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“That the one? The little redhead showin’ attitude?”

Lee-Ann nodded to the bartender. “That’s her, Shelly, the target for tonight. So next time she comes over for a drink, you make sure a squirt from this little bottle goes in, okay?”

The mohawked and pierced woman behind the bar looked dubious. “I’m tempted to say ‘no’ and give you back the money but maybe you have a good reason for this?”

“It’s an intervention. If we don’t, she’ll turn into her mother, overweight, dried out, overbearing and bitchy. You want to be responsible for that?”

“Uh—no. Little bottle in the drink. You got it.”

Earlier that evening Mitzi Forsyth had looked herself up and down in the mirror. She pulled the scoop neck of her sweater down a little more and the waistband of her miniskirt up. With her hair in a page boy bob and knee boots, she was set for Friday night. Damn, girl, you are hot! She was thoroughly proud of herself and, she mused, deservedly so. Most of her old high school gang had all turned mythic—compelling satyrs and placidly compliant nymphs—but not her. Any guy who got into her pants did so because she stalked him, not the other way around. It had not been easy, especially at first, but once she developed the habit of fleeing at the first scent cinnamon, nutmeg and apple floating through the air and staying away from men with full beards and profuse arm hair, young Ms Forsyth had gotten through the summer and into college still ‘normal’ and still fully in control.

The attitude mystified her friends and they wondered where she got it. Mitzi couldn’t care less. She had been the wild child of a rather staid family and now that she was away at college, (to her father’s relief and her mother’s annoyance), she intended to do just what she wanted. And what she wanted was to play the field and join the hook-up crowd.

She stepped out into the hall where a small group of coeds was clustered. One of them turned to her. “Hi, Mitzi. We’re having a hard time deciding where to go. Right now it’s a tie between the ones who want to head to the Shimmering Mink and the ones who just want a bar crawl.”

“What’s the Shimmering Mink?”

“It’s a gay and lesbian bar. The drinks are good, the band is good and you can dance all night without worrying about some Neanderthal hitting on you.”

Mitzi curled her lip. “Maria, guys don’t hit on me. I hit on them! Any sexual predation in my neighborhood starts with me. But this place does sound interesting. At least I think I can count on there not being any satyrs in the area.”

The girls looked at one and other. “You know,” Maria spoke up, “I don’t think that has ever come up. Just how has the Trematoda affected the GLBT community?”

“So long as they don’t try to affect me, I really don’t care. I like being ‘normal’ and I like being in charge!”

Giggling and chattering, the group headed down the hall, down the stairs and into town. At least, most of them did. Tanya Lopez had been leaning on the doorpost of her room taking it all in. As the gaggle vanished down the corridor she pulled out her cell phone and dialed.

“Hey, Tanya.”

“Hey, yourself, Lee-Ann. She took the bait.”

“Cool. I’ll tell the gang. Meet us upstairs at the Mink. I’ll get with the barkeep and let her know to be expecting them. She’s already got the hypnotic under the bar. Once Mitzi downs it and gets all suggestible, Maria will take her up to the ‘banquet’ room and the party can begin.”

“Chicka-boom, Chicka-boom, don’t ya jes’ love it . . .”

“You got it Tanya. See you there.”


The Shimmering Mink turned out to be an Art Deco building in the old part of town. After falling into disrepair in the mid-twentieth century, it had been lovingly refurbished and was now the social center of the Granite Falls GLBT community. Tonight it was full and rocking.

Mitzi was impressed. “Maria, this is soooo cool! And that band, what do they call themselves?”

“Butter Side Down. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a name. Usually they’re a swing band but tonight it’s Oldies Friday so expect Classic Rock.”

The women sidled their way over to the bar, picked up some drinks and then worked their way out onto the dance floor.


Back at the Corbett household Amelia gazed thoughtfully at her daughter’s text message. She was somewhat conflicted. While she had grave doubts as to the ethics of forcing Mitzi’s metamorphosis into nymph-hood, she knew the Forsyths well enough to understand her daughter’s action. Ethel Forsyth was just the kind of strident, bossy woman Philip Wylie had so scathingly depicted in A Generation of Vipers seventy years before. The thought that cute little Mitzi might be headed down the same path was not to be borne. As for her poor husband, Eugene, the man had been so beaten down over the years that “Yes, dear” was almost all that was left of his vocabulary these days. I wonder what the chances of catching him alone are, she mused. Surely they must still have sex at least once in a while. If I managed to surreptitiously implant the flukes in him and he passed them onto her before either of them was aware of it, the neighborhood might have a happier couple—and a more fun one, too. A slow, calculating smile spread across Amelia’s features.


Back at the Shimmering Mink Mitzi was sitting at the bar for the fourth time, looking over the drinks list. “What’s a Screaming Orgasm—the drink, I mean?”

Shelly looked at her sideways from behind the bar. “It’s a layered cocktail with four or five ingredients. Pretty potent.”

“Really. How potent?”

“An ounce and half of high octane liqueurs and cream. I have a special version of my own I could make you if you want.”

“Very special?”

“Oh, yes. But you have to ask for it.”

“Okay, then. Shelly, I would like one of your special Screaming Orgasm’s please.”

“Just as you say.” And with that, all my moral qualms are soothed. She did ask for it, after all, and didn’t even ask what made it special.

The pale green hypnotic floated between the Bailey’s Irish Cream and the Amaretto. It leant an exotic look to the drink, and the slightest scent of cinnamon and nutmeg. Mitzi took a sip. She had heard that layered drinks were supposed to be drunk one level at a time through the straw. She figured she’d just taste each one in turn but the green level was—different! It made her feel kind of—cozy was the best word she could come up with. Carefully aiming the base of the straw at the green level, she sucked it all out.

On the next stool over Maria almost had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. This was going better than any of them had hoped. Lee-Ann had said that the hypnotic worked fairly fast when consumed with a cocktail and amazingly fast if you took it straight. Mitzi had inadvertently taken it with hardly any mixing at all. All Maria had to do was wait about a minute. So she did.

“Lot of hot-looking guys here, tonight, huh Mitzi?”

Mitzi looked around. She had not thought of them that way but her friend had a point. All the gay and bi-guys did look hot. Even the ones she would normally avoid, the obvious satyrs.

“Yeah, you’re right. ‘Sa shame they’re aren’t interested in women.”

“We could find some. In fact, I know just where some hot guys who’d be hot for you are, right now. You come with me.”

That seemed like a really good idea to Mitzi so she let Maria take her by the wrist and lead her to a screened stairway to the upper floor. Behind them the band struck up Daddy DewDrop’s “Boom Chicka Boom.”

At the top of the stairs, Lee-Ann met them and kissed each of them on the cheek.

“Here, Mitzi, you need to wear these.” She wrapped a sturdy, padded leather cuff around each of the girl’s wrists.

“I do?”

“You do.”

The two nymphs pulled Mitzi into the room and locked the door behind her. Mitzi looked around in surprise. All her friends from high school were here. And then her eyes widened. All the men had hair to their second knuckles and heavy beards. The women were all suspiciously voluptuous. Her friends were all mythics.

“What . . .?”

“It’s a party, Mitzi,” May Ogilvie leered at her, “a metamorphosis party. Your metamorphosis, in fact.”

“But—but I don’t want to be a nymph!”

“Mitzi,” Lee-Ann crooned to her, “we girls were all a posse through high school and we want to stay a posse. We want you to be a nymph with us and the guys just want you. Come over here.”

They pulled her to a tall hassock with locking clips in each corner. Pulling her arms down the others snapped her cuffs to them. Now she was helpless and bent over. LaMont McCray undid her skirt and pulled it and her panties off while Garry Abbot attached two more cuffs just above her boot tops. Josh DaVito leaned down, took Mitzi’s face in his hands blew long and softly in her face. Pheromones! She knew what he’d done. It was common knowledge these days that if a satyr breathed a strong dose of them into a normal woman’s lungs, she was his. Mitzi, resisting as she could, felt the heat grow in her loins. Josh smiled and pulled her sweater and bra over her head.

“Climb up on the hassock, Mitzi, do it.”

Resistance was futile. Her legs obeyed as her brain shouted, “NO!” and she heard the clips lock to her leg cuffs. A couple of tugs on the straps and her knees were wide spread.

“What—what are you doing?”

“Hear the music, Mitzi?”

“Boom, Chicka Boom, don’t ya jes’ love it,

Boom, Chicka Boom, don’t you jes’ love it . . .?”

“You’re the Boom Chick, tonight, Mitzi, the one all the guys have before they start on the rest of us. Three guys at four ejaculations each is twelve loads of cum than need places to go. Chicks have plenty of places and all of yours are going to get used, mouth, pussy and ass, Mitzi. You’re going to be so full of Trematoda flukes you’ll probably change in record time.”

There was a tongue running up and down her pussy spreading the heat from her belly down her legs and making it grow. Josh pulled his face to Mitzi’s and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. He licked the inside of her cheeks and sucked on her tongue and lips, all the while breathing that fatal combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and apple deep into her nose.

Mitzi felt her nipples swell and peak, her breasts tingled and grew warm, her face flushed. The tongue circled her anus sending orgasmic spasms wracking through her body, making her cry out and whimper.

“Please—no?” begged the last bit of resistance.

“Too late, Mitzi, the flukes can spread orally. You’re already planted. But now—you get fucked!”

Mesmerized, Mitzi watched the other women undress the men and strip down themselves. They plastered their naked bodies against the men’s backs, reaching around to stroke mammoth hard-ons. She’d watched enough porno flicks starring nymphs and satyrs to know how the men were hung. But seeing them on video and coming face-to-face with them, expecting to experience them was a whole different thing. She blanched and her eyes widened.

“Too big,” she whispered.

“Oh no, baby, not at all too big,” Maria ran her hand lasciviously down Lamont’s solid cock. “Once this bad boy is inside you, you’ll realize that no matter how much sex you’ve had so far, you didn’t know what it’s like to get laid until you’d been had by a satyr. Deep throating a monster like this takes practice and care so tonight just suck the helmet. Your pussy and ass, however, will fit just fine!”

“Not my ass, it will hurt!”

“We all think that, sweetie, Tanya murmured, “but we’ll help. And in a month, you’ll have grown lube glands back there just as good as your pussy’s. Then when a guy decides on a little impromptu sodomy, you’re good and ready. Now, suck. And remember to swallow.”

The huge member loomed before her. Shackled down as she was, Mitzi could only retreat so far and strangely, she felt no compulsion to do so. Yes, it was huge but mostly it was impressive. The purple helmet gleamed in the light of the candles around the room. And wonder of wonders, it smelled good. In fact, it smelled delicious. Mitzi swallowed and opened her mouth as wide as she could and felt it slide in. She sucked on it and stroked the frenum with her tongue. Lamont moaned appreciatively.

“Oh, yeah, baby. You know what I like. Bob that head, girl, yeah, just like that. You gonna make me cum!”

Tanya stroked her hand up and down the shaft, faster and faster. Lamont wrapped his hands around Mitzi’s head and clutched her hair, groaning incoherently. It was obvious he was holding back and not shoving his manhood down her throat but little quivers of truncated thrusts made it obvious he wanted to. The others in the group clapped in time to Tanya’s strokes singing along as the song played over and over.

“Boom Chick-a-Boom, don’t ya jes’ love it . . .?”

Finally, with a roar the man fired a load into her mouth and quite a load it was. Mitzi started to gag but remembered what Tanya ordered and swallowed, then swallowed again and again until Lamont stepped back and started to stroke her hair.

“Damn, Mitzi, that’s some class A head, you give. If I didn’t have other demands on my time,” he leered at Tanya, “I might come back for more.”

A warm hand stroked her butt. “You’re guaranteed to be one of us, now, girl. Don’t bother buying new bras when they get tight in about two weeks. You’ll just have to replace them again. Besides, we’re gonna love watching you bounce. Now, Mitzi baby, you made Lamont feel really good so I’m gonna do the same for you.” Josh was fairly purring as he spoke. “Our little boom chick is gonna get boomed like she’s never been before an’ I know she’s gonna jes’ love it. See how wet and puffy she is. This is gonna be sweet!”

The hands moved to her hair, clutching and pulling her head up, arching her back. There was a warm, blunt mass at her labia and a thrust.


Never in her active sex life had Mitzi ever been penetrated by so large a phallus. It filled her and stretched her and when Josh started to thrust, it hit her in all the right places. For a long while she knelt, eyes closed, pushing back against the trip-hammer slapping against her ass and driving into her snatch. It. Felt. So. Good. She opened her eyes and saw Tanya lying on her back with her knees pulled high and a manic smile on her face as dark Lamont used her ferociously. She looked over at Gary and Lee-Ann. They watched Josh plunder her with conspiratorial smiles and when they noticed that she was looking their way, Lee-Ann produced a tube of slippery lubricant. She popped the cap and squirted a big glob into her hand and spread it all over Gary’s cock.

“You feel stretched now? You just wait, Mitzi girl. I’ll fix it so you don’t hurt any, but Gary’s gonna plow that sweet ass of yours. Then he’s gonna do mine and then May’s and then Maria’s. So don’t feel abused, honey, ’cause buggery is a game the whole crew likes to play.”

Josh started to speed up. He’s gonna cum. He’s gonna cum in me bareback. I sure hope my Pill is working. It’s bad enough I’m going to be forced into being a nymph. I sure don’t want to be pregnant. He’s gonna make me cum! “Aa-AAh-Ah!”

Mitzi’s head dropped to her forearms and she lay there exhausted. But her head came up sharply when a finger started stroking her anus. Round and round it went and she could feel the gel being rubbed in and then pushed in side. One finger, two fingers, rubbing and spreading—stretching her muscles. Three fingers pushed in.


“Okay, baby, this is how we do it the easy way.”

Something firm and rounded pushed against her brown eye and started to vibrate. As it buzzed her butt Mitzi felt her sphincters flutter and give way letting the vibrator slide inside.

“And now it gets better,” Lee-Ann announced. She started squeezing a bulb and the intruding silicone inflated, still vibrating, widening her nether passage. It felt good, in a strange, perverted sort of way but Lee-Ann pulled it out.

“Okay, honey, fuck that ass!” And Gary was behind her, pushing against her and inside her.


“Hey, yourself, tight butt. Oh, this is choice,” Gary responded, “Lee-Ann, you have rival, whether she wants to be or not. I’m definitely going to get into the new girl a bunch of times coming up,”

So. Full! Mitzi felt like there was a ball-bat up her butt but as Gary drove in and out of her she began to have warm feelings about ball bats. Being stretched, plundered and abused was fun. She wanted him getting into her a bunch of times coming up.

“My place—or—yours?” She panted.

“Hey, I’ll share my guy but I want him back when he’s done with you, understand?” Lee-Ann grinned. Mitzi was a nymph already. The physical changes would take another month but the attitude had already come around. She watched the sweat drip down Gary’s face as he drove to climax and shot a load into Mitzi. Her own anus needed no lubrication so when Gary turned to her with fire still in his eyes, she just threw him a lazy smile and leaned over to put her palms on the floor One numbah one ass-fuckin’ coming up.

While three of the women entertained the men, Maria undid Mitzi’s cuffs and let her up.

“Ya’ done good, Mitzi, for a first time Boom Chick. We take turns gettin’ done like this every week or so and it is a ball. But you need to find another satyr for the group, baby. With four women we can pin one in the center and the other three get each guy once more. But with five we really need another stud. No hurry, though. Hey!”

Josh lifted Maria off her feet, and carried her over to a couch. He bent her over the arm and started jamming her from behind. Mitzi looked around. Tanya handed her a box of Kleenex.

“Clean up, honey, you’ve done your share for the evening. The rest of us will wear the guys out so you can watch, curl up in a chair and snooze or go back downstairs.”

“I—I think I’ll go get another drink.”

She pulled her sweater and skirt back on but left her underwear on the hassock. Once she had another drink she’d come back for them. Wandering just a little wobbly she went downstairs and sat at the bar. When she caught Shelly’s eye she uttered a single word.


Shelly slid the mug toward her. “You all right?”

Mitzi took a pull on her brew. “Yanno, I shouldn’t be, but actually I am. In fact, I’m better than all right. I usually go out on Friday looking to get laid. Of course, I don’t go out looking to get gang-banged by a bunch of my friends but since I did, I’m good.” She took another drink. “I didn’t want to be a nymph. Ever since I learned what it meant I swore I’d stay ‘normal’ my whole life. That’s gone, now. In a way, it’s a relief. Like the other shoe has dropped? I can relax and stop always being aware of smells and the way guys look. Tell me, what’s it like for you guys? Do Lesbians gang up on each other?”

Shelly wiped down the bar top. “Not that I’ve ever heard. But this whole mythic thing—the gays love it. It turns them all into bears and there’s nothing a gay guy likes better than a big healthy, hairy bear. But as far as the lesbians? I don’t really know. I’m not sure there are any lesbian nymphs. I mean, how would ‘placidly compliant’ work out for those of us who don’t like sex with males?”

“Darned if I know. I’m not even sure how it works out with women like me who would rather be hunters than hunted. I guess I’ll be finding out in a month or so.”

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