It was almost the end of another ordinary day, in a very ordinary life. It was a cold, crisp November evening in the small English town that had been Julie Lovell’s home for the past twelve years. Twelve boring years stuck in a routine of monotony & regulation. Hell, her life was like groundhog day and the occasional weekend breaks away to see her parents or sister were the only times she got out of town to help break free from her safe, boring, regimented life.

Thinking about it, going to visit family in neighbouring towns was hardly a trip to foreign shores, whisked away at the last minute by a romantic admirer who’d been in pursuit for several weeks, despite her teasing and feigning disinterest. Now that was the sort of excitement and fun that she needed in her life right now. Still, she had her wild imagination and king-sized bed to look forward to sinking into later. Right now, she needed to get her heeled shoes off of her aching feet and run a hot, steaming bath.

Julie kicked off the sources of her pain and let out a small sigh of relief before ascending the stairs of her two storey flat. She turned the gold effect taps, inserted the plug in its hole and lowered herself onto the edge of her larger than average bath (a little luxury she had afforded herself being taller than average and spending time most nights in there). She peeled off her stockings and after removing her suspenders, she sauntered into the bedroom and over to the laundry basket in the corner. She looked out of the window and could make out the figures below of people scurrying to their homes and cars after a hard days work, just as she had done little more than half an hour before. She lowered her Venetian blind, blocking out the dark picture of distant bustle and paused at the full length mirror on her way back to the bathroom.

She stared at her tired face and wished the anti-wrinkle creams that she’d been using religiously for the last several years had done their job properly. She smiled ruefully to herself as she studied the bags under her eyes and then allowed herself to survey the rest of her body. She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor behind her, exposing her black push up bra and naked lower torso. Not too bad for a 45 year old spinster she thought, more in keeping with the figure of a twenty-something than a middle aged woman.

Her breasts were full and still quite firm and when she unfastened the clasp at the back of her bra and unhooked the straps from over her shoulders, they descended only a couple of centimetres and sat proudly on her slender upper-body. Finally she removed her black, knee length skirt and comfortable knickers and made her way back to the bathroom.

Once ready, she slid into the steaming, foamy water and once her naked body was fully submerged, she rested her head and closed her eyes. It wasn’t long before Julie Lovell drifted to sleep.

She awoke with a start and it took a few seconds for her to realise where she was. She suddenly got the impression she wasn’t alone. Was that a noise coming from outside? She froze for several seconds, not wanting to make a sound. A minute or two passed and nothing. She breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at her watch on the shelf at the side of the bath. Seven o’clock. She figured she’d been asleep for about twenty minutes.

Her stomach was starting to cry out for food and so she quickly washed herself, stepped out of the bath and grabbed her red towel robe which was hanging off the back of the door.

As she passed her bedroom door, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. This time, she definitely heard something. She stood absolutely still until she heard the clunking noise once again. It seemed to be coming from outside her bedroom window. It was someone moving about out there. Someone or something was on the fire escape! She nervously walked back over to her bedroom window, her heart racing, and pulled the chord on her Venetian blind to open the shutters so that she could see out onto the fire escape just to the left of her bedroom window.

She was immediately blinded by a shining light and automatically closed her eyes and turned her head away to avoid the sudden glare. It took a few seconds for the bright beam to subside and when she looked back up at the window, she was greeted by the sight of a man with his raincoat pulled open, naked underneath, now gleaming what was obviously a torch onto his exposed manhood.

Rather than turn away in disgust, Julie Lovell stared at the sight beholding her and was somewhat impressed. In fact, she hadn’t seen a cock as big as that in ten years!

Whether the man was startled by the fact that he hadn’t scared his admirer as intended or whether it was just the fact that he’d achieved his aim, he suddenly switched off his torch, pulled his coat back around his naked figure and hastily made his exit down the fire escape and off into the dark distance.

Julie dropped onto her bed and sat there for a few minutes, taking in what had just happened. She didn’t get a look at the flasher’s face, but judging by the speed of his movement and the shape of his body she figured that he was probably around ten years younger than herself. Nice and toned, strong legs and mmmm, that cock. No wonder he’d wanted to show it off to someone! She laughed out loud, partly to relieve the tension of what had just happened and partly in comic disbelief.

She gathered herself together and made her way back downstairs where she quickly prepared and cooked a hot pasta dish. She devoured it while watching some silly quiz show on TV and then decided to phone her sister to tell her what had happened.

Her sister, Claire, was a couple of years younger than Julie, but had been married for over twenty years and had two teenage children. Their lives were very different, yet they were best of friends and chatted at least two or three times a week on the phone. They liked to keep up with each others lives, thoughts and general gossip.

Julie recounted the story to her younger sister, not skimping on any of the detail, especially when it came to describing the flasher’s manhood.

“Sis, how can you find it so funny?” questioned Claire. “What happens if the freak had tried to break in? He could have attacked you.”

“Yeah, I know, but it was all over so quick and I’m pretty sure he just got a kick out of showing off to someone. No harm done.”

“You’re not thinking straight,” continued Claire. “What about if he comes back? I know you’re desperate for a bit of kinky fun in your life right now Jules, but he could seriously come back and try and rape you. What happens if he does it to someone a little less shock resistance than yourself? What if…”

“Ok, ok, point taken Claire. Thanks for putting those wonderful possibilities into my head. I’ll sleep much better now.”

“I’m just saying that you should be careful and report it to the police that’s all. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you or anyone else.”

Julie let out an exasperated sigh. Once again, she knew her sister’s sensible stance was the right one. She’d better call the police. “Alright Claire. I’ll ring the police. You never know, they may have a cock identity parade for me so that I can pick him out!”

“Honestly Jules! You’re insatiable! I’ll speak to you soon, take care won’t you?”

“Yeah, no problem sis. Love to Derek and the boys for me. Talk to you soon.”

She quickly dialled 999, requested police and held the line for a short moment before she was connected.

“Hello, this is the police. How can we be of assistance?”

Again, Julie recounted the events of earlier in the evening. She then gave a brief description of the flasher and her own details.

“I see Miss Lovell. Well, we’ll send someone round immediately,” announced the police operator’s voice.

“That won’t be necessary,” protested Julie. “I’m OK, really, there’s no need”.

“Oh, there’s every need Miss Lovell. We need a statement for starters. This is a very serious matter. Like I said, we’ll have someone round with you in the next hour.”

With that, the operator hung up. Typical, thought Julie, there goes my chance of an early night with my favourite vibrating mate. She sat down in front of the TV again and waited for the police to arrive. Except, she didn’t really watch any TV. Her mind kept wondering back to that lovely big cock that she’d had the pleasant surprise visit from earlier.

Only fifteen minutes had passed when the buzzer to Julie’s flat sounded.

“Hello,” said Julie pressing her intercom button.

“Hi,” came the response, “is that Miss Lovell? This is the police.”

Julie pressed the release button to open the main door downstairs and it was another minute before she heard a gentle knock at her door. She peered through the spy hole in her door and was surprised to see only one officer standing there. She thought they sent two people round on any domestic visits. Maybe she’d just gotten that impression from watching too many TV cop shows.

“Have you got any ID?” she asked.

The policeman held his ID card up to the spy hole for Julie to view. It looked genuine enough she thought, but how would you know if it wasn’t anyway? The thought stayed with her for only a short while as she opened the door to let the officer in.

Julie was immediately struck by how young the officer looked. She checked him out fully as he stepped into the apartment and removed his helmet, placing it under his right arm. She figured he was in his mid twenties, a tad over six foot, a little skinny, but kind of handsome looking. Not drop down dead gorgeous, but there was definitely something about him. Yes, very nice. She liked a man in uniform.

The young police officer spoke first. “Are you OK Ma’am?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. Like I said to the operator, there wasn’t really any need to send anybody.”

“Yeah, well, best to leave those kind of decisions to us Ma’am.”

“Oh, call me Julie,” she interjected.

“Sure. I got a brief run down of events from base but I need a statement and I’m going to need you to go through in as much detail as possible exactly what happened and what you saw.”

“Fine. Would you like a drink before I start?”

“Yeah, cup of tea would be great. Thanks”

Julie motioned to the table and chairs in her combined kitchen and dining room. “Take a seat then. Any sugar?”

“No thanks.”

“Can I ask you a question first?” Julie asked sheepishly.

The officer gave her a cheeky grin. “Depends on the question.”

“Well, don’t you normally come in pairs? You know, to peoples homes,” Julie quickly added.

“We like to if we can, but its not always possible. To be honest with you, this is the end of my first week out in the field. They don’t normally send novices like me on their own, but I was with the Sergeant when the call came through. He said it’d be good experience for me to come and take the statement myself and make sure you were looked after. He dropped me off and said he’d be back in about an hour as he’d got some business of his own to attend to. If we’re done sooner, I’ll radio him and go wait outside.”

“Oh, no. It’s bloody freezing out there tonight. I’ve got nothing planned anyway. Here’s your cuppa.”


Julie sat opposite the young policeman and for the third time that evening, recalled the events from earlier.

“Did you see his face?” asked the officer.

“No, he dazzled me with the torch and it was too dark out there. I couldn’t even tell you the colour of his hair, sorry.”

“It’s Ok. What about his clothes? Did he have anything else on other than the dark raincoat?”

“No. Just his raincoat and ankle boots. Hiking style I think they were. He was quite athletically built and I’d guess he would be in his mid thirties.”

“What makes you say that,” asked the officer inquisitively.

“Just an initial impression I suppose.”

“Fair enough. Anything else? Any distinguishing features? Was he carrying anything else other than the torch?”

“No, he wasn’t carrying anything, but there was one other thing.”

“Oh yeah. What’s that?”

“He had a rather large penis.”

Julie noticed the young officer’s face turn a bright shade of red as he buried his head in his notebook to enter the last bit of her statement. He then proceeded to take down the rest of Julie’s details and got her to sign the completed statement.

“If you think of anything else, you can contact the station on this number,” he said. He handed her a card with the address and phone number on and wrote on his own details.

“PC Powell eh? Got a nice ring to it that,” Julie teased. She couldn’t help herself. She had quickly warmed to him and had already decided that young PC Powell would do quite nicely for her evening fantasy. She could even imagine he had the cock of the flasher when she unzipped his trousers and eased it out. In fact, she was already feeling a little wet between her thighs.

“Tell me PC Powell. What’s your first name?”

He smiled at Julie as he got up from his chair to place his now empty cup back on the kitchen worktop. “Michael, but everyone calls me Mikey.”

Julie got up herself and slowly walked over to where Mikey was standing at the worktop. She let her robe open a little more at the top to expose a little cleavage and placed her cup next to his. “Care for another?” enquired Julie.

“Err, no thanks,” replied Mikey. “I’ll be needing to go pee every five minutes if I have any more tea tonight.”

She stayed close to him as they stood in silence for a moment. She swayed slightly as she leaned against the counter, only inches separating them. Mikey gave her a nervous smile. He could smell her. Sweet, enticing. He also couldn’t help but glance down at the opening in her robe and wonder what exactly was under there. She’d got nothing on her legs, that was for sure. Great breasts by the looks of it as well. He suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable and wished his propensity for older women would desert him when he was working. He really did need to concentrate on the task at hand. He smiled nervously again.

“Tea was great, thanks.”

“I know,” teased Julie. “You already thanked me once. How do you fancy a tart?”

“I bbbbeg your pardon,” stammered Mikey.

“Jam tart. Made them yesterday. Would you like one?”

“Oh. yeah, why not, go on then. Does your husband enjoy your cooking?” Mikey tried to ask innocently.

Julie tried to stop herself from getting too excited. She knew why he was asking the question but was he interested in her in a ‘making conversation’ kind of way or was he interested in her in a ‘I want to get you to bed’ kind of way?

“Husband, who said anything about a husband?” she purred.

“Oh, no one,” Mikey grinned. “I just assumed. You know, you’re of that sort of age and err, you look like you should have a husband.”

Julie giggled to herself as she bent down and got two jam tarts from the fridge. She spun back round, straightened her face and looked Mikey directly in the eyes as she sassily made her way back towards him.

“That age huh? I look like a middle-aged housewife is that what you’re saying Mikey?” She fluttered her eyelashes and tilted her head to the side as she continued to stare at the young officer.

“No, no, sorry. You got it all wrong…”

Mikey stopped himself mid sentence and regained his composure. Julie was grinning like a Cheshire cat and he realised she was doing a great job of winding him up. What an idiot!

“I just meant,” he continued, “that you look too nice NOT to have a husband.”

“Well thank you,” replied Julie, handing him a tart. They smiled at each other again and continued to make eye contact as they ate in silence. When Mikey had swallowed his last piece, Julie leaned across the counter and pushed her chest out as far as she dared.

“Another half an hour at least before your sergeant comes back for you. Anything else you need to do with me before you go?” Julie raised her eyebrow and held her position as she waited for his response.

“Yeah, I better check out your apartment really, make sure there are no security weak points and also have a look at where he, erm, exposed himself to you.”

“Ok Mikey. I’ll show you round. There shouldn’t be any problem though. All the windows have locks on them and being on the ninth floor, the only way anyone could get in is through the front door. The fire escape is about five metres to the side of my window and I can only access it via the corridor outside the apartment front door and vice versa for anyone out there really.”

“I see,” said Mikey. “Can you just take me to that window then?”

“Sure, it’s in my bedroom, follow me.”

Julie led Mikey upstairs and into her bedroom to the right. The blind was still as it had been when Julie pulled it earlier so that it was possible to see through the horizontal slats.

“There’s the fire escape,” said Julie pointing to her left. “And that’s where he headed when he hit the bottom of the steps. Across the street and towards the park. I lost him round about the bus shelter over there.”

“Right,” replied Mikey. Again he tried to focus on the job but he was acutely aware of Julie’s close proximity and obvious allure. He knew she was being flirtatious but just wasn’t sure if she was like that with everyone. God, stop it Mikey, he told himself. He took out his note book and looked around outside and then at the window, checking out its size and width of openings.

“I better leave you to get on with it for five minutes,” said Julie. “Just come down when you’ve finished and made your notes.”

“Will do,” replied Mike, once again smiling at the sexy older woman stood not more than a foot away from him, in her bedroom. Christ, this job had its perks!

He waited a few moments until he was sure she’d gone downstairs, let out a small sigh of relief and sat back on her bed. She was right. Secure as secure can be this apartment. He glanced round the room again and his eyes stopped at the small pile of clothes at the other end of the bed. He rolled over and bent down to closer inspect the only evidence he was interested in at that particular time. He reached over and lifted her bra off the floor. He guessed she must be at least a 36D and nodded his head in appreciation as he read the label which stated “38DD”. Nice, he thought, very nice indeed. He carefully put it back on the floor and picked up her panties. He couldn’t help himself. He lifted them to his nose and closed his eyes as he slowly inhaled the musky nectar, emanating from her underwear.

Julie had only descended half the steps on leaving her bedroom. She did so noisily, to give the impression to Mikey that she was back downstairs. She then slowly crept back up and peered through the crack in the door that she had purposefully left open to get a good view of Mikey at work. The more time she spent in his company, the more she thought about getting that uniform off and getting to what was underneath.

She saw him sit down, look round, roll over and…was he looking at her…he was, he was picking up her bra and looking at it. He’s checking out the actual bloody size of my tits! Unbelievable, thought Julie, not sure whether to be pleased or upset. She saw him slowly replace the bra and was even more surprised at what he did next. She almost fell over backwards when he picked up her knickers and sniffed them as if it was the sweetest smell in the world. Julie was getting wetter and wetter and she just couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass. She pushed open the door and huskily whispered “Smell nice do they Mikey?”

He was snapped out of his reverie immediately and jumped as she spoke. He let go of the knickers at the same time and they flew in the air and landed in an apologetic heap on his lap. He brushed them off himself, trying to look as innocent as possible, the bright shade of red returning to his cheeks.

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