Once my wife, Jenny, had caught a glimpse of our nudist neighbor, twenty-year-old Tammy Butler, sunning herself in her backyard, Jenny was as hooked on her beauty as I was, although my wife’s enchantment with our neighbor’s charms wasn’t evident to me at first. In fact, I thought, initially, that Jenny pretty much abhorred, despised, detested, hated, and otherwise loathed poor Tammy, especially after Jenny had found the tripod-mounted camera I’d left pointed out of the window in the tree house I’d built for our son Johnny–the window that overlooked Tammy’s backyard.

During the night, while I’d been asleep, Jenny had taken the keys to the padlock that secured the trapdoor of the platform through which one had to ascend before he or she could climb into the tree house itself, and she’d entered the secret fortress. Immediately upon awakening and discovering the missing key, I’d scrambled up into the broad oak and into the tree house, where Jenny awaited me, seated in the armchair I’d hoisted into place several weeks ago. She’d nodded toward the camera. “Care to explain that?” she’d demanded, her tone icier than ice, and I’d known that our marriage was over.

Except that, as it turned out, it wasn’t over.

Instead, I’d confessed to her that she hadn’t exactly been the passionate sexpot she’d been during the early years of our marriage. Sex, when she bothered to indulge my fleshly appetites for it at all, was, at best, merely perfunctory. She was mechanical, not ardent. She just went through the motions–or, more accurately, she was pretty much motionless, like a mannequin or one of the inflatable sex dolls that adult book stores sell, airless and lifeless and folded inside cheap boxes.

I’d told her, that morning, that I needed the Jen I’d married, the vibrant, sensuous, intense, passionate, intimate, arousing, and lustful Jen who could make the world stop and my head and heart explode, along with my cock, when she took my prick down her throat, up her ass, or deep inside her cunt. Instead, the playful young woman who’d once happily (and convincingly) played the strumpet, the virgin, the college cheerleader, and a score of other sexy roles had become a reluctant and vapid mannequin.

I’d expected to sleep on the couch forever after telling Jenny how it had become between us. Maybe, despite Johnny, she’d divorce my ass, I’d feared, but Jenny had surprised me by actually understanding my grievance, accepting my criticism, and doing something about it. After seeking assurance that Tammy couldn’t see us unless we went to the window of the tree house that overlooked her backyard, Jenny had taken off her clothes, getting naked, right then and there, in our son’s tree house, and I’d fucked her, deep and hard, in her beautiful bubble butt. “Fuck me, Jimmy!” she’d invited–or commanded–and I had.

Afterward, as I lay on the floor, recovering, Jenny had gone to the window, still naked, my sperm shining, like lustrous pearls, on her back, her ass, and her thighs, and, looking down, from her vantage point, had called to me, over her shoulder, “She’s there, all right. Oh! She sees me! She’s smiling–and waving. Now, she’s gesturing to me to join her.” Incredibly, Jen had returned our neighbor’s wave. To me, as she continued to ogle Tammy, Jen had said, “She’s quite beautiful. I can see what you see in her.”

“Saw in her,” I corrected my wife, assuring Jenny that I loved only her and agreeing that I’d get rid of the camera and stop coming to the tree house to admire our nudist neighbor. I even suggested that Jen keep the keys to the padlock, and our marriage has been great, sexually and otherwise, ever since that day.

In fact, it’s gotten better and better. Let me explain why.

* * *

This morning, I awoke to find the bed empty beside me. I called my wife’s name, but there was no answer. I checked the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry room, even the garage. Her car was parked beside my own. Johnny was spending the night with my parents, so I knew she hadn’t gone for a walk with him.

Frowning, I went outside, into the backyard. I didn’t see her among the geraniums or the petunias or the marigolds. I checked a storage shed, thinking maybe she’d gone to fetch a wheelbarrow or some gardening tools. She hadn’t. Then, I thought of the tree house.

Looking up, I saw that, indeed, the trapdoor in the platform that provides access to the fortress above hung open. Obviously, my wife had climbed inside my former sanctuary. Why? Surely not to spy, as I had, upon our nudist neighbor. Jen wasn’t interested in other women. She could appreciate their beauty, of course, but only from an objective, detached, usually critical, point of view. She’d have no interest in ogling another woman, clothed or naked.

Then why had she ascended the oak? I asked myself. Why was she in Johnny’s tree house?

My birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks. Had she hidden my gift up there?

Curious, I called her name.

There was no answer.

Shrugging, I decided to climb the oak and poke my head through the trapdoor. I’d call her name again, to let her know I was there, so she could hide my present before my arrival and make up some excuse as to why she’d visited the aerie.

“Jenny?” I called. No answer. “Jen?”

She still made no reply, and, concerned that she might be in trouble–maybe she’d fallen and knocked herself out–I scrambled the last few feet up the rungs nailed into the trunk of the great, spreading oak, and entered the tree house. The place was as we had left it, weeks ago, when I’d agreed never to set foot in Johnny’s treetop abode again, swearing off any further interest in Tammy’s exhibitionism.

The armchair was vacant, as was the small settee opposite it. The round, braided throw rug was in place, flat on the timbers of the floor between the two pieces of furniture, and the lamps were off, their shades straight. The paintings on the walls and the photographs of us and our son stood undisturbed in their frames atop the bookcase filled with Johnny’s comics and books. The doily draped across his storage chest was also undisturbed.

The only thing that was different about the place, I noticed with a shock, was that my tripod-mounted camera was back in place, standing before the window, and pointed in the direction of our nudist neighbor’s backyard. I noticed, too, with another shock, that the binoculars I’d once used to get up close to, if not personal with, Tammy occupied the windowsill. I hadn’t brought either item back into the tree house, and neither had Johnny, who wasn’t allowed to enter the tree house and wouldn’t be for at least another five years, when he’d turned twelve, which left just one other person–the one who held the keys to the place. Jenny. She had set up the tripod-mounted camera. She had set the binoculars on the windowsill. But why?

A faint breeze played at the curtains opened at the window that overlooked Tammy’s backyard, and I went, instinctively, without thinking, to the casement. Setting the camera aside, I stood before the window and looked down, over the fence that separated our backyard from our neighbor’s lawn. I saw Jenny standing over Tammy, who, sunning herself–in the nude, as always. The younger woman lay upon her tummy, on a beach towel, staring up, her wide blue eyes on my wife’s face as Jen spoke to her.

My wife’s posture seemed neither confrontational nor cordial. It was neutral, I’d say, neither threatening nor gentle, and Tammy didn’t seem afraid. Perhaps they were merely chatting, I thought.

My eyes damn near bulged from their sockets at what I saw next, and I nearly fell over backward, my knees buckling. My wife, still standing over my neighbor, reached behind her own back, unfastened her halter top, and let spring forth her firm, high, round breasts, bearing her boobs to our neighbor. Letting the top drop, fluttering, to the green lawn beside our neighbor’s beach towel, Jen then kicked off her heels and slid the denim mini-skirt she wore down, over her hips and past her thighs. She stepped out of the garment and let it drop, too, beside her discarded top. She was now as topless and bottomless as our neighbor. Completely nude, my wife knelt on the towel beside our neighbor.

My cock stiffened in my trousers, and I absently rubbed my swelling, stiffening member through the tight, thin fabric as I watched my wife caress and massage another woman’s naked flesh. Tammy put her head down, resting the side of her face upon the stacked backs of her hands, her elbows bent to form a pillow. Jen’s right hand, spread flat, revolved in fluid circles, rubbing the buoyant mounds of Tammy’s bare backside; paused to knead the silken flesh or to clutch and squeeze the firm, but pliant cheeks; stopped momentarily to trail the edge of a sculpted thumb- or fingernail along the deep cleavage of Tammy’s golden-brown bottom.

Although, from my distant perch, I couldn’t hear either woman, I imagined Tammy’s soft, contented sighs and aroused moans. I wondered whether a trickle of her natural lubricant meandered from her hairless cunt, tickling, down one of her firm, bare inner thighs. I wondered, too, whether my wife’s breath had quickened, like her heart, and whether the bud of her clitoris had blossomed to hardness as she stroked and rubbed and fondled the beautiful body of our nudist neighbor.

My cock, I found, was rock hard, and I jerked my zipper down, fished inside my slacks and underpants, and freed my stiff, thick cock, upon the glans of which, I saw, a bead of clear Cowper’s fluid, or pre-cum, had formed, a drop of dew, as it were, upon a purple rosebud newly bloomed. Seizing the firm stalk of my manhood in my fist, I pumped the taut flesh back and forth, up and down, upon the straining member as I watched my wife massage our neighbor and wished, with all my heart and soul, that I were with them.

My wife shifted on the beach towel, scooting closer to Tammy. Her thumb shoved between the younger woman’s silken buttocks. My cock a rock, I imagined the ball of Jen’s thumb against Tammy’s tight anal orifice, jabbing slightly, but forcefully, at the portal to our nudist neighbor’s innermost depths. My prick strained in my pumping fist, and my balls, high inside the contracted pouch of my scrotum, ached. A moan escaped my lips. I frowned, concentrating upon the incredible show that the lovely women–one of them my own wife!–were putting on in Tammy’s backyard. I wondered whether they suspected that I was watching them. Probably, they did, I thought–or hoped–and the idea that they were aware of my presence fanned the lust that spread through my loins and my groin like wildfire.

Although the distance between me and the women on the lawn beyond the fence separating Tammy’s backyard from mine and Jen’s prevented me from seeing such fine detail as whether Tammy’s thumb had entered Tammy’s asshole, I assumed that it had, for Jen’s closed hand was pumping back and forth, jabbing and jostling the younger woman’s buttocks, as if the digit impaled the nudist’s bottom. Jen seemed to be thumb-fucking our neighbor, who wriggled her beautiful buttocks as Jen continued to hump her with her balled-up hand.

Remembering the binoculars on the windowsill, I snatched them up, peering through the objective barrels. The distance between us disappeared as my wife’s thumb and Tammy’s anus loomed into view, and, sure enough, Jen’s thumb was shoved up Tammy’s asshole, all the way past the second knuckle. Excited beyond words, I muttered a curse: “Damn!”

As I watched Jen’s thumb fucking Tammy’s asshole, I continued to pump the taut flesh up and down upon the shaft of my throbbing, pulsing prick. A surging sensation spread from my balls, through my groin, my lower abdomen, and my inner thighs, and my knees threatened to buckle. Orgasm was close, ecstasy imminent. I slowed the motion of my hand and arm, breathing deeper, slower, willing myself–and my cock and balls–to hold off. I wanted to come, desperately–but not just yet.

Tammy turned onto her side, and my wife’s hand slid from between the younger woman’s buttocks. Our neighbor turned from her side to sit upon her amazing ass, and Jen crouched over Tammy, pressing her cunt to the nudist’s lovely face. I trained the binoculars upon the women, and my wife’s bald pussy leaped into view, Tammy’s moist, pink tongue licking between Jen’s wet, glistening labia.

I lost it, my thick, warm, white cum jetting from my stiff, thick cock in splattering, spattering streams, against the curtains and spurting through the open window, out into the air and down, over the grass of the lawn below. So intense was my orgasm that I would have easily believed that my ejaculate could have shot all the way across the backyard, to splash and spray the fence between our yard and Tammy’s–or even beyond, showering my wife and our neighbor as they remained locked in their passionate lesbian embrace.

Another geyser of my semen spewed forth, and another, and another, until my sore, aching balls were drained of my fecundating fluid, and I half-staggered backward, against the far wall, nearly falling through the trap door in the tree house’s floor. As I backpedaled, I saw Jenny wave to me, a clear invitation to join her and Tammy. I tucked my sperm-smeared cock into my pants and, without bothering to zip my fly, hastened down the rungs nailed against the oak’s bole. I needn’t be extended a second invitation. I was ready, willing, and able to participate in any and every sex act that either Jen, Tammy, or I could devise.

I sprinted across the backyard and through the side gate that would allow me access to the narrow lane that led to the side of Tammy’s fenceless yard. As I ran, I smiled. My question had been answered. Both women had been aware of my presence in the tree house. They’d known I was watching them. In fact, they’d been putting on a show, just for me, probably well aware, even as they kissed and fondled and groped each other, that I was masturbating. Jenny, I was sure, had set me up, leaving the trapdoor open so I’d know just where to look for my “missing” wife. She’d even made sure the binoculars were within reach. Obviously, Jen wanted a ménage à trois. She’d probably wanted one since she’d first laid eyes on our nudist neighbor. I remembered Jen saying, the first time she’d seen Tammy, “She’s quite beautiful. I can see what you see in her.”

Apparently, Jen hadn’t been just speaking rhetorically. She’d meant what she’d said, and even though she’d made me promise to stop spying on our nudist neighbor, Jen herself apparently hadn’t been able to get Tammy out of her own thoughts. No doubt about it, I told myself, as I sprinted into Tammy’s backyard, returning the smiling women’s welcoming waves, my wife wanted to participate with me in a ménage à trois with our neighbor.

As my erect cock testified, I’d be more than happy to oblige her–and Tammy, too!

I parked the car at the bridge lay-by having driven completely naked from my home 15 miles away, leaving my clothes at home as I had done in the past. I got out of the car, listened and looked to make sure I was alone, hid the keys and then quickly slipped over the stile into the field by the river. The path didn’t follow the river bank but went straight through the middle of the field towards the woods at the far end. If I followed the path I would be in full view of the road as well as any other people picnicking by the river. I stood for a short while wondering which way to go, my cautious side told me to follow the river bank and at least maintain some cover from being seen, but my instinct and the exhibitionist in me told me to follow the path and enjoy the open nudity as well as the buzz of possibly being seen naked.

I set off along the footpath, it was about 300 yards to the gate into the woods and I walked along feeling very exposed knowing that at any second I could be seen from the road or from the opposite bank. There was no-one around but I did hear a couple of cars pass by on the road behind me, I don’t know if they saw me or not and to be honest I had such a buzz that I didn’t care. My penis was erect with excitement and was bobbing up and down in front of me as I walked along, I hadn’t a care in the world and I felt fantastic.

I got to the gate into the woods and climbed over it, from here the path veered down towards the river along the edge of the wood. As I walked down towards the river and on to the shingle beach area, it was so peaceful, the sounds of birds singing and way in the distance the sound of a tractor in the fields. I walked out and paddled in the shallow water it was cold and beautifully clear, I walked further out until the water was up to my knees, I was about 15 yards from the shore now and the opposite bank was about 20 yards away. I decided to cross to the other side and walk along the river bank. There was a deep pool in front of me so I swam across it and reached the opposite bank, I headed off up river and away from the bridge where my car was parked. The warm summer sun on my skin soon dried me off as I walked along the river bank; the grass was soft beneath my bare feet and I was in heaven.

I had walked about 200 yards up river and in the distance I could see some houses which were the edge of a nearby village, so I decided it would be best not to go any further, rather than turn back the way I had come I decided to cross over the river again and walk back on the other side. The water was quite deep at this point so I carefully slipped into the water and swam across; the water was cool and felt very refreshing on my naked body. When I got to the other bank I scrambled up onto the grass and lay there for a while to let the sun warm me up again, the effect of the cold water had shrunk my penis so I lay there gently masturbating to get the blood circulating again. I was very quickly erect and soon I was ejaculating hot spurts of thick white cum on my chest as I lay back.

I lay there for a while, and must have dosed off, I awoke with a start as I could hear voices nearby. I sat up and looked around me and about 20 yards away on the path were a group of walkers all looking in my direction. They had obviously seen me lying naked in the grass and had stopped to take a closer look. There were three men and four women all fairly young and appeared to be quite concerned about why I was lying there. When they saw me sit up they wandered over to where I sat, the women giggling to each other and hanging back a little as one of the men approached me. He asked me if I was alright, and seemed to be quite concerned about my apparent predicament, I explained I had been swimming in the river and had laid down here to dry off, he looked around and asked where my clothes were, I just grinned and said I had left them on the other side of the river. At this he gave me a strange look and suggested I should be careful and really should put some clothes on. I thanked him for his concern and at that I stood up and faced the rest of the group, the women looked slightly embarrassed but all the time kept staring at my penis which was now starting to become erect again, I thanked them again for their concern, turned and slipped back into the river to swim across to the other side, I didn’t really want to go back across to the other bank but I had to give the impression I was going back to my clothes.

When I got to the other side I took my time climbing out of the river giving the walkers a good view of my naked bum, I turned to them and waved as they stood staring at me. Sitting down in the grass I decided to wait there until they had gone before I made my next move, they soon wandered off and the women kept glancing back at me and one of them actually gave me a little wave. As they disappeared into the woods, I slipped into the river and swam back across; this time I didn’t hang around to dry off, I quickly made my way to the footpath and headed back in the direction of the bridge to where my car was parked. I made my way through the trees to the gate and the open field.

I climbed over the gate and started walking across the field towards the stile at the bridge; I must have been about half way across the field when I noticed a car stop at the bridge and park behind mine. I stopped and stood in the middle of the field watching to see if anyone got out of it. Two people got out and climbed over the stile into the field, it was two women hikers, and they were heading in my direction. I stood there completely naked not knowing what to do, they must have seen me, so I decided to just keep on walking. As I approached them I could see from the looks on their faces that they were unimpressed at my nudity and I braced myself for their anger. They stopped on the path ahead of me and watched me as I got closer, they were middle aged women and the expressions on their faces meant I was in for some trouble, and they were looking quite aggressive.

The first woman, stood right in front of me as I approached and demanded to know what I thought I was doing, I responded with what I thought was a pleasant but nervous smile and stood there in silence as they stared at me. The woman spoke again, this time calling me a disgusting pervert and she would report me to the police. This scared me somewhat; I apologized profusely to them both and insisted I did not wish to cause any offence, but of course making no attempt to cover myself. The other woman just kept staring at me and every now and then taking a good look at my penis which for some strange reason was becoming excited again. The situation was getting hostile and the first woman was getting very upset about my penis which was now fully erect, at one point I thought she was actually going to hit it with her walking stick.

I started to slowly move away from them in the direction of my car and then I began to run, I was soon at the stile where I stopped and glanced back to see that they were following me. I quickly got the car keys, jumped into the car and drove away before the two women could get anywhere near.

I was scared and worried that they might have got my car number, I drove straight home and when I got there had a quick shower and got dressed. Every time I heard a car on the road outside my house I half expected to see the police. They didn’t come and after a couple of days I was planning my next trip out.

The incident on my last visit to the river did not deter me; it was a beautiful summer’s afternoon and as I parked the car I could see along the river bank a group of people swimming and playing in the river. As usual I had driven there naked and despite my experiences of the last visit I didn’t have any clothes with me in the car.

There was one other car parked nearby, it was empty and I assumed it belonged to the picnic party. I wasn’t sure what to do and for a few minutes I sat in the car trying to decide where I should go, in the end I decided to follow the path as before and just ignore the swimmers in the river; they probably wouldn’t notice me anyway. I got out of the car removed my trainers and put them in the boot. I quickly locked the car, hid the keys as usual and then climbed over the stile into the field. I started to walk along the path heading in the direction of the woods and as I was approaching the centre of the field I noticed that I was in full view of the swimmers in the river, there was a small clump of bushes on the river bank nearby them and I decided to head towards the bushes and watch them before proceeding further.

I managed to get to the river bank without being seen and standing behind the bushes I peered through the branches to watch what they were doing. There were four of them and they were youngish women, probably in their late 30′s, all wearing bikinis. Three of them stood at the water’s edge whilst the other was swimming in one of the deep pools. I moved closer to the edge of the bank to get a closer look, this meant getting in amongst the bushes and sitting on a branch overhanging the water. I tried to do it without attracting attention but as I tried to get on to the branch for a better view I slipped and fell into the river; the water was only about 2 feet deep and as I fell in the women turned to see what the noise was, they were all watching me.

I tried to stay covered by the water but it wasn’t deep enough so I just stood up revealing that I was nude and attempted to get out of the river and on to the bank. By now all four women were on the bank opposite me and were shouting all sorts of abuse, calling me a variety of names and telling me to get out of there and put some clothes on. I had difficulty scrambling up the bank where the bushes were so I had to paddle further up the river to get out, but by this time the four women were getting quite aggressive and they were making their way across the river towards me. I couldn’t move too fast as I had twisted my ankle when I fell into the river and soon the women had caught up with me. Two of them grabbed me initially and as I struggled a third one grab one of my legs, I struggled and kicked but I was scared and my ankle was very painful.

They had me down and I was on my back in about 9 inches of water, two of them had my arms pinned down whilst a third sat on my legs, I couldn’t move. The river water was splashing over my face and I was spluttering trying to breath. The fourth woman started kicking me, it didn’t really hurt but I was worried that with my penis on full display they might start hitting me there. I was struggling trying to sit up but they had me held firmly down, by now all this female attention even though it was aggression was having an effect on my penis and I had developed an erection.

The woman who had been kicking me noticed this and started to slap my penis with her hand, at first it stung but very quickly it just made my penis harder, by now the other three were watching as they held me down in the river, I had stopped struggling and as the woman kept slapping my penis the other three began to cheer and call me a pervert, this was becoming too much and I knew what was going to happen, and it did. Slap after slap on my erect penis brought me closer to orgasm, the woman thought she was hurting me but when my penis suddenly started spurting cum she jumped back in horror and disgust. My orgasm sent shudders through my body and the three women who were holding me down must have felt this, I shot four loads of cum which landed mainly on my stomach and chest. They all went quiet and stared at my penis which was still hard, I started to struggle again and luckily caught them off guard and I managed to stand up in the water. One of them was still holding my leg but she eventually lost her grip and I managed to struggle to the bank as two of the other women started to kick and punch my buttocks with their bare feet and hands. They were angry and were determined to prevent me from escaping their clutches. I eventually managed to get up onto the bank and stood facing the four of them as they stood in the river, my penis had softened a little now but was still quite big and I could see a couple of them looking at it. One of the women was hurling more abuse at me threatening to rip my penis off and the one who had been slapping it was frantically trying to wash her hand in the river water.

As I stood on the bank facing them I gradually got my breath back and tried to tell them I meant no harm, I was wasting my breath and the abuse continued and when one of them then lunged at me and tried to grab my penis I turned on my heels and ran the best I could to my car, my ankle hurt like hell and I struggled to stay ahead of them as they chased after me.

I got to my car and my pursuers were now a good 20 yards behind me, I quickly got the keys, jumped in and drove off as fast as I could. I don’t know if they saw my car or the number but I got out of there fast and with a feeling of Déjà Vu headed back home. I had another couple of days worrying about getting a police visit, but once again I was lucky. The River Lune was now off my list of favorite places, but I pondered on one thing for a while after, did that woman really not know what would happen if she kept slapping my erect penis, I wonder, maybe she did.

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