Days later, Sir had Cassie attached to a padded bench, riding a dildo. Cassie had refused to move on it at first, but Sir had already planned ahead. If she didn’t move fast enough Sir zapped her with an electric wand. So she rode the dildo best she could. She had never had sex being on top and her movements were jerky and uncontrolled.

Sir had set the wand aside and put his hands on her hips, he helped her find a good rhythm and pace. He held onto her long after she had figured it out and squeezed her hips as the dildo hit a spot deep inside her that set her blood boiling. She hadn’t noticed when he removed his hands, but yelped when he zapped her with the wand.

“No coming without permission.”

Damn him. Sir knew Cassie struggled with asking permission for anything. She didn’t want to be a participant in her own training. She didn’t want to be involved or begging for orgasms or scraps of food.

“Ask me, Cassie,” Sir said, shocking her again when she had slowed. Cassie redoubled her efforts and found herself back on the edge, knowing she could come at any moment but Sir would make sure she wouldn’t until she had asked him permission.

“It’s easy really. All you have to say is ‘Sir, may I come?’”

That wasn’t easy. Cassie was pretty sure that would hard for her. She had barely had any sexual experience before her capture and, she was still shy about her body and about her needs. Deep down, she was upset she had needs she would have to beg to get. She had never experienced anything like this with any other guy. But then again, the boys she had been with before were only worried about themselves. Sir had made sure she knew pleasure. Knew it and then made her crave it.

Cassie struggled as she kept up her pace, not to fall over the edge without permission. Cassie tried to slow down a little to ease back on her pending orgasm and received a shock for her trouble. Cassie squealed when the wand had zapped her sensitive clit.

“Cassie,” Sir sighed. “If you continue to refuse, I can always add another dildo. I know you will learn to love having a dildo or cock up your ass. Now is as good a time as any to get you used to it.”

“P-please, Sir…” Cassie whispered.

“Louder, I can’t hear you.”

“Please, S-sir,” Cassie said, only marginally louder. “Please, may I… may I…”

“Come, Cassie. Say it. Say, may I come?”

“P-please, Sir, may I…” Cassie gasped out and finally managed to whisper the last word. “Come.”

“Now, Cassie, all at once and loud enough to be heard.”

The rotten bastard! “Please, Sir, may I come?”

“Good girl. Let’s hope it doesn’t always take this long. Come for me, Cassie.”

Cassie increased her pace as Sir’s hand crept to her tender pussy and ran a thumb over her clit and sent her over the edge. Cassie screamed out her orgasm while she continued to ride the dildo furiously. Cassie finally slowed and slumped over. If Sir hadn’t been next to her, she would have fallen to the floor.

“Good girl,” Sir whispered in her ear as he held her up and worked on releasing her legs from the bench.

“Marvelous,” Mr. Mason said, catching them both by surprise. Mr. Mason was standing in the doorway, clapping. Cassie tensed up in Sir’s arms as he helped her off the bench.

“It seems you have made some progress, Luke.”

“Yes, Mr. Mason. Some. She’s a bit resistant in some areas, but excelling in others.”

“I see. I think I want to see how far she’s come. I’m holding a party tonight. I want her by my side tonight. And Luke, don’t forget the tail. I want to show off my new toy.”

Cassie paled as Mr. Mason turned and left the room. Sir swept her off her feet and cuddled her to his chest.

“I’m sorry, Cassie. I must do as he asks. You will do fine as long as you do nothing to warrant a punishment from him.”

Sir set her down on the floor next to the French doors so she could look outside. He had brought her to his suit. It made training her easier. He said she was going to stay here for the rest of her training, so he had packed up her things this morning and moved her in here. He made her a pallet of blankets next to his bed. She would have to sleep with an ankle chained to his bed, but she felt better knowing he was close by.

Sir returned with a wet wash cloth and had gently cleaned her up. There was a knock at the door and then a servant walked in carrying a tray. She put it at the small table and left.

“Come, let’s eat lunch, and I need to tell you what to expect tonight.”

Cassie shakily got to her knees. She had to admit, she had grown more graceful about it. She no longer just plopped down. But after the orgasm she just had, it was hard not to let her body go limp to the floor since she felt boneless anyway.

“Good girl.” Cassie was starting to like the praise Sir gave her when she did something right. It shouldn’t, she knew, but it made her feel better for doing something that pleased him.

“Tonight is unavoidable. As you saw on your first day here, Mr. Mason has peculiar tastes.” Sir fed her a few bites and took a bite of his own. “You will at no point walk upright. You are to stay on your hands and knees at all times. He will walk you on a leash, people will treat you as if you were a real dog, not a poor girl who would rather be a million miles away. He may ask you to perform tricks.”

Cassie gasped and looked Sir in the eyes. Sir took a moment to eat some more and to feed her more food. She had finally gotten the point where she no longer rebelled at the idea of him hand feeding her.

“Cassie, I can’t stress this enough. Do what he asks. Any punishment you earn there will be given in front of all the whole party. And Mr. Mason isn’t exactly gentle and caring either.”

No, he wasn’t, she thought. She knew she had been wrong about Sir when she first got here earlier this week. He was strict, but he cared. He made sure she was alright, made sure she was fed and warm and that nothing was wrong. But Mr. Mason scared her. She felt safe with Sir, crazy as it seems. She felt like Mr. Mason was the very opposite of what Sir was. Safe, in control.

Sir held a glass of water to her lips, and she drained half the glass. Sir looked at her with concern.

“Were you thirsty earlier?”

“No Sir, just after… just after… the session.”

“Ah, I see.” Sir replaced the glass with food, and they ate the rest of it in comfortable silence. When they were finished, Sir beckoned Cassie to follow him. He had led her to the bathroom. It was a bathroom that she envied. Her father’s house had been built decades ago, and while she missed her home, she also had a hope of one day having a whole afternoon to herself in this bathroom. The bathtub was big enough that she could probably swim in it when it was full and the shower had multiple heads to hit every part of the body.

Instead of leading her to the shower, Sir started the bathtub and poured generous amounts of bath bubbles and scents in the running water.

“You have several hours before you need to be ready for tonight. You can relax in the bath for a while. Don’t get used to it and don’t even think about touching yourself. I will know, and you will end up at the party with pretty marks to show off.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good.” Sir helped her step into the hot water and she sank down into it with a blissful sigh. Her shoulders still ached from whenever Sir had seen it appropriate to bind her hands behind her back and her ass. She was ashamed to admit she had yet to go a day without earning a punishment. She had closed her eyes but opened them when she felt Sir’s hand on her head.

“Shhh, I’m just going to get you cleaned up and then you can have all the time you want to relax.”

Sir had taken a cup and wetted down her hair. With shampoo in his hands, his fingers slide through her hair and Cassie was unable to swallow another blissful sigh as his fingers massaged her scalp as he washed her hair. And then the strangest thing happened. Her nipples puckered and she started to feel an ache between her legs. Who had thought that something like this would turn her on.

Wanting to avoid a punishment, Cassie brought her hands up to the edge of the tub and gripped the edges as hard as she could. Sir had rinsed her hair and smoothed conditioner in her hair and was finally rinsing that out as well.

Cassie gasped when his hand went from her hair to her breast. Sir gently pinched her nipple and squeezed her breast. A moan escaped her mouth and Cassie was glad the hot water already had her flushed or Sir would see her blush.

“You are so beautiful like this,” Sir told her. Cassie looked up at him and for once Sir was wearing his feelings on his face. She saw naked desire there. And for the first time since she came to be here, she felt like she had some power in her sexuality.

“Please, Sir, I need…” Cassie trailed off as he pinched her other nipple.

“Need what?” Sir asked, his voice thick with lust


“I need to come, Sir, please!” Cassie gasped as both hands worked her breasts, playing with her nipples, pinching, squeezing and driving her absolutely crazy.

“Don’t you want to relax for a bit?”

He had her in such a state that relaxation was out the window. Cassie shook her head as she thrashed in the water, making sure to keep her grip on the tub.

“Get out and bend over the edge of the tub,” Sir commanded.

Cassie shot up quickly, bubbles running down her body and complied. She had just barely bent over the tub when Sir’s tongue thrust deep in her pussy. Cassie gasped and started to thrust her hips back at him before his hands came up to hold her still.

Sir licked and nibbled at her, his tongue swirling around and inside of her before sliding his tongue through her slit and circling her engorged clit. Sir tried to keep her still but her hips were still grinding against his face and then she screamed when Sir sucked her clit into his mouth.

“P-please, Sir,” Cassie gasped out.

“You are free to come whenever you like for this session,” Sir said before diving back into her pussy.

He sucked her clit back into her mouth and laved it with his tongue and finally with his teeth. Cassie screamed out her orgasm and Sir kept going, making her ride it out. After she came down he didn’t let up. His tongue found her entrance and slowly circled it. It wasn’t long before Cassie felt herself building up again.

“Wait! No,” Cassie cried out as his tongue drew up higher and higher to her rosebud. His tongue swirled around her hole and forced its way inside of her. Sir had kept Cassie from pulling away as he tormented her with his tongue. He licked and prodded her as his fingers found their way to her empty pussy. With his fingers inside of her and a thumb on her clit, he soon had her mindless with pleasure while his tongue assaulted her ass.

Sir withdrew his tongue and Cassie felt oddly empty. She was sure she didn’t want anything inside her ass, but she had to admit to herself, maybe not to Sir, that it wasn’t painful this time. Actually, she had enjoyed the new sensations with the lack of pain.

“Stay there,” Sir commanded as both hands left her. Left her with her right on the edge and crying out her frustration as she was sure she was about to explode again. It felt like an hour before he came back into the bathroom and touched her again.

Cassie was so far gone it hadn’t taken her long at all to get back to the edge of orgasm. Sir’s fingers entered her pussy and his thumb stroked her clit masterfully. When she felt like she was about to go over, he slowed his pace, her pleasure slowly fading back.

“Please, Sir! I need it!”

“I know you do, I know.” Sir comforted her. But he continued with the slow pace as she felt something nudge her rosebud. She felt something slick and rubbery. She had a fairly good idea what it was but at the moment, she didn’t care. All she wanted was to come again and again.

Sir slowly worked it inside of her, keeping her the on edge to make it pleasant. He had worked it most of the way inside of her before he pulled it out and slowly pushed it back in. He fucked it in and out of her for a few minutes before finally pushing it all the way inside of her and let her ass close around the end of the plug.

Cassie felt incredibly full. It hadn’t hurt at all this time around and having the plug inside of her only made her hornier. When Sir’s thumb left her clit she tried to push back to follow but a slap her ass kept her still. When she felt his cock at her pussy, Cassie moaned. Sir slowly worked his way inside of her and took long leisurely strokes inside of her.

“Please, Sir! I can’t take it! I need it faster!”

Instead of picking up his pace, he withdrew from her. Cassie cried out. She wanted to come; she wanted him inside of her.

“Climb on top of me,” Sir said. He had laid down on the rug, his erect cock beckoning her to him. Cassie moved away from the tub and straddled his hips as he guided his cock to her pussy. All of a sudden, Cassie was glad for the lesion earlier today to prepare her for this. Cassie lowered herself onto his cock. It felt better than the dildo. And the plug in her ass actually made it feel even more amazing.

“Play with your nipples,” Sir said huskily.

Cassie’s hands went to her breasts and she started to pinch and pull at her nipples, the way Sir had played with them as she started to move on top of him. Her pace increased and finding the rhythm she had earlier on the bench, Cassie was soon thrashing on top of him, mindless as she approached her orgasm.

“Come for me, Cassie,” Sir said. And she obeyed. Cassie screamed out and collapsed onto his chest. Sir gently rolled her under him and soon he was grunting out his own release. Sir lowered himself onto Cassie and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He gasped into her chest and she waited while he regained his breath and strength. She ran her hands in his hair and he closed his eyes and relaxed fully on top of her. After a few minutes, he raised himself up to look into her eyes.

“You are beautiful when you come.”

Cassie blushed but she felt pleased he thought so.

“Looks like you will have to get cleaned up again.” Sir withdrew his softened cock and stood up. He helped her up and kissed her forehead. “I will come to get you to get ready for the party tonight. Relax and enjoy yourself until then.”

Cassie had felt a moment of affection for the man as he walked out of the bathroom and left the door open a bit so he could look in on her. She was sure it was a bad idea to fall for her captor, but sometimes you wouldn’t help things like that.

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