She stirs, stretches and wakes. I watch her closely. Her eyes open to find mine staring straight into hers. She smiles and we kiss. Are you ready? Yes. Yes what? I am ready. What are you ready for? I am ready to prove my dedication and commitment to our relationship. Will you do everything I say without question or hesitation? Yes, I will do whatever you say: try me, test me; you’ll see that I mean what I say. Then let’s start the day with some coffee. You’ll find the makings in the kitchen. While the coffee perks, open all of the curtains so the sun can shine in.

She slides out of bed and reaches for a robe. You only need to wear your panties. She smiles. I love the way her ass twitches as she walks and turns the corner. The dark skin, smooth and curved, outlines the white of her panties. I am hard again, thinking of everything this day would hold for me. My hands itch to take my cock but I hold them over my head. My back arches and I squirm but I do not lower my hands. Linda returns with two mugs of coffee and I sit up. She stands next to the bed and I run my hand all over her. With the flat of my palm, I gently rub across her ass, feeling the curves and mounds held beneath the gentle stretch of her panties. My hand drops down runs along the inside of her thigh and then up to her pussy, which was already soft. She rubs her clit against my palm.

While my hands roam her body we sip coffee and talk of the upcoming day. I want to try the new museum. Then we can go out for lunch. That’s a good start for the day anyway. After that, we can just sort of play it by ear. But for now, I want another cup of coffee. She gathers up the cups and heads off to the kitchen. I can tell by her walk that she is really getting into the mood. She returns with two cups, but I tell her she has to blow me while I have second cup. I pull down the cover and my hard cock bounces into sight. She bends down and takes me into her mouth. Remember, I want to come in your mouth and I want you to swallow all of my cum.


I have to take my hands away and grip my thighs. My panties have slid down to my ankles and I kick them off. My cock twitches and jumps as the orgasm retreats back down my cock. I tickle my balls and a brief spurt of precum slips out. That was my first run up to the edge an orgasm. But I need to take a break. I dress again and my cock subsides, softens, and shrinks. This time, I put the cage back on. Dressed only in those tight panties, I go to the kitchen and wash the dishes. By the time, the last dish is dried, my mind has left that house, that weekend. Now it is time to return. Leaving the cage on, I go back to my easy chair, lean back and pull my legs up. I press the soles of my feet together and my legs are spread wide. I run my hands over my thighs and compressed cock. Then I return to Linda.


I explode into her soft but electric mouth. Her tongue presses up against the underside of my cock. She holds my balls with one hand. With three intense spasms, I empty my balls and she takes it all. She slips me out of her mouth, looks up at my eyes and swallows. Then she starts to lick me, running her tongue over my cock as my orgasm slowly calms down. I’d forgotten that I have a coffee cup in my hand. I gulp down what’s left and say let’s go take a shower.

We go together and embrace under the streams of hot water. The sound of the water and the second cup of coffee have made me want to piss. I turn off the water and tell her to kneel. Hold up your breasts. I’m going to piss on them. She turns her head and I let loose a stream of yellow piss. It splashes against her breasts and then runs down her body to finally drip off her pussy hair. I aim the stream for her nipples, which harden.

When I’m finished, I turn the water back on and Linda gets to her feet. I turn her around and reach under her arms. After rubbing soap into a lather in my hands, I begin to wash her. Her black hair is plastered to her head and the white soap foam stands out against her darker skin. I kiss her neck as I slip my hands all over her front. Her pussy gets a particularly long scrubbing. Then she squirms around in my arms so I can scrub her back. She presses into me and slips easily against my skin, snuggling her breasts against me. Her shoulders and back are first and then my hands drop to her ass. With open palms, I scrub her ass. Then I run my finger down the crack between her cheeks. She squirms as my fingers brush across her asshole.

Then I tell her it is time for her to wash me. You are to use your hands to wash my arms and legs. However, I want you to use only your breasts to wash me down to my waist. Then I want you to use only your face. She kneels and reaches between my knees with soapy hands. My cock dangles right in front of her face. Despite my recent orgasm, I felt a stirring again. She encircles my leg with her hands and runs her palms up and down as thought stroking a giant hard cock. She pauses to add more soap to her hands and scrubs the other leg. When she stands to wash my arms, she traces her fingers over my soft cock once, but that is enough to make me shiver. She then rubbed soap against her breasts until a lather of sorts dripped off them. And she swung them against me, sometimes pushing hard so I could feel her hardening nipples and sometimes softly, sliding just her nipples back and forth. She slips behind me and starts in on my back, holding on with her hands and slithering against me in the slippery soapiness. Then she finally sinks back down to her knees and rubs her cheeks against my cheeks. Then her forehead against my lower spine and she raises her face so the tip of her nose runs over my asshole. She snuggles her whole face into the slippery mass between my legs and ass cheeks. I turn and she rubs her face against my ever-increasing cock. Sliding against her cheeks and eyes, my cock reaches full extension. She stands and we rinse off together.

I tell her to leave the shower and lay out our clothes for the day. She is not to put them on but wait for me. I tell her to dress all in white, and I will wear jeans and a tea shirt. I watch through the steamy glass while she dries herself and leaves the room. When I am dry and with the towel wrapped around my waist, I go to the bedroom. She has her white stockings, panties and bra, along with the sheers white dress, laid out on the bed next to my jeans and shirt.

I make her dress me first. She kneels to put my feet into my jeans, but I move very slowly. I love dangling right in front of her face. Eventually, she pulls up my jeans and sets them around my waist. Then she stands to tuck my cock into the pants. When she has finished and I am fully dressed, I step back to watch her. I tell her to start with the stockings. She lifts her foot up onto the bed and slips the toe of the stocking over her foot. By lifting her leg, she gives me an excellent view of her pussy: from the side, outlined against the skin of her other thigh, its gentle slope fully exposed. Soon, she gives a little knee bend to settle the legs of her panties, snug against her mons. During all of this, her breasts have hung free, shifting and bouncing freely. Now, she lifts her bra and settles her breasts in the cups. She drops the dress over her head but it is so thin that it covers little of her. Technically, she is dressed, but realistically, she’s dressed only in her underwear. I make her walk across the room and she is very sexy. I tell her to press her thighs together as she walks. It makes her ass twitch in the most beguiling manner.


By now, my cock is painful against the stiff and strong elastic panties. It can barely get hard, pressing out against the cage. My hands rub over it with abandon, but it’s all futile. I grip the front of the cage and lower the waist strip. My cock tumbles out and springs to full erection. I remove the cage and take my cock in hand. Sensations shoot out from the tip of it and slither their way down to my balls. The little flap of nerves and skin under the tip seep electricity that accumulates at the base of my cock. Precum almost jumps from tip. There is no way I’m going to last through the weekend with Linda, unless I try one of my tricks. Oral gel. Maximum strength. This is a 20% Benzedrine solution is a gentle cream that effectively numbs any skin it comes into contact with. I carefully smear it on my tip and that special flap of skin only. This way, I can continue to play with myself, continue in the clearest of dreams, without moving any closer to ruining it all with an orgasm.


Let’s go to the museum. It’s a small but high quality museum with about twelve rooms for expressionists and Americana. There is even a sketch by Rembrandt. Naturally, there is also a small café and a gift shop. We park in the crowded lot and begin out walk. I slow things down at this point so I can savor each bump and wiggle of her walk across the lot. Some people notice her but they do not stop since they are already on their way out. The guard at the door however, stares greedily and openly. Linda and I walk straight at him and so I know he can see all of her. I know she knows it to. We stop to ask him how much the entry fee is. Linda blushes but waits quietly. I pay at the door and we go in.

The front lobby is dominated by a large picture of some naked women trying to push a satyr into a lake. We stand in front of it to give everyone in the room a long view of her back side. I ask and she tells me that she can feel the eyes upon her: some caressing each cheek, others trying to pry her legs apart. She tells me she likes it; she’s getting wet and wide feeling their eyes on her. Her nipples visibly poke out from her bra. Slowly we mount the stairs and a museum guard follows us. Two more joined him as we moved through the museum.

We meander down to the coffee shop and I select a table outside on the patio. The sun erases what little covering her dress gave her. The group of museum guards sat behind me so they could see Linda’s breasts. She tells me that they are staring at her and I ask her if she likes it. Yes, very. Sit up straighter. She does. After we finish lunch, we leave, and they leave with us. This time, they get in front of us by the door and watch from the front as Linda walks towards them. They do not try to hide their leering. We walk slowly through the parking lot to our car. The boys stay with us, trailing slightly behind. As we pull out of the parking lot, Linda lowers her window and blows them a kiss.


I am now furiously pulling at a cock that shrinks in my hand. The benzocaine has done its work and my cock is completely numb. I cover it again with lotion and continue stroking and dreaming, waiting for feeling to return. I wrap my fist around it and twist my hand back and forth. There is only a little feeling if I grab hard enough. Soon, I am rubbing my palm over a soft and lotion covered cock. Now I will have lots of time to dream. I put my hands over my head and return to Linda.


I pull into a pharmacy parking lot on the way back to our place. You will need to go in and buy three things we’ll need tonight: some KY jelly, two condoms and a package of enemas. I tell her she will have to ask for the enemas at the pharmacy counter. I wait in the car while she goes in. I watch her ass as she disappears through the doors. Her panties switch and shift. She emerges a few minutes later, walking rapidly and carrying a small paper bag. Did you get them? She nods yes. Tell me about it.

Everyone in the store knew immediately that something was up when I entered. The workers all stared. One boy’s mouth was hanging open. I went straight up to one of them and asked where the condoms and KY Jelly were on display. He could barely speak, but he got out “Isle Seven.” I got the condoms and jelly, and then headed for the pharmacy counter at the back. It was slightly raised and the pharmacist as staring at me and I met his eyes. I stared at him staring at me as I walked up to the counter. When I asked for enemas, I thought he was going to bust. I could feel the intensity of their eyes on me as I walked out of the store. Just for fun, I paused to look at some nail polish. Did you like it? I was so hot that I’m surprised I didn’t have an orgasm just walking. I really wanted to lift my skirt but I didn’t want to get in trouble.

I tell her to pull her skirt up to her waist. I touch her pussy; its warmth and wet had soaked through the material. We are a hazard on the road because I keep looking at her panties and how they tuck in between her legs. Still we made it. As we come up to the front door, I tell her to kiss me, passionately and hard. She presses up against me; I lower my hand to grab her ass; a car goes by. Then we enter.


I test my cock again and there is still no feeling. Lifeless, as though belonging to someone else.


I tell her to make us some drinks. I’d like a red wine mixed with effervescent water. She mixes herself a straight scotch and a glass of water. I place a stool in front of the couch, across from the windows. Then, I just drank in the sensuous shape and movement of watching her from behind. She tosses off the scotch and brings me my wine.

She sits on the stool and I sit across from her on the couch. I tell her to tell me a dirty story, some fantasy. She says I am standing with my lover at a busy street corner. There is enough foot traffic that a sizeable crowd develops before the light changes to walk. He tells me to cross the street and wait until the light changes. Once I cannot cross the street until the next light change, he has told me to remove my dress. I am wearing a simple sundress over sexy lingerie and high heels. So, I stand among strangers, on a street corner and pull my dress up and over my head. It takes people a few minutes to realize that I am standing there in matching bra, panties and stockings. Most of the people on the other side are staring at me to as the light changes. I walk straight towards the other side in front of a line of stopped cars. There must be over 20 people walking towards me as my breasts quiver with each step. I get to the other side and he holds out his hand to take the dress from me. And now, the bra. I can’t believe what I just heard but a part of me, a strong part, wants to be so sexy as to excite an entire crowd. With passer-bys staring at me, I unhook my bra, shrug it off, and hand it to him. He tells me to go do the same routine but this time remove my panties since I don’t have a dress. I have to wait a moment before the light changes, but then I walk across, in only my panties, in front of an entire intersection of people, among a crowd crossing the street. And this is when I start to enjoy it. As I watch others watching me, drawing the attention of so many people, and I get instantly wet and wide. I step out of my panties. The only way to do this is not to cringe. So, I stand up straight, hiding nothing, as I wait for the lights to turn. And then I walk as though I were fully dressed, breasts swaying and bouncing. I fear I might have an orgasm in the middle of this intersection. I am almost crazed with lust and embarrassment by the time I get back to him. He gives me back my clothes and I dress again, right there on the street corner, under many staring eyes.


The lotion that I put on my cock has dried and thickened into a sticky mess. So, I shower. The water runs down my body, making my blood readjust itself and my cock slowly falls. It is still dead numb as I wash it clean of lotion. By the time I step out of the shower, it has gone completely quiet and limp. I can feel a tightness in my balls but there is only one way to let it out. I dress again in a tee shirt but this time the panties are looser. They are still made of cotton and so make an orgasm impossible. Even so, my cock is not pushed against my abdomen and it can move more freely. I go back to my chair and run my fingertips across my cock and balls. There is a little stirring, so still touching myself, I return to the dream.


That is quite a story and she blushes. Is it a true story? No, it is the dream I use to masturbate. The afternoon is gone and the sun sinks out of the sky. Shadows begin to build in the corners. I want to show you of some more and I turn on a lamp right next to her. Sitting on the stool next to the lamp, she is the most illuminated thing in the room, making her easily visible from the road outside. I put some slow music on the stereo. Please dance for me. She slides off the stool and starts to sway. She has both her hands joined behind her head and under her hair. She slowly sways her hips and slides her hands down her neck. She begins to touch herself all over. She drapes her fingers along the sides of her breasts, than down to spread across her belly. Then down again, along her hips. Then back up. As she dances, I can see that she is getting excited. Her nipples have hardened and poke out the front of her shirt. While she dances, my eyes roam all of her body. The sheer dress makes it seem as though she is dancing half naked.

The doorbell rings. She looks around startled. I ordered Chinese for dinner when we first got back. That’s the delivery guy. Go get our supper. There is money on the table. Her hair is tousled from dancing and she is obviously aroused. Stand up tall and let him look all he wants to. I follow to watch. The delivery man’s eyes pop out when she answers the door. His mouth doesn’t fall open; it sort of slowly slips opens. Linda smiles at him and spins. She then hands him the money and tells him to keep the tip. The door shuts in his face. We smile into each other’s eyes.

We eat by candlelight. The shadows are so soft on your face. Umber blushes beneath your eyes. I love the line of your jaw and how it slides down onto your shoulder. Turn your face to the candle. Your eyes glint in the light. And the line from your jaw now flows into, not your shoulder but your breasts. Full and firm in the light. Please stand. There, the entire flow of your body runs up from your foot and leg, encased in white stockings. The straight line made by the lacy ends of the hose contrasts with the curves around it. The white curve of your panties enhances the general shape of your loins by slightly opposing them. Where your flesh curves out, the stretchy white material curls in. The shadows that hide your belly begin beneath your breasts. The shadows accumulate there into mystery, which angles downward. That obscurity and mystery calls to me. I stand behind you and lean gently into you. I put my hand under your arm and flat upon your belly. I smell the nape of your hair as I glide my hand from beneath your breasts to the top of your mons. Your hips press back against me.

Come, stand in the light. I lead her into the middle of the room, just in front of the windows. She is standing so she can see us reflected in the window. I am behind her with both of my hands crossed on her belly. I slide them slowly down to pinch the hem of her dress in my fingers. Then I slowly raise them, pulling the dress up past her knees, her panties, and finally over her head. I keep rubbing her with my hands, now even more revealed without the gauzy obscurity of her dress. She can feel my hands unhook her bra and she can see the cups separate from her flesh. I lower the straps down her arms and the bra fall to the floor. Standing there, only in her panties, my hands running all over her body. Any one going down the street has a clear view of her. She arches her back and twists her head to kiss me. I turn her and we enter into a fierce embrace. I can smell her sex. You know what happens next. No, I don’t. Now I want to enter you. I want to enter you everywhere. I want you completely. I get the enemas from the bag. Prepare yourself for one of these but don’t administer it. You’ll find a large syrnge. Kneel on the bed, ass in the air and insert this. But, don’t push the plunger. I’ll be up soon. I watch her ass twitch across the room under her white lace panties as she enters the bed room.

I knew I was addicted. I knew it was wrong. I knew that it was dangerous. But when I was horny I just didn’t care. I needed to be used. I needed to be used hard. I needed to switch off my brain, to switch off my controlling personality. I needed to switch it off and live instead through my body. And my body craved sweat and dirt and pain and cum. My body betrayed me as the slut that I am.

I knew as I drove home from my office job that I wouldn’t be turning into the underground parking at my condo. I knew that I would keep driving until I found satisfaction. I didn’t have a particular place in mind. I just knew that I would drive to another town and then give myself away.

As I left the city limits I reached under my dressy little jacket and pinched my nipple through my bra. I kept right on pinching and turned slowly to the car beside me. No luck, the guy didn’t even notice. If he only knew how his life could have been different!

I let go of my nipple and took a handful of my small breast. I slowly squeezed the whole thing until the pressure was almost too much, then I twisted and squeezed some more. I was just beginning. I licked my lips as my breathing got heavier. I knew I was going to go through with it. I wasn’t going to chicken out.

I only give in to this addiction once or twice a year—when it becomes too much to resist. I know that each time I am jeopardizing my career and the life that I have built up for myself, but I just can’t help it. I don’t know how to explain it, but it keeps me sane.

I let go of my breast, grabbed the lapel of my jacket and also my blouse and I pulled hard. Buttons flew. My bra was open for any to see. I moved from the middle to the slow lane. I was getting too excited to drive. But I also wanted to prolong this time. Now that I knew I was going to let my self go, I wanted to savor the last vestiges of control. I wanted to languish in giving myself away. I grabbed my bra and yanked down. The straps hurt my shoulders but my firm breasts spilled free. I stuck my thumb and two fingers in my mouth—imagining it to be a cock. I slobbered over them and then twisted my saliva into my nipples. I felt myself slide forward on the car seat. I was trying to get some pressure on my cunt by getting my panties to ride up. It wasn’t enough, but for now it served to keep my arousal simmering as I drove away from home.

From past experience I knew where this would end up. What I didn’t know was the path that I would take to get to the bottom. This was maybe my fifth or sixth time doing this over the past few years. Once I hit thirty and was still single I just decided to give in and do what I wanted. It always ended with me feeling hurt and scared, guilty and even a little foolish. But while I was falling I felt so alive. I knew this time would be the same. I would get progressively more daring and slutty. I would go to dangerous places, and above all I would follow my one rule, the one constant in each of these outings: no matter what, and I mean no matter what, obey everyone. I know this path may get me killed, either outright or by catching some disease, but I am addicted to it. I am addicted to the rush, to the feeling that my entire being centers on my uterus as it orgasms, and orgasming through the danger, because of the danger.

My hand was back in my mouth. I pushed two fingers down my throat until I gagged. I trailed the slime out, along my neck and back to my breasts. My hips were thrusting as I tried to generate more pressure on my clit. I had to pull over.

I made it to the shoulder of the freeway. I was about fifteen minutes outside of my hometown. I had much more distance to travel tonight, but I needed another little flash. The man in the car didn’t see me pinch my nipples. My next stunt would be a little more daring, and I knew I would keep upping the ante until I got caught.

With the car stopped I reclined the seat all the way back. I kicked off my pumps and placed my stockinged feet on the dash. I knew what my next stunt would be. I would do what I call a “two hundred”.

A two hundred means that I would plunge my fingers deep into my pussy two hundred times—and I would not stop for any reason. If anyone approached I would continue until I finished.

I reached up and pinched both of my exposed nipples, sending a jolt to my pussy. With that I began. I pushed my fingers in without removing my panties or hose. I pushed the material inside me as deep as I could. With my other hand I alternatively deep-throated my fingers and coated my breasts with saliva. My toes curled along the dash. I could here cars go by and I could see the reflections of headlights on my shiny hose.

When I got to fifty I had my first orgasm. I shoved my fingers inside me and kept them there through my throes. My other hand was pushing itself down my throat. I came hard, and I should tell you, I am a squirter. As I came liquid gushed out of my pussy and splattered up into my panties and hose, running up my back as I kicked my legs higher, my feet on the ceiling.

I resumed my two hundred after the orgasm. Now I was rushing, my desire ebbing in the aftermath of my come. The liquid pooled on the leather seat. I could feel it squishing in the small of my back. My slick panties and hose rubbed uncomfortably along my sensitive labia.

As I approached one hundred I had a wicked thought. I reached under my hose and grabbed the front of the thong panties that I was wearing. I could feel the liquid squeeze out as I pulled up, harder, harder until they gave way with a snap. The straps dug a little into my hips but I didn’t care. I brought the panties up to my mouth and stuffed them in. They tasted like sex. I wanted more so I turned around and put my face directly on the seat with my belly button on the headrest and my knees on the back seat, baring my ass to the world. I wanted to keep my hose for now so I pulled them back up, reached between my legs and started the next hundred. My face was inhaling my musk from the seat—a combination of come and sweat. I stuck my tongue out around the thong and licked the leather. Now the headlight illuminated my ass as my fingers pumped my pantyhose inside of me.

Would I make it through the next one hundred without anyone approaching? I didn’t know. But I was already at twenty and no one had stopped so far. I pumped slowly, drawing out the hundred, increasing the chances of getting caught. I think part of me slowed down because I knew I wasn’t going to get caught yet. I was cheating in a strange way. I picked up the pace and finished the second hundred.

As I rolled back over I could feel the sweat and sin on my chin. My body felt alive, and I had passed the first little test. I did it again. I put myself out there. Had anyone stopped I would have been there’s. I felt pleased that I didn’t chicken out, that I took to another level. My mind hadn’t totally given up control yet, but I was glad that it was taking a back seat.

I slipped my pumps back on, raised the seat back and merged back into traffic. I was happy to get a little further away from home.

My breasts were still slightly exposed. My blouse had lost the top half of its buttons, and my jacket only had one button left. No one would notice from a distance, but any one close up would see my pert breasts highlighted by the bra that sat useless, pulled down across the top of my abdomen. I kept my panties in my mouth, leaving a one of the strings dangling down my chin. I was ready for the next test.

Author’s note:

If this character strikes a chord within you, please let me know. I find pleasure in exploring what we usually keep hidden.


Hank led Anastasia into the house and straight to a room that contains many things that are familiar and yet unfamiliar to Anastasia. There is what looks like a doctor’s examination table only lower with stirrups in the center of the room. There is what appears to be an IV stand next to it. There is also something that looks like a traction handle above the table. There is a cabinet in one corner, although Anastasia can’t see what is inside of it and there are mirrors on all of the walls.

“As you know, during your stay here, I own you completely. That means that I will be in control of everything you do. And Anastasia, I do mean EVERYTHING. While you are here, you will be receiving extensive anal training, and as part of that training, you will also be receiving enema training. I will be in total control of not only everything that goes into your ass, but what comes out of it as well. Your enema training will be beginning momentarily. Today, the enemas will be repeated until you are completely cleaned out. After that, I will administer them as I see necessary. Have you ever had an enema before?”

“No, Sir.” Anastasia says continuing to look around this unusual room.

“First, the plug that is currently in your ass will need to come out. Do you see that bucket over there?” Hank asks, nodding towards the corner of the room, where Anastasia has now noticed is a doorway leading to a bathroom.

“Yes, Sir.” Anastasia answers.

“Good. That bucket is where your anal training devices will be put when they need to be cleaned. You are NEVER to remove anything that I insert into your ass unless I instruct you to remove it, and further, you are never to remove the item with your hand. So I want you to walk over to that bucket, position yourself over it, and expel the plug into the bucket. Each morning, you will clean all of the items in that bucket so that I can use them when I choose to throughout the day. Now please go and expel the plug so I can begin to prepare your first enema.”

Anastasia walks slowly over to the bucket and stands with her feet on either side. “I have to do this while you watch me?” Anastasia quickly adds the “Sir” before Hank notices and reprimands her for it.

“Of course you will do it while I watch. You are my slut, my whore, my pet, and my property. I will watch everything you do, sometimes to be sure that you follow my directions correctly, other times simply because I enjoy watching my property obey me. I suggest you get used to it quickly, as I don’t tolerate modesty. By the way, you will face the wall as you expel it so that I can watch it slide out of your ass.”

“Yes, Sir.” Anastasia says quietly and is mildly grateful that Hank won’t be looking at her face as she now squats over the bucket and pushes the plug out of her ass into the bucket. It is only slightly uncomfortable as the fattest part of the plug stretches her asshole open as it slides out of her ass and the plug makes a “thud” sound as it lands in the empty bucket.

“Very good. Now I want you to go and lie face down on the table over there.”

Anastasia does exactly as she is told, and as soon as she is in position on the table, Anastasia sees Hank holding a frightening looking object in his hand. Hank sees the look on her face and explains, “You must not expel the enema too quickly in order for not only your training to proceed as I desire, but also for the enema to work properly. This nozzle will be inserted deeply into your ass and the end will be inflated to “assist” you in retaining the liquid for the period of time I require. The base end will also inflate to help keep everything in place. I’m going to insert the nozzle and inflate it before I go and prepare your first enema. You are likely to experience some minor discomfort, which is normal. You are not to move from the table or to change your position. The preparation of your first enema will take about 15 minutes. I want the water temperature to be just right and I am also going to add a small amount of alcohol to help you relax.”

Anastasia lays quietly watching Hank in the mirror as he lubricates and then inserts the nozzle. It feels as though he is going to insert it all the way to her stomach as Hank slides it deeply into her ass. As Hank inflates the inner bulb, Anastasia gasps at the sudden strange feeling, but she doesn’t move. Then Hank inflates the outer bulb and goes into the bathroom to prepare the enema.

Anastasia obediently maintains her position, but finds that inner bulb terribly uncomfortable. Fifteen minutes feels like an hour as she lies there anticipating the unknown. When Hank finally returns, he is pleased to see that Anastasia has obeyed his command to stay still. It feels very odd as Hank takes the end of the nozzle to connect to the hose leading to the enema bag. Anastasia can feel the nozzle moving around slightly inside her, and she is surprised that the movement relieves some of the discomfort she was experiencing before. Hank begins to release the liquid slowly and she begins to feel the warm liquid entering deep in her bowels. It is a very strange feeling, and it is both uncomfortable and comforting all at the same time. Hank begins to let the liquid enter her a little faster and Anastasia begins to experience that full feeling that is no longer comforting at all, just uncomfortable.

When the bag is completely empty with its contents sloshing around inside her, Hank removes the hose from the nozzle. “Because this is your first enema, I’m not going to require you to retain it for too terribly long. However, the longer you are able to hold it, the better it will work, meaning the fewer additional enemas you will require today.” Hank says as he helps her up off the table.

“How long is long?” Anastasia moans softly. “I need to go now, I don’t think I can hold it at all!”

“Shhhh. There is no need for you to worry, pet. That is why I used that particular nozzle. You don’t actually have to “hold” anything in. Nothing is going to come out until I release the nozzle. I know that it is uncomfortable for you, but it is a very necessary part of your training. You want to be nice and clean for your new Master, now don’t you?”

“Yes, sir. I want to be perfect for you, but I feel as though I am going to explode! Please, please don’t make me hold it in any longer.”

“Now as I said, I know that it is very uncomfortable, but if I were to allow you to release it right now, I can guarantee that you will probably need at least three to four more enemas today. That means that you will feel uncomfortable like this three to four more times, and you don’t want that do you?”

“I want to be able to release this one NOW, I’m not thinking of anything past that.”

“And THAT my sweet little slut is why you need a Master to train you. I am making these decisions for you now, and all you need to do is obey them. And you WILL obey me have no doubt about that. You have already held that for 10 minutes, did you know that? While I am sure that your begging has helped the time pass more easily for you, it has done nothing but add more time to how long I will require you to hold it. So you will now hold it for another ten minutes, and you will be silent about it, is that clear?” The sternness of Hank’s voice leaves no room for discussion.

“Yes, Sir.” Anastasia says quietly as tears begin to leak from the corners of her eyes. She stands as still as she can, not uttering a sound, trying to be obedient to Hank. Hank slides his hand between her legs, and as usual, finds that her pussy is wet. Hank is very pleased to find Anastasia’s pussy so wet, and he begins to slide his fingers in and out, backing her up against the wall. Anastasia, of course, responds immediately, opening her legs to allow Hank better access. “What a good little whore you are going to become for me.” Hank says as he slides three fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

Finally, another ten minutes passes and Hank tells Anastasia that he is going to let her release this first enema at last. Hank brings her into the bathroom and positions her over the toilet facing the wall. The bathroom, like what Anastasia was coming to know as the “enema room” was lined with mirrors, and she could see Hank watching her intently in her position over the toilet. Sensing what Anastasia was thinking, Hank says, “Yes, I will be watching you at all times. You will no longer be enjoying the privacy you had before I owned you, so I suggest you begin getting used to it.”

While Anastasia is still embarrassed to have Hank watching her, she can no longer hold the enema in and it comes rushing out of her. Anastasia is humiliated that Hank watched, but the relief she feels from releasing it is much greater than her humiliation.

“Very good,” Hank says as he wipes her ass (another humiliating moment), “I think for your next enema, we will try a different position. I believe that it will only take a total of three today to get you completely cleaned out. This time, of course, you will need to hold it a bit longer.” Hank smiles as he takes Anastasia’s hand and leads her back to the table.

Hank instructs Anastasia to lie down on her back with her hands over her head. When she is positioned as Hank instructed, he walks up to her hands and secures them to the table legs with restraints that Anastasia hadn’t even known were there. Then he moves down to her feet and attaches her ankles to a spreader bar, which she had also overlooked earlier. After her wrists and ankles have been secured to his satisfaction, Hank brings the spreader bar (with her legs attached) up over the table and attaching it to the triangle Anastasia thought looked like a traction handle. Once again, she feels Hank insert the long nozzle into her ass and again feels the discomfort of him inflating the inner, then the outer bulbs. Once again, he leaves her to go and prepare the enema, only this time, Hank doesn’t remind her that she must hold her position because Hank knows that he has her completely immobilized.

When Hank returns, he re-attaches the hose to the nozzle and begins releasing the warm fluid into her. Hank lets the fluid flow in much quicker than last time and the bag is emptied into Anastasia. Because of the new position, Anastasia is able to watch as her belly fills with the warm water.

“You managed to hold the first one for twenty minutes. That is quite good for a first time. I believe that I will increase the time for this one by ten minutes.” Hank tells Anastasia this and then begins to gently rub her tummy to help move the fluid inside her intestines. While Hank is using the one hand to rub her stomach, he takes the other hand and begins stroking her pussy. “Do you know why I keep touching your pussy during your cleansing?” Hank asks.

“No, Sir.” Anastasia moans as she feels his fingers probing deep inside her.

“Why did you come here, pet?” Hank asks, continuing to slide his fingers in and out.

“Because I wanted to know how it felt to be owned, Sir.” Anastasia says between sighs of pleasure.

“Why did you want to know how that felt?”

“I enjoy being a man’s whore, Sir. I thought that being owned and trained for your pleasure would be enjoyable to a slut like me.”

“That’s right. You have always enjoyed being a slut, haven’t you?”

Nodding, Anastasia answers, “Yes, Sir. I love being a man’s slut.”

“Yes, I can tell. That slutty hole of yours has been wet since you got off the plane, hasn’t it, you little whore?”

“Yes, Sir. Knowing what I was coming here for has caused me to be wet since I got up this morning.”

“I see. Well, as I told you before, you will not likely enjoy some of your training. Different aspects of that training will bring you different levels of discomfort. However, whenever possible, I want you to associate even the uncomfortable moments of training with the fact that you are a slut, a whore who is here to be trained to bring her Master pleasure. Therefore, whenever possible, I will, by doing things such as stroking that wet fuck hole of yours, help you to make the association that all things you do are because you are a slut, and your purpose is to bring me pleasure. I will enjoy every aspect of your training, therefore, you will learn to enjoy every aspect of your training, because you are my whore, and your purpose is to bring me pleasure. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir. If you enjoy giving me discomfort, as your slut, I must learn to enjoy that discomfort?”

“Close enough. Essentially, my pet, it doesn’t really matter whether you enjoy it or not. As long as I enjoy it, you will be succeeding in your purpose. And quite frankly, there are some moments when your discomfort does bring me immense pleasure.” Anastasia moans with pleasure at the feel of Hank’s fingers inside her, momentarily forgetting completely about how uncomfortable it is to be filled with all the fluid from the enema bag.

Hank plays with her pussy for about fifteen glorious minutes allowing her to not think about how uncomfortable the enema is making her. Then Hank stops and tells her that she will be on her own for the remaining fifteen minutes, and Hank leaves the room with her restrained on the table and now very uncomfortable.

As Anastasia lay in her immobilized, uncomfortable restrained position, she thinks that she has made a huge mistake. ‘I can’t possibly do this for a whole week, let alone a lifetime. I haven’t even been owned for 4 hours and already Hank has taken control of one of my most basic human functions!’ Anastasia thinks to herself while waiting for the time to pass. As her stomach cramps, she thinks about the fact that she not only agreed to this, but they talked about it and she actually wanted Hank to take this much control! What was she thinking? Well, when Anastasia walked out of that airport, she knew there would be no turning back. Anastasia knew (or thought she knew) what she was getting into, and that like it or not, she was going to have to follow through for entire time agreed upon. ‘Well,’ she thinks to myself lying there, ‘after a week, I will at least know that this really isn’t for me.’

Anastasia is laying there deep in her own thoughts when Hank returns. Hank undoes all the restraints and helps her to the bathroom, positioning her facing the wall again just like the first time. Once again, Hank tells Anastasia to try to hold the liquid in for as long as she can after he removes the nozzle. She squeezes her muscles as tightly as she can in an effort to do as Hank demands. The cramps in her stomach are excruciating, but she manages to hold the liquid in. “Please, sir, please allow me to release it!” she begs.

Hank tells her that he wants her to hold it for as long as she can on her own, and when Anastasia begs Hank again, telling him that she can’t hold it any longer, Hank just laughs and reminds her that she already is, and how pleased he is that she is learning so quickly. After about 5 minutes, Anastasia can’t hold it any longer and she finally relaxes her muscles and everything comes rushing out of her. As Hank cleans her up for the second time, he tells her that he thinks a smaller enema will finish the job.

Anastasia is completely exhausted, but she does as she is told. She bends over the table and waits for Hank to finish preparing what will thankfully be her last enema for the day. When Hank returns, he once again strokes her pussy and is very pleased to find that it is still wet. Hank gently presses the nozzle of the enema into her ass, this time using one that is much smaller and much less uncomfortable. While the fluid drains into her, Hank tells her that he will only expect her to hold it for 10 minutes, but that if she doesn’t make it for the full ten minutes, Hank will have no choice but to administer another full two quart enema using the other nozzle and Hank will not let her release it for forty-five minutes! Sure that she can’t possibly go through this for another hour, Anastasia is determined to hold the enema for the instructed ten minutes. When the enema bag is completely empty, Hank removes the nozzle and reminds her that she is going to have to hold it for ten minutes or face the consequences. Hank gently raises her to a standing position and walks her over to the bathroom. Anastasia positions herself over the toilet as before, but remains standing as Hank has instructed.

“I am very pleased with you so far today. I had expected you to be much more difficult to train than this. After you have successfully finished this final part of the cleansing process, I would like for you to take a nap. I know how tired multiple enemas must have made my little whore.”

Ten minutes seems like a lifetime when your stomach is cramping and your muscles are squeezed so tight to hold in an enema. When Anastasia feels like she can’t take it anymore, she begs Hank to let her release it. Hank leaves her speechless when he tells her that she hasn’t held it for ten minutes, but has actually been standing there like that for fifteen! Quickly Anastasia sits down on the toilet and relaxes letting all the liquid rush out of her body.

When Anastasia is finally empty, Hank tells her that before she takes her nap, Hank will need to bathe her. Anastasia looks over to the other side of the bathroom and sees that it is an open shower area. Hank has set it up with permanent restraints for her wrists and ankles and there are multiple showerheads. Anastasia is completely exhausted, so Hank helps her over to the shower and he gently attaches the restraints to her wrists and ankles. Her legs and wrists are both spread shoulder width apart as Hank starts the water.

The hot water feels wonderful as it runs over her sweaty body. Hank takes one of the showerheads attached to a hose and uses it to rinse her hair after he has washed and conditioned it. Then Hank takes a sponge and lathers up her entire body. Even though Anastasia can barely hold herself up, she relaxes and enjoys the feel of his hands scrubbing every inch of her. After Hank rinses her off, Hank tells her that wants her to be smooth at all times.

“This is also one of the things I most enjoy about taking care of my little slut.” Hank says as he first lathers and shaves her legs, then her underarms. “I also prefer a whore’s pussy to be completely bare. In order to shave your pussy to my satisfaction, though, you will have to come out of the shower.” Hank finishes rinsing her off, undoes her restraints, and guides her back over to the table.

After Hank has positioned her in the table as though he were going to give her a pelvic exam, with her legs spread and in the stirrups, Hank pulls Anastasia to the edge of the table and begins lathering up her pussy. Carefully, Hank shaves away every last bit of hair. After he has wiped away the remains of the shaving cream, Hank stand Anastasia back up and rubs lotion on her entire body. Anastasia is so completely relaxed and exhausted, she is nearly falling over before Hank has finished.

At last Hank takes Anastasia to the bedroom, where, after removing her shoes, he tucks her into bed. Hank tells her that she will be permitted to sleep for 3 hours, which should be enough to refresh her from the morning’s activities. For the first time since Anastasia has arrived, Hank leaves her alone to take her nap, assuring her that he will return when it is time for her to wake up.

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