If I were not afraid of shame and assuming practicality is no issue, I’d turn myself into a piece of fuck-meat for well-hung trannies. I’d have an army of the world’s most beautiful and well-hung chicks with dicks living in my mansion. I suppose they’d receive a salary as an employee of mine and not be slaves or something. But I’d say I’d need about 500 trannies for my plans. First, I’d have a good 70 or 80 trannies jack off every morning into a funnel, which would fill a gatorade bottle of sperm. My mouth is watering thinking about having a breakfast of waffles, butter and tranny sperm. I’d polish off my meal with a good couple of gulps of the rest of the sperm left.

And then I’d practice my deepthroating. As an otherwise straight man with a girlfriend and not a lot of access to trannies, I’ve never sucked a cock before. But I’ve seen hardcore gag-fucking in porn and it turns me on to no end. I’ve fantasized about sucking a tranny cock while I fucked myself with my fingers and I think I could take quite a pounding. Again, provided I had the financial resources to do so and either stopped caring what other people thought or could magically make it so that it never got out, I’d love to take a good couple of hours a day and have my mouth treated like a beat-up cunt. We’re talking the kind of face-fucking where you need a bucket nearby so you don’t get puke on the floors. Eventually I’d like to think I’d be getting enough daily practice getting cock-induced laryngitis that I’d become such a skilled deepthroater I could deepthroat a the fat end of a beerbottle without gagging. And of course if I never reached that goal, I’d enjoy the daily abuse anyway.

Personally, I’m a fitness nut so I’d have to get in a daily workout. And with a ton of time on my hands I’d perfect my body by doing a good two or three hours at the gym. It’d be fun to not only have my own private gym, but I’ve always fantasized about smoking a little pot before hand and doing my stuff naked. And if the gym were filled with donkey-dicked trannies, I’d have a great time. I’d love to make one of the more submissive trannies do an hour or so of cardio with a big, long buttplug up her ass. The shower would be a ton of fun. I’d make sure that the shower was one of those prison-style communal showers rather than individual stalls and I’d make sure they were made too small for all the people using it so that you’d be rubbing up against each other. And of course I’d like it so that all the trannies helped each other out during their shower.

I’m very meticulous about my fitness. I make sure I eat right, having a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and high in unsaturated fat, fiber and protein. I take so many pills each morning it’s probably not surprising I have less of a gag-reflex than my girlfriend (whom gets face-fucked regularly by me). I take a multivitamin, several creatine capsules, I happen to also take antidepressants, a human-growth-hormone stimulator, a testosterone stimulator, a protein metabolite called HMB, and a similiar protein metabolite called HBM. My pre-workout drink consists of an N.O. supporter and a shitload of caffeine and amino acids. I have a post-workout high-protein shake and meal and I take half the stuff I took in the morning right before bed, too.

What I’d like to do is replace my post-workout protein shake with one filled with tranny cum. Anything you eat is always better when it’s fresher, so rather than simply putting it in my shake (cum’s not as yummy when it’s cold), I’d like all my gym mates to surround me and cum in my mouth directly.

I’d probably then get a massage. Massages are so fucking nice after a hard work-out.

After that, I’d love to take part in a gang-bang. I don’t get off on pain so much as I do humiliation, so I’d love for the chicks to lead me around on a leash, being called names like “faggot” and “slut.” I bet I could take a good 45-minutes of assfucking. And I’d love for them to all leave their cum in my asshole so it’s overflowing with cum. Maybe we could even have days where you take one of the more submissive trannies and you have her gangbanged and I have to eat the cum overflowing from her asshole. I’d love to reinact, thrust-for-thrust, some of my favorite anal-gaping porns. Any scene from one of the gapemans would be awesome. Or Gape Lovers, too.

And then, honestly, I’d probably get drunk. My mansion would have to function as a mini-city in a way, so it’d need a bar. My trannies would be required to dress like total bimbo sluts at all times, so it’d be cool to hang out with them over a few drinks, flirting and just shooting the breeze for whatever it’s worth. And at the end of each night I’d probably take a tranny home and then fuck her in the ass and throat so I could get off, too.

As much of a degraded fuckpig as I’d like to feel, I’d like to make others feel the same thing. I’d pick one lucky tranny to share in the same lifestyle as I’d live in. We’d snowball cum and suck cocks together. She’d suck the tranny cock that had been fucking my ass to keep it lubed up.

And I wouldn’t feel right had I not sexually subjugated a few trannies as well. I’d love to slap a chastity belt onto a tranny and keep them constantly sexually aroused, but unable to cum or masturbate for weeks on end. Just milking gallons of precum from them and humiliating them by walking them around on a leash and pissing on them and making them feel like whores and sluts. And some, maybe I’d whore them out to random guys in the ghetto and never let them cum. Of course I’d always keep the possibility open.

And imagine how hot an all-tranny orgy would be. Dozens of chicks with dicks all writhing around together putting all sorts of dick in all sorts of holes. If you had an army of trannies like I would have, you could make a rule like you can only fuck in the orgy room so that you’d have a perpetual orgy. Any tranny could decide to stay in there all day and end up soaked in these girls’ cum.

I love hearing from fans. Even if it’s just to know that someone read what I wrote. But any sort of comments are appreciated. I’d especially like to hear from any transexuals out there, just cause I think it’s hot they might be jacking it to something I wrote. Send any and all comments.

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