Recently having entered college, Amber was ready to get into a sorority. She really wanted to start her social life strong at college.

Amber did her research on one in particular. It sounded like a fun group to be in, it was pretty well known. Yet she also found another reason why so many people have heard of them.

Apparently for people looking to join, they have to go through pretty embarrassing initiations. All the candidates are put into a crazy stripping game of some kind. There are stories of girls being awfully embarrassed. Things like having their underwear exposed, or having to moon people, and even stuff in public! A lot the details were vague though.

Amber wasn’t sure at first. She was pretty shy in high school. She really didn’t want to expose herself. At the same time though, she did want to join. “What’s the worst that could happen? Some of the other girls see me in my underwear? I have a few silly tasks to do?” she thought to herself.

So on the big day, Amber was there amongst the other dozen or so girls who were looking to earn a spot in the sorority.

After some small talk, and the girls introducing themselves to each other, it was time for the games to begin.

The sorority head stood in front of all the candidates. She got everyone quiet and began to explain, “Our games are infamous. They are known to humiliate and scare many girls away from our sorority. Some though can handle it and become one of us. This year, we will test your resolve by playing…” She paused, and as she did the other sorority sisters carried folding chairs out to the room. “Musical chairs,” she finished.

Of course the idea alone caused the candidates to all whisper in confusion, asking each other what could be so bad about that.

“As you play though, rather than having it so there is one too few chairs, and someone is knocked out, we will instead have it so there are enough chairs for all of you. However each chair will have a sort of ‘prize’ associated with it each round. Once all rounds are done, what you win is what you will be wearing for the challenges later on. You will change into your new outfit that you will wear for the rest of the initiation.”

“The challenges will also be decided by this game. Some rounds, there will be no clothing, but instead envelopes that will contain special challenges that you will need to complete. These will have a large range from entertaining us sorority sisters, to exposing yourself further, or even some really humiliating tasks.”

The candidates were now starting to seem really worried. All had heard the rumors, but this was sounding a bit worse. Amber wasn’t quite as confident as before, but she had a nasty habit of not giving up too soon. She figured she’d at least wait to hear the rest.

“Some of the clothing rounds will also have challenge envelopes. A chair with a good piece of cover could quite possibly also contain a nasty challenge letter. There will be chairs that have no clothing or very little clothing. You might end up in a round where you merely get a pair of gloves. There will of course be a race for some chairs, and as much as you’re free to run about, try not to shove anyone, or you will be penalized by either losing a chance to sit, or in general being kicked out of the running to join.”

“This is your last chance to ditch out now. If you quit during the game at any point, you will not be allowed to reattempt joining next year. By starting the game you also forfeit the right to your clothing, and if you leave before the game is done, you leave with nothing. We will take your clothes, and we will take the clothes that you had won playing. If you are not ready for this, then you can go out the door.”

Amber thought about it. As much as it sounded like things could end up bad, she would surely be able to dress herself properly. Maybe it would be a little embarrassing, but it couldn’t be bad. If things did take a turn for the worst though, it would mean being stuck naked, but surely nothing in this game could be that bad.

So Amber stayed in the game, along with another eleven girls. A couple of girls did leave; apparently just not ready to take the risk. Mary felt her odds maybe at least got better because of it.

And so the chairs were arranged, music was set, and the rules were re-explained, and everyone took their places.

The chairs alternated which way they were facing. There was six facing one way, six facing the other way. Envelopes and clothing were to be put on the back of the chairs, so you could not see very well what you were going to get. This would leave a choice for players to take a random chair and hope it’s something good, or to see the back of a chair that has something good and risk circling around to get it.

Amber took a breath as the girls were seated on chairs and blind folded. The set up was to be done so none of the girls could get a peek at what was being put on each chair.

When the music started to play, and the girls were told to take their blindfolds off and begin, they all stood and began to circle around the line of chairs.

Amber instantly took note that a lot of pieces of clothing really weren’t much! She passed up what looked to be a pretty small shirt that would be very tight on any of the girls there! The pair of panties she walked by were hardly more than a triangle with a few strings attached. She took note of a pair of sandals at one, which wouldn’t even really hide anything at all! Most of the other chairs weren’t any better than these. Not to mention that there were actually two chairs with nothing at all on them!

When the music stopped, Amber quickly rushed about. She had remembered the chair she stopped by had nothing, so she hoped to get to another one. Yet unluckily for her, some girls had decided to just sit where they stopped, so quickly she was running out of places to get. In her panic she couldn’t even remember what was on any of the other spots. Before long she was left trying to dash to an open chair at the far end.

Amber only just barely made it, beating out another girl. They’d been the last two, and Amber knew that sadly she’d be left with the seat with nothing. Amber was feeling bad, but then she looked at the back of her seat. She had ended up with the seat with nothing else also!

Amber knew she was off to a bad start. It was a 1/6 chance to end up with nothing, and she knew the other stuff wasn’t very useful yet, but she could have at least started off good!

She then thought about quitting. Amber was realizing now just how bad this could get. What if every round she got nothing? Yet at the same time she remembered the punishment for quitting. By starting the game, she had forfeited the clothes she was wearing. She could try to make a run for it, but would she manage to be able to? She didn’t really want to be stripped by all the other girls, who knows how they would punish her for trying to run off too!

Amber wasn’t about to quit though. Surely there’d be plenty of rounds, and she’d just have to do better. The girls who won stuff were allowed to bring them to their piles. The blindfolds were being put back on, and again Amber calmed herself enough to be ready for the next round.

When the blindfolds were removed, and they began their walk, Amber noticed the clothing was a bit better. Some modest pairs of underwear and even a regular pair of pants. There were however seats with nothing again, this time 3!

Amber did her best to remember the seats. When the music stopped, she rushed to the seat that had the shirt.

Sadly as she began to head there, someone already sat on it. The girl was lucky enough to have had been there when the music stopped. It seemed almost all the girls who didn’t just pick a seat immediately headed for it.

Amber couldn’t give up though; she had to quickly get to a seat. She remembered the ones with nothing, and was fortunate enough to be near one she remembered had something.

She just barely made it to her seat, the girl about to sit there groaning, being one of the few left without a seat yet.

Amber quickly looked behind her. Taped to the back of her chair was a pair of purple panties. They seemed modest enough, but Amber hoped she’d at least get some pants or a skirt at some point.

Amber was given a chance to put her panties in her designated pile at the side, and all the girls gathered back at the chairs, ready for the next round.

The girls stood and started to walk as soon as the music played. Yet Amber only walked about two chair lengths before the music suddenly stopped!

It was a mad scramble. Some girls just sat down out of panic, while Amber and some other looked around desperately. They hadn’t a single chance to even examine more than a chair or two.

Amber’s eyes narrowed in on what looked to be a pair of shorts. No one was at the chair, and the other girls seemed lost. She took this chance to dash around to the other side and race for the chair.

Unluckily for her, one of the girls on that side had actually been watching Amber. So as soon as Amber made it around the corner, this girl sat right in the chair Amber had planned on.

Amber’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe that her chair was stolen from her like that! She looked left and right, but she didn’t remember what was associated with any of the empty chairs on that side.

Before she could even consider something, she was left as the last girl standing in no time. The other girls either taking their chances or just taking any seat they could get.

Amber was left to the last seat, and without any surprise to her it had nothing taped to the back. Amber was three rounds in, and only had a pair of panties to show for it! If the game were to end she’d be left completely topless!

Amber was shaking. Everyone found a seat and were all blindfolded once more.

As they sat, hearing the sorority girls go around taping stuff to chairs, they were told that the next round would be nothing but challenge envelopes.

The girls had their blindfolds removed, and they stood as the music appeared.

Confused groans spread across the girls as they passed by the chairs. The envelopes weren’t all the same. Some envelopes were blue, some green, and even one red. Not to mention that a chair or two actually had multiple envelopes.

In the very least Amber was happy to see every chair did have a challenge. For all she knew though there were good prizes related to the green envelopes. Which were the bad ones? One of the chairs with two envelopes had blue ones, “Are blue easy so that’s why there are two?” Amber wondered.

When the music stopped, most of the girls just sat at whatever chair, deciding it would be better to just let fate decide. Amber was a bit more hesitant. She was near one of the chairs with two challenges, a green and a blue she recalled. Instead she raced towards the end towards another seat. Amber couldn’t remember what color it was, but she knew it was singular.

Just barely making it, she sighed in relief. She turned around and grabbed her envelope. She was shocked to see it was the red one. Was red a warning sign it was tough, or was it a special prize perhaps? Amber had no way of knowing, and couldn’t even open it. It joined the pile with the panties she won and the girls began to prepare for another round.

The next round was similar to the others. Amber’s hesitation ended up landing her in a seat with just a pair of sandals. They did nothing to hide her body, and she was panicking now.

Amber didn’t even know how many rounds there were. Looking at the other girls’ piles, she saw that some had what looked to be actual modest outfits! Some girls looked to be in as much trouble as her at least. Did the games this year just become tougher? The rumors of the games never made it sound this bad.

The next round was for challenges again. The set up was similar, but this time more red envelopes. Amber figured that she’d go for a non-red envelope. It would guarantee she’d get something tough possibly, but it would be better than getting two red and finding out that they are extra tough.

So Amber was quick to race to a chair that had a green envelope. She felt good about getting something she wanted, even if she didn’t know what it was.

So when the next round came up, Amber thought that maybe a quick decision or two was what she needed to do. So when the music shut off, Amber sat right away in the seat she was near, only remembering that it had something at least.

When she turned around and took it, she was shocked to find a really silky teddy. It didn’t look long, and it felt as light as a feather, but Amber at least was happy to get something more to wear, even if she was only up to lingerie.

When the next round began, Amber decided to try the same strategy. She was so concentrated on sitting quickly that when the music stopped early again, having only gone half way down the line, she still sat right away.

This turned out to be a mistake for poor Amber. When she turned around she was horrified to see that the only thing on the back of her chair was another challenge!

Amber was shaken up. A teddy, a pair of panties, and sandals is all she had. The girls then announced it would be the last round!

Amber was determined to get something good. Yet when the blindfolds were removed and they began their walk, Amber was horrified to see that the remaining seats were nothing but challenges. Every seat had what seemed to be 3 too! Not a single bit of clothing was on any of the chairs. This last round seemed to last forever. Amber couldn’t believe her rotten luck. She’d be left in just a teddy, panties and sandals, and even stuck in 6 different challenges!


Amber’s Initiation By Jappio

Part 2

This was awful for Amber. She’d not have a bit of decent clothing on at all. Amber’s final walk was nothing but dread. A number of the other girls seemed to be in the same situation, realizing they had no more chances.

Only a bit of hope remained when Amber sat in a chair as the music ended. Perhaps the challenges did sometimes yield a prize? Maybe she’d get a big fuzzy coat or long dress! It didn’t seem likely, but she had to hold onto some hope.

Amber took her envelopes from the back of her chair, she didn’t care what set she got, there was no telling which would be tougher. She found three new envelopes, one of each of the three colors, and added them to her pile.

The sorority sisters congratulated all the girls on the game. Although a few were smiling, most were blushing and looking to the ground. They explained that they’d give the girls a room they could use to change, and that they’d then all meet back in the main room to give out the challenges.

The envelopes were gathered from the girls, and their names were written on them. Amber took note that she had two blue, two green, and two red envelopes. She was at least happy to see some girls’ piles had more envelopes, probably came with some of their clothing.

Amber was allowed to take her clothes and a bag. She was instructed that her regular clothes would be put in the bag, all of them! She’d then put on her new outfit and regroup with everyone.

Amber was given the bathroom, and she immediately closed and locked the door and took a seat on the toilet. She held her ‘outfit’ in her hands and looked at it. This was the type of thing a girl would wear to bed, not around at a party or something! She even realized that she could possibly end up outside in it if past stories were true.

Amber wasn’t about to get out of the situation though. She knew the punishment would be to be made to go home naked. A day in this embarrassing outfit would be bad, but streaking campus was not an option!

So Amber took a breath and stood up. She instinctually looked around as she grabbed hold the bottom of her tank top. With one last sigh she lifted it up and off her body. She set it on the side of the sink as she looked in the mirror. She couldn’t believe that she didn’t even get a regular piece of clothing like a shirt or something!

Not wanting to waste too much time, afraid that more punishments could be waiting, Amber started to undo her bra. When it was loose, she let it slide off her shoulders and took it off. Even in the private room she hugged her arms over her chest. Even alone Amber was starting to feel like eyes were on her.

Amber grabbed the purple teddy and quickly pulled it over her head and into place.

When Amber looked in the mirror she almost gasped out loud. She knew the material looked light and a bit faded, but she was still surprised how much it showed.

The shoulder straps were not much more than spaghetti strings, and the top of the material was fairly low on her chest, showing off even some of her modest cleavage. What really shocked her though was how see-through it was! She could easily make out her belly button, where her hips were, and even details of her jeans.

At the top, the material clung enough to her that the shape of her modest breast could be made out. Amber was also shocked to see that you could just barely make out the darkened color of her areola through it!

It was definitely better than being topless, but not by a whole lot. It really only applied a purple tint. She also couldn’t help but notice it wasn’t long. She began to lower her pants and noticed that the material at best only covered her down to her upper thighs. She couldn’t help but guess that her panties probably showed under the hem when she was bending over to get her pants off too. She nervously chuckled though, it honestly didn’t matter how short it was. Down there the teddy was transparent enough to easily make out the white panties she had on.

Amber kicked the pants off and got her shoes and socks off too. Even losing them made her feel more exposed. She was bare from the thighs down now.

Amber picked up the panties she was to wear. Honestly they weren’t too bad, but they still seemed more embarrassing than the ones she had on, maybe because the purple was a tad too showy for her typical taste. Rather than just regular underwear, it was like they were meant to be on show.

She heard a knock on the door, and a call to hurry up. She shakily grabbed hold of the panties she was wearing, getting her hands under the small teddy to grab hold the waistband. She again tried to calm herself. “You got yourself into this Amber; there is no backing out now. Just do it and get it over with,” She thought to herself. She hated how stubborn she could be, today was one of the days she should have just given up sooner, now it was too late.

Amber slid her panties down her legs. Amber glanced in the mirror just long enough to see that the teddy even made it clear how she trimmed her pubic hair, a neat triangle.

Amber didn’t waste a single moment to pull her new panties up her legs. As she situated them, she noticed they were a smaller pair than her others, and they clung to her in what she admitted was probably a pretty naughty way. She had to run a finger in the leg holes in back to make sure it wasn’t riding up between her cheeks too much.

She had one last look in the mirror. Her breasts were nearly bare and her panties were on show through her short teddy. She stepped into the sandals, which hardly did much to hide anything, and she was ‘dressed’.

Amber slowly opened the door and looked around. She saw one girl walk by, one of the lucky ones to have a full outfit, and hid back in the bathroom, not confident to just walk out the way she was dressed.

Yet her peek out into the hall didn’t go unnoticed. “You there, get out here, we have to get the festivities started!” called one of the sorority girls nearby. She walked over and tried to pull the door open.

Amber wasn’t about to try and hide and get in trouble, but she still brought an arm up to cover her breast and a hand in front of the exposed purple panties. “Easy for you to say, you’re not half naked,” Amber moaned as the door was open. Her face went red as she watched this sorority girl look her up and down. The girl even smiled as her eyes took in every bit and piece they could.

“Hey kiddo, I had to do it once, and trust me, you’re fine compared to how bad some girls get it!” She then held out her hand. “Names Lindsey, nice to meet you,” she introduced herself.

Amber shakily brought the hand in front of her panties up to shake Lindsey’s, “I’m Amber…”

Lindsey then led Amber out into the main room. Most of the other girls were there, but one or two seemed to be missing.

They were all made to stand in a row, and the sorority head walked out, ready to give the next order. Amber didn’t even look at the girls around her, she just held her head down, and kept her hands covering whatever she could.

“So now that you are all dressed appropriately, it’s time that we move on. You may notice that already two girls have left. One gave up her clothes, and is already sneaking back. The other tried to make off with her clothes. So we stripped her, and made sure that she’d have a tougher time getting home,” as the sorority head explained this, one of the other girls raised a couple pairs of handcuffs. The girls all gasped.

Amber was shocked to hear this. Would one of the girls really choose to streak the campus? How bad could the tasks be? Did they know what would happen? Amber couldn’t see herself running around naked. She also couldn’t believe that they’d actually handcuff one of the girls. The idea of being naked, and not even able to cover, sent chills down her spine.

“Next, you will each be given one of your tasks. You will one at a time come up to me. You will be assigned a buddy, and you will be given your first task. The buddy will be in charge of verifying when you complete a challenge. They will be keeping an eye on you, and the other girls.”

Amber was understanding how thoroughly planned this was. Not that she would, but this meant that there’d be no cheating in the task with one of the other girls watching them.

“So when I call your name, come up, and you’ll be given your task,” she called, and without any further waiting, one of the girls was called up.

Amber watched as the girl walked up. She was dressed fairly well actually. The girl was given a choice to pick any of the envelopes from before. After picking one, it was opened, and the contents were shared between the sorority girls and the candidate. The girl hesitantly replied that she understood, the task not being spoken out loud, and in a few moments, she and another girl suddenly walked away and into another room.

The process was similar for the next girl, but this one seemed a lot more freaked out. Amber could just tell that she was considering leaving. Yet she was paired up and walked off.

Amber was about to wonder why so far every girl was taken away. Would these tasks all be done privately? Amber’s question was answered though with the next girl. The girl gasped as she read the letter. “Oh my god, you can’t be serious!” she exclaimed.

“That’s how it is. Either do it, or you can give us your clothes and head home,” the sorority head said bluntly.

The girl looked at the note in her hand, looked back at all of the other girls. Amber saw that she was in a very short skirt, half her butt was hanging out. She also had on a shirt, but Amber saw that it wasn’t fastened, as if the buttons were perhaps missing. Amber couldn’t tell if she had underwear on at all.

The girl took one final look, held her head down, and was lead to the side of the room. Her buddy then began to read off the note, “We’ll begin with jumping jacks.” The girl hesitated, but eventually began to do them. As she did, the poor skirt flipped up constantly, and the shirt fell open. Amber discovered that she did have a thong at least, but no sign of a bra, and the girl’s bare breast were shown to everyone.

Amber was pulled away from watching the girl when she was called up next. She took a deep breath, and approached the sorority head.

“Oh, you got the lovely teddy I see, and what a cute pair of panties to go with it!” she said. Amber only grumbled a thanks, but she was blushing furiously. She really felt she could go without the teasing.

“Now, which color would you like? It seems you have an even amount of each.”

Amber thought about it. She hadn’t been able to tell what colors the other girls picked, and which tasks would be the worst. She settled that she might want to get the worst out of the way, and that would possibly be the red envelopes. “Red please,” she asked.

The sorority head opened it up, read it, and smiled. She handed it over to Amber.

Amber read every word, and wasn’t sure how she felt about it. It read, “You are to be the sorority’s waitress. You are to server drinks to everyone. You must be perfectly polite.” The task itself was simple, but Amber still blushed at the idea. She’d have to walk around to each of the girls, dressed in hardly anything.

“Now, your buddy shall be…” the head began.

Before the head could choose, Lindsey stepped up, “I’d love to Ma’am.”

“Oh very good, you shall be Amber’s buddy for the day,” the head said. Amber was glad that at least she got someone she felt was a bit friendly. Lindsey herself looked happy too, which put Amber a little on edge.

Amber didn’t get a chance to see the fate of the other girls as she was lead to the kitchen. She tried to keep herself covered as Lindsey led her to the cabinets and fridge. Lindsey began to show her around.

“Now then, get some drinks and put them on the platter. Then we’ll wait for everyone to get settled in and we can get going,” Lindsey explained. The two waited for a few moments. Lindsey eventually looked out into the main room and saw no more girls were lined up. She gave a thumbs up to Amber, and Amber picked up the platter, and started off.

Amber did her best to balance the tray with one hand, and used her free hand to try and cover. She wasn’t sure if she should try and hide her nipples that were showing through the top, or if she should hold the hem in place to keep her panties a little hidden.

She settled on holding the tray high in front of her chest, and a hand down below to keep the hem in place. She took a final breath until she stepped out of the kitchen, and began to make her way around the house.


Amber’s Initiation By Jappio

Part 3

The first group that Amber visited was the people near the girl who did the jumping jacks before. Amber was very self conscious as she approached them, not sure what to say. Amber didn’t want to draw attention to her half exposed self.

Amber’s mouth dropped when she was close enough to the victim from before, now lying on the ground doing sit ups. She looked red in the face, probably from the mixture of exercising and embarrassment. Her shirt had fallen completely open, her bare breast sitting out for the two girls around her who were smiling. Her skirt had also bunched up, showing off her thong too.

Amber of course had never seen anything like this before. Even in her own exposed state she couldn’t help but also just stare.

“Oh good, drinks are here, I’m thirsty,” one of them said as she simply picked a drink from the tray. Amber began to blush as now all three girls stopped what they were doing to look at her. Amber fidgeted with the hem of her teddy and made sure it was in place. She was worried she was going to drop the tray with how shaky her hands had become.

The other sorority sister said she wanted one herself. She was on the other side of the girl doing sit ups, and couldn’t simply reach the drinks. Amber also wouldn’t be able to easily move around. When the sorority sister held her hand out expectantly, Amber knew she had to do something.

Slowly, Amber held the tray out farther from her, so the other girl could take what she wanted. This though meant Amber was losing her cover for her breast. She let the hand at her hem come up to cover, but she knew that the two girls surely had a good look at them before she could cover up.

Amber was realizing more and more what it meant to be exposed, to have skin that is normally not seen be viewed by people. She’d been able to start her task mindlessly, but now it was all starting to really get to her, she couldn’t just ignore it anymore.

Suddenly Amber heard a voice from below, “…may I have one too?” It was the girl who’d been doing the exercises. She was hesitant to speak, especially considering she was essentially lying half naked under all the girls.

Amber realized something though. With her hand at her breast and the tray, nothing was holding her hem down, and from below, the girl doing the exercises probably had a clear view between her legs and at the purple panties.

Amber made a small yelp in surprise, and let her free hand go back to holding the front of her hem close to between her legs to cover up. She didn’t want to look too foolish, so she quickly ducked down to bring the tray to the girl on the ground.

“Definitely, pick whatever you like!” Amber was holding the hem of the teddy tight between her legs, so not to flash the girl who would now be eye level with her crotch. The girl timidly took a water, and Amber began to stand back up. Her face turned a darker red though when she noticed that the two girls who had been there, and Lindsey, had all been staring at her butt while she was crouching! With the way she was pulling it down in front, and the way she’d been posed, it had been sticking out from under the hem!

Amber adjusted her teddy the best she could with her hand while holding the tray in front of her chest. She could see all the girls were looking at her, even with a just as exposed girl right next to them.

Not able to stand there any longer, Amber was quick to turn and walk away and find someone else to serve.

Amber noticed a girl by the window nearby. Amber wasn’t sure why one of the sorority sisters was looking out the window. The girl wasn’t near anyone else though, so Amber felt she’d at least not exposed to too many people. She walked up to her, and lightly cleared her throat to get her attention.

“Oh why thank you!” She said. Instantly her eyes went up down Amber’s body, and Amber again wiggled in place. She was not use to her body being so finely inspected like this.

The girl’s attention returned to the window quickly though, and Amber looked out it too. She was shocked to see a girl, in nothing but a bra and panties, standing at the side of the road. Amber could only see her back, but it looked like she was just standing there.

Before being able to ask what was going on, Lindsey spoke up, “hey, we better get going Amber. More people to find. We should go down the basement now.”

Amber was lead away before she could find out what the other girl was doing out there. Amber tried to picture her outside in the few clothing she had on, and it made her shiver.

Amber was having a hard time concentrating. From having to find people to serve, all the other girls who were half dressed and doing some ridiculous, Amber hardly had time to self analyze. She felt so lost and confused, and she wished she could stop and think, but every time she thought of that, it seemed something new was happening.

Heading downstairs, Amber’s eyes again widened. The first thing she saw was one of the other girls laying on a pool table. Her arms and legs seemed to be spread out, tied at the corners. Her outfit was merely some panties and a tank top. The top was even pulled down, and her breasts were spilling over. She was also blindfolded.

Amber didn’t move at first, but Lindsey behind her pushed her forward more. Amber slowly walked past the table, stealing glances as she went. The girl’s head moved around, able to hear that someone was walking by from upstairs. Her face reddened. Amber even noticed the panties looked small and tight, not to mention a little see through.

Ahead of Amber two sorority sisters; one of the victims, although hardly exposed; and the sorority head sat on some stools.

Amber blushed as she got closer. Again she saw all eyes looking at her barely covered body. Amber nervously stepped up to each to serve them. The four girls all giggled as they thanked her for the drinks.

Before she could leave, the sorority head spoke up, “since you’re being our lovely little maid, why not give your masters a nice little curtsey?’ All the girls laughed, even Lindsey. Amber blushed and was about to walk away, but the head spoke up again. “No, I really mean it, just a quick one, it’ll be awfully cute.”

Amber knew what doing something like a curtsey would do in such a tiny piece of fabric. She knew the teddy was too short to barely hide anything as is. Then again, she also knew that the head was just trying to scare her off, and Amber usually didn’t back down.

Ambers face heated up again. With her free hand, she clutched the side of the hem of her teddy. She looked around. She sighed, and did a little curtsy, pulling the hem out to one side as she did. Her panties were again out in the open, and this time she was doing it on purpose. She wanted to get into this sorority still, she wasn’t about to mess up her chances already.

The girls all clapped and giggled, and Amber was all too quick to get out there after that. She took one last look at the girl on the pool table before heading up the stairs.

Once up the stairs, Lindsey and Amber decided they should stop by the kitchen and get more drinks before finding the other girls. The two made their way into the kitchen.

As they were filling the platter up, Amber thought about something she noticed. Two of the girls who had been playing, who were the lucky ones and got pretty modest outfits, hadn’t been doing anything but watch the less fortunate girls. Surely they had some tasks?

“Lindsey,” Amber began to ask, “Why are some of the other girls not doing anything?”

Lindsey giggled for a moment, “Oh them, they’re actually our other sisters. They weren’t actually taking the test. We sort of rigged it so they’d get the better outfits and stuff, to make things tougher on you guys.”


“Yeah, some of us girls that passed last year thought of it. We figured it would make things even more interesting, to make sure none of the real test takers got too lucky,” Lindsey explained. Amber couldn’t believe they’d been set up. That’s why some of the girls in the game were so quick to sit down. Everything was planned out; they knew that when the music stopped they’d be near something good.

Amber’s exposure and the other girls’ exposure were all worse because of it. Amber was about to get angry. They could have done better had they not done that!

Yet Amber thought about it some more. Really, if they hadn’t done the trick, the game would have just been harder in another way. It wasn’t so much a way to get them more naked probably, just a way to make them feel more naked in the end.

Lindsey was able to tell Amber was a little mad while lost in her thoughts, but she still decided that some teasing was in order, “don’t be mad at us though, not like you aren’t having fun!”

Amber looked at Lindsey as if she had something funny on her face. “Fun? This is embarrassing, not fun!” she argued.

“From the looks of those pointy tips, you’re enjoying it plenty!” Lindsey said with a giggle. Amber still didn’t quite catch it. She had to notice that Lindsey’s eye sight was lowered down towards her chest. Amber’s eyes grew wide, her face reddened fully again, and her arm flew to cover up her exposed breasts. Besides forgetting to even cover up, Amber realized that her nipples had become erect!

Amber couldn’t believe it. She could verify they were indeed hard by the pressure she felt as she held her arm tight to her hardly covered chest. She could feel them dig into her arm. Why would they be like this? Amber really only thought two things could ever cause that, and as much as her outfit was flimsy, it wasn’t exactly cold in the house.

Without wanting to admit to the second reason they’d grow hard though, and not quite believing it herself, Amber was quick to say, “It’s just because it’s a bit cold! The AC must be on too high!”

Lindsey just chuckled, “sure, that’s all it is.” Giving a final sly grin, she then began to help Amber set the next tray up.

With drinks ready, and Amber holding the tray with one hand again, and her free arm across her breast, to hide her newly discovered hard nipples, they continued their trek through the house.

Lindsey said that she thought she saw a few girls go into one of the nearby rooms. The two walked their way down the hall, and turned a corner into a room. The first thing Amber noticed was the sound of a girl making a ‘yelp’ noise. What she saw though made her stop in her tracks.

In the room, two girls stood standing. However the main spectacle was one woman sitting on the couch, and another girl lying over that woman’s knee!

Amber wasn’t even sure what was going on at first. The girl’s butt, clad only in white boyshorts at the time, was sticking up towards the two watchers and towards the door so it was also pointed at Lindsey and Amber. The look on the girls face was perhaps the reddest Amber had seen yet of all the girls around, including herself.

Amber wanted to ask what was going on, but before she could, the woman on the couch lifter her hand, palm open, and then proceeded to bring it down towards the girl’s bottom.

The girl made a quick yelp, and bounced a bit. She then muttered the number “three.” Amber then realized what was happening, the girl was being spanked!

Amber still didn’t move or say anything. This was a lot to take in.

“Drinks,” Lindsey murmured. Amber remembered she had her own task to complete, and quickly started to ask if anyone wanted a drink. She hated drawing attention, but she told herself she had to make it quick, so she could get out of there.

The girl across the lap looked up at Amber. Amber didn’t quite see any pain in the girl’s eyes, but she definitely could tell the girl was awfully embarrassed. Amber gave her a reassuring smile, trying to say she sort of understood. Truthfully, Amber was faking it, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to be in that girl’s same position, but she tried her best.

After the fifth spanking, Lindsey felt the girls there were served, and started to pull Amber out there. Amber was able to look back one last moment, eyes still wide with shock, seeing the woman sitting was now pulling the panties down the girl’s butt, her bare cheeks pointed up. Amber was pulled away before she could see it, but she did hear a bit of a slapping noise, and suddenly a louder yelp as they got back into the hall.

Amber was a little shaken up from that experience. It was something she’d never seen before, a lot like everything else so far that day. It was all so new, and made it so Amber had little time to self reflect. It was honestly probably a good thing for her; it was all helping her keep her mind off of her embarrassing outfit and exposure.

Amber was getting use to her outfit pretty quick though and that in its own way worried her. Amber didn’t even own anything quite as racy as the teddy she had on. She hated that her nipples were so visible under it. She knew it would be worse to be topless, but it couldn’t possibly be much worse.

She also could hardly believe the different kinds of feelings she was having. Every time she’d walk near someone, or someone looked her way, her heart would race. Amber’s face would glow red as their eyes looked about and Amber knew there was little she could do to hide much of anything. These women looking at her also had on their own set of full outfits; it wasn’t like a locker room or anything.

“Hey, let’s go see if they want anything,” Lindsey told Amber, pointing at two girls walking down the hall, probably touring all the different candidates. As usual, Amber felt as if her stomach filled with butterflies, and she hesitated to even make the first move. Every step she wondered if she should stop, but she never did. She was too stubborn to give up; she intended to keep going with the challenges and embarrassments.

The two giggled as they saw Amber come closer. They commented on how cute she looked. Amber could hardly keep her head up, wanting to instead look at the ground. Amber though wanted to at least seem confident, even if she wasn’t feeling it.


Amber’s Initiation By Jappio

Part 4

Amber had the two pick their drinks. When she was ready to turn and leave though, one of the two spoke to the other, “Oh my, did you see how hard her nipples are!”

Amber could feel the heat rise from her cheeks. The two girls giggled some more and walked away. Amber had left her free arm at her side in her attempt to seem confident, but it was back to crossing her chest in moments.

Amber wasn’t sure why, but between all the worry and embarrassment, she could tell her body was also feeling… she didn’t quite have a word for it beyond ‘tingly’. It wasn’t quite like anything Amber was use to experiencing at all. Her first assumption was that it may have been seeing what all the other girls were doing, and it was true that those scenes would entice more of this tingling, but just now with the two clothed women that she felt the tingling. Could it have been their teasing?

Amber’s thoughts were again interrupted by another of Lindsey’s commands, “time to go see if the girls outside need anything!”

“Outside, are you nuts? I can’t go out there like this!” Amber said, having her free hand tug at the front of her teddy.

“You have to serve all the girls though, and I think a few are out there,” Lindsey explained. Amber followed Lindsey towards the door out of habit at this point, but when Lindsey opened the door for her, she stepped backwards away from it.

It was bright out; light was spilling in towards Amber. She could see out the door and towards the street. She looked down at her body, seeing just how indecent she was for a public place. She tried to picture what it would like to see a girl dressed as she was out there.

The butterflies in her stomach, the red in her face, and the tingles across her skin all intensified. The idea to go out there was ridiculous, but Amber couldn’t completely convince herself not to. “It’ll be quick,” she tried to convince herself.

“If you’re worried, just know that you’d be out there naked if you decide to drop out now,” Lindsey said, not that Amber needed that kind of encouragement. Amber took her first step towards the door, but stopped to think again. It was starting to hit her that she was actually going to step outside the way she was dressed.

With a few more steps, Amber was at the door, it was open, and she could feel the warm air outside. She didn’t see anyone, but she did hear the sound of water running nearby, a hose by the sound of it. She wondered what could be going on.

Fueled by her stubbornness, her fear of having to go home naked, and now also curiosity, Amber took her first few steps outdoors.

Part of Amber realized that if one ignored the transparent nature of the teddy, she was more covered than what she would be with a bikini. From a distance, you probably couldn’t see the through the teddy much either.

None of this put Amber at ease though. The teddy was very thin, so even the slightest breeze caused it to move around, and tickle Amber’s bare skin beneath it. The bright light of the sun was stronger than inside, and it seemed like the material was more transparent now because of it.

Looking to her side, she saw that three girls were watching one girl washing a parked car in the driveway. The three girls didn’t even look back and Lindsey and Amber stepping out of the house. Amber could tell the girl washing the car did at least seem to have a shirt and some form of bottom-wear, albeit a bright blue pair of panties.

Amber though realized just how tough this girl had it as she walked closer. The shirt was very white, and with the water everywhere from her washing the car, the thing was clear as glass and stuck to her like a second skin. Her chest was more exposed than Ambers!

Amber blurted out her question if any of the girls wanted anything. The girls all happily took some drinks and thanked Amber.

Amber wasn’t able to get away before any more embarrassment came, “Oh wow, Sally, this girl has two hard little headlights too!” One of them called to the girl washing the car. The girl, Sally, blushed and looked away and tried to concentrate on her work.

Amber had been holding her teddy down, but now again she had to move her arm to cover her nipples. She was too torn on what portion of her body to hide, and kept hoping that holding the drinks high enough would hide her, but all the sorority sisters seemed insistent at noticing any embarrassing detail they could.

Amber then felt her teddy being tugged up in back. One of the women was pulling the hem up, exposing her panties completely to all of them. More giggles ensued as Amber tried to get away. Balancing the tray was tough though, so she wasn’t able to get away, stop the tray from falling, and try and keep her teddy down.

Amber mainly didn’t want to be standing out on the front lawn anymore, nearly naked. So she settled on holding the tray, and just trying to pull away. Her exposure was thankfully short lived when the girls seemed to have enough fun. They in short time let go of the teddy and let it fall back into place. They all returned to watching Sally wash the car, and Amber was free to start walking back to the door.

Lindsey of course was there and smiling, obviously again amused by Amber’s embarrassment. Amber felt plenty more embarrassed, but also felt more of those tingles.

Amber sighed in relief. Lindsey even suggested they head back to the kitchen to get a new supply.

On the way, Lindsey also pulled one of the envelopes form her pocket, a green one. “Perhaps we should get one of your tasks out of the way too, do it while we finish this one up?” Lindsey asked.

Amber wasn’t expecting to jump to the next challenge so soon. This first one had been tough, but she also saw how rough some of the other girls had it. What if her envelope had something like having to be spanked, go outside, or get tied up!

Amber also knew she had to do them all eventually. The faster she had them done, the sooner it would all be over.

Amber nodded her head and Lindsey began to open the envelope for her. Amber wasn’t even allowed to be the first to read it. Lindsey’s smile grew a few sizes bigger as she read the words. That made Amber all the more jittery. Amber finally was handed the paper and began to read it.

“You are to remove all your underwear,” is all it said, but it made Amber’s heart stop. She kept reading it over and over in her head. She could hardly accept what it was asking for.

Amber looked down at her outfit. She knew the teddy was tiny, and it hardly covered much of her lower half. What it did cover could still be mostly seen thanks to how transparent it was. Without her panties, Amber feared that she’d be practically naked!

Amber looked to Lindsey for help, but Lindsey just stood there, waiting for Amber to get on with it. Amber knew that if she refused to do it, she’d lose the panties and the teddy.

Amber continued to try and imagine what it would be like without the panties. The teddy felt so small, she figured it might as well be a t-shirt. It did come down to her thighs, but Amber wasn’t used to wearing anything that short.

Amber knew she had a free hand. At least she could cover her front half some and make sure the teddy stayed low. Amber also realized though that her butt would be almost completely on show. She also wouldn’t have a hand for her breast anymore.

The butterflies were intensifying. At this rate, her future challenges would require her to do some embarrassing things though. She’d have to do them without the panties then, and that could force her to really expose everything. The thought of total nudity seemed dreadful, but at the same time that tingling rose with her heartbeat.

“This isn’t like you Amber, you can do this! You aren’t about to back down. Take the panties off and get it over with!” She said, trying to convince herself to do it. It seemed silly, but it was honestly working. Amber was finally slipping her hands under the hem of the teddy.

With a grip on the waistband, Amber again looked up at Lindsey. It was a bit of a mistake, because now Amber saw that she indeed had someone watching as she was about to strip herself. Amber lost some nerve and had to turn away from Lindsey, but her hands didn’t leave from the panties.

Amber thought for a single more moment before she just told herself one last time to get it over with, and pushed the borrowed panties down her legs. Once at her feet, she stepped out of them and picked them up. She avoided doing anything that would look showy or like a tease.

With panties in hand, Amber used one hand to pull the teddy down in front, and hide her sparse hairs showing through. She held the panties out to Lindsey, and Lindsey was happy to take them away. Amber was now completely bottomless below the small teddy.

Amber could feel the material slightly move against her bare skin. She could feel it along her butt, and she could feel the soft silky material pressed against her pelvis.

Amber could feel the cool air conditioned air all the way down her legs. Besides her sandals, there was nothing actually secured to her below the straps of the teddy. The little bit she had on was so barely there in her mind, and she felt as if she was naked.

She finally was able to look up to Lindsey. “What now?” she managed to squeak out. Amber was wondering if it was maybe time to move onto the next envelope.

“Oh, well we go back to serving drinks of course, some people may need new drinks, and we missed a few girls,” Lindsey explained. She pocketed the panties as she did, Amber not happy to see her covering become out of reach.

“Oh my god, like this?! That was the last task, why do I have to keep doing it?”

“Amber, it said you had to serve drinks, it didn’t say that you were done if you took your next challenge,” Lindsey explained. Amber wasn’t even sure how to respond to that. “Besides, I think the girls will need the extra beverages, you’re going to be giving everyone dry mouths with a hot ensemble like that.”

“I could do without you picking on me and teasing me!” Amber complained, hugging the bottom of the hem closer to her, becoming even more self conscious.

“I’m being completely sincere though!” Lindsey began to circle around Amber. “I mean look at that cute bottom,” Amber used her free hand to try and cover her butt. Amber would have thought she was naked as she did it, she could feel every curve of her bottom through the material. Only its silky feel reminded her that it was there.

“Not to mention pointy little bits out in front,” Lindsey remarked as she was again in front of Amber. Amber moved the hand from her butt to her breast. Amber was shocked to find they were indeed hard, perhaps even more sensitive.

“We’d all be real lucky if we were able to see what you’re hiding under there too…” Lindsey said as she gestured down to between Amber’s legs. Amber’s face was burning again. She wasn’t even sure how to react anymore. Amber couldn’t tell if Lindsey was teasing or telling the truth. Was she hitting on Amber? Was she just being nice? Was she being mean? Did she want Amber to feel so uncomfortable?

Those weren’t the only feelings Amber was feeling. Her hand on her butt before, and her arm across her nipples were sending little shots of electricity through her body. Amber wasn’t sure why she was being turned on. The tingly feeling she had been feeling increased too. She was finally starting to think there may be a correlation.

Amber was shaken from her thoughts when Lindsey told her to start helping with the drink tray again. With her holding the platter up and a hand between her legs to hold the hem down in front and cover herself, Amber was mostly set to go back into the rest of the house.

Amber wasn’t ready personally, but her stubborn instincts caused her to still step forward out the kitchen door.

Amber nearly was about to run away when she right away saw some of the other girls. The one who’d been doing the exercises and the two who had been watching her were walking in Amber’s direction.

The interest in their eyes told Amber that they somehow could tell that something was different in Amber’s outfit. Amber wasn’t sure how they could have remembered what she was wearing before. When they got real close, they asked if they could have another drink.

The tray was shaky as Amber held it out. The two took their time looking at the different drinks. They perhaps could have gotten them faster if they weren’t looking at Amber’s breast half the time. Amber, wanting to keep a hand lower to hide her pussy, couldn’t cover her nipples now. She knew that all three girls could easily see how hard her nipples had gotten. Amber thought that the stares themselves were actually touching her nipples, making them feel even more sensitive.

Once their drinks were taken, the three went off. Amber heard them giggling behind her, obviously seeing her bare butt. Amber didn’t have a hand to cover it though, and just stood there and tried to bare the embarrassment.

Lindsey encouraged her to continue heading along. The two then got to a room they hadn’t been before.

Amber was greeted with the sight of a girl putting on a small crop top, no bra, and just panties below. She shrieked a bit as she try to adjust her top so it would cover her.

The three watchers in the room laughed. Amber wasn’t sure what had been going on, but the girl seemed to at least be done with it.

Amber began to serve the drinks to all four girls, but Amber couldn’t help but think about the situation. This was now the first time that Amber actually felt she was more naked than one of the other girls actually taking the test. All the other girls seemed to have it just as bad or worse. Yet now this girl she was also serving, who was in barely anything, at least had more cover. Amber actually had a lucky start, but could it all head south?


Amber’s Initiation By Jappio

Part 5

With a hand holding the tray, and a hand in front of her, Amber wasn’t able to stop one of the girls from suddenly pulling the bottom of the hem on the back of her teddy! Amber tried to wiggle about, but she almost dropped the drinks doing so. Amber pleaded for the girl to stop, but that only made it so everyone, Lindsey and the other girl too, from grouping behind poor Amber.

The three sorority sisters began to lift the back of the teddy up and down. Amber could feel the light material glide across her bare butt cheeks, and she wasn’t able to do anything about it. When she tried to walk away from it, they just held on tight, and Amber didn’t want to tear the flimsy outfit.

Some of them begun to circle around in front too, and began to comment on Amber’s breast jiggling as she struggled. Amber slowed down her movement, not wanting to put on more of a show than she had to, but this just encouraged them more. All five girls around her were laughing and giggling as they talked about her “cute” butt, and “adorable” nipples.

Amber was pretty sure she was more embarrassed than she’d ever been in her life. She was feeling completely helpless. Although she didn’t feel a bit of anger towards the other girls, she still wanted out from the situation. Another part of her though… the part that was tingling, was driving her nuts.

That feeling was only intensifying as time went on. More and more she could feel her heart race as she was embarrassed or showed off. Amber was starting to realize it was some kind of adrenaline. It made her blush more to think part of her was enjoying this. It was something she couldn’t deny though. Her nipples were hard for a reason, her breath was growing heavy for a reason, and these tingles had to be something, and they only felt good.

The girls had enough fun eventually, and let Amber go. Amber wasn’t mad. This was part of the ritual, and she understood that much. They hadn’t hurt her, but they did embarrass her. She knew that even if she did get accepted in, she’d probably be teased for years after this. Some people might back down from the challenge by this point, but Amber was still determined.

Lindsey brought Amber back out into the hallway, leaving the four girls behind. Amber didn’t want to parade around the house much longer, but Lindsey was pulling Amber by the arm, the arm that lead down to her hand holding her teddy down, so Amber wasn’t about to let her pull that away.

Amber was led back to the main room, where the two ran into the Sorority head again. She was with two other sorority sisters. They’d been talking about something; most likely some of the other girls, but stopped and smiled when they saw Amber approaching.

“Hello again,” the head greeted. Amber blushed, knowing that again it seemed they could tell she was without her panties now. She also knew that they could probably already tell they could easily see her nipples.

Two of them took drinks, all the while thanking Amber. Amber was going to leave, but again the head spoke up, “What about our curtsey?” The two other girls giggled at the suggestion, knowing what that could mean.

Amber wasn’t sure if she had it in her. She’d done a successful job of keeping everything hidden between her legs all day so far. Now she’d have to purposely show it to them all.

Amber’s stalling only made the head more impatient, “come on, we’re waiting.”

Amber looked to Lindsey. Lindsey wasn’t going to be any help, she too was waiting expectantly. Four eyes on Amber, and she knew what was being asked of her.

It was slow, but Amber managed move her hand from between her leg to her hip. This left her front area uncovered, and the transparent material made the shape of her pubic hairs obvious. It also was easy to tell she had nothing on underneath.

“Show them you can do this, show them you’ll do whatever,” Amber chanted to herself in her mind. With those last words, she gripped the side of her teddy, and began to curtsey.

All four girls gasped with glee. They even began to clap as Amber righted her teddy back into place afterwards.

Her face was burning hot. Her heart was beating rapidly. Her head was almost pounding. Amber knew exactly what just happened; she just flashed her pussy to the four girls. She had showed her most private spots to them all, and she had only just met them that day.

Amber wasn’t given a chance to recover before she was asked to give an encore. Amber would have probably done it too in her daze if it hadn’t been for the head saying she was kidding.

“However, I think before you go, why don’t we open another of your envelopes?” the head asked.

Amber wanted to say no, she’d prefer if she could do it in private. She knew how her last challenge was, and how they were for other girls. Yet the Sorority Head herself was asking, so she decided it was best not to argue.

Amber nodded and Lindsey pulled an envelope out of her pocket. This time it was another red one.

Amber was given the honors to be the first to open it up, and was told to read it aloud for everyone.

Amber unfolded the note inside and began to read it off, “You are to go next door, claiming to be locked out. You are to ask to use the telephone to call us to confirm where you are, and then you may return.”

Amber was shocked to see what she read. The other girls were already laughing when she completed it, but Amber was reading it over again in her head. So far, all the challenges Amber saw only involved people in the sorority. Although a few girls had to go outside, there was only a chance they’d be seen. Amber had to actually walk next door in next to nothing and had to actually ask strangers for help!

The tray was taken from Amber almost instantly by one girl as Lindsey and the head then started to lead Amber outside. Amber held a hand to the hem of the teddy again and covered her breast with the other. She almost winced as she felt how hard her nipples were, again proving that this exposure was not impending her growing arousal.

At the front door, Lindsey made sure Amber knew what she had to do. Amber wanted to tell them to wait, but the two insisting she leave just fueled her stubbornness to not give up. To try and back down would both be embarrassing in its own way and might get her in trouble.

When the door was opened, Amber looked outside. It was still very bright, and Amber didn’t even know the first thing about the buildings around her. She knew that another sorority was next door, but she didn’t know anything about them. She wasn’t sure how they’d react to a girl in only a teddy at their front door in broad daylight.

Amber wasn’t going to get the chance to think though, because as she was walked out the door, the girls inside closed the door. Amber heard a clicking noise, and actually thought she might really be locked out!

She wasn’t going to try the knob though; she was nearly naked and standing in the middle of nowhere. She rather find cover than play with the doorknob in vein and have the other girls thought she was a scaredycat.

This left one option for Amber, and that was to head next door. She looked around, no one was around. She decided she better get going, and started to walk towards the neighbors.

Amber was finally realizing the situation fully as she marched towards the fence between the two houses. Amber was outside in a translucent teddy. Her breast, butt, and pussy weren’t guarded by more than anything than her hands really. She was quite possibly locked outside until she exposed herself to strangers, and anyone could come along and see her!

If that weren’t bad enough, Amber’s body was tingling more and more. Being outside only brought on new waves of feelings for Amber. She could feel the warm of the sun on her bare shoulders, and could feel a breeze on her bare legs. The breeze and her walking also caused the teddy to sway and tickle her skin underneath. All these things only reminded her of her exposure.

Amber approached the road once she reached the fence, having to walk around it. She could see the other house already, and it seemed similar to the one she’d just been in. Amber looked around in a panic as she got to the road, watching out for cars and joggers.

Once around the fence, Amber tried to speed her pace up. She felt incredibly vulnerable outside the way she was, and even if she had to seek safety amongst another batch of girls who would see her naked, it was better than just stalling outside. Amber was having a hard time telling if her stubbornness was helpful or not at this point.

Amber made it to the front door. With her bare bottom facing behind her, she knew she had to look pretty weird to anyone. It would be very clear that the girl outside the sorority door was wearing just a few flimsy threads, and Amber didn’t want that to happen. So without much thought she rang the doorbell.

With salvation from the outside hopefully coming soon now, Amber’s heart just continue to sink. Amber clutched the hand and arm closer to her body. She hadn’t even thought about what she was going to say yet. She’d been on autopilot the way there.

When the door began to open, Amber looked around and wondered if she should just run. Knowing running back would probably be a waste of time was the only thing keeping her in place.

The girl at the door only for a moment seemed shocked to see Amber. Yet in mere moments shock turned to delight. “Oh, you’re from next door, right?” She asked excitingly.

Amber was feeling more and more naked. She’d hoped that maybe who ever answer would seem more concerned. She had enough of sorority girls getting a kick out of her dilemmas.

“Let me guess, girls next door are bringing on new sisters? What is this year, selling Girl Scout cookies?” The girl had a laugh. Amber wasn’t sure why she wasn’t more surprised at her nudity; could this really be a common occurrence?

“Umm, well no, you see…” Amber began to say.


Amber looked behind her, a car was going by. It didn’t slow down, so maybe they didn’t see, but Amber wasn’t sure. “Could we talk about this inside?”

“I’m not letting someone from our rivals into the house just like that. Tell me what you want and maybe I’ll consider it.”

Amber started to ease her weight from foot to foot, she was getting impatient, and she was hoping to get somewhere less public by now. “Well, I was… locked out during a challenge and I need to call them to let me in!”

“Hm, you wait there, let me ask the others,” and the girl slammed the door shut before Amber had a chance to beg to be let in. Amber’s eyes returned to the road, watching signs for people.

The girl opened the door again, and invited Amber in. Amber was very happy to step inside, in just her teddy and sandals.

Amber nearly jumped though as she suddenly saw about seven girls now looking at her. She screeched and her hands clung closer to her body. Amber wasn’t expecting this many at this time of day.

“So the girls next door are up to their old games, huh?” One of them asked. They all began to giggle.

“Remember what happened last year! That was sooo funny.”

“Yeah, they may be our rivals, but they are always good for some laughs!”

Amber was so lost. She wanted to speak up and ask a question, but besides staring at her, the girls didn’t seem to acknowledge she was there. It took a few moments before Amber could finally speak up and saying something.

“Can I use your guys’ phone?” Amber said, looking down at the ground, not able to make eye contact.

“Oh a request? Well, I don’t know if we want to help a future rival out at all, but we might be willing to make a trade,” one of them said, presumably their leader.

Amber thought about it. She already owed a few challenges back with the others, but at the same time she had to use their phone.

“Well, there’s a strict ‘no teddies while on the phone rule’ in this house, so you’d have to take off that dainty thing if you wanted to use the phone.”

Amber’s eyes shot wide open. They just asked her to strip naked to use the phone! They actually wanted her to take the teddy off, leaving her completely nude!

Amber pictured herself naked on the phone, seven girls watching her. She couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing.

Amber was already blushing intensely. She already couldn’t stand still. She was already prepared to just leave. Amber felt more than those things though. She also felt those same tingles from before. She could feel her nipples grow harder and more sensitive under the teddy. She even felt warmth growing between her legs.

Amber was to call the girls back at the house and she was to do it with the phone there. If she had to strip naked to do it, she had to do it. This is how Amber was thinking, and it’s what caused her to slowly drop a hand from her breast. All the other girls cooed as they saw her do this. One or two even added in a wolf whistle.

Amber didn’t stop though; she wasn’t going to let her resolve waver. She kept that hand moving until it found the hem of the teddy. She knew all the eyes on her were darting between her now exposed breast and the hand between her legs, ready to see her lower half become exposed.

Even with her stubborn determination pushing her forward, Amber turned away from them out of uncontrollable modesty. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hide her body with her hands fast enough to hide everything if she were facing them.

Amber finally let go of the teddy in front with the hand that had been guarding it, and let the other hand start to pull it up her body.


Amber’s Initiation By Jappio

Part 6

The material began to slide up across her skin. Even though her butt was already in view, it was soon completely bared for all the girls behind her, who cheered. Amber gritted her teeth as she kept the ascent going.

In front, Amber saw that the hem had passed her patch of hair already, and her bare stomach was coming into view. The soft material running past her bare skin was making her tingle more and more. She knew every inch exposed that much more skin. She was heading to total nudity, and there was no stopping it now she felt. Amber truly felt that it was going to happen now, even if it was by her own hand.

Amber did her best to not even slow when she got to her breast. She even started to use both hands to pull the material up. She could feel the cloth pull past her nipples, flicking them as the hem caught on them for a moment.

Amber had the material off her body finally and it all only took a few seconds. To Amber, it had taken what felt like minutes. Amber wrapped an arm across her breast, still holding the teddy, and the other hand went between her legs, thighs closed around it.

Amber turned back around, hiding her butt again, and every face had a huge smile on it. Not a single one of them seemed bothered or annoyed, instead enjoying Amber’s show to some degree. They must have all gotten a kick seeing one of their future rivals being stripped and embarrassed.

She’d successfully kept most of her body hidden, but she’d have to be careful enough. No pale, purple tint there any longer to hide her bits any more, she had to keep her hands steady.

That’s when Amber realized, as bad as things were, she was going to win. It wasn’t even that she was going to get into the specific sorority. It was just in general that she was going to conquer her goal.

With a weird mixture of embarrassment and hesitation, but also determination and pride, Amber stepped forward some and asked for the phone.

The girls were happy to create a path, their leader leading her to a phone and holding it out for Amber.

Amber’s momentum slowed for a moment here. She had no way to hold the phone and stayed covered as well as she was. Amber felt a new wave of embarrassment come over her as she realized how vulnerable she really was.

Amber tried her best to move her arm across her chest so to take the phone, but keep her nipples covered. The best she could manage though was to keep only one half hidden. This left one breast hanging free to one side, which brought a round of giggles from everyone watching Amber.

Amber knew she might as well not try at all, considering the half she was covering was symmetrical to the one exposed, both being very naked and the nipples being quite hard, but Amber still tried to keep one covered. She eagerly waited in front of all seven girls as she dialed the number.

The ringing didn’t last long, and a girl on the other end picked it up. “Hello?” they asked, Amber not recognizing the voice right away.

“This is Amber, is Lindsey there!” Amber said in a rush, wanting to get back as soon as possible.

“Lindsey? Amber? Oh yes, you’re the one who we locked out in just that sexy nightwear, yes? Let me put Lindsey on, just one moment.” Amber realized she’d been talking to the sorority head. A new shade of blush crept on her face once she realized that the head herself was waiting for the call. This challenge must have been interesting if she was going to wait near the phone.

“Hello, this Lindsey,” Amber soon heard on the phone. Amber smiled thinking she’d finally be free.

“Can I come back in now!” Amber begged.

Lindsey chuckled. “Oh, you want to come back here? Do the girls there not like your outfit?”

Amber wasn’t sure what to say, she technically didn’t have that outfit anymore. “They did just fine… can I just come back now?”

While Amber was on the phone, the girls around her moved closer. It caused Amber to squirm, but she really didn’t have much choice, she had to get permission to be allowed back inside.

Amber really wished she could run when she felt a hand on the arm that was leading down between her legs. The arm tugged, and Amber tried to keep it firmly in place.

“Come on, move it, let us see,” one of the girls teased.

“Yeah, we really want to look,” another added.

“Pretty please,” another went.

“No!” Amber said with a hush, but Lindsey overheard it.

“No? No you don’t want to come back?” Lindsey asked.

“No! I do, please, you have to!” Amber had to ignore the hands for a moment, she might lose her chance!

Then the leader of the girls stood next to the phone receiver, her finger over the button that would end the call. “You better follow house rules and move those hands of yours, that is if you want to stay on the line.”

Amber couldn’t read the woman’s smile. She wasn’t sure if she was serious or not. The call was most important though, she had a goal to get back inside, and she wasn’t going to lose it.

It took a moment and a deep breath, but Amber slowly eased the hand between her legs away. She looked up and away from the girls as she tried to pay attention to her conversation.

This was no easy task for Amber. She knew that all around her now that the seven girls would get an unobstructed view her pubic hair and even a bit of her pussy between her closed legs. She knew that she was exposing her naked body to strangers, and it wasn’t just the embarrassment that made it harder to talk to Lindsey now. The tingle was growing even greater now, and making it hard to think straight.

“Well, let me talk to their head, and then we can see,” Lindsey said. Amber was left with no other choice than to hold the phone out to the leader.

The leader happily took the phone, and the two began to talk. Amber got the feeling the two seemed to know each other to some extent. Amber was about to cover up now that she was off the phone, but the leader stopped for a moment to tell Amber to keep her hands down.

“Oh yes, we have a rule that she couldn’t cover up while using our phone. Exposed? Oh she’s super exposed! Like completely!” Amber heard her say.

“I do believe it’s your Amber. I can check for you,” the woman said as she walked over to Amber. She began to circle around and inspect her. “Yes she does seem to blush a bunch.” The woman nodded as she looked at Amber, who was doing her best to avoid eye contact. “Yes, she did show up in this great looking teddy, but she lost that now. What, she didn’t mention that? Yep, another rule, she had to strip out of it, you should have seen it!” Amber couldn’t believe what was happening. Seven set of eyes were bad enough, but she was hoping to have kept some of this a secret from the girls back at the sorority. Amber was too far gone to even fight it when the leader reached out and took the teddy from Amber.

“OH yes, definitely, she should give you guys a show when she gets back, show what she did,” the woman said with a laugh. “I’m telling you, it has to be the same girl. Yes, yes she does indeed have gorgeous breast. Yes… yes. Oh god yes, that’s perfect way, like they’d fill a hand just wonderfully, nothing overly huge, but definitely the right size for a cutie like her, also jiggle beautifully when she fidgets!” Amber couldn’t believe how embarrassing this was getting. The two girls were actually talking and complimenting her breasts so casually! Amber also hadn’t realized just how much she was starting to wiggle and fidget.

“You’re not kidding about her butt either; the girl here is definitely got quite an adorable one. Like I’m a bit jealous of it myself!” Amber did everything she could do to not cover herself up in anyway. “Hm? Well I guess I can tell you that the drapes do match the carpet, in case you didn’t see it much before. Yep, yep, she does keep it trimmed pretty well!”

Amber was at the end of her rope now. Her whole body was there for viewing, and she had no way to stop it. “A little more, then you’ll be back and be able to finish this all. It can’t get much worse, it’s downhil from here,” Amber assured herself.

“Hard as rocks!” Amber heard the women comment suddenly. Amber knew what it had to be, and it was true. Amber’s nipples were very erect, sticking out and she could feel those tingles tickling them too. Were she in private, Amber knows she wouldn’t be able to resist touching them. The tingles were spread across her body, but she did notice they seemed to focus more at her naughty parts that were in view more than anything.

“Yep, she definitely is your Amber. Give us a few minutes, and we’ll have her back to you in a jiffy,” The leader finally said as she hung up the phone.

Amber didn’t like the sound that she wouldn’t be able to leave right away. She didn’t even have to ask why once the leader began to speak again, “So, you’ll be let in, but first, I think we should talk a bit before we give your clothing back.”

Amber knew the clothing didn’t hide much, but she didn’t want to go back completely naked, so it was probably in her best interest to stay there. “Talk about what?” Amber asked.

“Well, we want to see how you’re doing really, how this is all going for you. Are you enjoying it?” she asked.

“Enjoying it! No way, this is completely embarrassing! I’m naked and exposed and can’t do a thing about it!”

The woman chuckled, “True, but I mean, you are doing it, right? I mean we’ve only teased you, but every step of the way you’ve let yourself be exposed.” Amber didn’t even know how to respond. Was it really that way? Had she been too stubborn to notice? “Also… well, like I told your friend, your nipples are hard as rocks, and it’s not cold out.”

Amber hated how everyone noticed that little fact.

“I mean, maybe it’s just a nervous reaction, but some of your body language tells me you enjoy this on a couple of different levels.”

“Different levels?” Amber asked.

“You probably should be more honest with the girl who holds onto your only bit of clothing,” the leader said holding the teddy tauntingly.

“I know… but I mean, I feel butterflies in my stomach, and I get nervous being seen, and I guess I feel sort of tingly…” Amber explained. She blushed, having to admit to these feelings, but she really wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say.

“You mean, you really don’t know what’s going on?” the leader asked, somewhat shocked for the first time. Amber shook her head. “I mean, you’re aroused, right?”

Amber didn’t even want to respond to that question. She thought that was a completely unrelated thing. Today had just been a weird day, and she was particularly horny out of coincidence. “Well…. umm….” when the leader dangled the teddy again, Amber had to finish her sentence, “yes. Yes I’m feeling horny.”

“Girl, you do know that it’s because you’re naked, right? Like, it’s because of the showing off?” The woman asked. Amber didn’t say anything, she instead thought about it. It seemed like the tingles were driving her arousal. The more she was embarrassed and exposed, the more she’d tingle, and the more her body seemed to become aroused. Amber didn’t really think it made any sense though, why would embarrassment and exposure arouse her?

“I don’t know where those girls find girls like you, so naive and innocent.” Amber wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or not. “It’s really adorable though, seeing you girls every year, some of you so confused and lost on the things you’re feeling.”

Amber was starting to get what the woman was saying. Maybe she was enjoying this all on a sexual level. It seemed odd, but she had heard that there are a lot of weird things involving sex and stuff. Lots of fetishes and stuff are out there. Amber wondered if that’s what this was, a weird fetish. Was it that entirely rare if girls previous had enjoyed the embarrassment too?

“I mean, would your nipples,” the leader said as she reached a hand out and flicked one of Amber’s hard tips that stuck out, “feel so good right now if you didn’t sort of like this?”

Amber yelped and covered up again. She then blushed, realizing her yelp wasn’t so much of surprise as it was of a quick moan. The girls all giggled. “See, you’re aroused. You like this!”

“I do not!” Amber retorted. She was having a tough time understanding it all, and she didn’t really want to admit to something as naughty as enjoying her exposure, even if it might be true.

“Really, are you sure? Isn’t your breathing getting deep right now? Aren’t your nipples becoming sensitive? I bet even though you’re embarrassed, with us all seeing you like this, you’re feeling warmer and warmer. You want to curl up in your bed back at home and think dirty thoughts!”

Amber’s face was at full blush again. She felt incredibly on the spot, and with her total nudity, that really made her feel exposed. All seven girls were hearing all these things said about her, and worst yet, she wasn’t sure what of it she could deny and what she would have to admit to.

“I mean, I know you aren’t sure, and maybe I’m exaggerating some, but if you really want to know, how about you drop your arms and let us see your boobs. Spread your legs, and let us see your lips. If you feel you’re getting aroused in the big mix of emotions, maybe you do like this stuff?” The leader offered. “Either way, I give you your teddy back, and you can leave, you don’t even have to say another word to us.”


Amber’s Initiation By Jappio

Part 7

Amber could leave right then. She could finally get back to her challenges…

Amber stood and thought about it. It was true; she had been lost and confused all day when it came to her emotions. If before all the games, Amber was told about all the embarrassing things she’d be made to do, she would have thought they were the worst things ever. Instead though, Amber hadn’t felt like the day was the worse she’d ever had.

Amber could expose her body quickly. Let the girls around see her intimately, but have it be done and then leave, and know once and for all.

Amber wanted clues on to why she had all these weird feelings and maybe a test like exposing herself like that would work. Really embrace exposure for a few seconds.

Amber was once again locked into her decision, and began to actually lower her arms to the side. All the girls grew quiet as they watched on as Amber began to even part her legs. She shifted her feet till her legs grew wider, and she could feel air run between her legs. After finally placing her feet about 2 feet apart, she stopped and just decided to let herself feel and experience the moment.

Amber was hoping in a moment she’d realize it all finally. She’d know if she got a kick out of showing off, or if she was embarrassed. Sadly for her, she couldn’t tell. Even with her legs open, and her bare lips now out in the open for seven pairs of eyes, Amber couldn’t tell.

Amber was definitely embarrassed. Her pussy lips were supposed to be hidden, never just shown off. They were very private, and something that she would prefer to keep hidden usually. She felt very naked, and wanted to put some clothing on.

Amber at the same time also felt the tingling increase. Her nipples ached and wanted to be touched. She could feel a heat building between her legs. She rarely felt this, even when alone and masturbating, her arousal only got to certain levels. At that moment though, she was starting to realize that she really did want to do something about it, but of course that was out of the question.

Amber felt like she was two people. She wanted to cover up and hide, but part of her wanted to take it farther, to really understand and know what was going on. She wanted a lot of things, and that was maybe what caused her to finally back down. Amber closed her legs, and draped an arm back in front of her breast. Her modesty was growing strong, she didn’t know what she wanted.

The leader didn’t say a word, she only handed Amber the teddy back, and Amber put it right back on. Amber walked towards the door, and for a moment stopped to think. She didn’t come to a conclusion, but she had learned a lot none the less. She wasn’t obligated to say anything, but she didn’t stop herself from saying, “thank you.” As she opened the door, all the girls were waving goodbye as she left, none stopping her or going to follow her.

Amber closed the door once outside. She looked up towards the road. Even though she was past the hardest part, she still had to walk back around the fence. Her sandals and teddy didn’t hide her body well at all, and she wasn’t anywhere close to being comfortable with showing her body off.

Amber brought an arm up to her breast and a hand between her legs to hold the teddy down, and began to dash out towards the road while the coast was clear. Amber could feel how warm her body was under her touch. The way her nipples were very hard and sensitive, and the way she wanted to squirm with her hand firmly between her legs.

Amber knew at this point that this embarrassment stuff could turn her on. Yet even knowing that, Amber still wanted to get back inside before someone caught her nearly naked. Was it legal reasons she didn’t want to get caught? Maybe she didn’t want anybody thinking she was weird? Maybe her body just reacted in a weird way?

Amber made it to the end of the fence, and could see down the street both ways. The coast was still clear, so Amber dashed around to the yard of the sorority house and made her way to the front door. She knew her bare butt was constantly being exposed as the back of the teddy bounced around, but Amber cared more about getting inside.

Amber was able to walk right inside, but was greeted by three girls, all smiling expectantly at her. Lindsey was there; the sorority head; and another sorority sister, one of the ones who’d been in the game secretly.

Amber tightened the grip she had on her body as she let the door close behind her. She was surprised they were all waiting for her.

Suddenly the sorority head held up 3 envelopes, 2 blue and a green. Amber knew exactly why they were waiting, it was because they want to see her do her next task. She was able to see past them towards the living room, and actually saw two of the other girls who had been wearing almost nothing, now wearing the clothes they had before. Some girls must have already finished their tasks.

“I think you know what’s next,” Lindsey said. The three girls waited for Amber to pick an envelope. Amber wasn’t sure about this. She’d just got done doing one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do. As much as she wanted to know more about this exposure kink, she also was having doubts about diving right back in.

Amber hadn’t taken a blue envelope yet. The red envelopes she’s had were fairly difficult. The green one was tough, but nowhere near the level of the red. Amber wanted to get tough out of the way, but figured she’d at least take a not too bad green one as a form of break.

Without a word, Amber snatched the green envelope, and opened it up. All three girls were delighted to see Amber’s stoic face turn to one of horror. Amber herself couldn’t believe what she was reading.

“Go to the cafe with a few of the sisters. You are to wear the outfit you had won. You are to sit at a table and enjoy at least one drink with everyone,” is what it read. Amber was sure it was a trick. There is no way they could expect that. Walking around naked in the house was one thing. Being made to sneak across the yard nearly naked was another. Even sneaking through part of town with nothing sounded like it wouldn’t be as bad. To actually go to a business though, dressed in nothing but a see-through teddy! Amber was sure that in the very least they didn’t plan on some of the girls being practically naked if they got this one.

“Guys, I can’t do this, I’d get arrested!” Amber said. She handed the letter to the girls, who all were very giddy once they read the note.

“Why not, I think you look wonderful in that!” Lindsey teased. The other two agreed.

“Who would want to lock you up anyways?” the head joked.

“This isn’t funny guys! I’m pretty much… naked… and I can’t just go around in public like this. They’d kick us out and call the cops for sure!” Amber reasoned.

“Well that could be true, that is if I didn’t arrange for this to some respect. A few days ago we made sure that they’d be ready for undressed cuties. Not advertising it, but make sure they keep the kids out and such.” The head seemed sure of this fact, but Amber wasn’t so sure.

“Besides, it’s a college town; people are use to streakers every now and again,” Lindsey pointed out.

Amber couldn’t believe they’d plan this much out. To test the girls, they actually planned to have one of them go and have a drink at a cafe in the middle of the day, possibly wearing nothing at all!

Amber reread the note several times. She wanted it to change; she wished it could be almost anything else. Being tied, stripped, or spanked all sounded like better options if it kept her from waltzing into town with only that teddy on.

Amber then noticed something, “Wait, it says the outfit I won?” Amber asked. The three nodded their heads in agreement. “Then for this, I get my panties back, right?”

The three thought about it. “The other challenge said you lose those though,” Lindsey argued.

“Yes, but it didn’t say forever either. This though says the one I won, and I won those panties too!”

The three thought. Then without any warning, “Ok, you’re right. It’s a deal, here, you take the panties back,” Lindsey said as she fished the panties from her pocket and handed them to Amber, “and then we can go.”

Amber was shocked that she got the panties back, but then realized she may have made a mistake. Rather than objecting to going, she just objected about the rules. She was now expected more than before to go through with this! Amber may get her lower half covered, but when you have nothing but lingerie on, it’s still tough to just up and go to a cafe!

She didn’t want to do it; she didn’t think she did at least. Yet Amber couldn’t back down either. She wasn’t objecting really, and if it had been arranged, she didn’t have to worry about getting in trouble. “Surely this is the toughest one I could possibly get, right? Just get it over with and it’s all downhill!” she thought to herself.

Amber slipped the panties on, being careful to not show too much. With them back in place, Amber was able to use a hand on each breast, to hide her hard nipples mostly, and was lead back out the door.

Amber, although heading to a very public place, at least felt far more covered. Even just the tiny bit of fabric that the panties hid felt like a lot more. She was still nervous about being outside in them, but it was a short walk to the car, and she was inside it in no time.

Amber sat in back with Lindsey, the two other girls sat in the front. The engine was started, and the car began to move. It was finally sinking in for Amber what was happening, she was being driven into town while only wearing sexy nightwear. Amber gripped her breast tighter out of worry. The feeling though that she felt from doing so was also incredible. She’d never felt her breast feel like that. The way it made the tingles in her body increase was completely new to her.

“I don’t think we’ve all officially introduced ourselves yet, the name’s Allie,” the head called out from the front.

“Tiffany,” the other said.

The trip started quiet, but it wasn’t destined to stay that way. “So, we never got to hear about your visit to the neighbors. Lindsey says things were pretty crazy! So what all happened?” Allie asked.

“Crazy is one word for it…” Amber responded. She thought back on the whole thing. Without thinking about it, Amber actually did start to tell about all the things that happened. She skipped the part where the girls accused her of enjoying it though. She wasn’t sure about sharing that part.

Lindsey, Allie, and Tiffany listened on. They seemed very interested. Every now and again they’d giggle or laugh, but Amber was starting to sense it wasn’t so much in a ‘laughing at you’ way. The three seemed sincere in their interest and how things went. Amber remembered that there were other years to this event, everyone in the car at some point had to go through some crazy initiation. Amber wondered if they too maybe had mixed feelings about it like she did.

The talking actually made time fly by fast, and without realizing it, the four were already in town, and parking next to a cafe. Amber was surprised to be there, and surprised that for a bit she had forgotten they were headed to it.

The car stopped at the side of the road near the cafe. The street was line with different shops and things. Amber saw a few people on the sidewalk down the road and stuff. Even if the cafe was OK’d, surely the whole street wasn’t OK’d for nearly naked girls!

The three other girls turned to Amber. “Ok, so we just rush in before anyone sees us, and then we calmly find a seat. I know a good one near the back even, unless you want a window seat!” Allie teased.

“In the back will be fine,” Amber responded. Amber had a tough time with things like that, where they offer two evils, and Amber would be stuck with the lesser of the two. A rational girl would ask just to be taken back home before having to parade about in such an indecent outfit.

So when the girls exited the car, Amber wasn’t even thinking about fighting against it. She was going to be in the cafe in just a teddy, panties, and sandals, and there wasn’t much more to it. She’d complete it, do two more tasks back at the house, and then be done with it and be rewarded with being part of the sorority. To Amber, that’s just how it was going to be.

Of course when the door was opened, Amber did hesitate. She looked out to both sides down the street, and saw a few people a bit away, but no one close. The door to the cafe was only about 50 feet, so Amber set her feet on the ground, looked around one more time, and stood out of the car.

Standing, Amber held a hand to each of her breast, hiding the most embarrassing feature of the outfit at the time. At least the panties covered her like a bikini would… although not like anyone seeing her would think she was running about in a see-through dress and a bikini.

Amber didn’t wait a moment when the girls started to walk towards the cafe. Amber walked right with them, not wanting to be left alone. Amber heard the sound of the doors locking on the car, really leaving her trapped in public wearing only a few threads by the feel of it.

The familiar feeling of the wind dancing the material on her body returned. The way her thighs were touched by that light breeze, the way the soft silky fabric slid on her naked skin, and the way her hard nipples could easily be felt through the material were all reminders of how exposed she was, and Amber still walked right up to the door to the cafe with the other girls and stepped inside.

The cafe was small. There were a few tables at the front, and some small booths along the side wall leading to the back. Two girls were behind the counter working, and a couple sat at the tables in front near a window.

The girls at the counter greeted the girls excitingly. The fact they seemed so happy, unsurprised, and didn’t even bring up Amber’s outfit told Amber that they must have been tipped that it was time for one of the girls to be brought here. Their greeting though got the attention of the couple, who were shocked to see a girl in an outfit one would only wear in a bedroom.

Amber’s face was glowing by this point. She wanted to try and explain the situation, but her mouth was dry. She wasn’t even sure how she’d explain it. Even if it was for an initiation, walking into a cafe in the middle of the day with only a teddy on seemed crazy.

The other three girls headed forward, so Amber didn’t get time to try and say anything, and instead just offered a view of her pantied butt through the transparent material.

Amber was more than happy to take a seat in the far back booth. She was left on the outside, leaving her side viewable to the counter, but at least the couple couldn’t stare at her anymore.

Amber kept her hands glued to her chest, and looked at the other girls. Not one of them seemed worried or concerned. They really seemed to enjoy putting Amber in a situation like this. Amber on the other hand was lost in her own confusion of how to view the situation.


Amber’s Initiation By Jappio

Part 8

Amber was tingly all over again and it was not subsiding. Amber could tell she was becoming horny too. Her nipples not once lost a bit of sensitivity. Even with 7 people all looking her way, Amber wasn’t completely against what was happening. She was embarrassed, and part of her wanted it to be over, but at the same time she wanted to get to the bottom of her feelings.

Allie, Tiffany, and Lindsey all seemed willing to be there for her in some way; Amber thought maybe she could seek guidance from them. If they had gone through it before, maybe they knew more about it. She wasn’t sure how to bring it up though. Admitting she was aroused seemed like a lot.

Amber knew it wasn’t a secret though at the same time. Multiple times she was teased for hard nipples. The girls in the other sorority also made it sound like it was a common thing, maybe it could just be assumed?

Even with it possibly being a big trap to embarrass her more, Amber decided she wanted some answers, and wanted to ask help, even if it meant openly talking about her arousal in a public cafe.

“Guys… umm…” once she spoke up, it’s like all three stopped to listen. Amber wasn’t use to being the center of attention like this, so it took another moment for her to regain her thoughts. “I… well… I wanted to talk about something.”

“Yes, what is it deary?” Allie asked.

“You’ve guys done this before… right? Well… I was wondering… if you all got all tingly too,” Amber blurted out finally.

“Oh!” Allie said, as if expecting the question to come up. “Why yes, most of us have felt a sort of tingle come up while playing these games,” Allie explained. Amber looked up at each of them. They each nodded, and Tiffany was even blushing a little at admitting it.

“You have?” Amber asked, almost shocked to get the answer so soon.

“Oh yes, these tests a lot of time reveal a lot about a girl, to those around her, and herself,” Allie explained.

Lindsey continued, “it doesn’t click with all girls, but most seem to enjoy some aspect of it, at least those who stay.” Amber thought about it, could so many girls really all enjoy this type of thing?

“Some girls are plainly exhibitionists. They usually strut their stuff and don’t’ seem fazed by the exposure, even enjoy the attention. Some are voyeurs and get a kick out of seeing the other girls stuck in the situation, so they are willing to pay the price of their own embarrassment,” Allie said.

Amber was sort of lost, she wasn’t sure if any of those described her. She did feel some tingles from the attention, and some at seeing the other girls, but she wasn’t sure.

Lindsey could tell Amber was still confused, “I know a girl or two who just like taking orders, no matter what they are. They love to please. There was even a girl or two who were pretty full of themselves and did it out of pride. Perfectionists are another group that will go through with it.”

Tiffany spoke up, but was a bit quieter than the other two, “some just like being embarrassed, or enjoy the taboo of it all.”

Amber wasn’t sure if she got it fully yet. Sounded like there were a lot of reasons for it that could partially apply to her. Yet none felt right.

“Really, none of those things are wrong. Each girl is different, and it’s never black and white as much as we describe it.” The three looked at each other. “I mean, for you, I’d say it might be something a bit different… lower your hands, maybe we can help you figure it out if you gave us a bit more of a look…” Allie offered. Amber was shocked to hear the request.

Looking around, Amber saw the two girls at the counter were still checking her out on occasion. Lowering her hands would expose her essential bare breast in the cafe. Amber at the same wanted to get to the bottom of things and Allie had been straight forward with her, so maybe she should do the same back.

Amber took a deep breath, and then let her hands fold on the table, her bare breast and hard nipples now on display through the slight purple tint.

“Oh yes, hmmm, yes indeed,” Allie said getting up closer to Amber, leaning her head in to get a close looking.

Amber forced her arms to her sides, trying her best to not cover up suddenly. She was feeling very exposed, knowing that her details were being viewed by Allie. Lindsey and Tiffany also joined in the staring contest with her breast.

“Well? What is this helping?” Amber asked.

“Oh, well you’re breast are so cute, I had to get a good look!” Amber immediately sat back and crossed her arms over her chest right away! Her face reddened fully again.

The three giggled, and Allie explained, “Oh, I’m just kidding. Well partially, your breasts are cute and I wanted to see them, but also I was gauging your reaction.” Amber wasn’t sure what to make of it quite yet. “You see, the nipples are hard, you must be pretty aroused.” Amber didn’t say anything, but managed to nod. “Well, that’s a part of it then. You are sexually enjoying something about today. If that’s the embarrassment, showing off, submissive tendencies, or what have you, that’s hard to say. Being made to show off your boobs kind of applies to all of those”

Amber felt a little relieved it was a test. She eased her arms back down and waited for more explanation.

“We could do another test. Your task says that we need to get a drink while here, why not you go get yours now? If you keep your arms at the side as you do, it might tell us more. You’d be ordering something from two strangers with your breasts on show.”

Amber looked at the counter. The two girls definitely had gotten peeks at Amber as it was, but to go up close would be pretty embarrassing. Amber wasn’t going to argue with the woman that was both sorority head, and knew more about this exposure stuff than she did though.

Amber stood slowly, doing her best to consciously keep her arms down. She walked slowly to the counter, both girls quickly racing towards the register to help her.

Amber was painfully aware that her breasts were being stared at by the two. The couple was even looking her way. Amber muttered about wanting some green tea. She figured it would calm her nerves.

The whole time she had to wait for it to be prepared, she left herself stay exposed. She worried that the two girls were paying more attention to her than making her drink. She was thankful to finally take it and sit back down.

The girls all were happy to have her back, and Amber asked what the test might have concluded.

“Well…” Lindsey said as she reached over and flicked Amber’s nipples. “These are still quite hard.” Amber nearly spit her drink out, surprised by the sudden touch.

Allie smiled and reached her own fingers out, gripping her thumb and pointer finger around a nipple. “Yep, definitely hard. Still feeling tingles Amber?” She asked as she rolled the nipple between her fingers.

Amber was speechless as she put her drink down. She nodded her head in the least, but wasn’t sure what to do. She looked around, and saw the girls at the counter were indeed seeing this happen to her.

Lindsey patted Amber’s thigh suddenly. “I bet it really tingles down here, right?” She asked. “Maybe… even a bit higher?” Lindsey rubbed Amber’s thigh and pushed the hem of the already short teddy up a bit, not that it really hid anything.

It was true, Amber was feeling a lot of the warmth and tingles gather between her legs. She knew she was becoming aroused, very horny. She nodded her head. The two stopped touching her, but began to give each other looks.

“So, then I guess it’s safe to say you enjoy ‘this’,” Lindsey said.

“Yep, you’re definitely hooked on it!” Allie added.

“Totally a slave to it,” Tiffany teased.

“To what? What is this?” Amber asked, not quite following.

“Hard to say still, but that hardly matters. Point is though, you like it, and that’s all that matters,” Allie told Amber. She then held out two remaining blue cards. “Why not embrace it and pick another card?” Allie said with a ton of challenge.

“Here?” Amber asked.

Allie said, “Yes.”

Amber looked around. The couple was still there, glancing over occasionally. The two at the counter would only glance at the door, but other than that, Amber was the main attraction for them.

Amber could finish up her second to last challenge, but she was in a public cafe, and she had a feeling she’d have to do it no matter what, and she didn’t know if it would be hard or not.

“I’ll do it,” she said as she grabbed one of the envelopes without thinking. She wasn’t sure if she’d regret it, but slowing down then didn’t seem like an option anyways. Maybe the girls were right, maybe she was hooked.

“Lose the rest of your clothing,” was what the entire card read.

“All…” Amber said aloud. She looked down at her, and up at the girls. They all knowingly smiled at her. Did they remember what card used the word ‘all’? Were they guessing what it was?

She’d be naked. She’d have no cover. No light tint over her breast, no panties on her bottom, and only her hands against her bare skin to hide even her pussy. Amber wasn’t sure if it was wise.

The cafe allowed it though. The girls expected it. Her body wouldn’t mind it. She really couldn’t just back down. She would be embarrassed in what she had or naked. It seemed like there were more reasons to do it than not do at that time.

Amber pictured it, sitting at the table naked. To have her body uncovered. The idea was tough to grasp. She’d imagine it would feel weird, that she’d feel exposed, but at the same time she couldn’t fully understand it either. Would it feel good? Would it be more embarrassing than good? Would that actually be what made it good?

Amber heavily sighed. There really seemed to be no stopping her, she was a slave to her feelings and curiosity. Had it just been a weird day, or was she secretly waiting for someone to strip her naked?

For the second time that day, with multiple eyes aimed at her, Amber grabbed the hem of her teddy, and pulled it up.

Her purple panties came into view. The eyes all around her grew wide. Amber didn’t say a word of what she was doing, no one looked at the card. She pulled the material higher till her belly button popped into view. Amber could see Lindsey, staring down into her lap and stomach, following the light, silky, purple threads pass up her body. She didn’t stop as she reached her breast, her knuckles brushing against the hard points. She almost sighed again, feeling the soft material leave her breast.

With what felt now like a small rag in her hands above her head, Amber set the teddy on the table in front of her. She now sat in just panties and sandals at the table. She inhaled deeply again, trying to make sure she didn’t suddenly forget to breath. She leaned back into her seat, feeling the booth against her now bare back. She knew her shoulders were even barer, the couple behind her probably seeing her take off the teddy. The two at the counter holding back gasps.

The group with Amber, the three girls, was speechless for a moment. They weren’t shocked, but instead appreciating the sight before them.

Amber knew what was next, but was waiting. She had to catch up with the moment. She was only wearing underwear now in a public cafe, and next she would be naked.

Allie couldn’t keep quiet of course, “Oh my, she is really into this, isn’t she? I mean, doesn’t it look like her nipples are practically wiggling! They must be just pulsating!”

Lindsey wasn’t afraid to reach a few fingers to the one near her. “Oh yes, can’t you tell how she is practically ready to squirm about under my touch? I bet she is overwhelmed with those ‘tingles’ of hers.”

Lindsey even reached a hand lower between the two, rubbing Amber’s thigh again. “Her legs are even a little parted… like they wanted a hand to go down this way?” Lindsey asked jokingly. Amber didn’t answer though. She looked down at herself, and at the girls, and all around. She was just trying to verify that she was more than half naked in a cafe, and her aroused state was very obvious to those around her.

Lindsey withdrew her hand and Amber felt that meant it was time. With another heavy sigh, Amber began to step out of her seat. No one made a move to look at the challenge, content with just waiting to be surprised.

Amber looked again at all her spectators, “or was it voyeurs?” Amber wondered to herself. She then made sure to stand tall at the side of the table, facing the sorority sisters, but knew her bare back was to the counter, and her nearly naked profile was in view of the couple.

With hands now at her sides, everyone held their breath. This was it; it was obvious what was next. After taking off her teddy, everyone knew that the panties were next to go. Everyone was silent as Amber finally made the final step, and began to lower her panties.


Amber’s Initiation By Jappio

Part 9

Amber didn’t stop, she wasn’t going to. She told herself just to do it, and she was on her way to total nudity just like that. The purple panties slid down her legs, and her bush, her butt, and everything was now exposed to those around her.

Amber made a small spin as she stepped out of her panties and sandals. Everyone got a chance to see nearly all her charms before she sat down, picked up the clothes she stepped out of, and dropped it in the pile she had started on the table.

“Stunning,” was the only word out of Lindsey’s mouth. It was the first. No one objected, all were transfixed on Amber and the show she had just given. Amber herself was too lost in self reflection to even really notice the stares anymore. She was wondering what she’d just done, and what that made her. She had answered maybe a question or two with that stunt, but she was no closer to all the answers. She was having a hard time accepting that the answers weren’t going to come easy.

Allie was the next to say something, “So, figure anything out?”

Amber moved her hands to her thighs, slightly parting them, rubbing them. “Well… umm… I definitely wish I were back at home in my bed if you know what I mean…” Amber admitted, her face maintaining a deep red.

Amber knew it was a bit direct, but after just stripping naked in front of everyone, it wasn’t a time for much modesty anymore.

Allie laughed, “I was like that way to by the end of it all, so don’t feel bad.” Allie’s words did reassure Amber some; at least she wasn’t the only one.

“Heck, ‘was’? After an adorable showing like that, I could use a visit to my bed too!” Lindsey added. Amber again felt tingles. These comments on her body and stuff were always the toughest; she wasn’t use to compliments like that at all. The comments sounding so sincere was also the worst part. She wasn’t sure if Lindsey was kidding ever.

“Is she soaking wet?” Allie suddenly asked. Lindsey leaned over and looked down at Amber’s lap. “Definitely some glistening down there!”

“Hey!” Amber shouted as she closed her thighs and covered her breast, her modest rushing back. She hadn’t been able to endure it all it seemed.

“Well let’s get the naked cutie out of here before she shows off anything more somehow!” Tiffany said.

Allie agreed, “Besides, she’s too amazing to share for much longer with just anyone. Let’s get her back to the house where we can have her in ‘private.’”

“You’re all the worst!” Amber said as she was being pushed out of the booth. She got to her feet, and had a hand between her legs and one across her breast now. She marched along to the front door with the other three, all eyes on them as they left. Amber was embarrassed, but she was interested in getting back and getting her last task done. She wasn’t sure if she regretted stripping in the cafe, or completely hated the comments, but she wasn’t about to stall naked and in public.

Out the door, Amber saw a man down the street, looking her way. Her hands clung closer to her body as she tried to rush to the card. “Guys, quick!” Amber said as the other three laughed and kept up with her. Amber looked back only once to see him standing with his mouth hanging open, watching her butt bounce as she jogged away.

They all piled up into the car, and quickly drove off. Amber was now in the car, which felt at least a little more private than the cafe or street, even if they were driving down public streets.

“Oh my god, guys, you could have let me dress before rushing us out of there!” Amber complained.

Allie chuckled, “Something tells me your challenge didn’t say anything about being allowed to redress.”

Amber didn’t say anything. It was true, she wouldn’t have been allowed to redress, but it still was a bit much to walk out of there, not that she really fought it much. Amber was more and more getting caught up in the moment.

Riding along the road, Amber started to think how she was headed towards her final task. Her last envelope was another blue one. If she ended up being lucky, she’d get just another clothing removal one, and that’d be easy. A lot of things probably would seem easy compared to some of the things she’d already done.

Lindsey leaned in close “I have to say, you have a lot of guts girl.” Amber didn’t say anything; she wasn’t sure what to say. Although she was usually pretty modest, part of her was proud how brave she’d been, although maybe it had all been just stubborn stupidity.

The ride was again surprisingly short, the town not being far from the house. The car parked back in the driveway. Amber was still naked, so she was slow to leave the car, but she still didn’t hesitate to run back into the house.

Inside, Amber was greeted with a good number of the girls, sorority sisters and other candidates, all sitting in the main room. They’d been talking, but looked up when the naked Amber, only arms across her body hiding her naughty parts, walked in.

Amber’s heart raced. She was very suddenly the center of attention of an even larger group. Not once all day had this many eyes been on her. The three girls walking in behind her only caused things to become more embarrassing.

“The last naked cutie, Amber, has come back!” Allie introduced Amber.

“After a stunning show at the cafe, letting everyone see her lovely charms, we’re back for her last challenge!” Tiffany threw in.

Suddenly Amber’s bottom was lightly slapped, causing her to jump. Lindsey had done it and now spoke, “hopefully the best has been saved for last, cause she is about to do her last challenge!”

“Guys, do I have to do this in front of everyone here? I mean it doesn’t seem fair, they got done sooner and got to dress, I’m still naked…” Amber brought up.

“Oh but Amber, you have to,” Allie said in a hushed tone. “How better to figure out why you enjoy the embarrassing nudity than in front of a full crowd?” Amber looked out to all the girls. There seemed to be a lot of them, at least a dozen.

Amber wasn’t given many chances to say no further though, as Allie took one of Amber’s wrists and pulled her to the center of the room. Some girls were lying on the floor, some sitting on couches and chairs, and some standing against the wall. Amber was surrounded from all sides.

Amber was still completely naked. She didn’t even have her sandals any longer. Her bare skin contrasted with everyone else who were now in complete outfits. Amber’s breast were barely hidden under her arm that was being pulled around, her breast slipping out for everyone to see on occasion. Amber’s bare butt, hips, and even thighs were uncovered, only a hand going between her legs hid her fur and lips.

Amber was acutely aware of her naked state too, especially the naughtier spots. One reason was she could just feel blood rushing through her body in those areas. The way she felt their exposure, and knew that no bit of clothing was hiding them.

There was also that now familiar tingle, growing ever stronger.

Things were surprisingly quiet. None of the girls were hooting and hollering. All were just staring and waiting, seeing if Amber could go through with it.

Amber wondered herself if she could go through with it. She wasn’t sure if this was something she could do. Even with her hands strategically placed, Amber was about ready to run off. She wanted to will her arms to her sides, but couldn’t. She felt like she had to keep going, but for once it was like she couldn’t.

The tingles grew stronger, almost to a tortuous point. It was like an itch that Amber couldn’t scratch. She wanted to do something about it. Was it her wanting to show off? Was it the want for her to cover up? Was it her arousal and her body wanting to be touched?

Amber couldn’t decide at all what to do. She was compelled by her stubbornness to not back down, but she was having a hard time just showing off total full front nudity to all these people.

Amber didn’t even notice Lindsey approach. Amber felt a hand on her shoulder, looked over, and saw a supportive smile. She saw eyes that lit up and took in all that they could see. Amber could tell Lindsey was sincere in both her confidence in Amber, and in appreciating how brave she’d been.

That was the last bit that Amber needed to move on. With Lindsey there, Amber had the sliver of strength needed to let her arms lower, and expose her body.

It was as if that was the sign for the other girls to react. Suddenly there were mock wolf whistles and teasing words of how cute Amber looked. Girls were commenting on her nipples, on her grooming choices below, on things like her curves and shape, and even details about her expression.

Girls would move around and get a look at different angles to see more. Amber looked around, seeing a few of their eyes. Amber couldn’t believe just how much interest that people could take her in her exposure.

The tingles were growing stronger now, and Amber could swear that Lindsey had to actually feel them too just by touching her shoulder.

Lindsey stayed by Amber’s side through it all too. Yet as Amber started to become just a slight less tense, Lindsey allowed her hand to move down Amber’s back. Amber could tell what she must be doing, teasing her body, even in front of everyone, but Amber was now appearing at least a little confident, if she freaked out, it would make it look like she was back pedaling in front of everyone.

So Amber was stuck to be victim to Lindsey’s teasing fingers. They slowly moved down her bare back, reminding her of her nudity. When they reached the higher end of her bottom, Amber really fought back the urge to shout or gasp. The fingers were so light, but it was becoming the only feeling Amber could concentrate on. It was like the only place that mattered was between Lindsey’s touch and Amber’s skin.

Amber was realizing her body’s senses were in over drive as Lindsey’s hand made it to her cheeks. The tingles seemed to swell more and more wherever the touch went. Amber wasn’t losing track of the crowd a bit though. She couldn’t make out words any longer, but she knew they were there and seeing this. They weren’t just seeing her body though; they were seeing Lindsey tease it too!

Lindsey moved to stand directly behind Amber. The hand left her bottom and returned to a shoulder, and she placed her other hand on the opposite shoulder.

Amber was now held, naked, and facing towards more than a dozen girls. Amber could see her breast thrust forward in front of her, and even the bits of her hair below. She knew her legs were shut some, but a few signs of her lips had to be showing through.

The idea for these narratives started as talks with my wife about my sex drive vs. hers. She holds the viewpoint that I am somewhat overly focused on sex at our age, which is for us, early our 50s. We have had many discussions and comparing of experiences, what it all actually accomplished is yet to be seen.

Chapter 2.1 — More Rhonda

Rhonda…if anyone had told me I would have a curly-haired, big titted, pot-smoking, low maintenance blonde for a fuck buddy within weeks of starting college, I would have said, “No Fucking Way!”

That’s pretty much what I thought about how other details of that fall as they too fell into place. I had gigs and private students to generate a more than enough cash for needs and fun. The final piece of the puzzle was figuring out that I could party and fuck my way through at least my first year of college without a moment’s effort.

Being friends with Rhonda was a revelation. It had not in my experience to not have to date a girl, not have to kiss her ass all the time and to be able to get some lovin’ without all that bullshit. It’s sort of fun in the beginning, when you do have to do that shit, but to me it always felt like a battle for control. And to have a girl that could actually hang. I didn’t have any idea that life could be that good.

We really got to know each other in October and spent the next seven months fucking and sucking each other silly at least once a week. The unspoken plan was that neither of us were to give in to emotion and said shit like “I love you” or some such bullshit. I wanted to, but she had never offered. I had my ass kicked by love the year before making it easy for me to be bitter and fight any tendency on my part to offer my heart.

We weren’t exclusive. She was my first fuck buddy before I ever heard that phrase, as well as the first girl I was around that I treated more like a guy friend than a chick.

She broke the ice on the exclusivity by tell me beforehand about a guy she was on out with and telling me,

“I’m pretty sure I’ll fuck him.”

What the fuck! I guess honesty might not always be the best policy? I was nearly speechless. All I could say was ” I hope he’s good to you.” and walk away without any further comment. At the time, I felt like the hurt might not be worth the rewards of being whatever I was to Rhonda.

I sure as hell never ask how her date went. And she never really reacted to my “drama”.

That situation taught me several lessons. I initially wanted to kill him, but I would have cut my own throat before saying that out loud to Rhonda. She told me about her date on a Thursday afternoon right after rehearsal. I spent the weekend savagely drunk. If not for Curt my R.A. roommate, consequences would have intervened.

In addition, I explored the parameters of how much fucking up one guy could accomplish in a weekend. My attempts to get several female friends to fuck me that weekend, earning me four pissed off NOT gonna be a fuck buddies, three of which eventually forgave my unusual forwardness.

Rhonda and I never spoke of her date, nor did she inform me of any others. I suppose that was some kind of a compromise.

She was her usual self with me before Monday’s rehearsal and wanted to see me that evening. It was just as good as I had come to expect. But once again, nineteen…sucking, fucking and smoking pot…not a likely situation to turn down.

I have a lot of good memories from that year though. Rhonda and I, after initial hook up at an after-ballgame party, became very tight considering the fact that we never considered ourselves as going steady or any of that bullshit.

A few weeks after our initial get to know each other sleep over, we had a weekend at the end of October without a football game for the band. I could have gone home with all the rest of the freshmen, but I had other plans that included Rhonda and a weekend get-away.

I had offered up a plan to Rhonda that involved the two of us at a cabin on the lake for the weekend. It didn’t take much discussion for her to be totally in on our chance to be away from campus for the weekend.

As chance would have it, the weather turned Indian summer at the end of that week, giving us temperatures in the low 90s during the day and mid 60s at night. It was perfect one more trip to the lake weather. Normally, there should have been a risk of cold weather even though we were in what passes for the south. I suppose it was just more good luck that smiled on us.

We found ourselves at our cabin by early afternoon and were settled in fairly efficiently and quickly. Another piece of luck came our way. At check-in, the grandmotherly owner/operator of the grounds explained to me that we virtually “…had the run of the place.” A family with two kids would be coming in

Sunday afternoon. Until then, it was just the two of us.

She also showed me on a small map of the grounds which cabin was ours for the weekend. It was at the far end of her property and just a short walk from one of the small man-made beaches.

I was hoping this was going to be a weekend to remember. Considering Rhonda was here with me, the chances were pretty good that I would be relaxed and satisfied long before Sunday night.

As soon as things were squared away, Rhonda began to shed her clothes and reveal a bikini that was a sight to behold. It was sky blue with white stripes on both pieces.

The top was like a shelf bra and did a great job of putting her 40D breasts on display.

We had both lost a little weight from the hours of marching band drill that we had been put through since the end of August. Rhonda had tended toward a very slightly towards plumpness at the start of the school year. She looked much harder in a good way with the V cut bottoms showing of her juicy, firm ass.

This was our first trip to the lake or pool to swim, so both of us, regardless of our tendency to be fair-skinned, had a bit of color rather than fish belly skin. As a matter of fact, since we were sorted hooked up, we had been having a little fun putting sunscreen on each other before rehearsal.

Some of the more prudish folks were, or pretended to be offended when I would rub the lotion on the exposed parts of Rhonda’s breasts and she would somewhat unnecessarily lotion the inside of my thighs. It took only a few days for a handful of the other slightly exhibitionist members of the band to do the same. Compared to what went on at some of the after-game parties, it was really pretty tame.

When Rhonda and I started sun screening each other this time, I caught on pretty quickly that she was going to start the teasing right then. My first clue was when she lightly pinched my right nipple. Of course I returned the favor by slipping the tip of my thumb under the edge of her bikini bottom as I took extra time to lotion the inside of her thigh.

Rhonda knelt down in front of me when she did my legs and took advantage of her position by reaching into to my swimsuit and managing to expose part of my ball sack which she giving a thorough licking and mouthing.

“I’m going to get you later,” she said as she got up off her knees and gave my now hard cock a good stroking.

“Let’s get in the water first.” That was her next plan. I saw no reason not to oblige.

While the sun and air temperate were warm, they had done little for the lake. It wasn’t exactly like taking a polar bear swim, but we didn’t last long in the intemperate water. It was nice to towel each other off and stretch out on the lounge chairs in the warm sun.

Within a few minutes, Rhonda asks one of the all-important questions for us: “Mal…you would have some weed with you, would you?”

I nodded my head affirmatively, got up and went inside to get the old fashioned, leather-shaving kit that I used for my stash, papers, pipe and lighter. By the time I got back to the patio facing the lake, Rhonda had gotten herself topless and was rubbing more lotion on her breasts. Her nipples that had gotten hard in the in-temperate lake water were crinkled tightly and resembled little dried apricots. I certainly wanted to pop one in my mouth!

“You could have let me help with that, you know…” I said as I took in her nakedness.

“If I’d let you “help”, I’d have ended up totally naked with your cock somewhere in me,” she said, grinning, “…I want to get a little high first.”

She was totally correct, but in my defense, who wouldn’t have wanted to fuck her? She looked so hot, relaxed and ready for anything. How her boobs could be so full and so perky was a mystery to me than and now.

Knowing that she was going end up naked with my cock somewhere in her gave me a bit of patience. I also knew I wouldn’t need much patience do to her general level of arousal, especially after lighting up.

I lit the joint and passed it to her, watching carefully as she took a hit. The first thought in my head wasn’t about taking my turn with the smoke; it was all about her lips and the knob end of my cock.

She had this thing she would do that involved sucking just the head of my cock while tonguing the underside immediately behind. Done for the right amount of time and with skill, it was a guaranteed load of cum on her face or in her mouth every time!

Instead of passing me the pot, Rhonda stood up and proceeded to sit on my lap with a little grind on my hardening cock and give me an assist with the joint. Well, okay then. Since I was getting high hands free, letting my hands roam over her almost naked and sun warmed body seemed like a good plan.

Going for the tits first would have been too amateurish, even for me, so I began to rub the tops of her thighs. Her lightly tanned, soft let firm thighs that were going to be wrapped around my ears before too long! Before long, I had my hands on her firm but soft bum cheeks.

When Rhonda took a hit, she would rock swimsuit-covered crotch against my cock very so gently, groaning just a bit. I’m sure I was groaning too and thinking about how nice it would be to fuck her out her outdoors.

When we checked in, the women was working the reception desk was kind enough to let us know that we were the only one’s there today and that we would be at the opposite end of the grounds from the guests checking in Saturday morning. She finished by saying, “…unless you want to be by a bunch of noisy little school kids?”

I allowed as how she had been very considerate of our plans and thanked her.

It’s not often someone gives you a go ahead to be as inappropriate as you could want. I planned to make use of the situation!

Knowing Rhonda was not adverse to ”showing off”, I figured it wouldn’t take long to get her to fuck right here. I left my right hand at the top of her thigh, giving it a squeeze as I slipped my thumb under her bikini bottom so I could stroke her pussy lips.

The tip of my thumb was grazing her slit and ever so gently penetrating her. It didn’t take long for my thumb to be in her pussy as far as it would go. She kept on rocking with my thumb fucking her and switch hitting the last of the smoke between us until it was gone.

With the joint finished, Rhonda stood and drooped her bikini bottom. I expected her to sit right back down on my cock and had taken my swimsuit off in preparation for a really good fuck.

Rhonda straddled me, put both hands on my shoulders, asking me to “Scoot down flat. I need you to eat my pussy.”

Well, okay then! I got into position and let her ride my face every which way. She took full advantage as I tongued and sucked her cunt while squeezing her ass causing her to get near to cumming in a very short while.

In a slight frenzy, Rhonda hopped off my face and targeted my cock with her very wet pussy. The funny thing about Rhonda was that although she was not petite, she was very tight even when fully aroused. I felt her ease herself down onto my hardness rather than just shove me in her cunt.

I loved watching her face as my fleshy tube split her cunt lips. It was the same face I would I see in the future with other women when having anal sex. The “Is this going in me?” face is always a wonderful thing to behold.

For some reason, I need to feel what we were doing and not be distracted by the sight of Rhonda naked, curly blonde hair glowing in the sunshine and her much bigger than a handful breasts and hard pinkish-brown pointy nipples.

I closed my eyes and gave in to the sensation of Rhonda fucking herself with my cock. My hands found there way to her thighs and then up to her hips. Mostly, I just let her ride me, but when I held her at the point of having the tip of my cock in here cunt and no more, I could feel her try to push herself down on me. In a peak of frustration, she swore at me, managing to say, “You fucker…” before I gave her several quick strokes that amounted to me short stroking her teasing slit without allowing deeper penetration.

Opening my eyes to help access the results of our fucking so far, I could see a blush across Rhonda’s upper torso. She was certain to cum before long if she was to the point of “blush” already.

I let go of her hips as she pressed down hard and was surprised to be suddenly so suddenly and so fully inside her. Our fucking made wet, a slurping, and squishy sound as her wetness dripped onto my crotch, and was in turn distributed thoroughly over my balls and inner thighs. We fucked with total abandon with all the accompanying sounds of rutting. Getting Rhonda this worked up always made me wonder when we were going to be too sore for the next fuck. It never happened.

As much as this was fun, I wanted to get the first fuck of the weekend behind us so I began to subtly pinched Rhonda’s nipple and thumb her clit all the more rapidly. Her eyes were the ones closed now and her top teeth were giving her bottom lip a g going over.

Rhonda was almost never coherently vocal while fucking and/or cumming, but she was a moaner and groaner. I felt a little pride at giving her an above average fuck, as she was occasionally uttering an intelligible syllable and even a word or two.

I even got a “Fuck…Me…harder…Fuck…” out of her. This might be a big one…for her.

I had no idea why I was still not getting anywhere near the feeling of anticipation, or more likely in this case, surprise. I should have already gone off like a hose…fuck it.

It was all the more reason to get her off and settle down a bit.

She clued me in by managing to say, “Close…oh, fuck…” as she slammed against my pelvis. I managed to get my thumb and two fingers around her clit and give the little slick nub a good tweak. I caught her on an up stroke and she frozen for a second before her wild, wide open eye’s fixated on me as she slumped forward to wrap her arms around my neck as she gave an occasional twitch either full body or a squeeze of my cock by her spasm prone cunt.

I had cushioned her fall by grabbing both tits and was gently massaging her breasts as she began to kiss my face, lips, cheeks, forehead, eras and my most potentially ticklish spot…my ears. I took like a man.

Stopping the kissing torture, she whispered into my ear, “Mal…I…”

And then she caught herself and paused…

I was glad that we weren’t face to face at that point. Although I was afraid I had given away my need to hear her words with a hitch and holding of my breath.

My exact thought was, “For Fuck’s Sake, say it…!”

She continued saying “I’ve never had anyone get me off like you do.”

I should have been proud, but I was thinking, “MOTHERFUCKER!” but I did manage to get a smile in as she kissed me. That was the start of more than 20 years of sorting out all the “love ‘em and leave” bullshit, the “committed relationship” bullshit and several other topics in dealing or not dealing with whatever love and relationships means. Fuck me if I know!

Rhonda got up stretched and offered me a hand as she asked, “Did I fuck you into the lounger?”

“No, hon…you fucked me into the middle of next month.” I answered with a slight smile and accessory laugh. All I could think of was asking myself why she couldn’t “say it” and why I needed her to so much.

Rhonda, in her totally relaxed immodest manner, ran a middle finger through her cunt lips and showed me a finger slicked up with her own juices only…saying,

“Are you shittin’ me…all that fucking and you didn’t cum…are you okay?

“I got distracted with getting you all worked up…it just didn’t happen.” I answered with a shrug.

Rhonda wrapped her hand around my well-lubed rod and gave me a light tug or two. It didn’t take much for me to get back up to all the way hard. She turned her head and half tiptoed to get another kiss before asking, “Can I try something?”

I nodded affirmatively and released my cock and walked just as she was down to the strip of man made beach about thirty yards from the cabin. I picked up a couple of towels just in case and followed Rhonda.

When she reached the narrow strip of sand, she turned and got down on her knees facing me. Walking up to her, I dropped the towels and placed my hand on her cheek give it a caress before she could bury her face into my crotch. She rubbed her face on my cock and balls, getting the residue of our fuck all over her cheeks, lips and chin. The sensation got me much harder than her brief tugging on my cock.

Once again, I closed my eyes and let the late afternoon sun wash over me along with the feel of my cock in Rhonda’s mouth. She started with working on the bundle of flesh and nerves right behind and underneath the head of my cock, both licking at tit with the tip of her tongue, sucking that very sensitize juncture and taking just enough of my cock into her mouth to rub her tongue against the area and suck and squeeze my cock with her mouth.

Unusually for her, Rhonda stop for a moment and asked, “Am I doing good, Mal…”

Yes, Hun…suck me more please…” I answered with out looking down at her.

I gathered that I should have, because although she went right back to doing excellent work, she reached up with her left hand and tweaked my right nipple, not really pinching it, but not entirely playful either.

I had been mostly gentle with Rhonda while we were making love, but I was feeling more than a bit pissed off about her foreshortened announcement. I’d have time later to think about the how and why of our fuck buddy alliance, or whatever one would call a similar arrangement. Later I would learn the meaning of “passive-aggressive behavior”, but for the moment, exacting a little punishment was feeling like the thing to do.

Rhonda had gone from working the knob of my cock to taking nearly all of me in her mouth. Hey, it’s not that big an accomplishment. About 6.5 inches and not quite three inches around is the best I can come up with on any given day. I would call that a “porn cock” by any ones measurements.

About two-thirds of me that making it’s way into her mouth before I put my hand on the back of her head and wrapped my fingers in her bushy, curly blonde locks. When I did that, Rhonda must have read my mind because she moved the hand that had been wrapped thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and did some hands free sucking.

Curiosity got the best. I looked down at her on her knees and saw in her eyes a glint of something anticipatory, as if she wanted me to go ahead and fuck her face rather than let her set the pace. Keeping a little surprise in play, I went back to my eyes close pose and very slightly encouraged her to take a little more cock in by both nudging her head further towards me and by holding her face steady and using my hip action to fuck her mouth.

Gradually, I fucked her face more than letting her suck me. After a particularly long and somewhat deeper incursion, I pulled my cock all the way out of her mouth. The next sound I heard was her taking in a deep breath and saying, “Holy shit…” as she exhaled.

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