought, and nodded. He smiled tightly, leaning back fully and straightening up, “Then watch Allys……watch while I fuck you……” Pulling back until only the head of his prick was still lodged between her labia, he pushed forward again, thrusting deeply against her. His own gaze moved between the sweet vision below him, and the expression on her face as she became more and more aroused watching as his iron hard shaft moved wetly between her thighs. Her gaze, seeming unwaveringly locked, he lifted a hand to lick his fingers, noting absently the sharp scent of her dried pussy juice on his skin.

With wet fingertips he gently parted the folds of her flesh, seeking and finding the little nodule that would release her. While continuing to fuck her deeply he also began to rub at the pleasure button, sensing the immediate response in her hips even though she never took her eyes from the hypnotic activity her husband was directing. Her nipples puckered tightly and waves of rosy blushes passed over the surface of her skin. Her hands tightened, knotting themselves in the bedding and she began to pant harshly.

She gasped sharply once, giving a half scream, as the already tight muscles of her vagina clamped around him in waves. Groaning he gave himself over to his pleasure, feeling his cock swell within her inner grip before the first scalding jets of his seed came bursting forth.

Bending to hold the young girl close against him he felt the last pulsing twitches of his emission and gave a momentary thought to future offspring he might be siring. As he did the girl gasped, shuddered and clung to him, bursting into a torrent of tears…

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