nude wrestling

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story contains themes of same-sex sensuality, both male and female. It contains MM nude submission wrestling and other forms of adult erotica. If you do not find such concepts enticing, scintillating or erotic, well then don’t read it. If you are interested, please read on! And if you enjoy it please give it a high rating.


This was my wife’s idea, and I’m not really sure where it’s going. I’m standing awkwardly next to a guy I know kinda casually, but just recently learned a lot more about. I already knew he was a few inches taller than me, but I just learned that he’s a few inches longer, too.

Were both naked, and our wives are rubbing mineral oil on our backs. They both complain that they are out of oil and step to the small metal table off the edge of the blue mats on the floor to grab the bottles and of course talk. Presumably about us. They giggle a little as they whisper, hugging each other with familiar ease, leaving oily smears on shoulders and arms as they huddle up. My wife is the short curvy redhead siren in a green bikini, his wife is the tall raven-haired beauty in the red bikini.

That’s pretty much how we described them the day Mike and I accidentally met. My wife has had a couple of female lovers since she and I have been together, but this past year she seemed to be going out with a girl a little more frequently. She and I have always had a healthy sex life, but she has always kept her saphic side well segmented from our relationship, an occasional fling here and there with an old flame or a new friend.

She would always tell me about it, occasionally during sex, and recently I could definitely smell the unmistakable musk of another woman on her fingers and mouth. I thought it was so hot kissing her, and sucking her fingers while she rode me. She always turned me down, though, when I mentioned the possibility of a threesome, saying something like “It wouldn’t work out, you’d end up feeling left-out, or jealous.”

One day I decided to go out to the same club I knew she was meeting her friend at. It wasn’t really against the rules or anything, but I admit I felt like I was sneaking after her. I was partly curious, I wanted to meet her girl-friend, but I was also horny–and really wanted to see them together so I could visualize better during sex or when I beat off.

The club was fairly empty on a Wednesday night, and there was another guy at the bar, turned around on his stool like I was, watching the girls dance. He had one arm up on the bar holding a nearly empty glass of beer, and he had an obvious bulge in his pants as he watched.

He groaned as they kissed and caressed each other, and my wife brazenly slid her hand up under the other girls skirt, her fingernails sliding over the other the other woman’s thigh., higher..higher..until I could see Lacey black panties beneath my wife’s hand.

I’m not really sure if I was showing off, or being defensive, but I said “that’s my wife dancing with that tall, raven haired beauty.” He looked a little shocked, and took a drink, presumable to cover his embarrassment, then said “and that’s MY wife, dancing with the curvy red-headed siren.”

I ordered two more beers and invited him over to watch the show. “It seems our wives are lovers” I said as offered him a beer. “I kinda snuck out to see them together” I admitted, “Have you ever…?” I left the question unfinished, suddenly unsure of what I was asking. He shook his head as he swallowed a drink, “No, no. She has danced with a couple girls when she and I have been out dancing and drinking, but this is the first time like this….I kinda snuck over here too…”

We ate the bar’s pop-corn and drank beer as the girls danced together in a steamy display of flashing thighs, heaving cleavage, and lipstick exchange. Their skirts got hiked higher and higher and they ground against each others’ thighs as they kissed and groped each other brazenly. After a few more dances together they came over and sat on our laps, squirming sexily as they talked to each other. They kinda ignored us, playfully treating us like furniture as punishment for spying on them. We both enjoyed it though, watching as they flirted with one another, and kissed and fondled each other while the bartender and few patrons watched. It was a bit of a fantasy-come-true for both of us guys, getting to watch our wives together, and we both shared happy glances with each other as we pondered the possibilities.

I had major wood under my wife’s shapely ass by the time she stood up and said “Well, since you are here I know the house is empty…be a darling and give us a few hours before coming home?” and just like that they walked out, giggling to themselves arm in arm, leaving us both rock-hard on our barstools.

We turned around to try to hide our rampant erections under the bar and speculated on watching our wives dance together, discussing and daydreaming about them dancing in less clothing, or lingerie, or even nude! The more we drank, and the more we talked, the wilder our speculations became. We both blurted out “Or nude wrestling!” and then laughed as we got carried away with other ideas like putting on a private sex show, or maybe a public one. We hinted at threesomes, and foursomes, or even wife swapping. Making jokes and hints while we kinda got a feel for each others’ boundaries, and wondered if the girls would EVER be up for anything…new.

Over the next two weeks the only action either of us got was purely speculative, as we spent several nights watching the girls dance, and talking as we waited to go home. Two weeks is a long damn time to be hard so often, and not get any relief. I was popping Tylenol on a regular basis for my blue-balls, and so was Mike. We both agreed that something needed to change.

That’s pretty much how we ended up here, standing naked and half-oiled. Seems both Mike and I mentioned the possibility of nude wrestling, and this is how the girls chose to act on it. They made it clear that if Mike and I played nice together (“very nice!” they both exclaimed) then they would let us join them. Oh they joked about how maybe only the winner should get to join them, or maybe only if we still had enough stamina after wrestling, but they were both obviously turned-on by their ideas, and Mike and I were a little desperate. Ok, a LOT desperate.

My wife, Shelly, sauntered towards me, her buxom figure swaying sexily, her nipples obviously hard beneath her emerald bikini. She paused in front of me, squirting some baby oil into her palm as she eyed my naked body, her gaze traveling down to my hanging cock. I’m a pretty big guy, six foot one, toned from running and basketball, and my wife likes to joke that I’m hung like a bull. My cut cock is about average length, around 6 1/2 inches, but is abnormally thick. It’s a bit thicker than a Red Bull can (hence the joke) with a huge flared head that looks a little..beastly.

My lovely wife looks at me with a soft smile and a strange expression on her face, and my cock twitches a little under her mysterious gaze. “ do look good today” she says, watching my cock as it hangs full and heavy from my trimmed bush “but today is all about…trying …new…things.” She walks past me with her palm full of oil and starts rubbing it on Mike’s chest.

Mike looks back and forth between me and my wife, as if to ask if this is ok, and frankly I’m somewhere between a little jealous, and a little turned on to see my wife massaging oil all over another man. She seems to really be enjoying rubbing his pecs, and she tweaks his nipples playfully. Mike is about six foot four inches tall and pretty strong looking. I’m a bit nervous about wrestling him, and can’t help but wonder how competitive we will really be.

Mike looks a little unsure how to handle my wife’s attentions, and I wonder how he feels about all this, but when I look down I can easily tell he’s into it. We are standing side by side and I have a clear view between him and my wife, and his long cock is slowly levering up as we all watch. He seems fully hard pretty quick and he’s got to be about 9-10 inches long, and is completely clean-shaven. His cock looks almost as disproportionately long as mine does wide…he’s got to be a bit skinnier than average and a lot longer …he’s got full, ropy veins that plump up as he gets harder and his long shaft reaches between them until his cockhead is touching the smooth skin of my wife’s belly.

I feel an oily hand caress my chest and look up to see Victoria pouring her palmful of oil down my torso. She starts rubbing the oil over my chest, getting lower and lower, rubbing my belly, letting the oil drip into my pubes, mirroring my wife’s actions on Mike. They both stop at the same time and then step behind us, squirting more oil on our backs until I can feel it dripping down the crack of my ass. She rubs oil onto my palms, down my legs and feet, and then she starts rubbing my ass in a slippery erotic massage that has me fully hard in no time. I watch as Mike’s long cock waves back and forth as my wife massages his ass, and suddenly I feel Veronica’s slippery finger delve deeper in my crack and start rubbing the tight sphincter of my ass!

She squirts more oil down my back and it runs down my ass until her hand is just slipping between my cheeks in the kinkiest massage I’ve ever had. She rubs my quivering asshole, massages my peri-area, and cups my balls from behind in long, firm, oily strokes. “Mike is a tremendous wrestler” she whispers huskily as her oily finger presses small circles over my ass-hole. “He was famous in high school” she continues, her finger pressing harder and harder as she concentrates on the tight muscles of my sphincter, pressing oil just inside “for pinning his opponents fast” she whispers as she slides her finger deep inside me in one smooth oily motion “and hard.”

This is definitely a new one for me. I admit I’ve fingered myself a few times, and I even used one of my wife’s little vibrators once, but no one else has ever touched me there before. I’ve definitely wished my wife would once or twice, but was always afraid to suggest it. Veronica wraps her other hand around my throbbing cock and rubs the oil up and down my shaft. Her hands are bigger than my wife’s and her fingers come closer to touching around my shaft as she slowly strokes the oil up and down, while her finger makes small motions in my ass.

Shelly is watching Veronica oil me up, and she matches her strokes in time. I watch as her hand slides up Mikes shaft, my wife’s fingers rippling over the ropy veins, mineral oil drips from her fingers and his cock. I throb in Veronica’s hand as both girls move their hands to oil our balls. Veronica wiggles her finger of her other hand in my ass and then starts moving it in firm, massaging strokes. She massages my balls, and rubs the area behind my sac, massaging my prostate from both the inside and outside at the same time. I watch as a big bead of pre-cum wells up in the slit of my cock-head, moaning as her fingers milk me.

“OK boys,” my wife calls out as she idly strokes her oily hand up and down another man’s long, throbbing cock, “I expect a clean match out there” she smiles as she rubs her palm in a circular motion over Mike’s cock-head, then continues in a voice full of devilish mischief “feel free to play as dirty as you like though…”

Veronica massages her finger in my ass, and I swear I’m worried that my knees are about to give out as I feel more pre-cum welling up from deep inside. It travels up my shaft in a tingling wave and I can feel it dripping out and leaking down my swollen cock-head. Both Mike and my wife stare at my twitching cock as more pre-cum wells up and leaks down my glistening shaft until it drips down my balls and onto Veronica’s hand. In a husky voice she says “Ok, I think your about as ready as you can be…go get it!” She pulls her finger out of my ass which she gives my cock a final stroke and then smacks me on the ass and sends me out onto the mats to meet her husband.

On a trip to Kenya once, I saw some rutting elephants. I couldn’t help but draw the obvious parallel as I stood on that mat facing Mike. The elephants had postured, and I watched as two bulls squared off and locked tusks, must leaking from their glands, their eyes watery, their trunks leaking, their obscenely large penises nearly trailing on the ground. They would flex and their cocks would jerk up and slap their bellies, strings of lubricant spattering their gray skin.

I looked at Mikes cock and “obscenely long” seemed to describe it pretty well. He was leaking precum too, it glistened as it slid down his greased shaft, just as my own was. His cock twitched and swayed to the side and with a start I realized it was because he was jumping toward me.

Before I knew it I was down on my back and he was sitting on my chest, his knees pinning my arms. I blushed as I realized I could feel his oiled balls on my chest. I looked up and his cock seemed huge, towering over my face. I could see drops of precum dripping down his shaft, their course continually altered by the bulging contours of his swollen veins. I admit I was impressed.

“Mushroom stamp! Mushroom stamp!” the girls started chanting, and I looked up in bewilderment as Mike grabbed his cock in his hand, lifting it up toward his belly, and then levering it quickly back toward my face. I tried to jerk my head away, bumping against the floor uselessly, and felt the wet and oily slap of his surprisingly weighty club. It didn’t exactly hurt, but I was again impressed at how big, hard, and…well…muscular it felt.

The girls kept chanting and he slapped me again with his cock, and I felt my lips were wet with his fluids. I bucked my hips, throwing my legs up…and succeeded in making him slip down my chest until his balls were in my face. I was suddenly glad that he was clean shaven, but embarrassed as the girls started laughing and chanting “T bag! T bag!” I squirmed until I slid out from behind him.

I sat up, with my back against his, and pushed back as I pulled on his ankles. He fell onto his face on the blue mat, and I spun around until I was laying on top of him.

I slid up his body until I was fully on top of him, aware that my oiled cock was pressing against one of his ass cheeks. I grabbed one of his arms and pulled, to try to get him on his back. He resisted, and with my hand all slippery I had to get a new hold.

I reached to put my whole arm under his until I had my elbow locked under his arm, and suddenly felt my cock slide into the oiled valley between his ass cheeks. It felt different…his ass was harder, more muscular…but I gotta admit it felt good. I was vaguely aware of the girls chanting “Ride it! Ride it!” and I let myself grind against him as I pulled on his arm. The harder I pulled, the harder my cock pressed between his cheeks. I slid my thick erection along his crack, and felt the flared head bump over his ass hole.

Suddenly he stiffened, and instead of fighting me as I pulled on his arm, he was reversing his efforts and rolling over. His arm came up and circled around my neck as he rolled over, pushing me aside. Our oiled bodies slid against each other as he rolled, and there was a brief moment while I felt our cocks nestle side by side, rubbing along each other as we struggled.

He tightened his grip around my neck, and I moved my body away from his, trying to twist out of his hold. The next few minutes where really just wrestling…both of us exerting everything we had. It was hard to get a hold with all the oil, and he kept the advantage of his hold around my neck, until we both breathing hard from the effort. We were both on our knees, I was bent over, my head held against his side, and I could hear one of the girls whispering in his ear.

He slowly started pulling on my neck, as he moved his body, until my head was more in front of him. I saw my wife come and stand in front of us. She was naked now, and I could see oily hand prints on her body. She knelt down in front of Mike and reached between his legs, holding his now-soft cock out where I could see it. I watched from up-close as she slid her hand along his shaft. Her fingers rippled as they slid over his veins, and he started to plump up before my eyes.

“Oh you like that, do you?” I heard Veronica say, as I felt a hand wrap around my hardening cock. “Do you like seeing your wife’s lil hand stroking another cock?” she asked in a sultry voice while stroking mine “Do you like his long cock hardening right in front of your face?”

My wife lifted her hand, bringing his cock even closer. I could see a tiny wave of oil glisten in front of her finger as she stroked her hand up his shaft in a tight grip. I watched as a bead of precum welled up on the swollen head of his cock. The further her hand came up his long shaft, the bigger that bead of clear fluid got, until it looked like it was about to overflow, and yet it got bigger still.

“Are you so hard…” Veronica continued “because that precum turns you on?” Veronica’s hand started pulsing rhythmically on my shaft and then she told my wife to move Mike’s cock closer, until his cock was so close I was going cross-eyed staring at it.

“Come on…I know you tasted your own…am I right?” she teased as she squeezed my cock, “haven’t you wondered how someone else’s tastes? Admit it…your too hard not to be turned on by it…go ahead…taste it.” She stopped touching my cock and I immediately missed it. I felt cold. “Look at that…” she moaned. “He is so hard…his veins are bulging…he’s got so much pre-cum…he wants you to taste it. He’s hard for you and your wife…I bet your breath on his cock is driving him nuts!”

“Come on…I know you want to…just let it happen,” she teased as my wife brought his swollen cock-head closer and closer “I want to hold your big fat cock in my hand again.” she half moaned “but I’m only allowed to if I’m getting you hard, or if your touching Mike’s. Those are the rules…come on..lick your lips…give a sign that you want his warm precum…that you want his long, swollen cock…”

My face felt red, and I hoped that they thought it was because of the strangle-hold that Mike had on me (and maybe it was party that), but the fact is that I was curious to try it. I had never told anyone before, and would have denied it until that day, but having him obviously hard for it, and having my wife and her girlfriend so obviously turned on by it, and urging me to try it…well I submitted to their wishes…and my own…and Mike’s headlock…and I gave the sign they were asking for. I licked my lips.

“Good…yes…oh you want it don’t you!” she uttered in a silken outpouring of warm breath on the side of my face as I felt her hand wrap around the shaft of my cock again and resume the comforting rhythmic pulsing that seemed to build the pressure until I felt swollen to the very limit of endurance.

I watched as my wife raised his cockhead toward my lips, noticing her short and well-manicured nails–painted bright red–glistened wetly. It gave me pause to wonder weather it was oil that made them glisten or Mikes fluids, or her own…or Veronica’s…

I felt the wet-feathery touch of warm fluid on my lips. My wife very carefully held just the shimmering dome of the huge clear bead to my lips, and I immediately felt it spread itself along the crack of my lips.

“Taste it” Veronica urged me, echoed by my wife “Oh honey…I want to see you taste it for us, lick your lips again.”

Both women’s faces were close…close enough that I could feel everyone’s breath. Veronica kissed my jaw, and I watched as my wife lowered her head slightly and kissed the throat of Mikes long shaft, where it narrowed before the swollen head. Her nibbling kiss pressed him against me and I felt a shock of warmth as the tight, smooth dome of his impressive cock touched my lips. Veronica stroked one hand along my neck, beneath her husbands arm-bar, while she watched raptly, and pumped my hard-on in her other pulsating hand.

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