office sex

Hector watched as the couple made their way down the hallway. They always tried their best to be discreet, but lately they had become more and more brazen with their rendezvous. He assumed that one, or both, of them were married. For a while there, they would separately make their way to the gym, not wanting to be seen together. But as time wore on, they had become more complacent, and now they just quickly made their way to the building gym as secretive as possible.

There was one thing about being a night janitor in a large office building, and that was the fact that Hector was all but invisible. Even if the employees saw him, they never paid any attention to them. He knew all their secrets and heard all their conversations, even if they didn’t think he understood them… he did.

He really didn’t care if those two were fucking each other on the sly. It made no difference to him one way or the other. However, when the little bastard began leaving his condoms on the shower floor they made it his business. The last thing he wanted to do was clean up a used condom from the shower floor.

Hector had thought long and hard about what to do. The way he looked at it, he had two choices: 1) Turn them in to management, or 2) Take care of it himself. After careful consideration, he decided the last thing he wanted was management’s attention on his cleaning shift. He liked being left alone to his own devices and didn’t want any unwanted attention or visits at night.

A look at his watch told him that they had been in the gym for at least 10 minutes now. He had given them ample opportunity to get their “party” started and now it was time for him to crash it. Grabbing the mop bucket and mop, he slowly pushed his way down the hallway to the gym. He paused at the door, and then used his badge to push into the room.

As he expected, the gym floor was vacant of anyone using the machines. He listened quietly and could faintly hear the sound of voices coming from within the men’s changing area. A smile formed on his lips as he made his way through the locker room door as quietly as possible.

The door led into a small hallway that blocked the person entering from seeing directly into the locker room. Hector pushed his mop bucket down the small hallway and stepped into the locker room proper. There was no one within the locker room itself, but he could still hear the sounds of voices coming from the back where the showers were located. He paused and listened intently.

He could hear the sound of moans and bodies slapping together in the rhythmic dance of sexual intercourse. It was a sweetly alluring sound, and he knew when the man was driving home by the sharp yelps of pleasure coming from the woman. Hector battled internally between pulling down his pants and masturbating to that sweet, sweet sound, and barging in on the two lovers. He shrugged his shoulders, adjusted the large bulge in his pants and pushed the mop bucket into the shower room as quietly as possible.

There were a total of 5 shower stalls in the room. The curtain was drawn closed at one of the stalls and the sounds of intense sex emanated from within the stall. He slowly made his way down the line of stalls and finally paused at the closed curtain. From the sound of things, the woman was growing closer and closer to her climax. He rubbed the outside of his pants, tracing his bulging cock with his calloused fingers. He applied just enough pressure to stroke himself lightly in time with the sounds of the sex within the shower stall.

He suppressed his own moan, as he peeked into the crack between the wall and the curtain. There he saw what he had expected, the man was sitting on the shower seat with the woman straddling his waist. Hector could see the man’s cock become visible as the woman pistoned her hips, riding his hard cock intently. She blocked the man’s view with her luscious body and the two of them were completely oblivious to his presence.

Hector reached slowly into the shower, grasping the cold water knob in his calloused hands. He paused for a second, wondering if he should let them finish first. When he heard the man say he was about to cum, he decided to just go ahead and do it. With one quick motion, he turned the cold water on full blast. He heard the woman scream out in shock as the cold water struck her naked flesh, drenching her with ice cold water. Her screams were quickly followed by the sound of the man cursing up a storm.

Hector just stepped back and waited patiently.

The shower curtain was flung open and he was face-to-face with the two discreet lovers. He quickly admired the young lady, taking in her naked form from head-to-toe. She had moderate sized breasts with large puffy areolas and stiff little nipples. She struggled to cover herself with her hands, but he still caught sight of her neatly trimmed pussy.

The man stood there in a state of shock, his cock now limp, with the offending condom still hanging in place. He had a look of pure rage on his face, and Hector simply waited patiently for him to make his next move. He was more than satisfied as the look of rage quickly dissipated from the man’s face as he looked up at Hector’s 6 foot 5, 300 lb frame, and realized that he would simply be crushed by the larger man.

“What the fuck!?” the woman yelled at Hector.

“No more condoms in my shower,” Hector said with a smile, and then adjusted his sizable bulge once more. “Fuck all you want, but clean up after yourself. I don’t want to clean up after his nasty mess.”

“You have no right…” the woman continued in a rage, forgetting her modesty as her hands flew up to accentuate her points.

“Shelly…” her lover said quietly, “let the big man have his way…”

“What!?” she yelled, turning on her lover. “Did you just say, ‘let the big man have his way’?”

“Yes…” he said slowly, “just let it go.”

“Oh… let it go, huh?” she said vehemently, “Let it go, like I let go of the fact that you are still with your damned wife. The wife you said you were leaving… let it go like that, huh?”

“Shelly…” the man said through clenched teeth, “let’s not do this now.”

“Let the big man have his way…” she said shaking her head slowly, and then a gleam formed in her eye, “Ok… I will let the big man have his way. What do you say big fella?”

Hector just blinked at her, not certain how to respond. She stood there before him, her hands on both of her hips, looking at him expectantly. He couldn’t help but think she was sexy as hell in a scary sort of way. Her anger was almost overwhelming even for him.

“What do you say, big fella?” she asked again, turning and displaying herself like a piece of merchandise, “Do you want to have your way?”

“Ummm…” he began.

“Shelly!” her lover piped up.

“Tell me… big guy, are you married?” She asked Hector.

“No.” he replied.

“Any girlfriends?” she asked him.

“No.” he replied again.

“Are you a real man?” she asked sliding up and grasping his hard cock through his pants, “Because you sure feel like one, don’t you want to have your way?”

“Yes,” Hector replied with a gulp, “I do…”

“Then do it, damn it! Have your way!” she demanded.

“Ok,” was all Hector said, pushing her hand away from his hard cock.

A look of surprise registered on both of the lover’s faces as he did what he had been urged to do. He reached up, and pulled off his shirt revealing his well toned muscles from years of working out after hours. He heard them both gasp as he reached up and flexed his tense muscles. His shortly was quickly followed by his belt and his pants, as he let them fall to the ground in one swift motion. As he pushed his boxers to the ground, both of their mouths dropped open in shock at the sheer girth and length of his large member.

“Holy shit!” they both chimed it at once.

Hector smiled, looking at both of them. His large cock twitched in anticipation of what was to come. This night had worked out even better than he thought it would. He reached down into his pants and pulled out a condom and a tube of liquid jelly. The large condom slid over his cock and he rolled it down to the base, and then he squirted some of the lube into his meaty hand and slowly stroked himself, greasing his large cock up and getting it ready. The woman was all but salivating at the prospect and even the man had begun to grow hard once more.

“Shelly…” the man began, “I think we should let the big man have his way…”

“I agree…” she all but purred like a cat.

That was all the encouragement Hector needed, as he stepped towards them. The woman’s eyes grew large with anticipation as each step brought him closer to where they stood. A small smile formed on her lips and she licked them like she was eyeing a prime piece of meat. The man reached down and tugged on his own cock, which was once again at full strength and rock hard.

Hector stood before both of them, towering over them, with his large cock jutting from between his legs. He looked back and forth between the two of them, and then as swift as a cat, he reached out and snatched the man up by his shoulders. A look of pure fear crossed the man’s eyes and the woman almost fainted Hector pulled the man to him, turned him around and bent him over at the waist.

As his lubed up cock slid between the man’s cheeks and into his asshole, Hector felt the resistance that was there begin to fade. He took his time with the man, letting him adjust to the invasion as he slid slowly into his ass until he was balls deep. The man nearly fainted from the initial pain and then finally moaned loudly as the pleasure struck him. Hector looked over his shoulder at the woman, who was getting dressed.

As she walked out the door, he heard the woman exclaim, “Well… Stan, you did say ‘let the big man have his way’…”

Another day at the office I thought as I walked up to the front glass doors where I work as a senior manager, dressed as always in my smart business suit. Never could I have imagined exactly how well this day would go!

I entered the reception area and while walking through, caught the glance of a very smartly dressed woman who looked to be patiently waiting. She had on a black skirt suit which showed off a lovely pair of lower thighs and also high heels. We exchanged a smile caused only by an instant attraction and I then continued up to my office with the smile still on my face as I imagined some time alone with that sexy mystery woman.

My office was in the corner of the 15th floor, pictures of my wife and children on my desk, full height windows leading to a beautiful view of the city, the panelled walls of my office giving me the privacy needed for client confidentiality, a small settee in one area, for less formal meetings. I looked at my calendar for today. First appointment for today was about due to start – PA vacancy that I had. I called reception.

“Good morning Alice, it’s Andrew. Please send up my 9am interviewee, Megan.”

“Hello Andrew, right away,” came the polite reply.

I stood at my windows, looking out, thinking over my questions and after a few minutes, there came a knock at my door. I turned and before I had the chance to head towards the door, it opened and in came the mystery woman, Megan.

We greeted each other with a lingering handshake and a smile similar to earlier in reception.

“I’m Megan” she said, “here for your PA vacancy.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Megan. I’m Andrew, please have a seat.”

I offered her a seat away from the formalities of sitting either side of a desk and she made herself comfortable on one side of the settee.

I was now able to admire her properly. She had long dark hair, tied up to look more business-like, slim to medium build, I’d say a UK size 12/14. She had stockings or tights on under her skirt, the hem cutting a line across her lovely thighs. Under her jacket she had a blouse and what appeared initially to be perfect tits, big enough to have an ideal cleavage to hold my now hardening thick cock.

I was startled away from my thoughts when she asked “do you like what you see?”

“Pardon?” I replied.

“Am I dressed appropriately for you?” she smiled.

“Very much so,” I reassured.

I attempted to continue with the formal interview but could not help noticing that she adjusted her sitting position a few times and it caused her skirt to ride up as she sat cross legged, allowing the lace of the top of her stocking to show. I looked up from her stockinged thigh and our eyes locked but she continued answering my recent question.

“Does the job entail many long hours in the office assisting you?” she enquired.

“Yes, but your bonus will take into account your additional time here,” came my reply.

“That’s good to know. I’m sure my bonus will be very healthy in that case as I’d be keen to assist you any way I can.”

With that, Megan uncrossed her legs and parting her thighs, gave me a teasing view of the insides of her thighs, her stocking tops, her smooth legs and left the darkness beyond a very tantalising adventure.

“Do you think this position suits me?” she asked.

“You could be slightly better for this position” I replied, looking between her legs again.

“How so?” Megan asked.

“By parting your legs just a bit more” I replied seriously and with that I knelt down in front of her, running my hands up slowly from her ankles up to your knees and as I reached her thighs, she parted them as I requested, moving down on the settee which allowed her skirt to ride up high.

I ran my hands up Megan’s stocking clad thighs, rising her skirt as I felt the lace of her stocking tops and then the smoothness of her skin. I looked up at her and saw the approval in her eyes, her mouth slightly open in anticipation and heavier breathing. Her hands raised, she ran her fingers through my hair then pulled my head down, close to her pussy which was partly covered by a sexy black thong.

Megan then lifted her hips and I moved my hands under her bare ass, pulling her up as my head lowered and I was a breath away from her moist looking pussy. I took her thong between my teeth and pulled it aside, totally exposing her moist lips and her neatly waxed pussy.

I slowly ran my tongue up her pussy lips, tasting her for the first time, parting her lips as I went upwards, finally running over her clit.

“Oh fuck!” Megan moaned out as she grasped at my hair.

I then lapped at her pussy hole, teasing it, making Megan moan louder then I began circling her clit with the tip of my tongue, occasionally lapping at it, really working her up into a frenzy.

The more I worked Megan’s clit, the louder she moaned. She leaned forward at one stage, her hands pulling at my jacket first then my tie and I wrestled out of them, still tasting this delicious pussy currently at my mercy.

I ran a few fingers over her pussy lips, teasing her hole with them then slowly eased them inside her. My cock was throbbing so hard but I wanted to taste her orgasm juices first before replacing my fingers with my thick cock. My fingers found her g-spot, inside up behind her clit and as I continued stroking her spot while licking her clit, Megan started scratching at my shoulders through my shirt with her manicured nails.

Circular rhythmic motions with my fingers and my eager tongue working her clit, devouring her juices put her over the edge. Megan wrapped her thighs round my neck tightly, her legs over my shoulders.

“Fuck I’m cumming!” she exclaimed.

With that, I withdrew my fingers, sucking firmly on her clit as she let out a scream, her hands pushing my head tight against her pussy as an orgasm ripped through her clit, pussy and around her body, making her legs shake and her head thrown back against the settee.

Megan leaned up, breathing hard and fast and grasped my shirt, pulling me up to her, our lips meeting for a very passionate and erotic kiss. Her legs wrapping around my waist. She moaned as she tasted her own juices from my lips and our tongues entwined.

It’s been risqué enough already as anyone could come into my office at any time but I just had to feel my cock deep inside this amazing woman’s pussy so I got up, offered my hand and with a wicked smile on her face Megan got up off the settee and followed me over to my desk.

I reached round and held the back of her hair, pulling her to me while we kissed again, my right hand firstly reaching down, my fingers caressing her wet pussy lips, teasing her hole, as she unzipped my suit, pulled my boxers aside and my throbbing hard cock sprang out into her firm grasp on my shaft. I brought my hands up, pulling her blouse out of her skirt, reaching up inside the back of her top and unhooked her bra. I then started unbuttoning her blouse, kissing down her neck and then down her cleavage until I’d unbuttoned enough to lift her gorgeous tits out of her bra.

All this time, Megan was slowly but firmly stroking my thick hard cock. I leaned down further, kissing around one nipple, while cupping her tit, then started circling her nipple with my tongue, Megan released my cock and put her hands in my hair again. I sucked firmly on that nipple, feeling Megan throw her head back, then moved to the other tit, working that other pert and hard nipple in my mouth.

Megan lifted my head and with that, said “Let me see what my potential boss’s cock feels like!” then she preceded to kneel down in front of me as I leaned back against my desk.

She looked transfixed towards my cock, gripping it firmly at the base, her tongue running from the base on the underside slowly up my length, over the ridge of my thick cock head then round the tip. My hand gripped at her long tied up hair and I moaned out as she suddenly engulfed my cock head in between her red lipstick-clad lips, sucking tightly on it, her tongue lapping at the underside.

“Oh yes, that feels so good Megan,” which made her then stay there for a bit, sucking to and fro, her hand wanking firmly but slowly on my shaft.

I wanted this woman’s pussy so badly but her lips felt so good around my cock as she sucked my cock right here in my office. She quickened her pace, sucking my cock deep into her warm mouth, her tongue licking my head. Things were getting that frantic at one point that I couldn’t tell if she was sucking me or if I was fucking her mouth. It was at that point I couldn’t stand not having her pussy and longer.

I pulled her head back by her hair and said to her “I want to fuck you. I want to feel my cum shoot deep inside you Megan,” and with that, she rose up and she lent over my desk.

“Fuck me hard Andrew!”

Looking behind at me, she unclasped her long hair, letting it uncurl down her back.

I raised her skirt up to her waist. Her ass looked perfect and very inviting. I looked at her for a moment, marvelling in the sight before me of this sexy woman, black stockings with lace tops covering her long legs, high heels and a wanting look in her face as she prepared herself for a good fucking, clenching onto the sides of my desk.

I loosened my trousers further, moved a step towards her, pulled her thong aside and slipped two fingers in past her wet pussy lips, slowly easing them all the way inside of her. She moaned out again and my cock was as rock hard as it’s ever been as I felt how soaking wet and tight her pussy was.

I positioned my thick cock head at her pussy lips, teasing them open, running my cock up to her clit and back down again which made her push her ass back, physically pleading me to enter her. With that I pushed my cock firmly in one smooth motion, so deep inside her soaking wet haven. We both moaned out loud. Her pussy felt so good as it was tight and warm around my cock, almost as if it was sucking my cock.

I held that deep position, grasping at her long hair, pulling her head back which arched her back and pushed her ass harder against me. I then slowly, inch by inch, withdrew my cock until her hole was being stretched further by the ridge of my cock head then I fucked back deep inside her again, harder than last time.

“Your cock feels so fucking good Andrew. Fuck me harder!” she gasped, her breathing heavy.

As asked, I withdrew my cock again slowly then pulling her hair tighter, I fucked my throbbing hard cock back deep inside her tight warm pussy again harder.

My pace quickened, drawing out of her quicker each time before again slamming my cock so deep inside Megan, pinning her tight against the desk, her knuckles white with how she had to hold onto the desk. Her pussy lips dragged tightly on my cock with each backward motion then her pussy sucked tightly on my shaft as I fucked deep inside her. One hand on her waist, pulling her back against my forward thrust, the other still grasping her long dark hair.

Our breathing got faster and faster, our moaning louder and louder. I was well beyond caring that I was fucking this incredible woman right there in my office as her pussy just felt so fucking good. I felt Megan’s pussy tighten especially hard around my cock as we fucked so frantically.

She was letting out small screams with each penetration and as she said “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

I slammed back as deep and as hard into her than before. My balls tightened and I was about to cum as well. I let go of Megan’s hair and grasped her hips, pulling her hard back against me to fuck her as deep as possible and that sent us both over the edge. Megan screamed out as an orgasm ripped through her clit and pussy and around her body, her pussy clenching multiple times on my thick cock. My cock shot wave after wave of my cum deep inside her pussy as I held it deep inside her, our juices mixing so intimately. Our breathing so fast, moans started to subside as I held my cock inside Megan’s cum filled pussy, her orgasm finishing and her head now resting on her hands on my desk. My cock and balls soaking with our juices, I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy inch by inch and she gasped once again as I withdrew my thick shaft.

She turned round, leaning against the desk. Both of us still breathing hard. Her hand went down to her pussy, then up to her mouth.

She shut her eyes and licked then sucked our mixed juices from her fingers, letting out a very sexy Mmmmm. I removed her fingers, kissing Megan very passionately, tasting our juices from her lips.

Our lips parted then I remembered where we were and I cleaned up a bit before we both readjusted our clothing back to looking smart and business like.

“When will I hear if I’ve got the job?” Megan asked with a wickedly sexy smile on her gorgeous face.

“I’m sure you’ll hear from me very soon” I replied, although we both knew the answer to that!

I escorted Megan back to reception, shook her hand in a very business-like way and said to my sexy interviewee “You’ve certainly made a good impression. It was a pleasure to meet you Megan!”

“I assure you Andrew” she replied, “the pleasure was mutual.”

With that, I said goodbye to Megan but knew if be seeing her soon…. Very soon again indeed.

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