I started writing about Michael because of Fallen. He was and is a part of my life story. I just don’t know how much I will tell…



Chapter 1.

I was having a rough time working the embezzlement case I was on. The Firms client was not working with me, not giving me all the facts I needed to defend him. I was getting stressed out with the long meetings. There was a good case against him and I knew if I could get him off, I could get my name out there to further my career. He was a jerk though. I would in time be glad to get rid of him.

My goal someday was to be a District Attorney and go after jerks like him. Right now though I was stuck with him and his fucking case and I hated it. He was giving me ulcers. Not only that but whenever we were alone sitting at a table in the client meeting room, he would try to run his hands up under my skirt. Other times he would make sexual remarks and try to fondle me. I was never alone with him after I got tired of that and tried to keep someone between him and me or at least an empty chair.

Around the office, I was getting very hard to live with hence the blond bitch nickname. It was beginning to stick too. People were starting to avoid me, even my assistant paralegal.

I finally got tired of meeting with him in the office and tried having client meetings during lunch at a small restaurant down the street from the office. It wasn’t far, just a short walk. The walk made me feel better, cleared my mind somewhat before I met with him.

This was the second such meeting. I liked to look at people as I walked, wondering what their lives were like and because of this I noticed this guy for the second time watching me as I walked down the street. He was leaning against his car, a baby blue Mustang. Good looking with light brown hair, around 5’10″, 150lbs and in very good shape. MMMM, if I think about him, maybe this meeting will go a little better I thought. He wasn’t my type though. I preferred older married men, someone who wouldn’t be clingy. You know, the no strings attached, got to get home to my wife type.

He smiled at me as I walked past. I smiled back and continued walking occasionally glancing back over my shoulder. Sure enough, he kept on watching me. He wasn’t the only one though, there were other eyes looking. I was used to it. My light wool dress was the body hugging type, it showed off my slender shape. I’m in my 20′s, slim at 106 lbs, 5’4″, blond and blue eyed. Guys were always trying to pick me up although I always shut them down. I wasn’t really interested in most of them. The young single guys mostly. They only tried once.

I met my client there and we sat towards the back of the restaurant. My paralegal caught up with us and sat between us to take notes. I liked her, reminded me of myself when I was starting out. She was aggressive and blunt just like me. I was glad I asked her to come and take notes. I was already tired of the jerk and we had just begun. It was a short time later that I observed the watcher a few tables away from us watching. He smiled again when he saw he caught my eye. I smiled back and turned my attention back to the job at hand. We ordered lunch and discussed his defense. My mind kept wandering away and I discovered I kept glancing back to where my watcher was sitting. When I finally got tired of my client and told him we were through and he got up and left me and my assistant alone, I told her I needed to go pee and for her to wait for me. We had more to discuss. I walked by his table on my way to the restroom. He smiled at me again. I wondered who he was and why did he seem to be following me. I was curious.

I did my thing and applied a little lip gloss after I washed up. Before I left the room, I did something I had never done before. I slipped back into one of the stalls and slipped my panties off and wadded them up into my fist. I was going to have some fun and drop them on the seat beside my watcher as I walked past. I was curious to know what he would do. I walked back by where he had been sitting and discovered him gone. Disappointed, I went back to my table and sat and started discussing the client and facts of the case with my assistant. I had slipped my panties unnoticed into my purse and forgot about my watcher.

I didn’t notice he had moved and sat at the table behind us. He was hidden by the partition although he was close enough to hear what I was saying. I issued my instructions for my assistant, wanting her to write up the notes and prepare for the trial in the coming weeks. I was going to leave this afternoon for my hideaway for much needed rest and relaxation. I still needed to go home and finish packing. I wanted to be on the road by 2:00 and that was just a half hour away. I told her where I would be just in case she needed to get hold of me in an emergency. Shorty after that I got up and left.

I rushed home and finished packing and hit the road. The little town I was going to was hidden in the mountains and forest 3 hours away. There was a lodge I had heard about. It was beautiful place to hide and relax. I had 3 days to unwind. I thought I might spend 4 days if I needed to. It was a beautiful little old town filled with antique shops. I loved to spend time wandering and buying. My house was filled with things I have picked up. Anyway my stay was confirmed for 3 days and possibly 4.

Its 5:00pm when I arrive, the lady at the desk gets me checked in and directs me upstairs, last door on the right. The room is cozy; with a corner Jacuzzi tub in the bath with a beautiful view of the mountains and forest through windows on each side that could be opened if one wanted. It’s a warm evening and I open the windows for a breeze, the gentle sounds of the forest creep in as I run a hot relaxing bath. I quickly strip, dropping my clothes on the floor and slip into the hot relaxing water.

It feels very good as I lean back and soak in the heat, the cooling air from the windows washing over me. The lavender candle I brought fills the room with sweet smells and relaxes me even more. I hadn’t realized I had been so uptight and tense as my fingers wander to my woman hood and I relax deeper as I bring myself to a much needed release.

I lay there for some time groggy from the heat of the water and my release until I feel the water cooling and finally pull the plug and let the water drain out. I reached up and grab the large towel as I stand up and step from the tub, admiring my body in the large mirror. I’ve always liked my looks, my slim figure, the smoothness of my stomach and my small but nice breasts. I towel myself off as I turn this way and that watching myself in the mirror while admiring my body. The trimmed small patch of blond hair guarding my mound was glistening in the light. I was glad I had inherited the slim figure of my mother although I knew working out and running that I had the habit of doing every day would keep me slimmer much longer. My mother eventually lost her slimness through the raising of a large family, something I didn’t intend to let happen. I didn’t intend to do any work outs or running this weekend. I just wanted to pamper myself, eat lots of dark chocolate, sip good wine, eat good food and totally relax.

With the towel draped around me I move into the bedroom to the bed. It is an old antique black cast iron headboard with footboard, kind of unusual but I thought neat for the room.

With just the night stand light on; I drop the towel and slip between the sheets wearing nothing. The sheets feel so good on my body, cool, and soft and with just a hint of lavender. I open the book I brought, a love novel, and loose myself in the pages of romance. I drift from page to page, sipping the good wine I brought, feeling the story build, not just within the pages but the feeling it causes within me. I slowly feel myself sliding further away from my stress and entering into this love story, and the effect it has on my body. My fingers wander as I read.

He arrived later, this stranger, there has been a lot going on for several weeks that excited him. The nice looking woman he had been watching for several weeks now was close by and he assumed alone. She had never mentioned anyone else to her associate at the restaurant. He was calm when he checked in and somewhat excited by the prospects of a very good weekend.

The woman at the desk had offered him something to drink when he checked in as it was too late for dinner and he told her he would be back down after he had cleaned up and changed. She said she would keep the bar open for him.

He settled in to his room and hit the shower, slipped into a clean t-shirt and some sweat pants with no underwear and heads back downstairs. Some information is what he’s really after.

He sits at the bar and orders a scotch and engages in small talk quizzing the woman behind the bar, the same one whom checked him in. He asks her the history of the town and how long she has lived there eventually bringing the conversation around to the lodge’s guests. He brings up the subject of a slender blond woman that may have checked in today and finds out her room is across the hall from his. He has a few more drinks chatting casually and was glad a few other patrons showed up distracting the bar tender. He finishes his drink and heads back upstairs.

Wow what an exciting day he thinks as he reaches his door and starts to open it. He pauses, turns around and looks at the door across the hall. He steps over to it and tests the doorknob turning it slightly. He is surprised it is unlocked. He pauses again thinking to himself, should he open it and peak inside? He slowly and very quietly opens the door peaking around it and takes 2 steps inside. He freezes as he sees me looking back at him. I had heard the faint noise of the door opening and in shock I watched him enter.

Without realizing it he just stands and stares and I stare back at him, my mind going blank not even thinking of screaming or anything. I can see his, what I thought was his embarrassment as his face flushes red and a smile eventually creases his mouth. He becomes aware of his swelling manhood and sees me looking there as it is now almost sticking straight out, straining to be released.

The color of his face deepens further in his acted out embarrassment as he returns to the moment, blinks and turns away as he stammers, “I’m so sorry, what have I done” and starts to walk out. He has noticed I am alone.

I had gotten so involved with drinking the wine and reading the story, I wasn’t thinking clearly; the wine and the heat between my legs had me in this fog and I wasn’t really aware of what I was saying or doing.

I said, “Wait, come back.” Thinking to myself all the while, this is the guy that had been watching me. What am I doing?

He stops and slowly turns just his head around and looks at me. I motion for him to come back into the room. He turns closing and locking the door behind him and walks back in. He stands there looking at me, acting somewhat foolish; his hardness had not lessoned and was straining at his sweats. I beckon him over to me and pat the bed and tell him to sit. He is still acting somewhat foolish yet obedient and sits on the bed where I indicated beside me. There is only the sheet covering me and he sees this, causing him to swell even more, he knows that something very good is likely going to happen.

He’s very fit and smells so good, like he just got out of the shower and I think to myself that I was sorry to have missed that.

That’s when it really hits me, I want him, need him and close my eyes and take in a breath and draw in his essence, such a clean light scent, and it sends a rush thru me. I turn my head to tell him and without hesitation, he kisses me. He places his left hand behind my neck and gently pulls at the hair at the base of my head. It’s a passionate deep kiss and I feel his strong back as I reach to hold him. He takes his right hand and pulls down on the sheet and traces my hip and thigh with his hand and stops just below my knee where he leaves the sheet. It feels so good, the touch of his hand, him tracing my curves. There is no need for talking, I feel myself wanting him even more as the heat flushes within me. My need for him is building, I feel the intense heat in my groin and my skin flushes. I ache for him to enter me.

The changes that are happening in my body feels good as he runs his hands over me. He draws his hand from below my knee up my inner thigh so slowly it seems like a minute, and then turns his hand to lay his palm across my mound and touches me there with his fingers. Using two fingers, he slowly and gently begins stroking my slit, searching for my clit while continuing his nibbling and biting at my neck, working his way down to the shoulder and back up. My breathing has become more noticeable, slower and deeper. He can feel the warm, wetness on his fingers as my moisture seeps where his fingers are. I let out a small sigh as he moves his hand away and slides it down the inside of one thigh and up the other.

He moves his mouth to one of my erect nipples sending shivers through me. I tremble as he slowly begins running his tongue around the areola and occasionally just barely biting and suckling at the nipple.

His breathing has now become deeper. He gets up and moves to the blinds and pulls them up and moves back over to me and turns out the light. The moonlight turns the room into a cascade of shadow and illumination. He takes my hands in his and lifts me up to my feet on the bed leaning me back against the headboard and wall completely exposing my nakedness to him. He quickly strips and positions himself on the bed in front of me on his knees and grasps my hips and pulls me to him as I reach back for the headboard to steady myself and lean against it to tilt my hips towards him, exposing more of me to him.

I am fully and completely exposed to him now, my shaved and trimmed pussy hot and swollen, with my moisture seeping from me. The lips guarding it are swollen and pulled back from my dark cave exposing its opening, it craving for him. He leans in and inhales my lust, his nose placed at my mound and I thought he was going to plunge his tongue into my heat and I pushed myself into him. He suddenly stands in front of me, pulling my mouth to his and kisses me deeply and passionately while pushing me against the wall and headboard. His engorged love muscle is pressed between us poking me in the stomach. I reach for it and as I grasp it he brushes my hand away.

He leaves me breathless as he slowly kisses his way down me, starting again at my mouth with a deep passionate kiss, moving down my neck working across my breasts, down to my navel, kissing across my smooth flat stomach, across it to both hips and down to my inner thighs. Once he gets there my breathing changes to very deep, almost gasping breaths and I lean back on to the wall and grasp the headboard. He kisses and sucks his way oh so slowly towards my wet pussy and I thrust myself out to him spreading my legs for him. He can smell my lust and wants so badly to taste me. I can see it in his eyes and face and the hardness of his love muscle, the tip escaping from the confines of his fore skin, the head turning a light purple it is so engorged.

As he inches his face closer he can feel the heat of my pussy and I can feel his hot breath. “Sara, you taste so very good,” he says as he starts slowly on my clit with the lightest circular touches he can manage with his tongue. I’m moaning now as I can see the tip of his tongue gliding back and forth across my swollen clit and see it disappear as he plunges it into me. The tingling grows and envelopes my body to the point I feel weakened and he can feel I’m almost to the point of being unable to stay upright.

He holds me by my hips and helps me down onto the bed and lays me flat on my back, he is on his knees between my legs and I spread them wide to accommodate him. He lifts my legs upward and outward and leans down and slides his tongue into me as deep as he can and fucks me with it. He listens to my breathing and the movement of my hips and my own thrusting to him and times his tongues thrusts with it; he can tell I’m just on the edge of starting to cum as I whimper and my body stiffens and begins to spasm.

My release sends hot fluid to his eagerly waiting mouth yet he never changes pace. I can feel and hear the sucking sounds of his tongue driving into me as he tries to capture my entire flood. I can’t believe how good it feels, wave after wave of spasms passes thru my body as I slowly drop my legs down onto his shoulders. He’s timed his motions completely with my heavy breathing and I feel like I’m riding a wave on the ocean, as my body seems to float, rising and falling in one long continuous orgasm. He stays at it until he feels my legs trembling and knows I am now so sensitive that I’ll need a little time to recover.

He lies down beside me and pulls me to him and we embrace tightly and kiss deeply. I can taste myself on him, liking it and whisper to him, “hold me tight and give me time to recover.” I can feel his engorged manhood pressing into my stomach as we hold each other tight. I was wondering why he had not entered me for his own release. I lie there in his arms thinking of what I will do for him in return as my hands move down and hold him. I discover he is very thick; my fingers can not quite reach around him.

I recover rather quickly. Although my release had been hard and deep, I had not had a man do something like that to me in a long time. He was still beside me, holding me against him, his hardness hot between us in my hands; he had not softened but seemed to be harder still. I knew what I had to do, need to do for him and me as I rolled over on top of him, kissing him deeply. I look into his eyes and smile the twinkling in my blue eyes an indication of what was to come. I sit up and slid myself up onto his chest and in placing my knees beside his head I positioned my pussy at his mouth. He quickly with out any hesitation lifts his mouth to meet me and dives in, his hands grasping my hips holding me.

I discover I am still sensitive from his earlier activity there and know I won’t last long with him doing that and quickly back away from his mouth with his mouth trying to follow and his hands trying to hold me there. I knew what I wanted to do and slowly slid myself down his chest leaving a streak of my moisture as I slide lower down to his stomach. I lean down and again kiss him deeply, savoring the taste of me on his lips. I follow the wet streak of my moisture down his chest with my tongue, stopping at each of his nipples to suck on them, hardening them in their own way. I was working my way to his navel and discover as I slid my pussy downward, I was blocked by his stiff hardness against my backside. I lift myself up and in grasping it, start rubbing the swollen head between my own swollen lips. He stiffens further in anticipation as he thinks I am going to position him and sit down upon him. He thrust upwards into me when he feels himself at my opening. I was not anticipating his thrust and stopped it by lifting myself up as his engorged head enters me.

“Not yet lover,” I said as I quickly twirled around and sit down on his chest, my back facing his head. He now can’t see what I am doing as I have him pinned to the bed by my weight on his chest.

I notice there is a little precum on the head of his cock mixed with my own moisture from him trying to enter me and bend down and lick it off, digging my tongue into his sensitive opening. He stiffens even more at my touch. My hands play with him as I slide his foreskin up over his swollen head several times as I stroke him.

I suck the head of his cock into my mouth and suck hard as I stroke him. He moans in surprise and eagerness at my sucking. He might have thought I would never do this, but I was determined to give him my all.

He moans, “Yes, make me cum, suck me dry.”

“No I have other plans,” I say as I suck at him and run my tongue up and down his shaft and suck on his balls. Each time he is getting close to cumming, I back off putting pressure on the swollen head and the base of his shaft with my hands and let him cool down.

He was bucking and pleading, “Please love, make me cum, swallow me, and suck me dry”.

Each time a spot of precum would form in the opening of his cock I would let him cool down and then lick it off. I liked the taste of him but I had other plans.

I knew his balls were starting to hurt. I have been doing this to him for close to an hour already and tears were starting in his eyes as he pleads with me to let him cum when I finally said, “Yes, it is time.”

I could tell he could explode at moment; I could see the pain was getting to him. He needed the release and I needed him to release inside me. I quickly twirled around and straddled his cock and lower my pussy down over the engorged head and shaft and guide it into me as I sit down on it. As the head of his cock reached its total depth, I feel his cock stiffen and start to throb as it pumps all that beautiful stored cum into me.

He screams, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh God yes.”

It seemed like his cock and balls pumped into me for hours but it was only for a few long seconds. He had been in such pain but now total release. He exhausts himself with the pumping of cum and as his flow lessons; I lie down on his chest and kiss him. He is in total exhaustion. We lay that way until his cock is limp and slips free. I can feel his cum dripping from my pussy.

I raise up and move my pussy up to his face, kneeling as I had done before and say, “I now want you to suck all of your cum from my pussy. I want you to suck it dry and make me cum.”

He protests but it is too late. I had his mouth covered by my pussy and all he could do was hold my hips and suck and lick. He sucks and licks me into orgasm and I almost drown him with the amount of juices I release. I had been totally hot and had almost cum several times when I was playing with him. I had been in as much pain and needing of release as him.

We lay in bed together all night and made love whenever he became hard. I didn’t know how many times he unloaded deep into me and I didn’t know how many times I had my releases but by morning, we found ourselves entwined in each other’s arms, not wanting to get up.

I was surprised we had not talked much at all throughout the night. It had been nothing short of a sexual orgy for us. I didn’t even know his name even though I remember him saying mine. I was disappointed when he got up thinking he was getting up to leave, leaving me lying in bed with no explanation, no word if he was going to see me again.

I asked, “Ah, are you leaving me this way? I don’t even know your name.”

“Michael, my name is Michael and no I am not going anywhere. Why?”

I told him, “I was afraid you were leaving. I didn’t want you to go.”

“Oh, I’m just going to my room to get my things. Since I will be staying with you I should also check out of my room so it will be available to others. I won’t be gone long.”

I snuggled down under the sheets and blanket that somehow had climbed back up over me, not wanting to get up. I knew I found a man that could satisfy my needs for a while and as my fingers wandered. I could feel the stickiness and soreness of our heated passion of the night before. I smiled at the thought of him inside me, the feel of him and the taste of him. I could not explain the feelings I had of him as he filled me with his cum, the satisfied feeling it gave my whole body. It had been a long time since I had felt like this.

I was beginning drift back into sleep when the thought it hit me like a hammer. Unprotected sex! You dummy I thought, I am not safe. I’ve never acted like this, never been this careless. My sexual encounters have always been planned way in advanced. I could get pregnant or worse yet some incurable sexually transmitted disease. This was a stranger, a one-night stand. I’ve never done something like this before. I hadn’t been prepared and we didn’t use condoms. Startled awake and in a panic, I thought no, he was too nice and would not be a carrier of some disease but he could get me pregnant. I haven’t been on the pill in over a year.

I tried to think back to when I had my last period. Thinking a little more clearly, I thought no, my period should start Monday or Tuesday and this was Saturday. I should be OK but to just play it safe I thought I should get several pregnancy test kits on the way home. I wasn’t sure the morning after pill would work after three days of having unprotected sex.

I thought about my last encounter, my one true love. There had been 40 years difference in our ages but that hadn’t mattered. His wife was an invalid and it had been Ok with her that he had spent time with me. It was something she wasn’t able to do for him. It had been a very happy time for me but it ended when he had a massive heart attack and passed away. That was the same time I had discovered I was pregnant. It hadn’t been planned, an accident really due to my own stupidity in forgetting to take my birth control for a month, but it happened.

The pregnancy had terrified me at first but later because of love I decided to have the baby, his baby. I was deeply saddened when I miscarried. It drove me into deep hysterical depression for a while. It had been a double whammy. I still occasionally take medication for that when I think about it and it knocks me out. I have to take it at night where I can get a full 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. If I take it during the day, I have to be at home where I can sleep it off. If awaken while on it, I am groggy and unaware of my surroundings or what I am doing. I have sometimes sleepwalked and had unusual dreams which sometimes I have remembered. I’m usually groggy for a few hours after I wake up.

For now though, there was nothing I could do about it and my mind drifted back to him and the beautiful love we had made together. My fingers wandered down past my mound and I could feel the stickiness of our lovemaking and the moisture seeping from my depths, our moisture, our stickiness, his cum and mine. I wanted to hold it inside me and tried to block the leakage with my fingers but it still seeped from me and I gathered it in my fingers and rubbed it across my mound, wanting to keep it there. One hand drifted to my mouth and I tasted the moisture of our lovemaking on my fingers. I could taste him I discovered as I slowly drifted into a light sleep.

I awoke with a light knocking on the door and looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was 7:00 AM. I hollered just a minute and got up looking for a robe but found the towel on the floor and wrapped myself in it. I went to the door and found the clerk there. She said breakfast will be served at 8 and was making sure I was awake. She smiled at my disheveled look, looking down at my pubic area and legs and teasingly acknowledged there was a lot of late activity in my room last night but there were no complaints and left with a laugh. I smiled back at her and closed the door and headed to the bath to clean up thinking, where is Michael? He did not come back.

I dropped my towel and as I ran the tub full of water I looked at myself in the mirror. It was then I noticed and felt the wetness that was leaking from me and running down my leg and knew what she had been looking at. I smiled at the thought of that and my lover of last night and cupped my hand and caught the remaining leakage and rubbed it across my breasts stiffening my nipples as I rubbed it in. I dreamily stepped into the tub and sank down for a short soak wondering where he was, why he didn’t come back and wishing he were still here with me.

I scrubbed myself well, making sure I was squeaky clean for breakfast, apprehensive of what the other guests would say if they had heard the activity in my room. I wondered also if the staff would say anything and thought I would skip breakfast but the pangs of hunger were starting in my stomach. I discovered I was famished and quickly left the tub, brushed and dried my hair, put on what little makeup I used and dressed. I thought what the heck, this was my weekend and I was paying for it. I deserved it and needed it. It had been a long time since I had someone and I wasn’t going to let anyone else ruin it for me. I went to breakfast. There were few guests there, many had left early, something I didn’t understand but then there were only a few motels in this small town and many travelers wanted to get on the road early. Did my lover leave too? Thinking about it, I didn’t mind, fewer to question the activity of last night if they heard it.

Breakfast was good, casual conversation in a warm family type atmosphere. I liked it here and wished I had more than the weekend to spend here. I asked the hostess about the sights and activities around town since this was my first time there and discovered things to do and look at. The town itself was a museum of history, full of antiques, every small store full of them and I knew what I would be spending the day doing. I loved looking at antiques, it was one of my passions and I quickly ate and headed back to my room to put on comfortable shoes and grab a wrap and my purse. The day was mine and I would window shop until the town rolled up the sidewalks, which was what small towns like this did at night. There would be no night activity around here. I didn’t think there was even a bar in town. I didn’t see one when I drove in.

I think I walked through every shop there, several times even, each time seeing something different that I didn’t see before. I loved it; it was so relaxing to just wander here and there, no pressures to be anywhere, lost in time. I had a sandwich in one small store when the hunger pains hit me late in the day as I was wandering from store to store. I did notice a small restaurant in my wanderings and thought I would stop there later on my way back to the lodge in the evening, which I did. I was tired when I headed back, buying a few things but leaving them in the shops to pick up later as I headed home. The sky was clouding over and I was wondering if it might rain.

I reached the lodge as it was beginning to darken, having wandered all over town. I was tired not only from my day’s wandering but the lack of sleep the previous night and headed towards my room. I stopped at the desk and asked if there was a Michael checked in. There wasn’t.

The clerk asked, “Is this the same Michael that had checked in yesterday and checked out this morning? Nice looking guy.” She smiled at that as she looked at me knowing already it was and he had spent the night with me.

“Yes” I replied. “Did he say he was coming back and why he had to leave?” I was wondering why he left in the first place. My body had given him plenty of reason to stay.

“Well, he said he had to get to work but he didn’t say he was coming back.”

“Oh, well OK,” was all I could think of to say.

Disappointed and a little angry at him, I looked around and did not notice anyone else as I walked through the foyer and up the stairs. My room was dark, and I flicked on the light stopping at the windows, opening them, on my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. It was then I noticed several messages left on my cell phone. All were from the Firm. I checked them. Four calls were from my assistant telling me of problems with my client. The last message was from the Senior Partner. That one really bothered me. He ordered me to have my ass in front of his desk first thing Monday morning.

What the hell did I do wrong I thought? Now my weekend was really ruined. I was very angry at having my planned weekend ruined. I was angry at myself by not being in control of my sexual situation in letting a stranger take me and now my fucking client was controlling me.

I was too pissed and decided not to shower, just to brush my teeth, comb my hair and scrub my face. I had a terrible headache now and grabbed the pills I took when anxiety or depression over took me as it was doing now. I always carried them with me just for situations like this. I had kept the prescription filled. I was so tired I knew I would like die during the night and not even an earthquake would wake me. I would be gone to the world until morning by the time the drug wore off. I turned off the bathroom light as I headed to bed flicking off the bedroom light as I went. There was no light in the room at all, the moon blocked by clouds, as I stood by the bed and let my clothes slip to the floor. I quickly slipped between the cool clean crisp sheets, and fell into a deep slumber as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I dreamed, a beautiful and wondrous dream, I was in his arms again. This time, he crawled between the sheets with me and slowly kissed me all over. In my heat of passion for him I open my arms and legs for him and took him into me. It was wondrous, his slow and passionate love making. He ravished me, taking me over and over again as I lay there moving only enough to meet his every thrust, letting him fill me with his lust. I didn’t know how long my dream lasted or if it was real, I was unaware of anything as I slumbered in my deep and satisfying dream.

I awoke with a small beam of sunlight hitting me in the eyes; I looked at the clock and saw it was 7:00 in the morning. I was a little groggy but refreshed and remembering my dream, I looked around. It seemed so real; I remembered it vividly even though I slept soundly. There was no one else in the room but me.

I felt wetness under me and slipped a hand down to my mound and felt stickiness there, moisture seeping from me and running down between my cheeks wetting the sheet under me. I slipped my fingers thru it and brought it to my mouth expecting to taste only me but there was something else there, the taste of him. Was this possible? I again looked around the room and saw a single red rose in a vase on the table by the window. I jumped up and ran to it, finding a note there stuck under the vase. It read, “I didn’t want to wake you, you were peaceful in you sleep.” Was it really him, I thought or did another stranger take me in my sleep? I started looking for him, going to the bathroom hoping to find him there. There I found another note, this time on the mirror, stating, “Remember my number, I will see you back home.”

It was him! I quickly dressed and rushed down stairs hoping to find him there in the foyer or dining room but there were only a few guests and the hostess. I went to her and asked if the man from yesterday, Michael, was there and she stated she hadn’t seen him. As far as she knew he hadn’t come back. She knew he hadn’t checked back in. I was lost and devastated, and wandered around the building and out to the street hoping to see him. He was gone.

My short weekend was at an end and I had hoped to see him again, make love to him again and I slept thru it. I was disgusted with myself for taking the pills and I headed back to my room again and slowly packed. I needed to take a shower as I could smell the lust from the night but then I thought, no, I will be alone in my car and I want to savor the smell of him, have his wetness in me and against me. I may never see him again and I quietly went back to packing.

I needed to pick up the few things I had bought and pack them into my car so I checked out. It was already close to noon; I missed breakfast, was still was not hungry and needed to pick up the antiques I had bought. Luckily the stores were open on Sundays. I quickly did that and left town sadly wishing the weekend had been longer. I did not want to head back to the stress of my life, my job in the city. I wanted to stay here in this small town with him, whom ever he was. I didn’t know anything about him, just that I wanted him. I wanted him making love to me, to have him inside me, filling me with his cum knowing his seed would swim deeper into me and I would be able to hold him there if only for a little while. Would I ever see him again? This I did not know, fate will be what it will be. I did think to remember to buy the pregnancy test kits on my way home along with several packages of condoms and spermicide. I leave the test kits in my bathroom cabinet and the condoms and spermicide in my bedside table as I unpack, promptly forgetting about them, already getting back into the stress of my city life.

Evening came and went, Monday morning already, the weekend almost forgotten, fading into the past as I readied myself for work. I quickly showered and as I stepped from it, I saw my panties on the floor that I had worn Sunday on the drive home. I picked them up and brought them to my nose and sniffed them. I could smell him and smiled at the thought of him and knowing the lovemaking we had was perfect in every way. Sadly I took them and placed them in the drawer of my night stand knowing I may never see him again but having part of him that I could come back to when I needed to. Still I thought I could be caring his child, his love child, our love child and I thought to myself, I didn’t need that with the stress in my life I already had. Still….

I quickly dressed and headed for work, not wanting to but needing to just to live. The money was good even though the stress wasn’t. Still, it provided me the money to escape for a time away from the city and the stress it caused. Just like the weekend. Next time it would be longer than a weekend if I planned it right.

The drudgery of work filled the day and it passed slowly. The client had fired me telling the Senior Partner I had shown indifference towards him and was not doing the job of defending him as I should.

I had to explain that I was doing my job but that he was a jerk and I was very tired of him trying to grope me at every meeting. I was glad he had fired me and that I should be replaced by one of the other partners, a man. That was done.

I headed home after that. I knew tomorrow would be just another day and before I knew it I was home. My home, all mine. It was a three bedroom in the country and mine filled with my memories, my treasures. I quickly slipped out of my blouse and skirt and into my robe. That was when I noticed my spotting, that my period was starting. Somewhat saddened but very relieved, I did what I had to do and inserted a panty liner to catch the light flow. Tomorrow I knew the heavy flow would start and I needed to be prepared for it. There would be cramping too. There always was.

Tuesday came and went along with all the days and nights following it. I searched for the paper he gave me with his number, wanting to call him but found that I had somehow lost it. With that, my memories of that weekend started to fade as I continued with my life, watching for him…I hadn’t seen him around town watching me so I knew I may have lost him.

I hoped I would someday see him again.


Chapter 2.

It has been two weeks now. I started taking birth control as soon as I bought the pills the Monday I had gotten home. The condoms I bought sat in the bed table unused, waiting just in case. I had to try to be safe until the birth control kicked in, that is if I ever saw him again.

I hadn’t seen Michael since that weekend. I kept looking for him, trying to find him on the street watching for me. I kept looking to see if I could catch a glimpse of his car anywhere. I walk to the restaurant down the street from the office every day for lunch hoping to see him, the lust inside me never entirely dying. Just thinking of him keeps me wet. I am almost ready to give up and forget him but it is hard, the two nights together unforgettable. I am angry at myself for losing his number.

I am now at work, working intensely on some research for another case. All the facts I am gathering appear to be mashed together and I can’t think straight. I step away from my desk to get a drink of water, and I see him standing there at the reception area with nobody around. The receptionist is out to lunch and there is no one at the desk. Its lunchtime and most of the office is out. It is a small firm with only three partners and staff. During lunch, the office is closed from 11:00 to 1:00. With appointments only, we get no walk-ins so with the door being locked during that time there is usually no one around. Sometimes lunch can be longer for the partners so being closed for two hours during noon is not much of a problem. It is 11:05 and I wondered how he got in.

His gaze towards me heightens my senses and in my excitement I forget about my work. He motions for me to follow and we begin to walk down the empty hallway together. There is no talking. I am too excited to say anything anyway. I just follow. It seems he knows where we are going. It is hard for me to breathe; I can feel the heat of lust for him growing inside me. The heat and swelling of lust centers at my sex as moisture begins seeping into my panties. I can feel my nipples harden as they brush against my blouse as I am not wearing any bra. I am fully excited; I can feel myself blushing all over as the heat rises inside me. I glance around hoping no one is around to see us and me in this condition. I know I could not find the words for speech.

He motions for me to pass him and I walk past as we continue down the hall. I glance curiously at him as I do and start to say something. He shushes me and holds a finger to his lips silencing me. Suddenly with his hands upon my waist he pulls me into a walk-in closet where the office supplies are stored. There is no lock on the door. As he closes the door with the lights off we bump into a few stacked boxes of copy paper, and I turn to him feeling for his lips with mine.

“Michael,” I try to whisper as his lips find mine and silence me. We kiss deeply our tongues sliding deeply and softly against each other.

His hands find the hemline of my short wool skirt and tug it up above my waist. They then slide down my sides to feel my firm butt and then to rub my pussy through my lace panties. I sense he feels my wetness through the soft material as he kisses me harder. I can’t help it and I return his kiss just as passionately forgetting about work and everything. I am lost in the heat of lust, wanting him. Sliding his fingers inside my panties, he slides them down my legs and I kick them off over my high heels, one foot at a time as I fall back against the boxes.

His hands are feeling me over as he cups my mound and slides his fingers up and down my wet slit finding my clit and sending electrical shivers through me as he rubs it. When he inserts a finger up inside me, curls it and begins to rub that tender area inside as his thumb continues to rub my clit my body trembles in the beginning of my first orgasm. My moan is low in my throat as his mouth is still covering mine. My pussy clenches at his fingers as the spasms shake my body. I am leaning against him and the boxes as he holds my weakened body up with the one hand at my pussy and one behind my back.

As I recover, I reach down and loosen his belt, letting his pants slide down easily to his feet. Reaching down for his shorts I feel him. He doesn’t have them on. The back of my hand brushes against his hardened shaft and down against his sack. I continue to gently rub his sack with the back of my hand, back and forth several times until I reverse my hand to cup his balls, softly holding them and then sliding my hand back up his shaft.

I can feel he is fully hard and erect as I rub his swollen head and opening with the palm of my hand sending tingling sensations through him. I can feel him stiffen and harden even more. Then as he places his hand on his shaft to ready it to find my swollen pussy, I reach around his neck with both hands and hop up wrapping my legs around his waist crossing my legs at the ankles. He grabs hold of my hips with his hands and holds me.

I want him inside me but then reality and caution floods into my mind. It may not yet be safe for him to enter me without protection. I struggle with my thoughts and blurt out, “Michael, it is not safe yet, we need to use protection.”

I struggle and push myself away dropping my legs from around his waist and try to stand but he holds me tighter and doesn’t let go of my hips and holds me up against him as my upper body leans back against the boxes.

“Michael, please don’t.”

I try to push him away, try to get him to loosen his grasp from my hips so I could stand and cool the situation but he only tightens his grip and kisses me harder trying to silence me. Again I try to stop him, trying to get control.

“Michael no, I’m not safe.” I try to say this a little louder hoping no others are around to hear me.

“Sara, I want you, I have to have you.” He whispers back.

Again I protest. “Michael, I may not be safe, we need protection, use a condom. Please Michael.”

“No Sara, I don’t like using condoms.”

I am now lying back not quite prone on the boxes as I struggle to sit up with him still holding me by my hips, him standing between my legs. I feel the swollen head of him pressing against me, my pussy opening for him and he grips my hips harder and pulls me towards him. In one full hard thrust, he is deep in me, and I am squeezing his hardness.

I bite my tongue to stifle the scream that rises inside me at the suddenness of his entry and now I sit up and try to both push him away and hold on to him. I wrap my legs around him locking my ankles to stop him from thrusting and wrap my arms around his neck trying to hold him still. I begin to bite at his neck to distract him and get him to stop as he presses me back against the boxes and tries to thrust into me.

I have lost, I am not in control and he is taking me. I’m crying now sobbing on his shoulder. I want him to continue yet I am afraid of what may happen.

“Michael, please Michael, my birth control, I’m not safe. Please Michael, stop.” I keep pleading to no avail.

In his lust he ignores me as his hands are now tugging at my blouse and pulling it free from my skirt. He unbuttons my blouse and finds my breasts fondling them, rubbing and twisting lightly on the nipples. When he pushes me back onto the boxes I drop my arms from around him to catch myself as he leans me back. His mouth finds my breasts and he begins to suck at one as he rubs and twists at the nipple of the other sending shivers through me. My attempt at struggling lessens and I give in as another incredible orgasm rushes through me. My body was now under his control and needed him.

I moan even more at the feeling of him inside me and him sucking and nibbling at my breasts. It feels so good. My moans are only encouraging him to continue. When I unconsciously unlock my legs from around him as he slowly begins to thrust, I kick off my heels and try to place my feet on the boxes beneath me to raise my hips to match his thrusts. He is now leaning over me, holding my hands above my head, pinning me. I look up into his eyes in the dim light and see the lust there knowing there was no way to stop him even if I had really wanted him to stop. My body didn’t want him to stop.

The light coming from under the door illuminates us and I watch him. I love the semidarkness, the feeling of his cock as he plunges in and pulls out, his fingers clenching my ass and me sucking hard on his neck and pulling his hair at the back of his head after he released my hands.

We are both moaning and grunting as we get closer to our releases. My wetness is flowing down to my ass and I gasp for air. It feels as if his thrusts now go deeper each time he pulls back and shoves in hard pressing me against the boxes again and again. I moan into his ear and beg for him to cum, saying that I am about to explode. The closet feels stuffy and warm as sweat begins to glisten upon my skin and I can feel drops of sweat from him dripping down upon my stomach and mound as he leans over me.

He spreads my legs wider picking them up and with my upper body lying back, he thrusts all the way against me hard, ramming his thighs against mine, and slides the boxes I am lying on slightly across the floor. My hands grab around his neck so we won’t tip over in the semidarkness.

He moans a desperate moan and I feel him stiffen trying to hold himself still to stop his flow but it was too late. I feel the explosion of warm cum inside me as he continues to push his shaft deeper pushing his swollen head against my cervix, his cock flexing and pulsing. Feeling the contractions of his cock, my body begins to spasm also. I grab his hair with both hands as I moan quietly into his ear in my release which helps to suck him in deeper.

After several minutes of recovery, I discover he is still very hard as I reach down and with my fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft still deep inside me; I begin to pull him out slowly as I gaze into his eyes. When I get him most of the way out he pushes slowly back inside me as my fingers remain clutching his shaft.

We repeat this slow dance of passion for a few more minutes with me pulling him out and him pushing his still hard cock back in. I again feel him stiffen and moan as another warm burst of his cum flows into me. Our fluids are now seeping from me down to my ass and pooling on the top of the box under me.

We stay still for a few minutes giving him time to recover and kiss passionately, his hands exploring me, playing with my breasts. There is still very little talking between us.

I am amazed he has stayed hard when he slips all the way out and stands me up, turns me around, bends me over and slides his still hard cock inside me from behind. It slides in easily as my pussy and his cock are slimy with cum and I am still swollen open to continue to receive him. I am pressed against the boxes as I lie over them with my stomach lying in the pool of fluids that has seeped from me and had pooled under my ass. He thrusts in hard, fast and deep. I am easily brought to another orgasm this way with the feeling of him going deeper inside me with each thrust.

I feel his hands holding my waist pulling me to him, holding himself still while I quiver in my release. After my climax subsides, he thrusts in hard and fast one last time and holds himself in deep against my cervix as I feel the pulsations and contractions of his shaft as he again fills me full of his cum.

He holds himself tight against me for a few minutes after his last contractions and when he finally softens and pulls out he turns me over, sitting me back upon the wet box. He leans down and I feel his mouth and tongue relishing my soaked swollen pussy. His tongue slides through the inside of my pussy and against the skin between my pussy and my ass. When he licks my pussy all the way to the top, he attacks my clit bringing me to another intense orgasm. I lay there quivering for a while as he kisses me all over and lets his hands explore me.

As I was laying there recovering, we hear sounds of someone talking and laughing in the building and he quickly stands me up, helps me straighten my skirt and blouse, finds my heels and pulls his pants back up. I look at my watch and see we had been the closet for over an hour and a half.

That is when we start to actually talk.

“Michael,” I blurted out quietly, “I lost your phone number. I didn’t know how to find you.”

“I thought as much Sara, I have been waiting for you to call and finally my need for you grew to be too much for me to take. I had to come to you and take you.”

I fell into his arms, kissing him, forgetting that I had lost control of my own actions. I have always been in control, needed to be in control ever since my first love, that first time I was taken by an older man and his friends. I had always selected and seduced each man I had wanted to be with usually an older man. Even when I was in college getting my degree, I was always in control.

I finally take control as the talking gets louder and break our kiss and push him away. I whisper, “We have to get out of here before we are caught.”

The talking fades down the hall and I open the door slightly and peek outside. The hall is empty and we sneak out into the hall making sure no one sees us and walk back toward my office where I dash in and grab my purse. I had glanced into one of the windows that line the hall and discovered a disheveled reflection of myself. I was a mess, my hair sweaty, undone and sticking to my face and head, my blouse wrinkled and sticking to me wet in places and my skirt, well it was sticking to me in places and stained. I hadn’t been able to find my panties and I could feel the coolness where moisture was seeping from me. I had to clean up before anyone saw me.

“Wait here for me Michael,” I say as I grab my purse and dash to the restroom to clean up. I didn’t wait for an answer from him. I could hear more people coming into the building and I couldn’t have me seen this way. I could feel wetness starting to run down my inner thigh as I entered the restroom and grabbed some paper towels as I entered the stall. Using the towels and toilet paper, I cleaned up as best as I could and since I had no panties and could not use a liner, I inserted a tampon and moved from the stall to the sink and washed up as best I could, brushing my hair and putting it back into place and applying a little makeup. Looking as presentable as I could under the circumstances I walked back to my office thinking I needed to clean up in the storage closet and find my panties.

Not finding Michael there I dash back to the hall and just see him walking past the receptionist towards the door. He turns back to see me watching him, smiles and takes my panties out from his pocket, kisses them and them puts them back into his pocket as he walks out the door.

Confused, I go back to my desk and sit down. Tears are blurring my eyes. He had not said good bye or given me his phone number. I had no way to find him. It was then I looked down on my desk and saw he had left his number with the note to call him and underlined and in large print, DO NOT LOOSE THIS.

I wiped my eyes and sat there thinking of my circumstances. Reality was coming back to me. This again was unprotected sex. If my reasoning was correct and if my birth control was not yet effective, I was possibly in a fertile period. I would need to contact the clinic and talk with the doctor there about what to do. At this point in my career, I could not get pregnant. I didn’t even know this man. I was beginning to wonder if I knew myself. This was careless and stupid of me to act this way.

I made the call and was told to come by the clinic and pick up the morning after pill and instructions. I had used it before and knew what to expect. I would stop by there on the way home.

Sitting there reflecting on what had taken place, I suddenly remembered I needed to clean up the supply closet. I walked there quickly and checked. Luckily no one had been there. It smelled like an orgy had taken place. Flicking on the light I saw the wet mess on the box, smiled at that and started to put the legal pads it contained on the shelf. We had had a delivery the day before thus all the boxes of legal pads, printer and copy paper. No one had unboxed them and put them on the shelves. Doing that I carried a few legal pads to my office, came back gathered up the empty boxes and carried them to the dumpster out side. I left the door open to air out the room.

I went back to my office and sat there. Unable to concentrate on my work I kept looking at his phone number thinking. Why did I have his number and he not ask for mine? It was like he had to be in control. I had to come to him and beg. I didn’t like it. I didn’t know him. Who was he, how old was he? I knew he wasn’t older than me. He certainly didn’t act like he was older. I generally went for the older mature men. We could be the same age or he could be younger. Younger was very possible, young and careless. What he did to me today was very careless and risky. We could have been caught. Then refusing to use a condom knowing it wasn’t safe. Ignoring my pleading for him to stop and knowing there was no way I could stop him short of screaming and us being caught. Why was I putting myself into this situation? Why did I follow him and let him take me? Why did I want him so?

My thoughts were interrupted by my assistant when she came into my office with some of her research on our new client. She started to talk about what she had but I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. After asking her the same question several times with her giving me puzzling looks, I finally gave up and told her I didn’t have it in me right now to concentrate on the task and to try to get all of our research together and try to make some sense of it. I was going home and would see her tomorrow.

With that I got up and left, stopping by the clinic to pick up what I needed from there. I had to do other shopping and stopped at a grocery store to buy some things for dinner and wine, I needed some good wine. At least shopping got my mind off of him and I didn’t think of him until I got home. It was then I noticed I could smell myself. Damn, I hope now one else could smell me I told myself as I popped the cork on a bottle of wine and headed to the bath with it and a glass.

It didn’t take long to empty the first glass as I ran water into the tub and striped. I started on the second glass as I slipped into the hot water to soak and think about what had taken place today. Would I let this careless madness continue? Who was this guy and what the hell do I do with him?

When I finished this part of the story, Chapter 2, I was left with the question of how I explain who Michael is. So who would be better to explain Michael than Michael himself? He hesitated but after reading Fallen and my first 2 chapters of Michael, he agreed.


Chapter 3.

Who is Michael?

Years ago I had been the snotty nosed kid who lived down the road from the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. We were neighbors at the time on neighboring farms. It was just a 20 minute walk to her parent’s farm. Her parents and my parents were friends and got together sometimes. We even had barbeques during the summers at each other’s homes. She was 4 years older than me and I was 3 years behind her in school. She was a senior the year I became a freshman. She was always nice to me at the family gatherings but I didn’t really exist. I didn’t exist at school either. I was just that pimply faced kid that lived on the next farm and a freshman at the time.

Sara and I were the youngest of the children in each family. I was a change of life baby and had two older brothers that already left home so I didn’t learn much from them. Having no sisters, I really knew nothing about girls until I got older. She otherwise came from a large family and had sisters and brothers so I assume was quite educated on the differences between girls and boys. Because of our age differences though, I knew I didn’t have a chance to get to know her.

She didn’t know I had a crush on her ever since I was old enough to know about girls. When I was in the 7th grade, I saw my first playboy and penthouse magazines. You know how that is, that’s when you really understand what girls are for. Sure I knew about the birds and the bees and why animals have sex. After all I lived on a farm at the time but it didn’t really dawn on me until I was educated by some of my friends. That’s when my fantasies about her really started, about the time my testosterone was beginning to rage and my body started changing.

I didn’t see her much while I was in grade school, neither did I see her much during the days when she was a senior in high school and I was freshman. She was in a completely different social clique. She had her friends and I had mine. She was active in sports, cross country, basketball, tennis and swimming which got rid of all the baby fat. Her body was something to be desired and was talked about by my friends and I assume others. She was popular although I didn’t see her hang around with the guys much. I was sure she dated. I didn’t hear anything scandalous about her; she was just a nice girl from a nice large family. I suppose having a lot of brothers around scared off most of the guys.

I started sneaking over to her house at night when my parents thought I was asleep. I was in the 8th grade back then, when I finally worked up the courage to do it. I was kind of ignored by my parents as I never caused them any trouble so it was easy. My parents never checked up on me.

She lived in a big two story house that backed up against a wooded hill that sat behind the house. I found her room the first night I snuck over. It was at the end of the house closest to the hill. Her room had large windows with curtains that she never closed. I guess she never thought anyone would sneak around behind the house and watch her. There were no other close houses around and there were never any prowlers this far out in the country.

There was a back patio that had plenty of trees and shrubs around it as did the rest of the back yard. There were plenty of places to hide in during the daylight hours and shadows to hide in during the night. There was a back door to the patio which had a motion detector for the light but I never activated it during my prowling.

I had no trouble trying to see in to her bedroom and her bathroom as well because the curtains on the bath room window were never closed either. How lucky for me.

It was not a private bath that opened only into her room but had two doors, one for her bedroom and another to another room. The door to the other room I saw her lock when she was in the bath I suppose to give her the privacy she thought she had.

I explored the yard carefully when no one was home and plotted out my hiding places and the paths I would take during the evening hours to avoid being caught. If I had to watch from a distance for some reason, a small pair of binoculars solved that problem.

The first time I saw her, she was undressing for bed. She was the first girl I had ever seen without any clothes. She was beautiful, more beautiful than any picture in a magazine. The pictures didn’t seem real, this was. I was light headed as I watched her strip down to her panties. I could barely breathe, my heart caught in my throat and blood rushed to my cock. It was instantaneous. I thought she was going to slip under the covers when she turned the blankets back on her bed but when she walked over to a wall mirror and looked at herself in it, I broke out in a sweat. Things got harder for me, painfully harder when she slipped the panties down and off and started twisting this way and that as she ran her hands over herself. She was nothing like the other girls in school, on the chunky side with baby fat and she certainly not any girl I had looked at in magazines.

She was perfect in my eyes with small perky tits, smooth flat stomach and slender hips. I almost choked when after looking at herself she flicked off the ceiling light and walked over to the bedside table just in front of the open window and turned on the lamp. Her small blond patch glistened in the light drawing my eyes there. I didn’t think to back away from the window out of the light so as not to be seen but stood there fixed to the spot. I guess she didn’t see me for she stood there for several minutes running her hands over her body first rubbing her breasts until the nipples hardened and stood straight out, then lower down over her flat stomach and down through her golden patch sliding still further down to her slit and lingering there for a few seconds while she rubbed her clit. Moisture wetted her fingers and glistened in the light as she drew them up across her golden patch depositing her moisture there. She then used the fingers of her left hand to part her slit and used the fingers of her right hand to finger herself. I was glued to the window, fascinated at what I was watching. I had heard of girls doing this, read about it in stories and looked at pictures but had never actually seen it done. She was thrusting her groin out towards me while doing this. I had a raging hard on and discovered I had undone my pants and was starting to play with myself when she suddenly turned and slipped under the blankets and reached over and turned out the light. I stood there trying to see in for several more minutes and seeing nothing and only hearing soft moans coming from her, I finally left and went home after first jacking off, remembering the sight of her.

After that my fantasies about her grew from there. She was always on my mind, the only girl I could think about. Each and every time I would jack off, I thought of her, pictured her in my mind. Wet dreams were hard on me and I had to take to wearing shorts to bed to keep from staining the sheets. I snuck over there as often as I could to watch her. Sometimes I would never get to see her. She had gotten a job after school and on weekends at the grocery store in town and would come home late. One time I happened to be there watching outside her window when she came home really late one Friday night and acted strange as she was undressing to get into the shower. She had taken off her panties and looked at them, ran her finger through the crotch feeling something there, sniffed them and wiped herself with them before she stepped into the shower. I didn’t know then what it meant at the time. It was a short time after that I watched her shave in the shower. She removed most of her golden patch carefully working around her pussy. I was fascinated watching her do it and very highly aroused. When she finished, I watched her lean back in the tub and take the hand held sprayer and get off. I came in my pants before I could get it out. I would also watch her lay on her bed and do it with her fingers. She started doing that a lot after that, sometime after she got the job at the store. I was fascinated by her doing it and would jack off watching her, trying to cum the same time she did. It wasn’t until later I knew the real reason why she was doing it or even how she got started.

When I became a freshman and she a senior, I joined cross country to try to see more of her in school and tried to run with her but although she was nice to me, I didn’t fit into her group. I often watched her from afar, at basketball games and practice and the other sports she played. I found it hard to try to talk to her. I would choke up and get sweaty.

On weekends, I would sometimes sneak over during the day when no one was home and try the windows to see if they were open. On one of those occasions I found the bathroom window unlocked and finally got up enough courage to crawl in. When I did that, I discovered the lock was defective and would not lock all the time. I made sure after that that it never locked. The first time I snuck in, I took a pair of her used panties and used them to jack off in as I fantasized about her. It was later, after she had gotten the job and I had begun watching her get herself off that I discovered a pair of panties in her hamper that were covered in slimy cum. I knew right away what it was; I knew she was fucking some guy.

I got jealous knowing some guy was doing her. I tried to find out who it was by watching her even closer at school and during the after school activities but never saw her with any guy that she seemed close to. I didn’t have a car so I couldn’t watch her at work to see if there was a guy there. I determined that was where it had to be, a guy at work. It only happened when she got home late from work on Friday and Saturday nights only it wasn’t every Friday and Saturday night. It seemed to happen one or two times a month I discovered as I kept sneaking in and digging through her soiled clothes hamper.

After several months of finding evidence of her sexual activity and being devastated by it, I explored her bedroom and bathroom a little more thoroughly I found her birth control pills. This was the real proof. I was heartbroken. I had considered her mine. I was the one that snuck over and watched her, became intimate with her, knew every golden hair, every fold and crease of her pussy from my watching her. She was all I could dream about every night and see every day in my fantasies. It was almost too much to bear.

There was the one time she almost caught me in her room. I had just finished jacking off in a pair of black lace panties when I heard her coming towards her room. I just had time to toss the panties into her hamper and get out the bathroom window when I heard her enter her room. I was standing just outside the bedroom window watching her as she looked around the room searching for something. She found the panties I had used and after looking at them and sniffing them, stripped, laid back on the bed in front of me and used my cum to get off with. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched her take her fingers and wipe cum from the panties and rub it into her puss. That was when I became determined to have her. I was going to take her some night in her bed after I snuck in. I started planning. I was determined to do it, to have her.

It was a month later on a very warm Friday night when I got my chance, when I finally worked up enough courage to do it. This was just before she graduated and moved out. It was now or never as I dressed in black gym shorts, no underwear, black t-shirt and slip on sneakers. I carried no identity and had a pair of latex gloves to wear.

I guess I had been watching too many detective stories on TV now that I think back on it. What a dumb kid I was. There was already evidence of me all over her bedroom and bath. Anyway, I arrived by her window just after dark and waited. I almost cancelled when the moon came up. It was a full moon and bright. I was really glad I had dressed in black and sat back in the shadows.

It was well after midnight when she got home. I could see she was tired as she didn’t shower this time like she usually does before bed but just stripped and after pulling back the sheets and blankets, lay down on top of the sheet. I thought she was going to pull the top sheet up over her when she reached over and turned off the bedroom light. I about choked up when I saw that the moon light illuminated her beautiful body for me. It was going to be light enough for me to see her while I fucked her. I waited as she fell asleep and when I thought she was I carefully and quietly crawled through the bathroom window after putting on the gloves. I made sure all the doors were locked before I approached her.

I was breathless and sweating as I gazed down on her beautiful body. My cock was so hard it was standing out straight and it hurt. I slipped off my shoes and was removing my shorts when she moaned. I almost jumped out of my skin and backed away and hid in the shadows. My heart was racing so fast and I was so scared my cock and ego deflated. I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. I lost my desire and slipped from the shadows, got my shoes and crawled back out the window. I stood outside looking in for some time before I finally went home feeling lost.

I lost touch after she graduated and moved in with her girl friends and eventually went on to college. I knew then I would never have her.

Me, I got involved in sports and tried to forget her as best I could. It was in the locker room with a bunch of other guys when I discovered I was more than average and it wasn’t caused by just the extra foreskin. I hadn’t been circumcised and had been kind of embarrassed by it. I think I was the only guy not circumcised. Word kind of got out I was different and I didn’t have any trouble getting girls, the loose ones that is. I still thought of Sara though and imagined it was her I was with when I got a girl in bed. I went on to a community college after I graduated high school and majored in fire science and became a fireman in a neighboring town.

I didn’t see Sara again until I caught a glimpse of her one day in a restaurant some 5 years later. I had the day off and was in for lunch when I saw her. I was about to go over and talk to her when some guy and woman sat down with her and got into some sort of discussion about a trial date that I overheard. I could see it was a working lunch so I didn’t interrupt. I sat drinking coffee until they finished and left. I followed and saw her enter a law office building several blocks away. I studied the wall plaque and discovered she worked there. That’s when I started watching for her again on my days off. In spite of my age and experience with women, I found I was still in awe of her and I guess scared to approach her.

One day I happened to be parked down the street from her office leading up to lunch time and discovered she was making it a habit of walking to lunch and having working lunches with her clients. I would watch her walk by. I could see she didn’t recognize me. I had changed a lot while she seemed to have gotten even more beautiful. The old ache was back. Somehow I had to have her even though I was afraid to approach her. One day after I followed her into the restaurant, I had the opportunity. She had just finished meeting with a client with her assistant and after the client left, she had gotten up and gone to the restroom and smiled at me as she walked by. That was when I made the decision to slip into the booth behind them and listen in on their conversation. I had to find out all I could.

They started talking about Sara taking off for the weekend when she came back. I overheard all of this. It was later that day she would take off and I figured I could slip away from work long enough to follow her. She indicated she would be alone. This was my lucky break. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by. I found out everything, where she was going, time she would arrive, name of hotel and phone numbers. Everything I needed. When I followed them out of the restaurant, I called ahead and made my reservation in the same hotel. I would have only the one night. I had to work the next day.

I got there later than I wanted but things worked out OK. After I got my room and cleaned up I dressed in sweats and went back to find the hostess and get the information I needed. It was easy to get her room number and I was surprised my room was across from hers. When I went back to my room to figure out what I was going to do, I tried her door and was surprised it wasn’t locked. When I quietly opened the door and stepped in, it was like a flashback to that night when I snuck into her room and saw her laying on her bed. My heart stopped beating, got caught in my throat and I broke out in a sweat. I thought I would die when she looked at me. It took me seconds to say anything and I started to back out.

When she called me back and indicated I was to sit on the bed beside her, everything rushed to the right places. I got instantly hard, harder than I’ve been in a long while as I turned and locked the door. When I sat beside her and pulled down the blanket and sheet, and ran my hands over her and looked at her, all the energy and frustration of those long past times I had watched her came flooding back. Her body was heaven and I was going to enter it. Making love to her was everything I had imagined. The kisses were long and deep, the taste of her was exquisite and when I first entered her, I truly thought I entered heaven. That night we fucked like rabbits, pausing only for seconds of recovery before going again. With her was the only time I had ever remained hard for so long. I had three releases into her before I softened and had to rest. Even then we hardly ever stopped until I had to leave the next morning.

I hated walking out not knowing if I could come back. I made up some dumb excuse and left, completely worn out and tired, hoping I had enough strength to make it through work. She asked for my name and I told her it was Michael. I thought she would figure out who I was then but saw in her eyes no recognition. I didn’t tell her my last name.

Even though I was exhausted, I put in a full day at work worrying what Sara would think of me for walking out. Would she be there if I got back? I was lucky I got one of my buddies to fill in on my night shift and headed back to the lodge as soon as I got away from the job. I hadn’t unpacked so all I had to do was get in the car and go. It was late when I arrived and when I quizzed the hostess of the lodge, she indicated Sara had been inquiring about me and was a little upset at me. She was still there though and in her room.

I had only this night to be with her again as I had to be back at work tomorrow and indicated this to the hostess. I sweet talked her out of a key to Sara’s room and ran up the stairs only to find her passed out when I entered. I could see she had taken a heavy dose of meds and tried to wake her only to have her come partially awake like she was drunk. She acted like she knew I was there and didn’t hesitate to jump my bones like a sex crazed maniac. I couldn’t believe it, we again fucked all night. It was slow passionate sex; she anticipated my every move and gyrated her pussy and hip movements in rhythm with each of my thrusts and kept up with me. It was beautiful. I hated for it to end the next morning as I gazed at her, she still in deep sleep. Still I had to leave and hesitated to wake her. I left notes to her around the room. Leaving my number for her to call and wondered if she would since I kept sneaking away.

I didn’t see her again for another two weeks. I waited anxiously for her to call and she never did. I finally took matters into my own hands and went to her office one morning trying to find her. I saw her arrive at work and knew the office was usually locked around 11:00 to 1:00 each day for lunch. I came into the building just as the receptionist was getting ready to lock up and go to lunch and told her I was there to take Sara to lunch and would wait for her to come down to the lobby. There was no need for her to hang around, I had called Sara and she was expecting me. The receptionist left for lunch as did most of the building occupants.

It seemed I had stood around for no more than 5 minutes when Sara came out of her office and saw me. I walked toward her and seeing her smile at me I indicated to her to be quiet by placing my finger over my mouth and waved her to follow me. I knew where I wanted to go, there was a supply closet just ahead that would do nicely. I had seen a person come out of it earlier while I was waiting in the lobby carrying some legal tablets so I led us toward it. I wanted her alone and out of sight of others if there was anyone around. When she caught up to me I waved her to pass and as she passed, I opened the door and took her by the waist and pulled her into the room.

I really didn’t know what to expect from her but when her lips searched and met mine I knew I had her and she wanted me. There was no need for words as our passion for one another exploded in pure lust. My hands were all over her as I pulled up the hem of her short skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties and felt her wetness. I slipped her panties down and she kicked them off as I cupped her inserting my fingers and rubbing her clit. She trembled and moaned as her orgasm began and the walls of her pussy clenched my fingers. I held her up with one hand on her pussy and the other around her back. When she reached down and unloosened my belt and let my pants fall to the floor and then rubbed me and felt my hardness, I knew there was no turning back. I had to be inside her. As I was holding my hard cock at the ready for her swollen pussy, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around me. My hands went to her hips to hold her with my cock rubbing against the inviting wetness of her. As I tried to position it she suddenly pushed herself away and blurted out something like it’s not safe. I wasn’t really listening. It was too late for me. I was at the point of no return I had to be inside her, my balls ached with the need.

She kept struggling and saying things I didn’t understand or didn’t want to hear. I griped her hips harder and held her to me as I finally hear “not safe and use condoms”. I remember saying I didn’t like to use condoms or something like that.

She was leaning back on some boxes struggling trying to sit up and to get me to stop when I felt the swollen head of my cock at her opening. I griped her hips harder and pulled her to me as I thrust in hard and buried myself in her. I felt her tightness around me as she moaned, sat up and tried to push me away and hold me at the same time. She wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles. She tried to keep me from thrusting while biting my neck I guess to get me to stop but I pushed her back against the boxes and continued my assault. I finally heard her say something about birth control and she wasn’t safe but I didn’t care. I was inside her and wouldn’t stop. When I pulled her blouse free and started sucking and fondling her breasts, I felt her surrender as she dropped her arms and leaned back on the boxes and spasmed in another release. Her moans only encouraged me.

Sweat from me was dripping down on her as I spread her legs wider lifting her hips up and pounded harder into her. We were both moaning and grunting as we got closer to release. My groin was slapping against hers as I felt myself getting close, I moaned a desperate moan as I tried to hold myself still, deep inside her to keep from cumming but it was too late. I felt myself stiffen more as my cock pulsed and flexed as it pumped onto her and I pushed in deeper. Her body spasmed with mine as an orgasm rushed through her in tune with mine.

We played with each other and came several times after that in lustful love. I surprised myself when after my last release into her I ate her out. That was something I had never done before, eating cum soaked pussy. I liked it and I brought her to another orgasm. She was recovering when we heard voices that ended our escapade. We quickly dressed finally talking and quietly left the closet before we were discovered and walked to her office. She had lost my phone number and couldn’t call. She wanted me to wait for her in her office as she went to clean up but I couldn’t stay. I left a note on her desk with my phone number and left. She watched me go as I saw her as I walked out the door.

I am waiting for her to call, I need her to call.


Chapter 4

After reading what Michael wrote, I had to continue the story. It is to my surprise turning out to be a tell all. Some of you readers may think I was nuts to get into something like this and tell about it. I think this is something I wanted to have happen all along. You might understand as you read.


As I sat there letting the hot water relax me and the wine go to my head, I let my mind go blank. I was confused enough as it was without muddling my brain even more. I really didn’t know what to do. This was Thursday, I had work tomorrow but would have the weekend free and I could spend it home alone thinking about it. Yes I thought, that’s what I’ll do, spend the weekend working out the solution to this problem. I can’t let it mess up my work. If I keep screwing up at work, the other partners would get upset and I could wind up getting reprimanded by them. I was the junior partner and I had already screwed up my last case. I lay back, mind blank and dozed off.

Startled awake, I looked for the bottle of wine and discovered I had already drained it. I stared at it. How did that happen? When did I do that, drain it. The waters cold too, how long have I been sitting here?

I let out enough of the cool water to make room to refill with hot. I hadn’t scrubbed and still needed to. I wanted another glass of wine so I got up wrapping myself in a large towel and headed to the kitchen for another bottle. I was a little tipsy but not bad for just drinking a full bottle. I uncorked this one and headed back to the bath dropping the towel by the tub and placed the bottle by it. The tub was already full to the overflow and after turning off the hot water, I tested it to make sure I wouldn’t burn myself and carefully slipped back in. The water was almost unbearably hot but felt good. I reached for the bottle, filled my glass and leaned back, sipping the wine.

I thought about my problem again, wondering just what I should do. Should I call him? What would I say? Do I still want this to continue? Should I let this continue? After a while I gave up. The wine, heat from the water and this headache I was getting was making my head swim. I finally scrubbed myself and drained the water, reached for the towel and patted myself dry. Wrapping the towel around me, I grabbed the rest of the wine and headed to my bedroom thinking I’d find the solution tomorrow. I drained bottle dropped the towel from around me and slipped between the sheets.

Drinking two bottles of wine was something I hadn’t done in a long time. I knew I’d wake up with a hangover. Wine sometimes did that to me after I’d had too much.

I had a fitful sleep, dreaming about him. I was tormented. My body wanted him, desired him, and needed him while my brain told me I should get rid of him. He was only careless trouble. I awoke early feeling like I had never gone to bed. My head ached, my eyes were red and blurry as I looked in the bathroom mirror trying to decided whether to go to work or not. I looked terrible. I took two aspirin and stepped into the shower and let the hot water cascade over me. It was soothing and when I finally stepped out, I felt better.

I knew what to do and would call him and tell him I never wanted to see him again. He didn’t really care about me or he wouldn’t have taken me at work. Besides, his refusal to use condoms only made matters worse.

Wrapping up in my towel, I walked back to my bedroom and dialed his number. He answered on the 3rd ring.

“Hello Sara.”

“Michael, I hesitantly blurted out, “I don’t ever want to see you again, you’re trouble, who in the hell are you anyway?”

“Sara, you know who I am. You have known me for a long time. Think back to your childhood, where you grew up. Do you remember the Smiths that lived down the road from your parents?”

Silence… I was thinking. What in the hell do the Smiths have to do with this.

“Sara, are you still there?”

I paused for several seconds before replying. “Yes, I remember the Smiths, what do they have to do with you and me?”

“Remember their youngest son? Do you remember his name?”

“No, ah, wait, no, no I don’t remember, no wait, wasn’t his name Mark or Mike or something like that.”

“You don’t remember Michael Smith?”

There was now silence on his end of the line.

I remembered a small pimply faced kid that lived on the next farm, still wondering where this conversation was going. I think he had been 3 years behind me in school, was a freshman when I was a senior. Still, what did this have to do with anything?

There was still silence on his end of the line.

“Are you still there?” I asked this time.

“You don’t remember me? I’m that Michael.”

“No, you can’t be, no, no way.” There was no way this guy could be that pimply faced kid. “Look, I don’t know you; don’t want to know you so stay away from me and my work.”

“OK.” The line went dead as he hung up.

I looked at the dead phone in my hand like I didn’t know what it was. Who in the hell was this guy? I hung it up and dressed. I had to get to work. I’ll think this through later.

After dressing, I dabbed on a little makeup to hide the growing bags under my eyes and brushed my hair. My headache that was almost gone was back. This new information was puzzling. I was having small flashbacks, back to my high school days. No, I thought, it wasn’t possible, what I was thinking.

I had forgotten about it, my innocent wild side, letting the neighbor kid watch me. Hell, he was even getting into my room, going through my hamper and jacking off with my panties. No, this couldn’t be. How did this guy know? Did he know everything? How much did he know?

I grabbed a quick bite, gulped a cup of coffee and ran out the door and jumped into my car. I was already late to work.

I no sooner walked through the door of my office when the phone rang. It was my mother. She was just calling to see how I’ve been, I hadn’t chatted with her for a while. That was when the thought hit me. She had my high school yearbooks.

“Mom, do you still have my yearbooks from high school?” I asked.

“Yes, they’re still in the bookcase.”

Yes, I thought, now I know what to do, I would go home for the weekend and get my senior yearbook and go by the library and check out the others I would need. My weekend planned, I told her.

“Mom, I am coming home for the weekend that OK?”

“Of course dear, we haven’t seen you for a while.”

“OK mom, let’s catch up then. I have to get a lot of work done now.”

After I hung up, I piled into my work and the time passed quickly. It was soon time to head home and pack. I wanted to leave right away and hoped the town library would still be open. Fridays were a late night and I hoped to get there before it closed.

I was lucky; the library was open for another hour when I got there. I quickly found the yearbooks for my senior year and the three years following and searched the pages for Michael Smith. I quickly found him as he looked his freshman year and how he looked his senior year. I was amazed at how he had changed from the pimply faced kid I remembered to the good looking guy in his senior year, the very same guy that was fucking with me now.

I was dumbstruck, sitting there staring at his senior picture. All the memories of how I would strip in front of him teasing him, letting him watch me came flooding back. I remembered the first time I had seen him standing just outside my window. I had come home early one evening and had stripped nude and had been admiring my body in the mirror. When I started to bed and turned off the overhead light, I was standing in front of the open window. I turned on the bedside light and caught him looking in. He was easily seen as there had been no reflection of light on glass. The little pervert was just standing there and made no attempt to jump back into the shadows so as not to be seen. I don’t know why I did it; perhaps it excited me to have him watching me. Anyway, I put on a show for him. I showed him everything short of having an orgasm in front of him. I did that after I got into bed and turned off the light. I heard him in the darkness jacking off and went to sleep sometime after that. After that first time I saw him watching me, I knew he was hiding in the shadows fairly regularly. I had made no effort to stop him getting in through the bathroom window either. I even let him use my soiled panties to jack off in. I knew he had to know I was sexually active. How could he not know with finding evidence in my soiled panties? I was glad I did my own laundry. It was something I couldn’t let my mother do. I kept my secrets safe.

There was the one afternoon I came home early. I skipped work. I had been planning this encounter for several days, to meet Ben, my lover, at his house to spend as many hours with him as I could and was disappointed when he wasn’t there. I had just entered his bed room and was was getting ready for him when he called. He said he was sorry but he couldn’t make it this time. He said he would make it up to me later. That’s all he said. I was a little pissed and hung around for another hour hoping his friends would possibly show up. This had happened before and as horny as I was, I was looking forward to seeing them. It was they that had shown me how responsive my body could be with multiple partners. They had awakened the primal animal instincts in me. The many multiple orgasms they made sure I had clenched it.

They didn’t show up either. Very disappointed I went home. That’s when I discovered the little pervert had just been in my room. I didn’t know why I kept thinking of him that way, him being a little pervert. Hell he was just being a normal boy, curious about girls. I could still smell him, a young kid with raging hormones. I looked around to see what he had been rummaging through and I found the pair of panties that he had just used. He left a very large gob of sticky cum on them. That only made me hornier. I quickly stripped and got myself off with them by rubbing his cum into my puss. I was so fucking horny knowing he had been there and what he had done. It was a stupid thing for me to do but it was something I needed to do, I needed the orgasm. The way I felt at the time, if he had hidden in the closet or was still in the room, I would have let him fuck me. If I had known he was just outside the window watching, I would have asked him in. I had never actually seen him and wondered how large he was. It had always been dark when I had watched him jack off but he had always been in the shadows. As a skinny kid, I figured he was probably small. But then at that moment, that would have been OK with me.

Then there was the one night before I left home for college, when I got home late and striped in front of him, not thinking he might have been watching. I remembered it vividly like it had just been last night.

Hell it had been a hot week. The weather had been terribly hot at night. I had left the windows open, stripped and slept on top the sheets hoping for cooling breezes all week. I even rearranged the position of my bed against the windows to try to catch the breeze. It had made it even easier for him to look at me if he was out there.

That night was a full moon and I had gotten home just before midnight. I had been tired and went straight to bed after stripping and lay on top the sheets. It was too hot to cover myself. At the time I didn’t even think about anyone looking at me, I was too tired and just wanted sleep. After turning off the bedside light, I noticed his shadow falling across me and knew he was just outside my window, his nose practically against it. I could see his outline through the corner of my eye.

The bright moon light shined in on me causing the sweat on my body to glisten. It was almost as if I had left a light on in the room. I lay still, wondering just what he was going to do. All thought of sleep had left me now as I watched him out of the corner of my eye. I lay still, waiting, letting him think I was going to sleep. The problem was I was getting horny knowing he could see all of me, could practically reach in and touch me, he was so close. I wanted him too but I was afraid I would scare him off so I slowly played with myself and let him watch. I wanted to know what he was going to do.

I thought he would just jack off while I played and pretended to go to sleep. I couldn’t see what he was doing and was afraid to turn my head to watch him. A little while later, a small trickle of sweat from my forehead had run down into my eye, irritating it but I was afraid to move and wipe it away. I tried blinking it away and lost my concentration in watching him. That was when I noticed he had left the window and could hear scratching on the window sill of the bathroom. I knew then he was coming in.

I lay still as he entered the room and stood over the bed looking down on me. I remembered thinking it was about time as he stood there removing his shoes and shorts. His cock was standing straight out. It looked larger than I thought it would be. I wanted to touch it and wanted him inside me and I guess I was too impatient. I should have pretended to be asleep but I remembered sighing and spreading my legs. That scared him and he jumped back into the shadows. I lay still after that. I wanted to speak to him but was afraid that would scare him more. I wished I had, because he snuck out of the shadows and gathered up his shorts and shoes and left.

I was surprised I was remembering all of this and was startled out of my thoughts when the librarian spoke to me about closing up. I had been there an hour lost in thought. She asked if I wanted to check out the yearbooks but I said no, I had seen what I wanted. I thanked her and left.

I drove to my parents lost in further thought. I didn’t really know what to do now. My wildness, my teasing had caught up with me. Did he know the rest of my past, Ben and his friends? I could not let that get out.

I spent the weekend quizzing my parents about the Smiths and how they were doing. They still lived on the neighboring farm. Mom and Mrs. Smith were like sisters and told each other everything. I innocently quizzed them if they had kept up with their children and where they were now. Mom filled me in on most of them, especially Michael. He had been the problem child. It had all started when he graduated into the 8th grade from grade school. He had been a mostly A & B student in grade school but when he got to be a freshman in high school, his grades started to slip. He had started sneaking around at night, they think going to a neighbor girl who was his same age that lived down the road towards town. His mom had told my mother that she had found several pairs of girl’s panties hidden in his room, thought to belong to this girl. The girl had gotten pregnant later on that year and although she never told whom the father was, it was thought that Michael was the father.

I was shocked at finding this out; I knew their thinking was wrong. I knew the girl, her name was Nancy and she was somewhat of a slut. At least she had been talked about like that by the other girls in school. When I found out she was sleeping around with some of the jocks, it wasn’t hard to figure out who the guy was. She had been paid to keep her mouth shut. It wasn’t Michael. I knew who he was sneaking over to see. I didn’t tell mom about all of this, I figured it best to just keep quiet.

Finding I needed to know more than mom could tell me, I went and visited the Smiths. They filled me in on just about everything Michael and the others had been doing and where they now lived. More information than I needed on the others but what they told me about Michael only added to my curiosity. However, the subject of Nancy never came up. He had been in a lot of trouble and somewhat of a disappointment with bad grades, fighting, running around and just being a pain in the ass. They didn’t say that but that was my impression. They didn’t see much of him although he seemed to have found himself and was now straightened out with a good job.

I sat in my car after visiting the Smiths thinking of how I must have antagonized and tortured him severely when I undressed and teased him so long ago. His mother had hinted that he had a crush on me for a long time. I hadn’t recognized that fact when he had tried to hang around me at school and during the sports activities. He had even tried to run with me during cross country practice.

He had been just a kid that I tried to ignore. I thought he was being a pest. I could see now, I had been the cause of all his troubles, that I should have at least talked with him, maybe even hung out with him a little. Teasing and torturing him like I did was wrong, I should have let him eventually fuck me. It would have been OK. I was already sexually active and on the pill anyway.

A plan was forming in my mind. Mom and dad were going away for the next weekend and I would have the place to myself if I worked things right. Smiling at my thoughts, I drove back to my parents.

I found my mother in the kitchen.

“Mom, since you and dad are not going to be here next weekend, can I come up and stay for the weekend? I can feed the chickens and do the other chores.”

“That would be great, I was going to get the Smiths do look after things. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“It would be great mom, I need to get away and be by myself for a while. I’m close to burn out at work and just want some alone time here at home, you know, relive some old memories of home.”

My mind was working overtime. I thought I still had the outfit I wore that night, the night Michael had snuck in. I went to my room to pack to go home and started digging through the closet. Looking at all the stuff still in the closet, I wondered why I had left it all here and not cleaned it out when I left home. Then again when one cleans out everything from ones room, that makes moving away from home permanent. I wasn’t sure I had wanted it that permanent back then. Way in the back I found it, the silk dress that I had been wearing. It had a floral design that one couldn’t quite see through and was body hugging enough to show my shape but not so tight that it couldn’t easily be slipped off or up whenever necessary. It came to mid thigh and was barely loose enough so panty lines wouldn’t show. I usually wore a black lace thong that wouldn’t have shown anyway even if the dress had hugged my hips tightly. That is if I wore the thong at all. Sometimes I didn’t which made several some ones happy.

I held it close, kind of hugging it wondering why I hadn’t tossed it long ago. I stripped and tried it on. It still fit. I was the same size I was my senior year although I thought a little shapelier now.

Smiling at the plan that was forming in my mind, I slipped it off and hung it back in the closet, hiding it towards the back. That had been my favorite dress, Bens too. He bought it for me and loved it when I wore it. I looked and felt so damn incredibly sexy in it. I liked the way guys would look at me when I wore it. It made me so incredibly horny. In the plan that was forming in my mind, I would wear it again just for Michael. I would be wearing it as I stripped for him like I did so long ago, that time he almost took me. If only I hadn’t moved and scared him off.

I was already making myself wet, I could feel the heat forming down there. My face was flushing and I could feel my rapid heartbeat as my breath caught in my throat. When my fingers slipped beneath the waistband of my panties they discovered it was so. I locked my bedroom door, sat down on my bed and did what I needed to do as I tweaked one nipple and slid my other fingers across my swollen lips and clit and got myself off. I had to muffle a hard moan as my body shuddered in this most welcome release. I was hoping there would be many more the next weekend and that it wouldn’t be me doing it.

I looked at my watch, gosh; it had been several hours since I had come to my room to pack. I quickly dressed after I cleaned up a little. Damn I need a shower, I thought as I could smell myself. I doused on a little cologne and finished packing and trudged down the stairs. I was getting ready to carry everything out to the car when mom caught me.

“Sara, me and your dad were just talking. Could you come stay Tuesday instead of Friday and go home next Tuesday? If you could, it would give us more time for our visit with your brother. It has been a long time since we have gotten away from here. We would like to stay longer than just a weekend if we could.”

“Gee mom, I would have to call the office and see if I could get the time off.”

I was excited at this development. I had checked my apps earlier and discovered the full moon would be Wednesday. It would have been a waning moon by Friday and this would work even better. I knew I could get the week off, I just hoped Michael could too. I was betting he would.

I called the office and told them my plans. I would be in Monday to make sure my paralegal had directions on what to proceed on and would be taking a week off. Things would run OK without me for a week. I chatted a little longer and hung up.

“It’s OK mom, I have the week off. I have to get going.”

“OK dear, we’ll see you Tuesday morning before we leave.”

“Bye mom.” I gave her a hug and a kiss and left organizing my thoughts. I stopped at the barn and gave dad a hug and kiss and looked around in the tack room. Plenty of soft rope hanging on the wall, good I thought. My plan is shaping up.

On the drive home, I gave more thought of what I was going to do. I would try to leave work early Monday and race back to the old homestead to set up all the things I needed to do. I wanted not only to have Michael take me when he showed up, reliving the time when he had snuck into my room, but I wanted to have fun with him too. I would need some short lengths of soft rope from the tack room to do that. He had played “master” of me when he had taken me at the lodge and again at the office. I was determined to be “master” this time if I could. I needed to be in control.

When I got home, I called him.

The phone rang and rang before the answering machine picked it up.

“Michael, this is Sara. I will be at the old homestead all next week, Tuesday through next Tuesday. There will be a full moon Wednesday. Remember the hot fall night many years ago when you snuck into my room? There was a full moon then. Hope you can make it and stay the week. Tuesday night the moon should be full enough. I will be undressing just before 11:00 like then. Oh yes, remember the floral silk dress? I will be wearing it, just like back then. If you are not there Tuesday night, don’t bother to come at all.”

That should do it I thought as I hung up. That was just enough information to make him curious with an order to be there Tuesday night or not come at all. How could he resist and not show up? I am starting out in control. I laughed at that thought.

I found a good bottle of wine and headed to the bath to have a hot soak. Before I showered, I used one of the test kits and was relieved that it showed I wasn’t pregnant and since I was now on a regular cycle with the pill, my period wouldn’t start until after my planned “vacation”. I showered first, carefully shaving all the necessary parts, rinsed and ran the tub full of hot water. I sat back with my wine and enjoyed the soak. I felt good, better than I had in a long time. I lay back thinking nice thoughts until the urge finally had its way and I took the hand held showerhead, adjusted the spray and did the deed. It was a hard and very satisfying orgasm. Handhelds are so useful. I thought as I quivered through this release.

After my very relaxing soak, I patted my slightly wrinkled body down and lathered myself with my favorite body lotion that had a hint of lavender and headed to bed stopping by the kitchen to leave the half full bottle of wine there. Tonight I didn’t need the whole bottle to relax. Although I was excited about the coming week off and my plan of seduction, I hadn’t felt this relaxed in months. I set the alarm for 5AM to get an early start at work and went to bed in a very good mood.


I slept all night in a deep undisturbed sleep and awoke to one of my favorite love songs on the alarm radio. It was a perfect way to wake up. I felt so relaxed and refreshed. I lay there for a few minutes listening to my song before I got up and headed to the bathroom. After peeing, I took a quick shower and patted myself down while looking at myself in the mirror. I liked what I saw. There were no bags under my eyes and I looked so totally good. I hadn’t been exercising much lately and was glad that it didn’t show. I was as fit as ever, my body never changing much and was glad genetics played a big part in that.

I smiled at the thoughts that were entering my mind as I was applying a little makeup. There was no way that Michael would pass up this next week and not be with me. I was positive at that by just looking at my reflection. No guy could resist me if I wanted to set my hooks in him and I wanted him.

I quickly dressed and got to work early and quickly went through all the files on my desk that needed attention. I made notes where work needed to be done or where further review and research needed to be done and bundled it all up and left it on my assistants desk. I had it all done before she got to work. Damn I thought to myself, I’m running on all cylinders this morning as the partners would say. I felt so good. I quickly reviewed the files with her when she came in and still had time to make it to the board room with a meeting of the partners. I gave a brief rundown on my cases without any questions from them and was done with work by 11:00 and headed home.

I was ahead of my own preset schedule and quickly packed for the coming week and put the suitcase in the car. I put out enough dry food for my kitty and cleaned out the litter box and added new litter, filled her water bottle with enough fresh water to last the week and gave her a hug. I was sorry I had ignored her for some time now and promised I would somehow make it up to her.

My dog I left with some friends last Friday, happy they were going to take care of him for the following week. I would have to make it up to them later, somehow. I smiled at that thought, two very straight guys living together to cut costs. Both kept trying to get me into the sack and I kept leading them on. Ummm, I wondered if maybe that would have to be part of making it up to them. They were after all both hunks and I wondered why I hadn’t taken them to bed but then that could ruin the friendship I had with them besides I had them eating out of my hands anyway.

I was ready to leave and getting more excited about what I had planned. My parents would be surprised to see me so early but that wouldn’t be a problem. I’d stay out of their way while they packed and gather up the things from the tack room I needed. Dad never threw away any good rope and I saw some really soft fuzzy pieces that would work well.

I had dressed in low riding white short shorts and t-shirt to drive up in and felt a little moisture in my skimpy lace panties and decided I needed to put in a panty liner to be safe. I didn’t want to show my excitement if thinking about the week caused that to happen. I assumed keeping my mind occupied with driving would help in that department but still it was best to be safe. I can get really wet and swollen when I get sexually excited. Depending upon the intensity of sexual excitement, usually intense oral stimulation which takes me through multiple orgasms, I tend to swell so much the lips guarding my opening will spread apart exposing my depths. By that time a guy can do pretty much anything he wants to me within reason. By then, all I want to do is fuck and be fucked. I found that out at an early age with Ben’s two friends. When I reach that point, I am lost and craving the next orgasm. It is possible I am addicted to sex although I try to keep it under control.

With my things in the car, I leave and try to relax on the drive. Michael had made no attempt to contact me so in a way I didn’t really know if he would show up. That was OK I guess, if he didn’t I would clean out my closet and get all my other stuff and bring it back with me. It was silly of me to have left all of it there. The dress, for sure I would take with me. That dress was not out of style. Some of the other clothes I would donate to the women shelter. There would be plenty to do if Michael didn’t show.

I got there faster than I realized I would. I wondered where my mind had been when I arrived. I didn’t remember driving through some of the places along the way. Oh well, at least I got there alright. Mom was surprised to see me so early. We had our brief hellos and I let her finish packing while I walked around with dad seeing what chores I would be doing. It was all simple and wouldn’t take much of my time. I was glad for that. I wanted most of my time spent in sexual ecstasy. I was getting myself horny just thinking about it while walking around the place. I hoped dad didn’t notice. When he went back to the house, I wandered to the barn and gathered up the rope I would need in the house. I left it in a small pile hidden under a horse blanket to get later after my parents left. I didn’t want them to see me carry this into the house and have to answer any questions on why I needed rope in my room.

I spent the rest of the day exploring the farm and the creek that flowed along one side. I found the old swimming hole was still there where we kids spent a lot of our hot summer days when we were little. It was deeper than I remembered as I removed my shoes and waded out into it. I could see it was deeper when the water came up to the bottom of my shorts and I was still not in what looked like the deepest part of the hole. I was considering going back to shore and removing my shorts when I heard shouting from the house.

Mom had dinner ready so I turned to leave. I would check out the swimming hole tomorrow when there was no one to interrupt me and I could skinny dip. I hadn’t done that in a long time. This would be another place Michael and I would spend some quality time I thought.

Mom and dad were both a little antsy at the table and ate rapidly. I was puzzled at that until dad announced they would be leaving just after dinner and would I clean up so they could get on the road. I knew it was a day and a half drive but this surprised me. I thought they would leave early in the morning. I started to protest at the thought of them being on the road at night but was quickly hushed when he said they would only be driving about 6 hours and then would stop for the night. They already had a motel lined up and he wasn’t tired. I couldn’t argue so as they led me to the car that was already packed, I kissed them goodbye and watched them drive down the road. I had made them promise to call me when they got to the motel for the night so I wouldn’t worry.

When the car was out of sight, I walked to the barn and got the ropes and took them to the house and my room. I rearranged the room so it looked the same as it did that night with a few modifications. I tied four pieces of rope, one to each corner of the bed on the bed posts so when I tied Michael, he would be spread eagled and I would be able to do what I wanted and that was to torture him until he pleaded for me to ride him. That, I wasn’t going to do until I had him in as much pain as I could get him. I was going to be in control of his release not him.

It was still early, the sun had not gone down and still warm so I grabbed a towel and walked back to the swimming hole and striped. I still wanted to see how deep it was and discovered to my surprise at one point I couldn’t touch bottom. I had forgotten how good the water felt against a nude body and relished the feeling of the cool water flowing between my legs and against my slightly swollen pussy, unimpeded by a swim suit. I had been getting excited tying the ropes and thinking about Michael and the trap I was setting for him. I only hoped I would be strong enough to overpower him at some point and tie him to the bed. I lost track of the time and soon discovered it was getting dark. I didn’t dry myself and dress but patted myself down a little, slipped on my shoes and walked back to the house nude while carrying my clothes and the towel in my hands. The warm air felt cool on my moist skin.

I went directly to my room, dropped the towel and clothes on the bed and was going to slip on my robe then decided against it. I was alone with no one around to bother me so I decided I would just stay nude. I liked being nude, the feel of being unencumbered by clothes was sexy. At home on my little 20 acre piece of secluded heaven, I could be found running around unencumbered by clothes. I had some close calls even there though. The two hunks taking care of my dog almost caught me once lying out in the tall grass in my meadow sunning. I was nude as usual but this time I had a wrap with me. It had been a close call and I was glad I saw them in time. Another time the UPS guy almost caught me. The dog barked and saved me that time.

I looked around the bed room making sure the bed was under the window just right, the windows open, the lights were all working OK and then thought I had better check the bathroom window. Good thing I did. I noticed dad had replaced the lock so I made sure it wasn’t fastened. I was ready, the room was ready and the house empty of everyone but me. I searched through my suitcase, emptying the contents into my dresser, placing the sheerest black lace panties on top with a lacy black bra. I went to the closet and got the dress and hung it on the door of the bathroom by the dresser. With my black sandals placed close by, I was ready. I noticed it was already getting dark with the moon just slightly coming up. Tomorrow night would be perfect I thought and left the room to get a bottle of wine and a glass.

I came back, turned off the lights, sat on the bed after pulling back the top sheet and blanket, enjoyed the wine, listened to the night chorus of insects and watched the moon come up. Yes I thought it will be perfect.

The phone rang about that time. It was my parents; they had stopped for the night. We didn’t talk long. I was glad they were OK.

I lay back, thinking about the week. Even though sexual excitement and anticipation had me slightly jittery, I dozed off in an uninterrupted sleep on top the sheet and in spite of the fact I was feeling like that wicked girl I had been so long ago tormenting a pimply faced kid.

Sometime during the night, I had risen and pulled the covers up over me for when I awoke the next morning with daylight in my eyes, I discovered I was covered. I didn’t remember doing that which was unusual for me. I hardly ever awoke during the night and not remembered. Besides, not only was I covered by the top sheet and the light blanket that had been on the bed but the blanket that had been lying across the blanket stand at the end of the bed. That would have taken some effort that I should have remembered. There was a chill to the air which would explain why I had covered myself but why didn’t I remember.


I was refreshed, completely relaxed from my deep sleep anyway so I soon forgot about it as I made up the bed and planed my day. I wanted to go to town and do some shopping so there would be enough for us to eat for the week and get a few other things that I should have packed but forgot in my excitement. I know I didn’t need many clothes and probably wouldn’t be wearing much but I wanted to get a few sexy things and some lavender body cream that I forgot to pack. I also wanted some bath beads too. I wanted to smell nice and feel sexy and smooth for him.

After a quick shower, I dressed, had a little breakfast and headed out to town. I wanted to be back early, put things away and take a shower and shave things then take a nice hot bubble bath and well get myself ready before I left again to be back before 11:00 that night. I wanted this night to go as planned.

I got back a little later than planned; shopping does that to me and all women I suppose. I had to look at everything twice. When it comes to clothes and shoes, there is not enough time in a day. No wonder men complain when they go shopping with us.

I put the food I had bought and the other things away and went to take first the shower and then the soak. When all was finished, I looked at the clock and discovered it was already after 6PM. Where did the time go? I decided to go ahead and dress to kill in my silk dress and eat in town to pass the time. The reflection I watched in the mirror as I dressed and fixed my hair told me everything. I would have tongues hanging out in town and a few hits that I would have to turn down.

Although I liked the way guys looked at me and hit on me, I got tired of turning them down. Well some of them anyway, the sweet hunks with brains that is. The others are kind of repulsive in their own way. Those are easy to turn down. I always try to be kind and really hate it when there is a jerk that won’t go away. One time I had to knee a guy in the balls to get him away from me. I was glad I had backup by a bouncer although if push came to shove I could take care of myself. The guy scared me though. The bouncer walked me to my car so I would be safe. I was glad for that and gave him a big tip and a peck on the cheek. I had most guys eating out of my hand and he was easy. I hoped to have no trouble tonight. I wasn’t going to a bar; just a restaurant but even there sometimes could be trouble.

I did a last minute look, put on some lip gloss and headed to the car, locking the door as I left. Why? Just a habit I guess. The windows were all unlocked.

The restaurant was a nice Italian place. It was new to me and the town. It was like walking into a wine cellar. I loved it and decided I would spend most all of my time here. I walked in alone and was dining alone. I could see most of the men were curious about it. The looks I got from the men were the “let me pick you up and eat you” looks. The stares I got from their dates were if you look at my guy I’ll kill you.

The waiter I had was a cute guy, that is after he finally got his tongue untied. I actually got a free bottle of wine from him when I finally caved in and gave him my phone number after I repeatedly refused to. Persistence pays off sometimes. He gave me his number too. I might just hook up with him sometime. He might be fun. I had other hits too after I ate and sat at the bar sipping my wine. I didn’t want to drink much tonight and refused a lot of drinks and pickup lines. I finally had to leave just to get away from some jerk that was bugging me. I got the cute waiter to walk me to my car after the guy was asked to leave. It was getting late anyway and I would have just enough time to get home and make my entrance. I gave my cute waiter a peck on the cheek and promised I would call when I got home next week. Just another guy doing what I wanted. I was glad to get away.

When I drove home, I kept looking for Michael’s car. I didn’t see it at all. It wasn’t hidden along the driveway in the trees or by the barn that I could see. There was no moonlight reflecting off of any car anywhere.

I parked the car and entered the house after unlocking the door. I locked it behind me and headed to my room turning on and then off the lights along the way. I wanted no surprises. When I reached my room and entered after turning on the lights, I locked my door behind me. Glancing around I could see no one had been there. In the bathroom, I locked the opposite door to the other room and quickly brushed my teeth and gargled some mouth wash. Sweet breath I wanted. Finishing there, I went back to the bed room and proceeded to undress.

I was a little more animated this time and did a strip tease touching myself where necessary reliving the times I had stripped for that pimply faced kid. I was such a bitch doing this for him back then. Still I wanted to make up for doing it and I wanted to do it right. While watching my reflection in the mirror, I was thinking about the first time I saw him outside the window, when I had been looking at my reflection in the mirror and touching myself. When I had turned out the ceiling light and walked over to the bed and turned on the bedside light and stood in front of him in the window. He hadn’t backed away and just stood there looking at me. I knew where he was looking too. My little blond patch was glowing in the light. I stood there for a few long seconds to give him a good look before I turned back the blankets and went to bed. I turned off the light so he couldn’t watch me any longer. I didn’t want him to see what I was doing under the blankets.

I had finished my tease, turned off the ceiling light and walked over to the bed and lay down in what I hoped was the same position I had been in back then after turning on the bedside light. If he was out there, he could reach in and touch me. I was already wet in anticipation. I didn’t have to touch myself down there to know how wet or how swollen I was becoming.

I couldn’t see anyone outside the window the way the light was shining in my eyes and I reached over and turned off the light. The moonlight illuminated my body but I didn’t see any shadow on it from someone standing outside the window this time. I was a little disappointed at that and wondered if he was there. My fingers had already wandered down feeling my wetness and I sighed and spread my legs a little. I didn’t want to get myself off this time; I wanted him to do it. I laid there waiting for what seemed like hours too excited to move or fall asleep. It wasn’t as hot as it was back then, and the night was cooling. I didn’t know how long I could lay there before having to cover up.

I guess it was the wine that finally relaxed me enough to let my mind drift off. I wasn’t asleep when I heard the scratching on the bathroom window sill. I heard it plain as day. My body and mind jumped into overdrive in sexual anticipation. He was coming in. My breathing quickened, my heart pounded in my chest as I heard his shoes touch the floor. I turned my head slightly to watch him enter the room and spread my legs a little more open for him. I watched as he came close, still only seeing this dark shadow. The moonlight didn’t illuminate his features but when he removed his shoes, shirt and dropped his shorts and came to the bed, I knew. The moonlight illuminated the hardness that was sticking straight out. I wanted to reach up and grasp it, pull it to me but I lay still, wondering what he was going to do. That first time I expected him to climb on and shove it in. I would have been wet enough to handle it as I would be this time. Would that be the way he would do it I wondered?

He just stood there looking at me for the longest. I was getting desperate. I wanted to move, reach out to him. His next move surprised me. He didn’t climb on and shove it in like I thought he would. He leaned down with the slightest weight upon the bed hardly moving it and positioned his mouth on my pussy and hands on my thighs holding me while he sucked at my clit. It was almost an instant orgasm for me. I had no idea I was that sexually excited by just waiting for him. I moaned in ecstasy as my body shook and my pussy muscles tried to milk at his tongue. He climbed further onto the bed, working his mouth, tongue and hands up my body from where he had just been. Touching me everywhere, he worked his way across my mound, stomach, breasts and neck ending at my lips and face. We sucked tongues in a beautiful deep kiss. I felt his beautiful hardness poking me as he leaned over me and reached down and grasp it, trying to position it at my opening. He brushed my hands away and brought them up over my head where he tied them to the headboard before I was aware of what he was doing. I tried to jerk my hands away but it was too late. He was already reaching for one leg and had it tied to the bottom corner before I could react to that too. I tried kicking him with the other but he soon had that one tied. I was tied and helpless. I was now mad.

“Michael you shit let me go!” I was struggling against the ropes shaking the headboard and the bed. Even as soft as the ropes were, they were chaffing my wrists and ankles I was fighting so hard.

“No darling, it’s my turn now. This is make up time for all the agony you put me through, you fucking tease. You are going to be my sex slave for a whole week and do everything I want you to do. I discovered the ropes when I explored your room yesterday and today when you were in town. I know what you were planning and now the tide has turned. How I wanted you the first time I saw you undress and that time I snuck into your room and how humiliated I felt around you when you ignored me acting the way you did. I knew you were fucking some guys you bitch. I found your cum soaked panties and your birth control. You’re going to learn some humility too, what it is like to be teased and fucked over. Your mine and you are going to do what I want. You may not like it but now I’m the boss.”

I had calmed down somewhat by this time listening to his ranting. I was wondering just what would be next when he lay down on me while still between my legs and started kissing me all over. I knew I was helpless and would not ever be able to control him and went with the flow. I wanted him to fuck me anyway and letting him have his way, well, there was nothing I could do about it. He was getting me turned on again when he started touching, kissing and sucking at me. It didn’t take him long before he had me quivering in another release. When I was coming down from it was when he shoved himself in. I gasp with the suddenness of it. He started pounding me with it, sharp sudden upward jabs partially lifting me up off the bed in spite of being tied down, with his groin slapping against mine. I heard myself screaming at him.

“Oh yes, fuck me hard, fuck, fuck, fuck, oh god, fuck,” as an orgasm surged through me.

He kept up this unmerciful pounding bringing me ever closer to another orgasm when he moaned, “Oh god Sara I’m cumming.”

He shoved in hard one last time and held still while his cock twitched, flexed and pumped me full of his release. I had been so close that just the feeling of his muscle contractions and the flood that was pouring into me brought me into a screaming orgasm, my contractions sucking his release deeper into me.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh, goooooooooooood,” I could hear myself screaming.

The sweat was pouring off of me and him when he collapsed down on me exhausted, the sweat pooling between us and running down and soaking the sheet. I couldn’t move being tied, exhausted and his weight on top of me. Lying there that way pinned as I was gave me time to reflect on what just happened. Hard rough sex, I kind of liked it. Maybe there were times I needed to be controlled. No I thought. If I ever get loose, he is going to get it. I slipped into sleep thinking that.


I awoke the next morning needing to pee. He wasn’t on top of me but I was covered and still tied. I rose up and looked around and in not seeing him or hearing him I hollered.

“I need to pee!” No response so I screamed louder. “I need to get loose to Pee!!!”

There was still no response so I lay back and waited until I heard a noise from the kitchen.

I screamed louder. “Fuck Michael I need to get untied so I can go pee!”

I was in so much pain by the time I finally got his attention and he came into the room to untie me I didn’t notice what he was carrying. Nor did I see who was behind him looking past the door.

“Hold your horses Sara.” He said as he quickly fastened this collar around my neck and snapped it closed as he leaned across me and untied my hands and feet. I wasn’t aware of what he was doing; I was too rushed to get to the bathroom before I had an accident.

I was peeing when I heard low voices in the bed room.

“You both saw her.” I heard Michael say.

“Yes Mike, we both had a very good look after you fucked her last night and again this morning. She is even more beautiful this morning as disheveled as she is.”

Another voice said, “Damn Michael, she is beautiful and yes I want to fuck her. Who wouldn’t? Are you sure you want to go through with this, have all of us fucking her?”

“Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?”

“Well, let me think about it a little more. Go out to the barn. I’ll call you if I change my mind.” I heard Michael say.

I flushed the toilet and yelled out, “Who is out there with you Michael?”

I was apprehensive and reached for a towel to wrap up in. What did I just hear? Were there two other voices besides Michaels? What is this thing around my neck? I glanced in the mirror just as I peaked around the door. Michael was the only person in the room.

“Michael, are there other men here and what is this thing around my neck? I want it off.”

He just looked at me for a few seconds with this indecisive look on his face before he answered.

“That’s a shock collar that you are going to wear. Do you see any one here but me?”

“Well, no but I thought I heard vices.”

“Well, you didn’t. Let me take the collar off so you can get cleaned up. It is water proof but I’ll take it off for now. If you don’t obey, I’ll put it back on.”

I started to step into the shower but not before Michael dropped his pants, pushed me face down on the counter and took me from behind. He didn’t make sure I was wet enough this time, just pushed in and fucked me until he came. I thought I saw then how this week was going to be. Boy was I wrong.

When I finished my shower and slipped into a pair of shorts and t-shirt and walked into the kitchen where I smelled cooking bacon and coffee drifting from, Michael snapped the collar back around my neck.

“I thought I wasn’t going to have to wear it.”

“Well, I changed my mind.”

I thought I knew just what the collar was for and what it did and wanted to see where the control was. I did have a dog and although I hadn’t wanted to use a training collar I had to finally get one to keep him within the yard when I wasn’t around. It shocked fairly hard when he got within several feet of the boundary wire. When we went for a walk past the boundary wire, I shut off the wire and carried the portable control. The shock settings were adjustable. I figured in this case, there was no boundary wire.

“OK Michael, if I have to wear it tell me why and show me how it is going to be used.”

“You’re going to wear it so I don’t have to worry about you escaping or getting out of my sight. Also I will use it to train you and do things that you may not want to do. You know you are a smug bitch used to getting your way. Well that is going to change.”

“What do you mean; train me in something I may not want to do?” I was getting not just a little pissed now; anger was seething just slightly under the boiling point but I didn’t want to show it. I still wanted to see where the control was and how he was going to use it.

“You’ll find out soon enough. I know what you want and that’s to get me to show you where the control is and how the collar is going to work. Well the control is here in my shirt pocket.”

He took it out to show me. It was a rather small rectangular box about the size of a cigarette pack. It didn’t look that threatening. The collar though was a little heaver and thicker than the one I had for my dog. I would have to check it out later when I was alone. My hands were already exploring it as we talked. I wondered how bad the shock was going to be and when he was going to demonstrate how he was going to use it. I did have the training to take him down if given the chance and I think he knew it.

“You want me to show you how bad it is going to be? You sure you want me to show you?”

I wasn’t sure I wanted him to but then I had to find out if I wanted to get it away from him and get control. I knew how a taser worked and felt like. I just hoped the settings were set to a light shock. This week was not what I had planned.

He was grinning when he pushed the button.

I was paralyzed and twitching when I hit the floor, body convulsing uncontrollably. It only lasted for a few long seconds. As I was coming out of it I discovered my bladder had released its contents and I had wet myself. I was glad my bowls had been empty. I was unsteady as I tried to get up and only made it to my knees, when Michael spoke.

“You want me to do that again?”

I shook my head, unable to say anything afraid he would hit the button again. I had hurt my head when I fell and could feel a bruise beginning on the left side above my ear. He tossed me a towel and ordered me to clean up the mess I made. I was humiliated when I looked up and saw two other guys watching me. I hadn’t heard them enter the room.

“Sara, this is John and Mark very good friends of mine. They’re going to become very good friends of yours too.”

I knew right away what that meant. What this all meant. What I was going to be forced to do.

“Go to your room and clean up.” I dimly heard Michael say. I was watching them through the tears that were forming in my eyes. I humbly obeyed and stumbled to my room as I heard them snickering behind me.

I thought they were going to follow me when I heard one of them say, “Do we get to have her now?”

“No not yet,” Michael replied. “Do you have things in the barn set up?”


“Give me time to get her cleaned up and ready.”

I had already made it to my bed room and was looking at the mirror reflection of the collar twisting it this way and that trying to see how I could get it off. I discovered the clasp could only be opened with a key. There was no other way I could get it off. I was trying to use a hair pin in the lock when Michael walked in.

“No use doing that, the lock can’t be picked.”

I glared back at him, at his reflection in the mirror.

“You can try all you want but only the key will work. “That key is well hidden.” He laughed at that. Take off your shorts and t-shirt. You won’t need to wear anything and take a shower. “

He hovered over me, watching me remove my clothes as I watched his reflection in the mirror. I turned to him my hands on the collar wanting him to take it off.

“Nope babe, it’s going to stay on from now on. I don’t want you getting any ideas.”

He held the box in his hands, finger hovering over the button. There was no way I wanted to get hit again and obeyed. Stepping into the shower I cringed as I turned on the water and let it hit the collar. I was afraid he would push it again. I didn’t know what would happen when wet.

“Hurry up and put on some of that sweet smelling stuff you use to smell nice too.”

I turned and glared at him as he watched me shower, a grin on his face and bulge forming in his shorts. He was enjoying himself I could see. I was looking at his bulge when he laughed.

“Want to see it?”

I turned away when he pulled it out.

“That’s OK love; you’re going to see a lot of it. You’ve always used men, getting your way whenever you wanted something, flashing that smile along with those gorgeous looks and body. You’re going to see what it is like to be used. Hurry up, times a wasting. You have friends waiting.”

I cringed when I heard those words and was dreading what it implied. I was going to have to perform for them and I knew what perform meant. I just didn’t know how things would play out. I stayed in the shower as long as I dared letting hot water cascade down over me while I tried to plan something in my mind, anything that would stop this. I couldn’t think. There were three of them. I hoped I could remain in some kind of control that my body and mind would not go to the primal stages that I had been taught to do with Ben’s friends. I could control myself with one man. With three, I couldn’t go there. I didn’t want to go there. I knew what would happen.

“OK Sara, time for the party. Get out of the shower.”

He reached in turned off the water and handed me a towel and I obediently stepped out, drying myself. He stood there watching me with this smile on his face. When I had patted down most of my body and dried my hair, he handed me the bottle of lotion.

“Got to be nice and soft and smell nice.”

Again I only glared at him. I started to pin up my hair when he told me to leave it down.

“Oh yes, you need to take this. We don’t need you getting pregnant now although it would serve you right.”

He was holding my birth control pills and handed me the one I needed to take. I was glad he was at least going to let me take them. Birth control hadn’t even entered my mind. I swallowed it using the glass of water he was holding. I hadn’t eaten and my stomach started growling when the pill and water hit it. He had me by the arm and was leading me through the bedroom. I hadn’t dressed and tried to stop him. I needed delays, anything to slow this down.

“I need to put some clothes on.”

“No you don’t. You’re not going to need any.”

“Do I get breakfast?” I was hungry and could still smell the bacon from the kitchen.

“Well, maybe. You’re going to need your strength. The rest of us have eaten. If you hadn’t needed the demonstration, you could have eaten too. Screw it, you can eat later.”

He had already pulled me through the kitchen and out the door. We were headed towards the barn. I tried to hold back.

“Why are you taking me to the barn?”

“That’s where your new friends are waiting. I didn’t want them messing up the house.”

I started to struggle but remembered the collar and stopped. Once was enough. I didn’t want to get shocked again. I wondered why the barn and not the house and bedroom. The sunlight was bright and when he shoved me into the barn my eyes didn’t have time to adjust to the darkness. I couldn’t see but hands found me and pulled me to one of the narrow stalls. There was fresh hay underfoot and spread around the stall, I could feel it and smell it. I didn’t understand when I was pushed back into this swing like thing and my hands were tied to a pole above me and my legs were stretch apart and tied loosely to the stall on either side. I could not stand but was hanging in a semi sitting position with my legs spread wide. My eyes were just adjusting to the dark when the stall door to the outside was opened and sunlight flooded in. Temporally blinded, I didn’t see them. I had my eyes shut to the glare of the sunlight and when I heard talking I opened them. There were six of them. Michael, John, Mark and three others. All were looking at me trussed up and ready to play with.

They moved in touching me, running their hands over me while discussing how fucking good I looked and what fun they were going to have breaking me in. I could see the lust in their eyes. The way they were talking amongst themselves and to me brought shivers to my skin. I cringed at their touching.

“Michael, please don’t do this to me,” I pleaded with him. “Please Michael, I want only you.”

I had never been taken like this by so many. It wasn’t that I was afraid that I would be hurt. It was just that I would loose all control. I knew it would happen, what would happen. I had been taught well. The primal animal instincts would take over my mind and body.

“Please Michael; I’ll do anything you want.”

“That’s right babe, you will do anything I want. OK guys, you know what we talked about. If you don’t follow the rules, you will not get to fuck her. Agreed?”

I looked around at the nodding heads. They were undressing. My body cringed and shook in fear as I watched. I looked at Michael silently pleading for him to stop this. I mouth the words, “Michael, please stop this…” He only smiled.

They were all undressed by the time one guy I think was either Mark or John knelled down between my legs and grasp my hips and pulled me to his mouth. I tried to close my mind to what was happening but I began to loose it when his tongue and lips started tweaking my clit. I could only think of the orgasm that would follow. The others closed in and began caressing me, all over, sucking and tweaking my breasts touching me everywhere. I felt their hard rods poking me as they caressed me. I tried to block my mind to the feeling that the hands, lips and tongues were doing to me but my body was responding to them. John, Mark, or whoever it was between my legs brought me to my first orgasm.

I was hanging there quivering, when whoever was first changed places with someone else and it started over, he lapping at my wetness. I was in a sexual bliss, screaming at them to fuck me as my body bucked and quivered in response. It didn’t stop until each one had their turn bringing me to orgasm. Limp now, exhausted, tender and wanting more, I wondered what was next. Everything seemed a blur with the primal animal lust that had taken over my body.

“Ok guys, next phase.”

I wondered what that was going to be when Michael came and stood between my legs positioning his cock and in griping my hips, thrust into me and held still for 15 seconds before pulling free with no other thrusting. Another traded places and did the same. They all did it. It was a game. They were laughing and making bets not only on who would cum first but who would last the longest. I lost track of how long this lasted. Time didn’t matter. I was already lost. I couldn’t fight it if I wanted. My body responded as it was trained and I was actually thrusting my groin at them to try to make them cum. I was screaming at them to fuck me and although they kept up this game I quivered through several orgasms. It was sheer torture for me, them doing this and not fucking me. I was in agony when they changed places and there was no cock inside me for several long seconds. I wanted to be filled. It seemed like hours had gone by when one of them thrust up hard and deep and shot his load. He was the first and had to drop out. The others kept it up with each one having to drop out after shooting his load into me until one guy was left. He was the one that got to actually fuck me with multiple thrusts and brought me to a hard orgasm as he shot his load into me. After he had finished, they all took turns fucking me until they each came again. I and they were exhausted by that time. After that I was untied and carried to the house and placed on my bed.


I slept and woke thirsty and famished. It was dark I could hear light snoring and looked around, trying to see in the pale moonlight. I didn’t want to turn on the light for fear of what might happen next if they knew I was awake. I tried to find my robe or something to put on but all my clothes were gone. Mad at that, I made my way from the room to the kitchen trying not to awaken anyone.

“Well Sara, how do you like it so far?”

Michael was sitting in the dark like he was waiting for me. He startled me when he spoke and I almost jumped out of my skin.

“You Bastard,” I growled after my heart had slowed down from my fright.

He laughed. “The guys will be here for the week so you had better get used to it. They all get to take turns with you. Do you want it one on one now or as a group?”

I glared as he continued.

“There are rules they have to follow. They can’t hit you or fuck you in the ass or drug you but they can do anything else they want when they are alone with you or for that matter as a group. How do you want it to go? At some point though as a group, we will play train kind of like yesterday only it won’t be a game and each will have you in succession just for the hell of it.”

Before I had the chance to think much about it I blurted out, “Each alone.”

Laughing, he said, “OK.” Let me fix you something to eat. You are going to need your strength. Sit.”

He pulled out a chair and I sat while he went about fixing something to eat and drink. I watched him closely. I had forgotten about the control box for the collar and was now looking for it. He didn’t have it with him, not in his shirt pocket. The “T” he was wearing didn’t have one. I didn’t see it on the counter anywhere either. I was absently fingering the collar when he turned back to me.

“I see what you’re thinking. The control is in a safe place. As long as you don’t get further than 50 yards from it you won’t get shocked. That means you stay within the house until I get it and move it to another place. You might also want to clean up between friends if they will give you the time.”

“How long are you going to force me to do this, play with your friends?”

“Forced? That will be just this week. Afterwards, well I think you will change your mind about the term forced. I suspect you, I, them and their women will be all good friends with benefits.”

I sat back puzzled at that. Friends with benefits, never, not with this group or Michael. I never wanted to see them or him again after this week.

He had cooked up some scrambled eggs and bacon and served them to me. I was hungry and wolfed everything down quickly. He watched as I sat there thinking in silence at everything he told me. I thought I might have a chance to get away if I use my charms on the guys when I am alone with them. There has to be one that is weaker than the others. I’ll get him to get me out of here.

I was startled out of my thoughts when one of the guys came into the kitchen and stood by my chair. His cock was hard and standing straight up as he looked at me. Michael nodded at him as he took my arm and led me from the kitchen to my room. I knew what I had to do and climbed onto the bed and lay back. He climbed on with me, between my legs as I spread them and lay down on me, kissing and caressing me. His hands were everywhere. He didn’t go down on me I guess because I hadn’t had time to clean up and well, the activity of the day before smelled a little. There was no talking, only us grunting as he slid into me and we rutted like animals. I came and came hard several times before he filled me and collapsed down on top of me and pinned me. I lay there under his weight until he started lightly snoring.


It was starting to get light when I was able to slowly role him off. I had to pee so I got up and went to the toilet. God I stunk. I could smell the rutting. I felt dirty, was dirty. I had hay stuck in my hair, cum plastered my golden patch and seeped from my snatch. I had to shower.

I stood under the hot cascading spray for a long while before I noticed another guy standing there watching me. I didn’t remember who he was; he wasn’t the guy that had just fucked me. Watching him and seeing how hard he was, I knew what he wanted and moved aside for him to enter the shower. I was still wet from cum seeping from me so I let him position me how he wanted. There needed to be no foreplay to get me aroused. He turned me so I was facing the wall and had me bend over and slid his hard cock deep into me easily from behind. I was surprised at how easily and quickly he made me cum, how my body accepted it and craved his release. There was no resistance. My mind wasn’t registering what was happening. This was all feeling good. When he finished, he helped me shower, scrubbing my back and everywhere else. His hands felt good soaping me up and down. We didn’t talk I didn’t think I could. I was still aware of the collar and afraid of it. When we were scrubbed clean and stepped from the shower he dried me down.

Finally speaking to me he told me how beautiful I was and how he was glad I was joining the “Club”. That’s what he called it, the “Club”. I didn’t know what he was talking about.

I was just getting ready to ask what this “Club” was when Michael walked in on us.

“I see you have her squeaky clean Dave, just in time to take her to breakfast. Go ahead and get dressed Dave and meet us in the kitchen.”

Dave quickly slipped on a pair of shorts as Michael led me to the kitchen and followed. Again I was nude and paraded around to the ogling of the others. Dave, Michael and the guy that took me in the night were the only ones dressed. The others were nude with growing man hoods. I looked around puzzled.

“You’re wondering why some are dressed and others are not? Well think about it. Dave here and Jack have already had you this morning. The others get to dress afterwards. Good way to keep track of who has had their turn.”

“Why are you dressed?”

“I’ve already had you several times. I wanted the others to have their turns.”

I didn’t know what to say at that. I was getting hunger pains looking at the table. There were platters of scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes waiting. I sat down. The others followed. As we ate, I watched Michael take a straw and cut into three unequal lengths and set them aside until we all finished eating.

“OK you three, here is how we are going to see who is next. Since she has had a chance to shower and clean up, this will make it fair.” He was holding the straws in one hand where only the tops were showing equal lengths. “Draw a straw. The shortest gets her next.”

Mark was the lucky one. As he reached for my hand, Michael spoke up.

“Wait a minute, she has to take this first.” He held out another pill from my birth control and watched as I swallowed it. “OK Mark, she is all yours.”

I thought he was going to lead me to my bedroom but instead, he led me from the house to the swimming hole. I was apprehensive and my hands went to the collar expecting the shock when I thought I was out of range. Mark didn’t notice. I didn’t know Michael followed with the control and hid it close by.

“We’re all going to spend the day here since it is going to be quite hot.”

There were several blankets already spread around and Mark led me to one and pulled me down. I had scarcely made it onto the blanked when he had me on my back in a deep kiss, his hands already exploring me. I was surprised I was returning the kiss as eagerly as I was. His hands felt good in what they were doing to me. His lips and mouth too as his mouth left mine and went exploring stopping at my breasts and suckling at them. I wasn’t aware that the others had arrived, was totally lost in the moment when his mouth and tongue attacked my slit and clit. I was moaning in pleasure as an orgasmic shock raced through me. It hit hard and fast. My eyes were closed, legs up in the air and hands pulling on his hair holding his head, face and mouth to me my body quivering in this release.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” I was screaming in total ecstasy. Not wanting to come down from this high.

My quivering had barely ceased when he again was kissing me, his mouth on mine, me tasting my release on his lips and tongue. I felt the head of his engorged cock slipping between my slimy swollen lips and I raised my hips a little to meet him. He entered me slowly as the swollen head found my opening, letting me adjust to him, feel him as he entered and bottomed out, his groin against mine. He thrust in and out slowly, bringing me to the edge several times, each time stopping to rest a little and to control the timing of his own release. It felt so good and so right. He was making love to me and me to him. Our kissing and caressing each other was bringing us ever closer to our releases. I was scarcely aware of the others watching. It didn’t matter. It was beautiful when we both came together. I could tell he was getting to the point he wouldn’t be able to control himself much longer. I was close too. He had slowed his thrusts down to almost remaining still when I felt him stiffen and shove in deep. That was it for me too. We released together, lost in the ecstasy of our releases. Our bodies spasmed together, groin against groin, pussy muscles milking at his flexing shaft as the muscles of it pushed his flow into me, the spasms of the muscles inside my pussy sucking his flow deeper. I wasn’t aware we were moaning and screaming as we climaxed together I didn’t hear them. I was lost in my ecstasy. I was startled out of my sexual dream world when I heard a voice.

“Quite a show you two gave us.”

Mark had rolled off of me, sat up and was grinning at the others who had been watching us. I was still laying there trying to recover.

“Glad you liked it.” I spat back. I was starting to get used to no privacy and them.

I was starting to sit up when John pushed me back down. “My turn.”

With that said, he didn’t spend any time caressing me with any type of foreplay but got between my legs spread them and in gripping my hips and holding me up, slipped inside me. The way he was holding me with my hips in the air with just the upper part of my back and head on the blanket had the swollen head of his cock and shaft rubbing directly against my g-spot. That quickly brought me to another orgasm. It didn’t take long after that for his release too.

When he slipped free and stood, the last guy came over and told me to go for a swim. He would have his turn when I cleaned up a little.

I slowly rolled over onto my side and got up and walked to the water and waded in as he watched me. It felt good on my sweaty body as I reached the deep part and sunk under long enough to get my head and hair wet. I swam across the pool to the other side and washed the best I could and swam back. He was waiting for me on the blanket, his hard cock throbbing at attention. I stood before him, shook the water out of my hair the best I could and laid down beside him. He turned to me swinging one leg over me and began kissing me, letting his hands explore while his tongue dueled with mine. His mouth left mine and discovered my breasts while he inserted his fingers and finger fucked me to my first orgasm with him. After that, he wasted no further time, rolled me over to my stomach, got me to my knees and took me doggy. He held my hips as he pounded into me forcing me to him as hard as he was thrusting back at me. His groin was slapping my butt, his balls slapping against my clit when I came. My quivering body pulled him into his. I felt his release as little jerky thrusts as he jettisoned into me. I felt him slip free as I lay down onto the blanket finally exhausted, not wanting any more and gasp for air. I felt him get up and move away and was glad he was the last.

I needed to recover. They didn’t let me. We spent the day there by the pool, them taking turns with me whenever they wanted. Michael finally took several turns with me too. None spent any time kissing or caressing me. They just fucked me any time they got hard. Someone was always hard. It was beginning to get dark when they finally stopped. I was sore and glad it was over for now. They had to help me to the house; I was too exhausted and sore to walk so they carried me. Michael had a hot tub of water waiting for me and they deposited me in it when they got me inside. He also had several high energy drinks which I gulped down. I had nothing but water since breakfast. The hot water felt good and I began to relax as Michael washed me. There were no words exchanged. He sat and watched me and let me soak, every now and then testing the temperature of the water not letting it cool. I dozed off.


I awoke sometime later in bed with a warm body against my back and the beginning of light coming in through the window. I thought there must have been something in the drinks that knocked me out because the last thing I remembered I was in the bath. I didn’t remember ever leaving it. I lay still, not wanting to wake up whoever was in bed with me. I could still feel the soreness and I didn’t think I could handle a repeat of yesterday. I needed to pee and would have to crawl across him and I didn’t want to wake him so I lay still until I started fidgeting with the painful urge to pee.

He stirred finally coming awake. “Oh I see you are awake.”

In a way, I was relieved it was Michael and I quickly rolled over him mumbling, “Pee,” and scampered to the toilet. It was a close call; I was peeing almost before I sat down. Sore, I didn’t wipe, only patted. I was surprised I didn’t see blood on the paper. I was looking at it when I noticed Michael standing in the door.

“Sore Huh, Well that handled a lot of activity yesterday. There won’t be any today.”

“Huh,” I didn’t believe what I was hearing. No sex?

“We’ve got to let you recover some unless you want to continue having sex. I don’t think that wise though. Some of the guys have to leave anyway so now is a good time to recover. There will be only two of us left here with you. Mark is staying. I think you like him judging from the show you two put on.”

I was relieved it was Mark. I did like him. He, like Michael, did know how to make tinder love. The others, well, they were rough and I liked that too but Michael was right. I needed time. This was all new to me.

“Oh yes, you’re going to have to start doing your chores. I’m tired of doing them.”

I was relieved to hear that the chores had been getting done. That had been the furthest thought in my mind with what had been happening with me.

“What is today?” I had lost track of time.

“Saturday, why?”

“No reason just lost track of time.” Three days, four left if today was counted. “Are the others coming back?”

“No, it’ll just be me and Mark until Tuesday morning, depending upon the return of your parents. The others you’ll get to see another time. We all get together for parties. They bring their women then.”

I thought back to what David said. Was this the “Club” he mentioned.

“Is this the “Club”?

He looked at me with this puzzled expression for a few seconds then grinned. “I guess you could call it that.”

“Am I going to be your woman or Marks?” I was looking at the growing size of his cock that was staring at me.


I still had the damn collar on and knew it was no longer needed. I wouldn’t try to get away, didn’t want to.

“Mike, do I have to continue wearing this collar? I won’t try to get away.”

“I know you won’t.”

With that he leaned down to where I was sitting on the toilet and removed it, his hardness just poking me in the lips when I opened my mouth and took him in. No one had forced or asked me to do this and I wanted to. I pushed him back against the counter while I sucked at him, running my tongue against his opening teasing him and sending shivers through him. He sat back and let me, running his hands through my hair, holding my head pushing it back and forth fucking my mouth. I sucked, twirling my tongue around his head and against his opening driving him closer and closer to the brink. When he stiffened and I could feel the contractions start, I began to suck hard, my hands stroking him as I sucked spurt after spurt from him. He was cringing trying to push me away as I sucked and swallowed the last of him.

“Oh god Sara, I felt that in my balls. It was starting to hurt.”

I knew. It had been what I had planned to do all along only the way I wanted to do it, it would have hurt more.

The smell of frying bacon was drifting into the room when Michael finally got enough energy to slide his butt off the counter and pick me up and carry me to the kitchen.

“Mark, guess what she knows how to do.” He looked at us funny not knowing the answer.

“Head man, she gives good head.” With that he sat me down on the edge of the table.

“OK Mark, your turn.”

I had to do Mark before breakfast. After breakfast I did the chores with Marks help and spent the rest of the day trying to suck their sexual batteries dry. It took a while. They were exhausted by nightfall. That night I slept between two tired lovers. I was glad they were tired. Neither tried to have sex with me all night and I got good nights sleep.


Sunday I awoke late, alone in bed. The guys were gone at least they were not in the house. It was all quiet. I went looking for clothes before the need to pee took me to the bathroom. The door to the other bedroom was open and I saw all my cloths piled in there. I picked out a pair of shorts and a button up blouse and put them on and looked for my slip-ons. I finally found them under the bed. Dressed, I brushed my hair and went looking and wandered through the house. There was a box of cereal on the table with a bowl and spoon in the kitchen. I filled the bowl with cereal, added milk and sat down. I was starving and finished it quickly gulping mouthfuls. I filled the bowl again and finished that. Filled finally, I got up and headed outside wondering where the guys were. That’s when I heard them on the other side of the barn, playing hoops. They both grinned at me when I walked up.

“High babe,” Michael grunted as he made a shot. It went in. Of course it went in, Mark made no attempt to block it and was standing there looking at me. There was this big shit eating grin on his face and it got bigger when Michael nodded to him and went after the ball. I heard him bouncing it and taking a shot as Mark led me from there into the barn. I still didn’t understand why Michael was sharing me this way. He said I was his woman. Guys don’t share their women like this.

“We’re going up in the hay loft,” he said as he took me by the hand and led me to the ladder.

I turned and climbed. Mark followed. There was a bed of straw spread out covered with a blanket. I knew what was expected and started to knell down on it. Mark stopped me and stood me back up and unbuttoned and removed my blouse. There was no bra. He cupped one breast and brought his mouth to the other sending shivers thru me. Then his lips found mine. We kissed a lingering kiss as his hands unsnapped my shorts and pulled them down. There were no panties either. I let them slide down my legs and stepped from them as I helped remove his shirt and pants. Then we sunk to the blanket, tongues dueling, hands exploring. We were alone. He was kneeling between my legs.

Mark lathered me with kisses, his mouth and tongue leaving wet trails as he moved from my face, neck chest, both breasts and down to my belly button. He twirled his tongue there before moving on down. By this time I was already, swollen and wet. I was already the moment I lay on the blanket. Now when his tongue found my clit, I knew I was fully swollen open as a shiver coursed through me and my orgasm hit. He took it slow, bringing me to release again and again with his talented tongue and hands. My hips bucked in time with his lapping stopping only when my body quivered through an orgasm. My hands were in his hair, holding his head forcing his mouth to me, my legs squeezing tightly almost smothering him at times. He was gasping for air at the last orgasm and pulled his head from my hands.

“Damn girl, you almost smothered me that time,” he choked between gasping breaths.

He moved up and leaned over me, lust in his eyes as he looked at me. I looked down my body at him, his cock so engorged the head looked purplish in the dim light. It was standing straight out just above my mound and even with my slit. Using my feet as leverage I lifted my hips up to him letting the engorged head slide between my swollen lips wetting it. That was all the invitation he needed. He didn’t have to reach down to guide it, it was position perfectly at my opening and all he had to do is lean forward and slip in. He fit me perfectly just like Michael. They were both the same size and length. He bottomed out when his groin was against mine, the head of his cock rubbing against my cervix. He knew it, could feel it as his sensitive opening rubbed there. I could too. I held him tightly, wrapping my arms and legs around him. I just wanted to hold him inside me for as long as I could. I didn’t know when this would end.

He rose up on his hands and knees, reached down and held my hips with his hands and leaned back forcing my hips and pussy higher in the air. I had to drop my arms back to the blanket leaving my legs loosely around him as he started this slow thrusting pulling me to him as he thrust. I raised my legs to his shoulders with only my upper back and head remaining on the blanket with my arms. I looked down my body at him and watched as the large head of his cock rippled the taunt skin of my flat stomach. I reached down and felt it as it moved within me. I held my hand there until an orgasm ripped through me. Shortly afterwards, he released his torrent when he thrust in deep and held himself still, pulsating against my cervix.

I needn’t have worried about it ending too soon as we spent the day there, Michael bringing us water and snacks when we needed it for thirst and energy and us leaving when bodily needs required us too.

At one point when I left to pee, I cornered Michael and questioned him about what we were doing and why he was letting other men have me since he clamed I was supposed to be his woman. His answer puzzled me. “Because I can.” I didn’t argue. I didn’t see the need to. I went back to Mark because I wanted to.

We spent the day there in each others arms coming down when it got dark and the air cooled. Michael was waiting for us in the kitchen with a small dinner set for two. He had already eaten and sat down and watched us eat with few words said.

Suddenly he jumped up and went to the cupboard turning back with my birth control pills in hand. “Almost forgot these.” Handing me one, I swallowed it with a gulp of milk.

This too I couldn’t figure. He had been so not caring before, refusing to use condoms when I told him I wasn’t safe. Now it seemed to be an obsession with him. I didn’t want to get pregnant either but why did he suddenly care now. Was it because any one of them could get me knocked up and it might not be him. Yeah, that was probably it. It wouldn’t be his. I wouldn’t be his woman if someone else knocked me up. I was looking at him strangely as I had these thoughts and he diverted his eyes, looking away from me. After a few seconds, he looked back.

“OK you two. Mark has to leave in the morning so I will sleep in the other room. You two get your bed.” He was looking directly at me. “I’ll have you all to myself tomorrow until sometime Tuesday until your parents get back. They called and left a message on the machine. You need to call them back and find out exactly when they will be here.”

I called and found out it would be late afternoon probably around 4 when they got here so since I had to work Wednesday, it would be ok if I left before they got home. They would call and tell me they were home. The phone was on speaker so Michael and Mark both heard.

“OK you two, off to bed.”

We jumped up and headed to the shower first, scrubbing each other down, getting the dried sweat and dust off us laughing all the while. He was having fun and most of all, I was having fun. We didn’t even bother to dry off. We brushed our teeth and jumped into bed and into each others arms. It was like we hadn’t spent the day together and we made love all night.


Mark was gone when I woke up. Disappointed I looked for him. The bed was still warm where he had lain. I called his name with no answer other than Michael walking into the room.

“He has already left. I want you to get up, shower, soak, clean up, do whatever else you need to do to make yourself presentable to me.”

He went into the other room and came back with a clean pair of white shorts, matching panties and a halter top. No bra. I didn’t need one and shoes. “Wear these. I’ll see you in the kitchen in two hours. Don’t be late.” He turned and left.

Orders, I don’t do orders well but I jumped at these. I was in the shower before he got past the bedroom door. I scrubbed my self until my skin was pink, making sure I was clean everywhere. I shaved all the right places, did my hair, lathered up in body lotion, applied dabs of makeup, light eye shadow, lip gloss and did everything I could think of to be presentable. I found a different pair of shorts, really low rider that showed a little of my golden patch and dressed. I arrived in the kitchen on time.

Breakfast for two was on the table waiting. He held the chair for me and I sat. He sat across from me a smile on his face.

“Beautiful, you are very beautiful. Sara you are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with. You will do what I want when I want. You are mine aren’t you? You have met five of my friends, my closest friends. We share and share alike. What is mine is theirs. What is theirs is mine. It is our pact to each other. We are more than brothers. Do you understand? Do you understand that if they want to fuck you, you will go with them? You are their woman too and belong to all of us?”

I didn’t understand much of this. Even after what I had just been through. I didn’t understand him. No man I dated ever acted like this and said these things.

I nodded my head affirming what I was going to say. “Yes Michael.”

“Good, let’s eat before everything gets cold.”

I ate in silence, still absorbing what I had just been through, heard and said.

After breakfast, he took my hand and we walked past his car parked in the drive and went for a walk around the farm. We walked mostly in silence. I didn’t know what to say. I thought he would spend all the remaining time fucking me but here we were just walking in silence. We spent hours walking and exploring. We watched the deer feeding around the edge of the fields and the rabbits that scampered away from us. A gopher snake startled us and slithered away.

We were at the far corner of the farm when he finally stopped and took me in his arms, leaned down and kissed me. It was a long and passionate kiss. The first passionate kiss he really gave me this week. He had seemed so removed and preoccupied that it seemed like he hadn’t been here. His hands were under my halter and when our kiss broke, he pulled it up over my head. I help him by raising my arms. His hands were cupping and rubbing my breasts as he leaned down and sucked one nipple into his mouth. A tingling ran through my body and I tried to ignore it. My hands were working the button of his jeans, unfastening and pulling down his zipper. He wasn’t wearing underwear so his hardness sprung free as the jeans slipped down his legs and he kicked them aside. My hands went to him and I held him. I wanted to sink down and take him in my mouth but he wouldn’t let me, his mouth back on mine, our tongues dueling. His hands were working at the snap of my shorts and as soon as the snap parted he had his hands inside the waistband of my panties and he pushed them and my shorts down. They slipped down easily and I stepped from them. He only had his t-shirt on and I tugged it up over his head and dropped it beside us. I was trying to pull us to the ground onto the grass when he stopped me.

“Stop, wait Sara.”

I stopped what I was doing; momentarily confused at him telling me to stop when he pulled away from me and leaned down and positioned his trousers and t-shirt so I would have something to lay on. Smiling, he bowed to me and swept his arm through the air indicating my bed was ready. I lay down on it before him waiting as he stood there and just looked at me. The grass that was poking at me along my sides was scratchy but I didn’t care. My arms were reaching up for him, my legs parted inviting him. I could feel the anticipation swelling me, heat forming, moisture seeping. Still he just stood there for several more long seconds before he dropped to his knees between them and reached down and ran his hands over my hips and stomach just grazing my mound and golden patch.

“My god Sara, you are so beautiful. I thought you were the most beautiful girl in school and I was right, you were. You are even more beautiful now. I have always wanted you from the first time I saw you undress and I had to have you. Why did you tease me like that? You had to know I was watching you. When I found out you were having sex with some guy that made it worse. You drove me crazy. I did things I’m not proud of. I’m living a lifestyle on the wild side much different than yours, our previous encounters and this week should prove that. I do want you to be a part of it.”

He paused just long enough to get his breath back and continued.

“I’m not sure you really understood what this means when you agreed to be a part of my life and to be with my friends. I want you to be sure. I’m giving you a chance to back out so think about it. After I leave tonight, you will have time to think and make your final decision. I will accept whatever that decision will be. It will be final. If the decision is no, this will be the last you will see of me.”

He grasps both my hands in his and pulled me up. His speech had deflated his desire. I’m confused by his confession and standing there unsure of what I was suppose to do as he picks up and hands me my clothes. He turned from me and picks up his and puts them on.

“Michael, I don’t understand.” Tears were starting in my eyes and running down my cheeks; I thought he was refusing me. I wanted him to make love to me. I thought that’s what we came out here to do.

“Michael, I don’t understand.” I repeated.

“You will in time, that’s why I’m giving you another chance to think about your answer.”

He takes my halter and puts it over my head, slipping my arms under the straps and holds my panties so I can step into them and pulls them up. He does the same for my shorts. There is silence between us now as he takes my hand and leads me back to the house. I follow more confused than ever.

He starts straitening up the house and I help him. There aren’t many words said between us as we work. It was done too soon for me. He had packed and placed his duffle bag in the car and looked as if he was getting ready to leave. It was only 3: PM by that time. I didn’t want him to go.

“Michael, please stay the night.”

“I can’t. If I did, you would not be given the chance to reconsider what I confessed to you. What I did to you this weekend was wrong. I did it for my own selfish reasons. No woman should be forced into making a decision after something like that, not someone I really care about. The women in the group or “Club” as you call it all came in as willing partners of the guys. They didn’t go through what you just did. You should hate me.”

He stood there looking at me like some pathetic puppy that had just peed on the floor and knew he had been bad.

“Michael, I don’t hate you.” I didn’t think I could even with what he had done to me.

With that, He got in his car and drove away. I watched him go, standing there for several minutes hoping he would come back. He didn’t so I turned and walked back into the house. There on the kitchen table sat an envelope with my name on the outside. Inside was a slip of paper with an e-mail address with a short note. Sara, when you make your decision, just send a yes or no to this address. That was it…

I went to my room and sat and cried. I didn’t know what to do. He was right I should hate him. What he did to me was something I had tried to avoid since Ben and his friends started my sexual training. I never wanted to get involved with group sex ever again. I knew what would happen. They had trained me very well. It was too easy for me to get caught up in a sexual frenzy. I knew why Ben had done it. I would have been eventually sold into sexual slavery. He later told me why he had stopped it. He fell in love with me and couldn’t go through with it.

I got up and wandered aimlessly around the house and barn. Clothes, ropes, blankets and straw were all put back into place. There was no indication anything had ever taken place. I walked down to the swimming hole. There was nothing there either; even the sand had been swept of all traces of our being there, footprints, nothing.

I started to question my sanity. Did anything really take place? There were no physical signs if it ever happening, of them being here. Still, I had this feeling of completeness, yes it happened and I wanted it to happen again and keep happening. I liked having sex with Michael and his friends. It was exciting. The orgasms were incredible with them. Even when I didn’t orgasm I liked the feeling when they were inside me and the way my body felt when I was filled with their releases into me. I made my decision then and headed back to the house to clean out my closet and take what stuff I wanted with me. The rest I packed into boxes for goodwill.

I slipped into bed after a long shower knowing I would be seeing Michael again and my new friends. I would send the message when I got home. For now though, sleep.


I was up early and after eating, I packed my stuff to the car. There was just enough room for all the boxes and my suitcase. There was nothing left in my room, I was cutting the strings. Mom would understand. It was time. I was humming happily all the while. I was excited about what I was going to do. I found something to belong to something that had been missing in my life.

I left early after doing the day’s chores and relished the drive home stopping at goodwill to deposit the boxes. I stopped at my friends and picked up my dog. I didn’t spend any time chatting or thinking of how I would repay them for taking him in for the week. The thoughts of bedding them had been swept from my mind. I only wanted to get home and send the message.


Chapter 5

After reading Sara’s chapter 4, I just had to write chapter 5. Starting up where I left off waiting for her to call. I have to explain why I did what I did. I won’t recount the week at the farm, she covered that pretty good. I had forgotten all about her birth control and me giving it to her. That was important. I didn’t know how “safe” she was with all the bitching she made before. I knew she was on the pill but still we couldn’t have her getting knocked up. Give her the solid evidence she would need to go after us if this didn’t work out. The guys didn’t need that. I didn’t need it either. It wasn’t until later that my conscience got to bothering me, about what I did to her… What I did was wrong, very wrong. She should have hated me, hated all of us…


I wasn’t around when she called and left the message on my machine. I didn’t like the way she was trying to play me. She was still the controlling little bitch I knew from grade and high school. She was the fucking bitch neighbor girl that teased me until I went crazy. She fucked up my life pretty good back then. It’s still kind of fucked up. I haven’t had a real relationship, you know the want to get married type, I don’t know how. That’s why I treated her the way I did at the lodge and then again at her office. I wanted to fuck with her like she did me.

I had just got home from the party. It had been a fucking good party with the guys and I was exhausted. It was a sex party with them and their women. It was a fun group. It was all consensual, always was. The girls were community property and it was OK with them, I guess us guys were considered community property to them. Just like the hippie days I’ve read about, free love and all of that. The girls liked us; we never failed in giving them as many orgasms as they wanted. We were above average and could last longer than most guys they said. We stuck together. Problem was I was the only one with no woman. Six guys and five girls well that’s a problem. Not for the girls though. It was for me. I knew it was a sticking point for the guys even though they didn’t express it verbally. I just knew. That’s how it is when you’re close like we were.

Anyway as I was sitting there playing her message through again, I figured out what I wanted to do. She made it easy, a week alone at her parent’s farm, what an opening. I knew she didn’t really want me, you know as a boyfriend. I didn’t want her for a girl friend. I just wanted to fuck her and fuck her as long as I could. I had done some checking up on her. You know her social life. She treated men like trash, fucked with them and tossed them, used and loosed. She was a lot like me that way, the way I treated women. Maybe that was another thing I had against her.

I figured the way she treated men was why she was still single. She was a big shot lawyer. Another problem I had. I don’t trust lawyers.

So she wanted to play make up with me? Play games? I’ll show her a game. I’ll tell them she’s my woman and wants to be initiated into our group. The guys will go for it. It’ll be fun. I’m due vacation time at work. I can be gone for a week, longer if I want. I’ll apply tomorrow when I get to work.

Thoughts were bounding through my mind and I started writing down my plans. The more I wrote the more I thought it work. I called the guys to see if they could get the time off for a little fun. I told them I was meeting a woman that wanted to join up with us, she was to be my woman and that it would take a few days of their time to get her to warm up to us. They were excited I was finally going to have a woman for the group. She’d be new meat.

I was getting excited. I thought I would have to jack off I was so excited. I listened to her message again and wrote it down. Everything she said.

Sara will be at parent’s farm next week, Tuesday through Tuesday. Full moon Wednesday. Snuck into her room, full moon. Hope I can stay the week. Tuesday night the moon should be full enough. Will be undressing just before 11:00 like then. Remember dress, will be wearing it. Be there Tuesday night or don’t bother to come at all.

Shit, I remember like it was yesterday. What a fucking bitch, a sexy fucking bitch. The guys won’t believe their eyes or their cocks they’ll be so fucking hard when they see her.

There wasn’t much time to get ready and plan. She didn’t give me any time. It was Sunday night already and I would have to be there Tuesday morning to check things out. It had been a long time ago when I explored the layout of her parent’s farm. I wondered how many changes they had made. I tried to picture it in my mind. If I got there early Tuesday morning I should have time to have the layout and let the guys know what to do.

I walked around the house getting stuff together. When I spied the collar in the garage, the plan came together. It was something we had played with, us guys and had modified it for our sexual conquests. We used it on a few girls that wouldn’t let us fuck them. They did after we used the collar. We almost went to jail charged with rape with one woman but we convinced her otherwise to drop the charges. The collar turned out to be useful. That was back before we started the group. I found batteries for it and the control box and looked around for something to try it out on, a stray dog or something and remembered the battery tester. I hooked it up and saw it still worked. I figured I would only have to shock her once. That’s usually all it took.

I tossed everything into my old duffel bag along with some clothes, extra toothbrush and tube of paste and put it in my car. I didn’t need much, most of what I would need, I would find on the farm. I went to bed. I had to get up early for day shift. I’d ask for the time off when I got there.

As soon as I walked through the door of the station I hit the Captain up for the time off.

He stared at me before saying, “Sure, take the fucking week off, fucking month too if you want. Fucking year too!” He sounded pissed. I stood there shocked. He laughed at my pained expression. “Sure Mike, you’ve been pulling some long hours. You need the time off. Go ahead, take the day off too. I’ll rearrange some schedules. When will you be back?”

“Next Tuesday late, Thanks Cap.” I took off before he could change his mind.

I took my time driving up and parked on the other side of the farm on a forest road that switched back behind the hill that was behind her parent’s house. I knew she would never drive up there and it was just a short walk to the house. I’d have the guys park here too as they showed up. I was glad the house sat on one edge of the farm and not in the middle or the side closer to my parents. My parents, I hadn’t seen them since I left home. I knew they were disappointed with me. Maybe someday I would go back home. I had mixed feelings there.

I stopped at the top of the hill and looked down on the farm. Her parent’s car was in the yard, I didn’t see hers. I sat down and waited for the best time to leave the hill and explore. It looked the same as I remembered. I guess I dozed off and was startled awake when Sara drove up. I looked at my watch. It was a little after 3 in the afternoon. She got out of the car and went in the house and came out a short time later and walked around with her dad. I couldn’t hear what they were saying. She was wearing these fuck me shorts and a t-shirt. I wondered what her dad thought.

When her dad went into the house, Sara walked down to the creek. I figured it was a good time to sneak down and follow her, to check things out. I was hidden in the trees when she went wading in the creek. I got hard watching her. I was hoping she would strip when her mom called her for dinner. Disappointed I watched her walk to the house. I followed and hid in the barn.

I was surprised when her parents left early. I was standing just inside the barn door watching when she walked up to it and came into the barn. She almost caught me. I just had time to duck into the shadows in one stall. She gathered up some rope she had hidden under an old blanket and carried it to the house. Ropes huh, she wanted to use ropes? That gave me an idea. I’ve always wanted to fuck a woman trussed up and hanging. There was plenty of rope around and several harnesses. This stall would do just fine. There was a low beam to tie her hands to and legs could be tied to the side boards. We could make a game of it. The guys would like it. It was going to be easy to break her.

I watched and waited there. I could see the house and was surprised again when she came out with a towel and walked back to the creek. I knew I was going to see something this time and followed. When she stripped, it was an instant hard on. That almost screwed up my plans, damn what a body. She swam until almost dark and didn’t even dress before she walked back to the house. I was hard the whole time I watched her, even as I followed her to the house.

It was just like old times as I watched her through the windows. I was a little smarter this time and stood in the shadows to make sure I wasn’t seen. I was just outside her room when she entered and dropped her clothes and towel on the bed. I could see just enough of the room to see she had arranged the bed like before under the windows like she said she was going to do in the message. She surprised me even more by not putting something on but went about unpacking and laying out the outfit she was going to wear tomorrow night, the dress and all. When she left the room, I went over and tested the bathroom window. It slid up and back down easily and quietly. She came back into her room with a bottle of wine and a glass, turned off the light and sat on the bed. I couldn’t see much in the darkness and didn’t want to get too close to the window lest she see me. The phone rang a little while later and I heard her talking with her mom.

I waited just under her window until I heard a light snore coming from her and went exploring. It was easy getting into the house. No door was locked. I walked right in. I took off my shoes and walked around in my socks not wanting to make any noise. When I got to her room and slithered in, I fond the almost empty bottle on the bedside table. That explained why there was very little stirring from her as she slept. I looked around; the room was exactly the same as it had been. I saw her shorts and panties laying on the floor where she had tossed them and in picking up her panties, I sniffed them taking in her sweet smell. All the memories came flashing back. I was that pimply faced boy again. I held them to my nose as I hovered over her looking at her sweet body illuminated by the dimming moonlight and wanted to take her this instant. I stood there for some time just looking, wanting to touch but needing to wait. The air was cooling so I finally reached down and pulled up the sheet and blanket and regrettably covered her beautiful body. When I removed the blanket on the stand and covered her with it, that’s when I discovered the ropes. I figured she was going to try to use them on me, the controlling bitch she was. Well she was going to get a surprise.

I slept in the barn that night after getting something to eat from the kitchen. There were blankets out there. I took several more from a closet near her parent’s room. I slept soundly in the hayloft.

She woke me when I heard the car door slam and her car start and watched as she drove off. I was glad she did. It would give me time to set things up. I climbed from the loft and went to the house. The kitchen door was locked but as I walked around the house thinking I would have to go in through the window, I tried the front door. Surprise, surprise, unlocked. I walked right in. When you live on a farm like this, everyday traffic in and out of the house is usually the back door or kitchen door. No one ever uses the front door. That’s for guests. I laughed at this; I’m going to be the guest. I got a little something for breakfast and went exploring.

I examined the ropes she had attached to her bed and added one of my own and retied the knots hoping she would not look at them when she got home. They were the slip knots that could be quickly cinched for easy capture. I was surprised she hadn’t tied them that way. With that done, I went back to the barn and arranged the ropes and harnesses there. Everything ready, I called Mark and John, my closest buddies and told them the plan and the game in the barn we were going to play and what we were going to do the rest of the week and where to leave their cars. I didn’t want her to see them. They would talk to the others. I told Mark and John to be there Wednesday morning or earlier if they could. The rest could show up sometime after breakfast and wait in the barn.

I went back to the house and hid the collar and control where I could quickly get it. Everything ready, I explored the farm.

It was late in the afternoon when she got back. I was waiting and saw her drive up and snuck back to the barn to watch. She carried in several bags I supposed was food and I didn’t see her again until she left again dressed in the fuck me sexy dress. Instantly hard again I watched her leave. Shit I thought, if I keep reacting this way every time I look at her I’m going to have problems and explode before I get it inside her.

It was late when she got back from her evening out. It was just like she said she was going to do. She went to her room and did the strip tease just like the way she always did it. I was just outside her window in the shadows watching. I didn’t want her to see me at all. I didn’t want her to know I was there. I hadn’t decided up till then how or when I was going to enter the room. I was going to come in quietly through the unlocked front door and take her by surprise until I saw her lock her bedroom doors. Now I would have to come in through the bathroom window. The bitch still thought she was in control. I wished now I had hid in the closet or under the bed or something. Well the window it’s going to have to be. After that it’s my game.

I didn’t really get hard like I thought I would until she turned off the ceiling light, turned on the bedside light and lay back. When she spread her legs and I saw how wet and swollen she was, well that did it. Instant hard, I hoped it wouldn’t interfere with me trying to climb through the window. Her turning off the light made it easer. I couldn’t see her clearly so it eventually deflated. I waited until I thought she was asleep before I tried the window and crawled inside.

After I undressed and stood there looking at her trying to decide how I was going to do it, jump on and quickly tie her or what, I weakened. The moon was shining on that delicious snatch and I had to lean down and taste. I got her off that way before I climbed up on her. It was easy after that. She was trying to get me to enter her when I took her by surprise and tied her. She tried to fight after she discovered what I was doing. She stood no chance of overpowering me. I had her tied before she could think about it.

I had fun after that, bringing her to another orgasm with just kissing and touching before I shoved in hard and pounded her. She kept screaming at me to pound her hard so I did. I didn’t hold back. She came once as I was pounding her and I kept pounding all the way through it. It didn’t take very long after that when I shoved in hard and shot so much fucking cum into her I thought my balls were going to turn inside out. She fucking screamed through an orgasm at the same time. I was exhausted after that and I fell asleep and slept until Mark woke me up. He was just outside the window. John was with him. They wanted to see her so I got up and unlocked the bedroom doors, and told them to use the front door to come in. I met them and told them to keep quiet. I turned on the bathroom light so as not to wake her and let them have their look while trying to keep them quiet. There was just enough light to do that.

They would have both fucked her then if I would have let them, but I led them to the kitchen where we talked in hushed voices. I told them how I had the barn laid out and what we were going to do and how I would get her out there for the fun. I told them there were blankets in the loft and to sleep there for the night. Their fun would start in the morning.

All they could talk about was how beautiful she was and what a find and the fun they were going to have as they headed to the barn. I went back to bed. I didn’t fuck her again, I let her sleep.

I was up at first light and left her tied. I wanted to let her know I was in charge when she woke up. I dressed and went to the barn to get Mark and John up. Didn’t need to, in their excitement they were both up and dressed. Some of the others had already arrived and Mark was telling them what she looked like. They were all excited over this new find and the fun they were going to have with her, like the old times back when we took some girls out and had a little fun with them.

This was going to be a little different though. They thought she wanted to join our group willingly. They didn’t know this was going to be non-consensual and we would all go to jail if she pressed it. She was an attorney and could do us a lot of harm. At this point I didn’t care. I just wanted to wipe that smug controlling look off of her face and let her know that her control over men had just stopped. I was going to break her.

I was back in the house when I heard her scream out for me to untie her. Mark and John had come with me and were in the kitchen eating. They followed me to the bedroom and stood in the doorway as I snapped the collar around her neck and untied her. She dashed to the toilet and was there as I was talking with the guys when I guess she heard us and hollered out. They both quietly slipped from the room. I didn’t want her to know just yet what I had planned. She came out of the bathroom with all these demands so I told her to go take a shower, took the collar off and let her think she was going to get her way.

When she walked into the kitchen and I surprised her by snapping the collar back around her neck, her superiority evaporated. That’s when I let her know what the collar was for. I pushed the button and she went down and lay there twitching for a few seconds. When she came out of it and discovered the guys watching her in her condition that’s when I had full control over her. When I introduced them, I could see it in her eyes. She knew.

I made her go to her room to clean up, to get her ready for the fun. I followed after I told the guys to head for the barn and discovered her trying to get the collar off. Told her there was no way she could and get her shower over with. She wanted the collar off but I left it on. I wanted her to know she could get shocked at any time. She was still defiant and spat at me a few times. That deflated when I told her the guys were waiting.

She tried to delay as much as possible, taking her time but I was getting impatient. I pulled her out of the shower and handed her a towel to dry and was trying to pull her through the room but she wanted to dress. I told her she wouldn’t need any clothes. I practically had to drag her to the barn. I shoved her in and the guys did the rest. They had her trussed up before my eyes had time to adjust to the dark.

She was pleading to me to stop all of this but she was too late. When she begged me to stop, that she only wanted me, I hesitated and wondered if this was the right thing to do. Still, I couldn’t stop this if I wanted too. The guys were ready for the game to start. I let Mark start and the rest had their turns tasting her. I didn’t take part in this. I already knew her sweetness. I was surprised at the way she responded. She bucked her hips at the touches and caresses and screamed to be fucked. I didn’t think she would react that way at least not at first. It started as soon as Mark touched her and didn’t stop.

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