My name is Lori, I’m 42 years old and I live in Orange County, CA. I have two great kids, Jimmy is 18 and Amber is 19. They are both lifeguards and extremely fit. Both blond, both tan with broad swimmers shoulders. Amber, like me, is very slim with petite but perky breast and bikini lines from being in the sun. Although I’m in my forties, I run, swim and play tennis and keep myself very fit.

My husband passed away about 7 years ago and we have all become very close to each other. We live in a middle class neighborhood and I have to work very hard to maintain our lifestyle.

I also have a sister named Yvonne; she is 38 and married with no children. She and her husband live in a gated community and have lots of money. They seem to have plenty of time for their friends, clients and church friends but little time for me and my kids.

My sister is built very differently from me. She is also blonde and tan but has a very full body, very large natural breasts and curvy hips and bottom, but not fat.

We also have a 36 year old brother that lives out of state. I haven’t seen him in years. He is married but has been separated from his wife for over 6 months.

I don’t mind that my sister doesn’t make much time for me but when she slights the kids, that upsets me. She will make plans to do something with them and then cancel at the last minute almost every time.

I’ve spoken to her several times about this and she promises she will never do it again but she still does.

Yesterday was the last straw, she was going to take my daughter Amber to the mall and buy her some new clothes when she sent a text saying that she would not be able to make it and that they could go another time.

My daughter was upset; she doesn’t have much money and was really looking forward to spending the afternoon with her aunt. She was for the first time visibly upset. I had had it; I was going to have it out with my sister.

I planned on going to her house and confronting her when I received an email from her, inviting me and the kids to the house for dinner, I thought maybe she is trying to make up for all the times she has stood us up and I felt a little better, I still planned on letting her know how much she disappointed Amber.

When we arrived at my sister’s house the next day for dinner I was surprised by how many cars were there. When we went inside the only persons I knew were Roger my brother in-law, my sister Yvonne and my brother whom I hadn’t seen in a couple years.

The others were business contacts and their preacher and members of their church. This was not a family function at all! I was upset and went looking for my sister.

I found her talking to a couple of her church friends when I barged right in. My sister was wearing a very thin floral pattern summer dress, about mid-calf with two little straps holding it up and high heels.

I started to raise my voice about who was more important in her life, family or these so called friends. Her little church friends slowly walked away. My sister turned her back to me and started to walk away, this really infuriated me. I grabbed her by her blonde hair and pulled her backwards. She turned towards me and started swinging. I let her go and pushed her… she fell back into a large overstuffed chair. We grabbed each other and started yelling, a small crowd gathered but nobody stopped us. When she finally did let go, I pushed her back into the chair but held onto the straps on her dress. The thin silky dress tore off and was left in my hands.

My sister, now falling back in only a sheer floral bra that was so thin you could see her large white breasts and very large areolaes and her matching thong, also so sheer you could see that she shaved her pussy.

Her legs flailed open as she landed in the chair. When she stood the entire room looked on as she was practically naked in heels and underwear!

This could not have worked out any better.

Because she was so tan, her white breasts almost glowed, showing the contrast of her large brown areolaes. When she turned toward the stairs, the entire room could see her little thong covering the crack of her ass but her round white ass cheeks were exposed for all to see.

She tried to cover herself and run up the stairs, but I wasn’t done with her yet. I grabbed her bra strap from behind and swung her around. She flew back down to the floor as the front clasp let loose and tore allowing her huge breasts to fall out for all to see. I was now holding her expensive bra in my hand and smiling down on her, feeling pretty good.

When she got up I was surprised when she did not just run up the stairs, instead she came right at me. She socked me hard in the stomach, it took my breath away. I was stunned. She grabbed my white blouse by the sleeve and flung me to the ground. My left sleeve tore completely off, allowing that side of my top to fall, exposing my white lacy bra covering my left breast. Before I could get to my feet, she was on top of me. She outweighs me by 25 pounds, I rolled into a ball as she was pulling and hitting me. She’s bigger and stronger than me but I was always a better fighter.

Soon she was on top of me, both of us facing each other with our arms wrapped around each other, she pressing her large bare breasts into me. As we both struggled, I was surprised nobody intervened. I was able to work my way on top of her, but we were facing in opposite directions, like a 69 position. I had all my weight on her, she was tired, and I was in much better condition. I was able to hold her down and rise up and look around the room. I was on all fours now holding her down. My breast hanging down, my left bra cup allowing more of my breast to be exposed then I would have liked. Showing most of my small firm white boob, but my nipple still barely covered. My white jeans intact and my crouch directly over my sisters face. I was looking down only inches away from my sister’s panty covered pussy.

I looked around the room at all the faces, and saw the look of shock. Also standing there, were my lovely daughter, my brother and son. My son had worked his way around so that he had a great view of his aunt’s panty covered pussy. He had taken his camera phone out and was snapping pictures. With my sister bucking underneath me, my bra strap slipped over my shoulder allowing my left breast to hang, now completely exposed and swaying with the commotion. My son noticed this and started taking close up photos of my exposed tit.

I thought maybe I would give him and everyone else a better view of my sister’s pussy. I grabbed the shear silky material and pulled it hard to one side. Now all could see her clean shaven pussy, my son started snapping away photos of this also.

Roger my brother in-law had seen enough of his trophy wife being displayed for all to see and grabbed my jeans from the back of my waist and started pulling. I was not going to let go. I wrapped both arms around her hips holding tight. This put my face right above her pussy and as we struggled, and pulled she raised her hips a few times and my face would make contact with the soft folds of her pussy lips.

I was dressed to fight, my pants were not going to tear and Roger could see I had a death grip on his wife and was not going to let go. So he grabbed the bottom hem on each leg of my jeans and tried to pull them off. At first they didn’t budge over my hips but soon there were two men pulling and I could feel then inching down. I opened my legs wide trying to prevent them from coming off. I was losing that battle and as I looked over my shoulder at the two men determined to remove my pants I could see more and more of my ass being exposed. Soon the white from my bikini line came into view as my thong did little to hide my tiny bottom.

My sister, still underneath just inches from my crotch watched as my jeans were slowly pulled down exposing my white cotton thong right above her face.

Then in one final pull, they were off. My untanned cheeks exposed with just one little string covering my asshole. My son was now behind me taking some close up pictures of his mother’s white ass hovering over his aunt’s face.

I still was determined to not let go. Roger gave another warning then grabbed the back of my thong and started slowly removing it. His wife, my sister watched as my shaved pussy was slowly coming into view right over her face…. When he pulled my underwear off I made it a point to press my exposed pussy into my sister’s face, and grind my hips and pussy on her nose and mouth. Of course my son loved this – getting pictures of his mother’s exposed pussy being shoved into his aunts mouth. He also knew the opportunity would never come again and took some close-up shots of my tight little pucker hole.

From the looks of all the bulges in the room I think most the men liked it also.

I still did not loosen my grip, when I could feel someone getting very close behind me. I heard another warning then the sound of a zipper. I turned to look over my shoulder and Rogers cock was out and was hard and his engorged cock was aiming for my vulnerable pussy, my legs were open wide straddling his wife’s head. She had the best view in the house when he entered.

He was angry, no fore play here; he buried his cock full hilt, first time and every time after. This hurt, I hadn’t had sex in over a year and my pussy is tight to start with, it was now being brutally fucked.

This first thrust made me loosen my grip on my sister and some of her bible study friends dragged her from under me. Before I could react, a couple women pulled my torn blouse up and over my head leaving me with only half a bra in place. Their preacher grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as far as it would go while ramming his hard cock in my mouth.

From the looks of him and his wife it had been a long time since anyone had sucked his cock. He began saying that I was a sinner and this was my punishment.

How could this happen? One moment I was in complete control and now I was completely exposed and on all fours being fucked from both ends. My daughter looked on, silent, mouth open. My brother was next to the preacher doing nothing, watching this stranger fuck my mouth. He also had a hard-on. My son was moving all around the room documenting this horrible scene with his camera.

Both men were fucking me very hard, this was not sexy, not fun for me. I did not want this.

My brother in-law had a very strong grip on my hips as he drilled my pussy, then without warning in one move he pulled his cock from my pussy and buried it in my very tight ass. I screamed but could not get away… My late husband and I had tried this a couple times but it was always very slow with alcohol and lube. I didn’t like it so we very seldom did anal. I heard the woman react when he did this, I’m sure they knew how much pain I was in.

The old man must have liked this because he soon came in my mouth, forcing it in my throat. Some of his semen dripped from the corners of my mouth. My eyes were closed, glad that was over and praying the ass fuck would finish soon.

With little hesitation another cock was shoved in my mouth, not as rough but fucking my mouth and throat with this larger cock.

I could feel Roger’s pace quicken, thank god he was getting close. Then he came with a few more angry thrust he withdrew from my ass.

Immediately though another cock replaced his in my pussy. I realized right then, I was being gang fucked… and in front of my family!

The new cock in my pussy was a little gentler, but anything would have been soothing at that point.

For the first time I looked up at the man whose cock I was sucking and it belonged to my own brother. I could not believe that he would take advantage of this situation and make his own sister suck his cock.

I know it had been awhile for him also going through a very tough divorce.

For some reason I wanted to make this good for him. I also wanted him to know that I was good in bed. Instead of remaining on all fours, I reached up and squeezed and stroked his cock as he slid it in and out of my mouth. I could see him looking down at me making eye contact.

I have never thought of my brother in a sexual way but perhaps as a young man he had thought about this moment many times and could not pass on this opportunity.

I must have been enjoying it; I could feel my pussy getting turned on… I wanted to resist any appearance of enjoying this forced sex but I started to very gently press my pussy towards each thrust.

My brother was getting close, what should I do… I thought I would pull him out when the time came and jerk him off.

Behind me, the man’s pace was also quickening, I was now openly fucking him back… I was about to cum! It built and built and I was right on the verge when my brother shot his load in my mouth… I didn’t care. I sucked and stroked him trying to get every drop out as I let out a loud moan… “AHhhhhh my god I’m cumming!!!!!”

Then I heard my daughter Amber squeal and say, “Jimmy made mommy cum!” When I heard this I pulled my brother’s cock from my mouth and looked over my shoulder to see the man that just made me orgasm and it was my own son! His eyes closed and his head back he held my hips tight and he fuck his mother’s pussy and hard as he could… and shot his semen deep inside of me.

How depraved was this, yet I was turned on watching, knowing that I was able to make this young man cum.

Both men withdrew their cocks from me and I rolled on my back and sat up. I just wanted to leave when I heard my sister voice coming down the stairs. “Not so fast, I’m not done with you”

When her church group heard this several woman grabbed my arms and legs and held me down on my back. I was unable to move, my arms straight out to my sides and legs opened as far as possible.

My sister appeared with a short silky robe tied in the front and just barely covered her ass. She had a strap-on dildo secured in the front. I thought no way she’s fucking me with that; I have already had four cocks in me… a little mercy. But none today, she kneelt in front of me, my legs and pussy wide open I had no defense.

She slid the black, hard rubber cock deep into my pussy! I was flat on my back watching the hate in her eyes as she fucked her older sisters pussy, I’m sure she has wanted this to happen to me for a long time. Her large breasts were swaying under the thin material and would expose themselves every several thrust. She leaned forward and pulled the rest of my bra down exposing both of my white petite breast… nipples erect, as she leaned forward both of her massive breast fell from her robe and as she roughly squeezed and pinched mine she didn’t seem to care that everyone could see hers.

This was not arousing for me, I have no lesbian tendencies but she reached down and flipped a switch on her strap-on that made it vibrate! She reached up to my shoulders and was able to pull me into her thrust, her huge areolas dangling over my face. I could feel my body betraying me… I did not want to be aroused, I had just cum yet I could feel my pussy and clit getting aroused.

The vibration must have been too much for her also because she was about to cum….I was on the edge. She placed her hand behind my head and forced my face into her to massive soft breast….forcing her nipple into my mouth I started to suck on it! She drew back so everyone could see I was sucking her hard nipples on my own…. She let out a long loud moan as she came!!!

She reached behind her and unbuckled the strap-on. She stood, leaving it buried all the way in my pussy and buzzing away. My legs still being held wide apart I could do nothing, I was on the verge of Cumming and she knew this. There I was spread wide and moaning and humping the air trying to get off. They laughed. I just needed a few more strokes in my cunt and I would be done. I must have laid there and buck wildly for two long minutes before my loving daughter finally had seen enough. She stepped up and pulled the dildo from my pussy, making a very wet sound.

My sister did not like this and ordered her to put it back in, she said no. She said either you put the vibrator back in your mom or you will take her place. When I heard this I could not watch this happen to my innocent little girl and told Amber “its ok, do what she says”.

Amber looked confused, not sure what to do. My sister looked at her friends and said “hold her” and they grabbed her and held her in place. Amber said “Ok,ok I’ll do it” my sister response was “Your damn right, but you’ll do it my way” With that my sister reached over and unsnapped her short little shorts and let them slide off Amber’s slim hips and were on the ground around her ankles. She was wearing a little pink thong that I must have washed and folded and put away 20 times.

All could see her bikini lines as her white, tiny bottom was exposed. They also pulled her little tank top off over her head displaying a matching pink bra supporting her tiny firm breast.

Nobody seemed to notice but me that her brother was again busy taking pictures, now of his sister standing in just a throng and bra. My sisters friends helped strap the dildo on her even though she was protesting.

I’m not liking what was about to happen – I see her being pushed in my direction. My legs and pussy spread wide, the cum of two men and myself making me very slippery. She could not miss the target.

My little girl kneelt between my legs and with one hand started directing the dildo towards my pussy, she mouth to me “sorry mom”, then she placed the tip of the rubber cock in my pussy. She slowly and gently started to fuck her mom. This was the first slow fucking I had this afternoon. Every other one had been very hard and fast. She fucked me slowly as the room watched, my son directly behind his sister getting as close as her could for penetration shots! His sisters white cheeks directly in front of him. This slow fuck went on for a few minutes; my sister grew impatient and ordered her to fuck me faster and harder.

My sister turned the vibrator portion back on, I could see my daughter quickening the pace…. The vibrator stimulating her clit through the thin material of her thong. I could she she was getting aroused, my sister came behind her and with one pull slid Ambers thong down around her thighs… the vibrator was making direct contact on her clit…. My little girl was about to cum. The men, including my son and brother and some of the woman moved to get a better look at Ambers now exposed asshole and glistening pussy.

She reached up and grabbed both my shoulders, both eyes closed and she was about to orgasm. With her leaning forward you could see her bra was a couple sizes too big as her bra hung down allowing the entire crowd to see her entire breast and nipples sway as she fucked me.

Soon, she was whimpering holding my breast and squeezing them. They let go of my arms and legs and I reached down and held my daughters ass cheeks and pulled her close for a deeper penetration…. We both moaned. I could feel her fluids running down my thighs! It was a loud hard climax for both of us.

The crowd applauded, and laughed. My daughter and I grabbed our clothes and my son and ran to the car.

We drove home, not a word was spoken until we got in the driveway when Amber said “We need to get even with that bitch”

Note, I’m open to any ideas to get even with my sister.


Scarlet took a deep, nervous breath. This was it. Weeks of planning, months of conversation, and she was finally going to meet her Dom. Of course, she wouldn’t see him. But she looked forward to the sound of his breath and his harsh voiced threats. Tonight he was coming to her flat. She had given him her address and left the door unlocked and was signing off her computer ready to snuggle into bed in the pitch black. Her anticipation heightened, she knew what was coming and she could barely contain her excitement. The man she trusted and respected but more importantly loved was going to come to her flat and act out her deepest, darkest fantasy. Rape.

After several hours waiting wrapped up in her duvet, she gave up. Wondering if he had decided against it, she drifted into a light restless sleep.

Hands grabbed her throat with an iron grip, a raspy, deep voice hissed into her ear “make one noise and you will regret it”. Scarlet’s eyes bulged and she gave her best attempt at a nod and was instantly wide awake. Ken removed the duvet from her with one hand, the other still clamped on her throat and then rolled her over and snapped stele handcuffs around her wrists. He then removed her shorts and was pleased to find her without panties. He slipped a finger down her slit, her soaked pussy betrayed the tiny scared whimpers coming from her.

He slipped a blindfold over her pretty green eyes, making absolute sure she wouldn’t catch a glimpse of him before turning on the light. He took out a bottle of lube and applied a small amount to her asshole. Ken then proceeded to take an inflatable butt plug from his rucksack and slowly, gently began pushing it into her asshole. She cried out and he brought a hand up to her throat, making hushed but bitter threats. He pushed harder and she felt her muscles clench down, fighting the unwanted invasion. The plug was driven home and her muscles tightened on the narrower section. She felt stretched and full, nothing had ever put pushed into her ass before. Ken whispered “one pump to inflate it for every noise you make, slut”. Scarlet nodded her understanding and heard the unzipping of jeans. With one solid thrust he impaled her. She bit her pillow to muffle a scream, but felt the plug grow bigger in her ass for her efforts. His dick was huge, and with the plug as well, she felt she would rip in two. The plug rubbed against the same wall as her pussy and she almost came on the spot, were it not for her hands behind her back preventing her from stroking her clit.

Ken began to thrust, taking no mercy and enjoying her muffled screams. She was tight and when he pumped the plug up slightly she clamped down on him. After thrusting hard into her, Ken pulled out and rolled her over. When he grabbed her mouth to open it and pushed his cock in, she bit him lightly. This wasn’t what he expected and almost took him by surprise. Cooly, a ring gag was taken from the bag and forced behind her teeth, the strap pulled tightly behind her head. He eased his dick over her frantic tongue, and down her throat slowly, feeling her constrict and gag. He held it there for some time, showing her who was boss, unless she began to kick and panic. He pulled back slightly to give her air through her nose but kept the tip in her mouth, using an aggressive tone to remind her that he was boss.

After only a few thrusts, cum exploded down her throat, she sucked and swallowed desperately, gagging hard on his cock. Once he had pulled out, he saw tears streaming down her face from under the blindfold and drops of cum decorated her lips. He then pushed a large, veined dildo into her pussy, once again hearing her whimpers and inflating the plug. He pulled a thick black strap around her waist and under her crotch, holding the plug and dildo in tight. By now he knew she would be very ready to cum, but he was going to make her wait. After clipping the straps together snug, he rose off the bed and went into the kitchen, leaving her cuffed, with her mouth held open and toys stuffed tightly into her ass and pussy.

Ken returned from the kitchen with the tub of vanilla ice cream he had asked her to buy the day before, with a devious grin on his face, he said out loud for his own amusement that it was going to be a very long night.

“You know who I’d like to fuck? B’Elanna Torres from Voyager,” said Christine as she mashed the buttons on her playstation controller. “And I’d fuck that bitch Harry Kim too, see him play that flute with my rod up his ass.”

“Who the hell are these people you’re talking about? Jessie said as she sat next to Christine on the couch with her arms stretched across the back rest, watching as Christine played a videogame. “And you wonder why people call you a nerd.”

Christine threw Jessie an annoyed look through her black rimmed glasses and turned back to her game. “Just because I like Star Trek and video games does not make me a nerd. Look who’s talking anyway. Who do you think you are with that makeup, the queen of the damned?”

“Hmph, I wouldn’t expect your fat ass to know anything about style,” responded Jessie calmly.

“My ass is not fat!” Christine snapped. “I’m what you’d call voluptuous.”

“Ha! Who the fuck are you kidding? Robbie, don’t you think she has a fat ass?” Jessie turned to Robbie who was sitting in an arm chair to her right with an irritated look on his face.

“Uh…I don’t know,” he said. “Why don’t you just leave me out of it? I don’t even know what I’m doing here.” The three of them were hanging out in Jessie’s off campus apartment. The two girls had dragged him back there when they ran into him in the campus cafeteria during breakfast, saying that they wanted to make it up to him for all the hurting they put his butt through. He was pretty sure they’d do no such thing, but he knew that if he refused they would just threaten him with exposure and he’d go along in the end. Besides, he just didn’t have the energy to argue.

“You don’t wanna be here?” Christine said without looking away from the TV screen. “I thought we were friends.”

“Friends?!” his nerves were starting to get frayed. “After what you two did to me?”

“Again with this?” Christine huffed out her mouth in exasperation. “We said we were sorry, cant you just let it go already?”

Is this girl delusional or is she just fucking with me?

“We enjoy your company, is that so hard to believe?” Jessie turned her head towards him and studied his face. He noticed right then that the way Jessie spoke did not match her appearance; if he’d talked to her on the phone he’d think he was speaking to a professor or some other type of intellectual.

“Well I don’t enjoy yours,” he said.

“We all know that’s not true…God damn it I just got sniped! I hate these camping bastards!” Christine yelled at the screen. “I was on a kill streak, too!”

“Would you give it a rest already?” Jessie rolled her eyes and gave Robbie a look as if to say, what a nerd, right?

“Ugh, but there’s nothing else to do,” said Christine in a whiny voice.

“Maybe Robbie can suggest something,” Jessie said. “Any ideas, Robbie?”

“Yeah, how about you two go jerk each other off and leave me the fuck alone?” he said, regretting it as soon as soon as the words came out of his mouth. He knew that antagonizing these bitches was not a good idea, but he was pissed that they were acting as if they were his friends, as if each of them hadn’t forced herself into his ass.

Christine turned away from her game and looked at him with raised eyebrows, then looked at Jessie and they both laughed. “I just love it when you talk dirty,” said Jessie, and started fondling her cock through her jeans. “Don’t you know your just stirring my loins with that talk?”

“I think he does know,” said Christine. “I think he’s being slutty and is trying to tease us.” He cursed himself a dozen times over in his head for opening his big mouth.

“That’s not very nice, Robbie. Nobody likes a cock tease,” said Jessie. He couldn’t help but notice the distinctly visible bulge that was snaking down her right thigh. His heart started racing at the sight of it. “Happy now? Now you’ve got us all hot and bothered.”

That’s it, I can’t take it anymore, he thought. He knew that if they wanted him they would have him; he had no delusions about who was in control here. The problem was that he could see that he was one or two fucks away from being turned into their personal, living jizz rag. He decided at that moment to end it, telling himself that even if they did expose him it would be better than getting sodomized every time one of them got an itch.

“Look…” he said as he stood up. He swallowed hard, trying to wet his throat which was suddenly dry.”It’s over, ok? I’m not going along with this anymore. You can expose me or do whatever the hell you want. I don’t care anymore.” He was trying his best to sound determined and confident, but didn’t really fell like he was succeeding.

“Don’t care, huh?” Christine looked at him with amused eyes, and then turned to Jessie, “I don’t think he comprehends the situation here.”

Jessie nodded slowly. “Do you think we’re the only chicks with dicks around here?”

Her question caught him off guard, and he just looked at her blankly. “What are you talking about?”

“Well, the moment Christine deflowered you, you officially became a sissy,” Jessie said. Christine just beamed at him, looking quite pleased with herself. “Which means that no matter how hard you try to act macho, every girl with a dong around here is now and forever gonna see you as a pussy that can’t protect his own asshole. And they are all gonna want a piece.” Both girls looked highly amused by the stunned look on his face.

He suddenly felt as if the room was spinning, so he let himself fall back into his chair. He opened his mouth to say something but he just didn’t know what to say. This was it, disaster. Having these two use and abuse him was certainly bad enough, but the idea that there were plenty more of these freaks out there just waiting for the chance to get a piece of him…it was just too much to handle. His heart was beating so fast that he though it would burst out of his chest.

“Haha, my god, don’t look so terrified,” said a grinning Christine. “It’s not gonna happen that way. Unless of course…”

“Unless you walk out that door,” Jessie finished the sentence. She leaned forward in her seat with a serious look on her face. “None of those bitches is gonna come at you if they know that your ass belongs to us. We are the only thing that’s stopping you from becoming a public cum dump.” She smiled at him as she got up off the couch, and then sat next to him on his chair’s armrest. “Don’t worry baby, nobody’s gonna run a train on you.” She looked him in the eye and stroked his hair.

“Not yet, anyway,” said Christine, and they both started laughing.


Robbie’s roommate Scott sat in his swiveling chair by the computer and watched with amusement as Robbie moaned and muttered in his sleep. The noises he was making were too loud not to notice, and Scott just couldn’t concentrate on his work.

Robbie was naked except for his underwear, and half his cock was poking out of the band, laying flat on his stomach. It was stiff as a rock, which was odd because he had already ejaculated twice all over himself. There were streaks of jizz that had spurted all the way to his chest, and even more of it was pooling up in his bellybutton.

“No please,” he muttered. “Not in my ass.”

Scott couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and was having a hard time containing his laughter.

“There’s too much cum in my ass already. Please…ugh…ughghhhhh,” Robbie’s body stiffened as semen exploded from his dick for the third time, in amounts that were just as plentiful as the first two orgasms.

Scott couldn’t take it anymore, and he just burst out laughing. Robbie opened his eyes and blinked a few times as he tried to recognize his surroundings. When he finally did, he propped himself up and looked at Scott with irritation.

“What the fuck, man?” he croaked sleepily as he rubbed his eyes. “What’s with all the noise? I’m trying to sleep here. “

“Oh, I bet,” said Scott with a wide grin and nodded towards Robbie’s chest.

Robbie looked down at himself, and his eyes grew wide with horror when he saw that his chest and stomach were caked in white gunk, and that he had a raging erection sticking out of his boxers and pointing up his face. “What the fuck?!” he grabbed the crumpled up bed sheet and quickly covered himself with it.

“So tell me, how does it feel to have a nice cock in your ass? Pfff, hahahaha” Scott slapped his desk with his hand as he reeled with laughter.

Robbie could feel his face grow hot with embarrassment. What the hell could he possibly say to save face? He leapt off of his bed with the sheet wrapped around his chest and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it shut. He jumped into the shower, and after he had scrubbed himself rigorously he just stood there, letting the warm water pour over his face. He looked down at his cock, which was only half erect now, and shook his head in frustration.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he said, and suddenly he remembered the dream.

He was at the graduation ceremony in his old highschool, sitting in a front row seat in the auditorium. When it was his turn to go up on stage and receive his diploma, he walked up the steps and saw that one of his favorite teachers, Mrs. Brooke, was standing on the stage with no pants on. He traced up her legs with his eyes, from her feet and up to her huge, pendulous balls and her long, thick erection.

Next thing he knew he was bent over a stool with two of his female friends holding him down by each arm. He pleaded to the girls to let him go, only to have Mrs. Brooke position herself behind him and dive into his ass.

“I always though you were…ugh…a bit of a slut,” she huffed as she slammed her hips into him. “But I never imagined you’d take cock so readily.” His balls tightened and in no time at all he started spurting his jizz all over the floor, which only made Mrs. Brooke chuckle between grunts. She slapped his ass cheeks with both hands, and started cupping and fondling them. “Ooh your ass is soft.” She squeezed his butt hard, moaning as her dick churned his rectum into butter. He felt it swell up inside him before releasing a burning hot torrent of cum.

Then, one by one, every female student in attendance took her turn with him up on the stage. Each of them were steadily filled him up with so much cum that he was starting to taste it in his mouth. One of them, after pulling out of his ass, turned him on the stool so that his rear was facing the audience. She spread his cheeks, exposing his gaping hole to the entire room and letting everyone see how the thick jizz bubbled and spurted out of his butt. The entire audience burst out in laughter and applause, and he could hear people saying things like, “what a whore,” and “can you believe he likes it?”

The laughter and condemnation filled him with shame, but the more he was mocked, the more his dick twitched and blasted cum everywhere.

He stood there in the shower and shook his head to bring himself back to reality, and sighed in frustration when he noticed that his dick was back at full mast. He stood beneath the falling water for a few minutes, waiting for his erection to subside. The problem was that his mind kept going back to that dream, and his cock showed no signs of letting up. “I fucking hate my life,” he muttered.

His anus was still feeling a bit sore, so he reached behind him with his right hand and started gently rubbing his sphincter. As he tried to massage away the pain, he tensed up as the tip of his middle finger accidentally slipped inside, and a little precum starting dribbling out the tip of his cock. It was distressing how easily his finger had just slid up there, and how such a small amount of anal stimulation provoked an instantaneous reaction from his cock. He just couldn’t believe how worked up he was. He felt that if he didn’t do something about this erection it would never go away.

Fuck me, he thought in frustration, and pushed his finger into his butt up to the second knuckle. He slid it in and out a few times before inserting his ring finger as well. He kept speeding up the pace until his ass started making an obscene squishing sound, which probably would have been audible, even through the bathroom door, if it wasn’t for the shower.

“Fuck…” he groaned as he felt his knees weaken, and leaned with his other hand on the wall for support. Every moan he let out made him feel as if he was being showered in shame and not water.

What the hell am I turning into? Just one week ago if someone had told him that he’d be standing in a shower with his fingers up his own ass, and with his knees shaking like a girl about to orgasm, he’d have probably knocked that person out.

It didn’t take long for him to reach his limit. He bent his knees in half a squat and moaned loudly as he continued his frenzied self-violation. He looked down at his cock and watched as it twitched a few times before its hole dilated and spewed cum all over the side of the bathtub. He spasmed as the last of it shot out of his dick, then pulled his fingers out of his butt with pop.

After stepping out of the shower and getting dressed, he braced himself in order to face his prick of a roommate. He opened the door and stepped out. Scott was still sitting in his chair, chatting with someone on his computer. When he saw Robbie he turned towards him.

“If it isn’t Mr. Fuck my Heiny!” he said, laughing at his own joke like it was the funniest thing ever. Robbie took a deep breath and tried to contain his anger.

“Look, I need you to keep whatever you saw to yourself,” he said, trying to remain as calm as he could.

“Now why would I wanna do that?” Scott grinned at him, making Robbie just want to punch him in his stupid, satisfied face. “Wait till my girlfriend hears about this. She’s gonna crack the fuck up.”

Robbie breathed out in frustration, and thought about Scott’s pretty girlfriend having a good old laugh at his expense. But then suddenly he got an idea.

“Tell you what Scottie, if you keep quiet about this, I’ll introduce you to a smoking hot chick who’s always down to fuck.”

Scott looked at him skeptically but seemed interested in the prospect. “Oh yeah? Who’s this girl then?”

“Trust me, she’s DTF. In fact, she has this girl friend who she always likes to have threesomes with.” Robbie watched for Scott’s reaction, and he knew that he’d reeled him in with the promise of fucking two chicks at the same time.

“Ok, fine,” said Scott. “But if you’re playing me…”

“Oh trust me, you’re gonna have a grand ol’ time.” Robbie smiled to himself as he turned and walked out the door.


Robbie stood in front of the hookah bar, nervously smoking a cigarette. He was starting to think that maybe this was a bad idea. He didn’t know how the girls would react to him ‘setting them up’. What if they get mad? Why am I even doing this?

When he had called Jessie and told about the date all she said was, “ok, we’ll meet you there,” before hanging up.

He’d thought that setting up his prick of a roommate with the dong sisters, as he came to think of them, would have been an appropriately poetic way of getting back at him. He was angry when he thought it up, but now that he’s calmed down and had a chance to think about it, he was getting more and more anxious. He just had this feeling that it was gonna backfire on him somehow.

“Fuck it,” he said to himself and tossed his cigarette on the ground, stomping it out. He walked into the hookah bar and looked around. The place was smoky and dimly lit, and each table had a couch next to it, except for the low tables which were surrounded by cushions. The room was divided into two sections, one of them wasn’t visible from the entrance.

He didn’t see them anywhere so he walked further inside, and when he turned the corner he spotted a short, blonde girl waving at him from a table at the far corner of the room. When he walked closer he saw that it was that irritating little imp Trixie. What the fuck is she doing here? She was sitting on the couch by the table along with Christine and Jessica. It was actually two couches that intersected at the corner of the walls. Jessica was sitting on the left side while Christine and Trixie were sitting on the other.

“Come, sit,” Trixie happily tapped on the seat next to her, but he ignored her and sat next to Jessica.

“So where is he?” Christine said. She was chewing on a toothpick and looked a bit nervous.

“He should be along shortly,” he said. He looked at Jessica who was her usual calm self, which highlighted how weirdly fidgety Christine was being. “Is everything alright?” he asked

“Yeah. What do you mean?” she said. For once she her black hair wasn’t tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a red top that showed off her ample cleavage. He had never seen her like this before. She usually used to dress simple, and you could tell she was uncomfortable. She kept fidgeting around with her glasses and adjusting her tits.

He turned to Jessie. “What’s wrong with her?” he asked.

“She’s nervous about meeting Scott,” said Jessie.

“I am not!” Christine said indignantly. Robbie looked at her with a smirk. Scott was a pretty popular guy, and Christine was never one to interact with his kind of crowd. It was pretty amusing seeing her out of her element like this.

“It’s ok, Chrissie. Maybe Robbie can do something for you to take your mind off it,” Trixie said with that eternally goofy smile on her face.

“What do you have in mind?” Jessie asked her.

“Well, Christine was telling me before how she gets irritated when she has an over-full nut sack,” Trixie said, her smile growing wider as she looked at Robbie. As soon as he’d walked in and seen her he knew there was gonna be trouble. He hadn’t even been sitting there for two minutes and already they’d started with the sex talk.

“You know, he was really excited to meet you,” he said quickly, trying to change the subject, and conveniently leaving out the fact that he didn’t tell Scott the identity of his ‘blind date’.

Christine just looked at him silently, an uncomfortably familiar look in her eye. Uncomfortable for him, that is. Every time he’d seen that look he’d ended up having girl gunk somewhere on, or inside his person. “Where the hell is this guy?” he checked his watch and glanced around the place.

“I think you’re onto something, Trix,” Christine said slowly. She bit her lip as she eyed him up and down. “Jessie, would you switch places with me?”

Jessie grinned and said, “by all means.”

“No!” Robbie blurted out, and felt his face flush when the three girls started laughing at him. Jessie got up and sat next to Trixie, while Christine slid over so that she was sitting to the left of him. She sat in a very unladylike manner, with her legs spread apart. He could already see the outline of her monster cock starting to lift up her skirt.

His heart started beating faster and he looked around nervously. The lights where dim and the place wasn’t exactly crowded, but their table was within sight of half the people there. Thankfully though almost all of them were couples lost in each other’s eyes, and probably wouldn’t pay attention to whatever’s going on at the table in the corner.

Christine leaned closer to him so that her large, soft breast pressed into his upper arm. He looked down at her chest and could see a good portion of the top of her tits. Being so close to her half naked flesh made him feel a rush of adrenaline in his veins. It had been a while since he played with a pair of boobs, or fondled a nice, soft ass. He felt his dick starting to stir in his pants.

Christine spread her legs further and her skirt started riding up her thighs. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the swelling head of her cock peek out from under the hem.

This is my attempt at a “porn parody” (for lack of a better description) of Ancient Greek mythology. It is not a direct adaptation of any one story, but an original tale made of tropes and archetypes pulled from several Greek myths. The intention was not only to create a work of erotic fantasy, but an epic saga that paid loving tribute to the poets and playwrights of antiquity.

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy.

Chapter 6

The three travelers continued moving northward, trading stories about themselves as they went. Their progress was unimpeded until the time came one evening to set up camp. Tythoros pointed to an opening in a mountain nearby, though its entrance was blocked by an enormous stone.

“This cave will serve as shelter for us,” he said.

“A fine shelter indeed,” remarked Callioa, “for no man or beast could get inside there.”

Sidrophus, meanwhile, simply looked on as Tythoros easily pushed the boulder aside.

“By the golden reins of Artemis,” asked Callioa, “how did you come upon such power?”

“I wish to the gods that I knew,” Tythoros answered. “Perhaps it was granted to me by Plakinos, that kindly man who raised me from childhood to cut and carry stone.”

Callioa turned to Sidrophus. “Are all men from the city blessed with such strength?”

“In truth, fierce Callioa, they are not. I could only wish to have such endurance as that of good Tythoros.”

“And I,” said Tythoros, “could only wish to have your aim and stealth with a bow.”

“I am well aware of his skill at archery,” Callioa said curtly.

There followed a tense pause, as each of them silently wished that the previous few seconds could somehow be undone.

Finally, Tythoros pointed skyward. “The hour grows late,” he said. “Come, let us make camp and retire for the night.”

Just as the three of them set down their burdens, a peculiar jingling sound was heard.

“Do you hear that?” asked Sidrophus.

“I do,” replied Tythoros. “But what is it?”

The three of them spread out in search for the peculiar noise. It was Callioa who first figured out what it was.

“Tamborines,” she said. “We must stay close!” she shouted, turning around to face her companions. They all turned back to find that their belongings had vanished.

“Have you lost something, foolish travelers?”

The voice belonged to one of two ugly and bearded men, both of them carrying the stolen supplies. They had round and upturned noses, with horns and pointed ears like those of animals. Though they appeared like men from the waist upwards, they stood on legs like those of a goat and rough, bristled fur covered their bodies entirely.

“Satyrs,” hissed Callioa. “After them, quickly!”

In a flash, the creatures ran away into the forest, laughing and shaking their tamborines as they fled. Their speed and the growing cover of dusk might have made their getaway easy, but their constant noise gave away their position. Tythoros followed them with an endurance that could outrun and outlast any creature of the forest. Callioa ran in tireless pursuit as well, after a lifetime of chasing down far stealthier prey.

Still, the chase was not an easy one. The satyrs led their hunters around trees, through branches, over bushes and streams. Yet Tythoros was too powerful to relent and Callioa knew her way around forested land too well.

At last, Tythoros made a running leap at the satyr he was chasing and wrestled him to the ground. At the very same moment, Callioa had captured her quarry and twisted his arms into an especially painful lock. Her satyr cried out in pain.

“I am sorry!” he screamed. “I am sorry! We were only having fun! Please let me go, for we never did harm to any of your company!”

“Pathetic,” sneered Callioa. “You satyrs are such worthless and cowardly jokers.”

“Yes, I am only a coward,” the creature sobbed. “I am such a pathetic creature next to your beauty.” He howled in pain as Callioa tightened her hold.

“It was not my beauty that caught you,” she corrected, “but my strength and speed.”

“Yes, I am but a slow weakling compared to you,” the satyr amended. “Please just take your things and let us go, I beg of you.”

“You shall never trouble us again?” asked Callioa.

“Never, should I live a hundred years.”

“And all the other satyrs in this wood will leave us in peace?”

“I will see to it, I swear to you.”

“Then get out of my sight.” Callioa released the satyr, who then hurried away into the woods. Tythoros then turned to the satyr in his hold.

“Shall I turn you over to her?” he asked. In response, the satyr shook his head wildly.

“Then I believe we have an agreement. You and your kind leave us be.” Tythoros released his captive, who quickly followed his companion.

“Well done,” said Tythoros. “No woman from the city could have run with such speed or intimidated with such bravery.”

Callioa brushed an auburn hair back into place. “It takes little bravery to scare a satyr,” she said. “They are normally quite peaceful, and any offense they give is meant purely in jest.”

“They were quite difficult to catch, for such peaceful creatures.” he pointed out.

“Satyrs are most elusive,” replied Callioa. “Most hunters spend their lives failing to catch a satyr with bow and arrow, but you did it with your bare hands. I never thought I would see or hear of any man who could claim such a feat.”

Tythoros looked toward her. Callioa’s diamond-shaped face glinted with the moonlight reflected from her green eyes. He was moved to ask why she rebuked any compliment about her beauty, when another thought came to his mind.

“Sidrophus,” he said. “Where is Sidrophus?”

They looked around to find that indeed, he was nowhere to be found.

“It seems he could not match our pace,” said Callioa. “He must have been left behind.”

“We must search for him.”

“The night has grown too dark,” argued Callioa. “If we search for him, we will only get lost ourselves.”

“We cannot leave him behind,” Tythoros insisted.

“He will have to wait until daylight.”

“As we sleep here and hope he survives?!”

“Wait,” said Callioa. “Listen.”

At that moment, the two of them heard a distant brustling noise. They moved to face it, bracing for combat as the noise moved closer. Very soon, another satyr made himself known, carrying Sidrophus over his shoulder.

“I believe this man is one of your company?” asked the satyr as his passenger was lowered to the ground.

“He is,” answered Tythoros. “Thank you.”

“Go you well, travelers,” said the satyr as he ran off. “And pray forgive my brothers for their sport.”

Sidrophus watched as Tythoros and Callioa traded an uneasy glance. “What troubles you?” he asked.

“Are you unhurt?” Tythoros asked him.

“Yes, I am quite well, and yourselves?”

“It is good that we are all well,” replied Tythoros, “for we must keep moving.”

“Why?” asked Sidrophus. “Would it not be safer to set camp here?”

“If the satyrs meant to play with us,” explained Callioa, “they would have split us up and left us lost in the woods. Instead, they brought us all to this same place.”

In an instant, Sidrophus understood. Sleeping there risked laying vulnerable to further dangers. “Let us continue,” he said, “and find someplace more suitable.”

The three of them collected their supplies and continued moving north.


At that very moment, the satyrs continued running with all haste away from the three travelers. There was no point in staying to risk further harm and confrontation. No, the satyrs had already done their part by bringing the humans further north at a faster pace.

They had lured Tythoros and his comrades closer to the boundaries of Thrace. It was just as their lord, the ivy-bearer Dionysus, had commanded.


The companions set up camp a comfortable distance from where the satyrs had left them. Sidrophus sat awake to keep watch, though he could not have slept anyway. His mind kept drifting back to the day’s events. Tythoros and Callioa were fast and strong enough to recover their supplies, while Sidrophus had to be dragged to them by another satyr.

Though Tythoros had always been generous with praise for Sidrophus – and grateful for the company, without a doubt – the prince felt like a weakling against the godly strength and endurance of his friend. As for Callioa, it stung his pride to know that he could be so badly outmatched by a woman. Sidrophus had also been partly responsible for killing her family. That grudge clearly endured in some way, no matter how strongly she denied it. She was a beauty he could not hope to woo, even without her vow of chastity, and that stung his pride even more.

In Thebes, he was the only son of a king. In the woods, all of his power and wealth amounted to nothing. He was a stranger wandering far from home, and a mortal in the company of near-demigods.

Sidrophus’ thoughts wandered to his home. He worried for his dear sister, poor Cleia, who had cared for him from infancy. How were her children, he wondered? Was there any hope that brutish Xalchon was treating her well? Perhaps word had come at last about that lost sister she had always pined for.

He worried for his parents. How long could Ammochrusios hope to continue holding power, as old and infirm as he was? What would become of frail Cuphora when he went down to the House of Death?

Sitting there, next to his mighty companions, Sidrophus felt strangely unfit to govern Thebes in his father’s place. Then again, he would still be better for the throne than Xalchon. It was too much to think that the bastard might have been ruling over Thebes at that very moment, for all Sidrophus knew.

He lifted his eyes to the heavens and prayed as loudly as he dared, without waking up his friends.

“Gods of Olympus, please hear my prayer. I beg of you to watch over the people of Thebes in my absence. Help them prosper under the rule of my father while I am gone from his side. If I should return to the vibrant city I love so well, an enormous banquet shall be held in celebration of this quest’s successful end, and many fat sacrifices will be made to honor your good graces.”


The prayer went up and it was heard, though the gods did not respond. Far away in Thebes, other events were being set in motion.


Mere moments after Sidrophus had finished his prayer, a strange noise reached his ears. The noise was faint, but it almost sounded like the screams of women. Sidrophus left his comrades, moving quickly and quietly to investigate.

He came upon a clearing, where he found a red-haired woman moaning loudly as she thrust her hips back and forth against a blonde woman’s face. The blonde was lying on the ground, with the head of a black-haired woman between her legs. All three were completely nude, save only for the wreaths of ivy that adorned their heads. Their pale skin shone in the starlight, though the red-haired woman’s face was flush with color.

Sidrophus could not guess why these young beauties wore wreaths of ivy, nor did he know why fawn skins and enormous wooden clubs surrounded them as they made love. He could only watch spellbound as the redhead arched her back, squeezed her pert pink breasts, and cried out to the skies in pleasure.

He felt so ashamed for watching, but Sidrophus could not think of anything else to do. He did not know who these women were, he did not know if they required assistance of some kind, and he certainly did not know what to tell the others if he went back.

The prince’s dilemma did not last long. After her vocal orgasm, the redhead opened her eyes. By some strange chance, her faint blue eyes opened to meet those of Sidrophus. In an instant, she dismounted and rose to her feet. Though Sidrophus could not hear their talk, all three of the women rose to look at him.

Sidrophus moved to avert his gaze and apologize, but he never got the words out. They were on him in an instant, clutching his arms with surprising strength to drag him into the middle of the clearing.

“Ladies,” he started to say, “what is the meaning of this? I am truly sorry for the intrusion and I will gladly go on my way –”

It was the redhead who tore away his robe and wrestled him to the ground, but the blonde threw her off. The blonde straddled his chest and kissed him deeply, tenderly but firmly clutching his face in her hands.

Sidrophus meant to repeat his demand for an explanation, but he could not pull his mouth away to ask. Instead, the shock and arousal went straight to his penis, much to the delight of the other two women. He could feel them fighting over the great pile of flesh between his legs. They were each eager to put him into their mouths, sucking and stroking him with fast and aggressive movements before the other one could take control.

Finally, the blonde took her mouth away from his. Before Sidrophus could think of a rational question to ask, she sat upon his face, spread her intimate folds with her fingers, and proceeded to grind her hips back and forth along his mouth and chin. Meanwhile, the black-haired woman had taken sole possession of his cock, sucking and stroking it while the redhead contented herself to lick his anus.

Sidrophus tried mightily to resist this treatment, but all of his mortal strength could not budge the firm thighs pressing themselves against his cheeks. His hips bucked wildly – both in a vain attempt to escape and in response to the intense pleasure swelling in his loins – yet these women would not be denied.

Finally, Sidrophus let out a cry muffled by pale flesh and curled blonde hairs. His back arched and his loins shot spurts of pearly discharge into the black-haired woman’s waiting throat. She finally released his manhood after swallowing every last drop of his release, but there was no relief for Sidrophus. The redhead took his newly-limp phallus into his mouth and immediately set to work making it hard again.

Meanwhile, the black-haired woman moved to lick and caress the blonde’s puffy nipples. Sidrophus had no idea what to do except to help pleasure the blonde and hope that her orgasm might end this. He reached up to rub her tight folds, pushing his tongue as deeply inside of her as he could. He kissed and sucked those delicate pale lips, all while savoring the sweet nectar pouring forth.

At last, her thighs quivered around him and her sex covered his face with sweet satisfaction. She roared incomprehensibly with overwhelming delight and climbed off Sidrophus’ face. With his head finally free to move, he looked to the side and was struck with shock by what he saw.

Almost a dozen other women of all sizes and colors had emerged from the forest, all of them shedding their robes of fawn skin and setting their wooden clubs to the ground. Some wore wreaths of ivy, others wore wreaths of vine leaves, and a rare few wore crowns adorned with bull horns.

Sidrophus desperately tried to rise, but the blonde and the black-haired woman held his hands to the ground. Meanwhile, the redhead got to her knees and moaned loudly as she lowered herself onto his erect and meaty shaft. She bounced up and down on his cock as her two sisters held his wrists and pressed his hands between their legs. He tried clenching his hands into fists, but the women delighted in rubbing their excited pearls against the ridges of his knuckles.

Though his mind grew hazy with the red-haired woman’s humping, that was before the other women joined in. An olive-skinned beauty and a full-figured brunette had kneeled down to start licking on his nipples. Those two women were in turn being orally pleasured from behind by girls on their backs. The women at his hands had two gorgeous attendants apiece to rub and suckle their erect nipples as they continued grinding against Sidrophus’ knuckles. The red-haired woman riding him cried out as a curvaceous brunette crowned with bull horns kneeled behind her and reached to tease her small yet responsive breasts. Finally, another nubile girl – this one with dark blonde hair – kneeled down to tenderly kiss his mouth. Her breath tasted like fine wine.

Sidrophus was lost in an ocean of sexual ecstasy. He could hear nothing but blissful moans and cries of every pitch. He could see nothing but the writhing naked flesh of young and beautiful women. His senses were so flooded with arousal of every kind that his climax came easily. The redhead sighed sweetly at the feel of his warm semen filling her womb.

The ladies all switched positions in an instant as the redhead dismounted. The women at his nipples traded places with the beauties who had been pleasuring them previously. Another redhead – this one freckled and wearing bull horns – sat upon his face and thrust her hips while the blonde and the black-haired woman licked her jiggling chest. His fists were taken by another two women, each of whom were pleasured by the roving hands of their own two attendants.

His limp and wet cock was taken by the dark blonde nubile, though she shared it with a rose-lipped beauty. The bull-horned brunette was content to sit nearby and furiously rub her own sex as she watched and groaned in pleasure at the sight. All the while, Sidrophus felt two soft hands wander all over his most sensitive parts. He could feel two experts sets of lips and tongues as they wandered over his tip, his head, his shaft, his balls, his taint, and even his anus. They greedily sucked and kissed and licked him to the insatiable content of their hearts.

Ah, but his phallus had grown tender from so much rampant use. His cock was so sensitive that its further arousal shook Sidrophus to his core. He moaned and grunted and screamed with abandon into the soft pink flesh of the bull-horned redhead atop him, which led her to cry out in great joy.

When Sidrophus’s cock had once again reached its full strength, the bull-horned brunette took it for herself. The brunette took him completely into her sopping wet channel as she straddled him and thrust her hips with beastly strength. The dark blonde nubile and the rose-lipped beauty, meanwhile, had taken to suckling the brunette’s ample chest as they reached down to pleasure themselves.

Sidrophus was desperately gasping for breath. His manhood was being pressed and rubbed to such an extent that Sidrophus worried it would come off. Every muscle in his body had seized up with so much pleasure for so long, and every moment without relief was agony. It was a sweet yet unbearable form of torture such as the prince had never heard of.


It was at that moment when Tythoros awoke. He nudged Callioa from sleep.

“Callioa?” he whispered. “Do you hear that?”

Her senses returned slowly as she awoke. “I do,” she replied. “Though I do not know the sound.”

In truth, the ceaseless lovemaking around Sidrophus had become so intense that the excited screams and blissful moans had reached the ears of his companions. They followed the noises to the clearing, where they saw Sidrophus’ curled blonde hair under the mass of writhing nubile flesh.

“That looks like Sidrophus on the ground,” Tythoros pointed out. “How on earth did he get into this?”

“Perhaps we should leave him here,” said Callioa, dryly. “He seems to be having a good time.”

Before Tythoros could answer, a soft voice came to his ear. He knew at once that it could only be the whisper of a divine Olympian.

“Do not approach them!” said the great counsellor Athena. “These are the wild Maenads of Thrace. No weapon can wound them, and fire does not burn them. They mean to tear your friend apart after they have had their satisfaction with him, and their sharp teeth will rend your mortal bones as well if you interfere blindly.”

Tythoros motioned for Callioa to hold back. She looked on with some confusion as Tythoros spoke with the goddess.

“Great Athena,” he asked, “how can I save Sidrophus without confronting the monsters around him?”

One Last Time

He spread her legs, opening her smooth thighs with his hands, pressing his face hungrily into her soft mound, and slipping his tongue into her warm tangy depths. She was beautiful as she arched her back and wiggled her hips against his movements. Her porcelain, peaches and cream, skin was almost edible. He nibbled gently at her clit, making her squeal in delight.

It was painfully tragic that this would be their last night together. He couldn’t tell her. But it was, nonetheless, and Holden would force his thoughts to stay in this moment, to enjoy every inch of her one last sweet time.

He gripped her waist and pulled them together, staring into her innocent crystal green eyes, glassy with desirous pleasure. He pressed his throbbing cock into her warm depths as they both gasped with the overwhelming sensation. She wrapped her legs around him, gripping him into her, wanting all of him. Though she’d never been able to take all of his 8″, she certainly enjoyed trying. Her large 36C breasts with their pink nipples bounced beautifully with their rhythm and he lost himself in her, soft moaning, pouty pink lips, and that long golden hair fanned out around her like a halo. How could he say goodbye to this?

As his urgency began to build inside him, he picked her up and flipped them over in one smooth motion. Looking down at him now, her sweet juices dripping down his hard cock, she began to ride him. He grabbed her hips and added force to each of her movements. She slid up and down on his thick cock grasping at his chest with her small hands, her breath trembling on each exhale. Knowing she was close, Holden wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, pulling her down against his chest, crushing her against him, and thrusting roughly and quickly into her from below. Her moans and gasps next to his ear were almost more than he could handle but he wanted her to cum first. “Cum for me Amber..Cum for me. Let it go,” he breathed into her ear, her soft hair draped across his chest as he held her tightly to him, pounding faster …relentlessly into her wet pussy. And she obeyed. He felt her orgasm begin, felt her tighten around him, squeezing, pulling, and begging for his cum. With amazing force, he thrusted deeper and deeper, burying himself further than ever before. As Amber moaned and bucked, Holden released it all, filling her with his desire and filling her up with is thick cum.

The Situation is Bleak

Amber was devastated. Holding her head in her hands, she sat in the car and sobbed deeply. There was nothing left, no where to go, she was out of money, and was at this very moment, officially homeless. Her car, a small suitcase of her clothes, and some memories were all that was left. Her Mother died when she was 8. The only family remaining lived on the other side of the country and they weren’t close at all.

It all began with the death of her Father. At 18, she didn’t even know just how in-debt he’d become. There was nothing she could do. They’d evicted her from their home that very morning. She decided to drive into the city and try to get some assistance, food stamps, some place to sleep, something, anything. The idea of living out of her car was not even remotely appealing. She’d never dreamed of being in this position, not when she lived in the nicest neighborhood, had the finest clothes, and basically anything she had ever wanted. College should have been next. She’d even been accepted to Wellesley, a joy she and her Father had shared. But that was all over now. She had to find a way to just survive.

When her boyfriend’s family found out that the family’s money was all gone, they’d immediately cut all ties. Holden tried to ignore all that but the truth was he couldn’t. And he was leaving for college in a few weeks anyway. It was over. It was heartbreaking and humiliating. It seemed every dream was crushed.

The older 3-series BMW with its leather interior, seat warmers, and cushy accessories held little of its previous sparkle. Not that it wasn’t a very nice car; it just seemed so much less important now. She thought curiously about that as she rounded a corner and looked for a space outside the Social Services building. It was crowded. Although it was frightening to be there herself, knowing that with the depressed economy so many other people were in need, was something of a small comfort. She was tired of feeling so alone.

As she walked in, she noticed two nice looking men in suits watching her from a distance. They smiled casually looking her up and down…something slightly predatory in their demeanor. Amber picked up her pace and headed for the front doors feeling their eyes on her ass.

Two hours later, humiliated and hopeless, Amber walked back out the front doors of the large building. She only qualified for a small amount of food stamps. They treated her like dirt because she clearly wasn’t of the right class who typically make use of their services and assistance.

As she walked back to her car, past a homeless man and his dog, she wondered how much worse things could get. Tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks.

“Miss, are you alright?” an unfamiliar voice called from a shiny black Mercedes.

Amber recognized him as one of the men she’d seen outside the office earlier.

“Um, yes, I’m okay. Thanks.” She kept walking.

“If you’re here, it can’t be good. I think I may be able to help you, if you want to hear me out.” He offered kindly.

Amber knew better than to just hop into some strange man’s car, handome or not. But she was destitute, desperate, hopeless, and needed to talk to someone. So she looked at the handsome dark haired man with his curiously helpful brown eyes and said “okay.” He popped the door open for her and she carefully got in.

“My name is John,” he smiled genuinely.

“I’m Amber.” She replied shyly.

John took her to lunch and listened intently to her story. He offered a tissue when she cried at the tough spots and hugged her when they got up to leave. She admired his strong jaw, dark handsome eyes, and his substantial height. She guessed that at 5’1″ herself, he must have been 6’4″ the way he towered over her.

When she had finished her story, John told her that he had helped a lot of girls in situations like hers and that if she could keep an open mind, he could help her become independent and very wealthy.

A Business Opportunity

“First, this is not prostitution. The women who work for this organization are not “Call Girls” or anything like that. We simply provide a lifestyle for you and for our investors. They will treat you very well; even lavish you with affection, gifts, and all your needs will be taken care of. You will never need to get a “job” or worry about the bills. You will have the freedom to persue your own interests and your life during your free time. You will make friends here. You will be cared for entirely. How does that sound?” He watched carefully for her reaction.

Amber was young but she wasn’t stupid. “But I will have to… have sex won’t I? What else?”

“You have to be willing to do whatever they want. That means anything. Which brings me to my next question, what kind of experience have you had? ” John inquired matter-of-factly.

Amber tried to close her mouth. She’d done a lot with Holden and felt confident in her level of sexual knowledge.

“I’ve done a lot of different things” she replied naively.

John smiled to himself knowing she would be one of the most sought-after women in the organization. He could tell she was greener than a gourd as well, and THAT would be her biggest asset.

“We’ll need to make sure you’re ready, if you really want to do this. It is quite lucrative. The residual income can become…significant within a few years, if you can handle it.” John said, with a challenging look. “Here’s how it works: We have a rather large group of investors, if you will, that enjoy a unique sexual lifestyle. Many are married, many are not. Most are very wealthy. This is a very private professional organization. Everyone is screened and evaluated both the girls and our backers. You will attend our events and gatherings as needed. There are certain private venues that pay a lot of money. Only the best get to take part in those. If you are so lucky, you can potentially make a very lucrative income. If you make the cut this evening, you will be immediately moved into your own private residence that will be paid for by our investors. Tonight, six of our generous benefactors will sponsor you. In turn, you will be available to them and anyone else they desire at anytime, day or night. Should you be needed, you will travel, attend cruises and go on vacations.

There are rules involved. If you tell anyone, you will be put back into the circumstances that brought you downtown today. Immediately. If you are needed, you will go. Your benefactors have full access to you and your home. They will come and go as they please. You will be given everything you need as well as a substantial cash allowance.” He smiled at her.

With the burden of worry so close to being gone forever, Amber considered the options.

“Can I leave whenever I like?” She asked.

“If you leave, you may never return. But you can leave at any time.” He stated honestly.

“Okay. What do I need to do now? ” Amber asked, her heart racing in her chest.

John had her sign some papers, a contract.

“And now you get to see your new home.” He smiled.

He drove her to the oceanfront in one of the most expensive areas. They pulled into the circular driveway of one of the largest beach homes she’d ever seen.

“This….. is when I live?” She asked in awe.

“This is where you live. You live on the top floor. Two other girls live here but you each have your own private space within. The floors have been split into three separate 2 bedroom private condos, furnished and ready for your pleasure.” He smiled.

They took the elevator to the top, he punched in a code and the doors opened upon the most beautiful room she’d ever seen. It smelled of exotic flowers and the back wall was nothing but windows with an expansive view the Atlantic.

Her car was delivered and parked in the driveway. She was provided with a closet full of the most beautiful clothes and lingerie. Amber felt she was in a dream.

“Amber, I’ll need to get some photographs before I leave. I need you to take off your clothes.” John stated as if it were the most normal request.

“Um now?” She asked startled.

“Yes now..” He said irritably. “You start now, Amber. As we discussed, you will do what is required of you and you will do it well. Now, I need to see what we have to work with.”

Amber stood there, thinking she knew this was part of it, but still wasn’t ready for it now.

John took two long strides and was on her in a moment. He tore her blouse off revealing her breasts. He pushed her onto the huge king bed with its crimson and black satin bedding. “no…. please.” She uttered in shock.

“Don’t fight me little girl” he stated plainly as he tore the jeans from her legs. She was afraid to move and to fight. “This is what you do now. And I’m going to show you how this works.”

He removed her pink panties and she jumped and gasped when he spread her legs and stroked her soft lips with his huge hand. He grabbed a small camera from his pocket and began snapping pictures. He photographed every bit of her and barked orders she followed like a slave. When he was done, he sat the camera down and began to take off his clothes.

“Amber, I’m going to do you a favor and break you in easy today. You and I both know you have had no experience whatsoever. You may not be a virgin but you have much to learn.

We will start your real education tonight. I’m going to help it go down a little easier now.” he told her as he removed his pants. His cock was fully erect and bigger than she’d ever imagined. It must have been a full 10 inches with a huge purple head and a shaft that was fat like a tree stump, getting thicker down to its enormous base. His chest and arms were broad and muscular, intimidating, and sexy. Although Amber was somewhat afraid, she couldn’t help the feelings of arousal that stirred inside her at the sight of this big forceful man.

He told her to get on her knees and to wrap her lips around his dick. And she did. It was so big; it’s head almost too fat to fit all the way in her mouth. He told her exactly what to do, how to flick it gently with her tongue and how to caress his balls in just the right way.

Then when’d had enough and was certain she was nice and wet, her spun her around bent her over. He slid his hand over her pussy, “mmm nice and wet, like a good girl. You are very responsive. That’s a good thing.” He slid his fingers inside her making her gasp and rubbed a finger over her tiny pink bud of an ass. She flinched, not expecting that.

“Oh my, you are a Virgin in that respect aren’t you, Amber? Never had a cock in your ass?” he asked in amusement..

“No” she breathed heavily.

“You will today” he grinned wickedly as he used her own juices to lubricate one big finger, pressing it slowly past her tight virgin barrier.

She flinched and he felt her surprise. “Just relax. Once I get you ready, you’re going to love it.” He commanded.

He positioned his huge head at her pussy, “relax” and he pushed in. Snug and hot and wet, she moaned loudly at the invasion. He pressed his finger deep into her ass and buried his cock as deep as he could at the same time.

Amber felt the discomfort of his huge size and of having her ass invaded simultaneously. But also felt a stirring of great pleasure, something unique she’d never felt before.

John ravaged her young pussy and fingered her little ass until the discomfort was gone and there was nothing left but pleasure. Then he stopped and pushed her down on the bed. “This is for your own good. It’s going to hurt at first. Just try to relax.”

And then he spread her legs with his thighs and her ass his hands, both opening her wide and holding her down. She felt his cock at her ass and panicked. Her heart racing, she squealed, “No. I’m not ready. I can’t!” She pleaded as he began to stuff himself into her tiny hole.

He ignored her and in a few thrusts had managed to get his entire fat head inside. He held it there, still for a moment, allowing her to adjust as she squirmed and cried out in terrible discomfort.

Then in one final slow deliberate thrust, he was deep innside her. All but 3″ of his fat cock remained visible.

“You’re going to take every bit of my 10 inches, Amber. Do you understand me? You’re going to take it and you’re going to like it.” He growled darkly from behind her, as he leaned into her, grabbing her hips and forcing her back onto his thick shaft at the same time. Amber was suddenly silenced as he broke in a little more, catching her breath in her throat. The feeling of being stretched and filled completely was indescribable, both painful and pleasurable at the same time.

He then began to fuck her boldly, in and out slowly gaining a bit of momentum. The pain began to evaporate and Amber was surprised to feel sheer ecstasy taking over her entire body.

“Oh God yes…” she moaned loudly.

“That’s it, Amber. Now you’ve got it.” John responded proudly.

He flipped her over and fucked her deep in her snug ass, so that he could see the pleasure on her face. He told her to play with her pussy and clit and she did, amazed that she was about to climax with a cock up her ass. John began pounding into her “Take it! Take my cock!” He commanded her as she exploded in orgasm, clamping down in him, he shoved deeper inside her with every savage thrust. Grabbing her hips he buried himself painfully deep, making Amber scream out in painful pleasure, as he shot load after load of his thick seed deep inside her.


Amber’s legs were still weak and although nervous and a little scared, she was excited.

John had explained to her that things would be expected of her tonight and that he wanted to make sure she was ready. That she needed to know what to expect. And now that she did, parts of her wanted much more.

She bathed in the oversized Jacuzzi tub and had time for a little nap. There was even fresh fruit in the refrigerator to enjoy. She dressed in a tight black mini dress that hugged all her curvy assest and paired it with black and silver stiletto heels. As instructed, she wore no panties. She felt so alive suddenly, as if something had been awakened inside her and she was curious to see what might happen next. John had given her $800, her weekly personal allowance. Her head was filled with dreams about how she would spend it as she stepped into the elevator.

The black shiny Limo that was sent for her, drove for what seemed an eternity, past the busy oceanfront, past the suburbs, and out into a quiet rural area lush with trees and pastures. Eventually turning down a small desolate road, they drove past a huge black iron gate and down a long winding driveway lined with tall busy cedars.

The mansion loomed up from the distance and the parking area was filled with cars.. amazing cars. A red Ferrari, two Limousines, a silver Porsche and fancy exotics she couldn’t identify.

John was waiting to escort her in. Dressed in a stunning tuxedo, he smiled devilishly “feeling alright?”

Amber smiled shyly remembering what he’d done to her. “Yes.”

“Good it’s going to be an amazing night for you. I sent the investors your pictures from this afternoon and there’s been a bit of a bidding war, you could say.” He looked amused.

“What does that mean?” she asked curiously.

They walked down the large corridor and entered a huge room. There on the wall was an enormous picture of Amber, completely naked. It was obviously one of the photographs John had taken earlier.

Amber’s face grew hot with embarrassment. She looked at him confused and shocked.

“This is the way it is done. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of. Look over there.” He pointed over her shoulder to a small corner of the room where a red velvet bed lay draped in gauze. Two men were openly having sex with a tiny brunette woman. Shocked, Amber couldn’t take her eyes away from the erotic scene. One man was buried in her ass and the other was pounding her pussy, her head thrown back in total ecstasy.

“This is all part of it, Amber. That lovely woman is the wife of one of the men here tonight bidding on your affection.” He grinned.

Amber suddenly realized that all eyes were on her. People were looking and whispering, talking and smiling while staring at her.

As they moved deeper into the cavernous room with its elaborate marble floors, enormous chandeliers, and decorative tall ceilings, she noticed that all the people serving drinks and hors d’oeuvers were completely nude. Then she watched as a large burly man in a tuxedo took a piece of food from one of the trays being offered by one of the naked servant girls. He quickly took the tray from her hand, unzipped his pants, as she dropped to her knees, and began sucking his cock, right there in front of everyone. The people nearby gave little more attention to this than a chuckle. Amber averted her eyes as they moved forward.

“The ceremony will begin in a few minutes; let me introduce you to some of your potential benefactors. And don’t worry; they won’t touch you until the winning investors have been announced a bit later.” John stated as they approached a very tall French-looking older gentleman.

To be continued…

She worked the streets of Main and Paramount in the rundown sector of town. Her name was Holly Martin, but people, mostly men, knew her as Holler Holly, because she hollered loudly when she was having sex. Her cries were noteworthy, because she was a professional, a prostitute as well as a drug dealer. Cops knew her, too. She was wanted by the police for her illegal activities.

Holly came to the southern town of Sweeten, looking for a new scene, and the growing market of underage kids who needed to get high was large in this smaller town. She came with a friend of hers, Jamie James. They began to sell dime bags of pot on the street. They held off on selling their bodies, until they ran out of marijuana, and in need of money, they headed out in the dark in coochie cutter shorts, thin tanktops, stilettos, and showing off what they had in the twitch and swing of their hips. They became the only hookers who were brazen enough to walk the streets of Sweeten, but that was because they didn’t know what lie beneath the low crime rate of the little town.

Holly’s body was young, as she was only 23. Her skin had yet to be stretched over the weight gain of age, and since she was an exotic dancer for a few years after her 18th birthday, she was very fit. Her stomach muscles were chiseled and flat. Her tits were large and milky. She had a firm bottom, very round and large. Her body would be somewhat pear shaped, if it wasn’t for the long legs. Her other nickname was “Stretch” since her legs stretched on in the eyes of men.

She wasn’t always a street walker. Once, she was the daughter of wealthy parents. They disowned her after she dated a 45-year-old man in high school, who was giving her drugs and fucking her without protection. They found out, because the boyfriend taped one of their nights of passion. Holly had never been more defiant of them. She did it to make them mad, to make them punish her, but instead, they did just the opposite, pretending as though she wasn’t even their daughter. All she really wanted was to be cared for like their jobs, which they spent more time with than their only daughter. Money, cars, and free reign about the house never meant as much to Holly.

She said she didn’t care at the time. She moved in with the old man, who was the only one around to take care of her, and Jim, who was much more experienced in the ways of women, offered his apartment and love at first. Then when she was getting comfortable in the apartment, he told her the truth.

She was a naive 18-year-old Daddy’s girl back then. Instead of being a kind Father figure, like she had thought he was, seeking attention in their overly sexual relationship from the man, he was actually quite the opposite. He was controlling and quite unexpectedly, he was not like anything she thought he was.

Jim tied Holly up when he once again, caught her off guard. Then, he began to tell her who he actually was. He said he actually placed the tape in her parent’s bedroom, knowing they’d find it when they came home. He confessed that he only got with her to get her thrown out on the street with no place to go.

He’d seen her in the mall and thought she was the best one out of her group of girls, obviously the popular wild type, who looked for thrills to escape her comfortable life as a rich girl. Jim never really understood girls like that. All of that power and wealth, a great life destroyed by the needs of stupid little girls, so he waited until he would catch Holly off guard. He chose girls like her specifically because they were the most easy to manipulate. They always thought they knew more than they did.

He found the chance when her friends spread out in the food court, looking for dinner amongst a medley of fried chicken and sugary sweet ice cream. She wasn’t eating, and although she would deny it, she was an anorexic. She was very vain about her beauty and the gifts of a fit body, which she was essentially rotting from the inside out by never nourishing it, never developing the kind of breasts and ass that most men admire.

Jim came and talked to her, very kindly to get her trust. She tried to ignore him, laughing and pretending to be ignorant. Then, he slipped in a notion that he had the right kind of thrill for her. She was a snotty thing, in the way that she held her shoulders back and raised her brows doubtfully. She made him feel he wasn’t good enough for her. He decided right then and there she was perfect for his newest project and gave her his number, just in case she did want something else besides walking around the mall. He made her feel like a kid in that respect, as though he could lead her down the path she wanted to go.

A path with an older man like her Father, but instead of ignoring her and buying her love, he would actually be there to give her attention. It was obvious she wanted to enjoy that sort of relationship. It was obvious in the way she called him that very same night and met up with him. She was a bit of a slut, but she didn’t know how to fuck like an expert. More or less, Holly had only been with inexperienced boys.

Jim’s revelations and confessions shocked Holly to the core. The whole time while they were dating, he explained how he was a pimp, fucking other girls all the while he fucked her. He didn’t deal drugs himself, letting others work for him, so that was why he had such an abundant supply to get her addicted on pills and weed. She had no idea, and her mind was blown. She knew she had made a grave mistake, thinking she knew everything so well. Her know-it-all manner had gotten her into trouble.

She was a toy in this game. He told her how he did this with all of the whores that worked with him. They’d all come from wealthy families, but she had been the easiest to get. That may or may not have been true, but he liked to degrade her, watching her start to cry. She deserved it for the ways she had been treating him, as though he was working for her. She was going to work for him now.

Their relationship had been “loving” before. The sex was sometimes rough just before she came to live with him. As he was explaining, a parade of people walked through, laughing at her tied up in the corner. They knew what he was doing, asking loudly as they patted him on the back.

“Snagged another huh, JT?” he asked Jim, referring to him by his pimp name, Jimmy , who stood like a cocky white man, folding his arms and staring down at her with a stern look.

“MmmmHm,” he replied, smiling wickedly at his friend.

They returned their gaze back down to her. His friend began to talk again, asking about what her specially was going to be. Jim answered, “Anal.”

At that time, the cherry of Holly’s ass had yet to be taken, and paired with the added information, her mind was completely falling off the edge and tumbling down the rabbit hole, not believing that this was real. It must have been some sort of roleplay adventure. She wouldn’t believe Jim was so dirty!

“She has really nice tits, kind of on the skinny side though, may want to feed her, JT,” he teased, slapping his chest lightly and laughing.

It was as if the friends didn’t even realized that she was being held against her will. They were okay with her being forced into prostitution and slavery to this man, who she now considered to be a stranger, although she knew him well. It seemed now though, that she had only known his cock and a shadow of his personality and true form.

Holly kept quiet, listening to everything as thought it were unreal, something she would wake up from, but the truth would haunt her. She would be turned into a slut, trained to do the bidding of strange men for money and drugs. She wouldn’t want to at first, she’d fight it, but eventually, she’d see the money and remember the life she once had. She would use her body to get what she wanted and make the money for Jim. She became the best trained fucktoy he ever had.

After a while though, her name got around. She got arrested and was in prison for a few weeks. The sheriff of the precinct got her released, for good behavior and because he used to be friends with her parents. The cops were good around her hometown, but the former good girl was urged to leave, if she wanted to continue her business or just to start over. Holly was too well known throughout the area, and so she did, running away from Jim, who tried to forbid it. He was losing his money ticket.

Sweeten’s streets were full of horny men, who were deprived of sex. Holly and Jamie had never been so busy. They bought weed from a supplier on Sundays, after getting their cash. It was the best thing Holly had ever done to go out on her own. She couldn’t believe more hookers didn’t do it. Sweeten was wonderful, and she began to run the business from her apartment, selling weed and pills, even dope occasionally. She only sold dope to those who were already addicted though. She did have somewhat of a heart, although it grew smaller by the days in a life that continued to be bad.

On one particular night, Holly was only out to sell dope. She had been warned by a local diner she visited often that she should stop what she was doing earlier that day, it was going to get her in trouble, so she wasn’t going to sell her body. She didn’t have a good feeling that day, as if something was wrong. It hadn’t been from what the man said, but his words only added to her feelings of premonition and concern. Jamie was out of town, visiting her Mother who was in the next town over, which put more emphasis on her being alone that night.

Holly always thought she could handle herself, so the man’s words fell on semi-deaf ears. She needed to make money, and she couldn’t just stay home because she was scared. She would have never made any money in her years of this profession. It was what she had to do to make a living and pay the bills, as well as all the nice things she liked to have. Even if she was putting her life on the line every night, she had been trained well. It was one of the only things she gave her former wicked pimp credit for.

What situation could arise that she hadn’t already handled? She had been raped. She had been choked. Death would be a heaven to this. She was already experiencing Hell when she had to fuck immature boys at parties who had no clue how to please a woman and were bent on being too forceful, knocking her about in their cheap hotel rooms. It was the last bag she had. What could possibly be worst, she wanted to know. Well, prison was equally bad. She didn’t like being someone’s bitch, and because of her rap sheet and pretty face, she was usually made into one.

Business boomed that night. Drugs were selling like crazy. Everyone seemed to have a fix. She made $400 dollars and was running out of things to sell, but she had one last bag. She had grown greedy, wanting to monopolize on that night’s fortune. She went out again, looking for a buyer in all the cars that passed by. She hung out at the gas station, but it seemed as though business was over for the night.

She headed home, the dope in her back pocket and the money in her bra. As she passed by the local motel on the sidewalk, a man got out of his car and came to her. He was older with jet black hair and a large belly. He looked to be about 5’9 to her 5’5. He called out to her sternly.

“Hey uh, what you sellin’, girl?” he asked, waving her over.

She came down the sidewalk and entered the parking lot, walking to the SUV, which wasn’t particularly nice, rather rusted. She shifted her hips and mashed her lips together. If he wasn’t going to be friendly, she wasn’t either.

“I got some good stuff if you know what I mean, something to get you through the night, make your mind escape,” she said, selling it to the man who looked skeptical.

He wasn’t too eager, but he dug her vibe and knew what she meant. She wasn’t selling sex, but rather, drugs. He nodded to her, a signal that he wanted to see it. She came closer and slyly brought it from her back pocket. Pursing his lips, his brow raised and he pointed over to a hotel room.

“The money’s in there, my friend’s gonna want to see this. He’s better at knowing what’s real and what’s full of sugar,” the man told her, insinuating that she was to go with him.

“Like I told you, that ain’t what I’m sellin’, and he can come out with the money,” she replied, not ready to be raped.

She didn’t care if he was innocent of the fact. She had enough experience to know what could happen to her if she went into a hotel room with strange men, especially if there was another. That sounded like a set up, in her opinion. Holly eyed him carefully, watching him as he again, didn’t seem too bent out of shape over her reluctance.

“Well, I know you’re not going to give it to me to walk over to him, and he hates doing business out in the open, so I don’t know what you want to do. I’d be willing to give you $100 if that’s real,” he offered, lifting his brows.

He seemed so doubtful, daring her to prove it by getting his friend’s approval. The price was more than she was originally asking for. Sighing, Holly stuffed the bag into her pocket, going for it, even though everything in her mind opposed the decision. She was hungry for money and the chance to prove she always sold the real thing.

They walked over through the cars in the parking lot to the rooms, separated by a few feet in between the cabins. They all looked worn and beaten down by the years. Black mildew and dirt on the walls, the gutters swinging off the roofs, and the gold plate of the room numbers was tarnished and chipped. They came to a stop at room 14. Holly glanced around, seeing a few sets of eyes around. A man smoked a cigarette outside of she went in as he opened the door for her.

Inside, Holly found a quaint decor, typical of a cheap motel. There were 2 cardboard box type of beds, and on one of them sat a male older than the man leading her inside. He had salt and paper hair, wrinkly skin, but his body had a tall form, broad shoulders with a bit of a gut. A TV with a broke antennae sat on a plain wooden dresser. The flowery wallpaper was faded and aged to a dark yellow. The other man stood up, looking from her to the one behind her. He had bright blue eyes and thin lips. She stopped studying him and waited for the deal to be made, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.

“She’s got the stuff,” the man from outside said quickly, heading to the back of the room and rummaging around in his bag.

“Let’s see it,” the older man said, lifting a brow and folding his arms.

He wasn’t too excited to see what she was selling, but he would be. Holly knew he would once he saw the cut of the crystals. She brought it out from her back pocket, twisting to face him again and shifting her hips as she held it out in her hand. He reached to take it, and she pulled it back.

“Not till I get the money,” she told him, clenching the bag into her fist and staring into his eyes.

“Right, right,” the man said, tapping his lips and turning his head, “Tommy, you got the money?”

He came back rummaging in his back pocket. His gut thrusted forth into the air, and he seemed to be hot in the heat of the room, which was obviously without an air condition. They both glistened a little. Holly waited, holding on tightly to the bag. She shifted her hips and watched Tommy’s hand pull forth his wallet. She furrowed his brow remembering how he spoke of the money earlier. He said he didn’t have it on him. Suddenly, she saw the flash of a badge as the two men told her to hand over the drugs.

“SPD, get down on the bed, now, do it now!” The older man yelled, bringing out his gun.

She dropped the bag and went for the door, but she was dragged back by her arms and thrown face down onto the bed. Her breath came out in gasps as one of them held her wrists and forced them down into her back. She blew the hair out of her eyes and let her had fall forward into the mattress. She was going to jail for sure.

“You got anything else on you, Holly Martin?” the second man asked, as a pair of hands patted her down, grazing the sides of her breasts, her waist, over her pockets in the front and back.

The older one flipped her over and ran his hands down her breasts, reaching into through the neck of her top and into her bra, going for the left cup first. Holly was startled and tried to jerk away.

“What the hell are you doin’?” She cried aghast at his actions.

“Checkin’ for any more of that shit you try to sell to kids, slut. I know you probably like to stick it in here and make men cop a feel,” he accused dryly, reaching into the right breast, finding her wad of bills.

“Aha,” he said quietly, laughing as he tossed the wad in the air and caught it again. He stuck it in his pocket.

“No!” she yelled, adding a moment later, “I wasn’t selling anything. It’s just sugar. That’s all! You’ll see and you ain’t keepin’ that money. It’s mine!”

“Shut the fuck up,” the older one chastised, flipping her back onto her stomach.

She stuck her face down and listened to them talk. She had never experienced this sort of thing from cops. She regretted coming to Sweeten and going against her instincts.

“Yea, right, sugar,” Tommy, or so he had been called, mocked, laughing with the other.

“Don’t y’know sweetheart? You can’t keep money that you get from selling illegal substances and pussy!” The older man shouted, igniting a laugh amongst them.

The two men exchanged high fives and more chuckles as she lay on the bed with her hands cuffed at her lower back. She turned her head on it’s side and stared at the window, curtains covering the view of the outside world. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She wished she heeded that morning’s warning, but she hadn’t. Now, she was stuck. Soon, they would bring her out for everyone to see and pushed down into a police escort. She knew the drill well.

“You gonna do the honors or should I?” Tommy asked.

“Fuck no, I’m doing it, get your gun,” the other answered, chuckling.

The cuffs eased off her wrists and a hand flipped Holly onto her back. A .45 pointed at her as she straightened to see the men staring down at her. Their faces were masks of stern indifference. She didn’t know what was going on. Was she being released? Her mind was boggled now.

“Take off your clothes, whore, we ain’t taking you down to the station just yet,” Tommy said as he held the gun steady.

Her eyes went wide, bulging from her sockets. Her jaw dropped down, and she stammered over what to say. They were cops. They were supposed to uphold the law! What was this? A joke? What if they weren’t even cops?

“I ain’t takin’ off my clothes for nobody,” she replied defiantly.

“You’ll fuckin’ do it or I’ll blow your brains out, and believe me, Sweeten ain’t like your hometown, slut. We put you to death for attacking cops down here, bitch. Now, get up and start taking off those clothes,” Tommy ordered coolly.

The other one nodded and folded his arms, smirking at the girl as she slowly assumed the role of victim again. She didn’t know what would happen. Usually, this happened with someone who didn’t want to pay her. She would take off her clothes, or they would be ripped off. She would be thrown down and ravaged for hours.

Holly lifted her top over her head, unclasping the thin cotton bra. The 36 C tits popped out from their confines, rolling around in their juicy flesh. The men licked their lips and continued to watch, as she pushed down and wiggled out of her pants. Before she could take off the black g-string, they barked an order at her again.

“Turn around and stick that ass out, do it like the hooker you are,” Tommy commanded, lifting up his gun and gesturing with a cocky grin.

Holly turned around. Her spine showed as she leaned over and her fingers, slipped underneath the strings on her hips and began to push.

Everybody wanted her. She was pretty much perfect, but she was the boss. She was gorgeous; she was everything you’re going to want, you know the type. She was strong though, mentally. She was formidable. If she wanted to say something to you she was going to say it, it didn’t matter if it was going to hurt you, she was going to say it. So yeah, everyone wanted her but there was fear there as well. She was intimidating; she had this ‘ice queen’ thing on the go.

Faith was slim but busty. Those two things don’t go together often. She had good legs, and I like legs, it’s something I look for. She was really pretty, very much so. You looked at her for the first time and you had no idea how hard she was going to be. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression, Faith really nice most of the time, especially to people as far down the chain as me, but once you’d seen her rip into someone you always had it in your mind that she could do that to you if you gave her reason. Faith wore glasses. Not all the time though. I like glasses, some people don’t.

Melissa was older. She was probably mid to late forties but I probably wanted her just as much as I wanted Faith. Melissa scared me more, I know that. Faith was some sort of executive honcho of the whole region, which for her age was really impressive. Melissa was under Faith in the chain. Melissa used to be quite sycophantic towards Faith, sometimes to the point where it could be a bit embarrassing. She was hard too, though, and scary. She looked good. What do they call them, MILFs? She’s that sort of age but not even vaguely maternal. Age had put some weight on her but not much. She was blond, like Faith (did I say Faith was blonde?). She had this sort of confidence about her, I imagined her being dirty, you know? Behind closed doors I imagined her having something to say (I normally had my dick in my hands when I imagined stuff like that). I really did want her, come to think of it. I always just wanted to grab her.

Faith was based in our office, Melissa wasn’t but she was there a lot of the time. I was doing permitted work. That’s when you do a certain amount of hours of work a week and they still let you claim benefits. It worked out I was getting ninety quid extra a week on top of the money I get from the man because my head doesn’t work properly. I was basically just a gopher, stood by the photocopier all day, making coffee for the people who actually did stuff.

It was the time when we were being inspected. A regulatory body had a look at all the companies in the sector we were in, your operations, your books, your results, everything. They checked everything out exhaustively and they gave you a rating. How good your rating was decided if you kept getting contracts from the government, and it decided how much you could keep being paid for the contracts you already had. It was make or break really, if you came out of it bad, the company could go down. Faith was responsible for making the rating good. Everybody, everybody had to pull out the stops to make the rating good. Everyone from top to bottom, even me, was mobilized. It was like some sort of war effort.

They booked a whole suite of rooms at this plush hotel when the verdict was going to be announced. There was like a big conference room for the actual announcement and then a big room for a buffet and party and whatever. I couldn’t be bothered with it but I couldn’t figure out a way to get out of going. We were all seated in front of this little stage and Faith announced we’d done well. Things were going to be good. There was a big speech where she was thanking every one. She looked good. She was having her moment of triumph, she was all powerful, you know? I was certainly impressed. Melissa was on the stage with her. There was a manager from another office called Carla that everyone fancied as well, and she looked really nice.

The buffet wasn’t that impressive, there were shrimps though, I liked them. I had a joint but I was worried about smoking it in case I got caught. I couldn’t go and have it outside. I was looking for rooms I could go into. I went into one, I don’t know if it was one of the rooms we’d booked for the day. It had a smoke alarm so I wasn’t going to bother, but then I had a brainwave. Because it was December it was dark out. I thought if I pulled the curtains, sat on the window ledge, opened the window a fraction and blew the smoke out, I’d be alright, happy days. When I think on it, a lot of the money I was making from that job was going on ganja. I probably wasn’t even that much better off. Faith, Melissa and a guy called Ron come into the room before I can light it. I shift over and look out from a little gap In between the two curtains. They don’t know I’m there, and I’m happy with that.

Nobody said anything. I’m still struck by the fact that none of them said a word to each other the whole time. Ron is a black guy. He’s popular, easy going, funny. He works in the ______ office. He’s a fun guy. He’s similar age to me; we speak on the phone now and again. Faith takes her clothes off, quickly, efficiently. It isn’t seductive or anything, it isn’t a striptease; it’s all business, which is characteristic, I’d say. Her legs are incredible. Her breasts are too. It’s an impressive sight. There’s a wooden desk in the room, otherwise it’s bare. She pushes the desk against the wall; Ron goes over and helps her. She bends over the desk; first of all she’s resting on her elbows. Her legs are pretty much straight, slightly bent perhaps. She waits like that.

Don takes his trousers off, keeps everything else on. His dick is big. I don’t like it when stereotypes turn out to be true. Melissa doesn’t take anything off; she’s pulling on Ron’s dick. Nothing is being said! It looked to me like Ron was pretty much ready to go as soon as he got out of his trousers but Melissa must have seen more potential. You can see in Melissa’s eyes she’s aroused. She’s pulling rhythmically on it. She’s making this noise, like, ‘mmmmm,’ really quiet, in a low voice, like a hum. I’m turned on as well. Melissa lets go of him and he walks over towards Faith. He caresses Faith. She does this thing, she wriggles her rear end. It’s really erotic the way she does it.

Melissa comes over and gives Ron something. It’s lube; it’s like one of those sachets of sauce you get in cafes or whatever. Ron gives the sachet to Faith. Faith is still bent over the desk. She opens this sachet thing, puts the grease or the oil or whatever it was on the fingers of her right hand and reaches round and starts greasing up her, what word do I want to use… her rectum. I’m at the right angle to see this stuff. She does that for a few seconds. Ron is tugging himself, looking down at her doing that. Melissa moves over and fondles Faith’s left breast, only briefly. Faith doesn’t seem to even notice. I notice.

Eventually Faith feels like she’s ready. She stops rubbing this stuff into herself and reaches back for Ron’s dick, pulls him towards her. As he goes to mount her she puts both hands on the desk in front of her, palms down. He works his way in, it takes him a few seconds but he gets in there. She’s in pain. She holding her breath in and making this hissing sound as he gets into her. Melissa is stood a few feet off, she’s watching this, she’s still dressed, she’s not rubbing herself or doing anything, she’s just watching.

He starts fucking her. Faith’s in pain. She doesn’t want it to stop though. The noises she’s making are incredibly arousing. She doesn’t want anyone to hear her so she’s keeping as quiet as possible but that thing’s big and it’s in a place where it’s not supposed to be. She’s moaning and sometimes almost crying out as he goes in and out of her. She’s having to stifle the sounds. She’s looking straight ahead, at the wall, and he’s putting more into it, getting more forceful. She’s feeling it. The noises she’s making are different now, she’s almost grunting from the pain, In between making these pinched little crying sounds. He’s fucking her hard. She’s taking it.

Eventually it changes. I don’t know how Ron’s even lasted this long, but it changes. I can see that Faith’s eyes are closed now, the grunting’s louder. Before he was fucking her, she wasn’t moving much. He had her round the waist and he’s fucking her harder and harder, but there’s a point where she starts bucking her body back against him. She’s fucking him back, she’s fighting back. He must be absolutely as far in as he can go by now and it seems to be even more intense.

She starts coming slightly before he does. Both her hands are still in front of her on the desk. He comes as well. They both suppress the noise. He gets out of her slowly. She stays bent over the desk for a bit, getting her breath, collecting herself. She turns round, stands, gives Ron a very, very brief peck on the lips, then goes over to get her clothes. Melissa has picked her clothes up off of the floor for her, hands them to her. Everybody gets dressed, everybody leaves. I’ve got the whole thing on my phone.

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