McKenzie Lowell stepped up to the door and rang the bell.

The door was answered by a giant dressed in a Scottish kilt, white button up and black half-mask.

“Trick or treat?” he asked.

“Hey Bear, isn’t that supposed to be my line? But I’ll take a treat over a trick any day!”

“Shit Kenzie, how did you know it was me?” Bear asked.

“Because I don’t know anyone else who hits 6’5″? And how did you know it was me?” Kenzie asked with a pout.

“Because I don’t know anyone else with your hot as hell body?”

“Oooooh, you better watch out,” Kenzie teased, punching Bear in the arm, “or I’m going to tell Lola!”

Lola was Bear’s wife. She was a gorgeous, black hair and green eyes, who stood at just under six foot, had a great sense of humor and was perfect for Bear!

“Please don’t Kenzie! She’ll have my balls for sure.” Bear laughed.

“Don’t worry; I won’t be responsible for your becoming a eunuch!”

Kenzie stepped into the foyer of the large, sprawling home that her friends shared. While Bear shut the door and hung her coat, Kenzie stepped up to the large mirror near the stairs to examine herself before stepping into the large masquerade party in full swing in the main part of the house.

Kenzie scrutinized her imagine. Waist length hair, so red it was nearly burgundy, with a nice wave complemented her bright blue eyes. She had clear porcelain skin with a healthy smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She loved her freckles.

What she loved much less was her very Rubenesque figure. Kenzie snorted. Rubenesque? How about fat! Kenzie really had no illusions about her size. She was a big girl. She smoothed her hands down her more than ample hips. Adjusting her gauzy, flowing white toga, she turned sideways and eyed her rounded stomach, much hidden by the empire waist of her gown. She’d taken a risk coming as a goddess. How many fat girls were actually brave enough to assume the right to be a goddess? Along with her white toga gown, she wore a gold laurel wreath and a white feathered half mask. The mask showed of her ruby painted cupid-bow lips to their best advantage.

As little as she loved her figure, she had almost learned to accept her less than supermodel body. Dates, though, had been few and far between, due mostly to her size, she was sure. However, Kenzie accepted that she was a beautiful woman. And she was definitely not shy about adorning her body. She had numerous tattoos including a large tree of life on her back. She also had multiple ear piercings, a hoop in her nose and small diamond stubs ornamenting her bottom lip.

Giving herself one last critical look, Kenzie stepped into the large great room. She looked around, taking in the crush of other party guests. There were several predictable costumes: witches, vampires, pirates and some zombies. Some of the women wore beautiful costumes, dressed as fairies and princesses. Her eyes landed on a particularly hot black haired she-devil at the bar. Kenzie smiled. Of course Lola would be dressed as a slutty bad girl. SO Lola!

Kenzie milled through the crowd, exchanging pleasantries with several people, making her way to Lola. When she reached her, Lola smiled and hugged Kenzie. With a large smile she handed Kenzie a glass of white wine.

“Oh fancy!” Kenzie teased Lola. “Did you break out the French Chardonnay for moi?”

“Oui! You know it! Nothing but the best for my girl.”

Kenzie took a sip. “Yummy! You so know my weakness.”

“Come sit with me,” Lola urged her and led Kenzie to a large sofa near an even larger roaring fireplace. Lola swayed her barely covered ass, showing off the devil red g-string that matched her costume. They sat together in the corner of the L-shaped sectional.

“You little slut,” Kenzie teased her best friend. “You are going to have innocent young boys limping around from their rampant boners!”

Lola giggle. “I know, right! I am totally shameless.”

Kenzie truly loved her two best friends. Bear and Lola ran a very lucrative and popular nightclub downtown called The Drunken Dog. It featured barely clad go-go dancers, live bands several nights a week and was patronized by lots of very attractive and rich people. Being a singer, Kenzie had performed at The Drunken Dog on a regular basis and it had become like a second home to her; or a first home, maybe. Kenzie had grown up in foster care and had no family. Completely alone in the world, Kenzie has struggled on her own from the time she had run away from her last abusive foster home at the age of 15.

Kenzie had supported herself as a street musician from that time on. She had an incredibly beautiful and unique voice, smoky and gravelly. She was also a natural on the guitar, having taught herself. At the age of 32 she’d yet to pick up a recording contract, however she had a very lucrative career performing at nightclubs and bars around the city.

“So,” she told Lola, glancing around, “nice party. Are you sure you found enough gorgeous people to be here? Are there any left in the city?”

“Maybe,” Lola, with a little smile, “maybe not. You going to sing for us tonight?”

“Absolutely. Can you have Bear get my guitar out of my car?”

“Sure. Meanwhile, why don’t you mingle? We have lots of naughty versions of games going on in different areas: Spin the Bottle, 60 Seconds in Heaven, yada yada yada! Play! Find a man to fuck, be bad!”

“Haha,” Kenzie retorted with sarcasm. “You know I’ve just got men beating down my door. I’ll stick with my trusty vibrator. Much less risk of rejection.” Before Lola could argue, Kenzie stood, holding her glass up. “I’m getting a refill and then I’ll say hello to a few people.”

Kenzie made her way to the bar and procured herself another glass of wine. She leaned back against the bar, sipped her Chardonnay and people watched for a while. She smiled when she saw Bear palm Lola’s ass across the room. In typical Lola style, she bent slightly to give Bear greater access and he took advantage, running a finger along her barely covered slit. Far from feeling embarrassed, the witnessed scene only made Kenzie feel hot and aroused.

Kenzie sighed heavily. She’d love to find someone to share her life and bed with. Taking another sip of wine, she stilled, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck raise in awareness. Someone was staring at her. Surreptitiously, from beneath lowered lashes, Kenzie glanced around the room. Across the room near the fireplace, not far from where she’d been sitting with Lola, she found the culprit. Her eyes were snared by a very hot specimen of man. When she met his eyes, his full, beautiful lips quirked up in a half-smile. Kenzie jarred from the intensity of his gaze.

Wow, she thought lowering her eyes, he is amazingly sexy. Discreetly, she hoped, Kenzie checked out the mystery man across the room. He was tall, fully as tall as Bear, but without the bulk. She couldn’t tell the color of his eyes from the brief look she’d had, as well as from the distance, but his jet black hair shined in the firelight, so dark it was nearly blue. He wasn’t dressed in costume, though he wore a nice leather half-mask. He was dressed in dark, distressed jeans and a leather half trench coat over a form-fitting black t-shirt. He also wore beautifully made black motorcycle boots with silver buckles. Jesus freaking Christ, she thought, that man is sin on two legs. Glancing back up, Kenzie saw he was still staring at her.

Kenzie felt mesmerized. She felt tingles from head to toe. Her nipples hardened and her pussy started weeping. Kenzie shivered, as she forced her eyes away. Pushing away from the bar, she made her way through the crowd, greeting several people she recognized, despite their masks. Kenzie was quick with a smile and even quicker with a laugh; endearing her to most people she met.

She wandered out onto the large multi-level deck. It was chilly, but not bad, considering the time of year. She made her way to the fire pit and noticed that a very adult game of spin the bottle was going on. It appeared that whomever the bottle landed on, irregardless of the gender of the spinner or whom it landed on, a deep tongue kiss was awarded. Kenzie watched for several turns, becoming increasingly aroused by blatant display of eroticism, before she felt heat at her back. Without turning, she knew it was the mystery man from the great room.

“Are you aroused by the game?” he asked, his breath warm on her ear as he leaned close to whisper to her.

Kenzie jumped slightly, shivering from his words and from the effect of his breath on her ear.

“Yes,” she said without turning. “You?”

“No,” he said, “I’m aroused by you.”

Kenzie stiffened. She turned quickly to find him inches from her. She looked up into his eyes. Way up, considering he stood nearly a foot taller than her. She noticed his eyes were so light blue they were almost white. They were beautiful, but in an almost eerie way. Definitely intense.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“Nope, no trick here,” he said with a crooked smile, amused at his own Halloween pun. “I think you are incredibly hot. I just have one question for you.”

Kenzie simply raised her eyebrow in response.

He leaned in until her was whispering in her ear again. “Are you wearing panties?”

Kenzie leaned back with a bark of laughter. “You certainly aren’t shy are you?”

“I never have been accused of that.”

“What’s your name? If I turn you on so much I should at least know your name, don’t you think?”

“Fair enough. Silas.”

“I’m Kenzie.”

“I know. I’ve seen you at Bear and Lola’s.”

“Hmmm. Why haven’t I seen you?”

“I’m shy?”

“Oh I highly doubt that,” Kenzie laughed.

Before Silas could make a rejoinder, Kenzie’s name was called from the group playing around the fire pit.

“Come play! Be naughty…it’s Halloween!” This was from a waitress named Erin from The Drunken Dog that Kenzie had a friendly relationship with.

Kenzie hesitated.

“I will if you will,” Silas said from beside her. “Dare you.”

Never one to turn down a dare, a fault that had gotten her into plenty of trouble, Kenzie walked over to the group, throwing a challenging look over her shoulder at Silas. Kenzie chose a spot in the circle and Silas sat next to her, close enough that their thighs pressed against each other, causing a warm glow of arousal in Kenzie’s pussy.

“Ok, Kenzie, you next!” Erin said excitedly.

Kenzie groaned inwardly, but put on a game smile and spun. The bottle spun drunkenly for several rotations before, as if pulled by a magnet, landed on Silas. Kenzie gave a silent victory shout! How fortuitous! Without any wasted time, Silas buried his hand in the hair at the base of Kenzie’s neck and pulled her head back. Kenzie gasped at the suddenness of the action and the shot of fluid it caused to drench her panties. Silas took advantage of Kenzie’s open mouth and crushed her mouth, thrusting his tongue in with aggression. Kenzie moaned and thrust her tongue back at his. They dueled for long moments, tongues tangling, lips sucking, until Kenzie heard loud catcalls and whoops.

She raised her head feeling drunk with the power of the kiss. She had totally lost herself in it.

“Whoa!” Kenzie said on a little laugh. “That’s enough of Spin the Bottle for me or I might end up in a puddle on the floor! I’m getting a drink.” Kenzie stood on unsteady legs and made her way back to the great room and the bar, to the accompaniment of several playful boos. She could feel Silas on her heels.

Procuring a drink, she turned to Silas and said, “Yes.”

“Yes?” he replied.

“Yes, I’m wearing panties, but they’re little.”

“Shit,” Silas whispered, almost to himself. He stepped forward, completely invading her space and pressed his body against hers. He reached around and palmed her ass cheek. “That is so fucking hot, because now all I can think of is taking them off of you.”

“You are pretty presumptuous aren’t you,” Kenzie asked, meaning to sound firm but only managing to sound breathless.

Silas adjusted his hand to slide his finger up the crack of her ass, following the line of her little white silk g-string. With his other hand he palmed the back of her head and tilted her head to the side. Leaning down her ran the flat of his tongue from her collar bone to her ear.

“I go after what I want. And I haven’t wanted anything or anyone this bad in eons,” he breathed into her ear. Using his grip on her ass, he pulled her tight against him, pressing his hard cock against her stomach.

“I can tell,” she replied and turning her head, claimed his mouth in an unusual act of sexual aggression. When he threw himself wholeheartedly into the kiss, she groaned into his mouth. Her nipples were hard points, pressing into his chest through her thin gown. Her panties were sopping wet with her own arousal by now and her clit pulsed hard, from a simple kiss. She wiggled trying to get closer. Silas released her hair and palmed Kenzie’s breast before using his palm to rub her hard nipple in slow circles. When her nipple got even harder, it was Silas’s turn to moan. This continued for several moments before Kenzie registered a clearing of the throat.

Silas lifted his head and growled, “What the fuck is so important that you need to interrupt me, Bear?”

“Well, as much as I, and most of the room, are enjoying this hot as fuck display, it’s time for Kenzie to play for us.”

Kenzie’s cheeks burned at how she had forgotten where they were. But she put on a brave face and a saucy smile.

“Glad I could be of service, Bear. Should I take a bow?”

“Let’s save that for after your set?”

“Sure, but Silas will have to let go of my ass first.”

Silas slowly loosened his grip on her ass and stepped by, but not happily. He turned to Bear, displeasure clear on his face. Bear took a step back and lowered his head, in apparent submission.

“I apologize, Silas.”

Interesting, Kenzie thought, as she made her way to spot near the fireplace where her guitar, a mic and small amp were set up.

When she sat on the provided stool, she gave a cursory hello before beginning the intro to her first song. As she sang, most people came in from other areas of the house, crowding into the great room to hear her perform. She sang nearly a dozen songs, before launching into her current favorite, a song by India.Arie.

She had felt Silas’s eyes burning into her, never leaving for the entire set. As she began the lyrics of the song she looked into his eyes.

“Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won’t

Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes

It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul

I’m not the average girl from your video

and I ain’t built like a supermodel

But, I learned to love myself unconditionally

Because I am a queen…”

Kenzie finished the song to thunderous applause and thanked everyone for their appreciation.

Lola approached and, taking Kenzie by the arm, led her back to the bar. Kenzie noticed Silas had disappeared.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Kenzie asked.

“Maybe,” Lola answered, and with a little laugh handed her another glass of wine. “Just thought you might be parched after all that singing.”

“I am, thanks,” she responded taking a large swallow.

“So, what do you think of Silas? Like him?”

“What’s not to like? He’s super-hot and kisses like he’s set out to make it an art form. He’s definitely wet my panties! How long have you known him?”

“Oh, forever,” Lola answered with a little wave of her hand.

Kenzie recounted the exchange between Silas and Bear. “So, what’s up with that?”

“Well Silas is like family, I guess. He’s like an older brother to Bear; a mentor, really. He gave us the initial investment to start The Drunken Dog. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Silas.”

“Ah. Ok. Still it’s odd to see Bear so deferential to someone.”

“He loves Silas, we both do, and would never want to offend him,” Lola replied.

“Well if you love Silas, so do I,” Kenzie assured her friend, giving her a one-armed hug, still holding her glass of wine.

“I think you showed everyone how much you ‘loved’ Silas earlier!”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” Kenzie retorted on a laugh. “So many people are going at each other at this party it might as well be an orgy!”

“Yeah, but there was something special about watching you and Silas. Half the people here couldn’t take their eyes off you.”

“Jesus, now I’m more than a little mortified,” Kenzie blushed.

“Don’t be, you are a beautiful sensuous creature! If you weren’t my best friend, I’d want to fuck you!”

Kenzie laughed. “You have enough fucking going on without involving me, you little perv! I am in need of the little girls’ room.” Excusing herself, Kenzie wondered upstairs and into Bear and Lola’s master suite. She used the bathroom, washed her hands and freshened her hair and make-up, taking advantage of Lola’s gigantic assortment of cosmetics.

When she left the bathroom, Silas was waiting for her, leaning against the bedroom door, barring her way out.

Kenzie came to an abrupt halt. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I thought we could play 60 Minutes in Heaven,” he replied with a wicked grin.

“It’s 60 Seconds in Heaven.”

“Oh, I’ll need way more than a minute with you. But baby, I am going to take you to heaven,” Silas promised, stepping away from the door and shrugging out of his leather trench.

Kenzie felt a rush of moisture flood her cunt, wetting her already damp panties. But not wanting to seem too easy, she asked, “Don’t I have a say in this?”

“Yes,” he replied, stalking her as she backed away from him. “You can say yes, more please, harder; any and all of those.”

Silas peeled his tee off over his head and Kenzie felt her jaw drop. Holy fuck, she thought, he is amazing. Silas had the type of body that a man only got from hard work. A natural, lean musculature, not something bought at a gym. Both of his nipples were pierced, with bars in both. So now she knew Silas possessed two things that turned her on beyond measure; a dominant personality and piercings. She glanced up from his chest to find his eyes on her. The look of lust on his face was so intense, she swallowed audibly. She stood frozen as Silas continued to approach her.

When he reached her, Kenzie expected him to grab her, but instead he slowly circled her. Reaching out he ran his hand lightly along her arm, around the shell of her ear, across her ass. He lightly touched her, circling her, making her feel like she was prey and he was toying with her. Through it all, Kenzie stood still, her breath hitching at every touch, her cunt spasming. She felt near orgasm and Silas had barely touched her! Eventually he made his way back to stand in front of her.

For several moments, Silas merely stared into Kenzie’s eyes. His eyes burned so hot despite their cold color. She felt herself enthralled, lost in the depth of desire she found there. She seemed aware of every inch of her body, as if her skin were suddenly too tight. Her nipples hardened to impossibly tight points, her breathing was fast, heartbeat erratic and her pussy was a constant fount of dripping arousal.

“Take off your gown, McKenzie,” Silas finally spoke, his voice deep and gravelly with want. Kenzie complied, slowly lowering her gown. Kenzie was surprised by her easy compliance, but even more surprised that this amazingly hot man wanted her. And she could in no way doubt his desire for her, she thought, glancing at the giant bulge in his jeans. Soon Kenzie stood before Silas in nothing more than her white silk g-string and 5 inch white satin stilettos. She resisted the urge to squirm and cover herself, severely self-conscious of all the extra weight she was displaying for this impossibly hot man.

“Love, no need to feel insecure. I could come in my jeans just looking at you.” And as unimaginable as it seemed, Kenzie believed him. She shivered hard as he reached out to run the back of his hand along her collarbone. Turning his had he smoothed his fingertips down her chest, between her large, though firm breasts, to settle at the top of her panties. Using a single fingertip, Silas traced the top of her panties, back and forth, until Kenzie was ready to beg him to touch her between her legs.

As though reading her mind, Silas slid his finger down her slit, staying on top of her panties. Kenzie groaned in pure delight at the feel of his finger on her cunt. She desperately wanted more. Please! she thought almost desperately.

“Patience, baby,” he told her.

Kenzie started. Was he reading her mind?

“Yes, and you’re thinking very loudly.”

Before Kenzie could even process that statement, Silas lifted her in his arms as if she weighed nothing, and carried her to the large bed. Kenzie marveled that he could lift her so easily, considering she was no slight burden. He laid her on the bed, grabbed her hands and lifted them above her head, and proceeded to devour her mouth. The thrust of his tongue in her mouth imitated what she longed for his cock to be doing in her sopping wet cunt. Returning Silas’s kiss wholeheartedly, Kenzie couldn’t keep from squeezing her thighs together, trying to relieve some of the pressure on her aching clit.

When Silas pulled away and stood up, Kenzie groaned in objection and tried to reach for him. It was then she realized that while she’d been lost in his kiss, Silas had been securing her hands to the headboard. Kenzie twisted her head around to look at her hands. Of course Bear and Lola would have shackles built into their headboard! She turned her head back to Silas. He was standing beside the bed, his gaze wondering her body, landing longer on some places than others.

“Do you know how fucking amazing you look in just that tiny thong and your hooker heels?”

“Why don’t you show me?”

“You have no idea how badly I want to,” he informed her with a shake of his head, “but first we need to talk.”

“Okaaaay,” Kenzie said, drawing the word out in confusion. Then with a start of remembrance, she asked him, “What the hell did you mean that you could read my mind.”

“Exactly that,” he answered, sitting down next to her on the bed. “If I couldn’t, how would I have known you were even thinking that?”

“Oh.” Kenzie thought for a second. “You could have guessed.”

“Ok,” Silas replied, “think of something.” After a pause, he laughed. “Not about sex. Something not so easily guessed.” Another pause. “Tacos? Seriously?” He laughed again.

“Holy shit! And give me a break, I’m hungry. Are you psychic?”

“Among other things.”

“What other things? I’m getting a little nervous here and feeling a whole lot of vulnerable.”

“I know you’ll have a hard time believing this. And I haven’t told anyone in a long time, but I think you’re special; and I want you. Not just tonight, but for long term. I’ve wanted you from the moment I first saw you at The Drunken Dog. I know all about you; your childhood in the foster system because of your mom’s overdose when you were four. How you ran away from foster care at 15 because of a very handsy foster parent. I know how you’ve struggled to be where you are today; a successful, beautiful, sexy artist with amazing talent.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said, beginning to struggle against her bonds, “I’m starting to be a little creeped out. Let me the fuck up!”

Silas placed his palm low on her belly and Kenzie stilled. “Calm down,” he urged her. “You don’t need to be afraid of me. I just needed to know everything about you. I needed to know if I could trust you. Bear and Lola vouched for you, but I have to be careful because of who I am.” He began rubbing his palm in ever-widening circles on her stomach as he was talking, making it very hard for Kenzie to concentrate, despite the seriousness of the conversation.

“And just who are you?”

“I’m a vampire,” announced to her. “Not just any vampire, though, but the king of this region.”

“Oh, so fucking funny!” Kenzie said. “What kind of game are you playing? I’ve got to tell you, it’s not very amusing to me right now.”

“It’s no game,” Silas told her and leaned forward with the intention of kissing her again. Kenzie turned her head aside trying to avoid the kiss. Silas grasped her by the chin, forcing her face back to his. “Don’t fight me Kenzie. I’m a predator. It’ll only make me more determined and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kenzie swallowed, feeling a kernel of fear begin in the pit of her stomach. But that fear was waging a war with the desire already residing there. And desire was winning, especially when she could see the lust shining is Silas’s pale blue eyes. So when he leaned down to kiss her again she let him. Silas began the kiss gently this time, brushing his lips softly against hers, back and forth, until Kenzie was on the verge of begging him to deepen the kiss. He might be crazy, but he sure could kiss! Hearing her thoughts, Silas chuckled.

“You are a sensual creature, McKenzie,” he whispered against her lips. “All in due time.”

With those words, Silas began a journey down Kenzie’s body with lips and tongue. He started by giving Kenzie’s throat little flicking licks, interspersed with nipping bites. He worked his way sideways to where her neck and shoulder met. When he reached that ultra-sensitive spot he bit down with a good amount of force. Kenzie let out a little yelp of surprise followed by a low moan of delight. The feeling was amazing. She loved a little edge of pain to her pleasure; had always enjoyed when her lovers bit.

Silas laved away the little pain of his bite with the flat of his tongue. Kenzie was moaning and writhing on the bed, her body begging for more.

“Fuck, baby, you are so sensitive. I wonder if I could make you come without even touching your sweet little cunt.”

“I’m willing to let you try,” Kenzie countered, breathlessly.

Reaching down, Silas cupped her generous breasts, kneading them. Kenzie’s pussy clenched with desire and she groaned, squeezing her thighs. Silas ran his thumbs over both of her nipples, at once. Simultaneously, he continued rubbing her nipples over and over until Kenzie was panting and moaning. Unashamedly, she began begging for more.

“What do you want, baby? Do you want me to lick you pretty, berry colored nipples? Suck them? Bite them?”

“Please, Silas! Yes! Yes, to all of it. Please, please touch me more. Suck my nipples, bite them. I need more!”

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you?” he asked as he continued to simply rub his thumbs across her nipple. After several more minutes of this, Kenzie was nearly sobbing from a combination of pleasure and need. “Okay baby,” Silas crooned to her, “I’ll give you more.”

Leaning over, Silas opened his mouth onto her nipple and sucked the whole thing into his mouth. When he began suckling and flicking it with his tongue within his hot mouth, Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed and she gave a little scream.

“Oh god. Yes. Fuck, fuck. More, Silas. Harder.” Kenzie was babbling, begging in near incoherence. Silas gave her what she wanted. Moving to her other breast, he took that nipple into his mouth and bit down, the force just shy of pain. Kenzie moaned, pulling against her bindings, wanting desperately to sink her hands into his hair and pull him closer. Instead all she could do was writhe as her cunt continued to weep. Silas continued to move back and forth between breasts, sucking, licking and biting.

“Silas, I’m going to come,” Kenzie panted. “Please, I need to come. Keep licking my nipples. Oh god, yes, just like that. Oh that feels so good when you use your teeth like that.” Silas reached up to her untended breast and began to pinch and roll that nipple while he sucked hard on the nipple in his mouth. With a guttural groan and a hard squeeze of her thighs, Kenzie came. Silas continued to play with her luscious nipples until Kenzie was begging for him to stop.

“Silas, please! It’s too much.” With a final gentle kiss to the tip of each nipple, Silas raised up to give Kenzie a deep kiss, pushing his tongue between her lips to lick the entire inside of her mouth.

“I swear I can taste your orgasm in just your kiss. I can certainly smell it. Fuck baby, you are amazing. I knew you would be responsive.”

“I’ve never come from just nipple play. That was incredible.”

“Mmmm.” Silas stood and looking down at Kenzie told her, “Spread your legs for me, baby. God you’re wet,” he praised her when she complied. Reaching down, with incredible ease, he tore her thong off of her. Kenzie gasped, feeling a huge flood of moisture flow from her cunt, flowing down into her ass crack.

“Well, shit, that is fucking hot,” Silas praised as he reached down to finger the small hoop in Kenzie’s clitoral hood piercing. “You are full of surprises.”

Silas continued to run his finger up and down her slit, spreading her wetness around. Every time he reached the top, he would flick her clit, making Kenzie groan. “So pretty,” he whispered, seemingly to himself. He slid his finger down, and in one easy move, aided by Kenzie’s extreme wetness, he buried it in her cunt, all the way to his knuckle. Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed to meet his thrust. She moaned deep in her throat.

“More, Silas. Please more.”

“Kenzie, I’m a vampire. Do you believe me baby?” As he asked the question, he continued to thrust his finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy, adding a second finger. Kenzie pushing her hips against his every thrust.

Groaning in disappointment, Kenzie said, “Can you please stop talking crazy and just fuck me?”

“I want to baby,” Silas said as he leaned down to tongue her nipple. Standing up he continued, “I have to know you know what you are getting into. I have to feed on you to fuck you.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said. “You’re a vampire. Just fuck me.” Kenzie was writing on the bed, desperate to have his cock deep inside her aching cunt. She needed to have the emptiness filled. Her inner muscles squeezed his fingers hard.

“Look at me Kenzie,” Silas demanded. When she complied, Silas opened his mouth and a pair of long, sharp incisors shot down out of his top jaw. Kenzie squealed and struggled against her bonds. “Believe me now, beautiful?”

“What the fuck? That is just a trick, a Halloween prop!” Kenzie said, desperately trying to deny.

Silas gave an aggrieved sigh. “How much more convincing do you need? I can read your mind and I have fangs!”

“You’re really a vampire? Are you going to kill me?”

“No, Kenzie,” Silas said with a small smile. “I already told you I wanted to keep you. I just need you to know what I really am. I want to bond you to me and to do that I need to feed from you. Let me. I won’t hurt you, I never would.”

Looking deep in his white blue eyes, Kenzie could see the truth of his words. And she wanted him. More than any other man she’d ever known.

“Ok. You’re a vampire. You want me. I can accept that. Now will you just fuck me before I gnaw through these bindings and fuck myself?”

“Gladly.” With that single word, Silas’s pants seemed to disintegrate. In the blink of an eye, vampire speed, Kenzie though hazily, he had his shoulders wedged between her legs, spreading her wide. He placed his hands under her ass and tilted her cunt up toward his waiting mouth and, with his teeth, gently tugged on Kenzie’s clit ring. Kenzie moaned, panting with need.

“Oh yes,” she whimpered. “Harder! Yes, just like that. Ahhh, yes, suck it. That feels so fucking good.” Kenzie continued to encourage Silas as he licked and sucked her hard little clit into his mouth. He used his tongue to flick her clit back and forth, alternating with forceful suckling. Kenzie was nearly incoherent with the intensity of the pleasure he was giving her. “Silas! I’m going to come!”

Silas pulled away for a moment. “Come for me baby, come all over my face.” His dirty words were all Kenzie needed. As Silas leaned down and sucked her clit back into his mouth, biting down, she came with a shout.

“Fuck, fuck!” Kenzie was near tears, her head thrashing back and forth on the pillow. Silas just kept sucking, keeping her riding high on her orgasm until she was begging him to stop. “Stop, please! Enough, I can’t take any more,” Kenzie begged, thrashing her head back on forth on the pillow.

Silas relented, rising up on his hands and knees over her. Damn, he thought, she looks beautiful with all that dark red hair spread out around her, her lips dark with desire, her pupils dilated. He crawled up her body until they were face to face.

“You pussy tastes so good, baby. Taste.” With that, he leaned down and kissed Kenzie deep, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. Kenzie groaned in pleasure, suckling his tongue and delighting in her taste on his lips. Silas leaned down slightly, rubbing his chest hair lightly over her nipples, making Kenzie whimper into his mouth. He pulled his mouth off hers.

“Little girl, I’m going to fuck that hot little mouth of yours.” Kenzie moaned and squeezed her thighs together as a spasm of longing rocketed through her pussy at just the thought of Silas shoving his cock down her throat.

“You’re in luck,” Kenzie informed Silas, “I happen to give very good head.” She looked him in the eye, licking her lips and tasting herself again in the process. “Mmm,” she teased him, “I do taste good.”

It was Silas’s turn to moan. He was infatuated with this sensual, sexy creature underneath him. He climbed up the rest of her body until her was straddling her shoulders. Balancing with one hand on the wall above her, he grabbed his cock in his other hand and pumped it, running his fist up and down the long length. Kenzie watched intently, a gush of fluid pouring from her pussy. There was nothing sexier to her than a man handling his own cock.

Silas brought his cock to her mouth and rubbed the head against her lips. A drop of fluid leaked out of the tip, coating her lips. She licked it off, licking the head of his cock in the process.

“Yum,” she told him.

“Little girl, you are going to kill me,” Silas moaned, “and it’s damn hard to kill a vampire! Open your mouth baby and let me in.”

Kenzie immediately complied, eager to taste him. Silas pushed just the tip into her mouth and she reached out her tongue to swirl around the head. Closing her lips, she suckled on the head, using her tongue to probe the slit in the tip, coaxing more fluid from him. With a guttural groan, Silas threw his head back and pushed his cock the rest of the way in, bumping the back of her throat. Kenzie took a moment take a breath through her nose, making a conscious effort to open her throat and take him all the way in.

“Fuck, baby, you are good,” Silas groaned and he pulled back only to thrust even further down her throat. Every time Silas pulled back, Kenzie took the opportunity to suck hard on his cock, swirling her tongue around its length. Silas set up a steady pace of thrusting into Kenzie’s hot, and oh so willing, mouth. With every plunge, Kenzie was able to take him deeper down her throat, breathing through her nose every time he pulled out, smelling his pleasantly arousing musky scent. Finally Silas pulled out all the way. Kenzie whimpered in disappointment.

“I’d like nothing better than to shoot my load down your throat, but the first time I have to be buried balls deep in your pretty pink cunt.”

Silas moved back down her body. Positioning his cock at the entrance of her still pulsing cunt, he leaned down and brushed his lips across hers.

“Mmm,” Kenzie whispered against his lips, “now we can taste each other.” She wiggled her hips, lifting them, trying to force his cock into her, utterly ready for Silas to finally fill her aching cunt.

Looking her in the eye, he asked her, “Are you sure? If you say yes, there’s no turning back. I won’t let you go. Make sure you mean it. After this you’re mine. I’ll fuck you so hard and so good you’ll never want anyone else.”

“Yes. I want to belong to you.”

Without further delay, Silas thrust his cock into Kenzie’s soaking hot cunt all the way to the hilt. Kenzie let out a keening wail as he bottomed out in her, bumping hard against her cervix, causing a pleasure so great it neared pain. Reaching down with one hand, Silas hooked Kenzie’s knee on his arm, spreading her wide and sinking himself deeper in her pussy. Kenzie was stretched so wide from the size of his cock, she was burning. But she wasn’t about to complain. She’d always enjoyed a little pain with her sex.

“You okay, baby?” Silas asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Kenzie answered, breathily. “What are you waiting for?”

Silas pulled back to until only the head of his cock remained in her pussy, then thrust back in – hard. He repeated this slow, powerful pistoning over and over again. With ever y thrust, Kenzie grunted in a combination of pain and incredible pleasure. Silas leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth, causing her to tilt her head back, arching her back, straining to get her nipple further into his mouth.

Releasing her nipple with a pop, Silas told her, “We are going to get these pretty little nipples of yours pierced.”

“Yes, anything you want.”

“Good girl, Kenzie,” Silas praised, pleased with her unqualified submission. He thrust hard into her, bottoming out in her cunt again.

“Please, Silas, faster!” Instead of speeding up, Silas pulled out. Kenzie cried out in protest, nearing the point of tears from the need to have him fuck her hard and fast, deep. “No. Silas, that’s not fair!”

“Hush, baby.” Silas soothed. “I’m not nearly done with you yet.” Silas leaned up, grabbed her by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. There was enough play in the bindings that her arms were able to criss-cross comfortably. “Ass in the air and keep your head down.” Silas commanded. Kenzie scrambled to obey, not wanting to delay, even for a moment, getting Silas’s cock back in her.

Without warning, Silas spread her ass cheeks, a hand on each, and leaned down to run his tongue from her cunt all the way up the crack of her ass. Kenzie thrust her ass back at him, silently begging for more. “Greedy little bitch aren’t you?”

“Hmm,” was all Kenzie could manage and, chuckling, Silas went back to licking her. He continued to tongue her luscious ass; long sensuous licks, short flicks and finally deep stabs directly into her tight little hole. “Oh yes. That’s it. Lick my ass. I love it. I want you to fuck my ass so bad.”

“Another time. Right now I just want to get back into you pretty little cunt and fuck you until you scream.” Moving up between her legs, Silas palmed her ass cheeks, spreading and lifting them, and plunged back into her dripping wet pussy. Kenzie was so wet that Silas could feel her fluids against his thighs where they had dripped down her own. He began thrusting into her hard and fast. Kenzie began to scream into the pillow under her. Silas could feel his cock bumping against the bundle of nerves that comprised her g-spot with every thrust. Releasing Kenzie’s ass, Silas leaned over her and reaching under her, grasped her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling them.

Kenzie turned her head on the pillow. “I’m going to come again,” she wailed, releasing a sexy little grunting moan with every thrust.

“Not yet,” Silas told her, and pulled nearly all the way out. He kept himself still there and, leaning down, began licking and kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Silas! Fuck me!”

“Mmm, are you telling me what to do little girl? I’m in control here, not you.”

“Yes. NO! I don’t know. I just need you!”

Releasing a breast, Silas wrapped his hand in the hair at the back of Kenzie’s hair, twisting, causing enough pain to feel good. Kenzie gasped and Silas felt a flood of her juices flow out of her cunt onto his cock and down his balls. With his other hand he reached forward and released the bindings imprisoning her to the bed. Using his grip on her hair, he lifted her up until she was sitting in his lap. Grasping her by the hip and the hair, Silas pulled her down, impaling her on his huge, swollen cock. Kenzie moaned out and let her head fall back on Silas’s shoulder, surrendering completely.

She knew she was dreaming again. It was the continuation of her earlier bedroom dream… she was fucking herself on the bedknob when she heard a man’s voice just outside the bedroom door. She had thought it was Ted’s voice in her earlier dream, but when she heard it this time, she realised it was someone else. It was deeper, the voice of someone whose voice she didn’t recognise. It sounded like he was approaching the door while he was calling out to her, asking if she was “decent”. She badly wanted to answer “no”, but no sound would come from her throat. It seemed like the only sound emanating from her was that of her wetly squelching vagina, as she desperately tried to lift herself off the bedknob before the stranger came into the room.

But it was in too deep, far too deep inside her for her to remove without difficulty. She gasped as she pushed down hard with her feet, trying to pull herself up and off the intruding hardness inside her. The lump in her belly moved downwards, towards her pubis, as a deluge of fluid spilled out of her, and she allowed herself hope that she would extricate herself from this predicament before the stranger came in and saw her unclothed and committing such an obscene act… then, just as the bottom of the knob began emerging from her pouting labia, she glanced away from the mirror and saw the door begin to open. The shadow of the man outside was both familiar and unknown — he was taller and bigger than Kevin or Ted, or any other man she knew, and his eyes… although the rest of him was in shadow, his eyes seemed to glow. “Ready or not, here I come,” he said, his booming voice loud and low.

His voice was still echoing in her ears when she sat up in bed, glad to be awake. She was even more glad to find that she was still in her apartment… at least she was not wandering around the beach naked like she had been the previous night. Her pussy felt stretched and sore, just like it had following her earlier dreams… but thankfully not as bad as Trudy was probably feeling right now, she thought ruefully. At least I’ve had some time to get used to it.

And she had to admit, it was becoming more of a turn-on for her. Hazel shivered as she thought of how full she had felt down there in her dreams. It was… strangely erotic, she had to admit, and just thinking about it made little shocks of electricity run out from her core. Mmmmm…

As she sat and watched the sun rise in her window, she remembered her latest dream, and wondered just who it was that she had dreamt of. Was it the spirit or demon or ghost that had been haunting her dreams? What was it the old man had said? Dough-yo, or something like that. Hmmm. She should try to look it up when she went in to the office today.

Hazel stood up and stretched, yawning. It would soon be time to go to work, and her boss would probably be too busy to bother her much today anyway. She glanced in the mirror, noticing for the first time that although she could not really remember the last time she had had a good night’s sleep, her eyes did not seem to show any effects of her late night terrors. In fact, she had to admit, she looked better than she had done for a while now — her skin glowed and… was she mistaken? She looked like she had put on a little weight, especially around the hips and breasts.

She grinned in disbelief at her own image. That explained why she actually felt more comfortable going to the office without her panties the previous day. Now that she thought about it, her bra was a little too snug too. Hmmm… she might have to dispense with that too. And heck with whether or not others would notice.

I have much more important things to do, she thought to herself as she gave herself a final once over before stepping into the shower. Yes, she was quite certain she had put on a little weight, and in the right places too.

Hazel went into her office in unusually high spirits, which everyone seemed to notice. She wasn’t sure if they’d noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear too, but that didn’t bother her one bit. Her boss glanced at her, looked away, and looked up at her again, a little look of surprise on his face. “You look different today,” was all he had to say, and she merely beamed at him. There was no need to respond. She didn’t just look different, she felt different, as if the pall of gloom that had followed her for so many years had suddenly lifted off her head.

“Is there anything else you need me to prepare for your trip?” she asked him, and he looked down again, shaking his head and waving her away. That was fine — it was quite the miracle that he even took a second look at her to begin with.

She spent the morning researching all possible permutations of the word she had heard the crazy old man mention, and quickly came upon the word “toyol”, which she found referred to a local superstition regarding child ghosts or demons who were raised to do a black magician’s bidding. Apparently, they were bound to the magician that raised them, and could not be easily dispensed of. There was no reference to dolls at all, but she wondered if the toyols were bound to dolls which were then discarded, when the magicians tired of them. Is the crazy old man a black magic practitioner? she wondered to herself. Maybe he buried his doll where I was sitting.

Hazel shifted uncomfortably in her seat, aware that her fluids were beginning to seep out from her at the thought. Good thing the office seats were made of leather. There was a slight tingling down at her groin, where her lower lips were pressing against her skirt and the leather underneath that, and she had to suppress the urge to rub herself against her chair. God, I’d better stop this, she thought to herself as a colleague walked past. This is neither the place nor time…

Her mobile phone suddenly rang, startling her. No one called her up, not during the day like this. And she was especially surprised to hear the ringtone, because it only meant one thing. “Hello?” she said, pressing the talk button. And on the other end of the line, she heard the familiar voice of her soon-to-be ex-husband, Ted. “Hi babe.”

“Ummm… what do you want, Ted?” she said, realising that the tingling in the area between her legs was increasing. Oh god. What did that mean? Did she want him..?

“Look, babe, you free for dinner tonight?”

“I… don’t know. I mean, our lawyers…”

“Screw them. I’d like to take you out to dinner tonight. Pick you up at your office at 7. See ya, babe!”

“Ted, wait, I…” but it was too late to protest, because she found herself speaking to the beeping tone of a dead line. In his usual inimitable fashion, Ted had demanded and got what he wanted, without a thought for her own feelings. Good thing I’m not going to be busy this evening, she thought as she placed her handphone back in her bag. Oh well. I wonder what it is he wants now.

Hazel hated to admit it, but as the evening approached, she found herself anticipating the dinner. It was almost as if Ted’s call had awakened something in her. She couldn’t tell yet what it was, or maybe she didn’t want to admit it… but she found herself going to the toilet more frequently, to touch up her lipstick and comb her hair. Whatever it was Ted wanted, she didn’t really care — it mattered more to her that she look her best when he came to pick her up.

For once, he turned up on time. And to surprise her further, he paid her a compliment, which he hadn’t done in a long time. “Wow! You look gorgeous, babe!” he chirped as he walked her to his car, opened the door, and let her settle in the seat before closing it. She almost responded with a “Wow, you’re such a gentleman, Ted!” but didn’t because it would have come out sarcastic any way she said it. Certainly, Ted was pulling out all the stops tonight, and he was at his charming best. She hadn’t seen this side of him in a long, long time.

Dinner was lovely, at a quiet restaurant that only those who enjoy sumptuous food at equally sumptuous prices know about. The candlelight seemed to play tricks on her, because she kept seeing his eyes sparkle as they chatted about everything and nothing. She was almost disappointed when it came time to leave, and had half a mind to tell him to go when he accompanied her back to her apartment, but the tingling down there had grown into a minor electrical storm as the evening turned into night… and she wanted, no needed, to know if perhaps he would be able to help her quell it.

There was a moment’s misgiving when the door shut behind him and they made their way into her bedroom. Somewhere at the back of her mind, someone was yelling at her: “Are you mad, Hazel?” but her body ignored the protest. She let him hold her hand and pull her to the bed, and somewhere between her clothes coming off her body and his fulsome praise (“Have you been working out, babe? You look absolutely gorgeous!”) she knew that she would have little chance of stopping him from going any further than she had intended when the evening started.

“God, Haze, you really look awesome! What have you been doing?” he purred as her positioned himself between her legs, his erection poised and pointed right at her sex. She merely smiled at him, and he took it to mean she wanted it, so he drove forward, plunging his cock into the depths of her wetness.

It wasn’t as impressive as Kevin’s, and certainly nowhere near the stretching she had felt with the doll going in there, but she was enjoying it nonetheless. It felt… nice, comfortable, as if it was something she should have enjoyed from a long time ago. So she let him, wrapping her legs around his hips as he pumped his cock in and out, raising her higher and higher, towards the sweet, exhilarating peak that she knew would come…

His first mistake was to mention his lover’s name. “Trudy said you fucked one of her friends, and I told her I didn’t believe that,” he whispered in her ear as he rested, wanting to draw this encounter out. “She said you were a rapacious slut and that you injured her friend because of your insatiability. Hahaha… I said, how in the world could that be my little mouse, Hazel?”

“What..? When did she..?” she was suddenly brought back to earth by his utterance.

“This morning,” he grinned at her. “She was off her rocker, yelling about powerful magic or some other shit like that. She also said you injured her and I should stay away from you for my own good.”

“Well, you know I’m not one to believe in that shit,” he continued, not noticing her discomfort with the topic of discussion. “I just cut her off. The stupid little bimbo thinks I’m going to marry her. In fact, if you did have something to do with her hysterics,” he looked into her eyes as he began slowly pumping his cock into her once more. “I should thank you. If there was anything at all that I liked about her, that phone call I got from her just about wiped it off my memory.”

She looked at him, unable to say a word. What a selfish asshole I’ve married, she thought to herself.

“Hey, speaking of memories, do you remember what I always wanted to do, but you never let me? You know, in your ass?”

She shook her head to signal her disapproval of his suggestion, but he chose to take it that she had forgotten how he had asked for anal sex during their marriage.

“OK, since you don’t remember, I guess you won’t mind if we do it, just one time, before we get officially divorced?”

He pulled his member completely out of her vagina, grabbed her knees and pushed them up and back towards her chest, pulling her hips upwards and outwards, exposing her anus.

“No! Ted, I don’t…”

“Ah nuts, Haze. I don’t want to tell my friends I was married to you all this time and didn’t even get to plug you in that great ass of yours. I have to do it just once.”

“No, I don’t want to…”

“Hey, hey, it’s alright, babe, it’s me, remember? Your hunky husband? I’ll make it fine. You’ll like it. You’ll see.”

With that, she felt him press the slippery tip of his cock into the area between the globes of her buttocks. He struggled to find her reluctant orifice, so he leaned his weight on her, releasing her left knee and bringing his hand down to guide his cock to the entrance of her rear passage.

Hazel gasped as she felt it probe at the entrance of her anus. She wasn’t sure she would be able to resist him this time, now that he had her under him like this. Oh shit.

He was bringing his weight to bear on her, and she was just about to give up resisting and let him have his way with her asshole when he suddenly stiffened and raised himself up and away from her body.

“Fuck, wha…” he said, then screamed. It was a loud, high-pitched scream, of pain and horror. “Who’s that? Stop that! STOP THAT! Stop! Oh god, stop!”

“Ted, what’s the matter?” she said, unfurling her own body and rolling away from him. She was glad he hadn’t managed to carry out his threat to sodomise her, and wasn’t as concerned about his welfare as she sounded. What was happening to him? Was it the same thing that happened to Kevin?

“No! I’m not… Don’t!” he screamed again. He was bent forward slightly, his legs apart and the look on his face was of sheer humiliation. “Haze, how could you..?”

She looked at him in utter confusion. Her eyes drifted down to his cock reluctantly, expecting to see the same little plastic hand sticking out of its eye… but there was nothing there. His cock was just… erect. No, it was more than that. It was bobbing as if he was… Suddenly understanding, she looked into the mirror on the wall just beside the bed and saw a dim shadow just behind him. It was more like a smudge, a dark apparition that did not look in the least like the clear shadows cast by ordinary objects in the moonlit room. And it was huge, a head taller than Ted.

As she watched, the smudge seemed to move, and Ted jerked, crying out. He was being fucked in the ass! The realisation made the sides of her mouth curl up in a wry smile. I hope you like it, babe, she thought as she looked at his tear-filled eyes. Oh yes, I’m sure you will.

As she watched, the smudge appeared to increase its thrusts into Ted’s buttocks, lifting him off the floor and making him squeal in sheer terror. Because it did not possess a physical form and appeared to have the consistency of smoke, she swore she was able to see Ted’s asshole gaping as he was mercilessly sodomised. God, that’s big, she thought. Then she realised that Ted’s cock seemed bigger and harder, and surmised that his body was responding physically to the anal rape. I hope you like that, you asshole, she smiled.

Ted had stopped screaming by then, and his breathing was ragged and harsh, but there was no denying his arousal. Hazel wanted to laugh. Big man Ted. Mr Big, being screwed in his ass, and getting off on it. Oh, he’s never gonna live this down, especially if he…

Then the smudge appeared to thrust very strongly and deeply into Ted’s rectum, and the thing she thought might happen actually did. Ted came. And he didn’t just come in the usual amounts that he proudly proclaimed to speak volumes of his own virility, he came like there was no tomorrow. Spurt after spurt of semen shot out of his cock and spattered onto the space she had vacated on the bed. His ejaculation seemed to go on for ages.

“Urrrttt!” Ted grunted as the last spurts dribbled weakly out of his deflating cock. She looked into his face and this time, she couldn’t help herself. She laughed. She laughed at the man who had promised to love and cherish her, and instead had tormented and abused and cheated her for the duration of their marriage. She laughed in relief at the thought that her ordeal of torture, her marriage would finally be over. And she laughed mostly because of the look of embarrassment and disgust in his face. She had been witness to his sodomy, and more — to his obvious enjoyment of the act that had been committed on him. She knew he would never look her up again because he would never be able to face her, knowing that she had seen all that.

The smudge had disappeared when Ted collapsed on the floor, groaning loudly. He did not seem to be fully conscious, and did not make any attempt to cover up his sagging asshole. No wait… there was something there. Hazel almost exclaimed aloud as she walked round to Ted’s rear to have a look. It looked like… a doll’s foot. Damn.

Ted was lying face down on the floor, unmoving, so she picked up her nerve and reached out to pull the leg slowly out of his clutching anus. As the toy limb slid out, she was amazed to hear his groan once more, and see a small pool of semen appear underneath him. He was getting off on this! she giggled merrily as the last of the doll’s leg exited his rectum. Oh dear Ted. Looks like you’re into a lot more than you’re willing to admit!

She quietly left the room to put the leg together with the rest of the doll parts she had collected, in the spare room she used as a storeroom. It would become clear why she was keeping them, she was sure of it.

As she closed the drawer, she heard the front door open and slam shut quickly. Good. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about how to get rid of Ted.

She supposed she should have stopped to think about things first. But that seemed like something another Hazel, in another lifetime, another body and another mind would have done. She hadn’t even hesitated — after the old man had left, she had hurried over to her neighbour’s flat to retrieve her bag, in which she had stashed the djinn’s doll.

She hadn’t even bothered to dress properly before going over — she had simply thrown a large tee over her naked body and walked right over. There was a slightly worrying moment when she felt the old man’s cum sliding out of her vagina as she spoke to her neighbour, but then she realised that she didn’t really care what the old lady thought of her and the thought relaxed her. If the old biddy sees cum sliding down the insides of my legs, so be it, she thought, smiling as she thanked her elderly neighbour for her help.

It had worked a treat. Like the djinn had known, the old man would not have felt the presence of the doll in that apartment because of the neighbour’s pet cat. So he had no way of knowing she was in cahoots with the djinn. She had known, through the djinn’s presence in her body, that the old man would become distracted by the thought of fucking her.

Just like she knew now, what it was the old man had had the djinn do for him. The fucking pervert wanted to have his way with any woman he desired, but he had not quite been a hit with the ladies even then, when he was much younger. He was frustrated with his lack of success with the ladies, and jumped upon the chance to get what he wanted when he had chanced upon the djinn resting under the tree. He was able to rape so many women without fear of reprisal only because of what he had learned from the djinn; and to make matters worse, he used the djinn’s power to endow himself with a weapon so large it had destroyed many of the women he had assaulted.

Hazel shivered as the memories of the man raping a convulsing young girl ran through her mind like a horror movie. She really looked very young, perhaps 18 or 19, and her slit much too small to accommodate his enlarged prick, but he forced it in anyway, seeming to enjoy the girl’s squirming as her vulva stretched and looked about to tear with the violent fucking he had inflicted upon her. He had laughed as her naked body quivered — she was still under his spell, yet in obvious distress — and only remarked in the local lingo that he would be her first and only lover. The fucking bastard really had no qualms about what he did.

Other memories played through her mind, of women crying out as his rapes became more and more twisted, with the use of tools and other implements the man had thought to bring along after he had gotten bored with the standard “spell and rape” routine. The part of her that wasn’t Hazel was so calm and collected in remembering these things that she wondered if the djinn had felt any remorse for the suffering he had helped the old man inflict on the poor women. In fact, as she recalled the rapes through the djinn’s mind, she realised she had many questions she wanted to ask the djinn… but she thought she should ask him when he manifested himself, rather than through her mind. It was getting quite confusing trying to separate what Hazel was thinking, and what she knew through the djinn.

She looked at the incomplete doll on the floor and wondered what she should do next. It surprised her a little that she wasn’t wondering if she was doing the right thing, because that was precisely what she had always done in the past. Careful Hazel. Cautious Hazel. Definitely not rash or spontaneous Hazel.

Her impatience was something new, indeed, and she couldn’t really blame it on the djinn either because she knew, deep inside the part of her that was still Hazel, that she really wanted to see what the djinn looked like in person. Or spirit. Whatever. Perhaps the fact that her pussy still tingled and felt unsatiated was making her hurry too.

Oh fuck. Maybe it was tingling because… Hazel quickly squatted down, raising the hem of her tee shirt as she did so. She wanted a clear line of sight to her pussy so she could see what would happen next. She felt her insides quiver and shake, and then something inside, up deep between her thighs, began to expand. It wasn’t quite as painful as she had expected… in fact, it was rather pleasurable, and she wondered if the djinn had had anything to do with the slight tremors of electricity running up and down her groin, and shooting almost painfully to her heaving breasts.

“Ohhh shittt!” she moaned to no one in particular as she felt her cervix began to give, and something began to protrude out, into her convulsing vagina. “Oh fuckkkkk!”

She knew what it was even before it began to show outside her body. It was one of the doll’s limbs — it felt like an arm — that was slowly coming out of her. When she felt her vulva part to reveal the doll’s hand, she had a mini orgasm. It was satisfying… to a point. Then her cervix expanded again to expel the doll’s remaining leg, and the waves of sensation licking at her groin and nipples were stronger, leaving her gasping for breath.

It took her a while to regain her composure, and to his credit, she didn’t feel like the djinn was rushing her. In fact, it seemed to her that she was the more impatient one — when she was able to breathe normally once more, she quickly grabbed the arm and the leg, and shoved them into the empty slots on the doll’s body. Then she sat back on her haunches and waited to see what would happen.

Hazel supposed she had expected something spectacular. Fireworks, maybe. Or puffs of smoke. Or at least some movement from the doll. So she was quite disappointed when nothing seemed to happen. She stared at the doll and wondered if there was something else she ought to do. What should I do? she asked the question in her mind, and waited for the answer. Do I need to chant something or put something on the doll? How will you appear?

There was no answer. Hey, are you there? she asked in her mind as she stood up and glared down at the doll. Can you hear me?

Still no answer. Damn. She remembered her dreams, of how the doll had been forced up into her, and wondered if that was what she should do. Fuck, it was one thing to dream about it, but another to actually do it. To herself. She looked at the motionless doll, its right leg and arm gleaming with her juices. Ah fuck it.

Hazel knelt to pick up the doll, spread her legs and moved it down below, to the bottom of her slit. The sensation of the doll’s head at the entrance to her vagina reminded her of the very first time she had felt it pressing against her, on the beach. Damn you, djinn, she thought as she pressed the toy upwards, gasping as she felt her labia stretching and spreading.

“That’s a nice thought, but there’s really no need for that now,” she heard him say, and jumped, the doll clattering back down on the floor between her thighs.

She turned and came face-to-cock with his solid erection. This time, there was no vagueness about its form. It was a cock, a huge, erect cock she was looking at. It looked both menacing and delicious this close up, and she felt something gooey sliding down from deep inside her. Oh god. She was so wet and tingly down there she wanted to grab it and stuff it in between her thighs just so she could quell the maddening itching.

“My, aren’t you the impatient one,” the djinn grinned. She looked up past his bobbing cock, and saw that he really was quite handsome. Once you got past the glowing red eyes, that was. He was well-built too… not ridiculously so, like those bodybuilder types that she saw constantly preening before the mirrors in the gym, or strutting down at the beach. He was simply solid, with the build of a healthy, fit man. With glowing red eyes.

“You do have some questions for me, do you not? Or would you prefer I satisfy your desire first?”

She looked down and realised that she had fallen onto her back and splayed her legs, opening herself up for plundering the moment she saw his cock. Oh fuck. I… you bastard, she thought as she glared at him. Still, her body betrayed her, her mounting lust showing in the gush of lubricant coating her inner thighs. Stop using your power on me.

“Oh, but I’m not,” he replied, his grin widening further. “That has very little to do with me, and so much more to do with you and what you desire.”

Hazel closed her eyes to calm her rapidly beating heart, then opened them and deliberately looked beyond his cock, into his fiery eyes. It helped slow down the sensations coursing through her body, screaming for release… but not by much. She was still very much aware of the bulbous, rounded head of his tool just below the periphery of her vision. The head of a cock that looked far bigger than the bedknob she had dreamed of. The head of a cock that she knew she desperately wanted inside her, because the old man, like Ted, had left her high and unsatisfied.

“Tell me… is what the old man said true?” she was finally able to groan out her question. “Did you… did I invite you into me?”

“Of course, my dear Hazel,” he replied. “Don’t you remember? When you were down on the beach and I was knocking on the door to your body, you said…”

“…come on in. I know,” she admitted. “But how was it that I was the first..? I mean, you were there for such a long time. The old man, he was young when he caught you, so surely, there would’ve been others…”

“There was one other,” the djinn said, and Hazel thought she detected a tinge of sadness in his voice. Did djinns have feelings?

“The tree that I was under… it’s one of those things that you see, but you don’t really notice is there. There are a number of them around the place. Most people don’t even go near trees like that, except for magicians looking for djinns… and people who don’t want to be noticed by others.”

“One other? Who was he?”

“She. Like you, she wanted to go unnoticed, so she picked a spot where she would not be noticed. And like you, she invited me in.”

“So why didn’t you manage..?”

“…to break away? Because she lost her nerve when she shouldn’t have. Actually, he had some idea something was up when she turned up at his place. I tried to warn her, but her courage left her and I wasn’t able to control her enough to take back the doll’s limbs. Instead, the magician managed to rape and sodomise her, all the while letting her know what was being done to her body. It drove her mad.”

“So it… the old man could have done the same thing to me!” She glared at him in anger even as her body spread itself further, inviting his gaze… and more.

“There was a chance, I won’t deny that,” the djinn admitted. “But I was confident we would succeed this time because you’re different. And the circumstances were different.”

“Still, it would have been nice if you would’ve let me know the risks!” Hazel pouted. She really was angry, but her anger was fighting hard with the lust that was colouring her body and making her quiver in anticipation.

“Would you have agreed if I had?.. I thought not,” the djinn said as she shook her head. “Anyway, I took better precautions this time out. The other girl, Min, wouldn’t let me go all the way inside her. I mean, she agreed to it, but just as I was about to enter her inner sanctum, she squeezed her thighs together and forced me out. So the magician could sense my essence in her the moment he met her.”

“But… why didn’t you stop her from meeting him..?”

“I told her not to, but she couldn’t think of a reason to break off the appointment, so she went anyway,” the djinn sighed. “That’s the problem with free will.”

“So that means that if I had chosen to stop helping you…”

“Even djinns can’t force people to do things against their will.”

“But you can! You ARE doing it! I mean, I’m not like this,” she gesticulated down her trembling, naked body. “I’m not a slut. I don’t sleep around. I don’t even enjoy…”

“All I can do is focus my energies on what’s already there. I don’t create something that’s not there. It’s just not possible.”

“What? What are… are you saying I’m a nymphomaniac? How can that..?”

“No, my dear Hazel. Far from it,” the djinn guffawed. “You humans are so caught up with your rules and customs, with what you think is natural, that you suppress your true natures. Just because you enjoy sex, doesn’t make you a slut or nymphomaniac.”

“But I… look at me! My… I’m leaking! Just looking at you makes me… makes me want… oh god. Uhhhhh.” Hazel shuddered as a mini-climax ripped through her at the thought of being fucked by the djinn. “Hhhhhhh. I’m not… ooooooh…”

“You’re puzzled because you were convinced you didn’t like having sex, and now you do… so in your mind, this change has made you a lascivious slut. Do you see the problem with that?”

She shook her head, unable to speak. She could feel the tingling down between her legs was slowly abating, but she knew it would not subside completely. Not while he was around. She was as sure of that as she was that a puddle of her own fluids had formed underneath her.

The djinn sighed. “The problem, my dear Hazel, is that you, just like everybody else, are a sexual being. You have been, from the very beginning. It is in your nature. It is a part of being human. And the problem is that you have done your level best to deny that natural part of yourself for such a long time.”

“But I… Ted and I, we…” she finally found her voice. “You see, I never did think it was something I sh… would enjoy.”

“Like I said, I can only focus my energies on enhancing what’s already there. You have just been too uptight about sex for too long. You viewed it as dirty, as something done secretly, under the cover of darkness. Heck, you think even your body is shameful and should be hidden from sight.”

“Well, that’s what I was taught. I mean, that’s true, isn’t it? That’s what light switches and clothes are for.”

“I’ll say it again — I can’t focus my energies on something that’s not there. I can’t create something out of nothing. The desire you feel now, that’s real. And very little of it is coming from me. YOU are the one who is providing the lust you feel. It is your desire that you feel now, not mine.”

“But then… the old man and… all those women. And that girl. How…”

“They are human too. All of them have desires that can be awakened. I am just the conduit for those desires. The magician used me to bring out the sensual natures of the females he attacked. It’s that simple.”

“What about him? The old man?”

“The nature of man is very different from that of woman. Hence, the sensual side of man is different too. He, and a lot of men like him, think of sex as a goal, rather than a sharing. He wanted sex to prove himself a man, and the more sex he had, the more manly he thought he was. That’s why so many men are focused on the size of their cocks when they should be focused on how they feel and how their partners feel. That’s why he wanted to use my power to make his cock bigger, in the belief that he would be more impressive to women. And when he tired of the sex, he became more interested in other ways to prove his manhood.”

“What will happen to him? Will you kill him?”

“No, of course not,” the djinn laughed. It sounded harsh, like he was enjoying the thought. “He’ll suffer a fate worse than death. I’ve taken back everything that has meaning to him, don’t you see that? He won’t be able to charm the women anymore because the chants won’t work so well without my help… and he won’t want to, because his cock is now so small he’ll be embarrassed to show it or use it. He’s done for. Finished. Kaput.”

“OK, good,” she said, lying back and spreading her legs as far apart as she could. The tingling down below was increasing once more, spreading upwards and inwards. “I don’t want to live with that on my conscience. Now that we’ve settled that…”

“Very well, Hazel,” the djinn said, making her cry out as he leaned forward and licked at her oh-so-sensitive slit with his tongue. She noticed that it was forked not by sight, but by the way it felt sliding up and down the split of her groin, and when he held it hard against her clitoris — the sensation of her twitching, eager little bud being surrounded on all sides by rubbery, vibrating flesh was enough to make her come. But she wanted more.

“C… come on, djinn,” she moaned, lifting her hips to increase the contact between his tongue and her feverish flesh. “Come on in. I want you to.”

He smiled and stood upright, giving her a view of his magnificent cock once more.

“Ooooh. You bastard! You’re torturing me,” she moaned as the tingling intensified at her groin, spreading quickly across her sweaty body. She arched her back and feet, raising herself further, trying in vain to capture the cock of the djinn that was positioned so tantalisingly in front of her.

“Alright, I’ll give you what you want. What you’ve always wanted,” he said, pushing his cock down and positioning it at the entrance to her vagina.

Hazel gasped as she watched the thick tip of his prick dip down past her raised pubis… and had an orgasm the moment she felt his organ graze her ultra-sensitive labia. She had another one when she felt her labia sliding easily apart to admit the massive head into her sex.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!” she moaned at the incredible stretching she felt inside as he probed ever deeper up into her. He had been impressive the first time, but this time, he was certainly more solid… and she could feel the walls of her vagina press and massage his oversized tool.

She had yet another orgasm when she felt her labia close behind the huge bulbous head of his cock, and another when she realised that the stretching she was feeling inside would continue until he reached the end of her vaginal sheath… and beyond. As she was shuddering from the latest climax, she felt him hit the back of her vagina, and held her breath, waiting for his final thrust to conquer her completely.

But he did not plunder her womb like she expected… or hoped. Instead, when he hit her cervix, he slowly pulled it out and slid it back in again. He did it in a regular, sawing motion, creating climaxes that seemed to come faster and faster, until they began to meld together and become an excruciatingly extended peak that had her screaming at a pitch she didn’t think was humanly possible to produce.

As she was slowly coming down from the devastating climax, he suddenly pushed his cock forward a little, entering her inner sanctum and surprising her with an even bigger orgasm. Hazel literally saw stars — as the mega-climax hit, she screwed her eyes shut and saw bright sparks in the darkness as her body exploded with overpowering sensations.

She must have fainted or blacked out or something… when she opened her eyes, she realised she didn’t know how long it was she had been “out”. The djinn was still there, his cock was still embedded deep within her vagina, and her body was still shuddering with the remnants of her last orgasm. Then she remembered a question she had wanted to ask.

“So is the rest of what the old man said also true?” she asked when she was able to summon the breath to speak. “Is it true that you react to my every emotion? That you’ll attack when you sense I’m angry or upset?”

“Yes, that’s about right,” the djinn replied. “I feel everything you feel. And I give you everything you desire.”

She thought he was remarkably unaffected by their recent bout of vigorous sex… then she remembered that he was a djinn after all. He didn’t have to worry about catching his breath.

“But… you understand humans. You know that we get these momentary flashes of emotion. I mean, I can be angry, but that doesn’t mean I want someone else to be hurt…”

This story takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe.

The year was 4E 195. Havar and his mother Reyya are on a cart riding through the harsh cold of Skyrim. They sat huddled at the very back of the cart Havar had the blanket wrapped around him and his mother. Havar was an unusual Breton, his father was a traditional Breton merchant who had made a large amount of money before he was killed on an expedition when Havar was young, Havar’s mother though was a from a very elf thick blood. The Bretons are known to be a hybrid betweeen men and mer, but his mother’s blood ran especially thick with elf blood, which gave Havar a unique aptitude for magic, along with his somewhat more elfish looks like a more pointy chin and nose, and larger ears.

Havar was nine-teen and was now becoming a man he had made a lot of friends when they lived in Wayrest. Havar wasn’t the best with girls though he had a few girlfriends but never had sex, he was waiting until he found the one person he wanted to marry. Havar was almost a whole foot taller than his mother he stood at five foot and eleven inches, he had long black hair, a little bit of stubble, and brown eyes. His mom was about five foot and two inches, she had vivacious D cup breasts, flowing dark brown hair, a shapely body and brown eyes.

Havar looked down at his mother wrapped in his arms she was scanning the surroundings of the road he caught a small glimpse down her robes at her breasts, he thought about his mother sometimes, however he knew very well that in high rock incest or even the fantasy of incest was punishable by exile and even death. Skyrim had no laws against incest between consenting adults though. He looked again down at his mother’s bust examining it and wondering how they would feel in his hands.

The cart was slowing down and as they came around the hill Whiterun was visible off in the distance. Havar pointed out the towering city in the distance to his mother.

When they finally arrived at the stables outside Whiterun Havar couldn’t wait to see what the city was like. They had already sent word to the Jarl Balgruf of Whiterun along with the coin needed to purchase a house in Whiterun.

They got settled in to their new home right away they didn’t bring much furniture with them but they payed the Jarl enough to furnish it with some common necesities like a bed and a fire place. They only had enough money for one double bed. Havar had a small bed roll though.

It was becoming late and Havar had got the fireplace going, it had warmed the house enough so that they could take off their heavy clothing. Havar walked upstairs to the bedroom and found his mother getting dressed she was in the process of taking off her dress and putting on a night gown, the gown lay over the foot of the bed for his mom to put on she was undoing the string that held her robes shut she slowly undid the tie and spread open her robes. She slowly slid the shoulders of her robe off, her bra and panties were very sexy, they were a purple and black print. Reyya undid the hooks on the back of her bra and let it slide down her arms, she bent over a little and slid her panties over her beautiful cheeks and down to the floor. Havar was standing out of sight at the top of the stairs with a perfect view down the hall, His penis began to grow at the sight of his mothers bare ass.

Reyya put her clothes in the wardrobe closet to her left, she returned to the bed and picked up her night gown, she put it over her head and let it fall over her. Havar started walking towards their room.

“Hi mom,” Havar said to his mother as he entered their room.

“Hello Havar my dear,” Reyya said turning to greet her son. Her breasts swung under her night gown, without a bra her large nipples shown right through.

Havar grabbed his night robes from his trunk and went to the restroom. He put them on and returned to the bedroom. He reached back into his trunk and pulled out his bed roll and laid at the foot of the bed.

“Havar what in the world are you doing?” Reyya asked with a puzzled look.

“I’m getting ready for bed,” Havar said as he looked up at his mom.

“You’re not sleeping on the floor, come up here” Reyya said as she patted on the open spot next to her on the bed.

“Are you sure mom,” Havar asked.

“Of course!” Reyya exclaimed

Havar thanked the divines for his erection subsiding before he climbed into bed. His mom laid back and blew out the candle on their bed side table.

Havar laid there thinking about his beautiful mom and how sexy she looked when she was undressing. She was an amazing woman and Havar couldn’t help but think about making love with her, bending her over and laying into her with his hard penis. Havar fell asleep with his mind stirring thoughts of his sexy mother Reyya.

When Havar awoke he was laying on his back and his mom was cuddled up close to him, she had one arm wrapped around him she was tight up against him with her head resting on his chest. He slipped out of bed and laid his mother down gently. His mother was opening a stall in the market today where she would sell spells and teach people to use magic, so she had a big day.

Havar had gotten dressed and headed to the local inn called The Bannered Mare. He went inside and sat at a table he ordered a meal and sat for a while eating. He was almost done with his meal when out of the corner of his eye he saw a beautiful woman enter the inn. She stood there sexy red hair and large breasted strutting her stuff as she walked in, Havar watched her for a while, He couldn’t help but stare at her amazing body. She sat at the bar and made small talk with the bartender. Havar got up and walked over to her.

“Hi my names Havar,” he said.

“I’m Ysolda,” she responded.

“Can I buy you something?” he asked

“No but thanks for the offer,” she responded

Ysolda looked at Havar examining him head to toe,”You’re not from here are you?” she asked.

“No I’m from High Rock,” Havar answered.

“Thats interesting,”

After a little bit more small talk Havar left the bar. He went to the market his mother had set up her stall and was getting quite a bit of business. Havar returned home and walked up stairs he laid resting in the bed, he laid for a while resting his eyes then he looked over near the door where he saw his mother’s wardrobe, the door was slightly open and he could see his mothers purple bra and panties hanging from a hook. Havar got up from the bed and walked over to the wardrobe, he pulled the door open all the way and looked at all of his mothers gloroius garments. He reached in and grabbed hold of the panties, he pulled them off the hook and held it in his hands examining it, Havar lifted the panties to his nose, the scent of his mothers hot cunt entered his nose. He pressed the crotch of the panties to his face spreading it across his mouth and nose he let his tounge slide up and down licking up what juices had dried into them, he pressed even harder inhaling as hard as he could, his cock was now fully erect, he reached down his pants and grasped his hard cock, he started stroking on his cock and thinking about his buxom sweet mother. He stood there imagining him having a three-way with his mother and the beautiful girl he met at the bar today, He felt his cock getting ready to cum. Havar ran to the restroom and grabbed a rag he plunged his cock into it shooting his load as he thought of the rag as his mother’s womb. He stood there for a moment letting the pleasure cascade over him.

Havar cleaned his mess, the whole time thinking about him and his mother making love all over the house. He thought about fucking her on the table, chairs, bed, floor, against the wall, and even down in the cellar where no one could hear her cries of pleasure. Havar stayed inside for the rest of the day he read for a while and then made lunch for him and his mother. He took the meal to his mother in the market, he sat at the stall with her and watched the people go about their days, He was sitting on a chair behind his mothers stand and she was standing slightly bent over her stall talking to someone about buying a spell tome, Havar sat admiring her ass thinking about ripping her clothes off and licking all over her.

This is a special 2012 ‘Halloween’ contest entry. PLEASE VOTE. And THANKS!

Before you read this story, be advised that it is adult oriented and contains very graphic depictions of a sexual nature. It is not intended for, nor should it be read under any circumstances, by persons who are not at least eighteen(18) years of age.

I normally write “real” human characters, but when I saw the Halloween theme contest posting, I decided to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. This is my first attempt at writing a supernatural fantasy, so I hope it turned out well and that you enjoy it.

I love to read your comments and would enjoy hearing from you if you like this story. I even want your comments if you don’t like it, provided you are actually giving constructive criticism. Please don’t leave a comment if you are simply turned off by what the story contains. Just because you may not enjoy or politically agree with the portrayals, it doesn’t mean that others won’t.



Trick or Trebor?

I dragged into the house at around 5:40 p.m. on Friday, tired and glad to be home. The day had been miserable at work. Hell, the whole week had been nothing more than one disaster after another. I was ready to unwind and relax for a while. After hanging up my jacket and dropping my keys on the counter, I went straight for the recliner and flopped down. I had no more than lifted the footrest when Tina, my wife of thirteen years, came in and reminded me that we had a party to attend.

“What are you doing?” she snapped. “You need to get changed for Pam’s party. If you don’t hurry up we’re going to be late.”

“Shit!” I grumbled to myself. I’d forgotten all about the Halloween party that Tina’s sister had invited us to. Originally it had sounded like a lot of fun. We’d been to a few of Pam’s parties before and they were interesting, to say the least. Pam and her lesbian lover, Lori, had a vast array of friends, both gay and straight, most of whom had few inhibitions. Mix that with risque Halloween costumes and a little alcohol and you have the makings of a wild party.

Now, though, all I wanted to do was to take a nap, have some dinner and maybe a couple of drinks, then talk my wife into watching a porn video and some dirty lovemaking. Ignoring Tina’s prompts, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I knew we were obligated to attend, but really wished I could skip the affair. As I sat there, I tried to convince myself that it would be fun; I just needed a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Tina rousted me a few minutes later and I mumbled something not very nice, then got to my feet and trudged to the bedroom. I stripped, shot a little cologne on my chest and wiggled into the idiotic pirate costume that she had bought for me. She was going as a lusty wench, and I had to admit she looked like it in her outfit. I was supposed to be her pirate lover. I would have just as soon stayed home and played pirate with her, but knew it wasn’t going to happen.

The party was scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. and it was 6:45 when we got in the car. If we didn’t hit traffic or have any other problems we could make it and arrive fashionably, only a few minutes late. As luck would have it though, we were railroaded and had to wait fifteen minutes for the crossing to clear. Finally, after the train passed, we made it to Pam’s place, a twenty year old brick and wood ranch style house situated on a small lake several miles out of the city.

I pulled down the long, twisting driveway and expected to see an abundance of vehicles, but there were only a few. “Looks like your sister’s party is a bust,” I commented, secretly hoping that with as few people as were there we’d have a chance to make an early exit. I figured we might still be able to get home in time to play a little ‘hide the peg-leg’, as it were.

At any rate, we parked and got out. Even as tired and grouchy as I was, I had to admire Tina’s sexy body as she exited the car. At five feet, five inches tall and 128 pounds, she’s stacked and packed in all the right places. Her raven hair cascades around her shoulders and strikes her mid-back. She has black on black eyes that have always captivated me and are the perfect accent to her 38D-26-37 inch figure.

“Come on wench!” I barked sarcastically as I gazed at her muffin-topped breasts bursting out of the top of her corseted costume. She flipped me the finger and we both laughed. My mood was actually beginning to lighten a little and I thought the party might not be too bad after all. I had always hoped that at one of these parties, Tina might get drunk enough and horny enough that I’d persuade her into letting a bisexual woman join us in the bedroom.

I knew she was curious, and we’d had a couple of offers, but she’d never had the courage to make it a reality. For that matter, our sex life had never been anything out of the ordinary. I’m not complaining; the sex was always good with Tina, I just wanted to experiment a little more. I was always trying to get her to flash a trucker or have sex with me somewhere risky, but could never get her to go along.

We made our way to the door and I knocked. We waited a minute and since no one answered, I knocked again. Eerily, the door swung open this time but there was nobody in sight. We crossed the threshold and I expected Pam to close the door behind us, but she wasn’t there. In fact the door seemed to have simply opened itself.

Tina and I looked at each other and then around the room. No sign of life. The house was dark and elaborately made up for the party. There were very realistic cobwebs everywhere and a few candles dimly lit the room. The furniture had all been draped with black material and it even smelled like a musty old ‘haunted’ house. It was almost as if we’d stepped into another dimension, or at the very least a Wes Craven movie.

“Hellooo…” Tina called out. As the words faded into nothingness, the door flew past our backs and slammed shut with a loud “THWUNK!”. Tina and I both spun around and watched as the deadbolt mysteriously turned itself, locking us in.

“What the fuck…?” I puzzled as I went to the door and tried unlocking it. But try as I might, there was no turning the lock. Then I chuckled and said, “Boy… Pam’s really outdone herself this year.” Pam had always been one to go out of her way to make her parties special with props and games that fit the season or event. But she’d never been this detailed and meticulous.

“Well, where in the hell is everyone?” Tina questioned. And her question was a valid one. There was nobody within eyeshot and we didn’t hear any voices or laughter.

“Maybe they’re all out on the deck,” I replied and started toward the family room.

I took a couple of steps and heard a strange, macabre voice calling, “Charrelllesss…” My given name is Charles, but everyone calls me ‘Boonie’, Boone being my middle name.

I froze in my footsteps and asked Tina, “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” my wife returned, and then the voice called my name again.

“That!” I snapped. “A voice is calling my name.”

“Quit screwing around. I didn’t hear anything,” Tina scolded, and then her head flicked to the side as if something had caught her attention.

“What?” I asked.

“N-nothing…” she replied and then gasped. “The voice isn’t calling your name… It’s calling mine,” Tina timidly stated, but all I’d heard was my name.

I grabbed her hand and we started through the house. I was determined to go room by room, if I had to, until I found the pranksters and got to the bottom of the jokes. But as I walked, it seemed like the rooms were expanding and multiplying as I went. Before long we were hopelessly lost in a labyrinth of dark, twisting rooms and hallways that appeared to be leading us nowhere, each drearier and more dismal than the last.

Finally I stopped in the middle of a large room and pulled Tina close. “What the hell is going on?” I muttered, more to myself than to her. I could feel her body trembling in my arms, and truth be told, I was scared out of my mind too. But I wasn’t going to let her see it. I intended to be ‘Mr. Toughguy’ and get us out of this…. whatever it was.

As we stood there, I began to hear the voice again, calling my name. “Do you hear it?” I asked my wife. She nodded but didn’t say anything. The voice got louder and then seemed to drift away from me. “I guess we need to follow the voice,” I reckoned, again as much to myself as anything.

We took a few steps and the voice got louder. A few more and it faded somewhat. Stepping back, we changed direction, took a couple steps and the voice grew louder again. Using this same pattern over and over, we were led to a large, heavy looking, black door with no doorknob. There was a huge brass door knocker that resembled a goat’s head. It was hard to tell since there was very little light, but it was certainly some kind of horned animal with a four inch diameter ring through its nose.

I stood there for a moment and realized that the only thing left to do was to knock on the door. Grasping the ring with trembling fingers, I timidly raised and brought the brass implement down three times. I heard what sounded like deadbolts sliding and then the massive door swung open with a loud creak.

We peered through the doorway into blackness. Nothing was visible inside except for a solitary point of light that seemed suspended in mid-air. “C’mon…” I prompted Tina, crossing through the door and pulling her in behind me. In the back of my mind I still believed that this was some sort of outlandish hoax, and that if we played the game we would come out laughing at the end. But boy was I ever wrong.

Once we were inside, the door closed behind us and then was swallowed up by the wall itself. Still nothing was visible except that single point of light. We approached it and as we neared, it seemed to edge farther away from us. After taking ten or fifteen steps, I stopped and watched as the light rose higher and higher above us. Then it centered itself over our heads and began to grow brighter.

Dark lumps and shapes began to be visible around us, but I still couldn’t discern whether they were furniture, boxes, people or anything else. I looked up at the light and it seemed blindingly bright for as little as it was doing to illuminate the room. I released Tina’s hand and raised both my hands to shield my eyes, trying to see something, anything. That was a mistake.

Suddenly a pair of black hands appeared out of thin air and grabbed my wrists. These were not black in the sense of African-American. They were black as a chalkboard is black and had the same dusty appearance as one. They looked lifeless but were full of life as they drew my arms apart and held me in place.

I resisted and tried to pull free of them, but they gripped my wrists with such strength that it was hopeless. Tina shrieked and tried to help free me, but another pair of hands grabbed her wrists too, pulling her away and into the same fix that I was in. We both struggled for a few moments and then more hands grew out of the dingy floor and grabbed each of our ankles to subdue us further. In no time at all we were both helpless, standing face to face in a spread eagle pose.

“What the fuck is going on here!” I screamed, straining to see anything at all. “Let us go and let us out of here,” I demanded just as loudly. After no response and a few minutes, I half-heartedly asked no one in particular, “What do you want from us?”

A demonic voice answered, “It’s what I want from you, Charles.”

“Well, if it’s something you want from me, then let Tina go and you can have it,” I replied with the most bravado that I could muster.

The demonic voice let out a booming laugh and then said, “I can’t do that, Charles.”

“Why the fuck not, you bastard?” I barked.

“Because Charles… She’s what I want from you,” the voice calmly returned, followed by a bone chilling laugh that burned my ears and singed my soul.

“What in the hell is that supposed to mean, you mother fucker?” I spouted furiously.

“It means that I’m going to take your sweet little wife and make her mine, Charles. And you’re going to watch me do it,” the voice menaced.

Tina looked at me with fear spilling from her eyes and I lurched against the hands holding me. Struggle as I did, it was no use. There was simply no way that I could free myself, free us, from this torment. I saw a tear slide down my wife’s cheek and I hung my head in disgrace at not being able to protect her.

The voice laughed again and another light appeared overhead, away from us and illuminating what looked like a huge stone bed. “This is my Altar of Divine Bliss,” the voice informed us. “By the time Tina rises from this altar, she will be mine, willingly.”

“NO!” Tina shouted as she began to move, drawn by the hands from nowhere, toward the altar. She struggled and fought, but she had no more luck than I’d had. The hands lifted her and tipped her into a prone position, then lowered her to the surface of the bed.

Once she was flat on her back, still spread eagle, the hands seemed to become a part of the stone, holding her firmly in place. I watched, horrified, as her clothes began to literally melt off of her gorgeous figure. The stone beneath her absorbed the clothing as it melted away and within a few seconds, my beautiful wife was laying there naked and open.

Tina’s breasts were heaving under her panicked breathing and her thick pubic triangle was lewdly displayed. She was tossing her head from side to side and sobbing uncontrollably. “Please don’t do this,” she begged.

“Now, now, Tina…. You’ll thank me later,” the voice promised. “You will come to love ME. You will long to fulfill MY desires. You will yearn to have ME inside you. You will beg to swallow MY seed,” it went on torturously, again filling the chamber with resounding laughter.

“Never, you son of a bitch!” Tina screamed into the darkness.

“You’ll see, Tina… You’ll see.” it replied, then tauntingly added, “And you will too, Charles. Although, if you choose, I will release you now… But a spell will be cast upon your eyes and you will never see anything again, except your sweet Tina being slowly ripped apart by my ‘hands’.” Once more a deep laugh filled the room and then the voice spoke again. “But, I am a gracious host. If you stay I will provide some entertainment to help keep your mind occupied while I take her from you.”

“I’m not leaving here without Tina, you asshole,” I snapped.

A wisp of smoke swirled around me and then, like Tina’s had, my clothing began to melt away. The pirate costume dissolved and ran off of my body as if it were paint rolling down my frame and soaking into the stone of the floor beneath me. In just a matter of seconds, I too was held there spread eagle and as naked as the day I was born.

The voice laughed again and another curl of smoke surrounded me, then disappeared into the floor. Almost instantly I noticed movement on the floor and watched, mortified, as three snakes made their way into the circle of light around me. They slithered right up to my feet and held their place, as if awaiting instructions. I tried to kick at them, but it was no use. My legs were held too tightly and barely moved at all.

“Those are my lust vipers,” the voice informed me. “They will keep you company while I take Tina from you,” it said. Then, after a pause, it proposed, “I will even strike a bargain with you… If you can cause each of them to have an orgasm before your sweet wife receives my mark, I will return her to you and release both of you unharmed.”

What could I say? I had no idea how to make a snake have an orgasm, but my brain immediately started churning. “I can’t make a snake cum,” I complained. As the words tapered away, the reptiles all hissed at me menacingly. “I couldn’t even make myself cum like this…” I grumbled, referring to my subdued state.

Again the snakes hissed and vibrated at my feet. Suddenly, the one in the middle sprang from the floor and latched onto the head of my dick. I screamed in pain as the fangs pierced into my glans and my eyes clamped shut in agony. There was a few seconds of burning, almost unbearable misery and then it began to soften and change. The pain slowly shifted to a pleasurable feeling and when I opened my eyes, the snake had transformed into a beautiful woman. She was sucking on my flaccid tool as if we’d been lovers all our lives.

I watched as the other two transfigured right before my eyes. They morphed into hideous creatures that were a combination of snake and woman as they grew in size. Their forms seemed almost molten as they writhed in their transition, eventually both becoming solid figures again. As with the first, they were both captivatingly beautiful and sexy.

All three were nude with breasts nearly as large as Tina’s. Their pubes were totally hairless and their skin felt soft and warm as they drew near and pressed against me. For a brief moment I felt like I was in heaven, and then I got a look at their eyes. Each of them still had the eyes of a snake with the strangely patterned irises and trademark slitted pupils. I once more thrashed at the hands holding me, struggling to get away from the demonic creatures.

My efforts were met with the voice’s laughter again. “You may as well enjoy them. They will not leave you alone until they have been satisfied by an orgasmic release,” the voice counseled.

As it echoed through the chamber, I saw a cloudy apparition materialize near Tina. The figure solidified and looked like a human form shrouded in a heavy, dark cloak and hood. “Enjoy them, Charles… Enjoy them while I enjoy your wife,” the voice taunted, emanating from the cloaked figure.

It was then that I realized my penis was stiffening in the mouth of the first serpent-girl. I fought against my own body but knew it was useless. I was fully aware that my dick would continue to harden and there wasn’t a hell of a lot I could do to stop it. I willed myself not to get hard. I tried concentrating on Tina in hopes that seeing her as she was would enrage me enough to prevent an erection. But those things didn’t help. They actually made matters worse.

As I looked at Tina, secured and lewdly displayed, my blood boiled for her. The vision was erotic, to say the least. I yearned to stand over her naked body and touch her skin. I wanted to tease and excite her breasts; her nipples. I ached to trail my fingertips through her dense bush and delve into her opening… Only I knew that it wasn’t going to be me. I knew it was going to be the cloaked figure and his evil that tormented my lovely Tina.

I hung my head in shame and gave in to the harassment of the vipers. With my spirit all but broken, I felt my cock continue to swell in the witch’s mouth. She let me slip from her lips and I expected to see the head of my dick shredded from her fangs, but there weren’t even any puncture marks. “How can that be?” I asked myself. “I felt her teeth driving through me. But there’s no marks… Is this even happening or is it just a bad dream?” I continued to muse in my mind.

“Oh, it’s happening, dear Charles,” The figure said.

“You can read my mind,” I softly muttered, then asked more loudly, “Who are you?”

“My name is Trebor and I am the guardian of depraved lust,” he answered.

Then, while the snake ladies stroked and teased my body, he went on, “For centuries I have ensured that the world as you know it reeks with debauchery and profane sexual energy. I do this by capturing the spirits of women like your wife; Sexy and provocative women who barely tap into their sexual potential. Once they become mine, their depraved lust is released back into the world to fuel the passions of the masses.”

And as a wicked afterthought he added, “Once their lust has left them, they become enslaved as my servants for all eternity.” His story was nothing short of fantastic and I wasn’t sure what to do with the information. I felt like there was something that he purposely wasn’t sharing with me, but had no idea what it might be. Again, it seemed like I was caught up in a bad horror flick, but everything seemed so real.

Trebor had said a lot about his intentions concerning Tina, but I had to wonder what would become of me. “What about me?” I asked. “What happens to me if you win her over?”

“Haha… There is no ‘if’, Charles. I will have her,” Trebor quipped, amused at my optimism. “As for you… It’s very simple, dear boy. Either you save the girl or you die.”

For the first time, the figure turned and looked directly at me. All I could see under the hood was a pair of devilish eyes that seemed to be boring holes into my very being. They were large and bright red, with flames flickering where the pupils should have been. He stared at me for a moment and then concluded his oratory by saying simply, “You will die, dear Charles… You will die.”

With that, Trebor turned toward Tina and moved closer to her. The look on her face was pure terror and she screamed a blood-curdling scream while she twisted against the hands. A bony hand extended from beneath the robe of the figure and brushed along Tina’s leg. It started below her knee and swept upward, over her thigh and stopped just below her crotch. Again she screamed like nothing I’d ever heard, and the voice, Trebor’s voice, reverberated with laughter in the room.

“Get away from her you mother fucker!” I screamed as I lurched against my own bonds. My struggles were to no avail as the only thing I accomplished was to drive my now turgid cock down the throat of the first viper. She swallowed me like I was nothing, even though Tina had at one time measured me at nearly nine inches long and five and a half inches around. The creature didn’t even flinch. On the contrary, she turned her serpent eyes up to me and I could see her pleasure at my force-feeding her.

I could hear Tina pleading for release from our captor, but I was certain that she was wasting her breath. Forcing myself to look back at the altar, I could see that Trebor had backed away a step or two and he waved his thin fingers in mid-air. Instantly, more hands began to grow out of the stone bed where my wife lay. Four or five of the appendages sprang up and began to rub all over Tina’s flawless skin.

They moved over her arms and legs, across her abdomen and upward, between her breasts. Again she screamed and struggled, with no effect. She was crying woefully as the fingers danced on her body, covering every inch of her, except for where you would expect them to go. To my surprise, the hands were avoiding my wife’s tits and pussy. And even more surprising, the more they stroked her, the calmer she became.

My attention was drawn back to my own situation as one of the vipers brushing against me whispered in my ear. With a seductive voice she said, “My name is Seger. On your other side is my sister, Echi and the one below is our other sister Nidha. Pleasure us Charles.” Then her unbelievably long tongue came out and slid down my cheek and across my lips.

Thinking quickly, I remembered the deal that Trebor had spoken of. But I knew I wasn’t going to be much good in my current state. I doubted that I’d be able to get all three of these, whatever they were, to climax quickly enough anyway, but was determined to try. And with that in mind I said, “If you want me to pleasure you, I’ll need my hands and need to be able to move.”

Trebor turned toward me again. “Fair enough,” he said and the hands released their hold on me. “But do not try to leave the circle of light or Tina will bear the punishment,” he warned. Then to make his point, as he turned back toward my wife a long bullwhip magically filled his hand. With the grace of a ballerina, Trebor snapped the whip and then swiftly brought it down across my darling’s abdomen. Tina screeched in pain and immediately a fiery red stripe appeared on her belly.

I started to make a run at the figure but Nidha was still kneeling in front of me with my dick down her throat. I attempted to free myself from her lips but Seger grabbed my arm and whispered, “If you love her, remain in the circle.” I don’t know whether her directive was an act of compassion, or simply greed on her part, but the words stopped me. And when I checked Tina again, the hands were soothing her once more, her body relaxing under their touch.

My mind was reeling and my heart was pounding. I had no idea where to start or what to do. I kind of felt like I was an awkward teenager again, trying to figure out what I was doing as I felt up my first girlfriend. Shaking the fog out of my brain, I eased each of my hands into the crotches of Seger and Echi, not sure what I’d find there. To my relief, they had the anatomy of women.

Trying to put the fact that they were snakes only a few minutes before out of my mind, I probed into their vaginal openings to discover that they were quite damp. As I pushed a finger into each of them, I felt their lips and tongues nuzzling my neck and shoulders. Their hands began to roam over my body, moving up and down my chest, toying with my nipples and brushing over my ass. And quite honestly, their touch was elating.

Nidha continued to suckle my cock. In fact, she still had her lips pressed firmly against my pubis. As far as I could remember, except for the one time, I don’t think she had ever withdrawn. It was a strange sensation, having my dick down her throat continuously. Similar to being buried in a warm, wet pussy, but somehow different. The contractions of her gullet and the feel of her tongue were electrifying, once I gave in to what was happening.

This went on for a few minutes and then my attention was drawn to Tina again as she moaned loudly. When I looked up at her, three bodyless heads had joined the hands. And where the hands hadn’t gone, the heads were. Two of them were hovering over Tina’s ample chest, kissing and licking her now very stiff nipples. The third was wedged between my woman’s thighs. I couldn’t see it, but I knew what was taking place there.

Working in perfect concert, the heads and hands seemed to be having a tremendous effect on Tina. She was no longer struggling and her tears were gone. At first I was hurt and confused by this, but then realized that she had no more control over her body than I did. Just as I couldn’t will my dick to not get hard, she couldn’t resist the overwhelming stimulation she was receiving. But one thing was for sure… If I wanted to save her, I was going to have to hurry.

Pulling my concentration back to the serpent girls, I worked a second finger into Seger and Echi. They moaned softly and wiggled their hips over my hands. I knew I was going to have to get my tongue into action to have any chance of success. While I considered my options, as if she too could read my mind, Seger asked in a sultry whisper, “Want to use your tongue in me, Charles?”

I nodded and Seger lifted her hands into the air. Swiftly, they were grasped by a pair of the ‘hands from nowhere’ and they lifted her up until her legs were dangling and her hips were level with my shoulders. Then a multitude of hands appeared around her body and as she leaned back they made a platform for her to lay on. They moved her genitalia closer to my face and Seger’s legs dropped over my shoulders.

Nearly repulsed by the thought of what Seger really was, I had to force myself to open my mouth. With a little fortitude, I pushed my tongue out and parted her seemingly normal labia. I pressed the tip onward and discovered that her taste was amazingly sweet. I loved to eat Tina’s pussy, and she always tasted good to me, but not like this. The demon’s juices had the flavor of mixed fruits accented by the richness of honey.

After getting a taste of her, I tore into Seger with zeal. I lapped up and down her slit, pausing to drive my tongue into her hole. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, positioning her so I could tease her clit. In just a few minutes I had the creature twisting and humming in response. “This just might work,” I thought to myself.

As the thought lingered in my brain, I felt Echi moving behind me. I could feel her lips and tongue trailing down my back as she dropped lower and lower, I assumed kneeling behind me. Her mouth found my right buttock and she kissed it a few times. She moved to the left one and did the same thing and then, without warning, I felt fangs sink into my flesh again. I howled into Seger’s crotch and jammed my hips forward against Nidha’s face.

But like before, a few seconds later, the pain was replaced by a warm and pleasurable sensation. I could hear Echi softly laughing behind me and then felt the sting of her bite on the right side of my ass. Again I yelped into Seger’s cunt and waited for the pain to transform into pleasure. When it did, I dove into Seger’s snatch with total abandon. My mind teetered on the edge of hoping Echi wasn’t going to bite me again, and wishing that she would.

The next thing I felt was not another bite, but Echi’s hands on my butt. She spread my cheeks and let her long, thin tongue slither between them. I pictured her in my mind with her angelic face and the snake’s tongue darting out of her mouth. The picture was smacked away by the sensation of her tongue gliding between my cheeks again, and then it flicked across my asshole. I jumped a bit and twisted my body as she pressed the tip to my opening.

I tried to concentrate my efforts on Seger, hoping I was going to be able to get her off and distracting myself from Echi’s probing tongue. I found it hard to focus though. Not because of what Echi was doing, and not because of Nidha. The realization was that I was building toward my own climax. Once more, I tried to summon my willpower to prevent the approaching orgasm.

Hearing Tina yelp grabbed my attention. I peered over Seger’s body and could see that my wife was suspended a few feet above the altar now, held by the black hands. They slowly turned her, like a pig on a spit, until she was face down. As they lowered her toward the bed again, hands grew and caught her breasts as they hung down. She was lowered until she was hovering about a foot over the surface and then the fingers and heads descended on her again.

Now, contrary to what they’d done before, it was a free for all. There were more hands than I could count mauling my wife’s big, beautiful tits and countless more molesting the rest of her body. One of the heads pressed itself into her rotund ass and began licking up and down her crack. The other two heads were roaming; licking and gently biting any available flesh they could find.

I was drawn back to my own battle as I felt Echi’s tongue slink between my cheeks and jab at my anus again. But this time she was a little more forceful and I knew she intended to enter me. I strained to get away from her but she slapped my ass and hissed, “Sssstand sssstill… You’ll like thissss.”

Mortified, but strangely curious, I prepared myself for the inevitable. I buried my face in Seger’s cunt again and silently prayed that this would all be over soon. Then I could feel Echi’s tongue jab at my butthole a couple more times, and then wiggle into the tight opening. Surprisingly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined. And as she worked more into me, a rush of warmth washed through my whole body.

Suddenly, it seemed like I was floating away and watching the scene from somewhere above. My senses were overwhelmed and it was as if I was transforming into a sexual workhorse, who’s only purpose was to satisfy and be satisfied. I didn’t think my cock could get any harder but it felt like it was swelling even more in the Nidha’s throat. My balls felt bloated and my tongue seemed to grow, pushing deeper into Seger.

More and more of Echi’s serpent tongue entered my asshole and the more of it that went in, the stronger I felt. It was uncanny. On one hand I was ashamed of what I was doing and the fact that I couldn’t help Tina. But on the other, I knew I had to do whatever I could to bring these witches to the pinnacle of their arousal, and push them over the edge. My skin was crawling with excitement and my mind was numb to everything other than the fact that I was going to do whatever it took to free Tina and myself.

Even with my renewed vigor, I could still comprehend the telltale signs of my approaching climax. I decided to give in to the feeling and let it happen. Either I would perish or continue on. Trebor hadn’t specified what would happen if I were to cum, only the vipers. “Hell… Maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do,” I thought. And when Echi started to literally fuck my ass with her tongue, I groaned into Seger’s crotch and exploded down Nidha’s throat.

My balls were boiling and my semen felt like it was scalding the inside of my penis as it rocketed through to escape into Nidha’s gut. The spasms of my meat were far more intense, and went on much longer than I could ever remember. I could feel my asshole clamping down around Echi’s tongue and I heard her whimpering with pleasure behind me. At the same time, Nidha’s eyes flew open extremely wide and she began to writhe on the floor in front of me.

As Echi withdrew from my hind end, Nidha let my still turgid pole slide out of her throat, then expelled me completely. Her mouth remained open wide and her tongue was slowly spiraling itself around my shaft. As I’d pictured Echi, Nidha’s tongue was indeed that of a snake, black and complete with a forked end. Once she had it wrapped around me, she milked my dick with it for every last drop that she could mine from me.

After she was satisfied that I was dry, Nidha unwound her tongue, slumped to the floor and vanished. Seger leaned her head up and said, “She always was the easiest to satisfy. I guess you could say she cums for cum… Hahahahaaa!” Then she narrowed her snake eyes at me and warned, “But you’ll have to do better than that to satisfy Echi and me.”

With that, she snapped her fingers and the hands began to draw her away from my face. As easily as they had lifted her into place, they returned her to a standing position in front of me. Echi was still behind me, pawing at my butt and letting her tongue roam over my posterior. Seger took a step closer to me and I reflexively reached out and took her boobs in my hands. I hefted the orbs for a moment and then let my fingers drift to her nipples.

While I toyed with Seger’s chest, I looked past her to Tina. She was still in the same position, receiving the same treatment as before. But as I watched, a huge phallus, the same color and texture as the hands, grew out of the table and curved upward between Tina’s splayed thighs. A moment later she cried out and I knew the oversized organ was entering her. The hands began to slowly move her body to and fro, working her on the tool, and I could hear her wetness squishing around it as if there were a microphone next to her pussy.

Another large penis sprouted from the table near Tina’s head. It began to curl upwards as the other one had and paused in front of her lips. The hands forced her mouth open and the prick extended until it was filling her oral cavity. Her eyes widened, her body convulsed a couple of times and then she was sedate again. Oh, how I wished it was me invading her mouth or slipping into her steamy pussy.

Yet again, my thoughts were yanked back to myself and the vipers. Seger had begun stroking my barely wilted dick. In just a matter of moments, unbelievably, I was steel hard again. Ignoring Echi behind me, I guided Seger onto her back on the floor. I followed, spread her thighs and slipped my cock into her dewy gash. “Oh Yessss!” she moaned softly.

After a few slow, deep strokes to coat my pole with her juice, I began to pump into Seger’s cunt with long, steady stabs. She groaned again and wrapped her slender legs around my waist, crossing her ankles behind me. I stroked in and out of her for a few minutes and then realized that I needed to be in some position that would allow me to service both of the entities at the same time. After making a few more thrusts, I withdrew.

Seger tried to pull me back inside with her legs but I wiggled free. Taking her hands, I pulled her up as I made the transition to laying on my back. With my dick sticking straight up, Seger understood and mounted me in a flash. Her hot pussy swallowed my cock and she began riding up and down. Her tits were jostling around and I reached out for them. I squeezed the melons and then pulled outward on her nipples fairly hard. The creature’s eyes widened and she let out a wicked hiss.

Deciding a lighter touch might be more appropriate, I eased my grip and gently rolled the meaty buds between my fingers. Seger’s eyes closed and her head tipped backward so I assumed that what I was doing was pleasing. Just then, Echi stepped over me and straddled my arms and upper body. She reached down and I passed her sister’s tits over to her. With my hands now free, I let them slide up the back of Echi’s thighs and onward to her firm ass. I squeezed her butt for a few moments and then let the fingers of my right hand dip down and between her legs.

Not worrying about politeness at that point, I jammed two fingers up into Echi’s wet and inviting cunt. I could hear her moan and her legs gave a little tremble upon my insertion. I worked in and out of her nearly dripping hole a few times and then pulled out to strum her clitoris for a moment. Unceremoniously, I stuffed the two fingers back into the female, worked them around and then withdrew. This time, I stabbed three fingers into her with very little resistance. Again, I worked them in and out, in and out, wagged them back and forth and then in and out again.

The next time I pulled out, I toyed with Echi’s clit again and then slid my fingers back up toward her hole. I held my middle and ring fingers together, poised at her vaginal entrance. My index finger found the rosebud of her anus and I pressed inward. Her asshole accepted me readily and she gasped as I forced all three fingers into her body. Once more, I pushed and pulled my digits, over and over, in and out of the beast.

By the time I withdrew, Echi was no longer teasing Seger’s nipples. She was simply holding her sister’s shoulders for stability. I was pretty confident that I had ascertained Echi’s weakness and I grabbed her hips, drawing her ass toward my face. She responded by dropping to her knees, bringing her rear end to within inches of my nose. Tilting my head forward just a little, I spread the girl’s cheeks and jabbed my tongue against her butthole.

As I made contact, her whole body shuddered and I knew I was on the right track. I’ve never been terribly fond of rimjobs, but I ate Echi’s asshole like I was starving for it. My tongue wasn’t quite as talented, or as long, as hers but I jammed as much as I could inside her. But while I was doing this, I wished that I had another hand so I could probe her pussy too.

Magically, a pair of the black hands appeared out of thin air and brushed mine off Echi’s butt. They then spread her apart wider than I’d been able to and I had more than ample access. Plus, I had both of my hands free to do with as I wished, so I wedged my fingers back into her pussy. First the two, then three and, even though it was tight quarters, eventually I was able to shove all five inside her hole.

Echi’s whole body began to vibrate and I wondered if I could fist her. “What have I got to lose?” I consoled myself and shoved my hand sharply upward. There was a good deal of resistance, but then my hand suddenly disappeared into Echi’s vagina. She screeched and wailed but didn’t try to escape my invasion. With my tongue still wedged into her asshole, I drew my fingers into a ball and began to slowly punch fuck the female.

Chapter 5 — Rinascita

There were no visions this time, no dreams. I didn’t travel to a far off realm to relive past sexual exploits. There was simply nothing. There wasn’t even the empty nothingness that I had felt, because at least I had been aware of that. No, I simply felt my life fade out, fade to black.

Then in the next moment, I was startling. A strong smell filled my nose and made me try to pull my head away. Ammonia and something else… minty… plant like… eucalyptus maybe? I opened my eyes and saw Renia’s Japanese face floating above me. I blinked, confused. The light in the room was completely different than it had been earlier. It had been late morning earlier, but it was dark in the room now, late afternoon I’d guess?

“Whuuuu,” I started to say trying to push myself up to a sitting position.

“No no no,” she said pressing a hand against my chest, my naked chest I noted. “Lay still. The propofol is out of your system by now, but you need to go slow to get used to the changes to your body.” Then she stood up and moved away. She was fully clothed again I noted.

But I wasn’t. I could feel cool air across my body. I could feel the carpet beneath my back. I could wiggle my toes and feel that they were unencumbered. I could feel… I shivered…I could feel that I was colder than I had been earlier. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down at my body. No, this wasn’t my body. My body was that of an older man, a man approaching 40. My body was one of American excess, too much salt, too much beer, too much fat and fast food. I was looking through eyes at a body that wasn’t mine.

Renia helped me stand and I moved slowly, not trusting the feeling of reserved, bunched, wound up energy in my muscles. My limbs felt like they were ready to explode into action, ready to run a mile or lift weights, or play sports. My eyesight too had changed. I was getting farsighted in my old age, and knew that I would have had blurry vision at things this close, within an arms reach, but everything was crystal clear, perfect. She stood me and moved me to a cabinet in her office. I marveled at the grace and balance the muscular legs had as they carried me the few steps. She opened the cabinet and I saw a full length mirror mounted to the back of the door, clothing inside the cabinet.

I couldn’t help but gasp as I looked at the image in the mirror. Truly I understood now, the man in the mirror was not Michael Gray. My body had been transformed. I looked to be about the same height, around 6 feet, but it was hard to tell. Normally you compared height against your own eyeline, but if mine had changed, how could I compare my own new body against it? My new body was lean and muscular almost to the point of obscenity. I had rippling muscles that stood out, defined, on almost all my body. I felt a hand run across the six pack abs and down to the muscular V below. Then there, hanging between my muscular thighs, an impressive looking cock. Hairless and thick, even though flaccid, it was almost a handful while soft. It was pillowed atop a full, healthy nut sack, also hairless. I realized then that there wasn’t a single hair on my body. I looked up at my head and ran a hand across the bald skin from brow all the way back to my neck. Then I realized, I did not even have eyebrows or eyelashes.

I turned to Renia, “I have no eyebrows?” One brow ridge went up in a questioning gesture, and I’m sure it looked silly with no eyebrow there to define it.

Renia smiled mischievously, “You said when you were fucking me that you didn’t like hair.”

I shook my head, “I never said that, I only thought it.”

Renia pursed her lips, “Well you thought it loud enough that I heard it.”

“You can’t leave me without any hair!” I moaned, “I need to fit in.”

Renia sighed, “Oh, all right. Hold very still.” Then reaching up she drew her thumbs along my brow line and eyes. Then I bent slightly and she rubbed her hands along my head. I felt a slight warmness, but no change. I looked at her questioning. “It will grow in now. Unlike the rest of your body.”

I turned back to the mirror and saw my completely hairless cock swing slightly as I turned. Never having to ‘manscape’ again? No hairy feet or arms? I could live with that.”

I spent at least ten minutes looking at my new body. The biggest change, to me at least, was the face. While my body may have been good enough to land me a male modeling career, I couldn’t quite say the same for my face. It was ruggedly handsome in a way, but also at the same time, quite plain. Strong jawline, large broad chin, large ‘roman’ nose. Ears that were tight against my scalp, but not overly small either. One of the crowd, something nondescript, and not especially unique. I might say my new face was handsome, but I wouldn’t be winning any beauty contests either. Of course, the lack of eyebrows was a bit odd, maybe when they and my hair grew in I’d be rather pleasing to look at.

I looked down at my cock again after a while and wondered. I stroked it once and then gasped. “What the fuck!?” I exclaimed. “Did you heighten my sensitivity or something?”

Renia shook her head no. “You know, it’s amazing how people forget what a teenage body is like. Your body now is in the absolute peak of it’s perfection, something most people achieve anywhere from age sixteen to their early twenties. In your case, I’d put your body right around that twenty year mark. Not an ounce of baby fat on you, just all hard muscle. But that also means your hormones are at that level, and your sensitivity.” She paused and then added with a wink, “I did give you a slight boost to your…shall we say… virility however. So don’t be surprised the next time you’re with a partner in bed.”

I gasped, stroking my cock lightly as she said all this. My dick grew hard almost immediately, easily eight inches in length, and thick, as I was used too. The fat, circumsized head of my cock bounced above my belly button and bounced off my abs. If it felt that good to simply stroke it, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I turned and smiled at Renia, “Do you get off on taking away your client’s virginity as well? I’ve never had sex in this body after all and you could show me exactly what sort of changes to my virility you mean.”

Renia smiled and shook her head, with one hand patting her stomach she said, “No thanks Mike, I’ve got everything I need from you.”

Suddenly I remembered how just as I faded out of consciousness, she had laid down with her hips elevated. I remembered that my wife, Renee, had done that for months when we had been trying to conceive a child, before we had finally given up on it. I looked at her and said, “Wait a second, you wanted me to get you pregnant?”

She frowned, “I want you to have nothing to do with any child I may have, and I think that you should mind your own business. Besides… the man who will be the father to my child, Michael Gray, is dead.” I gawped at her and she continued, “One of the downsides to magic use is that it renders us somewhat infertile. We have almost no chance of conceiving with a non-mage. Even with the added virility I gave you, you’ll find it next to impossible to impregnate a normal person. With a mage, it’s possible to sire a child, but it’s difficult. But of course you know I’m a flesh crafter, a worker in the magic of the body, so I can increase my chances greatly… I just needed a donor, a magic using donor, to help out.”

“Renia,” I started slowly, my cock wilting as I realized what she’d done, “I…”

“Look Mike, you’ve got a new life to start. I was going to get with child sooner or later anyways. I just needed a verile magic using man who needed my help at a time when my own cycle was at it’s peak. You just happened to be the one to come along when I was ready. So forget about it.” Then she leaned in and whispered, “and if you think you have any say in this, just imagine what I can do.”

I cocked my head, giving her a look that said I didn’t understand. She explained in an angry whisper, “In just a few hours I completely reshaped your flabby older body. I took away your age and gave you youth. I banished fat and restored muscle and health. Do you really want to think about what I could also do if I wanted to reverse my powers?”

I shook my head. There was more going on here than I was prepared for. I had better go with the flow for now. Renia pulled a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt with FBI printed on both out of the cabinet. Handing them to me she also retrieved a pair of ‘slippers’ that seemed to be disposable. They fit well enough and at her direction I dressed.

We didn’t speak much but after I was dressed in the meager clothing she went to her desk and handed me a wallet and a sealed shipping envelope. I opened the wallet and found a social security card and a NY Drivers license both under the same name, “Mike Naughton.” The picture didn’t exactly look like my face, but I guess it was close enough.

“The envelope has Mike Naughton’s history. Where you went to school, etc. Make sure you memorize it later. But for now, let’s go,” she said gesturing towards the office door, “I want you to say goodbye to your old body.” I followed her out of the office and down an elevator to what was obviously a morgue. There under a sheet, was me. Well, obviously it wasn’t me, but it was a corpse, and that corpse was exactly me. The corpse had my old face, it had my paunchy beer belly, it had the hairy chest that my wife used to complain about. I even saw that birthmark on my thigh and the burn scar on my arm that I’d gotten as a child. In every sense of the word I was looking down at my own body… the body I’d worn for the last several decades.

Renia spoke, “Michael Gray died at ten am this morning of a massive heart attack. His body hasn’t been found yet, but we will place it somewhere where it will be discovered shortly. Your wife will get the sad news, and have to come here to NYC to identify your body. Blood type and dental records will of course confirm it. Luckily for Renee Gray, there was a life insurance policy in Michael Gray’s name that is going to pay out well. One set up a few years ago by Adam Saks in Michael’s name.

I nodded numbly. A few years ago? Adam had been planning this for a few years? A part of me realized that he was doing it so that Renee wouldn’t ever come looking for me in my new life, and another part of me was glad that he’d done it. If Renee was happy and financially taken care of, that was good. I would be glad that she wouldn’t be over burdened by me leaving her to start a new life. It would be better this way, her not knowing, her thinking I had died. Yet, a part of me was annoyed… Adam had been planning this for years, hadn’t he?

- – -

Later that evening Adam and I were in a town car heading towards JFK international Airport. After meeting Adam back at the hotel, the two of us went shopping and purchased me a small wardrobe that would fit my new body. After that it was off to the airport to catch a flight out of NY State to Adam’s home in Nevada.

As we drove, my emotions got the better of me and I finally had to ask Adam what I wanted to know. I knew the driver of the town car could hear us, but I couldn’t wait any longer. “You had a life insurance policy in Michael Gray’s name? For over two years now? You’d been planning on this for that long?” I think anger tinged the sound of my voice, but I didn’t care. This new, young body came with hormones and while I wanted to stay calm, I felt very angry and possibly betrayed by Adam’s deception.

“Relax Mike,” Adam said holding out his hands in a gesture that was meant to be pacifying, but to me seemed to be a bit aggressive. I felt a touch on my mind, a light brush, almost as if checking to see if my mental ‘door’ was closed. I quickly envisioned that door in my head again, and imagined what it would look like with a solid deadbolt lock on it. Then I imagined flipping that deadbolt to keep anyone out.

“You’re learning quickly,” he said, pulling back from me, both mentally and physically. “But to answer your question, yes, I’d been watching Michael Gray for about four or five years now. Along with a few of my other…” He paused and looked at the driver, not wanting to say too much, “…distant relatives.” I knew he meant people that were distantly related to him by blood… his descendants.

“Michael Gray showed a lot of potential for the… ‘family business,’ and it was little work to set up a life insurance policy in his name. Two years of payments isn’t a lot of money when you consider the pay out. Besides if he had decided not to come to New York with me the other day, then I could have simply let the policy lapse, and I was out a few hundred dollars. Trust me, he wasn’t the only one I had a policy for. I’ve got about four other active policies out right now on distant relations. But have yet to contact them.” He smiled, “Maybe, Mike, You’d be interested in coming to meet them some day. When both you and they are ready of course.”

I grit my teeth, feeling my anger sliding away. I wanted to stay mad, I still felt like I had been manipulated. “But why? How did you know that I… I mean… that Mr. Gray, would be… would be… open… uh… to your business opportunity?”

The driver of the towncar looked at us in his rear view mirror and Adam sighed. He leaned forwards and put his hand on the shoulder of the driver. Speaking in a clear voice he said, “You can’t hear what we’re talking about. Every time you hear us talking, it’s something very boring to you, the nature of soy bean crops in china. Do you understand?” The driver nodded and then Adam sat back and looked at me, “Say what you want now, he can’t hear us.”

“Well?” I asked, “How did you know that I’d come with you? That I’d even believe you?”

Adam shook his head, “I didn’t. It was a risk. I’ve been watching you for a while now, and everything I knew about you said that you’d be a good candidate to become a mage, to become my apprentice, but nothing told me for certain that was true. When your powers became active, last night with the girls I hired, some mages call that an awakening or an eruption of ability. It was always dormant inside of you, waiting for the moment to burst forth. You had to be properly stimulated of course, stroked to a fever pitch, and then a gentle nudge, and then,” he clapped his hands together, “Boom! Your powers explode into being.”

He nodded as JFK International airport loomed in the distance. “Once we’re out of this car we can keep talking, just try to keep things a little vague. You’ll be amazed what you can talk about in front of everyone and how much they will ignore it. Especially in a crowded place like this.”

“So you were watching me? You were waiting to see if I’d erupt on my own before you approached me?” I asked finishing his previous train of thought.

Adam shrugged his shoulders, “Sort of. I was also looking to make sure that you hadn’t buried the seed of your abilities so far down that you’d never erupt. Between not having a child with your wife, losing your job, the death of both of your parents, and moving away from New York City to live upstate, your life had gotten a touch bleak. I was afraid the crushing reality of this world might have taken your spark too far away from your soul to erupt ever.”

“No,” I said slowly, “Those things… they… they made me believe even more. Whenever things happened in my life, I thought there must be a reason. Maybe there is a God, or a purpose to my life, or something… but I just felt like it couldn’t be the whole world shitting on me.”

“Yes,” he said, “and I sensed that in you. That’s why I approached you. It’s why we are flying back to my home. So I can train you.”


“Yes. Pahrump.”

“Excuse me?”

“Not a fan of legalized prostitution eh Mike?” Adam chuckled. I raised an eyebrow… well… brow line I guess, in question. He filled me in. “See, out of all fifty states, only Nevada allows legalized prostitution. But just because something’s legal doesn’t mean that people want it thrown in their faces. Over the last twenty or thirty years, Las Vegas has changed a lot. They’ve cleaned up their image from the city of Sin, to what amounts to Disneyland for grownups. People plan their family vacations for Vegas now, take the kids and ride roller coasters on the tops of the casinos. Sure, dad might be taking out a lean on the house to pay for the craps tables, but god forbid if they see girls walking the streets trying to make a buck. So the city council pushed the prostitution off the strip and into the corners. Places like Craigs list and telephone adds get the girls to the hotel rooms now. But if you want to run a brothel, you’re not going to do it inside the city limits. So the next closest city is Pahrump, to the west. It’s about forty five minutes from McCarran International Airport in Vegas, maybe a little more or less depending on traffic. Plus, if you’re coming from the other direction, it’s only a few hours to LA. With a fast car you could make it to Long Beach in a little over three hours… as long as you watch out for the cops.”

Just then the driver pulled into a parking spot and we decided to continue to conversation later. Security was fairly easy, I found a passport in with the materials in the envelope Renia had given me. Between that, and the fact that we had very little luggage, it was no time before we were sipping way overpriced and heavily watered down scotch in an airport bar. When I asked about Adam’s Jaguar, he laughed. Apparently the little trick he did in my home town, to borrow someone else’s car, it worked even better if you could find someone who wouldn’t be using it for weeks at a time. I took some small consolation in knowing that Adam hadn’t put the mind magic on one of my favorite tv star / comedians, but only the owner of the garage where the Jaguar had been kept.

We ate a late dinner at the bar, and I was pleased that while the scotch was watered down, the steak was excellent. I was astounded that one meal wasn’t enough and I was still hungry. Ordering a burger for me, Adam explained that it was a side effect to the body crafting I’d gone through, that my hunger would taper off very soon. But I had a different hunger as well. I felt like I’d been nursing half a hard on ever since I woke up in Renia’s office. Adam assured me that in a few hours, when we got back to his brothel in Pahrump, he’d have a special friend take care of those needs for me.

The plane ride was to take about five hours, and I was a little displeased to learn that the luxury might be coming to an end. The tickets were only coach. Adam smiled and tapped his head, “Remember, we need to hide in plain sight. You’re a college drop out and I’m a self startup businessman. We aren’t the kinds of people who buy first class plane tickets. Now… that being said, finish your burger. I’m going to go talk to the woman about how I requested an isle seat and was stuck in the middle row.”

He smiled and was gone for about ten minutes, but when Adam came back, he was all smiles. “Well, you’re bumped up to business plus, a bulkhead seat, so you should have plenty of leg room to stretch out and get some sleep. You’ll want to get a bit before we land, the time difference alone can mess with you.”

“And you?” I asked.

“Well, I guess I got lucky. An upgrade to first class because I’m such a valued customer. Sorry I couldn’t get you in, but like I said, get some sleep.”

Damn, I thought, I needed to learn that trick quickly.

- – -

I did catch some sleep on the airplane, but woke up with the sound of dozens of thoughts in my head. They weren’t my thoughts either. Again, it isn’t easy to describe what a person’s thought ‘feels’ like. Any attempt I would make at doing so would be a pale imitation, like trying to describe exactly how something tasted. Oh, you could say that it was bitter or salty, or how it felt as you chewed it, but you’re not really giving another person the essence of what that food tasted like. So understand that when I describe someone else’s thoughts, it’s only a shadow of what the experience really was.

My eyes snapped open as I felt the thoughts of at least a dozen people around me. Most mundane, kids, their shoes hurt, they were tired. A lot of excitement, which on a flight to Las Vegas, I suppose was to be expected. But there were some dark thoughts too. At least one person was thinking about how he’d stolen ‘the money’ and if he didn’t score big this week, he’d be a dead man.

I mentally imagined my door, and found that it was unlocked and stood open. Had I done that while I was asleep? I shut the door and made sure it was latched, and the thoughts in my head stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief and stretched out my legs. The bulkhead seat wasn’t bad. It was the first seat in coach, and in front of me instead of another chair was the wall to first class. It wasn’t a lot of extra room, a few inches maybe, but it seemed nice and I appreciated it.

I ran a hand across my bald head. I’d never gone bald before, never shaved my head, so the experience was a new one. I felt the way my hand stuck to my scalp ever so slightly, skin against skin. I felt down the back of my skull and felt that ridge at the top of my neck. I again marveled at this new body I’d been given. Everything felt so right and so good. When I’d woken up I had none of the aches and pains that I had grown used too over the last decade.

The captain’s voice came on over the loud speaker and said we’d be landing shortly. He advised people to put their tray tables up and buckle up. The man in the isle seat next to me woke up and buckled up and nodded to the window, “Open the slat would you? The view of the Vegas strip at night from the air is something worth seeing.”

I did and looked out, seeing only darkness, but then in the distance, lights on the horizon. Behind me I heard an older woman yammering to her seat mate about Vegas. The woman’s voice was somewhat shrill and quite distracting. The man next to me leaned over and whispered, “God don’t you hate loud ones like that?” I nodded and he returned to her seat muttering, “I wish she would shut up.”

I sighed and tried to tune out the harpy behind me, until she laughed loudly and screeched, “I know, I know, I know! Men right!?” I growled under my breath and just imagined how nice it would be for her to shut up. I envisioned how happy the plane would be if this woman just lost the ability to talk for a little while, at least till the plane landed. How happy that would make me, I couldn’t say.

I smiled, then to my surprise I heard the harpy behind me cut off in mid sentence. “…but then Janice said that she wouldn’t ever… HEURKKK!” I smiled. I don’t know what I’d done, but I knew that somehow I’d done it. Somehow my magic had shut that woman up. I listened on purpose now as her friend next to her talked to her. The harpy seemed to be whispering that she’d just lost her voice.

“It’s this recirculated airplane air I tell you,” her friend said, finally able to get a word in edgewise, “When we get to the hotel, I’ll get you some tea and honey…” I tuned the quieter woman’s words out, and some part of me knew that the harpy’s voice would return shortly, just not till after I was far clear of her.

I looked out the window again and the lights of Vegas were bright now and getting closer as the plane banked and began to descend. Maybe I could get used to being a mage.

- – -

I told Adam about the incident as we rode from McCarran, which was just to the south and east of the famous Las Vegas strip, out to the town of Pahrump. There was a towncar waiting for us when we landed and the driver holding a sign that had ‘A.Saks’ on a dry erase board. But around the name were advertisements for “Ruby’s Hideaway.” The half clothed women along with the phone number and website gave little doubt as to what sort of establishment “Ruby’s Hideaway” was. But as I saw the sign I asked Adam, “Ruby’s? I thought it was your place.”

He nodded and greeted the driver with a hug, “Estefano, mi amigo.” I smiled as the hispanic looking driver hugged Adam back. He was a bit on the short side, probably no larger than five foot five, but dressed quite nicely. A nice looking suit with a plain black tie, done in a crisp windsor knot. Hair cut short and kept slicked back by hair gel, Estefano looked clean cut and professional. Adam introduced us, “Estefano, this is Mike. Mike, Estefano, he’s the driver for my…” Adam paused, and looked around aware that we were in the middle of an airport, and that there were children about, “…my club.”

Estefano held out a hand and I shook it. His hands were strong and his grip was firm, “Very nice to meet you Mike,” he said with a hint of an accent. Not quite a Mexican accent, not quite southern, I couldn’t place it. Of course I’d later learn that it was a bit of both mixed with the local Vegas dialect.

Adam explained as we walked to the town car, “We have a lot of clients who fly in just to come to Ruby’s. So we offer them full service, we send Estefano and the car to pick them up at the airport and then later take them back to their hotels in either Pahrump or Vegas. For a modest additional fee of course.”

Estefano added in as he loaded our two meager bags into the trunk, “Tips generously accepted as well.” We all laughed and I nodded my head.

Once in the car Adam explained that Estefano was not a mage, but was aware of the true world. That we could speak openly in front of him. It was a relief however that the town car had a privacy screen. This was all still new to me and I was glad to speak with Adam alone as the town car left the bright lights of Vegas behind. I told Adam about the mouthy woman on the plane and how I’d wished for her to shut up, and she had.

Adam explained to me the basics of casting a spell. Some things were going to come as naturally to me as breathing. Eventually I’d start to get a mental ‘sense’ of people just in their presence. He couldn’t explain it further, saying that different mages experienced it differently. In his case, he saw a ‘halo’ above people’s heads, very faint, but that could tell him about them at a glance. He said it was like reading their aura. But that another mentalist he knew perceived the same thing in a totally different way, that the other mage, a gambler, got the sense of a playing card whenever he looked at them, the suit and the rank of the card told him much about that person.

That sort of aura reading was passive, took no effort, and was probably why I was picking up on people’s thoughts some what. But that casting an actual spell was mostly image creation and forcing will on reality. Thus the image of the door I had created to block out thoughts was actually a spell. I imagined the door, and could close or open it to either block out or let in other’s thoughts. The image helped me to control the spell, but my willpower made it manifest. So as I imagined the woman shutting up, and how happy that would make me, my willpower made that happen.

He explained how as I became more and more skilled, the images would come to mind instantly and without concentration, but for a while it would be a lot of practice. Then he explained what the next few months of my life would be like.

Nothing in life is free, I knew that, and Adam reaffirmed it as we closed on the town of Pahrump. I’d have the mornings to myself, starting at 4am, though Adam suggested I stick to getting at least 6 hours sleep. Since the brothel was a 24 hour affair, there was always an open kitchen, but most of the live in staff and the working girls usually didn’t have ‘breakfast’ till around noonish. After the noon meal, at one pm, I was to report to Adam for instruction for at least one hour. During this time he’d test me on things we’d learned the previous day, or that I’d been practicing myself. Then he’d either assign me new tasks, or material to read, or practice. I’d have a few hours on my own again to work on these assignments or reading, though they would be unsupervised, so if I needed time for something else, that was my call. Then at five pm, it would be another hour of instruction with Adam, generally reinforcing the 1pm lesson. At six, there was another formal meal, which I could attend or not, as I wished. From six till ten pm I was again given my own time to do as I desired. However I was expected to be at ‘work’ at ten pm on the dot, dressed, groomed, and ready to serve as the bartender in the lounge at Ruby’s Hideaway. I’d work the bar during the busiest hours, ten pm till four am. I’d be paid a small wage, and of course any tips, but Adam suggested saving the money away for now. As it stood he’d provide me with a wardrobe, and there’d be a room for me at the brothel. Likewise I had free reign of the kitchen, and if I needed to go somewhere, the brothel had two unmarked vans, in addition to the town car, that could be signed out with either Adam or Ruby’s permission. There was also a limo, Adam told me, but I wasn’t allowed to touch that.

I asked about Ruby, I thought that the brothel was Adam’s. Adam smiled and said that I’d be meeting Ruby very soon, and that I should ask her those questions. However his smile was cryptic and I sensed there was more there then I was getting.

- – -

I’d never been to a brothel before and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but I think I can say I was somewhat surprised at how nice Ruby’s Hideaway turned out to be. The sign as we pulled into the parking lot read “Ruby’s Hideaway: Resort, spa, and brothel.” A spa? That was interesting to me. The building itself was a large rambling one structure with a chain link fence around the property, and then a large twelve foot privacy fence inside of the chain link. From the parking lot you couldn’t see much other than the wide front of the building, but there were two entrances, one to the left with a large sign over it that just read “Girls” and an entrance to the right with a sign that read “Spa.”

I realized that I could see all of this fairly well, even though it was night time. Yes the parking lot was well lit with high power sodium lighting, but that wasn’t it. The sky was getting light, though the sun wasn’t yet up. It had to be close to five in the morning, but I couldn’t tell as I didn’t have a watch. The early morning hour explained why there was only one car parked in the parking lot. Then I also remembered that it was only late Sunday night, actually early Monday morning.

That thought gave me pause, the realization that it had been less than forty eight hours ago that I had been sleeping in bed with my wife Renee. We’d woken up less than two days ago getting ready to make the drive from our home to a family reunion where I’d meet this man, Adam Saks, who would change my life. No, not change it, end it. Michael Gray was dead and gone. Michael Gray was no more. I looked down at my hands, strong young hands, the hands of a man that was half the age of my experience. I wasn’t Michael Gray anymore, I was now Mike Naughton.

Estefano pulled the town car along to the side of the building and a section of fencing rolled aside to allow us into the back parking lot, reserved for staff. Here there were parked several more cars, a half a dozen or so. From this vantage point I got a better look at the rest of the ‘resort’ that was known as Ruby’s hideaway. From the side I could see that the building went back quite a ways. Also from this section I could see several out buildings detached from the main one. They looked like little bungalows or condos. I could also see what looked like a life guard chair rising from behind a fence, and could only assume there was a swimming pool there.

Estefano pulled the town car into a garage, between a stretch limo and a white passenger van. Adam and I got out while Estefano made to refill the car from a gas pump in the garage. Adam and I walked to a large steel door with a keypad next to it. There he stopped and turned to me and tried to give me advice, “Try not to be overwhelmed Mike. I’m going to give you a few days to get acclimated before we really start your lessons in earnest, because I know you’re going to have to get used to this place as well as getting used to being a mage.”

I nodded and he typed in some numbers on the keypad, and then pulled open the large metal door. We passed through an entry way and into a long hallway that stretched off to either side. A quick jaunt and then through another door and we entered what looked like one of the nicest bars I’ve ever been in. The entire large room was done up in a lounge style with several comfortable couches, leather chairs, and soft lighting. The room was done in muted reds and soft golds, and every inch carpeted, padded, or otherwise luxurious. The one exception was the long mahogany bar that rested against the wall we’d just entered through.

Four women sat around the room, looking rather bored, but seemingly interested as Adam and I walked through the door. They stood excited, one of them calling Adam’s name excitedly. But one of the women, a true beauty walked to us, a smirk on her face. Adam called out, “Ruby, I’d like to introduce you to our new bartender, Mike Naughton. Mike, this is Ruby, the madam of this brothel and the manager of the spa.”

I stuck my hand out and took Ruby’s hand in mine. She didn’t shake however but turned it so her knuckles were up. Sensing what she expected, I bent and kissed her knuckles, taking the chance to look her over.

Ruby had wide hazel eyes that flashed between brown and green as she’d moved towards me, set in a long and delicate face. Her nose was thin and noble looking above full soft lips, which wore bright red lipstick. Her eyebrows were thin and arched, the hair coal black matching the hair on her head. Above that, her hair was cut in bangs which covered her forehead, and then fell backwards in long straight lengths that fell about her shoulders and behind her. Her skin was fair, light, with a lack of makeup other than the bright red lipstick and a touch of dark eye liner. She wore a black evening gown that fell from her delicate shoulders and covered her modest breasts. She was of average height I suppose, a few inches above five feet, though it was hard to tell with the high heels she was wearing. Over all she was a beauty, and evoked thoughts of class and a sultry sensuality, not wonton sexuality as I would have imagined from a madam of a brothel.

“Enchanted,” I said as I straightened from kissing her knuckles. To which she chuckled and placed her hand over her cleavage.

“Mr Naughton,” she said, her voice higher pitched, almost girlish, then I’d been expecting. She leaned in towards me. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest and her warm breath on my face as she whispered into my ear, “When a mage says enchanted, it can mean so many things.” She straightened , and I cleared my throat, somewhat embarrassed. I wasn’t expecting the secrets of mage craft to be so well known. First the driver of the town car, now the head prostitute at the brothel?

I must have shifted and seemed uncomfortable, because Ruby moved and gived Adam a kiss on his cheek. “Let me see Mr. Naughton to his quarters then Adam, I’m sure you’ll want to hold down the fort.”

Adam nodded and smiled at her. “Go easy on him Ruby, don’t break him.”

She laughed, “No, I’ll just break him in.”

Behind, the other girls laughed and Ruby moved to link her arm in mine. “Come along Mr. Naughton,” she said.

“Please, just call me Mike,” I said interrupting her.

She laughed again, a high pitched tittering laugh, that was both girlish and yet sultry at the same time. She began steering me out of the bar and back into the hallway. “Ok, Mike it is,” she agreed with a nod of her raven haired head. She led me back deeper into the building explaining, “The brothel and spa is the building we’re in now. Out back there’s a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and tennis court. There’s three bungalow style houses for guests. One bedroom, one bath, kitchen, living room. It’s for any of our guests who stay for a longer period of time or are willing to pay extra to have a home environment for a G.F.E.”

I interrupted her, “G.F.E.?”

“Girl friend experience, it’s when one of our girls goes with the clients for a while and they act as if they are girlfriends, not just prostitutes, or in some cases, they pretend to be man and wife. We’ve even let some of our clients have G.F.E.s with our girls and not use protection, but only with a clean and recent bill of health from a trusted doctor.”

“And I’ll be staying in a bungalow?” I asked.

Ruby shook her head as we reached the back door of the building, a simple steel number with a push bar. She bumped it with her hip and we went out into the very early morning air. “No no no dear, those are too expensive to waste on staff.” She pointed at a large two story house that sat at the back of the lot. “That’s ‘the house.’ Adam, Myself, and two of our girls live there. That’s where you’ll be staying.”

We walked towards the house and I looked around at the swimming pool and grounds. Tables with umbrellas stood ready to shade guests from the Nevada sun, and a large grated cabinet held towels. In the distance I saw the tennis courts and the three tiny houses, all inside the security fencing. The ground was paved, but where it wasn’t, it was landscaped with rock formations and a few strategically placed cactus to break the eye line.

Ruby led me to the house, a Victorian style, with a large covered porch. “Welcome to your new home Mike,” she said as we pushed through the front doors. The inside was perfectly climate controlled and had the décor of an old English manor. The décor was old, with antiques, but I saw several nods to current technology, from the wifi antenna just inside the front door, to the alarm system.

She gestured to the security panel, I noticed it was not armed, but she said, “1869, that’s the pass code.” Then I caught her rolling her eyes, “That’s when Adam was born I guess.” She sighed and walked past me, towards the staircase leading up. I couldn’t help but watch her hips sway and her tight ass move beneath her dark dress. She stopped and looked over her shoulder at me, “Well, come along Mike, I’ll show you to your room.”

I bounded after her, still unused to the youth and energy that my new body had. Up the stairs and down a hall, she gestured to an open door and a darkened bathroom, as if to point it out without having to point it out. Then she pushed open a door near the end of the hall. The bedroom was rather plain, light colored walls and a queen sized bed with dark silky looking sheets. Some generic prints hung on the walls that reminded me of hotel room art, and a desk with a computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse on it. A closet door stood open and empty, and the window looked out on the back of the compound. Beyond the slightly dusty glass I could see some tract housing, beyond that what might be a trailer park, and then off in the distance, mountains.

“Window faces west eh?” I said as I walked to the window and lowered the blinds. The purple sky was already lightening to a deep blue as the sun was rising. “That’s good I suppose,” I drew the curtains across the now lowered blinds. “If I’m going to be tending bar all night, I’d hate to have morning light streaming in at me when I’m trying to sleep.”

I turned around as I heard a soft sibilant sound. Still near the doorway, Ruby had slid the black dress from her body to pool around her feet. She stepped forwards out of the inky cloth pooled around her high heels and towards me. “Yes, sleep, that’s what you’re going to do right now,” she said sarcastically as she moved slowly towards me, her hips still sashaying.

Her breasts were full without being overly large, C cups I’d have guessed, and even in the now dark room, I could see they were capped with two tight nipples and pebbled areola. Her body was lean and fit, and as fair as her skin was, her stomach practically glowed it was so white. Nestled between her hips, a single landing strip of pubic hair, slightly wider at the top then tapering off to a point at the bottom, directed attention to her shaved labia. I licked my lips slightly, and was suddenly struck by an odd sensation. Not arousal, that wouldn’t be odd. But I suddenly knew something, I don’t know how I knew it, I just did. This woman, Ruby, she wasn’t a normal woman. I didn’t know if she was a mage, or what. But I suddenly could tell, without a doubt, that she was more than what she appeared. It was almost as if I could smell it.

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