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It was Brian’s fault my legs ached so badly. It was his idea to spend a weekend in the mountains, camping and hiking. Four days of roughing it, just the two of us, completely unconnected from the grid and then back to class to finish the semester. Back in our dorm it felt like a great way to kick off the warmer weather and celebrate Earth Day.

It was six years ago and I was in the best shape of my life. Brian and I had spent the last two semesters working out in the gym, building and sculpting our bodies. The rivalry between the two of us to achieve the best physique had been fierce. I huffed and puffed behind my roommate on the mountain trail. The rucksack on my back added to my misery. “You never told me it was all uphill,” I complained. The straps dug into my shoulders. Sweat ran off me in tiny rivers. I kept swatting at imagined bugs.

“If you need a rest…” Brian suggested. He ran out of breath before he could finish the sentence. I took comfort in knowing this wasn’t any easier for him than me.

“No way!” I said, trying hard to sound stronger than I felt. For inspiration, I watched Brian’s muscular thighs and calves flex and bulge. A weekend alone in the woods with him would make this climb worthwhile.

I had drooled over Brian’s body since September. Built about four inches shorter than me, he made up the height difference in bulk and appeared huge. I longed desperately to run my hands, lips, and tongue over his firm biceps, strong chest, and washboard-like stomach.

Lost in lust, I barely noticed he had ended our ascent. We set up camp in a large clearing halfway up the mountain where the ground was soft and flat. A large stream gurgled nearby, but there were no signs of other human life.

As we set up camp, my mind toyed with how much fun this weekend would be if I could get Brian to accept me as a lover. Throughout the year, he had given me signs that under the right situation he might be willing. I knew he had lots of girlfriends, but I knew was very curious about my lifestyle, too.

Once camp was set, Brian stripped out of his clothes, exposing his beefcake for me and the trees. With his back to me, he pulled off his t-shirt and jeans. I made a silent plea the Mother Earth for him not to stop. He didn’t. “Last one in the water does the dishes!” he yelled, running naked for the stream.

“Cheap trick!” I cried, pulling off my clothes and joining him in the cool mountain waters. We splashed and swam until we were once again breathless. Once out of the water, Brian lay on his back, folded his thick arms behind his head, and closed his eyes to the sun. I propped myself up alongside of him, my eyes on the the thick, veiny piece of meat between his legs. He was nowhere near hard, but the sun encouraged his love organ to stretch out longer than usual. I felt my cock beginning to stir.

“My dad used to bring me up here,” Brian said, keeping his eyes closed. I listened, staring but careful not to be too obvious. “Whenever my dad would go for a walk, I’d lie out naked like this. And, more often than not, I’d end up jerking off.” My cock stirred again. I tried to ignore it. Did he know what he was doing to me? “Being naked in the sunshine always turns me on.” As if to emphasize his point, his cock rolled from left to right. As it moved, it gained both length and girth, becoming harder than I had ever seen it, and I was sure it would grow still longer and harder. Trying to guess how much more did not help my own condition.

“Would you like me to go for a walk?” I asked, already planning on watching him from some nearby bushes.

“Depends on if I get really hard or not.”

“What if I get hard first?”

“You getting hard?” He sat up to see. “I’ve never seen another guy get hard before.” He kept staring.

My cock began working its way up my thigh. A single, involuntary twitch would flop it up against my belly. I tried holding back that twitch. I wanted Brian; I didn’t want to scare him away by getting hard too soon. My best effort failed. I twitched and my cock flipped over, exposing its sensitive underside to both the sun’s rays and Brian’s gaze.

Usually, I’m not shy about letting my cock get hard. In fact, I’m proud of my eight inches. Still, this was only Day One of our wilderness adventure. If I alienated him, I could be in for a very long weekend.

“Wow!” Brian said, still staring at my rod. “You look as big as me.”

“Bigger from what I can see.”

“Oh yeah? Watch this!” Brian pulled on his cock and it rose the occasion. My cock finished its growing as I watched him. He was right. Once hard, his cock was almost a full inch longer than mine. Staring at it was making me drool. I had never seen him hard and it was beautiful sight. “Now what?” he asked, making his love meat bob up and down as if he were doing reps.

“How about this?” Reaching over, I placed my hand gently on his cock and rubbed. He jumped a little, surprised. His whole body tensed up and I was afraid I had been too forward.

“You sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“I’d like to do a lot more, but I’ll stop if you want.”

“No. Please, don’t stop.” His voice was soft and gentle. “It’s just that… I never have…”

“You realize I may ruin you for all your girlfriends,” I teased, cutting off his stammering. Beneath my touch, I felt his body relax.

“Ruin me,” he challenged with a rakish grin.

Convinced it was all right, I dropped my mouth down to his hot rod and sucked it between my lips. He moaned and squirmed a little. Eagerly, I stuffed more of his thick cock down my throat. I wouldn’t be satisfied until I felt his pubic hair tickling my nose.

It wasn’t easy, but it was a labor of love. Our position was off a little. He was bigger than most of my lovers. Still, I sucked and pushed. First, I felt the fat head of his cock pressing against the back of my mouth. Finally, success! My nose pressed against his crotch hairs.

“Oh God!” he cried. “Suck me! Man, fucking suck me!”

I grabbed his big balls and massaged them while I sucked. I took him as deeply as I could, delighting in the feel of his cock bouncing off the back of my throat. My tongue busily swabbed down his cockhead, teasing all the most sensitive spots.

His balls tightened beneath my hand, rising closer to his body. I pulled them downward gently and backed my mouth off his rod.

“Hey! I was about to come!”

“I know.” A couple of drops of pre-cum leaked from his piss hole. I licked them greedily, careful not to push him over the edge. Ignoring his twitching organ, I lowered my mouth to his furry sac, licking and tonguing his big balls.

Brian was in agony. His cock throbbed insistently. Looking up, I saw that his cockhead had turned deep purple, and his veins were bulging. His cock, now looking at least 10 inches long, danced in the hot sun for me, still slick with my spit.

I spent a little more time on his balls before letting my tongue explore the furry trail between his sac and asshole. He bent his legs a little, giving me better access. I thrust my head between his legs and rimmed him.

“Shit! That feels great!” he cried loudly. I knew it would. I wetted a finger and pressed it up against his tight asshole. Before doing anything more, I shoved his cock back down my throat. As soon as I bottomed out, I shoved my finger up his butt. He squirmed against it, moaning.

His asshole tightened around my finger, gripping it. I considered pulling back and letting him squirm a little, but didn’t do it. I had waited a year to taste this man’s sperm; it was time!

Brian must have been reading my mind. “Please don’t stop this time,” he pleaded. I answered him by bobbing up and down on his cock a little faster. My finger kept time in his ass while I waited for that next telltale spasm of his butt. I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as I felt it beginning I pushed my finger into him as deeply as it would go.

His orgasm was immense. I struggled to swallow the first couple of spurts, trying desperately to leave room for the rest. Nothing could prepare me for the huge quantities of cum he had on tap to shoot into my anxious mouth.

His cum overflowed my mouth, running down the length of his cock. I very nearly panicked, wonderfully convincing I might drown in his cumshot. What a way to go!

Finally, his orgasm ended. Brian collapsed on his back, moaning softly as I went about the business of licking his cock clean. His cum was sweet and salty, very thick. As I gobbled up the last drop, all I could think was more! His cock stayed hard and I was more than willing to repeat my performance.

Brian sat up, pulling me away from his organ. “That was the most incredible blow-job I’ve ever received.”

“Told you.”

“But what about you? You sure look like you could use some relief.” He reached over and stroked my cock in that tentative, shy manner of a beginner. “Too bad we don’t have any lotion.”

“Wait here.” I jumped up and ran over to my rucksack, in which I’d packed baby lotion for sunburn relief. It would work for other things, too.

I moved back to him, enjoying the scene and the feel of the warm sun on my naked body. My cock bounced proudly against my stomach with every step. Brian sat against a backdrop of unspoiled wilderness, his hard body and still-hard cock waiting for my return.

I gave him the lotion, sitting back down next to him. He uncapped the bottle and squirted a large amount of it over my cock and balls. With a gentle, loving stroke, he rubbed it around. It felt wonderful, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for more. To my surprise, so was Brian.

My friend-turned-lover squirted a large amount of lotion on his own crotch, and I reached over and rubbed. His cock was still good and hard, but he didn’t give me much time to enjoy it.

Turning around, he knelt doggie-style, squirting more lotion on his ass, letting a thick stream run down his crack. “Feel like rubbing me some?” he asked.

I knelt beside him, using one hand to stroke his cock while I rubbed his butt with the other. He waved his ass around a little, urging my hand to find his asshole. Slowly, I eased a slick finger deep inside. “That feels good, but it’s not what I want.”

Eagerly, I took up position behind him, my cock rubbing along the crack of his ass. He reached back as if to direct me to his pleasure hole. “Trust me,” I said grabbing my cock and directing it myself. “Now just relax,” I instructed him, gently pressing the head of my cock against his sphincter.

Brain pushed back against me. Slowly, his asshole opened up to my stiff cock. It was slow going at first, but remembering my own first time I didn’t rush things. Brian winced a little on my way in. I felt his sphincter tighten and then relax once more. He never pulled away, instead he pushed back against me harder. That was all it took. The head of my cock disappeared up his butt. “Mmmmm,” he moaned taking me deeper and deeper.

Once I was a little past halfway in, I pulled back a little and started fucking him. Reaching around him, I stroked his cock in time with my thrusts. He found my rhythm and joined me in maintaining it.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he moaned. “Fuck me, you stud. Fuck my virgin asshole!”

I started pumping his cock faster, keeping my fuck strokes long and slow. For every thrust of my cock, I stroked him twice. I was on the edge of coming but paced myself, wanting him to enjoy this as much as I was. As I stroked I fondled his balls with my other hand.

He insisted on talking dirty while I fucked him. It certainly didn’t help me maintain my control, listening to him. “That feels soooo good! Fuck me. Fuck me harder!”

I wasn’t going to be able to take much more of this. His asshole was so tight! His cock felt so good in my hand. His words were so sexy. With my every stroke, he cried out my name. “Yeah… Fuck me… Go ahead and make me come… Fuck me!”

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I began driving my hard cock into his clutching asshole as deeply as it would go. The moment I felt my hips smack his buttocks, I pulled out as far as I dared. My hips began twitching and pumping uncontrollably. I was in a state of complete rapture. I drove deep once more, shooting my wad far up into his bowels.

As I twitched in my orgasm, I felt Brian’s asshole beginning to grip rhythmically on my cock. His own orgasm had arrived as well. The gripping sensation of his sphincter around my cock drained me absolutely dry.

Spent, he dropped down on his belly. I moved with him, resting on his strong back. As my breathing finally eased, I rolled off him, lying down on my side. I softly caressed him, listening to him breathe. After a time, he rolled over and faced me, smiling.

“And to think l wasted all those nights with those silly girls,” he said.

I smiled and leaned my head close to his lips. Some guys are weird about not wanting to kiss another man. Brian, however, did not resist. Our tongues danced a quick waltz inside of each other’s mouth before we stopped. “Looks like the beginning of a great weekend,” he said, smiling.

I, of course, agreed, but I didn’t bother answering him. Instead, I jumped up and into the water. “Last one in the water cooks breakfast!” I yelled.

“Hey, now you’re the one who’s cheating!” he protested, following me into the water. We splashed around for a few minutes; then Brian yelled, “Last one out gets fucked next.” We looked at each other and laughed.

“Sounds to me like we’re both winners either way,” I said, making sure I was the last one to shore.

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