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Aerynel watched as yet another group traipsed off into the unknown gloom of a dark unexplored dungeon sure to be infested with overly aggressive guardians of some sort. “Well, fuck you guys too!”, she yelled after them as she gathered her robes, hiking them up above her ankles to avoid the random pools of who-knows-what that she seemed destined to find every last one of. It had taken her weeks to gather the incredibly rare and difficult what’s-it-calleds’ and random blossoming flowers of once-in-a-decade. Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous that she should have her robes soiled on an adventure with such immature imbecility!

A scream, and clash of metal shook Aerynel from her malevolent reverie, ‘That sounded like battle. What the hell were they doing engaging the enemy without me there? Don’t they know I am the mediator between life and death for those morons?!’, she thought to herself. The song of battle played its sharp melody as she pulled the hem of her robes up above her waist, leaving her long slender blue legs exposed so she could run without impediment. Her tail swayed gently in perfect balance as she sped around the near-by corner. Her jaw dropped as the scene came into view; Aerynel was completely unprepared for what she saw.

Shae’lyn, the brave night elf Sentinel warrioress who had followed the other idiots off into the abyss was straddling a large Tauren in a purple and black Twilight’s Hammer robe. Her slender arms were bound behind her back by some sort of black metal band as she was forced to ride the thickest thing she had ever seen. The silver metal thong bottom of her skimpy Sentinel uniform was lying discarded as her now unprotected pussy lips were stretched to an obscene proportion. The normally puffy and swollen lips of her sex were stretched to a taught thin ring around the monstrous cock. The Tauren’s large black organ stood in stark contrast with the young night elf’s deep pink flesh, her toned butt bouncing roughly up and down the swollen invader, coating it in glossy sheen of her pussy juice, No! This is not turning me on. It’s wrong, and she needs my help! The pep talk did little good to stop the more than few twinge’s wrong and nasty pleasure spiking through her pussy. Shae’lyn seemed to be struggling to rise completely off the massive cock; she just couldn’t clear the head while she was stuck on her knees. Even if she were able, the Tauren’s large hands wrapped around her waist would not have let her get that far. She saw his grip flex, pulling her friend back down on him, Shae’lyn’s mouth emitting a large desperate cry, half unbridled wild pleasure, other half a wailing requiem for her stretched and abused pussy.

Aerynel took a few moments to scan the rest of wide chamber, taking in the dismembered and hideously brutalized remains of the other three of their group. Is it bad that I think Shae’lyns…pre-dick-ament…is almost worth their loss? She began to amuse herself with the thought of how rightfully painful their deaths seemed, only coming to as she heard a loud whistle break the rhythmic *squelch* and *squish* sounds set to the backdrop of Shae’lyn and the Tauren’s loud guttural moans. How foolish she had been, ‘Obviously the Tauren wouldn’t be alone!’. Aerynel did what she could for her impaled friend, casting a quick spell of healing and lubrication, causing Shae’lyn’s pussy to instantly drench the large pole inside her, letting it slide with ease. The healing spell was obvious, as no elf, or drenai like herself, was going to take something that big without incurring some major stretching pains.

A Blood Elf pulled itself away from the not-so-romantically engaged couple and started making his way over to Aerynel. He wasn’t alone as an Orc and Dwarf accompanied him, with a voidwalker in tow, belonging to which she did not know. The whistle went up again from the Blood Elf, and she finally caught the rhythm….they were whistling fancifully at her, and looking down at her…, Oh Velen!. She had forgotten to lower her robes when she rounded the corner. Aerynel had always had the comfort of a large and all-encompassing sober robe, and wasn’t in the habit of wearing under-garments. She was now flashing her bare and crimson tinged blue pussy at the approaching Twilight’s Hammer occultists. Her cheeks could not have turned a deeper crimson at that moment. Aerynel cursed her priorities as it had wasted precious seconds that were sure to be her doom.

She finally regrouped her self-awareness and tried to back away. Aerynel was turning to run when she felt the ridged tendrils of rooting incantation settling over her hooves at the same time her mind was nearly ripped from consciousness. She needed to cast..something…anything…and now! Another wave hit her, tearing apart her protective walls of concentration, destroying any ability for her to cast a spell as the three occultists were now merely steps away.

“No! Leave me alone! Please!…..please..” The last part coming out as a whisper as the voidwalker reached her first, its bulky magic based arms shredding her robes off her in mere blinks of an eye. She fell to her knees, her balance thrown off by the sheer force of the destruction of her robes while her hooves were bound to the ground.

The three laughed at her as they began to unfasten their belts, the Blood Elf approaching her first. He was definitely the skinny-mini of the group, but he was at least half as long as her forearm, and still soft. The Dwarf’s cock was already stiff, popping proudly out of his trousers as he wandered off to her left. The Dwarf’s pole was at least half as thick as the Tauren’s, who was still having a now completely out-of-her-wits night elf riding his impossibly large fuckstick, all the while screaming in an ever mounting frenzy, “Elune! Oh Goddessss Nooooo! Not again…….No! Yes! Fuck MEEEEEEEE!” Shae’lyn’s communication abilities regressed to guttural screams of pleasure. She was shortly on her way her next orgasm.

Aerynel’s eyes went wide as she got a quick glimpse of the Orc’s dick, the shock causing her jaw to drop momentarily. It was as thick as the Dwarf, and as long as the Blood Elf’s would be after hardening. It scared her. The Blood Elf saw his opportunity and guided his soft member into her open mouth, wasting no time as he began to pump it furiously between her lips. She dared not bite or try anything in some vain arrogant defiance that would undoubtedly get her killed. Instead, Aerynel decided to try and service them as best she could, to get it over with as quick as possible. Aerynel’s mind wandered as the Blood Elf fucked her mouth, obviously not needing or wanting her attentions outside using the tight soft seal of her lips, and warm wet interior of her mouth as just another pussy to fuck. Even with only a quick glimpse, the size of the Orc bothered her. She would barely get it in her mouth, let alone her pussy, And of course they’ll want that!, the thought actually caused a dull warmth to stir deep in her stomach, spreading outwards to her pussy and breasts, causing her nipples to instantly harden, and the soft flesh around her pussy to begin to swell and puff up, alerting everyone with blood left in their brain to her obvious arousal.

She wasn’t given too much time to think as the Blood Elf’s hands wrapped around the back of her head, his hips and small balls slammed into her lips and chin, not letting her do much but let him use her face like a personal fuck toy as he began to swell and lengthen. The fleshy ridged tip of his shaft began to press further into the back of her throat with every stroke, causing her to gag and choke. Motherfucker won’t even let me get him off! Why do they always have to be so pushy damnit! At the same time, the Dwarf and Orc grabbed her wrists, guiding her small hands to their wanton and impatient phalluses. Yep, just as big as I thought, Aerynel whined as she stroked the Orc’s entire length in unison with the Dwarf.

She had finally gotten used to the Blood Elf’s deep penetrations of her throat as she tried to hold a half swallow, holding her throat open for his unimpeded deep fucking. With one final thrust, the Blood Elf held himself lodged in her throat, growling something or other about a sunwell as he deposited his thick creamy load in her throat. Aerynel was thankful she didn’t have to taste much of his spunk as she continued to feel his small tight sack vibrate on her chin, emptying its small contents almost directly into her stomach. It almost felt like drinking a warm glass of milk, the way it made her stomach glow with warmth. She cursed herself for the sick pleasure she was getting from having her tummy filled with some strange Blood Elf’s hot white cum.

The Blood Elf finally withdrew from her mouth, leaking a healthy amount of his white fluid over her tongue and lips. The Dwarf stepped up next, a glint in his eye of pride at how his member jutted out from his waist between the red hair of his beard, which nearly touched the damp ground. Aerynel had to bend over low to reach the Dwarf’s giant thick prick, balancing herself by gripping hard on the base of his rock hard cock. I guess they really do come from stone! Instantly she knew he was different. He didn’t grab her head, or try to force himself into her, or any of the other rude shenanigans. He waited calmly with that mockingly confident grin, expecting her to come to him, and she did of course. Her small hot tongue bathed the head of his shaft in loving licks and laps, coating it in her warm saliva. She began to work the tip past her full lips, their limits tested thoroughly as she felt them stretch and become thin around the width. Her mouth had never been so stuffed. She could barely move her tongue to do anything but caress the thick ridged vein running along the underside of the Dwarf’s cock, but she did it like a pro! She rolled her tongue in alternating rhythms as her lips suckled him lightly, then harshly on his silky hard sensitive flesh. Each bob of her head left his massively thick member sticky and shiny with her saliva, allowing it to force its way into her over fucked mouth with a long sickly pleasing *squelch*.

Aerynel had felt exposed and vulnerable as she bent over for the Dwarf, jutting her ass and pussy out into the air, but she hadn’t known why…Until now. She had forgotten all about the voidwalker, but it hadn’t forgotten about her. She could feel it doing something to her as her pussy and asshole began to glow warmly, their openings parting slightly. She felt something slithering up into her, reaching deep into her ass and pussy, each thing stopping as the one in her pussy bottomed out. Aerynal had just worked the gigantic head of the Dwarf’s cock into her throat, unable to allow it further into her, when she felt the things inside her nether regions begin to expand. Oh my…..Velen! It couldn’t possibly be that big blue thing that was with them….Is it going to fuck me too? What next…a centaur? And my ass? I’ve never even done that before, it’s so…sick! She couldn’t believe that the voidwalker was going to fuck her, but fuck her it was. Its long blue tentacle arms were imbedded deep in her ass and pussy, and were now pumping in unison, widening a fingers width more width each stroke, stretching her virgin ass painfully.

Aerynel’s body was lighting up with over stimulation. Sparks flew behind her eye=lids every time they closed, and they were getting heavier and heavier with every hard stroke from the voidwalker. A voidwalker is going to make me cum….a voidwalker fucking my ass is going to make me cum. Is it going to cum? Can I get pregnant from one those? Oh gods!…my ass! Finally the voidwalker stopped growing, its widths matching that of the Dwarf’s and Orc’s. She had never felt more full in her life, and what was worse, she could feel both of the thick tentacles rubbing against the thin membrane separating them, and it was turning her on. Aerynel’s began to sag against the Dwarf’s cock in her mouth, her left hand clinging desperately to its base as her mouth was doing nothing but slobbering over the giant head as the voidwalker fucked her mercilessly, walking her step by…fucking huge step…to the cliff of her inevitable climax. She wanted it over, and yet wanted it to go on at the same time. It was so wrong having a warlock’s pet abuse her in this way, and she actually enjoy it, lust for it even.

It didn’t take long for Aerynel’s body to become a trembling rigid mess as her pussy and ass clamped down on the voidwalker’s tentacles, squeezing them relentlessly with each massive convulsion racking her body. She couldn’t stop cumming. The voidwalker must have had some sort of training, or innate sense, because it began to swell inside her at just the right time, expanding her sensitive walls even further. She could feel the massive load flowing through each tentacle, the subtle vibrations giving away the white hot current flowing through their incredibly thick lengths, about to explode inside her. no, No, NO! It’s going to put its…stuff…inside me! And inside my ass! Her mind reeled at the thought of a pet using her for its sexual satisfaction, pushing her back over the edge. Aerynel’s eyes rolled up inside her head as the first incredibly hard and hot burst drenched the entrance to her womb at the same time that she felt for the first time hot white sticky cum inside her ass. It was too much, and Aerynel was reduced to a cum receptacle. The Dwarf’s thick cock in her mouth was the only thing holding her upper body up, as her left hand had drooped from its balancing grasp around its base at about the same time as the first drop of cum had begun to splash around in her bowels. The voidwalker continued its pent up release, its body slowly deflating as hot cream discharged around its imbedded tentacles, causing a river of sticky white cum to begin at her stuffed asshole, and end in a warm shallow pool at Aerynel’s knees. The lower arch of her ass, her pussy, and her slender blue thighs were stained white with the voidwalker’s sticky liquid.

The Dwarf, frustrated with her distraction, withdrew his thick cock from her lips, letting her large breasts and face fall into the pool of jizz forming around her. He leaned over to grunt something to the Orc and calmly stepped back behind her with the voidwalker, roughly pulling the thing out and away from her. Thick bubbles of its release drained from her sex as the tentacles were pulled away, growing the cum-pond she was laying in. Its drained and withered form then unceremoniously took its position next to the Orc, awaiting its next command.

Aerynel slowly returned to awareness, the side of her face and the outer rings of her breasts were covered in something white sticky and warm, she could feel it in her hair as well. Slowly she began to gather her arms under her, trying to raise herself up on her knees. It was a mistake as she felt the fat head of the Dwarf’s cock wedge between her firm ass cheeks, pressing into the gaping cream filled hole of her ass. She tried to angle him down to his pussy but he grabbed her hips, issuing a hearty laugh before driving his full length into her. She had anticipated pain from the huge fuckstick, but all she felt was a sick spike of pleasure. The thick sticky fluid from the voidwalker’s release let him easily glide in and out of her abused back passage. Uncontrollable soft moans flowed over her lips as she rested herself down on her elbows, the abundant sound of loud *slaps* of the Dwarf’s hips against her upturned ass echoing throughout the chamber. I’m being butt fucked by a Dwarf, and enjoying it!

Aerynel hadn’t noticed when she had let go of the Orc’s massive member, but he was now preparing a pallet out of his robes, several feet away. Apparently he was anticipating lying down, and didn’t want to join her in the lake of cum she was now securely surrounded by. A shiver ran down her spine as she recalled the massive load of the voidwalker pet, and how every drop of the pool of white sticky cream she was the center of, had been inside her at one point. The tight ring of her ass convulsed at the thought, giving one hard squeeze on the Dwarf’s engorged pole. She heard him laugh gleefully, letting her know he had felt her ass milk him.

Suddenly in the midst of her rough butt fucking she felt the Dwarf’s arms wrap around her midsection, lifting her up off the damp floor, with the added benefit of burying himself up to his near fist sized balls in her as he brought his hips flat against her ass. Wait? What? I’m not rooted in more? Well…the Dwarf’s rooted in me now so I guess it doesn’t matter! Being just slightly distracted by the large cock filling her tightest of holes, she hadn’t felt the entangled growth around her hooves dissipate. Aerynel was angry that she had allowed herself to become so out of sorts she had lost all awareness, and now the Dwarf was carrying her the short distance over to the now prone Orc, his cock stalwart in its obvious attempt to imitate a monolith.

“No, please, I can’t do that again….please! Please! PLEASE!” Aerynel’s pussy quivered at the thought of having another large thing inside of it. The Dwarf began to ease her down on the large mushroom shaped tip of the Orc’s cock, his aim perfect as she felt the tip wedge her silky folds open once more. Her well juiced folds ecstatically attached themselves to the invading member, coating it in her and the voidwalker’s love juices with a loud audible *slurp*, easing its travel into her stretched and vacant sex. If there was one major difference between the voidwalker’s tentacles and the two dicks she was being stuffed with now, it was that she could feel the heartbeat of her attackers coming through as hard rhythmic twin throbs traveling the entire length of their shafts.

Aerynel thought of protesting the double fucking about to ruin her, but figured her life expectancy would be next to nill if she did, or at the very least she’d be receiving some further inconceivable unpleasantness. She could feel the Orc’s cock rubbing against the Dwarf’s as he kept it completely imbedded in her ass, his large fist sized testicals resting against the firm cheeks of her ass, giving her a steady reminder of the copious amounts of hot cream they were going to unload into her, again. She shuddered at thought, but not in revulsion, but in a surprisingly sick twinge of pleasure.

She was tired, worn out from the day’s events, so she quietly laid her head on the Orc’s chest, gazing out at her friend Shae’lyn still bouncing away on the Tauren’s enormous shaft. Her pussy was irreparably stretched, and from the bottom of her ass to the soles of her booted feet was covered in white sticky fluid. Tauren’s must never get flaccid she thought as she caught some more of its cream bubbling out of her friend’s pussy as she slid back down the giant organ.

Aerynel’s eyes were suddenly drawn to the Blood Elf walking up behind her friend, his long narrow dick bobbing out in front of him. She couldn’t turn away, even when the Orc and Dwarf finally began to pump in and out of her in a rhythm they had to have practiced. She had to watch the Blood Elf kneel down behind Shae’lyn, pressing the head of his dick against her anal ring, watching it expand and Shae’lyn thrash to try and get away as he pressed into her tight ass. She watched as the Blood Elf fed her little night elf ass every inch of his length, his tiny balls almost comically small next to the Tauren’s. Even so, the Blood Elf was undeterred as he slammed her ass for all he was worth. Aerynel could see Shae’lyn’s upturned ass cheeks begin to crimson from the brutal pounding by the elf, the Dwarf imitating the process on her bottom as he nearly left the ground on each hard thrust. The last thing she saw before closing her eyes to concentrate on the rekindled fire surging through her own loins was the Blood Elf tensing up, the muscles on his toned buttocks contracting violently as he delivered a hot load into her friend’s ass.

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