non-cosensual sex

The first annual Lara Logan party with Simone, Lucy, and Carmen as the main attraction.

Marquis and Anthony sat in their car waiting for Carmen to finish her business with her customer.

“Where that stupid bitch at,” said Marquis. “If she spotted us and ran out the back way, I’ll be pissed. Maybe you should go around the alley so that she don’t duck out on us Anthony.”

Just about to open his car door and get out of the car, he saw the front door open and Carmen emerge counting her money on the stoop before depositing the wad of cash in her pocketbook. A street hustler, she knows better than to count her money in public but in the mood she was in, she’d dare anyone try and fuck with her or steal her hard earned money. Tired and fucked over by having sex with men she’d rather not even say hello to on the street corner, prostitution was the only way she knew how to support herself and her three children.

Married to her handsome, perfect husband, she had a good life and was a good wife with a job that had benefits, until the recession hit her hard and she was let go from her job. In just a matter of a few months, her life went from good to bad to worse. She was saving to buy a house in the suburbs, that is, until her husband ran off with a woman he met at work. Leaving her to fend for herself and three, small children, he took their life savings with him. Desperate for money, she never would have considered becoming a prostitute had she not run into Simone after having not seen her in years.

* * * * *

“How you doin’ Carmen? Long time no see,” said Simone smiling and pointing out with her manicured finger as if she was using her fingertip to place her punctuation after her sentences. “Did you buy that dream house?” Again she punctuated her sentence with her fingertip.

Carmen looked sad at the mere mention of her dream house and her husband running off with some slut from work.

“My man ran off with another woman and took my all my down payment money,” she said. “Now with me not working, living on my unemployment and unable to find a job, I’ll never earn enough money for a house. I’ll be lucky to keep my apartment. I’m already behind on my rent.”

“Bastard! Why would any man leave someone who looks as good as you do?” Simone looked at Carmen as if she was looking to buy a new car. “You know, my man is looking for another woman,” she said.

“Your man?”

“My pimp,” said Simone with a short smile.

“You’re a prostitute?”

“When you say it like that Carmen, you hurt my feelings,” said Simone putting a hand to the back of her hair before pushing out and putting her hand on her hip and throwing back her head laughing. “We do what we have to do to survive. No one but a fat, old, horny Caucasian man wants a black woman, not even a black man. What I was giving away for free after someone spent twenty dollars on me for a nice dinner, they now pay me hundreds of dollars to play.”

Simone looked at her with a satisfied smile while Carmen looked at her with shock.

“I can’t do that. I could never do that. Eww. That’s so gross having some stranger’s dick in my hand, my mouth, and my pussy,” said Carmen waving her hand as if waving down a bus. “Just as I couldn’t have sex with just anyone, I couldn’t prostitute myself for money. I could never look my children in the eyes,” she said, “knowing that I was a hooker.”

“It’s just a job Carmen,” said Simone with a shrug while looking at her fancy fingernails. “If it wasn’t for me hooking, I couldn’t afford to get my hair done and maintain my manicure, never mind go shopping for clothes.”

“I could never have sex for money,” said Carmen.

“Don’t be stupid Carmen. Caucasian people prostitute themselves every day while working at a job they hate for the sake of a paycheck and health insurance benefits and for much less money than what I make hustling my black ass on the street,” she said looking at her as if she was a counselor at the Welfare Office. “Answer me this Carmen,” she said moving her finger through the air with her words, “how do you think your kids would feel if you were homeless, hungry, and living on the street?”

“I don’t know Simone. I just don’t know. I mean the idea of having sex with different men, depending on the man and the amount of money he paid me to have sex with him, is as sexually exciting as it is sexually repulsive,” she said. “I just don’t know how you do it. How do you do it?”

“Easy,” she said with a laugh while hiking up her short skirt to expose her shapely black thighs and white panty clad pussy. “I spread my legs, open my mouth, and hold out my hand. That’s how I do it. I could never make the amount of money that I earn working a 9-5 job at an hourly wage not much higher than minimum,” she said. “Also unlike so many other prostitutes, not wasting my money on putting things up my nose, I don’t do drugs. My pimp even takes care of my medical bills.”

“Yeah, well, you’re tall and beautiful Simone. I’d even pay you to have sex with me,” said Carmen with a laugh. “What man would pay me, a short, overweight, Hispanic woman to have sex with him?” She looked at Simone as if thinking about prostituting herself.

“Overweight? You’re not overweight. I wish I had your curvaceously shapely figure instead of my flagpole of a skinny, shapeless body,” she said looking around. “Come with me for a minute. Step in my office,” she said with a laugh while walking Carmen down a back alley and into a doorway.

After looking to see if they were alone in the alley, Simone reached her hand out to feel Carmen’s big tits, first one and then the other. Women feel other women’s breasts differently than do men. Women don’t grab and grope. As if they’re feeling for the perfect melon at a produce counter, their feels are more quality feels instead of sexual feels. Women are more considerate and gentle and, as if giving a breast massage, Simone had sensuous hands instead of sexual hands. Carmen looked down at Simone’s hands and watched her feeling her breasts. Then, as if she was going to kiss her, she looked up at her face with big, brown sexually aroused eyes.

“You should at least buy me dinner before feeling me up,” said Carmen with a breathless laugh. “It’s been a long time since anyone has touched me like that,” she said watching Simone’s black hands before looking deeply in Simone’s big, dark eyes.

No doubt, taking Carmen’s words as encouragement to continue, Simone continued feeling Carmen’s massive tits especially when her big nipples made their impression through her blouse and bra.

“You’d make a pile of money with tits like these Carmen. So big, so full, and so firm, I wish I had your tits. I wish I had your big nipples,” she said finally removing her hand from Carmen’s breasts and taking a step back to look at the huge impressions her tits made in her blouse. “I’ve been saving to buy me some titties like that but for tits that big, my doctor said it would cost me eight thousand dollars and that’s more than I have right now after Lucy and I bought a condo together,” she said staring at the huge mountains that Carmen’s breasts made in her blouse. “Lemme see your titties,” she said putting her fingernail to her lips.

“Right here? Right now?” With a sudden face full of sexual excitement, Carmen looked around her to make sure no one was coming. “You’re crazy.”

“C’mon, Carmen. Show me your tits. Maybe I’ll ask my plastic surgeon to give me a set that looks just like yours,” she said with a laugh. “We’ll look like sisters, twin sisters with double D tits.”

“A black woman and a Hispanic woman? We’d hardly look like sister, never mind twin sisters, even if we both had the same breast size,” said Carmen with a laugh.

“Let me see your sisters,” said Simone.

“Okay,” said Carmen.

Carmen put her purse down on the ground and lifted her shirt and bra to show Simone her big tits.

“Damn girl, you have beautiful knockers,” said Simone feeling and fondling Carmen’s big tits before fingering her nipples until they were hard and erect and before leaning down to take her big nipples in her mouth, first one and then the other.

“Gees, Simone. What are you doing? You’re making me so horny,” said Carmen breathlessly.

She put a gentle hand to the back of Simone’s neck as if she was nursing a baby or allowing her husband to have his horny way with her tits. She pushed Simone’s mouth forward as her encouragement for her to suck her nipples longer.

“Damn girl, if I had boobs like your boobs,” said Simone releasing Carmen’s nipples from her mouth and standing. “I’d make big bucks. Most men want big tits, the bigger the tits the better. My friend Lucy has no tits but what she doesn’t have in tits she makes up for with her mouth, her tight little Asian ass, and her insatiable pussy,” said Simone.

“You sure know a lot about Lucy,” said Carmen with a nervous laugh while putting her tits away just as a big, black man entered the alley.

“Lucy is my friend. She works and lives with me. We watch out for one another,” said Simone giving Carmen a look before volunteering more information. “She’s my lover.”

“You’re lover?” Carmen let out a nervous laugh. “I didn’t know you were lesbian. I should have known you were lesbian in the way you were feeling and sucking my tits,” she laughed again. “Since when are you lesbian Simone? You were always popular with the men. You had so many boyfriends. Of all the women I’ve known, I’d never peg you for being lesbian.”

“I had a lot of boyfriend because I put out and was a slut. After fucking and sucking men who never give me what I want, Lucy knows how to treat a lady,” she said. “Generous, giving, and unselfish, she’s a wonderful lover.

“You just made me horny sucking my nipples,” said Carmen holding her palms over her nipples while whispering and giggling. “If you were a man, I’d get on my knees right here and right now in this dirty alley and suck your cock, so long as you still fondled my tits and fingered my nipples” she said with a dirty laugh.

“If I were a man, I’d let you,” said Simone. “You can always lick my pussy or I’ll lick your pussy. We can even lick one another’s pussy while in a 69 position,” said Simone with a laugh.

“No thanks. I’ll pass,” said Carmen returning her laugh. “I’ll take a rain check. Maybe another time, when I’m desperate enough for a man to settle for a woman.”

The man who entered the alley walked closer.

“Where you been at? I’ve been looking for you Simone,” he said calling to her from a distance. “Where’ve you been hiding at?” He looked from Simone to Carmen and spoke as if Carmen wasn’t even there. “Who that?” He asked finally nodding his head in Carmen’s direction before looking back to Simone again.

“This is my friend Carmen. Her man left her and stole all of her money,” she said. “They were going to buy a house. Now she can’t even afford her apartment.”

He gave Carmen a long, hard look as if he was about to buy a prize Pit Bull at the pet store.

“You looking for work? You need a job?” Instead of looking up at her pretty face, he talked to her big tits.

Carmen returned his inappropriate leer look with a bit of Detroit attitude.

“Yeah, I’m looking for work. I’m desperate for money. I’ve been looking for a job but there are no–”

“Lemme see those titties,” he said stepping closer to grab two, big handfuls of Carmen’s huge tits through her blouse and bra. “Are they real?”

“Hey! What the fuck,” said Carmen slapping his hands away and taking a step back. “Yeah, they’re real.”

Ready to slap her across the face, instinctively Tyrone raised his big hand but withdrew it when a big smile took over his face and he started laughing.

“You got some spunk girl. I like that. I like a woman who can stand up for herself, especially with the customers so that they don’t take advantage of her and disrespect me by not paying her for services rendered,” he said. “You dig?”

“It’s okay Carmen. Tyrone is my pimp. When it comes to women,” she said nodding her head, “he’s like a doctor. He has trained hands, fingers, mouth, and cock,” she said with a laugh. “Doctor Tyrone,” she said with a sexy smile. “She’s got some big ass tits Tyrone, at least a D cup. And they’re proud and not some saggy bags of blubber.”

“Double D,” said Carmen looking from Simone to Tyrone.

“Show him your tits Carmen,” said Simone. “Let Doctor Tyrone see them.”

Pressured to show Tyrone her tits and desperate enough for money to prostitute herself to feed her kids and to keep herself from being evicted from her apartment, she reluctantly lifted her blouse and bra. Immediately Tyrone’s big hands were all over Carmen’s huge breasts. Having been horny ever since her man left and especially after Simone sucked her nipples, if Tyrone touched her tits and sucked her nipples in the way that Simone just did, she’d suck his cock.

“You have big nipples. That’s good. Men like that. Men would pay extra to suck your big nipples,” he said fingering her nipples, before turning them, twisting them, and pulling them. He released the hold on her tits and nipples for Carmen to pull down her bra and blouse. “Do you suck cock?” He unzipped himself, reached his big hand inside his pants, and pulled out his prick.

“Yeah, but I–”

Carmen stared at his big, semi-erect, black cock.

“Suck my cock,” he said holding his semi-erect cock in his hand as if offering his prick to her. “I needs to know what you can do with your mouth, lips, hand, and tongue before I hire you.”

“Right here? Right now? In the alley? Someone may come,” said Carmen looking all around her.

“Ain’t no one dare comes down here, especially when I’m around,” he said with a big belly laugh. “This is my neighborhood. I own this territory. The only time the police comes is when escorted by SWAT to make a big drug bust, when looking for a fugitive, or when picking up their bag of cash to pass out to their buddies in blue,” he said with another big laugh.

“Go ahead and suck him Carmen,” said Simone with a nod of her head as if she was encouraging her friend to take advantage of a spring fling sale at Macy’s. “Consider this as part of the interview. You’ve already passed the first step by having a pretty face and having such big, beautiful breasts.”

“Shut up Simone and let the woman make her own decision if she wants the job or not,” said Tyrone holding his big cock out in his hand. “Just as I’d never force a woman to suck me, I don’t want to be forcing anyone to work for me. Tyrone ain’t like that,” he said referring to himself in the third person.

“I guess I don’t have much of a choice. If it wasn’t for my kids, I wouldn’t be doing this,” said Carmen falling to her knees and taking his cock in her hand to stroke him before taking him in her mouth to suck him.

As soon as she started sucking him, forcing her to continue, Tyrone put a heavy hand to the back of her head and humped her mouth while fucking her face. He didn’t let her go until he exploded a volume of cum in her mouth and until Carmen swallowed.

“You asshole,” she said pushing him away, spitting out what was left his cum, and standing.

“You’re hired,” said Tyrone, “but you best not spit your customer’s cum out in the way you spit out mine. Men will pay extra for you to swallow. Men want to believe that you enjoyed sucking their pricks as much as they enjoyed you sucking their pricks. You dig?”

“You got the job,” said Simone jumping up and down as if Carmen had just won the lottery. “That’s great,” said Simone hugging her friend.

“Show her the ropes Simone. I can use her tonight. There’s a private party that I need you and Lucy to attend. Bring her along with you,” he said, “and dress her. She can’t be going to the party dressed like that and looking like someone’s mother.”

* * * * *

Anthony climbed out to grab Carmen as soon as she emerged from the doorway and walked away from their car. They knew where she was, who she was with, what she’s been doing, and where she was going. With Lucy and Simone among the missing, since Tyrone disappeared, they’ve been following her for days and wanted to make sure that Tyrone wasn’t coming back before stepping in to take over his business. Waiting for her to emerge, Anthony got out of the car and, before Carmen spotted them and had the chance to remove her high heels to run. With her kicking and screaming, he grabbed her by her long, dark hair, carried her beneath his big, strong arm, pitched her in the backseat, and closed the door as Marquis drove away.

“Carmen,” said Anthony with sarcasm while running a big hand across her breasts and squeezing her nipple. “How are you?”

“Ow you fuck wad. That really hurt,” she said in pain while slapping his hand away. “What do you want with me?”

He looked at her and smiled.

“You disrespected us. You haven’t been paying us what you owe us Carmen,” said Anthony. “We just want what’s coming to us,” he said giving her another smile as if he was on friendly terms with her.

“I don’t owe you shit. I owe Tyrone but he hasn’t been around to collect,” she said with her Detroit attitude all up in his face. “You’re not my pimp. He is and when he comes around to collect, I’ll pay him and no one else.”

“Yeah, well, unfortunately for you and fortunately for us,” he said giving Marquis a high five. “Tyrone ain’t around no more. I think that Marine took him out and put him where no one will find him. He ain’t comin’ back,” said Anthony.

“So now you owe us,” said Marquis. “Bus’ness as usual, we’re taking his place. We’re your pimps now and you do who we tell you to do and when we tell you to do it,” he said to her through the rearview mirror. “You dig?”

“Go fuck yourself Marquis,” said Carmen. “I don’t answer to your sorry black ass. You ain’t my pimps. I’ll work for myself before I work for you two, miserable assholes.”

Anthony grabbed her arm when she reached for the door ready to jump from their vehicle and bolt when they were stopping for a red light.

“We’re here to help you Carmen. We’re here to protect you,” said Anthony with a laugh before slapping her face hard enough to get her attention when she looked across the street at a parked patrol car.

“The only protection I need is from you two,” she said pulling away from him again.

Holding her close, he threw a possessive arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, close enough that her big tit was pressed against his ribs.

“Has anyone given you any problems? Because if anyone is causing you any grief, Marquis, me, Smith, and Wesson will talk to them,” he said opening his jacket enough for her to see the butt of a gun.

“The only problems that I have now are from you two fuckups,” said Carmen to Anthony before looking out the car window. “Where are you taking me?”

“We’re gonna pay Lucy and Simone a visit to let them know what’s what,” said Marquis. “They haven’t been paying us either and it’s time that they knew there’s a new sheriff in town.”

“Lemme see that,” said Anthony grabbing Carmen’s purse.

“Give that back to me,” said Carmen grabbing for her purse but unable to reach it when Anthony held it away from her with his long arm. “Go ahead, take it,” she said when Anthony put his other hand to her neck and squeezed.

He opened her purse and pulled out a few hundred dollars.

“Is this it? Is this all the money you earned working all night? Bullshit,” he said staring at her.

“It was a slow night. Maybe if Tyrone was around to make me my appointments I’d–”

As if he was a horny teenager with his Prom date, he surprised her by reaching his big hand down her blouse and bra. Before she could react to his sexual assault, his hand was already down her blouse and inside of her bra. Carmen had big double D tits and she hid her money in her bra and beneath her breasts.

“Damn Carmen. You have nice titties. The biggest and firmest titties I ever felt,” he said giving Marquis a wink through the rearview mirror.

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