nude at wedding

Brother and sister twins scheme to save their father’s business from a crook, and discover they’re in love. Sis shows up nearly nude at her wedding. More to follow. Votes and comments always welcome. Signed comments answered. Jb7


It was late Wednesday afternoon. Lee Brock closed the drawer on the file cabinet just as Pete Adams, his partner in the small engineering consulting firm stuck his head in the door. “Hey, Lee, you coming out with us for a drink before we hit the lanes?”

“Not tonight, Pete. My twin sister called last night to tell me she’s coming to spend the week with me. You’ve been gone all day or I would have warned you sooner. Max’s getting married next weekend, so I’ll be gone until a week from Monday. I’ve spent the day getting everything caught up or temporarily reassigned. If you need me, phone, but I expect you won’t miss me, too much. “

“Bullshit! If you’re gone, who’m I gonna order around?”

“Everyone else. I gotta be crazy, leaving you a clear field with Rosa. You two will probably be engaged by the time I get back,” Lee grinned, referring to the hot new Latina they had just hired as a receptionist.

Pete returned the grin. “I think I like your sister a whole lot more, and I never even knew you had a twin.”

“And until she’s married, horndog, you won’t meet her,” Lee answered. “Oops, I gotta get out of here. Her plane lands in half an hour. Don’t mess things up too much while I’m gone. See you in a couple of weeks.”

The plane was on time. When Lee first saw Max, short for Maxine, he couldn’t believe how thin and tired she looked. As soon as she was within reach, he swept his sister up in a bear hug, to which she responded with a loud sniffle. He stepped back and was about to ask why when she shook her head and simply said, “Later. Take me home.”

Lee lived about a twenty minute drive from the airport, on the south eastern edge of the small Iowa city he called home. During the drive, Max ignored the seatbelt and sat cuddled up to him, her legs folded under her, Lee’s right arm around her shoulder. On the way, he phoned his favorite Chinese restaurant and ordered some mildly spiced orange beef and steamed rice for two to be delivered.

He had just finished putting Max’s bags in the guest room when the food arrived. By the time he had it set up on the kitchen table, Max came out of the bathroom in her robe, looking marginally better. She walked up to him and gave him a bear hug similar to the one he had given her in the airport.

“Thank you for letting me come for such a long visit on so little notice. I really appreciate it.”

“I didn’t know I had a choice,” he replied with a grin.

“In truth, you didn’t,” she answered somberly, looking up at him, “but thanks anyway.”

Still sensing something was wrong, Lee decided to let Max tell him about it in her own way. “So, who’s the lucky guy, and what’s the hurry in getting married? Did Dad have to break out his shotgun?”

Instead of being shocked or insulted by the question, which she recognized as her brother’s twisted way of putting her at ease, she laughed. “Don wishes. Shit, I haven’t even let the bastard kiss me yet. I’ve told you about him, I think; Don ‘the man with Vaseline hair’ Pieters, Dad’s executive vice-president in charge of sales.” She turned away from her twin and sat at the table.

Lee took his place opposite her. “You gotta be shittin’ me, Max. That oily son of a bitch? You said you can’t stand to be in the same room as him. Why?”

“You’ve been selling your stock in Dad’s business, haven’t you? In dribs and dabs, but almost half of what he gave you, right? How much did it go for?”

“Well, yeah. Every couple of months, my broker would call and tell me there was an OTC bid for a hundred or a hundred and a half a share for the common stock. I guess I’ve sold about a hundred shares or so over the past six months. But Brian said it was always to a different company. I thought some investors were buying it because it was so solid.”

“Well, it was oily Don. Over the past year and a half, he’s accumulated enough so he owns or controls proxies totaling 50.5 per cent of the voting stock in Dad’s company. And that’s not the worst.

“He bragged to me, privately, of course, that he has rigged the books so that it looks like Dad has been siphoning money out of the company for his personal use, to the tune of nearly a hundred thousand dollars. If I don’t marry him, he will force an audit, sending Dad to prison.

“Which brings me to one of the reasons I’m here. The bastard also blackmailed my OB/GYN to get access to my medical records. Seems good doctor Mike was involved in a hit and run DUI right after he got out of med school.” She paused to take a drink.

“Anyhoo, Don found out I’m still a virgin, and vowed he’d make short shrift of it on our wedding night.” Her face hardened, and her voice began to rasp.

“If I have to, before I let him anywhere near my cunt, I’ll walk into a biker bar and offer my cherry to the dirtiest motherfucker in the place,” she hissed, biting the words out. Softly, almost as a whisper, she added, “I’m hoping you won’t make me do that,”.

Lee’s chopstick load of beef stopped in mid-air as he looked at his twin, not believing what he thought he heard. “What? What do you mean?”

“I will not give that motherfucking, cocksucking, son of an asshole anything resembling a chance at taking my cherry. If you won’t do it for me, then I’ll have to find someone else. But I’d rather it was you.

“If I have to get fucked, so be it; but I’d rather have you make love to me for my first time, and as many more as we can squeeze in before we have to fly back. Can you, will you do that for me, Lee? Please?

“Shit! Look at me!” She pounded her fists on her thighs, her voice breaking. “I’m practically begging my brother to fuck me! Goddam that son of a bitch bastard!” She broke into sobs, her shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

In a flash, Lee was at her side, holding her, her face in his shoulder. “Shhh, Max; it’s alright. What ever you need, of course, I’ll help. C’mon,” he said lifting her, cradled in his arms, “lets get more comfortable.” He carried her into the living room, to sit on the couch, holding her on his lap.

“Are you sure you want me…” Her emphatic nod cut off his question.

Her eyes bored into his. Although she was speaking softly, there was a hard sense of purpose in her voice. “I don’t give a shit about it being incest! There isn’t anyone else I want or trust. I don’t want you to just take my virginity, I also want you to get me pregnant. And the last time we make love before the wedding, I want you to leave hickeys and bites all over my boobs, my ass and my pussy.”

She broke eye contact for a second, then looked back at him. “And I want you to come home and go to work for us. That way you can be around to make sure ‘you’ get me pregnant,” she said, emphasizing the you.

Lee didn’t answer her, directly. He continued to sit and hold her on his lap as she recounted how Don had approached her and revealed their father’s danger; how she had spent nearly two weeks verifying the situation and looking for a way out it.

She had even hired a friend, an independent accountant, to repeat her work. He had advised her to take her story to the police, but, when Max pointed out that it was her father who would likely go to prison, agreed to keep silent.

Max straightened up to look at her brother. “There’s something else I need your help with. I want to ruin him. I am going to resign from my job as of the day we return from the honeymoon, but I’ve already put through the paperwork to hire you, at a significant raise by the way, as VP of engineering.

“You need to find a way to run the business into the ground, and still leave enough so we can recover when he’s gone. Like a phoenix.” She leaned in to kiss him softly on the lips.

“And while you are doing that, I’m going to be spending his money like it’s going out of style, with nothing to show for it. What say you, brother?”

Without answering her, Lee slid his hand up the back of her leg and began to poke and tickle the ass cheek within easy reach. With a combination laugh and sigh of exasperation, Max batted at his hand, asking “What in hell do you think you’re doing…”

Lee looked at his sister with a grin. “Choosing my first piece.” Max’s eyes flew open as her laugh sounded with a whoop. Her arms flew around her brother’s neck as her lips closed on his.

Lee pulled his face from his sister’s quim and moved up to kiss her on the lips, letting her taste herself for the first time. He flopped down on the bed beside her, leaning on one elbow while his other hand gently played with her untrimmed thatch.

With a smile that spelled delighted, he slipped his middle finger into her dampness, and said, just above a whisper, “I’ve wanted to do this since our fifteenth birthday.”

Max smiled back, with a faint blush. “So have I. Do you remember that night…”

“Gawd, yes. That was the first time I saw you nude since we stopped taking baths together when we were, what, three, four?” His hand stopped moving and gently cupped her mound and vulva. “You were so beautiful…I just wanted to…hold you, kiss you, love you…thinking about it felt so right, and so wrong.”

“And turned you on. I remember seeing you in the mirror and watching your towel grow,” she said with a grin. “I was so shocked, and intrigued at the same time, wondering what you looked like. And I wanted the same things you did, except I felt like there was something wrong with me because I wanted to make love with my brother. That was why I began to pull away and get some friends of my own.”

“I saw what you were doing; I figured it was just you growing up and sort of copied you, going out for sports and band and stuff.” His hand began to spiderwalk up her abdomen, headed for the sensitive underside of her breasts.

“I never did get over wanting to be with you. My best friend in college, when I got engaged to Sarah, told me it would never work because she wasn’t my type. He pointed out she was a short, bubbly, blonde cheerleader type, not the tall, willowy, blue-eyed, bookish brunette I usually went for. When I thought about what he had said, I realized every other girl I had seriously dated looked like you.”

“What happened with Sarah?”

“A couple of weeks before the wedding, we were at someone’s birthday party, and I spent the whole evening on a couch talking to some other guy’s date; she was the tall, willowy…”

“Me?” Max asked, smiling.

“Uh huh. Sarah gave me back the ring that night. She said she wasn’t mad, she just couldn’t compete with someone who was obviously still a very strong ghost.”

“And since then?”

“There have been a couple of serious, well half serious, affairs, no pun intended. But after Sarah, I took a long look at what I wanted and didn’t think it was possible, so I’ve adopted the happy bachelor life style. How about you?”

“Nothing as interesting as you. I’m sure you heard my nickname in high school, Miss Icy Hands. It didn’t help that the first night I parked with a guy at the ball field, Dad’s friend, Zeke, was on patrol and checked our car. Without thinking about it, I called him Uncle Zeke, like we always did…

“So, that’s how Arnie knew. Some junior was hassling me in the locker room after gym one day because I wouldn’t let him copy my test. Arnie Davis interrupted him to ask if the police chief was really my uncle. Nobody ever tried to hassle me again.”

“Or get fresh with me.” Her right hand caught his hand and pressed it to her breast, while her left reached out and grabbed his staff. “Speaking of which, I’m ready, and it looks like you are, too. It’s time to get the unpleasant part of this over. How are we going to do it?”

“Easiest on you is for you to be on top, controlling the speed and pressure,” Lee said, rolling onto his back, pulling her with him so she lay on top of him.

“I see,” she said with a smile. “That way, if it hurts, I get the blame, huh?”

“Well, it is your idea. I’m just here for the ride,” he said, laughing, but with a look of concern in his eyes. By today’s standards, twenty-six was late to still be a virgin.

He had been shocked by her revelation earlier. He couldn’t even think of any other women who were possibly still virgin at that age. Hell, even their maternal grandmother freely admitted she had gotten pregnant at eighteen, at one of the numerous rock concerts she had attended during the mid-sixties, and didn’t have any idea who their mother’s father had been.

Max slid down his rod, moaning slightly, echoed by Lee. When they ran into the impediment, their eyes opened and their gazes locked. “Hold still,” he told her.

He raised his hips, pushing his rod into her, stretching the hymen slightly. He retracted his hips a little, then quickly thrust them upwards, driving through the thin tissue.

Max yelped with the sharp pain and collapsed on his chest, as they both registered the fact that he was fully imbedded in her. She raised her head and kissed him on the lips.

“Thank you, brother. Just so you know, even if you were married, and I wasn’t being coerced into marriage, I would have asked you to do this. I decided that day I wanted you to be my first lover.”

“I love you, too, Max,” he said, tenderly. “More than I realized until just now.” She smiled and they kissed again, like lovers kiss.

Soon they were moving on/in each other, leading to the inevitable desirable conclusion. After their mutual climax, they fell asleep.

In the morning, Max was roused by Lee kissing and sucking on her nipples, accompanied by an almost unbearable pressure in her bladder. She pulled his face up for a kiss and then pushed him away to hurry to the bathroom.

Lee followed her and stepped into the shower where he released his morning water while he turned on the shower and waited for it to get warm.

As soon as her bladder was empty, Max joined her brother. Grabbing the soap, he lathered up the washcloth and began running it over her back while he kept his other hand nicely filled with one of her BB sized breasts. When it came time to soap her back cheeks, he laid the cloth over her shoulder and applied his soapy hand to cleaning her butt and crack.

While Lee soaped up her ass, Max grabbed the cloth, still quite soapy, and began to wash his pubes and nutsack. When they were sufficiently sudsy, she returned the cloth to her shoulder and began to wash Lee’s cock with her hands, stroking and caressing it, pushing the foreskin back to reveal his crown, which she gently stroked, with the expected result.

She turned him into the shower stream to rinse and then turned him back so she was protected from the running water. She dropped to her knees and took hold of his cock with both hands, just covering the shaft. “Wow,” she said, “almost eight inches, and nicely thick. Impressive, brother.

“I’ve never done what I’m about to try, so if I do something wrong, or inadvertently hurt you, let me know right away. Okay?”

Without waiting for an answer, she slipped her mouth over the crown of his prick and pushed her head forward until she felt it against the back of her mouth. Instead of withdrawing, she held it there, caressing all of the male member she could reach with her tongue.

Lee stood it for as long as he could. “Max, I’m gonna cum soon if you don’t stop.”

He looked down into her laughing eyes, seeing the smile turning up the corners of her mouth around his dick. She pulled back until just the crown was in her mouth, applying suction all the way. With a final caress of her tongue, she released him, only to immediately push back onto his cock, all the way down to his pubes.

Looking down, he saw her nose buried in his curlies. The sight was too much for his climax control center. His seed boiled up from his sac, through his shaft and down his sister ‘s gullet. As he spewed, she pulled back, collecting the final blasts on her tongue, her delight evident in her eyes and smile. “Mmmmm,” was all she said.

Lee bent down to pull her to her feet. “For someone who never did that before, you did very well.”

“The internet,” she replied, with a smile. “It has these great instructional videos, from all over the world, showing how to do that, and some other fun-looking stuff.”

Lee grinned in reply. “Anything strike your fancy?”

“Later, horny, I mean honey,” she laughed. “In spite of your intimate donation to my breakfast, I could eat a horse. Remember, we didn’t have any supper last night. What have you got to feed us?”

“We can use the leftovers from last night and make an omelette or fritatta. Or, if you’d rather, there are pancakes or waffles, or fried eggs and sausage with toast. Or we can go out…”

“No going out. I don’t intend to dress again until we have to catch the plane back to Buffalo.” She looked at him under half closed lashes. “Unless you seriously object to your non-virgin sister running around your house nude.”

“Like I object to being able to breathe,” Lee answered, grinning from ear to ear. “What’s your pleasure, then?”

“I’m assuming you mean food to eat,” she replied with a sexy smile. “Just eggs and toast, with coffee. We can reheat the beef for supper tonight.”

Max moved to sit on Lee’s lap as they lingered over their breakfast coffee. “How much have you told Dad about what you’re doing?” Lee asked his twin, his right hand caressing her bare thigh.

“He knows we’re getting married. He wasn’t too happy and wanted to know if I’d lost my mind. He thinks even less of Don than I do. He’d like to get rid of him, but he can’t really find cause, he’s covered his tracks so well. I can’t tell him anything more; not yet, anyway.”

“We have to tell him about us.”

“Wha…why? Do you want him to totally disown me?”

“Don’t worry about that. As long as we’re happy, he’ll be happy for us. And telling him about us will make telling him about what we’re going to do easier, and get him to help us. I’m going to need his help with making it look like the business is failing while really getting it ready to take off when your husband disappears.”

“You’re sure? He’s changed some since we left for school. You don’t know him as well as you think.”

“I know he’ll try to talk you out of marrying that SOB, and much as I dislike the idea, it really is necessary to regain the stock he’s purchased. My biggest fear for you is that he’ll get violent.”

“I almost hope so. In NY today, spousal violence can result in jail time, and spousal rape is treated just like any other rape. He might think being married automatically gives him the right to have sex with me, but if I say not, tough titty.” She leaned down to give her brother a peck on his lips.

“Enough talk. We’ve got a baby to make. If I’ve planned it right, I’m just about mid-cycle, and getting married on what should be the first day of my period, which is what I’ll tell numb nuts so he’ll wear a rubber. By the time he gets to poke his naked dick in my little hole, I’ll know I’m pregnant. Until then, he’s going to need to use a rubber for his monthly visits to my bed.”


“I can’t keep him out of it altogether, or I’m sure he’d carry out his threat to call for an audit. I can limit him by holding up the specter of going to prison for raping his wife, and how the inmates would treat him when they hear that.

“Don is like most bullies, a coward at heart. And from what I’ve seen and heard him say, a homophobe. We’ve had a couple of European customers, recently, who greet and leave with hugs. It’s almost comical to see his expression when that happens.”

Lee stood up, lifting her in his arms. “Well, we got a job to do, one I intend to enjoy a great deal.” He carried her to the back of the one story bungalow and placed her in the center of his queen sized bed. Without preamble, he buried his face in her quim and began to gently nibble and suck on the most sensitive spot on a woman’s body, answered by Max’s soft moans.

He reached around her legs to latch on to her nipples, rapidly erecting, triggering a small climax. He backed off slightly, letting her recover while he paid some attention to the inside of her thighs and her perineal area, kissing and nibbling at them, barely touching her.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Turn around so I can kiss your little soldier,” she ordered. Lee changed position, turning around and moving over her, into the 69 position. He felt his sister slide her lips onto his shaft, and move up onto it until he felt her forehead against his ass cheeks.

He renewed his tongue’s assault on her quim, eliciting some pleased moans, which he experienced as low frequency humming on the sensitive head of his member, buried deep in her throat. When he began to move in and out of her face, she raised her hands to his hips, to hold him in place as she began bob her head up and down, controlling the depth and force of his penetration.

He pulled her clit into his mouth and began to gently lash it with his tongue, at the same time he slipped his thumb into her love canal. His middle finger found her rosebud and began to lightly glide over its surface, causing Max to move her hips trying to avoid the tickling sensation it provided.

When he recognized she was close to climax, Lee pushed her over the edge by thrusting his finger full length into her anus.

Max first straightened out like a board, her body quivering like a plucked harp string. She then curled up like a shrimp, taking Lee’s cock so deep in her throat he could feel her voice box vibrating directly against his crown as she screamed around his staff, triggering his own rapture.

When his ejaculatory spasms ended, he collapsed on his sister, and rolled to the side. She wrapped her arms around his hips, holding him in place in her mouth, until he had softened to his normal, flaccid size, sucking out all the seminal fluid she could.

When she finally released him, Lee turned around to hug and kiss his twin, saying, “God, I love you. Marry me! To hell with oily Don! We’ll sell the company, replace the money and go live on an island somewhere.”

Max beamed, her smile lighting up her face, making her more beautiful, if possible. “I love you, too, Lee. That was incredible. This has all been incredible, so much better than I ever dreamed.

“Marrying you and running away to an island is tempting, but…”

“Don’t say but! I hate that friggin’ word! It has to be the greatest destroyer of fantasies God ever devised. I know we have some jobs to do, but don’t say we can’t get married when they’re done.

“Nobody here knows me by any name but Brock. I don’t have any apparent connection, family or otherwise, except for the stock, to Carruthers and Co. Machine Tools. We can come back here and live.”

She smiled and kissed him lightly on his lips. “Okay, when we’re done, if you still want to, we’ll get married.” She paused and her face darkened. “And, while Don probably will go to hell, I want to make sure he’s punished here on Earth, too. In every way I can think of.”

Lee stimulated Max to two more climaxes that afternoon. His hands explored her body, learning her ticklish areas; the caresses which enhanced her arousal, and the ones which inhibited it; how and where she liked to be kissed, and how and where not to. Over the afternoon he learned when he could be rough, and when he needed to be gentle and tender.

In between, they talked about what they were going to do, and what they would need. Late in the afternoon, he called his partner.

“Pete, something’s come up and I’m going to need some extended time away…no, I can’t talk about it right now, especially over the phone…sort of a family business problem…do you have any contacts back East, near upstate NY…I’m going to need the services of a forensic accountant and a business analyst/forecaster…you?

“That ‘s what I was hoping, but didn’t want to ask. I’m already nearly torpedoing the business. I’m not sure how long this will take, possibly a couple of years to get things all turned around. I’ll call you late next week about getting that other stuff started. Thanks, Pete.”

Later that evening, the horny twins came to the realization that if they didn’t get out of the house soon, they were in danger of fucking themselves to death. They were both so sore they were sitting on ice packs to control the inflammation and swelling.

With a rueful grin, Lee suggested they pack up in the morning and drive back to Riverview, the small city where their father had re-located the family business after their mother’s death, some 22 years ago.

It took Lee and Max three days to make the fourteen hour drive. During the ‘road’ time, they decided how to inform their father of what was happening, and how to proceed with the remainder of their campaign.

Late Monday evening they pulled into the driveway of their father’s large Victorian home. There was a car unfamiliar to Max parked in front the garage bay her father usually used. She directed Lee to the fourth bay, the one usually reserved for visitors. Grabbing their suitcases, they went into the house through the garage.

From the kitchen they heard some strange grunting sounds coming from the living room. Setting the bags down, they quietly made their way to the source of the sound, and found a naked couple busily engaged in the horizontal dance known as the Waltz of the Two Backed Beast.


“Pop! Gram?”

“What? Who?” said the woman.

“Oh shit!” exclaimed their father. “What the hell are you two doing here?”

“I guess we don’t need to ask the same question,” laughed Lee, “but you and Gram? How long…”

“That,” interjected their mother’s mother, “is of no concern to you.” The early-60-something attractive widow had the modesty to blush, as her mid-20′s twin grandchildren took in, not only her activity, but that both she and her son-in-law were not only nude, there were no articles of clothing to be seen in the room.

“Gram, don’t misunderstand. I’m not condemning what you’re doing. If anything, I should applaud you both…”

“Why, did you think we older folks forgot how?” she asked, with a small smile, knowing she had just discomfitted her grandson and diverted the focus from her and her partner.

Lee understood immediately that the focus had shifted and grinned. “Obviously not. We’ll let you finish and go make some coffee, or cocktails; which would you rather?”

With a saucy grin, his grandmother replied, “Coffee for me; I’ve already had my cocktail.”

“Edie!” exclaimed Ian, her fifty year-old son-in-law.

“Oh, hush, Ian. When you’re caught with your pants down, you can accept it and laugh, or try to cover yourself and weep with shame. There’s nothing to be ashamed about except forgetting to lock the doors, and,” she said, looking around, “not bringing something to cover up with. Maxie, could you be a dear and go get us robes or towels or something?”

With a smile, Max nodded and headed for the back of the house. Lee turned to follow her, saying, with a grin, “I’ll go put on the coffee while you two finish up. No hurry.”

“You young smart-ass!,” Ian shouted after them. “Just for that remark, I’ve got half a mind to go ahead and finish…”

“Feel free, Pop; we would.” Lee interrupted, the laugh plain in his voice.

The implication was plain, if you were looking for it, or expecting it. The older couple looked at each other, realization on their faces.

“Lee, when you get the coffee started, would you come back in here, please,” called Edie.

He came back to the living room, trailing Max who was carrying a pair of terrycloth robes. They watched as the older couple stood and donned the robes, Lee ogling his grandmother’s shapely body as if she were a teenager. She caught him and gave him an understanding smile.

“How long have you two been intimate?” she asked him.

“Huh? What do you mean?” he stammered.

“Oh, c’mon, Lee! You think we’re idiots? That last remark, ‘We would.’ if it didn’t mean you two are having sex, what does it mean?” demanded Ian.

Softly, Max interjected, “Lee took my virginity last Wednesday night.” She paused to look at her father and grandmother, “at my request. We were going to tell you, Dad, later this week, after we took care of some other stuff.”

“But there’s something else, isn’t there, Pop? That remark, by itself, could mean anything or nothing. But, right away, you assumed we were lovers; why?”

Ian sort of hemmed and hawed, clearing his throat. Edie broke in. “Go ahead and tell them, Ian. They have the right, and the need, to know the family history.”

“Yeah, Pop, that would be very interesting, because there’s precious little available on the internet. About the only place our family, from you back, shows up is in the census records. No birth records, no death records, no marriage records, no church…”

“Well, son, it looks like you’ve done some homework. Why?”

“You’re evading the question, Pop. What is there about the family history that made you jump to the conclusion that we’d been intimate?”

“Hmph. There isn’t any easy way to put it; incestuous relationships run in our family. I know for sure my grandparents, your great grandparents, were, like you two, brother and sister twins. Their second child, your maternal grandmother here, mated someone outside the family, producing your mom.

“Their first child, your paternal grandfather, my father, also went out of the family. Your mother and I, as you can see, were first cousins. From what your great grandfather told me when I got married, that pattern has been repeated several times over the generations.”

“Apparently not just with marriages,” Lee said with a smile. “Were liaisons like yours frequent?” he asked the older couple.

Edie answered. “The family farm was large, and the farm house had several bedrooms. The family children often brought their new spouses home to stay until their house could be built; and, there were large gatherings for the holidays.

“Let’s just say that the sleeping arrangements were, sometimes,” she paused, searching for the word, “fluid, and included the unmarried siblings who were considered of age, anywhere from fifteen to eighteen, depending on the generation, and the need for partners.

“Once the couple had moved out of the farmhouse, they were expected to stay faithful to each other, except when they came to spend time with the family.

“When a spouse died, it was seen as a family obligation to help meet the physical needs of the survivor when the grieving process was done. So, yes, Lee, liaisons like this were frequent, common, and optional. Any other questions?”

“I don’t remember any large groups at family get-togethers over the years. Was there some sort of big fight?”

“Not like you’re thinking. All that in-breeding took its toll. Between wars, a constitutional low resistance and low fertility, the entire family has been reduced to the people in this room and a pair of older male cousins who live with their spouses on a farm in southern Indiana.”

“What happened to the family farm?”

“Your family business sits on it.” She turned to Max.

“Sweetie, if you’re getting married this weekend, why did you ask your brother to take your virginity?”

Max blushed and hesitated. Lee spoke up, fabricating. “On our fifteenth birthday, we accidentally saw each other naked. Later, when we got over the embarrassment, we promised each other we’d be each other’s first time. I’d forgotten until she came to visit this week.”

“That’s very charming, but, since you didn’t remember, Lee, why did she? Max?”

“Because I didn’t want that prick I’m going to marry to have the satisfaction…”

“Prick? You don’t love him? Then why…”

She looked at Lee. “We should tell them what we’re going to do, and why; don’t you think?”

Lee nodded. “It’s your call; you’re the one who will be at risk, and will suffer the most, however things turn out. I’ll be here to catch you, but you’ll still get hurt some.”

She nodded her understanding, then turned to her father. “Sit down, Daddy; this is a long story. Lee, I think we need something stronger than coffee. You know where the bar is…

“…and so I went out to get Lee to help me,” Max said, ending her story.

Ian looked at his son. “That fucking son of a bitch! You have a plan?”

“We have an outline, and we’ve started the preliminary steps. My partner has a background in forensic accounting, and he knows an expert in business forecasting to help us develop a diversification plan. Pete’ll go over the books to see if he can identify where and how Don stole the money.

“Don, and, I assume, some partners, claim to control fifty and a half percent of the voting stock. We’ll verify whether that is by proxy, or if they really own the stock.

“Either way, I suggest we appear to make some bad judgments about equipment purposes and investments; default on some loans and debts we can arrange to pay on the quiet, making it look like we’re in financial trouble, driving the stock down so it looks like it’s worthless. Then we can buy enough back to regain control.

“If that doesn’t work, Max can ask for the stock in the community property division when she files for divorce.

“She’ll be busy spending his money, or giving it away. Part of the plan is for her to siphon enough money from him to the family to pay back the money he stole to frame you. When it’s all repaid, she can file…”

“And you, Lee; what’s your role?” asked Edie.

“Just before she came out to ask for my help, Max hired me, under my business name, as the VP of Engineering, putting me in charge of product design, development and manufacture. I’ll oversee ‘ruining’ the company without killing it.”

“Any ideas, son?”

“From my consulting work, I’ve seen there are three areas where the demand is outpacing the development of the technology to produce the materials efficiently and economically. Robotics, bio-genetic engineering, and industrial lasers for quality control and production.”


“I don’t know, Pop. Let’s wait and see what Pete’s guy thinks. That’s his specialty.” He looked at Max. “It’s late and we haven’t eaten since early this afternoon someplace in Ohio, and we have a surprise for Don we’re working on that we should get busy at.”

“Something you want to share, or need help with?” asked Edie.

“He blackmailed my OB/GYN for access to my records and discovered my hymen was intact. Come Saturday night, when I undress for him the first time, my breasts, pubes, inner thighs and ass will be covered with hickeys and bite marks, courtesy of my brother, who, as you guessed, has already taken care of the other part of that surprise,” Max answered with a smile.

“I want to find a dress so sheer you can almost read through it. He told me he’s invited his family to the ceremony and dinner afterward.

“Since Lee can’t be there, I’d like you to be there, Daddy, but, given the circumstances, I understand if you don’t want to come. And you, too, Gram”

“Of course we’ll be there, Sweetie. And I’m sure we can find a way for Lee, too, if he wants.

“I gather you’re going to go totally commando, nothing under the dress but a slip? So the marks show, but look like part of the dress. Have you shaved…”

“No; I want them to see my nipples and my bush, and all the marks.”

“Excellent. Leave the dress to me. You look to be about a size 14 tall. I know a seamstress who can have your first fitting done by Wednesday, especially since what you want, for the best effect, is a simple shift, with a little fitting at the waist.”

“I don’t think so, Gram. A shift would make me look kind of naive or innocent. I want a dress that makes me look slutty. Something with a fitted bodice, even a shelf bra to make my boobs look really big, then a pencil skirt with a slit all the way to the hip.

“It’ll make it look like Don’s been kind of busy with his fiancé, and he’ll probably take a lot of kidding about it, which he’ll have to go along with or look like a fool, but he’ll know…

“Daddy, can we come back here for the wedding night? I want to set up a video to record our consummation, in case he wants to try to annul the wedding. I think being here, in your house, will make it easier to coax him into bed than if we’re at a strange hotel. I can appeal to his kinky side.”

“Of course, Sweetie, anything you need. Edie and I will be here, out of sight, in case he gets violent.

“Now, Lee, you said something about food. Do you two need something to eat?”

“I could use a sandwich; how about you, Max?”

“That’ll be great. As long as it’s not peanut butter and jelly,” she answered as they walked into the kitchen.

“Killjoy.” Lee laughed, answering Max’s smile. Ian and Edie traded puzzled looks. “Another time, folks,” Lee said, forestalling their question. “It’s really a mood killer right now.”

“In that case, I’m not sure I ever want to know,” commented Ian, pouring the twins some milk.

“Well, I do,” Edie stated. “It sounds so…” she paused, “sinfully delicious.”

Max snorted his mouthful of milk out through his nose. “You have no idea how right you are, Gram,” he laughed, looking at Max who was trying hard not to giggle.

As Lee helped Max out of her clothes, they looked around her room, choosing places to locate the cameras and motion detector switch that would start the recorder when the couple walked into the room.

They decided on a simple nanny cam, located in one of the teddy bears on her dresser, and a second one located in one of the corner rosettes in the ceiling molding. The motion detector would be in a rosette right across from the door.

He reached around and unbuttoned the cardigan she wore, then pulled it off her shoulders as he bent down to place a light kiss at the junction of her shoulder and neck. She hummed in appreciation.

His hands dropped to her waist, to undo the snap on her slacks and slide the zipper down to the top of her mons. He slid his hand inside and cupped her pussy mound as he placed the first of that night’s love bites on the back of her neck, where it curved into her shoulder.

Max turned in his arms to capture his lips with hers. “Yesss,” she hissed. “Fuckitall, you feel so damn good. Promise me, at least once a week, you’ll fuck me silly. If I don’t have that, I can’t do this. Not just getting laid, but being with you.

“I love you, Lee; I think I’ve always loved you and this,” she pushed her hips into his, “makes it so much much more…I don’t know, grand, majestic, monumental, all of that and more. Just love me back a little, please.”

“More than a little, Maxie. I feel the same way about you. If I had known you did too, I would have stayed around, but it hurt too damned much to see you and not be able to touch you.

“Christ, if we had known the family history, we could have been together from that night. But, we are now, and I’ll be here whenever you need or want me. And when we’re done with Oily Don, we’ll be married, however long it takes; okay?”

She pulled his head down and shoved her tongue down his throat to tickle his testicles. “Yes,” she said when they broke for air. “Now, start painting my body with your love bites, and we still have to get me with child, remember.”

Lee grinned and picked her up in his arms to lay her on the bed. Crawling between her legs, he fastened his mouth to the base of her breast, where the bottom of the breast met her chest wall. While he created a ring around the base of each breast, his hand was busy stroking and penetrating her quim.

In spite of the pain from the bites, her pussy juice was flowing like a river. Max felt more hopeful and alive this night that she had since the shithead had confronted her with his ‘proposal.’ and as exciting as the sex had been with her brother for the past week, the specter of her father’s disapproval had been a bit of a damper.

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