This is a wife sharing, cuckold story. If you don’t like these kinds of stories then why in the hell are you reading it. If you want romantic stories then you need to be reading the stories in Romantic Encounters.

Tuesday morning, the second Tuesday under “Heather Rules,” I wake up smelling fresh bacon and eggs and hearing voices one of which is Heather’s.

By the time my eyes are able to focus, Heather is standing in the doorway naked, of course, with our ever faithful personal bellboy, Jason. I hear him tell her; “It’s a date; I’ll pick you up Thursday morning,” and then she kissed him on the lips. Flustered, Jason disappeared down the hall; Heather standing in the hall waving goodbye until Jason is on the elevator.

Heather turned and seeing me awake said, “I’m sorry, we didn’t mean to wake you but it’s just as well breakfast is getting cold.” I must have looked confused because Heather smirked and added, “I woke up early and ordered breakfast, I didn’t think you’d mind.”

Then the look on her face became very serious and she answered my unasked question with broken sentences, “Yes, I’m OK, it’s just that yesterday…I…but I think we both know….” Then a smile came over her face and her demeanor changed, “I’m a whore now and that’s just the way it’s going to be, at least while we’re in California.”

She next started to say something and then stopped. I think she was going to ask me if I was OK but then realized that my agreement to Heather’s Rules meant I did not get an opinion.

I just grunted and crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom.

The funny thing is I was alright with everything. Mentally, I knew I should have been pissed off and demanding that Heather stop this shit immediately but in all honesty I was not. I liked Heather this way; I liked being married to a whore. It made her more desirable to me somehow knowing I was getting for free what others were paying for and no matter what Heather would always be mine. Well, mine and Sy’s.

Heather, still naked, was sitting on the balcony munching on her breakfast when I joined her. “So, you probably gave poor Jason a heart attack when you greeted him at the door.” I said breaking the morning silence.

Heather just smiled, “Oh he was a little startled at first but he got over it quickly enough. It was so cute how he blushed and tried to pretend not to look while checking me out. He even asked me out on a date.” Heather said with a sly, smug, devilish look on her face.

“He did, did he?” I asked in mock indignation.

“Yep, he and some of his friends are going water skiing Thursday to celebrate one of the boy’s eighteenth birthday and Jason asked me to come along.” Heather answered. “I think it will be fun.”

“How many of his ‘friends’ are there going to be?” I queried.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask,” she answered. “Like you heard, Jason said he’d pick me up early Thursday morning since it’s a long trip to the lake and he’ll have me back later Thursday.”

I just raised my eyebrows and we changed the subject, deciding to have dinner and do some dancing tonight. After we finished breakfast, I barely had time to shower and get dressed for today’s class. What I really wanted is to have Heather’s pussy wrapped around the hardon I always seem to be sporting lately.

Heather saw me off by standing in the hallway, naked of course, until the elevator came.

In class, Don was a much happier man, smiling and giving me a high five when we met at the break. “Damn that whore was good. I fucked her three times; I never fuck anyone more than once before I fall asleep. The last time she let me cum in her pussy, god it felt so good, having her pussy wrapped around my bare cock the way god intended it to be. Cost me a helluva lot but it was worth every penny. Best piece of ass I ever had,” he exclaimed.

I felt a little embarrassed having another man talk about fucking my wife and her being a “whore” but that was nothing compared to how honored I felt to be married to a woman who could be so highly praised for her skills in the sack.

By the end of the day, I was starving and ready to get back to my wife and have a fun evening with just her and me. But then I had a thought and I almost let it pass but instead I pulled out my cell phone. Pulling out the card I had put in my wallet; I dialed the number and the voice on the other end answered and said, “Hello, this is David.”

“Hi, David, this is Larry, Heather’s husband. Listen, Heather is free tonight and I thought you might like to drift by and join us latter. Maybe for coffee and dessert and some dancing and maybe some fun after that,” I told him.

David, of course, was all for it. We arranged for it to look like a coincidence that David would run into us at the restaurant where I would invite him to join us and the rest will play out from there.

I knew it was insane but sanity left me a long time ago. I knew I was arranging for David to fuck my wife and that I should have been ashamed of myself but I was not.

I love Heather and I love letting other men fuck my wife. If you have a problem with that then FUCK OFF asshole!

Heather wanted to surprise me so I went to the restaurant and waited. I had just sat down when in walked the most beautiful redhead in the world even though everything about her screamed slut!

Heather’s hair was showy but tasteful. Her alabaster skin was perfectly polished giving her a radiant glow. Her makeup was heavier than normal but it was perfect from her ruby red lips, to her blush to her mascara.

The dress she was wearing was unbelievable. It was a tight fitting gold lame that just covered her breasts in the front, the shoulder straps crisscrossed in the back leaving her back bare almost to her butt. The hem ran to maybe two inches below her crotch showing off her sexy legs and a lot more than that if she was not careful. It was so form fitting that it was obvious she was not wearing anything underneath, as evidenced by her nipples standing out high and proud against the stretchy fabric.

Her breasts had that special jiggle I love watching when she moved.

Her matching Gold 5″ spike heel shoes finished of the outfit. And of course, the silver colored chain around her ankle denoting Heather’s indentured status.

Heather came to me and we kissed passionately, every eye in the room watching us.

Our waiter came to us, or should I say Heather, instantly. Heather started with some white wine; I, of course, stayed with my normal iced tea.

Heather was absolutely radiant and she knew it. She provided the waiter with an ample view of her almost bare tits and she even pretended to drop her napkin just so she could give him a close up look at her long legs and probably her bald pussy when he picked it up for her.

All through dinner, we laughed and talked and held hands and kissed the way lovers do when their love is new and fresh. Men stared at us, well Heather actually. She knew it; I knew it and we both loved it.

By her forth glass of wine, Heather had lost all inhibition and was very giddy. She was laughing almost constantly; causing her braless breasts to jiggle, fantastically, just the way I like. Our poor waiter had a devil of a time hiding his boner from the other patrons.

Practically on cue, David strolled by our table and even better, he caught Heather’s eye. Heather grabbed him immediately and even greeted him with an enthusiastic embrace and a sexy full kiss on the lips; telling him to join us. And of course he accepted.

Dessert was ordered. David ordered a cognac for himself and Heather; he offered me one but I declined. Between our waiter, David and me, Heather had the undivided attention of three very horny men. As we enjoyed our dessert, David kept Heather entertained by whispering compliments and dirty things into Heather’s ear. Heather giggled like a school girl and playfully swatted David on the hand pretending to be embarrassed.

David rested his hand on the bare inner thigh of Heather’s right leg and slowly rubbed it; pushing the hem of Heather’s short dress higher and higher up her leg. Neither Heather nor I did or said anything; we were both just enjoying the moment.

Heather was buzzed when we got up to leave so she was in a very good mood. She left David and me to go to the ladies room but not before giving both of us a kiss. On her way back to us I watched as she passed our waiter, whispered something to him making him smile and they immediately disappeared into the kitchen.

David went to get his car as I waited for Heather. Curiosity got the better of me so I went around to the back of the restaurant and in the shadows I could see Heather topless and on her knees; her right hand and mouth wrapped around our waiter’s cock and her left hand working the guy’s scrotum and balls.

Silently, I watched as my wife worked to bring this guy off. He had his hands on the back of her head; guiding her as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his hard pole. All too soon, the guy moaned and I watched as his ass contracted and he shot his hot semen into my slut wife’s mouth.

Once his contractions stopped, Heather stood up with her nasty mouth open so the guy could see his semen deposited there. She closed her mouth, swallowed and licked her lips before she opened her mouth again to show our waiter that his stuff was all gone.

About that time, I realized I probably should not have tipped him since I think Heather had given him a big enough tip already.

Still topless she made small talk with the waiter as he fondled her bare breasts and pinched and sucked her nipples. Now it was her turn to help him as she used her hands on the back of his head to guiding him in pleasuring her breasts.

His break ended far too soon for Heather and he went back into the restaurant a much happier man.

Heather waited until he was gone before she walked over to me. “I didn’t think you had seen me,” I told her as she stood in front of me still naked from the waist up. I took advantage of the opportunity to stroke her still wet nipples and fondle her bare breasts.

She just smiled before turning her back to me and asked me to, “Lace me up.”

I pulled the strings of the straps up to her shoulders, recovering her breasts, tightened the laces crisscrossing her back and retied the ends. With Heather decent again we were ready to find David and leave for more fun.

David took us to a dance club and for the next couple of hours Heather danced with us and several of the other guys that asked her. David and the others took advantage of their time with Heather as they ran their hands over the bare places of her body, repeatedly squeezing and fondling her tits and ass as they danced.

Heather and David came back to the table where Heather sat on David’s lap. David pulled Heather to him and wrapped his arms around her kissing her deeply over and over again. It still felt a little strange watching another man be so intimate with my wife but more than that, it was too much of a thrill to ever stop.

David’s hand was under Heather’s dress. He turned her so that I could see his middle finger slide in and out of my wife’s sopping wet hole.

Heather broke their kiss and softly whispered, “I’m ready.” David and I immediately knew what she meant. David settled our tab and drove us back to our hotel. Instead of going to our room though, David took us to one of the suites on the top floor of the hotel. A perk of being the cop in the hotel I suppose.

Once in the room it was apparent that David had prepared. The lights were dimmed and soft romantic music played in the background. David opened a bottle of Champaign that he had chilling in a bucket and poured two glasses. Handed Heather her glass, he took the other. I was here as an extra.

After sipping their Champaign, Heather and David embraced and began kissing tenderly, their bodies swaying in time to the soft music. Pangs of jealousy stabbed me in the stomach but my horniness kept me glued in place as I watched the erotic scene unfolding in front of me.

David’s hands gripped Heather’s butt cheeks tightly, pulling her body hard into his. Their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths as the sexual tension rose. I stood silently observing and videoing, recording another of my wife’s infidelities.

A tug of a string and the knot binding Heather’s dress to her body was gone. The twin threads crisscrossing Heather’s back slackened. David and Heather’s body separated enough for David to slide the cords down and off Heather’s shoulders.

The layer of golden fabric that had covered Heather began to be peeled from her body to reveal the twin succulent orbs of her breasts tipped with their matching pink spheres. David reverently held them in his hands whispering almost inaudibly, “So beautiful.”

David bent his head and drew one of the tender nubs into his mouth causing a sigh to escape Heather’s lips. David turned his attention to the other before returning to the first and then alternating one to the other. Heather entwined David’s hair in her hands encouraging him in his oral explorations.

Heather pulled away from her new lover long enough to slip her dress off so that she now stood naked for his admiration. Lascivious eyes raked over her pale flesh taking in the beauty of her nakedness. David was totally captivated by the sensual creature in front of him and could only keep repeating, “My god you’re so beautiful.”

It struck me how true he was and how much I had taken Heather’s beauty for granted through the years. Sometimes it takes having others to point the obvious out to you to know how blessed you are and how easy it is not to appreciate the gifts we are given.

David’s eyes settled on the vertical slit running between Heather’s legs. A shaking hand went to it and a single finger slid up and down its length which was wet and gooey with Heather’s love dew. Heather’s love lips parted and separated as the invader probed up and down. Heather’s eyes were closed and her face reflected the pleasure her lover’s digit provided.

David stopped rubbing and brought his sopping wet finger up to his nose to savor the heady aroma of my wife. The finger next went in his mouth for him to taste the ultra sweet nectar. My mouth was watering like I tasted the same sweetness David did.

After that, David guided Heather in a slow spin as his gaze roamed up and down the naked womanly vision before him. With Heather’s back to him, David next reached around Heather’s body to clutch her breasts greedily in his hands and pull her bare body into his. He pulled Heather’s hair to the side and sensuously began to kiss and nibble the tender skin of Heather’s earlobe and neck.

Heather’s breathing was rough and ragged and her constant sighing revealed her increasing agitation as her pleasure rose.

When Heather was ready she turned around to face her tormenter and began to release the buttons of shirt in preparation. In quick order David was unburdened of his shirt, pants and other garments until he too stood naked before his lover, my wife, his hard cock jutting lewdly out in front of him pointing straight at Heather for her own lustful and admiring gaze.

David was remarkably fit for his age, lacking the pot belly and love handles that are the plague of most men his age. A circular scar on his chest bore witness to a bullet wound suffered years earlier. In front, David sported a rock hard circumcised cock that stood straight and proud, 6″ long and fairly big around.

Heather toyed with it in her hands as she looked into David’s eyes and coyly giggled and smiled before she sank to her knees. Heather took her time admiring her latest toy; eyeing it appreciatively and rubbing her hands up and down and around its girth.

At the tip, a drop of fluid winked from the hole. Heather smiled playfully and stuck out her tongue and touched it to the opening in the purple head; tasting David’s first few drops of cum. Once these were gone, Heather opened her mouth and engulfed the tender flesh; her lips encircling the shaft behind the head. Heather’s cheeks alternately puffed out and drew in as she began to suck on David’s hard cock.

Silently I removed my own clothing and released my own over hard cock; it felt so good.

David could only stand much of Heather’s oral ministrations before he risked dumping his load down her throat. Despite the overwhelming feeling of pleasure he was feeling, he was intent on depositing his seed in Heather’s love box.

Without speaking, he reached down and pulled Heather to her feet. Engulfing her in his embrace, he kissed her lustfully before he lifted her off her feet and carried her into the bedroom as I followed close behind.

Once in the bedroom, they continued their lustful kissing until David laid Heather onto their waiting bed. Staring deep into her lover eyes, she opened her legs for her newest lover to admire her exposed slit and its tender fleshy folds for the first time. David’s eyes were filled with admiration and lust.

She ran the fingers of her right hand up and down her wet slit from her clit to her vagina several times until she stopped and separated her two tender petals; pulling them wide apart to unveil her most intimate pink treasure normally hidden beneath.

David took a few seconds to gaze at the womanly vision presented to him before he crawled between Heather’s spread legs and pointed his stiff member at Heather’s waiting entrance. Heather’s hand wrapped around his pole and David pushed forward, making contact and then slowly sank himself into my wife’s pussy.

Heather sighed and a low, growling, “yesssss” escaped her lips as the hard shaft slipped past her outer lips and began to fill her love tunnel with its engorged hardness.

Although I know it had happened several times over the last week, this was my first time to actually watch another man fuck my wife. On one hand, I felt like someone had just punched me in the gut. On the other hand, it was one of the sexiest, most mesmerizing things I have ever witnessed in my life; seeing David’s hard cock disappear into my wife. My wife, who until only a week ago had only had sex with me.

My cock still gets hard each time I watch the video I have watched hundreds of times of David’s hard cock sliding into Heather’s overheated vagina.

David’s ass began to slowly rise and fall as his cock moved in and out of my unfaithful wife. I could almost feel her moist tightness around my own hard cock, having felt it myself so many times before.

There was no way David was going to last long even though he was determined to take his time. I was still videoing the sexy scene and focused close up from behind as David’s rod slid in and out, building to the inevitable climax. The image of David buried balls deep in Heather filled the view finder as David’s balls pumped up and down; the unmistakable sign that David was pumping his hot semen into my adulterous wife.

David lay on Heather kissing her for a few moments before he rolled off of her and pulled his rapidly deflating penis from my wife’s just fucked vagina. I stayed focused on my wife’s pussy as it closed behind David’s just vacated cock; capturing the image of another man’s semen left in the interior of my wife’s tunnel and coating her delicate nether lips.

I never stopped videoing. I was determined to capture as much of the salacious scene as I could as David’s cream oozed from Heather’s pussy. As I videoed a finger came into my viewer and began to curve indicating it was my turn. I set the camera down still pointed at the bed and moved to where Heather wanted me.

Heather patted the covers next to her and I lay down next to Heather just like she wanted. I should have known what was coming but I was still surprised.

Heather smiled devilishly and straddled me with her legs on either side of my head. I gazed up at Heather’s bald pussy, slick and dripping from a mixture of Heather’s love juices and David’s freshly deposited semen, still steaming. Heather’s lowered her freshly fucked pussy closer to her target.

I began to get a little aroused as soon as I found myself outside her office. I knew it had been a while since any sort of sex, and that this had been coming (why should I lie? I had on a few occasions, when finding myself with a quiet moment, when thoughts that were leading me on, stopped, not without doing anything, not without undressing, say, not without standing in front of the mirror, or laying back on my bed, not without feeling myself become aroused, letting myself, savouring the low simmer of erotic excitement. And getting hard. Seeing myself become erect, holding myself, gripping, touching myself, getting so far, but no further. I couldn’t kid myself this wasn’t because I knew this was coming, I knew with even a small measure of sexual energy, well).

There was something about examinations, about being looked at, however professionally, however devoid of personal attraction or interest, there was something about being looked at that had always excited me, not to the point of it being a thing, no, not a fetish, but at some level of being checked out, assessed, looked at. There was a sweet sort of nervousness. Perhaps also to do with the power imbalance, the disparity of knowledge, of control. And I knew this was going to be a routine, if thorough exam, for the visa I was applying for. I knew I was in reasonable health. I wasn’t here because I was ill.

Either way, I was very slightly aroused just waiting, which I wanted, engineered really, I suppose I was hoping for that pleasant buzz of excitement throughout, no more.

I saw the red light come on. I stood up and opened the door.

I did notice at once how pretty she was. Dark hair, cut short, cropped really, almost my height, blue eyes, long slim legs, a black skirt, and a grey roll neck sweater. I assumed cashmere. I couldn’t help notice it showing off the high swell of her breasts. My eyes immediately, for a second, dropped to her chest, to the merest hint of pointing nipples. I smiled up at her, sensing my penis pulse, or not even, sensing the quickest tingling of circulation.

“Hello, would you like to come in?”

“Yes, yeah, hello.”

“And you are here for a full check up for a visa right?”

“That’s it, yep.”

She looked at her computer screen, through a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. She wasn’t wearing a white coat. Was this good? I guessed she was older than me, ten, fifteen years. I watched, as she scrolled and clicked, I watched, glancing. She was quite fabulous suddenly, those hands, those lips. I felt aroused by her age (by everything really), she licked her lips, or not even, I saw the tip of her moist pink tongue dart out and touch the outer edge of her mouth. I imagined her licking the end of her husband’s penis (did she have one? I looked for a ring, was there one? What finger was it again?), I imagined her sitting on her office chair, being visited, unzipping her husband, pushing down his trousers, his underwear, reaching in and pulling out his half hard, half soft prick, bending and taking it in her soft mouth, licking, kissing the smooth tip of his swelling member.

“Okay then, if you could strip down to your underwear, behind that screen, then sit on this table?”

“Sure. Yep”

I stood behind the screen, which seemed an odd piece of decorum, my near nakedness would be fine, but not the act of me undressing. This was too sexual perhaps, too much like watching someone strip, which of course you would. I didn’t rebel against it. I undid my boots and stepped out of them, pulled my socks off, dropped my jacket on the chair behind me, undid my shirt and removed this, felt a wash of cool air over my chest. And then found myself waiting. I undid my trouser buttons, unzipped them and let them fall to the floor, folded them onto the chair. Glanced down at myself. At the tight grey cotton of my briefs, the curves and bulges my genitals made against the thin material.

The image of the doctor’s breasts drifted into my mind, her mouth, her hands, gipping – how many? I wondered how many soft and hard cocks she had touched, she had felt harden in his grip, stroking with expert fingers — an older lover’s stiff prick, laying him flat, undoing, unzipping, pulling his trousers and underwear off, letting his erection bounce up, taking him, stroking, holding the end of his hard penis to her moist eager pussy, drawing him inside her, lowering her tight quim along the length of his rigid dick. A young lover’s , her first, kissing, feeling him stiffen against her belly, reaching down, reaching in to this young man’s trousers and touching his hot hard prick, touching a boy’s penis for the first time.

I stepped out from behind the curtain.

“Right. Do you want to sit here.”

I felt my pleasant nerves return as I sat and waited for her. She stood up from her desk and stepped towards me, a blood pressure band and stethoscope in her hand. She slipped the first onto my arm and inflated the ring. I felt the pressure tighten around my bicep as I felt her fingers on my wrist. Her touch was cool and firm, and involved her stepping quite close to me, close enough that I couldn’t help but breathe in her scent, a delicate mix of moisturiser, body wash, skin and shampoo. She smelled good. My stomach took a quick dip at this combination of sensual involvements. She pumped and pressed. After a minute or so she loosened the arm band and slid it from me.

“Well, you’re one-twenty over eighty, this is a tiny bit high, for someone your age. Not to worry about. Perhaps you are a little nervouse. I am just going to listen to your breathing now. When I say if you could take some deep breaths.”


I felt her move around to my back, then felt the cold metal of the stethoscope being held onto my skin. Then her hand touch me. She asked me to take my deep breath. I did. Three times more. Each time feeling the physical connection between her exam and my penis. Just, slightly, but pleasurable. I glanced down. Hoping the slight pleasure would not be noticeable. It wasn’t. I could tell the bulge of my penis was bigger, a little, but no-one else, she wouldn’t be able to tell.

“Okay. A few questions then.”

“Of course.”

“Do you drink alcohol?”


“How many units a week?”

“Oh, um, it varies I suppose. At least twenty I think.”


“Yes, actually.”

“Right, how many per day?”

“Oh, somewhere between twenty and thirty.”

“Well, that’s not good. Have you thought about stopping.”

“Um, well, I have thought about it sure.”

“Never tried?”

“I’ll stop, I think, I mean I will, when I get fed up of it.”

“Hmm. what about other drugs?”

“Nope, uh, I mean, very infrequently.”

“Right. What though?”

“Well, cannabis I suppose, I mean, a few, a fair amount of different ones, but not for ages, probably about a year or so, and even then not often, two or three times a year maybe.”

“Sure, so, cocaine? Ecstasy? Amphetamine?”

“Uh, yes, they’re the ones”

“Right, I’ll just listen to your heartbeat now”

She bent her head to mine, pressed the stethoscope to the centre of my chest. I felt her breath on my bare shoulder as she listened to my heart, I think of her breath all over her partner, in his ear, on his neck, against his mouth, teasing the tip of his now hard cock. I think of her kissing his tight scrotum, licking his large heavy balls and blowing cool air over them. I imagine her licking the solid length of his huge prick, too fat for her fingers, inch after inch of hot hard rigid stem, I think of her running her tongue over the root of his organ, kissing his hot humid seam. My penis trembled a little more. I have visions of her taking his swollen slippery tip in her mouth, sliding her soft wet lips over his tender glans, letting him come, letting him fill her mouth with his hot seed, her younger self, reaching, holding her first boyfriend’s stiff penis, undoing him, looking, seeing a guy’s thing, seeing it, feeling it grow in her hand, seeing it, feeling it get hard, get thick and long, and bending down to it, tasting him, taking her first boyfriend’s stiff cock in her mouth.

I need to stop this. Fuck.

“okay, that sounds nice and healthy. Ears and eyes now.”

“Do you need me to move?”

“No, you stay sat there.”

She moved to the side of me, I felt her touching my ear, her breath closer, warmer on my neck, the plastic nozzle of the octoscope pushing into me in a small act of penetration. She finished and walked around to the other side of me, repeating the process on my left side. I looked down at my lap again, glad I had worn a pair of tighter briefs, not my normal and looser boxer shorts.

“Okay, now I need you to look straight ahead, I’ll shine this light into your eye, if you could keep your eye open”

“Yep, no bother.”

And then she was almost within the distance of a kiss as she shone a penlight first into my right, then left eye, her left hand just grazing my shoulder to keep me steady.

“Right, brilliant. Now before I measure your height and weight if you could take down your underwear.”

“Oh, um”

“I need to complete a testicular exam and look at your penis.”


I sensed another tortuous wave of arousal wash over me. My perverted nature now rising up.

“If that’s okay? Completey standard.”

“Sure, of course.”

I hesitated, wondering whether to stand up, or wriggle out of them whilst sat down. My penis now felt half erect. I looked. No, come on, barely anything. Okay. All okay. I stood, she stepped back, waiting, and, I could help but notice, watching, was this standard?

Of course. Completely.

I hooked my thumbs into the elasticated waistband of my briefs, pulled them down along my thighs and without really thinking stepped out of them. My penis sprang free, I felt the air brush over it, my scrotum was high and tight, but my penis had an unmistakeable if still only slight bounce to it as it was released from the constricts of my underwear. I looked down again, quickly, I knew I had become slightly hard, I knew my cock was bigger than it’s normal soft size, not enough to look stiff, not obviously aroused, just, if you like, as if I had a quite large penis, which I didn’t really, not when it was soft anyway, but it did look that way now, thick and long, my foreskin covering a large round tip, it hung over my balls, straighter, heavier than normal.

“Okay, if you could sit back down, I need to feel your testicles, okay?”

“Sure. Fine.”

Though this wasn’t fine, not at all, the last thing I needed was someone to touch my cock. I felt her fingers on me, on my flaccid organ, holding it to push it away from my scrotum, her fingers were smooth and cool, knowing, she moved her other hand around touched my testicles, her fingers still holding the soft shaft of my penis out of the way. I felt her fingers, not bothering to put latex gloves on (was this normal? Was this standard?), I felt nothing but her fingers, one set stretching my tightened skin as she manipulated and examined my left ball. She touched, she held and rubbed, as gently as I would have, more so probably, she circled my testicle with her fingers, her cool and expert fingers. Then the other one, one hand on my tender pouch, the other still holding my penis away from her. She moved this hand, infinitesimally, I felt a ripple of pressure over my cock. And felt a corresponding burst of pleasure and arousal, fuck. I was getting hard. As she touched me, during an exam, fuck.

I looked, she was betraying no sign of there being anything amiss, but I could feel myself stiffen, she had to be able to feel, she had to be able to tell I was getting hard as she touched me, certainly as soon as she stopped, as soon as she let go this would be obvious to both of us, that it would become blatantly obvious I had got an erection. Should I apologise now? Could I will it away? For all my fantacising about something like this happening I really didn’t want this to be happening. I felt her fingers, both hands, one still manouevering my balls, the other now redundantly holding my thickening member out of the way. The knowledge I am getting visibly aroused of course makes it worse, that I shouldn’t be so turned on, that it is so inappropriate for me to get an erection makes it perversely delicious that my cock feels so full, fuck though, fuck.

She let go.

And I saw my penis sway forward and remain in an upright position. I look down. The doctor looks. I look. My penis is sticking straight up in front of me, fuck, I look away, I can feel it quiver, I look again, it is completely hard, with no chance or pretending otherwise, my cock is fully erect, in a doctor’s office, shit, it quivers as it sticks up from my groin, straight, unequivocally erect, and still getting bigger, I know this, I see it throb and tremble as it continues to engorge, as it gets thicker, and longer, it feels utterly and, despite myself, wonderfully hard. I look at myself, at her looking at my stiff penis, now completely erect, at my thick smooth prick, fuck, it looks huge, given I should be soft, that it should be hanging soft and small over my tight balls, it is rearing up between us, long, wide, I know (I wish I could be blasé, I wish I didn’t care, but I know, all men know) it is about eight inches or so, my swollen tip obscured by soft foreskin, fuck, fuck, I look suddenly obscene, long, thick and long and rising vertically up past my belly button.

I say nothing. She says nothing. We ignore it. She carries on as if her patient, already naked, has not become obviously aroused, as if he does not have an erection, as if his cock is not utterly fucking rigid.

“I just need to pull your foreskin back, if that’s okay, just to look at your glans.”

“Right, really?”

“Really. Yes. I will have to touch your penis, okay, I will pull back your foreskin.”

Fuck. I watch her reach over to my aching member and, still with her bare hands, still with neither of us acknowledging she is about to touch my erect penis. I see her grip my stiff shaft and pull my foreskin back, in a single masturbatory motion exposing my darker glans, the pursed slit of my urethra. A tiny pearl of fluid is squeezed out and glistens in the artificial light. She looks at my smooth soft tip.

“Fine, all good there. Now If I could get you to step over to this measuring board.”

And of course I should have pulled my underwear back on, but I didn’t. It would be easy to say “for some reason”, or claim forgetfulness, the terrible truth is that I was aroused, the moment was exciting, despite it being one sidedly so, I didn’t want to end it. I stood, my penis sticking out, sticking up, my balls still high and heavy, and walked to where she had motioned, to the opposite wall, where she had both a weighing scales and a height scale. I stepped and turned back to face her. Noticing her downward glance. She looks, I see an eyebrow raise, she seems to linger. Does she?

“Oh, well, okay, I thought you might put your underwear on, no matter, this is fine, this won’t take a second, stay there, it’s fine”

I stay where I am, utterly naked and utterly aroused. More so with each dangerous second of this small game one of us at least is playing, whilst pretending not to. She steps to me, positions me on the wooden board, in front of me, my penis separating us, rigid, long and stiff. I feel a wooden strip pressing onto the top of my head.

“Okay, now if you could step onto the scales”

I do so. Which causes me to become about a foot taller, which causes my stiff cock to get a foot closer to her chest, and her hands, as she fiddles with the weights, creates the correct balance, she knocks it as she moves them up and down. I see my prick swing and wobble.

“Right, we’re done. All fine.”

“Thanks, and, again, I’m really sorry, I mean, I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“Well, uh…”

I look down at my groin, at the trembling glistening spur still sticking up between us. she still says nothing.

“I’m sorry for this.”

“For this?”

“I’m sorry, I mean…” She is making me say it, use the words, be explicit.

“I’m sorry I have an erection.”

“Yes, well, I suppose you should not have to apologise for becoming erect, I should be flattered perhaps, though perhaps not, perhaps you are the sort of man whose penis becomes stiff in this situation.”

“Uh, well, I suppose I must be.”

“Hmm, though this may be more for a psychological exam, not a physical one. I am fully clothed, you are not, you are naked, in this situation, and you have an erect penis.”

“Yes, sorry.”

“Anyway, perhaps I should leave you, I will give you a minute.”

“Oh, yes, yeah, thank you.”

She leaves the office.

And I stand, without moving. I stand in front of the floor length mirror to the side of the examining table, looking at my still nude body, my still stiff and long prick, the dark flash of my pubic hair, the round pouch of my scrotum. I think of how long she is likely to be gone, did she mean anything? Was there something in this at all? Seriously? I can’t do this, I have to get dressed. I look at myself, and imagine her looking, staring ay my naked body, my exposed and erect penis. I am desperate to touch myself, here, in her office, I am weak with arousal. I can’t. I look at myself again, my bare skin, the smooth curve of my ass, the bending hot tine of my rigid penis. Fuck. My arousal trumps all thoughts of risk. I grip myself hard, start to rub my skin up and down over my shaft, rubbing and squeezing tight, stimulating my sensitive tip as I move my foreskin up and over. I sense my climax is not far away, I hear the wet slap of skin moving over my pre-cum covered tip, I hear my balls thump against my thighs, am I really doing this? Wanking in a doctor’s offce? Ready to ejaculate over her carpeted floor? Fuck, I don’t care, I’ll be quick, I’ll mop it up, I look at the mirror, at the image of myself, naked, smooth and pale, my hand stroking my thick cock, a solid centre of dark flesh and hair. I pull my foreskin back and stroke the slick soft end of my prick, fuck. The door opens. I turn, frozen with fear and arousal. The doctor walks back in. I stop and stare at her with wide and shameful eyes.

“Oh really.”

“God, sorry, I sort of though you left so I could -”

“- do this?”

“Well, I thought you thought I might need to get rid of this.”

“I see. Well then.”

“Sorry, I’ll get dressed.”

“As you please.”

She is still standing in front of me, looking, without shame, down, at my penis, which I am now not holding, which has lost some of its stiffness, so which points now more outward, less up, with a slick and shiny and still exposed helmet. She says nothing. I find myself waiting, looking at her, she takes a step back, so she is leaning, just barely, but against her door. Then she looks down again, slowly, deliberately. Fuck. She looks directly at my groin, at my cock. I feel it stiffen again under her gaze. She looks and I feel my penis bounce and pulse upwards as if caressed by her eyes. She continues to stare. I stand, naked, and feel myself getting completely and thrillingly hard.

“You got an erection when I was examining you, and instead of getting dressed, you decided to masturbate in my office.”

“Well, I mean.”

“Until you had an orgasm I suppose?”


“Until you ejaculated over my clean carpet.”

“Sorry, I just got, I mean…”

“Yes? What?”

“And even now, with me back in the room, you are still not getting dressed, you remain naked, and your cock is still fully erect.”

My penis aches at her usage, at her quick shift to a more carnal vernacular.


“Hmm, sorry for what? For becoming erect? For beginning to stroke your hard cock in my office?”

“Yes. Both.”

My voice is hoarse, ragged.

“Or for still not getting dressed. For still being aroused? You are aren’t you? Aroused? By me?”


For some people, birthdays can be a pain, at least after a certain age. When you’re young, you look forward to birthdays. They’re another step towards maturity and the privileges that go with adulthood. It’s a positive event.

For most people, 29 is the turning point. After that, birthdays can just be another reminder of unfulfilled plans, lost opportunities and missed potential.

If the birthday is divisible by ten, it can be especially traumatic.

Ross didn’t do birthdays well, never had, no matter what the number. His wife Kate had learned to be gentle with him, don’t make a big fuss, and certainly no parties or public acknowledgement of the anniversary. Good birthday sex always helped, but even that was usually just salve on the wound.

She started thinking about doing something special almost a year before he faced his next decade marker, trying to come up with some way of making him really enjoy his birthday for a change. It wasn’t until February that she came up with the beginning of the idea.

While at a friend’s house, Ross was looking over the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Kate noticed that he was particularly enamored with the body paint section. For some reason, the thought of these beautiful women being naked, but not appearing to be completely nude struck something in his psyche.

He pored over the pictures a long time, looking closely, holding them up to the light at different angles, intrigued by the basic concept. Later, Ross had even asked Kate if she would let him paint her up like that some day. He was thrilled that she didn’t immediately say “NO!” Actually, she was already thinking about that exact idea.

During a Girls-Night-Out dinner a month later, she mentioned her plan and asked four of her closest girlfriends for more suggestions. Bridget knew Ross best and suggested “Nudity. Female nudity. And lots of it. How about taking him to a nudist camp for the day?”

“Ooh, not a bad idea,” said Kate, pondering the concept for a while. “But I think he’d appreciate a more intimate setting for his birthday. You know, just close friends.”

Jody quickly added, “Oh, so you were hoping that us four would all prance around naked for him just because it’s his birthday?”

Kate stammered, “Well, kinda. Not really. Maybe just help me out here. It should be no real big deal. You’ve all been naked in our hot tub. He’s seen you, and you’ve seen him. Well, everybody but you Tonya.”

Tonya squirmed, looking uncomfortable and didn’t say anything right away. She had a reputation as a bit of a prude, but she didn’t think of herself that way. But Kate’s request actually got Tonya momentarily picturing herself standing naked in front of Ross. Not with the other four women. By herself. She had her reasons.

Ignoring Tonya, Kate continued her plea to the three other women, “We could all meet up for the weekend at our cottage. The lake is beautiful at that time of year. There’s golfing, wine-tasting, we could do some shopping. C’mon, it’d be fun. And if we could work in a late night skinny-dipping episode or something for Ross’ benefit, I really think it would help take the sting out of his birthday. You gals wouldn’t mind that, would you?”

But Bridget and her husband already planned to be out of town that weekend, Jody had a nephew’s graduation, and Marge was scheduled for the city tennis tournament. With only Tonya available, Kate immediately wrote off that idea.

Until Tonya said, “Pat and I could make it. And I would be willing to go along with anything you have planned.”

The other four women all looked incredulously at Tonya. Kate was the first to call her out, “What? I’m stupified. I mean, you’re more than welcome to come up for the weekend. But you mean that you’re willing to participate in anything, and I mean anything that I set up? You? Tonya?”

“Well, not anything,” Tonya quickly responded. “I mean, I draw the line at being photographed, or swapping spouses or anything downright immoral. But I’d be comfortable being naked in front of you and our husbands. Why does that surprise you so much?”

Jody was the first to butt in, saying, “Tonya, during our ski trips, you’ve never been in their hot tub naked, even when Kate has declared a ‘girls-only’ session late at night. You still wear your bathing suit. I can’t imagine you playing strip poker or whatever else Kate has in mind.”

“Ooh, strip poker. That’s another good idea. I hadn’t thought of that.” Kate continued, “Tonya, I’m very appreciative of your offer, but you’ve got to admit this probably isn’t your cup of tea. Thanks anyway.” Then she dropped the issue.

Tonya was actually a bit miffed. She didn’t think she deserved the prudish reputation that all four of her friends had so obviously laid on her. So, the next day, she called Kate, wanting to set the record straight. “I was serious about coming up to your cottage that weekend, and if it’s just the four of us, I want you to know that I would be willing to flash a little skin for Ross’ benefit. In fact, I’d be willing to flash a lot of skin, and if the mood was right, I’d be glad to show everything I’ve got. So why does that surprise you so much?”

Kate stammered, more than a little surprised at the offer. “Is this really my friend Tonya? The one who never participates in skinny-dipping, hot tubbing or flashing? Why are you making a complete reversal of character for this one? Please don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate your offer. I really do, and if you’re serious, I would love to take you up on it. Either way, you and Pat are invited up for the weekend.”

Laughing, Kate added, “Should I be reading something else into this? Like, do you and Ross have something going on behind my back?”

Tonya laughed back. “No, I can assure you, I am not having an affair with your husband. But of all the guys in our group of friends, I have always liked Ross the best, and he is the one of them I would feel comfortable being naked in front of. To be honest, and I won’t name names, but one of the other guys has always struck me as a bit creepy. But you can tell by the way Ross looks at you when you’re flashing or something, he seems natural about it. Just the smile on his face says it, and he doesn’t stare at your breasts, he actually makes more eye contact than anything else. You can tell he’s more than appreciative, but he’s cool with it.”

Kate was still shocked by this revelation, and she wanted to pin down Tonya on exactly what she would be willing to do. “So let me get this straight. You’re willing, let’s say, to play strip poker in a well-lit living room if it’s just you and Pat and me and Ross? You’re prepared to sit there naked for more than a few minutes if you lose quickly? And let’s take it even further. You’d be willing to walk naked out to the lake at dusk, do a little skinny-dipping, and then get in the hot tub, naked the whole time?”

Tonya hadn’t exactly pictured it playing out exactly like that, and she pondered this ‘worst-case scenario’. She quickly decided that she wouldn’t mind it. Actually, she found that it might even be enjoyable. “Yes,” she answered, “I would.”

The Big Day

The day of Ross’ birthday dawned warm, clear and with just a little breeze at their cottage on a lake in northern Michigan. As usual, he got up an hour or so before Kate, and he decided to get in his exercise before it got too hot. He got dressed and headed out for a bike ride for a couple of hours.

All through the bike ride, he tried to convince himself that he didn’t feel older, but he could already feel the birthday malaise settling in. He told himself that it was all mental. It was just another day, nothing special. He pushed himself to go faster than his usual pace to prove to himself that he still had it.

Almost home, just as he was within sight of his driveway, he passed their lovely and charming neighbor Rita out walking her dogs and he slowed to say hello. She immediately said “Happy birthday. Kate told me this is your big day,” which was exactly that Ross didn’t need at that moment. Instead of making his usual flirtatious conversation with Rita, he thanked her politely and headed down his driveway.

He put his bike in the garage and walked inside the main house. He could hear Kate in the kitchen, apparently emptying the dishwasher, so he veered into the room to talk to her.

He was more than a little surprised when he saw her standing there, stark naked. “Holy shit, you’re not wearing anything,” was his first comment. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

All of a sudden, the day was looking a bit brighter.

They were alone at the lake house, at least until that evening when Pat and Tonya were due to arrive. But still, Kate didn’t walk around nude very often, even if it was almost 80 degrees just after nine o’clock. Ross leaned against the counter and admired her as she walked around the kitchen putting away dishes.

She gave him a hug, and said, “I’ve got a few things planned for you today. Nothing really big, but you should enjoy yourself.” He was enjoying himself already.

He watched her as she walked out onto the deck and shook out a couple of rugs. She seemed very comfortable as exposed as she was, but they both knew that the thick foliage on either side of the house prevented the neighbors from seeing anything and there was little chance a boat would go by on the lake.

He grabbed a glass of orange juice and sat down in one of the big deck chairs. He was disappointed when she went back inside, but she quickly reappeared with her beach towel, which she spread out on the deck chair right next to him and lay down.

She made a big production of stretching out, arching her back and then pulling her legs up over her head. She warned him, “Don’t get too excited. I’m just loosening up.” Ross thought to himself that she looked great, and he said so.

They talked for almost a half hour, long enough that they both seemed to forget that she was naked. Finally, the telephone rang, and Kate went back inside to answer it. It was Pat, and she didn’t hand the phone over to Ross right away. She talked to him for quite a while, walking around the deck naked. Ross was thinking that Pat would really enjoy this conversation if they had videophones.

She finally handed the phone over to Ross. After that, she could only hear his half of the conversation, which went, “Yeah, thanks. Yeah, we’ll see you tonight. When are you going to get here? OK, we’ll make dinner reservations for 7pm. Until then? I don’t know, Kate says she has some special activities to keep me entertained. Well, it should be good, she’s been walking around naked all morning so far. Yeah, I’ll bet you’d like me to put her back on the phone. What, Tonya knows about this? What is it? She wouldn’t tell you? Oh well, I’ll find out soon enough. Yeah, I’ll take pictures for you. Yeah, check your email in a couple of minutes. OK. See you soon. Bye.”

Kate feigned being indignant, “Why did you tell him I was walking around naked? He didn’t need to know that.”

Ross laughed, “No, he didn’t need to know. But he sure appreciated hearing it. He even offered to drive up here right now. And you seemed to be enjoying talking to him as you were walking around here naked.”

Kate blushed. She liked flirting with Pat. She’d never do anything more than flirt and maybe once in while let him see her naked, but she’d do that whenever she could get away with it. Ross liked to have her show off, so she could easily rationalize any such nudity. And later this evening, she fully intended to let Pat in on the show. She figured that Pat would reciprocate, and Kate wouldn’t be shy at looking over his big, tall body.

Kate went back inside and Ross followed. “So, what are all these activities you have planned for today? And why does Tonya know so much? I can’t imagine her being involved. Heck, she might be the biggest prude amongst all our friends. She’s not involved, is she?”

Kate answered, “Go take a shower, clean up and we’ll get started on the surprise. It’s warm enough already, so we can begin. Like I said, it’s nothing really big, so don’t get so excited. And the reason Tonya knows is that I told the girls the other night at dinner that I was going to make your birthday ‘special’, that’s all. Do you seriously think that Tonya would participate in anything racy? Hah! That ain’t gonna happen, is it?”

Ross nodded in agreement, chuckling to himself that even for an instant he had thought that Tonya of all people would be involved in anything that could be considered racy.

He peeled off his bike shirt and shorts and tried to give Kate a quick hug, hoping to press his naked body against hers. But she jumped back, saying, “Get away from me, stinky, sweaty man. Go take a shower, shave and come back out here. Take your time. It’s still early in the day. Relax.”

He obeyed.

When he returned, Kate had set up the camera on top of the tripod, with a big plastic sheet and some towels spread out in front of the big sliding door that opened out to the deck. There was a box with some small jars in it, some small paintbrushes, a couple of old beach towels and two old swimsuits. He wasn’t sure what Kate was up to, but he liked the look of this already. “OK, what do we get to do?” he asked with a big grin on his face.

Kate laid out her plan, “You get to use these body paints and paint a swimsuit on me, and you get to take pictures of your artistry. Then, I’m going to go out and lay around at the end of the dock. Eventually, I’m going to jump into the lake and wash it off, but we’ll see how long that takes. First, let me go over the ground rules. I am going to be the one to download the pictures on my laptop. Then I’m deleting the originals. These are not going to become public in any way, shape or form. I’m going to select one or two pictures that I will let you have. Of course, those will probably be of the final artwork – don’t think I’m going to give you one of the first pictures where I’m completely naked. Of course, you already have more than a few of those, so that shouldn’t be any big deal. So let’s get started.”

From the broad, gaping smile on his face, Kate knew he was thrilled.

She continued, “I want you to take a few pictures of me before you get started, and then I want you to take a picture every few minutes. I’ll tell you now, I’m going to try to make something like a time-lapse video. I can’t promise it will work, but let’s see how it comes out. Let’s start with a couple of pictures in poses that I’ve already got planned. So start clicking away.”

Ross gleefully complied, and took some front and rear pictures of his wife, buck naked with her arms stretched over her head. Then she had him take a couple more with her apparently trying to cover up, holding her hands over her breasts, and in front of her pussy. He was real curious what that was all about. She told him not to get too excited, saying it had to do with the time-lapse video, and she wasn’t sure was going to work.

But he was getting excited. Slowly but surely, she could see the bulge in his shorts getting more noticeable.

When he started painting, he first brushed on a microscopic g-string, with only a quarter inch wide stripe of burgundy colored paint front and rear. He had to use his hands to push apart Kate’s glutes to keep the brush strokes from dabbing paint on her tight little butt cheeks. In front, the thin stripe didn’t even cover her pubic hair. But it was his day, and she was going to let him do whatever he wanted. Using the camera on the tripod, he snapped pictures of her front and rear, topless, wearing only the scant g-string as she stood in the same pose as before with her arms stretched over her head.

Kate felt herself getting aroused and hoped that she didn’t get too wet, lest her excitement mar the bathing suit bottom he was so carefully painting on her.

Next, he made the g-string a little more modest, but not much, adding just a bit more burgundy paint in the front and rear. More pictures recorded the progress. A very small top was painted on next, with one square inch patches covering her nipples and thin strings connect them over her shoulders. Once again, he took pictures of her front and rear.

Within a few minutes, the swimsuit had become a normal looking bikini, covering a bit more of her breasts, about half her butt and all of her pubic hair. Ross had taken his time and fondled her gently as he painted the bottom half of her full breasts. Kate’s only complaint was that the brush tickled her.

She stopped to take a look at herself in the full-length mirror in the master bedroom. She turned and pirouetted and they both admired his artwork. Kate was surprised at how she really did look like she was wearing a bikini. But the air she could feel gently moving across her skin told her she was completely naked. If she looked closely, she could make out her nipples and pubic hair, and her butt was definitely well defined. But the darker shade of burgundy paint made it difficult to see anything. She was convinced that more than a few feet away, you couldn’t tell the swimsuit was just paint, even if you knew.

Over the course of almost an hour, the swimsuit slowly took shape, and each step added to the one-piece model that Kate had in mind. They must have taken fifty pictures total by the time Ross had finished adding details, accents and some dabs and stripes of other colors here and there for contrast. Kate tried to hold the same pose for all the pictures, with her arms stretched over her head, giving a close-up view of every inch of skin on her body.

When he finally declared it finished, they both went back to the mirror for final inspection. She turned and stretched, trying to see herself from every angle. She thought it looked great, even better than she had hoped. It wasn’t as detailed as the Sports Illustrated versions, but then again, she didn’t think she was in that league anyway.

As if he was reading her mind, Ross surprised her just then by saying, “You look even better than the pictures in SI.” Even if she thought he was just saying that to be nice, that comment still meant a lot to her.

He inspected his artwork and she let him look her over closely. He spent more time checking out her breasts, butt and pussy. She enjoyed the attention he was giving her body, so much so that she felt herself getting wet again. She noticed that he had to be fully erect, judging from the bulge in his shorts.

He was surprised when she said, “Now it’s my turn.”

“What do you mean?” was his startled response. “Aren’t we going out to the dock for an hour or so?”

“Not until I’ve painted you. I’ve decided you need to have your black bicycling shorts painted on,” she said as she started to unzip his pants. He laughed as his shorts fell to the floor, and she reached inside his briefs and pulled out his fully erect penis.

“And that’s why it won’t work,” he said. “I can’t go out there with a raging hard-on. In fact, I’ll probably have to wear my briefs under my swim trunks so that I’m not completely obvious. Look at me. Look at how excited you’ve got me. I can’t go out there like this. No matter how much black body paint you put on me, I’ll still look obvious. I could even get arrested. I’ll have to lie on my stomach the whole time.”

“Don’t worry,” Kate said, “I thought this out long ago. But first, I need some pictures of your fully erect cock for my collection. Maybe I’ll even put them on my iPhone. My girlfriends always share snapshots of our men when we get together. They’ll really appreciate it because now I’ll have something to show next time.”

Ross’ eyes widened. He knew she was just kidding. At least, he was pretty sure she was kidding. She was kidding, wasn’t she? After all the pictures he had taken of her over the years, he had no choice now but to stand there and let her click away.

She took pictures of him in the buff from in front and from behind, saying, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Just so he knew she was enjoying herself, she zoomed in closely on his penis, taking several close-ups.

When she was finished with the pictures, Ross said, “So now what? I’m still hard as can be and I’m sure you’ll agree that I can’t go outside like this. Do you really think I’ll settle down?

“You will if you’ve just had an orgasm.”

Ross’ eyes widened.

Kate sank to her knees, stroked his penis, gently kissing and licking the tip of his cock, and said, “and that’s exactly what’s going to happen right now.” He was quivering and twitching almost as soon as she put him inside her mouth, rolling her tongue all along the shaft. She toyed with him for a bit, just to build up his excitement level to a suitable degree.

Then she started to work him expertly. After all these years, she knew just where he was most sensitive. She also knew the signs of his impending explosion – first his knees would start to buckle, then he would start thrusting his hips, pushing himself deeper into her mouth, followed by moaning, and then loud ecstasy with convulsions that could pull him out of a lesser woman’s mouth.

Kate had actually developed a fondness for the taste of his semen. She called it “an acquired taste.” When she was much younger, she would gag and cough, swallowing as fast as she could to minimize the experience on her side of the blowjob. But seeing how much Ross enjoyed coming in her mouth had brought her a different kind of appreciation, and over the years, what had once been an ordeal gradually became more and more enjoyable.

On this occasion, she got Ross to come in a relatively short period of time. She knew he had been more excited than usual, so the birthday must have been going well so far. When his knees began to buckle, she started what she called her “end game”, forcing his erection further into her mouth at an ever-increasing rate, lips sliding over his shaft, faster and faster until he could hold back no longer. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes and he was screaming in ecstasy, spilling his semen into her mouth, trying to control his writhing and thrusting so that she could keep him in her mouth as long as possible. He hated “making a mess”, and he really enjoyed that his wife was more than willing to suck out every last drop of his semen.

She savored the taste of him until he had begun to shrink. She looked closely at his flagging penis, admiring her handiwork as one more drop of semen formed at the tip. She put his cock back in her mouth to suck out the last few drops, being careful to be extra gentle, knowing that he tended to get a bit oversensitive just after coming. He shuddered with pleasure.

Kate was proud she could give great blow jobs, and she could tell that Ross would probably rank this one right up there with her best. When she finally let him go, they both knew that unless there was some kind of really extra-special stimulation, he wasn’t going to be getting hard for the next half hour or so.

Kate gave him a minute to recuperate, then she got to work painting Ross. Her job was pretty easy – making him look like he was wearing black bike shorts only required covering him from just above his knees to just below his waist.

She started by painting on a skimpy g-string. She made a concerted effort to ensure that paint was smeared deep between his butt cheeks, every nook and cranny of his scrotum, and especially all over the entire length of his cock. Once again, she took pictures, just like he had with her.

Next came a Speedo style suit, low cut and minimal. She liked how he looked, even if the rest of his body didn’t look like an Olympic swimmer. More pictures, and the process repeated itself until he was covered with black paint that looked strikingly like bicycle shorts.

She stepped back and looked him over. Like her bathing suit, the painted-on version looked pretty darn close to the real thing, until you got close enough. Then, their more interesting anatomical features just couldn’t be hidden. Especially Ross – his cock wasn’t anywhere close to erect, but even painted completely black like it was, it was still readily apparent that it was more than just a bulge in actual bike shorts. She took quite a few pictures of him from every angle, smiling at the some of the results.

“Oh well, we better get out there while we still can, without you getting arrested,” Kate told Ross. She gathered the camera, tripod and their old towels and swimsuits and led him outside.

Ross also found the sensation of wearing only paint really amazing. The dry paint provided only the faintest of a feeling of being covered, and the slight breeze could easily be felt on areas of skin that didn’t usually get exposed. The black paint also absorbed the sunlight, warming his skin directly. “This really feels weird, but in a good way, a really good way. How about you? How do you feel?” She replied, “I probably feel better than you do because I know I look like I’m wearing a bathing suit.” She chuckled and said, “I have to admit, you look like you’re wearing only black paint. Being this close, I can already see most of the details of your cock. And it’s only going to be more and more apparent, and probably soon enough. But to be honest, maybe it wouldn’t be so obvious looking from farther away, like from one of the neighbors’ docks. Are you ready to go show off?”

Kate took him by the hand and led him down the flagstone pathway towards the dock. He kept looking around like he was afraid someone was going to see him and he was going to get arrested. But nobody was out. No boats, no neighbors, just the two of them walking out to the end of their dock. They just happened to be wearing only paint.

They stood at the end of their dock, laughing at the experience. Here they were, actually completely naked, standing in broad daylight exposed to anybody that might happen by. Kate set up the camera on the tripod and took quite a few pictures of them together from various distances and angles. They both laughed when they reviewed the closer shots, agreeing that his cock was more than a bit apparent, maybe even obvious in the closest picture.

They finally sat down on the old towels and dangled their feet in the lake. It felt invigorating. “Maybe we should try going to a nudist resort someday,” Ross suggested. “This is kind of a cool feeling. I mean, we’ve skinny-dipped before, but never in broad daylight. It’s really kind of liberating.”

Kate laughed and said, “OK, if that’s what you want to do, then that’s what we’ll do for your next big birthday. How’s that sound?”

Ross said, “Five years from now, you’ve got a deal. Or maybe next year? I’m feeling the birthday trauma coming back already.”

They talked for a half hour before they heard noises from the neighbors’ dock. “Happy birthday Ross,” shouted Parker. “I hear it’s a big one.”

Ross just waved back and said, “Thanks, it’s only a number.”

Ross wouldn’t stand up, but Kate did, waving back at Parker and Rita. Kate leaned over and whispered to Ross, “Come on, stand up, show Rita your bike shorts. You said she saw you this morning as you were both out getting your exercise.”

“Yeah, it ain’t gonna happen, I think I might need another blowjob because the effects of the last one you gave me are starting to wear off.” Kate leaned over and checked, but couldn’t tell any discernible difference. “Don’t worry,” Ross assured her, “I can tell.”

Rita and Parker waved again as they motored off in their boat, passing only fifty feet from Ross and Kate, still sitting at the end of their dock. They heard Rita yell, “Kate, is that a new bathing suit?”

“Yeah, Ross just bought it for me. It fits like a glove.” Kate stood up, and turned around to show off all of the “suit”.

Rita elbowed Parker and in her quaint southern drawl, yelled back to Kate, “What a nice husband you have to buy you presents on his birthday.”

Kate laughed and replied, “Don’t worry, he’s getting quite a few surprises for his birthday. I’m taking good care of him. Maybe we can tell you about them later.” She saw Ross roll his eyes.

After the neighbors had headed off down the lake, Ross stood up and declared it time for him to jump into the water. “I have two reasons. One – I’m getting sweaty, and number two – the cool water should, how should I say, calm things down a bit.” Kate reached into their boat and grabbed a small bag of shampoo and soap for him. As he stood up, she could tell that indeed, he was starting to get hard again.

He dove in, rolling over as he surfaced, rubbing his painted skin to clean up. The paint came off easily, and soon, she could see all of his body as he lolled around in the clear water. He swam back to the dock, standing in waist deep water. Kate handed him his old bathing suit, and he did a back roll, put on the suit in one quick movement and stood back up, clothed once again. “Ta-da!”

Kate jumped in and did the same, cleaning off the paint easily, finally swimming over to Ross who was standing in chest-deep water. He held her in his arms, enjoying the opportunity to look closely at her wet body. “That suit was great, but I like it even better that now you’re wearing only water,” he said. She kissed him and then swam back to the dock.

She looked around, and seeing no one, climbed the ladder and dried off, standing there in the sun, completely naked. “C’mon, we have to get going if we’re going to make lunch.” He followed her back to the house, surprised at her boldness, as she didn’t make any effort to cover up.

An hour later, they took their boat to a small bar/restaurant located right on the lake, tying up just off the terrace. Lunch was no big deal, but it was one of Ross’ favorite places – good burgers, cold beers, and as he liked to say, “The scenery is great.”

As they motored back home, Kate insisted that Ross steer towards the center of the lake. At the same time, she pulled off her t-shirt and the top to the bathing suit she was wearing underneath. Seeing this, Ross dutifully obeyed. When they were almost exactly in the middle, she told him to turn off the engine and drift. At that point, she adjusted the seats on the passenger side of the boat, and took off the bottom of her bathing suit, laying out naked in the sun.

They drifted for twenty minutes with Ross content just to look her over. She was aware of his gaze and gave an occasional gesture or touch of her body to provide him with just a bit more stimulus. Soon, she could see the bulge in his shorts appearing again, and she knew that what she was doing was having her intended effect.

Finally, Ross couldn’t handle it anymore and said, “I want to make love to you right here, right now, and I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I want you now.”

But she fended him off, saying, “Not yet. This is all part of my plan and that will come later. And speaking of coming, you have to take off your clothes and lie down here. I have another trick I want to show you.”

Ross glanced around nervously, but seeing no one within a half mile of their boat, he did what his wife had told him to do and took off his shirt and shorts and lay down where Kate had been. He was reveling in the fact that he was completely naked out in the middle of the lake, with his wife servicing him as she was. He was already getting hard, and she went right to work on him, stroking his penis with her hands until it was fully erect. For additional stimulation, she licked and sucked on his nipples, knowing that drove him wild. She could tell it was working because he was hard as a rock within a minute.

Now Ross was a bit of a neat freak, and whenever Kate had given him a hand job in the past, she always brought a towel or tissues for him to come in. Today, when he knew he was getting close to coming, he finally asked Kate, “Do you want to get a towel or use my shirt so I can come in that?”

He was more than a little surprised when Kate leaned over and whispered in his ear, “No, I want to see you come all over my hand, all over your stomach. I want to see how far your semen shoots when you come. I want to see you make a mess, right here in broad daylight, and I’m going to enjoy smearing your semen all over your body. I might even lick some of it off of you”

Ross shuddered with excitement. “Oh no, don’t do that. I don’t want to get messy. How will I clean up? No, just let me come in my shirt. No, please, don’t make me come all over myself.”

He was fighting to control himself. The thought of coming all over his wife’s hands, and all over himself, meant Ross had to surrender completely to Kate’s control. He was clutching the sides of the boat’s bench seat, starting to thrust his hips upward, hoping at the last minute, she would wrap his shirt around his cock before he came. He looked at her face as she was gazing at the tip of his penis, apparently waiting for his semen to begin erupting. He did not disappoint her.

He screamed as the orgasm began to rock through his body. Kate clearly felt the first contraction jolt his cock, but only a small drop came out. On the second contraction, his semen spurted all the way up onto his chest, the thick wad collecting in his chest hair. Kate watched closely as the third spasm shot only as far as his stomach, with each subsequent contraction spurting a little bit shorter until he was simply dribbling down his cock and all over her hand.

He continued to grip the sides of the bench seat hard, grunting and gasping as she rubbed him gently, just enough to extend his orgasm, but not enough to make him want to pull away. She knew exactly how much stimulation he could take before he became oversensitive as his orgasm wound down.

Eventually, he was spent, and she took some measure of delight in smearing his semen all over his abdomen, feeling the warm thick fluid run through her fingers and all over her palm. She liked how Ross had submitted to exactly what she wanted to do, especially since it went completely against his squeaky clean nature. She looked over his naked body, and smiled at how messy she had gotten him. She reached over the side of the boat, rinsed off her hands, and she was cleaned up already.

It took Ross a few minutes to recover. When he did finally sit up, he asked, “Now what am I supposed to do? I’m a mess.”

Kate gave him the obvious answer to his question, “Jump in the lake and wash off. Go skinny-dipping. You do it all the time back at our place. You should feel completely comfortable here.”

Ross looked over the side of the boat, saw nobody within a half mile, so he stood up, stepped over the back seats onto the boat’s swimming platform and dove into the cool water. He had been sweating because of more than just the heat of the day, so it felt delightful to splash around and cool off. He floated on his back close to the boat, the sun dappling across his body, until he saw Kate taking a picture of him with her cell phone. Based on her grin, she had gotten a very good shot of him too.

In a rather futile display of modesty, he rolled over and started to swim away from the boat, but Kate just took one more picture, this time with only the rippling water across the back of his naked body. She was giggling at how well the pictures had turned out. “Which one of my friends should I send these to?” she asked, “Bridget? She’d love them. Of course, she’s seen you naked more than a few times, so that wouldn’t be anything new. How about Gwen? She’s mentioned a thing or two about how well you’ve been taking care of yourself. I know what I’ll do, I’ll send the full frontal shot to Bridget and the backside picture to Gwen. They’d both be happy to see that you’re enjoying your birthday.”

Ross stopped swimming and asked, “Are you really sending them?” Kate detected a certain element of uncertainty in his voice, like he was just acting as though he didn’t want them sent, but that he would actually have liked Kate’s two good looking friends to be given some racy pictures of him. She wasn’t really going to send her girlfriends these pictures, but what harm would there be in making Ross think that she did?

She took another couple of pictures as Ross stood dripping wet on the swim platform as he got out of the water. He even posed for her, demurely covering himself for the frontal shot. She knew that this was not out of any feeling of modesty, but rather that the cold water had left him in a state he did not want publicized. Still, she said to him, “And this one is being sent to Tonya. Maybe she’ll want to see you naked in real life when they get here tonight.” Once again, Ross looked at her with that ‘you’re not really going to do that, are you?’ expression.

She watched as he toweled dry, admiring his body. She thought he looked great for his age. He hadn’t given up yet and everything he was doing to stay in shape was working. She told him so, wisely leaving out any reference to his age.

When they got back to the cottage, Kate sent Ross to take a quick nap, just so he’d have enough energy to get through the rest of the day’s activities. With all the ‘exercise’ he’d gotten so far, he agreed and disappeared into the bedroom, took off his clothes and lay down for almost an hour.

That gave Kate time to download all the pictures and assemble two very nice time-lapse videos of the swimsuits being painted. Then she assembled her video backwards, starting with the fully painted suit and culminating with the pictures of her appearing to try to cover up as her swimsuit disappeared.

Looking over the final products, she had to admit that they had turned out better than she could have possibly hoped. “If YouTube allowed nudity, these would go viral,” she thought to herself.

When Ross woke up, he heard Kate’s voice in the other room and initially thought she must be on the phone. But then he was sure that he could make out a second voice – the pleasing, lilting drawl of their neighbor Rita. He got dressed and went into the living room. As soon as he appeared, Rita smiled widely, put her hand to her mouth in surprise and only said, “Oh dear, maybe I better get going.” As she hustled outside, Rita glanced back at him with an expression he had never seen on her face before.

After their neighbor had left, Ross asked Kate, “What was that all about?”

“I was just showing Rita the videos I put together. You’ve got to see them. They’re great, if I do say so myself.” They watched the video of Kate about twenty times, especially in reverse, rolling with laughter as her swimsuit slowly disappeared and she feigned modesty.

“This is tremendous. That’s the best birthday present I could ever ask for. But I can’t believe that you would show this to anybody, much less a proper southern belle like Rita, ” Ross laughed.

“Well, Rita asked about my new swimsuit, and after I told her the whole story, I had to show her this video. She’s a lot more down to earth than you’d imagine. In fact, she’s got a downright racy streak in her. Nothing like the polite southern damsel you’d think she was. She really enjoyed the one of you.”

“Of me?” Ross was incredulous. “You did a video of me too? Let me see it, right now. And you showed it to Rita? No wonder she gave me that look on her way out. How bad do I look in it?”

Kate brought up another file, a much shorter time-lapse video of Ross’ bike shorts disappearing. In the video of Kate, the final frame had shown her trying desperately and somewhat futilely to cover up. But when the version showing Ross finished playing, the screen was filled with him standing there stark naked until Kate closed the file. Ross could only roll his eyes. “No wonder she looked at me like that and left so quickly. Now she’s seen everything I’ve got to offer.”

“Well, as long as we’re on the subject, when she walked over here, she walked across our deck, right in front of our bedroom. She happened to mention that you might want to close the drapes in the master bedroom when you take a nap in the nude,” Kate said. “In fact, I even dragged her back out onto the deck and we checked you out. Don’t worry though, she was very complimentary as we stood there talking about you. I wish I could remember her exact words, because you’d be proud. I can’t believe you didn’t hear us. You must have been really napping hard.”

Ross could feel himself blush. “You encouraged her to look over your husband as he lay there sleeping? Just be aware that some day, I’m going to get you back for this.” But to be honest, he was actually thrilled that Rita had said nice things about his body after she had seen him naked. She was definitely a hottie, a bit on the thin side, with smallish breasts, a real shapely ass, and that accent could melt any yankee’s heart. He would have loved to have the tables turned.

“So how many other people are you going to show these videos to?” Ross was curious how many of her friends were going to see him in such detail.

Just a few special friends,” she said. “Ones of my choosing,” she quickly added, noting how Ross’ eyes lit up.

Pat and Tonya arrived just before 6pm, plenty of time for a quick cocktail before they were to head into town for dinner. Naturally, conversation turned to the day’s activities, and Kate described the bodypainting. Pat begged to see the time-lapse video, and Kate finally relented. All four of them were rolling with laughter, and they watched it so many times that they were almost late for their dinner reservations. Kate never mentioned the video of Ross, and he was a bit disappointed that Tonya never asked.

After his busy day, Ross was starving, making short work of his surf and turf, with an Irish coffee for dessert. Service was quick, and they made it back to the lake house well before sunset.

Immediately upon their return, Kate took Tonya aside to discuss what she’d be comfortable doing that evening. Kate got straight to the point, “Well, are you ready for a quick game of strip poker? Or should we just drag the boys out to the dock and go skinny-dipping?”

Kate was more than a little surprised that Tonya quickly replied, “Oh heck, let’s do strip poker. I have to admit, I’ve never played, and since you have gotten me feeling so uninhibited lately, what the heck, let’s do it. But you’ll have to teach me how to play.”

“Oh great. Me teach you? I’m horrible at poker. We might as well just take off our clothes right now, because we’re going to lose. The guys know how to play, so we’re toast,” Kate lamented.

Tonya didn’t seem to mind, “Well, isn’t that the idea? You said the goal was to show some skin and give Ross a memorable birthday. Let’s at least put up a symbolic fight and make them work at getting us out of our clothes.”

The women went back to the kitchen where the guys were just finishing mixing after dinner drinks. Kate asked Ross, “OK birthday boy, we’ve got one more surprise for you and you get to choose what it is. Do you want to: A.) play strip poker, B.) go skinny-dipping, or C.) do some hot-tubbing?”

Ross immediately said, “I want D.) all of the above.” Everybody laughed, and even Tonya didn’t challenge his choice.

Kate got the cards and laid down the rules, “We all start even, so let’s each get down to four pieces of clothing.” Various pieces of clothing were shed to get to the prescribed starting point. Kate continued, “There’s only one winner of each hand and everybody but the winner has to remove one article of clothing for each hand. Pretty simple, huh? OK, I’ll deal, so you three better prepare to lose and get naked.” She dealt and Tonya won the first hand.

Tonya also won the second hand and the guys were getting a bit frustrated.

“She’s never played poker in her life and she wins the first two hands?” Pat lamented.

“Beginner’s luck,” suggested Ross.

“Well, at least one of us women is doing well,” said Kate, who was down to her bra and panties already.

“Cream eventually rises to the top,” was Tonya’s retort. The other three laughed at the irony of her remark.

Pat won the third hand, leaving Tonya’s capri pants on the floor, Ross in only his briefs and forcing Kate to decide between taking off her bra or her panties. Although she already knew the answer, Kate decided to let Ross choose, “Well, birthday boy, I’ll let you choose. Should I be topless or bottomless?”

Ross didn’t hesitate a millisecond, “Topless.”

Kate stood up, undid the clasp and slid off her bra slowly, stopping as her areolas started to appear, then letting it edge down past her nipples until all of her large, shapely breast spilled out in full view. She tried not to appear to be making a scene of it, and the effect on the guys was dramatic, especially Pat, who was openly gaping at the show. Ross’ eyes were filled with admiration for his wife’s confidence and how good she looked topless. Even Tonya appreciated how well Kate commanded their attention.

When Kate sat back down, she looked very self-assured, despite being half naked. Her shoulders were back, she was sitting up straight and she made no attempt to hide from Pat’s gaze. Actually, she welcomed it. He had seen her completely unclothed before, but it had been a while, and he was amazed at how good she still looked. She leaned back and put both her arms up along the back of the sofa, accentuating the display of her breasts. Ross knew that Kate was showing off, and that definitely excited him.

Meanwhile, Tonya had noticed Ross’ tight low-rise briefs and how trim he had kept himself over the years. He was not quite as tall as her husband – few guys were, and he wasn’t as big and brawny as Pat either. But she still found Ross very attractive, and she looked him over as much as she could without being too obvious.

It was Pat’s deal, and he had to be brought back to reality and at least temporarily stop his admiring gaze of Kate’s upper body. “Oh, sorry. I got distracted. Let’s see, where were we?”

He dealt and Kate won the hand.

Ross was beside himself, “I’m out already? I didn’t win a hand? Me? I’ve played more poker than the rest of you combined, and I lose four straight hands? I think I should get a couple of freebies for my birthday. You know, a couple more hands so I can stay in the game. It wouldn’t be right for me to go out so quickly, this being my big day and all.” He looked around for support, but the other three weren’t buying into his argument at all.

“No way Jose,” Kate said, chuckling and enjoying watching him squirm. “It’s time for the birthday boy to show us all his birthday suit!”

“Yeah, birthday boy. You lost. Time to pay the piper,” Pat chimed in.

Tonya was quiet, just waiting to see if Ross would actually go through with it. Kate had to make Ross stand up, and she gave him a quick hug, pressing her bare breasts into his chest. She slid her hands inside his briefs and pushed them down his legs before backing away, leaving Ross standing completely naked in the well-lit room.

Tonya giggled, stifling a small gasp, but she didn’t avert her gaze. Ross’ cock intrigued her more than she would have ever guessed. It wasn’t that much bigger in length or diameter than Pat’s. It was just different, and that’s what was so exciting. She wondered – was Ross going to get hard? What would he look like then? She thought about it – when was the last time she had seen another man naked besides Pat? It had been ages.

Moreover, she found herself enjoying the fact that she was seeing this good friend of hers stand in front of her, fully exposed for her viewing pleasure. It wasn’t like Ross was being a creepy exhibitionist, it was more like he was completely opening up to her; he felt so comfortable with her that he would let her see him naked. And she thought he certainly looked good doing it.

Suddenly, she wondered what it would feel like to be in that position. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been thinking about it she had made the commitment to Kate months ago. Actually, she had been more like worrying about it for the last week. Now that she was finally faced with what it would be like to be on display, the thought actually seemed to appeal to her. As if she was hastening the process, she said, “Well, Pat and I lost that hand too, so we need to take off a piece of clothing.” Pat quickly and without any fanfare took off his shorts, leaving him in only his boxer shorts – not a real noticeable difference.

Tonya undid the buttons on her long peasant blouse and let it slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor. Having known that there was a good chance that she’d be seen in some stage of undress that evening, she was glad that she had picked out her sexiest bra and panties. She stood there, watching the other’s eyes look her over. When she saw Ross smiling, she pirouetted to show him the view from behind.

Kate kept the spotlight on Tonya, commenting first on her panties, low cut, lacy and skimpy. Not exactly a thong, these panties featured darting that tucked into her butt, hugging the contour of her shapely ass. Tonya went along with the show, proudly turning around and even wiggling a bit in Ross’ direction, which brought a big smile of appreciation.

Kate persisted, also complimenting about Tonya’s brassiere that pushed up her perky breasts perfectly, giving them a nice, full roundness. The material was sheer enough that her large, dark areolas were clearly visible. Tonya ran her hands over her body, turning and displaying her last two pieces of clothing. Then she sat down, secretly hoping she would lose the next hand. The thought ran through her mind – what would she rather be, topless or bottomless?

But she didn’t have to worry about it. She was dealt two pair, kings high, and she knew so little about poker that she didn’t even realize it. She had won. Pat and Kate leaned back in their chairs and rolled their eyes. Ross looked disappointed.

Kate watched intently as Pat stood up, slid off his boxers, turned around twice and slowly sat back down. She had seen him naked several times before, but each time she found herself thrilled to see every square inch of skin on such a large, well-built guy.

Kate was shaken from her reverie by Tonya, who gleefully said to her, “OK Kate, now it’s your turn.” Kate was already topless, and was already aware that Pat had been glancing furtively at her for the last couple of hands. She was more than happy to take off her panties in front of him, but in deference to her husband, she at least directed the show in her Ross’ direction.

Kate declared, “Well, Tonya, you won. Congratulations. Now, you have to strip for the birthday boy.”

Ross’ eyes widened. Pat laughed and said, “Yeah, let’s see you take it all off for the birthday boy!”

Tonya blushed heavily. She was suddenly faced with baring it all. Even though the other three were already completely naked, she hesitated. Kate and Pat clapped and chanted, “Take it off. Take it off. Take it off.” All sorts of emotions ran through Tonya’s mind. Insecurities again welled up within her. She knew her breasts weren’t as big as Kate’s, so how would she compare? Did anybody really want to see the rest of her body? Why did she get herself into this position in the first place? She had won the strip poker game, so why couldn’t she back out now and just put the rest of her clothes back on?

Tonya looked at Ross and saw an expression on his face like a kid on Christmas morning, gazing at all the presents under the tree, eyes wide with amazement and awe. He had such an appreciative look, almost childlike, that it calmed her, reassuring her that he would like what he saw. “Oh, what the heck,” she thought to herself, “I guess I can make his day.”

With all eyes focused on her, she stood up and undid the clasp in the back of her bra. She held the cups in place as the straps fell away from her shoulders. Like Kate had done, she ever so slowly lowered the bra from her breasts, stopping as her nipples started to come into view. But her hesitation wasn’t for drama, she still felt embarrassed. Pat and Kate had seen her naked before, but what would Ross think? Tonya looked at her husband one last time for approval, but his smile removed any doubt that everything was all right.

She watched Ross’ face as she dropped the bra, noticing the gleam in his eyes as he finally got to see her bare breasts. She could tell that he was having a good birthday and was pleased to be part of making him happy. Ross wasn’t staring at her, but rather his eyes darted back and forth between her face and all up and down her body. In fact, she thought he was making more eye contact with her than anything else.

“OK, halfway to complete nudity,” yelled Kate. “Keep going. Don’t stop now.” Tonya looked again at Pat, and he gave a silent nod of his head.

Her panties were very form-fitting, so she almost had to wiggle out of them to get them over her hips and down her thighs. Ross thought that this was for his benefit and let out an appreciative, “Nice!”

Tonya smiled at his reaction, turned around twice and said “Ta-da! There you have it. I’m naked! Happy birthday, Ross. I’ll have you know that I’ve never done this before, so that’s how special you are.”

“Well thank you Tonya,” Ross replied. “I’ve always known that you are a beautiful woman, and as I have long suspected, you have an absolutely stunning body.” He looked her over from head to toe, taking time to study her body closely, committing various features to memory, the shape and curve of her breasts, the size and color of her areolas, the soft shadows between her thighs, the roundness of her well-toned ass. He knew that there was a very good chance he would be the last male besides Pat to see her naked. “You probably have no idea how good you look with your clothes off.”

Tonya blushed again, and said, “Oh, you’re just saying that because I’m naked.”

“No,” Ross replied, “I’m saying that because it’s true. Both you women are absolutely beautiful, and you both have great bodies. You two are great examples of how completely different female body styles prove the vast range of feminine beauty. You are both magnificent. Thank you for making my birthday special beyond words.” Turning to his wife, “And Kate, thank you for setting up all this. I can’t believe you took the sting out of a birthday for me. You are the best wife in the world.”

“Well, it doesn’t have to end yet. The sun has pretty much set, so maybe we should go take a quick dip in the lake. What do you all say?” Kate suggested.

The insecure expression returned to Tonya’s face. “You mean go skinny-dipping? Outside?”

“Well, you can’t go skinny-dipping inside,” Kate retorted. “C’mon, nobody will see you, except us. Let’s go. Have you ever done this before?

“Of course not,” was Tonya’s obvious answer.

“Well, c’mon, there’s a first time for everything. Today might as well be the day you really let it all hang out,” Kate said. “I’ll go get some towels and I’ll meet you out on the dock. Go ahead.”

Ross took his glass into the kitchen, saying, “Does anybody need another drink? I know I could use one,” as he sauntered into the kitchen.

Pat was looking at Tonya and she found herself frozen by his gaze. She noticed a definite lusty aspect to his expression now, and she was a bit taken aback. She didn’t remember the last time he looked at her quite that way. She felt a mixture of pride and arousal and wondered why she hadn’t done things like this before. She knew it wasn’t something that she would do every day, and certainly not with just anybody. But Ross and Kate were good friends, good enough that she had enjoyed the whole experience. At least, so far.

Tonya was still a bit apprehensive about this whole skinny-dipping thing. Nudity inside was one thing, but outside where anybody could see her was still threatening. So she waited behind to talk to Kate as Pat and Ross walked out the back door. She watched as their bare butts headed down the flagstone pathway to the lake, illuminated just enough by the small solar-powered lights. They were so much at ease. Tonya thought to herself, “That’s men for you. It’s much tougher to be a woman.”

Kate appeared with the towels, and said, “Here, wrap this around you so you won’t feel so self-conscious as we walk down to the lake. Trust me, you can’t see anything, but I know you’re still feeling a bit uneasy.”

“Well, if I had tits as big as yours, maybe I’d be more self-assured,” Tonya responded.

Kate turned to her, grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing them back. “Tonya, you’ve got a great body. But you have to stand up straight and stop slouching. Be proud. Show it off. Every woman looks better if she is confident. You’ve got great breasts, and you have every right to be confident. Have you noticed how much Ross is enjoying the show you’re putting on for him? You’re helping me make his birthday a truly memorable one, so I appreciate it too. C’mon, let’s go cool off in the lake.”

Tonya noted that Kate had wrapped her towel around her waist, leaving her bare-breasted and she decided to do the same. The ladies walked outside and headed down to the lake. They could hear the guys already in the water, splashing and laughing.

Kate dropped her towel on the bench and dove right in, with Tonya right behind her. The two couples swam and frolicked for a while, stopping occasionally to sip at their drinks, standing in waist deep water by the dock. The sun had long since set, but the early summer twilight persists a long time in northern Michigan. On top of that, a quarter moon added just the right additional amount to the available illumination.

Kate made it a point to lean with her elbows on the dock, knowing full well that by now, the guys’ vision had adjusted to the low light and her breasts would be tantalizingly visible. Pat mistakenly thought that she couldn’t see him openly staring at her. Ross wasn’t shy about his gaze, his eyes darting back and forth between the two women’s bodies.

Eventually, Kate swan out to the raft, climbed up the ladder and stood with her arms and legs widely spread, yelling, “I’m the queen of the world!” The boys quickly followed, and eventually, Tonya did too.

The four of them lay naked on the raft, the slight breeze cooling them comfortably after the sweltering heat of the day. They sat and talked about a multitude of topics for about fifteen minutes. Even Tonya got comfortable enough to join in the conversation, and she noticed that she had almost forgotten that they were all naked. She even took the opportunity to check out the guys as they lay on their backs, and chuckled to herself when she realized that what she had heard was true – lake water does cause shrinkage.

Finally, Tonya declared that she was getting a bit chilled and was going to swim back to the dock. Kate asked her, “Do you want to go in the hot tub? We don’t use it as much in the summer, but maybe tonight would be good.”

Tonya quickly asked, “Is everybody going in the hot tub?”

Kate wanted to make sure that Tonya was still comfortable and asked, “Do you want company?”

Tonya’s response surprised Kate, “Sure, why don’t we all hop in for a while. It’d be a good way to wrap up the evening.”

One by one, they dove in and swam back to the dock. Ross toweled dry as he was walking back to the deck, where he uncovered the jacuzzi, slid in and turned on the jets. Trying to be a true gentleman, he stood and helped both women as they stepped into the tub. Since there is no graceful way to step into a hot tub, Ross made it a point to watch closely as each woman extended her legs, trying to reach the bottom of the tub. Pat missed the show because he had detoured back into the kitchen to mix four more drinks.

In the hot tub, it didn’t take long to drive the chill from their bodies. Soon, all four were taking turns sitting up on the edge of the tub, with only their legs in the water. Tonya followed Kate’s lead, leaning backwards, arms spread widely against a bench, striking a pose that invited the men’s eyes, and based on how they were staring, she could tell that they were not disappointed.

After a while, Tonya looked at Pat and said, “I think it’s time for us to go inside too. I’ve got a special treat for you, even if it’s not your birthday.” Pat almost jumped out of the jacuzzi, quickly following Tonya inside.

My name is Richard Schwartz and I am married to Ellen Schwartz. We have been married for three years. Currently I am being held prisoner by Farc rebels deep in the Colombian jungle. I am being held with the wife of my best friend Amy Wallace. My wife and Ellen’s husband Jeff are being held out of our view on the other side of this rebel camp This journal is being written with the permission of my captors in that they don’t seem to care that I am writing it.

My story started with a vacation. I’ve known Jeff Wallace since college we did everything together at school. We pledged the same fraternity and started on the college baseball team. We even met our wives at the same time. Ellen and Amy were both dateless at a school dance because their beaus were last minute no shows. I was taken with Ellen, although to be honest I’ve always been attracted to Amy as well but there seemed to be the most fireworks between Ellen and myself and Amy and Jeff.

I really don’t have to tell you that we served as each others best man and that the girls were maid of honor and matron of honor to each other. We even ended up buying houses in the same subdivision. Jeff and I do not work together. He is a high level international lawyer. I lucked into a golden opportunity and now own a luxury golf course. Each of us are wealthy men. Our wives have done well also. Amy litigates next to Jeff while Ellen owns a flower shop near the college campus. I am amazed at the money she brings in on Valentine’s day and formal dance season. The rest of her year is not too bad either.

We were in Columbia as guests of the Wallace’s. Amy and Jeff are both fluent enough in Spanish to pass for native speakers. They spend lots of time in South and Central America as representatives for major corporations and have a knowledge of the area most Americans will never possess. Neither Ellen nor myself speak Spanish. I took German in high school and college and Amy is quite adept at French. She was a lifesaver when we on vacation in Paris. Anyway Amy and Jeff wanted to give us the tour of South America that they loved. Beyond the tourist traps to the small villages and remote attractions. Ellen and I just let The Wallace’s interact with the natives and interpret the menus for us at all of the quaint restaurants we stopped in. It was wonderful until Jeff decided that we just HAD to see a remote waterfall so off into the jungle we went. I had no clue as to where I was then and I sure as shit have no clue as to where I am now.

Our small touring party strayed into Farc territory. Farc members are not nice folks they want to bring down the Columbian government by any means possible. They have tons of illegal drug money to fund their operation. Our party was stopped. Once they had our passports it was all over for us. Jeff and Amy had worked for interests that were mortal enemies of Farc. In these days when the internet pierces even into the jungle it did not take long for our captors to realize that Jeff and Amy made very enticing hostages. If the U.S. Would not bargain with them, one of the corporations or entities that Jeff and Amy had represented would certainly play ball. Ellen and I, as fellow Americans were considered useful as well. The rest of our party was permitted to return to civilization. The four of us were led deeper into the jungle to the rebel base

It took about three minuets for the rebels to assess everyone’s language ability. Before I could even protest, I was chained hand and foot to Amy and led off to one side of the camp and Ellen and Richard were led out of sight.

“What’s happening?” I asked Amy

“Jeff and I have worked for enemies of these rebels. We are now hostages or leverage for concessions. They split me and Richard up so that they don’t have to explain everything twice and so that they don’t have to go through interpreters. Get comfortable we are going to be here a while.”

We were led to a large tent. We were unchained but could make no move as several AK 47′s were aimed at our stomachs. Were were ordered to empty our pockets then I heard something shouted in Spanish.

“Take off your clothes,” said Amy “We’ve been ordered to strip.”

I had always wanted to see Amy naked. She is a knockout. Five six, long brown hair, long shapely legs, Ample bust and a cute face. Her jaw is a bit large but it does not distract from her beauty. To be honest I chose Ellen over Amy the night of that dance because I liked her legs better. Amy is an inch shorter but is just as beautiful. Her auburn hair cascades around an angelic face. Her shapely legs lead to a flat tummy and smaller but perky breasts. To be honest both are stunners.

I shed my clothes. I write here that I was a gentleman and averted my eyes from the nakedness of my best friend’s wife. Let’s let that little fiction stand. I learned about the birthmark on her right buttocks and the style of her bush from a friend. Yeah we’ll go with that. If its any consolation I caught Amy gazing at my junk more than once.

Amy translated as the Farc bigwig spoke.

“You are prisoners of war. The undeclared war between the United States and Farc. You will be treated as such and be held until your government accedes to our demands or pays your ransom.”

The man then focused on Amy

“You and your husband are the worse kind of imperialist scum.” Then he spat at her.

While we were still naked Amy and I were chained together. Handcuffs and leg fetter. The rebels produced some clothing. Each of us received a simple pair of pajama pants and a shirt. There were velcro fasteners down one side so that they could be put on and removed over our chains. We were also given moccasins for our feet. A short rebel with bad breath dressed Amy and myself. We were then frog marched to a small tent and chained to a ring in a large concrete block. It was easily half a ton.

“Well Richard it looks like we are going to get very cozy. It will be several days at least before the fact of our captivity reaches Washington. D.C. Neither the government nor Jeff and my firn negotiates with terrorists which is what they consider Farc. Jeff and I are too important to just let rot however. But it may be a month or more before the Navy Seals can locate, sneak in and rescue us. Not quite the vacation we promised you is it?”

“What’s happening to Jeff and Ellen” I asked Amy.

“Obviously they are chained up elsewhere in the camp. Its a simple tactical move to keep us separated . That way IF there IS a raid, the rebels will probably be awakened before both sets of hostages are freed and they would be able to retain one set of prisoners.”

“I’m not sure that I like the idea of Ellen and Jeff chained up together.”

“Neither do I said Amy. I NEVER liked the way my husband looked at your wife. There is nothing we can do about it however I expect that we are going to come to know every pore of each others flesh in a short time as well. I don’t think they will take off these chains if we have to go to the bathroom for example.

A guard entered out tent and Amy asked to use the bathroom in Spanish. The guard laughed and undid the padlock on the chain keeping us bound to the concrete. Hobbled together we were led at gun point to a latrine. Without ceremony our pants were opened along the velcro and removed. There were were in the open air exposed before the whole camp. This time I noticed what a beautiful pussy Amy had. In the latrine itself there was just enough give in the chains that Amy could sit down and do her business. Once she was finished We changed places. I had to take a monster dump and poor Amy had to stand there ignoring the smells and sounds. Once we were finished and out of the latrine, our pants were put back on and we were led to our tent.

While we were out of the tent some supplies had been left for us. Soap, a deck of cards, a towel, some Spanish novels, some crackers and an empty journal and some pens. Since Amy showed no interest, I began keeping a journal immediately.

Our day passed slowly. I rested my back on the concrete block and Amy snuggled next to me and fell asleep on my shoulder. I realized how lovely she is. Even without makeup she is stunning. Through a gap in the velcro snaps of her pajama top I could see her right breast. Let me tell you, Amy has some great tits. They are larger and nicer than my Ellen’s.

Late in the afternoon the rebels gave us our only meal of the day. It was a fiery concoction of rice and meat. Amy ate it with no problem. I on the other hand had to keep asking for the agua. That made our captors laugh. I understood the word “gringo” and that they were mocking me. I didn’t care. Around nightfall the rebels led us to the latrine again. There was also a small camp sink where we could brush our teeth. Still later the rebels replaced the shorter chain binding us to the cement block with a longer one so that Amy and I could lie down They provided some pillows and blankets and we turned in for the night.

I awoke in the middle of the night to find Amy wrapped about me. It felt good and looked good. Her hair was splayed out across my chest like a chestnut carpet. Gently I stroked her hair with my free hand. It felt divine. Gently I let my free hand take a tour of her sleeping form. She did not stir. Her tits were firm and perfect Her legs long and shapely. I liked what was under the pajamas as well. I felt ashamed of myself. Would I want my wife to be explored like this by Jeff?

I thought long and hard. Jeff was my best friend If there was any woman I could tolerate Ellen being with it was Jeff. He was a decent guy but I worried. Jeff had confided in me once how lucky he thought I was to be married to Ellen. I told him that he had a fine looking woman himself. Jeff replied that he KNEW that but there was something so undeniably sexy about my wife. Something that Amy didn’t have. I told him he was nuts and got his solemn oath that he would never act upon his attraction to Amy. I wondered how long that promise would withstand being chained to her, seeing her naked, and sharing bathroom trips. I got an involuntary raging hard on.

Amy took that moment to stir.

“Oh your awake. Having trouble sleeping?”

“No I’m lost in thought.”

“About what?” Amy asked

“About Ellen and Jeff for one thing.”

“I hope, sort of, that that is the reason your stiffy there.” She nodded in the direction of my penis.

“Sorry about that. Part of it is the thought of them together the other part is caused by our involuntary closeness. You are very beautiful Amy.”

“Thank you Richard. I’ve always considered you handsome … HOWEVER I am not attracted to you. You should know this. During our girls night out Ellen got really drunk one night and told me that she wanted to fuck my husband. She apologized once she sobered up but I have been very leery about leaving the two of them alone for any length of time. I shudder to think what is going on in their tent.”

Amy reached over and grabbed my penis.


“Richard while I am not attracted to you I know that a man has needs. I’ll jerk you off and blow you once a day to keep your impulses under control. You won’t be the first man I have blown that I didn’t love. All I ask in exchange is that you behave as a gentleman at all times and that you do not try to make me do anymore than that. And once our captivity is over what happened during it stops and is never mentioned again. I expect that I am going to have a devil of a time getting the taint of Amy off my husband’s cock once this is over. He will mope for a while and threaten to leave me but in the end he’ll come back and beg forgiveness. He’s an overgrown boy. You are more of a man Richard. To be honest part of me wishes that I could get hot for you but you are simply not my type. No, when this is over the odd man out is Ellen, unless you want to take her back. If I were you I wouldn’t.” Then Amy freed my penis from my pajamas and without any fuss at all began jerking me off. I watched in fascination as her wedding ring slid along my cock until her hand wrapped around it and she began pumping away. Amy is supremely talented. I had just enough time to warn her before I came in torrents.

“You can’t deny that you needed that.” Said Amy as she pulled the pajama back over my rapidly deflating mast.

“if you enjoyed that just wait for my blow jobs. To be honest those are what will bring Jeff back around. I’ve seen Amy give head … I am so much better. But you’ll find out .. later”

With that Amy turned away from me the best she could and was soon once again fast asleep. Shortly thereafter I joined her in slumber, grinning from ear to ear.

The next few days blended together. We were roused at dawn, led to the latrine and then spent hours chained up awaiting our meal before the night routine of latrine and face washing and tooth brushing During all that time we did not see our spouses but we knew what tent they were in. Amy heard some of the guards refer to the “La carpa Romantico” which she translated as “the love tent.” From what Amy could deduce they were apparently fucking ALL the time.

I really didn’t care at this point because Amy was true to her word. Around noon each day she sucked me off. God is she talented! Deep thrusts and gentle tongue action. Now I know why Jeff so often had that goofy smile on his face. Best of all she swallowed. After dinner just after we were set down to bed she jerked me off. At all other times I treated her with utmost respect. I looked away when she was naked or on the pot.

Around the fifth or sixth day Amy and I were led to one side of the camp, next to a water tanker truck. A male guard stripped us and hooked a hose up to the truck. Amy and I were hosed off and washed everywhere, soap was provided then we were left to dry in the sun while our pajamas were washed and dried.

Amy seemed to have a blase attitude as the male guards eyed her up and down. She made no effort to cover herself. Despite myself and the chill of the water I got an erection. This brought out laughter and mockery from the guards. After this totally humiliating experience was over we were at last redressed and led beck to our tent.

I asked Amy “How can you just stand there and not let it bother you. They were staring at you and making comments about us. I’ve picked up enough Spanish to know that they were talking about your body.”

“It DOES bother me Richard but I am a litigator. I can’t let my opponents see any weakness in me. These men are looking for any chink in my armor. They want to humiliate me and objectify me. I won’t give them the satisfaction.”

As the days passed my respect for Amy grew and grew. To pass time in the tent she translated as she read from one of the novels. It was a rather spicy story and Amy conjectured that it had once belonged to a guard as some of the spiciest passages were underlined. We also played cards but that soon lost interest as Amy regularly stomped me in every game we played no matter the card game. She called me the worst poker player in the world.

I offered Amy oral sex but she turned me down.

“I’m sorry Jeff only men who get me hot get to kiss my pussy. As I said you’re handsome but NOT my type”

When I explained that I felt guilty getting all of the release she replied.

“It is far better that you be mellowed and in control rather than pent up and demanding something I have no desire to give. You could easily overpower me Richard but you won’t so long as you are sucked and jerked. I’m nothing if not a practical woman.”

Although I had intended to make an entry every day in my journal I had lost track of days almost immediately. Amy had a better sense of time we estimated that a month and a half had gone by. The night we figured was our 36th or 37th we we awakened by gunshots. Bleary eyed we awoke I spied a Navy seal in our tent. He motioned us to remain silent a moment later another seal appeared and began working on the chain holding us fast to the cement block and to each other. Amid gunfire, smoke bombs and search lights we were led to a Navy helicopter. Jeff and Ellen were already aboard, kissing deeply, Moments later we were choppering away to an American base in Columbia.

The next week was one of endless interviews with the state department. U.S. officials and Columbian officials. One long boring meeting after another. The military put Ellen and I in one hotel room and Jeff and Amy in another.

“So Ellen,” I asked one night, “What happened while you and Jeff were alone.”

“Oh nothing much.”

“What about that kiss in the helicopter?”

“we were just overcome with the emotion of the moment.”

She changed her tune when I found a pregnancy test kit in the trash. It was positive.

Ellen confessed everything, how she had always been attracted to Jeff and that when they were thrown together she discovered that he felt the same way about her and one thing led to another. She was crying into my chest begging forgiveness. I responded with stone cold silence.

As always Amy was right. She had gotten a confession out of Jeff the first night. He whined and insisted that he and Ellen were “destined” to be together Amy explained why that was not the case. She told Jeff that he was a lousy husband but that despite everything she still loved and needed him. A few days and more than a few blow jobs later Jeff was his old self again and my wife was just a pleasant memory to him.

I still see Ellen from time to time, Her son looks just like Jeff. Amy set up a very nice settlement for Ellen. Money and a new flower shop in another town Among the terms were she had to leave town and promise to not seek any money beyond that agreed upon. I helped her set up house and store and once in a while she will invite me to dinner. But I am seeing a very nice woman now. She has never met and never will meet Jeff.

The End

My sister Cassie and I, after playing a round of “Truth” with some friends we met on the nude beach, were contemplating whether we would stay for a few rounds of “Dare.” After giving it some thought, we decided to go back to our room. She was getting tired, and we decided we didn’t want to be up too late if we were going to do the nude beach again in the morning.

Everyone was disappointed that we were leaving, especially it seemed, Logan, who was absentmindedly stroking his cock as he was talking to Cassie. I suspected that he had already worked through a couple of dares for he and Cassie, but that would have to wait.

We decided that we’d all meet at nine for breakfast in the restaurant and then we’d go down to the beach together.

Cassie and I grabbed our clothes, with everyone saying how glad they were that we came down to their room. We had sort of a group hug before we got our clothes on and left, and I noticed Logan’s semi jerked a little when it brushed against Cassie’s thigh when they hugged.

Cassie and I went directly to our room, and when we walked in, Cassie went over to the sliding doors leading to the balcony and walked outside, with me following close behind.

“Isn’t is beautiful here?” she asked, looking at the ocean in the moonlight.

“Yeah, it really is,” I replied as I put my arms around my sister from behind and held her close.

We stood there looking at the waves as they crashed on the shore for several moments in silence, until Cassie spoke again.

“You know what I’d like to do?” she asked.


“I’d like to take our blanket down and sit on the beach and watch the water for a while. Wanna do that?”

“Sure. Are we going to the nude section?” I asked.

“Of course,” she replied as she turned and kissed me passionately.

“Let’s change into our suits, although I don’t think we’ll have them on very long once we get there,” she said.

Both Cassie and I changed into our swim suits, while she grabbed her beach bag containing the blanket, and we headed to the elevator. Once outside, we started walking along the beach to the sign announcing the possibility of nude bathers.

“Well, time to get rid of the clothes, brother,” Cassie said as she immediately slipped out of her top and bottoms, dropping them into the beach bag. I did the same, and then we started walking nude along the water’s edge. Cassie looked especially beautiful as the moonlight reflected off the water and onto nude body. She looked like a goddess or something.

We passed several couples who had the same idea; some young, like us, and several older couples as well, including one family with their teenaged children, all walking nude along the ocean.

We found a spot a few yards from the water and spread out our blanket. I spread my legs, and Cassie sat between them, with her back to me, as we faced the ocean, taking in its beauty and the soft sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. Other than that, it was quiet out, other than a few voices as people passed by.

I brought my hands up and startled touching Cassie’s breasts, as she sighed and leaned her head back against my chest as I continued. I noticed her nipples becoming erect, and it wasn’t because of the coolness of the air, as it was still warm out, even though it was late.

Cassie turned and kissed me once, and then a second time, sliding her tongue into my mouth. God, she tasted good. I was falling deeper in love with my sister by the minute, and was sorry that we never hooked up before a few weeks ago.

After a few minutes of kissing each other and me fondling her breasts, Cassie turned around, pressed me back onto the blanket and climbed on top of me. I reached down and planted a hand on her firm ass as we made out on the beach.

I could feel my cock growing as it was pressed firmly against Cassie’s abdomen as we continued kissing, with her still on top of me.

I grabbed her ass harder and started slipping my fingers down her crack, feeling her soft pucker, which seemed to excite her even more, as she started grinding her crotch against mine.

Cassie kissed my mouth hard, and then started licking her way down my face to my neck, my nipples, my abs, and then began licking my hard cock, which was standing straight up. Cassie took the head into her mouth and then moved her mouth all the way down until her face was buried in my pubes, which I remembered I needed to trim before tomorrow.

She started moving her mouth up and down on my hard cock, biting it softly, and rubbing my balls as she continued sucking me off under the light of the moon on the beach.

I watched as several couples walked by, each noticing my Cassie on her knees leaning over my cock, sucking me with her ass in the air. People looked, but nobody said anything. God, it was an erotic moment with my sister.

Cassie continued this for ten minutes or so, and then started licking my balls, and then back around to my thighs, abdomen, and up to my nipples, as she then crawled up on me, sliding my cock into her pussy as she leaned forward and kissed me hard again.

I brought my hands down to her ass cheeks, and held them as she started gyrating on my hard cock, pushing herself back until I was all the way in her, and then pulling off until I just about popped out, and then pushing back again. She continued doing this very slowly, which was driving me absolutely crazy, it felt so fucking good. When she moved back, I pulled my hips up, driving my cock deep inside of my sister, still holding her ass and kissing her mouth.

We soon got into a steady rhythm, and increased our speed and intensity as we made love on the nude beach. God, it was erotic.

I reached up and started rubbing her breasts, first one and then the other, pulling her forward so that I could taste them. Cassie lowered one breast into my mouth as I ran the tip of my tongue over her erect nipple, and then took it into my mouth, sucking it gently, as she slowed her movement on my cock, which was still buried deep within her.

I switched breasts, and started sucking the other one, the same way I did the first, savoring the taste and feeling of her soft flesh as I ran my tongue over her breasts and nipple. Cassie started moaning as I sucked on her nipples, and then started riding my cock harder as I slipped my hands back down to her firm ass, taking a cheek in each hand, massaging them softly as she increased the rhythm with her wet pussy surrounding my hardness.

Cassie started bucking her hips harder against me, and I could hear her gentle moans increase in intensity.

“Oh, god, Tim, Oh god, that feels so good. I love you’re cock deep inside of me,” Cassie said. “Oh, god, fuck me, brother, fuck me,” She continued, driving down harder on me as I thrust into her as deep as I could.

Cassie sat up on my cock, pressing down to take it all the way in, and then started bouncing on my hardness faster and faster as I watched her breasts flopping wildly in front of my eyes. I reached up and held them as she continued driving up and down on my cock.

“Oh, god, yes, yes, yes,” she cried out as I felt her pussy spasm around my hard cock.

“Oh fuck yes, I’m going to fucking cum, Tim, I’m gonna fucking cum. Fuck me!”

I started driving my cock into her as hard as I could, thrusting into her as she came down on me. Both of my hands were on her hips, pulling her down hard as I thrust back into her. We continued like this for a few more minutes until I could feel Cassie’s pussy clamp around my cock, milking my cum out.

As Cassie came on my cock, I started unloading my sperm into her through an intense orgasm. I don’t know what caused it to be so intense; maybe it was being on the nude beach, I don’t know, but it was. I filled my sister with several loads of cum, and I could feel it leaking out of her and down my hips.

Cassie leaned forward and kissed me, driving her tongue deep inside of my mouth as I reached around her and placed my hands on her soft ass again, rubbing it gently.

“God, that was good, Tim,” Cassie whispered in my ear. “Did you like, you know, doing it on the beach?”

“Oh god, yes, I loved doing it on the beach; but then again, I love doing it anywhere with you!”

“Yeah, I do too, but I think it was, you know, erotic to have sex on the beach. God, that was good.”

“Yeah, I feel the same way. It was good.”

We stayed on the blanket, holding each other, for a good fifteen minutes, before Cassie suggested that we get into the water to clean up a little. I helped my sister to her feet, put my hand around her, and together we walked into the water and washed off, before returning to the blanket, where we sat together for another twenty or thirty minutes, just talking and looking at the ocean. Fewer people were walking the beach, but we did see two or three nude couples go by as we sat there.

I kissed Cassie one more time before we decided to get our suits back on and head to the hotel. We walked, hand in hand, all the way back to our room. Once inside, we both walked back onto the balcony and took one final look at the ocean before going back inside.

“Would you like to take a shower?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, I’d love that,” I replied as we walked to the bathroom. The shower was oversized with four adjustable shower heads. Cassie got in and turned on the water, we started lathering up.

“One thing I need to do, I think, is to trim my pubes before tomorrow; I sorta stood out on the beach. I didn’t know so many people trimmed or shaved their pubes,” I said, laughing.

“We can take care of that after we shower. I don’t shave mine, I get it waxed, but we can trim yours up a little,” Cassie replied.

We finished showering and got out of the water and dried off. Cassie had me stand with my legs spread a little as she got out a pair of scissors and a comb and started trimming my pubes.

“How short do you want em?” she asked.

“Whatever you think,” I replied.

Cassie trimmed them, and taking her razor, trimmed the top so it was neatly done. She had me look in the mirror, and they looked fine to me.

After that, Cassie and I went to bed. I held her tight, spooning her, with my semi hard cock pressed against her ass. I reached up and placed my hands on her breasts, and held them as we both fell asleep.

We woke up about seven with the sun shining through the window and to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Cassie got up and walked over to the sliding door, which we forgot to close last night, and walked out on the balcony nude. I got out of the bed and joined her.

There were only a few people walking the beach this early, mostly looking for sea shells, so nobody was looking our way, although if they did, they certainly could see us, even if we were a few floors up.

“I really like this, Tim; nudity is a new experience for me, and I really like it. It’s so freeing and all. I never thought about going to a nude beach, but I really enjoy it. Don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do too, although I was reluctant at first, but now I really like it.”

“It was fun being with the others yesterday and last night.”

“Yeah, I’ve never known anyone who’s that, well, that free, sexually and all.”

“Well, you spend too much time in the library, Tim,” Cassie said laughing.


“Oh yeah, really.”

“You didn’t think that was a little over the top, you know, spending so much time with them and all of us naked, and the way they talked about their times together and all?”

“No, not really. They seem to be really free and open about themselves, and I like that sort of thing. Anyway, I thought it was fun and I had a good time.”

“Yeah, I did too.”

We stayed on the balcony for several more minutes, talking about the day. We sat down on the chairs so we wouldn’t be so conspicuous as we were standing against the rail. We sat there for a good half hour just watching the people and talking.

Soon it was time to get dressed for breakfast, and then to head to the beach. Cassie and I got dressed. I put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, while Cassie put on a very skimpy top and her low cut short shorts. We walked downstairs and found the rest of them already there, waiting for us.

As we walked up, I noticed both Logan and Jordan looking over my sister, and she was a good looking sight with her cleavage exposed, the tiny top she was wearing barely covering her essentials, and her shorts cut down low in the front and up on her legs. God, she looked every bit as sexy, even maybe more, than she looked when we were naked on the balcony.

We walked in and got a table for six. The waiter took our order and we all decided on the breakfast buffet. After talking for a few minutes, we got up and went through the line, before returning to our seats.

“So, what did you and Tim do after you left the room last night?” Logan asked Cassie.

“Well, we sorta went down to the beach for a while, you know, we took a blanket and watched the waves and all.”

“Sounds romantic,” Courtney said.

“It was, believe me,” Cassie replied.

“Mmmm, sounds interesting,” Nicole chimed in.

“Lets just say we had some good brother sister bonding time,” Cassie replied, giving me a sexy grin.

“So, do you all have any plans for tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Logan replied. “We thought we’d could all go to dinner together and then come back to our suite for some fun.”

“Sounds good to me,” Cassie replied.

We finished our breakfast and decided to return to our rooms to get our things and meet back in the lobby in half an hour to head down to the beach.

Cassie and I went to our room and got our suits on, and then put some things in our beach bag, and headed down to the lobby.

Once there, we noticed the group getting off the elevator with the guys carrying a large cooler.

“What’s in that?” I asked.

“Beer and sandwiches for the day,” Jordan replied. “We thought we should take some food and drinks along to the beach, so Logan and I went out earlier this morning and picked some things up. We have some chips and some bottled water, too.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said as we joined them and made our way to the beach.

We didn’t stop at the sign and undress as Cassie and I did yesterday and last night, but continued on down the beach until we found a suitable place to put our things, away from the water to give us a little privacy, but still out in the open. We spread everything out, and then, Logan, Jordon and I each grabbed a beer and started on them, even though it was still early in the day.

Nicole immediately stripped down, as did Courtney, with Cassie following. The three of them were standing alongside of us, completely nude.

Logan removed his shirt and stripped down, and rubbed his cock while looking Cassie over. I think she was completely oblivious to his ogling at her all the time; she wasn’t giving any indication that she was aware of it, anyway. I wasn’t really worried about him or anything; but I wondered if he’d have any reaction if I was paying that much attention to Courtney.

Following Logan’s lead, Jordon and I both stripped down, so the six of us were standing in the sand nude.

“Looks like someone got a haircut,” Courtney commented, running her fingers lightly over my neatly trimmed pubes.

“Yeah,” I said, with my cock starting to grow just a little. “I had Cassie trim them last night after we returned from the beach.”

“Yeah, you were a little hairy down there, for a nude beach,” Courtney replied. “That’s one thing Logan and Jordon had to do after our first trip down here. Everyone seems to trim the body hair. Most people, if you look around, don’t have any pubic hair at,” she said, nodding to a young couple walking toward us, both of them cleanly waxed.

“I noticed that yesterday. That’s why I had Cassie trim them. I felt a little out of place, and thought I should trim them to fit in and all.”

“So, what did you two do on the beach last night, other than look at the ocean, I mean?” she asked.

“Lets just say that I’ve always wanted to have sex on the beach, and now I can check that off my list,” Cassie replied. Everyone had a good laugh at that.

“We’ll have to try that,” she said, looking over at Logan, and then back at me.

“It was fun,” I admitted. “There’s something about it, doing it out here in public and all,” I replied.

“You two are really getting into this nudity, aren’t you?” Logan asked.

“Yeah,” Cassie replied. “We even walked out on the balcony this morning early. We were both naked.” Cassie commented as Logan gave his cock a tug, looking at her.

We continued talking about our time on the beach and other things for several minutes.

“How about if we hit the waves for a little while before we lay out?” Nicole asked. We all agreed, and soon the six of us were playing around in the water.

After about half an hour, we got out of the water and dried off, and sat down on the blankets. I noticed how casual everyone was with their nudity, just like yesterday, not covering anything up, which was still hard for me to get used to, but that’s the way everyone was around here.

After a few minutes, Logan asked if anyone wanted to take a walk down the beach, looking at Cassie.

“Yeah, I’ll go,” she replied as he reached out his hand and helped her up.

“Anyone else want to go for a walk?” she asked, with no takers.

“Remember the rule,” Nicole shouted out at them as they walked away, referring to the ‘touching but no intercourse’ rule they talked about last night, causing everyone to laugh.

“Don’t worry about that,” he replied. “We’re just going for a little walk along the beach.”

After they got a few yards away from us, I noticed Logan drape his arm around Cassie’s shoulders as they continued walking. I could see that they were talking about something, but I had no idea what it was. Soon, they disappeared from our view, walking toward the North end of the beach, with us being near the Southern end.

“Did you all continue with the party after we left last night?” Cassie asked Logan.

“No, not really. We sat around talking some, thinking about today and tonight,” Logan said, smiling at Cassie. “We have a game planned if you all want to join in, that is.”

“What’s that?” Cassie asked.

“Well, its something the four of us did once, you know, when it got a little tense, shall we say, with the four of us spending so much time nude and all.”

“Yeah, continue,” Cassie said.

“It’s called, ‘Thirty Minutes Alone.’ When we were at the cabin last year, after a few days, the sexual tension was building, and we all decided that Jordon and Courtney could spend thirty minutes alone with each other, and Nicole and I did the same. Nicole and I went into one bedroom while they went into the other, and for thirty minutes, we were alone with each other, no questions asked.”

“Really? What did you do?” Cassie asked.

“Ah, remember Cassie, no questions asked. We could have done anything, or nothing at all, it was up to us.”

“So . . . you all would like to play that this evening?” Cassie asked.

“Yeah, if you two are up to it, that is,” Logan responded. “Once you’re in the room, you don’t have to do anything, but you can if you want.”

“How would it work?” Cassie asked, “You know, how would we decide how we split up?”

Logan responded, “We thought we’d, like, put the names of the guys in a bowl and the girls could draw straws to see who picked first. Whoever went first would draw a name from the bowl, and the two of them would spend thirty minutes alone in one of the bedrooms, while the other four stayed in the living room. After they finished, the other two would draw names and those two couples would go into the two bedrooms for thirty minutes alone.”

“So, what are the people in the living room doing all this time?” Cassie asked.

“Well, we didn’t think of that. When we did it we took our thirty minutes alone at the same time, so it didn’t matter. We’d need to talk about it, I guess, and see what works,” Logan said.

After a couple of minutes, Cassie asked, “So, what happens, Logan, if like Courtney picks your name. Do you two spend thirty minutes alone?”

“Yeah, we decided that we’d do it that way. You go with the person who’s name you pick. We also talked about putting the names back in the bowl when we finished, and everyone would have to pick a new name, not repeating thirty minutes with the same person, if we wanted to take another round,” Logan replied.

“So, when you’re in the room, you can do anything you want, and you don’t have to tell anyone afterwards?”

“Yeah, that’s what we did the other time. Nicole and I spent thirty minutes with each other, and never had to tell what we did, or if we did anything at all.”

“So, really, between us, what did you and Nicole do for thirty minutes?”

“Between us?” he asked.

“Yeah, just between us. I wont say anything,” Cassie replied.

“Well, to be honest, I suggested the game because I really wanted to be alone with Nicole. We’d never been together at that point, and I really wanted to, you know, have some fun with her.”

“Did you? I mean, did you have fun with her?”

“Yeah, I did. I wanted to have some time with her but didn’t want to do it behind anyone’s back, so this was the opportunity. We kissed for a few minutes, and then, well, we got onto the bed and had sex. Thirty minutes doesn’t leave much time for foreplay and all, so we just went ahead and did it.”

“Weren’t you concerned about what Jordon and Courtney were doing?”

“Not really. I just assumed they were having sex, too, and I’m sure they did.”

“Did you, ah, you know . . .”

“Did I cum in her? Yes, I did. We had a good thirty minutes alone.”

They walked along in silence for a few minutes, when Logan asked, “Do you think you all would want to play it tonight?” dropping his hand to her ass as they continued walking.

“I think I might, you know, try it; but I’m not sure about Tim, he’s much more conservative. Do the rest of them want to play?”

“Yeah, we talked about it and all, and everyone agreed, that is, if you two want to.”

“I’ll have to think about it,” Cassie replied. “Let’s not say anything about it until we get back to the room and all. Maybe Tim will go along.”

After a couple more minutes, noticing that they were all alone at the far end of the beach, Logan said, “I’ll place my name on the top of the pile when its your turn, so you can make sure you pick me. I’d really like to spend thirty minutes alone with you, Cassie,” as he moved his hand to her ass and started rubbing it softly.

Logan looked around to make sure they were out of sight, then he leaned his face into hers and kissed her.

His kiss only lasted a couple of seconds, as Logan realized that Cassie wasn’t really into it. Thinking that maybe it was because they were standing so near the beach and anyone could come along and see them, Logan took her hand and led them away from the water, where they could be alone.

Logan kissed Cassie again, and then started feeling her breasts as she stood motionless. There was nobody around, so they could do whatever they wanted without being seen.

While kissing her, Logan let his hands fall down to Cassie’s ass and pulled her closer, with his hard cock pressed up against her. As Cassie stood there motionless, Logan moved his hands down to his cock and started rubbing it along her slit, and then held it there, pressing forward enough that the head of his cock was starting to penetrate her.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, Logan,” Cassie mumbled.

“Nobody will ever know, Cassie,” Logan replied, pulling her forward on his hardness with the head of his cock, covered with pre cum, sliding further into her.

Cassie forcefully pushed Logan back and said, “I can’t do this behind Tim’s back. It’s not right.”

With his arms still around her, Logan replied, “He’ll never know, Cassie.”

“Maybe not, but I’ll know, and I just can’t do this, Logan. I can’t do it. Maybe we better wait until we get our thirty minutes alone,” she said, as she took his hand and started walking back toward the water.

“I’m sorry if I . . .”

“Don’t be sorry, god I liked you touching me, I just don’t want to, you know, do anything behind Tim’s back. If he agrees to the game, then I’ll pick your name and we can have our time together.”

“Maybe we better get into the water for a couple of minutes to cool off,” he suggested.

Cassie and Logan walked into the water, and when they were covered, Logan tried to get near Cassie, but she stayed a distance from him.

“We could do it out here, and nobody would ever know,” he suggested, walking toward her. Cassie could see his erection through the water.

“We’d know, and I don’t want to do that to Tim,” she replied, “we better get back to the group.”

Cassie and Logan stayed in the water for a few minutes before getting out, and then started back toward the group, which was a good twenty minute walk. He had his arm around her waist, and then lowered it again to her ass and started rubbing her soft flesh as they walked.

After they left the group for their walk down the beach, Jordon started rubbing oil over Nicole’s back, and Courtney turned to me and asked me to do the same to her. She handed me a bottle of lotion and then rolled over on her stomach. I took the oil and started rubbing it over her back and shoulders, and then she asked me to do the rest of her.

“Don’t worry, Tim, I’m sure Logan has his hands all over Cassie by now.”

I thought about that for a minute, and then dribbled the oil over Courtney’s lower back and ass and started rubbing it in, feeling her soft skin. I then started rubbing her ass, spreading the oil over her before moving to her legs. I rubbed the oil over her lower legs, moving my way up her thighs. Courtney spread her legs, exposing her beautiful pussy. I was tempted to rub it, but didn’t.

When I finished her back side, Courtney rolled over, and asked me to finish the job. She spread her legs and let her knees drop to the outside, exposing herself completely to me. I dribbled oil on her abdomen and rubbed it in, all the way down to the tattoo above her bare pussy. I oiled up her thighs and rubbed the oil down her legs, and then moved my hands lightly along her pussy before making my way to her breasts. As I started rubbing the oil over her breasts, Courtney started rubbing herself between her legs, and started to softly moan. I rubbed the oil into her soft breasts, making sure they were entirely covered before running my hands over the rest of her exposed body one more time. Courtney moved her hand to mine and then lowered them to her pussy and started rubbing herself with my hand. I let two of my fingers rub over her protruding lips, and then let them enter her. I rubbed her like that for two or three minutes before I stopped.

When I finished, I looked up and discovered that Jordon and Nicole were watching us, while Nicole was rubbing herself.

“God, that’s the most erotic thing I think I’ve ever seen,” Nicole said, still rubbing herself. I noticed that Jordon was also stroking his cock as he watched us.

“Why don’t you lie back and I’ll do you,” Nicole said as she took the oil in her hand.

I dropped back on the blanket beside Courtney as Nicole started rubbing the oil over my shoulders, down my chest, through my trimmed pubes, and then over my hardening cock, covering its entire length before moving to my balls. She rubbed the oil over my balls, and then down my thighs and legs before stopping.

“We don’t want you to get a sunburn,” she said, telling me to roll over so she could do my back side.

I rolled over and felt Nicole’s hands as she rubbed from my back to my ass to my thighs and legs. I felt so exposed, but I really didn’t give a fuck. After she finished, I rolled over. My cock had deflated some, but I still had a semi, as the four of us started soaking up the rays.

I don’t know how long they were gone, but Cassie and Logan finally returned, and he had his hand around her waist as they walked up.

“Have a nice walk?” I asked my sister.

“Yeah, its a beautiful beach,” she said as she sat down beside me, noticing that I was all oiled up, but not saying anything.

Cassie took the oil and spread it over her breasts, abdomen, pussy, and then her thighs and legs.

“I need someone to do my back,” she said, with Logan volunteering his services before anyone else had a chance to speak up. Cassie turned over and spread her legs apart, as Logan started rubbing oil over her back and shoulders. When he got to her lower back he hesitated before continuing.

Courtney, looking up at Logan, said, “Go ahead and do the rest of her; I had Tim oil me when you left.”

Logan dribbled oil over Cassie’s ass and slowly started rubbing it in, just as I did with Courtney. I watched as he rubbed the oil over her ass and then as he continued down Cassie’s thighs and legs. When he rubbed back up her legs, he let his fingers rub lightly over her exposed pussy. I watched as she inserted a finger into her momentarily before pulling it back out, causing Cassie to lightly moan.

When he finished he rubbed the oil over his chest, abdomen, cock and balls, and then dropped down on the blanket beside Cassie, who was next to me. Courtney was on the other side of me, with Nicole next to her. Jordon was on the outside.

We stayed like that for several minutes, until it was time for lunch. Logan and Jordon got out the food and passed it around, along with several beers, with everyone taking one but Cassie, who remained true to her vow not do drink anymore after last night due to her pregnancy.

The six of us sat around talking for a long time, enjoying the beer and the food as well as each other’s company. After lunch we all went into the water for a while.

After a few minutes, Logan suggested that we play chicken, and grabbed Cassie and got her up on his shoulders. I took Nicole, so that Jordon could have Courtney. I mean, fair is fair.

It was fun, especially watching the girls as they tried grabbing each other. Their breasts were flying everywhere. Courtney fell first, so they were out of the game. Logan and I approached each other as Nicole and Cassie were fighting it out on top. I knew that Cassie had an amazing sense of balance, and it would be difficult for us to win. It wasn’t long before we attracted a crowd of about ten people, all cheering us on as the girls fought.

I had a firm grip on Nicole’s upper thighs as I felt her pussy pressing against the back of my neck. Logan had his hands in the same place on Cassie, and then I saw him as he moved his hands higher on her thighs. I moved in as close to Logan as I could, feeling his erection as it slid across my hip. I moved a leg forward and wrapped it around his, and leaned forward, with Nicole pressing hard against Cassie, causing her to fall back, losing her balance, as both Cassie and Logan fell backwards into the water.

After they fell into the water, Nicole somehow climbed off of my shoulders and slid down my front side, sliding her breast along my mouth before she slid all the way down, catching my hard cock between her legs.

“We won!” Nicole exclaimed as she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips pressing my hard cock against her pussy so that I could feel her outer lips. She then quickly reached down and pulled me forward as my cock started to penetrate her. I held her for a few seconds, fully aware of what was happening beneath the surface. I wanted to thrust forward and enter her all the way; and by the expression on her face, I knew that’s what she wanted, but somehow I resisted and moved before anyone noticed.

Nicole kissed me again, and whispered in my ear, “I want my thirty minutes alone with you tonight,” before she let go of me. I had no idea what she was talking about, but thought that whatever it was, the evening could prove to be quite interesting.

The six of us caught our breath, and after a few minutes, we all got out of the water and walked back to the blankets, with Logan getting another round of beer for everyone.

We sat around for a long time, talking, eating snacks, and drinking several beers, until all of us, except Cassie, were getting wasted.

“Would you two like to join us next weekend at the cabin?” Logan asked.

“Sure, that sounds like fun,” Cassie replied.

“Yeah, I think we could arrange that,” I replied.

“What all do you do up there?” Cassie asked.

“We go hiking, mostly,” Courtney replied, “other than that, we just relax. Sometimes we play cards, and other games,” she said, grinning at me.

“And we do it all in the nude,” Logan commented, “the clothes come off when we get there and they don’t come back on until we leave.”

“We do have a good time,” Jordon said.

“The weekend goes by fast,” Nicole added.

“Do your parents know about you two?” I asked, looking at Jordon and Nicole.

“No, they don’t, and we want to keep it that way. They think Logan and I are a couple and that Courtney and Jordon are a couple, so they don’t know anything about us being together,” Nicole answered.

“They let us go anytime we want. They don’t really use the place except for a couple of weeks in the fall.” Jordon added.

“So, when you four are together with them, you and Logan act like you’re a couple?” Cassie asked Nicole.

“Yeah, we do; and I think he enjoys that. His hands are all over me when we’re around them. He takes advantage of the situation.”

“Guilty as charged,” Logan commented as they all laughed.

“They really don’t have any idea about me and Nicole,” Jordon added.

“They don’t have any problem with the four of you going to the cabin all the time?”

“No, they don’t act like they do, anyway,” Jordon replied.

“Aren’t you afraid that they might come up while you’re there and catch you, you know, all naked and all?” Cassie asked.

“Well, they’ve never come up when we’re there yet, and I hope they never do, or will they be surprised,” Nicole said, causing all of us to laugh.

“How many bedrooms are there?” Cassie asked.

“It’s a large cabin. It has five bedrooms, a great room, kitchen, den, game room, three bathrooms, and a couple ATVs in the shed,” Nicole said.

“You two can have all the privacy you want, although we don’t seem to need privacy when were there,” Logan said.

“Yeah, we spend most of the time together,” Nicole added.

“Do you ever go out with the ATVs?” I asked.

“Yeah, we do. There’s also a small lake on the property and we take them down to the lake and have a picnic and go skinny dipping,” Logan said.

Cassie looked at me and said, “That sounds like it would be fun, Tim. You wanna go?”

“Sure,” I replied.

“Good, we can talk over the details tonight after dinner. We can decide who brings what and all.” Nicole said.

We all sat around talking for a long time, with the nudity starting to feel natural to me. I did enjoy looking at the three girls, none of whom bothered to cover themselves, even when others came by and talked with us. I was also surprised that I never got a hard on, especially when a couple of beautiful girls came over and talked for a while.

After about a half hour, we decided that we should all go back to the hotel and clean up for dinner, noting that we’d all return to their room afterwards. I knew they had something planned, but wasn’t sure what it was yet.

We gathered our things, put our suits back on, and made our way to the hotel. They went to their room and Cassie and I went to ours, having about an hour before we were to meet them for dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.

When we got to our room, Cassie stripped down and walked casually out onto the balcony, appearing to be deep in thought. I let her have a few minutes before I stripped down and joined her, standing behind her with my arms around her.

“Everything all right?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretty much,” she replied.

I felt that there was something she wanted to tell me, but waited for her to initiate the conversation. I wanted to ask her what she and Logan did on their walk, but didn’t want to sound suspicious, even though I was, a little, especially after Courtney’s comment that Logan probably had his hands all over her.

“I feel I have to tell you something,” Cassie said, hesitantly.

She looked at me and said, “Logan, ah, well, Logan wanted to do things while we were walking.”

“Things?” I asked, thinking that was a nebulous expression.

“Yeah, things. As we were walking he sorta made a pass at me and all.”

“What happened?”I asked.

“Well, I might as well tell you everything, Tim. We were walking along, just talking, when I felt his hand on my ass. Then he, ah, he kissed me.”

“Is that all that happened?” I asked.

“No, that’s not all. We were standing along the water, and he took my hand and led me away from the water to the edge of the beach, you know, were it was more private, although there weren’t any people around anyway. When we got there, where nobody could see us if they happened to come along, he kissed me again, and started running his fingers around my breasts, feeling me. He kissed me again, and then pulled me in closer so that I was pressed against him. He was hard, and I felt his cock against me.”

I didn’t know what to say. I guessed that part of it was my fault, suggesting once that she should experience other guys. I was now sorry I ever said that, and don’t know why I did at the time, but I remembered saying it.

“Is that it?” I asked, hoping it was, but by the expression on her face, I knew there was more. Just how much more, I didn’t know.

“No, not all. We were standing really close together, and he reached down and started rubbing the head of his cock against me, you know, over my pussy. He was really wet, and it felt good, you know, with his cock rubbing against me and all. I told him we shouldn’t be doing that, and he said that nobody would ever know, so he put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer and started to enter me, but I pushed him back. I told him that I couldn’t do that behind your back. Then we got into the water to cool off, and he wanted to mess around there, too, but I wouldn’t. I have to admit that it felt good, him giving me all that attention and all, but I told him that I couldn’t do that behind your back, so he stopped. That’s all that happened. I’m so sorry, Tim. I felt so guilty. Logan said that nobody had to know, but I told him that I knew, and I didn’t want to live with that, so we didn’t go any further.”

“Did you want to?” I asked.

“At the time, yeah, I have to admit that I did; but I didn’t. Isn’t that the important thing?”

“Yeah, it is,” I said as I kissed her.

“I need to tell you something too,” I said, as I told her about Courtney having me rub the oil into her, and then Nicole rubbing the oil all over me, including my cock. I also told her about me rubbing Courtney’s pussy, and letting two of my fingers enter her.

Cassie looked at me and said, “Well, it looks like you’ve been bad, too!” and then she smiled at me.

Then I told her about Nicole, and how my cock started to penetrate her when she slid down my front side after the chicken fight.

“Did you want to, you know, do her?”

“I have to admit that I was tempted. I mean, I was barely in her but I did leave it there for a few seconds, but then I pulled out. Then Nicole said something that I still don’t understand,” I continued.

“What’d she say?” she asked.

“She said that she wanted her thirty minutes alone with me tonight when we got back to their place. Do you know what that’s about?”

“Yeah, Logan said the same thing to me.” She then went on to explain the details of the game, something she said Logan told her they’ve done once before.

“So, that’s what they want to do? Put the guy’s names in a bowl and you all pick one and then, you know, you spend thirty minutes alone with them?”

“Yeah, that’s what they want to do.”

“And Logan wants you to pick his name?”

“Yeah, and apparently Nicole wants to pick yours.”

We stood there in silence or a few seconds, before Cassie said something.

“Logan said that once you get into the room, you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.”

“Yeah, that’s what he said, but do you really think that Logan’s going to spend thirty minutes alone with you and not do anything? I mean, after what you said earlier, I don’t think you’d want to sit there and just look at him for thirty minutes, would you?”

Cassie thought for a minute, and then replied, “No, I think you’re right. If we play the game and I pick Logan’s name, I think five minutes later, he and I would be having sex. How about you and Nicole? What do you think would happen if she picked your name? I mean, Christ, Tim, you’ve already had your cock in her and all.”

“I think the same thing would happen. We’d be having sex.”

“I mean, you did like it when you, you know, did that in the water, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I guess I did; and you liked it when you were messing around with Logan and all.”

“Yeah, I have to admit that it felt good.”

Noticing that my cock was rock hard from our discussion, I pressed it between her legs to the entrance of her pussy and started entering her as she spread her legs, allowing me to enter her further.

“So, if you and Logan were in the room alone for thirty minutes, and he stood behind you and started doing this, what do you think you’d do?” I asked her as I started kissing her neck and pressed my cock deeper inside of her from behind.

“I think I’d probably press back against him like this,” she said as she pressed her hips back, taking my cock all the way in, “and then I think I’d tell him to fuck me harder because it feels so fucking good. Oh god, fuck me harder, fuck me harder, Logan.”

With Cassie now leaning forward, offering herself to me, even though we were in public on the balcony, I started fucking her harder.

“Oh God, Logan, that feels so fucking good, keep fucking me.”

I reached around her and started feeling her breasts as I fucked my sister harder on the balcony. She continued begging me to fuck her harder and faster, which I did.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna fucking cum, Logan. Keep fucking me. Keep fucking me.”

I kept fucking Cassie, until I could feel the walls of her pussy spasm around my cock, causing me to cum. I shot six or seven loads into her before I finished. Cassie turned around and kissed me hard on the lips, sliding her tongue deep inside, as I slid my tongue into hers.

We kissed for several minutes, each of us getting into our role playing on the balcony. Cassie pulled her face from mine, looked into my eyes and said, “God Logan, that was a great fuck.”

“You’re nasty,” I replied.

“You started it.”

“Yeah, I guess I did,” I said as I leaned forward bringing my face to hers.

“Oh God, kiss me, Logan,” she said as she grabbed my face and slid her tongue into my mouth.

We remained on the balcony with our nude bodies pressed against each other, kissing, for a few minutes.

“We better get a shower and clean up. It’s almost time to meet them downstairs,” Cassie said, taking my hand and leading me to the shower.

We got in and started washing each other and kissing under the spray. We stayed in there a good fifteen minutes before we got out and dried each other off.

“So, what do you think” Do you want to play “thirty minutes alone’ with them?” I asked.

“Role playing is one thing, Tim; I’m not sure about really doing it and all, and I’m not sure that I want you spending thirty minutes alone with Nicole. I may never get you back!”

“I’m sorry, but you have me for good,” I replied.

“If that’s so, maybe we will play the game. Remember, if Nicole does pull your name, you two don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.”

“You and Logan don’t have to do anything either,” I reminded her.

Cassie and I dressed, neither of us certain what would happen later on, but each agreeing that we’d play the game.

We met the others down in the lobby and were promptly escorted to a table. Logan ordered beer for everyone but Cassie, asking her if she wanted some, but she declined.

We had a good dinner, and enjoyed the conversation. Logan kept looking at Cassie like he was anticipating his thirty minutes alone with her, and Nicole kept looking at me the same way. Logan ordered another round of beers, and then another. By the time we finished dinner, all of us guys had about seven or eight beers apiece, and I was wasted as were the rest of them, but I was still able to walk with Cassie up to their room.

When we got to the room, Logan put some music on the system in the room, using his iPhone, and then walked over and used the rheostat to dim the lights.

“Anyone want another beer,” he asked as he unscrewed the top off a bottle and started chugging it.

“I’ll take one,” I replied, as did Jordon. Nicole and Courtney also took another beer, and the six of us sat there in silence, everyone nervous about mentioning the game.

Logan, taking the final swig of his beer and getting us each another, broke the ice.

“Oh, I’ll get things started,” he said, slurring his words.

He looked at Cassie and said, “Cassie, I dare you to let me undress you.”

“I didn’t think we were going to play Truth or Dare tonight,” she said, looking at everyone else.

“We’re not,” he said, “but we need to do something to get this fucking party going and get everyone naked!” Logan started laughing, causing everyone in the room, including me, to laugh. For some reason, we began to think everything was funny. I think it was because of the beer and the nervous tension that had started to fill the room before Logan spoke up.

Cassie looked around the room, and being the adventurous soul she is, she stood up and said, “Well then, I’ll take your dare.”

Cassie walked to the middle of the room, and as Logan walked up to her, she said, “after you undress me, I get to undress you, and then I’ll pass the dare on to someone else, agreed?”

We all looked at each other, and acknowledging that this would be a good way for us to have some fun getting naked, we all agreed.

Logan walked over to Cassie, and turned her around so that her back was to him and she was facing the four of us.

Along with the rhythm of the music, he started running his hands along her sides, and then reached around to her front and started unbuttoning her blouse, slowly, starting at the top and making his way to the bottom. Once he had her blouse unbuttoned, exposing her breast as she wasn’t wearing a bra, he ran his fingers down to the waist of her skirt and slid them up her sides and back down again, very erotically, grinding his crotch into her ass as he did so.

He then moved his fingers slowly up her front, pausing at her navel piercing, playing with it for a few seconds, before running both of his hands up over her breasts but not touching them, but simulating that he was, which was very erotic. Then he moved his hands to her shoulders and very sexily slid her blouse over her shoulders before removing it completely and tossing it to the side. Cassie was standing in front of us with her breasts exposed, with Logan running his hands over them again, but not touching them and acted like he was tweaking her nipples, which I noticed were getting hard. I also noticed that her face was flushed. It was really neat watching him acting like he was feeling her, but not touching her.

Still grinding away at her, which really was a sexy sight, he reached around to her back and slowly unzipped her skirt, and then ran his hands around to her waist and started pushing it down. He slowly moved his hands and skirt down, until it fell to the floor. Cassie stepped out of it and leaned back against him as he brought his hands back up this time feeling her breasts before moving his hands to her pink panties.

Placing the palms of his hands against Cassie’s outer hips and locking his thumbs over her waistband, he started sliding his hands down, running them over her hips and down her legs as she pulled her panties down. He pulled them all the way down to her ankles, feeling the side of her hips and legs all the way down.

Once he reached her feet, Cassie stepped out of her panties, and Logan tossed them to the pile with the rest of her clothing.

Logan then moved his hands to her front side, and slowly moved them upward, close to her skin but not touching her. He moved them up to her hips and then around her crotch, and simulated rubbing her pussy. He continued moving his hands up her abdomen to her chest, and brought them up over her breasts, all without touching her, before placing them on her shoulder, and then ran his fingers along her arms and back to her shoulders, lightly gliding his fingers over her skin. He moved them down her front side, over her breasts and nipples, down her abs over her pussy, sliding his fingers over her slit a couple of times before moving his hands around her hips, and back to her ass as he cupped both cheeks in his hands.

Cassie turned around and said softly, “My turn now. Someone better get Logan another beer; he’s gonna need it.”

I got up and got all of us another beer, and Logan took his and chugged it down, in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Cassie leaned forward and kissed him, with only a light peck on his lips. She then started unbuttoning his shirt slowly, until she had it all the way done. She moved her hand to his waist and slowly slid her fingers along his flesh up his stomach to his chest and pushed his shirt back on his shoulders as she leaned in and started biting his nipples. She then pushed his shirt all the way off and let it drop to the floor.

She slid a finger slowly down his chest, moved her hands to his belt and unfastened it and began unzipping his pants. Once she got them unzipped, she moved them part way down, exposing the bulge in his underwear, and started rubbing her hands over his covered cock. She then got down on her knees in front of him and brought her mouth to his cock and ran her tongue slowly over his covered cock. She continued this for two or three minutes, until the front of his white underwear was wet, no doubt from her saliva and his pre cum, so that his cock was visible through the fabric. I got up and gave him another beer, and he drank it as Cassie continued sliding her tongue along his cock through the drenched fabric of his shorts.

Cassie, remaining on her knees, reached up and slowly pulled his underwear down in the back, uncovering his ass, and rubbed his bare ass for a minute or two. Then, with her teeth, she bit the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down over his cock, releasing it, as it came loose and slapped against his abdomen. She took her hands and pulled his underwear all the way down, running her fingers lightly over his naked hips, thighs, and legs, just as he did to her, and he stepped out of them.

Logan looked down at her, and holding his erect cock about an inch way from her lips, said, “I dare you to try to take the whole thing.”

Cassie paused for a few seconds. Jordon and Courtney yelled for her to try it. She looked at me for a second, and then turned back and ran her fingers from his ankles, sliding them lightly over his flesh, making her way up his bare legs to his inner thighs. She moved them over his balls, and then up to his cock. She held his cock directly in front of her, and opening her mouth wide, placed it over the head of his cock without touching him, and slowly moved her mouth over him, until she had about half of it inside her mouth, still not touching him, with her lips, anyway. I expected her to wrap her lips around him, but she didn’t. Slowly, without touching his cock with her lips, she moved her mouth back to the head, and then slowly went back down on him, still not touching him. The look on Logan’s face was priceless, as he anticipated that she was going to suck him, but she never did.

Cassie kissed the head of his cock, and I noticed a trail of pre cum clinging from his cock to her lips as she moved up and licked him from just above his cock, up over his abdomen, to his chest and neck. God, it was an erotic sight, even if it was Cassie and Logan.

She licked around his mouth, and then kissed him, much longer this time.

Logan lowered his hand to her lower back, just where her beautiful ass, and pulled her in tight against him.

With his erection pressed against both their abdomens, she ground into him slightly as he moved his hands to Cassie’s bare ass and felt her for a few seconds. Cassie broke the kiss. Logan took her hand in his and twirled her around, displaying her beautiful body, and then twirled her back around, bent her over backwards while supporting her with his arm, brought her back up, and kissed her one final time, briefly, before he let loose of her. Cassie turned and faced us as we all cheered their performance, which was quite good.

Cassie, looking directly at Nicole, said, “Nicole, I dare you to let Tim undress you.”

As she walked away, Logan started rubbing his cock, and he looked like he was just about to cum, but he stopped, and returned to his seat, with his hand still on himself. I know if it were me, I would have had her suck me somehow, but he didn’t.

Nicole walked to the middle of the floor and motioned for me to join her, so I did.

As I approached her, Nicole leaned into me and kissed me hard. I could tell she was aroused from the show we’d both just witnessed. As she moved her face from mine, she whispered in my ear, “When you remove my panties, I want you lick me.”

I reached out and unbuttoned her blouse, not as slowly or erotically as Logan did Cassie, and soon had it off of her, with both of her breasts exposed. I leaned forward and brought my lips to her right nipple and kissed it briefly as I let my hands fall to the waist of her shorts and started unzipping them, and along with her panties, started moving them down her hips, feeling her soft flesh as I did so.

I knelt down in front of her, and placed the tip of my tongue against her slit, and licked up her bare pussy, and continued licking up her abdomen to her chest, and slid my tongue lightly over both breasts before licking up her neck to her mouth, and kissed her.

After I broke the kiss, Nicole removed my shirt and started licking my nipples as she started unfastening my jeans and unzipping them. She pushed them down, and I stepped out of them. She then dropped down on her knees and pulled my underwear down and went straight for my cock. She licked the underside of my cock, and then ran her tongue over the head and moved her mouth over the head, licking it with her tongue, and then slowly slid her lips off my cock. She moved her mouth all over my cock, kissing it and licking it. She then started licking my abdomen, all the way up to my chest, and then to my mouth. As she kissed me, she lowered her hands to my cock and started pressing it against her crotch, with the head of my cock just touching her protruding lips. She ground against me several times, and then, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, she said, “If it wasn’t for that damn rule, I’d be fucking you right now, but that’ll have to wait for later. Then she kissed me again, turned facing Courtney.

“Courtney, I dare you to let Jordon undress you.”

Jordon immediately stood to his feet and walked to the middle of the floor, with Courtney close behind.

Logan walked over and opened several more beers and passed them around. We all had already drank way too much, but we took them and started drinking them as Courtney started kissing Jordon, who kissed her back. They started undressing each other, taking their time, and doing it quite erotically.

In a matter of a few minutes, Courtney and Jordon were standing, facing each other, totally nude.

Courtney looked at Logan and then back at Jordon and said, “I don’t give a fuck about the fucking rule,” and pulled his cock against her pussy, reached down and lined it up and started rubbing the pre cum soaked head of his cock against her outer lips, until the head of his cock was inside of her. She then reached around him, placed her hands on his ass, and pulled him in closer, and all four of us watched as Jordon’s cock slowly disappeared inside of her pussy. Once completely inside of her, Courtney pulled Jordon’s face to hers and started kissing him hard while grinding her crotch against him. I mean, they were fucking in the middle of the floor in front of all of us.

The continued this for two or three minutes, when Courtney reached down and pulled his cock out of her, then dropped down and started sucking him and rubbing his balls. She reached under him and started rubbing his ass, and slowly slid two fingers into him as she continued sucking him.

Jordon warned her to stop, and reluctantly, she did, and then kissed up his fit frame to his mouth and kissed him one more time before giving his cock one final tug. She then went over and sat down beside Logan, who started rubbing her breasts, and Jordon went over and sat down beside Nicole.

“Oh. My. God,” Cassie said. “All of this was totally awesome.”

We all agreed, all having enjoyed what we did and what we watched. Logan got another round of beer for everyone and then handed each of the guys a piece of paper and told us to write our name on them. We did, and gave them back to him. He dropped them into a bowl and sat it on the counter next to the beer.

“Here’s how it works. Each of us guys has written our name down on a piece of paper and placed it in the bowl. The girls are going to draw straws to see who goes first, and the winner picks the first name. The two of them go into one of the bedrooms and spend thirty minutes alone together, while the other four stay in here. While the first couple spends their thirty minutes alone in the bedroom, the ones remaining in here can do anything they want, but no intercourse. The couple in the bedroom can do anything they want, including intercourse, and they don’t have to tell the rest of us what they did. Agreed?”

We all agreed to the rules. Logan mentioned that after we’d each had our thirty minutes alone, we could play again, but the women couldn’t draw the same name. If they did, they had to put it back and draw another one. Also, after the first couple had their thirty minutes alone, the other two couple go at the same time and use both of the bedrooms.

Logan got a straw from the kitchen and cut it into three pieces with a long one, a shorter one, and one that was shorter than all three. He turned around and arranged them in his hand and turned around with only the tops of the three straws visible, and they were all three the same height.

“Ready to start?” he asked.

“Yeah,” we all replied.

“The longest straw picks first, and then the middle one, followed by the girl who has the shortest straw,” Logan continued.

Cassie, Nicole, and Courtney each went to Logan and picked a straw, with Courtney picking the longest straw and Nicole picking the shortest. Cassie would go second.

Logan walked over to the bowl and mixed up the names, placing his on the bottom so Courtney wouldn’t pick it.

Courtney walked over and pulled out a slip of paper and opened it. We all looked at her in anticipation, as she said called out Jordon’s name.

Jordon got up, took Courtney’s hand, and the two of them walked down the hall. We heard the bedroom door shut, and the room was silent, as Logan and Nicole knew that their partners would soon be having sex.

Logan got up and brought in another round of beer, and Nicole, Logan and I started drinking, while Logan set the timer on thirty minutes.

The four of us sat in the room in total silence. I really don’t think Nicole and Logan were prepared for this; sure, they’ve switched partners before, but the four of them were having sex at the same time. Now, the two of them were sitting in the living room as their partners were off in the bedroom. There was a hint of regret in Logan’s face. I’m sure he would rather be in the bedroom with Cassie while Courtney was with Jordon; but that’s not the way it turned out.

Nicole wasn’t enjoying the moment either, as she had a strange look on her face, no doubt thinking of her brother in the bedroom with Courtney, knowing what was about to happen.

We sat there for about ten minutes, before we started hearing Courtney moaning in the bedroom. I don’t know if she was always this loud during sex, but she was now; either that or she was putting on a show so Logan would know that she was enjoying her thirty minutes alone with Jordon.

Her moans got louder, and then she started getting more vocal, with the sound of her voice only barely muffled by the thin wall separating the bedroom from the living room where we were seated.

“Oh god, yes, yes, yes,” we heard Courtney cry out as Logan and Nicole both looked toward the bedroom and then back at me and Cassie. I think I would have been sick if that was Cassie and Logan going at it in the bedroom with me sitting here listening to it through the wall. My one saving factor was that if Cassie did pull Logan’s name from the bowl, at least I’ll be in the other bedroom with Nicole while they were together; but that wasn’t much consolation as I looked at the timer noticing that there was only twenty minutes to go until Cassie would pull Logan’s name out of the bowl and the two of them would go into the bedroom.

“Oh god, Jordon, Oh god, yes, yes,” we could hear Courtney yelling, louder as the minutes ticked away on the timer.

Nicole finally broke the silence and looked at Logan and said, “I hope you’re happy now, Logan. We all know why you wanted to play this stupid game.”

“What?” Logan asked her, like he didn’t know what she was talking about.

“You know damn well that the only reason you wanted to play this game was so that you could finally get some time alone with Cassie. Are you happy now?” she asked as we continued to hear Courtney’s expressions of ecstasy through the wall.

Logan looked as though he was surprised that everyone was on to his intentions as he looked over at Cassie and began stroking his cock as he always did when he looked at her.

Cassie looked back at Logan as her grip on my thigh tightened. I could only hope that she was having second thoughts.

Nicole got up and walked over to Logan, who was still sitting on the chair stroking his hard cock.

You and I might as well mess around some; it might get our minds off whats going on in the bedroom.”

They both remained silent as Courtney let out with another expression of bliss, obviously enjoying her time with Jordon.

Logan spread his legs wider, and looked up at Nicole, still stroking his cock. She dropped down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him. I silently hoped that she made him cum, thinking that might slow him down when he and Cassie hooked up in the bedroom in just fifteen minutes.

While Nicole was sucking him, Logan stared at Cassie, looking her up and down. He glanced over at me and stared at me without changing his expression, and then back at Cassie, staring at her crotch, which was quite visible the way she had her legs spread.

Nicole stopped sucking his cock and licked her way up his fit frame to his face and started kissing him, while he was running his hands all over her. The two of them were making out quite heavily on the chair, when Nicole lowered her mouth back down to Logan’s cock and started sucking him. He held her head with his hands, pressing her down hard on his cock as she continued sucking.

“Oh, yeah, Jordon, keep fucking me. Fuck me harder!” we heard Courtney exclaim. Nicole continued sucking Logan while he placed his hands on the back of her head, pushing her down hard against his erect cock, which was more than halfway buried in Nicole’s mouth.

Cassie looked up at me with a worried expression on her face, and then she looked back at Nicole and Logan, with Logan staring at her as Nicole sucked him off.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me Jordon. Fuck me,” we heard again from the bedroom.

I wanted to take Cassie’s hand and lead her out of here. I mean, talking about switching partners was one thing, but doing it was another.

Nicole stopped sucking Logan’s cock, and then slid up on top of him, pressing his back against the chair. I’m not sure if she was getting excited or was showing Cassie that Logan would fuck anyone, anytime.

She reached down and lined his cock up with her slit and rubbed the head of his cock over her slit several times, before slowly lowering herself down on him. Both Cassie and I watched as his cock slowly disappeared inside of her, his eyes never looking away from Cassie.

Nicole leaned forward and pressed a hardened nipple into Logan’s mouth, although Logan didn’t seem too excited to suck it. She kept riding up and down slowly on his cock, which came part way out before she lowered herself back down on it.

After a several more minutes of this, the alarm sounded, signaling that the thirty minutes was up. I looked down at Cassie, who looked at me. I knew that it wouldn’t be long and she and Logan would have their thirty minutes alone and I got a sick feeling inside, like I was about to throw up. Cassie kept staring at me.

Nicole rose up and down on Logan several more times before she leaned into him and kissed him passionately before getting off of him. She remained in his chair with her hand around his cock, waiting for Courtney and Jordon to come out. I’m certain that she wanted Jordon to know that she spent her time with Logan while he and Courtney were having sex in the bedroom.

Logan got up and knocked on the bedroom door, telling them that their time was up. He came back and sat in the chair with his hands on Nicole’s breasts feeling her up.

About five minutes later, Courtney and Jordon walked into the room, and we could all see his cum dripping out of her pussy and running down her leg.

“From the look of you two, we don’t have to ask what you did during your thirty minutes alone,” Logan said, trying unsuccessfully to ease the tension in the room.

“Yeah, I guess that’s obvious, but what did you expect we’d do?” Jordon asked.

Jordon came over and sat down on the couch beside me and Cassie. Courtney looked at Nicole, who now had her hand on Logan’s cock, stroking him. Courtney stood there for a few seconds, waiting for Nicole to get up, but she didn’t. She sat there continuing to stroke him, looking directly at Courtney.

Logan got up and got another round of beer, saying, “I think we all need another drink before the next round.” Nicole got up and walked over to Jordon and sat down beside him, looking at his cum soaked pubes.

Logan returned with the beers and a towel, tossing the towel to Jordon so he could clean up. Jordon wiped the cum out of his pubes before tossing the towel to Courtney, saying, “I guess you should clean that cum off your leg.”

Courtney caught the towel and wiped Jordon’s cum off her leg and from between her legs and then tossed the towel on the floor and spread her legs wide while looking at Logan, as Jordon’s cum continued to slowly drip out of her.

Logan passed around the beer to everyone but Cassie, and we all sat there in silence for a few minutes, drinking our beer and looking at each other as tension filled the room in anticipation of the next round.

After we finished our beers, Logan announced that it was time for Cassie to pick a name, and he walked over to the bowl and shuffled the names, certainly putting his on top so Cassie could pick it. I knew that in five minutes he would finally get what he wanted. My sister had her hand on my thigh, gipping it tightly.

Cassie slowly got up and walked over to the bowl. She looked nervous as she put her hand in and picked out a slip of paper, and unfolded it. I looked over at Logan, who was stroking his cock in anticipation of fucking my sister.

Cassie looked at the name on the paper, and then looked at Logan and then back at me. She did this a couple of times as the tension continued to grow.

She looked at the name again, looked at Logan for a long time, and finally said, “Tim,” as she wrapped her hand around the slip of paper, holding it tightly.

As she said that, Logan, with a dejected look in his face, walked over to Nicole and said, “It’s you and me then, Nicole, get yourself ready for the fuck of a lifetime,” as he pulled her up and led her into one of the bedrooms and closed the door.

I walked over and took Cassie’s hand and walked her into the other bedroom, closing the door behind us.

Cassie leaned into me and kissed me hard, dropping the slip of paper on the floor.

When we entered the bedroom for our thirty minutes alone, Cassie immediately pushed me back on the bed, crawled up and took my hard cock into her mouth and started sucking me. She was rubbing her hand up and down m shaft while sucking on the head of my cock.

She continued running her mouth up and down my cock, licking it and sucking the head, and then wrapped a fist around it, squeezing it tight as she started licking the underside of my cock while jacking me with her fist.

After several minutes of this, Cassie licked down to my balls and started sucking them, taking one into her mouth, sucking it, and then taking the other and doing the same, while still jacking my cock. Cassie had sucked me several times, but never with this much passion. She was making love to my cock and balls.

She then crawled up on top of me, turned around so that her back was toward me, and impaled herself with my hard cock, and started fucking me as I reached up and started rubbing her back and shoulders. God, this was good.

Cassie rode me for several minutes, while also rubbing herself. She leaned back and braced herself with her hands and feet on the bed and raised herself off my cock and then started lowering herself back down, taking my whole length into her tight pussy.God it felt good fucking my sister in this position. Cassie started moaning while she continued fucking herself on my hard cock, raising herself up and back down more rapidly.

“Ah, ah, ah, yes, yes, yes,” she shouted as she continued. I lowered my hands to her ass and felt them as she continued ramming down on my hard cock.

Her moans got more intense as she continued. I thought I was going to cum any minute as she continued moaning in pleasure.

Cassie continued this for a few more minutes, and then leaned forward on all fours, reached around and pulled the lips of her pussy apart, signaling for me to fuck her from behind. I got out from under her and brought my hard cock to her pussy and entered her from behind, driving my hard cock deep inside of my sister as I started fucking her. I had my hands on her hips so I could pull her back as I thrust forward.

Cassie continued moaning out in pleasure as we made love on the bed. God it was good. I made love to my sister in this position for about ten minutes before she turned around, crawled on top of me and fell forward, pressing her breasts against my chest, and kissing me wildly.

“Fuck me, Tim, Fuck your sister,” she said as she slid her wet pussy over my hard cock and took me all the way in. Cassie started humping me hard, driving my cock deep inside of her. We continued making love in this position for several minutes. Cassie then, in one swift movement, rolled off me and pulled me on top of her, with my cock never leaving her sweet pussy.

I started driving my cock into my sister, harder with every thrust as she started cursing loudly.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck me Tim, fuck me. Fuck your sister! God, I love you, Tim. Fuck me, brother, fuck your sister.”

We continued in this position for several more minutes. Cassie was moaning and cussing like I’ve never heard her before. God, this was good.

As she continued moaning louder, I felt the walls of her pussy begin to contract around my cock, causing me to cum inside of her. God it was intense as I started ejaculating my sperm into my sister as her orgasm hit. With several more rounds of shouting, Cassie fell down on top of me, kissing me passionately. We kissed for several more minutes, while my cock remained inside my sister’s cum soaked pussy.

I finally pulled out of her, and the two of us fell side by side on the bed and kissed each other one final time before Logan knocked on the door, signaling that our time was up.

“Do we have to go back outside?” Cassie asked me.

“Yeah, I guess we should, but we can continue this in our room if you want.”

“I want!” Cassie said, smiling at me.

I got up from the bed, gazing at my beautiful sister, who had that sexy ‘just fucked’ look on her face that I loved. She didn’t move for several minutes.

When I got up, I saw the piece of paper on the floor. I picked it up and opened it.

“Why’d you do it Cassie?” I asked, seeing Logan’s name on the piece of paper.

“I didn’t want to make love with anyone but you, Tim. I wanted you, not him. I didn’t want Logan fucking me, I wanted you and only you.”

I crawled onto the bed beside my sister and kissed her again. Then we both got up and walked out of the room.

When we got into the living room, we both noticed that Jordon’s pubes were again covered in cum and there was cum smeared all over Courtney’s tattoo above her pussy. I tossed them another towel, and they both cleaned up. Logan and Nicole were seated in the chair. Nicole had her legs spread wide, and we both noticed her swollen pussy lips protruding, leaving no doubt that she indeed got the fucking of a lifetime from Logan.

Logan still looked pissed that Cassie, like he had been betrayed, but the two of them didn’t speak to each other. As we sat there in the silence, Logan kept staring at my sister, while I looked at him with a wide smile on my face.

Logan got up and opened several more beers and passed them around.

“So, does anyone want to go for round two?” Logan asked as he walked over to the bowl. He looked inside and discovered my name was still in there, I’m sure, but he didn’t say anything.”

Courtney replied, “Not really, like I’ve already gone two rounds with Jordon, I’m not sure I could go another.”

After a few minutes of silence, Cassie spoke up, “I think Tim and I need to head back to our room; I’m really tired now.”

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea,” I replied, agreeing with my sister.

“Would you all like to meet for breakfast in the morning?” Logan asked, looking more at Cassie than me.

“I think we’ll probably sleep in before we head out in the morning,” Cassie replied, giving Logan’s invitation the brush off.

“Are you two still going to join us at the cabin next weekend?” he asked.

“Yeah, probably so,” Cassie replied, but I had my doubts that we’d ever see the four of them again; at least I hoped not. I mean, it was fun with them, but I didn’t want to run the risk of another one of Logan’s games or anything.

Cassie and I sorted through the pile of clothes on the floor, found ours, and got dressed in front of the four of them and then headed to the door.

Logan followed us to the door, and tried to give Cassie one last kiss before we departed, but she turned her head away.

“See you guys Friday night,” Logan said as we walked out the door, closing it behind us.

“Not on your life,” Cassie said as she smiled at me and we headed to the elevator.

When we got on the elevator, Cassie looked at me and asked, “Did you really think I was going to pick Logan?”

“I wasn’t sure, but I hoped that you wouldn’t.”

The door opened and we walked to our room and went inside.

“Lets go out on the balcony, Tim,” Cassie suggested.

The two of us went out on the balcony, dressed this time.

Cassie looked at me and asked, “Were you disappointed that you didn’t get thirty minutes alone with Nicole?”

“Not at all,” I replied. “I wasn’t looking forward to that at all, but I was worried that you were going to call out Logan’s name. What made you decide not to?” I asked.

I made up my mind when he and I were alone on the beach. He said that he and I could do it there and nobody would ever know, but I realized then that I didn’t want to be with anyone but you, Tim. I know you had concerns that I’d never been with another guy, but when he started touching me and rubbing me, I realized that I didn’t want anyone but you. Sure, it was exciting and all, getting all that attention from him, and I was tempted to see what it was like with someone else, but I realized that we have something special together, and I didn’t want to fuck with that.”

“If we weren’t together then, would you have done it with him?”

Cassie thought about it for a few seconds and then asked, “Do you want me to be honest with you?”

“Yeah, I want you to be honest. Would you have?”

“Tim, when you and I were together for the first time, I was still a virgin. I was keeping myself for you, hoping that we would one day be together. I’ve refused sex with several guys, especially after coming to the college, and I never did anything with them, so I’m sure, as difficult as it would have been to refuse him, I wouldn’t have done anything more with him. You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted.”

“Was that the first time you’ve ever, you know, been in that situation, with both of you, you know, nude and all?”

“Oh fuck yes, I’ve never been naked with anyone else. One guy did get me into a bedroom at a party. He started kissing me and rubbing me through my clothes and all, and he did pull his cock out, wanting me to suck him, but I was still dressed.”

“Did you, you know, suck him and all?”

“No, I didn’t, which really pissed him off. I thought about it, but I didn’t.”

I leaned into her and kissed her, telling her how much I loved her. Cassie started removing my shirt and tossed it on the floor. She then reached down and unfastened my shorts, and removed them along with my underwear, got down on her knees, and before taking my cock into her mouth, said, “This is the only cock I’ve ever wanted to suck,” as she started making love to my cock on the balcony while I stood there in the nude.

I placed my hands on my sister’s head as she continued to suck me, determined to make me cum.

Although I’d just cum half an hour ago, I started thrusting into my sister’s mouth, and five minutes later, no more than that, I started filling her mouth with my cum, shooting several loads into her mouth.

Cassie continued sucking and swallowing every drop, and then licked the head of my cock clean before standing and kissing me hard.

We made out on the balcony for several minutes before she led me back inside, undressed in front of me, and together we crawled into bed.

Cassie and I made love one more time that night before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We did sleep in the following morning, waking up at ten, giving us only an hour before we had to check out. We took a shower together before we got dressed. We decided to go ahead and leave before we ran into the other four. It was fun being with them, but their sexual freedom was too much for us; but to be totally honest, I didn’t want to let Logan have another opportunity to bed my sister.

We went back to school, and I dropped my sister off at her apartment and went back to mine.

The next several weeks went by slowly, with Cassie and I not having much time together. We managed a few times alone at my apartment or hers, but only a few. We continued seeing each other at dinner on campus and met in the study room each evening as well. Cassie was having morning sickness so she finally told Niki that she was pregnant, not revealing that I was the father. When the semester ended, my room mate moved out and Cassie moved in. We lived together for a month before we decided it was time to face our father. Cassie was not showing yet, and we thought we might as well get it over with.

We called him and told him we were coming home for the weekend, and he, along with our little brother, were glad about us coming home, but we both knew that it wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience.

We were both quite nervous as we pulled into the driveway at our house, where she and I both grew up. Dad and our brother were both there to greet us when we arrived. We shared the usual pleasantries, with Cassie and I trying to find a good time to break the news to our father.

We went out to eat that night, and when we returned to the house our brother went to his room, leaving us alone with dad. Cassie initiated the conversation.

“Dad, I have something I need to discuss with you,” she said, her voice quivering.

“You’re not thinking about dropping out of school, are you?”

“No, its not that,” she quietly replied.

“Well, what is it?” he asked sharply, showing his normal impatience with her.

“Well, this is kinda hard to say,” she replied, trying to garner enough courage to tell him that she was pregnant.

“I’m no mind reader, Cassie, if you have something to tell me, just do it!”

“Well,” she said, looking at me, back to him, and then down at the floor, “I’m ah, I’m pregnant.”

“Holy mother of God,” he exclaimed. “How the hell did this happen?” he shouted at her, demanding an explanation.

“Well, I met this guy, and we, ah,”

“Oh my god, Cassie, how could you? You were raised much better than this. What would your mother say?” he shouted at her, causing her to start crying.

“I can’t believe you did this. What the fucking hell got into you, girl? How could you do this to us? What the fuck were you thinking?” he shouted as he got out of his chair and walked toward her. I’d never seen my dad this angry in my life. Never. He continued yelling and swearing at her like I’d never seen him do.

“I can’t believe I’ve raised a slut in this house. Christ, Cassie, how could you do this?”

My dad was so angry at Cassie I thought he was going to hit her. I couldn’t stand it any longer, thinking that I needed to come to her defense.

I stood up and got between them before he struck her, and shouted at him, “It’s mine, dad, I’m the one who got her pregnant,” causing Cassie to look up at me in disbelief that I would tell him the truth. We had decided that we would stick to the story that she got pregnant though a one night stand at a party, but I couldn’t let her do that, not when the kid inside of her was mine. I couldn’t let him continue yelling at her that way.

“You what?” he shouted at me. “I ought to . . .”

“Leave him alone, dad, it was my fault!” Cassie yelled at our father.

“Your brother gets you pregnant and you want me to believe it’s you’re fault?” he shouted back at her. “I out to fucking call the police or something and have you locked up, Tim. Christ, I can’t believe what I’m hearing.”

Dad looked at us for a few seconds, his face bright red and the veins in his neck and forehead protruding.

“I want the two of you two of this house, and I want you to leave now and never come back. What the hell do I tell your brother? What do I tell the family? Get the hell out of here before I kill both of you,” he shouted.

“Dad, can’t we talk about this?” Cassie screamed through her tears.

“There’s nothing for us to talk about. Get out of here, now.”

I reached over and grabbed Cassie by the hand and pulled her up as she continued crying.

“Let’s go, Cassie,” I said to her.

“We can’t leave things like this,” she said, looking at dad and begging for him to talk with us.

“You should have thought about this before you . . . just get the hell out of my house!”

Cassie and I did just that. With her crying on my shoulder, I led her to the car, started it, and we drove away.

It was a long drive back to the apartment, but we finally made it, with very little said between the two of us.

When we got back to the apartment, we stood out on our small balcony and talked through our meeting with dad.

“Maybe, once the baby’s born, things will be different, Cassie,” I told her, holding her.

“I guess I didn’t know what to expect, but I thought he would at least listen to us.”

“He’ll come around,” I assured her, not really believing it myself.

“Yeah, but I didn’t think he would disown us like he did.”

“It was a shock to him, Cassie. The last thing a father wants to learn is that his daughter is pregnant, let alone learning that his son is the father.”

“Yeah, I guess so, Tim; but I wasn’t quite prepared for his reaction. I don’t know what I expected.”

We decided that we’d just let it rest for now and see how things were in a few weeks, hoping that he’d come around.

We spent the remainder of the weekend in the apartment, neither of us wanting to go out anywhere.

Realizing that our finances would be cut off, I started looking for work for the summer, and got a job with an accounting firm working on tax returns that had extensions, mostly small businesses. I was a business major at the college with aspirations of becoming a CPA, so this was right in my field. I picked a national firm, thinking that I might be able to transfer to another office in a different part of the country after graduation if things worked out. Cassie wanted to find a job as well, but I didn’t think that was a good idea with her pregnant, so she stayed home during the day while I worked. I put in long hours, not getting to spend much time with her. I also worked most weekends as we were up against a deadline on several of the accounts.

During the day I had Cassie researching scholarships for both of us, and she also worked through the financial aid office at the school. We both figured that would be the best use of her time, and it payed off well. She was able to find several scholarships for her. Apparently there was money available for single mothers that she was able to land, paying her tuition for the fall semester and beyond.

The firm with which I was working was impressed with my skills and work ethic, and offered me a part time position during the school year. They had a program where they would assist me with my tuition as long as I worked with them, so I took them up on the offer. Between the scholarships Cassie was able to find and the assistance of the financial aid office, we were all set for the fall semester with my employment paying our living expenses, which we tried to keep to a minimum. Thanks to Obama Care, we were able to get insurance through the college at a minimum rate, and we were counting on that to pay the hospital bill for our new arrival, due January 15. They knew that she was pregnant, but even though it was a preexisting condition, it was covered on the insurance. Up to this point we were on our father’s insurance, but thought we should get our own. Their pre natal care was good, and Cassie continued to get her regular check ups.

I came home one Saturday evening during July and Cassie had a wonderful dinner ready with candles on the table. She fixed lasagna and a salad and even had a bottle of wine chilled for me.

I asked her what the special occasion was, and she said that it was our three month anniversary. She had her three month checkup that morning and felt like celebrating. She barely had a baby bump at this time, so very few people were aware of her pregnancy.

When I walked in the door, she greeted me with a hug and passionate kiss, telling me how much she missed me. We sat down to eat, and Cassie told me about her checkup, noting that everything was going well. She then gave me a picture taken from her ultrasound, and we could see our baby developing; however they were not yet able to determine the gender. The picture didn’t look like much, but it was the first picture of our baby, so we put it on the refrigerator.

After dinner, Cassie led me to the bedroom, where she had candles all around the room with the lights turned down low.

She started kissing me, reminding me of how long it had been since we spent a romantic night at home. She was right, too. With my work schedule this was a rare opportunity for us to spend an evening together, and she had it all planned out.

Once in the bedroom, Cassie started to slowly undress me, kissing me passionately. Once she got my clothes off, she led me to the bed. I fell back on the bed while she undressed herself in a provocative manner as I thought about how beautiful she was.

Cassie crawled beside me on the bed and started kissing me while running her fingers through my hair, sliding her fingers softly along my face, while kissing me gently. She ran her fingers down my chest and then lowered her mouth to my nipples and sucked on them gently while running her hands all over my chest.

Her touch was so gently as she licked one nipple and then the other with her warm tongue.

God, it was a wonderful feeing.

She licked her way down to my cock, which was pressed against my abdomen and kissed it gently while running her fingers along my shaft down to my balls. She kissed my balls several times and then worked her way up my shaft, slowly kissing my growing cock. She licked up my hard cock several times, from my balls to the head and back down to my balls. As I looked down I could see her beautiful breasts as they brushed against my hip, and I noticed pre cum beginning to leak from my hard cock.

Cassie continued licking the underside of my cock, which was quite an erotic feeling. God, she was good at this.

She then moved her mouth over the head, while continuing to work it with her tongue. Her saliva was dripping down my shaft as she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and started moving her wet mouth over the upper third of my cock, paying particular attention to the head, as she so lovingly continued sucking me. I hadn’t been so relaxed in weeks. Her mouth continued sliding over the head of my cock as she licked it, rotating her mouth around my shaft.

She would stop sucking me just long enough to look deep into my eyes, and then move her mouth back over my cock, sucking it softly while massaging my shaft with her hand.

While holding my cock in her hand, Cassie started licking my balls and gently biting them, not enough to hurt, but enough to cause my pre cum to leak out, soaking the head of my cock, as she rubbed it into my flesh while nibbling at my ball sac.

She then licked up my hard cock, covering it with a mixture of her saliva and my pre cum, and ran her hands over my cock lovingly, holding it with one hand while softly running her other hand along the underside. She looked at me with a sweet expression on her face while she continued rubbing my erection. I had never had anyone rub my cock and suck me so lovingly. She looked so beautiful. There was something about her complexion that looked so sexy since she became pregnant. I’m not sure what it was, but there was something different about her, and I loved it.

While holding my cock straight up, she started licking it again from the base to the head, stopping only to suck my balls. She then moved her attention to my balls again and started nibbling on them while running her hand over the length of my cock. She continued this for several minutes and then moved her mouth to the head of my cock again and started sucking me, wrapping her hot mouth around my shaft. Looking down at her I could see her long hair falling down on my abdomen and I could feel it as it touched my skin. Her breasts, which were getting larger every month, were hanging down and her nipples were erect. I wanted to grab her and pull her on top of me and suck her breasts, returning the pleasure she was giving me, but I wanted to let her do this at her own speed, which was driving my crazy. I wanted this to last as long as it possibly could. Sure, she had sucked me off many times over the past several months, but never like this. Never.

She started bobbing her head up and down on my erection faster, and continued this for a few more minutes before she started licking my shaft. She let my cock loose and it slapped against my abdomen. She licked over it one more time before moving up my abdomen, licking me softly across my stomach to my chest, and started licking my nipples again, driving my crazy.

She spent a few minutes licking my nipples and then licked up my neck to my mouth, and slid her tongue into my mouth. She locked my lips, and I released my tongue, and she started licking my lips and my extended tongue. Her kiss was so sweet.

We started licking each other’s tongues, and then she wrapped her lips around my tongue and started sucking it gently. I could feel it all the way down to my groin. God, this was good. She was taking her time, getting me more aroused by the second.

She was licking and sucking my tongue the same was she did my cock. She lowered her hand to my cock and gently stroked me as she continued kissing me. She licked around my mouth, and then down to my face and over to my ear, licking me all over. I could feel the softness of her breasts against my chest as she continued kissing me.

She moved up and put her knees on either side of my head and lowered her pussy to my face as she reached back and started stroking my cock tenderly as I slid my tongue between her pussy lips and started licking her. Her taste was so sweet, and she was being so gentle, like never before. She obviously wanted this evening to be special, and it was. So very special.

I continued licking Cassie’s wet pussy lips as she gently moved herself over my mouth, pressing down harder and grinding herself into my mouth while continuing to softly rub my hard cock.

Cassie started to moan, softly at first, but with increasing volume and intensity as I continued eating her, sliding my tongue as deep as I could, savoring her taste.

I licked from inside of her pussy and around it, feeling my wet tongue glide over her bare pussy. Apparently she had taken the time to get a wax job today as well, as her skin around her pussy was so soft. I continued licking her for several minutes as she continued moaning and rubbing my cock, which was quite wet by this time. She would move her hand over the head of my cock and spread the pre cum over the head while continuing to rub me.

As I flicked my tongue over her bare pussy rapidly, Cassie started moaning louder.

“Oh yes, god that feels so good. Oh yes, Tim. God yes,” she moaned as I continued making love to her pussy with my tongue and mouth, licking over it and around it, trying to give her as much pleasure as she was giving me.

The sound she was making was driving me wild and she held her pussy over my face. She let loose of my cock and held herself over me moaning and crying out in intense pleasure. She pushed herself up on her knees with her pussy buried in my face and started fucking my tongue, riding it as she would my cock. Her hands moved to her breasts and she started rubbing them and playing with her hard nipples as I continued eating her. She moved her hands to her hips and thighs, rubbing herself and lowering her pussy to my face until he was resting against me, grinding herself into my mouth.

Cassie slowly turned around, placing her knees beside my head while lowering herself on top of me, taking her mouth to my cock, and started sucking me as I ate her.

I moved my hands up to her ass and spread her cheeks so I could see her pink pucker, and started licking it. I pulled her ass and pussy wide so I could get a good view of her and continued licking her out. Cassie wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking me, licking the head of my cock again as continued eating her.

We continued in this position for a couple of minutes, when Cassie got off of me, turned around facing me, and lowered herself down on my hard cock, letting me slide slowly into her. She started lowering herself up and down on my hard cock, as I felt the walls of her pussy surround my shaft. She continued slowly at first, but then increased her speed until she was bouncing up and down rapidly on my cock as I watched her breasts bouncing above me. I started thrusting my cock into her as she came down, Cassie moved her hands to her knees and grabbed them as she continued fucking herself on my hardness. I kept driving myself into her. I reached under her thighs and helped her as she continued fucking me.

Cassie finally slowed down, and slowly moved up and down on my shaft as I thrust into her. I started fucking her more rapidly, losing all control as my cock slammed in and out of her faster than ever before. Cassie moved her hands down and started rubbing herself rapidly as I continued sliding my cock in and out of her.

Somehow we rolled over on our sides, with Cassie facing away from me, and I entered her from behind. Cassie raised her right leg up and I held it with my hand as I continued drilling her from behind. Her moans increased in intensity as we made love on the bed. Our bed.

I continued making love to my sister in this position for several minutes, thrusting in and out of her rapidly. God, the feeling was fantastic. I wanted my sister more than ever. I had missed this so much.

My balls were slapping against her ass as I fucked my sister.

Cassie came. She cried out in a loud voice that she was going to cum, and she did.

I continued fucking her slowly. She continued to moan. I fucked her harder. She moaned louder.

Looking down, I could see my cock slowly sliding in and out of her as she continued moaning in pleasure. I increased my speed again, as Cassie rolled over on her back. I grabbed her knees and pressed them back against her, looking at her beautiful breasts. With her legs bent back, her pussy and ass were sticking up in the air, and I pressed my hard cock back into her and started making love to her. God, she looked so beautiful in that position.

I knew that I wasn’t going to last long as Cassie hit her second orgasm. I slid my hands to her ankles and spread her legs as far apart as I could, looking at my beautiful sister spread out on the bed beneath me. I continued fucking her harder as she continued moaning in pleasure.

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh god,” she cried out as I watched the expression on her face. Yeah, she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I fucked her faster, and soon felt my ejaculation as I started filling my sister’s pussy with my sperm to overflowing.

After I came, I pulled out of her and watched as my cum slowly emerged from her pussy, running down over her pink pucker and down her ass cheeks. Cassie reached down between her legs and started rubbing my cum over her bare pussy. She took a glob of my cum and rubbed it over his breasts, and then slid her fingers over herself again and moved them to her mouth, licking my cum.

I crawled on top of Cassie and brought my lips to hers, and we kissed while I pressed my body against hers, never getting enough of the feeling of her breasts pressed against me.

We stayed in bed all night, touching each other, kissing each other, until we fell asleep.

When we woke up the following morning, Cassie was still wrapped in my arms, her soft flesh against mine.

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her gently on the lips, sliding my tongue into her mouth. We made out for several minutes before she suggested we get a shower, noting that she still had my dried cum all over her.

We walked into the bathroom and Cassie started the water. Then she stepped over the tub and grabbed the shower head and started spraying the hot water all over her nude body as she stood facing me. She sprayed it over her breasts, and then down to her pussy, and spreading her legs apart, sprayed up between her legs and then back over her body, facing me and smiling sexily at me.

“Are you going to join me or what?” she asked as I got in the shower beside her. Cassie held the shower head to against her breast as I started rubbing her soft body. I slid my hands down to her tiny baby bump and felt it tenderly as I kissed her. Cassie took my hands and brought them to her soft, wet breasts and with her hands over mine, gently rubbed her breasts, telling me that they were getting more sensitive each day. I continued rubbing my sister’s breasts in the shower as she looked at me with a sexy expression. I thought how beautiful she was, especially not that she was pregnant. God, she looked so sweet.

Author’s note: Most of this is fantasy, some actually happened. I won’t say which is which. This was written just for enjoyment, not to piss anyone off. If this story upsets you, please don’t read any others I have submitted or will in the future.

Alan and I had been friends for years, he was one of those guys that would give you the last dollar in his pocket and not ask you to pay it back. We shared a lot of the same interests, photography, golf; we even got talked into bowling on the company league.

Most women, including my wife Laura said he was above average in looks, and he was genuinely funny. Alan was a regular guest at our home and knew that he didn’t need an invitation to stop by. He had been married to the world’s biggest bitch so even though he often stopped by the house for a beer, his wife Marsha never accompanied him.

I guess it was inevitable that his marriage ended in a divorce. The problem was that she got the gold mine and he got the shaft. She finally had the papers served at his desk at work and he even had to have a police escort just to get his clothes from the closet. The final settlement was just as bad, she got the house, both of the cars, alimony and she even hit him up for child support for a kid that was from her previous marriage. He got his clothes and a few ratty pieces of furniture that was stored in their garage. He also got all the legal bills, both his and hers. I hope both their lawyers caught an incurable disease from the whore.

About the only thing that happened good from the whole mess was that he was rid of the cheating power hungry bitch. She thought that she had landed a bigger fish when she started fucking a corporate vice president. When he took a transfer to a major southern city, she packed up and went with him. From what I hear, as soon as he got settled he kicked her ass out on the street and married a woman that had twice his money and ten times her looks. I hear he is still happily married to her. I’d like to buy him a drink some day.

Alan took the split hard, he threw himself into his work and pretty much became a social hermit. About the only social life he had was coming over for a beer. I did get him on the golf course on a rare occasion and afterwards we would stop by the house. Laura would usually be lying out nude by the pool, but because we had never done anything sexual with him before, she would get covered up when she heard us drive in. He would at most see her in a small bikini or in a loose fitting beach cover-up. There might be an occasional cleavage shot or a quick nipple slip, but it just never got past that.

Summer passed to fall and fall moved to winter and the golf and pool season became but warm memories.

One cold early winter day Alan and I were half watching a football game and generally pissing and moaning about the state of the world. Laura was out shopping with one of her

girl friends. Somehow the talk got around to the pool and how Laura spent much of her summer scantily dressed around it. I made a comment that she was naked as much as dressed, and Alan made an off hand comment that he would give his left nut to see her naked. I had been drinking for a while and I told him that if he wanted to see her naked, I had some pictures that I could show him, that is if he was interested. He about fell out of his chair and said that certainly he was interested that is if I didn’t mind him seeing naked pictures of her. I just laughed and told him her state of undress was a fact of life around here.

I went to my stash of photos of Laura and picked out a few of the tamer ones that started with tease shots and ended up with a few full frontal nudes. I didn’t get any of the ones of her masturbating or our fucking and sucking pictures. I wasn’t ready to show him everything yet.

I started off slow; I guess that I really wanted to tease him. There were a couple of deep cleavage shots that were pretty calm, then I got to some swimsuit shots that pretty much showed what her body looked like, but still covered. Alan had seen Laura like this numerous times and thoroughly enjoyed it. Next came the topless shots, shy, arms and hands covering her breasts, then full view, nipples and all. The ones that he was really hoping to see were the ones showing full on nudes, they came last. There were a few of her laying out by the pool, and even a couple of her swimming naked, but the ones that left him speechless were the full frontal nudes showing clearly her pubic triangle and the line of her slit. He said that his throat became so dry he couldn’t swallow.

I let him look at them for as long as he liked, thumbing through them he kept coming back to the full frontals. He even joked that he knew what he was going to do when he got home that evening.

We put them away before Laura got home, though I don’t think she would have really cared that I was showing him her photos. Alan would have been embarrassed having Laura know that he had looked at her naked pictures.

That night after Alan had left and while Laura and I snuggled by the fire, I offhandedly mentioned that Alan had liked looking at a few photos of her that I had shown to him. The idea of someone seeing her pictures usually turned her on, and although initially embarrassed, this was definitely the case again. After telling me that she couldn’t believe that I had actually shown him our private pictures, she began to warm up to the idea. She kept saying how embarrassed she would be the next time she saw him knowing he had seen pictures of her naked. In no time at all we were making passionate love as I added to her fantasy whispering what he said about her. I also mentioned that Alan had said that he would give anything to see the real thing. Laura purred that maybe someday she’d let him see her naked, that is if I didn’t care. I told her that I thought it would be exciting to see her exposing herself to him.


Not much was said about our lovemaking discussion over the next few weeks.

Alan stopped by one day in January to tell us that he was moving to a smaller cheaper apartment. He was moving to the bottom floor of an older house that had been converted into a duplex, so he could save some money. He was wondering if I would help him move, being I had a truck and all. I gladly agreed on the condition that he supply the beer. Laura even offered to cook a meal and take it there to have a nice intimate house warming dinner.

When the moving day came, the weather was terrible, but the rent was up on his other place, so we had no alternative but to tough it out.

It snowed most of the day, luckily the wind was calm, but the temperature was bone chilling. Alan had little furniture, but it all weighed a ton! I also discovered my friend was a first class pack rat. He had load after load of boxes, we spent most of the day trucking those damn boxes. Laura was lucky being warm at home preparing the meal. When the last load was finally unloaded, his new home looked more like a warehouse with boxes stacked everywhere.

I went to pick up Laura and the meal while Alan promised to clear an area for us to eat and to find his box of liquor.

When I arrived Laura was packed up and ready to go. I needed to shower after the day of grunt work. While showering, I had one of my brilliant ideas; I just hoped that Laura would go along with my hair-brained scheme.

Laura was dressed in a loose fitting blouse, sans bra for good measure and jeans. She had short wool lined boots to keep her feet warm in the snow. She looked good. I mentioned our conversation from a few weeks ago about her letting Alan see her naked. I told her that I thought it would be a neat joke to pull on him if Laura showed up wearing only her long overcoat and boots, and to be nude underneath. Laura first gave me one of those “you have got to be fucking crazy” looks then, seeing that I was serious, gave it a second thought. My Laura never to be one to turn down a joke, especially a naked joke, thought it might just be fun. I told her that we would take her clothes along and after having a nude dinner, she could dress and then we would help him unpack some of his essential boxes. She finally agreed on the condition that I owed her a “long massage and a good fuck” when we got back home. I readily agreed to both. So off came her clothes, which we packed in a small cloth bag.

We packed all the dinner into the back seat of the truck and got ready to go. I went back in the house to grab a bottle of good wine and noticed Laura’s clothes bag sitting on the counter. I grabbed it held it for a few seconds then put it back where it was. I had just thought of another surprise, this time for Laura. The devil made me do it.

The roads back to Alan’s were not good, it was still snowing and the wind was just beginning to blow. When we arrived and were walking to his door, Laura complained that the cold was going to freeze her pussy. I told her as hot as her pussy was, it would have to get a lot colder than this to freeze her snatch. She gave me the finger, and a wicked sexy smile.

Alan met us at the door and took the boxes that contained our dinner. He then, like a good host offered to take our coats. I shucked mine off and Alan stepped behind Laura to help her with hers’. The look on his face was priceless, on this cold winter day the last thing he would have ever thought he would see was a naked woman, my Laura. He stammered a “holy shit” and a “my god you are beautiful!” Laura’s initial embarrassment turned to pleasure as the compliments kept coming. She explained that she didn’t know what to get him for a housewarming gift so she thought she would just give him a show. He assured her that he was more than pleased with her gift. Then, as if she was fully dressed, she told us to get going on the dinner, that she hadn’t “slaved all day” to eat a cold meal.

We ate together, talking, joking, and laughing, all the while Alan seldom taking his eyes off Laura’s full breasts, hard nipples, and when she stood, her neatly trimmed pubes. She had shaved her slit, she liked it better when I ate her, so when she sat, he would get quick views of her opening.

After cleaning up, we decided that if we were going to get anything done, we had better get stared. Laura said that she wanted to dress, much to Alan’s disappointment, while we were unpacking boxes. Looking for the bag, we realized “we” had left it at home. Laura accepted her predicament and the fact that she would continue to be naked. Alan and I were both happy.

We worked for nearly three hours until Alan could at least survive in his surroundings. As a group we decided to stop and enjoy a drink and take a well deserved rest.

Alan and Laura were drinking the most, I was a little worried about the weather, and it was not getting any better outside. The conversation somehow got around to how good a snifter of Grand Mariner would taste about now, but the problem was that Alan didn’t have any. After listening to the two of them complain about it for a while, I decided to go out and get a bottle and at the same time get Laura’s bag of clothes so she wouldn’t be so cold riding home later.

As a final condition of sharing Laura’s nakedness, I told her that I was taking her coat and boots so she couldn’t cover her nudity while I was gone. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t borrow something from Alan to cover herself, it was a symbolic gesture of removing the last thread of her clothing available to her. Now she was truly naked, from head to foot and going to be alone with him.

I had no qualms about leaving my wife there completely naked with my friend; she had been that way now for nearly 5 hours. Alan still could hardly take his eyes off her; even though it was beginning to seem that her being the only one naked was normal. Laura was nearly oblivious to the fact that she was the only one naked; this was the state of dress that she felt most comfortable, plus I left her with little choice. The scene to be played out was that she was to remain totally without clothing, openly naked to everyone until we went back home. Little did I know the extent of her being this way.

I left them and promised to be careful in the snow and to take my time because of the road conditions.

The roads were much worse than I had expected, the snow had partially melted earlier and now had frozen to a glaze of ice. I made it to the liquor store with difficulty but that stop was on the main road on the way home. By the time I got half way home, I realized that I should have brought Laura with me and made only one trip. By the time I finally reached the house, I had decided that it would be stupid of me to make the trip back again, for any reason, after all Laura would be safer where she was than being out on the treacherous roads.

I called Laura on her cell phone and told her that for safety’s sake, she had better remain there with Alan and that I would come and pick her up as soon as the roads had been cleared the next morning. I didn’t really dwell on the fact that I was leaving my lovely very naked wife with my friend who until only a few hours ago had never seen more than a quick nipple flash from her. She reminded me that she was in no position to argue, without even a coat or boots, it wasn’t like she could call a cab, though the idea of her riding in a cab naked flashed through my mind, the weather had all the cabs off the roads anyway.

After we talked it over and she agreed that it was for the best, she started to whisper that she was already missing me and she had really looked forward to some hot sex after being naked in front of Alan all evening. She reminded me about our deal for the massage and hot sex. She was telling me how turned on it was making her knowing that she was essentially trapped there with him completely naked. She was not going to let me off easily for putting her in that position.

She then asked what she was supposed to do if Alan wanted to do more than look? I told her that I trusted her and that if she wanted to do more, then she should, and that I trusted that Alan would not force her to do anything that she didn’t want to do. She still wasn’t going to let me go that easily. She said that she would have to sleep in the same bed with Alan and that she bet he slept in the nude, like she was. She mentioned the fact that she had never even seen Alan naked before and wondered how big he was. I told her that I would guess that she would know before the night was over, and asked her how she felt about it. She said that the idea was kind of exciting, being trapped naked with someone who had never seen her naked before today. She said it was kind of like a movie, except she was forced to act it out in real life. She was having fun.

I asked to speak with Alan and she gave him the phone. I told him the situation and asked him if it was okay for Laura to stay with him until I could get back there. He asked if I was kidding! Was it okay? Here he was with a beautiful naked woman and was being asked if it was okay for her to stay! He said that he could not have dreamed of a situation more perfect. He quickly added that I could trust him and he would never do anything to jeopardize my trust. I told him that Laura was a big girl and that she knew what she wanted to do and what she didn’t, and I was okay with what ever she decided. I told him to take advantage and enjoy the situation because it may never happen again. He seemed a little confused about what I had just told him, but I was going to let the two of them work it out.

With that, I told Laura that I loved her and that I was really proud of how she was taking her naked situation so calmly, and that she should enjoy herself under the conditions being what they were. I signed off telling her that I would call her in the morning and let her know when the roads were passable again.

The next day the snow had stopped but the wind had not. The drifts were forming as fast as the snowplows could clear them. The police had issued a state of emergency and told people to stay home unless it was an emergency. The snowplows were only working the main roads until the wind died down.

Laura was still stuck at Alan’s, naked. I sure hoped that he was looking at her all he wanted, it seemed that his wish to see her naked had really come true. It was turning out to be more than I had ever anticipated. I accepted the fact that they would be fucking that night, my only regret was that I wouldn’t be there to watch. I hoped my wife would enjoy it, I knew Alan would. Knowing how much Laura enjoyed fucking, I knew Alan would be well drained by the time the sun reappeared.

I knew I’d find out all the details when Laura and I were back home together.


Alan and Laura had eventually got out of bed and showered together, lathering each other’s bodies under the hot steamy water. The night’s activities had been exciting and even though the weather was gloomy outside, the atmosphere inside was cheerful.

Alan chose not to dress yet and sat naked at the breakfast table sipping coffee watching Laura working on their food, she still in her naked glory. Even though they had explored each other completely during the night, the sight of Laura’s full breasts swinging freely and her pubic bush so openly displayed caused his cock to swell to its full length yet again. Drops of precum glistened at the opening of his circumcised penis. It wasn’t long before drops were sliding off the swollen head and leaving sticky strings as they dripped to his leg. Laura noticed his erection and said that she thought she had taken care of that problem earlier and that they would get nothing done today if his “friend” kept popping up and dripping all over the place. She then knelt known and sucked the wet sticky fluid from the head and licked the remaining from the puddle formed on his leg. Then she stuck her finger in her wet pussy and wetting it with her own juices, let Alan suck from her finger. Turn about is fair play. She told him that was all he was getting until they were completely done unpacking his boxes and everything was put away.

With a groan, still naked, he started the chore. Laura giggling worked naked beside him.

By 1:00 they were all but done and Alan got his clothes on so he could take the boxes they had emptied and broken down to the garage. The wind was still howling and the only traffic braving the elements were four-wheel drive vehicles and an occasional snowmobile.

Laura and Alan were taking a break, she had made some Irish coffee to warm their insides, when they heard someone stomping the snow from their feet outside their door.

They both thought it was me come to rescue my long naked wife, so they opened the door quickly before they looked to see who it actually was. When the door opened, in burst two of Alan’s friends, Stan and Fred. It would be kind to call them a red neck hill-Billy, both were big, bearded, hard drinking, country boys. Neither Laura nor I had ever met them, so they didn’t know who the beautiful stark naked woman was standing before them. How Alan befriended them I could not guess. When they saw Laura they stopped in their tracks, door open, cold wind blowing in on all of them. Laura had no place to go nor anything to hide her nakedness with, so she just stood there, barefoot, tits and pussy totally exposed. She finally took action; rushing past them, slamming the door before she got frost bite on her cold hardened nipples.

They evidently liked what they saw and after telling Alan that they were out on their snowmobiles and had stopped by to see how his moving was going, they then proceeded to remove their parkas and boots. They intended to stay and find out who this woman was and what she was doing naked in their friend’s new apartment. They made it clear that they intended to look deeper into this situation. Linda retreated to behind Alan, more for physical protection than to hide her naked body. She had by this time shown them about everything anyway, but this was not her choosing. She could detect the strong odor of whisky on them and thought that was all she needed now was a couple of drunks while she was naked in someone else’s house.

They asked if she was part of the rental deal and if there were any more apartments available. Alan not wanting to tell the whole truth that she was a friend’s wife who was left there naked overnight to help him move in. Somehow that sounded too far-fetched.

Instead he said that Laura was a new girl friend and she had offered to help him and was staying with him until the roads were cleared. Her nudity was for him and it was her house-warming gift to him. Laura played along, not wanting them to know anything else about her, less they decide they could help themselves to her also.

They said they were cool with that and that Linda needn’t get dressed on their account, as a matter of fact, that they liked the looks of a beautiful naked woman as much as the next man. They then asked her to not be so shy and step out from behind Alan and let them get a better look at her. Afraid that she had little choice, she stepped from behind Alan and stood before these big intruders. These were the second and third men she had for the first time shown herself to in less than 24 hours. Even though she usually enjoyed being naked, and found herself being excited by the thought of being exposed naked, she wasn’t sure about this situation. None the less, she felt a tingle in her lower region and felt herself getting wet from being on display. Beyond her control, her nipples stiffened and stood out hard on her big breasts.

Stan the bigger of the two, took Laura by the arm and pulled her towards them and remarked how he would really love to do some fishing in her fishing hole. With that he grabbed a handful of Laura’s breast and squeezed. He then pushed her into the arms of Fred who with one hand pawed her breasts and the other grabbed at her pussy, trying to stick his finger up into her. Fred said that she was a hot one, that he could feel the heat coming from her pussy, and that he would give a weeks pay to taste her hair pie.

Laura was genuinely getting frightened and could see no way out unless Alan intervened quickly. She was able to yank away from them and ran to him for protection. Alan put himself between Laura and the two and stood his ground. He then told them that Laura was his woman and he would determine who would have her and who would not. He told them that she was not going to be shared and that because they were drunk, he would forget what had happened. He said that her being naked was not an open invitation for them to fondle her without his and especially her permission. Now he wanted them to get their things and get the fuck out of his home and not come back until they were sober and ready to apologize to his woman.

They stood there face to face, Alan furious, the two drunks shocked at his anger. Seeing that they may have stumbled into a situation that could be detrimental to their health, they decided as one to back down. They mumbled a quick apology saying that they meant no harm and were just letting the whiskey do their talking. They both took Laura’s hand and apologized as they stumbled a quick exit out the door.

When the door shut, Laura looked at Alan, not knowing whether to scream, cry or laugh at their quick exit. Looking at Alan who was shaking with rage, face red with anger, Laura said “That was about the stupidest thing I have ever seem, and the bravest, they could have beaten you to a pulp!” “You just saved my life and I love you for that.” She then kissed him and started laughing, saying that she had never seen a more shocked look on their faces when he told them off.

Alan coming down from an adrenaline high said he just about pissed his pants, and started laughing too.

Laura took his hand and led him to the bedroom saying that he deserved a reward and she knew just the right thing.


It was late evening before the wind died enough for the snowplows to make any headway and it looked like our neighborhood would be another day before it opened up. I had just explained to Laura that I might not be able to get to pick her up until the next day and that she may have to spend yet another night with Alan. I asked how they were holding up and if she was tired of being naked around him yet. She laughed and said that she was getting to like it more all the time, and he must like looking at her because he had not even offered to loan her a shirt to wear. I asked f she wanted me to suggest that to him and she said she was fine the way she was. She also said that they had had an interesting afternoon, and that she would tell me the story later.

I was still getting a rush from the knowledge that my Laura had been completely naked with my friend for now 24 hours and that at no time had she attempted to cover her body from his view. I was having fantasies of her walking around his house stark naked. I wondered if he had taken any pictures of her or had he got his video camera out yet. I wondered if he did, what poses he had her do and how explicit she let him get. Knowing Laura when a camera comes out, she left nothing to the imagination. I couldn’t wait to hear her story.

About 9:00 pm I heard a loud sounds out in the street and saw that one of the neighbors who had a farm on the outskirts of town had put a blade on the front of a tractor and was cleaning a path around our neighborhood. I was saved, I could get out.

I quickly packed up Laura’s bag and made sure her coat and boots were in the truck and off I went to rescue my naked wife.

I didn’t bother to call, I wanted to surprise them, and secretly maybe I wanted to catch them doing something while I wasn’t there giving my approval. There was little I would have told them that I would disapprove of, but knowing that they were quite on their own made it more exciting. Laura had already told me that she had a lot to tell me so I know they had progressed far beyond kissing and holding each other. I loved Laura and trusted her and wanted her to experience everything she wanted to do. Just the thought of my Laura, naked all night and all the next day with someone other than me, made my heart race. Him seeing her breasts swinging freely, her belly, that little bulge, her pubs, the hair shiny and black, her hips and ass, I couldn’t get the image out of my mind. The idea that someone is taking all that in, looking at her, studying her movements, touching her, smelling her, tasting her, fucking her, that is what I found all the more exciting.

I arrived and parked on the street, the drive still blocked by snow. I quietly walked up to the house and noticed that the blinds let light out along both sides; they didn’t cover the window completely. I felt foolish, but found myself drawn to the window, spying on them, hoping to see something that would not be seen once I was inside.

Looking in just right, I could see them sitting on the couch together, first I saw Laura, still naked, as I had left her the day before. Next to her was Alan and to my pleasant surprise, he was also naked. Laura was holding his erect member with both hands, slowly stroking up and down the shaft. She would jack it 5 or 6 times from balls to head and then she would lower her head down to it and use her tongue to lick any precum that she could squeeze from the slit opening. Laura was good with her tongue; she could almost stick it in the slit opening of a penis.

I watched this for maybe 5 minutes, mesmerized by her slow seduction of his penis. She suddenly crawled between Alan’s legs and knelt on the floor in front of him. She cupped his balls with both hands and slowly licked and sucked his ball sack, gently pulling first one then the other testicle into her mouth and massaging them with her tongue. She would do this and then she placed the head of his cock in her mouth and proceeded to swallow it until her nose was in his pubic hair. Up and down she would slide his fully erect member, slick with her saliva down her throat and hold it while she swallowed massaging the head with her throat muscles.

I was fascinated that he had such control to keep from ejaculating given the treatment his penis was getting. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before he shot his cum and I was curious where Laura would take it.

She took all but the head out of her mouth and with streams of saliva washing down the shaft; she started to jack him with both hands. I saw Alan pull his legs up and out and then thrust his pelvis forward as his mouth flew open giving a primordial groan as his balls emptied in Laura’s mouth. I counted four hard thrusts and she took her mouth from his cock so she could swallow her mouthful, still he had another and shot that one on her face and hair. She quickly put her mouth back over the head of his penis and took the 6th. and final shot. She kept his shaft I her mouth swallowing it down as it deflated. Laura then licked and cleaned any remaining spunk that she had missed while he was shooting.

I saw her smile up at him and teasingly bite his shaft tenderly with her teeth. Alan reached down and cupped her chin with one hand and wiped the cum from her face, feeding it to her off his finger. I was watching her enjoy her feast on his ejaculate.

She then crawled back up beside and rested her head on his shoulder. His arm was holding her close and both hands were massaging her breasts and gently pinching her swollen nipples.

I decided to wait a few minutes before going in so they wouldn’t suspect I observed what just happened.

I walked about 3 blocks down the street thinking about the erotic scene I had just witnessed. It would have been one of the hottest blow jobs I ever seen if it had been in a porno movie, but this was no movie, this was my wife sucking my friends cock and swallowing a tremendous load and licking him clean. They were still cuddled together naked in each other’s arms at this very minute. I should have been furious, but instead I was excited beyond belief. I was glad I watched and they had done it. I only wondered if Laura would tell me and what else had they done while I was not there. I felt responsible after all I had taken her to his house naked and left her there overnight with no clothing of her own. I trusted her; she would fill in all the details, and I just hoped that I felt the same thrill after I heard it all.

I pulled out my cell phone and called Laura’s cell number and told her that I was on my way and would be there in maybe 5 minutes.

I walked back to my truck and got all the things I was taking in and stomped noisily to the door. I wondered if they were both still naked.

When I opened the door, Laura was standing there in all her naked beauty; her cheeks were flushed with excitement of our getting back together, and from the sex she had just shared with Alan. She rushed to me and hugged and kissed me like we had been separated for weeks instead of a single day.

Alan was standing there in just pajama bottoms, looking a little embarrassed at his attire. He walked up to me and grabbed my hand in a handshake and told me that he was glad that I made it back safely. He said that he was beginning to wonder if I had left Laura with him for good and if I had gone out and got another woman to live with. He seemed to be having a hard time looking me in the eye.

I put Laura’s clothes down and asked what they had been doing while I was gone, and made the comment that maybe Alan was getting tired of having a naked woman hanging around all the time while they were trapped here by the storm. Alan quickly said that they had completely finished unpacking and that Laura had been a tremendous help to him. He said that she could help him any time. I was wondering if there was a hidden meaning behind his words. He also said that he could never get tired of having her there especially naked and hoped that it wasn’t the last time he would see her there like this.

Laura moved over to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek and said that they had been having fun, under the circumstances, and that they had gotten to know each other much better during her stay. I could tell there was definitely hidden meaning in her statement and the look that passed between them.

I asked Laura if she wanted to dress finally, and she smiled and said that if it was okay with me, she would just stay naked with her two men, and that it wasn’t all the time that she could show off for two men at the same time.

She came back to me and kissed me passionately practically shoving her tongue down my throat. I tasted a little saltiness in her mouth, maybe a little Alan leftover?

When she pulled away, I noticed a large drop of cum sticking on the side of her face just at her hairline. This was the shot I had seen where Laura had missed her mouth, apparently Alan had missed it while cleaning her face, to feed it to her. I took my finger and wiped it off her face and held it up in front of her and asked if they had been having after dinner snacks and that she had missed a drop. She smiled and sucked it off my finger and said that yes, she had “helped herself ” to a snack and that I had just missed catching her with Alan’s cock in her mouth. Alan looked like he wanted to fall through a hole in the floor. She went on to say that they had sent most of the day naked together, that after all it would seem awkward for her to be the only one naked. She said that they had both been naked all night in bed together so it seemed silly to suddenly get shy when they were alone together in the daylight. Alan realizing that everything they had done in the last 24 hours was coming out, wished that he had been a little less free with my wife. I, on the other hand, was beginning to enjoy his squirming.

I told them that I realized that I had left her there in quite a compromising condition and that if they had done “things” that I couldn’t really blame anyone but myself. It was I who had originally suggested that she come here naked and I had forgotten her clothes, forcing her to remain naked. I had also left her there, taking her coat and boots, overnight, and had told them to enjoy themselves. I added that the only thing that I had regrets about was that I had not been there to watch and participate in the activities. Alan looked like he had been reprieved from a death sentence, when he realized that I wasn’t mad at him for taking advantage of the situation and “using” my wife.

I then told Laura that I really wanted to get her home to make up for lost time and that we would come back when the weather was more agreeable for her to be “dressed” this way. I told Alan that he probably hadn’t “seen the last of her.”

Laura gave me that look that told me that she was ready to fool around and that it would most likely be a very long night of pleasure. She pulled on her boots and said that she was ready, standing there otherwise completely naked. I handed her the coat and she said that she had been nude so long that it was silly to get dressed now just to take everything off as soon as we got home anyway. I think this was just her last way to tease Alan before she left.

She went to Alan and took him in her arms and kissed him a long deep kiss. When she broke it she said that she enjoyed “everything” and hoped that he did too. She also stuck her hand down the front of his pajama bottoms and grabbed his hard cock and squeezed it saying that she will have to “work” on his “swelling problem.” Alan blushed again.

She kissed him lightly on the cheek and said that she hoped that he had enjoyed his house warming.

I went to him and shook his hand and winked as I told him thanks for “looking after” Laura. I told him I would see him in a few days, that I had some “home work” to get done.

Out the door we went, me dressed in cold weather gear and Laura in just boots, that’s all.

One car went by as we walked to our truck and she waved as if she was dressed normally, they honked and I thought they were going to slide off the road as the driver looked to verify that he was really seeing a naked woman walking in the snow.


When we got home Laura was so hot and turned on from her adventure that we barely made it in the house before she was ripping at my clothes. She kept repeating that she “wanted to fuck me so bad.”

I got her to the bedroom and laid her spread eagle on her back, all of her well viewed body open for my pleasure only. I told her that we had plenty of time and I was going to torture her with pleasure while she told me everything that happened with Alan.

Knowing that I was momentarily in control, she sighed as I played with her pussy lips and clit, taking my time to pleasure her with my fingers and tongue. She proceeded to tell me in detail what had transpired during my absence.

After I left to get her clothes and the Grand Mariner, she sat there talking with Alan. After all, this had been the first time she had ever been naked in front of him and it was still a novelty. She said that when she stopped and realized that she was totally naked, sitting there with some man other than her husband, she would get rushes of tingles through her stomach and pussy. They talked about the move and that the apartment wasn’t bad at all, mainly that it would be only a temporary thing until he was back on his feet. They seemed to skirt around the issue that she was naked and he completely dressed, and also the fact that I wasn’t there. She would catch him looking at her breasts rather than her face as he talked to her. He would stop in mid sentence when she would reposition herself and he would get a clear view of her pubic area.

Finally the subject of her nakedness came around and Alan asked her how she felt being there with him, naked, and why she agreed to do this in the first place. She told him that she genuinely enjoyed being nude, and confessed that it turned her on to no end being naked in front of others. She told him that we had flashed her in various degrees of nakedness numerous times and it always ended up with us having fantastic sex while reliving it. She went on to tell him that I liked to expose her to people, mostly to strangers and that it excited and turned me on to do it. Her nudity and exhibition was fun and exciting for both of us. As far as her being naked with him and my not being there was part of the excitement, like my taking the last of her clothing, her boots and coat, guaranteeing that she had nothing of her own to cover herself with, it made her feel even more naked. She liked to feel helpless, within limits, and she liked to be looked at, being inspected, showing parts of her body that normally was off limits to everyone but me.

It was about then that I called and told them that I was unable to get back to pick her up and she had to spend the night with him.

She said that she felt even more helpless and was at the mercy of someone who she had never been naked with and had never seen naked. She knew that would soon change, it kind of fed on a rape fantasy. She said that at first knowing that I wasn’t coming back, she for the first time really felt her nakedness, that before she had me as her clothing, now she really had nothing. She said she felt like I had loaned her to one of my friends.

They continued to sit and drink, and talk, and she due to her excitement and nervousness probably got a little more drunk than she wanted to.

Finally the inevitable came, time for them to go to bed. She led Alan to the bedroom and stood him before her. She then slowly stripped him taking care to touch his body as she did so. She lightly ran her fingers over his nipples and pinched each until they hardened, she then took each in her mouth and sucked and bit the tender tip until he could take no more and pushed her away gently.

She continued down his chest to his belly, gently pulling the hair that grew between his navel and pubic area. She moved around him to his butt, cupping his cheeks, kissing and pulling at his hair with her teeth. She ran her fingers down his crack, under his ass and cupped his ball sack. Then bent him forward and lightly ran her finger back from his balls to his ass hole and circled his anus, pushing her finger softly on the pucker.

“So… can I touch it?”

It wasn’t a question that Justin expected someone to present him with when he accepted the invitation to the party. Then again, Justin, while mature, could be naive for his nineteen years. And this, after all, was The Naked Party.

Not a naked party; The Naked Party. Only a select group of the hottest group of students at the University attended, chosen by the fraternity and sorority that jointly threw the party every year. The rules were few and simple: no crashers, no clothes. While some like groping and making out was inevitable, it was silently understood that one should not touch party-goers without the party-goer’s permission, and that full-on sex in the open was, so to speak, off the table.

This was sophomore Justin’s first year in attendance. Justin was gay, and friends with many of the higher-ups at the hosting sorority. Through them, he befriended a number of the frat boys whose current state of undress and proximity to him was making it supremely difficult to will away a raging hard-on. The alcohol helped.

Not that Justin was bad looking himself. On the contrary, he had made a name for himself among the gay crowd at school, some members of which also attended the party. Justin wasn’t a slut, per se, but he knew what he liked. At six feet tall, he wasn’t particularly imposing. He was nicely proportioned, however, with broad shoulders and a svelte build; muscular, but not bulky. The hair on his head was dark and cut short, and he had a light dusting of hair on his chest and stomach (adorned, thanks to his hours in the gym, with rippling abs), running down into dark, but kempt, hair surrounding the base of his cock. Hard, his cock was about eight inches long, and thick. Currently, it was about six inches long and hanging; he could feel the warm air of the room on his balls.

The question came after Justin had been at the party for a couple of hours. In that time, he had, again with the help of a not-insignificant amount of beer, managed to get over the discomfort of being completely naked in a house full of fellow students. For Justin, that meant being seen stark naked by friends of his – largely female – some of whom had never so much as seen him with his shoes off. On the other hand, Justin was also able to avail himself of the sight of many of the hottest guys on campus running around drunk and just as naked as he. It was while standing in drunken conversation in a group composed of both Justin’s female friends and his eye candy that he found himself in need of another beer.

Excusing himself, he ventured through the living room, into the kitchen where the hosts kept a few of the party’s many kegs. Justin found it funny that a couple of hours prior he was intensely aware of his dick swinging between his legs as he walked, visible to everyone he passed, while at the moment he was so used to it that he practically forgot they were all naked. There weren’t many guests in the kitchen, so Justin pumped the keg and poured his own beer. At that point, he spun around and came face-to-face with her.

Standing in front of him was a woman, seemingly a few years older than he, who wore her brunette hair shoulder length. She also wore tight jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. Justin was suddenly very aware of his exposed, swinging dick. Stunned, he didn’t think to try and cover himself, which would have been absurd anyway, but just stared and said, “Uh… hi.”

The young woman laughed awkwardly and returned his greeting, “Hi there. I’m Melissa. Um, I think your name is Justin?”

“Yeah…” he replied, suddenly more aware of the condensation from the beer cup dripping onto his bare leg, and a cool breeze from the kitchen window sliding against the back of his balls. Having never been with a woman, Justin wasn’t used to them seeing him naked. It was one thing when his friends were as undressed as he, but another to be totally exposed before a clothed woman. He felt more vulnerable than he had all night.

“It’s really nice to finally meet you. I’ve, uh, heard about you from friends of mine.” She stuck out her hand to shake his.

Justin couldn’t help but snicker. She was being awfully formal for greeting a drunk, naked dude. He was still self-conscious, but his snicker broke the tension. He reached out his hand and shook hers. “Um, I gotta ask… why do you have clothes on? The chick at the door practically tore my boxers off me when I got here.” It was true. In order to maintain the party’s strict dress code, greeters collect guests’ clothes at the door. The girl in charge of taking Justin’s clothes was a bit overzealous once she saw how hot Justin was, and had indeed pulled down his boxers when Justin didn’t strip fast enough for her liking. On one hand, he had been mortified that a group of strangers just saw his dick flop out of his underwear. On the other hand, he was grateful that she had just gotten it over with and saved him the trepidation of stripping himself.

“Oh, I actually was naked before. I forgot this upstairs,” she held up her cell phone, “and I’m friends with a guy who lives here, so he let me run up quick and get it. I shouldn’t stay here like this long though.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t seem fair…” Justin was suddenly bashful again as he realized that this girl’s eyes had been practically glued to his cock the entire time. This wasn’t a totally unusual experience given the circumstances of the night. Justin had caught many of his female friends sneaking a glance at his manhood, and a couple even commented on it, making him blush in the process. But generally the people Justin encountered at the party had been discreet, perhaps because they were naked as well. But this girl was blatantly eyeing his hanging dick, which reignited his feelings of self-consciousness. The only clothed person in this house, and she was not only talking to him, but ogling him. “Uh, so, you said you know me?” he stammered, hoping to draw her attention to his face.

“Mm?” she replied, raising her eyes briefly, before returning them to the younger man’s member. “Oh, yeah, I’m actually friends with Steve, and he told me about you.”

Steve was a guy whom Justin had hooked up with several months back. Nice guy, but it hadn’t led to anything more than a few drunken hookups. He had a decent dick, with which he had fucked Justin. Justin was, so far, strictly a bottom in his sexual encounters. “Right, Steve… is he here?” Justin hadn’t spoken with Steven in months.

“Oh, no, but he pointed you out to me on campus a while back.” Eyes still in place.

Justin was embarrassed and slightly irritated. Worse, he could feel his cock stirring from the visual attention it was getting. “Uh, so what did he tell you about me? We don’t know each other that well.”

“Well… um…” she stammered. “To be honest… he said you had a great dick.”

“PFFFTOO!” Justin spit out his beer, droplets of it landing both on Melissa and on his naked body, of which he was now hyper-aware. “Excuse me?!” He couldn’t figure out which would draw more attention to his dick now, covering it with his free hand or just letting it hang.

“Yeah… I mean, he said that when you hooked up he thought you had one of the best dicks he’s ever seen. I know that you’re gay and I thought I’d never get to see it, so when I saw you here I just had to get a better look. I have to say, I’m not disappointed. And you’re not even hard…” She bit her lip. “Yet….”

Justin remained stunned. It wasn’t that he was unused to being seen as a sexual object, but not by women, and not when he was completely on display. His mind ran through his options. Retreat back into the party. Try to find his clothes in the clothing-check room and run for home. Stand there and let this crazy woman get off by ogling his expanding cock.

“So… can I touch it?”

All the activity that had occupied Justin’s mind the second prior totally vanished. In its place was utter shock. Who the fuck did this bitch think she was? He had been nice up to this point, but he wasn’t about to let some nutcase molest him. It took enough convincing to get him naked in front of his friends in the first place, he wasn’t about to let some stranger – a chick! – grope him. He wouldn’t even let a guy just grab his naked cock in the middle of a party. “Look, I don’t know what Steve told you, but I’m gay, and you ca–”

Justin’s sentence was disrupted when the girl in front of him wrapped her fingers around his soft, but growing, penis. Justin was paralyzed. He had never so much as kissed a girl before, and now some woman he never met was grabbing ahold of his cock against his permission. The shock was evident on his face. His first thought was panic that someone else at the party might see. The girl’s hand getting a tighter and tighter grip on his manhood, he hurriedly looked around to make sure no one saw him being violated like this. To his incredible relief, nobody else seemed to notice. He was so relieved at that, in fact, that for a split-second he almost forgot the stranger who now had a tight grip on his cock.

“Wow, this feels just as nice as I thought it would.” The girl tried hard to fight back a large grin. “Since I’ve already got a hold of this, I hope you don’t mind if I…”

With that, the girl took three slow strokes on Justin’s cock. He hadn’t spoken a word since the woman practically assaulted him. The look on his face was still one of shock, and he still held the beer cup in his hand. His mind raced. What the fuck is going on?! Is this crazy bitch jerking me off?! If I did this to some chick here I’d get my ass kicked and thrown in jail, but this girl is just using me however she wants. What can I do?! I don’t want her to hurt me…

While these thoughts exploded in Justin’s mind, the only sound to come from his mouth was a surprised gasp as the girl completed each long, slow stroke of his now-swollen cock. His terror and surprise kept him from sporting a hard-on, but his dick was nearly at its full length while soft.

“Mm.” The girl had an intensely satisfied look on her face. “Just like I imagined. You’re not hard, but that’s understandable,” she squeezed his member again and garnered further satisfaction from the gasp that escaped his lips, “given the circumstances.” With that, she finally – after what to Justin seemed like eternity – released his semi-hard cock, which flopped down to its earlier position, causing both it and his balls to swing. “It was nice meeting you, Justin. I’m going I’m going to be seeing even more of you soon.”

The girl gave Justin’s hanging dick one final pat on its head before turning and walking out of the party. Justin remained frozen in place, unable to process what happened to him. Had he just been molested? Should he run after the girl? Call the police? Go home? Try to find out if she –”

“Justin!” He felt a hand on his shoulder. His good friend Katie. Nude, of course. “Where the fuck have you been? Come on, we’re going to play beer pong.”

“Oh, I was….” Justin trailed off as Katie led him by the arm back to the living room. He wasn’t sure how to describe what just happened to him, and he didn’t want to anyway. The only things he was sure of were that Katie snuck a glance at his engorged cock and smiled to herself, and that he was sure that wasn’t the last time he’d see Melissa.

To be continued…

So there we were… stranded, entirely exposed and nervously pacing in the woods by the pond. The sun was getting lower and lower by the minute.

We looked around and saw no one. My first thought was that someone ran off with our clothes. I wondered who. I also wondered if they were watching us at that exact moment. I felt so ashamed and afraid. Jenny started to get irritated, shouting into the woods at whoever was responsible.

“Hello? Come out and give us our stuff back!”

“Shut up Jenny!” I whispered strongly. “We don’t want whoever it is to see us right now. Let’s work on getting home.”

“Trust me.” She started to negotiate with the unknown pervert. She called out into the woods, as if someone was listening. “We’ll do whatever you want, just give us our clothes back.”

Her shouts were followed by silence.

“Okay, if we make out will you show yourself?” she asked loudly.

“Oh my God, I’m not doing that! You’re going to get us raped or something worse. This isn’t safe. Let’s just go.” I argued.

Jenny grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes and said “Trust me, this will work. Who doesn’t want to see two naked hotties like ourselves kissing? ”

She turned and faced the woods, waved her hands and said “Okay, we’re gonna do it now, you come out now.”

“Let’s give ‘em a show girl.” Jenny said with a wink and a sultry smirk. Then she pulled me in close, pressing her body against mine, and started to kiss me intensely. She kissed me as if we were boy and girl; she rubbed her hands on my bare skin and sent a rush of heat all over my body. Her hands explored my backside and her warm palms felt nice on my cold naked butt. We locked lips for almost 10 seconds, but it felt like forever. Her lips were so soft. I had always wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl. It was actually very nice, my heart started to beat faster every time her tongue massaged mine. I started to put my hands around her, to grab her cute ass just as she had grabbed mine, but then she stopped and turned her attention back towards the empty trees.

“Are you coming out now?” Jenny said with a smirk on her face and a little flirt in her voice.

There was no answer.

“Jenny, I don’t think anyone is there. We need to work on how we’re going to get home. We can’t streak all the way to my house, someone will see us.”

We searched around for something to cover ourselves with. The two of us running around in our birthday suits wasn’t something I wanted to get caught doing. We needed to get to my house quickly, and without getting caught.

“I got it!” Jenny exclaimed. “We can use this.” She bent down and started to grab handfuls of mud from the edge of the pond.

“Mud! Your solution is mud?”

“Yep, you can thank me later.” Jenny started to smear the mud on me.

She started to make a makeshift mud bikini. She was pretty handy. She rubbed the mud all over my exposed parts, slowly I might add, and drew the appropriate lines to form the pattern of a bathing suit. It was easy for her because my skin was very tan, except in those places where my bikini would have been. My tan lines created a very nice pale template for her to go by. It was coming out pretty good. She was careful and very delicate with covering my lower half. “Oh… You shaved.” Jenny had noticed that my pussy was as smooth as the rest of me. “It’s nice, very cute.” When she was finished applying the mud and admiring my body, I had the cutest little mud-kini.

“Now you do me.” Jenny instructed me, putting mud in each of my hands.

I started to apply the mud to her abs and midsection very generously, and quickly.

“No, make mine like yours.” Jenny reached down and started splashing water on her front side to clear the design I had started. “Try again, and make mine sexy, baby!” She said with her cheesy Austin Powers impression. She was in a surprisingly playful mood.

I started over. Jenny’s boobs were so perky and stiff. It only took me a few minutes to finish her mud-kini. There were no tan lines to go by so I had to be creative. After that we waited for the mud to dry and then planned out our route.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Let’s go.” Jenny said.

We started to run slowly through the woods. We were careful not to run so fast that our mud would come off, so our running was more like a fast walk. We got halfway to my house and the trip was going good so far. I was actually starting to enjoy the feelings of naughtiness that went with frolicking naked through the woods. I wanted to get home, but I also wanted it to last a bit longer.

“Let’s go grab our backpacks.” I suggested.

Jenny agreed and we took a detour. I was sure to let her stay ahead of me because I wanted to admire the view. Every time I saw her naked body I felt more and more excited. I just couldn’t believe the day we were having. I would sleep very well tonight. Our naked excursion had given me something to masturbate to for weeks. I couldn’t wait to get back home, to the privacy of my room, where I could pleasure myself properly.

We got our back packs and made it all the way home. My parents had gone to see a movie and Mom left dinner on the table for me again. Jenny and I went upstairs to get cleaned up.

“Do you mind if I share a shower with you?”

“Jenny, haven’t you seen me naked enough today?” I felt obligated to say that. I should have said yes. But instead, I accidently said something more like “You can use my Mom’s bathroom.”

Jenny nodded went to the other shower to get cleaned up. I felt bad for turning her away but I was confused. I started the water and got under the warm shower. The mud-kini started to wash right off and my tan lines started to reappear. I grabbed the bar of soap, something told me that my girly body washes wouldn’t do the trick, and started to lather up. I stood away from the water and got soapy from my shoulders all the way down to my feet. Getting lathered up was starting to get me excited. I was instantly reminded of Jenny covering me with mud. I decided I did want to share a shower with her after all.

I turned off the water and stepped out. Still slippery and covered in soapy foam, I streaked down the hall and into the bathroom Jenny was using.

“Hey girl, I thought you missed me.” I smiled as I stepped into Jenny’s bath. She smiled back.

I wanted to be close to her, really close. I asked if I could help her wash and she welcomed the idea. She handed me the blue loofah sponge. “No thanks, I’ll do it my way.” I said. Since my body was already covered in soap, I put my arms around her and rubbed my bubbly body all over her. She smiled and pressed her body back against mine. We stood under the shower together and helped each other get clean; when she started rubbing our boobs together I started to giggle.

“We’re so gay.” Jenny laughed.

“But what you’re doing feels really good.” I added.

After our extreme lesbian shower scene, we went to my room to get dressed. I couldn’t believe what had gotten into me. What was I thinking getting into her shower and rubbing myself all over her like that? Jenny dropped her towel at the door and walked across the room then sat naked on my bed. She was getting very comfortable being naked around me. I went to the closet to start picking out clothes for her to borrow. I turned around and what I saw next almost made my heart jump out of my chest. Jenny was lying on my bed, rubbing her pussy as she was looking at me standing naked in my bedroom half dry.

“Oh my God!” I shouted.

“I can’t help it, I have to touch it. I didn’t think you’d mind. I thought you liked me.” Jenny sat up, looking very uncomfortable and ashamed at my reaction.

“Not that, Jenny.” I said. “Look!” I pointed her attention to the foot of my bed.

At the foot my bed was a small plastic grocery bag, all tied up. Inside the bag were our stolen clothes, and a note that read:

“Go to the pond at 8:00 AM Tomorrow, Bring your friend. I have pictures. –April”

April is a girl in our grade that lives on the same dirt road as me. She’s a smaller girl, and her height and small build made her the target of many mean girls. Her parents owned the small country store at the end of our dirt road. April and her brother, Jarod, ran the store after school and on weekends. She wasn’t very popular, at least not in a good way. She’s was in a totally different crowd. I’ll admit that Jenny wasn’t very nice to her.

One time in gym class, Jenny caught her in the middle of changing in the girl’s locker room. She grabbed April before she could even get her panties on and threw her out into the hallway. It was the middle of class change. Everyone laughed at her and kids teased her terribly after that. One of the boys at school even had his camera phone that day. It didn’t take very long for a video clip of a very naked April crying and pulling at the handle of the locker room door to start spreading around. Jenny humiliated her.

Whatever it was that April had planned, it wasn’t good. I wish Jenny had been nicer to her now.

(To be continued)

This is a continuation of a previous story called The Party. The stories are not a series but feature the same characters and theme.

Hello, my name is Jessica. I am the mother of two children aged 8 and 18 months. My husband of one year was killed a year ago. He was first my boss, then my lover and finally my husband as well as the father of my youngest child. Unfortunately, he was killed a year ago in a crash of our private jet while on a business trip. Normally I would have traveled with him but my son was sick and my parents were down with the flu so stayed at home.

My husband was a very successful business man who had created a very profitable company of which he was the CEO. Within months of his death I was adjusting to being a very wealthy widow with two children. Prior to getting married I accompanied my future husband Dave, to a special party in Florida. At this party, I had dinner with two strangers who had free access to my body, during dinner someone turned up the intensity of the two ben wah balls in my vagina and I nearly fell into my soup as my body was wracked with an orgasm.

Later I and several other women were paraded to the front of the room where we were stripped naked in front of two dozen strangers, including my boss and my cousin. Later we were led out to the pool deck and we each lay back on sun loungers and made our bodies available to any of the men. Fifteen men entered my vagina and to some degree ejaculated into me. I blew my boss after having my cousin enter my anal canal with twenty people watching us.

During my visit to Florida, I made friends with Margo who was one of the other ladies who made themselves available to the men. I also meet Dr. Ed who first performed a gynecological exam on me before bringing me to my first orgasm. All of this happened in front the other ladies. Later, Dr. Ed penetrated my vagina with his erection. Even though he was the last of the men to have sex with me, he brought me to a real orgasm that required no faking on my part.

The next morning, Margo introduced Dr. Ed as her husband and informed me that the two of them were the owners and promoters of The Party. For the next two years we kept in touch by email. Because Dave and I were trying to have a child, we did not accept Margo’s invitation to attend another Party. When I was six months pregnant Dave and I were in Miami on business and spent the evening with Dr Ed and Margo. After dinner we returned to their house and sat out on the patio while the others enjoyed an after dinner drink, I settled for some fruit juice.

We talked for over an hour until Margo’s two children came out on the pool deck. Amy was fifteen and Jill fourteen. Too my surprise Amy and Jill were naked when they came out of the house and walked over to their parents. Neither of the kids seemed embarrassed about being naked in front of Dave and me. Jill and Amy then jumped into the pool and began splashing around.

Margo looked at Dave and me and said, “Shall we join them, I’ll get suits if you are newly modest. Ed and I will strip down and join them.”

I looked at Dave and then began unbuttoning my blouse. “It sounds too good to pass up after the winter we had up north. If my sometime Doctor says OK, I will join in.”

Dr. Ed nodded his approval and I quickly stripped down. With as much grace as I could muster, I waddled to the pool and walked down the steps into the warm water.

That was the last time Margo and Ed saw Dave. Ed and Margo could not attend the funeral for Dave. Two weeks later Margo visited and spent a week with me. At first we sat around and talked in hushed tones, by the third day Margo had me naked and laughing around the pool. My son enjoyed Margo and when she left, he wanted to go to Florida and visit her.

That brings you up to date with my life since last we talked. Today, I am traveling to Florida not to visit Margo and Ed but to attend one of their parties as one of the participating ladies.

For the last year my sex life had been virtually nothing. The only sex I had since Dave had died was with my own hand and one time with a friend. Two months ago my cousin and his wife visited me for a week while he was on a business trip. During the first party, my cousin was in attendance and decided that he would enjoy me. At the end of the intermission, he found me as I came back from washing off the mess between my legs.

My cousin, Al, stopped me and bent me over the back of a chair. To my surprise Al put his finger in my vagina and then spread my juices around my anus. He then put the tip of his erection at my rear entrance. To my surprise he pushed into me and his penis gradually entered my body. I was not accustomed to anal sex and felt pain as he entered. By the time he was fully inside me, I was over the pain and began to enjoy the sensations. He came eventually and I could feel his seed flow out of me as he withdrew.

I stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek and with juices running down both of my legs; I continued my walked back to my lounge. Later he held me to his chest when I lost total control due to an orgasm following several enjoyable fucks topped off by Dr. Ed. It took me several minutes in his arms before I was able to sit up and finally walk to the pool to clean up at the end of the night.

When Al and his wife arrived we spent the first evening catching up on family news. The next day, his wife Jane and I were sitting by the pool enjoying the sun. As usual, when friends were visiting, I was wearing a modest bikini that was suitable for a mother of two. When Ann asked, “would it be alright if I took my top off and get more of a tan?”

I said, “Sure, I will join you.” Quickly we both removed our tops and laid back to enjoy the sun. For the next hour we relaxed and talked about families and kids. Ann finally brought up the subject of sex.

Ann finally said, “How is your sex life without Dave?”

I responded, “Virtually non existence with the exception of my hand.”

“Well, maybe you need to go back to a party in the Florida Keys.”

I was relieved that Ann was not disturbed knowing about Al and me. She then continued, “in fact I have been to two parties myself.”

“Well I guess you enjoyed The Party since you volunteered to return. I have not really thought about that option.”

Ann rose up on her hips and pulled her swim suit down leaving her totally naked. “I have wondered if that was true. I think that under the circumstances the three of us should spend the night together. Then you can at least see if everything still works.”

I was shocked at her suggestion of sleeping with her and Al. However, the longer I thought about it, I began to get aroused and interested in something besides a plastic dildo between my legs. I removed the rest of swim attire just as Al arrived. As he walked out onto the deck, I attempted to cover up.

Ann looked at my efforts and began to laugh, “What do you need to hide, I think Al has seen pretty much all of you before.” I then quit my efforts for modesty and just laid back and allowed Al to survey me.

Al looked at me and finally said, “You look really good Jessica, you don’t look like a mother of two.”

“Jessica is thinking about sleeping with us tonight, she said that her sex life is zero right now.”

I looked over at Al, “Would that be alright with you?”

Al smiled and said, “I would love too.”

I said, “When the kids get home from school and day care we will have a quick dinner and then see what happens in my bedroom.”

Later that night we are all three laying in my bed, we had stripped off our clothes as soon as we entered the room. I was lying between Ann and Al and they were both were caressing my breasts while Ann touched my clitoris and Al pushed first one then two fingers into my tight vagina. With their touches, my body responded and I began to feel the stirrings of arousal between my legs. When Al moved his fingers up to my mouth, I found that I was really wet and when Al gently pushed three fingers into me, I knew I was ready for sex again.

“Would you please get that thing in me, I can’t wait any longer.”

Al moved around so that he was kneeling between my spread legs. He leaned forward and kissed me. Ann continued to touch my clit and breast. Al reached between us and guided his erection to the entrance to my vagina. Before he pushed into me, he asked, “Do I need to pull out or can I cum inside you?”

I nodded no and said, “I am still on the pill.”

Al pushed into me and began to thrust in and out. We quickly got into a rhythm and I pushed back against. Suddenly my body reacted and my abdomen was racked with a spasm and my legs pushed up and nearly pushed Al off my body. For several seconds I held this position until I finally came down and regained my senses.

Al pushed back into me and held his position. “Do you want me to continue?”

“Oh yes, I need you. Ann don’t stop, I need you too.”

An hour later Al and I was sexually satiated and Ann was obviously frustrated. I took Al’s hand and placed it on Ann’s pubic hair and said, “Ann needs you now.”

An hour later we were all sound asleep. None of us were concerned about the multiple wet spots on the bed as we sought the comfort of holding each other.

The next morning the three of sat around the pool after the kids had left for school. I looked at Ann, “Tell me about your experiences at the party.”

“Well the first time, was nothing but sex. I serviced a dozen men in my vagina, two in my ass and swallowed the semen of at least six more. The second time started out even better. I had a dozen men in my vagina and another two in my ass. After the break, I needed a lot of lubricant to take the first man in my vagina. Finally, I started to get aroused and my lubricant began to flow. My third man wanted me to be on top. As I was moving down upon him and he was pushing into my vagina, another man put his erect penis at the entrance to my ass. I had never serviced two men at once so I sort of wanted to try it. The man at my back immediately pushed into me when I gave no indication of resistance. He must have been a lot larger than any other man who had entered my ass and when he pushed in I felt a lot of pain. I waited a few seconds hoping the pain would subside. When it didn’t, I pushed back and the man in my vagina was buried all the way in me. The man at my backside lost his balance and abruptly pulled out. Fortunately Dr. Ed was standing right behind me and immediately saw the blood flowing out of my bowels.”

“By now the pain was intense and Dr. Ed pulled me up onto my knees. The man below me came just as I pulled off of him and sprayed his spunk all over my stomach. Dr. Ed helped me into the room where his examination table was set up. He placed me face down on the table and began to examine my anus. Al had been with another woman and did not see what had happened to me until he finished with her. He rushed into the room as Dr. Ed was probing my backside. When my bleeding stopped he packed my anus with cotton and medicine. I was fortunate, I suffered no permanent injury just a bad scare. The only one who suffers now is Al who is no longer allowed in my backside.”

“That sounded scary. I bet you would never go back again for another Party?”

“Oh yes I would, in fact we plan to go in two months. Remember anal intercourse is at the option of the lady.”

The rest of the week was full of sex and when they left, I felt alone without my cousin to service me at night. Within a week, I called Margo and asked, “Is your invitation still open for me to come to another Party?”

“Margo said yes, you are always welcome.” We made arrangements for me to attend a Party in six weeks which brings us today.

I had landed at Miami airport and immediately went into the first family restroom I found. I had been wearing a dressy pant suit that was perfect for the cooler weather at home and the flight. Now that I was in Florida, I needed something a little lighter. I took off all my clothes and stood naked in front of the mirror. I pulled the sun dress over my head and let it fall into place. I again looked in the mirror and realized that the top was really too lose to go without a bra. No panties presented little modesty problems as the dress was not that short. Realizing that I had to be careful when sitting and when someone was standing beside me, I left the room and headed for the limo pickup area.

My driver was waiting for me and indicated that another passenger would be joining us. I was sitting in the back seat when the door opened and in stepped Ann. Sorry, I am late but my plane was delayed and I walked directly here.

The car was not a typical limo with a sliding door separating the passengers from the driver. Instead we were riding in a luxury sedan with plenty of legroom in the rear.

After some idle chatter we were on the interstate heading for US 1 and the Florida Keys. When the traffic had cleared, Ann said, “I need to undress and get rid of my underwear. Do you think the driver would mind?”

“No, I don’t think so but I am worried he won’t keep his eyes on the road.”

Ann decided that if she sat right behind him he would not be able to see. She started to unbutton her blouse as I leaned forward to talk with the driver. I am sure the view down my top took his full attention but was not so enticing that he would not look at the road. Ann was now naked beside me. I reached back and took her clothes and put them on the floor to my right.

Ann was now naked and would need to crawl over me to get to her clothes. I leaned over, “Why are you so modest, in six hours you will be naked in front of two dozen men. What is one more?”

I then relented and handed her the dress. She pulled it over her head and worked it down her body. I am sure the driver could see glimpses in the mirror.

Two hours later we arrived at the conference center where the Parties are held. The driver placed our bags in the reception area. Per Margo’s rules this was the only part of the building where clothes are required. After checking in, Ann and I went to our rooms with plans to meet by the pool in an hour.

I pulled off my dress and hung the rest of my clothes in the closet. I decided it was too early to take my shower so I immediately headed for the pool. Six other naked women were sitting around the pool when I arrived. Shortly after Ann arrived, Margo and Dr. Ed walked out on the deck. Margo was already naked and I assumed that she was going to be one of the girls tonight. As usual, two of the girls tried to cover up in front of Dr. Ed. The rest of us laughed and someone chided them that he was only the first of many men who would see them naked tonight.

I was beginning to respond to the public nudity. Ever since the car ride, my juices were flowing and I could feel a definite dampness between my legs. Now it was really getting serious in that I could feel fluid running down to my ass and onto the fabric of the seat pad. I hoped that it would continue to flow when one of these pads was under my body and my legs were spread waiting for a man to enter me.

Margo came around and talked with each of us. For the newcomers, she gave them a brief explanation of the sequence of events. When everyone had been talked with she came over and sat down with Ann and me.

After a snack, Ann and I walked into the preparation room. In the middle was Dr, Ed’s examination table and along the back wall were two racks holding our gowns. Dr Ed called Ann over, “Do you want to be first?”

“Yes, remember to check my little problem from last time.”

Dr. Ed immediately guided Ann to the table and guided her into position. He followed the normal procedure until just before he was going to make her cum; he rolled her over and spread her cheeks. After looking at her, he patted her bottom indicating that she should roll over. Ann lay back on her back spreading her legs as she awaited Dr. Ed’s wonderful caresses and touch. Before he touched her, Dr. Ed whispered to Ann that she should not allow anything into her anus tonight.

In a of matter minutes, Dr. Ed’s efforts had Ann was so relaxed that when her orgasm hit her she was totally unprepared. In two minutes Margo and I were helping a totally limp Ann to a chair where she collapsed with a smile on her face.

I then lay back on the table. Dr. Ed checked my breasts and upper body before he moved between my legs. When his finger first entered my vagina, I had no problem relaxing enough for him to slide all the way in. The speculum was also accommodated without a problem. As he continued to check me, I could feel my fluids running down to my ass. Usually when a woman is having a gynecologist check between her legs, she makes every effort to cover any resulting sexual excitement. However, with Dr. Ed between your legs you automatically went with the flow.

By the time he was finished with his examination, I was fully aroused and was waiting for Dr. Ed to finish me off. With little effort, he had me feeling like a bowl of jelly. My arms could not move and my legs could not hold my weight after the intense orgasm at the hand of Dr. Ed. Margo and another girl helped me to couch next to Ann where I collapsed as I recovered my senses.

I was fully recovered when Margo was in throws of her orgasm. Ann and I had been rather quiet with ours, but Dr. Ed always said Margo was a screamer and tonight she proved it again. When she was done, Dr. Ed helped his wife to a chair and returned to the next girl who was quickly getting into position.

Ann and I walked across the room to the shower area. I could feel my juices running down my legs as I walked. Ann looked at me, “I am a mess down there, I don’t know if even a shower will clean me up.”

Later we got our hair done and were sitting on a chair waiting for the others to finish up. When all of us were ready, Margo walked to the center of the room while Dr. Ed carried a tray with what looked like small wieners lay on top. Margo took one of the items on the tray and held it up for us all to see. It looked like a medium sized penis, with an appendage pointing upwards. Small straps ran from the penis.

Margo inserted the penis into her vagina and rested the appendage in the area of her clitoris. She then wrapped the strap around her waist to hold it in place. Margo explained that the units were remote controlled vibrators. Each one was individually marked and the remote control was held by two men who would be our dinner companions. It was our task during the cocktail hour to find who had our controller.

Dr. Ed and Margo passed the dildos around and made sure that each of us had the units properly in place. We then walked to the racks and selected a gown that matched our coloring. Modesty was not one of the features of the gowns. My selection stopped just an inch below my bottom. The top was two ribbons that tied around my neck and if carefully placed could cover most of my nipples and areoles. My skirt consisted of two narrow panels that covered the middle of my butt and most of pubic area.

When all of us were “dressed”, Margo gathered us at the door and reminded us of the rules for the evening. “Any of the men may touch us anywhere on our body at any time. However they may not touch your lips or anus in any way without your permission. That means no kissing on the lips, oral sex or anal sex without your OK. I would also suggest that you coat your vaginal entrance with lubricant before the first man enters you and after the break. I will also ask two of you to join me in some lesbian entertainment at the break.”

“Come back to this room after you have your swim, the Doctor will again check you and if you are still menstruating he will give you a morning after pill just in case. I would also suggest that all of you douche and lubricate your vagina and anus before you go to bed. More than likely you will be sore between your legs and your breasts will be bruised tomorrow morning. The Doctor will check you again in the morning before you leave. Now smile, and let’s go.”

Just as we walked out of the room the things in our vaginas all started to move and vibrate. The feeling was very intense and pleasurable as both our vaginas and our clitoris was stimulated. By the time we reached the ball room, I could barely walk and Ann was holding onto the railing. Suddenly the things stopped moving and we started to regain control of our bodies.

Finally we entered the ball room and began to circulate among the men. All of them were friendly and were anxious to identify their dinner partner. Suddenly my thing began to vibrate again. As I attempted to maintain my composure, two men approached me. They held out a control and adjusted the speed. When I said, “Sorry it’s not me.” They moved on to look for another girl. As fast as it started, my thing stopped. Another pair of men approached me and when their unit did not control my thing they moved on.

My cousin and his guest approached, we smiled and talked for a few minutes. When they took their control out and turned it to full, I nearly collapsed on the floor. My cousin held me up and the other man turned the unit off. I could only stare as my cousin said, “Well I guess we found our dinner companion.”

As my cousin held me up, his friend moved my ribbons and stared at my bare breasts. Cousin Al also took advantage when he pulled up my front panel and checked that the numbers matched on my thing and his controller. Again I felt totally relaxed and powerless, as my cousin continued to hold me up. When I finally recovered my strength, he leaned down and kissed my cheek. “You look like you are ready for a night of fun.”

I smiled, “Not only with you and your friend but I hope to enjoy your wife at the break.”

With that we moved to our table and sat down. Our conversation resumed as the waiters brought the first course. I looked around the room and saw Ann at the next table and she bent over holding her abdomen. Her chin was right beside her bowl of soup and there was a look pure pleasure on her face. I looked at her husband and my cousin and saw a very ornery smile on his face. I remembered when we were young; he tried to make my life miserable by doing anything he could to torment me. Just then I could start feeling a very pleasant sensation between my legs and around my clitoris. I tried to ignore the feeling but I knew it was only the beginning of my torture instead of a pleasant dinner.

Just as I lifted a spoon of soup to my mouth, the frequency of the vibrations in my vagina increased. Before I could take the soup in my mouth, I was thrown into muscle spasms that doubled my body over and my chin was also near my soup. Even though the sensations brought great pleasure, I knew that I was totally unable to control my body. Suddenly the source of my pleasure stopped and I began to regain control of my body. My senses were totally saturated with pleasure sensations and I looked forward to the next round of sensations rather than enjoy a wonderful steak dinner.

I looked down and saw that my breasts were totally exposed and the little scrap of cloth that was supposed to cover my groin was pulled to the side leaving all my privates exposed to anyone who wanted to look. In a few minutes, I had recovered enough that I could continue eating my dinner. I had just finished my main course when I saw a gleam in my cousin’s eye. This time after he had started my thing, he had me stand up. He then helped me up on my chair seat as he turned up the frequency of the vibrations. As I stood up facing all the audience, the second man unhooked the belt holding my “dress” together and I was now completely naked. More importantly my hands were back on my abdomen. My left hand slipped down and pressed into my pubic area with two fingers pushed up into my vagina. My other hand moved to my left breast and I began to massage my breast then I began to pinch my nipple. For several minutes I shared my intense orgasm with everyone. As my orgasm peaked, my cousin stood and held me up. He then held me so that I could slide down into my seat.

The desert was very tasty but my body was satiated with sexual pleasure I could hardly taste the cherry topping. I could barely remain seated and several times my cousin had to pull me back up as I slumped against him. One time he kissed me on the cheek and then whispered in my ear, “I am sorry if offended you.”

“No, our bodies are here for your pleasure and mine. Right now my vagina could take a horse it is so wet. But believe me, I feel wonderful even though I should be embarrassed.” I then smiled and kissed him on the lips. When I became capable of functioning, I glanced over at Ann who had been watching me and her husband. She was smiling and you could tell that she was on a sexual high.

Dr. Ed walked on the stage and asked all the ladies to come forward. With the help of Margo and Ann, I was able to make onto the stage. Even though I was completely naked and my legs were wet down to my ankles, I was not ashamed only sexually aroused. I was second to talk with Dr. Ed, who asked what happened to my dress and then asked if I was enjoying myself. He then reached down and removed the thing from my around my waist and inside my vagina. I sort of regretted losing my thing; it had given me a lot of pleasure.

Margo guided back to the dressing room where all of us took care of our bladders and cleaned up our pussies, mons and legs. Dr. Ed reminded us not to douche until the evening was over. I put some lubricant on my pussy lips and up into my vagina. I also put some lube in my anal track.

Dr. Ed then asked for all of us to gather around the examination table where Margo was laying with her ankles up in the air and her vagina open for all to see. Dr. Ed then walked over beside Margo’s right hip. Dr. Ed took on a serious note as he said, “After observing several of these events during the last few years, I have observed that the women who experience the most vaginal discomfort after having intercourse with several men were not sufficiently aroused so that their vaginal opening was not sufficiently open for the first two or three partners. After discussing this, Margo and I strongly recommend that when vagina is being penetrated the first few times, you should reach down with your hands and pull your vaginal lips open. This keeps your less than lubricated outer lips from rolling into your vagina and causing abrasions at the entrance to your vagina. Now everyone go out there and have fun. Remember we are here to give and get pleasure.”

Margo, Ann and I walked out to the pool deck and were met by all the men who were now as naked as us. During the reception and dinner, I had tried to imagine how some of the men would look naked. To my surprise, my cousin was endowed as well as any of the others. The last time I was here, I really had not seen his package, only felt it.

Margo headed for the first lounge and picked the one next to her. Ann was on my left and would have a ringside seat when her husband took me. My cousin as planned would be my first and he followed me to my lounge. He stood at the end facing me as I sat down and pulled my legs up. With my feet on the edge of the lounge and my knees bent, my pubic area and vaginal opening were on open display to all. My cousin put his hands on the lounge and dropped to his knees. He then leaned forward and began to lick my lip up to my clitoris. I had not expected any foreplay and was instead ready for his penis to invade my vagina.

As he continued to pleasure me my arousal continued to rise and my fluids began to flow again. Looking at Ann, she was holding her vaginal lips open in anticipation of the penis that headed for it. I noticed a little grimace as her vagina was filled. After a few moments she obviously relaxed and began to enjoy the invasion. I looked at Margo and she was being pounded by a man who had no interest in her pleasure or comfort, only his. In my case my cousin continued to lick and nibble on my sensitive areas. His hands were also touching my breasts and pinching my nipples.

Suddenly my body froze and my head started to swing from side to side. My abdominal muscles contracted and my groin rose a foot off the lounge. I then heard a loud moan followed a scream from somewhere nearby until I realized it was coming from me. My cousin continued to caress and lick my body as I was wracked with spasm after spasm. When I finally began to calm down, my cousin leaned up and kissed me on the mouth. By instinct, I opened my lips and his tongue searched my mouth and I could taste myself on his lips.

When I was back to near normal, my cousin asked with a smile, “May I now fuck you?”

As I rearranged my legs in preparation for a wonderful penetration of my body, I said, “I can’t refuse such a gallant man.”

I glanced over at Ann and she was again being penetrated by another man. She gave me a smile and reached her hand for mine. As my cousin, her husband pushed his erect penis into my waiting vagina Ann and I held hands and smiled at each other. I wrapped my thighs around his back and started to pull him into me when pushed inward. Again I started to feel so relaxed and was enjoying myself so much until my cousin reached down and pushed on my clitoris. All of sudden I again lost control and tightened my legs around him and pushed my body upwards as he thrust into me. I then let out a scream as my body froze.

My cousin was nearly pushed off the lounge but continued to keep his penis in my vagina. As I started to come down from my high, my cousin pushed in and stopped. I could feel his seed spread around my vagina. He then collapsed down on me. I was still not fully recovered when my cousin lifted his body upwards and kneeled between my legs. As I looked around, I found everyone watching me. Ann and Margo were sitting up and leaning towards me. Margo was the first person I could understand when they spoke. “Are you OK? I have never seen someone react that way. Even Dr. Ed with his magic fingers has never come close to making me lose it twice in a day let alone fifteen minutes. “

With a weak smile I said, “You should have felt it.”

Margo then looked towards Ann, “How do you take living with him.”

Ann smiled, “It is easy, I enjoy a little one every day whether he screws me or not and when he does give me his all I have a mind blower two or three times a week.”

Margo turned toward my cousin, “When you can, stop back I want some of what Jessica just got.”

My cousin smiled and told Margo, “We have a date after the break.”

My cousin got up and smiled down at me and said, “Jessica that was great.” He then walked away to the accolades of several of the other men.

Dr. Ed leaned down, “Jessica are you OK?” I weakly nodded my head yes. Dr. Ed smiled and said, “We have a date after the break. I am going to top your cousin.”

Everyone gradually walked away leaving me with Ann and Margo. A man approached Margo and she laid back and spread her legs. Ann also lay back as another man pushed his erect penis into her vagina. Margo smiled as the man touched her breasts as he pushed into her. Finally a man got up the nerve to approach me. I guess all of them were a little intimidated by my cousin. He leaned down and asked, “May I join you?” I nodded and got into position to receive him.

I smiled as he pushed into me and began to thrust in and out of me. Shortly he tensed and I could feel his fluids flowing into me. As he shrunk inside me, I felt the fluids running down butt. I didn’t really feel anything when the man fucked me. I felt no pain, nor pleasure. This continued for the next hour as seven or eight men masturbated to orgasm in my vagina. When Margo leaned over and told me it break time, I could only feel a sense of euphoria and mess of dried and wet sperm from my waist to my knees. Margo helped me up and guided me to the changing room. By the time I was in the room, my vagina had leaked enough fluid to wet my legs down to my ankles.

In the room I stepped into the shower and cleaned the lower half of my body. I looked closely and could see no blood so I assumed that I was not injured. As I was drying off a very naked Dr. Ed asked me to let him check me on his examination table. I lay back and spread my legs as Dr. Ed examined my pelvic area. He had absolutely no trouble looking inside my vagina in since my lips still spread wide open. He looked up at me and with a smile said, “Your OK, see you in a minute.”

As I walked back to the pool area and my bed for the evening, I remembered that Dr. Ed was planning to bring me to me knees sexually. I knew from prior experience, his fingers could bring me off in a matter of minutes. I also remembered that when we had intercourse before it was nothing special. From this I assumed that he would use his fingers to manipulate my pubic area and breasts until came again.

True to form, Dr. Ed started manipulating my body and regardless of all concentration he had me whimpering mass in a few minutes. This time he did not stop, he used his tongue on my mons, lips and clitoris. By the time he raised up I was rigid and screaming with pleasure. By the time I calmed down he positioned himself between my legs and aimed his erect penis at my open vagina. As expected he entered me with no resistance and I was forced to contract my muscles in order to create some friction between our sex organs. I was barely able to lift my legs so that my ankles were limply crossed on his back. He continued to thrust into me until I again tensed and gave off a moan. This time Margo was attentive to my reaction to sex with her husband. As with Ann she smiled and reached out to hold my hand. When I came down from my last high, Dr. Ed had pulled out and was looking down on me. He leaned over and gently kissed me on the lips. That was the last thing I remembered until Margo shook me awake when the party was over.

She and Ann again helped me and held me up as we walked towards the pool for our traditional post sex swim. I was able to walk down the built in stairs and felt the warm water caress my legs and my torso. I paddled around for a few minutes until I was awake enough to walk back to the changing room. As soon as I walked into the room a now dressed Dr. Ed gave me a hug and said in a low voice, “welcome back, I didn’t think I would put you asleep.” He then headed me for the showers, patted my naked butt and said, “See you in a minute.”

The water felt so good that I nearly collapsed when my legs started to relax. Fortunately I caught myself on the handle and with an effort moved to the toilet and inserted one the prepared douches into my vagina. I watched the sperm and my juices run into the water bowl. It seemed like a look of junk was coming out. As per Dr. Ed’s instructions I flushed and resumed irrigating my vagina. After three flushes, the fluid coming out of me was clear indicating that I could stop.

My next stop was Dr. Ed’s exam table and then I could head off for a drink or bed. My wait was short and I lay back and put my feet into the stirrups. Dr. Ed looked down at me and smiled. “You are really something. An hour ago you were writhing on your back with a doctor’s penis sliding in and out of your vagina. Now after ten minutes of clean up, you are again beautiful women that is making horny.”

I smiled up at him and said, “Well . . . if you see something you like, why don’t you do something about it?”

As he thought about a response I could feel my juices beginning to flow again and my vagina began to itch for some attention. Dr. Ed then gently touched my clitoris and inserted a finger into my vagina. My body tensed as I had a mini orgasm. He continued to check me out, his speculum opened me up. Dr. Ed rose up with a smile said, “What a beautiful sight. You look fine and feeling all your lubrication you seem ready to go again.”

I laughed and said, “Sorry, I need something new, you are probably done for the day.” He smiled and patted my bottom as swung my legs off the side to the table. Margo followed me onto the table and smiled at me. Dr. Ed lovingly checked his wife our carefully. Ann had told me in the shower that she and Margo had been pounded all evening as the men were all inspired by what first, my cousin; then Dr. Ed were able to do with me.

When Margo got off the table, Ann took her place. Dr. Ed carefully checked her since she too had been pretty well used up during the evening. When the three of us were done, we walked out to the pool deck. A waiter was still on duty and offered to get us all refreshment. None of us gave any thought to our nudity in front of the man whose eyes jumped all over as he tried to see three sets of breasts and pussies.

We found a clean table and sat in the chairs waiting for our drinks. Margo walked over to the bar area and asked for some snacks. As we sat down I could feel the moisture that running out of my vagina, down my butt onto the chair. When our drinks arrived, Dr. Ed came out and sat down with us. He sat next to his wife Margo put his arm around her and lightly caressed her right breast. We talked about the day and plans for the future. Ann was rather quiet and finally asked. “What is your secret Dr? During your first examination you are able to bring each of us to orgasm within seconds. You use nothing but your fingers to get us going.”

“I have several advantages. First, you are all naked in front of several people and that stimulates your subconscious. You also are anticipating sex which also stimulates you sexual awareness. Next you know I will be observing and touching your most intimate parts. All of this makes my gentle attention enough bring you over the top. Most of you are not used to extended sexual stimulation nor are you used to manipulation of your private parts. I then make sure I pick ladies I know or have worked with before. That is why Jessica and Margo were first. They both knew what would happen and were extra stimulated when I touched them. Neither one of them wanted to have me succeed but under the circumstances could not resist. Now the rest of the ladies are watching what happened to Margo and Jessica and most wanted the same thing to happen to them. They were not looking forward to a penis in her vagina followed by spraying of her insides with a mess that would run down her leg. As a result of her anticipation, the exam was generally enough stimulation. Now Jessica here was a real challenge because she was looking forward to the sex but did not want to lose control to me or anyone else. However, once she was relaxed from then on it only took some tender loving by the man.”

Ann thought about what he had said and then added, “For not being a woman, you sure have us figured out.”

We then finished our drinks and we all headed for our rooms for good sleep. The next morning my alarm went off at 8:00 AM. I woke refreshed but my abdominal muscles and thighs were sore. My vagina felt like I could take on another dozen men. I got up and walked to the restroom and took care of business, combed my hair and walked outside to the changing room. I was totally naked as I passed several men who were working on the grounds. I was not embarrassed and did not want to go back for a robe. Dr. Ed and Margo were waiting when I walked in and immediately headed for the exam table. I assumed the position and Dr. Ed was between my legs quickly. He manipulated my vaginal lips, checked my clitoris and pulled open my vagina for a look inside. With a smile he said, “You are in good shape, how do you feel?

“Fine except my muscles are sore.”

“I am not surprised, as hard as you came last night I would expect some spasms this morning. I would recommend a little swimming before breakfast.”

Margo laughed and said, “I wish my muscles were sore. The only thing that hurts on me is vagina and pride.”

I left the room and headed for the pool and proceeded to swim two laps. When I finished my hair was a mess but I felt so much better. I got a towel and dried off. Again several of the male staff stopped work to watch me dry off and then walk across the deck to the breakfast area. Being naked did not bother me even when others were still dressed. It gave me a sense of power to be able cause others to be so fascinated with my body.

Kneeling in front of Al in the headlights along a dirt road, Andy contemplated the fact that having just completed his first blow job, he was now being told to strip naked. Nudity was not a major issue for Andy, he had after all, in younger days, been to a nudist colony on numerous occasions. The fact that his best friend, who had driven them to this location and demanded not only a kiss but a cock sucking as well, was now ordering him to strip naked made his cock harder.

The taste of Al’s cum was fresh on Andy’s tongue. He could smell Al’s cock on his breath. The stiff cock in his pants, which by now was oozing pre-cum so much Andy could feel it Running down his leg, ensured that Andy would follow Al’s instructions. This was not lost on Al, who knew by the look on Andy’s face that Andy was thoroughly enjoying his first gay male experience. “I said take your clothes off” said Al. “Do it now” he commanded.

Andy thought about the days he spent at the nudist colony as he slowly began to remove his shirt. It was not lost on him that being nude at a nudist colony differs entirely than being naked in front of his best friend on a dirt road at night after having given him a blow job. Most notably, at the nudist colony, Andy did not have an erection. Now, he was conscientious about his dick, because he knew it was not as big as Al’s. As he pulled his shirt off, the crisp spring time air blew gently through his chest hair and his nipples instantly became erect.

Al admired Andy’s chest. He knew from the days Andy did not wear at-shirt under his polos that Andy had a hairy chest. Al envied this since his own chest did not have a single hair on it. Al also admired Andy’s nipples. They were small, and initially flat. Al assumed the cool air had made them stiffen. He enjoyed watching Andy’s involuntary strip tease and the nervous excitement that Andy’s face conveyed.

“Take off your shoes and socks and then stand up” Al said.

Andy slowly removed his shoes, hoping that his erection would go away. However, as he removed his socks, he realized that being barefooted was, in his fantasies, a sign of submissiveness. This thought, coupled with the act of removing his shoes made his cock even harder. As he felt the dry dirt on the bottom of his foot, Al touched his shoulder and said “Stand up and take off your pants”. Andy slowly rose. Al could see the bulge in his pants and knew he was ready to explore his limits.

“It’s a little chilly out here” Andy said.

“Shut up and take your fucking pants off” Al replied.

Andy stood still, momentarily shocked by Al’s tone. Al was equally shocked. Normally, Al would be less demanding in a gay relationship. For some reason, Al felt as though it was important to be forceful with Andy to help him overcome his fears of being fully engaged in homosexual acts. The fact that Andy was so responsive to Al’s commands so far strengthened Al’s resolve to dominate his best friend. It also ensured that Al knew he would engage in every activity he had fantasized about in the past. Al felt his cock begin to stiffen again. “I said take your fucking pants off” Al yelled.

Andy unbuttoned his pants. As he pulled down his zipper, he felt his wet boxer briefs and knew that the pre-cum would be quite noticeable. Al noticed the wet spot immediately and knew that Andy was sexually excited by Al’s domination. Andy slowly pulled his pants down, revealing the silhouette of a his rock hard cock straining against the boxer briefs. Al stared intently at Andy’s crotch while Andy finished removing his pants.

“Turn around and face the woods” Al commanded.

Andy turned around. “Put your hands on your head and do not move” ordered Al. Andy locked his fingers behind his head and stood motionless with his arms up.

Al walked up behind Andy and reached around and slowly caressed his cock and balls. “I can tell by your hard cock and your wet stain that you are enjoying this” Al whispered. Slowly, Al began to kiss Andy’s neck while rubbing his own erect cock on Andy’s ass. “After tonight, your mouth and your ass will no longer be virgin” Al whispered. And with that, he pulled Andy’s boxers off mad ordered him to turn around.

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