“Mer-row!” the cry of a wildcat rang out in the near-darkness.

James jumped, Butch bowed.

“Boss,” he smiled a wicked smile, “Got your delivery for ya.”

“Excellent Butch,” Giovanni’s voice was deep, the darkness surrounding him amplified it. Was there any reason for his office to he that dark? He obviously couldn’t see to do any work. “You’re dismissed.”

“Wha,” Butch nearly fell straitening himself back up, “I um… I just leave?”

“I’ll call if I need you,” Giovanni assured him, his hands folded, his eyes shining over them like those of the unseen wildcat.

“Yes sir,” Butch folded one arm and bowed again, angst and anger (and, was James wrong- jealousy?) concealed poorly behind his words.

James was left staring in the darkness as he heard the door clink shut behind Butch, and shuffled uneasily. Giovanni, his eyes accustomed to the darkness, watched his drunken squirming, enjoying the nervous tension, the energy the boy was giving off. He let this go on for a few minutes before James visibly jumped and lost his balance.

He made a strange, high-pitched sound, part fear, part confusion, as something brushed against him again, and growled. It was easily as tall as his knees at it’s shortest point and reached nearly to his waist at the tallest. The growl was threatening- he was in the creature’s territory.

“Persian,” Giovanni finally spoke, “You’re scaring our guest.”

“Mer-rrow,” The wildcat agreed, and James caught the golden gleam of it’s eyes in the darkness.

“James,” the boss smiled, “Are you afraid of the dark? Come closer.”

Careful not to tread on the cat, James took those tentative steps, until he reached a chair- he fumbled, and sat down nervously.

“You can’t be afraid of the dark in our organization, Jimmy.” the boss peered at him, resting his hands on the desk before lighting another cigar. The brief fire lit his face, but the cherry gave him an eery glow, sharpened his features, and made him look as imposing as he should have been in the bar. James swallowed. Hard.

“From now on,” the boss blew a stream of smoke in his new toy’s face, “You are part of the darkness. You are the bad guy, waiting in the shadows- you are the worst thing in the dark alley.”

“I….” James jumped as the Persian rubbed, purring against his legs, “I… am, sir?”

“You will be, eventually.” Giovanni smiled, “Because I’ve decided to give you the job.”

“You have?” James suddenly brightened, “Thank you, sir!” then, remembering what had happened in the car, “What… what will I be doing?”

“For now,” Giovanni slid back in his expensive, posture perfecting chair, “Come closer.”

James put a hand against the desk, to steady himself, and help keep him from stumbling in the low light, and traced the edge with it, until he found himself on the other side. His skin was burning and his head was swimming- the fear, the intimidation- he decided he wasn’t going on his knees again unless he was asked. There was nothing on the desk- no computer, no paper-work- only a vase with what looked to be a single rose in it. A rose… bright red… like Jessica’s hair… so he pushed himself up on it, steadier then he would have been on his feet and higher then he would have been on his knees.

Giovanni smiled, leaned forward ever so slightly, and ran a hand down either side of the youth to his waist, and slowly used the leverage to pull him into his lap.

“You’re shaking,” he held fiercely with one hand and pulled the youth’s chin with the other, forcing eye contact until he had to use that hand to remove his cigar.

“I… I’m sorry,” James hooked his legs through the arm rests, realized that he was completely pinned and hastily added, “Sir.”

“You learn quickly,” The boss took his cigar- obviously expensive, and placed it, still burning in the ash tray James had missed, dangerously close to where he had been sitting, and pulled Jimmy even closer so he could whisper in his ear”I’m going to help you, James. Right now, you’re weak, pliable, you let the world decide your fate. By the time I’m finished with you, you won’t be like that. You’re… you’re like a puppy, like a Growlie. I’m going to turn you into an Arcanine.”

James swallowed nervously, desperately wishing for more alcohol.

“Butch drugged you?” Giovanni asked, James shook uncontrollably, but his boss ignored it, “I can smell the sweet scent on you. Mmm… That little bitch.” James couldn’t help himself, he laughed, “There you go- relax. Part of what you need, James, is to face your past, face your fears, and conquer them. So I’m going to be meeting with you, like this, and I’m going to help you, alright, James?”

It was weird that he kept calling him by his full name. Imposing. What was wrong with Jim? Jimmy? How did you take something like someone’s name and use it to make them nervous? The silence was foreboding- his boss wanted an answer.

“Yes, sir.” James replied, more confident this time, painfully aware, from his position that the boss was packing another present for him, his cock was hardening again, despite the blow-job in the car, and pushing against his pants- and the youth in his lap.

“So,” Giovanni leaned back, his whisper rising only slightly, “Are you ready to talk about your girlfriend?”

“I always…” James faltered, “Thought that girlfriends were voluntary. She’s my fiance. I don’t have a girlfriend. Anymore.”

“You were a child when you met?” When the boss leaned back, the chair went with him, pinning James’s legs completely and forcing him forward, destroying his already weak balance.

“Yes,” James blushed.

“Take your shirt off.” The demand was simple, but James struggled with it. He took a deep breath, choked back tears, and pulled the overly ornate T-shirt over his head. Giovanni ran his hands along the smooth contours of the boy’s chest, marveling at his dancer’s body.

“You said during the ride that you knew more about sex slavery then you wanted,” his boss continued, picked up his cigar and took another puff, “Because of this girl?”

“Y…” Jimmy sighed, swallowed, and tried again, “Yes, sir.”

“Are you afraid?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Why? Have I hurt you?”

“No, sir…” James blushed, “I’m just… nervous. And- that persian… I don’t think she likes me.”

One of Giovanni’s hands fell to his side as James heard another long high-pitched meow drag from the unseen predator. The boss scratched her gently between the ears as James’s shivers changed to downright tremors.

“Don’t worry about her,” Giovanni pulled the youth close, until the Persian was rubbing against his legs, “She’s very,” he paused, jutting his hips in a manner that couldn’t quite be called thrusting- that made James hold back another squeal, “Well trained.”

It was impossible to ignore the hard cock that rubbed against him, or the hands that played gently over his back- the most gentle touch he had felt in days- the youth involuntarily slumped forward, pressing himself into the man’s chest as he spoke again in his calm, authoritarian voice.

“All of my… minions,” May as well use the word now- no use pretending anymore, “Are well-trained. I have no use for those that are not. I demand obedience, but I reward handsomely.”

James nodded, the voice was soothing- and it seemed to good to be true. There had to be a catch- this man wanted to protect him, from his overbearing parents, from the world that would destroy him- for his looks, his money, his perceived importance. Why would he do that?

“So,” his boss continued, straitening his chair, “Why don’t you tell me all about your finance?” he picked up the shirt that James had tossed on his desk and tied his arms behind his back with it- gently at first, then winding firmly until the boy felt his shoulders pull- then Giovanni stood, forcing the youth with him, on his back over his painfully crossed arms, as the sadistic tone found itself creeping back into his voice, “While I bend you over this desk and fuck you properly.”

James started crying- not noticeably, but tears fell in two streams from the corners of his eyes.

“Please boss!” He begged, “Please, sir, not like this!”

“Have you ever been fucked by a man before, James?” The gangster continued, in his booming voice. James shook his head, “Relax. I’m not going to hurt you. Some of the others…” his grin was wicked, and for the first time since climbing into the backseat of a stranger’s car, James felt his fear controlling him, fighting his rational mind, telling him that he had to at least struggle- but he knew that he couldn’t. Even if he escaped, this was not a man he could just run from, and where would he run? Back to the maze crawling with this motherfucker’s henchmen?

“She did this to me,” James was trying not to sob, “You don’t have to tie me up! Please…”

“Shhsss,” his boss pressed against him, sliding a hand between the hard wood of the desk and the small of the teen’s back, “It’s ok. Cry if you have to- fight through it.” He was undoing the youth’s shoes- slid them off and moved to his pants.

James was trying to control his breathing, trying to tell himself that he could ignore it- that no matter what he did, he was already… well… fucked. He felt himself jerked violently as the boss dug his nails into his scalp, pulling a handful of hair forcing him sitting, spinning, down again. He was disoriented in the darkness, now facing down against the desk with one of the boss’s hands around his makeshift cuffs pressing him violently to the surface while the other was pulling apart his legs, forcing one of them to the desk while he tried to maintain his balance on the other.

He lay across the boy, pushing against him, melding into him, until he could nibble the earlobe trying to hide in the cascading purple hair.

“Relax,” was the only command he gave.

And that somehow made it impossible to relax. He tried, with all his might to relax, to focus on the warm connection, the heavy breathing, the sweet scent still floating around his brain, leaving a numb-edged glow on everything. But he still squirmed as he felt his boss pull him farther apart, felt the head of his cock slowly prod at an opening that was not prepared. Then he screamed. Giovanni laughed, and gently nibbled his ear. He thrust forward again, and half his cock disappeared into that young, virgin ass.

“Relax, James,” he whispered, the authoritarian air in his voice mixing, again with concern, sympathy, “You don’t want to get hurt.”

James made a whimper that might have been an agreement. His boss took a side of his hip in either hand, leaned back, and buried himself the rest of the way with no further warning- the youth bucked uncontrollably, and screamed again. He was suddenly drenched in sweat; not being able to move forced him to focus on the searing pain as his ass was split in half- he convulsed, squirmed again, trying to get used to the feeling, the fullness.

Giovanni actually kissed the back of his head before he pulled out. He had cleared a path- it was easier the second time, but he still met with resistance. James convulsed every time he pumped into him, his screams slowly turned from inhuman utterances of pain to… something else. His boss looked down and slapped his firm ass just as he made such a sound.

“You’re fine.” he hissed, “You didn’t rip much for your first time.”

“Rip?” James asked, his hands balled into fists, logic and emotion replaced with a look that couldn’t be placed, dreamy and numb at once, dull and far away- helpless.

“We did go in dry,” Giovanni shrugged and pulled the youth back to him, impaling him, knocking his leg from the desk and planting himself between his spread thighs, forcing him onto his toes, and eliciting another helpless cry.

“Dry?” James repeated in a sob.

“You never told me,” his boss wrapped a hand around the boy’s throat and lifted him from the desk, still spread and half bent, his breath coming in shorter bursts as he realized much of his weight was leaning on his neck, “If this was your first time.”

“Yes,” James was crying- his voice was barely audible as he struggled for breath. He jerked violently as his boss used the position, perfect for riding him, unable to move as he felt the rock hard phallis pumping in and out of him, using him, “Sir,” he added in a sob.

“Hmm…” Giovanni was thinking, his grip tightened, he seemed to consider something, almost threw the boy down, thought better of it, and just let him drop. James practically gulped the air, for lack of anything else to do, and began moaning again, in earnest, as his boss picked up speed.

He was moaning, not screaming now. Giovanni smiled.

“Good boy,” he whispered, the evil creeping back to his voice, “Do you like this?”

There was a pause.


“Hm?” the boy moaned dreamily.

“Having,” the boss paused, pumping hard with every word, “Fun?”

“God- yes!” James thrust back, arching on his toes, “Sir!”

Giovanni smiled- he had been right. He knew of course, from the moment he saw the boy, but he wanted to make sure, wanted the kid to sign his own warrant, as it were.

“Do you want more?” He paused with every question, delighted that James tried to keep pace, but couldn’t, due to his compromised position.

There was another pause, then, “Yes! Yes sir!”

The boss rotated his hips, spinning, leaving just the head inside the youth’s sphincter without going any deeper- James tried to thrust into him, but he held back. There was a whimper from the boy, and his boss laughed- before James had time to utter a protest- he slammed into the youth so hard it forced him back to the desk, knocked the wind out of him, and sent his mind reeling. In the same instant, he had reached under the boy, and clutched his penis with a death grip- the only thing that kept him from slamming his junk into the desk with the ferocity of his torso, and saving him a world of pain.

The boy thrust into his hand, back against his dick, grinding, sliding, making noises that couldn’t have been human. Suddenly, the cries changed- he arched his back against his tormenter, screamed, tensed so hard his muscles shone against his drenched flesh as he shot; once, twice- three times coating the floor below the desk- he heard his boss curse- it had been to much for him. He had fully intended to pull out, to coat the boy in his cum- mark his territory as it were- but he couldn’t. He lost control and exploded, digging into the youth’s flesh and pumping while the boy convulsed- James screamed again, as the salty semen crept into the wounds he had gotten from ripping, as the swollen head of his new employer emptied against his prostate, forcing his muscles to jerk and twist him in a way he had never experienced.

He tried to breath- and couldn’t. Giovanni was slumped over him, his spent cock still inside, their torsos pressed together so tightly James’s lungs had no room to expand. They were both drenched in sweat now. Giovanni ruffled his head and, strangely, counted to three. In his post orgasm stupor, it took James a second to figure out why, as the older man pulled completely out of him in one fell swoop, leaving him feeling strangely empty in a way he had never noticed before.

He pulled James’s shirt from his wrists, but the youth held his position, trying to catch his breath. His boss used the shirt to clean, first his cock, delicately, thoughrally, then the boy himself, before he pulled his pants up, and slapped him on the ass. James sat up on the desk, grimacing in discomfort as he tried to adjust his weight- he was sore, after all, and the gesture wasn’t lost on his boss.

“Good boy,” he said, taking the youth by the chin, and plunging his tongue, suddenly, into his mouth. James started, muffled a scream, then closed his eyes and lost himself. Why not? There was nothing he could have done. Giovanni held him there until he was ready to break away, biting hard on the boy’s lower lip when he did. He kept his chin, forcibly held eye contact until tears swelled in James’s, and he couldn’t hold anymore.

“It will be alright.” The older man assured him, leaning back in his chair and pulling the boy into his lap, in his arms, comforting him, “You’re safe now, James. Welcome, to Rocketto Dan.”

In the darkness, the wildcat’s cry rang out, followed by the soothing sound of a loud purr.

Part 1

With her mouth attached to Johannes lips, the papers in her hands fell and scattered all over the floor of his office. His tongue searched and reached inside her mouth, and she sucked his tongue greedily, her hands reached up and held his head for a steadying grip as her feet floated off the floor Johannes being so much taller than her, his arms wrapped around her waist. She moaned deep in her throat from his deep erotically-charged kiss. She opened her eyes blearily to look at his face, and met his eyes, also open slightly. She sighed, closed her eyes and concentrated back on their kiss; the feeling of their mating tongues between their mouths drove all thoughts out of her mind as saliva dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

Sara’s day didn’t start out with such intense incident as this. It started out normal enough. Her boss, Johannes, works from his home office, and she arrived right on the dot at 08.00. Attired in a classical pinstripes pantsuit and a canary yellow billowy blouse with an exaggerated bow at the neck, Sara unlocked the office door which separated it from the main house on a different wing of the structure. Her black peep-toe stiletto heels sang into the thickly carpeted floor as she walked to her desk, which was set in an open-plan office. Sara’s desk is set directly across the room from Johannes’ desk, so they can have direct line of sight when discussing their work.

Sara is of slightly below average height, slim built, with dark eyes and shoulder length black air. A lot of people would pretty much tower over her in general, hence her love of stiletto heels. Anything to help her be slightly taller is always a plus in her books.

Firing up her PC, Sara’s job is mainly to organise meetings, correlate jobs that come into the business, basically to facilitate her boss’ day-to-day flow. This morning was not dissimilar to other mornings previously, Sara started by checking for any overnight messages, emails and faxes. Then prioritised and responded to them accordingly. Ever the consummate professional, Sara finished the tasks before Johannes came through the door connecting the office to the main house at 09.30.

A handsome man, Johannes is tall, and stood a foot taller than Sara even in her stiletto heels, he was solidly built, but slim. With peppery dark hair, greyed at the side and a moustache, a lot of the ladies in his circle flirt with him constantly, but he never took the bait, and with good reason. He had another object in his sights and was not going to deviate from his target.

By this time Sara had discarded her blazer and hung it on the coat stand next to the main entry door. Her bright canary yellow blouse perfectly set in the sunlit office as the sunlight streamed through the large twin bay windows.

‘Good morning, Sara,’ Johannes said brightly as he walked in.

‘Good morning,’ Sara replied back, turned around from the fax machine, and smiled widely.

‘How are we doing?’ Johannes asked, as he walked to his desk with his coffee.

Sara walked back to her desk, and grabbed a few pieces of papers to hand to Johannes. ‘The confirmation to the order we placed two days ago is here; and this one, the order has been shipped out yesterday for Bruin. It should get there in a week.’

‘Good,’ he responded, as he took the sheets from Sara, settling into his office chair.

‘I’ve got some papers for your signature,’ Sara continued, ‘and some messages from last night,’ she placed the letters and message slips on Johannes’ desk.

He perused through the messages cursorily, quickly grabbed the letters, read thoroughly and signed each one, before handing them back to Sara.

‘Thank you,’ Sara said and walked back to her desk to continue her morning routine.

The lull of the morning soon picked up speed and both occupants of the office were busy with the day. Things dropped off around lunch time, and as they always have done, they turn on their answering machine, and both headed out to have lunch together at the restaurant precinct nearby.

For a few months now, Johannes had been flirting with Sara, trying to get her to reciprocate his playfulness but all to no avail. Sara knew what he was doing, but had choose not to acknowledge it in the open. This is her work, after all, and he was her employer, and if she reciprocated, it might complicate things. Johannes was single, so that was not the issue, Sara enjoyed her work and did not want to have it jeopardised by having an affair with her boss.

Johannes wasn’t going to give up without a fight; he’d go down in a blaze of glory. He knew it was a cliché, boss having an affair with his own PA, but Sara is one beautiful woman, and as far as he knew, also single, which is strange. He did ask her why she was single but she sidestepped the question, and changed the subject. He guessed it lends a sense of mystery to Sara; she doesn’t let a lot of personal details out at work even when that workplace comprised of only two people.

Back at the office, Johannes opened the door for Sara, as she shrugged her blazer off, and hung it on the coat stand. Johannes threw caution and subtlety out the window, and decided this was the day that he would go all out and seduce Sara, consequences be damned. One last hurrah before he ran out of ammunition, so to speak.

The afternoon kicked into high gear after lunch, and without pause, the hours flew by. As sign-off time neared, Sara had more papers for Johannes to sign.

‘Johannes,’ Sara said, ‘I’ll need these quotes signed off before I go, so I can have it sent with the couriers early tomorrow morning.’

Johannes looked up, thought to himself: ‘this is it; now or never.’ Aloud, though, he said, ‘Bring them over, Sara, and let’s have a look.’

Sara grabbed the stacks of quotes, got up to walked over to Johannes’ desk, but her eyes were still on her desk as she was making her way to his side of the office, and did not see that Johannes had also gotten up from his table, his footsteps muffled on the carpeted office as he approached her. Suddenly, as Sara turned around, she smacked right into Johannes’ chest with a thump. Sara expelled air with a loud ‘oomph’, and almost crashed backwards if her free hand hadn’t grabbed Johannes arm just in time. They both swayed from the impact, Johannes kept his balance, and gripped Sara’s forearm to stop her from falling back.

‘Oh! Sorry, Johannes,’ Sara exclaimed. ‘Are you okay? I didn’t see you,’ she looked up into Johannes’ face.

‘Yes,’ Johannes replied. ‘I’m fine,’ he finished as his hand moved to Sara’s lower back and rubbed her there gently.

Sara did not notice this manoeuvre, and tried to disengage their contact. Being this close to Johannes, their torsos being this close was wreaking havoc with her mind. She had not been totally immune to Johannes’ charms and flirtatious body language; countless times she had to fight off her natural instinct, and sighed with relief when Johannes did not push his playfulness too far. By this time, Sara had thought that he had given up flirting with her. She thought wrong.

‘Um, you can let me go now,’ Sara laughingly said.

‘No,’ Johannes announced. ‘I don’t plan to.’

Sara stopped laughing, looked up into Johannes’ intense face, her luscious lips about to form a sentence, but before a word came out, Johannes dipped his head and captured her lips in an open mouth kiss. His tongue quickly stole inside her mouth, and deepened the kiss. At first, Sara pushed ineffectively against his chest with her hands, but pretty soon, his assault on her mouth was too much for Sara’s instinct to fight against. Giving in to Johannes seemed the most natural thing to be doing when being kissed like this. Her hand with the papers still clutched in her grip slackened, and the papers floated to the floor of the office, scattered every which way. Sara sighed, her mind no longer wared with her body’s response.

‘And the day started out so normal,’ Sara thought silently.

After that, Sara’s minds went blank, the feeling of being in Johannes’ embrace, his lips and his tongue assaulted hers filled her head. Her limped arms hung by her side, all the blood rushed through Sara’s body, echoed inside her ears, sluggishly her hands moved along Johannes’ arms, to his shoulders and finally, to the nape of his neck to hold his head, and stroked his hair. Sara returned Johannes’ kiss lick for lick, their tongues mated and moved in and out of each other’s mouths. His moustache scratched her lips red raw, made her lips ultrasensitive, her moans rumbled in her throat from pleasure.

Now that Johannes has Sara in his arms, he did not plan on letting her go. His flirtatious has irrevocably paid off his thoughts were now on Sara, to pleasure her so no thoughts of regret would ever have a foothold in her head. His arms gently let Sara down onto the lush carpet. His hands then tangled in her shoulder length black hair, and cradled her head; his kiss deepened, his tongue plundered her mouth further. His hands then moved to the buttons of her canary yellow blouse, and unbuttoned them one by one.

His mouth surrendered Sara’s swollen lips with reluctance, and stood still to look down into Sara’s upturned face. Her eyes slightly opened; her breath heavy and short. He smiled gently, untied the huge bow at her neck and slipped off her blouse, left it pooled at her feet. Johannes kissed her shoulder, moved to the base of her neck as his hands reached around to unclip her black and yellow polka dots demi-cup brassiere; he let that slipped off Sara’s arms to land between their feet. Her C-cup breasts freed from their confines stood up to attention, her brown areolas pliant her nipples not yet stiff.

Sara stood still, watched Johannes stared at her, their eyes locked as his hands cupped her twin orbs in his hands, his thumbs brushed her soft nipples until both stiffened into tight buds. She gasped, her hands reached up to cover his hands, pressed both firmly against her tits. Johannes massaged both globes in his large hands not ungently, as Sara again closed her eyes her knees weakened as she almost collapsed into a heap on the floor, but he caught her, and kept her upright. Sara sighed softly as she rested her head on his strong shoulder.

Johannes’ hands undid her slacks, pushed it down her slim hips, and it also joined her blouse in a bundle on the carpet. There in the office, Sara stood in her black and yellow polka dots G-string. Johannes helped her stepped out of her crumpled trousers, but made sure her black peep-toe stilettos were still on. Johannes sank to his knees, kissed Sara’s stomach, trailed his lips lower until he reached her covered mon, and kissed her mound through the triangle fabric. Johannes slowly pulled down her G-string along her legs; his lips never left her cleanly waxed mound. Sara’s hands gripped tightly to Johannes’ shoulders, her head hung back, and exposed her neck, her raspy breath loud in the quiet office.

Johannes lips kissed her pussy; just his lips, his tongue had not yet made contact with her skin. He squeezed her clit between his forefinger and middle fingers like clamps, and moved it back and forth. His lips continued to kiss her pussy, skirted her clit entirely, teased and toyed with Sara’s nubbin; coming close but pulled away. Johannes was in no hurry to rush things, he had all the time in the world to pleasure Sara and be pleasured in returned. Finally, he could no longer ignore Sara’s clit, took her little bud into his mouth and suck on her hard, drew in blood and rolled his tongue rapidly inside his mouth.

‘OH OH OH, OOOOOOOO,’ Sara gasped loudly, ‘Johannes,’ she moaned his name. Her hands clutched Johannes’ head to keep her body up, opened her legs wider apart, and pressed her clit harder on his tongue, her hips moved back and forth.

Johannes stopped his tongue just as Sara perched on the precipice of her orgasm. He brought her down slowly by kissing her engorged clit and retracted his tongue, kissed her downy mound and moved away from her vulva. He stood up to unbutton his black Armani shirt and shrugged it off, unbuckled the belt and undid his dark grey trousers, pushed it and his briefs off his waist, stepped out of the crumpled heap, took off his patented leather shoes and black socks.

Once naked, Johannes took Sara back into his arms, took possession of her still red swollen lips with his. He kissed her hungrily this time, passionate and intense. Johannes’ tongue delved and reached inside her mouth, tasted her, drank her. Sara returned his passionate kiss, her hands stroked his peppery hair; his hands rubbed her back and crushed her breasts to his hairy chest, the coarse hair tickled Sara’s nipples into tight tips.

He unwillingly let go of Sara momentarily, and looked into her lust-soaked face, licked her slightly parted lips. She tried to force the kiss back, but Johannes resisted with all his might, stepped away from her.

‘I’ll be right back, Sara,’ he told her, caressed her flushed cheek with the back of his right hand.

With that, Johannes left through the adjoining door into the main house, hurriedly made his way to the master bedroom. He grabbed the thick quilt and pillows from the bed and rushed back to the office wing. Back in the office, Sara had not moved a naked muscle in her black high heeled shoes, and looked at the door way as Johannes walked in. He grinned sheepishly.

‘I went to get these,’ he stated and showed her the quilt and pillows.

Without another word spoken, Johannes laid the quilt on the plush carpet, and threw the pillows on to it. He turned back to Sara, held out his hands and guided her to lie down on the quilt as he followed her onto his knees. Sara moved further back onto the piled pillows their eye contact never broke away. Johannes took hold of her calves, moved closer to the centre of Sara’s womanhood as he spread her thighs apart, his cock reared up from his groin.

Before his cock shoved into Sara’s succulent pussy, Johannes looked down at her waxed mound and her pink shiny pussy opened as a flower might to the sun, his thumb couldn’t resist brushing pass her clit, dipped into her molten liquid. Sara sucked air through gritted teeth at the contact; her eyes never left Johannes’ face as he brought his thumb up to sucked her honeyed nectar. He groaned at the taste of her sweetness, and groaned deeper still as he pushed his 8 inch cock into her tight slit with one movement of his hips.

Johannes’ penis dug its way into Sara’s hole until he was buried balls-deep in her lava-like tunnel. He lifted both her legs into the air and placed both onto his left shoulder; he now used his knees as leverage to push deeper into her seemingly bottomless pussy. His long slow stroke massaged her channel, his mushroom head glided in and out, swam in her gooey juice, in and out Johannes moved inside this velvety heaven that is Sara’s pussy.

Sara’s hands cupped her own tits, pinched her nipples and rolled it between her fingers. Her heavy and erratic heavy breathing joined with Johannes’ in a harmony of music. Johannes pushed in faster and harder into her, long fast stroke with his hard cock, her vagina spasm as the helmet massaged her G-spot again and again. She squeezed his shaft involuntarily as her orgasm approached, Sara let go of her globes and reached down to grip Johannes’ ass, her nails dug into his flesh, urged him on to go faster.

‘JOHANNES!’ Sara screamed. ‘OOOOOOhh, yes, yes.’

Johannes grunted at the sensation of being in a vice as her pussy clenched and milked him hard throbbing rod.

‘SARA!’ Johannes growled her name; his breathing fast as his cum rushed to come out.

‘I’m coming, coming, coming,’ she cried piercingly, her pussy tightened around his penis; her nails dug deep into his skin.

‘YES, that’s it, Sara,’ he encouraged her as he pumped his groin faster, shortening his stroke, getting ready to shoot his semen.

‘Come for me,’ Johannes continued as he looked into her eyes, passion burned deeply in his eyes.

At last, Sara’s orgasm erupted into a crescendo. Her body shuddered and quivered, her body tightened up from the power of her climax. Sara closed her eyes and arched her body and her neck went backwards as her orgasm radiated from the centre of her pussy.

‘AAAAAHHHHHH!’ Sara screamed, pushed her hips harder into Johannes’ thrusting groin. Her hands let go of their grip on his ass and grabbed the quilt instead.

‘MMMMMMM,’ she moaned loudly, and pushed harder against Johannes.

‘MORE, more, more!’ Sara demanded breathlessly.

He grunted in acquiescence, within in seconds Johannes’ climax erupted to join Sara’s, her contracting pussy too hard for him to stop his own semen from shooting out. The pleasure of being insider of her was a thrill, the thought of shooting his cum inside her orgasmic, he let go four huge loads of the white hot liquid, it shot out and coated Sara’s tunnel, filled her to the brim and his jizz leaked out of her as he continued to pushed in and out.

Both slowly came down from their own climaxes. Johannes lifted Sara’s legs from his shoulder, kissed her calves, took her stilettoes off, and placed her feet gently on the floor as he pulled his semi-erect penis away from her hot centre. He then collapsed next to her prone body, both tried to regain their breath, as he slipped one of his arms under her head and drew her close to lay in his arms. They breathed each other’s breath as they look into each other’s eyes.

Part 2

While his cum slowly leaked out of her hole and leaked on to the quilt into a damp patch, Sara rubbed her thighs together to feel the sticky mess between the legs and labia. Her hands reached down to rub the gooey fluid into her clit like massage oil. Sara stretched her back and rubbed her body along Johannes’ lithe body like a cat, and she would have purred too if she was a cat.

Sara leaned up and gave him a long loving kiss on his lips, her tongue unhesitatingly delved into his mouth, their tongues massaged and mated again, the slurping sound echoed in the now-dimmed office as the sun had long since set over the horizon. Her arm hugged around his back, her breasts crushed against his naked chest, the coarse hairs on his chest scratched and stimulated her nipples. Johannes groaned from her kiss, and Sara moaned from her sensitive nipples, as he hugged her tighter.

Once their breaths regained normalcy, Johannes scooped Sara up from the floor and took the quilt with her wrapped inside it, walked with her in his arms through the house, to his bedroom and deposited Sara gently in the middle of his king size bed, raised slightly on a platform. Sara got out from the quilt and sat at the foot of the high bed, her feet barely touched the floor, as Johannes turned on the bedside lamps. She took Johannes’ hand and pulled him towards her, guided him until he stood between her legs and took hold of his flaccid cock in her hand. Sara moved her hand firmly back and forth, engorged Johannes’ penis with blood, her eyes never left his penis, watched as it grew in size to a thick hardness and throbbed in her hand.

Sara scooted back on to the bed, and pulled Johannes onto the mattress. He knelt on the mattress as Sara crawled on all fours to take his waiting dick between her lips, her tongue snaked out to lick the mushroomed tip, rolled the entire helmet, made it slicked with her saliva. Inch by inch, she took him inside her waiting mouth; Johannes’ hand held his cock steady for her, the other hand held her hair back from her face. Sara sucked him back and forth without once using her hands; her tongue massaged his shaft’s underside, flicked left to right rapidly inside her mouth. Johannes shivered and sucked air through his nose.

She can taste herself on him as her tongue peeled back his foreskin, and rubbed the tiny hole at the tip of his cock; tasted his pre-cum, that salty sweet tangy taste. Johannes rocked his hips slightly, his cock moved shallowly in and out of Sara’s mouth her lips stretched tightly around his thick penis. Sara’s tits swung back and forth from the movement of her head, Johannes let go of her hair and cupped an orb in his palm, and pinched the brown nipple until it hardened into a nub, then rolled it between his thumb and forefinger.

PT 4: Last Time’s a Charm

Viola Jean walked through her new house. She had just unpacked the last box from the move an hour ago. She strolled into her kitchen and prepared a cup of tea. As she waited for the water to boil she reminisced about what she did a month ago. For a few months after the holiday party Patrick had begun dating Trish on a regular basis and Viola was becoming overwhelmed with her emotions. She knew Patrick was fucking Trish, and it didn’t really bother her at first. It was the way he showed her off as if throwing it in Viola’s face. Trish frequently visited Patrick; her laughter irritated Viola like sand in a bathing suit. She’d sit in his office while he would plan a date with Trish and once off the phone with her, he would then have his dick in Viola’s ass.

When she accidently walked in on Trish on her knees with Patrick’s cock in her mouth, she just couldn’t take it anymore. Her eyes welled up as she exited the office quickly. Trish didn’t see her but Patrick did, he knew how Viola must have felt but he didn’t know what she would do next. Two hours later Viola Jean was in the human resources department requesting to be transferred to the firm’s new office in Texas. Her request had to be signed off on by Patrick since she was his executive assistant; Viola forged his signature. She didn’t want him knowing her plans or making an attempt to stop her. She flew down to Texas that weekend, picked out a house to rent and began the move. She didn’t tell anyone at the office about her last day. It was her responsibility to train a new secretary but she knew if she picked a replacement and started training Patrick would find out what was going on so she told human resources that Patrick would pick out and train a new secretary AFTER Viola transferred.

The move was a shock to her family but they had gotten used to the idea quickly. Micheal was excited as he knew the job market in Texas, for his carpentry abilities, would be financially beneficial. Viola had sent Micheal and her sons down to Texas the same week she secured the rental; they had a month to settle in without her.

The month went by quietly and quickly as Viola barely spoke to Patrick. He preoccupied himself with Trish and made no sexual advance towards Viola anymore. For the whole month she found herself in her empty bed thinking of Patrick and masturbating to orgasm. She’d imagine his hands sliding up her petite frame massaging her breasts, his mouth sucking and kissing her flesh. She’d finger herself faster and faster as she imagined him slowly sliding his cock in and out of her asshole. She could even feel his teeth bite her ear as she came in her hand.

On her last day, a Friday, Trish had visited Patrick and he decided to leave early for the day with her. He managed to wish Viola Jean a good weekend before hurrying out the office with Trish. That evening Viola changed her cell number and hopped on a plane to Dallas.

It had now been a full week since leaving New York and she felt free of Patrick, free of the jealousy that seemed to eat away at her and coming to terms with the guilt she felt from lying to her husband. Her tea pot whistled snapping Viola out of her reminiscing. She made herself a cup tea and relaxed on her new plush navy blue couch; she sunk into relaxation mode.

Ding dong

She wasn’t expecting visitors but figured it was some sort of neighborhood welcome committee. It was hot that Friday and Viola Jean had on short shorts and the bottom of her plump ass peeked out of her shorts. Her ribbed tank top clung to her sweaty skin. She glided to her door relishing every step, thinking about how awesome it was that she finally had her own house even though rented it was still a house 2 floors with a front and back yard. She smiled at the fact she wouldn’t have to watch Patrick court Trish anymore. Viola shook her head, took a deep breath and exhaled Patrick out of her system. She missed him less and less and the fact that she didn’t see him made letting go easier.

Ding dong

Viola opened her door. There he was in a striped Ralph Lauren short sleeve polo, black slacks and Oliver Peoples sunglasses grinning from ear to ear. “Mrs. Ramsden. How are you settling in?”

“Patrick why and how are you here?” Viola was shocked and angry but her heart skipped a beat and body trembled.

“It’s actually pretty funny, I went into work earlier this week to find out my secretary now works in the new Dallas branch. Imagine my surprise when human resources told me that I am the one who signed off on your transfer and I also stated that I would find and train a new secretary. So explain something to me Mrs. Ramsden. How did I agree to all of this when I remember nothing? “

Viola Jean shrugged her shoulders.

“Are you going to invite me into your new home?”

“No.” Viola’s eyes met his; he could see the anger and cold in her eyes.

“The Dallas sun has been good to you.” He said admiring the darkness of her complexion. “It’s very sexy and rich like strong black coffee.” He expected a smile but Viola’s face was stern.

“Patrick why are you here?”

Patrick was about to respond when he heard footsteps behind him.

“Uncle Patrick!!” Daniel ran up to Patrick who picked him up instantly. “You came all the way from New York to visit?!”

Patrick nodded and smiled. “Of course I did. I want to make sure my favorite family is all settled down in Texas. Are you a cowboy yet?”

Daniel smiled “Uh huh me and Andrew! Daddy made us cowboys when we first moved here! Right Mommy?”

“Yup. Where’s daddy and Andrew?”

Just then Andrew was running up the porch steps with Micheal following behind.

“Well well Mr. Slater what are you doing here? The New York office can’t live without my wife huh?” Micheal greeted Patrick with a handshake.

Patrick chuckled. “No just my department. How are you? How do you like it here?”

“It’s great down here; always warm, best impulse decision Viola ever made. Come on in, I’ll show you the house.” Micheal lead Patrick into the house. The whole situation seemed unstoppable by Viola so she didn’t say a word when Micheal decided to become a host and invite Patrick into their home.

Patrick was impressed by how nicely decorated the living room was. Viola and Micheal gave the house a modern look; it was kept very neat for them to have children.

“We used a textured paint for the walls.” Micheal said inviting Patrick to touch their freshly painted steel gray walls. It felt like sandpaper.

“Nicely done.” Patrick said smiling at Micheal and then turning to smile at Viola.

She rolled her eyes, sat on her couch, turned on her television, and began drinking her tea. Micheal continued to show Patrick around the house. Viola watched the time intently waiting for Patrick to leave. He had already been there for an hour and according to Viola Jean, he had been there too long 55 minutes ago. Micheal came back into the living room, Patrick was in the kitchen with Daniel and Andrew.

“Patrick is gonna join us for dinner. He said he had some barbecue tips for me that we’re gonna use.” Micheal smiled.

“Micheal don’t you think Patrick would rather be out on the town not hanging around us?” Viola said. Micheal could tell his wife was annoyed.

“Look I know you’re tired and he’s your old boss but he’s a cool guy. Come on, we never really had people over, even when we were in Brooklyn.”

“Besides I can go out on the town another time.” Patrick called from the kitchen letting the couple know he was eavesdropping.

Viola shrugged her shoulders and nodded in agreement with Micheal. What else could she do? Admit that she had slept with her twenty-something year old white boss and became so jealous when he started dating Trish she moved her family across the country?

Eventually everyone relocated to the backyard. The lawn was neatly manicured and that set up a separate area for the boys with a jungle gym and playhouse. Patrick admired the layout that he knew Viola planned. It seemed she made it perfect for her right down to the patio furniture. He sat down in one of the wicker chairs and took in the sight of Viola as she laid out on the chaise lounge. Micheal had come out with a glass of moscato and handed it to his wife; she politely motioned for him to leave the bottle with her. Micheal did so and went back to the kitchen for more bottles.

“I would like to announce something to you two.” Patrick said as Micheal joined them placing the bottle on the table.

“Go ahead we’re all ears.” Micheal smiled.

“Trish and I are getting married.” He smiled ear to ear. He watched Viola’s face. Shock and disbelief quickly flashed across her face as she hid her initial reaction with a phony smile. She raised her glass.

“A toast to you and Trish may y’all be as happy as Micheal and I.” she smiled.

“Congrats man.” Micheal grinned slapping Patrick five.

Patrick smiled back at her as he sipped his glass but he wasn’t amused with the toast and the hidden sarcasm that Viola directed at him. The three continued to drink, Viola ignored the chatter between Patrick and Micheal; she focused on her sons playing as the sun set.

“Boys bedtime.” She called trying to hide her inebriation from the children.

“Goodnight Mom, Dad, and Uncle Patrick!!” they said and unison as they ran into the house heading for their bedrooms.

Viola was on her fourth glass. She was tipsy and annoyed, a bad combination given the situation, as she rose from the lounger and grabbed the unopened bottle of moscato. “I’m heading to the living room.” She slurred as she stumbled into her house. She didn’t open the bottle but sat it on the coffee table as she stretched out on the couch and watched television. The sounds of Michael and Patrick laughing and joking around were like nails on a chalkboard to her. She began to relax as she noticed how late it was getting and knew Patrick would have to go back to his hotel soon. She heard the men enter the house and Michael walked over to her and sat on the coffee table.

“I think your boss should spend the night in the basement. He’s way too drunk to drive.”

Viola twisted her mouth. “Call him a cab then.”

“Why are you being so mean? He’s your old boss I thought y’all got along.”

“Yes at work he is a professional acquaintance him being here is making him a personal acquaintance.”

“Well no matter how you feel about him you can’t just let someone you know go into the streets drunk.”

Viola knew Michael was right. Back in New York she hated when people would leave her house drunk. Most of the time she would let visitors sleep the liquor off so that they are well enough the next day.

“Okay.” She smiled faintly. Michael smiled back and kissed her forehead.

“C’mon Patrick you can stay in the cave we made downstairs.”

Patrick followed Michael through the house and down the stairs to the basement. The basement was dark and Patrick didn’t know what to expect and was hoping it would be somewhat finished and he’s be able to sleep there for the night. As he followed Michael his mind drifted to Viola, her chocolate petite frame stretched out on the couch while she relaxed into her inebriated state. When they reached the bottom of the basement stair Michael flipped on a light switch illuminating the whole basement. Patrick was in awe as the basement looked like a second living room. It was nicely lit with bluish gray walls and plush burgundy carpeting.

“The sofa doesn’t pull out but I’ve fallen asleep on it, it’s very comfortable.” Micheal said as he patted the cream colored plush sofa. “There are towels and a mini fridge down here with water and juice so knock yourself out. I soundproofed the basement so you can blast the television as loud as you want and no one will know.”

“Thanks a lot for this Mike.” Patrick smiled. “I would’ve been alright, I’m not that drunk.”

“Hey it’s the least I could do. Sorry about Viola she usually gets the final word with everything but I couldn’t just send you out tired and tipsy. I can imagine she’s probably just as bossy when y’all worked together.”

Patrick nodded, he couldn’t really agree since whenever Viola even seemed bossy or uptight he’d bend her over his desk and straighten her out.

“Well tomorrow bacon and eggs on me. Have a good night and if you need anything get it yourself.” Micheal laughed as he left Patrick in the basement and headed to bed.

Patrick wandered the comfortably furnished basement. Micheal and Viola seemed to own every gaming console invented. He checked out the mini fridge which was packed with juice and water as Micheal said. He had wasted 20 minutes in the basement and felt it was time to pay Viola a visit.

He slowly crept up the stairs. He could see the soft glow of the television illuminating the house. He walked up to the couch to discover her sleeping. She snored softly, deep in her alcohol-induced sleep. He smiled at her. Her tranquil face was almost childlike. He took in the sight of her from head to toe it had been so long since he’s seen her or even shared the same space as her in a while. He had neglected her to build a relationship with Trish. His eyes traveled along her curves, starting with her petite feet and ankles, along the soft curve of her calf to her toned thighs the white glow from the TV looked nice against her dark skin. Patrick admired her tight shorts, how they hugged her body displaying the curve of her hips, the roundness of her ass and a faint outline of the treasure hidden between her legs. His mouth began to water. Her tank top had ridden up a bit exposing her flat stomach. He never really got to see her stomach; Viola was shy about her stretch marks or ‘wear and tear’ as she called it. Patrick didn’t mind, he liked every flaw she had and wanted to kiss every nook and cranny on her body.

Her breasts heaved with every breath she took constrained in the tank top and bra begging to be released. Patrick’s hands trembled as he knelt before her to get closer. His ears were wide open listening for any sounds of movement within the house. He began to breathe slower and deeper he inhaled her scent of alcohol and sweat mixed with the sweet smell of her favorite lemon scented lotion. He moved closer, his eyes on her mouth. Her thick full lips were slightly parted and moist. He missed sucking and biting on her bottom lip whenever she allowed him to kiss her. He let Viola control how often he could kiss her. She enjoyed it but she explained it to him that every kiss he gave her shook her to her core. Patrick didn’t see it as a bad thing but went along with Viola’s request.

He slid his hand up to her face stroking her soft cheek lightly. Viola smiled eyes closed. Patrick placed pecks of kisses all over her face Viola purred with pleasure. He could feel his body temperature rise as he finally moved in and covered her mouth with his. Her mouth tasted like the sweet moscato they had been drinking. Viola’s eyes remained closed but Patrick could feel her kiss him back. Her tongue danced in his mouth running along his teeth. Patrick slid his hand behind Viola’s head and pressed his mouth harder against hers. Viola’s eyes shot open and she broke the kiss.

‘What are you doing?!” she whispered angrily.

“Kissing you.” Patrick smiled.

“What the hell is wrong with you? My husband is right upstairs, my children are right upstairs!”

“They are all asleep and I thought we should have a little fun since its been so long.”

Viola shook her head in disbelief. She sat up on the couch and moved over to put space between herself and Patrick. He sat next to her but gave her the space she wanted.

“Why did you leave Viola?”

“I wanted a better position with more responsibilities and a better place for my family.”

“I could’ve had the firm give you whatever you wanted, you know that.”

Viola didn’t respond.

“Was it Trish?”


“Viola Jean this is me, I know it was cause of her just admit it.”

“Okay maybe it was because of Trish but she’s not the main reason.”

“Then what’s the reason?”

“You, I left because you didn’t really need me anymore for anything. You work fine by yourself, you don’t really need my help, and you aren’t stressed anymore because you have your fiancé.”

“So you think since I’m not fucking you that I wouldn’t miss you if you were gone? I thought I was supposed to find someone else, isn’t that what you wanted? We can’t be together so what was I supposed to do?”

“This conversation doesn’t matter, I’m here, staying here, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Patrick nodded and rose from the couch.

“I see.”

“Best thing for us is for you to leave me alone.”

“One more time please? We can go to your basement and have just one more time. I’ll leave in the morning and never bother you again.”

Viola shook her head.

“I’ve missed you Viola regardless of what you think I really missed you. Didn’t you miss me?”

“At first but I got over it, I returned to my life and I’m content. I have a house, a good job, and a family. Is Trish not satisfying your needs?”

“It’s not that. I miss you.”

“You miss fucking me.”

“No. Well yes, but not only fucking. I miss being around you. Like you stated, you’re married I can never have you the way I have Trish but I’d like to have you once in a while just to be close to you.”

Viola Jean rolled her eyes. Patrick kneelt before her and looked into her sad brown eyes and took her small hand into his.

“Come on Viola we can go downstairs. No one will know. Just this once and I’ll leave here before anyone wakes up tomorrow.” He whispered.

A tear from Viola’s eye rolled down her cheek as she shook her head no. Patrick took her face into his hands and kissed her softly on her forehead.

“I understand.” He said as he attempted to smile. He left her on her couch and hung his head in defeat as he headed to her basement. Once downstairs he turned the television on and removed his clothing down to his boxers. He stretched out on the couch wanting to relax and ignore how he was feeling about Viola.

Viola sat there on her couch in the dark. The alcohol was wearing off and she slipped in a state of regret. Patrick’s scent lingered in the air lightly. She smiled to herself as visions of his face begging for one last time flashed in her mind he looked so sweet and adorable especially when sad. She could feel her body temperature rise. It had been a while since they had been together but the situation was so dangerous. The kiss lingered she licked her lips and swallowed she could still taste his saliva. Her thighs ached to wrap around him once more, her pussy begged for an orgasm and her asshole was waiting to be filled by Patrick’s cock the moment he walked into her house.

She got up from the couch and began walking towards the door that led to her basement and hesitated as her hand wrapped around the brass doorknob. Quietly she turned the knob and made her way downstairs. She could hear the sound of the television on but couldn’t tell what was being watched. She tiptoed down the stairs, she figured if she didn’t make noise she had a chance to change her mind and head back upstairs. She could see the back of Patrick’s head but couldn’t tell if he was asleep.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs she cleared her throat. Startled Patrick quickly turned around. The shock disappeared and was replaced with a smile when he saw his ex-secretary standing in front of him. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as her feet helped her walk towards him. Patrick stood up with open arms ready to embrace her. Viola slowed her pace when she realized he was only in his underwear. It had been a while since she had seen him without a shirt. He had slimmed down, his body had become more muscular since she had last seen him. Viola could see his erection tent the thin fabric of his underwear. Without blinking an eye she was in his arms wrapped in the warmth of him. She buried her face in his neck and inhaled deep. The scent of him filled her lungs she missed his scent her tongue slid past her lips and she licked his cream colored freckled skin. When she picked her head up and his eyes met hers.

Surprise is what keeps things fresh; interesting; exhilarating. An unexpected gesture or selfless act of love and appreciation not only goes a long way towards earning Karma points, it ultimately makes those close to you feel more special.

That was how I felt about the previous night. I was still glowing, the tingling in my abdomen regularly surfacing and swirling over my body, surging down between my legs then back up every time I thought about the way he touched me. Oh that tongue of his; long, quick and flexible, somehow knowing when and where all the right spots were to amplify my excitement.

I longed for him to do it all again. From the deliberate, hours-long build up, through the endlessly increasing peaks of arousal, insistently edging me towards the crescendo; _my_ crescendo; that overwhelming sensation when my brain struggles to process everything being asked of it, all paths become one and, all of a sudden, nothing else matters, as Hetfield might sing.

Adam’s touches did all that, and more. I was a teenager again when I was with him, but with the considerable benefit of experience that allowed me to appreciate the vast distinction between the arousal from his loving caresses and those evoked by the inexpert fumblings of an eager prom date, all the while conjuring the same, fresh, impetuous innocence that youth brings to the equation. I wanted him to sweep me and my spirit on another journey of passionate awareness; to allow me to discover thoughts and feelings that eighteen months of togetherness and a lifetime of searching had only just begun to reveal. I had a lot of catching up to do and intended to make the most of it.

My clitoris throbbed beneath its pink shelter as I recalled the way he flicked his tongue either side, then slowly, tantalisingly traced the digits 0 to 9 in sequence over and around my tender pearl. The variety in those strokes alone had me groaning his name while I twitched beneath him. He offered to carry on — said that he was well versed in hexadecimal, should I so desire. Such a geek! How could I resist A through F on my jumping clit?

Flushing at the memories, I ached to touch myself. Just a little, to tide me over until he arrived home and we could play some more. Did that make what I was about to do any less honourable; selfish even? Doing it not only for his benefit but because I would ultimately gain? Possibly. But I couldn’t help myself. I reasoned it was his fault after all — he drove me to such distraction — and tried to focus on the task at hand.

It was Friday and I’d snuck home a little early from work, bored of the umpteen meetings and circular conversations. As was becoming typical, my heart just wasn’t in it because my mind was elsewhere. Fifteen hours earlier, to be precise. While my boss’ presentation droned on I had drifted back to the mind-blowing orgasm that Adam had wrung from my body the night before.

Truthfully, ‘orgasm’ did it a disservice. It was more a series of them, each more potent than the last; the culmination of an evening of blissful, ever increasing sensations that ripped through my body as I lay there hot, wet and panting helplessly beneath him.

It had started with him cooking me a fine chicken and black bean stir fry, washed down with a medium bodied Shiraz, then drawing me a hot, deep bubble bath. He’d dotted tea light candles around the bathroom and switched off the light, letting the flames dance and flicker long shadows against the tiles and pastel blue walls.

After inviting me into the small, humid sanctuary he had slowly undressed me, item by item, gently kissing each piece of flesh as it was uncovered, taking his sweet time to expose and touch every curve with his soft lips. It was as if he was memorising each nuance of my willowy shape, charting and cataloguing me for later recall. Had there been a subsequent test he’d have aced it for sure. Even my slightly overindulged tummy — the part of me of which I am least fond — received its fair share of attention.

But his breathy caresses and tender kisses were only half the equation. The treat was when he would regularly look up at me from his current place of focus, eyes brimming with adoration as he worshipped my body. To be treasured — wanted — like that; to see the hunger in his eyes yet restraint in his actions, made my heart gallop.

By the time it was the turn of my panties to slide down my shapely legs and form a figure eight on the floor I was beginning to moisten at the anticipation of him kissing my voluptuous bottom and shaved lips with the same devotion as the rest of my body.

There was no denying it: I adored being licked. Always had. Once I’d learned the touches that mattered during my early years of self discovery I often visualized being licked “down there” as we used to call it at school. Ever since I’d read a story about cunnilingus in a copy of Hustler found in my dad’s bedside drawer it had fascinated me to imagine what it would be like; though it wasn’t until many years later that I had the pleasure of finding out for real. When someone was totally into me, twinkling eyes gazing up at me from above my velvety furrow, and I could see my taste driving them to their own sexual precipice as I neared mine, it made me feel Godly; omnipotent; exceptional; like I was an incredibly rare piece of art, admired and treated for the raw inner beauty I represented instead of simply judged by my slightly quirky, unconventional exterior.

What made it all the more extraordinary with Adam was the fact he couldn’t seem to ever have enough. He was utterly insatiable; said if I could sneak him under my desk at work he’d sit there all day so every time I felt the urge all I’d have to do for oral relief would be to spread my legs. Imagine that! Typing into a spreadsheet or on the phone to a customer while my own personal sex slave ravaged my little jewel and puffy lips. I’d be drenching the chair, my thighs and his face with my come in no time, as I writhed beneath his masterful caresses, stifling screams of ecstasy for fear of being caught.

The combination of heat, energy and danger made it a breathtaking fantasy, and as I stood in the flickering candlelight, naked and radiant before him, I shivered at the thoughts, preparing myself for his delightful intrusion to my most revered parts.

Instead he had topped the bath up with hot and simply helped me step in, the crackling suds dutifully parting then clinging to me as I lowered myself into the water.

Questions over why he had skipped my centrepiece evaporated when he began to sponge me, delicately washing each corner of my body — including the entrance to my then slippery pussy — with the same slowness as the earlier kisses. He squeezed the sponge out over my jutting breasts and we shared smiles watching tributaries of warm water roll effortlessly in all directions on their return journey to the bath. My pale pink nipples rose in appreciation, perched atop my large areolas like tiny marshmallows in espresso cups.

The sponge squeaked as each arm was treated to its own soap and rinse before gliding towards my thigh. I raised one leg out of the water so he could pay attention to my calf. He leisurely washed it and moved to my foot, then massaged my sole and instep, finishing by drawing each toe into his hot mouth, running his tongue over them, between them, making me squirm while sucking and nibbling every digit. He didn’t even seem to notice the bubble beard he gained in the process. It felt divine and I just tipped my head back, sank further into the hot water and let him do likewise to the other leg; my mind already racing at what was to come.

As I recalled the events of the previous evening I had found myself becoming more turned on. The dampness forming in my crotch was infinitely more appealing than my boss gesticulating at his Powerpoint slides — a presentation that seemed far from conclusion, and even farther from my attention. The urge to touch myself was invading my thoughts — taking over — but I couldn’t very well do it in the meeting room with five witnesses.

Could I?

_Could I_?

I surprised myself with the notion. It was such a dirty thought to be having and I nonchalantly surveyed the surroundings to talk myself out of it. The room lights were low to minimise glare on the projected images. Directly across the oval wood-effect table was Old Bob, more lines than War & Peace, slouched and wearing a glazed expression through his bifocals. Clustered at the stubby end of the table, Mark and Tony — the departmental comic relief — appeared barely more attentive, preferring to exchange knowing grins while playing Buzzword Bingo. I was the sole occupant of this side, save for Kelly — my boss’ secretary — sitting close to Gerry at the head of the table. She was daubed in her default attire: the wrong foundation, thick make-up, false spider lashes, and wearing an ill-fitting blouse that often rode high enough to reveal the tramp stamp etched on her sacrum. Made her popular around the office; and every organisation needed a bike. She also appeared to be doodling on her notepad while Gerry talked forecasts, growth and industry trends.

Everyone in their own worlds, and none with line of sight. Perhaps I could pull this off after all? It was still risky, but just possible.

Was it worth it? I couldn’t shake the stirrings inside. What was wrong with me? Why did I feel this way at the most inopportune moments? Did I need counselling? Did I need to exercise more self control, or was I perfectly normal? Was it acceptable to allow my thoughts and urges to govern me? What if I lost control one day? Were there limits to how far I’d go?

Turning these thoughts over and over in my head, eyes focusing on everything and nothing at once, my attention was gradually drawn to my pen lying on the desk. I fleetingly wished I could slide it into my pussy; its cold, metal surface probing my insides just enough to tease. Slowly back and forth, in and out, the extra breadth of the clip wonderfully fulfilling at the end of each gentle stroke. It immediately thrilled me to consider being so brazen and my skin tingled. Perhaps just a little touch was all I needed; a tiny feel to take the pressure off until I could get home and deliver the full attention my body craved. Surely I could manage that undetected? Maybe setting such stringent boundaries was a way to keep myself in check.

I weighed the options in my mind, deciding if it was worth the risk and, if so, the best way to do it. Thoughts, positions, possibilities and penalties all flashed through my head. If anything, the act of openly considering the choices made me hornier, my body relentlessly screaming yes until my mind eventually caved in surrender, offering a sketchy plan as a consolation.

The course was set.

Stretching somewhat theatrically, I hunkered down in my seat while still pretending to be interested in my boss’ monologue. The act of sliding pushed my navy suit skirt up my legs so it was caught on the upper third of my thighs. Good enough. I dropped one hand to my lap and let the other twiddle the pen on the desk in plain sight to take any focus off.

My heartbeat quickened and the blood thudded past my temples as I contemplated the lewdness of self exploration in such close quarters. It was plain wrong on so many levels, but the depravity of the act and — perhaps moreso — my willingness to entertain it despite the consequences, filled me with nervous energy.

Surreptitiously, my out-of-sight hand crept millimetre by millimetre to the hem of my skirt, brushing my exposed thigh — no stockings or hold-ups today for a change. The excitement in me mounted as I very slowly dragged my hand back, bunching the remaining material beneath my palm, spreading my legs under the table to aid its northward movement. I glanced down my body. Anyone paying close attention couldn’t fail to spot my nipples, proud and straining against the fabric of my blouse, trying to puncture the man-made fibres in a bid to be noticed; enticing hands and fingers to squeeze and roll the ample flesh; seeking a warm mouth to close over the tips, and a tongue to swirl and lash at the sensitive nubs as my arousal grew.

I imagined Adam sitting out of sight between my legs, watching my skirt edge higher, revealing progressively more of my lean thighs to his greedy stare; his focus unwavering, zeroing in on the emerging expanse of white cotton that separated my ever growing desire to be touched from his willingness to please. As my legs parted further, the thought of him longing to dive forward and lap me through the thin material countered my rising apprehension at exposing myself in this manner. I was conflicted and tense, yet unequivocally excited. My mouth was dry; the same way it had been when he first went down on me; sampling, touching, flicking, exhaling hot breaths among my light patch of fur and delicate petals that both tickled and energised my body, a tell-tale wetness forming within. His magnificent tongue and the full lips of my — these days bare — pussy had become firm acquaintances from the outset of our relationship and I never grew tired of the way he knew my sex the way a Jazz musician knows how to jam with his band.

I inched the skirt higher.

The game was nearly over when my fingers grazed my panties and I flinched, sending my pen skidding across the table. I froze and tried to avoid eye contact, as if my colleagues would be able to tell what I was doing through my guilty expression. Gerry stopped talking momentarily; Old Bob merely seemed startled — I probably woke him — and rolled the pen back. I smiled apologetically at nobody in particular and Gerry continued.

The damp spot between my parted legs was evident to me and I hoped there would be no odour escaping into the room to give my arousal away. Kelly for sure was close enough to smell me if that was the case, and getting one over on me was the sort of thing in which she’d revel. I pushed the thoughts from my mind and waited until I was satisfied that I had gotten away with the unexpected touch.

Though discretion was paramount, the desire to relieve myself was intense. I concentrated on gingerly sliding my panties aside — wriggling slightly to assist their travel — revealing direct access to my drooling sex. The cool air from the conditioner in the room against my exposed, shaved slit made my body shudder and I opened my mouth a fraction, drawing in a soft breath. I flicked my eyes to each member of the room; no visible signs of detection yet, thank goodness. But I needed to be careful: one wrong move and I’d be in big trouble. I couldn’t recall the clause in the contract that stated masturbation in the office was a dismissible offence, but I was sure it would be covered by some blanket legalese such as ‘inappropriate conduct’. Again I paused long enough to make sure nobody was paying attention and to once more weigh up the odds of being caught: this was my last chance to back out.

There were no raised eyebrows or disapproving stares. Not even faint glimmers of recognition or disgusted, averted eyes.

I was in the clear.

My pussy ached and every atom in my body chanted yes, yes, yes in unison.

Now or never.

Extending my middle finger I brought it to my horny opening, dragging it first across my moist lips then gently dipping it inside my velvety folds. I withdrew it wet, and the cooler air began to dry it quickly. Before that occurred I ran the digit up to the hood of my clitoris and flicked across it once. My eyes closed and mouth opened a little as a thousand sensors lit up simultaneously within my body. Then I remembered where I was and snapped my eyes open again, furtively checking the other occupants for suspicion.



So back went my finger, diving delicately beneath my outer lips then returning, glistening wet, before running up and over my sensitive knot of pink flesh. Again my body responded by rapidly distributing pleasure signals up and down my spine. Hormones mixed and circulated to my extremities, warming me. The need for absolute caution jarred with my growing desire to drive two fingers inside my yearning body and draw rough circles around my slavish nub until I came hard. It was asking a lot of myself to remain quiet and discreet while I repeatedly dipped a finger into my centre, slid it out past my sticky labia and brushed it over the surface of my gradually protruding clit, feeling it respond and swell beneath my touches as I tugged to control the reins of the wild horses trying to stampede through me.

The feelings my actions triggered sent me whirling back to the bathroom the previous evening…

Wrapping me in a big fluffy bath sheet as the water spiralled away, Adam had gently patted me dry and let me wrap my long, dark hair in another towel before leading me to the bedroom, which was also candlelit and tranquil. I surrendered to his guidance, with little idea what he might do to me. That didn’t stop my imagination running amok at wild thoughts of him penetrating my soft wetness, filling me completely with his thick, contoured shaft and grinding my clit hard against us at the deepest part of each thrust in the way he knows will drive us both towards simultaneous climax. I was virtually panting with anticipation and desire at the mere thoughts alone, which was as much a testament to Adam’s understanding of my needs as the manner in which we were in tune with one another.

As it happened, my imagination didn’t come anywhere near the intensity of his actions. He just laid me down on our bed, unwrapped me as if I was the sweetest Christmas gift he’d ever seen, then kissed his way tenderly from my jaw, around my supple breasts and quivering nipples, over my tummy and down past the two-inch wide runway of pubic hair that led to my shaved slit. He parted my creamy thighs and encouraged me to flop my legs apart while he lay in the gap, staring directly at my silky wet petals, open and inviting. The twinkle in his eyes told me what I already knew but never tired of having reaffirmed: he wanted me and it was his treat. He dived in. From there he had spent what must have been nearly fifty earth-shattering minutes with his face buried in my pussy, although I lost track of time the moment he began.

To please me was what he loved more than anything in the world; and it showed. His tongue had danced, nibbled, kissed and licked every square millimetre of my sex, inside and out. My clit felt like it would burst at any moment as he resolutely and lovingly brought me to the brink of orgasm time and again with his talented tongue, then backed off to tease me before attacking again. Every so often he’d push me over the edge and my body would quake in the throes of climax, making me grip the bed sheets, arch my back, pant loudly into the room and thrust my core hard up into his welcoming face.

Each time, sparks crackled through me. Connections in my brain were made and broken faster than I could comprehend. Parts of my body I didn’t know had nerve endings prickled with heat and signalled their gratitude, adding to the flood of come that coated Adam’s eager face and probing tongue.

As my head spun and insides twined and untwined with each spasm, a kaleidoscope of colour snaked across my vision: thoughts and images merged into a Technicolor landscape too complex to discern. Shapes pirouetted to my body’s ballet as the unrelenting drumming of blood coursed through it, heating me from the inside, transferring that heat into the wetness tumbling towards Adam.

Ultimately my hormones released me from their grasp and I would gradually lower myself to the sheets. While the internal flames reduced to cinders and the images skipped off to the periphery of my senses, the blurry, soft reality of the room returned, along with the sensation of Adam’s gentle lapping at my sensitive centre. But before the embers had a chance to extinguish completely he’d stoke my fires to elevate me higher still and ignite my senses again.

Time after time he pushed my trembling body to its limits of pleasure. When I thought I was exhausted and could take no more he’d prove me wrong by teasing my hypersensitive clit and gaping pussy in a different manner; experimenting with hot and cold breaths, licks, laps, taps, circles, fingers; an endless array of heavenly contact. Some time during play he had even introduced my trusty Silver Shadow vibrator, slipping it in and out of my pulsing, drenched channel while his tongue was taking a short rest and his eyes conveyed sheer delight at the smell and flavour of my intoxicating, horny fluid. In the end I had to practically beg him to stop for fear I’d have turned inside out.

Spread beneath the table in the meeting room I flicked my clit slowly yet insistently at the memories, gently raising the heat in my body degree by degree. My legs were twitching a little as I brought myself closer. Thankfully the chairs were of a dark material or the juice dribbling down my smooth lips and pooling on the back of my skirt might have seeped through and stained. Despite my original self-assurance that I would only indulge in a little pleasure, I found myself gliding towards an inexorable climax. I really was at the mercy of my touches; an extension of being at the mercy of Adam’s. The warmth of the memories and sheer wickedness of the situation — bringing myself off undetected in a room of people I knew — had me teetering on the cusp of orgasm faster than I could have predicted.

Then calamity struck. My boss’ presentation ended and he raised the lights. No! So damn close. Adrenaline surged through my body — the fight or flight gene clamping down my erogenous zones tightly. I whipped my hand from my pussy without time to snap my panties back in place or wipe the juice from my fingers. Using my forearms I dragged myself upright in the chair, shuffling my skirt down as far as I could in the process, and tried to look composed. Suddenly I could smell my heavy arousal and panicked. Christ, would the others notice? I hoped not and sat fidgeting for the remaining few minutes of my boss’ summary.

The attention I had given my body before the interruption jumbled my senses and thoughts of Adam’s unselfish act still drifted around my mind. I tried to focus on the meeting but unwittingly tuned Gerry out and recalled the final detail of the previous evening: Adam had wanted nothing in return. Once I stopped him from stimulating my insides he simply spooned me, hugged and stroked me to a blissful sleep. Truly one in a million. Well I was going to make sure to repay his kindness today. And I couldn’t cope with an afternoon in the office while my body was wound up to this level. With my exposed pussy tingling right there in the meeting room I hatched a plan, inwardly smiling at its simplicity. The teen in me grinned wickedly too.

At the eventual conclusion of the meeting I engaged my boss:

“Still OK for me to leave early today? Remember: that gynae appointment?” It was a lie, but probably wouldn’t be far from the truth by the time I was through with Adam.

Gerry furrowed his brow in recollection, clearly not remembering anything about our fictitious conversation, but chose to let it slide; one of the fringe benefits of having a stressed and overly trustworthy boss when it came to ‘women’s issues’.

“Sure. You OK? You look a little… flustered.”

I coloured. “Been a long week and I’m a tad nervous about this appointment.”

He stared and anxiety wracked my body, but I tried not to let it show. I prayed his bullshit detector was broken, and that he couldn’t smell my exposed pussy from this proximity. It seemed the Gods were smiling.

“Have a good weekend. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”

It was his stock phrase: if he knew what I had planned it might well convince him to choose a new one. But I thanked him and quickly left for home to wait for Adam.

The kitchen clock ticked ever forward, slowly. He was late, and I was turned on despite — or in spite of — my nerves. Even the occasional doubting thoughts of “what if he had a bad day” didn’t sway me. Carpe diem: I wanted this. I’d make him want it too, if I had to.

My pussy still clamoured for attention, but after snapping my panties back into place in the car I had somehow persevered at keeping my will power intact since arriving home. It would make the ultimate release all that more delicious.

His key grated in the lock. Show time! I heard rustling in the hallway behind me. Approaching footsteps. Then silence.

I could hear Adam breathing but gave it a few seconds longer to let it sink in. The look on his face was priceless as I demurely glanced over my shoulder at him, greeting him with a casual “Hi honey”. He was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, goldfishing, eyes wide at the sight before him.

I was cooking, stirring the bubbling saucepan. Nothing strange about that in itself — I cooked regularly — except that from where Adam stood he’d have seen me wearing my absolute favourite Louboutin four-inch heels, some gorgeous dark hold-ups with a wide band that hugged my slender thighs and a pink vinyl apron tied around my waist at the back. Nothing more.

“Dinner won’t be long,” I cheerily announced and returned to stirring the pasta sauce.

Strictly unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, the apron was a functional rather than cosmetic addition to my limited apparel: it saved my breasts from being splashed by the hot food on the stove. But equally it added to the allure of the housewife role play. From his rear vantage point, Adam would simply see the top of the hold-ups clinging to soft white thighs, giving way to my shapely naked bottom with the pink bow of the apron’s straps draped over it from the small of my back. The only other evidence of the apron from where he stood was the neck strap. My entire back was bare, touched only by my long black hair that tumbled around half its length.

It excited me to consider what Adam must be thinking; what he might try and do to me, knowing my state of undress and the fact I’d worn it solely for him. Well, maybe for me too. He’d guess I was horny and, had the cooking not been masking it, I’m quite sure the room would have smelled of my sweet, wet pussy. In fact, the aroma had probably been on Adam’s face all day — a constant reminder of the night before. Had his co-workers picked up on it? His boss? What would they think of us if they knew? My nipples rose proud of my full bosoms and pressed against the inside of the apron in response to my naughty thoughts. The apron was lined, which was a small mercy, but still felt cool in the places where it brushed my body.

Adam entered the kitchen, dumping his bag by the door and stepped behind me. He snaked his arms around my waist underneath the apron and pressed his body to me, nuzzling his cleanly shaven face into my neck. I purred and could feel he was already aroused. He tried his luck, running his hands forward over my hips and down, trying to slip his fingers between my legs. I squeezed them shut.

“Uh uh. Not yet. We eat first.”

“No fair! Not even a little taster?”

“You had more than a little taster last night. It’s my turn.”

He paused. “What if I did this?”

Dropping to his knees behind me, he slid his hands around to my buttocks, parted my cheeks and ran his tongue tantalisingly from the base of my clenched pussy up over my crinkled rosebud, swirling around the entrance to my dark passage. I sighed quietly but kept my resolve.

“Don’t think you can get round me that way, mister.”

“Oh? Not even if I…”

He ran his tongue again up my tight crack, spending a few seconds flitting his long, gifted organ over the nerve endings around my anus. Then he stiffened his tongue and slid it inside the entrance, probing my chute just how I like it. Repeatedly. Unhurriedly. Dirtily. I gripped the worktop and involuntarily pressed my bottom into his face, loving his nether touches; loving the fact that he was a slave to my derriere and I could dominate his world by simply being me, yet mindful that I was in turn a slave to my own needs. Needs that Adam filled. Needs that gave him purpose and excited him. Yin and yang; alpha and omega. Mutual desires fulfilled through a single act. My inner teen never knew such depravity during her innocent youth, but she was delighted to experience it now.

Damn, he knew what he was doing; knew exactly what made me tick. Within thirty seconds I simply couldn’t concentrate on cooking any longer and shut off the stove. “You drive a hard bargain.”

He plucked his tongue from my anus. “A hard something at least.”

I smiled. With a little improvisation my plans could still work. But I needed things on my terms. Whirling around I dragged him up from the floor so we were level. Our eyes locked for a few seconds and our lips followed suit. The kiss was deep, sensual, and crackled with passion. I tasted my muskiness and I’m sure faint traces of my pussy from the night before, and it warmed me to know he’d taken pleasure in obtaining both.

The act of dressing up for him in such scant clothing, the thoughts of the previous evening that had plagued me all day, the sheer indecency of secretly masturbating at the office, and of what we were about to do had already charged me to melting point. Wetness had formed inside my pussy long ago and it was now being continually topped up — drip-fed with my horny secretions — by our smouldering kiss.

His hands slid around my body and found my buttocks again, squeezing me to him so I could feel his growing manhood against my midsection. I crossed my arms behind his neck and held him to me as our tongues duelled and pulses raced. Butterflies feathered my insides and, keeping our lips tightly locked, I let go of him.

Fumbling urgently between us on sexual autopilot I yanked the buckle of his belt free before unsnapping his trousers and lowering his zip. Driving my hand against his crotch I rubbed his length, already pointing up at me, engorged and ready. Even through his boxers it felt wonderful beneath my touch: firm, thick, willing, manly. I shuddered as I imagined it ravaging my insides, thrusting deeply into my wet channel, seeking my hidden depths as I screamed for more.

Later, girl. Later.

But later couldn’t come soon enough to my pining insides. In a way I was glad he’d forced my hand, as it were; I doubt I could have made it through dinner without clambering onto the table, crawling over to him with a wicked glint in my eye, sweeping the dishes aside and dropping into his lap, letting his hardness split and fill my rampant pussy as I rode us to thunderous orgasm while his hands kneaded my bosoms roughly beneath the apron.

Hurriedly I crouched and pushed his trousers down his blond-haired legs so they pooled at his feet, allowing him to step out of them. Kneeling on the floor I was now facing his crotch, the mushroom-shaped outline of his circumcised head clear against the tight material. I reached for the waistband, tucked my fingertips inside and looked up at him coyly, knowing he wouldn’t stop me, merely demonstrating my intention and allowing his imagination to run wild. His boyish smile pleased me.

He’d be wondering if I was going to jack him off, allowing his thick cum to splatter onto the vinyl apron. Or maybe I’d direct his sperm over my face, letting it splash against my lips and coat my cheeks, running down over their soft surface before dripping to the apron and onto my hold-ups. Perhaps he thought I might take him into my mouth, sucking feverishly until I let him come down my throat, exaggeratedly swallowing for his visual pleasure. Or maybe I’d lie on my back and use first my heels on his raging prick and then have him remove my shoes leaving just my stockinged feet on his length, jerking him off with the same soles and toes he had worshipped the night before, until he shot his sticky seed over my silky feet and legs. I could see his eyes furtively searching mine for a clue, trying to read my expression. But I remained guarded. He would soon find out.

With one fluid motion I pulled his underwear out, over and down to the floor. His cock sprang free and danced inches from my face. So thick and powerful. I grabbed the bobbing shaft, closing my fingers around his warm circumference, steadying him for my hungry gaze, just watching the head flare as I squeezed rhythmically and gently.

The veins pulsed beneath my fingers, blood forging in every few seconds to keep him erect for me. I loved just to watch how it reacted to the tiniest of my movements, how it would grow momentarily steely with the odd breath blown across his sensitive bare glans, the shaft alternating between hard and rock hard. To have around six inches of Adam’s manhood at my disposal and knowing he loved me making a fuss over his cock made me dizzy with lust. Yet despite part of me wanting to tease him some more — the way he had me — the excitement of the day won and I began the next step of my plan.

Keeping my petite hand wrapped around his length, I ducked my head to his wrinkled, shaved scrotum and ran my tongue over its surface. His balls were up, tightened against his body, leaving his sac resembling two compact walnuts. The feeling of the rippled, hairless skin against my tongue made me hum with delight which in turn caused him to gasp. And when I drew one of his naked balls into my wet mouth, whirling my tongue over it, he moaned loudly. I treated the other to the same, nibbling its ridged surface with my lips and taking great satisfaction in his lust filled words of encouragement.

From my kneeling, submissive position, I gazed upwards as I kissed, licked and caressed his balls, every now and then squeezing his hard shaft, feeling its firm resistance. I’d learned from when he made me lap dance for him that eye contact was everything and, since then, I’d become a Zen master at it. Just a sultry look, a flash of my green eyes, or a wide-eyed, full-on stare held for a little longer than necessary was enough to take a simple sexual act and magnify its effect tenfold. Eyes don’t lie and when I’m turned on or like what I see, Adam says my pupils dilate. They must have been enlarging just then because I saw my boyfriend smile down at me and breathe out heavily, accompanied by a jolt in his manhood. I felt it widen my grip briefly as it swelled and I continued to gaze into his deep, hazel eyes.

Playing power games was a new thing for us. Not into fully realised dom-sub territory, but more subtle. At that moment I was clearly playing submissive, on my knees before him, powerless should I overstep the mark and he took control. Yet at the same time I held all the authority because he was slave to my actions and fiery stares. One wrong move on his behalf and I could make him pay: give pleasure or take it away from him. I found it such a trip; the duality of roles; the simultaneous feeling of dominance and subservience as I slowly began to slide my curled hand up and down his hard shaft, feeling each ridge as the skin rippled over the firm muscle beneath, the scant wisps of pubic hair above his pole tickling my fingers on the in stroke. My pussy dribbled a little sweet nectar onto my smooth lips, and the cooler air of the room dried it; a tiny pinprick of cold on my otherwise hot sex.

As my actions on his cock continued, languid yet intense, his eyes fluttered in appreciation and he sighed. I knew I had him right where I wanted.

It was time.

I slowly released his tool from my grip and kissed my way up his shaft, still maintaining eye contact whenever possible. The kisses were tender, causing his meat to bob and sway with each touch. At his tip I blew cool air gently over the head and eased back a little. My hands ran down his firm thighs, over his calves and then I traced my fingers across to my own body, feeling the silky smooth material of the hold-ups against my trim thighs. I was desperate to touch my pussy; to bury my hand between my legs and bring myself off for him; to watch his expression as I sawed my fingers in and out of my slippery tunnel, mouth open, panting steadily and more insistently as my orgasm rose until I came hard beneath his searing gaze. But that was for another day.

Instead, my hands remained on course along my body, bypassing my hot centre, tracing the contours of my shapely hips. I brushed my fingers up my sides just beneath the apron, continuing their journey around behind me, over my sensitive bare buttocks causing a little sigh to escape my lips, and eventually coming to rest at the small of my back. With my eyes still boring deeply into Adam’s soul, the final part of the act was the pièce de résistance which I had practised earlier in front of the bedroom mirror: I crossed my wrists, clasped my hands together, pushed my arms downward as far as I could and knelt there, breathing steadily.

Total submission.

The position of my arms caused my breasts to thrust outward beneath the apron, giving the vinyl shape. I felt vulnerable yet exhilarated. The tip of his hard cock was millimetres from my lips. My warm breath played over its flared end and it nodded in appreciation. For a long moment Adam and I held each other’s stares until slowly, almost imperceptibly I began to open my mouth.

The taste of his cock was exquisite as first his mushroom glans and then the smooth body of his pole slid into my hot mouth. Pre-come had already formed at its end and I savoured its sweetness against my tongue as I moved my head inexorably towards the base of his prick. I’d never been capable of deep-throating without gagging so there was still a good inch or so of his tool protruding from my lips when I reached the extent of my forward motion.

His eyes closed as I breathed out in satisfaction. When they opened I was still there staring up at him, lips stretched around his shaft, with a puppy-dog, demure, expression that I knew drove him crazy with lust. His breath was catching in his throat and I could sense he desperately wanted to thrust his manhood into me; fuck my mouth with wild abandon, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to swallow his entirety. But respect of the power balance meant he stayed exactly where he was, waiting patiently for my next move, both of us aroused by our simultaneous acts of restraint.

Slowly I brought my lips back, dragging them up over his shaft the way I had gone, feeling him slip from me, his glans catching ever so slightly against my teeth. My lips closed as he exited fully and I kissed the tip of his prick then pushed forward again, mouth smaller than it needed to be so his cock head was forced into me, shaped to fit. The feeling of his hot, hard tool squeezing its way past my lips brought another surge of moisture deep from within my body, oozing down my soaking channel and appearing at my slick entrance.

Gripping my hands tightly behind my back I continued with slow strokes, gliding his steel into my warm mouth, stopping short of full length then bringing my head back, allowing him to fully exit before pushing forward to maintain a steady rhythm. With each forward thrust I swallowed as much of his meat as I could manage, swirling my tongue over its surface on the return journey. The steamy looks we were giving each other the whole time elevated the experience and my tummy churned with delight as every one of my senses was heightened. Desire and satisfaction registered on Adam’s features, his mental arousal clear had the physical signs not been so obvious.

Tilting my head sideways to alter the angle of approach, feeling his hardness press into my cheek before it was deflected to the back of my wanton mouth, I caught sight of my reflection in the oven door. Wow! I resembled some wonderfully dirty whore, kneeling there almost naked in my heels with my hands clasped tightly behind me, the swell of my chest jutting the apron towards Adam’s legs as I repeatedly swallowed and released his manhood from my lips. No wonder he was so hard for me: from his viewpoint I was both stunning and obscene.

Despite my best efforts, thoughts of what I wanted to do to Michael kept clouding my mind. Maybe coming up with that fantasy about him hadn’t been the best idea. Instead of clearing my head, now I was wishing even more that it would happen in reality.

But the pressure was on with our project and I forced myself to focus on the job at hand. The next four days of the convention were really intense. It wasn’t easy because the others all knew each other and had worked together in this type of situation before, and I was still the new guy in the group.

Somehow the rest of the week went by without any disasters. On Saturday evening Michael came into our temporary headquarters and got everyone’s attention.

“You’ve all done an amazing job and everything’s come together. This was a hell of a rush job and I’m really proud of you all for pulling it off.”

“Everything is running smoothly now and as you know we’ll just be closing out tomorrow. So you’re all done for the night and I’m taking everyone out for a beer right now so we can celebrate and get of this hotel for awhile.”

I stretched in my seat, happy to be free. But I wasn’t too excited about going out drinking. We’d been working practically non-stop the entire time we had been here and I could have done with getting some sleep instead. I filed out after everyone else and then turned away to head up to my room. A firm hand on my arm stopped me and I looked back to see it belonged to Michael.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, giving me that smile of his that always made me want to get down on my knees and take his cock in my mouth.

“I just want to get some sleep,” I said, feeling slightly pathetic as I heard my words out loud.

“One drink with the team. It’s mandatory. Then you can do whatever you want.”

He hadn’t let go of my arm since he’d first wrapped his hand around it. I looked into his eyes for a fraction of a second longer than I should have.

“Sure,” I said, trying not to wish he would twist my arm around, shove me up against the wall and fuck me right there in the hallway.

He winked at me as if somehow he could tell what I was thinking. My face burned as I followed him outside.

We caught up to the others as they headed into a bar just up the street. The eight of us got a long table but Michael got cornered by a tech with a question so we ended up sitting pretty much as far away from each other as possible.

We had all been stuck in the hotel since we had arrived in Dallas and everyone was relieved to have the chance at some fun. Even I got into it. The beer flowed non-stop until Michael called for the bill around midnight.

We staggered back and split up as everyone made their way to their own rooms. When the elevator closed after the last of my coworkers had gotten out, I found myself alone with Michael.

“Alex, I need to talk to you about something.”

My beer buzz faded at his tone. “Is it the LAN? Because I worked out the bugs last night, and it’s been running really well since then.”

He shook his head at me, frowning. “Let’s discuss it in back in your room.”

Shit. I tried to think of any way I might have slipped up and missed something critical, but I was too drunk to think fast.

My hand shook slightly as I unlocked the door to my room. Michael was standing right next to me and I hoped he didn’t notice. In spite of the circumstances I felt my cock react to his closeness to me.

“Drink?” I offered, going straight to the mini bar. I was hoping he would say yes, since I sure needed one myself.

I nearly jumped when I felt a hand brush against my ass. My eyes widened as I turned to face him. Was that accidental, or did he do it on purpose? He grinned at me.

“Alex, I’ve seen the way you look at me, or rather the way you’re always checking out my crotch.” He stepped right up to me as he spoke. I didn’t back away. “See anything you want there?”

I took a breath to speak but no sounds left my mouth. All of my thoughts were colliding. Was my imagination working overtime, or did he just say what I was hoping he did? From his expression, I knew I hadn’t made it up. Indecision kept me silent. I wanted him so much, but he was my boss. If I went for it, would everything get fucked up badly?

I wasn’t sure how long I had hesitated but Michael stepped back.

“If I’ve misread you, I’m sorry,” he said. Watching him turn away, I instinctively I reached out and grabbed for his hand. He stopped.

“No. Don’t go.” I stepped closer to him and tentatively raised my other hand to his chest. My heart was pounding and my legs nearly buckled when he put his arms around my waist and kissed me.

He forced his tongue into my mouth and I didn’t resist. As he pulled me even tighter to him, I could feel his huge erection through the thin fabric of his dress pants. I rocked my hips, rubbing my straining cock against his.

He slid his hand between us and felt for my balls, fondling them for a wonderful moment before he moved in further to rub around behind them. I spread my legs wider to give him better access and to let him know he could have me any way he wanted me.

I started to unbutton his shirt, taking the opportunity to feel his nearly hairless chest as I did. His nipples were hard and I ran my fingers over them. Even when he started to steer me backwards I couldn’t stop touching him.

When I felt the edge of the bed against my leg it was like a trance had been broken. He tore at my clothes urgently and I did the same to him. I was desperate to see him naked, to feel his warm skin against mine.

He was even hotter than I had imagined. His clothes hadn’t ever done much to suggest what was underneath. He clearly worked out and man, did it have an effect. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him and his muscles were perfect, not overdone but super defined. His chest looked like it had been sculpted by an artist.

I dropped to my knees, determined to act out the fantasy I had jacked off to every night I’d spent in this room.

He pulled his underwear down over his hips and his cock sprang out, nearly hitting me in the face. It was as sexy as the rest of him. At least 8 inches long, cut and standing straight out in front of him, it pointed right at my mouth.

I had to worship his cock. My hands flew behind him so I could pull him closer. His cock throbbed as I gripped its base and touched the tip with my tongue. I worked and nibbled at the head and ran my tongue lightly up and down the shaft.

After a few minutes of that treatment he pushed his hips forward insistently. I knew what he wanted and if it was possible I wanted it even more than he did. I opened up and swallowed his saliva-coated cock. As I inched more and more of it inside, I nearly exploded myself just from the feeling of his raging hard-on sliding against my tongue.

I worked him with every skill and technique I had. I’ve been told I’m a natural cocksucker and from his moans I think it was true. Soon he was thrusting his hips so his impressive cock was slowly fucking my face. He put a hand on the back my head.

“If you keep that up, I’m going to come,” he said, and I placed my hands firmly onto his ass so he wouldn’t pull away. At that he groaned loudly and shot a huge, hot load into my mouth. It was more than I was expecting and I struggled not to lose a drop. His cock pulsed and he didn’t stop coming. When he took a step back and away from me, I licked my lips to make sure I had all of it.

By now I was so aroused I couldn’t wait. My cock ached in my wet underwear and I moved my hand to it, but Michael took hold of my arm. He helped me up from the floor and pushed me back onto the bed, positioning himself so his head was right by my eager erection. That gave me a nice view of his softening cock. I couldn’t help but fondle his balls until he got my attention by taking half of my cock into his mouth at once.

He clearly knew what he was doing as he got me very close to coming with some intense sucking, and then backed off to tease me with some agonizingly light licks. I don’t know how many times he brought me right to the edge and then pulled back. I was moaning so loudly I figured the whole building could hear me, but I couldn’t have cared less.

I started shaking with lust and I think he knew I couldn’t stand much more. He took my cock into his mouth and bobbed his head rapidly. It only took a few seconds before I lost all control.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, I’m coming,” I cried out, and he kept my cock in his mouth as I came harder than I could ever remember, right down his throat. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had.

When I was spent he climbed on top of me and kissed me. The feeling of his strong body pressing into mine was awesome, our cocks touching for the first time, his tongue exploring my mouth again. I could have stayed that way all night, but eventually he rolled off me.

“Wow,” was all I could think of to say, and he laughed. He ran his thumb over one of my nipples and then sat up.

“I’d better go. I still have a few things left to take care of tonight.”

I stayed silent as I watched him pull his clothes on in the dim light of the room, trying to memorize every part of his body before he covered it all up.

He turned back to me. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” I said, squeezing my eyes closed as the door clicked shut behind him.

This is a story written for a fellow Lit member as a follow on from a bit of fun we had on the personals board…

With her permission I am posting it for you to possibly enjoy as much as she did. My thanks to you lovelyOK for your inspiration.


“Following yesterday’s meeting I have to say that your performance was exemplary. However, we all have to do menial tasks from time to time and I’m afraid today is your turn to sort out the stationery cupboard…

There’s not a lot to do, and I’m taking it upon myself to help start you off.”

I follow you down to the cupboard, a medium size room, shelves on each wall and a central rack. I shut the door behind us and admire your ass as you take a quick look around. There are a lot of boxes on the floor that need opening to see what’s inside and I can feel the blood rush to my cock as you bend over to inspect.

Your little skirt rides up just enough to reveal to me that once again you’re not wearing panties. That’s why you’re fast becoming my favourite employee! I think to myself. You turn around and see me looking at you, but you do nothing to stop your revealing position. In fact you bend over that little bit more.

You must be able to feel your skirt riding up over your round ass, but you don’t stop. Walking to the other side of the central rack I can see your profile. Your bare legs fully visible to be now, my growing cock making an obscene bulge in my trousers.

You stand up, the item in your hand needing to be on the top most shelf between us and you stretch to place it there. Your blouse strains across your large breasts, pulling it out from the waist of your skirt to reveal your midriff.

Not being able to stand it anymore I come round on the pretence of picking up a box from by your feet. Crouching down, my face is in line with your ass, the bottom curve exposed.The first time you realise just how close I am is when you feel my breath on your exposed pussy, my nose between your ass cheeks I can just stretch my tongue to lick the base of your wet lips.

You gasp, almost dropping your box as my hands pull your skirt up and out of the way around your waist, then, bending you forward just enough, I spread your ass and bury my face between your legs. I can hear you start to pant as my tongue runs high and higher up the slit of your pussy.

I remember the taste well from yesterday and revel in burying my tongue deep inside you as far as I can. I bend you forward further, wanting to penetrate you as deep as I can, my nose pressed tight against your ass. Still spreading you wide, I maneuver my hands so that my thumbs can massage your clit as my tongue works in and out of you.

I can feel you getting wetter and wetter as I start to press one thumb into your tight hole while the second continues to swirl around your clit, rubbing it faster and faster. My tongue now licking back up and circling your puckered ass hole. I can’t resist any longer and pull my face out, biting your round cheek, savouring the feel of your flesh in my mouth.

I sit now, between your legs, facing the other way, your dripping pussy directly in front of my face and you waste no time in grinding your pussy down onto my open mouth. I can now slide a finger deep inside you as my mouth swallows your clit whole, swirling my tongue around, pressing down, flicking it back and forth.

I can feel you getting closer and closer to cumming over my face, but I’m not done with you yet. Pushing you back slightly I stand up to face you. You can feel my cock throbbing between us through my trousers as I literally tear your blouse open. Buttons fly everywhere as I kiss you hard. you can taste yourself on my lips as my fingers open you up and slide themselves back inside you. My free hand tugs your straining bra down to release your large breasts, just before going back to squeezing and groping your ass. You can feel my two fingers sliding in and out, faster and faster, the thumb rubbing your clit, my palm mashing against your lips as I lean forward and take one of your nipples in my mouth. It hardens instantly as I suck. softly at first then harder and harder. Biting gently.

I move to your other breast, kissing and sucking as my hand continues to fuck you. I’m now kissing your neck, biting your shoulder, furiously wanting to make you cum. With one final squeeze of your ass, one last suck/bite of your nipple I feel your pussy clamp down on my hand.

I quickly drop to my knees and lick and suck your pussy as I keep working your clit, feeling you cum all over my face…

I stand up, letting your body calm down a little. You stand back, leaning against the racking, your blouse torn open, your skirt around your waist and your large breasts sitting over your bra. I slowly undo my shirt and trousers, dropping the latter to the floor.

I see your eyes are glued to my crotch as my boxers follow, releasing my thick cock. It bounces up from the confines of my underwear, throbbing with my fast heartbeat. Taking it in my hand I stare at your hot, panting form as I slowly start to stroke my cut cock. The fat Purple head glistening already with precum and your cum from my hands…

I step closer to you, my thick dick now touching your bare flesh as I cup your large breasts in my hands. You reach around and unfasten your bra, dropping it to the floor as my mouth finds your nipples once again. Sucking hard on them, swirling around them with my tongue.

My hands trail up to your shoulders and gently push you down so you’re on your knees in front of me, my throbbing dick aimed right at your face. Gripping your long hair in my hands I pull your head towards me and guide my cock to your open mouth.

“Make it wet for me.” I almost groan as I feel your hot, wet mouth surround my length. Stretching your mouth wide I push my dick into your face, making you take as much of it as you can. Pulling your hair so that you can’t back away. You start to gag a little and I pull back, a long, thick trail of saliva linking my cock to your mouth. I give you just enough time to catch a breath and then I’m pushing my cock back down your throat.

I can feel your mouth and throat contracting around my girth as I start to slowly fuck your face, getting into a nice rhythm. But I don’t stay there for long. I need you.

Pulling you up to your feet I grab your wrists and pin them to the racking above your head. Holding them both in one, strong hand, my free hand slides up your inner thigh, stroking your pussy, opening your lips and delving inside you. You’re still dripping wet and that turns me on more than you can imagine.

Gripping my cock at the base I hold it up to your tight, wet opening, then grab your thigh, pulling your leg up, essentially wrapping it around my waist. I now squeeze your ass cheek in my hand as I push forward and up, penetrating you finally with my thick cock.

Covered in your saliva it slides in easily and I bury myself inside you to the hilt. I cannot get over how hot you feel as your pussy clamps around my throbbing penis. I can’t hold off any longer, the time for teasing has gone, I start to slide myself in and out of you. Picking up the pace, faster and faster, harder and harder. You try to move your hands to touch me, but I still have you pinned to the facking. My free hand squeezing your ass and thigh tight against me. My fingers curling around your body to stroke between your legs, brushing your ass hole then stroking the base of your pussy, feeling my own cock as it fucks you in and out.

Your large breasts are bouncing madly now and I kiss and suck them, trying to keep a hold of your nipples in my mouth as I grunt and groan, fucking you like a man possessed. Then suddenly, standing up straight legged I thrust myself deeper inside you than before, just as my thumb brushes your clit and my mouth locks down on your nipple…

It’s just too much for you and I feel you cum hard over my cock, flooding my shaft and balls with your juices. I keep thrusting as you cum, over and over until I’m the only thing holding you up. Your legs give way and I release your hands. You sit on the floor at my feet a panting sweaty, cum-spent mess. Your breasts heaving with each breath.

I stand over you, close to cumming myself and tweak your nipples softly in one hand. You moan dazedly as I stroke my cock standing over you. After a few short strokes I can feel my balls tighten and then I almost cry out as my orgasm overtakes me.

My slick, purple head explodes, sending a huge wad of hot, thick cum splashing across your lips. Holding the base of my cum spewing cock I angle it down so I squirt load after load of cum over your neck and large breasts. It starts to run between them, dripping over your nipples too and falling to splash on your exposed thighs.

I can’t believe how much there is, but finally I’m spent. Weak at the knees I squeeze the last of my cum out and offer the tip of my cock to your mouth. You suck the very last out of me and I pull my clothes back on.

I help you up, sticky with my cum, the buttons popped off your blouse, your bra on the floor and your skirt around your waist…

“Maybe it’s time we negotiated a raise…”

A complex chemical reaction or simple unbridled lust? Whatever it is, it has been my constant torture since he stepped into my life 12 years into my marriage.

I never once seriously considered cheating, until his presence sparked something deep within my sexual being. Awakened and acknowledged, I cannot go back to pretending. He fights against it too, he must also betray another to be with me. But how can you refuse, when your sexual soulmate slips into your life an “I Do” too late…

He rushes into my office and locks the door, my mercurial man. I reach directly for the prize not wasting a single second and chide about his hardness. He smiles ‘that smile’ and says “I just got here.” His presence, that look and every inch of me is on fire.

He caresses my full breasts over the soft purple sweater dress, then traces my hour glass shape and along the side that is so sexy. He reaches to check the status below which is already at Damn Wet!

Out comes Captain now at attention and I immediately welcome him with my tongue. That perfect 7 inch extra thick cock with its beautiful head saying more to me than mere words. He wants me here, now and he can’t wait another second.

I am still not sure how far we’ll go this time, when he whips me around and plunges into me from behind. And he is so right it’s like coming home. We are a perfect match! This feeling of him inside me is exquisite and I understand more why I’m so obsessed to feel it.

I want more, deeper and I turn and move to the edge of the desk. He plunges in again and I raise up to pull him even deeper. Our eyes meet for a second and there it is that electric thing between us. It flows through me like a current.

I pull up my black skin tight boot to just behind his shoulder to gain that extra inch. I love being limber. Oh the things I could do with a bed…

I lay all the way back, and the view must be spectacular because he exclaims “Fuck Yes!” And I feel myself juice again, as his pleasure excites me even more. I close my eyes and luxuriate in the feeling of him filling me up.

He pulls almost out and rims me, pulls all the way out and rubs his magnificent cock over my clit. He rims me again hitting the G Spot. Tantalizing and teasing such intense pleasure, he plunges in again and again. I’m going to lose it. I suddenly pull up, so I don’t shout out.

I see Captain engorged and looking so delicious, I lose how much I want to fuck and ask him if I can suck. The epitome of a dumb question, but my inner vixen is suddenly being polite.

Down I go to his glorious cock. I slowly trace it from bottom to top and lightly circle the tip with my tongue, my favorite move. I feel the responding pulse in his shaft as I do. Oh Damn! How much I love the feel of his cock, even in my mouth!! If only I could get a nice squeeze of the balls to make him really quiver.

I make quick work topside, even sneaking a glance up at him as I do. He starts fucking my powerful sucks and I know it’s building quickly. He gives me his gentle warning he’s coming. I do an extra suck just at the right moment as he’s exploding and I feel his cock double react. It is so warm and sweet with just the hint of tang, simply perfect.

He asks something about “Did that improve my day?” That would improve anyone’s day!

He nods and says “continue” as he makes his way to the door. I don’t remember anything I said, because I am wonderfully dazed by the elusive Green Light, Fuck and Go! YES! YES! YES!

I’m so ready to take that glow and feed off it for where I’m going next. Where’s that blanket? I’m about to majorly combust!!!

I lean back, close my eyes and find my sweet spot. I slip into my glorious hole and feel my soft warm folds brimming with my natural silky lube. I dip in to transfer to the sweet spot. The memory of his cock rubbing across it so fresh, it is like he is still there. The taste of him lingering on my tongue sends me higher.

I replay the whole scene in my head, as my hand almost has a mind of its own. Knowing exactly which way to move and in perfect rhythm to my memory, I feel it building in me. I know immediately it will be a rare squirting orgasm.

I relinquish myself completely to it. Nothing in the world exists in this moment but this extreme pleasure and the images taking me there. I am lost to it, as it builds higher and higher until everything in me explodes. I come in multiple convulsing waves, as it escapes me in a flood. The feeling is beyond any words or description.

Everything stills, while the surreal floating sensation takes over and I again delight in all things that are this thing between him and me. How it drives me to reach that rarest of all orgasms, still in awe at my violently intense reaction to him.

His email in the last minutes of the day says simply “Thank You.” But from me, he has to know something of the orgasm I just had. “Likewise, I’m glad I triple folded the blanket after you left or else I’d be looking for a mop. Incredible, it does this to me”.

I am once again at peace with all parts of me. Vixen is floating above cloud 9 already repeating her favorites scenes over and over and can only manage a “Fuck Yes” in his same intonation. This should keep her content for a long time.

It is hard to be upset with Vicky getting her way when it feels this amazing. She whispers to me again that I am a greater source of pleasure than angst. At this moment, it is hard to argue with such a fantastic fuck now on file.

The events in this story are completely fictional and the characters are made up.

It was a big leap for me as I started my new job at a cable company call center. My name is Carlos Sanchez and for this humble fella of 34, I never had a job that wasn’t related to retail or being a waiter.

After being laid off at Juanito’s Taco Place, I had to find work elsewhere so I can settle down with my girlfriend Lori, and was referred to this call center. No experience necessary? Doesn’t require some kind of degree or whatever? Sure, why not?

Standing at 5’6 with long curly hair, dark black eyes and a slight tan, I kinda stood out as probably the only Hispanic guy in the room. I wasn’t toned or fat, just a regular average guy.

Anyway, training was quick, about a week or so, and soon I was starting my first day at the job. The training showed just how complicated taking calls and helping people pay their bills really was, and from the team of 12 or so, only 5 of us made it.

My first day went slow, and I made several mistakes. Accidently had some people lose their cable signal, and made the wrong payments to the wrong people. The second day went better, but there were still points I would get stuck on. When that happens, you put the person you’re talking to on hold, and then you call the supervisor for help.

We had several, one for each team, and one that overlooked all the employees, but whenever you need them, one would come to you even if they are from another team. In this case Stacey came to my aid.

Stacey was cute, around my height, her long hair tied back into a pony tail that went past her shoulders. She wore glasses and usually wore a red sweater and blue jeans. Like I said, she was cute, not someone I’d call hot or sexy, but I had to admit she had a nice ass in those jeans.

“So what seems to be the problem Carlos?” Stacey said as she smiled and leaned over to look at my computer screen.

“Um… this guy said he got a higher bill than usual, but I can’t find there he missed a previous payment.”

Stacey looked over the account and told me where to look, “See? It’s right here. He only paid half of what he owed last September, that’s where his past due came from. He never paid the whole bill.” I saw where I misread and looked over to thank her, “Oh, thanks Stacey. I’ll tell him right away.”

She smiled and said, “No problem cutie.” and returned to her post. I was surprised by the compliment since the workplace was so serious and formal, but I didn’t think much of it and let it slide.

The third day went well, though I accidently cancelled someone’s premium service subscription and needed help. Stacey came to help once again and fixed everything for me. As she did she noticed the pic I pinned on my wall of myself and my girlfriend, in deep embrace and smiling towards the camera. “Cute girl. That’s your wife?” “No, she’s just my girlfriend.”

Stacey smiled and set a hand on my shoulder, “Bet you keep her satisfied.” Before I could say anything, I saw her walking back to her post. Girlfriend or not, I couldn’t help admire her tight ass in those nice snug jeans.

Things got a little more intense during my lunch break the following day. I was talking to one of my fellow trainees, Charlotte, about how we were settling in. “So what do you think of the job? Getting the hang of it yet Charles?”

I took a bite out of my burger and looked at her, “I guess. How is it with you?”

Charlotte looked up at me from her smart phone, “I suppose it’s OK. But it’s too strict for my liking… I might leave if the job is too boring.” Charlotte was another cutie, a tad shorter than me.

She had long wavey black hair tied in a ponytail that spread across her back. She was a tad on the thick side but not too bad, and had a nice set of boobs still visible under her loose fitting grey sweater. She wore form-fitting black pants that showcased her big round ass. Yeah, I couldn’t help but stare at her either.

I was a tad envious of her for being able to just walk away if she chose to. For me, the job was pretty much make or break so I could start a new life with my girlfriend. I didn’t want to waste another month or so looking for another job if this one fell through.

Charlotte’s break finished so she left, as did a few others, leaving me mostly alone for another 15 minutes. As I finished my burger and took a sip from my soda, Stacey stepped in and was about to head out, when she suddenly saw me and changed direction.

“Hey there, how is my favorite trainee doing?” She soon approached me.

“Um… OK I guess. Still trying to get a handle on all of this. It’s a lot to remember, Stacey.”

She smiled and sat up against the table, her butt just a few inches from where I was sitting, “It takes time there Carlos. Don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure to take care of you.”

That comment did sound a bit weird. She then looked at me, “So… you and the girlfriend been together long?”

“Um… yeah. Lori and I have known each other for 2 years… and we were trying to buy a house when I lost my last job. I’m trying to make up for that setback with this job. It pays a lot more than the resteraunt, that’s for sure.”

Stacey smiled and rubbed her glasses her glasses against her sweater, “You’re sweet Carlos. I bet you two have all sorts of fun on your day off.” “Um…. Yeah…” I hope she wasn’t talking about what I think she was talking about.

“You sound lucky Carlos. My husband and I don’t have that kind of fun anymore…. He’s always on these long business trips… and I think he has his fun with other people… if you know what I mean..”

I was surprised she was confiding her personal business with me, “Oh… I’m sorry to hear that…. I thought you were happy, I see all those pictures of you with your husband and kids looking like one big happy family.”

Stacey got up and dusted her butt off, “Well.. I don’t like everyone knowing my personal business. As far as anyone else is concerned, things are perfect at home, but I trust you. Glad we had this talk Carlos. See ya later.”

I noticed it was almost time for my break to finish and I headed back to work. That was an interesting conversation. But things really got even more interesting the following day. It was the final minutes of the day and everyone was packing up to leave. It was Stacey’s turn to close down and I was just finishing logging off my computer and putting my headset down.

As I got my things ready to leave for the night, I heard Stacey call out, “Is anyone still here? I’m going to close things up for tonight.”

I called out, “Still here Stacey. I’m getting ready to go.”

She peeked into the room and once she saw me, she motioned for me to follow her to the break room. “Alright. How about we go to the break room real quick before we finish for tonight?”

I was a bit confused, “Um… sure. Ok. What’s up?”

Once we were both in the break room, I felt her look me over as she started to talk, “I’ve been looking at your records, and while you do show some improvement, I see you’re still making some serious mistakes. As supervisors, we’re stuck fixing those mistakes… and the more we devote time to doing that, the less time we have to work on our own call flow.”

I didn’t like the sound of this. Earlier that day it took them forever to find out where I accidently transferred money to one of our best customers. I was thinking I was getting canned.

Stacey walked over to me, her eyes scouting me out as she spoke, “I think you have potential to improve, but you might need more time to get where we need you be to stay with the company. I would be willing to overlook a few mistakes and even fix some of them without the company knowing. In other words, I can cover you until you improve to meet company standards.”

I was surprised, but greatful, “Wow. You’d do that for me? Um… thanks, but I don’t want you to do anything that will get you in trouble.”

She smiled, “Oh, don’t worry about that. I know my way around the system. Of course this means that you’ll have to do something for me.”

“Oh…um.. sure. What do you want me to do?”

Stacey walked over to me, “Well… you remember what we were talking about the other day… How things have been getting a little distant between my husband and me…”

“Oh yeah…. You said he was… um…. Messing around..”

She made a face as I said that. I could tell it still hurt but she kept her eyes fixated on me as she continued her proposal. “Yeah…. Well.. I figured if he’s going to be getting his kicks elsewhere… I’ll have to start doing the same… It’s only fair right?”

“Um… I guess so Stacey, but won’t that make things worse for your family…?”

“Oh Carlos, you’re so sweet for caring about my family… when you hardly even know me… but yeah, the bottom line is… I can’t even remember the last time I had a good hard fuck… and if James is too busy to fuck me… then you’ll have to do it.”

That sentence almost knocked me back, and I expecting her to say she was only kidding. The look on her face told me she wasn’t. “Um.. you’re joking right…?” was all I could say.

“No. I’m very serious. C’mon… I seen the way you look at me…. you always follow me whenever I walk past you. I figured you thought of this too, haven’t you?”

Honestly, I did check her out, and maybe I undressed her with my eyes once or twice, but this was going too far. There were other hotter women in the workplace I entertained my fantasies with, and I had a feisty girl waiting for me at home to have sex with whenever I wanted. “Stacey… you’re married… you have kids… I know what your man is doing is messed up… but I don’t want to fuck up your family..”

“You leave my family out of this Carlos. This is just between you and me. Whatever happens at home is my business and if I do leave him it would have been his fault, not yours. You just focus on taking care of me… and I’ll take care of you… alright?”

“Stacey… I have a girlfriend… you’d be ruining things for me… and MY home… and I still think all of this is too risky… we could both lose our jobs..”

Stacey was now less than a foot away from me, and her smile slowly turned into a look of sternness.

“Listen Carlos… I don’t want to be a bitch about it… but I’m not asking this as a favor. I’m telling you to do this. I want you to know I already covered you a couple of times today. The way you’re going, you’ll be out of here in a week, and I’m offering leniency to prevent that cause I see potential in you. If you turn me down… I can arrange it so you’re fired as of right now. You have no idea how easy I can grab you for sexual harassment. All I have to do is say you told me some pervy comments that made me feel uncomfortable whenever we’re alone in the break room, and I have the friends here to back me up without doubting my words for a second.”

“Why me? I’m just an average guy… why not someone like Russel or Bradley…? You’re pretty attractive, I’m sure you can find someone here to do…. tend to your needs… someone single? Hell, I doubt Ruseel would care that you’re married.”

Stacey laughed a little, “Oh yeah.. that little horndog is already shagging it up with Bethany and Angela. He’s a playa and an idiot. I know the type… he brags about his little conquests.. and sooner or later he’ll tell someone and get me fired. And Bradley, no he’s too much of a loser for my tastes.. and everyone else, they’re not really any one I’d imagine myself going to bed with… if you know what I mean.”

She finally moved up against me and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face up against hers, “Don’t make this difficult… it doesn’t have to be that way Carlos… let’s just have our fun. It will work out for both our benefit. I get what I want… and I’ll help you keep your job and make more money to make you and your girl happy. Besides, doesn’t every man wish they could have more than one girl? Here’s your chance. What do you say?”

I looked into her eyes and saw her little lustful smile. More than that, I almost felt her begging me to say yes. She really wanted it, and I felt bad for how her man was treating her, but I did have someone and didn’t want to do the same mistake. She had me where it hurts however, I really needed the job. And what I didn’t need was some sexual harassment case on me.

“You’re… not really giving me much choice here Stacey….”

Stacey smiled again, “I guess I’ll take that as a yes for now. C’mere you.”

She pulled me close and kissed me right on the lips. It started slow, but soon she deepened the kiss and I felt her tongue force its way into her mouth. I didn’t know what to do. It felt awkward and I didn’t want to wrap my arms around this woman that was forcing herself on me. I had to admit, the kiss was getting pretty intense as our tongues began to intertwine and soon my arousal was bulging from my pants.

I felt awkward with my hands still to my side. As the kiss went on, I gently set my hands on her back, not wanting to actually hold her and show her I wanted this. My cock had a mind of its own, already burning with the desire to take her. As her tongue tasted mine, I had to fight my hand’s urge to grab that sweet ass of hers. This was so wrong, but my body was starting to want this so badly.

She kept me close, her body’s warmth firmly against mine as we continued to lock lips. I could feel the shape of her firm breasts rubbing up against me showing me they were a bit bigger than her loose shirts usually let on. One of her hands left my neck and soon trailed downwards as she confirmed my arousal with a tight grip. I could feel her fingers slide across it as she tried to get a feel its thickness and length.

Stacey looked at me, a lustful look in her eye as her hands played with the hard bulge formed in my pants. “Mmmm…. I knew you’d see it my way…. Admit it. You want this just as bad as I do.” She then started to unzip my pants.

“Whoa Stacey…. We’re gonna do this here??? Aren’t there supposed to be security cameras…”

Stacey worked her hand inside my pants and soon seized what she was looking for. “Relax… Noone’s gonna know about this… there aren’t any cameras in the break room…” She pulled my hard cock out and I could almost hear her gasp at the sight of it. I couldn’t help but moan as she held a tight grip near the head and started to stroke it.

“Doesn’t that feel so good Carlos…? Oh I just can’t wait til this weekend when we really get down to it… Mmm… we’re gonna have so much fun…” She continued to stroke my shaft, going a little faster. I could tell she really liked how it felt in her hand.

“I want you to fuck me hard baby…. Every which way… let me be the one on top a few times… take me from behind… I want you to eat my pussy… you do eat pussy, don’t you?”

I nodded nervously, my head spinning from her eager hand. “Good… cause my husband never did that… so I expect you to more than make up for it…. I want you do everything to me baby….”

She suddenly kneeled down in front of me and pulled my pants down. I was surprised and didn’t know what to say expect “oh god…”.

Before I could say anything, my cock already entered her nice warm mouth… and it was simply amazing. Instead of going with a slow start, she was already trying to see how much of my 7 inches she could fit into her hungry mouth.

“Oh baby…. I just love your cock…. Mmmmm….” She’d mutter lustfully before going down on it again.

I could barely breathe as one of my supervisors was rocking my cock against her throat. It was like something in her snapped, but she was slurping onto my shaft with desperate need and desire. It must have been the first time she sucked cock in months and it felt like she really missed it. I could barely speak and only let out moans and pleasured grunts as she continued to work on my shaft.

As I looked down to her, her eyes looked up to meet mine, glad to have my approval. I was at a loss for what to think, I just knew my cock felt so good in her sweet experienced mouth. Lori wasn’t bad either, but Stacey’s raw savage desire made it feel like something else entirely. I couldn’t take it anymore as I felt the fire burn within my shaft. I wanted to cum…and I wanted to cum hard.

Almost by instinct I grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting against her mouth. The woman let out a surprised gag sound as I was suddenly the one in charge of her rhythm. “Aghhh… it feels so good Stacey…. I just gotta cum baby….” I felt her stop resisting and just let me fuck her mouth the way I wanted. The startled look on her face didn’t hide the desire in her eyes. She was glad to see that she had me under her control.

I thrusted faster, feeling my full length roll in and out of her mouth. I felt how she tried to suck hard every time I pulled out, but for the most part her face was being jerked around by my actions. My hands took a firm grip of her hair as I felt myself getting closer to my climax. It felt like my hips were moving by themselves, and the sounds of her trying to keep up was driving me crazy.

I suddenly pulled her close to me, making her swallow my full length as I felt myself shoot out inside her. It was out of control, I didn’t stop thrusting wanting to make sure I forced her to swallow every drop.

Seconds after I let her go, I was starting realize what I just did. I literally fucked my supervisor’s mouth and came down her throat. We both took a few moments to catch our breath, and Stacey soon stood up, wiping her mouth with a mischievous grin. “I think you’re forgetting who’s in charge here, Carlos.”

“Oh god… sorry about that Stacey… I didn’t mean to… I mean you were driving me crazy..”

“It’s alright. I love how you just took charge. I told you our little arrangement isn’t gonna be so bad. I can’t wait for you to fuck me so hard… just like that…. Just give it to me good baby… the way you just went wild and raped my mouth… Hell, I’ll blow you any time you want, you just have to ask.”

I didn’t know how to respond. “I don’t know what to say about all this Stacey… this is kinda fucked up… we could both lose our jobs…”

“Don’t start, Carlos. Just admit it. You liked it. And you want to fuck me… just as much as I want you to fuck me…”

Fuck, she was right… but I didn’t want to say it to her face. I started to zip my pants back up, noticing that she wasn’t objecting. She got her keys out and was ready to lock up for the night. “He’s taking the kids for the weekend. I’ll tell you where to go tomorrow. You can do whatever you want with your girl on Sunday… but this Saturday, it’s you and me…”


“No. Don’t even say it. Don’t even fuckin say it. I already told you… this Saturday is our time. You have all of Friday to think up of some way to excuse yourself. I don’t wanna repeat the consequences if you don’t show up.”

I didn’t know what to say or do. She basically owned me now. There didn’t seem to be any way out of this situation. She opened the door and locked everything up as soon as we both stepped outside. She gave me a little smile and headed off to her car, “See you tomorrow, lover boy.”

I waited for the bus to arrive, and it felt like the longest bus ride ever. I didn’t know how to hide all of this from Lori… and the worst part was Stacey was right. All I could think about was bending her over and making the bitch scream. I felt like my cock was rock hard most of the bus ride home just thinking about what awaited me Saturday. I texted my girlfriend that I was too tired to hang with her tonight and just went straight to bed.

The following day went on rather normally. Stacey would carry on as if our little conversation never happened. As it was time for my lunch break I left the building and went across the street for a quick pizza. I just wanted to avoid her for the day, and I still needed some excuse to avoid Lori that Saturday since we were supposed to discuss future houses. I sighed. That reminded me why it was so important to keep this high paying job.

I had to make a sales call and see a client. I had to assess something on their site but needed to attend the front office first.

I went to the office and met my client’s daughter. She was a very pretty young lady with a gymnast’s body, very tight and toned. She had a satin and lace top with a bolero-type jacket and matching short, tight skirt.

She was sitting behind the front counter at first and I was just flirting with her. She asked who I had to see and I gave her my client’s name. She said that he was her dad and she would get him.

She pushed her chair away from the desk and I caught a glimpse of her fuchsia-coloured lace knickers as her skirt rode up. She got up and I could only stare at her muscular thighs and round ass. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled as she caught me staring. I didn’t care. I just smiled back. She came back a minute later and said her dad was on the phone and would be with me shortly.

I told her that I don’t mind waiting. She grinned knowingly and sat down but didn’t pull her chair back in. Her skirt rode up again but she didn’t adjust it at all. She asked what I was looking at before and I told her that I was admiring her ass and legs. She laughed and said at least I was honest.

I asked her how she got her delicious figure and she said that she was a gymnast but hasn’t done it for a year. I said that she looks fantastic and asked if she is still just as flexible. She said that she was and spread her legs out wide, her skirt riding up to her hips, her lacey knickers on display. She undid the buttons on her short jacket and I could see her nipples poking the thin material. She asked if that was flexible enough and I said it was and that I was having trouble tearing my eyes off her body.

She asked what I was looking at and with that she rubbed her hard nipples on her small perky tits with her fingertips and they stood up even more. She let her hand glide down her stomach to her thigh where she stroked up it to her pussy, rubbing it in circles and biting her bottom lip as she moaned lightly.

I said I was looking at the whole package and how I wanted to put my mouth where her hands were and see how she tasted. She said I was naughty but she liked that.

She pinched her nipple and whimpered a little as she licked her finger and slid it up her spread thigh again, but she slipped it under the delicate fabric of her knickers this time. I could see that she was completely hairless down there and saw the outline of her fingers circling the entrance to her love tunnel before she started teasing her clit.

She asked if I really wanted to taste her and I said I did, and indicated to my rock hard cock in my pants creating a sizeable tent. She licked her lips lasciviously and beckoned for me to come around to her side of the desk.

I did so eagerly and she told me that she had been horny all week and played with herself under the desk, wanting someone to be bold enough to play with her.

She picked up a pen off her desk and looking me in the eye held it out and deliberately dropped it on the floor between her taut thighs.

I slowly went down, my face coming close to hers and she stuck her tongue out and I flicked it with my own as I continued my descent.

As I passed her small breasts I flicked the tip of my tongue over one long nipple and heard her gasp. I wandered over to the other breast while my hands stroked her inner thighs, feeling her resisting as my hands worked inwards, biting on her nipple softly and hearing her whisper, “Fuck, that feels so good!”

I took that as my cue and dropped down further to my knees and pulled her panties to the side before I looked up into her pretty, lust-clouded eyes and told her to keep an eye out for her dad as I will be busy.

She whispered hoarsely to me, “I’ll do that, you just eat my pussy.”

With that she closed her thighs on either side of my head and with her powerful calves pulled me in to her fragrant womanhood. I was ready for it and as she pulled me in and tilted her hips up, I stuck my tongue out, penetrating her tight pussy. She squealed a bit and I glanced up and saw her looking towards her dad’s office as she pulled on her own nipples through the satin.

I tongue-fucked her fast, my tongue darting in and out and I heard her whispering, “That’s right, fuck my hot little cunt with that long tongue!”

She was so hot and her legs were clamping tighter as I could sense her pleasure building more and more. I probed into her wet pussy with my tongue and she grabbed the back of my head with one hand. I withdrew my tongue slowly and circled her opening with the tip of my tongue lightly and she circled her hips in time.

I licked slowly up towards her waiting swollen clit. I looked up at her face, her teeth bared as she furtively glanced towards her father’s office and back at me. Seeing me looking up at her, she whispered, “Lick and suck my clit! Make me cum!Lick it like this…”

She pulled her satin/lace top down and with her long, slender tongue, licked her erect nipple. I brushed the tip of my tongue over her clit and she whimpered with anticipation. I enclosed her pussy with my mouth and sucked her clit in between my lips, humming on it.

I could sense her spasming slightly so thought I would let her cum nice and hard. I slid one, and then two fingers into her tight cunt and I could feel her muscles clamping onto my fingers as she moaned. I loved that she was being so vocal.

I then licked hard and fast on her clit, pushing hard against her with my tongue as her legs held me tighter and she groaned quietly between her clenched teeth.

I finger-fucked her, focusing on her G-spot and that sent her over the edge as she pinched her nipples, threw her head back and rocked wildly in her office chair.

She pushed me away from her pussy but grabbing my shirt pulled me up and kissed me passionately and feverishly, her tongue exploring my mouth, her hand sliding down to rub my rigid dick through my pants.

She started unzipping me and broke the kiss and said that she hadn’t cum like that since her girlfriend ate her pussy last month. I asked who her girlfriend was and if she would be upset. She said that they both like cock as much as pussy and that she would want to lick her girlfriends pussy juice off my hard dick.

We both then jumped as we heard her dad call out, asking who was here to see him. She pushed me down and I quickly wiped my mouth and tried to adjust myself.

I heard her dad say, “What’s happening here?” He voiced his concern in a suspicious tone.

I stood up quickly with the pen which I handed to my horny friend. She said thankyou, her face red as she tried not to laugh.

I said, “I couldn’t very well have the young lady on her knees to get her pen, can I?”

He told me that women don’t want guys crawling around for them anymore and his daughter can pick up her own pens. He said to follow him as he walked out of the office. I filled in the visitors register as his daughter whispered to me that she would have me on my knees again in a flash and she would love to return the favour. She reached down and rubbed my still-erect cock again.

I gave her a kiss again, our tongues dancing before I told her that I would have to visit again. I was about to bolt out of the door when I saw another young lady coming in so I held the door open for her and she said thankyou politely.

I was just closing the door when I looked back through the glass and saw the young lady go up to my yummy friend and kiss her on the mouth, and then I saw her look surpised and ask something and my friend pointed at me and they both giggled and kissed again, open mouth for my benefit. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Ch. 01: Lurking Around

It is really cool to work at one of the best law firms of the world. Especially when you’re young, enthusiastic and you’re at least a bit interested in women. Because there are lots of them around here. They walk around here all day, bend over at the copy machine, they show their cleavage when they choose lunch at the cafeteria, and do stuff like that which make all the normal men crazy.

Yes, it’s good to work here at Walden, Inc. And of course it needs a lot of sacrifice, self-discipline, concentration, teamwork and other shit like that. I got here right after my graduation at the university. I was really happy with my average diploma and didn’t really know what to do with myself in life. So I answered a lot of job ads and after a series of job interviews, I started to work here, at one of the biggest law firm’s of the country.

As every workplace, Walden, Inc. has its good and bad sides. It’s good to work here because of the hot chicks, the relatively good salary and the chance of making independent decisions. But it’s bad to work here because of the long and boring meetings, amateurish leaders and the horrible buffet.

And there are the overtimes. Man, I hate them. There is nobody else in the whole building, everything is extinct, like in a bad horror movie. And my boss chose me on my first week to stay here after the working hours to wait for an e-mail from Japan.

“We’ll pay for every minute you spend here.” he said after lunch, when I was planning my weekend already. “You just have to wait for the letter, print it, and stamp with our official stamp. Even an idiot could do it.”

Now that was nice. I decided to send him to hell on an anonymous ranting site. Then I loosened my tie and poured myself another coffee.

As the afternoon went by, I got to be alone, soon. Everybody went home to spend quality time with their family or friends. Since I’ve been working here for a week only, I didn’t know where to find stuff. The restroom on our floor had a break-down so I had to search for another for a long quarter hour. Everything was dark, all the other ones were at home, watching football, it was only me left here as a rookie and I had to wait for the official answer from our client in Japan. They think I’ve got nothing better to do…

When I got back to my office, I sat into my office chair. With a daring idea, I took off my shoes, then stretched my legs. I leaned back in my chair, and closed my eyes for a while. I thought over what is waiting for me at home: an empty fridge, a cold bed. If I consider it, it won’t matter if I stay here for tonight.

I was startled by high heels’ knocks. I straightened up and took my shoes on. It was about time: my door opened and Bonnie stepped in. She was a black-haired, cute, sexy woman. I had been working at the office for only a week but I quickly found out the whole department got a thing about her. She just had to drop something onto the floor, the colleagues were almost fighting each other to give it back to her. We talked for a few times with each other, but I didn’t think I was good enough for her, so I didn’t really care.

But now here she was, leaning to the door frame with gleaming eyes, and asked me in a trembling voice:

“I can see you’re still in, too… Do you want to see something interesting?”

“What would that be?” I asked. I was hoping she will invite me to somewhere, ask for my number or something like that. Maybe she will use the good old “I need a little help” trick.

“Come with me.” she said.

We stepped out to the dark hallway. I wanted to turn on the lights, to see where we are going, but Bonnie stopped me by holding my hand.

“Don’t turn it on, we don’t want to scare them away.” she whispered.

“Who exactly?” I whispered as well, but Bonnie just flashed a smile and turned around.

She led me through the maze of dark corridors. She stopped at a corner, took off her high heels and went along on her bare feet. I followed her in complete silence. There was a little hall after the corner, and a conference room behind a glass wall. That’s where our staff meeting took place every week. Even I had to take part on these, although I have been considered as a trainee. There were exuberant tropical flowers and little palm trees in front of the glass wall – none of them originated from this clime but if the HR cames out with the idea that these have to grow in our offices, they won’t spare any money. Bonnie took my hand again and pulled me among the palm trees. This way we could peep into the conference room between the palm leaves.

A man was fucking a woman inside the conference room, on the elliptic table. The both of them still had their clothes on. They were doing it from behind. I stepped close to the glass wall very carefully, to get a better view. Bonnie tried to pull me back, but I didn’t let her to do so, I pulled her beside me.

The scene could have been from a kind of an old Playboy movie: the woman was bent over the table, her long blonde hair was spread on the table, her skirt was tucked up, her panties was on one of her legs, but she had both of her high heels on, of course. The man was dressed in a grey suit with his white shirt unbuttoned, his tie loosened, his pants on his ankles. He was fucking her with abandon from behind. The woman grabbed his tie and pulled him closer to herself by it. I could hear even their moans in the silence of the building.

“He’s got a really big cock.”, Bonnie whispered to me, causing me to stir a bit. I don’t know how she knew that because his clothes almost hid all of his body. Bonnie had probably seen this more than once before. I saw her watching the scene with sparkling eyes. She swallowed one, probably because her throat had gone dry.

The man in the conference room leaned on the woman, and fucked her like a well-oiled machine. It was really exciting to watch, and I started to feel my arousal. The man grabbed her thighs, and gasped something in her ear, but I couldn’t hear what. Her head bobbed as a nodding. The guy stopped, stepped back, took his cock in his hand – he really got a big one – and slapped her ass cheeks a few times with it. The woman was laughing, I could hear that even from here, at the other side of the glass wall. The man said something, like teasing her, slapped her ass cheeks with his cock again, then put it back, this time really slowly, and started to move inside her.

“He just put it in her ass.”, Bonnie said. I was looking at her questioning, so she continued: “I watched them some other times as well. A little suckie under the table, a little lickie on the table, then cowgirl, and at the end, from anal behind. They do it always the same way.” she shrugged.

“So you were peeping, right?” I whispered to her. She kinda blushed as I could see her face in the dim light, between the leaves of the palm tree.

“Of course.”, she said. Her hot breath was warming up my blood. “I wouldn’t miss to see a good fucking like that…”

The man started to really give it to the mystery woman. He fucked her ass really hard, both of them panted very loudly, the woman screamed. They probably thought they are alone in the building at this time of the evening. He straightened up, pulled her ass cheeks apart with his two hands and watch the view in delight. I could tell he really enjoyed his cock moving in and out between her round ass cheeks. Of course, this caused my groin to swell more, and I imagined myself behind the woman. The man released her, spanked her light brown ass cheeks hard, and fucked her harder, grabbing her hair with one hand, her breasts with the other, and pulling her close to himself.

“This is really dirty.” I whispered to Bonnie, whose eyes were sparkling like diamonds.

“I think they stole these ideas from some kind of a porn movie.” she answered but couldn’t get her eyes from the view. “That’s where people do it like that.. Especially at the end, just watch it!”

They were panting really hard. The woman grabbed his neck from behind. They were moving like a couple who know each other well. The woman cried out, and as he would just have waited for it, penetrated her asshole deeply. She was trembling, cried out loud a few times, then fell on the desk. The light was really dim, but I could see both of them were covered in sweat. The man bent over her and slowly started to move inside her again.

“That’s my favourite part.” Bonnie said, partly to herself.

The woman seemed to come to life. She snapped away from the man, turned around, got on her knees before him. She grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off. The man hanged onto the table, enjoyed the fondling he got from her. She let his huge cock into her mouth for a few times, but didn’t really work on it, just made it wet and slippery. She jerked it really hard, she seemed to know how to deal with it. And the man screamed loudly soon, trembled, and sprayed his juices on her face. She jerked it off for some more, but slightly smoothly, and held it above her breasts. That’s where the next drops sprayed. Their white colour seemed to glisten in the dim light of the floor. Finally, she licked his cock thoroughly, made it clean with her wet tongue, and the man moaned like a really satisfied lion.

While they were dressing up, I backed off from the plants. As I tried to adjust my pants to hide my erection, Bonnie spotted it and touched it gently through my fly.

“I can see you liked it, too…” she said to me, then turned around and walked away. I still had a glance at her taking on her high heels, then she waved goodbye and disappeared.

I hurried back to my office. I sat into my chair, leaned back and smiled. This is a good place, I thought, I will really enjoy working here.

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