Chapter 1

Most Christmases have their own memories, the things that made each one special. This last one did as well, though not in any way that Lynn and I had expected.

It all started the March before with a friend of my wife’s, who was a nurse. Erica and Lynn had been friends since they were about twelve and both went to the same college and nursing school.

Growing up, they both had basically the same dreams of being a nurse and when sleeping over at the other’s house, they would talk for hours about how their lives as nurses would be. They both graduated together and were each married within the next year.

Erica’s marriage, however, had just ended when she came home from her shift early, not feeling well, and there was her husband, in their bed, madly fucking a coworker. Well, that did that and Erica moved out and in with us for about a week.

She didn’t really raise the mood of our household any, as you can imagine, discussing her situation endlessly with Lynn and often with me. I was trying to be fair about things, after all her life had more or less collapsed around her, but she wasn’t much fun to be around, that’s for sure. But it appeared she did eventually pull herself together and we heard a while later that she had taken a nursing job overseas to try and make a new start.

Lynn did get a few emails on occasion from Erica and it seemed that she was finding her new assignment quite rewarding. Then, in November, she wrote to tell us she was coming back to the States for the holidays and Lynn invited her to stay with us if she could. I was certainly hoping she was over all the grief and turmoil we shared during her last visit and, truthfully, was not exactly looking forward to her upcoming stay.

Perhaps a few words about us all would be in order. I’m Greg, thirty-one, a marketing manager for a high-end toy manufacturer. Six-one, one-eighty, nice shape, even though I quit working at it a few years ago, and, sorry, ladies, six and a half, measured right after Lynn sucked me up real hard. I’m attractive enough that I had plenty of dates in high school and college, seven girls including Lynn, if you want to know how many. That’s girls I had sex with, not just dated.

Lynn, well, she’s twenty-eight, five-five, one-twenty, redhead, freckles, sparkly personality, manages post-op nursing at a local hospital, 34-B cup, nicely- and firmly-filled, perky, dark pink nipples, I shave her pussy for her (and me), oh, she shaves me, as well; says she loves to suck me when I’m smooth like that, um, she had five guys including me.

Erica is five months older than Lynn, a bit taller, rather more statuesque, carrying about twenty pounds more than she did when she was in high school, according to Lynn, C-cup, for sure, blond down past her shoulders, attractive face, nice legs if a bit meatier than I would like, all in all, very nice looking.

So, that’s the three of us.

It was set that Lynn and I would pick her up at the airport and she would stay with us a few days, then go on to visit her parents and other family.

We got to the airport, parked and went to wait outside Customs in the International Terminal and, in a while, people began coming out who were on her flight.

Then, Lynn started waving at a woman who was waving back and I realized it was Erica; Erica minus about twenty or thirty pounds. She strode toward us looking quite beautiful, confident, sexy. Oh, I don’t know what they did to her overseas but, my, it sure did help.

We all hugged and, I must say, I held her longer than I might have before and, unexpectedly, she ran her hand down my butt before our hug broke up.

We loaded her luggage, got in the car and started home as she began telling us about her time overseas.

“Oh, you wouldn’t believe it, I’ve changed so much. It’s been a great time for me, I just decided that my life was going to be different and, oh, is it ever.”

“I can’t believe how you look, Erica, you lost weight and oh, girl, you look so good walking out those doors. I envy that cleavage of yours.” Lynn told her.

“Oh, I threw out all my old bras, now they’re all low-cut, push-ups, I want ‘em looked at. No more shy girl. Not any more.”

“Yeah, I bet the docs all chase you around the OR,” I added.

“That’s not the half of it. I’ve got four lovers, two are doctors, one was a patient I had, well, poor guy, his wrists were both broken, I just had to give him some comfort, didn’t I, so we still see each other and I still give him comfort. He gives it right back, too. Is he hung.”

“Okay, two doctors and the former patient, there’s a fourth?” Lynn asked.

“A nurse I work with, yeah.”

“There are more male nurses all the time, good for you,” Lynn said.

“Yeah, there are but this one is named, Marie.”

I looked at Lynn who turned to her and said, “So you’ve got a girlfriend and three guyfriends?”

“Exactly. Actually, my girlfriend is also bi- and we’ve done the two doctors together, they love to watch us get each other off. I’ve brought some DVDs of our foursomes since you’ll never know any of them, anyway.”

I have to admit, the prospect of watching this lovely creature romping naked with three others was pumping blood down to my favorite body part.

We got home, got her settled into the guest bedroom and after a while she joined us in the family room for some wine and cheeses.

We had had several glasses when Lynn asked her about the DVD she’d brought.

She hopped up and brought it back a minute later and I put it in the player.

“Let’s all get cozy for this,” she said and she squeezed in between us on the sofa.

Well, the video started right up into Erica and another woman, also quite attractive, getting naked and getting into bed with each other.

“That’s Marie, isn’t she hot? Mmm, there you can see her pussy, oh, look at me eating her hot, wet pussy. God, this is getting me hot guys,” she said. “Mind if I get out of some of these?” she asked and pulled off her top and pants and sat back down in just bra and panties. A half-bra, filled to overflowing with her creamy breasts and a small thong. Oh, my.

The video went on and soon a man was in the picture as he fucked one from behind, it was Erica, as she bent over her girlfriend eating her out.

As we watched, Erica’s hands were on each of us, rubbing my bulging cock and her other hand rubbing between Lynn’s thighs.

Erica looked at the doorway to the dining room, there was mistletoe that Lynn had hung there about a week ago.

“Mmm, stop it right here, look, there’s mistletoe, I’m getting under it, who’s game?” and she jumped up and went to stand under the mistletoe.

“Come on, come on, I don’t bite, you know,” and Lynn nodded to me so I got up and started toward Erica who said, “Oh, come on, let’s get down to our underwear, we’re all over eighteen,” and I stopped, looked at my wife who stood up and began taking her outer clothes off.

Well, I’m not going to ruin a party so I was soon in my boxers which were standing dramatically at attention as I walked up to her.

“Oh, man, what’s this,” she squealed and gripped my hard cock through my shorts. “Looks like Lynn is a lucky girl,” and we kissed under the mistletoe as her tongue swept through my mouth and her fingers squeezed my throbbing cock.

My hands were down on her ass, I glanced sideways to see Lynn’s reaction and she was just sitting on the sofa but I did see her hand between her legs moving in a telltale way.

Erica pulled back and said, “Mistletoe, girl, come on,” and held her arms out for Lynn. I took my hard-on back to the sofa.

Erica took Lynn in her arms and they were soon kissing like they were not friends, but lovers. I wasn’t so much jealous as turned-on. Then, I saw Erica’s hands unfasten Lynn’s bra and she pulled it off her arms and took her’s off then went back to kissing as they each rubbed the other’s breasts together.

From where I sat, now with my cock out, slowly stroking it, Erica’s boobs looked just perfect. She was only about thirty but I’ll tell you, they were Playboy centerfold tits.

They both came over to where I was sitting, smiling at them, jacking my cock, as Erica said, “Glad you didn’t get bored all by yourself, Greg,” as they both laughed.

She stood there with her perfect body, breasts that were stunning and her crease easily visible in her thong, a perfect cameltoe.

“What a perfect body you have, girl, just perfect,” Lynn commented to her friend.

“Oh, yeah, that’s a little work I had done. Look at these boobs, no implants, they were big enough but brought up to sixteen-year old elevation. Nice, huh?”

Lynn and I both allowed that they were perfect.

“Found a guy to do them in exchange for a weekly examination of his handiwork and a good, brisk fuck. Pretty nice and look here,” as she pulled her thong down to the floor, stepped out of it and spread her stance wider.

“Did my pussy, too. Isn’t that a perfect labia job? Don’t you just want to lick them?”

“Is that an invitation?” my wife asks. Well, I thought, this is really getting interesting.

“Sure, they’re here for whoever wants them,” she said and sat down, spread her legs wide as Lynn knelt before her and dropped her head down, her hair falling all around her friend’s crotch as she began licking and slurping her friend’s beautiful pussy.

I leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking as she gripped my cock to jack me up and down. Oh, my, has this woman ever changed. She has done a complete turn-around and, well, she’s a cougar, I know that’s the big word today but she’s really hot. Obviously my wife thinks she’s pretty hot, she was on her knees eating out her pussy right then as Erica began to buck her hips and moan.

“Mmm, mmm, oh, Lynn, oh, girl, you’re making me cum, mmm, UUNH, UUNH, UUH, UH, oh, lick me more, mmm, oh that is so, so good. I never knew you were so good on a pussy. I would have done this years ago.”

Lynn raised up smiling, face dripping with juices and told her, “Erica, you just weren’t like this back then. You are one hot woman, now, though. I hope you like guys because my poor hubby, well, look at his cock. I’ll bet he’d love to fuck you.”

I traded places with Lynn and went down on her licking and slurping, flicking her slit until she just pulled me up and told me to fuck her.

As I pressed through her beautifully-constructed labia, it took some effort to get all the way inside her, then pulling back and forth, oh, she was so good, so tight.

“Mmm, Erica, god, your pussy is so tight, you feel great.”

“Thank my surgeon, he tightened me up, I think mostly for himself. But I’m glad you’re enjoying his handiwork. I’ll give him your complements next time he sticks his cock in there.”

I really didn’t care how she got such a tight hole, it was just wonderful. She felt like a teenager inside. What a fuck.

Lynn was sucking one of Erica’s new boobs as I went in and out of her while I fingered Lynn next to Erica. She had a leg up, making it easy; man, this was like a porn movie, a really good porn movie.

“Oh, Erica, I’m so close, you feel so good, really tight, oh, UUH, UH, mmm, oh, oh,” as my cum rocketed into her and I jammed deep into her, almost losing my balance.

“Mmm, nice and warm, oh, your cum feels good. Now let’s get me off, it’s been a long flight and I’m ready for bed soon,” she moaned as I continued fucking her. Before long, with me fucking her and Lynn rubbing her clit and kissing her, she did have a really strong orgasm, just shuddering and quaking as she was taken up by the joy of it all.

Lynn and I tucked Erica into our bed, somewhat jet-lagged but with a happy pussy. We told her we’d join her in a while and went back out to finish our wine.

“Well, Greg, you sure had a great time tonight. Remember what a pain in the ass she was last time, just going on and on about everything?”

“Yeah, what a change. And her body. I’ll tell you she’s as tight as a high school girl.”

“She sure got you off.”

“Yeah, well, we both had fun. I didn’t know you liked girls that much. Something new?”

“Something old, really, middle school, actually, sleepovers, none of us were dating, we were all horny. Happens a lot with girls. Hope you’re not the jealous type.”

“Come on, I’ve watched guys fuck you, a girl, well, it’s pretty sexy to watch, actually.”

“You liked it, huh?”

“Sure, I’d like to see more between you two, I mean, if you want. She’ll be here two more days.”

“Well, as much as I love your nice, hard cock, it was pretty exciting to be with a female again, I mean it was a half a lifetime ago. But it was pretty sexy.”

“I think you two should enjoy each other as much as you want. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of pussy while I’ve got you two hot women in the house.”

Lynn and I finished our wine and went to bed, Erica, snug and comfy, between us.

Chapter 2

It was almost nine when I began to feel movement in the bed and, when I looked, Erica was facing Lynn, their arms around each other kissing each other awake. I raised up on my elbow and Lynn pulled back her head and said, “Good morning, Greg, we’re just having a little morning make-out,” and went back to kissing Erica.

I turned to Erica, slipped my arms around her and led my hands up to her breasts with Lynn’s boobs pressed against the back of my hands.

“Is my hubby feeling-up my friend?”

“Mmm, he sure is and your friend likes it very much, thank you very much,” Erica answered before I could. We all snuggled for a bit, then Erica turned to kiss me for a while as I felt her hand snake down to grip my cock.

“Oooh, I found something nice under the covers, something nice and hard and throbbing,” she announced.

“Well, hon, why don’t you find a nice, warm, cozy place for it while I go get the coffee ready and some breakfast started,” my sweet wife announced as she got up and headed for the kitchen and I headed for Erica.

“Mmm, just you and me, Greg, oh, and this nice hard cock. Here, let me get him all excited,” she said as she sat up and waggled down to take my very interested cock into her mouth.

“So, nice, Erica, oh, you sure know how to make a guy feel good.”

She sucked me for a few more minutes, yes, she did get my cock rock-hard, then pulled up off me and swung a leg over me to press that excited cock into her depths and began rocking back and forth as I rubbed her nice, warm breasts.

“Mmm, you’re making this gal feel pretty good, Greg. I just love your cock. I’m so glad that Lynn doesn’t mind sharing you. I could do this all day.”

I knew, as tight as she was, that there was no way I’d last all day, not even until the coffee was brewed, even. She kept gripping me with her wonderful pussy muscles as she rode me up and down as I enjoyed the exquisite feelings she was giving me. She was incredible.

“Mmm, oh, yeah, so good, close, I’m really close,” she murmured.

I knew I was, too, and as it turned out, we had simultaneous orgasms grinding deeply into each other as I unloaded my cum up into her while she rammed down on me. She fell down on me, still moving, still keeping the wonderful feelings alive as we each held the other.

In a few minutes, we began smelling coffee and got up to follow the aroma to its source. I had seen Lynn get up and go to the kitchen naked so we did as well to enjoy a nice, naked breakfast.

Before the second cup of coffee was finished, Erica was kneeling on the floor, her head burrowed between Lynn’s legs giving my wife her first orgasm of the day. Rather quite a breakfast.

I sat there nibbling my toast in one hand, slowly stroking my cock in the other, watching my wife being pleasured by our houseguest.

“Mmm, oh, your tongue, girl, mmm, so good, mmm, right there, oh, yes, yes, UUH, UUH, UH, mmm, mmm,” Lynn moaned as I watched her tremble as her hands pulled Erica’s head tight into her pussy, holding her mouth there, not wanting it to end.

Then, she pulled off Lynn’s pussy, raised up and kissed her as each woman’s hands rubbed the other’s breasts.

Turning to me, Erica said, “Greg, I’m already here on the floor, can I offer you a nice breakfast cock-suck? You hard enough, yet?”

I can’t remember ever turning down having my cock sucked and, with this beautiful, hot woman offering her mouth to me, I quickly agreed as she scooted over in front of my chair, then dropped her mouth over my cock and began her wondrous sucking.

Lynn sat there at the table smiling at me, knowing I was enjoying her friend in such a wonderful way as Erica bobbed up and down. Then she lifted off, held me steady as she licked around the head over and over, then onto that wonderful place right under the tip on the underneath side, just licking and licking and licking, then took the tip inside her mouth gently sucking while she wiped her tongue around the head.

I’m only human. I started cumming, “Uhh, uhh, mmm, oh, Erica, you are so good, babe, so good,” as she looked up at me, stretching her mouth open, the white strands of my cum webbed across her lips. Then, she bent back down to lick up a few new drops as they came up.

“Mmm, I love your cum, Greg, nice.”

“Yeah, he does taste good. I’ve sucked out gallons of it, I guess,” my sweet wife added.

“Yes, she has and I love her for it,” I told Erica.

“Well, gang, what now?” Erica asked.

“How about a nice hot shower and then we can decide what we want to do after?” I posed.

We all hopped up and went down the hall, me taking up the rear, watching the two lovely asses ahead of me as we all went into the master bath. Lynn turned on the shower and, when it was warm, we all three got in. It was snug but friendly as we enjoyed soaping each other front and back and under. Lynn and I had showered many times before and once with a couple we met on a trip to Denmark several years ago. That is a story in itself.

But this shower was certainly fun, I had, no doubt, the cleanest cock in town. We even turned off the water for a bit and the girls had fun rubbing their soapy bodies both on me and on each other. That seemed to help us decide to spend the rest of the day in our bedroom just having fun.

We took turns drying each other off, then went into our bedroom and got back into our rumpled and unmade bed.

“I think we should properly welcome our houseguest, Greg, now that she’s had a night’s sleep, don’t you think? You can give her a nice, sweet fuck while I sit on her face and give her my pussy.”

“Oh, you two are so nice to visit,” Erica said, “How about Greg doing me doggie while I eat you out under me, Lynn? I just love getting it doggie-style.”

So, Erica got up on her hands and knees as Lynn positioned her pussy under her head while I got up behind her with Erica’s perfectly-sculptured pussy, ready with a film of moisture lining the slit as I rubbed my cock up and down spreading it, then pressing in.

I don’t think I could ever get enough of this woman’s pussy, so tight and smooth inside, just holding me in its grip as I pushed in and pulled out over and over. Her head was down as she licked my wife who was holding her head to her while I fucked her upturned pussy on and on.

“Mmm, I just love your pussy, Erica. That’s some surgeon you have. Oh, this is so good.”

She started twisting her hips around as I was stroking in and out while I slid my hand up under her to rub around her clit getting some moans.

“Oh, girl, oh, shit, yes, right there, omigod, ooh, OOH, UUH, mmm, mmm,” I heard Lynn cry out as she lay there bucking up and down obviously in ecstasy as I continued fucking Erica from behind.

I kept hearing Erica’s moans as I stroked in and out feeling her muscles tighten and relax, just sending me up and up, it was the best.

“Mmm. I’m getting close,” I said as I felt a throb squeeze my cock then trembling as Erica groaned out, “Oh, oh, that is so good, oh, OH, MMM, MMM, oh,” and I jammed down into her, almost pushing her down flat on the bed as spurt after spurt went pulsing up into her as I released my cum deep, deep into her pussy.

(Started with the usual feedback from Judy.)

Oh my Sarah,

You sure know how to make my panties wet. I just LOVE your lesbian stories. I ‘m a straight married women who loves to masturbate to lesbian erotica stories. It’s my naughty little secret. If you ever want to naughty chat, email me.

Thanks Judy

Tell me more about yourself. Your straight, you say, but love to masturbate to lesbian fantasies. Does that mean you’re bi-curious? What are your favourite fantasies?

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah,

Well, I’m a nurse, but in a supervisor role. More of a supervisor for the acute nursing staff. I’m 48, brunette, 5’7″ 135lbs, 32b. I have been married for 26 years. I have two grown daughters, ages 26 and 24. I am straight but I am bi-curious and my secret masturbation fantasies usually always are centered around lesbian themes – of me being seduced by another women or me seducing them. I, on occasion, look at lesbian porn or porn watching another woman masturbate. I really do enjoy a good erotic story with a lesbian theme. That is why enjoyed some of your stories on literotica.



Thanks for the info Judy. I read your other email first! (See below) But I guess no sex with daughters. A regular masturbator it seems. Me too, though I do have my g/f, as you’ll already know. I must say that I find internet sex very fulfilling in a different way. I’ve had some fantastic orgasms with Dee and others. I too sneak a look at lesbian porn – at the moment I’m fascinated with Ladyboy porn – some really gorgeous young ladies with cocks! Amazing! But orgasm sites as well. It’s good to know there are other ladies as horny as me watching this stuff!!

I’ve sent you an invitation by the way.


Hi Sarah.

Here is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. I wrote this several months ago. Hope you like it.

I’m at work at the hospital as a nursing supervisor. I’m in charge of the acute care nursing staff. One of my nurses is a recent new hire , fresh out of nursing school. Her name is Stephanie, a pretty 25 year , about 5’4″ with auburn colored hair. She has a slim, athletic body, I would guess she weighs about 125 pound, 34c firm breasts . She has beautiful green eyes that sparkle when she talks. She has a very energetic, out going personalty. I’ve gotten to know her for last few months, even going out after work with her and some of the other nurses for drinks after work. Stephanie is one of those touchy, hug everybody type girls, especially after a couple drinks. Of course her hugs are completely innocent, but I get turned on when she hugs me. I love the feeling of her sweet little body against mine, those firm hard tits pressed up against me!

After the last time we went out, I went home and, while showering, thought of her, how good she felt, how innocent and beautiful she is. I couldn’t help but touch myself, playing with my tits, pulling my nipples and pretending Stephanie was sucking my tits. God, I was getting so hot and horny thinking about her. I slipped my hand between my legs and began to rub my slick, wet cunt, pretending it was Stephanie sucking my cunt. God it felt so good. I was so close to orgasm when my hubby knocked on the bathroom door, interrupting me. Damn him, I was so close to cumming. I was so horny going to bed, my husband however was not. He fell asleep five minutes after his head hit the pillow.

As I lay there wide awake with my warmed up pussy, I began to think of beautiful Stephanie again. Wishing she was here beside me, kissing my lips, touching me, wanting me. This was crazy, I shouldn’t be having these feelings, I’m married and Stephanie has a boy friend, she probable doesn’t have any secret, dirty lesbian fantasies like me. I need to quit thinking about her and just go to sleep. I tried but I couldn’t. I was just so worked up from that playtime in the shower. I lay there thinking what it would be like to have her be my secret little lesbian lover. How could I seduce her?

A naughty fantasy story began to form in my head as I lay there. In my fantasy, we are back at work and I call Stephanie into my private office. “Stephanie, I’m afraid I have some very troubling news for you. You are being let go for several errors in the last few weeks regarding medication doses to 3 different patients. We simple can’t have that sort of thing happening here at our hospital, it’s a huge liability risk, if anyone found out, there could be a major lawsuit against us. I’m sorry but we have to let you go. You’ve done I fine job for us, but we can’t tolerate these kinds of mistakes. I wish there was something I could do, but my hands are tied. I’m afraid I’ll have to take this to administration .”

Stephanie looked at me with those pretty green eyes that now had tears in them. ” I can’t believe that this is happening, there must be something we can do about this. I tried to be comforting the best that I could.”

I came around the desk and gave her a big hug. “I know Steph, it really does suck. We have become such good friends the last few months, I wish I could help you somehow. ”

“Isn’t there something we could do?” asked Stephanie. “I really, really need this job and I’d do about anything to keep it.”

I broke our hug and looked straight into those sexy green eyes. “Did you say anything?

“Yes Judy, I really need this job. I have a ton of debt from school loans and my credit cards.”

Before she could even see what was coming, I grabbed her head and gave her a full, wet kiss on her soft lips. So broke our embrace, and gave me a confused look. “Judy , what the heck are you doing? “

I looked into her eyes and said “you said you would do anything right? “

“Well yes but not this! Can’t believe you just kissed me!”

I looked back at her with lust in my eyes. “Steph, I’ve wanted to kiss you for a very long time. You’re such a pretty, sexy woman and I think about you all the time. You want to keep your job? I can make this mess all go away.”

She looked at me with a shocked look on her face. “Are trying to blackmail me so I can keep my job? I have a boyfriend and I’m not into girls.”

Before she could say anything more, a pushed her against the wall and kissed her again. I probed my tongue into her mouth and found her tongue. At first she tired to struggle and get away , but a had pinned against the wall , kissing her so forcefully. I felt her relax just a bit and it felt like she was starting to respond to my kiss. I stopped and looked into her eyes and saw a mixture of fear and confusion – and lust. She made a move for the door but I blocked her exit.

“Please Judy, I need to leave . Don’t make me do this.”

“Steph, don’t fight this, I know you felt something when I kissed you. I felt your tongue find mine and kiss me back. Don’t deny it. Admit it, you liked it, baby.” I could see the confusion on her face. Her mind was saying no, but her body was saying otherwise. I could see the her face was flushed and her breathing a little hard, and her nipples were hard, poking out her tight blouse. “Stephanie, I want you and I to get to know each other better. ” I reached out and touched her right breast, grazing her nipple with my finger tips. She let out a little gasp.

“Oh god, Judy please don’t make me do this. ” She closed her eyes has I continued to pull her nipple. I took my right hand and put it on her left breast and began rub it in a circular motion. She let out a moan as I played with both her tits.

“That’s a good girl just relax and enjoy what I’m doing to you. It feels so good doesn’t it baby girl. ” She let out a little whimper as a milked her hard nipples. I guided her back to the chair and had her sit down. I got behind her and continued to rub her breasts and began to kiss her neck. “You like this don’t you Steph, your tits feel so good.” I began to unbutton her blouse. I thought for a minute she might try to stop me, but to my surprise, she began to help me unbutton it. I reached her bra clasp and undid it and slipped her bra off. My hands went to work on her bare tits, squeezing and pulling her erect nipples.

Her breathing was becoming more ragged. I continued to kiss her neck and worked my way around to her mouth. She turned her head slightly and met my mouth. She parted her lips and my tongue began to intertwine with hers, hot hungry passionate kissing that made my legs buckle and my panties wet. I looked down to see that she a had spread her legs and her hand was rubbing her pussy under her skirt.

“That’s it baby, rub that wet cunt for me, rub it nice and slow baby girl. Get those pretty panties all wet and creamy for me.” I broke our kiss and moved around to face the front of her. I knelt down on the floor between her knees, spreading her legs even further and began to play with those firm hard titties again. “You like that don’t you Steph. It feels good when I play with those titties. You want me to suck them?” She let out a moan and a barely audible yes. ” What’s that Steph?, did you say you want me to suck your tits? “Tell me again louder this time what you want me to do ” ” Talk like my little nasty slut girl. Do you like it when I call you that? “Tell me Steph!”

“Yes Judy, suck my tits hard, it feels so fucking good. I love being your little lez slut . My pussy is so fucking wet.

“Oh my Steph , you are a nasty little bitch. I love watching you rub your cunt. Let me move those panties out of the way.” I helped pull her panties down, and off her legs. There was her beautiful shaved cunt just inches from my face. I wanted to reach down and suck that sweet pussy in the worst way, but resisted. “Keep touching yourself baby, that’s a good little slut. Show me how you touch yourself when your all alone.”

I continued to pull those erect nipples while Stephanie had her left hand on her clit and two fingers of her right hand pounding her wet, creamy cunt. “Oh my Stephanie, you sure look like you are enjoying yourself. How often do you play with that sweet pussy of yours? It looks like you have had lots of practice.”

“I do it almost everyday, sometimes two or three times a day” she replied.

“What do you fantasize about?”

“Sometimes my boyfriend fucking me, sometimes other stuff.”

“What other stuff?” I asked, although I think I knew the answer.”

“Just different stuff”

I persisted, “Tell me Steph, what other stuff?”

She gave me a sweet, shy, innocent look. “Stuff about women, other girls, other nurses that work here -YOU”

“Tell me something Stephanie. Do you look at porn?” Yes she admitted. “Do you ever look at lesbian porn?”

“Not at first, just mostly guys, but then I became curious about lesbian porn after I found a video on my boyfriends computer.”

“What did you think when you watched it?”

“At first I was angry with my boyfriend, and was going to delete the video, but then decided to watch it.”

“What happened when you watched it?”

” It made me excited. It was so beautiful watching two women make love to each other. No other porn I’d ever watched made me so excited.”

“Why was it exciting Steph?”

” It seemed so naughty, forbidden . The girls were so beautiful and knew how to please each other. I didn’t know it would be such on turn on watching two women play with each other. Playing with each others tits and licking each other’s pussy”

“Is that the only lesbian video you ever watched?”

“No, I watch them in secret all the time”

“Well , we have a lot in common Steph. I’ve been married for 26 years but I have naughty secrets too. Does that make you hot, thinking of other girls and maybe me? Mmmmm yes it does , doesn’t it?” She continued to fuck herself while I talked to her. Pussy juice running down her leg, she was so close to cumming. “Steph, spread your legs for me and stop touching your pussy. I want you to play with your nipples while I suck your creamy cunt.” She moved her hands up to her breasts. “That’s it , pull those nipples, get them nice and hard.”

I put my face between her legs and began to lick her juice filled cunt. She let out a whimper as I licked her . She pushed her hips up to meet my hungry mouth. Her cunt tasted amazing, just like I’d always fantasized about. “Steph, talk dirty while I eat your pussy.”

” Oh Judy, eat my creamy cunt, lick it clean. I have fantasized for weeks about you seducing me and eating my pussy. God this feels so fucking amazing. I’m so glad I can be your dirty whore lez friend.” And then her body shuddered to a earth shattering orgasm. “Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cumming , I’m cumming so hard . Oh god Judy, fuck me hard!!”

She was slouched in chair, eyes closed, completely exhausted, a sweet happy smile on her face. She opened her eyes and looked up at me with those pretty green eyes.

“Judy, let me do it to you , ok? Let me suck your tits and lick your pussy. Tell me what you’d like me to do, teach me how to please another women. I want to make you cum Judy, make you cum so hard.”

“I’d like that Steph, I’ve fantasized many times about your beautiful face between my legs, licking my wet cunt, playing with my hard nipples. Making naughty lesbian love to you.” We switched positions, me in the chair and pretty Stephanie on her knees between my legs.”Steph, unbutton my shirt and take it off. Now take off my dress and stockings, but leave on my panties and high heels.” She helped me off with my dress. I was now sitting on the chair in just my bra, panties and my sexy pumps. “Do you like what you see?”

Steph looked at me licking her lips.”I never seen anything more sexy in my life. Let me be your little naughty little slut slave and suck your cunt.”

“Oh my, you are a hungry little pussy lover. First I want you to play with my tits. Rub them through my bra, get my nipples nice and hard.” She placed both her hands on my breasts and began to message my tits. As she did this I placed my left hand between my legs and began to stroke my panty covered pussy. “That’s it girl. God your hands feel so good.” My nipples were hard little pebbles as Stephanie continued to rub my tits. “Undo my bra, I want to feel your hands on my bare flesh.” She removed my bra and went to work on my erect, hard nipples. Pulling them, rolling them between her thumb and index finger.

“Do you like that Judy?”

” Oh god yes Steph, your hands feel so fucking good!” I reached down and began to pet my pussy through my very wet panties. My cunt was on fire. “Stephanie, suck my tits please. Suck them nice and hard. Tease my nipples with your tongue.” She was more than happy to suck my breasts, going from one to the other, teasing and sucking, making my nipples so hard. I increased the pressure on my pussy, rubbing my cunt through my now soaked cotton panties. I was getting so close to cumming.

“Stephanie, pull off my panties and lick my pussy.”She slowly kissed her way down from breasts to my stomach. Sweet, soft butterfly kisses. She reached up with both hands and slipped my panties off legs. I lay there in the chair with my legs spread wide, inviting her to lick my cream covered pussy. “Steph, are you hungry to eat me? My pussy is so wet. Lick and my cunt and finger fuck me.” Stephanie eagerly put head between my legs and began to lick my clit while finger fucking my cunt.

“You like that Judy?You like me fucking you?” She had her index and middle fingers pumping in and out of my sopping wet pussy. I reached down and put my hand on hers, helping her fuck me. I brought my right hand up to my left breast and pulled on my hard nipple.

“Oh fuck Steph, that’s a good little naughty bitch, fuck me hard. Oh shit, don’t stop baby, make me cum. Ooh God that feels so fucking good!” I continued to talk dirty to her as she worked my pussy. “Oh my little Stephanie, you sure know how please a women. You are such a good little cunt sucker. Your pretty pink lips feel so good on my hot kitty. Do you like the way my pussy tastes? Do you like the smell of my creamy, wet cunt?”

She nodded her head in agreement, clearly enjoying what she was doing to me. “Just keep doing that babe, your gonna make Judy cum so hard. That’s it, fuck me hard, oh fuck yes, oh god I’m cumming!!”

The orgasm was amazing. She reached up to my face and began kissing me, her sweet face covered in my pussy juice. Our tongues intertwined together. She broke our kiss and whispered in my ear. “Thanks for helping me keep my job Judy.”

Judy xxxx

Nice one Judy.

Thanks for sending it. I can see that you really are anxious for some action with another lady. Your story does tell me that you are such a horny lady. And at 48, your sex drive is at its height!! Do you not have any suitable friends? I would have thought that there must be several around you, willing to make love!!

What time zone are you in. Perhaps we can arrange to meet up on line and chat – amongst other things. Maybe I can hug you and run my hands over your bottom and caress your breasts? I’ll send you an invitation.

(I heard nothing more for a day or two, then suddenly found Judy had sent a message to say she was on line, but which was timed 3am, or thereabouts. I left a reply that I was fast asleep at the time.)

‘Yes, I was a night owl last night. Could not get to sleep, so snuck out of the bed room while hubby was asleep. Got on my computer and had myself a nice little play session while reading some naughty erotica and looking at some images. Soooo much fun. Just LOVE my secret play dates!’

(As I was reading this message, Judy became available again on messenger.)

‘Gosh! You’re there again Judy! You at work?’

‘Yes at work, in my office.’

‘Alone? In that case, do you fancy a kiss?’

‘I’d love a wet kiss.’

‘Perhaps I could stroke your bottom as well! Or are you busy with patients?’

‘Not busy yet, it’s only 7.45am here.’

‘Mmmm well, Judy, time for a quickie before the day starts proper.’

‘Are you at work?’

‘Yes – I’m in the back office!’

‘All alone, Sarah, ready to play?’

‘At the moment – OMG you’re telling me! Are you?’

‘At work, so it will be tough to play, but I do have a private office, with a door that locks.’

‘Does that mean I can play with you? There’s always the chance of being interrupted. Perhaps half the fun!!’

‘Yes, pretty Sarah – locked! Now make my panties wet. But be quick!’

‘I shall give you a kiss then, and caress the inside of your silky thighs, kiss your ears, neck …’

‘Mmmm yes, that feels good Sarah.’

‘Fingers softly touching the skin of your inner thighs – warm and smooth.’

‘Oh yes! My hand is under my desk, legs spread, rubbing kitty.’

‘Panties pulled to one side … I can feel the heat and smell the delicious scent of your secret, fingers now exploring the hot furry crease.’

‘Mmmmm Sarah … getting nice and wet.’

‘I’m going to taste that delicious juice, feeling your thighs tremble against my cheeks with excitement.’

‘My nipples are getting hard, rubbing them through my blouse.’

‘I can slide my other hand down the top of your bra to feel those stiff nipples.’

‘God yes, Sarah, I’m wet. Yes baby – pinch them.

‘Scooping all that lovely juice from your vagina. Twisting and nipping your nipples, belly shaking.’

‘Making a wet mess here in my chair.’

‘Sliding the palm of my hand under your vulva, the juices dribbling into it.’

‘Oh fuck yes … that’s it … tease Sarah.’

‘Fingers pressing and squeezing your labia and clit, scooping out your breasts so that I can suck then hard, with my head between your thighs.’

‘God yes suck on my hard tits.’

‘Nose rubbing your furry clit, Judy, inhaling the sweet aroma, tongue penetrating your pussy, feeling your body trembling madly.’

‘Eat my wet cunt – fuck yes, lick it.’

‘Chewing the labia, eating those lovely pieces of cunt.’

‘God don’t stop Sarah … that’s a good girl eat me.’

‘Tongue fucking you whilst I slip a finger into your bum … mmmmmm yes so wet now … feeling your starting to cum, eating and chewing your delicious pussy.’

The Thursday before the big weekend with John had arrived. Jill had several days off when she received the text from John not to wear bra to work. John also ordered her to wear her tightest see thru scrubs to work that night. Jill was happy that he let her at least wear a thong.

Jill prepared for work by taking a shower, and shaving her pubic hair to a nice tight strip above her pussy lips. After all the rest of the hair was removed from below her waist was removed she finished up her shower.

Jill stood naked in front of the mirror looking at her naked body. Her large nipples were sticking out as if they had been sucked on for hours, and her pussy lips were now red and swollen. Jill couldn’t believe that her body was reacting this way without even being touched.

Since her scrubs were almost all white with small pink flowers. Jill had to find a white thong to wear, so it didn’t stand out. The only one she found clean was a white nylon thong that hid nothing. The thong was a size too small, and was sucked into her pussy every time she moved.

Each step shot an electrical charge through her body as it rubbed her clit. There was no way she was going to make it through her shift. Jill thought of going without, but she needed some protection.

Jill was right about not making it through the night. As soon as she had the scrub pants on she saw they rode right up into her crotch showing her camel toe, and each step she could feel the fabric rubbing her inner lips and clit.

The top was no better. It was tight against her large breasts. Her nipple pushed against the fabric, and any movement caused it to rub her now sensitive nipples. Jill’s only saving grace was that the flower pattern covered her areolas.

Once at work a few girls made comments on her state of dress, but Jill just told them that she did not have time to do laundry. Jill causally mentioned that her husband was out of town, and she was busy doing other things to get any laundry done.

Little did Jill know that John was nearby and heard the whole conversation between her and the other CNAs. John’s mind started to work. He had planned on playing with Jill tonight and give her a break before the big Saturday night.

John decided to have a little fun with Jill tonight, and use her fully tomorrow night at her house. Half way through her shift Jill was called into John’s room. She was happy he was fully dressed, and there was no sign of any cameras around.

Jill stood in front of John waiting for his first command. He took his time before he spoke. She was getting nervous from the silence, and started to fidget. Now her pussy and nipples were getting stimulated.

She could feel her pussy getting wet. The more excited she got the more the rubbing occurred. The never ending cycle had her on the verge of cumming.

He looked the beautiful CNA up and down before he ordered her on all fours on the floor. Jill’s heart sunk at the command, but she did what was ordered. The next command was head down and ass up.

Jill assumed the position, and John got a great look at her tanned ass with a white strip disappearing into her ass crack. He then ordered her to kneel in front of him, so he could see her tits through the scrub top.

Jill kneeled, and stuck out her chest for inspection. Overall, John was happy, but was a little disappointed that the flowers covered up the best parts. John’s wrinkled old hands started playing with her breasts and nipples until Jill thought they would poke through the fabric.

John ordered her to her feet, and told her to remove her pants. Jill dreaded this moment, but now she was extremely horny. Her pussy needed some relief.

She started to remove her shoes when he stopped her, and told her just the pants. She untied the scrubs, and pulled them down to her ankles. With a little difficulty she stepped out of the pants.

She stood straight up, and gave John a great view of her white nylon thong being sucked into her pussy. The thong was wet and looked like it was painted onto her pussy. He ordered her to pull it out, and as she did he noticed it was soaked.

Jill knew it too, and she turned beet red knowing this old man was making her body react the way it was. Jill was ordered to take a step forward. As she did John’s hand rose up to meet Jill’s sweet spot. Jill spread her legs apart to give him better access.

John rubbed for a little while making sure to spend some time working over her clit. As soon as she was on the verge of cumming he stopped. The look on her face was priceless. She needed to cum, and now he was denying her of it.

John then stood and yanked down the thong to her ankles. As Jill was starting to step out of them he stopped her. He told her there was no need. Jill was confused. She was ready for him, and she needed to cum so bad now.

He then told her to lay on her back on the bed. Jill shuffled over to the bed, and laid down with her legs spread as far as she could. John went to a drawer and pulled out two objects. He had planned on using these on Steph tonight after fucking Jill, but now he had a better idea.

He walked over to Jill and started to rub up and down here lips until they were coated with her juices. As he parted her lips Jill could feel something being inserted into her wet pussy.

It was round and cold, and felt like metal. Once it was fully inside of her John took a step back, and looked at his handy work. Here was this married woman following his every order. He couldn’t believe she gave in so easily.

John leaned down with one hand on the remote and the other playing with her nipples, and whispered in her ear. He told her she had been the easiest conquest yet, and planned on sharing her with whomever he wanted. Tears rolled down her face as he hit the button.

The object inside of her came to life, and sent waves of pleasure through her body. As soon as it started it had stopped. The tears kept coming as he stopped and started the ball a few more times. Her life was over and now she was an old man’s whore.

John ordered Jill to her feet, and told her to pull up her thong. As Jill bent over she saw a black wire coming out of her pussy. When she almost had her thong in place He stopped her.

John took the wire and ran it up her ass crack. She was told to finish putting on her thong. He played with the wire until he was satisfied it was out of site.

Jill then put back on her scrub bottoms when she was told. By the time the bottoms were completely up the thong had found its place wedged in her pussy, and rubbing her clit again.

Jill left the room knowing she had a long night ahead of her. As John’s door closed the vibrating ball activated, and Jill almost fell to her knees. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was good reminder that John was in control.

The next hour was quite as could be. Even though every time she moved her nipples and clit were being stimulated she was able to keep in control. That was until supper time.

The next wave of pleasure hit her when she was bent over giving another resident their food. Jill nearly jump out of her skin. The next hit her when she had a pitcher of water walking towards a table of old women.

John must have turned up the speed, because she jumped this time. The water spilled down her shirt. This time the pink flowers did not cover up her areolas. The flowers became just as transparent as the white parts when soaked.

The water seeped down to her pants. Now everyone could see everything. Her nipples and pussy were exposed. John was a little disappointed that her ass wasn’t exposed as well.

Jill knew better than to cover up, and went about serving the rest of dinner. Her only luck was that the other CNAs were pulled to another building for the rest of the night. The male residence were in heaven.

They found any excuse to call Jill over to the table just so they could get a better look at her tits. A few of them took advantage a touched her breasts when she was bent over in front of them. Jill offered no resistance to this touching.

As supper wore on the residents got braver. The women residents slowly made their way back to their rooms, but all the old men stayed longer than usual.

As Jill continued to help the male residents the touching was started to move to other areas of her body. More of the old men were playing with her ass. Jill tried to block it all out, but nothing was working.

She even started fantasizing about the male residents stripping her naked, and taking her. She had never thought of a gang bang before, but now it excited her thinking of old men doing whatever they wanted to her.

Her scrub pants were riding up into her ass crack with each grab. A few of the men made comments of her not wearing any underwear. As her tanned cheeks were showing through the white pants.

A 90 year old resident grabbed Jill’s pussy and rubbed it until her pants were now wedged deep between her lips. He then grabbed his water and threw it at her crotch. The white pants seemed too disappeared completely, and he had a great look at her pussy.

Jill continued her work with each old man requesting she help them just to have a look at her pussy. Her face was beat red, and she couldn’t take the embarrassment any longer. She realized that she was now everyone’s play thing.

They would take every advantage of her any way they could when she was alone with them. She looked at John with pleading eyes, but only got a smile from him.

Finally one resident grabbed Jill’s nipple and rolled it in his fingers. This was John’s cue. He hit the button. The vibrating ball went to work. Jill froze as the ball was vibrating faster and faster.

Jill grabbed the table as a wave of pleasure washed over her body, she started to moan loudly. The very old petite man took this as a sign to continue, and his 85 year old hands grabbed both breasts and squeezed as much as he could.

The first orgasm was intense. Jill needed to cum all night, and now she lost track of where she was. Her moans echoed throughout the building. The ball never stopped vibrating.

It continued as Jill’s body laid across the old man’s table knocking everything to the floor. Unable to move as the second orgasm hit her body. Her arms outstretched and legs slightly spread as the male residents watched.

She no longer caring Jill started humping the table as the vibration was turned up. The male residents watched as Jill could not control herself. The old men that could get hard-ons were busy rubbing themselves. The others moved in as Jill’s ass was moving up and down on the table.

Finally John stopped the ball from vibrating, and Jill just laid there panting. With the show over the male residents get one last feel before filtering to their rooms. Jill followed John into his room.

John told Jill to call on the phone to the other buildings, and tell them she does not need any help the rest of the night. As she was making the calls John started the ball again, and turned it up with each call.

By the last call it was full blast, and Jill was squirming all over the bed. As she hung up the phone she came hard. The scrub bottoms were soaked with water and her juices. Next john told her to strip leaving her socks on.

Jill was confused by the request but did what she was told. Her whole crotch area was shiny, and the smell of her sex filled the room. She laid on the bed with her legs spread waiting for him to enter her.

She needed a dick in her bad, and he just sat in his chair smiling. Next he told her to clean up and remove the ball. She went to the bathroom and used a wet towel to clean her cum off her body. Next she pulled out the ball.

The dull metal ball was now as shiny as a marble, and Jill felt empty without something inside of her. She knew it wouldn’t be long until she felt full again. Jill brought the ball out to John, and attempted to hand it to him.

He refused it, and told her to clean it off before giving it to him. Jill turned to go back into the bathroom when she was stopped by John. He told her to clean it right here, and Jill knew what he wanted.

Jill licked the ball all over tasting her cum on her tongue, and for good measure she put the whole thing in her mouth. When she was satisfied that it was clean she handed to John. John took the ball and inspected it.

It met with his approval, so he placed both the ball and remote back in the drawer. Jill was told to get dressed, and finish her work minus the thong and shoes. She couldn’t take it anymore. She needed her pussy to be filled, and now he is taking away one of the things that was stimulating her.

Jill went to the rooms getting everyone ready for bed. The second to last room of the night was Martin’s room. The 85 year old man that played with her nipples at supper, and exposed her pussy with the water.

His room was always near the end of night because he needed lotion placed all over his body before bed. Whenever any of the CNAs would start putting the lotion on his private parts Martin would ask to see their tits.

This request was always denied by Jill, but she had her suspicion that one or two of the girls would oblige him. As Jill was applying the lotion closer to his penis she noticed it was getting hard as usual, and Martin was just staring at her tits.

He got a special treat tonight with her not wearing a bra. They swayed back and forth in the tight scrub top, and he could see her nipples poking out. As she reached his old sagging balls he made the request again.

This time Jill did not hesitate. She stood straight up and took off her top. The beautiful DDs looked magnificent to Martin. Jill bent back over and applied the lotion to his balls.

Her tits swayed even more being free of the top. Jill’s nipples were now as hard as diamonds. Jill adjusted her position to be closer to Martin’s hands.

Martin immediately grabbed on and played with her tits. Jill was getting excited again. As her hands made their way to his dick Martin made another request. He asked her to remove her pants.

Without hesitation she untied them and dropped them to the floor. She stood up and kicked them off her feet. Jill was now just wearing her socks. Martin wasted no time reaching over and penetrating her wet pussy with his fingers.

Jill climbed on the bed in the 69 position, and starting applying the lotion to his dick. Instead of the normal motion of applying it she started to masturbate him. The faster he fingered her pussy the faster she jacked him off.

She saw he was getting close, and so was she. She placed her mouth over the top and stroked him up and down. They both came around the same time. He filled her mouth with his sperm. Her cum was dripping down her leg.

She proceeded to dress Martin while still wearing only her socks. She finished getting him in bed, and went into the bathroom to clean up. It was getting near the end of her shift, and she still needed to attend to John one last time.

Jill tried to sneak into John’s room hoping he was asleep, but he was still awake and did not look happy. He pointed at her thong and shoes, and told he would call her tomorrow about plans he has for her. The last words he told her were not to masturbate in any way until given permission.

The next shift arrived, and Jill was able to go home. When she sat in her car she realized why John was mad, and the other girls gave her funny looks as she left. The smell of her pussy filled the car.

Once home she fought the urge to grab one of her vibrators. She needed to be filled tonight, and it was driving her crazy. After a quick shower Jill walked to the kitchen naked. She was tired and horny, and didn’t care if anyone was watching.

She made herself a sandwich, and grabbed some wine. She sat on the couch eating and drinking. Before she knew it she was sprawled on the couch legs spread watching TV. One hand played with her inner thighs while the other played with her nipples.

After a couple more glasses of wine she was rubbing harder. She played with her outer lips, even touching her clit to send shocks throughout her body. Jill knew not to go any farther, but she was horny and instinct was taking over.

Jill finally gave up frustrated, and went to bed. She laid on the bed naked with no sheets as she drifted to sleep. Little did Jill know that two teenage boys watched the whole scene from their bedroom from across the street.

She never closed the curtains when she played around on the couch, or her bedroom as she went to bed. The boys rubbed their crotches as they watched her sleep.

Jill woke up the next day a bit refreshed, but still very horny. She put on a just a tank top, and went about the house cleaning, and watching the occasional TV show. In the early afternoon she showered again shaving all the areas she needed to please John.

Around 6PM she received a text from John. She was to pick him up in 15 minutes in front of the home. Jill was to wear a coat and heels. He did give her the option of stockings, but nothing else.

Jill ran around the house looking for her trench coat, but could not locate it. She finally remembered it was at the dry cleaners, and they closed at 5PM. Jill looked for her longest coat, but the one she found did not even cover her ass.

Jill decided to put on some black stockings to please John. He would have not mentioned it if he didn’t want them. The heels were next. She rarely wore heels, and could not walk very fast in them.

She made her way to the car in the garage, and got in. She thought to herself this is not too bad. No one but John will be seeing her. The drive to pick him up was uneventful. The only thing that worried her was that anyone in a truck could look down and see her pussy since the coat would not cover it.

Jill drove up to the entrance and saw John sitting on the bench. She pulled up and unlocked the door. He just sat there waiting. It took a few seconds but Jill realized that she was to get out and get him.

She swallowed hard as she opened up the door, and stepped out of the car. The cool breeze hit her pussy, and she instantly became wet. The next thing she noticed was that by wearing stockings it drew attention to her exposed ass and pussy.

A couple walking by instantly noticed her state of dress and looked disapprovingly as she hurried around the car. John took his sweet time going to the car. He even played with her butt crack as they walked.

Not a word was said as she drove off. She knew that they were going back to her house, and she knew she would be fucked several times tonight. The thought of being filled with his dick in her was getting her even wetter.

Jill needed a something to fill her up real bad, and John was going to oblige her. She pulled in the garage and was going to hit the button when John grabbed her hand. The only thing he said was out.

She climbed out of the car, and shut the door. Seeing that John was not moving she went around the back of the car to get him out. She had hoped that none of the neighbors were watching, but across the street the two boys were watching and taping everything.

As John was getting out when his hand went up her stocking covered leg until he hit bare flesh. The hand continued until his fingers penetrated her wet pussy. He sawed his fingers back and forth while his thumb played with her clit.

It only lasted a few seconds, but seemed like an eternity to Jill. John laughed as he told her he thought she would wear a trench coat not something so revealing. She answered back with the trench coat was at the dry cleaners, and this was the longest one she owned.

They both slowly moved around the car with John’s hand on her ass. They entered the house as the garage door started going down. Jill took John to the living room at the front of the house.

Before she knew it she was pushed over the arm of the couch with her bare ass in the air. The spanking was hard and fast. John told her that was punishment for what she did with Martin. She was to have permission from him to let anyone else touch her. Including her husband.

Tommy looked up, suddenly aware of a presence in front of him. He was still strapped to the slender punishment frame, although the young nurses had finished liberally applying unguents and liquids to his bottom and legs.

Somehow, his tight confinement to the frame had seemed to give him comfort, some stability perhaps. He had seemed to be able to relax as the gentle hands of the nurses had thoroughly covered every inch of his tortured flesh. They had been careful in their handling of him… and although still in terrible pain, he was able to contain the hurt and compartmentalise it within his anguished realisation, that for the time being, it was over.

Now as he looked forward and focussed, he saw that the Prison Governor and Miss Hope were standing in front of him. He could also see, that standing to the side of them, was Mrs Varna.

Governor Sumalie looked kindly at him as she spoke. Her voice was soft and gentle.

“Tommy, are you fully aware of your surroundings and who we are?”

Tommy was surprised that his voice was steady as he answered her. “Yes, erm, Ma’am.”

Atikah knew that the boy had probably heard her warders address her as such and realised that the boy was indeed fully lucid.

“Well Tommy, you are due to be released from the frame in another few minutes. But I want to ask you a question. It is important for you to fully understand it. Miss Hope will make sure that you are not pressured into giving an answer immediately, if you feel that you would like some time to consider it. Do you understand me?”

Tommy looked at her kindly expression and then towards Miss Hope and Mrs Varna. He could see that they were both looking at him intently.

“Yes erm… Ma’am. I understand.” He could feel a sudden surge of self-pity well up inside him as he looked at the concerned expressions on their faces. He quickly quelled his emotions as the Governor spoke again.

“Mrs Varna has a custodial order for you to be held for one week. But she has offered you a choice of where you will be held.

If you are to be held here at the prison, I am afraid that you will be confined to a cell for, more or less, the whole period of your confinement.

However, Mrs Varna has offered that you may be confined at her house, where she will take care of your wounds and feed and house you for the custodial period. Miss Hope, your solicitor, has heard the terms and will advise you quickly before you need to answer.”

Tommy looked towards Miss Hope, his face blushing in embarrassment at the thought of what she had done to him while he was being lashed with the strap.

Miss Hope was now dressed in a white cotton tunic. Her hair was pulled back into a neat chignon and her face looked freshly made up. He could see that her legs were bare below the short hem of the tunic as she moved to stand nearer to him. She briefly placed her hand upon his cheek as she addressed him.

“Tommy, listen to me. Mrs Varna has assured me that if you accept her offer of custody within her household. This will take the form of a house arrest. She will have your wounds taken care of and she will assure your wellbeing. You will also be able to move around her house and grounds when you are sufficiently recovered. On Tuesday, one week today, you will be returned here for the administration of the second half of your punishment.

I am advising you to accept her offer. She has arranged with my office that I can visit you each day… and if you have any problems, that you will be able to voice them to me in private. Once you have made your decision, you will under the authority of Mrs Varna until you are returned here.

She has assured me that she does not wish you any harm… erm…” Francis blushed as she voiced the dichotomy… “other than the completion of your punishment.

Your car had been garaged here at the prison, along with your personal belongings, which will be returned to you after you have completed your punishment.”

She touched his cheek again as she saw that his face had become bright red each time that she had mentioned his further punishment.

“The only proviso is that you will be obedient and accept your treatment. You would have to accept the very same thing of course, should you wish to remain in your cell here at the prison.

You can have the ten minutes before you are released to make up your mind.”

Tommy was suddenly far more aware of his nakedness as they moved away from him and out of the tiled punishment room.

It seemed such an odd state of affairs to him, as he thought of what had been said. Mrs Varna was to have him wickedly and painfully strapped and yet she was to look after him and care for him while he awaited his corporal punishment.

He could not imagine what it would be like to be cared for by Mrs Varna, although he knew that he did not relish the thought of being held in his cell for a whole week. He decided that any prospect of avoiding that would be preferable.


It was three hours later that he was aware of the crunching sound of soft gravel under the tyres of the prison van as it entered the large private grounds of Mrs Varna’s home.

He was laid, full length and face down, upon a hospital gurney. The wheels of the gurney had been folded underneath as it had been slid it into the back of the van. He was naked, save for a sheet, which had been placed over his calves. His thighs and bottom had been left with no covering.

A metal grill separated the driver and her companion from the rear of the van. The guards had not spoken to him during the half-hour journey to the home of Mrs Varna.

As the van stopped, he was aware of the rear doors being opened and the sound of the sprung legs of gurney extending. Tommy had been laid, with his head placed to the side, upon a firm pillow. He had not been restrained and his arms were laid to each side of his naked body.

He was aware of several female voices as the gurney was wheeled into a cool interior. He could see the ornate opulence of a tastefully furnished room, its windows covered with jalousies as the gurney was trundled on through several doorways into what Tommy thought was a cool shaded bedroom.

One of the prison guards came into his view as the gurney was pushed against the side of a narrow bed. He looked at her and suddenly blushed as he realised that it was the girl that had administered his beating.

Mika Tan, smiled at him as she realised that the boy was embarrassed by her presence. Her voice was cool, but slightly amused as she spoke to him. “Just try and kneel up and shuffle over onto the bed.”

Tommy knelt and turned his head to his left. The bed was at the same height as the gurney. The bed was standing freely in the centre of the room. It was a deep oblong of firm mattress. It was probably seven feet long, but barely three feet wide. A single white sheet covered the bed with a slim pillow at the far end. There was no headboard or visible frame supporting the mattress other than a monolithic block, which held the bed at its height of three feet. The block was well recessed beneath the mattress.

He could see that the room was finished in an extremely modern style. The walls were made up of smooth, white built-in wardrobes; the recessed opening mechanisms gave no hint as to what lay behind.

There was a wide opening to his right, which led to a white tiled bathroom corridor. Tommy could not see beyond the entrance to the bathroom as the corridor turned sharply to the right.

He blushed as he suddenly realised that his penis and testicles were on view to the guards while he knelt and shuffled off the gurney onto the cool sheet of the bed.

“Please lay back down and stay where you are until someone comes to attend to you. Do you need to go to the toilet?”

“Erm… no, erm Miss.”

Tommy muttered in his embarrassment as he lay down upon sheet. The smooth cotton, at once, reminded him of his nakedness as he tried to make sure that his penis lay under his tummy rather than be exposed between his legs. He tried to be as subtle as possible, hoping that the guards would not see him, as scooped his penis upwards with the palm of his hand, laying flat in the same instance. He winced as he placed his legs as close together as he dare without rubbing the tender flesh between his thighs.

He was aware of the knowing look of the young girl. She bent her head close to him and smiled. “Are you comfortable now?”

Tommy blushed and closed his eyes in confusion as Mika Tan placed her hand gently upon his shoulder.

“Place your arms at you sides. You wouldn’t want Mrs Varna catching you playing with yourself, especially after all that you have been through, now would you?”

Tommy blushed profusely in utter embarrassment as the girl gently slid her hand down his back and touched the tender flesh of his bottom. Her fingers were gentle, causing him embarrassment rather than hurt, as she felt the ridges upon his flesh.

He shivered as he felt both of her hands slip between the walls of undamaged flesh between the cheeks of his bottom. He felt her stretch the flesh apart as she spoke nonchalantly to him.

“You are quite clear of marks between your cheeks.”

Her delicate fingers delved deeper as he shuddered in an acute manifestation of embarrassment.

“Yes you are quite clear. Let’s hope that Mrs Varna is able to get your little bottom ready for your next session. I shall be administering your punishment, so I would try and make sure that you do everything she asks to make sure that your chubby little bottom is all better. Or would you like me to kiss it better for you. Little boys always seemed to like it when Mummy kisses it better.”

Tommy could hardy draw breath such was his shame as the young prison guard, bent forward and gently kissed his bottom. He could not help trying to raise his head from the slender pillow to look at her as she stood beside the bed.

“There, did that make it better, little bare Tommy! I should think that you will be showing your striped little bottom and legs for quite a while.”

Mika stood up and smiled at her friend. “Bye Tommy, I’ll see you again next week. Now, don’t forget what I have said. Don’t you dare touch that little Willy of yours… you are in enough trouble already!”

She could see that the boy was blushing from head to foot as she reluctantly beckoned to the other guard and they wheeled the gurney out of the room.

Tommy lay quietly. His embarrassment was profound as he shivered at his thoughts of the past few hours. To have to face another punishment of such pain and intensity was beyond his comprehension.

His buttocks and legs seemed so delicate, that the thought of them even being touched made him shiver in dread. Yet, he had survived it. If he could endure the same thing again, it would be over. He would be free of this dreadful mess. He lay


Funnily, he did not think about the indignity of the innocent being punished. Instead he thought of the incredible sensations that had been wrung from his young body; as first, he had been made to ejaculate by the young doctor, aided by the young nurses and the prison governor – and then, even through the pain of his strapping, his sexual feelings had been profoundly plundered.

His semen had been extracted and wrenched from his body in an exquisite and torturous explosion of emotion. He could visualise the pretty face of the young and demure solicitor as she had looked into his eyes, monitoring his facial expression as she deftly brought him to a climax.


Aini and Aisah were both naked. Their young and petite bodies glistened from the steam that pervaded the mansion-sized bathroom. Their mistress stood in the sunken bath, her legs spread apart as their delicate hands and slender fingers busied themselves between her legs. Her lush body was bathed in a patina of elegant oils, which the girls were applying sensuously and methodically to her smooth golden-sienna skin.

Shareema, looked at her two maids with a sense of pleasure and pride. She had chosen them carefully and expertly from the many young girls whom she had exhaustively interviewed.

Both Aini and Aisah had proved to be completely natural and willing consorts to her demanding and exciting sexual and sensuous needs. It would be true to say that, over the four years that they had served Shareema Varna, they had grown to love and cherish her. She had been generous and kind and had taken them from the austerity of their somewhat impoverished existence to a luxurious and fulfilling lifestyle.

Both girls worked hard within the Varna household. They had become adept at catering to the varied visitors and sophisticated friends of the Varna family and had become the perfect housemaids.

The girls’ other attributes and skills were a well-kept secret between them and Shareema Varna. Fortunately, Mr Varna spent so much of his time away from the household, that Shareema was able to enjoy the clandestine pleasures of her two maids to the full.

Aini and Aisah had become expert and inventive in the many sexual proclivities that they enjoyed, almost on a daily basis, with Shareema. Nothing seemed to shock them and they seemed delighted to experiment and explore.

Before they had been required to bathe and oil Shareema’s lustrous body, she had had them both bend over. In turn, she had penetrated their tiny bottoms, her fingers pushing deep within them. She had ignored their gasps as she used two fingers to penetrate their tiny sphincters. Their musical giggles of laughter delighted her as she had instructed them.

“Now take note of exactly where my fingertips are. This is where you will find a boy’s prostate gland. Feel how I press and stroke inside you. Well that is what you will be doing… as well as lots of other things. Now which one of you wants to be first over my knees to have their bottom spanked?”

Both girls raised their voices giggling and laughing as they helped Shareema from the bath.

“Me please Madam!”

“No… no, it was Aini last time, this time it is my turn.” Aisah was giggling deliciously as she protested.

Shareema could not help smiling as she pulled up an ornate hard-backed chair from the dressing table. She slipped her hand between Aisah’s legs and, lifting her up, placed her petite young body face down across her beautifully toned thighs.

“You know that you going to be in tears before very long don’t you Aisah!”

“Oh yes Madam. Aini will have to comfort me Madam!”

Sahreema smiled as she reached out her hand towards Aini and took the proffered hairbrush.


Tommy awoke. He had not realised how tired he had become with the rigours and emotional turmoil of his punishment. He opened his eyes and could see that a small table had been placed to his right. There was a water jug and glass upon the surface. He raised himself upon his elbows and poured water into the glass. He drank steadily, realising that the water had been flavoured with lemon.

He replaced the glass and rested his head upon his hands as he wondered what was to happen to him. He presumed that his movements had been heard as footsteps approached the room.

He looked around as two pretty Malay girls approached his bed. They were both dressed in short simple white tunics. Their legs were bare almost to the hip. Tommy felt himself blush when the girls smiled at him. He realised that they had noticed him staring at their pretty legs.

Both of the girls were carrying bolsters. One of the bolsters was round and about a foot in diameter. It was covered in a white cotton cloth. The second girl was carrying a triangular bolster. It was about two feet from the foot of the broad base to the rounded top. She stood it on the floor and spoke to him. Her voice was soft and gentle.

“We are here to start your treatment. Will you please kneel up on the bed?” Tommy realised that they spoke perfect English. For some reason this seemed to embarrass him even more.

Tommy blushed, but obeyed her. It was probably his period of inactivity that had prompted his sudden alacrity. He tried to keep his legs together as he raised his naked body to a kneeling position. His head hung down towards the pillow as he tried to hide his embarrassment. He could feel the round bolster being slipped under him.

“Please lie back down.” He obeyed feeling the firm bolster supporting his hips, keeping his bottom raised into the air. He shivered as he felt the first gentle touch of their hands upon his body.

Each girl had taken a hold of his ankles and he felt them move his legs until they were spread as wide as the bed would allow. He was acutely aware that his penis and testicles were hanging down between his legs to the rear of the bolster and that they would be clearly visible to the young girls.

He could feel his face burning as the girls moved to the bathroom corridor and disappeared from his view.

It was several moments later that they returned. One was carrying a tray filled with jars and tubes. The other girl was wheeling a small trolley, which was similarly filled with jars as well as a bowl and a pile of cloths.

Aini and Aisah moved to the rear of the bed. They were able to observe him at their leisure as they moved out of his view. They spoke to each other in Malay as they began to open several of the jars.

“He is quite beautiful isn’t he.” Aini spoke to her friend as she looked over the naked boy. His skin is perfect and his face and body are beautiful.”

Aisah smiled at Aini. “I like boys that are timid. Did you see how deeply he blushed when he saw us? Look at his nice long penis… and see how swollen his testes are. His bottom and legs look so sore, we will have to be very gentle with him.”

Aini giggled as she spoke. “Madam says that we can make his penis stiff, but he is not allowed to cum. We will really have to be careful with him: he doesn’t look very experienced at all, does he. In fact, he looks quite innocent.”

Aini spoke to Tommy in English; she felt him shiver as she placed her hand upon the small of his back.

“We are going to put a light spray of liquid on your bottom and your legs, before we begin to erm… touch you. It has a mild topical anaesthetic in it, which will make you more comfortable. I am just going to cover your penis and testicles so that we don’t get any of it on you just there.”

She could see the boy blush again as he tried to turn his head to look at them.

“Stretch your arms forward and lay still while we treat you. You have to be a good boy. Mrs Varna has instructed that you should obey us.”

Tommy suddenly shivered as he felt a delicate fingers wrap around the shaft of his penis. His body quaked abruptly in embarrassment as he felt his testicles being lifted. He blushed profusely as his penis and testicles were pulled back and wrapped in a soft cloth.

The girls sounded quite nonchalant as they went about their task. “There, bare Tommy, you are all nicely wrapped up.”

Tommy blushed once more as he felt a light spray of liquid begin to fall upon his skin. Initially it seemed to sting his flesh and then abruptly he felt some of the smarting of his skin magically disappear. He did not feel the second layer of liquid being sprayed upon his legs and bottom although he could hear the sound of the atomiser as girls covered every inch of his welted flesh.

The next sensation was one of absolute bliss. He could feel his flesh being carefully massaged. Hands seemed to be everywhere as his legs and bottom were firmly impregnated with healing oils and ointments.

Tommy could hear the girls giggling and talking in Malay as the kneading of his bottom and legs became firmer and deeper. He blushed to a bright red, as suddenly their hands smoothed a wide path between the cheeks of his bottom. They started from the small of his back and seemed to plunge one after the other, deep into the crevice between the cheeks of his tender buttocks.

He blushed to a deeper red as he felt the cloth being unwrapped from around his genitals; suddenly he felt delicate fingers encase his penis and pull back his foreskin. Other hands lifted his testicles and began to carefully squeeze and caress them. He could feel oil being poured between his bottom cheeks. He sensed the smooth liquid running down the sensitive valley and onto his scrotum.

He shivered as he felt his member suddenly being gripped firmly and realised that his penis had become thick and swollen with the sensuousness of their gentle fingers upon his skin.

He suddenly heard them both giggle as one of the girls spoke to him.

“Oh… you naughty boy. Your little willy has become stiff. Are you being naughty a little bare boy? Showing off your willy, no wonder you have had to have your bottom spanked. Oh dear, what will Mrs Varna say when I tell her that you have being showing your willy off to us?”

Tommy was blushing profusely as he tried to stammer an apology. “Oh please, Miss… erm I’m so sorry.”

It was Aisah who spoke as she moved around the bed and squatted down so that she could look into his face.

“Well Tommy, perhaps Mrs Varna will be lenient with you as you have already had a smack-bottom. But you will have to be on your best behaviour. Corporal punishment is used in this country, not just in prisons but at home as well. So try and be a good boy, won’t you. Now let me show you something.”

Tommy could not believe his eyes as the girl stood up and turned away from him. She wriggled sexily as she slipped the hem of her tunic up over her bottom and held it around her waist. Tommy could see that she was wearing the slimmest of thongs as she bent forward and pushed her bottom towards him. He could clearly see that her bottom was bright red. He could make out the imprint of a hairbrush upon the beautiful contours of her pale olive buttocks. He could not help feeling his penis throb at such a sight. It was the first time that he had seen a girl so intimately displayed.

His face was bright red as the girl let her tunic fall back down over her bottom. He was suddenly startled as he felt the other girl gently grasp the shaft of his penis and pull the foreskin back tightly as she squeezed the rigid flesh.

“I think you have made Bare Tommy’s little Willy stiffen up again, Aisah!” She giggled as she spoke. “Little boys don’t seem to be able to control their little weenies at all.” She squeezed him once more, feeling the flesh throb between her fingers as the boy gasped with emotion.

“We are going to turn you over now. We will be very careful with you, but you must relax your limbs while we position you for the next part of your treatment. Do you promise Tommy?”

Tommy felt so embarrassed that he tried to hide his face in the pillow.

“Well Bare Tommy, do you?”

Tommy’s voice was anguished and pleading as he spoke.

“Oh… yes miss… erm I promise.”

It was Aini that instructed him as Aisah lifted his head from the pillow and looked at him, her face amused at his embarrassment.

“Right my little Bare Tommy. Up upon your hands and knees. Now your bottom and legs should just be anaesthetised enough for you to get in position without too much discomfort.”

She slipped the bolster from under him as he got to his hands and knees. He could feel his penis spring forward and slap embarrassingly against his tummy as his hips cleared the bolster.

“Now, I think it will be best if you lie on your side and pull your knees up to your chest. If you can do that we will do the rest. I promise that you will not feel too sore.”

In utter embarrassment, Tommy managed to lie down on his side. In utter confusion and shame, he pulled his knees up to his chest. He could feel the sheet pressing against the welts upon the sides of his legs, but surprisingly there was very little discomfort.

He looked utterly bewildered and ashamed of his nakedness as the girls stood at either side of the narrow bed. Deftly they took the back of his knees in the crook of their arms and lifted his legs and bottom off the bed and bent them up over his chest. He was blushing mightily as Aini took his ankles and raised them over his head, keeping his bottom completely off the bed.

Tommy was shamefully aware that his erect penis was pointing at his face as he felt the bolster being pressed against the small of his back. Carefully both girls let his legs down until he felt his ankles being rested against the narrow part of the second bolster that had been placed at the end of the bed.

Tommy blushed as he realised how embarrassing his new position was. The round bolster had raised his hips from the bed, keeping his bottom well off the surface. His legs were spread wide apart and raised completely off the sheet as his ankles rested upon the high triangular support.

His embarrassment came from the fact that his hips were thrust upwards, overtly displaying his plump scrotum and erect penis. He could not help looking down at his rudely displayed genitals, as the girls took his arms and stretched them out above his head.

He turned his head to the side in abject humiliation as he saw the girls giggle at the sight of his penis sticking straight up into the air. He watched them as they walked to the head of the bed. He could not see what they were doing but felt a smooth belt of some kind being tightened over his arms, fastening them to the bed.

He watched as they came into his view, one of the girls carrying another strap, which she placed across his ankles, before stooping down and fastening it beneath the foot of the bed.

Tommy felt absolutely humiliated as the girls came to stand at each side of his hips. “Sorry you have to be fastened Tommy. But I think it is for your own good that you are not allowed to play with your little Willy. We know just how naughty little boys can be when left to their own devices.”

Tommy’s face was a livid red of utter embarrassment as they looked down at his erect penis. His body shivered in shame as Aini casually placed her hand between his legs and cupped his swollen scrotum. Aisah smiled at him, her eyes sparkling mischievously as she placed both hands upon his erect penis. She held the shaft firmly as she fully retracted his foreskin, stretching the skin tight against the shaft as she fully exposed the head.

“Now Tommy, we are going to treat the insides of your thighs. You must have been a very naughty boy for the lady to strap you so thoroughly. Did it hurt sweetheart, was the lady very cruel when she strapped you?”

Tommy was so humiliated and embarrassed and yet he felt a tear of self-pity run down his cheek. Aisah was quick to respond.

“Poor Bare Tommy, never mind we will take care of you. Now let’s see if we can make you all better.”


The next hour was an ultimate test of the boy’s emotions. It was a dichotomy of extremes. The beautiful and sensuous sensations that they wrought from his body as their hands seemed to completely envelop his legs and his bottom. His limbs were completely open to their touch, smoothing completely around his thighs and upwards over and between the cheeks of his buttocks. His plump scrotum being held upwards by one girl, while the other slipped her hands sensuously and deliberately between his bottom cheeks, probing and prodding his sphincter so thoroughly that his penis throbbed and strained violently.

This was juxtaposed against his utter shame and embarrassment as he fought to suppress his naive senses. Their giggles and laughter, as his penis would suddenly throb so profoundly that it would bounce against his tummy; the foreskin drawn back, displaying the exposed corona as they giggled at his shameful plight.

At last they took their hands from him. Aisah moved to the head of the bed and looked down at him. Gently she placed her hands upon his blushing cheeks and centred his head upon the pillow. Tommy could not believe it, as she lowered her head and placed her lips upon his. Her tongue parted his lips as she invaded his mouth. Tommy could not help a tear rolling down his cheek as she kissed him deeply. His emotions were so vulnerable that he felt near to fainting. She looked deep into his eyes as she suddenly withdrew and stood back.

He felt gentle fingers trail up over his chest and looked to the other side of the bed as Aini came into his view. She cupped his chin with one hand as she placed the forefinger of her other hand against his bottom lip. She lowered her head to his and slipped her tongue gently into his mouth. Her kiss was so overwhelming and so gentle that he felt his tears rolling down his cheeks.

Suddenly she thrust her tongue further into his mouth. It seemed to search every corner as pressed against him.

Aini was delighting in the sensuality of her kiss as she felt the boy suddenly stiffen. She did not need to look to realise that Aisah had taken hold of the boy’s genitals and was squeezing him firmly.

Aini gently took her lips away from his as she looked into his eyes. “You may rest now. Your body is already very much improved and you will be quite comfortable in this position.”

She looked at Aisah who was still holding the boy’s penis. Aisah gently let go and patted Tommy’s thigh. Both girls looked at him as tears of emotion rolled down his cheeks. Aini spoke softly to him.

“There, Bare Tommy. Rest now and then I am sure Mrs Varna will come and see you. You will be having a meal soon. Do you need to go to the toilet?”

Tommy could not answer but merely shook his head from side to side. He had been given several drinks and then taken to the toilet after he had been released from the punishment frame. Since that time he had only one glass of sweetened water.

“I am afraid we dare not cover you yet, as the insides of your thighs need to be exposed to the air. Perhaps you will feel better when your little penis loses its erection. Now please try and rest… are you comfortable?”

Tommy heaved as he tried to rid himself of his emotion. He could feel the tears in his eyes as he looked at the pretty young girls. Their slender bodies were side by side, pressed together as they stood with their arms around each other’s waists.

He thought about his position and realised that he was perfectly comfortable. The bolster beneath his back was firm and yet surprisingly soft. His legs were raised sufficiently that no pressure was put upon his back and his ankles were rested snugly against the soft covering of the triangular bolster at the foot of the bed. His skin, although still tender, did not smart or sting. He suddenly felt drowsy as he answered the girl.

“Th… thank you erm… both of you.”

“My name is Aisah and this Aini. Mrs Varna has said that you may call us Miss Aisah or Miss Aini. I hope you don’t mind!

“Oh no… erm Miss… erm thank you.”

Tommy watched as the girls walked side by side out of the room. He felt drained of energy and emotion and yet he could feel the blood in his penis still throbbing as he closed his eyes.


Francis Hope stopped her car in front of the panelled sliding doors of the Varna residence. The single story house was impressive. The style of the house was Japanese – and it sat in perfect harmony with the lush vegetation that surrounded the wide wooden decking of the walkway. The walkway ran around the entire house, the dark timbers effectively shaded by a wide balcony, which kept the boards cool under the midday sun.

Everything about the house seemed to be in perfect taste, albeit an expensive taste, she thought, as she wondered how to attract the attention of the household without just walking straight in through the open doors.

The appearance of two young servants, dressed in short white tunics standing in the wide doorway, suddenly allayed her apprehension.

Before she could speak she saw that Mrs Varna had appeared from the subdued light of the interior and was standing behind them.

“Welcome to my home, Miss Hope. Please come in and perhaps we can sit for a few moments before I take you to see Mr Walsh.”

Francis followed the beautiful woman into the house. There was a pleasant coolness to the interior that had been obtained quite naturally with the placement of the jalousie covered open windows, aided by a, slowly rotating, fan above their heads.

As Francis was shown to a comfortable leather armchair, she found that she had to look twice at Mrs Varna. The Sari that she was wearing seemed almost transparent. Francis felt sure that she could see the darker skin of the aureole surrounded the woman’s nipples – and she was absolutely certain that the nipples were erectile as the twin nubs of flesh were pushed aggressively against the sheer fabric.

Shareema was well aware of Miss Hope’s not too subtle scrutiny. She gestured to Aisah as the girl brought a small tea tray and placed it on a low table next to the two women.

I hope you like China tea; I find it so refreshing, even though it is a hot drink on a hot day.

Francis realised that she was still staring and looked at Mrs Varna’s face as she took her cup.

“Yes I love tea, even on a hot day.”

Mrs Varna sat back in her chair, aware once more of Miss Hope staring at her sari. She spoke casually as she took her own cup.

“I like to dress in the coolest way possible on days like these. It is a privilege not to have to wear a business suit when one is working from home, don’t you think?”

Francis smiled ruefully, aware that her interested gaze had not gone unnoticed. “I am sorry if I was staring, but the sari seems such a suitable way of dress for this climate.”

Shareema laughed. “This one is, shall we say a little risqué for the street, but perfectly suitable for home. I hope you agree.”

Francis nodded like a little girl, aware of the woman’s beauty and powerful presence.

“I am just jealous.” She looked down demurely as Shareema looked her straight in the eye.

Shareema moved sensuously in her chair as she spoke again. “You know, I could show you how to wear a sari. I am not saying to wear at the office, but there are lots of occasions where I am sure you would find it liberating.”

Shareema watched as the young woman blushed. The young solicitor’s eyelids fluttered prettily behind the thin wire-framed spectacles she was wearing.

Francis thought that perhaps she ought to broach the subject of the young boy. She had been wondering since she had last seen him, how he was coping with the pain of his terrible strapping.

Again Shareema guessed what she was thinking.

“My maids have attended to the initial treatment of the boy’s skin. He has been treated for about an hour and will be treated twice more today. I shall give him a mild sleeping draft tonight, so that he sleeps well and then we will continue his treatment tomorrow… and everyday until he has to return to the prison for his second session of twenty hard strokes of the prison strap.”

Francis almost shivered as Shareema mentioned the prison strap so nonchalantly.

Francis realised that she had not asked about Mrs Varna’s daughter.

“I am so sorry, Mrs Varna… I should have asked sooner. How is your daughter? The prison doctor said that she was improving… but I should have asked.”

Mrs Varna, looked kindly as she spoke.

“Julie is doing well. I had a friend of mine, a consultant neurologist, have a look at her this afternoon and he has told me that she is being very well cared for and will recover, although he could not say exactly when she will come out of her coma.”

Shareema could see that Francis had been slightly perplexed at her daughter’s name.

My daughters all have English names. It is an international world. I read law at Harvard and I decided then, whatever children I would have, whether they be girls or boys, to give them English names. So my oldest daughter is called Julie, my middle daughter is called Claire and the youngest is called Jane. They were named after my best friends at college. By the way, I would like you to call me Shareema when we are away from the boy… and I hope that I may call you Francis.”

“Thank you, Shareema is such a lovely sounding name.” Francis was rather in awe of the beautiful woman seated only a few feet away from her. However she realised that she was here to protect her client’s interests. Not that the boy had much left to protect.

Half of his punishment had already been administered… and the rest was soon to come. Francis knew that the boy’s strapping had excited her more than any other experience she had had in her young life. She had been surprised and somewhat appalled at her prurient feelings. Her sexual climax had revealed feelings that she had, until that moment in the punishment room, repressed and ignored.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Shareema Varna stood and beckoned Francis. “Come, we will go and see our young American.”

Shareema led the way without looking back to see if Francis was following. Francis had little time to admire the style and the opulence of the house as her host walking quickly through the various rooms and corridors.

Shareema turned quickly and looked at Francis as they approached the narrow bed. She wanted to see the look on the young woman’s face as she saw the naked young boy with his hips raised off the bed, as if proffering his genitals for their delectation. Francis blushed as soon as she saw the boy. She blushed again as Shareema looked enquiringly at her.

Shareema’s voice was a soft whisper. “He is still asleep, but I will wake him in a moment. His flesh has been oiled and massaged with several creams. There is a mild steroid in one of the creams, which will greatly aid his healing. He has been loosely restrained so that he does not move from his position.”

Francis looked at his body, she could see that his penis was plump and engorged, although he was sleeping. She could also see that the skin of his scrotum held the swollen testes high in its sac as cool air seemed to circulate gently around the room. She blushed as she thought what she had done to him only a few hours before.

Shareema caught the look and smiled. “Don’t be embarrassed,” she whispered. “If you were to consider it carefully, you will find that you acted in the best interests of your client.” Shareema almost giggled as she spoke again. “Albeit a very personal interest.”

Francis blushed profusely as Shareema turned her head to the doorway and smiled as Aisah and Aini entered the room. The maids’ flat sandals made no noise upon the floor as they moved quietly to the head of the bed. Francis saw that one of the maids was holding a wide necked bottle in her hand as well as a small square of cloth.

Francis recognised the transparent bottle as being a urine receptacle of the type being used for male patients in hospitals. She blushed as she wondered whether Tommy would be required to use it while she was in the room.

Shareema bent low over the boy. Francis noticed that she had placed one hand on his hip, her fingertips only millimetres from the boy’s turgid penis. With her other hand she gently brushed her fingers over his cheek.

Francis watched as he slowly opened his eyes. She could see him coming to terms with his surroundings and then his abrupt recognition of where he was.

He seemed to notice Shareema first and then slowly looked towards Francis. Francis could see his sudden expression of panic as his eyes darted down to his naked body and then back up to her. His cheeks immediately blushed to a deep red as he fully realised his position.

He gasped as one of the maids moved to the middle of the bed and delicately took the swollen shaft of his penis between her finger and thumb. She lifted his penis as if it were a sacred object, slipping the lip of the bottle under the engorged flesh. Francis raised her eyebrows as the maid nonchalantly pushed the bottle upwards until it fully covered his penis. She watched as the maid held the bottle with one hand and gently pressed low on his tummy with the other. She pressed several times before Francis suddenly heard the tinkling sound as the boy urinated helplessly into the bottle.

His face was bright red as Shareema spoke to him. “Good boy. I don’t want you having to get up just yet as Miss Aisah and Miss Aini are going to treat you again. Now would you like us to leave you so that you can talk to your solicitor in private?”

Tommy could hardly speak as Aisah took hold of the base of his penis. She drew her fingers along the shaft, squeezing as she retracted the bottle. Tommy gasped several times as her fingers reached the tip of his penis. She shook the tip, watching as a single drop spilled into the bottle.

“Well Tommy, would you like to talk to Miss Hope in private.”

“Erm… ah… no, erm thank you.”

Tommy’s face was blushing profusely as the nurse took the bottle away and laid his penis against his tummy. Francis could see that the shaft had become stiff and she knew that it would not be long before he erected fully.

Tommy could not believe that the maid had handled him so intimately in front of Miss Hope and Mrs Varna. He felt so utterly humiliated and belittled, that his eyes were glistening with tears. He could feel his cheeks burning with shame. It seemed such a nightmare of anguish and embarrassment that his naïve and innocent sensibilities were completely overwhelmed. He actually felt guilty that his naked body was on display and ashamed that he had urinated in front of everyone. His mind had made no allowances for the fact that he had had no choice.

Shareema turned towards Francis as she casually laid her hand against the young boy’s hip. Again her fingers were just millimetres away from his penis as she spoke to the demure young solicitor.

“I only have one problem Miss Hope. I hope that we can come to an agreement if you and your client will listen to what I have to say.”

Tommy was shivering under Mrs Varna’s delicate touch as she continued.

“You are aware that the boy is highly… erm… no, shall we say that he is sexually naïve. I had better clarify that. I mean that he is easily aroused sexually… as you can see for yourself.”

Tommy shivered as Shareema casually let her fingers move against his hip, although she did not touch his penis. He could feel his penis throb as it became fully engorged and completely stiff.

Francis looked at the boy’s erect penis and then at his blushing face. She could see that his lips were trembling in embarrassment as he saw her look at him.

“Now, this is without prejudice. I will explain to Tommy that that means the arrangement stands as it is and no further action will be taken. I will not discuss the events so far – and as long as Tommy receives the second part of his punishment, that will be the end of it.

My problem is, that as he will be in my house, with my two young daughters present. I cannot have him becoming sexually aroused and rampant. Therefore I would like your agreement Miss Hope, that the boy will acquiesce to being drained of his semen at suitable intervals. I think that this will alleviate the problem that you can see before you.

Tommy groaned under his breath as he realised the import of what had been said. His face was so reddened that his cheeks were burning brighter than ever. He tried to raise his arms so that he could cover himself. He felt the maid gently place her hand upon his chest to calm him as he tried to move, before suddenly realising that his hands were well fastened to the bed.

He tried to protest immediately.

“Oh Miss, I promise I would never erm… press my attention upon anyone. I am so ashamed Miss. I just can’t help it… I am so sorry Miss.” Tommy had addressed his protest to Francis, subconsciously perhaps, hoping that she would intervene on his behalf.

Shareema spoke before Francis could even think of anything to say to the boy.

“Miss Hope, you experienced the boy’s strong sexual urges, even while he was being strapped. So I think that you can understand why I am concerned that he should be thoroughly drained. It will also be far better for his own comfort, I am sure you will agree.”

Francis could not help a little thrill of excitement run through her body as she looked at the naked body of the young boy. His penis had lifted from his tummy and was throbbing visibly, the shaft moving up and down of its own volition.

Again Francis felt like the Emperor Nero, as she had to make a decision upon the boy’s treatment. She looked at him, her expression kindly and concerned as she spoke softly.

“I am sorry Tommy, I have to say that Mrs Varna has a perfect right to treat you, while you are under her care. I know that little boys, I mean young boys, can’t help themselves sometimes. Your little penis is already very stiff, so you must understand Mrs Varna’s concerns. Please behave like a grown-up little boy and promise me that you will obey her. Please Tommy, I know you are embarrassed, but you are in her custody and you must obey, otherwise we may be back to square one. Promise me Tommy, please.”

Tommy could hardly look at Francis as he replied. It was if she had betrayed him. There were tears of shame in his eyes as he uttered the words reluctantly.

“I promise… erm Miss.”

Francis looked at his crestfallen face and stoked her hand over the top of his thigh in a gesture of comfort.

“Good boy Tommy. Don’t be embarrassed, it has to be done.” Francis felt another thrill run through her body as she looked at him. His look of embarrassment was so profound and yet she felt herself thrilling at it. She could not resist adding to his shame.

“I am sure that erm… you will be well treated… erm when,” she paused as she realised that she did not know who would be extracting his semen.

Shareema came to her rescue. Her voice was quite matter-of-fact as she looked at Francis.

“I shall demonstrate to Miss Aini and Miss Aisah how I would them to extract his semen. To make sure that he is thoroughly and comprehensively drained. His bottom will be fully penetrated and his prostate gland will be massaged to ensure that he is able to emit a good flow. His penis will then be stimulated vigorously until ejaculation occurs. As he is a young and virile boy, I would imagine that we would carry out this procedure several times a day. We can measure his output to ensure that he does not become erect at any other time. I can assure you that we will be very gentle with him.”

Francis had watched Tommy the whole time that Shareema had been talking to her. She knew that the boy’s naked body and his shame were adding to her increasing sexual arousal. It seemed that each new humiliation and embarrassment amplified the inexorable spread of sensual pleasure that had emanated from deep within her slender body. She could not help her pressing desire to embarrass him further.

She moved around the bed to look down at his face. “There, Tommy, now that doesn’t sound so bad does it. Now promise me that you will be a good boy. I don’t want you wriggling and squirming when Mrs Varna has to penetrate your little bottom.”

Francis thought his look of abject embarrassment and humiliation was absolutely exquisite as she brushed her hand against his burning cheek.

Shareema Varna was an experienced and clever lawyer. Her ability to read body language and to understand the human psyche had been an invaluable skill in the courtroom. She was quite fascinated by the demure young solicitor and understood far more about her predilections than Francis Hope could ever have imagined.

Shareema realised that Francis’s prurient interest in the young boy would never be completely satisfied, but she was determined to make her visit a memorable one. I wonder, she thought, how Francis would like to have one of my maids laid naked over her knees, while she applied the hairbrush to her sweet little bottom. Perhaps that would assuage some of her repressed sexuality.

Shareema nodded to Aisah and Aini. “You can start his treatment. His skin is already looking better than this morning, thank you girls.”

The two young maids smiled at their mistress as they wheeled the trolley close to the bed and began to unscrew the tops from some of the jars.

Shareema stood back and moved towards Francis. She placed her lips close to the young solicitor’s ear as she whispered to her.

“I would like you to watch his treatment. Both of the girls are really quite expert masseurs. I indulge myself by having them massage me. If I can find the time, I try to ensure that they massage me at least once a day. It is so relaxing to lay back and have them pamper you. I am sure that they would both be delighted to massage you, if you would like to try it.”

Francis blushed. She was suddenly embarrassed as Shareema slipped her hand around her waist and whispered again.

“Perhaps if you were to have a massage, I might find you a sari to wear, rather than those long skirts, which must be far too warm for this weather. The sari is such a light garment, that you would not notice the heat like you do in western dress.”

Francis seemed almost like a little girl as she giggled in embarrassment.

“Oh, I couldn’t Mrs Varna… I mean Shareema.”

Shareema looked at her demure face, noting the faint flush of pink high upon her cheeks.

“We will see, Francis, we will see.”

Tommy could not help moaning and groaning as the two young girls steadily and firmly applied the oils and unguents that they were using, into his skin.

Their touch was gentle – and yet Tommy could feel his muscles ripple as they diligently worked upon his thighs. His face was absolutely bright red with embarrassment. He was painfully aware that his penis was bouncing and jiggling with each movement of their hands upon his body.

Because of the raised position of his legs, the girls were able to reach right around each of his thighs, smoothing and assuaging his tortured flesh. Their hands moved steadily upwards. He could feel their small firm breasts press against his body as they reached underneath him and began to massage his buttocks.

One of the girls slipped her hand between his legs, her bare forearm brushing against his testicles as she reached into the crevice of his bottom.

His gasps were ignored as she repeated the motion again and again. He could feel his penis throbbing with greater and greater vigour as her slender hands delved deeply between the cheeks of his bottom. They giggled as Aisah bent even lower, letting his throbbing penis brush against her cheek. She pushed even deeper with her hands, deliberately making his penis bounce. They both giggled as the head of his rigid penis slapped audibly against her pretty face.

Francis looked on at the scene, seeing the young boy blush and stammer continuously as the young girls worked upon his pale naked body.

How embarrassing for him, she thought. I wonder if the massage that Shareema has offered me would be quite so intrusive.

Francis continued to watch the young boy’s embarrassment. Some time during the treatment, one of the maids had placed two hard-backed chairs near to the bed for Francis and Shareema to sit on.

Francis had felt her cheeks blush occasionally as she had thought how humiliating it must be for the American boy. To be fastened down naked, while two pretty young girls carefully made sure that they pampered and soothed every inch of his welted flesh.

Her interest suddenly piqued as she watched one of the girls unfasten the strap from across his ankles. Both girls stood at either side of the foot of the bed and gently slipped their arms beneath his calves. She heard Tommy gasp as the girls lifted his legs, bending them outwards and over his body so that his knees were above his chest. She knew that the boy had gasped with embarrassment rather than pain as the girls held him in position, displaying to Shareema and Francis the condition of his skin.

Francis looked at his welted buttocks and the backs of his thighs. She could clearly see each strap mark and yet realised that his skin had not been broken. The angry red marks, that she had remembered from this morning had gone, instead the raised flesh was pale and looked to be in much better condition.

Shareema’s voice was clear and kindly as she spoke to her young maids. “Yes, that is excellent, thank you both.”

Francis could see that his scrotum was so plump and swollen that the pale, tightly gathered, skin had hardly moved as they had raised his body. She saw that the testes seemed to move and recoil as they held his bottom high in the air.

Francis watched as the maids lowered the boy back into his initial prone position. He looked so vulnerable with his pubis thrust upwards and his penis bouncing against his tummy, rigid and fully engorged. She wondered what was to happen now as Shareema took her chair and placed it beside the bed at the boy’s hip.

“Oh Miss Hope, I am going to extract his semen now. Perhaps you would like to sit by his head… erm… you might want to comfort him, as this is his first time for this procedure. I want to demonstrate to the girls how I would like them carry out the extraction. That means we may have to penetrate his bottom several times until the girls can properly locate the prostate gland.”

Francis felt another thrill run through her body as she saw the look of pure anguish upon Tommy’s innocent young face.

She took her chair and placed it next to the bed beside his head. Her knees fitted perfectly under the recess so that she was able to sit with her waist touching the edge of the firm mattress.

She took his head in her hands and turned his face towards hers. She could feel that his cheeks were burning with shame as she looked into his eyes. She did not take her eyes from his, as she heard Shareema’s clear and concise instructions.

“Now, watch carefully. Firstly, I am going to lubricate the sphincter. Can you both see how I am doing it? Nice long strokes across the opening, there we are… Oh, can you see how he is clenching his buttocks together?

Normally a little smack on his bottom would stop him clenching. But obviously his buttocks are far too sore to do that. Instead, all you have to do is press your fingers to the inside of each of the cheeks of his bottom.” Francis glanced down quickly as Shareema watched the girls place their fingertips in-between the cheeks of Tommy’s bottom. “Gently… that’s the way. Now just probe gently… there we are!”

Francis observed every nuance of Tommy’s expression as he gasped and groaned with the sensations that were being produced by the busy fingers of Shareema and her two maids.

“Now if you press your two fingers together, you will see that you can slide them up easily. Make sure they are well lubricated. Ooops… there we are now that didn’t take long, did it?”

Francis watched Tommy open his mouth wide and gasp in protest. She could feel his body shiver as she pressed the palm of her hand over his nipple and stroked her fingers gently over the raised flesh.

She felt absolutely delighted with the boy’s anguish. She looked into his eyes as she spoke gently to him. “There, poor little Tommy. Try and relax sweetheart and let the pretty ladies penetrate your little bottom for you.”

Shareema paused, smiling with delight as she heard Francis deliberately taunt the boy.

Nonchalantly she continued to instruct her two maids. “Now girls, just feel for the mound of flesh it is situated right at the other end of his penis. Just curl your fingers upwards and you will feel it quite easily. O.K. Aini, now it’s your turn.

Now Aisah, if you will hold his testicles up for me… there that’s the way. Now don’t squeeze too tightly… that’s it, lots of little squeezes. Can you see how he is responding? Little boys don’t seem to have much control over their emotions, do they?”

Francis watched Tommy suddenly squeeze his eyes shut. She glanced down at his naked body to see that Shareema and her two maids were bent over the boy’s hips. Their elbows were moving methodically as their hands busied themselves between his legs.

Shareema’s voice continued. Her tone was nonchalant and calm; a stark contrast to the boy’s wriggling and squirming body.

“Right, Aini. Retract the foreskin fully and apply the lubricant over the head of his penis. That’s it, put it all the way around. Now while you are holding the foreskin back apply effleurage to the head of the penis. That’s the way… flattened palm and small circular motions. The feeling is quite intense, so apply the pressure in careful measures.”

Tommy was beside himself with emotion. His embarrassment and anguish was made all the more humiliating by the gentle gaze of the demure and innocent-looking Miss Hope.

He almost quaked with shame as Mrs Varna spoke again.

“Oh Miss Hope, would you just pass me that little jar from the trolley behind you. I am going to collect his semen now.”

Francis felt a distinct and urgent thrill run through her slender body. She made sure that the boy got a good look at the tall thin glass as she passed it to one of the girls.

The boy’s embarrassment was so profound that she could see his lips trembling. Suddenly his eyes flew open wide and he gasped for breath. Francis knew that Shareema must have increased the intensity of her probing. She looked deep into his eyes, her voice soft and soothing, belying the intense pleasure that she could feel deep within her young body at the boy’s distress.

“Try and be a brave boy Tommy and let the pretty ladies extract your semen.”

Francis could not help adding to his shame, as suddenly the boy’s body tensed dramatically… as if he had been electrocuted.

“Try and relax your bottom Tommy, so that the pretty ladies can have full access and that they can milk you properly. My, my Tommy, little boys seem to make so much fuss when they are having their little testicles emptied.”

Shareema’s voice accompanied the boy’s utter distress as he quivered in a sexual stricture of utter and complete abandonment.

“Nice firm squeezes now girls, I am going to probe a little deeper to ensure that he cannot evade giving a full emission. There we are, that’s right Aini, hold the jar just like that. There, look how forcefully he is ejaculating. Now keep up the pressure, don’t let him escape your touch I want a full and thorough evacuation. My, my aren’t young boys so productive.”

“ooooOOH… oooOOOH.”

Tommy could not help voicing his utter distress, as Francis looked deep into his eyes, his anguish fuelling her utter sexual delight.

She knew that her presence and close proximity to him as she observed his reluctant ejaculation had only served to heighten and exacerbate his humiliation.

She made sure that he was watching her as she looked towards his groin. She could see his semen splattering forcefully into the jar as he spurted helplessly.

“That’s a good boy, now try and do your best Tommy. There we are, poor Tommy, never mind sweetheart. Let Mummy give you a little kiss.”

Francis was absolutely thrilled as she looked at him as if she was his guardian angel. She lowered her pretty face and gently placed her lips against his. Callously, she robbed him of his breath as she covered his lips with hers, impudently pressing her tongue deep into his mouth.

The violence of her climax surprised her as she pressed her pubis against the firm surface of the bed. For a moment she allowed her sexual extremis to pervade every nerve within her slender and aroused young body. She was fully aware of the boy’s distress as she gave in to her feelings. Selfishly, she allowed her climax to engulf her, leisurely accepting her pleasure as Tommy struggled beneath her lips. At last she raised her head, watching the young boy as he inhaled desperately.

She looked down at the busy hands of Shareema and her two young maids. The boy was still ejaculating wildly as she saw Shareema raise her elbow and push her hand even more deeply between the young boy’s buttocks.

She felt his body shiver as she deliberately squeezed her finger and thumb over his nipple as she whispered softly to him.

“There, there Tommy. What a productive little boy you are.” She leaned forward and kissed his lips, before gently brushing her hand over his cheek.

She could feel him shiver with emotion as the girls squeezed the last globules of semen from the tip of his penis. His head suddenly rolled back against the pillow as he gasped for breath. Francis saw that he had been completely drained of all resistance. He lay unmoving and gasping for air. His body lay in complete abandonment to the skilful and thorough sexual torment that he had endured.

Shareema looked at Francis and nodded to her. “The girls are going to soothe him gently for a few moments and then leave him to rest.”


It was the afternoon of the fourth day that Tommy awoke after a short sleep. For a moment he thought that he was back at home in Seattle. His illusion was prompted by the chatter and giggles he could hear coming from somewhere in the house. The voices sounded much like his sisters. The accents were certainly from the U.S. rather than the more formal Malay use of the English language.

Tommy had been more or less confined to the bedroom during his period of recuperation. He had been kept totally naked, even having to walk to the kitchen and stand at the table between the two young maids, while he ate his meals. His treatments had kept him in a constant cocoon of shame and embarrassment. He had been massaged with oils and ointments several times a day until he could no longer feel the effects of the strapping that he had endured. Each massage had culminated in a forced ejaculation.

The two young maids, Aini and Aisah had blithely forced him to an anguished and tormented climax as if it were merely a routine procedure. His embarrassment had been exacerbated, as often they would wait until he received his daily visit from Miss Hope, before instigating the first of his compulsory milkings.

Although Mrs Varna had given the reason for his milking as being the safety and propriety of her daughters, Tommy had seen nothing of the girls.

He could feel himself blush as the voices grew nearer and he recognized the voices of Miss Hope and the young prison doctor.

He shivered in embarrassment as they entered the room. Instinctively he pressed his hips against the bed, feeling that his penis was underneath his body, hopefully hidden from their view. He looked around to see that Mrs Varna had accompanied the doctor and Miss Hope into the room. Her voice was kindly as she spoke to him.

“Good, you are awake Tommy. Miss Aisah and Miss Aini will be taking you to have your breakfast soon. But Doctor Turner has come to examine you first. So if you will get up and stand by the bed please.”

Tommy had learned quickly over the last few days, that being uncooperative was futile. He could feel his face already burning with his blushed as he slid his body from the bed and stood facing the three women. He instinctively covered his genitals with his hands and he could see the look of amusement on the women’s faces at his gesture of modesty.

The doctor was dressed in a simple silk blouse and short flared pleated skirt. She had a stethoscope around her neck. Her voice was soft but commanding as she stood with her legs astride and looked at him.

“Please come here and turn around so that I can look at your bottom.”

Tommy blushed again as he did her bidding. He could not help his body from shivering at her gentle touch as she placed her hands upon each side of his waist. He could hear her murmur of approval as she appraised his body.

“Now spread your legs apart and bend over and touch your toes, please Tommy.”

Tommy blushed again as he heard the instruction. He was pleased to be able to hide his blushing face but realised that the indignity of the position that he was to adopt, would be far more revealing.

Doctor Vickie Turner, smiled at Francis Hope as the boy bent over.

“That’s the way Tommy, just shuffle your feet a bit wider apart, it will make it easier to touch your toes properly.”

Vickie smoothed her hand over the boy’s back as he obeyed her. She could feel his body shiver as she let her hand trail down over his buttocks.

Francis Hope looked at the young boy. His naked body looked delightful. Even though he was in such an incongruous position, his body looked perfectly proportioned. She could not help a little thrill of excitement run through her body as the doctor placed her hands upon his buttocks so that her fingertips were within the crease.

She watched as the doctor stretched the flesh apart, revealing the neat pink little rosebud of his sphincter.

Vickie’s voice was almost a whisper as she stretched the flesh wider. “Just relax, there’s a good little boy.” Her words were deliberately condescending as she delighted in the young boy’s embarrassing compliance.

Francis could see the plump and swollen skin of his scrotum seem to draw up as the boy grunted with embarrassment. She could also see, much to her delight that his penis was engorged and was slowly, but inexorably, lifting upwards of its own volition.

Vickie bent down on one knee and smoothed her hand down the back of each leg. She could feel the boy shiver in embarrassment as her fingers travelled back up the inside of each leg until both hands were pushing against his scrotum as she examined the more sensitive flesh of the inner thigh.

“Right Tommy, stand up and turn around and face me. Hands upon the top of your head and feet nice and wide apart, please.”

Francis watched as the boy’s blushing face came into her view. She saw him reluctantly glance towards her. She knew that her presence and her observation of his embarrassing examination seemed to cause him great humiliation.

She watched, fascinated as the doctor cupped his bulging scrotum in the palm of her right hand. She seemed to be kneading his testicles as she spoke softly to him. “Please turn your head to the left and cough.”

Francis knew that Vickie had deliberately instructed the boy to turn his face towards her, once more increasing his embarrassment and humiliation. She watched as his eyes flicked towards her, again she thought that his quick glance was to see if she was watching him. She saw his face blush immediately, his cheeks flushing to a deep red.

“Come along Tommy a nice big cough.” Vickie squeezed his testicles gently as if to prompt him into action.”

Tommy coughed; his cheeks seemed to be on fire as he looked at the cool and demure Miss Hope. He shivered in shame as she casually observed his embarrassment. He was aware that his penis was fully engorged but he dare not look down.

“And again please.”

Tommy could feel the cool fingers of the doctor gently squeeze his testicles once more. It felt as if she was holding his very essence in her hand as he stood with his legs wide apart, completely open and vulnerable to her touch. He felt absolutely ashamed as he coughed again.

“Yes you seem fine. I am just going to listen to your heart and then we are all done.”

Tommy stood, seemingly frozen to the spot as the cool diaphragm of the stethoscope smoothed across his chest. He could feel the tip of his penis being gently stimulated by the material of the doctor’s skirt as she moved closer to him, listening to his heart. By the time she had finished he was shivering in utter shame.

The doctor moved back and deliberately looked down at his erect penis. Tommy blushed in absolute shame as she turned to Mrs Varna and Miss Hope.

“My, my, I can never understand why little boys seem to exhibit their emotions so blatantly. Are you sure that you feel safe being alone with him, while he is displayed so rampantly, Miss Hope?”

Francis felt another thrill suddenly pervade her young body. Yet she looked forward to the prospect of having the boy to herself while he was standing with his legs spread wide apart and his hands upon his head. She thought he looked absolutely delicious. His penis was jutting upwards and she could see that it was already throbbing with the boy’s naive and confused emotions.

Francis tried to keep the excitement out of her voice as she replied.

“I will be fine, thank you Doctor. I am sure that Tommy will retain his present position and behave like a proper little gentleman.” She could see another blush suffuse his cheeks as her words took effect.

Tommy watched as Mrs Varna and the young doctor left the room. Somehow, being naked and alone in front of Miss Hope seemed even more embarrassing to him.

He shivered with the shame of standing with his legs spread wide and his penis erect and throbbing as Miss Hope walked around him. Her expression showed no emotion, as if her casual appraisal of his naked body was a perfectly normal procedure.

“Tommy I have to talk to you. Please stay as you are and listen to me without interruption. Will you do that for me?”

Tommy blushed as Miss Hope came to stand in front of him. He could not help looking down at his penis; it was a singular involuntary act that he could not escape. His face was almost purple with shame as he looked back up at the demure young solicitor. It seemed to Tommy that it was his own fault that he was displaying himself so blatantly. He shivered as he replied.

“I am so sorry Miss. Erm… oh… yes miss, erm I will listen.”

Francis was thrilled with his display of shame and anguish as she began to speak.

“This morning, Mrs Varna’s daughter was moved to the local hospital and she has awakened from her coma, although she has not spoken as yet. That lets you off the hook for more serious charges to be brought against you. However, as you are obviously very aware… there is the second part of you punishment awaiting you.” Francis saw the boy shiver as she reminded him of his impending fate.

“The doctor has passed you fit for punishment. Your bottom and legs are healed and I am recommending that you do not wait for the full seven days between punishments. It could all be over very quickly and you would have nothing hanging over you.” Francis watched the tears form in his eyes as she continued.

“If you were to be a brave boy and get it over with, I would make sure that you are well looked after once it is finished.” Francis could not resist moving close to the boy. She could feel his erect penis press against the front of her dress as she raised her hand and gently stroked his burning cheek. She deliberately pressed her slender body against his as she brushed a single tear from his face.

“It is entirely up to you Tommy, but I would recommend that you get it over with as soon as possible. Would you like to tell me what you think?”

Tommy could not help the tears, which suddenly flowed down his crimson cheeks. His voice was hardly audible as he spoke timidly to the young woman.

“I’m sorry miss, I mean for crying Miss. Erm… when… erm would it be… erm Miss?”

Francis knew that the question would be coming. She thrilled again as she answered him, her emotions torn between her sympathy for the boy and the excitement of her own arousal.

She could not help the exquisite shiver of delight that seared through her body as she answered him.

“It is better if you don’t know Tommy. There is no point in undue worrying. I just need to know as your representative and legal advisor, whether you agree to forgo the interim period between punishments. Then it would be all over with.”

Instinctively and mischievously, Francis reached down and wrapped her slender fingers around his penis. She looked up at him, her eyelids fluttering against cheeks as she looked at him demurely.

“I would try and help… erm… if I am allowed.”

Tommy blushed so violently, that for a moment, Francis thought that he might faint.

“Oh Miss… erm I will agree, erm Miss.”

Francis let go of him and stood back. She brushed the back of her hand against his burning cheek.

“Good boy Tommy. I will do the best for you that I can.”

Abruptly she turned and walked from the room, leaving the naked boy standing spread-legged with his hands upon his head. Francis could not believe the intensity of her own sexual arousal as she hurried away. She knew that her cheeks were flushed as she walked into the living area of the house. Her feeling of excitement shocked her and yet she knew that she could not contain it.

She knew that she would not be able to hide her feelings from the perceptive Mrs Varna… or for that matter the young doctor. She blushed as she entered the sitting room area, aware that everyone was looking at her.

Assembled in the room were Mrs Varna and her two daughters. Her daughters were seated casually upon a large comfy-looking leather settee. To their right was Doctor Vickie Turner and standing behind her were four prison warders. The two maids, Aini and Aisah were preparing a tray upon a small occasional table.

Mrs Varna looked enquiringly at Francis, noting her flushed and harried demeanour.

Francis did not need the question; she looked embarrassedly at Mrs Varna and spoke. “Yes he has agreed.”

Mrs Varna knew that Francis was feeling guilty and she moved towards her and gently placed her hand upon her cheek. “I know how you feel, but it is better this way.” She turned to her maids and spoke clearly.

“Just take him a glass of water, nothing else. When he has drunk it, place him face down upon the bed and return here.”

Both Aini and Aisah nodded. Aisah picked up a glass and water jug from the tray, leaving the food untouched.

It had been the previous evening, as Shareema had examined the boy’s naked body, that she had realised that his flesh was completely devoid of the raised welts that had marked his flesh just a few days before.

She had spoken to Francis Hope on the telephone and had asked her to agree on her client’s behalf… if the doctor was satisfied with his condition. Shareema had then telephoned the prison governor to make further arrangements.


Tommy, although embarrassed by the visit of the two maids as he stood naked with his hands upon his head, was grateful when they had kindly told him to take his hands down and had given him a glass of water. Thankfully his erection had subsided, assuaging him of some of his shame.

Now as he lay face down upon the bed, he began to think about the second part of his punishment. How was he going to be able to withstand the terrible onslaught to his body? Even though it had only been a few days ago, he was still unable to completely visualise the trauma or the terrible pain that he had felt. It was as if the entire punishment had been endured within a cocoon of anguish so severe, that the individual details were enshrouded in a deep veil of torment.

He lay quietly, his thoughts fearful of what was to come… and yet there were other visions in his mind; the wonderful feeling of care and concern by the pretty solicitor and the exquisite sexual sensations that he had experienced for the first time in his young life. It was if another dimension had opened up to him; one that had still to take a tangible form within his mind. His sexual awakening had been enshrouded in a feeling so intense; that he had not yet come to terms with the emotions his body was able to produce.

His reverie was suddenly and rudely interrupted. He hardly had time to look over his shoulder as four prison warders swiftly entered the room. He quaked in fear as their hands suddenly grasped his arms, quickly fastening them behind his back. He could feel a strap being placed around his ankles and his body being abruptly lifted from the bed and being placed, carefully but unceremoniously, facedown onto a gurney.

He did not even have time to protest as he was swiftly and efficiently wheeled through the house and outside into the sunlight. He just caught a glimpse of the wheels of the prison van as the gurney was slid up into its open doors.

He felt a hand being laid gently upon his bottom and heard a gentle voice whisper in his ear. “Just lie still and don’t move, I am going to place a pillow under your head. Just relax now.”

He felt his head being lifted and a firm pillow being placed beneath his cheek. For a fleeting moment, he could see the slender figure of one of the prison guards… and then darkness as the doors were shut. There was no light within the compartment and he shivered in trepidation as he realised that he was being taken back to the Kuantan prison.

The well-practised and efficient movement of prisoners was a procedure that was commonplace to Mika Tan and her fellow officers. However Mika Tan could not help feeling a thrill as she had laid her hand gently upon the young boy’s tender buttocks. She relished the procedure that was to come – and knew that she would enjoy his embarrassment and humiliation while he was given an enema and then summarily bathed by her young compatriots.

Mika Tan knew, that anyone that had already undergone a prison strapping, was always kept handcuffed until they could be fastened for a second time to the X-shaped structure. The memory of their previous experience, often making then panic as they were prepared for further punishment. The guards had already experienced the frantic last minute attempts by inmates to escape and had instigated a far more secure procedure. The thought of having a boy undergo such a humiliating preparation brought a smile to her pretty face.

She watched the countryside pass by through her passenger window as she daydreamed of the events to come. She had never administered as many as twenty strokes of the strap until the day she had been ordered to punish the young boy. Now she was to administer the second session of twenty strokes.

What a punishment for his pale tender bottom and legs… forty strokes within just a few days!

She squeezed her pretty thighs together in a frisson of absolute delight at the thought. The fact that he was such an attractive young boy, gave her an extra thrill that was altogether different to anything she had experienced before.

She was delighted at the prospect of watching his pale bottom shivering and shaking under the onslaught of the thick leather strap. She pressed herself further down into the seat, unable to contain the sharp pang of pleasure that surged upwards from between her thighs.


It was less than one hour later that Timmy felt the smooth straps being fastened around his wrists and ankles as they pressed his spread-eagled body against the slender rubber covered bars of the cross.

It had been a whirlwind of activity from the moment that they had taken him from the bed at Mrs Varna’s house. On arrival at the prison he had been hurried and bustled through a well-rehearsed procedure. His feet had hardly touched the floor as he had been swiftly taken to the tiled preparation room and summarily bent over upon the edge of a medical couch. His bottom had been lubricated and immediately penetrated by an enema nozzle. On completion, he had been carried by two warders, their forearms under each knee and their arms around his back, to the stainless steel toilet pan. They had held him firmly, seemingly unconcerned at his humiliation as he evacuated. He had blushed profusely as one of the nurses in attendance had nonchalantly wiped his bottom as if he were a young child.

His shame had totally overwhelmed him as they quickly stood him in a low bath; the guards holding his handcuffed wrists outward as the nurses began to wash him. He had shivered and gasped in complete humiliation as the nurses had deliberately and methodically washed every inch of his body. It was a procedure that was commonplace to the nurses as they took their places, one behind him and one in front. Tommy had cried out in embarrassment, raising himself on tiptoes, as the nurse at his rear had deftly penetrated his bottom with a soapy finger.

He had not dared to look down. Instead, he had raised his head towards the ceiling in shame, as the other nurse had taken his penis and testicles between her delicate hands and had proceeded to wash his genitalia.

Tommy was completely unaware of the delight his subjugation and distress had caused the young nurses and warders; nor did he see their sly glances to each other, as they deliberately stimulated him to a full and throbbing erection.

They had dried him in the same deft and nonchalant manner before he had been unceremoniously hustled down the corridor towards the punishment room. The four warders had held him tightly as his legs had been quickly spread wide and his ankles and knees fastened to the frame.

Now as he felt the final strap being fastened around his waist, he shivered in fear and dread. The déjà vu of being fastened to the cross suddenly produced a clear and frightening image of his recent punishment.

Just as before, he had been fastened so that the slender rubber covered frame crossed at the exact point of his naval, leaving his still semi-erect penis and bulging testicles totally exposed between his widely spread thighs.

He felt the final tightening of the broad strap around his waist. It pressed him firmly against the crux of the cross, leaving his buttocks immobile and spread openly for the application of the strap.

Doctor Vickie Turner could not help the sharp thrill of excitement she felt as she entered the tiled room and saw the boy positioned so openly upon the solid steel frame.

It was always a delight to her as she placed the stethoscope around her neck and listened to the wildly beating heart of those awaiting punishment. She moved the diaphragm over his back, hearing his rapid breathing and the elevated, but solid, heartbeat.

She knew that it would be another five minutes before the witnesses arrived and took delight in running her hands over his back and buttocks. She moved around the cross and stood in front of the red-faced young boy. She could see that his lips were trembling and that there were already tears in his eyes as she looked at his face.

His pleading look thrilled her as she placed her hand gently against his burning cheek.

“Poor Tommy, never mind, it will soon be time. Now I want to check you over so give me a nice big cough when I tell you. Will you do that for me Tommy?”

In a frisson of pure delight, she ran her fingers delicately over his chest. Her fingertips lingering over the hard nubs of his nipples as she caressed him.

“Now sweetheart, let me just have a little feel of your testes. There we are!” She felt the skin of the scrotum recoil. “Were my hands cold sweetie?”

She could feel the boy flinch as she cupped her hand more firmly beneath his bulging scrotum and lifted his testicles. So open and vulnerable, she thought, as she squeezed them gently, watching the boy blush in embarrassment.

“Now give me a nice big cough, there’s a good boy.”

Her sense of power over such an exquisite looking young boy sent another thrill through her young body as she held the essence of his manhood within the palm of her hand.

Tommy coughed loudly, remembering the last time that she had repeated the embarrassing procedure until she was satisfied with his humiliating compliance to her instruction.

“Once more then sweetie.”

Tommy felt his face flush as he coughed once more.

“That’s the way. Now I am just going to have a little look at your penis. I promise that I will be very gentle with you.”

She watched his face in delight as his cheeks flushed immediately to a deeper shade of red. Deliberately, she bent gracefully to one knee as she continued to hold his testicles. She pulled his scrotum forward with her right hand as she slipped the fingers of her left hand around the turgid shaft of his penis, sliding the foreskin smoothly down the shaft.

“My, you are an excitable little boy, aren’t you Tommy!”

She knew that he would be blushing profusely as she began to manipulate the skin around the stiffening flesh. Delicately she brought the skin fully forward before swiftly pushing it back; this time allowing the palm of her hand to rub against the very tip of the glans. She could hear the boy gasp as she brought his penis to a full and violent erection.

“Well you certainly are showing off today, aren’t you Tommy. Never mind, I know some little boys have trouble controlling themselves.”

Vickie let go of him and stood up, just in time to see the boys face colour up to a deeper shade of crimson.

She placed her hand against his cheek, feeling the heat in his face as she trailed her fingers down to his neck. She pressed her body forward, letting her thin white tunic touch against the throbbing tip of his penis. She swayed her hips from side to side, letting the cotton brush against the sensitive glans as she looked into his eyes. She could not help adding to her own feeling of delight as she spoke again.

“Now try and be a brave boy when the pretty lady spanks your bottom for you. It will all be over before you know it.”

Without taking her eyes from his, she slipped her hand around the shaft of his penis and squeezed it firmly. She could see the effect in his face, as his mouth hung open in a gasp of surprise.

“I promise that we will take good care of you when this is all over Tommy.” Instinctively she pressed her face to his and kissed his trembling lips. She could see the look of sheer abandonment in his eyes as she stood back and let him go.

Vickie did not look at him again as she moved around the frame. She nodded to the four guards who were lined up against the far wall of the room before quickly walking towards the corridor.

Tommy could not help the tears of emotion fall down his cheeks. The kind words and tender kiss of the doctor had left him breathless. He explored the confines of his bindings, realising once again, that although his body was completely immobile, the smooth straps were not causing him any discomfort.

He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he looked around the room at the leather chairs that had been provided for witnesses and the two oxygen cylinders that were in the far corner of the room. He could hear the warders talking quietly between themselves, but he could not see them. He presumed that they must be standing somewhere to the back of the room behind him.

He waited in trepidation. He was acutely aware that his penis was erect and that his genitals were openly displayed between his widely spread legs. He blushed at the thought, as suddenly, he heard movement and voices coming from the corridor.

He felt a shudder run through his body. It was the result of a combination of fear and embarrassment. He felt his cheeks begin to burn with a deep blush as at first, he heard the giggles – and then saw Mrs Varna’s two daughters come into his view. He groaned inwardly as the two pretty girls came to stand in front of him.

They were dressed in their school uniforms. Both of them carried shoulder bags. Their skirts seemed even shorter than he had remembered, displaying long golden thighs right down to their white knee stockings. He tried to look away from them as they held their hands over their mouths and whispered and giggled to each other. He was acutely aware that they were examining his naked body and that their centre of interest was his erect penis and testicles. He could hardly contain his anguish as they pointed and gestured towards his genitals, so openly displayed between his widely spread legs. He could not help watching them as, instead of sitting upon the leather chairs in front of him as they had done previously; they moved to stand at either side of the frame.

Suddenly his view was blocked by the appearance of one of the slender prison warders. He quickly realised that she was holding the prison strap in her hands. The sight of such a pretty young girl, holding the strap with which she was going to beat him, made him shudder. Again it was not just fear, but also the embarrassment and humiliation of being displayed naked and openly vulnerable in front of her. The knowledge, that such a pretty girl was going to actually administer the strap to his bared flesh, made him shiver with a myriad of emotions.

“Tommy Walsh. I am going to administer twenty strokes of the prison strap to your bottom and to your legs. This is the second and final part of your punishment. Please breathe deeply while you are being strapped.”

Mika Tan looked into his eyes, her expression she hoped, showed nothing of her feelings. She glanced to her right, seeing that the prison governor and Mrs Varna were approaching the punishment frame. She looked back at Tommy and gave him a wry smile of sympathy, before moving to take up her position.

“Well Timothy, this is the last of it.” The governor spoke clearly as she moved to stand in front of him.

“You are to be punished with twenty strokes of the strap, after that, your obligation to Mrs Varna will be satisfied. I will talk to you later, after the doctor has seen you, to advise you when you will be allowed to leave. Mrs Varna is going to have a word with you now.”

Tommy looked at the pretty face of the Governor. He could feel tears forming and yet managed to stop himself from crying. It all seemed so formal and clinical… and yet here he was waiting to be beaten! He watched her as she moved away, wondering how he had ever got himself into this mess. The governor’s slender figure moved gracefully away from his field of view, to be replaced by the exquisite beauty of Mrs Varna as she stepped forward.

Tommy was taken aback at the sight of her. He could not believe how beautiful Mrs Varna looked as she stood several paces away from the frame. Her hair was drawn back in a chignon, accenting her finely featured face and jaw line. She was beautifully made up. Her classic look was made even more sensual by the deep red lustre of her full and delicately delineated lips. She was dressed in a white Sari, the material so sheer that Tommy could see the clear outline of her exquisitely shaped breasts. The loosely woven material seemed to reveal and emphasise the superb beauty of her body. Her waist seemed impossibly slender and yet her hips flared beautifully above the firm toned flesh of her thighs.

The delicacy of the woven fabric allowed clear glimpses of her smooth golden skin. Her midriff was completely bared, the material hanging seductively from her hips as her beautifully shaped thigh slipped through the folds of the material as she stepped forward.

Tommy could hardly take his eyes from her as she raised her bare arm and gently lifted his chin so that he was looking into her eyes.

He shivered as her fingers touched him and she examined his face. Her voice was soft and sensual as she addressed him.

“Now Tommy, I am just going to have a little word with you.”

Shareema could see that the boy was completely mesmerised by her. She had no false modesty about her looks and indeed had often used her physical allure to obtain what she wanted. She was delighted with the effect her face and body was having upon him. She knew that the Sari was intentionally revealing and had nearly changed her mind about wearing it when she had first seen the delicacy of the material being reflected in her bedroom mirror.

She looked deep into Tommy’s eyes as she addressed him.

“Now Tommy, Miss Hope is here to witness your chastisement. However, for the first part of this punishment, I am going to stay with you. I will hold your penis and testicles for you… so that they are not in the way of the prison strap. I promise I will be very gentle.”

Shareema watched the boy blush in utter shame and confusion before she moved forward, sensuously pressing her body against the frame. She could feel him tremble as she pressed her cheek close to his. She looked over his shoulder, seeing that she would have a perfect view of the strap as it smacked against his bare skin.

Shareema did not care whether anyone could see the shiver of delight that ran through her body as she slipped her hands between his legs, feeling for the delicious flesh of his penis and scrotum.

Tommy could not believe what was happening to him. His senses were alive with feelings so contrary, that he was completely mesmerised. He could feel the delicious pressure of her breasts against his chest and the smooth skin of her cheek against his, as she nestled against him. Her perfume seemed to be all around him. It was light and delicate and seemed to toy with his naïve sensibilities.

He could not help gasping in shock as he felt her cool and delicate fingers suddenly encase his scrotum. He gasped again, shivering as she sensuously wrapped the fingers of her other hand around the rigid flesh of his penis. He was almost breathless with emotion as she whispered in his ear.

“Be a brave boy, my little bare Tommy.”

He inhaled deeply, his breath sounding hoarse in his throat. He was unable to contain the tremor that completely engulfed his body as she lifted his scrotum and gently squeezed his testicles. Her voice was soft in his ear as she slipped the foreskin of his penis smoothly down the shaft and pressed the glans against her body.

“Be brave sweetheart.”

Tommy was suddenly aware of a cold liquid being applied to his buttocks and legs. It seemed as if the medication was a clear indication of where the strap would follow.

He was in an absolute turmoil of emotions as the medicating of his legs and buttocks stopped. The room seemed to quieten to a sacred hush as Mrs Varna pressed her breasts seductively against his chest and gripped his testicles more firmly.

Shareema could not contain her deep sigh of pleasure as she watched Mika Tan raise the strap. She knew that she was capable of climaxing at anytime. It was her sheer will power and the intimate knowledge of her own body that allowed her to hover on the brink between an extreme sexual piquancy and a climatic orgasm. She was looking forward to releasing the reins on her pent up emotions, but at the present moment was enjoying the delicate balance of being on the very edge.

Francis Hope had been watching and listening while Mrs Varna had talked to her young client. She could not help squeezing her legs together as she watched Mrs Varna reach down to take the boy’s openly displayed penis and testicles between her delicate fingers.

Francis thought back to the abrupt manner in which the boy had been taken from the house by the prison staff.

As soon as the boy had been efficiently ensconced within the prison transport, Mrs Varna had turned her attention to Francis. The woman’s dominating presence seemed to overwhelm her and Francis had blushed as Mrs Varna had told her what would be required of her.

She had been shocked and apprehensive as to whether she would be able to carry out the rather intimate and bold instructions that Shareema had devised for the boy’s punishment. Her apprehension had turned to pure embarrassment as Mrs Varna had turned nonchalantly to her maids and had instructed them.

“Now I think we have time, so would you please take Miss hope with you to my bathroom. I would like you to give her a light massage, while I find her something suitable for her to wear.” Shareema had turned to Francis, not bothering to ask whether or not she would have liked a massage.

“I will find you something to wear that is washable. After all, I am sure a junior solicitor cannot afford to keep soiling her clothing can she!”

Shareema had smiled at Francis. “It won’t be a Sari on this occasion as the material is far too delicate, perhaps a nice white tunic dress would be just the thing.”

Francis had flushed to a pretty shade of pink as the two young maids had led her away. She had blushed and fussed in embarrassment as they had deftly undressed her. Aisah had bent down on one knee and had slowly drawn her panties down to her ankles. Francis had suddenly blushed profusely, quickly trying to cover her smoothly shaven pubis from the eyes of the young girls.

Aisah and Aini had giggled in glee as they had led her to a firmly padded massage bed and laid her face down upon it. Francis had shivered and gasped in shock, as suddenly, their hands seemed to be everywhere upon her young body.

Smooth oils caressed her skin as the girls massaged her thoroughly. She had gasped in acute embarrassment, as simultaneously the hands of the pretty maids had travelled upwards upon the insides of her thighs.

Francis had shuddered in sensation as Aisah had quickly slipped her hands in-between the cheeks of her glistening upturned buttocks, while Aini had dipped her hands between her legs and had sensuously cupped her smoothly shaven pubis.

Francis quivered at the thought of how the young girls had deftly and nonchalantly brought her body to orgasm. Their skill and dexterity had left her helpless and shivering in sheer abandonment upon the massage bed. The girls had shown no embarrassment at all as they had smoothed their hands over her skin, talking softly to her as she lay shivering in emotion upon the smooth surface. After she had been able to calm down sufficiently, they had then bathed her, making her stand while their slender hands lathered and pampered her body. Lastly, they had and dried her and sensuously coated her body in a light and expensive cream.

Francis had not been able to stifle the gasp of embarrassment as Shareema had entered the room and had had appraised her naked body. She had handed her a light tunic dress made of the finest white cotton. Her knowing look had made Francis blush again as Shareema had spoken to her.

“There is no need to blush Miss Hope. I am well aware of what the girls have done to you. It doesn’t do to repress your sexual feelings so deeply. Now forget about wearing a bra or panties. Just put this on, it should fit you perfectly.”

Francis had been aware of Shareema watching her intently as she had put on the dress. She had just finished buttoning the tunic up fully, when Shareema had stepped forward and had undone three of the buttons at her knee, baring her legs to mid thigh. She had then undone a further two buttons at the neck, allowing her cleavage to show.

Francis tried to extinguish these thoughts from her mind as she looked around the tiled room to see whether anyone was paying her attention. She realised that all of the assembled staff were entirely focussed upon the naked body of the young American boy as he awaited his punishment.

Francis looked towards him with mixed feelings of both pity and excitement. How must he feel, she thought, being openly spread and naked and knowing that his bared flesh would soon receive the intense sting of the prison strap.

She could not help squeezing her thighs together in a frisson of sexual delight, making her suddenly very aware of her nakedness beneath the white tunic. The fine cotton felt sensuous against her skin, as if it were deliberately caressing her body.

The sudden silence within the room dispelled the last vestiges of her reverie as she looked towards Mika Tan. The young and slender prison warder looked quite relaxed, almost nonchalantly appraising the boy’s naked body as she held the strap high.

Shareema was in her own haven of acute delight as she awaited the start of the punishment. She could feel his young body trembling in fear as she pressed her breasts against his bared chest.

The sound of the first stroke seemed to fill the room. The leather rushed down through the air in a perfect arc and embedded its terrible sting into the soft pale flesh of the young boy’s bottom cheeks.

Shareema felt him raise his head against her cheek as he cried out in absolute and utter anguish.

“Ooooohhhh. Sssssss….ssss.”

The percussive hiss of his breath through his clenched teeth seemed to spur Shareema to a beautiful and private moment of sheer pleasure. Her words of comfort seemed to add to her excitement as she held his quivering body tightly against hers. Her delight was profound as she pressed her breasts against his heaving chest in a delicious release of sexual delight.

“Poor bare Tommy, fancy having to have his little bottom spanked so thoroughly.” Her words were interrupted by the second stroke of the strap. Shareema thrilled as she saw that it had lifted the cheeks of his bottom, splaying the under-part of the pale flesh.

She wondered whether Mika Tan had remembered her instructions. She need not have worried as the next stroke fell against the back of his legs. Shareema squeezed the boy’s testes delicately as she began to slide his foreskin up and down the firm shaft of his penis. She could feel his body quiver in absolute distress as the strap enveloped the tender flesh of his thighs.

She increased the firmness of her grip upon his penis as she manipulated his foreskin, letting her hand stimulate the sensitive rim of the corona each time she brought the skin up to the sensitive head of the glans. The strap continued to fall upon his flesh. The intensity of its sting was heralded by renewed cries of anguish from the young boy. Shareema thrilled with each painful echoing slap of the thick prison strap.

His cries of anguish and pain were like music to her ears as she whispered softly to him. “There, poor bare Tommy… is the pretty lady making your little bottom and legs smart? Never mind, it will all be over soon. Be a brave little boy!”

She squeezed his scrotum more firmly, feeling the soft orbs move within their scrotal sac as she increased the pressure of her hand around his penis. She watched over his shoulder as the fifth stroke fell. She felt the boy raise his head and cry out in utter anguish.

She knew that she would climax soon. Her sensual predilections had been thoroughly piqued at the thought of the boy’s punishment. Now was the time for the culmination of her pent up sexuality!

She quickened the pace of her fingers as once again the strap fell against his naked flesh. She knew, that however anguished and tormented the boy’s emotions were; he would have to ejaculate soon. Even through his pain, she could feel his penis reluctantly throb and flare in response to her skilful stimulation of his captive flesh.

Her words deliberately goaded his young senses, his naïve sensibilities unable to cope with her constant verbal and physical stimulation.

“There, poor bare Tommy, try and keep still while the pretty lady spanks your little bottom for you.”

She looked to her left and nodded to her daughter. She did not need to elaborate further as the girl dropped to one knee beside her. Without hesitation the young girl replaced her mother’s hands around the young boy’s scrotum. Shareema knew that Jane would do an excellent job and leave her free to use both hands upon the trembling boy’s penis.

Claire had watched her sister, noticing that her lips were parted and that her tongue was protruding between her pretty lips, as she diligently began to knead the boy’s testes.

She did not take her eyes from her sister as she reached into her satchel and produced some tissues, which she opened, waiting for her mother’s instruction.

Shareema was now using one hand to stretch the boy’s foreskin back firmly against the shaft. She then encircled the head of his penis with the fingers of her other hand which she had formed into a circle. She knew that the boy would not be able to resist such intense stimulation. Even as the strap enveloped his flesh for the ninth time, she could feel his body suddenly tense. His muscles locked into a stricture as she casually nodded to Claire.

Her words were like honey as she callously and vigorously manipulated the flesh of the trembling young boy.

“Poor bare Tommy, never mind sweetheart. Just be a brave boy and take your punishment.”

Shareema nodded at Mika Tan and watched with a cat-like sexual satisfaction as the strap bit into the very centre of his buttocks. She moved her body back from the boy as Claire reached between their bodies and held the tissues above his straining penis. Jane impudently squeezed his testes firmly at the very moment she felt them draw upwards.

His cry of pain accompanied his reluctant and forceful ejaculation. He quivered from head to foot as the pain of the tenth stroke of the strap accompanied his anguished sexual climax. Shareema could see that the boy was in utter torment. She knew that the pain of the strap would correlate and connect intrinsically with his tortured ejaculation. She was acutely aware that this feeling would be so profound, that both experiences would meld as one.

Mika Tan let the strap rest as she watched Mrs Varna busily manipulating the boy.

Shareema loved the feeling of power she had over the sexually naïve young boy. The accuracy and effectiveness of her deliberate stimulation delighted her. She looked over his shoulder at Miss Hope and nodded to her, before gesturing meaningfully to Mika Tan.

Tommy was in turmoil. His vision was blurred and he seemed to have to fight for every breath as the strap laid its message of pain across the centre of his buttocks – and yet the gentle whisper and soothing voice of Mrs Varna had made him cling to her every word. Her cheek placed so gently against his had given him comfort and yet had made him open himself up to his emotions. Tears fell down his cheeks as if they would assuage some of his anguish.

In the midst of this onslaught of pain to his body, was the incredible sensation of pleasure. He had felt himself give way in complete abandonment to the firm manipulation of his penis and the gentle massaging of his testicles.

As the tenth stroke had seared across his bottom, he had felt the incredible and inexorable fountain of intense emotion shoot upward from deep within his loins.

He could not contain or control the intensity of his feelings as his semen jetted upwards from his penis. It seemed as if each tormented ejaculation was being wrenched from his body. His climax was so anguished and yet he could not seem to quell its vigour.

He could feel his body shiver and shake within the tight confines of his bindings and yet the stimulation to his penis and testicles seemed unending. He felt as if he would expire within a tumultuous explosion of exquisite pain and pleasure.

Shareema realised that it had been almost two minutes before the boy had stopped ejaculating. She had kept up her intense stimulation, not allowing the boy any respite as she bent to her knees and moved her body nearer to Claire. It was as she knelt that Shareema luxuriously allowed her own pleasure to overtake her body.

Her outward appearance completely belied her intensive and exquisite orgasm. She looked so graceful as she sat back on her heels, her back straight and her slender arms outstretched towards the young boy. Her only visible indication was as she closed her eyes and drew in a deep and satisfying breath.

Shareema could see the boy’s hips vainly trying to writhe out of the reach of her busy fingers as she stimulated him mercilessly. She looked up, seeing that Francis Hope had obediently come to stand in front of the boy as she had instructed her to do.

Francis moved into the space between Shareema and her daughter. They had allowed just enough room in front of the frame so that she could move between them and stand close to the naked boy.

Francis glanced down at Shareema who was kneeling gracefully to her left and smiled at her. She turned to her right to see that Shareema’s daughter, Jane, had adopted a similarly graceful posture.

Francis could feel the delicate hand of Mrs Varna against the front of her tunic as she moved her body closer to the boy. She knew that Shareema was still continuing to gently manipulate the boy’s penis and that her young daughter was still carefully kneading his testes.

Miss Hope’s expression was a picture of concern as she observed the wretchedness etched into the blushing face of the young boy. There was a look of anguish and pleading within his eyes as she moved her body even closer to him. She let her breasts press against his chest as she looked into his eyes and spoke softly to him.

“Poor baby, never mind, it will all be over soon. Be a brave little boy Tommy.”

Suddenly the eleventh stroke fell against the anguished flesh of the young boy. His head reared up and he screamed in pain. Francis quickly placed her left arm around his waist. She smoothed her hand sensuously over the smooth skin of his back. The palm of her hand keeping well above the strap that held his waist to the frame.

She pressed her cheek to his, placing her right hand smoothly around his head. She brushed her fingers through his hair before letting her fingertips gently play with the sensitive skin at the nape of his neck. As if they were lovers, she held his blushing cheek close to hers.

She could not help a feeling of excitement suddenly scorch through her body like a raging inferno, as his screams rang out in a long and wretched wail of emotion. His body shivered against hers as he fought to absorb the pain of his punishment.

“Poor Tommy, is the pretty lady making your bottom sore? You poor child, let mummy take care of you. It will all be over soon sweetheart.”

Francis could not believe that she could feel so thrilled as the young boy was subjected to such a severe strapping. She felt her body tremble as she became aware of gentle fingers against her thighs. She blushed as she realised that Shareema was carefully unbuttoning the front of her dress. She could feel herself blush again, as she realised that her tunic was now fully open from her knees to her waist.

She moved her hips forward in an attempt to hide her nakedness from the assembled staff and visitors. Suddenly she felt Shareema press the boy’s penis against the soft and sensitive flesh of her pubis. She shivered in sensation as cleverly Shareema began to rub the very tip of his penis against the sensitive hood of her clitoris.

She shivered with the acute stimulation to her body as she watched the strap fall against the boy’s spread-eagled body. She could not help pressing her hips forward as she held the young boy close to her.

Francis could hardly contain her excitement as Shareema expertly encouraged her sexual arousal. She whispered to the young boy. “There baby Tommy. Does it hurt sweetheart, never mind… mummy will kiss it all better when this is over.”

She could feel the boy shiver and shake as she held him to her. The sensation between her legs was almost overwhelming as she felt Shareema deftly rub the tip of his penis over and over her sensitive and aroused flesh. She could feel that her clitoris had stiffened and become exposed. She was also aware that the lips of her labia had become moist with desire. She knew that she was helpless under the expert and relentless sexual stimulation of Shareema’s delicate touch.

Shareema watched from between the boy’s legs as the strap fell yet again. The leather was licking around the inside of his thighs as she began to manipulate the boy more firmly. She knew that his anguish was not just from the strapping but also from her callous stimulation of his penis, which she knew would have become almost agonisingly ultra sensitive after his prolonged ejaculation.

In a deft and almost callous manner, she slipped the head of his penis up and down, along the plump lips of the young solicitors labia. She pushed the penis up and forward, letting the urethral opening of the penis envelop the stiffened nub of the girl’s exposed clitoris.

Even as the stokes of the strap fell across his legs and buttocks Shareema could sense that his penis was beginning to erect once more, from the plump and turgid state of post ejaculation, to a rigid and vibrant shaft of flesh. She slipped the foreskin up and down in a rapid motion as she let the tip tease and stimulate the young girl’s clitoris.

Shareema could sense a shiver of pleasure emanate from Francis. Nonchalantly she took one hand away from the boy and slid her delicate fingers upwards between Francis hope’s firm thighs. Impulsively she let her fingertips trail between the plump lips of her sex. She felt the girl immediately shiver in response as she teased her.

Shareema could also feel that the boy’s penis was beginning to pulse. She began to increase the rapidity of her strokes, her delicate fingers deftly stimulating the head of his penis in a flurry of motion.

Suddenly she heard the clear well-bred voice of her daughter.

“I think his things are moving mummy, I think that they are drawing up just like they did before.”

Shareema smiled to herself as she increased the pressure upon the tip of his penis by rubbing it in a series of quick motions over the firm nub of Francis’s clitoris. She knew that neither the boy or Miss hope would be able to ignore this intense stimulation to their aroused genitalia.

As the sixteenth stroke fell across the backs of his legs, Francis realised that she could not help the overwhelming feeling of her impending orgasm. She knew that she would not be able to withstand the onslaught to her senses any longer. She looked at Mika Tan and spoke, her voice carrying clearly above the wretched screams and sobs of the young boy.

“Yes please, all of them on the bottom please.”


The boy reared his head as the strap struck again. He cried out in torment not just from the pain, but also from the intense sexual encouragement that he was receiving from Mrs Varna and her daughter. The pain seemed to intensify and promote his feeling of sexual abandonment. He knew that he was at the point of no return. He could not control the high frequency shivers that ran through his body. He felt his muscles begin to tighten.


Shareema thrilled as she felt his body tremble in such an exquisite manifestation of pain and pleasure. She pressed the tip of his penis firmly against the nub of the girl’s erected flesh, which seemed to be quivering in anticipation of her attention. Cruelly she began to rotate the tip of his penis against the hardened core as her fingers flew over his flesh. She was well aware that this was a torturous sensation for any young boy, never mind a boy so young and sexually naïve as Tommy.

Francis could feel her face flush in embarrassment as she realised that she was about to experience an orgasm. She knew that it was inevitable and irrevocable. Her base instincts won the day as she added to her pleasure by whispering to the young boy as he shivered and shook in her arms.

“Poor bare Tommy, fancy having to have a pretty lady spank your bottom so severely. Poor baby, shall I kiss it better when this is all over Tommy… mmm?”

Shareema listened to her words in delight as her fingers flew over the tender rim of the boy’s glans penis. She could feel the solid organ throb violently between her fingers as she saw the strap raised for the twentieth time. She looked over her shoulder to Claire and saw that she was well prepared for her role. She was already standing to the side of the frame, studiously holding her hand up in the air to stop the glistening lubricant from spilling from her two extended fingers.

Shareema allowed herself the release of pleasure that ran through her loins as she intensified her merciless stimulation of the young boy’s genitals.


The leather strap bit into the centre of the Tommy’s buttocks. It seemed to him, as if the strap was propelling something deep inside him. It was if it had instigated a sexual volcano over which he had no control.

He began to ejaculate helplessly, his emotions so tormented and anguished that he could not tell pain from pleasure. His young body had been relentlessly and remorselessly plundered of every vestige of his naïve emotions. The pain and the pleasure seemed to mingle together as he reared his head and cried out in an overwhelming manifestation of deep and tormented emotion.

Francis was similarly moved as she allowed her climax to pervade her young body. She could feel the hot jets of the young boy’s semen splash against the flat of her tummy. She could not help squeezing her legs together in a pure and unrestrained culmination of her pent-up desires.

“Poor baby, did it hurt darling… never mind. Little boys have to have their bottoms spanked if they are to be good little boys.”

She could feel his penis throbbing and spurting against her naked flesh as she watched Shareema’s young daughter bend daintily behind the boy’s widely stretched legs. The young girl showed no hesitation as she slipped her hand between the cheeks of his buttocks. She seemed to linger for a moment as her fingertips toyed with his sphincter – and then suddenly her hand moved smoothly upwards, disappearing between the pliant mounds of tortured flesh.

Francis felt the boy shudder as his sphincter was penetrated. His penis seemed to thrust against her as jets of semen erupted from the tip and splattered against her. Suddenly she felt his penis being forced downwards between her legs. Her eyes opened wide in shock as Shareema slipped the throbbing organ between the lips of her labia.

Francis could not help her base emotions coming to the fore, as she let herself engulf the young boy’s penis deep inside her. She squeezed her legs together in sheer orgasmic delight as his throbbing organ filled her. Yet even with this intensity of exquisite fulfilment, she was able to goad the boy’s delicate emotions.

“There we are baby, it’s all over now. Poor Tommy is your little bottom sore?”

She squeezed her thighs together sensuously, feeling the boy still spurting violently within her as she held him captive.

There, there, Tommy. Let mummy make it all better for you.”

Tommy could not countenance or analyse the sensations he was feeling. He knew that he was ejaculating wildly and yet was helpless within the throes of his sexual climax.

He did not know whether his strapping was over or what was happening to him. He had had no experience to deal with the expert and ruthless plundering of his emotions. Each new sensation seemed to eclipse the last. He shivered and shook as he ejaculated helplessly, his body in a state of sheer abandonment.


It was on the evening of the third day after the young boy’s strapping that Shareema arrived home from the hospital with her daughter Julie. As they sat facing each other on the deep cushioned couches in their sitting room, Shareema began to ascertain the facts of her daughter’s adventures.

“I should have taken more care mummy. But I was with Roger from college. Anyway, you know what a dweeb he can be. We were making love in the long grasses, you know by the Kuantan Road.” Shareema raised her eyebrow at her daughter.

Julie looked indignant and continued. “You know how pent-up I get sometimes. Well I was riding Roger…” she paused and looked at her mother.

“Look, don’t keep raising your eyebrow. You must know that I use the boys at college sometimes. I can’t always keep running to the girls for a massage, especially when I am at college all week. Now are you going to listen to me or not?”

Julie gave her another look of indignation and Shareema felt herself laughing at her eldest daughter. She knew very well that Julie had inherited her own delicious sexual predilections and appetite.

“Alright Julie, tell your story, but there is more hanging on this than you know!”

Julie looked intrigued but carried on.

“Well where was I… oh yes I was riding Roger.” She giggled mischievously. “I warned him not to come too soon… and well he let me down. I was so cross with him that I squeezed his balls.” She looked at her mother again.

“Don’t look so shocked. I squeezed his testicles… is that better? Anyway I must have hurt him, because he got really cross. So to cut a long story short… I got up really quickly and threw his clothes and shoes into the grass and ran before he had time to do anything. I just didn’t realise how close I was to the road. You can’t see through the grasses – and there I was, suddenly in the middle of the road with no panties on and a lorry coming. That’s the last I remember until I woke up in hospital.”

Julie looked suddenly serious and contrite.

“I am so sorry mother if I caused you a lot of anxiety. You know I wouldn’t hurt or worry you deliberately. I didn’t really remember much until last night in the hospital – and then it all suddenly came back to me. I am so sorry to have caused you distress.”

Shareema softened her heart to her daughter. She smiled at the beautiful young girl as she spoke.

“I know sweetheart, but let me tell you my story.”

Shareema talked long into the night. She spared no detail. Even including her rather intriguing and expert enticement of Francis Hope. Julie had responded with avid questions about the young American boy. She had not disguised her prurient interest and had relished the description of his perfect good looks and physique.

“Well Julie, I will go and see him first thing tomorrow morning. After that it may be too late to do anything for him, as they will probably release him sometime during the day. I saw him yesterday and his skin looked to be healing nicely. What is done is done, but if we can do something for him, then I will offer.”

Shareema pre-empted her daughter’s next question. “No I will go on my own before you ask. But if possible I will bring him back to spend a few days with us. I would like you to be here for your sisters when they get home from college. If he agrees to come back with me, then I will ring you so that you can warn the staff and your sisters. How’s that?”

Julie nodded her assent as she got up and headed towards her bedroom.


“Come along Tommy let’s have you laid on your front now.” Doctor Vickie Turner watched the young American boy blush as she stripped the single sheet from his body before he could protest. She turned her head away, seemingly to alleviate his embarrassment as he turned over on to his front.

She bent over him as he lay naked, face down upon the bed. Although his skin showed many marks, there were none of the raised welts that she had observed after his strapping.

She smoothed her fingertips over his legs and then up over his upturned bottom, feeling him shiver as she teased him. She had teased him constantly, as well as milking his penis several times over the previous day. In fact, since his punishment, she had been looking forward to milking him as soon as his skin had healed sufficiently so that he could be laid upon his back.

To her delight, Pia and Anis had discovered that he had had an erection as he had woken up the previous morning. They had immediately marched him to the gynaecological chair in ward two had had fastened him to the stirrups before he had realised what was happening.

Doctor Vickie Turner savoured the moment that she had walked into the examination ward and looked down upon his prostrated naked body. She knew that her words had belittled him and embarrassed him so deeply that he had blushed his way through the entire procedure.

“Well, Tommy. I am ashamed of you. I would have thought that you would have learned your lesson after all that has happened to you. Fancy embarrassing my young nurses so! Showing off your little penis in such a blatant fashion! I am afraid that you will have to have your testes thoroughly drained… and upon a regular basis. I will also have to report your behaviour to the Prison Governor.”

She had informed Atikah over the intercom and waited until the young governor had arrived. Between them they had milked him so comprehensively that he had almost fainted away. Both Vickie and Atikah had prodded and goaded his young senses, enjoying every second of his sexual torment without any feelings of guilt or remorse.

Now, as Doctor Vickie Turner appraised the contours of the beautiful young boy, she felt a thrill run through her slender frame, delighted with the sight of his pale young body and his blushing face.

“Right Tommy, let’s have you up on your hands and knees… there that’s the way. Just spread your knees a little wider. Now go down on to your elbows until your chest is flat on the bed… there we are. What a good little boy you are.”

Vickie took great delight in positioning the young boy until she was satisfied. She knew that he was utterly embarrassed by the ignominy of his posture. His genitals hung freely and easily accessible between his widely spread legs. His buttocks were spread apart and Vickie could see the neatly puckered star of his sphincter as she reached for a tube of lubricant.

One might think that Tommy would have become acclimatised to his nakedness – even perhaps to the procedures that had been applied to his young body. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Doctor Vickie Turner and her staff had ensured that Tommy was never able to distance himself from any of their ministrations. Vickie was consummately skilled in the subjugation and humiliation of her prisoners. She took great pleasure in subjecting them to the most embarrassing and shameful situations. To have such a beautiful young boy under her charge thrilled her completely.

She had kept the young American boy totally off-balance, his blushing face always looking to her anxiously as she instigated another embarrassing procedure.

When Governor Sumalie had informed her that Mrs Varna would be visiting the boy and taking him back to her home. Vickie had decided to further embarrass the young boy before he was released from under her charge.

“Are you comfortable Tommy?” She ruffled his hair as she held the tube of lubricant so that it was within his view. She watched his face blush to a deep shade of red as she bent low so that her face was close to his. “I am just going to lubricate your little bottom so that I can take your temperature. Promise me you will keep still sweetie!”

Vickie thrilled as she saw him blush to a deeper shade of red. She stroked her hand over his back, letting her fingers gently trail over his skin as they smoothed their way to his upturned buttocks.

“Deep breaths now sweetheart.” She uncapped the lubricant and smeared the gel over her fingers, sensuously coating them as she leaned forward.

“Just relax, there we are… let your muscles go slack so that I can penetrate your bottom properly.”

Tommy inhaled deeply as he felt her fingers press against the cheeks of his bottom. He shivered as her fingertips teased the entrance to his sphincter.

“Ooooh… oooOOOH.”

His response delighted Vickie as she slipped two fingers up through the neatly puckered stricture. “There we are! Now try and keep still for me.” Her fingers probed deeper as she felt for the pliant mound of his prostate gland. She saw his whole body stiffen as she prodded it gently.

“Just a little more… then I think we can pop the thermometer in.” She let her fingers roam freely inside him as she looked over to the medical trolley.

Vickie thrilled as she saw the metal and glass thermometer lying in the kidney shaped dish upon the surface of the trolley. She had no idea where the thermometer had originated, or its possible intended purpose. She had found it when she had first come to the prison. The supply cupboards had required an inventory and she had diligently removed everything from the shelves as well as the many boxes of supplies that had looked like they had not been opened for years.

At the very bottom of one of the boxes she had found the rather curious antique looking thermometer. Vickie had carefully examined the heavy metal covered glass device. The round bowl of the gauge was about one and three-quarter inches in diameter. The bowl narrowed to a long spherical gauge of about eight inches in length. It was entirely encased in metal, save for a quarter of an inch wide slit, which allowed the toughened glass to show through. The mercury was dyed a deep red making the level extremely easy to read.

Having cleaned up the chromium plate – and tested the thermometer’s accuracy, Vickie had used it on every possible occasion, delighting in the gasps and groans as she inserted it into the rectal or vaginal openings of her prisoner patients.

She swirled her fingers around the boy’s prostate gland before gently extricating her hand from between his widely spread cheeks. She heard him gasp as her knuckles passed backwards through his sphincter.

“Right Tommy, I will just coat the thermometer and then we’ll be ready.”

Tommy was laid with his head turned to his right, his cheek resting upon his hands. He could feel the heat from his face as the doctor came into his view. He almost balked as he saw her pick up the large bulbous ended thermometer. He could not take his eyes away from her hands as she began to coat the shining chromium plated ball. It seemed to Tommy that the device was far too large to fit into his bottom. She was holding the long stem firmly in one hand, the fingers of her other hand seemed to mesmerise him as she sensuously smoothed the lubricant around and around the large diameter of the ball.

Vickie was well aware of the boy’s attention as she bent low and looked into his eyes. “You will promise me that you will relax your bottom, won’t you Tommy?”

Tommy could hardly speak as she held the thermometer closer to him. She was almost taunting him with it, as he lay upon his chest, his bottom raised high in the air above his widely spread thighs.

Vickie moved to the intercom upon the wall and pressed the button with her elbow. “Pia and Anis to room one, please!” She smiled at the young boy as she moved behind his widely spread thighs. His penis and testicles hung down below the apex, allowing her to observe any sexual reaction.

She looked over her shoulder as the two nurses appeared almost instantly. She spoke clearly so that Tommy would hear her every word.

“I would like his bottom cheeks stretched nice and wide please girls. Oh and Pia, if you would reach underneath him and hold his penis while Anis holds his testicles. Sometimes little boys react to having their little bottoms penetrated with this particular thermometer.”

Tommy raised his head in shock as suddenly his buttocks were stretched widely apart. He could feel the delicate fingers of the young girls as they reached beneath him and suddenly grasped his penis and testicles. Try as he might he could not stifle a moan of protest as they held him firmly.

“Oh… please, erm it’s too big… oooOOH.”

Tommy cried out as the bulbous end of the thermometer was pressed firmly against his sphincter. He shivered as he felt the cold metal begin to penetrate the opening to his bottom.

“Oh… please nooooo!”

His cries went unheeded as the ball of metal and glass forced the flesh apart, slowly penetrating the very core of his being. He felt as if his bottom was being stretched wider and wider. The bowl of the thermometer continued its inexorable journey. The ring of the sphincter was seemingly trying to evade the cruel incursion as he gasped and groaned in utter distress.

“Keep your bottom fully relaxed now Tommy. Take deep breaths please. Come along now, in… out… in… out… there, that’s the way.”

Tommy gasped and groaned trying his best to breathe as instructed. It seemed as if his bottom would stretch no further when, suddenly, the bowl seemed to propel itself upwards into his bottom as the sphincter closed over the device.

“Ooooh… hoooo!” Tommy cried out in distress, trying to come to terms with the sudden fullness inside his bottom.

“There we are. My, my, so much fuss over having your little bottom penetrated. Now stay still while I adjust it.”

Vickie watched as Pia and Anis let go of the boy’s buttocks and genitalia. Pia smiled, almost giggling as she gestured towards his penis. The flesh had become full and turgid and Vickie delightedly reached between his legs and slipped her fingers around the shaft. Deftly she retracted his foreskin, feeling for a response as she carefully orientated the thermometer until she was sure that the bowl was pressing against his prostate gland.

“Well Tommy, I really don’t know what all the fuss was about. Now try and keep still while I check you over.”

She increased the strength of her grip around the base of his penis and quickly slipped the foreskin up and down the shaft in a series of rapid movements.

“Is there any sensation here? Any pain or discomfort?”

Tommy blushed profusely as he felt his penis begin to throb in response to her skilful manipulation.

“Oh… erm it erm feels erm… oooOH.” Tommy gasped as he felt her fingers squeeze the very tip of his penis – and at the same time his scrotum being grasped firmly.

Vickie nonchalantly manipulated the boy until his penis was throbbing with such vigour that she knew that he was near to ejaculating. She took her hands away from him and stood back. She was delighted to see that the boy’s face had turned to a bright shade of crimson. How embarrassing for him, she thought. To be knelt upon the examination couch with his bottom thrust high in the air and his thighs spread wide, displaying a full and throbbing erection.

“Right Tommy, stay like that until I am ready to read your temperature. You are having a visit today from Mrs Varna and your solicitor Miss Hope. I am not sure what time they will be arriving. So the sooner I can get you finished up here and get you milked of your semen, the better. I am sure that Miss Hope will want to examine your bottom… and it would be rather embarrassing for you if your penis was still erect, now wouldn’t it!”

She watched the boy blush to an even deeper shade of crimson as she observed his naked body. His chest was pressed to the surface of the bed. His spine was dipped in an arc as it rose towards his buttocks, which were thrust upwards above his widely splayed thighs. At least six inches of the thermometer protruded from between the cheeks of his bottom. His penis was jutting forward beneath him, clearly visible, either from the side… or from the rear.

Surely, Vickie thought, there could be no position more embarrassing for a young boy! She looked at her watch and smiled to herself as she heard footsteps approaching the ward.

“Now push your bottom up as high as you can Tommy, I don’t want the gauge slipping out of position.”

Tommy blushed and groaned in his misery. He could feel the pressure of the thermometer deep within his bottom. It felt so firmly lodged that he was quite sure that it would not move.

He suddenly shivered, as at first he heard voices from the corridor – and then footsteps upon the tiled floor of the ward. He blushed profusely as the doctor spoke.

“Oh Governor Sumalie… you’ve brought Mrs Varna… and Miss Hope. How nice to see you both. I didn’t know what time you would be coming. I was hoping to have Tommy checked over before you got here. I am afraid it will be another ten minutes before the thermometer has registered properly.”

Mrs Varna’s voice was quite casual although she had a mischievous look in her eye; observing the boy’s ignominious position as she replied.

“Don’t worry doctor. The boy is in a perfect position for Miss Hope to examine his bottom and I need to talk to him. So if I could have a chair please!”

Tommy shivered in shame as he felt gentle fingers stroke over his buttocks and the soft voice of Miss Hope.

“Hello Tommy. I am just going to examine your bottom. It really seems to have healed very well. Just keep still for me while I have a look at you.”

Tommy felt his whole face burning with shame as Miss Hope’s hands began to explore his bottom and in-between his thighs.

Francis paused as she stoked her fingers gently over the marks upon the cheeks of his bottom. She could feel the boy shiver in shame as she ran her fingers down over the inner flesh of his thighs and up underneath him. She saw that his penis was thrusting forward as she bent lower. She casually let her fingers trail over the tightened skin of his plump scrotum as she reached for the shaft of his penis. Her voice showed no trace of her sexual excitement as she addressed the young doctor.

“You seem to have done an excellent job, Doctor. His penis seems to be erect, is that caused by the size of the thermometer? I don’t think I have ever seen one quite so large.”

Vickie almost giggled as she caught the doublé entendre. “Possibly… the bowl is quite wide in diameter and will be pressing against his prostate gland. Mind you, little boys have very poor control over their emotions.”

Tommy blushed again at the doctor’s humiliating pronouncement. He saw that Mrs Varna was pulling up a chair to the side of the bed. He could not help looking at her as she seated herself and leaned forward so that her beautiful face was close to his. Her expression was one of compassion as she laid her hand gently upon his cheek. He was completely mesmerised by her beauty and utterly overwhelmed by the look of tenderness upon her face. Her voice was soft and beguiling as she spoke to him.

“Now Tommy. It transpires that I have done you a terrible injustice. The facts only became clear to me yesterday afternoon… and so I have come to apologise to you – and to thank you for attending my daughter at the roadside. I want to take you home with me so that I can try and alleviate some of the physical injustices that have been wrought upon you. I cannot change what has happened, but I can try and make some amends.” She stroked his cheek gently and looked deep into his eyes.

“Early this morning, I had your car and your personal belongings transported to my house. You would be my guest until your poor little bottom and legs have healed completely.”

Tommy was suddenly overcome with emotion. It was as if his reserves of fortitude had suddenly dissipated. He could not hold the tears back as he looked into the beautiful and compassionate face of Mrs Varna. He shivered as her delicate fingers brushed away the tears from his cheeks.

He heard the doctor address her. “I am sure that Miss Hope will agree with me; that it is in the boy’s best interest for him to be properly cared for… both physically and emotionally. Therefore I will make a medical supervision order for a period of not less than fourteen days. This will give you full authority over him. It will authorise you to supervise and administer any treatment you seem fit for his benefit.”

Mrs Varna looked up at the young doctor and gave her a rather conspiring look. The doctor continued. “Will you retain Miss Hope to look after his interests?”

Mrs Varna looked across at Francis Hope. “Will that be alright with you Miss Hope… if I retain you for another two weeks? It would require that you visit him daily.”

Francis felt a thrill run through her body as she thought of the prospect. She smoothed her hand gently over the young boy’s buttocks as she replied. “Oh yes Mrs Varna, I am sure that what the doctor has suggested is in the best interests of my client.”


It was seven o’clock in the evening before Aini and Aisah finally laid the boy gently upon his back. They had massaged his buttocks and his thighs almost constantly for the last five hours. Only breaking off from their ministrations to feed him. His naïve sensibilities had not been immune to the embarrassment of such an intimate and soothing massage. He blushed to a deep shade of red as he looked down at his erect penis, which was standing upward from between his thighs.

The girls seemed totally unperturbed by his erection. Aisah gently stroked her fingers over his jaw line, letting her hand trail down to his chest and on to his stomach. She looked at him enquiringly, raising her eyebrow as she wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft of his penis.

“Well, well Master Tommy, you are such an impetuous little boy aren’t you. Have you been uncomfortable while you have been laid upon this?” She squeezed the shaft as she slipped the foreskin down over the head of the glans penis.

Aini looked at him slyly as she bent and kissed him softly upon the lips. “I think that some provision has been made for this kind of occasion. Please lie still while I inform Mrs Varna.”

Tommy felt himself blushing profusely as Aini left the room. He looked towards Aisah who was nonchalantly sliding her fingers up and down the shaft of his penis. Tommy felt his penis suddenly throb as the sexual tensions of the afternoon sought their release.

Suddenly he felt her pinch the tip of his penis between her finger and thumb – and then quickly cup her hands around his scrotum, pulling his testicles downwards in a deft movement.

He gasped as she admonished him.

“Naughty boy! Now try and keep still!”

Tommy blushed again just as Aini and Mrs Varna entered the room. He was acutely aware of his erection thrusting upwards from between his legs. He was about to try and cover himself as Mrs Varna moved to his side and leaned over him, her lips only inches from his, as her breasts pressed against his chest. Even through the fine silk of the sari that she was wearing, he could feel the hardened nubs of her nipples score over his chest. Her face looked beautiful as she whispered softly to him.

“Poor Tommy, poor bare Tommy. You have been through the wars, haven’t you? And it has all been through you being a little hero. Well Julie wants to thank you personally… very personally.” She leaned back and nodded to Aini and Aisah, waiting, as they took his arms and stretched them out on the bed above his head. Tommy hardly noticed that the two young maids had retained a gentle hold upon his wrists.

Shareema thought that the boy seemed so innocent as he looked up at her helplessly, his young face blushing to a deep shade of red. Well, she thought, he is about to experience something that will certainly expand his limited sexual horizons.

She saw him suddenly look towards the end of the bed as her two youngest daughters came into view.

Tommy looked at the girls as they approached him, their shoulders pressed together as they stood side by side. They were dressed, as he had last seen them. Their white shirts and ties, tucked into short pleated skirts, their thighs almost completely bare.

They moved apart as they each placed their hands upon his ankles. As they moved apart Tommy saw the naked body of the young girl who had been standing behind them. He recognised her instantly, knowing that he had last seen her unconscious upon the roadside of the Kuantan road. Tommy blushed. He could see that she was breathtakingly beautiful, but still tried to avert his eyes from her naked body.

She moved around her sister and stood by the side of the bed, next to her mother. Tommy was so embarrassed by her nakedness that he tried to turn his head away as she looked down at him.

As her mother moved away from the bed, Julie moved closer and placed her slender fingers against his cheek. “Look at me Tommy. I probably owe you my life. I am going to kiss you. Don’t try and look away, this is very important to me.”

Tommy felt his cheeks begin to burn as she turned his head towards her. He suddenly felt her firm breasts press against his chest as she leaned over him. Her hands pressed against each of his burning cheeks. In a symbolic, almost ritualistic gesture, she lowered her head. He gasped as her beautiful lips touched his. Her whisper stirred him deeply.

“Let me love you Tommy. I want to let you feel as I do.” Her eyes looked into his as she pressed her mouth against him. Her lips parted as she slipped her tongue fully into his mouth.

Tommy felt his body shiver in sheer abandonment as the girl kissed him deeply. Her breasts moved sensuously against his chest as she stifled his rapturous breath.

It was a moment in time that had Tommy spellbound. A kiss of love and affection that was so exquisite that time stood still.

He gasped for breath as she eventually released him. She could see that the young boy could hardly focus. His look was one of wonderment as she smiled softly. She felt her body tingle with excitement as she placed her knee upon the bed.

In one graceful and athletic movement she had straddled his naked body. She looked down at him as he suddenly shivered in shock. She knew that her mother had taken hold of his penis and could feel her gently searching between her legs with the tip.

With a delicious sigh she allowed her hips to move downwards, shivering with pleasure as she engulfed him. The plump lips of her sex slid down over the shaft of his penis. Gently – and with exquisite care and pleasure, she allowed it to penetrate her fully.

She had observed every nuance of his facial expressions as she welcomed his penis inside her. His innocence and naivety delighted her. His open mouth as he gasped in pleasure, his rapturous breath as she engulfed him fully. Her delight knew no bounds as she began to move sinuously against him. She knew that it would be impossible for him to last long before he ejaculated. His expression of wonderment and bewilderment excited her so much that she could already feel herself flooding with a beautiful and rare intense pleasure.

She rode him expertly. Her movements were not overt or hurried; instead she moved her body sinuously, her hips almost snake-like, as she seemingly sucked his penis deeper and deeper within her.

She watched his face in delight as he suddenly gasped, his eyes opening wide as he looked at her helplessly. Her voice was soft and richly fruity as she whispered to him.

“Good boy, let yourself go, sweetheart.”

She felt the delicious prodding inside her as he ejaculated violently. She could not believe how wonderful the young boy made her feel. She squeezed against him, feeling her own orgasm overtake her. She knew that her feelings and sensations were far deeper than she had anticipated. She moved against him as if she was milking him of every vestige of his essence. It was a luscious and delectable experience, totally and profoundly fulfilling!

Tommy lay in wonderment. The exquisite sexual sensations had left him breathless and yet it was the feeling of love and care that he had experienced underneath the slender body of the young girl that had moved him so deeply.

He saw the young girls close in on his naked body as Julie left him. Their hands seemed to be everywhere upon him, bathing and soothing him as he lay prostrated beneath them. He closed his eyes allowing his body to be soothed and cajoled by their gentle touch.

It was probably ten minutes before he felt Julie straddle his body again. He opened his eyes to see that she was looking down at him. He gasped as she leaned forward, again her lips closing over his as she kissed him deeply.

He could feel gentle hands caressing the inner flesh of his thighs – and then without warning he felt his penis and testicles being grasped firmly. He shivered as he felt his foreskin being fully retracted and his testicles squeezed firmly. At the same time there seemed to be an incredible stimulus against the very tip of his penis. He could not help the deep shudder that ran through his body as he watched the naked girl raise her body from his… and sit back against his hips. It seemed as if a thousand fingers were caressing his penis as the girl sat down upon him until he was totally engulfed deep within her.

He felt his wrists and ankles being gripped firmly as she looked down at him.

He could feel his cheeks begin to burn with embarrassment as she looked into his eyes and spoke softly to him. “Be a good boy and lie still while I milk your little penis for you. Does that feel nice sweetie?”

Julie could not help the sudden thrill she felt as she began to move her hips, gently milking the firm shaft that had been skilfully inserted into her by her mother. She knew that these feelings were far more profound than anything she had experienced before. Perhaps it was the wide-eyed innocence of the young boy, or perhaps, the delicious feeling of dominance over him. She did not care to dwell upon it as she worked her hips in a skilful dance of pleasure.

She took great delight watching his face and tailoring her movements to produce the maximum sexual sensation upon his virgin body. The shaft of his penis seemed as firm as ever and she wondered how long he would be able to endure her skilful torment before he ejaculated.

She placed her hands over his nipples and began to tease them gently as she sinuously rocked her hips backwards and forwards, milking his penis in a slow and enticing rhythm.

“Good boy, Tommy. Just lie still now. I am going to milk your little penis until you are forced to ejaculate. What a good little boy you are!”

Julie was in heaven as she squeezed and milked his succulently engorged flesh. She had prolonged the onset of her orgasm as long as she could. She turned to her mother and nodded before looking back down at the young boy beneath her. She was not surprised as his eyes suddenly flew open and he gasped in shock.

She knew that her mother had inserted her hand between the cheeks of his bottom and had slipped a lubricated finger up through his sphincter. She clinically observed his look of anguish as she deepened the movement of her hips. She was delighted as she felt his body become suddenly rigid. His sinews seemed to be stretched tight as she callously squeezed his nipples. The boy gave no further warning of his ejaculation as he looked at her. His wide-eyed expression was a testament to the overwhelming sensations that his body had been subjected to.

“Good boy Tommy. Keep still now, while I milk your little penis for you.”

Julie saw him blush even as he began to ejaculate. His innocent face was wreathed in torment as his penis spurted deep within her. She was in heaven as she prolonged her orgasm. She bent low pushing her pubic bone against the underside of his penis as she moved against him. She could hear his indrawn breath hiss through his teeth as she stimulated him to the point of anguish.

Suddenly his body seemed to deflate and his head lolled to the side. His breath was ragged in his throat, as he succumbed to sexual exhaustion.

She stoked her hand against his cheek, feeling the heat from his flushed and blushing face. “There sweetie. Just rest for a little while.”

Shareema watched as her two youngest daughters and her maids attended to Tommy. She had choreographed the taking of his virginity perfectly. Now, she hoped, she was to reveal to him something about himself. A self-truth that she hoped she had divined correctly!

She walked into the bathroom, seeing her daughter sat at the dressing table brushing her hair. Julie was freshly showered and had powdered her slender young body. The powder contained a sparkle, which made her firm breasts seem to shimmer in the reflection of the mirror.

Shareema bent over her and kissed her on the cheek. “What do you think of our little American boy Julie, he’s quite something isn’t he!”

Julie turned away from the mirror so that she could look into her mother’s face. “You know mummy… he is just beautiful. I love his innocence and just love tormenting him. You could tell that he has never really known a girl before. Do you really think he will respond like you said? I mean when you do what you are going to do to him!”

Shareema looked seriously at her beautiful daughter. “I honestly believe that he will… and I think that it is time we found out.”

It was a few moments later that Julie approached the young boy. Aini and Aisah were holding his wrists lightly as they stretched out behind his head, while Claire and Jane had their hands resting gently upon his ankles at opposite corners of the bed.

Julie could see that his penis was quite flaccid and lay almost curled up upon his pubis. She thrilled as she saw the timid expression upon his face as she bent over him. It was obvious that he was apprehensive about what was to happen next. She didn’t speak to him. Instead she bent her head and placed her lips gently against his. She teased open his lips with her tongue, before thrusting it deep into his mouth. She could feel a tremor run wildly through his body as she kissed him intimately. Her breasts pressed firmly against his chest as she reached down, her hand caressing him gently as she nonchalantly took hold of his penis. She could feel the tremor in his body become more pronounced as she squeezed the captive flesh.

Gently she coaxed his penis into life, batting it gently to and fro with the tips of her fingers, before squeezing it firmly. She allowed him to breathe as she lifted her lips from his and whispered to him. “Now sweetie, I am going to make your little penis squirt for me. So be a good boy and lie still.” She kissed him gently on the lips, seeing the rapturous look in his eyes.

She quickly straddled him and reached forward until she could stroke her hands over his nipples. She brushed them lightly with her fingertips as she watched his face. His sudden grimace told her that his penis had been firmly taken in hand. She raised her bottom slightly, waiting for the feel of his penis against her labia.

Shareema allowed the sudden stab of pleasure to wend its way through her body as she nonchalantly slipped the boys foreskin down the shaft of his penis. He was erecting, but with nothing like the same vigour as previously. She applied the flat of her palm to the tip of his penis, watching his hips buck at the intense sensation. Shareema casually stretched the foreskin even further back and ran her fingernails gently around the corona. Again the boy bucked in protest as she callously stimulated him.

She pulled the shaft forward and began to tease the tip against the plump lips of her daughter’s vagina. She watched as Julie gently lowered her bottom, allowing the boy’s penis to slide up into her.

As her daughter began to move her body sinuously against the young boy’s hips, Shareema reached down beneath the bed. She brought forth a hardwood paddle. The paddle was shaped into an elongated oval with a short handle at one end. The hardwood was extremely thin, but Shareema knew that its sting could be infernal if aptly used.

She stood back from the bed and watched as her daughter skilfully rode the young boy. Shareema thought that they both looked divine. She could hear the boy’s gasps of pleasure as Julie varied the snake-like movement of her hips.

Her words deliberately goaded the boy’s senses. “Well sweetheart are you going to squirt your little penis for me? I want you to give me nice big squirts now!”

Shareema could see that the boy, although obviously very aroused, was certainly not ready to ejaculate. She had made sure that she had prodded and probed his prostate gland thoroughly when he had last ejaculated.

“Now don’t be a naughty boy Tommy. You have to do as you are told!”

Shareema smiled to herself as she heard her daughter’s words. She turned to Claire and Jane and nodded to them. She stood back as they raised his legs, stretching them outwards to each side of the bed before moving forward, lifting his legs as they moved. Sharema could see that they were being careful not to unseat their older sister as she rode the boy.

Tommy was gasping and groaning as his bottom was raised from the bed. Julie had stretched her body along his torso, adjusting her hips so that she could be penetrated more deeply.

“My Tommy you are being a naughty boy. I shall have to have your bottom spanked.”

Her words were punctuated by the first sharp slap of the paddle against his upturned buttocks.


“Come along Tommy, nice big squirts now, while I have your little bottom spanked for you.”

“Schlapp… schlapp… schlapp… schlapp!”

Julie suddenly felt his penis begin to throb inside her. The shaft seemed to stiffen and pulse with renewed vigour. She quickly gestured to her mother, holding her finger and thumb together in a circle to indicate success. She could feel the boy begin to ejaculate, his face wreathed in anguished torment.

Shareema could not contain her emotions as she watched the boy arch his back as he ejaculated. There was no longer any doubt in her mind as she began to paddle his buttocks while he ejaculated helplessly. His mouth was wide open and he cried out in anguish as Julie expertly milked him with the rectilinear movement of her hips .

Julie’s voice was almost sardonic as she goaded him to greater effort. “Come along Tommy, let me have it all. This is what happens to naughty boys who are disobedient. I can see that I shall be taking you over my knees on a regular basis.”

“Schlapp… schlapp… schlapp!”

Julie looked down upon the boy as he threw back his head in torment. She could actually feel his penis throb violently inside her as he ejaculated until he was dry. She knew that he was mentally and physically exhausted. With huge delight, she let her orgasm take over her senses entirely.

Tommy awoke from a deep and peaceful sleep as Julie touched his cheek with her fingertips. He was covered by a single sheet and could feel the gentle warmth of the sun as it streamed in through the open jalousies. He looked up at her as she placed the cup beside the bed. He was mesmerised by her pretty face as she bent forward gracefully and kissed him full upon the lips.

“How are you feeling Tommy? You look well rested, did you sleep well?”

Tommy paused for a moment realising that he had slept very, very well. In fact he had never felt better.

“Oh yes erm… Miss, I slept very well.”

“Good! Do you mind if we have a little chat? I mean just the two of us here and now?”

Tommy nodded. He turned to his side as he realised that her kiss had suddenly stirred his emotions. He could feel his face blush as she looked at him intently.

“Don’t interrupt me, but listen to what I have to say and then think about it. Will you do that Tommy?”

Tommy felt his face flush, but nodded to her. He was aware that his penis had erected but thankfully, could not be seen as he was laid facing her. He blushed again as she suddenly sat on the edge of the bed. Her hips were suddenly only millimetres away from the tip of his penis.

“You are here for two whole weeks and we want you to be happy. You probably saved my life… and that gives us a special relationship, certainly on my part. You are a special young boy. You may not know it yet, but take my word for it that you are. We think that you need to be taken care of… in fact we think you need to be supervised. There are not many boys like you Tommy. You are special and need to be taken in hand. Firmly in hand.”

She stroked her fingers down his cheek. She could see him blush as he fidgeted under the sheet.

“I will leave you to think about it. Oh, one more thing. You are not permitted to play with your penis while you are in this house. Your erection will be taken care of!”

Tommy blushed profusely as the young girl got up from the bed and kissed his forehead before turning on her heels and leaving the room.

It was two and a half hours later that Tommy was being laid on his back by Aisah and Aini. They had brought him a light breakfast and left him to eat it. Some time later they had returned to strip the sheet from his naked body. They had turned him on to his front and inserted three suppositories up into his bottom.

Both girls had held his wrists firmly as they had marched him to the bathroom, where to his utter embarrassment they had made him sit upon the toilet, giving him no privacy while he defecated helplessly. They had giggled and fussed as they stood him in the bath while they bathed him. They had penetrated his bottom with soapy fingers, making him shudder as he was made to stand with his legs astride. His penis had remained erect throughout the whole demeaning procedure.

His massage had been no less embarrassing as the girls had kneaded and soothed every inch of his flesh.

Now as he lay upon his back, he had a sense of déjà vu. He looked down at his erect penis as the girls took his arms and stretched them back on the surface of the bed behind his head. They held him firmly.

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