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Looking at her computer screen, Tatyana felt her panties growing wet. Her online friend, a Swiss man named Ivo (who was married, and almost 30 years older than the pretty 18 year old at the age of 47) had sent her another message detailing what he wanted to do to her. It read:

Yana baby,

I want to lick you, make you scream by using my mouth to stimulate your beautiful little pussy. Then I want you to get on top of me and ride me until you squirt all over my cock. You know what you have to do then, don’t you? You have to lick and suck every drop of your juices off my long, hard rod. I might just cum inside your mouth while you’re doing that, swallow every drop of my cum or I’ll have to punish you. I’d love to bend you over and spank that little ass until you cry.. you know you want it too. I need you.

He was right, she did want it. Tatyana, a Polish teen living in Scotland, was very attractive. She was very petite, small with a slim figure, modest breasts and a tiny, firm ass. She was very light skinned and had blue eyes and long, wavy hair which was somewhere between dark brown and auburn. Everyone who knew about Ivo, including Tatyana herself, was confused as to why she lusted after this middle aged, balding, mediocre looking man. However, just the thought of giving him her body made her wet and horny.

This message, particularly the “I need you.” on the end, had made her desperate for his cock. Tatyana smiled as she remembered a comment he’d made a few weeks ago about looking for somewhere to go on holiday. She was going on holiday to the Caribbean at the end of that month, and decided to see if he would be able to come.

It turned out he could come, and was more than willing to finally meet his Polish sex kitten in real life. 3 weeks later, Tatyana set off for Aruba, knowing that when she arrived, Ivo would already be in the hotel. She arrived at the hotel with sunglasses on to cover her tired eyes and butterflies in her stomach. As the receptionist greeted her and clipped the little bracelet round her slender wrist, someone hugged her from behind. She turned around to find Ruben, a tall, sexy Mexican bartender she’d had many hot encounters with in the previous three times she’d visited that hotel, smiling down at her. “Come to my room in half an hour,” she whispered to him.

Half an hour later, just as Tatyana had finished freshening up, there was a knock at her door. She opened it to find Ruben standing before her, his 6 foot 6, muscular body and toffee coloured skin more appealing than ever. She pulled him inside the room and kissed him hungrily while he pulled off her dress. He fumbled in his pocket and found a condom before removing his trousers and boxer shorts to reveal his pulsating 11-inch long, thick, swollen cock. He rolled the condom down over his rod and kissed Tatyana as he slid it inside her. She moaned loudly and kissed his neck as he slowly and sensually pounded her pussy. They had passionate, loving sex over and over until both were too exhausted to carry on. After they had finished, Tatyana lay in Ruben’s strong arms and rested her head on his chest. Suddenly she had an idea.

“Rubeeen..” she smiled sweetly, “a friend of mine is staying in the hotel..” Ruben looked at her and raised one eyebrow.

“What are you trying to say, amor?” he asked, smiling back at her.

“Well.. how do you feel about threesomes?” she asked. Ruben looked puzzled and didn’t answer. “It’s when three people-”

Ruben cut her off. “I know what a threesome is,” he laughed. “What I don’t know is how I feel about it. I guess it could be hot. Are you asking me to have sex with you and your friend?”

Tatyana shook her head. “I’m asking you to share me with my friend. Both of you to have sex with me,” she explained. “My friend is a man.”

Ruben smiled. “You are so naughty,” he told her. “But if that is what you want, then I’m happy to take part.”

Tatyana smiled, then looked at the clock. Still 3 hours until the time she was meeting Ivo in the restaurant – she had time to plan what to say to him. Ruben left and Tatyana opened her suitcase and tried to find something to wear. She decided on a cream coloured lacy dress and gold heels, with a gold glittery rose in her hair. She applied her makeup and smiled into the full length mirror – she looked innocent but sexy, and she liked it.

By this time it was only 10 minutes until 7pm – the time she had agreed to meet Ivo. She left her room and walked to the hotel’s buffet restaurant. She sat down on the tables outside and waited. She got more and more nervous with each second until he finally arrived. He was dressed in a white T-shirt and blue long shorts, his ginger-brown hair was visibly thinning and a beer gut was clear through his top. Not what most would find attractive, but Tatyana wanted him badly.

As soon as she saw him, she stood up and walked over and kissed him passionately on the lips. “I’ve waited so long to do that..” she breathed.

He smiled and looked at her. “You’re beautiful, baby,” he told her. “And your voice is so sexy..”

Tatyana tooked down and saw a bulge in his shorts. She touched it lightly and kissed him again, before they were interrupted by a loud cough. Tatyana turned and saw Ruben standing behind her with an amused yet surprised expression on his face. “Ivo, this is my friend Ruben,” she smiled. “Ruben, this is Ivo.. he’s the friend we discussed earlier.” She winked at Ruben and he raised his eyebrows and shook Ivo’s hand.

Ruben was almost a foot taller than Ivo, and he found it funny that he was going to be sharing a girl with this man. “I’m pleased to meet you. Ruben Morales,” he said, suppressing a smile.

“Ivaylo Umland,” Ivo countered. Then, turning to Tatyana, “what do you mean, the friend we discussed? What were you two discussing?”

Tatyana smiled sheepishly and looked at the floor. “You’re both so hot, and I want both of you at the same time.. and Ruben agreed,” she explained.

“You mean a threesome?!” cried Ivo, a little too loudly.

Tatyana grabbed the hands of both men. “Let’s go back to my room and talk. Rubensito, your boss won’t mind if you disappear for 10 minutes, come on. Away from all the people.” Both men followed her, the handsome, 29 year old Ruben struggling to hide his amusement at his pretty lover’s lust for a middle aged man, and Ivo in disbelief that he was being asked to compete, sorry, share, with such an Adonis.

They got inside the room and Ruben sat on the bed and pulled Tatyana down next to him, kissing her tenderly. “Ivo, sit down here,” she smiled, gesturing to the other side of her. He sat, and she kissed him too. “Alright.. yes, the idea is a threesome. I want both of you in me, one in the mouth, one in the pussy, maybe I’ll even let one of you fuck my ass,” she said. “Who knows what will happen, all I know is I want both of your cocks.” Her dirty talk had made Ivo very aroused, and she opened his shorts and let his cock spring free. It was around 6 inches with a good girth, but nothing compared to Ruben’s, which was showing clearly through his trousers. Tatyana freed Ruben’s cock too, and smiled. “Now you’ve both seen each other’s cocks, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Until that point, neither man had looked at the other’s penis. Now, Ivo shot a glance at Ruben’s lap and gasped. “Tatyana, baby.. I can’t even try to compete..” he stuttered. Ruben looked down into Ivo’s lap and smiled.

“It’s not a competition, it’s just sex!” said Tatyana. “Ruben, stop smirking! Ivo, you can please me every bit as well as Ruben here can.” With that, she dropped to her knees beside the bed and started sucking on Ivo’s cock. He groaned with pleasure as she took the whole thing into her mouth, right to the back of her throat. After sucking his dick to full erection, she looked up and glanced at Ruben, who was now stroking his engorged penis and staring at her with lust filled eyes. She winked at him, then said “Everyone take your clothes off..”

Within seconds they were all naked, and Ruben’s head was buried between Tatyana’s legs. He licked and sucked her clit as she moaned and writhed with pleasure. She held his head to her pussy and he nibbled her gently, bringing her to a loud, shuddering orgasm. She kissed him deeply to taste her own juices, then spread her legs further. “Fuck me, Ruben,” she growled. “By the time you’ve finished, Ivo should be hard enough to take over..”

Ruben didn’t need telling twice. With one buck of the hips, he plunged deep into her and she let out a primal scream of raw pleasure. He slammed into her harder than he ever had before – usually he was a gentle, sensuous lover, now he was fucking her like an animal and she was almost crying with pleasure. Hearing her screams made Ivo so hard that it almost hurt, but he didn’t touch himself, wanting to last as long as he could with Tatyana. Finally Ruben came, letting out a low roar as he pulled out just in time to cum all over Tatyana’s perky little breasts. He moved away and Ivo instantly took his place, fucking Tatyana as hard as he could while licking Ruben’s thick, sticky cum from her tits.

“Uuuhh..” Tatyana moaned. Ruben laughed. She moaned louder than that with his fingers inside her. Ivo realised too that he was not giving her nearly as much pleasure as Ruben had, but before he had time to overthink it, he came, filling her pussy with cum. He instantly moved down and began licking her, licking his cream out of her. Tatyana loved being licked. She yelped and whimpered and clawed at the sheets, and he kept licking until she came. She squirted all over his face with a loud scream, and lay satisfied on the bed. She wasn’t the only one with a smug smile on her face..

“Tatyana my dear.. it looks like he couldn’t please you every bit as well as me,” grinned Ruben. Looking to Ivo, he smirked. “You have to submit to me, I have a bigger dick, better staying power and a better body.”

“RUBEN!” scolded Tatyana. “Stop it.. I told you, it’s not a competition..” but suddenly she changed her mind. The thought of Ivo submitting to Ruben turned her on very much, but she knew how she wanted it done. “Actually Ivo, he’s right. Get on your knees and suck his big Mexican dick,” she smirked.

Ruben gasped. “I didn’t mean that.. I meant in general, to accept I am better, not submission like this..” but Tatyana was already kissing his thighs and stroking his member.

“I’ll get you hard, then he can suck it,” she told him.

“Yana..” pleaded Ivo. “I’ve never done anything like that, and he’s so big..”

Tatyana smiled. “You’ll be fine. Ruben, be nice. Don’t force it down his throat right away,” she told the Mexican, whose cock was now at full attention. “Now, Ivo, get over here and submit to him as he asked you to. And if you talk to him from now on, you call him Senor or Senor Morales, not Ruben. And you shouldn’t speak unless spoken to, and then you reply ‘si, senor’ or ‘no, senor’. He is your master, not your friend.”

Ruben shook his head. “Aiaiai.. Tatyana you are crazy!” he told her. “Another man suck my pito, crazy..”

Tatyana stood up and walked away. As she did so she looked at Ruben, winked and told him: “You’ll be fine. Just don’t look down.”

Ivo walked over to Ruben and looked at him. Suddenly the idea didn’t seem too bad to Ruben – he liked being dominant, and this unattractive, annoying man, who was just an hour ago a rival, was now prepared to get on his knees and worship his cock. “You heard her, get on your knees,” said Ruben with a sneer.

“Si, senor,” mumbled Ivo and dropped to the floor. Ruben’s cock stood proudly in front of him, the deep pink head glistening with precum. He tentatively licked the shaft, then took the head into his mouth. Ruben involuntarily shuddered. He hated the fact he was doing this, never mind enjoying it, but deep down he knew he didn’t want it to stop.

Soon, Ivo picked up a rhythm and took about half of Ruben’s length in and out of his mouth. Tatyana lay on the bed and watched as her online sex friend sucked the huge cock of her real life fuck buddy. “Ruuu-beeen..” she called in a singsong voice. “I told you not to shove the whole thing down his throat straight away.. I didn’t tell you not to do it at all.”

Ivo’s eyes widened as Ruben laughed. Suddenly Ruben bucked forward and Ivo was choked with the full length of his manhood. Ruben looked into Tatyana’s eyes as he fucked the other man’s throat, clearly fantasizing that she was the one sucking his beautiful Latin cock.

Ruben came inside Ivo’s mouth, and as soon as Tatyana realised this she told him to swallow. “You like his cum anyway, you licked it off my tits,” she told him. He swallowed the Latino’s huge load and looked up at him.

Ruben looked down and simply said: “Stand.” Ivo stood and looked at the floor. “Never tell anyone about this, alright? Keep your mouth shut,” he said.

“Si, Senor Morales” said Ivo. Ruben smiled and got dressed and left the room without another word, only a lingering kiss on Tatyana’s lips.

“You can stay here tonight,” Tatyana told Ivo. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise. I just found it so hot..”

“Don’t worry, so did I,” confessed Ivo. “Will Senor Morales be back?”

Tatyana looked at him. “You know what, baby?” she smiled. “Somehow I think he will be..”

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