Anna had expected some of the rules on the list. She was to do as she was told quickly and without question. She wasn’t to contact him; he would contact her when he was ready for her. She wasn’t allowed to talk about it to anybody, ever. Everything that was going on was of her own free will and that she was always to lick and suck him clean when he was finished with her. He’d told her all that two knights ago.

She could have guessed that he wouldn’t allow her to be affectionate with him in public. Anna hadn’t expected that he would be inviting his friends over and that they were due the same respect and privileges with her that he was. She didn’t know she’d be expected to go with anybody he told her to either. Both of those prospects filled her with both fear and excitement and she wasn’t sure which one was greater. The idea of marching over and telling him that this farce of a relationship was over lasted maybe fifteen minutes before she realized she had no intention of saying no to Alfred.

Anna had been expecting some rules about a dress code. Even her former boyfriends who’d had much less control over her had ‘requested’ that she wear only short skirts and tight tops. She barely owned anything that was decent for mixed company anymore. Thanks to her most recent boyfriend she had a complete set of My Little Pony Panties and lots of brightly colored thigh high socks that were admittedly extremely cute. There didn’t seem to be any other rules about what she was and wasn’t allowed to do and she’d expected something like that but that was all the rules.

The second page had been instructions for what she had to do. When Anna saw that she’d been given instructions she immediately knew that it was going to involve her dressing up and coming over to let him do something to her. The instructions were clear that she was to complete the current step before reading the next but a few hundred dollar bills fluttering out forced her to accidently read the first three steps all at the same time spoiling a bit of the surprise. At least it would have but in his old age Alfred hadn’t really given instructions that were easily separated. Step one was to retrieve his car keys from a fake rock in front of her house, the second was to take his car-which seemed obvious from step one- and step three was to go to the mall. If she’d made a list of things he might demand of her going to the mall with five hundred dollars wasn’t even on the possible list, much less the probable one.

Just because he hadn’t told her to dress up to go the mall wasn’t actually a reason not to. Without knowing what the rest of her activities were going to be Anna wriggled her way into a pair of khakis that forced her to wear a thong or have lines. She chose a plain black tee and a pair of matching heels. She had a pretty good idea for what she was being given money to purchase so she went without a bra simply to speed up the process. Usually when men wanted to buy her clothing they wanted to be there with her so they could see her try them on. Apparently the old man enjoyed being surprised. That was just fine with Anna since she really wasn’t quite sure if she could handle him trying to take her in the dressing room just yet.

The idea though warmed her entire body. She could see exactly how he’d have her leaned up against the mirror forcing her to watch her own expressions as he took her from behind. He’d leave her panties and pants around her ankles. He’d have to cover her mouth to keep her from crying out and he’d probably take her slow and deep, lifting her up onto the very tips of her toes with each thrust.

Anna hoped he was watching right then because the thought of him fucking her in public forced her to peel her khakis off, turning them inside out in her rush. Putting her face down on her pillow and pushed her ass up. Her fingers were immediately thrust between her slick lips. He must have been watching because she it didn’t take long for her to drive herself to an orgasm that left her thighs quivering beneath her. Even after her orgasm had finished washing over her she remained like that with her bared haunches facing the window for anybody, including hopefully Alfred, to see. It took almost five minutes before she was able to pull herself together and get her legs to obey enough to get back into her pants and on her way.

Alfred didn’t drive a car. He drove what Anna would normally have thought was over compensation for coming up a little shy between the legs. He wasn’t lacking there, he was actually quite adequate if nothing to run around bragging about. Certainly not the kind of person you’d expect to see with a black pick up truck that actually had stairs come out when you opened the door so you could climb up into it.

The mall was only about ten or fifteen minutes away. At least that’s how long it would have taken Anna in her mother’s car but she was terrified of the beastly vehicle that didn’t seem much like it was under her control. It reminded her a little of when she’d gone horseback riding as a girl and found out by getting bucked and breaking her arm that horses don’t so much do as you tell them as take it under advisement and then do whatever the hell they want. The truck lurched forward with even the slightest tap on the gas and snapped to a sudden stop with the same gentle touch to the breaks. She didn’t trust it on the freeway. If she hadn’t been trying so hard not to get jerked around by the vehicle she probably wouldn’t have hit each and every one of the thirty seven lights -she was frustrated enough to count- between her and the mall.

The moment she was in the parking lot she pulled into the very first spot she could find and stopped to fumble with her instruction. There was nothing confusing at all about what was written down but she couldn’t imagine that was what he’d actually meant to write down. It read, “Go to Trianna’s and ask them for the full treatment.” Trianna’s was the day spa and massage parlor. She’d wanted to go since they first opened but even their minimum package was seventy five dollars, more than she had to spare for a quick rub down. She’d heard stories from the women that had been though and if the stories were to be believed Trianna’s massages were better than sex.

It was difficult to keep from skipping through the mall. The guys in the mall were certainly noticing the bounce in her step, and not just because she’d chosen to go braless. She knew she was giggling lightly and must have been very nearly glowing. When she arrived at Trianna’s there was no line, not that she’d ever much of a line to get in. The clerk, a petite Asian woman with flat black hair just smiled and took her to the back explaining that she knew what she had to be there for. It was written all over her face.

Anne thought she saw a greenish glimmer in the woman’s eyes but it had to have been some kind of trick of the light because it was gone as quickly as she saw it. Either that or she was so excited that she was seeing things, either way the woman’s eyes were clearly a fairly common shade of brown. It must have just been excitement since Anne also swore she didn’t remember the soothing but very odd music playing until after the woman lead her into the private room.

The woman finally introduced herself as Tali. Tali told Anne she should remove her garments and then lay face down on the table and then left. Anne blushed slightly suddenly regretting that she hadn’t at least worn a thong beneath her khakis but it was too late to do anything about that and there was no guarantee they would have let her keep them anyway. “It’s not any different from gym.” Anne thought to herself. She carefully stripped down and got onto the massage table with her face pressed through the donut like hole and staring at the floor.

It was starting to become a little concerning for Anne how easily she saw things that might not be there and completely missed things that were in this place. It had started with that impossible glimmer in the woman’s eyes, continued with the enchanting music she could already feel coaxing her into that comforting place right on the edge drowsiness. It was like she was hovering just outside her body. Now she was suddenly noticing that the entire floor was a giant mosaic.

Art wasn’t really something that Anne had much an eye for but if she had to guess it was some kind of South American art. She even recognized a few of the animals depicted in what appeared to be a story but other than there was a boy who was apparently also a jaguar and a girl who was also a spider she couldn’t fathom what the story was about at all. It, along with the soft music however was distracting enough that she didn’t even hear Tali and a man she’d later went by the name of Richius had entered the room.

“Is this your first time?” The tone of Tali’s voice suggested she already knew the answer to her question. She didn’t sound surprised in the least when Anne said that it was. In fact Anne thought for a moment that her voice sounded oddly melodic. “Good. Then just relax. You’ll enjoy this quite a bit. I’ll be back to get you in one hour. Richius will take very good care of you.”

Richius was surprisingly strong. The moment he touched her Anne could feel the raw power behind his hands. He could have done anything with those hands. He could pull her over his knee and spank her like a child or wrap his fingers around her throat and wait until she begged him for mercy. He could pin her to the ground and manhandle her like a rag doll.

“Oh God.” Anne had no earthly idea which words she was keeping in her head and which she was exclaiming aloud. She sincerely hoped however that she was completely silent other than the low approving moans she knew she was giving. “Why does it excite me that he could abuse me?” Richius was spouting something about tension in her shoulders and Anne could definitely feel something between his thumbs but her focus was on his fingers which seemed to be steadily closing around her throat.

His touch was nothing like Alfred’s. Alfred was gentle and by comparison almost shy. Richius by contrast was deliciously digging his fingers into her flesh. He left her shoulders and went down each arm paying special attention to her elbows which forced audible squeals from her lips. Anne shuddered as his hands worked down her back. When he reached her waist Anne envisioned him lifting her up and throwing her against the wall where he’d savagely fuck her from behind. His hands kneading into her buttocks raised the idea of him pinning her beneath him and taking her ass. She kick, claw and cry and he wouldn’t care. He’d just fuck her until he was satisfied and when he was he’d leave her with his cum oozing out of her raw fucked rectum. She knew as soon as his fingers gripped her thighs that he’d have no problem forcing them apart. The only thing Anne would be able to do would be cry but she wouldn’t be able to stop him. Richius fingers around her calves brought sudden fantasies of him ripping her off the table and dragging her into another room.

The disturbing part was as much as she wanted to deny it the idea of him just taking her was thrilling. Anne couldn’t deny the fact that she was getting wet each time a new way he could violate her came to mind. She didn’t want to be excited by that, her entire life she’d always been the one in control. Boys came to her; they did what she said, when she said it, because she said it. Alfred was the first man to tell her anything and now she was having fantasies about this complete stranger forcing himself on her.

“Is everything okay miss?” Richius was currently working the soles of her feet. Anne didn’t quite trust her voice but she couldn’t nod with her face trapped in the donut hole so she forced an affirming grunt out. He worked each toe individually before moving back up her legs. “This will hurt but only for a second.” He warned. He played both hands at the base of her spine and pushed down. He wasn’t lying about it hurting. Anne felt her vertebrae popping one after the other in a painful jolt by the time she could cry out the pain was gone and replaced with a bliss that felt like her body was melting.

“Oh my.” Anne whispered. She was hardly aware of anything for a while after that.

Anne had no idea how much time had passed when she was jolted back from her blissful nirvana and back into reality by his hands groping her ass. “What are you doing?” She whispered still far too relaxed to do more than slightly turn her head. He was pulling her cheeks apart and running his thumbs along her crack occasionally pausing at her asshole.

“I am getting your ready miss.” Richius replied so casually that Anne almost forgot to ask what she was being prepped for. “You’re joking right? Don’t you know what the Full Treatment is for?” She responded that she didn’t and Richius laughed softly. “The Full Treatment is for women and occasionally men, who desire to please their lovers anally.”

“What?” Anne started pushing herself up from the table only to have Richius gently push her back down. “Let me go.” She protested but she wasn’t trying to resist him in the least.

“Relax miss and just listen for a moment. If you want to leave I’m not going to stop you but you will not receive a refund and I imagine whoever sent you here will be very disappointed.”

Anne’s heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t thought much about Alfred since getting to the mall but he had sent her here. He must have known what this place really was and he hadn’t sent her with hundreds of dollars by accident. “Go on.” At least now she had a clue what he planned to do with her next. That dirty old man was still a man it seemed and like the boys she’d known he wanted her ass. Unlike nearly every boy who’d ever asked her for that the pervert was going to get it.

It was suddenly insulting that he’d given her money and sent her to the mall. She wasn’t sure if he was treating her like a whore, a prostitute or just a common pet but whatever it was it was galling. It didn’t make sense how after just one chance meeting in the rain that she was letting him treat her this way. “Why am I letting him do this?” Anne thought silently.

Those thoughts were pushed aside when Richius went back to work forcing a thumb up her ass. Anne back instantly arched and her eyes shot open. Despite Richius telling her to relax she was doing no such thing. It didn’t hurt; it was far from the first time someone had played with her before. She could barely remember the last time someone had been so bold with her. Almost immediately she found herself backing up against his hand trying to drive him a little deeper into her each time.

“Okay, I think it’s time we moved onto the next step miss.” Richius said pushing her back down onto the table and removing his thumb. With her face back in the hole Anne could only hear what he was doing. Something slid open and he was rustling around in it for a few moments. This next part usually works better if you get up on your knees miss.”

“My name is Anne.” She was trying to sound annoyed but she knew she was failing at that.

“Okay Anne. Well some women find that it helps if they . . . play with themselves while we do this.” Anne looked over her shoulder at Richius. She’d never seen a butt plug before in person, she’d seen them in some of her boyfriend’s porn videos and most of those had been comically huge. This one was almost cute. It was maybe four inches long and not too thick. Richius was being more than generous coating it with enough lube that it glistened.

Anne couldn’t stop herself from gripping the table and biting down on her lower lip in anticipation. She wasn’t sure if Richius was intentionally dragging every moment out as long as he could. For Anne it seemed like it took an eternity before he even touched the firm rubber toy against her anus. It didn’t take much pressure before it that tight ring of muscle started to stretch and give way. Anne’s eyes screwed shut. Her sphincter continued stretching wider and wider until it finally slipped completely into her except the base.

“Is that it?” Anne asked wiggling her rump suggestively at Richius. She felt full. It was an oddly pleasant sensation that already had her head swimming again.

“That’s it. That wasn’t so bad was it?” Richius said with a smirk. He had angled himself slightly away from her. “That’s the Full Treatment. Leave it for a while so you can get used to how it feels being stretched open. It’ll make things a lot easier for you and your lover.” Anne rolled over into a sitting position. “You should probably give yourself an enema when you get home and then go find your lover. If he’s a big guy we have so,” Richius paused mid sentence. He knew the look Anne was giving him. “I’m sorry, believe me I’d love to but we have strict rules.”

“Fine.” Anne glowered then walked over to her clothing pulling them back on doing her best not to look angry. “Is there anything else I should know?” Richius told her there would be a bag waiting for her at the front desk.

Anne didn’t mean to stomp her way out of the room and back into the lobby. She barely heard Tali wishing her a good afternoon and thrusting the bag at her. Anne noticed enough to grab the bag on her way back into the mall. She was halfway back to her exit when she remembered to check the list. It turned out to be a good thing too since the next thing on the list was getting a manicure and pedicure. Both of those activities were surprise free other than the fact that she would never have chosen sky blue on her own.

“There are definitely worse ways to spend a day.” Anne thought to herself when she finished with her nails and checked her list. The instructions she’d received had been more than a little beyond unusual. She was still waiting for the part with a bikini wax at least but after her nails she was to get something to eat if she hadn’t already. She had but it was nice that he’d thought to make sure that she ate. The last two things on the list instructed her to buy herself a new swimsuit and get herself off in the pool.

Nothing in the note said anything about her fucking three college boys but he didn’t have to write that part. Alfred wasn’t an idiot; he had to know exactly what was going to happen. If the boys so much as hinted their interest she was going to devour them whether she liked it or not.

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