I don’t think of myself as a cruel person. Not evil or malicious, just a regular person, who can be selfish on occasion. It just so happened that the opportunity to be selfish came to me in a unique way and I was small minded enough to take the offered opportunity and run with it.

Growing up my best friend was Heather, a shy, skinny girl who read a lot, took ballet and gymnastics, didn’t participate in school activities much and was socially awkward. For whatever reason the other guys didn’t see her as the beautiful girl that I did. She would often ask me why other guys didn’t like her. I didn’t know, I loved her, but couldn’t say so.

When we hit puberty Heather developed slowly, and never grew curvy. She was thin, athletic, with narrow hips and small breasts. The girls who had big breasts teased her, and the other guys said she didn’t have breasts at all. Why do kids ever tease anyone? Who knows, but it was murder on Heather’s self esteem. So much so that she just couldn’t hear it when I told her she was beautiful.

By sixteen she still hadn’t had a boyfriend. I had had a few girlfriends. None of them were as smart, or interesting and Heather, nor were any of them as sexy. They were clumsy, or chubby and soft, but Heather was lithe, lean and firmly muscled from all of her activities. Sure she had braces and weird frizzy hair, but I thought she was amazing.

We got drunk one night and she asked what it was like to make out with someone, and eventually I got to show her by kissing her for a while, but when I tried to touch her she pushed me away embarrassed, saying she was ugly. Nothing I could do would console her.

The summer before college Heather was at an all-time low. I turned eighteen in April and Heather in May. Part of her sadness was growing up so quickly. She felt afraid of the loss of childhood. Even though were now both technically adults, we were inexperienced and naive. Going away for school, leaving home and me, her only friend, broke her heart.

The prospect of a new group of people to torment her terrified her. She wouldn’t hear that these new people would not know the old her and that she could be anyone she wanted. All that was in her mind were the new torment she would undergo. I think she was even thinking of suicide at some points.

Then it began. My opportunity to be evil. Heather asked me to help her change. She told me she would do anything I told her to do to become the perfect woman that any man would want. My mind was on fire with lust, but I started slow, testing the waters. We started with clothes. I encouraged her to dress more slutty, to show off her legs and her tight stomach, to show her bare arms with the long lean lines of muscle she had developed. And to let men see a hint of her incredible breasts.

She was so despondent that she let me dress her up any way I wanted. If I could find the clothes she would wear them. I made her look like a hooker just to satisfy my own lusts, and it worked. She wore tiny skirts that barely covered her amazing ass, thong panties that peeked out when she crossed her legs. Small t-shirts that climbed up her ripped abs, or low cut flimsy summer dresses with plunging necklines and no bra. It worked. Men started calling out to her on the street. Shouting about how much they wanted to fuck her.

She grew a bit happier, but not enough to shake her funk. I know she was uncomfortable with showing so much skin, and felt demeaned by the cat-calls. I helped her get a hairstyle that suited her, a shorter cut that she could tame with product, and she looked infinitely better. Some make up helped even more. I was bad at it, but with some magazines she started looking like a real movie star all slutted out in some men’s magazine. I was walking around with a permanent boner.

Now she could really feel the difference. But I told her that she was only average looking now, and that she was going to have to learn to please a man in bed or it would all fall apart. I knew I hurt her saying that, but my plan needed her to be weak and vulnerable. I started reading Penthouse letters to her to show her how the women in those books treated their men. Blowjobs, facials, anal sex and bi-sexuality were the mainstay, as well as wife swapping and all that. I wasn’t really thinking about what would happen to Heather, just the slim possibility that she would do any or all of that with me.

And after a few reading session she started getting hot herself, and wiggled around while we read. The stories I read most were of women being slaves to men. This made her wet she said. I told her she would really need to practice to get good at that stuff. And finally she asked me if I would help her. She asked if she could give me a blowjob.


Maybe a better person than I would have told her no, or to wait for a man she loved, but I loved her, and was obsessed with being with her, so I jumped at the opportunity to have her.

I opened my pants and told her what to do. This was the first blowjob I had received, but I had long been imagining what I wanted. My already hard cock sprang out when she opened my pants, and she leaned over it, the first one she had ever seen live. I told her to hold it, and to lick it like an ice cream, long and slow. She did. It was heaven. Watching that face I had loved all these years, with my cock pressed against it, brushing those silky cheeks, and parting those lovely lips was so intoxicating. Every move she made I memorized. As she ran her tongue along my shaft, and licked my balls I could hardly breathe. I gave her a constant stream of instructions which she performed admirably. Yet everything she did I corrected slightly, almost giving opposing orders. This held my orgasm at bay, and it gave her doubt, which I needed her to have. If she had doubt, these lessons might continue.

Soon I had both my hands in her hair and was driving myself into her mouth aggressively, gagging her in my passion, and before I could hold off I started to pump my load of cum deep inside her mouth. It was the best orgasm of my life, and it took me minutes to recover. I held her head down over my cock the whole time, savoring the feeling of being in her mouth not letting her release me until I was ready.

My mind was racing with the potential of this new power. I needed to keep her here, on her knees pleasing me somehow. What came out of my mouth was pure instinct. And it was perfect.

“That was okay, but really you need work. I don’t think you can really consider yourself ready until you can cum just from making me cum. Have you ever had an orgasm?”

“No.” she said shyly. “I’m too nervous to masturbate.”

“That isn’t it anyway. You need to be able to have an orgasm just from giving your man pleasure. That is what makes a man love a woman, and stay with her forever.”

So began my wicked domination of my best friend, the woman I loved most in the world. So began my decent into Evil.

I was quickly able to get another erection. I told her to remove all of my clothes for me, that it made me feel more manly, and that it would then make her feel more womanly. I was grasping at straws but it worked. She stripped me lovingly and said it felt like a pleasure to be kind to me. I sat on the bed and told her to now strip for me, but to do it slowly, teasing me, not hiding from me. With an endearing shyness she bared her body to me, and at each stage I instructed her on how to move, and what looked best. I ached to fuck her, but was sure she would balk so I satisfied myself with watching, for now. Her body was so taut, and glorious I had pre-cum leaking down my up thrust shaft. When she revealed her hairy pussy I nearly wept for joy. The outer lips were swollen and had a downy covering of hair which curled up along her hollow belly, a soft coating of gently curled reddish blonde hair. I was torn between looking at her cunt and looking at her breasts. I wanted twenty eyes and forty hands just so that I could cover every inch of her. I wanted three cocks to put in all the best places. But I had to choose, and since I was scared of making her leave I stayed with what she had let me do before.

“Now come kneel before me. Tell me how happy you are to please me. “

“Oh, I am. I want to make you happy. I want you to love me and stay with me forever.”

“No. Not like that. Men like sex, women like love. Tell me how much you like my cock and stuff.”

“Okay. Umm. Well it is so big. I like the muscley look of it, with that big head, and the veins. It looks powerful.”

“Yes. Tell me about my power. How much power my cock has over you.”

“It does. I want it so badly, It makes me want to do nasty things. I want to taste your cum again. I want it inside me, but I’m scared of it. “

“Don’t be scared. I’m the only one who wants you, not anyone else. But if you want me to I will teach you how to be sexy to any man. All men will want you when we are done. And you will be able to please them if you are a good student and obey me. But you need to show me how much you want me.”

And she did. She sucked me off like it meant everything to her. She bathed me in her saliva, licked and slurped on my shaft and suckled my knob. She took my balls in her mouth and rubbed the whole wet package all over her face. When I came this time, I let her control my cock and she let all my cum land on her tongue with her lips sealed around my head. Then she swirled the cum around and swallowed. Only then did she release my tool from her moist grip.

“Better. Much better, but of course you still need some work. You need to be able to cum at the same time, just from getting me off. We will work on that.”

I had no idea if it was possible to teach her what I said. I’d read about women who got off by making a man cum, and the women in porno seemed to love making me cum, so I said it. And one day I even pulled out the magazine I had where women wrote about it happening, and showed Heather all sorts of porn to teach her how to make a man happy. She watched women getting facials of cum and it made her blush. But I put her hand on my cock and showed her how hard I was seeing those beautiful faces dripping with sperm. So she lowered her mouth over me and sucked until I was close to cumming, and she pulled me out of her glorious mouth and pumped me until I sprayed my wad on her pretty face. My orgasm lasted much longer than usual as I watched my spooge drip down her cheek and over her lips.

I reached down between her legs and pushed my finger into her cunt and wiggled it. She was dripping wet, but I hadn’t made her cum.

I made out that it was her deficiency and told her to try harder.

I was getting eager to fuck her. I desperately wanted to ram my prick into her soaking snatch, but still she was shy. And so was I actually. I was pretty sure she would be able to cum if I fucked her, but how could I know? Did I even want her to cum. The part of me that loved her said yes, but the part of me that wanted to possess her jealously said that if she could cum, then she would be brave enough to go find other men and leave me.

Still I was eager to taste that juicy pussy of hers so I decided I would do that for now. But first I wanted her bald like the smooth women in the movies. She had told me she waxed her legs and that it hurt, so I decided I wanted to wax her cunt, and hurt her. I liked having power over her, and wanted to hurt her in a way that wouldn’t make her leave. My evil side craved her tears, a tear for each tear I had shed while aching to have her for all those years.

I asked her if she had ever waxed her pussy, and she said no, loud, like she feared it. Even that made my boner twitch. I told her that I wanted to go down on her, but that her having hair there made it seem sort of gross.

She said it was okay if I didn’t go down on her, but I insisted that it was only fair after all the blow jobs she had given me. And that I bet I could make her cum. She had yet to cum, but she knew it would be nice, and she was curious, so she reluctantly agreed that it would be nice if I ate her out.

“Well I can’t do it if you are all hairy. That is why all the women in porn do it, so men will eat them.”

She agreed eventually, and she went into the bathroom to get the things together. She brought in scissors to cut the hair shorter, and the wax, and some towels. Then stripping she sat on the toilet with her legs spread wide.

I had seen her little pussy, and had my fingers in it, but I’d never seen it up close, and it made me so hard looking at all those little lips and bright pink skin. The tiny hood over her clit was adorable and I lifted the hood to look at her button. I wanted to lick it right then, but I had an illusion to maintain.

I took the scissors and cut the hairs as short as I could. Even that much hair removal made her pussy ten times sexier to me. The wax was all warm now and I scooped some out onto the hair above her cunt. Doing as she instructed I placed the paper on it and pressed down. Then I looked up into her face and ripped the paper off, and she flinched and clenched her eyes and jaw shut. Her pain made me even harder.

Strip by strip I pulled the hair from her snatch and she perspired with pain, not ever crying out, but swearing after the patch was done. I was overjoyed to see some tears spill down her soft cheeks when I ripped the hair from her fat outer lips. My cock was raging. I told her to look at how hard I was when she was as smooth as could be.

“That is how my dick gets just looking at that smooth clean pussy of yours. Feel it, it is aching just from looking at you.”

She reached down and squeezed my shaft, and said, “Whoa.” when she felt that it was as hard as it had ever been. Absent mindedly she stroked it up and down while she looked me in the eye.

“That hurt a lot, but I knew you liked it, and so it made me like it too. And feeling your cock now, so hard so hot, it gets me so horny. I kinda want you inside of me. I think I want to fuck you now.”

I thought about it for just a moment and then I took her hand and lead her to the bedroom. Her room was all pink and cutsie. It was still a little girl’s room yet I was going to fuck the person who lived there, and turn her into a woman.

She lay back on her single bed, with its stuffed animals and pink comforter. Easing herself up the bed still holding my cock she stopped at the top, and let her legs fall wide open. Looking there, the lips bright red and sore looking, the whole area blotchy and angry looking I pulled her pussy apart wide with my fingers and pressed my cockhead right between them. I looked at her face and saw her wincing. I leaned over, moved to kindness, and kissed her mouth. Our tongues started to dance together and our mouths tried to devour each other as I pressed my pole into her slippery cunt.

The first few bit was amazing. I’d never felt anything like it, and both of us opened our eyes up wide and looked at each other as I pressed into her. Then I reached a blockage. Her cherry. I pushed against it and she pulled back letting her tongue slip from my mouth.

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes, a little.”

“Do you want me to stop?”


And before she could say anything else I pushed hard into her and ripped her hymen. She gasped and tears filled her eyes almost making me cum right then. I pressed a bit further and felt the end of her cunt. There I stopped and looked down at her face. She was breathing hard and the tears trickled down her cheek. Only a few then they stopped.

Looking up at me holding myself still above and inside of her, she told me to keep going, so I pulled out a bit and pushed in again. Soon I was fucking her for real, sliding in and out of her tight wet slit, and absolutely loving it. Soon her face grew flushed and after a little while longer her breathing ragged, and I thought she might be about to cum. Before long she was humping up at me as I pushed down into her. My own orgasm started to tingle in my balls, and I fucked her harder and faster.

I lifted a hand and started to play with her tits, squeezing them and mashing them against her chest. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back and started to moan a deep moan in her throat, trying to keep it quiet as her passion grew. She looked and sounded so sexy I could hardly stand it. I’d never heard a porn star sound like that. She sounded like an animal in heat. Then I couldn’t hold back any more and I pulled out of her, and straddled her chest holding my dick tight so I wouldn’t cum too soon. Then when she opened her eyes and saw me I unleashed a torrent of spunk over her face. She opened her mouth to catch as much as she could, like the porn stars had taught her, and I pumped a bucket of jism over her pink features, her tongue lapping as much of it up as she could.

Then when I stopped pumping myself she reached up and took hold of me herself and put my dick in her mouth sucking it, and again it looked like she started to cum. I reached back behind myself and began to frig her clit, and her whole body arched back her legs digging into the mattress, her arms falling to her sides, her head arcing way back into the pillows, my dick abandoned. I rubbed her clit frantically making her cum more and more. She thrashed around like I was electrocuting her and she continued to do that low moan.

Finally she flinched away and put her hands down between my legs to cover her cunt.

“Please stop. It is too intense!”

She confirmed she had climaxed from my fucking her, and again from me cumming in her mouth. It was a powerful feeling of command that I felt in my chest. I felt like the master of her. Kneeling over her, my cock casting a shadow over her face, her features dripping with my sperm, her body spread out before me, I felt like a king. I reached down and smeared my spunk around on her face, scooping it into her mouth. When she parted her lips to accept my offering she shuddered, and smiled.

My cock jutted out, still hard.

If I had been a better person I am sure that Heather and I would have become sweet lovers then, with the potential for a normal loving relationship. She grew to care about me, and I still loved her but the darkness in me, my evil, could only think of ways to use her for my selfish pleasure. Now that I knew I could make her cum it was my obsession. I needed to enslave her to her orgasm, and to inextricably link her pleasure to me if possible.

We both still lived at home, and had summer jobs to make money for college, but every second we could be together we were. We fucked in her room at home while her family was downstairs ignorant. They suspected nothing; we had been friends since childhood. But childhood was over for us now. We fucked in the park, in our cars, at my house, anywhere we could.

I convinced her to suck me off at a movie and a new door opened in my evil head. Public sex became a new and powerful tool in my arsenal. As she sucked my cock in the dark of a somewhat crowded theatre, her head bobbing up and down, the slurps audible between bursts of noise from the sound system, she had an orgasm. A small one, but I could tell. And when my jism spurted out into her mouth she had an even bigger one. The people sitting right in front of us turned to look and saw her leaning back wiping drool from her chin and it was such a turn on that I knew instantly I wanted more of this risky kind of sex.

Heather’s orgasm was my leverage to get her to do more of this. She was voracious for more and more orgasms, and I was the one giving them to her, so she had yet to deny me any pleasure in the pursuit of our mutual bliss.

The next public encounter was in a park between our houses, one we had played at all our lives. It was the park all the kids went to, to make out. Neither of us had ever visited here in that capacity, and the first time was memorable.

We were talking as the sun went down, swinging on the swings and playing on the big wooden fort.

“You are doing so well. You have become a good lover, and a sexy woman. You do all the things that please a man, without fear. I love how brave you are.”

“I don’t feel brave.”

“But that blow job in the movie was brave, people saw you doing it. It was so sexy; I wanted to fuck you right there even though I had just cum.”

“You always want to fuck me.”

“I do. Always. I want you right now, here in the playground. “


“No one is here. Let’s go up to the top level of the fort and fuck. I’ll lick that sweet pussy of yours and make you cum. You can see the whole area from up there and if any one comes by we can stop. Or let them watch.”

“You would wouldn’t you?”

“I will. I’m going to fuck you up there from behind, with you bent over the railing so we can both see the face of who-ever finds us, your tits bare to the wind and their eyes. Don’t you want people to see how sexy you are? Don’t you want the kids at your new school to know that you are a sexy woman, willing to do whatever it takes to pleasure your lover, and yourself?”

She didn’t say anything but I knew she was excited. We moved to where I said and she put her legs up on the rails of the fort, one on one handrail, one on the other so that she was doing the splits in a right angle and her bald cunt was exposed to the orange glow of the setting sun. I will never forget that view of her.

I licked her little lips until she was dripping wet, her juices leaking out in a flood she was so horny. I reached up and pulled her dress down over her chest and bared her gorgeous little tits to the light, her nipples poked out rigid with lust. I flicked them hard with my fingers and made her moan. I began to pull them vigorously while I licked her pussy softly, confusing her body. As her orgasm arrived I pushed my fingers inside her and fucked her while licking her clit and she nearly fell off backwards over the edge while she came violently, her hips bucking up off of the wooden rail, and her moans loud even though she kept her mouth closed.

I pulled her off the rail and pulled her dress all the way off leaving her nude. I twirled her around and entered her from behind and she leaned forward on her outstretched arms looking out over the park as I began to fuck her hard. I rammed into her as hard as I could, my belly slapping against her upturned ass. I reached around and rubbed her tender clit and she began to cum again. The sounds coming out of her mouth made me so hard I felt like my dick was going to split. She sounded like she was being fucked by a demon and that she liked it.

It made me feel like an Evil Spirit invading her innocent body. Here on the playground I had lusted after her since my body began to learn what it meant to feel sexual. Her long bare legs scabbed at the knee running from place to place excited me as a boy. Her budding breasts just visible in her shirts as we lay on the grass and dreamed. The perfect lips of her mouth, red from some lolly pop glistening in the sun as we spoke of our goals.

Now I possessed all of that and more of her. I drove my aching boner into her grasping cunt and knew more of her than any other person on the planet. I was her god as I pounded her and fingered her into another orgasm. I felt the clutch of her inner most self as she tried to milk my sperm from me with her strong vaginal muscles, and I was strong enough to deny her that wish. I was waiting.

Then I saw an old man walking his dog toward us. He was still far away, but he was coming right toward us and I knew I could hold off my own orgasm long enough, even though seeing him made me want to shoot immediately with the idea of what I was going to do.

I took my fingers from her folds and eased off my assault of her, now simply moving in and out of her gently. Her breath ragged and harsh Heather regained her composure and looked around.

“Oh. Someone is coming. “She tried to push me off.

“No. We are going to let him see how we play. I’m going to show him your body and give him something to dream about.” She tried to stop me, and my fingers went back to her button bringing her closer to another orgasm. “Think about it. You will be the girl he thinks about every time he masturbates for the next thirty years! That sexy girl fucking in the park. You owe him that beautiful vision. Prove to the world how sexy you are.”

I was now fucking her hard again, as I rubbed her tender bud and gripped her breast with my other hand making her moan. The man was getting closer and I could recognize him as a man who lived on the next block from me. I didn’t know his name, or if he knew me, but I wanted him to see Heather. I pulled her hair and made her lift up showing her whole front to him. From below he could probably just about see where my prick split her pussy.

Heather arched back against me her body pressed to me as I drove into her, her breasts high and proud wobbling around with the impact of my pounding.

Then he saw us and stopped. He stood froze as we fucked in front of him, her gasps loud in the night. I lifted Heather’s leg up onto the rail, giving him a better view between her thighs. I groped her breasts to show him how tight and pert they were. I stuck my fingers in her mouth to show what a slut she was as she sucked them in. She was cumming in one long orgasm now, her grunts extreme and guttural in the still air of dusk.

I couldn’t hold off any longer and I pulled out and told her to kneel. She immediately dropped down in front of me and opened her mouth as I sprayed my spunk all over her face. I came in a long series of spurts, my orgasm more intense than ever before. My debasement of her in the venue of our childhood games was so sweet. I coated her cute face with my goo as she tried to catch it with her lapping tongue.

The rail of the fort was just short enough that her head appeared above it and the man had a perfect view of her face, lit by the setting sun, as I smeared my jism around on her cheeks as I finished my climax. Heather wasn’t satisfied and took my prick from my grip and washed her face more thoroughly with my spent manhood, scraping the cum from her forehead with my member and then licking off the goo from that still hard pole.

It was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen, Heather on her knees worshiping my cum as she shook with the aftershocks of her own massive climax. The man below had moved in as close as he dared and was watching every moment avidly. Then I saw that he was rubbing his cock through his pants. I told Heather.

“Look, he is hard just looking at you. He can’t keep his hands off his dick just from watching you.”

She looked down at him, no more than fifteen feet from us. She gazed at him for some time, kneeling naked in the failing light as he undid his pants and pulled out a long thin cock. Standing to give him a view of her body Heather began to wipe my cum off of her face with her hands as the man jacked off looking at her.

When she was more or less clean Heather began to rub her own sex staring back at the man. She was giving him a hell of a show. She placed one leg up on the rail and opened herself to him totally, pulling the lips of her cunt wide to show him her pink. I reached around her and kneaded her tits roughly pulling her nipples out from her small mounds and letting them snap back.

“Come here.” I said quietly to the man, and Heather shuddered and gave a low moan, knowing I was going to make her do something to the man. Moving like a movie zombie the man climbed the steps up to us, his dog released and forgotten below. When he made his way to us I told Heather, “Suck him. He is so horny for you, you own him.”

Heather fell to her knees immediately, eagerly and the man stepped up to her and gazed down mesmerized. Heather took him into her mouth, the second man ever to be serviced by that pretty mouth.

As the sun set Heather gave her mouth to the man, as he fucked himself in and out of her slurping hole. He was in his fifties and out of shape, not at all good looking and Heather blew him like he were a Hollywood sex symbol she had dreamed of for years. With one hand she squeezed his nut sack, and with the other she pumped him as she guided him into her mouth. He in turn held her head in both hands and powered his hardness into her wide open mouth.

The man’s legs were too wobbly as she made him weak with her attention, he dropped to first one knee and then both while she struggled to go with him her mouth never leaving his rod. As her ass lifted high into the air I couldn’t help myself and I entered her from behind and fucked her hard to make her swallow the man further.

She began to cum as soon as I bumped the back of her vagina, her shudders making her body quiver uncontrollably. The man spilled himself into her mouth clutching her head hard desperate to keep her on his erupting tool.

When he finished he fell back away from her and Heather fell down pressing her face to the rough wooden floor as I drove into her seeking my own release.

“Hold his cum in your mouth, don’t swallow. I’m going to put my load in there too.”

I felt her spasm with lust as I said that, the man too looked up. Moments later I felt my nuts twitch with impending release, and I pulled out. Heather was too weak to move much so I had to pull her up by the hair to place my dick at her mouth. “Open.” I ordered and she did showing me the white froth of his cum mingled with her spit.

His spunk leaked out the corners of her mouth as I aimed my penis at her open maw. As I started to spurt out over her face, drizzling my seed onto her already covered tongue I felt so powerful. I stared down at her, my slave as she accepted my gift in the hollow she had made of her tongue for it.

When I had squeezed the last drops out of my aching cock I wiped the head across her lips and told her to swallow now. She made a loud gulping noise as she let our two loads slip down her throat at last. With a smack of her lips she licked her face clean as far as her tongue could reach and looked shyly at the man.

“Isn’t she a good girl sir?” I asked?

“She is the sexiest girl I have ever seen.” He answered. “You are one lucking son of a bitch.”

I was, and I knew it.

The next day I was giddy with the potential of this new development, and she was also excited. She told me that she loved what happened.

“I feel like a new woman. I can’t believe what happened. The look on that guys face when I was sucking him was so incredible. Like he’s won the lottery. Oh thank you! I never would have done that without you. I dreamed of it all last night.”

I was jealous, but I knew that I would get more out of this than I lost.

We started fucking in more daring locations, secretly hoping for more random encounters like that park.

The next time we tried was on a bus. Sitting on the seats that faced the middle of the bus we rode along looking at the people and rubbing each other secretly.

Heather always wore light summer dresses now. I bought her some and she bought her own. We loved them because they were nearly see- through, short and showed her body very clearly. I could, and now did, lift the hem up over her waist and access her pussy easily. Easing a finger into her wet slit I swirled it around, opening her up and letting her juices run out. With her leg up over mine she was able to open her legs wide enough that the people across from us could glimpse her bald pussy between those standing around us.

It didn’t take long for someone to notice us. A woman in her thirties looking like some kind of business woman saw what we were doing and made eye contact with me. She stared hard, trying to figure me out, or intimidate me or something. I whispered to Heather what was happening and Heather opened her legs wider giving the woman more of a view. I pulled Heathers lips further apart really showing her cunt and the woman looked down and watched as I slid two fingers inside and began to fuck Heather.

Then I saw that a few other people were watching, Heather saw them too and began to shudder and moan low, her voice only audible to me beside her. Grabbing her breasts in both hands Heather started to massage herself while I brought her to a climax jamming my fingers into her little hole. The woman moved, but a Chinese man sat in her spot and watched us expressionlessly.

When at last Heather came, she made enough noise that people all around turned to see what happened. There she sat flushed and panting her legs wide open and her dripping cooze on full display.

I started to talk to her quietly, whispering in her ear, while leaving her exposed and gently rubbing her clit.

“They all want you. You are the star of the show now. I have finally made you realize that you are pure sex, and as hot as any girl we went to school with. I will fuck you anywhere I like, and you will love it because you are now the pure slut that every man wants. You are the dream girl now. All the people around us want you, and will dream of you tonight.”


“How does that make you feel?”

“So horny. I wish I could fuck them all. I feel sorry for them. I remember what it was like to not be able to have what I wanted; I wish I could give myself to them all.”

“You will, tonight in their dreams. But if you want a group to fuck I will give it to you. You are mine to give, yes.”

“Yes. I owe you everything for what you have shown me. I’ll do whatever you ask.”


I had to wait a few days to fulfill my promise, but it did happen.

I worked at a natural gas plant as a grunt labourer. It was the best paying summer job I could find. It paid very well, but was hard dirty work. We worked in this huge warehouse that held huge motors that pumped natural gas down lines south to where it was processed. I worked with a bunch of older guys, and a couple younger college students. Our lunch room was four big tables for eight or so guys to sit at, even though only ten worked at the plant regularly. We would sit there every lunch hour playing cards and bullshitting about stuff.

I often sat there at lunch dreaming of taking Heather right on the lunch room table. So I was going to do just that. I had to wait until the senior guys were going to be gone. They would not go along with this I felt, but the rest sure would.

Finally on a day when the senior men had a meeting at head office I called Heather and told her to come out and visit, and to bring dessert.

She showed up just after we broke for lunch. She came in wearing a summer dress, like usual, looking adorable with her hair all tussled from the wind and the nipples of her tits obvious through the thin material.

The guys were happy to see her; she had brought gourmet cupcakes to eat and her sexy body to look at. She sat and chatted with us while the cupcakes were wolfed down. There were six men in the room ranging in age from late fifties to eighteen, me, the youngest.

Seeing as how she was the only woman, and a sexy one at that Heather was the centre of attention as we sat there. After a few minutes of small talk someone naturally mentioned how good she looked. I leaped on the opportunity.

“Heather show them your dress.”

She stood up and did a twirl for them.

“Hey we got our own supermodel here.” One guy said. So Heather laughed and did a catwalk down the middle of the room. I could feel the energy change from light hearted fun, to avid hunger. She looked scrumptious. Far better than the cupcakes of moments before. Heather twirled and pulled at her dress lifting the hem up over her toned thighs.

“Jesus look at those legs!” One guy tried to whisper, the room was small enough that we all heard it.

“She is a gymnast and a dancer I told them proudly. Heather show them some gymnastics.”

Heather grinned at me, well aware of what I was doing. She went to one end of the room, took off her sandals and did a short run and flipped in an armless cartwheel, her legs flashing and her dress lifting up over her bare muffin. She hadn’t worn panties. It was just a momentary glimpse but everyone saw that she had nothing on below that flimsy dress. She finished it with one of those poses where they stick their tits and ass way out and the men applauded. Then she said she could do more and she went back to the end of the room and posed, composing herself. She only had fifteen feet in which to tumble, but she didn’t seem to mind.

With only two steps she did another cartwheel, and then quickly a flip, then she landed and bounced back the way she had come, twirling a 360 in the air and then bounced into a flip that she let slide into a split, ending with her legs stretched along the floor and her dress a fan around her body. Her little slit had flashed by too quickly to see, but all of us knew it was open to the floor, and exposed temptingly below that brief covering of clothe.

The guys went nuts for her applauding and cheering. It had been a very impressive thing to see her do on a cement floor and in cramped quarters.

“Jesus man, you are one lucky dude to be with her. I bet the sex is incredible.”

“You have no idea. Heather is willing to do anything. Aren’t you my love?”

She climbed to her feet. “I just want to make you happy, master.” She had never called me that before, and it made my cock leap to attention. I felt like the world had stopped turning. It felt fantastic.

“Holy shit, did you hear that?” One of them whispered to another.

“What the fuck man?” Another asked of no-one particular.

“He is my master, “she explained.” I do whatever he tells me to do. I like being his slave. It excites me.”

The room went utterly silent. I was basking in the tension she had created. She had given me complete control over her and I was going to use it.

“You are being bad Heather, talking about things you shouldn’t, and teasing these men. You will have to be punished.”

No-one moved, the room was perfectly still as she pouted at me. “I’m sorry master, I am just so proud to be your slave I want to show the world.”

“Fine then show them the little body you keep flashing them. Take off your clothes.”

Chair legs squeaked on the floor as the guys tried to get into a better spot as she pulled her dress off over her head. Heather wore nothing beneath and she was utterly exposed to them, her skin flushed with excitement, her nipples hard and outthrust, her naked cunt pink and vulnerable looking.

I went to her where she stood in the middle of the room. I ran my hands around her body squeezing her boobs, and kneading her ass and thighs.

“This is what a sex slave looks like guys. I think we can all agree that she is being a bad girl and needs to be punished. Who wants to fuck this little slut right now?”

Three of the guys either stood up or held their hands up like school boys.

“Heather get on the table there, with your head out in the middle of the room hanging off the end. “

She climbed up, and I pulled out my dick. “I’m going to fuck her on the table while she sucks you guys for a bit, don’t cum if you can help it, she needs to really be taught a lesson. Everyone here gets to fuck her, to show her she shouldn’t tease men like this.”

I climbed between her legs and eased into her like all my fantasies from the weeks before.

She opened her mouth and took the first man between her willing lips. The others, every one of them gathered around and watched me fuck her with her mouth full of another man.

“Go on touch her if you want, we are all going to cover her in cum soon enough and won’t want to touch her after that. “

Hands reached out and caressed the long tight muscles of her body, cupping her pliant breasts in callused palms. Heather began to climax, one long incredible spasm of pleasure as a dozen hands found places to touch her smooth skin.

I told the man in her mouth to move for the next guy, and while I took her on the table man after man fed his cock into her drooling orifice, spittle covered her face as she worked them in and out of her gasping mouth.

As I was about to cum, I held off and pulled out. I wanted to savor this as long as possible.

“Who’s next?” The closest man to her bottom climbed up onto the table as I left it and placed his schlong at the entrance to her pussy.

“You will only be the second man she has fucked, Jim. So take your time. Heather stop for a moment and thank the nice man for fucking you.”

“Oh thank you. Fill me up with that cock, please. I need it so badly. Don’t wait.”

He pushed in and she cried out with pleasure. She probably came, but I couldn’t tell her skin was all pink and blotchy from all the hands rubbing her and the passion suffusing her skin with blood. Soon all of the guys had been in her mouth.

“Heather you have teased them enough; they have all had your mouth, now you have to fuck them all.”

“Yes, yes please. Fuck me you studs. Fuck me good!”

Arching her back she pushed up at Jim and fucked back at him grinding her pussy over his dick. I knew what it felt like to be milked by that powerful pussy and bet that Jim wouldn’t last long.

“Jim she doesn’t deserve to have a warm load in that hungry cunt of hers, shoot in her mouth.”

“Love to.”

Jim pulled out and she sighed from the loss of him. He moved to the end of the table and fed himself into her mouth while another guy climbed onto the table and snaked his tool into her gaping cooze.

Jim pumped into her mouth while she reached up and fondled his balls. A couple guys were still rubbing her tits and belly, while the others were watching her suck Jim waiting for the cum shot. It wasn’t a long wait. Jim yelled as he blew his load into her mouth, and Heather moaned as his spunk coated her mouth. Heather’s tight body writhed around on the table filled at both ends with cock, and getting a mouthful of cum like she loved.

Pulling out, Jim sighed happily and Heather pulled his dick back to her lips and kissed it wetly before opening up and waiting for the next cock.

Rupert the oldest guy there slid his semi hard boner into her mouth and she worked him over like a champ. She slid him in and out and smeared his wet length all over her face coating herself in her own spit and Jim’s jizz. It looked so hot I couldn’t even begin to believe it was really happening.

One of the guys waiting his turn pulled out his cock and began to rub it over her small pert breasts, another one took her hand and curled her tiny fingers around his shaft and helped her jack him off. And one last guy was sucking on her toes behind Dave fucking her. Seeing her whole body defiled from end to end like that made me so proud. She was my fuck toy and I was sharing like a good boy. Or an Evil one.

Dave who was fucking her Reached down and began to squeeze the tit not being rubbed by Ron’s dick. He squeezed hard and gripped her tightly.

“Yes Dave, hurt her. This is a punishment after all. ” His fingers bit deeply into her soft breast, and she moaned around Rupert’s swollen member.

“I’m gonna cum.” Dave gritted between clenched teeth.

“Do it in her mouth.” I reminded.

Dave pulled out and ran to her face, where Rupert moved back his prick popping out of her mouth with a line of saliva trailing across her cheek. Dave didn’t make it and spurted over her neck and up across her chin as he aimed at her open mouth.

Heather gasped as she had an orgasm from his sperm hitting her skin. As Dave shoved his cock into her gasping hole he finished erupting over the roof of her up-side-down mouth.

One by one the guys all fucked my beautiful best friend, and blew loads of cum into her mouth and across her face. She was a sticky mess. In less than twenty minutes she had fucked and sucked them all. I told her I wasn’t done yet.

I told her to get on all fours on the floor. Climbing down she nearly fell over her legs were so rubbery, and her head dizzy from being up-side-down so long.

Once she was in position I moved between her legs at her upturned ass. All the juices from her over exciting pussy were smeared across her ass, and she had left a puddle on the table. Her anus winked at me from between her cheeks glistening from her cum. I pressed against her sphincter.

“I’ve never had her ass, but here today before you all I’m going to take her butt cherry. If you want to fuck her face while I do so, go ahead, she isn’t done until no-one here can get an erection, since she made you all hard with her teasing in the first place. Fair?”

No-one said anything, they were too curious about me fucking her ass. I rubbed my head around her anus and coating it in her abundant lubricant, then pushed into her never used hole. It seemed incredible to me that less than a month ago she had never had sex at all, and now she was fucking a room full of men and I was taking her ass publically.

As I pushed in she was so tight it hurt me. She was gasping and whimpering like a kitten, and it made me harder, so I pushed harder. Then suddenly I popped past her sphincter and was in. It was like putting my dick in a molten furnace she was so hot in there. I continued to press deeper into her bowels while she sniveled painfully.

One of the other guys liked her humiliation as much as me, and he moved closer and stuffed his cock into her mouth aggressively. As he slid in and out I eased back out of her ass and tried to match his rate, but she was too tight and I just couldn’t move that fast.

The two of us fucked her hard for a while and once more her body shivered with passion, and probably orgasms. It was all a blur, her body was so shaky that I couldn’t tell what was lust, orgasm, fatigue or fear any more. All I knew was my domination of her was complete.

The guy in her mouth, Jeff, pulled out and shot a still substantial load all over her face, not even trying to get it in her mouth, he just aimed it at her forehead and then sprayed her like a man washing down the urinal with his piss.

His blatant disrespect for her urged me on and I pulled out and ejaculated all over her ass and back, my spurts so forceful that I even got some on her shoulder from down behind her.

Rupert asked if he could have her ass too. “My wife won’t let me do anything like that, and I’ve always wanted to try.”

“Be my guest.” I replied. So he entered her while I had her clean my cock with her mouth. As she swallowed the cock that had just been in her ass, I saw her gag a little and it made me happy that she didn’t complain of the taste. I gazed down at her as happy as I have ever been in my life. Her face was a mess; sweat, tears, spit and cum coated her features in a sloppy sheen. Hair was matted to her cheeks and forehead, glued there by all the fluids covering her. I’d not seen her look this ugly in a while, and it was also more beautiful than I’d ever seen her.

Not all the guys wanted her ass, only two more, but everyone fucked her again and sprayed their cum in whichever place they wanted, a few on her face, two on her tits and one more on her ass.

We each took out our phones and took videos and pictures of her as she lay on the floor in a pile of flopping limbs.

Then I told her to clean the table of the mess she had made there with her tongue. Shakily she lifted herself numbly from the floor and began to lick the table as I instructed her. More pictures and videos were taken, the guys glad to capture her utter humiliation.

Lapping the drying mess was hard, but soon the table was wet with her saliva and she had cleaned it, including the drips of spunk that fell from her face as she worked.

Our lunch break was over and the guys each thanked her as they went back to work. I lay on the moist floor next to her abased body as she lay quivering with shame, and bliss.

“You are my perfect little slave, Heather. No-one could love you as much as I do right now. You belong to me. I am your master. And I’m really happy.”

She began to cry, but smiled at me, and I held her tight, her body sticky and gross from all that cum, but I didn’t care I loved her so much.

“I belong to you. I am your slave.” she sobbed happily.

We couldn’t fuck for the next couple days, Heather was too sore from all that dick, but she sucked my cock many times as we both relived what had happened. She swallowed a gallon of my cum as I replayed her fucking all my co-workers. Deep inside I hated her for going along with it, and letting those gross old guys and young studs use her body like that. But at the same time I loved her deeply for doing exactly what I wanted her to do. It was a confusing thing to be evil.

Because it made me so horny to see her with those other men I decided that she would now become a professional whore for the men at my plant. I took the men aside one at a time and told them that Heather could be theirs again for a price. $20 bucks for a blow job, $50 bucks for a fuck and $75 for anal. For $100 they could have it all. I was just making the numbers up, but figured that we could make a killing if the guys wanted her half as much as I did.

It wasn’t quite payday yet, but three of the guys said they would happily pay for a blow job anytime. So Heather began coming by the plant at random times for illicit sex acts. Each and every time I was there to watch, and use her myself when they were done.

The first time it was Dave who used her services. Dave was unmarried and not bad looking, but he was a little socially awkward so I could see how he might need to use a hooker. We met in the men’s locker room where we all changed every day, and Heather was already there naked lying on the small bench. She looked fabulous. She had put on a little make-up, and her hair nicely styled. She looked like exactly what she was, a horny teen girl next door. Heather’s bald pussy dripped with juice as she spread her legs and fingered herself. This situation was making her incredibly horny.

Dave handed me the twenty and walked up to her, before he could do anything Heather was on him. She reached out and undid his zipper and pulled his cock right out. He wasn’t hard yet, but she swallowed his meat and began slurping away on him like it was her last meal. Making a sloppy mess of it Heather gobbled Dave’s cock frantically. She took him deep into her throat, and gagged. She rubbed him all over her face and licked the long trails of spit off of him lasciviously. She was a cock sucking monster.

With her little hands she massaged his balls and milked his shaft, pumping him into her face while moaning and sighing at joy of having a face full of sweaty cock.

Then without much warning Dave began to spurt into her mouth. He grunted and went rigid, and Heather became still, pumping him with her hand while he filled her mouth. Gripping her head in both hands Dave unloaded into her and she swallowed all of it avidly.

Finally Dave was finished and he stepped back and looked down at her. Heather looked up at him meekly, her big eyes open wide, fearful of some chastisement, her mouth slightly open, her breathe quick and shallow, and a small drop of shiny cum slipping down her chin.

“You are incredible.” He said and she smiled up at him happily.

Dave left and I pulled out my own cock and settled between her legs. I looked into her eyes and told her how much I loved her. Then I fucked my precious girl on the bench in the filthy warehouse I worked at. Her cries of passion echoed around the cement room and it took no time at all for me to reach orgasm. I pulled out and Heather moved quickly onto her knees like she had been taught. I aimed my dick at her face and painted her pretty features with my steaming goo. I saw her body begin to spasm as she tipped over the edge of her own climax, the two of us in perfect synch, my sperm her cue to cum as well. The perfect woman.

All that moaning and screaming had attracted some attention and Rupert came in. Seeing her naked, on her knees dripping with my spunk forced his hand. With a strange mesmerized look on his face Rupert pulled out his wallet and handed me a twenty.

Heather remained still as Rupert pulled out his cock and without moving she let him smear his prick around her face, my cum coating his rapidly stiffening member. When he had all my cum rubbed into her smooth skin he pushed his dick into her mouth. She accepted him, and the coating of my seed and began to slurp away once more, but slowly, and letting him be the aggressor. I’m not sure why she was changing her tactics but it seemed to be working, Rupert moved slowly and deliberately, no movement wasted as he fucked her face.

Leaving her hands down by her side Heather gave her face to Rupert submissively, her vulnerability clearly giving him more pleasure. I sensed a kindred spirit in Rupert now as I watched him take his dick out and slide it around her face. It looked as though, like me, he enjoyed seeing Heather debased. He took her hair in hand and bent her head back awkwardly and placed his balls in her mouth, making her lick him there for a while. Then he lifted them away and dipped them around her face, tea bagging her all over. I could tell he loved her face the way I did, and that it made him horny to really use her features.

Finally he slid back into her mouth, feeding the whole length of himself into her willing hole. Then he began to fuck her harder and she fought o maintain a hold on him with her lips as he drove in and out of her drooling maw.

Then before long he pulled out and drizzled a thin load of watery sperm down over her upturned face. She held her mouth open and waggled her tongue looking for his spooge, but Rupert aimed away from her mouth and spilled himself over her cheeks and forehead. Not much came out, but it was enough to make a mess of her pretty face.

When he left I pushed her down on the floor on all fours and fucked her from behind, pulling her hair back so I could see her jizz drizzled face. Having just cum it took a little while for me to even get close, but I enjoyed being inside of her so much that I kept doing it. Her cries of passion urged me on and finally I felt the stirrings of my orgasm. I pulled out and began to jack off over her face.

“It is official now. You are a dirty whore. I’m your master, and your pimp. And I own you. Every hole, ever limb, and every inch of that pretty skin.” I lifted my leg up and put in on the bench behind her. “Lick my asshole whore.”

She dipped her head under me and her tongue began to explore my anus while my balls bounced off of her forehead as I jerked off. The tickling sensation of her mouth on my ass and the degradation it implied made me lose it, not moving I let my spunk leak out and drip over her head, getting in her hair and over her brow, but she didn’t stop licking my butt. I had one hell of an orgasm. Not much cum, but it felt amazing.

I pulled away and sat on the bench, and Heather dropped to her knees in front of me and began to clean my pole. When no-one else came by in the next half hour I told her to leave, and dressed myself. Heather’s face was now a crusty mess from the dried cum and I loved it. I told her to leave it on until she got home, so she pulled her dress over her head and left, a cum covered mess.

Heather came to my work place ever few days for the next couple weeks. The guys all took turned using her, and after payday it was less blow jobs and more fucking. But each of them took the lessons of that first day to heart and deposited their loads on her pretty face. None of them came inside of her.

It didn’t take long for word to spread about the amazing girl giving herself to the men at my building. My supervisors found out and they in turn asked to fuck her. Then men from other divisions heard and soon Heather came to our warehouse every day. She quit her summer job at a flower shop and became a full time whore. She dressed in less and less, often arriving to the warehouse completely naked, having driven the ten miles there nude.

Guys started asking about the gang bang we had done, and I realized they all wanted another one. I decided to be bold. The Friday of the next payday I told all the guys that for $100 each they could all have the gang bang they wanted. Every last Friday of the month we only had half a day so I thought it would be perfect. That afternoon at twelve thirty Heather walked into the lunch room naked except for a pair of white stiletto heels and long white silk stockings with garters on them, her legs looked long and fantastic like that. Her nudity was enhanced by the stockings and everyone sat up at attention.

I thought she might be scared of the size of the crowd, which had already reached twenty, but she grinned at them and looked flushed with excitement. I had set up a camera and a boom box and began to play some raunchy club music while the camera started to roll.

Heather began to dance a sexy slow dance, showing off her hot body, as she moved around the room brushing against the many men crowded in there, and cocks began to appear from behind zippers. Before long Heather dropped to her knees in the middle of the open space and men surrounded her and began to aim those hard shafts at her pretty face. I moved the camera in close to capture it all as she began to suck cock after cock and stoke pole after pole.

An endless tide of dicks rubbed across her face and hair and as she jacked off two guys with her hands and sucked one guy with her mouth. someone else worked himself into her tight slit and began to fuck her. When they established a bit of a rhythm the other guys backed off and waited their turn.

So it began, the orgy to end all orgies. Heather fucked and sucked the guys in the middle of the room while hands pumped hard cock all around her. She was so sexy and desirable that soon men were cumming all over her face. Some guys didn’t even get inside of her before they shot a load over her pretty features.

I was trying to capture it all on camera but I also had to play doorman to the new men arriving. It was insane.

By the time I had to switch tapes in my camera Heather was a sloppy mess. She had taken load after load on her face, and her back and front were covered from all the men that had fucked her ass and cunt. I couldn’t believe how many orgasm she had herself. She just kept on going, taking more and more. At one point she had a cock in her cunt, and one in her ass, and two in her mouth with two in her hands. Six men using my beautiful best friend for a cum receptacle.

That is what she was, a depository for sperm. As the afternoon passed and men left spent, and probably nauseous from the sight of her Heather fell asleep while men still fucked her. She came and went from consciousness, passing out from the continuous orgasms she was having.

We made three thousand dollars that day, so thirty men or more had fucked her, I may have missed some men coming in as I filmed the action.

By the end a few of us were still there, and still horny, but Heather was so coated in sperm no-one wanted to touch her. Not a single spot of flesh was clear of jism so the last guys just wacked off over her body as she lay on the floor. I told her to sit up and let them finish on her face, and she struggled to get up on her knees. Her feeble efforts were wonderful to behold, she was utterly spent, fucked right out.

The last three men sprayed her with their loads one at a time and left her dripping on the cement floor. Heather slumped forward onto her hands and nearly fell asleep again but I told her to clean the floor with her tongue. She looked up at me, into the camera through a mask of sperm, and nearly started to cry she was so tired.

I didn’t relent, so she leaned over and began to lap the large puddles of cum with her pink little tongue. After a few minutes of this she vomited. I filmed it all, a white hot rage burning in my chest, my face hot and flushed with a mixture of embarrassment, anger and shame.

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