old man

I celebrate my birthday on Earth Day, the twenty-second of April. This special day was made even more so when, after I gave a presentation to a crowd of Torlson University students, an attractive coed approaches me with a question, “Dr. Hughes, you being the expert, what are the most important items that a campus can recycle?”

“First. Please call me Carl. What is your name?”

“Sandy. Sorry, I should have introduced myself.”

“Sandy, the benefits of recycling all possible items, especially those that don’t degrade or contain harmful metals, such as cell phones and other electronic devices, is to prevent these items from entering landfills.”

I continue suggesting other items to keep from the landfills when she asks, “Carl, can I treat you to a smoothie? They are really good.”

We sit on the lawn just off of the quad sipping the refreshing smoothies. A soft breeze moves over us offering me glimpses of her full yet shapely form. She is wearing a billowy white blouse, hiding her sumptuous unencumbered tits, very short shorts, and leather sandals define her attire. Had we been living in the early 70′s she would fit the profile of a ‘hippy chick.’ I’m at least fifteen years her senior, a few inches taller, medium build average looks. I am attracted to her, if she is really flirting with me, I have a surprise for her.

By 5:30 I ask, “Would join me for dinner?”

She smiles broadly, “I’d like that very much.”

“Where do you recommend?” I ask.

“I know this great cafe for falafels and other middle eastern foods. It’s only a few miles away.”

“Sounds good, my car is over here in the lot.”

After eating some of the best falafels and hummus I’ve had in recent years, I drive her to her apartment. She invites me up for coffee. I suspect she has a different motive than discussing her school work. We talk about a paper she is writing for the campus newspaper. The object is to encourage the campus to do more recycling, to develop a composting facility to handle the large quantity of fall leaves, grass clipping, and waste produce from the dining operations. As she leans over me to refill my cup, her straight long blonde hair flows around her face. I see over the top of her low-neck blouse to her naked breasts, nice full breasts with extended nipples.

She refills her cup and asks if I would like a little dessert.

I reach to her ass and give it a gentle but firm squeeze. “What have you got?”

She smiles slyly, “Fresh pie.”

“Oh, what kind?”

She slides off her shorts exhibiting a pink and artfully shaved pussy. “It is nice and hot, just for you.” She steps over to me and slowly moves her hips and pussy to my face.

What is a guy to do, especially me, I haven’t been in this position for months? I respond automatically with a quick lick of her pussy lips. I rub her firm ass with one hand and move the other up under the blouse to a waiting tit. She takes the hem of the blouse and pulls it off over her head. I use both hands to knead the creamy mounds of her nubile breasts. My fingers circle round her quarter sized areolas, as if on queue they change shade from soft pink to strawberry red. I her pinch very extended and hard nipples.

Using my tongue to separate and massage her folds then circle her clit. She shakes, but I want her to wait. I move her back a little so I can see her swollen pink lips, pulsing the dripping with her juices. She pulls my head again to her. I continue to lick then I insert two fingers in her while licking and sucking her hard clit. I move my fingers till I find the spot that causes her to shudder and moan. My massaging continues through her spasms and contractions.

I lick slowly in circles, building tension, and then just as suddenly I stop. I hold still, but she wiggles her hips and pushes her pussy hard against my face. I again move my tongue back in contact with her hard bud, swirling it in small circles. Back to her dripping lips and then to her tight little hole. Back and forth, I lick long and hard, repeating the process in agonizing slowness.

I pause again remove my fingers from her juicy pussy. I unzip my pants and release my bulging eleven-inch cock. I slide my hands up her hips over her stomach to her breasts. I knead and pinch in rhythm with my tongue manipulations.

I feel a shudder of her legs and pelvis. She moans pushing my head hard into her pussy, she comes as I suck her swollen lips and clit. She starts to lean away from me as if to sit on my lap. I assist her in settling down to my surprise for her. I guide my large cock into her well lubricated pussy. She exhales a moan, a gasp and as she slides onto my cock another pleasured moan. We make eye contact, I see a look of surprise followed by a smile. She holds my gaze, she must know there will be pain and pleasure in varying combinations. Pain and pleasure that will end in a massive climax. She leans to me and we kiss, a hot explorative kiss. She kisses and whispers in my ear, “You feel so big and hard.”

I remain still until she is ready to move toward another climax. She leans back holds onto my shoulders. I go to a breast to suck, the other I tickle and grab the nipple between my thumb and index finger. Rolling her nipple lightly I see her mouth open and hear a low moan escape. She lifts up an inch or so then settles back onto my cock. Her movements continue with increasing length of stroke, I assist slowly and gradually increasing the thrusts to the point of her next spasm. I pause as does she, slowly I push into her until my entire length is deep inside her. Stretching her, filling her, we increase the thrusts again.

She yells, “Oh Fuck you are huge, . . Don’t stop. Carl . . . More, Ahhhh! Fill me. I’m coming. . . I want you now!” She stops with a shudder, pulls my face to hers and kisses my face and lips. I pulse my rod, she responds with a squeeze of her pussy muscles. We begin the pumping and thrusting again. In less than a minute I feel her tighten around me and then I thrust deep into her and eject a series of copious cum spurts. She joins me with spasms and she contributes to the flow from her love tunnel. She screams, “Ohhh, . . No more. Ahhhh! . . . Fuck! . . . You fucked me you bastard. Ahhhh! Wonderful.”

She pulls my head to her breast and hugs me so hard that my ears begin to burn. We remain in this position for several minutes. Gently she kisses me from forehead to ears and to my mouth for a tongue duel.

As our heartbeats slow toward normal and muscles calm, she sighs, “I never expected that. When I first saw you I hoped I could screw you, but as good as this, wow! Can I keep you?”

“Sandy, I never expected this, either. We should do this again.” We embrace, we kiss. “Hopefully before the next Earth Day.”

She nods, smiles, and says, “Yes, then I can recycle this fuck, again.”

The next two weeks passed quickly as I was so busy at work I didn’t have much time to think about my upcoming threesome. Neither my wife nor I mentioned that evening, and neither had we spoken to Sasha or Darren since, though Sasha and I had be texting each other occasionally.

The Friday before the planned weekend I received a text from Sasha, ‘Coffee tonight? S x’. I quickly hit reply, ‘Sounds good, see you at 6? x’. A few minutes later my phone beeped in reply, ‘See you then. S x’


I arrived at the coffee shop just before six; Sasha wasn’t there yet so I ordered two Lattes and sat down at a table in the corner. A few minutes later she arrived, wearing smart suit trousers that hugged her ass and a shirt that was struggling defiantly to hold in her large rack. She saw me and smiled, walked over and to my surprise kissed me full on the lips before sitting down opposite.

“How are you?” She asked.

“Uh, not too bad thanks, glad the last couple of weeks are over – work’s been so busy! What about you?”

“Great thanks, are you looking forward to this weekend?” She asked, before taking a sip of her latte.

“To be honest, seeing you now is the first time I’ve thought about it in the last couple of weeks.”

“Mmmmm, I’ve not stopped thinking about it for two weeks, my pussy has been soaked at the thought of your cock being back inside me.”

“Oh, fuck.” I moaned, my cock twitching slightly.

“Anyway, I asked you here because I wanted to talk about you wife and my husband.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, I’ve organised a little surprise for Darren this weekend and I wondered if you fancied teaching Ellie a lesson?” Sasha asked, a grin spreading across her face.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, jumping slightly as I felt Sasha’s foot stroke my leg under the table.

“A little humiliation?” She said, her foot sliding up my leg, “Something that teaches her not to betray our trust.”

I gulped as her foot reached my crotch and started stroking my cock, “OK, but nothing too bad, let’s just remind her not to break the rules.”

“Of course babe.” Sasha grinned, as her foot stroked my cock to life, “Do you need some help down there?”

Was she really going to make me cum in our local coffee shop? “Uh, ummm…” I stammered.

She removed her foot from my crotch before leaning in and whispering, “Let’s start the weekend now, get your cock out for me…”

“I don’t want to make a mess…” I told her quietly, my eyes drawn to the exposed deep valley in her open shirt.

“No mess, I promise.” She grinned.

Oh fuck, had she just offered to suck my cock here? If she had I wasn’t about to lose this opportunity and slowly lowered my hands, unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out, a sudden blast of air from the air-conditioner leaving me feeling very exposed. Sasha grinned and leant back in her chair again, I felt her foot slide its way up my leg tantalisingly slowly, until finally my cock jerked as her bare foot touched my bare cock.

Sasha looked around, assessing the situation as her bare foot continued to stroke up and down my shaft, being in the corner we were reasonably well sheltered, two of the three tables that surrounded us were empty; the third had a man in his early twenties, seemingly engrossed in his iPad. Sasha looked back at me, smiled, removed her foot from my crotch, and then brought her finger to her mouth in a ‘shhhh’ gesture.

She then, very quietly, slid off her chair, first bending down to reach her bag, then kneeling down next to it. She looked to me, I nodded in confirmation that no-one was watching and she disappeared under the table. I quickly felt her soft hands grasp my cock, gently sliding up and down the shaft before quickly being removed. Next I felt warm breath on the tip of my cock, then a tongue tentatively licking the head, before finally all eight inches were engulfed in the damp warmth of her mouth.

I suppressed a moan, but some noise must have occurred as iPad man suddenly looked up, and over at me sat at the table by myself. I held my breath as Sasha’s lips obliviously continued sliding up and down my shaft, he looked away again and I could breathe once more.

My relief was short lived however, as seconds later his head snapped back towards us, his gaze obviously fixed upon Sasha under the table. A moment later he looked up at me and grinned, then mouthed “Well in mate!” before returning his attention to Sasha.

I, of course, did nothing. I sat back and enjoyed the amazing head I was being given, ensuring our voyeur, in his brief glances up at me, knew just how good a job of sucking me she was doing. She continued her merciless slurping of my cock until I was on the verge of cumming. At the point I expected her to pull away I felt her previously soft lips tighten their grip on my shaft as she continued sucking as my load gushed into her mouth, my fingers digging into the wooden table as I attempted to supress my pleasure.

I felt her lips disengage from my cock as she stepped out from under the table, as I hurriedly stuffed my cock back into my trousers. As she stood up she finally clocked our watchful neighbour, she smiled at him before obviously swallowing, then brushing the dust from her knees.

Turning to me she said quietly, but load enough for him to hear, “I need you now, I’m soaked!” Before taking my hand and pulling me up and towards the toilets behind us. We entered the toilet and she jumped on me, her tongue thrusting urgently into my mouth.

“How long was he watching us?” She asked, humping my leg with her pussy.

“Nearly the whole time.” I told her.

“Oh fuck, now I’m even wetter, please do me now!” She implored.

I turned around to lock the bathroom door, typically, it was broken. “Shit, the door won’t lock. What are we going to do?” I asked.

I turned around to find Sasha with her trousers around her ankles, sliding her thong down her thighs, “Give people an eyeful!” She said, now stepping out of her trousers and thong, “Now come fuck me here or I’ll take you outside and jump you in the shop.” She said very matter of factly.

I undid my trousers as I walked over to her, discarding them and my boxers on the floor before feeding her my cock. Her talented tongue soon had me hard again and I moved behind her, easily sliding myself home as she moaned in relief.

“Shhh.” I said, but it was too late. Slowly the door opened, just a fraction, and someone squeezed inside before shutting it again.

“Sorry, do you mind if I watch again?” The man from the next table said, grinning as he looked at Sasha impaled on my cock.

“If that’s what you’d prefer?” Sasha replied, quick as a flash.


“Cock.” She said, pointing to the obvious bulge in the front of his trousers as I continued to plough her pussy.

He still didn’t get it as he looked down at his bulging trousers, and then looked back questioningly.

“Ooooh fuck, you’d prefer to watch then, oooohhh yessss, join in?” Sasha explained as she moaned.

The bloke’s eyes lit up as he processed what she’d said, he fumbled with his trousers as he stepped towards Sasha, finally managing to extract his cock and feed it to her awaiting mouth, groaning as her tongue no doubt started working it’s magic.

He looked back at me and I grinned at him, I wouldn’t say I was shocked at Sasha’s sluttiness, but I certainly hadn’t expected to be spit-roasting her with a stranger in a coffee shop this evening.

“So you’re OK with sharing your girlfriend?” He asked, as Sasha continued to service both our cocks.

“Oh, she’s not my girlfriend.” I replied.

“Don’t tell me you just met her too?” He said, shocked.

“Ha, no. She’s my wife’s best friend!”

“Mate, you are a legend!” He grinned, before moaning as he shot his load in her mouth, falling back as his legs gave way under him.

I continued to plunder her pussy, until finally I exploded deep inside her, as she moaned in her own orgasm. After catching our breath we both started to get dressed, my cum already starting to tumble its way down her thighs as she pulled her thong on. “Is this your regular coffee shop?” She asked our voyeur.

“It is now!” He replied, grinning.

“Well maybe we’ll see you again then…” She said, as we both walked out of the toilet.

We walked straight through the coffee shop and out of the door, we kissed goodbye when we came to the junction. “See you tomorrow morning, stud!” Sasha grinned.

“Can’t wait you evil, slutty, temptress!” I replied, giving her one last kiss before I turned to walk away – this weekend was certainly going to be interesting.

************************* *************************

Sasha looked down at her husband lying on the bed, naked, his feet already tied to the bottom of the bed. She grinned as she thought about the payback she’d arranged for him this weekend. She clicked the handcuff onto his right hand, feeding the spare cuff around the bars in the headboard before clicking it onto his left hand as she whispered “Enjoy you bastard.”

Finally she checked the webcam was working – she didn’t want to lose the evidence! Before finally gently shutting the bedroom door, smiling to herself as the first part of her revenge plan was in place.


I had just got back from dropping our son off with his grandparents when the doorbell went. I went and opened the door and was rewarded with a kiss as Sasha made her way in, pulling her wheelie case behind her. “Did Darren not drop you off?” I asked.

“Nah, he was tied up with something.” She said, with a smirk. She was wearing high heel boots that stopped on her thighs, a really short skirt that barely covered her ass and a cross-over top that pushed her boobs together, and judging by her protruding nipples she wasn’t wearing a bra – in short, she looked absolutely smoking hot.

“I hope you’ve recovered from yesterday?” She asked as she sidled up to me, her hand massaging my cock through my jeans.

“Would I dare disappoint you?” I asked.

“I hope not!” She said, as she took my hand and placed it under her skirt, on her bare and already wet pussy, “Where’s Ellie?”

“Upstairs, just finishing getting ready.” I told her, as I slipped a finger between her lips and up her sodden channel.

“Mmmm, naughty boy…” She moaned, as we heard footsteps on the stairs.

I withdrew my finger from Sasha’s slit as my wife came down the stairs, she was wearing high heels and her legs as she descended made me stop and stare. She was also wearing a short skirt that barely covered her ass and a tight shirt, complete with straining buttons and plenty of cleavage.

“Wow!” I said.

“Looking good babe!” Sasha said as she walked over to Ellie, kissing her full on the lips. Ellie looked uncomfortable at first, but soon got into it as then two girls swapped saliva.

“Wow, what a welcome. You look amazing Sasha.”

“Thanks babe, let me just check something for you…” With that she stuck her hand up my wife’s skirt, rubbing her pussy through her panties before saying, “You won’t be needing those this weekend. Here, let me help…”

With that she sunk to her knees before reaching up under my wife’s skirt and sliding her thong down her legs, then tilted her head, stuck her tongue out and licked slowly up the length of my wife’s slit. “Ooooh!” She moaned as her head snapped back in surprise.

“Much better!” Sasha said with a grin as she stood up.

“Ummm, are you two ladies ready to go?” I asked, my cock rock hard in my jeans.

“Uh, yeah.” My wife said, still slightly shocked. I grabbed both suitcases and headed out of the door to the car.


The hotel we were staying at was only an hour away, but my two passengers made the drive incredibly difficult. Both of them sat on the back seat, legs spread, pantyless, was difficult enough as it was, but when Sasha stuffed her fingers into her pussy I could barely keep my eyes on the road. My wife was arching her neck to get a better view and when Sasha scooted her legs round, up on to the seat to give her a better view of her pussy, she did likewise, slipping her fingers into her pussy at the same time.

My cock was again rock hard as I struggled to keep my concentration on the road ahead and watch both of them fingering themselves on my back seat. When Sasha then pulled her tit out and started massaging it with her free hand I almost lost it. Thankfully there was a lay-by coming up shortly, so I pulled in and turned around to watch both girls go at it until they both came in almost perfect synchronicity.

“Sorry, were we distracting you?” My wife asked as she pulled her glistening fingers from her slit, licking the juices from them.


We got to the hotel and checked in, the hotel clerk showed us to our room – we were in the queen suite, a two bedroomed apartment, with one of the bedrooms having a queen sized bed.

“If you need anything at anytime during your stay just call reception guys.” The clerk told us, as he walked out of the door.

“So, are we ready for our date?” Sasha asked.

Ellie and I nodded, so we all headed downstairs and got a taxi to take us to the show.


We got out of the taxi and stumbled back into the hotel, the show had been great and dinner was lovely, with plenty of wine being drunk by each of us. We got into the lift and rode to the top floor, I fumbled for the key and let us into the room, shutting the door behind us.

“Time we all got naked!” Sasha said with a grin as she slid her top over her head, revealing her amazing boobs.

“Wow, you’re keen!” Ellie replied, unbuttoning her own shirt.

“What can I say, I’m horny and need fucking.” She said, stepping out of her short skirt, before walking over to me and starting to undo my jeans as I undid my own shirt buttons.

Sasha pulled my jeans down as my wife, who was now also naked walked over to help, the two of them pulled my boxers down before taking turns to lick my already hard cock.

“So, what would Sir like for starters?” Sasha asked, her tongue gliding along my cock.

“I think we need more wine!” Ellie suggested, her tongue taking its turn to glide along my shaft.

“Mmmmm, great idea. Can you call reception?” Sasha asked, my cock briefly disappearing into her mouth as an inducement.

Reluctantly I pulled away from the two girls and called reception, ordering three bottles of red to be delivered to our room. We all put on our robes as we awaited the wine, after the impetus of all getting naked quickly, suddenly it seemed quite awkward as we sat there in silence, waiting.

After a few minutes Sasha broke the silence, “Dare you to answer the door naked.” She said to Ellie. She didn’t have time to think as suddenly there was a knock on the door, instinctively she stood up, before pausing and looking to me. I smiled at her and she shrugged, “What the hell…” and slid her robe off.

There was another knock on the door, “Coming…” she called, as she walked towards the door, naked.

“Hello, I’ve brought your… oh, my word!” We heard a man’s voice say. Sasha and I got up from the chairs and walked over to the room door, where we saw a slim old man, who must have been at least in his 60′s, mouth agape, taking in Ellie’s naked body.

“The wine, if you will?” I asked, taking the bottle one at a time from the man, whose eyes still weren’t moving.

Sasha saw her opportunity, “Would you care to come in for a drink, steady your nerves?” I looked at her questioningly, but she mouthed back ‘Trust me’, so I did.

“Uh, I’m uh, sorry Miss, but I should get back to work.” The man said.

“Are you sure we can’t persuade you?” Sasha asked, as she slid her robe off, revealing her naked body to the hotel worker as well.

“My word!” The man exclaimed, as the two naked beauties stood before him, as he slowly, almost unwillingly, shuffled inside the door, with Sasha closing it after him. She took the man’s hand and led him over to the sofas, sitting down next to him as I poured all four of us a glass of wine. The man downed it in one, so I poured him another.

“What’s your name gent?” I asked.

“Roger.” He replied.

“Nice to meet you Roger, I’m Matt and this is Ellie and Sasha. You’ll have to excuse them we’ve been for a night out and they’re quite excitable!”

“So I uh, see.” He said, his eyes alternating between the two naked young bodies being presented to him.

“Ellie, could I speak to you in the other room quickly please?” Sasha asked.

“Uh, sure…” She replied, the two naked girls getting up and walking to the bedroom.

Sasha walked into the bedroom first, bending down to retrieve something from her bag, Ellie walked over to her friend, unsure of what the hell was going on. “Do you remember this babe?” Sasha asked, as she pressed play on her phone.

Ellie watched aghast as she saw herself, being fucked doggy style by Darren on the phone, “I’m sorry, it should never have happened. Please don’t tell Matt.”

“He already knows.”

“Oh fuck, so why wait until now to show me?” She asked apprehensively.

“Because I’m going to give you an opportunity to make amends, penance for breaking the rules.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Well, my slut of a best friend,” Sasha started, pressing her naked body against Ellie’s, “First, you’ll do exactly as I say this evening, then after that we’ll have a great weekend, won’t we…”

“And if I don’t do as you say tonight?” Ellie asked, thinking she knew what that may involve…

“Then, I’ll upload this video to the internet – I’m sure your work, friends & family would be very interested to know what a slut you are.”

“You bitch, why would you wreck my life?”

“I don’t want to babe, just remember, you’re the one who broke the rules…”

“And what about Darren?”

“Don’t worry, he’s not getting away with it either.” Sasha chuckled as she thought of what her Husband was probably going through at that moment, “Now let’s get back to the boys babe.”

“OK, so what do you want me to do?” Ellie asked.

“I think you know,” She smirked, “But you can start by sitting on the old boy’s lap.”

The two girls walked back into the lounge, “We thought you’d left!” I said. Sasha made her way over to the sofa I was sat on, and sat down next to me.

“Sorry guys, girls talk.” She said, grinning at Ellie who was slowly making her way back into the room.

She walked over to the other sofa, glancing over at Sasha and I before sitting down on Roger’s lap, taking his hand and placing it on her bare thigh, she asked “So Roger, are you enjoying your drink with us?”

As he stammered, not knowing why the hell this attractive, naked, young lady had just sat on his lap or what to say about it, I turned to look at Sasha, ‘What the hell?’ I whispered. ‘Her lesson in not breaking the rules.’ She whispered back, ‘A little light humiliation.’

“Yes Miss, I am.” Roger finally spoke.

“Great, we just wanted to thank you for your excellent service Roger.” She continued, stroking his hand along her thigh, “So don’t be shy, we’re all friends aren’t we.”

“Thakyou Miss, but I’m a married man…” Roger protested.

“That’s OK, I’m a married lady, and I won’t tell if you don’t!” Ellie said, “Just relax and let’s have fun!”

“When was the last time you fondled a 24 year old yummy mummy Roger?” Sasha asked. My wife took her cue, taking his free hand and placing it on her bare breast.

Roger gulped as he felt the firm titflesh of the young girl in his hand, her nipple pressing into his palm, “Forty years.” He finally replied.

“Well maybe you should remind yourself what one feels like!” Sasha suggested.

Ellie shot her a look as she felt his hand squeeze her breast, then slowly his other hand started stroking her inner thigh, getting closer and closer until his fingers were brushing her bare pussy lips.

“Such taut, soft skin.” He purred, his hand switching to her other breast, “and such firm breasts.”

“And do you remember what youth tastes like?” Sasha asked, egging him on with a grin.

His fingers slid up and down her bare pussy lips, then dived inside her. Ellie gasped at the sudden invasion of his old fingers into her pussy, but they were soon gone, taken up to his mouth as he tasted her juices.

“Like sweet honey!” Roger said, a broad smile on his face.

“Maybe we should retire to the bedroom?” Sasha suggested, grabbing my hand and leading me to the bedroom. Ellie reluctantly did the same, taking an excited Roger’s hand and following Sasha and I.

The bedroom had two armchairs next to each other, Sasha guided me to sit in one, with Roger taking the one next to me. Sasha untied my robe, her hand reaching for my cock as she gently stroked it to life, “I hope you don’t mind us playing too Roger?” Sasha asked, before diving down onto my cock – I saw his eyes almost bug out as my cock disappeared into her warm mouth as I groaned in pleasure.

Ellie slowly got down on her knees between Roger’s legs, as Sasha continued to slurp on my cock, she reached up and undid his belt and flies, opening his trousers out to reveal his Y-fronts, her hand tentatively sliding in, pulling out his old, shrivelled cock.

Sasha stopped sucking me and looked up, grinning as she saw the old man’s flaccid cock flopped out on his pants, ‘Smack!’, Sasha’s hand slapped Ellie’s bare ass, “C’mon babe, don’t keep the poor man waiting now!” she said grinning.

Ellie shot her an evil look, then turned her attention back to Roger, Sasha and I watched as she leant in, I could see the grimace on her face as she tentatively stuck her tongue out and gently licked the old man’s cock. She licked it again, more forcefully this time, then taking it in her hand, stroking him until his cock hardened, it was only about six inches long, but quite fat. After one more evil look at a grinning Sasha, she slowly lowered her head into his lap, taking Roger’s erect cock in her mouth and began sucking him.

“Mmmmmm, ooooohhhh, Missy!” Roger groaned. Satisfied that Ellie was doing as she wanted Sasha turned her attention back to my cock, her lips sliding down the length of my shaft as it vanished into her mouth. After five or so minutes of slurping from the ladies and groaning from Roger and I Sasha let my cock slip from her mouth, “You ready to fuck?” She asked.

“Of course!” I replied.

‘Smack!’ Sasha’s hand slapped Ellie’s bare ass again, then roughly pinched her nipple, Ellie’s head snapped out of Roger’s lap, his cock falling from her mouth glistening with saliva as she turned and stared at Sasha. “We’re moving up to the bed, would you two care to join us?” Sasha asked, smirking.

“Yeah, of course.” Ellie replied through gritted teeth.

I stood up and slipped my robe off completely, then Sasha took my hand and led me over to the bed, we stopped and watched as Ellie stood up and took Roger’s hand, helping him up and then helping him out of his underwear before guiding him over to the bed and lying him down. ‘Top and tail.’ Sasha whispered to me as I got up on the bed, lying down the opposite way to Roger.

Ellie and Sasha climbed up onto the bed, Sasha swinging her legs over mine and then in one movement, taking my cock and guiding it into her waiting pussy, “Mmmmmmm!” we both moaned as she slid all the way down until it was all inside her. Sasha turned her attention to Ellie, who had just straddled Roger’s legs by his knees and was anxiously looking at the still erect bare cock ahead of her, “C’mon babe, make his decade!” She grinned.

Sasha slid slowly up and down my cock as she watched Ellie slowly making her way up the old man’s body until her pussy was next to his cock, ‘I can’t believe you’re making me do this!’ she whispered to Sasha. ‘Why? I would have thought this would be second nature to a slut like you – see cock, stuff in cunt.’ Sasha smirked in response.

‘Fine, if you’re going to make me do this, but don’t think I’ll forget this…’ Ellie whispered back. ‘Neither will the old boy!’ Sasha smirked again.

Sasha and I watched on as Ellie took Roger’s erect old cock in her hand and pressed it to her pussy, then looked over at us, Sasha impaled on my cock and sighed in resignation, then lifted herself up and slowly, brought her pussy down over his cock until it sunk all the way in. The look on Roger’s face was one of delirious happiness. “You enjoying that feeling Roger? Her young pussy hugging your cock?” Sasha asked.

“Oooooh, yessss Miss!” He replied.

“Excellent!” Sasha grinned, then smacked Ellie’s ass again, “Go on bitch, I want to see that fat ass bounce!”

Ellie shot Sasha a look of pure hatred as she started slowly easing her pussy up and down his cock. Sasha began to ride my cock harder, leaning forwards so I could suck on her ample tits. Roger was moaning and groaning in sheer pleasure next to us as Ellie silently rode his cock. Sasha sat up again, her nipples slipping from my mouth as she turned once more to talk to Roger. “How you doing Roger honey?” She asked.

“Ohhh, mmmmm.” Came the groaned reply.

“You like those titties jiggling in your face?”


“Why don’t you grab them honey? Ellie loves to play rough…” Sasha grinned as she looked to see her best friend’s face.

“Ooooh.” Ellie groaned, as Roger reached up and roughly grabbed hold of her tits, mauling them with his hands.

“That’s it, you enjoy your pensioner whilst I enjoy your husband’s lovely cock!” Sasha smirked.

Ellie went to reply but just managed an ‘Oooof’ as Roger roughly pulled on her nipples. This treatment continued for another ten minutes until Roger finally announced he was ready to cum.

“I think you should coat that pretty face of hers Roger honey.” Sasha told him as she ground her pussy deeper onto my cock.

Seeing her chance to finally end this Ellie slid off his cock, her juices glistening on it, she bent down and took it in her mouth, slurping her juices from his cock.

“Ooooohhh, fuuuck!” Sasha groaned, watching intently as she ground herself down harder on my cock, her clit rubbing against me as she fucked herself closer to orgasm.

“Cumming Missy.” Roger groaned.

Ellie quickly let his cock slip from her mouth, still gently stroking it as she aimed it at her face. Roger moaned in relief as the first shot spurted out, his thick yellow spunk hitting her right between the eyes.

“Ooooohhh, shiiit, cumming!” Sasha screamed as she watched her best friend take the old man’s load, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as her orgasm washed over her, her pussy becoming drenched with her juices as Roger continued cumming over Ellie’s face, coating her mouth and cheeks with his fluid.

Then, just as Sasha was coming down from her orgasm I gave in, unable to hold back any longer I came with a grunt, shooting a high pressure load to the back of Sasha’s still quivering pussy set her off again, her body spasming on my pulsating cock as her second orgasm rippled through her body.

Meanwhile Roger was finally spent, and had lay back on the bed, promptly falling asleep. Ellie looked to Sasha, the old man’s cum dripping from her chin on to her bare boobs, “Are you happy now?” She asked.

“Ecstatic!” Sasha panted.

“So you promise you’ll delete that video?”

“Oh, I’m not quite done with you yet babe!”

“What do you want?” Ellie sighed, resigned to her fate.

“Well now you’re done fucking and sucking a man old enough to be your granddad you need to clean up after your husband.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Unless you want his bun in my fertile oven you best get over here and remove his cum from my amazingly well fucked pussy.”

“You mean you’re not on the pill?”

“Do you want to take that risk babe?” Sasha smirked.

“Where do you want me?” Ellie sighed.

“Lie here and I’ll sit on your face.” Sasha replied as she finally slid off my cock, trying carefully not to lose any of my cum from her pussy. I sat up and got off the bed, allowing my wife to take my place lying down.

Ellie lay down on the bed, then scooted back until her head was between Sasha’s legs, to my knowledge this was the first time she had licked another women’s pussy, and that was because she previously had no intention of!

Sasha crouched down so her thighs were around Ellie’s face. “You won’t want any cum left, so you better start with what’s already spilled down my thighs…” She commanded.

I watched on as Ellie’s tongue tentatively flicked out, licking the first blob of cum from Sasha’s creamy white thigh. She then slowly and deliberately licked up each thigh towards Sasha’s pussy, as Sasha peered over her tits, watching her best friend’s tongue get closer to her waiting hole.

Seeing Ellie was done where she was Sasha scooted forward a bit, so her pussy was hovering just over Ellie’s face. Ellie took her cue and resumed her licking around the outside of Sasha’s pussy, removing all traces of cum as her tongue gradually made its way towards her splayed pussy.

“Oh god, you’ve got me tingling with anticipation you bitch. Do it now! Eat my pussy out!” Sasha demanded.

I was hard as rock as I continued watching, Sasha was massaging her boobs and tweaking her nipples as Ellie’s tongue continued it’s slow path to the centre of her pussy by licking around her splayed outer lips. Then, finally she licked up and down her slit a few times, before her tongue locked onto Sasha’s clit.

“Oh god my clit, you’ll make me cum you bitch… Oh fuuuuucccckkkk, yesssssss.” Sasha screamed as her thighs clamped around her best friend’s face, her juices and some cum flowing out of pussy and straight into Ellie’s mouth.

“You slutty whore,” Sasha panted, “You’ll pay for that!” she said as she sat fully down on my wife’s face, leaning forward to allow Ellie to breath, she lent further and took a nipple in her mouth, sucking on it before gently biting down. I saw her jump in pain, but judging by the ‘Mmmmm’ that then came from Sasha, Ellie’s tongue quickly found its way into her pussy, though my view was now obscured.

Sasha pulled Ellie’s nipple with one hand, slapping her boob with the other, grinning, before turning to me, “Babes, I’ve got another little surprise for her in my suitcase, will you get it for me?”

I left the room and went to the main bedroom, found Sasha’s suitcase and opened it. There, sat on top of her underwear was a large pink rampant rabbit. I grabbed it and went back to re-join the ladies in the other room.

I walked in to see Sasha again sucking on Ellie’s tits, she saw I had what she wanted in my hand and let her nipple slip form her mouth. “Mmmmmmm, thanks babes.” She said, smiling, “Now stuff it right up the whore’s sloppy cunt!”

I climbed up onto the bed, and got between my wife’s legs, her pussy was splayed wide open, glistening with juices. I took the rabbit and lined the top of the dildo with her entrance, sliding it home quickly and easily until it was as deep as it would go, ‘mmmmmmppppffff’, Ellie’s moan muffled by Sasha’s pussy.

“Stupid bitch thinks she can make me cum does she? Let’s see how she likes it – turn it up to full on vibration and ears!” She told me, grinning.

I did as I was told, turning the rabbit on and turning first the vibration and then the bunny ears up to max, so they flicked across her helpless clit at a phenomenal speed. I could hear the muffled moans almost immediately, as she fought against the waves of orgasmic bliss that the rabbit was trying to engulf her with, all the while having her tongue shoved inside her best friend’s cum filled pussy.

I watched on as the two naked ladies writhed in pleasure, Ellie’s moans muffled by the pussy in her face, her toes curling and releasing periodically as the rabbit induced waves of orgasm to crash over her, one after the other. Sasha was moaning loudly now, commanding her best friend’s tongue deeper into her pussy as she alternately fondled each of their boobs.

Finally Sasha exploded into another orgasm, she screamed in pleasure as her thighs clamped around Ellie’s head, grinding her pussy into her face before collapsing down ontop of her. “Ooooooh fuck that was sooo good!” She panted, trying to catch her breath, “How about you bitch, was that good for you?”

“No comment, oh, mmmmmmmmmm.” Ellie moaned as the rabbit triggered yet another orgasm.

“Well, I think we’re done here.” Sasha said, as she turned the rabbit off and slid it from Ellie’s pussy before licking her juices from the rubber shaft, then turning to Ellie she said, “Are you sure that was your first time? You tucked into my pussy like a pro!”

“So you’ll delete the video?” Ellie panted, still trying to regain her breath.

“I suppose you’ve served your penance well…” Sasha told her, lying back next to her as she grabbed her phone from the nightstand, and showed her the phone as she deleted the video.

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure babe. Now poor Matt looks like he’s ready to explode!” Sasha said, turning to me, “Let me help you with that…”

Sasha stood up and took my hand, leading me back towards the chair I had sat in earlier, “My poor pussy is too sensitive for another round of your big cock, but I’m sure I can take the edge off for you!” She grinned.

I sat down in the chair, and Sasha kneeled between my legs, her head bobbed down quickly, her mouth engulfing my hard cock as I sighed with gratitude, her tongue ensured my whole shaft was coated in saliva before she pulled off. Turning to my wife, who was still lying on the bed she called out, “Hey slut, are you going to come over here and give me a hand with your husband?”

Sasha turned back to me, grabbed her boobs and wrapped them round my cock, her soft flesh felt great against me, then she looked up at me, smiled and said “Enjoy!” before turning her attention back to my cock. She lowered her head, but held my gaze as her tongue flicked and licked the head of my cock that peeked out as she slid her soft boobs up and down my shaft.

I watched as she allowed the tip of my cock head to enter her mouth, sucking it gently as she continued sliding her boobs up and down my shaft. I looked up to see my naked wife walking towards us, she climbed up on the chair next to ours, then up on to the arms of the two chairs, her bare ass pointing up into the air as her boobs dangled in Sasha’s face, she shook them gently so her nipples grazed over her nose, Sasha looked up at the dangling tits in her face, sucking one of her nipples into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” Ellie moaned as Sasha tugged on her nipple with her teeth, “Move over bitch, I want some of that big cock too!”

Sasha moved her head out of the way to allow her best friend access, but continued to massage my cock with her amazingly soft boobs. Ellie dived down, taking as much of my cock as was available in her warm mouth, her tongue coating me in her saliva for the first time in ages.

“Mmmmmf, mmmmf, mmmmf!” She moaned as her head bobbed up and down.

I looked down at my wife sucking me whilst Sasha titfucked me and thought that this was finally starting to turn into the weekend I had been hoping for – lots of hot sex with two amazingly fit women! Sasha was anxious to get back into the cock action and she lowered her face back down next to Ellie’s, her tongue slipping out of her mouth, she timed it perfectly, licking back up my shaft as my wife’s lips slid back up it, until the lips stopped at the top, she licked round the top of my cock, ensuring she was licking Ellie’s lips too. She took her cue to let my cock slide from her mouth, the two girls’ tongues dancing round the top of my cock, occasionally meeting to fight for their space, Sasha was still sliding her tits up and down my shaft, my desire to watch this amazing performance continue was the only thing stopping cum bursting forth from my raging cock.

Then as I thought it couldn’t get any better the two girls’ tongues intertwined as they kissed passionately, my cock reaping the benefits as they disengaged, their tongues washing over my cock together as my cum boiled up inside my balls.

Sasha broke away from my cock briefly, “Come on babes, coat our faces and tits in your lovely cum.”

“Yeah, make us your slutty cum whores!” My wife pleaded as Sasha went back to slurping on my cock.

The two would-be cumsluts kissed again with a deep intensity and this time there was no holding back, my cum powered out of my cock, audibly splashing on their still kissing faces before dripping back down onto Sasha’s boobs, still wrapped around my shaft. They broke their kiss, taking it in turns to have load after load shot over their pretty faces, until finally I was spent, their tongues gently toying with my shrinking cock, cleaning the cum from it.

“Fuck that was intense.” Ellie said, climbing down from the chair.

“Yeah, I’m knackered after all that – take us to bed babes?” Sasha asked.

“Of course, but first a memento…” I said, reaching down for my earlier discarded trousers & fishing my phone from my pocket. I shot each of them naked, and a close-up of their cum covered faces, before directing them to a couple of photos together – the first a full body shot, then a close up of their faces and finally a couple of shots as they kissed, cum swapping from tongue to tongue.

The three of us walked into the master bedroom together and climbed into the queen sized bed naked, with me in the middle of my two sluts, when suddenly I remembered something, “Uh, what about Roger?” I asked.

“I’m sure the old guy can let himself out if he wakes up!” Sasha said, pulling her bare body closer to mine.

“And if he comes looking for round two?” Ellie asked, also cuddling up to me.

“I think he’d combust just thinking about another round with your young pussy!” Sasha grinned, “Sweet dreams honey!” she said, kissing Ellie on the lips.

“Yeah, sweet dreams…” She replied, before muttering under her breath, “Bitch.”

************************* *************************

I woke up the next morning to the unmistakeable pleasure of my cock buried in someone’s wet pussy, as I groggily opened my eyes I could see Sasha still asleep next to me, her large boobs heaving up and down as she breathed. I looked up to see my wife riding my cock – it was the first time I’d been inside her in weeks, and now seeing her as my wife again rather than just a whore I had a pang of guilt about what Sasha and I made her do yesterday.

Seeing I was awake she brought her finger to her lips and made a ‘shhhh’ sound, then bent forwards, her bare boobs skating across my chest as her pussy continued to slide up and down my cock. “Good morning husband,” She whispered in my ear, “I have a very important question for you, and I need an honest answer.”


“Do you still love me?” She asked, her pussy not skipping a beat as it stroked me up and down.

“Of course – I could never stop loving you.” I told her.

“But yesterday my best friend made me suck and fuck a geriatric, as you watched, no, even better, as you fucked her – seems like a funny way of showing you love me honey!”

“I was angry with you for fucking Darren, you broke the rules and you hurt me.”

“Don’t tell me you and her haven’t fucked alone too..”

“Not until after we found out you and Darren already had – in their marital bed.”

“OK, so I broke the rules first, and I’m sorry, but you still watched on as she used me like a toy!” She said, groaning at the end as she brought her pussy right down so I was fully inside her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what she was planning and I didn’t expect her to take it that far.”

“Fine, but you didn’t stop her.”

“And you didn’t put up much in the way of wanting to stop…”

“Yeah, I’m a slut. But now’s your choice Matt, do you want me to be your slut again?” She asked, her pussy continuing its path up and down my shaft.

How can I say this and not sound dumb? I can’t, I’m old. I am at the end of it. Back in the day, in The Nam you counted your time as so many days and a wake up. You had 96 days and a wake up meaning you leave the day you wake up. What I am looking at is 12 years and a good night, with no possibility of a wake up.

I’m sixty eight years old. I had a wife who died on me after 40 years and one before that, who I married under the normal words that cause marriage back then; “You’re What?” That one lasted about 5 years. Babies having babies, not good. Before that there was another but she put my son up for adoption and the bitch would not let me have my own son. Hell she did not have to do anything but give him to me. Would not happen today, but that was the 60′s.

Now there were some good things that happened in the 60′s and they were sex, sex and then sex. No AIDS and everything could be fixed with a few shots and no booze for a few months.

So then I find true love and a few kids, and then it is some grandkids later, it is bliss and we are all happy. OK not nuts happy all the time, but happy and I did not cheat, she did not cheat, we just had a good time. Made babies, made love, had fights, made up, got comfortable, got bored, got excited, but it all worked out.

She never gained more than 10 pounds from the day we married, I was pretty close to that, until I got cancer and gained 50-60 pounds. Who the fuck gets cancer and gains weight? Two years, lots of surgery and radiation, no chemo, and I am home free.

Plumbing works fine, well it was broken until the cancer was taken care of, now it works fine, just no one to run the plumbing for these days. Sucks being alone. I know I have kids and grandkids, but they have lives and I am just there, sometimes. Hell my youngest is forty-two.

So now I walk through an empty house, not a mansion, just a house that used to be a home. I look around and see all the things I made for us and all the pictures on the walls. My life in pictures, actually it is our life in pictures. All the woodworking I did, the tables and chairs, kitchen. How many woodworking projects can you do alone? How many things can you do for your family, do you eventually run out of projects? Then there are the cars you work on; but when you are finished there is no one to tell you to wash up outside before you come in and not get the floor dirty, or why is the towel for drying the dishes dirty, or did I do that?

Where the fuck is all the “Honey Do” projects I loved to do for her and pretend I didn’t?

So I decided to head for Vegas; two weeks, maybe longer. The sons and son in laws said they hope I had a good time, thinking I was going to screw my brains out. My daughters told me to not do anything stupid. Hell I just wanted people around. When I woke up in an empty bed in the middle of the night and I walked around I wanted someone there. I wanted that warm body next to me and to roll over and put my arm around her, but not keep it there so long as it got to heavy for her. I wanted the clutter that used to be in my life; the noise the people, demands on my time and my manners, that is what I needed.

So I fly to Vegas and get a nice room, move in and walk around some to look at people, maybe find someone to talk to, not to talk at; I’m tired of people talking at me. No, I did not go in shorts, and brown shoes, and a belt three inches from my chest. Even at my age I kept in shape. I ran almost every day, had to get all the weight off from the cancer. Not much in weight training, just enough to use them muscles so they would not go away. So I ran every morning, and then took a shower and went down for breakfast. Great food in Vegas; keep the suckers happy. That lasted less than one day and I was still bored. I found out that being in a room full of people did not mean you had anyone around and you can still be alone.

So the next night I was in the bar having a drink before dinner. I tried to dress for each thing I did, it helped pass the time. So I am sitting there and I see this woman. She is sitting down at a table but I can see her face. I put her at about 40 an oval face, blond hair, maybe a little too blond for being natural. She is young enough to be one of my kids. One of those kewpie doll faces, with small round lips and a small nose and eyes, big brown round eyes. I just could not take my eyes off of her. No I was not trying to hit on her; I was not there for that. Hell I could have more fun with my hand and brain than screwing some pickup without a care in the world, except aids, or VD. Oups, I supposed to say STD’s if I want to be PC. I said I had 12 years and a good night and I did not want to do that with my cock falling off.

So I am just staring at her and I see she is getting up but I can’t take my eyes off of her eyes. Those big brown beautiful eyes are locked on my eyes and they keep getting closer. If she was a mob hit man and I was the target she would have gotten me in a second. I had the feeling she was a big girl but I don’t remember looking at anything but those eyes. Soon the eyes are at my level, she has sat down at my little table. “Why are you staring at me?” she asks.

Ok I finally come out of my trance. “I’m sorry, really I am, I did not mean to stare, and I did not even realize I was doing it. Please forgive me; but I have to say I have never seen eyes as beautiful as yours and I guess I just . . .” I was trying to say something but nothing was coming out.

She just sat there looking at me and I was still out of it. “Look, this is the first interaction I have had with a stranger in years and I am afraid I’m not good at it. It’s has been so long since I was at a table alone with a beautiful woman who was not my wife and I did not actually know. I’m sure that ‘What is your sign?’ is no longer the way to begin.” That got a giggle out of her, she must have watched some old movies, and I was not even trying to be funny, I did not think I was funny, it was just honesty.

“OK, I remember this part. May I get you something to drink?” I motioned the waitress over without taking my eyes off of her eyes and she asked for a glass of white wine. Knowing it was Vegas and snotty as hell I asked if they had a 2009 Pura Cepa Fernao Pires. I had read somewhere it was voted the best white wine in Europe in 2010. I hate white wine but the lady wanted white wine, I wanted the lady to stay, so I ordered a bottle.

While we were waiting I told her my name was Matthew and she gave her name as Marie. When the wine came it was good, for a white, I guess, my companion, I can’t call her a date, liked it. We had a few sips and spoke a little. She asked me if I liked big girls. Up to this time I had not been looking at much other than those damn eyes. I gave her the rundown, wife just died, 40 years same woman, I had not been with a “girl,” except my wife in many decades so I would not know. She gave me a funny look and then stood up and she was definitely a big girl. Then she sat down again.

“When I asked if you liked ‘big girls,’ I mean big like me. Are you a chubby chaser?” she said.

Well she sure as hell was big. More like huge. I bet she was five foot five and maybe two hundred and twenty pounds. I don’t know why I did not see it, must have been those eyes.

“Well if you put it that way, the answer is no. I have been known to appreciate the female form, but I sort of like what – - please don’t take this wrong – - what is between a woman’s ears rather than her legs, or at least I did when I met my wife. Like I said, it has been a while. And I did not even realize your size until you just mentioned it.” I had gone back to those eyes as I talked to her.

“So you think that I am just some fat old broad now, is that it? You can’t even look at my body; you just look at my face. Does my body repulse you?”

This was not going well, but at least I had someone who was actually talking to me and cared, or at least was concerned, about what I thought.

“That is not it. This is not going well for either of us. The last thing I wanted to do was make you feel bad or be angry with me. I was just, well like I said, caught up in your eyes. I have about thirty years on you, if not more and I’m not doing a very good job of making conversation. I like you, your eyes drew me to you, and I don’t care about your size. Let’s face it I’m just too old for you. Please stay, enjoy the wine, and I hope you have a pleasant evening.” I started to get up and she put her hand on mine to stop me.

“Please stay?” she asked. “It is a little hard for women of my size. I get a lot of guys that just want to do a fat chick. They all seem to think I am desperate for some sex and will say yes to anyone for anything. Maybe I got you wrong.”

“Well I should tell you right off the bat that I can do anything any nineteen year old can do when it comes to sex; the difference is I can only do it once, in a while.” That got a smile out of her and her face lit up for me.

“If you don’t mind some company for a while, I have dinner reservations in a few minutes, how about a bite to eat. You look like you could use a good meal.”

She did not know how to take that one but eventually she realized it was just my poor humor and gave me “the look.” Every guy knows “the look.” That is when a woman looks at you like you just farted and blamed her. It is also a playful look requiring the proper signals back. Hey I am old not dead, every woman plays that one. So I responded with the much expected lowering of head and eyes, as in “I have been bad” look accompanied with the appropriate lip movement and that got another laugh.

We had a good meal and yes we brought the bottle over with us. After a nice meal we went for a walk, everything is open 24/7 and then we went into this place to dance. I told her I did not do the fast stuff anymore but slow was ok for me. Evidently the forces of nature being what they are, she did not want to get all of herself moving in multiple directions at one time and we both went for the slow ones.

So here I am, five foot nine and one hundred and sixty pounds dancing with Marie who was four inches shorter than me and sixty pounds heavier. You remember that one about “Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean” rhyme; well that is what we looked like. We danced for two hours and had a good number of laughs.

I told her I had a wonderful evening and if I saw her again maybe we could do it another time. She seemed disappointed and I saw it in her eyes, those wonderful eyes, so I asked her if, she did not mind, maybe I could have breakfast with her tomorrow. She asked me if I intended to call her or just roll over and nudge her as a reminder.

I told her I thought she was very attractive but I was not that easy; I was not just some cheap piece of meat she could use for her own pleasure and then toss me aside. I expected a ring before anything like that was ever going to happen. She was shocked then started to laugh. At my age getting them to laugh is more important than getting them to moan, at least in the beginning.

She told me she respected me as a person and not just for my body and that after a while, when we knew each other better, maybe then I would feel different about her. That got a chuckle out of me.

She really has a great since of humor I thought. Maybe it was just a little early to hit the sheets, as in sleep, so we went and did some gambling, hey it’s Vegas, and when I saw her yawn I knew it was time to go. I walked her to her room and when she opened the door I kissed her on the cheek and told her I would call at eight o’clock for breakfast if she wanted and she said she did. I gave her my room number too and told her I would be out for a run early so if she called I would not be there.

Now remember my age. A good run for me is six miles in an hour, that is almost walking, but I call it running.

I had a good time and went right to sleep. Ok I had a bit of a jack off thinking about those eyes. I was not sure about the rest of the package, but she was very nice to be with and easy to talk too. Ok I’m a stupid old man. One beautiful woman with great eyes and I’m already using her for jack off material, so shoot me.

The next morning it was a “fast for me” six miles and some gym work and I was showered and ready for breakfast long before eight. I called her room at seven forty five and she confirmed and we met for breakfast. She wanted to see the dam so we went. I know it was hard on her doing all that walking, she was having some difficulty and I did not like the looks some people gave her but I stayed back and we had a good time chatting. She was here to have her fortieth birthday in two days and had come to celebrate. She was divorced a couple of years back. He husband wanted a younger wife; that means bigger tits and a smaller ass and everything else, she told me.

I told her I could relate to that. Once my wife said she wanted a new face to look down on her when she made love so I grew a beard and she was happy with that for a while and then said she wanted the old face back, the new one sort of chafed her inner thighs, even though I used conditioner on it. It took her a while to get that one.

We had a nice tour but it was getting hot and I wanted to get her into someplace very cool. The bus was air conditioned and the ride back was interesting. I made sure I sat in the same seat next to her. She took up a lot of room, so I just had to sit real close and put my arm over the seat to sit even closer. I also take advantage of every opportunity to get close to her, I like her and she does not seem to mind. I just ignored some of the nasty comments and looks, I hope Marie did too; I did not want her to feel bad. They were there and making nasty comments when we drove to the dam and started again once we got back to the bus and it was all because Marie was a bit out of shape. When the bus stopped and we all started to get out I must have gotten my feet all out of place and I just happened to trip the guy making the snide comments and he went face first into the isle, taking a few people with him as he tried to keep upright. I was humble and contrite in my apologies and helped him to his feet. After all, I was just an old man. I sure hope his lip and broken nose quit bleeding soon.

When I helped Marie get off the bus she took my hand and smiled and said “thank you” then winked. Damn, she was not supposed to have noticed that. She never let go of my hand and we walked into the hotel for something cool to drink and a light lunch. Then it was off to downtown and a little shopping. Women have this internal radar that tells that a sale is going on. I went with her because I was trained as a husband; it is now part of my DNA.

Yes, trained. You know, as in having “the look.” Yes you have all seen it or done it. “The look” is when you are at the changing room for women and you just go into “the look,” the one where you see and hear nothing, until that one voice comes through the silence; your wife. When she goes in you get the admonition, “don’t go wondering off so I have to look for you. Wait right here.” So your defenses come up and you go to your internal happy place, hence you have “the look,” which is blank and empty.

I miss that. So I was happy to shop with her, very happy. She was a little disappointed at not having anything in her size. So I did what any man would do under those circumstances, I put my arms around her and kissed her, and told her she had me and I fit just fine. No it was not a sexy kiss it was just a good kiss, but it brought her out of the blues. I still can’t figure out why I did that, I just did.

“Can I see you again?” was my question after we got back to the hotel. I could tell she was really thinking about it.

“I have something to do tonight,” she replied, “but breakfast would be very nice.” Well that was good enough for me. Like I said I had thirty years on her.

I was a little lonely that night and I went to a different hotel and caught the show. It was typical Vegas, too long, too loud, and too old. Some of those routines were old when I came here in the 50′s. Yes my parents brought me here in the 50′s; they gambled and I ran all over the place. It was a different world then.

I had a good sleep, a great run, and then breakfast with Marie. She appeared to be happy. I asked her if she had something planed for her birthday and if not maybe I could help her celebrate. Maybe I was pushing it a little, I was lonely and I told her I was sorry if I was acting a little needy and not to worry about it. She told me that dinner tonight would be great and maybe something together on her birthday would be nice too. Maybe she would let me celebrate with her tomorrow? She had other things to do and so did I so we went our separate ways. Actually I had nothing to do, but I just said it. I was not sure what she was doing but that was not my business. Ok I did think about it but there was not a damn thing I could do.

At the set time I went down to the lobby to wait for her for dinner and saw her there swapping spit with some guy about her own age. He was my height, thirty pounds heavier, lots of chest hair, gold chains, with sort of long curly hair. Mine is grey and I keep it short, but I’m not balding. I mention that because I could see the little spot showing up on the top back of his head. For some reason that helped.

I went up to her and said “Marie, I’m sorry but I did not mean to intrude. I just realized that I had something else to do this evening and I won’t be able to make dinner, if that is ok with you?” It was the best I could do. I did not own her, I did not even know her, but she had moved on.

“No, no, you, it’s not what you think.” Where have I heard that before? I just looked at her. Why would she even bother, she hardly knew me.

“You have it all wrong” she continued. I could see that chest hair with his Mr. T gold starter kit on was not happy. I turned to walk away and she grabbed me by the arm.

“Marie you don’t have to tell me anything” I said.

“I’m not Marie” she said. She handed me her cell phone and said “talk” and I heard Marie on the other end.

“Matthew I will be down in a minute, stay right there” then the line went dead. I just looked at the phone like it was one of those dolls from a horror movie that you suddenly realize is alive. I looked at Marie and then the phone and back and forth for a few times. It was lucky that just before I got dizzy going back and forth and passed out Marie showed up.

“Matthew this is my twin sister Rosa” she said. And now I could see it was true. The only difference was the color of a stone in a necklace; other than that everything was identical.

We had a brief chat and chest hair decided he was hungry and needed a drink too, so we went off in the direction of the food. Evidently chest hair had other ideas and decided we were going to eat at a different place, with dancing and all the normal Vegas show stuff; or so he said.

I did not like the guy. He was all over Rosa and did not seem to have any respect for her. She did not look all that pleased about it either; but that was not my problem. When we got to the place it was a dump. A greasy spoon would have been a step up. I was surprised every table did not come with a pole for the dancers. I had some bad feeling and I told Maria about it but she said just to go with the flow.

The ladies needed to go “freshen up” so they went as ladies do, in a bunch, or is that a herd or maybe a bevy of beauties. That is when chest hair told me that tonight they were all going to pack some pork. I was a little confused and he pointed to a few guys at another table. They all were dressed like him and I was wondering how they could sit down and not slide off the chairs on to the floor, they looked that greasy.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Listen old man, fat chicks don’t always give it up easy, but when they do they give it up big time. We are all going to do these pigs and you keep your mouth shut and you can have a piece too. Got a problem and you are going to have a big problem with all of us.”

Now I knew I had a problem. This was not going to happen and I just wanted to know if I had my insurance paid up. “How you going to do it?” I asked him.

“Old Man, you know that old song by Guns and Roses, ‘Welcome to the Jungle” where he sings “if you got the money honey we got your disease?’ well we got the money. We got some little blue pills, I know you are going to need some, and we got some GHB and Roofies. When these tubs fall they aren’t getting up until we let them up. May even get some friends, new friends if you get my meaning, to pay to play. Now just keep your mouth shut and this can be your best time ever.”

“Got to take a piss” I said and walked to the men’s room. I walked past the men’s room and went right into the ladies room. “You’re out of here now! Chest hair out there has a bunch of friends in this place and within minutes you are going to be drugged, gangbanged, and sold as meat for anyone with a few bucks. Don’t ask, don’t do anything but run directly out of the damn door and get into a cab and go back to the hotel. Count to twenty after I leave and then you leave.” Then I left them. It was not a debate it was an order.

I walked out and went back to the table, making sure to be pulling up my zipper. The girls did exactly what I said. They did not look back and headed for the exit. Mr. chest hair stood up and yelled and headed for them, giving me a nasty look. He was walking away from me but turned just in time to see me hitting him in the head with a chair. Hell I’m no fucking hero, if I had a gun I would have shot him. I did not know if the staff was in on it or what was going on so I did not tell anyone but the girls. But no man can just let some fucking ass holes drug and rape two girls and not try to stop it if he can. A chair when he was not looking was the best I could do since I was almost 70 years old. If I went down at least it would be playing hero instead of a coward.

The next thing I knew it was Viet Nam all over again and I was almost carried out and tossed into the same cab that contained Marie and Rosa.

I did not know how I came to be in the cab or why no one hit me but we needed to get out of dodge. I said “Go” and I gave them a brief rundown on what I heard and why we got out.

We were not fast enough and the police came up to us but for some reason ended up talking to some other people first. We were told to stay and we got out and waited.

I walked across the street and got two XXX large Vegas Sweat shirts from the 7/11. Even though it was Vegas the desert gets darn cold at night. I gave the girls the shirts to put on; they were dressed for hot weather and air conditioning.

Pretty soon we were just told to leave and I brought the girls back to the hotel. I took them to my room and waited for them to calm down. Made them a drink too. They missed our little skirmish but were upset enough to be worried. It was not long before Marie got a call on her cell and said it was ok to go to their room so I walked them down and left them there.

Frankly this was the most action I had in a decade or more. It was pretty damn exciting and it took three Jacks and a beer back to calm me down so I could get to sleep. I mean I was ready for action and feeling pretty good, hell I felt like a big mean dog again. But the next morning I realized that all I was is the same old man I was yesterday, only one day older.

Yes I went on my run, about an hour early. I was a little jumpy because I did not want to get jumped. But everything was ok. Then I went into the gym and by 5:30 am I was in the room and lying down. Less than an hour later I had Marie on the phone asking about breakfast and I was feeling pretty good. The hero gets to eat with the fair maiden. I was feeling good enough that I would not have minded eating the fair maiden, but such are the things of dreams.

Breakfast was a little subdued. They both came and wanted to know what was said and I did not want to be too specific. I just told them I heard chest hair talking about drugging and raping them and knew I should help and get them out so I did and that was all there was to it. I really liked these two girls and I sure was not going to be the one to say they were called pigs or the gang rape was to be called packing pork.

As the day warmed up so did we. We spent the entire day together. A little gambling and some travels to the hotels with attractions, standard Vegas stuff. Marie got a call saying that everyone involved was in jail for drug possession and there would be no need to testify; but if anyone was needed it might be me. Evidently chest hair was in the hospital jail ward, something about me breaking his skull open with the chair. I felt so bad I did my little old man happy dance, the girls laughed. I told her to tell them I would testify and gave her the information for contacting me.

That night we went dancing, all three of us. It was strange but we never left each others side except to dance. We did not go to anyplace but the nicest hotels either. Except when dancing we were physically close and we could always see each other, if not actually touch. I danced with both of them. When the girls went to the bathroom I walked them over and took my own break and walked them back. It felt good to be needed.

We did have a lot of talk time. I told them about my family and how I never really understood how children were just so darn good to have around. If I could I would have babies all over the damn place. You get pretty easy going in your old age, at least I did. I was not the grumpy old man type.

They had both been married and no kids. They actually married brothers, not twins, but brothers. But like so many things in life no one wanted to work hard enough to make it last. I thought they were being very kind to the guys. I did not want to bring it up but I thought there was a little more to it, and by more I mean more weight. I already had enough information about bigger tits and smaller everything else.

These were two really nice looking women and yes they were over weight but they were damn nice girls. When you are my age the line between girls and women is 50. Under 50 you are cheerleaders to me.

But we were finally talking to each other. We were not hiding behind doing things, we were learning about each other. I missed that in a relationship. They felt cheated at times. They held down jobs and went to work each day. They lived together because they were the only people they could trust and count on. They had college degrees in English and American History. What they didn’t know about the history of American writing was, well, nothing. Between the two of them they knew it all. They even gave me a list of books I would find interesting.

They grew up in a small mid western town, not city, but town. Everyone knew everyone else. As soon as they could, they moved away and never went back, except for an occasional visit. One thing we never talked about was their weight.

I told them what I was doing and what I wanted to do. They asked if I wanted to go back in time and do it again. I told them no way in hell. I had my time and that was all I get. I thought the grand children would be around more but they weren’t.

I told them that they had made me realize that I wanted kids around and when I got back home I thought I would take a walk over to this place where they had a shelter and help out with the kids, maybe make them some things out of wood or stuff. Sorry I can’t sew so no doll clothes. I really missed the babies, watching them learn; seeing the light go on when they realized something. It was really intense to watch.

They tried to mention the bar incident with that fool, but I did not want to talk about it. I thought it was pretty fucking cool and I played it over in my head, but talking about it seemed a little like over kill, anyone would have done it. I did mention that despite all hell breaking loose no one hit me. But I got through the Nam with only a few scratches so maybe it was just luck. Even the bouncers were pretty nice all things considered.

We spent almost a week together. It would be one or both and I understood their need to do something with other people, as in good looking young men. Constantly hanging out with an old man, even if he saved you from something bad, was not a girl’s idea of great fun. But I was happy to have them with me any time.

But I had them for their birthday. And I played it big for them. I got them matching gold necklaces with their birthstone in it in the shape of a heart. I could have added my stone to it but I didn’t. It was a special breakfast for them; I had it served to them in their room in bed. No I did not eat with them. I had forty red roses sent up to the room.

I gave them a spa day with beauty stuff. You know that stuff they do, spa, massage, essential oils, pedicure, manicure, facials, hair, everything I could think of. I even had a limo sent to pick them up. I hoped I would see them for dinner.

They called the room and thanked me. They did not have plans and this was perfect. I did not invite myself to the day and they did not invite me, I had been around women long enough to know they needed woman time but I did invite them to dinner, if they wanted. They agreed but only if I would not have waiters sing happy birthday to them.

They told me they like Italian so I had reservations for a very nice place in town, but not a hotel. We had reservations for 7 o’clock, if that would fit with their plans and it did.

This was getting a little crazy I thought to myself, I did not know anything about these girls, but at least I was not irrelevant for a time.

I got us a limo again and dinner was great, we even went dancing. The evening was fun for all of us. I walked them to their rooms and got a kiss good night from each.

I went for my morning run and when I got back I was sitting there with my hair drying and I got a call. Must be the kids I thought, but it was Marie or was it Rosa? Which one are you I asked, but all I got was a laugh. Breakfast at 8 and it was a date.

Now the game started. “How do I tell you apart?” was my first question.

The answer was very simple, “You don’t.”

So the game began. I would say Rosa and they would both turn and say “yes.” I got the same result if I said Marie. Pretty soon I just used the names interchangeably and it worked out. When we danced and I got mixed up I would be told that it was “sissy’s” turn. I let the girls decide if I was dancing more with one than the other. The always used the term “sissy” to describe the other, never Marie or Rosa. They had read it being used in some story and they decided it would add to the confusion if they both used it. It made me laugh.

It was about a week now and one day I went to breakfast and they were not there. I called on the house phone but no one answered. I played around and called back in the afternoon and someone answered but it was a family that had just checked in. The desk said they had checked out that morning and the clerk was sorry but I could not give me the home address.

I still had a lot of time on the clock but it was not the same. I have to say I was devastated; but age teaches you to let go. We had the first real kiss the night before and I got wood over it. They both laughed and offered to let me spend the night. I said what I said before, I could do it once in a while, and there were two of them; and I was no cheap slut for them to use, it was a ring or nothing. I still had no idea who was Marie or who was Rosa. They enjoyed my confusion. I was going to miss that. Sex might have been great, for me, but I doubt that I would have had it in me to handle either of them like they deserved or needed. And I am smart enough to have understood that taking care of two of them would have been impossible for me. Better let some things stay perfect as a memory or a fantasy.

That next day sucked. I ended up leaving early and just going home. I was despondent but when I thought about it I had no claim on them, I was too old anyway.

The kids asked what was wrong when I came home early but I just said I got bored. I never mentioned my girls, as I began to think of them.

I went and got four of the books on the list they gave me. All I had was the list; I put it in a frame. Damn I was a pitiful old man. They probably did not even think about me. Here I was mooning over two girls that probably had a father younger than me.

I was home about a week when I got a call. It was a lawyer from Las Vegas. He was representing chest hair and I might get sued for hitting him. I had to talk to him. There were medical bills. There was this false drug and rape allegation. It would go better for me if I talked and cleared the air. I was in a lot trouble.

Well I put up with it for a few minutes and then I remembered a game we use to play in Nam. The night would be clear; maybe a sky full of stars, maybe a full moon, or maybe a monsoon, but the game was always the same. The sky would light up with red tracers [the good guys], and green tracers [the bad guys – communists use green] and you had a sky full of spent powder, screaming and blood and mud and you talked to the enemy, or at the enemy. The best saying got the award for the night.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no hero and I was not one then. I was just a dumb fucking kid that spend 365 and a wake up scared and wanting to piss, vomit and shit all the time the fear was so bad. A dumb fucking buck sergeant with some good men, no we were just boys, and those boys were the hero’s. I wrote a good number of them up for awards. One I was proud of was the Distinguished Service Cross and a few Silver Stars, and Bronze Stars with “V” devices. I am not sure how many were awarded but I sure liked writing my men up and we had a good Lt from Hudson High [West Point to you civilians] who took real good care of us and passed them on with his highest approval. I have seen him a few times since then, made General he did. Well back to my phone call.

While not a winner, “Fuck You Asshole” was an all time standard and favorite, so I used it.

“Fuck You Asshole” is what I said and I hung up. There are just some times you hate progress and one of those things I hated at that moment was speed dial and tone instead of pulse dialing. The phone rang again almost immediately.

Well back to the game. Who ever came up with the most memorable phrase to be used on the bad guys got a free beer from the rest of us, so I stole another one that got a free beer.

“Listen asshole go back and fuck that doggy cock licking two bit whore you call mommy and leave me the hell alone.” Then I hung up again.

Yes he was a lawyer, he could actually find the speed dial two times in a row. I picked it up, “Isn’t it time you went back to eating your brothers shit off you daddy’s cock? Don’t forget to swallow but leave a bit for daddy to lick out of your mouth.” That was a two beer winner back in the day.

I waited. After 365 and a wake up to get back in the world this buck sergeant had a shit load of nasty things to say and for every occasion, although I never used them around my wife or the kids.

Sure enough there was a fourth call. I looked at caller I.D. and it was the Vegas area code. I reached for the phone on the second ring and it stopped ringing. He never called back. Evidently chest hair and his buds had done this before, a lot of times before. The story hit the news, nothing specific about me and my girls, but other women had started coming out of the woodwork. The only raping that would be going on in their future would be anal, and chest hair and his buds would be on the receiving end.

I did go to that shelter I mentioned and did make a lot of things and helped with the kids and some young mothers. They did a security check on me and I was clean so I was allowed to play daddy to a bunch of the cutest little creatures I had ever seen, except for my own family. To me the terrible two’s means babies getting a personality and learning boundaries. I never lost sight of the fact that up to the age of ten we were not dealing with adults in little bodies but babies in bigger bodies and I treated them like that. They needed training and guiding and someone who could let them get a full head of steam sometimes and at other times needed to be kept under more control. Damn I loved kids.

It was about three months later and I was finally through the first reading of the books my girls had listed for me and was about to do it a second time when the phone rang.

“Hello is this Matthew Franklin?” I hate phone calls like that. You either fucking know who you are calling or you don’t. I do not suffer fools at all, much less lightly.

“What do you want?” was my reply.

“Is this Matthew Franklin?” was their reply. Mine was to hang up.

We played that game for a few rounds until they got the hint. The next time they called it was “Mr. Franklin, this is Josh – - something I did not get his last name and did not care – - and I am an associate producer of a reality program.” I listened and there was nothing. “Mr. Franklin, are you there?”

I said I was but I had not heard anything but the last question to comment on. I hate fucking phone calls sometimes. “What do you fucking want?” I finally said.

“Well Mr. Franklin, it is confidential and we are not at liberty to discuss it over the phone. And – - – “I hung up. This was bull shit.

After my hanging up a few more times; OK sometimes I am a grumpy old man and I do get a perverse sort of pleasure in fucking with people who piss me off.

“Mr. Franklin, please don’t hand up I have someone here who wants to talk to you. Please don’t hang up.” What the hell it was something new so I waited.

Soon I heard a very low tentative voice. “Matty please don’t hang up.” The only people on earth that ever called me Matty was my girls.

“Marie is that you?” I was almost desperate in my asking.

“Matty, it’s sissy.” The voice said.

“Rosa, is that you?” I knew the voice but I was not sure.

Then I heard them. I used to call it stereo. When they wanted to really play me they both said things at the same time so I got it in both ears at once. It was stereo. “Matty, it’s sissy,” both of them said at once. I loved stereo. They never left character, they never ever told me which one was which, even over the phone. Sissy was their way of saying, “It is one of us deal with it.”

“Sissy what the hell is going on? Where are you? Why did you leave me without a word?” It just flooded out.

“What are you talking about Matty, we left you a letter, and it was at the front desk.” sissy said.

“I never got it.” I said with sudden sadness. “I never got it.”

“Matty we all have to see you. Matty, you are going to be mad at us. We are so sorry, but can you please come and see us? They will send a car and get you but please we are here in town so please Matty?”

“Give me the address and I will meet you tomorrow” was all I said. They went back and forth about sending a car but I hated to be without transport of my own and at their mercy, so the next day at ten o’clock in the morning I was down in Brentwood at their offices.

I decided that the hayseed approach was not the best idea so I went as Mr. Businessman. It was one of those building that required you to be searched to get in. I hate being searched. I called their number on my cell and told them if they wanted to talk with me face to face they better have someone get their ass down here and get me around this because I was not going to be searched to go into a non fucking government building where I did not want to be in the first place. Less than two minutes later the head of security escorted me around the screening area and to the elevators and pushed the button for me. I was polite and so was he.

I walked into an office and some grinning fools was there who started to talk a mile a minute. I stopped him. “Where are Marie and Rosa? If they are not here I’m not here.” I waited and Marie and Rosa came into the room.

I wanted to jump up and hug them but I waited, their body language was strange. I took a step and stopped. They had their heads down a little but were nervously looking at me. Finally I could not stand it, bull shit with body language and holding back. Two steps and I had them both in my arms and I gave them each a pretty good kiss.

I took a step back, I was so happy to see them I was almost giddy. I was really too old for this shit but I did not care. I took a good look, a real good look. They looked the same except they were not as big as they were. Don’t get me wrong they were still big girls, maybe 160 but not an ounce over that and I know they did not lose all of that in three months.

They took me by my hands and we were back in stereo again. “Matty, please sit down we have to tell you something.” This was not good. This was far to close to “We have to talk.”

“Matty when we first met you we did not think it would be anything like it was. You were just another guy looking at another fat chick for a reality TV show we were working on.”

Now I was pissed, reality TV show? What the fuck was this, so I sat there fuming but I let them go on. They were each talking, taking up the slack for the other when one took a breath.

“Matty you were the only one that looked at us like real people not a fat girl with a nice face or pretty eyes. You did not care about weight; you seemed to see right through the weight. In a way you were right. We are big girls but they put us in fat suits. We told you the truth about everything except our weight. We never lied to you. We did not want to leave you with just a letter but we had no choice so we gave it to the associate producer to give to the front desk and you should have gotten it.”

“Matty we need your help again. The show with you in it is their best, and they need your permission to air it.”

Right about then I am going to blow my stack. I just looked at them and said “You played me.” They looked down and they were not just embarrassed but sad. “Are your names even Marie and Rosa?” They shook their heads no.

Then stuffed shirt at the end of the table started to speak. I just looked at him. “Give me my letter you jerk.” I think I surprised him with that and he got this resigned look on his face and reached into his stack of papers and took the letter out and slid it down the table. My girls were in shock but I knew the minute they said producer that the asshole had never given it to the desk. I put it into my pocket without opening it. “Now what asshole?” I asked.

He went into his speech. Needed authorizations, minor thing, maybe a few bucks in it for me. Just a formality.

I have been in negotiations before and figured he needed me and the bar fight was probably the best since the rapist and his buddies were going down big time in a month or so when the sentencing took place.

“How much you paying my girls?” I asked.

He told me and it was not nearly enough. The money on this one was going to be a killer. Hell their show caught a serial rapist gang and I told him that. And my girls were going to get a ride on the train. I gave him a figure that he choked on. Then I demanded residuals including syndication bucks and someone had to bring him a pill for his ulcer. Finally he agreed. After I got his agreement I made sure he understood it for that amount for all three of us as individuals and he said yes. Then I told him my share would go to my girls, in an equal split. Effectively it upped their amounts way high. But he had a big pie and we were only going to get a little slice.

While he had his secretary make the changes I talked to the girls. “You played me and I don’t like that, but I guess I understand. After all I never got hurt by you. So I want you to enjoy your lives,” I said as I patted my envelope. I also want you to know that my ‘dear diary entry’ will be as follows. ‘Correction to Vegas trip. Girls are – - not as described – - apparently are now – - smaller and to be described as soft bodies – - but still the most beautiful eyes and faces I have ever seen. Still best trip in a long time, will never forget them.’”

Just as I finished talking to them the papers were presented to me. I looked at Josh and asked if this room was being recorded and he said it was. I told him I expected this document was as we discussed and if he lost this tape I would be very upset. I looked at the figures and signed the document.

I started to walk out and the girls were on me. First one got a hug and a kiss and then the other. Yes I was getting a chubby and one of them looked down and whispered, I think he likes us. “He is my age girls; he is too old for you.” And then I left.

I read the letter when I got home. I cried. There is no need to disclose the contents, but they moved me, my girls moved me and there was no reason for that to ever happen and it did. I was in love and so were they. They said everything that needed to be said.

It was a few days later that I was contacted by another producer named Ben. Apparently Ben had been in touch with my girls. They wanted to reward me with a cruise and a sixty day vacation. Inside the letter was a first class ticket to Florida, first class accommodations on a cruise to Europe. Some travel time in the Mediterranean with excursions into Spain, France and Italy, with the same accommodations on the homeward trip.

Inside the letter was a private sealed envelope. My girls hoped that this would make up for their bad manners and they thought this would be the best trip in my life, and theirs. A car would pick me up and take me to the airport, please don’t drive myself; it would be dumb they said.

So I talked to my family. I finally came clean about the Vegas trip and told them about the bar fight and it was going to be on a TV show and that I was going to get a trip as compensation and I would be leaving soon for sixty days at sea and in Europe.

I got in touch with a travel service and found out what I would need for sixty days of first class travel. On the appointed day and time a car arrived and I pointed out the bags and they were loaded up we headed for the airport. I was dressed in a light grey suit and tie. I know I over did it some but this was first class and I intended to be first class about the trip.

At the airport I waited in the lounge and just wanted to see who my fellow flyers might be. Not buying it are you? No I wanted to see if my girls were there. Not a sight. An hour later we got the boarding call. I was asked to wait even though I was first class and had an assigned seat. As one of the last ones to board I was shown to my seats. There were actually three across in one location instead of the normal two.

I looked down at the empty isle seat. “You’re in my seat” I said. Both of my girls looked up and smiled. I repeated myself.

Pretty soon sissy in the window seat replied she liked the window but she would share it with me. I could take it now and she could have it the last half.

“No” I replied. She looked at me. “That is not the seat I want.” The other sissy looked up from the center seat and smiled, as did her sister. I still could not tell them apart.

The stewardess tried to intervene and say that my seat was assigned but we did not pay attention to her. I handed her my coat and asked her to put it away for the trip. Sissy stood and started to walk past me. Not going to happen. I may be old but I’m not stupid. I dropped down in the isle seat and slid her over me as I slid under her very nice ass into the center. I got a smile from her as we completed the move. My arm was around her waist; it was surprisingly small, pulled her to me and kissed her, a real sexy kiss. I turned to the window and got the same from her sister.

We spent the flying time being pampered and playing games with each other. There was some talking, very quiet talking and touching, a lot of touching. Nothing too overt in the touching, but enough to give me a five hour woody and both of them with the headlights on high.

Why they thought I was a good catch I will never know but damn if they wanted a broken old man I would help them out. We were off the flight first and put into a golf cart and taken to the curb where we got into a car for the ship. We had nothing to worry about; the bags were already taken care of.

We had a huge stateroom on the upper deck with a great balcony view, a dining area, two bedrooms, huge bath, you name it we had it. And I don’t mean one of those small places either. I mean a state room.

Sissy, and when I use that term I just mean one of the girls, I never could figure out who was Marie and who was Rosa, so I began to use what they used, they called each other sissy. Anyway sissy took care of telling the cabin boy where to put things and the other sissy and I took a walk. It did not take long until I had both with me.

There was going to be a meet and greet later so I took a shower and let the girls do their thing and I would get dressed last. It was about an hour later that they came out. We were not going to go to the meet and greet at least not the one the ship was having.

My two soft bodies were wearing matching outfits, what there was of them. See through teddy’s, pink, garters, nylons, heals, no panties at all. I was there in my boxers and a robe and I was out of the robe and had them in the bedroom in less than ten seconds.

First we had a scrum; it was bodies entangled in bodies. We kissed, licked and sucked every place we could find. One of my girls took hold of Jr. and the next thing I knew he was in a very wet warm place and I had a set of beautiful eyes looking at me with a full mouth. I told her I was a few years behind in the action department and I was not going to last long this time. She said she was sorry, but not to me. She told sissy “I’m sorry was I hogging him” and her sister took over. In less than a minute they were both sharing a very large dose of cum and drinking every bit. I kissed them both and started my downward journey. There was some movement and someone had my cock in their mouth about the same time I found a very wonderfully tasting pussy. When it pulled away another one found its way to my mouth. The girls were used to sharing and they shared me between them. Since it had been so long for me I was ready to go again and I did. This time it was real sex. There is nothing like a woman with a nice wet pussy and both had them. We would kiss first one then the other. I had my hands full of some very nice identical “C” cup breasts, and they frequently found their way into my mouth.

I was stroking into sissy when I found the spot. Actually I was looking for it. They don’t hide it guys, if you look for it and pay attention you are going to find it. They will even help you by moving around under you until you get to it. So pay attention. She started moaning and as she did her sister started a tongue dual with me. I was sliding into a silk sheath and then moving out. Sissy with the kissing was preventing me from seeing the other action. When I finally went down to the kissers breasts and started nibbling I realized what was happening. Sissy was sitting on her sister’s face.

I was not sure how this was going to play out but I was in the game until the end. I pushed her off her sister, I want to share I said as I rolled over onto my back, pulled my lover over with my cock still in her, which was no easy task as we weighted the same, and then made sissy ride the horsey and the other got the face.

I had always dreamed of two twins one on my face and the other on my cock and I was going to love to live this one out. I had my hands full of woman the clothes were all gone it was just hot wet skin. I could feel the one on my cock was playing with her sisters tits, and she knew exactly what to do. I could not see very much because I was now pulling a very nice wet pussy down onto my tongue and sucking a very nice fat clit into my mouth.

I could feel face sitting sissy hit her cum and shake a little. Then cock sissy got up and they changed places. There is nothing like the taste of a pussy wet from a good fucking, provided it is your own good fucking. She went catatonic when I started sucking her clit and then cock sissy hit a second and that caused me to shoot.

We had been at it for about forty minutes and I had come twice and my girls, well I’m not sure. Their talking was sexy as hell too.

“Sissy he just shot off inside of me. It was a lot too.” Cock sitting sissy said.

Then face sissy turned on my face, bent down at the waist and said “Let me have a taste” I want some.

I thought she was going to suck my cock but instead she started licking her sister’s pussy. How did I know, her sister told her to keep licking her pussy. Well this was my pussy too, they both were and I intended to claim it. So I moved her off me and turned and joined her for a snack at the “Y.”

Even though she was full of my cum I still ate her with her sister; after all it was mine. She bent over and suck my cock clean and then headed for her sisters pussy. I was forgotten for the moment, but I needed the break anyway.

Watching them make love was too much and I got a woody again. Hell I’m 68 not 18, but sure enough there he was standing tall. I might be using up my allocation of woody’s but where the hell else was I going to use them? Soon I had him firmly inside of a never cum in, by me, pussy. I was doing a slow doggy on the one eating the cum filled pussy and her sister under her was doing her best to lick my cock as it slid in and out of her sister. It was not the best angle to find a “G” spot but not impossible and once found never to be forgotten. She hit the high note for me and collapsed onto her sister. I sat back proud of myself and wishing I had a doggy bag to take my hard cock home in to use a different time. Oh well, such is life.

A second later I heard one of my girls say “Waste not want not” and soon I was laying on a soft body, not wasting anything at all. A slow constant motion did the trick and when she went over her sister took her place again. They were kissing each other and me. Hands and fingers were everywhere. I was close but I was going to hold off because I could tell she was close again too. She could feel the change and knew what I was doing.

“Come in your pussy Matty” was all she had to say and I gave her what was left from my balls. “You can have it as much as you want, whenever you want. Come for me, come for us Matty.”

Hell what man can stop when he hears that?

Soon I was on my back in the middle of a woman sandwich. “Not bad for an old man” one of them said from my right. “Not bad for any man,” came the reply from my left. I was back to feeling like a big dog again.

It was kissing and touching for the next few minutes until I fell asleep. Not sure about my girls, but I fell asleep.

I woke up an hour later and they were awake lying next to me. “I love you” I said to the sissy to my left and I kissed her. “I love you” I said to my sissy to my right and I kissed her too.

They did not say anything but started kissing me and each other. Next I was in a breast feeding orgy of soft titty flesh. I had legs all over me and I was feeling every inch of their skin.

Woody had taken a nap and was not going to be satisfied with only an hour of rest. My girls laughed when I said that. They pulled me up and we took a bath together. It was crowded but we are pretty close so no offense was given or taken. Having gotten clean we decided to see the ship. I had a woman on each arm or in each hand, as the occasion was.

We had a casual dinner and later received an invitation to eat at the Captains table the next evening. We had brought clothes for it too. A ship can take a lot of baggage and we brought a lot.

We had some talking to do. It was during our talk that the girls told me they loved me. It was not during the throws of passion, it was during the time we were actually talking with our brains in operation and not our hormones. I was in love and I repeated my love to each of them. Now we had a problem, but they had thought it out and with my permission would take the first part and put it into action. A phone call to a law office was all that was needed and part one was in play.

The next part was even easier. I got Ben’s number and gave him a call. He came to our cabin. We spoke and figured out how we were going to do things. Ben was one of the good guys. This would be his first solo venture. He had a camera woman, who just happened to be his wife, she worked cheap. It had been his investment that got this show going. He needed footage and we intended to give it to him. But I insisted that it not be a XXX or even a soft R, it had to be a “G” rating all the way. He agreed. He even agreed to the secrecy clause.

I came up with a few ideas as did my girls and his wife and Ben talked about them. Soon they said they were great ideas, but they did not have the money to get the job done that way. So I came up with the money for a piece of the action. From that point on I concentrated on my girls and Ben and his wife Helen did their thing.

When we got to Spain we got off the ship and took to some sightseeing. We caught the ship again in north Italy after seeing the French Rivera. Then we went to Florence and went onto the Ponte Vecchio, the 400 year old bridge which is the center of the Florentine gold mart. There I bought three wedding rings and two engagement rings. The engagement rings were identical as were the wedding bands.

On the way back we stopped in Gibraltar where we received some very important documents sent from the U.S.

Each day was perfect. We made love and ate and slept and got filmed. At night I was a man of my word. The first day had been an aberration, but I did it a few more times until my girls put a stop to it.

At night we three made love and I could hold a hard with the best of them. At my age the sense of touch may not be as exciting so rubbing did not effect me as much as it did when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong here, if they wanted to they could bring me off like a cannon. One would just start some sweet sucking and the other would follow and the next thing I knew there was a wet pussy in my face and I was shooting off like a school boy with his first ever porno. They would laugh a little when they did it and tell me it was just so I would understood who the real boss in the sex department was.

But I understood payback and more than once they got a morning orgasm brought on by a severe tongue lashing and a bit of nipping and sucking too.

But at night I seemed always to wake up in the middle of the night horny as hell. I was still between two sexy women and I would roll over and with a hand full of woman would just have to give it a try. I would always get a warm kiss and a lot more too. Sex was never denied but the sisters did keep track, so when I heard “its sissy’s turn” I knew to roll the other way into the arms of my loving woman. It was never long, maybe an hour or so but it was always wonderful.

We stopped at one of the islands for two days, which one is not important. My girls and I and Helen and Ben got off with some bags. Later that day we got back on everyone had a big smile. It was time for a celebration.

By this time the TV program had been shown and everyone on board the ship realized who my girls were. They were deluged with well wishers and requests for autographs. That was the most surprising part. People who got the autographs were confused but were still happy to get them.

Soon we got home and the family met us at the airport. Now the surprise was really going on. Ben and Helen were part of the group now filming everything.

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