Rest assured no Diva’s were harmed in the making of this audio – Quite the contrary ;)

This was written by SplendidSpunk as a representation of my audiodiva persona. People may respond strongly to the content as it includes blackmail and non-consent. If you dislike that type of content please do not listen, as it is not our desire to offend anyone.

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“My name is Dina and this is my confession. Before I tell you who I am, that is an important part of this confession, I must tell you where I am. I am in my Master’s home and secured naked to His punishment couch. He had required me to make this aural confession and is here as I do it, He will assure that I do not stray and do not lie. I have no choice but to tell you the complete truth about me, to confess. I’ve read other stories here about sluts writing their stories at their Master’s command, but this is live audio, and so I can’t be sure how easy this will be for you to follow. Master has told me that he will use me during this recording and I may lose my place.”

I am thirty-five years old and in some ways happily married to a wonderful man. I am also a slut who finds submitting herself to Her Master an addiction I cannot and will not abandon. I used to submit to a variety of older men, yes, I find older dominant men very attractive. I did this quietly, or so I thought, never allowing this side of me to be seen in what I call my everyday life. That woman, the professional I am, is very straight laced, very prim and proper. She is always dressed conservatively in either her work clothes or when running errands or visiting friends. She or I stand five foot nine inches tall, sport a D cup chest, have brown eyes and hair. If you met me at work or a party you’d think I was aloof at first, but after getting to know me you’d find out how non-judgemental I am and start opening up to me with things you might find hard to say to others. I’ve been told that I’m good at finding answers for others but as I lay here naked under my Master’s control I realize that I’ve no answers for myself. Only the truth, I am a submissive slut and crave having my body used to serve and pleasure others.

My current and now only Master, learned of my inner slut by watching me when I thought no one was. He saw me being forced into sleezy motel rooms by older men and then listened to me beg and scream as they used and abused me for their pleasure. Master was no fool and he worked hard at trailing me, using a digital video camera to record what he could; assembling a montage of images that left no doubt about the real me. When he’d asked if this was something my husband would enjoy, or perhaps my boss, I fell to my knees and hung my head. Master is like my others but so much more. He’s older maybe the oldest man I’ve attached myself to and He is smart, smart enough to make me drop all the other men and focus all my free time on serving His needs. He’s shown me levels of my own debauchery that I myself didn’t see inside me.

(Oh my god, please Master no, no please not my ass — aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn it Sir its too bigggggggg oooooooohhhhhhhh pplllleeeaaaaseeeeeeeee)

I…. I mean….OH god my ass is full, its so hard to concentrate Master. Nooooo please

(Slap Slap Slap)

Yessss Master I can control myself, I will explain, please I’ll finish. I am trying to recall where I was, I don’t have the aaaaahhhh ability to go back and read as this is all audio and Master will not edit or replay for me. I neeeeddd tooo telll you that He has forced a large plug into my assss. Oh it feels so good but so fucking big. Sorry Master I will continue my confession. Yes Sir I’ll tell them. The slaps you hear are Master spanking me when I lose my place, as I did when he forced that plug into my ass. He says that I must learn control and that as I relate to you my confession, He will spank me, play with my tits, my pussy my ass, everything but my mouth. I am to take all this and continue, my confession and if I lose control he will punish me again. The plug in my ass vibrates and shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt itttttttt now onnnnnn damn (Slap slap slap slap ) Owwwwww

Yes Master, yes, sorry Sir.

Master uncovered my secrets and with the videos and photos he’d assembled allowed me to sever my ties to the other men and to devote myself to Him. My inner slut has developed under His training, my submissive desires have grown. Now He demands this confession while He is using me, while I am naked and exposed to His every wish, only my mouth remains free to continue to confess.

Master insisted I tell all the other men I was now devoting myself to Him and to suck each of their cocks, swallowing their cum as a final gesture of my submissive life to them. Master filmed every one of those episodes and uses that along with everything else as my chains to Him.

OHHHHHHHHH (slap slap ) Sorry Master, yes I’ll explain. Master has removed the plug from my ass and intends a larger one but promises if I cannnnn talk wwwiiiithhhhouuuutt interrruppptiioooon thattttt hhhheee”ll usssse llluuuubbbee


UGHHH, UGHHHHHH so fucking full, damn my ass is so fucking fullll. I can’t adjust to it, OH Master its so fucking wide (Slap slap slap slap ) Master this slut is so sorry, please Master have mercy on my ass. (Slap Slap Slap Slap) I’llll trrrryyyyy Siiiirrrrrr

Masterrrr haasss uused hiisss laarggeest plluugg iinn mmyy asssssss. I nneeddd jjjstttt sssomme ttiimmee to accepptttt iittt. He’s spanking meeee toooo (Slap Slap, Slap) trying…ttooo…get….mee….to … focus..on…my con….fesssion. (Slap Slap Slap) I….am…Master…

My first day…with…my true Master was one I can not forget. When I arrived at His home, He took all of my clothes on the step, exposing my naked body to whoever might be looking, then gabbing my by my hair he pulled me into his house. He took me to the kitchen and attached a serving tray to me, using a leather strap with clamps on it to secure the tray to my nipples, then after loading the tray with drinks and food he made me lift the tray with my nipples stretching them severely and led me to a room full of His friends. I was made to serve all of them, and if I used my hands to fend off a hand feeling up my cunt, the weight of the tray pulled harder on my tits. So I was helpless to defend my body and all the men grabbed and penetrated me as I served the food and drink. Later I was made to service their cocks, in my mouth, my cunt and my ass. Many of them came on me, spraying their hot cum all over me, coating my body and filling my three holes. One by one they left when their cocks were spent and left alone with my new Master, I took his cock in all of my well used and cum filled holes.

That day he let me go naked, forced me to hurry to dress on the front porch as he closed the door saying only.

“You will come to me when I call slut.”

My clothes stuck to the drying cum that coated me and my pussy and ass leaked cum as I walked back to my car. I cried in my shower realizing that my life, once so controlled and secret was now in the hands of this Master. I would go t him often after that and each time he peeled away another layer of my public persona. Today as I tell you of all of this, I admit that I will never hesitate to serve Him, to serve His friends, to serve without hesitation without question.

He made me come to him one morning after I admitted having fucked my husband the night before and extracted my husbands cum from my cunt and had my husbands DNA identified then told me he would do the same to any cum he found in me, and if it did not belong to my husband he would expose me for who I am to my parents, my bosses, my husband. In this way he controls my cunt, my ass and my life in every way and only he can allow a cock other then my husbands to fill me.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Slap Slap Slap ) Ohhhhhh yessssssss Master….I….will…..explain……..

Master…has..decided to fuck me now and His hard cock is pumping in my cunt now….I…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (slap slap slap) Yes Sir. I…am…sorry… yes oh god please Sir…;(slap Slap slap) Yes…..Master’s cock is filling me as I speak and.. I aamm trying,, to finish this story. (slap slap slap) Master, yes I am telling my confession not a story, yes Sir I, will not make that error again Sir.

I’ve been with my true Master now for two years and he has used me in everyway, he has taught me to service his friends both male and female and I’ve taken men in me and women who strap on a cock have also used my holes for their pleasure.

(Slap Slap Slap ) Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes Sir I’ll explain. Master is slapping my tits now and not my ass. The plug is still deep inside my ass as His cock fucks my pussy, I can feel my juices running down my legs and I can not cum, no I am forbidden to cum without his permission and He will not give me that until my confession is complete.

(Slap Slap Slap ) Yes Sir, I was just getting to that Sir. Master’s cock is not fat but it is very long and when he takes me from behind like He is now His hard cock pounds against my cervix, I’ve come to love that discomfort as I’ve come to need and love serving Him. When he uses my mouth He fills my throat and He has taught me to ignore the gagging reflex that I feel. Yes Sir, I am almost finished Sir.

I now spend all my time when not working or home with my husband here with Master. He only uses a whip on me when my husband is gone for days so the welts have time to dissipate before he comes home. I love the times when Master can use his whip on me and the exquisite pain that I endure for Him. When Master allows me to cum, that pain makes my orgasm so intense, so wonderful I kiss the whip and thank Master for His generosity. Yes, the prim housewife you see, the professional who cares for you, the woman who entertains you with her husband is in reality nothing more then a slut, a submissive cum slut. Dina exists somewhere inside me but a much larger part of me is Dora the submissive cum slut who never says No to her Master and whose cunt and ass have taken cock after cock at Her Master’s whim.

I confess to all of this and to the fact that I am happy to be this slut.

Yes Sir, thank you Sir. I am now allowed to tell you what Master is doing to me. He is fucking me vigorously and working the plug in my ass — oh shit it feel so fucking good, His hard cock is plowing my pussy, yessssssssssssssssssssssss I love it yesssssssssssssssssssohhhhhhh Master fuck your slut, yes Master fuck this useless slut, fill her with your cum, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh thank you Sir thank you, yes this slut will cum for you — ohhhhhhhhhhhhhyesssssssssssssssssssssssssss, yes yes yes oh god yes I’m cuming Sir ohhhhhhhhht thank you sirrrrrrrrrrr, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Diva Exposed was written by SplendidSpunk specifically for Audiodiva to record and I thank him kindly for it.

“What do you think?” I asked as I did a slow twirl in front of Jared after donning my costume.

Turning from the computer he glanced up at me, his dark blue eyes taking me in for a moment. With a shrug he turned back around saying, “Looks good to me. Have fun.”

My shoulders fell. I had hoped that dressing up in a sexy costume would get his attention. If it didn’t turn him on, the least it could have done was make him angry. Any emotion was better than none. I looked down at myself. I was wearing four-inch black and red heels, thigh-high stockings, one black, one red with the opposite color bow at the top of each on the back. A few inches above the stockings I was wearing a black and red skirt with plenty of frilly layers underneath to make it puff out. The skirt was so short that the costume came with matching bloomers with little frills on the rear. My top was a bustier, black on one side, red on the other, that cut dangerously low, showing off the inner sides of my modest C-cup twins. I had elbow length gloves that didn’t cover my fingers, my thumbs sticking out of a hole cut into the side of each one. Around my neck I wore a black choker studded with fake, blood red gems. My golden blond hair I’d tied in pigtails on top of my head like a little girl, tying them up with frilly bands that had tiny bells on them. I’d even painted my lips black and red and applied fake eyelashes with little red gems on them. I’d spent a lot of money on this costume in hopes of getting Jared to react.

Apparently it wasn’t enough. So I carefully made my way over, trying hard not to fall on my face in too-tall heels. When I reached my husband, I snaked my arms around his neck and down over his chest from behind. I put my full lips close to his ear and slowly slipped my tongue out, just barely letting it slide along the outer edge of his ear, hoping to feel at least a little shiver. Nothing.

But I wasn’t giving up. I moved down to his neck and placed hot kisses along the strong muscles there and gently licked him from his earlobe to where shoulder met neck. I even ended that with a little nip of my teeth. That’s when Jared shrugged me off with a sigh of annoyance. He turned his head some so he could look at me.

“I’m in the middle of a game here, hun,” he said impatiently as he wiped at the spot where I’d bit him.

I stood back, trying not to cry. We hadn’t had sex in almost half a year. It was even rare if I could get him to let me give him a blowjob. He hadn’t touched me intimately at all during this time. I’d taken to using my toys in the bath almost every night, hoping to relieve some of the built up tension. Nothing helped, though. If anything I was hornier than ever.

As I stood there, staring at the back of his head, listening to the idiotic game he played on the computer, anger replace sadness. I had tried hard for months to get him to come back to me and nothing worked. He just brooded in his computer chair chatting to his online gaming friends. The only time I ever saw any emotion in him was when his real life buddies came over with their computers for a LAN party. I was sick and tired of trying. If he didn’t want me, then I’d find someone else who did. I knew I looked good. I was still young and I deserved to be treated like a queen for at least a night.

Before I caught myself I went over to the wall where the surge protector strip was plugged and yanked it from the socket. As he jumped up and hurriedly plugged the strip back in, yelling at me as he did so, I grabbed my coat, purse, and car keys and left the house for the costume party. I had tried to get Jared to go with me, thinking this would be something fun for us to do together but he refused and no amount of begging, pretend sadness or anger would move him. His loss. I was going to find me a gorgeous, masked man and have my way with him tonight.

By the time I arrived at my friend’s house where the party was, there were cars filling the driveway and lined up and down the street. I parked my car, got out, and began the trek to the house. At the door I was greeted with cheers when I took my coat off and my friend pushed her way through the crowd, handing me a drink as she took my coat.

I downed the alcohol and grinned at her. Unfortunately she could see right through my act and pulled me to her bedroom where she threw my coat on the bed.

“Alright, spill,” she demanded as she closed the door behind me and threw my coat on the bed.

I shrugged. What was there to say that I hadn’t already? “Same old stuff,” I said, a lump suddenly forming in my throat. I took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling, trying to keep the tears from my eyes.

My friend, Ashley, placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry. I thought this costume would do the trick. I figured if we whored you up a bit then maybe he’d do something.”

Shaking my head I laughed, a short, bitter sound. “So did I. I was stupid enough to believe that maybe he wanted a little something different. He didn’t even get angry that I was going out like this. Normally I can always play to his jealous side.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll figure something else out.”

“No!” I said suddenly. “I’m tired of trying. I’ve been working my butt of and wracking my brains trying to think of something to get his attention. I know something’s bothering him and I’ve tried to get him to talk about it but he just pulls inside himself even further. I’m done with it all. If he won’t give me what I need, then I’ll find it with someone else!”

“Lis, I don’t like that kind of talk. That’s not like you at all. You love Jared too much to cheat on him.”

With a sigh I sat on the bed, sinking down among the myriad coats. “I know,” I said slowly. “But I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m horny as fuck all day, every day and it just gets worse. I’ve had to stop myself several times from just grabbing some random guy and sticking my tongue down his throat. It’s gotten so bad that even my boss is looking like a movie star.”

Ashley and I laughed then shuddered. My boss, Mr. Blake, had to be the grossest man I’d ever met. What little hair he had was always greasy and you could smell the unclean scent from a mile away. His face was severely pockmarked from not only the chicken pocks as a kid but his horrible acne when he was a teen. He still suffered from acne, even at forty-five, and the man refused to at least clear the bumps of the white heads before leaving his house. His thin lips were so dry they were cracking and peeling. It was torture having to shake his hand because his handshake was slick and floppy. I wish I could say he also had a gut but the man was a beanpole. His only redeeming feature was his height. He towered over me by a foot and I was five feet and four inches. But Ashley and I had agreed one drunken night that he wasn’t entirely gag-worthy. Sometimes we plotted to kidnap him and make him wash his hair, apply chap stick and use a strong acne treatment on his face. Then he’d have some potential.

As we thought for a moment about my boss, the sound of something shattering in the rest of the house brought us back to reality. Ashley looked at me with sympathetic eyes before leaving the room to investigate the noise. For a moment more I stood there wondering if I could really go through with cheating on Jared. The truth was that I just wanted him to notice me again. We’d been together since high school and after we were married, his attention to me began to wan. At first I didn’t think anything of it. He’d just started a new job and was tired most of the time. After a while I’d managed to trick myself into thinking nothing was wrong at all. Ashley made me see the light and since then I’d been trying to save our marriage. I only wanted him. The thought of another man touching me set my stomach to rolling.

With that thought, I took a deep breath and left the room to enjoy the party, no longer thinking of finding another man to satisfy me. I would just have to think up something really clever to get my husband to want me again.

It was some hours later when I felt my cell vibrate inside one of the cups of my bustier. I stuck my hand under my breast and pulled my phone out. The number on the screen was unfamiliar. Flipping it open I held it to my ear, my other hand plugging the opposite ear.

“Hello?” I said, yelling to be heard over the din.

“Hello? Mrs. Wright?” the female voice on the other end yelled.

I began pushing my way to the front door so I could step out onto the porch. When I was outside I answered. “Yes, this is she.”

“This is Valley Memorial Hospital, I’m calling about your husband, Jared Wright.”

My heart stopped and I backed myself against the railing as I felt my knees wobble. “Is he all right?”

“He is now, we’ve got him stabilized. We’d like you to come to the hospital to fill out the insurance paperwork.”

“Okay, yeah, sure, I’ll be there in a bit.” As I closed the phone, Ashley stepped out of the house, fanning herself. When she saw me, the smile fell from her lips. “Jared’s in the hospital,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

“Then what the hell are you still doing here? You didn’t have too much to drink did you? You can drive right? If not, I’ll grab Kenny and he can take you. He’s on another diet and he says alcohol has too much sugar and calories in it so he hasn’t had a single drink tonight,” she said.

“I haven’t had too much to drink, but I think I might still need a ride. I don’t think I could make it there safely myself.”

Ashley nodded and ran back inside. Moments later Kenny, her husband, came out carrying my coat, his keys and my purse in the other hand. He kissed Ashley bye and directed me to his car. On the drive there we sat in silence. The woman had said Jared was stabilized, but what had happened? Who had called 911?

“I’ll wait here for you,” Kenny said as he dropped me off at the front doors. I nodded and got out of the car. He then pulled into a parking space nearby.

Rushing inside I went to the front desk and asked about Jared. The nurse gave me a room number, telling me to stop by the nurse’s station on that floor before seeing my husband. I thanked her and made my way to the elevator.

At the third floor nurse’s station I was handed a clipboard of papers to fill out and no one would answer my questions. Instead of arguing, I took a seat nearby and hurriedly filled out the forms. On the last page a nurse came up to me.

“Are you Lissy Wright?” she asked. The voice sounded familiar. I looked up and nodded. “Hi, I’m Nurse Fairweather, I’m the one who contacted you earlier.”

Standing, I shook her hand. “Oh, right, I thought I’d heard your voice somewhere before. So what happened to my husband?”

She motioned for me to follow her. As we began to walk she explained. “Neighbors heard shouting and a loud crash and called the police. When they arrived at your house they found your husband on the floor unconscious. An ambulance was called and the paramedics were able to restart your husband’s heart.”

I gasped, my hand flying to my mouth. “His heart had stopped?”

“Yes. He was believed to have been dead for several minutes before the police arrived. Luckily one of them began administering CPR, which helped immensely. We might not have been able to save your husband otherwise. His heart did stop again in the ride over here, but since he’s been here, we haven’t run into any problems. He seems to be doing all right. We’re not sure what happened at your house, but all that matters is that it wasn’t a heart attack and that he should be back to normal in a day or two. We’re going to keep him here overnight for observation, though, just to be sure.”

We stopped by a door and the nurse knocked then opened it. Inside, Jared was reclined in the bed, his face pale. He turned to look at me and something passed through his eyes for an instant. He held up one trembling hand and I ran to him, grabbing it and holding it against my lips as I sat in the chair next to the bed.

“I’ll leave you two alone then,” Nurse Fairweather said and quietly closed the door.

“What happened?” I asked, tears filling my eyes. Jared looked weak. It scared me.

“The computer crapped out,” he rasped. “When I tried to fix it, I was electrocuted.”

I leaned forward and gave him a hug. I then felt his lips on the top of my head and the tears that had filled my eyes began to spill. When I leaned back, he stared into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

“I’m sorry for the way I’ve been treating you, hun. I don’t know what was wrong with me.”

I shook my head emphatically. “No, no! Don’t worry about it. I don’t care about that. All I care about is your well-being.”

He chuckled. “Don’t lie, I know you’ve been upset. I promise I’ll make it up to you. We’ll do something special as soon as I’m feeling myself again.”

“Okay,” I nodded and climbed into the bed beside him. It wasn’t long before the nurse came back and told me I’d have to leave for the night and could come back to get him tomorrow. I kissed him passionately and wished him goodnight then made my way back outside to Kenny.

The next day I threw my hair up in a quick ponytail and wore a light blue tank top with a knee-length black skirt. I felt giddy as I rushed around the house trying to get ready. With the way my husband had acted last night at the hospital I was excited to see if he’d be as sweet today. Grabbing a bag I’d put a change of clothes for Jared in I hurried to the car and navigated through the nearly empty streets to the hospital.

A doctor stopped me in the hallway a few feet from Jared’s room to let me know what had happened before I arrived. He laughed and said he’d never seen such a recovery and that he was shocked to see Jared up and moving around as if he’d had a few cups of coffee. When I entered the room he stopped in his aimless pacing and turned to me, a broad grin spread across his face. Coming up to me, he wrapped me in his arms and squeezed me so tight my back popped in a few places.

“I missed you,” he said lovingly as he stood back and caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes and reveled in his touch, a smile playing on my lips. I couldn’t remember the last time he was like this. It had been a slow but steady downhill slope since we were married.

“I missed you, too,” I replied then handed him the clothes. He took them and immediately pulled off the hospital gown. He still had on the boxers from the night before and I’d brought him a new pair since he usually changed them every day, but he just tossed the clean pair aside and began slipping into the jeans.

When he had the jeans buttoned and was about to put the shirt on, I told him to wait. He looked at me quizzically and then smiled when he saw the way I was looking at him. Jared was by no means buff, but his muscles were defined and he had just the right amount of fat around his stomach so he wasn’t stick thin. His chest and shoulders were broad with a thin covering of hair over his pecs. The hair trailed down in a neat line over his stomach, disappearing into his jeans. I was glad it had been a hot summer because Jared now sported a light tan that gave him a healthy glow.

As I stared, I walked slowly over to him and lightly ran my fingers over his chest and stomach. You could barely see the outlines of his abs through the thin layer of fat on them, but that was just how I liked him. Healthy. Normal. Because he wasn’t incredibly buff or stick thin, those dimples that so many woman love that poke out above the jeans were non-existent on Jared. Every time I saw him in pants and no shirt I thanked God that Jared didn’t have them. I found them revolting.

Jared’s hand took mine and I looked up into his dark eyes. His dark, brown hair was unruly at times and it was especially so today. I chuckled and used my free hand to move a few strands off his forehead. When I had done so, I cupped his cheek in my hand, feeling the roughness from his day old stubble on my palm. Jared had a long face, but it wasn’t comically long and all his features fit just right. His jaw didn’t disappear into his neck either. And his brown eyes were large and the corners turned down ever so slightly, making him look just a bit sad.

I ran my thumb over his lips, which were the most beautiful pair of lips I’d ever seen in my life. Both were full, the bottom one just a bit more so than the top. They weren’t chapped or peeling and he never wore chap stick. Every time I saw them I was overcome with the urge to kiss them, to nibble on them, to taste them.

Apparently he had the same idea at that moment as his lips came down over mine. A tiny whimper escaped me. I had been without his kisses for just as long as I had been without his touches. I melted into him and his arms went around me as I felt my knees weaken. The kiss deepened and his tongue played along the line between my lips, urging them open. When I opened to him, his tongue lashed into my mouth and his hold on me tightened, exciting a gasp from me that disappeared into his mouth. I was like putty in his grip now. His tongue running over mine, mingling with it, those wonderful lips pressed against my own. It was heaven and it had me completely turned on. I squirmed a bit in his arms as I felt my panties dampen. I felt him chuckle deep in his chest as he placed a leg between mine and gently pushed his knee against my increasingly damp slit. I groaned as he ground his knee into me and my hands went into his thick hair, grabbing fistfuls of it and pulling him more against me.

“Ahem,” a voice sounded behind me. I jumped and pulled apart from my husband, every inch of bare skin on me glowing bright red. I looked at the nurse and her cheeks were just as red from walking in on such an intimate moment. “Sorry to, uh, interrupt,” she said and cleared her throat. “Your discharge papers are ready if you’d like to leave.”

In the car ride home, Jared’s hand found its way to my thigh and began rubbing lightly, idly slipping underneath my skirt and squeezing my leg every so often. I could feel the sexual energy radiating off of him and it was all I could do to keep myself from speeding home.

At home I managed to appear as if I wasn’t hoping he would rip my clothes from me and take me right in the entryway. I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“Is there anything in particular you’d like for lunch?” I asked as I bent over to inspect the bottom shelf’s contents.

Hands on my hips and something big and hard against my ass told me Jared was right there. I giggled and stood, closing the refrigerator. When I’d turned completely to face him I threw my arms around his neck and looked at him. Something was different in his eyes. I couldn’t tell what, but I’d never seen him look at me as he was doing now. He kissed me, shoving me against the big appliance, his hands roaming up under my tank top, all thoughts about his look gone as I lost myself in his frantic groping.

One big hand engulfed my left breast and kneaded it then squeezed it hard, making me gasp in pain/pleasure. I took his bottom lip in my mouth and sucked hard on it then nipped it, making him gasp this time. I felt his smile against my lips and his hands at the hooks of my bra. Within seconds I felt the weight of my breasts as the bra loosened and I sighed in relief. He busied himself with taking my shirt of then, sliding it up over my stomach, his hands grazing the skin, sending electric shocks through me to my aching sex.

With my shirt off he tossed it aside and pulled the bra off my arms and tossed it as well. Without another though his mouth descended on my left breast, pulling the hardened nipple into his mouth. I groaned, sliding my fingers into his hair and tugging slightly but not pulling him away in the least. The vibration of his moan rippled through my chest. He sucked harder and grazed his teeth over the nipple, making me cry out at the pain. I returned the favor by tugging his hair harder.

Before I knew what was happening, he picked me up and set me on the kitchen counter. He stood between my knees and pulled me forward. The counter was just low enough so that my panty-covered lips were pressed against the erection that pointed up towards his chin inside his jeans. He took my other breast in his mouth now, his right hand toying with my left nipple. I began grinding my pussy against him, allowing my juices to completely soak through my panties and then his jeans.

For a moment he stopped and undid his jeans and stepped out of them as well as his boxers. I looked down and my mouth began to water. I wanted my mouth over his dick so badly. My lips went dry and I licked them. Looking back up into Jared’s eyes again I noticed something different but didn’t think anything of it beyond a second’s passing thought. With his member exposed I hooked my calves behind his back and pulled him back to me, shoving my sex against him. He threw back his head and groaned deeply then attacked me like never before.

Pushing me to lie back on the counter, he ripped my panties from me and pushed my skirt up onto my stomach. Less than a second passed before he used my hips to pull me to his mouth. I moaned loudly as his teeth nipped at my clit then he sucked hard on it, his tongue just barely glancing over it, making me jump with each pass. With nothing to grab hold of on the counter, my nails scraped against the surface as I tossed my head from side to side, unable to control myself.

He sucked hard and fast on my clit, sometimes going back to nipping it. Then I felt two of his thick fingers slide easily into my vagina and he began pumping them in an out faster than he’d ever done before, making sure to hook his fingers into my g-spot on the way out. I squirmed more, my hands flying to my face as I covered the loud screams of pleasure trying to escape. Jared pulled his fingers from my pussy and grabbed both of my hands, pulling them from my mouth, never stopping in his onslaught of my clit. He wanted to hear me scream. He’d never let me be so loud and it only turned me on more.

The moment his fingers went back to my hole I cried out one last time as my orgasm hit me and my world went black. Wave after wave slammed through me, my back arching, my hands scrabbling at the counter, at my skirt, finally landing on Jared’s head and pulling his mouth harder against me. It took minutes for the pleasure to subside but I continued to shake. My husband pulled my hands from his hair and stood up, a wicked smile on his lips. From the look in his eyes, I knew he definitely wasn’t done.

Pulling me from the counter, he threw me over his shoulder and hauled me into the bedroom. I squealed as I felt myself fall through the air to land on the bed. He pulled my skirt off my and crawled onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard. I sat up and looked at him, knowing exactly what he wanted.

I crawled forward and took his cock in my hand and began slowly pumping it. Lowering my head I put my mouth so close to the tip that my hot breath washed over it and it jumped in my grasp. Slowly, almost painfully so, I let the tip of my tongue slide around the head of his dick and then down one side of the shaft, moving my hand aside.

As I brought my head back up, I moved my tongue slowly from side to side and made sure to flick it over the most sensitive part under the head. A jolt went through me as I heard his groan. I licked back down the next side and back up, swirling my tongue over the head. I then began placing kisses on the head, down his shaft and ending at his balls. Those I sucked into my mouth and moaned as they filled it. I felt his hips buck and his hands went to my shoulders and squeezed.

Busying myself with his testicles I began pumping his shaft again. Soon I couldn’t take it anymore and slowly licked my way up his shaft and kissed the tip of his dick again. I pulled back a little bit, my hand still stroking, waiting for a moment. Just when he opened his mouth to ask me why I’d stopped, I shoved my mouth quickly over the head and down onto the shaft, stuffing his cock into my throat where I swallowed. Jared groaned so loudly then and grabbed my head.

He began lifting his hips, pumping his dick in and out of my mouth, fucking it hard. It hurt and it made me gag several times, but he didn’t let up and I found myself reaching between my legs to play among the folds there, moaning when his dick wasn’t shoved down my throat.

My other hand was on his balls, massaging them in time with his hard thrusts. I felt them begin to tighten and knew he was about to finish. I readied myself for swallowing his cum but he had other ides. Ripping my head from his dick, he flipped me around and savagely rammed his cock into my dripping pussy. I cried out as he hit the deepest part of me, sending darts of pain through my body. He didn’t stop, though. With his hands on my hips he thrust and pulled me back at the same time, hitting against my womb each time. Normally I didn’t like it so rough but I’d been without sex for so long that I no longer cared. I let myself scream with the pain and found myself cumming several times in the few minutes he took to finish. With one last thrust he cried out as his seed shot into me. My arms suddenly felt weak and I let my top half fall to the bed, panting hard.

After he pulled out, I rolled onto my side and tried not to let the pain get to me. It felt good but hurt more than I ever thought possible. Jared lay back against the pillows and headboard, his chest rising and falling rapidly. We looked at each other, wide smiles on our faces. Suddenly I winced as the pain flared.

“Are you okay, babe?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yeah, it hurts, but I’ll be fine.”

With a nod of his own, Jared got up, slapping my ass hard before he made his way to the bathroom. His calling me ‘babe’ and slapping me on the ass was very different than how he ever was, but I just chalked it up to his lack of action in months and the fact that he’d almost died. Sighing deeply satisfied beyond belief, I rolled over and spread my legs, letting the cool air of the room blow over my hot sex. While I cooled off, Jared left the room. I heard him seconds later rummaging around in the kitchen. I let my eyes close for a moment, enjoying the peace that had washed over me.

After a minute I got up and scurried to the bathroom, trying to get there before everything decided to come out and create a mess. I turned on the shower, doing what could only be described as a pee dance, my legs closed to my knees, the muscles clenching tight and impatiently shifting from foot to foot as the water warmed.

As soon as the water became remotely warm enough I threw the curtain aside enough for me to get in and then closed it behind me. I adjusted the warmth, my muscles relaxing even more as the warmth slipped down over my bare skin, sending goose bumps up my arms as a shiver of pleasure went through me. I stood there my head tilted slightly back and my eyes closed to avoid getting any water in them.

By the time I turned to let my back warm up, I heard the heavy steps of Jared’s feet enter the bedroom. The shower curtain was slid back a little seconds later. Jared stuck his head in and grinned at me. I smiled lazily back, the water easing the muscles of my neck.

“You look happy. Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” I purred.

Still being naked, Jared didn’t have to bother with clothes so he stepped into the tub and shut the curtain. He stepped up to me, pressing his stomach against mine. His hands went to my hips and he gently slid his fingers onto my back and began caressing my heated flesh. Gentle circles and strokes all over my back had my muscles turned to liquid. Letting my head fall forward onto Jared’s chest, I sighed contentedly, my arms wrapping around his waist, holding him close.

He then turned me around so I was out of the water and one hand left my back. Before I could even ask him not to stop, he brought it back with the bar of soap and began massaging my muscles as he lathered my skin. The soap trailed down from my shoulder, making its way to my buttocks and back up. After a few strokes, he switched hands and did the same to the other side. When he was finished with my back he made a quick, hard grab at my ass cheek, making me laugh, before he started on my front.

Instead of using the soap directly on my skin, he lathered it in his hands, set the soap aside, and began exploring my body as he cleaned me. Fingers ran over my throat and out over each shoulder, stopping to rub circles there as I groaned, enjoying the massage. They continued down over my breasts where he spent a majority of his time. There he had to lather his hands again and continue lifting, groping, and rubbing each breast.

My back involuntarily arched into the palms of his hands while they worked the firm but malleable flesh there. The rough pads of his thumbs running over my nipples, making them harder than the cool air from the bathroom had done after I was no longer under the water. I gasped when I felt a sudden pinch and opened my eyes to look at him. He looked down at me, a sly grin on his lips. When he moved lower, over my stomach, I closed my eyes again and felt his fingers swirl over my skin, gradually sliding down to my navel and stopping just short of my mound. He lathered his hands up again and continued working on cleaning every inch of my stomach.

I took this time to grab the bar of soap and stick my hands under the running water behind Jared. Lathering my own hands up, I set the soap down and began massaging his shoulders, feeling the muscles under my fingers give as I worked the knots from them. Jared stopped for a moment, leaning forward a little more and resting his head on my shoulder, groaning as I worked out a particularly nasty kink.

“It’s from sitting so long in that computer chair playing games,” I said softly, feeling that my normal volume would break the sweet spell of the shower. Jared only groaned in reply as another knot gave way under my ministrations. I worked up from his shoulders, going over the hardened cords of his neck muscles and continuing up to the base of his skull where it met his spine. As my fingers worked into his hair I felt his hands drift down over my back and grab each of my ass cheeks, giving them a hard squeeze. I gave his hair a soft tug in response then pulled his head up so the water ran over it.

As he allowed me to wet his hair, my fingers slowly working his scalp, Jared’s thick fingers found their way downward to the apex of my legs, one hand cupping my sex while the other hand began working on the muscles of my hip. The hand covering my sex pushed against the lips, putting pressure on my clit just between the folds. He ground his palm there, making small, circular motions, causing my body to react and my juices to begin to flow.

I did my best to continue working, grabbing the shampoo bottle and squirting a dollop in one palm, then scrubbing his hair, continuing my massage. But the more I tried to work, the harder Jared pushed and the faster his hand moved. By the time I had his hair lathered, Jared took his hand from my hip and grasped one of my breasts in it, squeezing it, then pinching the nipple hard. I bit my lip and began to rinse the shampoo from his hair.

His eyes bored into me as he watched the changes in my expression and body while he worked on me. He could see my cheeks turning red, my chest rising faster as I began to pant. It was easy to tell I was succumbing to it all, but I continued to fight it, enjoying the play and getting to touch him. Then he stopped and as my body was coming down from the building tension I took a deep breath. That’s when he plunged two fingers inside my pussy and began to work them hard and fast. I gasped and my knees went weak. Jared was a step ahead of me, pulling me to him, holding me tight against his chest as I squirmed and moaned, the water cascading over my face.

I began to shake as an orgasm overtook me and as I screamed out, “Oh God! Jared!” my mind blanked and my entire body went lax in his grip. I heard him chuckle as he pulled his fingers from my dripping hole. He moved so the water running over my face was no longer blinding me then moved me so I could look at him.

The fingers he’d used on me came to my lips and pushed their way into my mouth. I instantly began sucking on them, wrapping my tongue around one then the other, cleaning my cum from them, enjoying the taste of it and his skin mixed together. I hungrily grabbed at his hand and ravaged his fingers, moans escaping my throat as I felt my pussy begin to throb again.

Jared took one of my hands and guided it towards his erect cock and helped me to wrap my fingers around it. I began pumping up and down on it faster and faster as I still worked on cleaning every last taste of myself from his fingers. I felt his eyes on me and looked up at him. He stared at me with such intensity it turned me on even more. I stood and turned so I could face him, pressing my body against his. With my hand on his dick, I guided it between my legs, the lips sliding open easily, enveloping his rock hard member.

He stood completely still as I pumped his fingers in and out of my mouth and began to slid myself over his cock, letting it rub against my clit and hole, covering it in slick cum. Groans rumbled up from his chest as I worked.

I began to feel him move with me, his cock sliding over me faster and faster, his breathing becoming labored. His free hand snaked up to my hair at the back of my head and grabbed it, savagely pulling me from his other hand and forcing me to turn around.

Pushing my head down he moved me against the back wall of the shower, turning my face toward the curtain, my shoulders pressing into the wall. I placed my hands on either side of my head and braced myself as he roughly plunged his dick into my pussy. I screamed out and he stuffed his fingers back into my mouth, one hand still locked into my hair.

My tits slapped against the wall with each of his thrusts and my muffled cries escaped around his fingers. He pounded me harder and harder, bringing tears to my eyes. This time there was no pleasure in it for me. It was all for him. He took what he wanted from me, ignoring how in pain I was and when he came with a loud groan, he let me go, allowing me to slid down into the tub while he stepped back and finished washing his hair.

I tried not to cry out loud, just letting the tears roll down my cheeks, my face turned away from him. It didn’t take long for him to finish washing and when he was done, he stepped out and began drying himself off, leaving the shower on for me to clean myself. I waited there in the tub for him to leave and when I heard him close the door I began to sob.


I thought that him wanting me again was a good thing. After the shower sex I put that from my mind and continued on as if he hadn’t pretty much raped me. When we’d gone to bed that first night, I was woken up in the middle of the night by Jared wanting more. I allowed it, thinking, If I refuse, will he stop wanting me again?

Luckily he wasn’t so rough but there was still something different in his movements than what I remembered. Though I didn’t say anything and continued to ignore what my gut was telling me.

After only three days the feeling that something was drastically changed in my husband kept nagging me. Every time I turn around he’s there wanting me to suck him off or ride him while he watches television. I can’t take a shower without being accosted. Hell, I can’t even walk in front of him without him reaching out and pulling me to him so he can grope under my shirt and down my pants.

I was beginning to tire and on the fourth day I couldn’t bare to have any more sex. While Jared was napping in bed I quietly left the house and drove over to Ashley’s.

I hadn’t been able to talk to anyone since the accident. The costume party was on the weekend so on Monday I’d called work and told them I needed some time off to keep an eye on my husband. It was a relief to get out of the house by myself.

Sitting on the opposite end of the couch from Ashley I heaved a sigh. That’s when my friend began pouring the wine she’d brought into the living room. I nearly drained the glass before I set it back on the coffee table.

“Well, I guess I’m in for some crazy news, huh?” Ashley asked as she refilled the glass.

“You have no idea,” I said and picked up the wine and took another long drink. “I think there’s something wrong with Jared,” I began after setting my drink back down.

“Wrong? Is he feeling bad from the accident?” Ashley picked up her own glass then and sipped it delicately.

“No. At least, it doesn’t seem like it. He’s much more active than he ever used to be. It’s all I can do to get some peace. He’s forever wanting to have sex.”

At that, Ashley laughed. “But I thought that’s what you wanted?”

“I did, but not like this.” I leaned in close. “The amount of sex is fine, I guess, but the majority of it is…rough. Much rougher than he ever used to be. He’s hurt me several times and doesn’t seem in the least bit concerned. I could be crying for him to stop and he won’t.”

I gauged the look on Ashley’s face as it hit her how bad things were with Jared. Before answering she drained her glass. “Geeze, Lis, I’m really sorry. Could it just be him being a bit over exuberant about everything since he could have died?”

“That’s what I thought at first, but something else seems different about him. It’s not just the sex. It’s the way he talks to me, the way he walks, what he likes to watch on TV. And I haven’t seen him playing a computer game since I left for the party Saturday.”

“Well now that’s really odd. He’s always on that stupid game.”

“I know! When I realized that, I started thinking about everything. He’s starting to scare me. He’s treating me like a slave. All he does is sit on the couch watching television or on the computer looking up porn and he demands things like bringing him drinks or fixing him dinner. He knows I don’t cook very well. Before he used to make sure he was the one who did the cooking. I don’t understand. And if I don’t get to bringing him whatever he wants fast enough, he starts yelling.”

“Yelling? But he never yells.”

“Exactly. That’s where it’s starting to scare me. I’m afraid that he’ll get violent one day.”

“Have you talked to him about it?”

I gave Ashley a look as if she were crazy. “You honestly think I could talk to him about something like that when I think he might go over the deep end one day and hit me?”

“Ah, yeah, true. Well, what else can you do?”

“I’m not sure. But I’ve gotta figure it out quick. I can’t take much more of this.”


It was late when I walked in the door. I could hear the television in the living room and so made my way quietly to the bedroom. I was halfway down the hall when Jared’s voice stopped me.

“Where’ve you been?” he asked, a slight edge to his voice.

I turned. Seeing him standing there in the hallway I smiled at him. “I just went over to Ashley’s for a bit of girl time.”

“And you didn’t think to ask me?”

“I didn’t know I needed permission,” I said slowly.

“I don’t like it when you don’t run things by me first,” he replied.

Trying not to fidget and show off how nervous I was, I just chuckled and said, “Sorry, next time I’ll let you know before I go somewhere.”

He stood there for another moment, his eyes looking at me as if he were trying to read my mind. Somewhere in the back of my head I was afraid that, somehow, he could. After another moment he turned and went back into the living room, calling out behind him, “You need to fix dinner, I’m starving. And don’t burn anything this time!”

I took that moment to run to my room to collect myself before coming back out to make something to eat.

While in my room I ran to the bathroom and shut and locked the door. Sitting on the toilet I let myself cry out my fear at the changes in my husband. I would gladly go back to him ignoring me and playing his online games if it meant he wasn’t this sex-crazed angry man.

“How long are you going to take?” I heard him yell through the house. “I haven’t eaten since before you left!”

“I’ll be out in a minute!” I yelled back and quickly cleaned up my face then changed into some baggy pajamas, hoping I could look unappealing to him.

Later that night, I lay in bed wide awake. I hadn’t made it without having to have sex with Jared, but luckily he fell asleep afterward and was out like a light. The clock on the nightstand next to my side told me it was well after one in the morning. Looking at Jared I carefully slid out of bed and tiptoed into the living room to the computer.

Once it was on, I began searching for anything relating to changes in behavior after near death experiences. I found several links to people posting on forums asking for help with their loved ones who’d become complacent or deeply depressed. Others were expressing their happiness at how energetic and loving someone had become when, before, they’d been so-so. I did manage to find some who talked about the person becoming easily agitated and restless. Those were the ones I read all of.

By three I hadn’t found any useful information and was beginning to fall asleep at the keyboard. I figured I’d try one last link and then go to bed. I’d passed it over earlier because it was some ghost story site and I didn’t believe in those kinds of things, not to mention ghosts were not my problem here.

After clicking on the link, the site came up and I began to read. The more I read the more awake I became. This covered every kind of behavior change in a person who’d nearly died. Not only that but it talked of changes in personality as well as mannerisms, which most of the other sites had not.

Then I read over one part and had to read it several more times to make sure I’d read it correctly.

While some people who have near death experiences are the same in everything else but their outlook on life, there are those who seem to be missing pieces of their memory. Those who seem completely changed. You might not notice it at first because you’re too happy that your loved one is alive and safe now, but it’s not long before you begin to wonder what’s going on with them.

Sometimes a near death can unlock a part of them they never knew they had in them, but I have found that most of the time, these changes mean that your loved one is no longer with you.

You see, there are earthbound spirits everywhere. Sometimes they forget to go, sometime they don’t want to. Whatever the case may be for them, some have figured out that they can possess those who’ve recently died. It may only take a second of the heart stopping, but as long as the body’s soul has vacated the premises the earthbound spirit may take over. This accounts for some memory loss and the other changes your loved one may be suffering from.

Sometimes they’re not too bad, all they want is another chance at life, but other times they possess people in order to fulfill some mischievous task that could very well harm those around them.

If you’ve realized that your loved one may be possessed, don’t panic. If you’re lucky, you may get their soul back, but I won’t say there haven’t been times when the original soul has moved on. Sometimes it was just that person’s time to go.

I have visited several people who began to wonder if their loved one was possessed and when the original soul is still lingering, I have been able to send the earthbound spirit on, allowing the body’s actual soul to come back.

If you believe you are experiencing this and would like help, please contact me. I have had this happen to someone in my family and I know how scary it can be. I want to help.

It was the closest thing I could find to my problem. I had nothing to lose if I contacted this person. Scrolling down the page I saw that the writer, a man, lived in the same state. I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly copied his e-mail address and went to compose a message to him. I could only hope he’d get back to me soon.

The next morning after more rough sex with Jared, he announced he was going out for a while. Inwardly I sighed with relief and hoped that he’d be gone for several hours.

As he grabbed the car keys and opened the front door he stopped and turned to me. “I don’t want you leaving this house, you hear?” he said, his face stern as he looked at me.

I smiled weakly and nodded. He smiled then and quickly pulled me to him, crushing my lips against his. His tongue forced my lips open and he ravaged my mouth. As quickly as he had begun, he stopped and let me go.

“I’m not trying to control you, hun, I just think you’re too pretty to be going anywhere by yourself. You need me there to keep the losers away,” he said with a wink and a chuckle then left the house.

As soon as I had the door closed and locked behind him I ran to the living room and peeked out the window, watching him get in the car and drive off down the road. I then turned around and sat on the couch for several minutes to make sure he wouldn’t suddenly turn around and come home because he forgot something.

When I felt it was safe I jumped up and went to the computer, turning it on. I sat down in the chair, my right leg bouncing with impatience as the machine booted up. After everything was running I opened a web browser and checked my e-mail. Nothing in the inbox. I sighed. I had hoped the guy would get back to me soon. I went to close out of the window when I noticed I had something in my spam folder. Opening it up I found a reply from the ghost guy.

My pulse raced as I read through the few lines he wrote.

Mrs. Wright,

I’m very glad you found my site and have contacted me. From what you mentioned it could be very possible your husband has become possessed. If he’s as touchy as you say he is I would advise caution and I would like to make a visit as soon as possible. Are you available any time today?

-Gary Farmer

I quickly typed out a reply, letting him know that I was not busy at the moment but not sure how long my husband would be gone and sent it. Once that was done I decided I’d surf the net for a bit, hoping he would reply within minutes.

It didn’t take long at all to receive his answer.

I am in your area right now. If you can make it to the little coffee shop on Main I would be happy to talk about this.

For a moment I sat there debating on if I should go or not. What if Jared came back while I was out? I chewed on my bottom lip as I thought. Would it be worth it to get caught by Jared should I be gone when he got back? What if this set him off enough to hit me? Of course, if I didn’t find out if possession could actually be real and what’s happening to Jared, I could end up with an abusive husband for the rest of my life. That did it. What were a few hits compared to how many I could receive in the years to come should I not try and fix things? I sent a reply back saying I’d be there in ten minutes and briefly described myself then ran to get ready to leave.

At the coffee shop I stood just inside the entrance, scanning the crowd. I had no idea what this man looked like. I should have taken a few minutes to go back to the site to see if he had a picture. Since I didn’t I just had to wait and see if he realized who I was. There weren’t very many people in the shop. It was the in-between time for coffee drinkers. Those that were there were spread out over the many tables or plush couches and chairs. I glanced at the little fireplace against the far wall and smiled, no one was sitting there. It would be nice to have a drink and let the liquid warmth and the heat from the fire take some of the edge off since it was an unusually chilly morning.

Taking in the room one more time my eyes roved over those at the counter waiting to order or pick up their drink. One customer was just taking up two cups from the counter when he turned and caught my eye. Something passed in his eyes and I knew that must be him. Sure he enough he began walking over to me.

He was tall. Had to be a few inches over six feet. His short-cropped hair was a dark, steely gray, making him look very distinguished. Sensitive, eyes- that looked dark from this far away- sat under rimless glasses that were perched on a straight nose that wasn’t too small or too big at the end. Under that his lips could just barely pass for full. A stubborn-looking chin led to a strong jaw that was clean-shaven. What few wrinkles he had weren’t deep and only showed that he must smile quite often.

I took in the square of his shoulders under his black trench coat and the way the fabric of his sky blue button-down shirt fit snugly over a broad chest. His shirt was tucked into dark slacks at a narrow waist that led the eye down long legs ending in feet shod in shiny black shoes. The overall appearance was of a man who was comfortable in sensible, business-like clothing but you could easily see him in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He must’ve been at least ten years older than me, putting him in his mid-forties. I felt my heart begin to thud in my chest as he neared me.

“Mrs. Wright?” he asked, his voice soothing with just the hint of a bass tone.

“Y-yes,” I stuttered as I realized he was now standing right in front of me.

He smiled and my heart melted, the parenthesis on either side of his lips deepening as he showed off pearly white, almost perfect teeth. “Good, I was afraid I’d end up approaching the wrong woman.”

“Oh I don’t think any woman would mind be approached by you,” I suddenly blurted then realized what I said.

He flashed me that smile yet again, his dark honey eyes twinkling in amusement. “Shall we sit?” He motioned to the fireplace and I turned and went to it. Once seated he handed me one of the drinks. “Of course I’m not sure what you liked so I asked them to go light on the flavoring. It’s just a regular mocha.”

“Oh, thank you,” I replied as I took the drink, my fingers just barely brushing his, causing a blush to creep into my cheeks.

“So I won’t keep you here long, you did mention that you might not have enough time. The last thing I want to do is get you in trouble with your husband.”

“Right. Well first you have to understand that I’m a bit skeptical about all this ghost stuff. I didn’t even click the link to your site until I’d exhausted all others. It was a shock to see how much everything you described matched my husband to a T.”

“Of course, I understand. Most people are like you and that’s not a bad thing. There’s stuff out there that we are better off not knowing anything about. Ignorance is bliss, right?” He chuckled, making me smile.

“So how do you suppose you’ll know if he’s actually possessed- if that’s what’s going on, that is.”

“Well I’d need to meet him somewhere in a situation that would allow me to shake his hand. I will know then.”

“You’re psychic or something?”

“Or something,” he replied with a small smile then took a sip of his drink, which prompted me to drink my own. “I’ve been this way since an accident when I was a kid. I almost died myself. I was lucky that nothing tried to take over my own body, but the residue of death stayed with me and allowed me to sense things and sometimes see them.”

“Oh, I see.”

“So about meeting your husband. When do you think is a good time? I must insist that it be very, very soon.”


“You see, while it’s possible to put a soul back in its own body or pull an intruding one out, it can take time and a lot of effort. I’d normally need a few people to help me. Unfortunately all those I know are currently out of town for one thing or another. So in order for me to do this I have to use Halloween to get this done. Now spirits are stronger that day, but so is pretty much everything else and a human body was really only made for the soul it was born with. It’ll want to get rid of this wandering ghost. If I can’t get this done on Halloween night, then it could be up to a year before anything is done about it.”

“A whole year?” I gulped. I couldn’t stand a whole year with whoever this man was that was my husband.

“My friends are wanted elsewhere most of the time, as am I usually. I must say, Mrs. Wright, you are one lucky woman. I’ve had an uncanny break in calls for my services so I’ve been happy to be home for a while.”

“I suppose something needs to go right at the moment,” I murmured and took another sip of my coffee.

“So, meeting?”

“Right! Well you could always come by the house pretending to be some salesman or something. Maybe a new neighbor? I don’t know.”

“A new neighbor might work. That way if he happens to see me around the neighborhood he won’t get suspicious. I’ll have to keep an eye on you if it turns out he’s actually possessed. Ghosts sometimes just know things, even when hindered in most ways by a physical form. If the spirit realizes what’s going on, he could try to harm you.”

My eyes grew big at the thought. “Goodness, has that ever happened before?”

“Several times. If they’re showing signs of aggression to begin with then that and the fact that they’ve snatched a body, means they’ll do anything to not leave. I want to keep him in the dark for as long as possible. I have to keep my clients safe.”

“Okay so new neighbor it is, then.” I rummaged through my purse and pulled out a scrap of paper and a pen. “Here is my address,” I said as I wrote it on the paper. “It’s best to come by during mid-afternoon, just before dinner. He’ll get angry if someone comes calling once the sun has set.” I handed him the slip of paper and stuck the pen back in my pocket.

Taking it, the man looked at the address then tucked it in a pocket of his coat, pulling out a small notepad and pen when he took his hand out. “Here’s my cell number. You can reach me on it day or night.”

“Thank you so much for doing this, Mr. Farmer,” I said as I took the phone number and slipped it into my purse.

“Call me Gary,” he replied and I looked up to see him giving me that model smile, thankful that I was sitting down.

“All right, Gary, ” I said and stood. “I should be going now. If you care to stop by this afternoon that would be good.”

“Perfect. I’ll see you then. Have a good morning, Mrs. Wright.”

“Lis,” I said with my own smile and was given a nod in return before I walked from the shop.

That afternoon I was in the kitchen going through cookbooks, trying to think of something to make for dinner. I looked up at the clock and saw I had two hours until Jared expected something on a plate in front of him. Gary should be arriving soon. My heart beat hard against my chest. I could find out what exactly was going on with my husband and I only hoped that the spirit inside of him didn’t catch on- if he was actually possessed.

Shutting the book I had been looking at with no sign of inspiration in sight, I went to the fridge and opened it, staring at the meager contents. I hadn’t been to the store in a few days and with my poor cooking skills there were no leftovers as Jared made me dump what he didn’t eat.

I sighed. I really didn’t feel like cooking. I was too nervous to do anything but sit and stare at the clock, waiting.

“Jared, honey,” I called from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” he yelled back from the living room.

“Would you mind if I ordered us a pizza or some Chinese food tonight?”


I walked around into the living room and leaned against the wall, crossing my arms over my stomach. “Well I haven’t been able to get to the store to restock the kitchen so there’s really not much of anything to make a meal out of. Not to mention I think you deserve a break from my awful cooking.” I forced myself to smile at the dig at myself.

“I guess it’s fine. Get two pizzas, meatlovers, and an order of breadsticks and some soda.”

“What kind of soda?”

“Dammit woman, I’m trying to watch T.V! You should know what I like anyway. Just go order it and stop asking so many questions!”

I flinched when he yelled at me and turned to grab the phone in the kitchen and order the food. Just as I picked up the phone, the doorbell rang.

“Who the hell is coming over at this time? Lis! Get the door and tell whoever it is to go away!”

I hurried to the door before the bell rang again. Opening it I found Gary standing there. He smiled and I gripped the side of the door to keep myself from falling on legs that had suddenly turned to jelly.

“Hi there,” he said brightly. “My name is Gary, I just moved into the neighborhood and I realized I lost my cell phone and I haven’t had the chance to set up the phone at my house. Is it possible I could use yours?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” I said and stepped aside. “Come in and I’ll get the phone for you.”

On my way to the kitchen, I noticed Jared had muted the television and was now standing up and making his way to the front door. In the kitchen I picked up the phone and waited for a moment, my breath held as I heard Gary begin to speak to Jared.

“Sorry to bother you, sir. My name’s Gary. I just asked your wife if I could borrow your phone for just a moment. I promise it won’t take long.”

“Jared,” my husband said gruffly. “There are plenty of other houses in this neighborhood you know. Couldn’t you have gone to one of them and bothered the people there?”

I took that moment to step from the kitchen and found them just letting go of each other’s hand.

“I just came to the first house that looked occupied, sir. I’m terribly sorry if I’m inconveniencing you in any way.”

“Here’s the phone,” I said quickly before Jared had a chance to respond. When I handed Gary the phone, the look in his eyes told me everything. There was someone else inside my husband’s body. A chill went through my spine and my stomach began to roll, the urge to vomit increasing with each second. Some strange…thing had been having its way with me for the past five days.

Gary dialed a number quickly and spoke to whoever answered on the other end for a moment and then hung up, handing the phone back to me. Jared grabbed it from Gary’s hand before I could even begin to reach for it.

“Thanks for letting me use your phone. You folks have a nice night.” With that he left the house and I shut and locked the door behind him.

“Next time don’t go letting just anyone into the house, you hear me?” Jared said, his voice deadly. I nodded quickly in response and he shoved the phone into my hand. “Order the pizza,” he muttered and went back to the couch and the television.

Again, the next day, Jared went out for several hours. I took the time alone to call Gary and have him come over to explain everything. While I waited I cleaned the house, trying to rid myself of the nervous energy that was building.

I jumped when the doorbell rang and threw down the sponge and ran to the door. As I opened it, Gary took in my bright yellow gloves and flushed faced, quirking an eyebrow. “Nervous?”

“Beyond,” I answered and let him inside as I pulled the gloves off. I stuck my head out of the house briefly and glanced around, hoping no one saw and that Jared wasn’t anywhere nearby. Coming back in I shut the door and led the way into the living room where I motioned for Gary to sit.

“Well?” I asked as before his gorgeous ass made contact with the couch cushion. My own small, but well-rounded, one was on the edge of the couch as I was too wound up to relax and sit back.

“That’s definitely not your husband,” he began with a heavy sigh. “But I assume you realized that last night. You were pretty pale when I left.”

“Yeah, your look said it all. It’s just…sickening. I’ve only had sex with one other guy besides Jared and that was before I ever met him. The thought of someone I don’t know touching me like that and then…” I trailed off at the thought of all the rough sex and shuddered.

Gary cleared his throat, bringing me back from my thoughts. When I looked at him I could have sworn there was a tinge of red to his lightly tanned cheeks. “Yes, well unfortunately you will most likely have endure more of that until tomorrow. If I could I would help with that.”

“Thanks,” I said, looking down at my hands that were perched on my knees. His hand came into my vision and covered my hands. Warmth spread quickly throughout my body and I could feel a throbbing between my legs as my hands began to tingle under his touch. I looked up into his eyes that were much closer as he’d leaned in while I wasn’t looking. I could feel my cheeks flush and Gary snatched his hand away as if he’d been burned.

With a small cough he said, “Don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon. I think the spirit is wearing down with all the energy it has put into, uh, well, you know and then your husband’s body is fighting it.”

“Do you think Jared is still around?” I asked suddenly.

Gary sat there for a moment, turning his head as he looked around what he could see of the house. “May I take look around?” he asked.

“Sure, by all means,” I replied and stood. I followed him around the house, wringing my hands.

Our last stop was my bedroom. I let him in and followed him to the center of the room where he peered around, still completely silent.

Finally he turned to me. My hands were clasped in front of my chest and I looked up at him hopefully. I noticed his Adam’s apple bob before he spoke.

“I don’t think he is. I don’t feel anything at all except for some residue left over from the spirit that’s inhabiting your husband’s body. It’s pretty strong. I’m guessing this thing has been hanging around you for quite a while.”

“A while? Like, how long exactly?”

He looked around again and then said, “Maybe a few years?”

“Years?” I squeaked out.

“Tell me, were there any problems between you and your husband before his accident?”

“Yes,” I said slowly, “why?

“They might have been caused by the ghost. They feed off human energy and after long term exposure can cause illness, mood swings, and depression, just to name a few.”

“Jared had been slowly losing interest in me for some time,” I began to explain. “The romance died, the sex disappeared. Finally he would barely even talk to me. I tried everything I could think of to get him to respond to me, but nothing worked.”

“It was most likely the spirit. From the way you said he treats you it sounds like he may be a bit territorial of you. He probably took a liking to you while you and your husband were out somewhere and followed you home. Since then he was probably targeting Jared and pushing him away.”

Suddenly, a horrible thought occurred to me. “You don’t think the ghost had anything to do with Jared’s accident do you?” I held my breath as I waited for Gary’s answer.

He sighed. “It very well may have. What did you say happened to him exactly?”

“Electrocution is what he told me.”

“Yeah, could have been the ghost. They can mess with electrical systems.”

“And you don’t think Jared is around anymore?” I could feel the tears beginning to well up in my eyes.

“I’m sorry but no. I’m guessing your husband may have been too weak to really want to stay since the ghost may have been going at him for quite some time.”

I began to cry then. What would I do now? What would be the point in forcing the ghosts from Jared’s body if there was no Jared to fill it afterward? Could I escape this ghost and get a divorce? Would he let me go quietly?

Suddenly I was wrapped up in a pair of warm, strong arms. I buried my face in Gary’s chest and continued to cry and he hugged my tighter to him. I felt his cheek against the top of my head.

“I’m really sorry,” he said quietly, his voice resonating in his chest.

He held me until the sobs subsided and I pulled away. Before I looked at him I wiped the tears from my cheeks. He proffered a handkerchief and I gladly took it and cleaned up the mascara that I knew must be under my eyes now.

With a sniffle I handed it back to him and he tucked it into his pants pocket. “Sorry,” I said thickly.

“It’s all right.”

I looked up at him and my breath caught in my chest. He had his hands on my shoulders and his face was mere inches from mine. I saw something in his eyes that set my heart to racing. The look was gone in a flash and he dropped his hands and took a step back. I took a deep breath, my whole body shaking.

“Let’s go back to the living room, shall we?” he said and let me lead the way.

Sitting on the couch, Gary cleared his throat and looked at me. “We can still force the spirit from your husband’s body tomorrow, if you want. I know some people feel that allowing such an aggressive spirit stay in our world in a loved one’s body is a perversion and disrespectful to the loved one’s memory. It might also be easier for you if we did that. The spirit desperately wants to keep you to himself. I don’t see him allowing you to leave, at least, not without a horrible fight.”

“I was afraid of that.” I looked at Gary for a long moment. “Do you think removing the spirit is a good idea?”

“In my honest opinion?”


“I do. I didn’t feel anything good from it when we shook hands.”

“And you’re sure you can do this on your own tomorrow? Have you had to do it like that before?”

“I’m sure and yes, I have.” He reached over and took one of my hands in his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “I know you’re scared. It’s all right to be. But you’re in good hands with me. I’ve been doing this for many years. This spirit isn’t even the strongest one I’ve encountered when by myself. If you want to go through with this, I will get everything ready.”

My whole body trembled at the thought of anything wrong happening, but I was oddly comforted by Gary’s hand on mine. With a small, shaky smile, I nodded. “Okay. We’ll get rid of the ghost. When do we do this?”

“Tonight around midnight of course,” he said with a grin, making me smile as well at the cliché.

“I’m not sure how we can do that, though. I mean how do you explain you’re being here at that time?”

Taking his hand from mine, leaving me feeling suddenly cold, he reached into one of his pants pockets and pulled out a small bottle of liquid. “Before he goes to bed, get him to drink something that you’ve put three drops of this in. He won’t taste this and it’ll knock him out cold for a while. You’ll have to time it right because it only lasts about two hours. We can’t do anything until he’s completely out or else he’ll still be pretty strong and put up a bit of a fight. Do it too early and he’ll be awake before everything is complete.” He put the bottle in my hand and curled my fingers over it.

Still holding my fingers over the bottle he said, “Send me a text as soon as he’s finished everything in the glass. And let me know if the drink has alcohol in it, that will make the stuff work faster.”

I nodded understanding. “He’ll probably have a few beers before bed.”

“Okay. If that’s the case, make sure he doesn’t drink too many before you give him the beer with the drops. The more alcohol in his system, the faster it’ll work, not to mention the faster it’ll wear off. Don’t give it to him with the first beer.”

Outside a car door slammed. I looked at Gary, wide-eyed in panic. We both stood. “What do I do?” I hissed.

“I’ll go out the back. My car is parked on another street. Don’t worry, I won’t get caught.”

Hurriedly I let him out the back door and just as I shut it, the front door opened. Jared walked in and looked at the doorknob then at me.

“Why wasn’t this locked?” he asked as he shut it and locked it himself.

“Oh, sorry, I had gone outside to check the mail, I guess I forgot to lock it back.”

His eyes narrowed at me and he pointed to the back door. “What were you just doing?”

“I, uh, thought I heard some kids in the back yard. I opened the door to check and to tell them to go home.”

He walked over to me and placed a hand on the wall next to my head, leaning his face in close, his eyes searching mine. I tried to keep my breathing normal so he wouldn’t notice how nervous I was. Suddenly he pulled me to him kissing me roughly then pushed me away and headed to the bedroom. I swiped the back of one hand over my mouth, fighting the urge to throw up.

By ten-o-clock Jared was into his fourth beer. He’d started early that night since it was Friday. I was afraid he’d drank too much, but just had to hope that one or two more wouldn’t hurt before I gave him the one with the drops. I stood in the kitchen, the bottle in my hand. It was hard to calculate when I should give it to him. Gary had said it would work quicker with alcohol in the system and wear off faster. I couldn’t give Jared anything now or else he’d be waking up around midnight, at the latest. I figured I had to wait an hour. I just hoped he didn’t drink his fourth one too fast.

While waiting, I busied myself with laundry and cleaning the kitchen, my eyes constantly going to the nearest clock. When eleven-o-clock finally arrived I made my way to the kitchen with a basket of clean clothes and set them on the counter.

“Hun, do you want another beer?” I asked as I stood in front of the fridge with the door open.

“Yeah,” he answered.

I quickly took another beer from the refrigerator and set it on the counter. After popping the lid off with the opener I grabbed the bottle from my pocket and unscrewed the lid.

I pulled the dropper out and held it over the mouth of the beer, my hand shaking horribly. Gary said three drops. I’d put in two when a hand grabbed my wrist and spun me around, my other hand flying out and knocking the beer over.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he yelled, his face nose to nose with mine. His complexion was ruddy and his breath reeked of the past beers. I coughed, my eyes watering at the stench.

“You’re hurting me,” I cried, trying to pull my wrist from his grasp. This only made him squeeze harder, causing me to cry out and let go of the dropper.

He flung me aside, my ribs making contact with another counter. Bending down he picked up the dropper and sniffed it. Turning to me, his eyes wild, he shook the dropper at me.

“What is this?” he growled. When I didn’t answer right away, he shoved the dropper into my face and shouted, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? ARE YOU TRYING TO DRUG ME?”

I tried to answer him but my voice came out in no more than a squeak. Before I knew it, a searing pain exploded on my right cheek and I was knocked to the floor as a scream escaped my lips. A hand twined into my hair and jerked my head up so I looked him in the eyes.

“I give you everything you could ever need and treat you right and this is how you repay me?” he said, his voice a deadly whisper. “What is it? Is there another man? You trying to kill me? How much of that stuff have you put in my beers tonight?”

“I-I haven’t put any in the other beers,” I said as I started to cry.

He glared at me. “I think you’re lying. I’ll bet you put something in every one of the beers I’ve had tonight. Luckily I have a strong constitution and don’t go down easily.” With a grunt he pulled me to my feet by my hair, causing me to scream out again as I gripped the hand in my hair with both hands.

“I’ve been sweet to you all along and I put up with the crying after sex, but tonight I’m not going to be so nice. In fact, I think I’m going to enjoy making you cry.”

He dragged me to the bedroom and tossed me on the bed. Before I could do anything he was on me, ripping my clothes from my trembling body.

I flailed against him, trying to scratch or kick him to make him stop. He grabbed both of my hands and pinned them above my head, then held my legs down with his knees. I still struggled but it was no use. He grabbed my face with one hand, his other keeping a tight grip on my hands, and forced me to keep my head still as he descended on my mouth, shoving his tongue in as far as it would go. I cried out around it but barely any sound came out.

When he’d had enough of that, he let go of my face and took a breast into his hand and squeezed it savagely then pinched my nipple and tugged on it, making me cry out, tears spilling from my eyes as I begged him to stop. Then his mouth clamped down on the nipple and he sucked hard. It felt as though he was going to pull my backbone through it. Then he bit down nastily and I screamed.

“Please stop!” I yelled between sobs. “I wasn’t trying to hurt you, I swear!”

“You’ll say anything to get me to stop. You’re just lying some more,” he growled out as he moved to the other breast, his hand replacing his mouth, putting my breast in a vice-like grip.

After he was finished with my breasts he fumbled at his belt then his pants, undoing them and shoving them down his hips with one hand. I began to struggle as hard as I could, knowing the pain that would come.

He took his belt and tied it tightly around my wrists and then picked me up and turned me over, pulling my ass up off the bed. I felt him moving around behind me and I tried to get away but he only shoved my head into a pillow, making it hard for me to breathe. Then I felt something touch not my pussy but my ass hole. I started screaming and trying to push myself away, but he held me too tightly. The next thing I know he shoved himself inside my ass.

I screamed bloody murder then and each time his dry cock pumped in and out of my ass. With the pain and the lack of air my vision began to go black until I lost consciousness.


When I awoke, it was deathly quiet. My wrists were sore and chafed; my chest ached and stung where the sheet rubbed against the nipples. The pain in my ass was beyond description and it throbbed with each beat of my heart, sending shooting pains through my body each time.

I grimaced as I sat up, biting back a cry from the pressure the bed placed on my butt. Looking around I saw Jared lying on the floor unconscious, his face covered in cuts and bruises. On the wall just beyond him was a giant circle with symbols scrawled on the inside and some around the outside. A dark stain, like smoke burns, covered a wide line vertically down the middle. The spot eerily resembled a human.

“How are you feeling?”

I jumped at the voice and whipped my head around to see Gary sitting in a chair next to the far side of the bed. “I hurt,” I said, my voice coming out hoarse.

Gary stood and went to the bathroom sink and filled a small cup with water, handing it to me when he made it back to the bed. As I drank he sat down next to me, his eyes worried. When I was finished he took the cup but didn’t get up.


“I think so,” I said, trying out my voice again. This time is was clearer. “Could I get some aspirin?”

“Of course,” he said and quickly jumped up. “Is there some in the medicine cabinet?”


He refilled the cup and brought me the aspirin and waited for me to swallow the pills and drink before asking, “What happened?”

I sighed, a movement that caused my nipples to press into the sheet I held over my breasts and I winced. “He caught me putting the drops in his beer,” I explained. “Obviously it made him mad and he hit me then dragged me in here by my hair where he began to rape me.” My voice was quiet as I related everything to Gary. “When did you get here?”

“You were unconscious by the time I arrived. I told you I’d be nearby in case anything happened. I heard you scream and came running. When I got here I found your husband…uh, well I suppose you know what I found him doing to you.”

I hung my head, utterly ashamed. Gary’s fingers fit under my chin and lifted my face to look at him. “I cannot even begin to apologize for everything that happened to you tonight,” he said softly. “This never should have happened.”

“You didn’t know. I didn’t know,” I said with a shrug. For a long moment we stared at each other and then Gary leaned in, hesitating just before my lips. When I didn’t pull away he placed a gentle kiss on them, bringing tears to my eyes.

“I felt a connection with you the moment I opened your e-mail. I can’t explain it. It tears me up inside that I wasn’t here soon enough to stop that spirit from doing this to you.” He kissed me again, this time deeper and I responded to him. When he pulled back, he released my chin and lightly brushed his fingers over my right cheek.

“Is there a bruise there?” I asked and he nodded.

“You have several bruises, but I won’t go into where they are, I’m sure you already know.”

Out of the corner of my eye, Jared’s body caught my attention. I looked over at it and Gary did as well. “Is he dead?”

“Yeah. I knocked him out after a few blows and performed the ritual to expel the spirit. You won’t be bothered by it again.”

“Is- is that what the dark stain on the wall is?” I asked and pointed at the thing.

Gary looked and nodded. “Yeah, that’s what the spirit left behind. The meaner they are, the blacker the stain.”

“So it’s all over. Jared’s completely gone now.” I was sad to lose someone I had loved for so long but a calm came over me knowing I’d no longer be dealing with the ghost. While I would mourn the loss of my husband for a while, I was safe and I knew Jared was in a better place where the ghost wasn’t bothering him at all anymore either. “What do we do about the body?”

“I was thinking about that but I’m not sure.”

“We have to get rid of it,” I said suddenly and Gary looked at me, surprise evident in his face. “While you did save my life, I doubt the police would let you off completely since they’ll think you beating him is what killed him. I don’t want you to go to jail.”

He grinned. “What did you have in mind?”


The fire blazed several feet into the air. The smell of cooking meat wafted by me and I turned to the patio where Gary stood by a grill flipping some hamburgers and turning the hot dogs.

Ashley stood beside me and nudged me when she caught me looking at Gary. “What?” I asked with a laugh as I turned back to the bonfire.

“I know you’ve had a rough couple a days and last night especially but aren’t you going a little fast to this new guy after sending Jared packing?” she asked.

“Maybe,” I replied and took a sip of my spiked cider. “But don’t I deserve to have some fun? After half a year with no sex and no real physical contact, then this past week with Jared, I think I’ve earned this. Besides, how can you say no to someone so hot who comes to rescue you?”

Ashley and I both looked back at Gary with girlish giggles, enjoying the sight of his muscled forearms with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

“He might be a bit older but he’s gorgeous!” my friend squealed.

“That he is.”

After the impromptu Halloween party had ended Gary and I cleaned up the trash and the food, constantly stealing looks at each other. When it seemed we had looked at each other for the millionth time, we each threw down our garbage bag and ran inside.

We made it only so far as the doorway to the bedroom before we had each other’s clothes off and our hands all over the other’s body as we fell to the floor.

Gary was careful not to hurt me where I was bruised. He gently licked and sucked on my nipples, making me sigh in contentment. Moving up he kissed me tenderly. I slid my fingers into his soft hair and pulled him into the kiss, opening my mouth to him. With our lips locked together, he reached a hand down and slipped a finger between the folds of my sex, running it over my clit, making me moan into his mouth and my hips buck up into his hand.

He played there, circling the little nub, my body shaking in the first orgasm. Then he dipped two fingers into my pussy and began working them around inside. I moved my hips in time with him and moaned loudly when he pulled his lips from mine and moved down to my neck.

Although we had apparently agreed to go back to the room for a quickie, I think we both kind of chickened out once we got back there. It wasn’t anything that anyone said out loud, more like something we just decided not to bring up again. Maybe it was the ‘scene of the crime’ or maybe it was the sunlight streaming through the windows… or maybe it was the thought that we would be meeting the girls in just over an hour.

It didn’t matter, because all we did when we got back to the hotel was to dump her shopping in their room — I didn’t even enter the room, she merely whisked the bags off me and strode right into the room — and walk straight out again.

I didn’t say a thing, and Jeanie had very little to say too, which was alright at the beginning, but as we stepped out of the hotel lobby, it began to feel a little weird. Was what I’d initially feared beginning to happen to our friendship?

She didn’t appear to be very keen to talk, and was walking at a quick pace back to the cafe we’d arranged to meet, so I had to walk just as briskly just to keep up. After we’d walked for a few minutes without talking, I’d had enough. I yanked on her arm and pulled her into a side street.

“Hey Jeanie, what’s going on?” I asked. She kept silent. I tried to make eye contact and she looked away. Damn. I took that as a sign that she was regretting our actions the night before. I suppose that would have been somewhat correct, but it wasn’t the complete reason why she wasn’t looking into my eyes. Jeanie was actually looking at someone else.

“Well, well, what have we got here?” I heard a voice behind me, turned around, and found myself held by the upper arms. A wiry young local was grinning as he looked at Jeanie and I. He didn’t look like the typical mugger, not by way he looked or dressed, but he was flicking a switchblade open and he didn’t look like he was about to ask for directions. There was a small group of other similarly youthful and trendy kids behind him.

“Hey, hey,” I began. “Don’t want any trouble here…”

A girl who was as tall as my shoulder stepped up from behind the boy and slapped me full across the face. I was stunned more than hurt by it. These people were young, like they were just barely out of their teens. What did they intend..?

“Don’t insult us by offering us your money, dude,” the boy I took to be their leader said, grinning. “We’re just here to have some fun with you and your girlfriend here.”

I pushed hard against the hands holding me and almost got to grab him by his scrawny little throat before that stupid girl stepped up again and swung a kick at my nuts. Good job I managed to swing my hips so I dodged the full force of the blow, but the action still winded me. Damn it. Never walk into a back alley in a foreign country. What the fuck was I thinking? And to think I’d dragged Jeanie into this mess too. Shit.

Speaking of whom… I turned my head to look at her. She was being held by a girl and a boy… and the latter was holding her with one hand and grabbing at her tits with the other.

“Hey! Hey!” I said, and got slapped again.

“Fuck, stop that, D,” said the girl holding on to Jeanie’s other arm. “Don’t you get enough of it already?”

“Fuck no, this one’s fresh meat,” he grinned. “She’s skinny but she’s got some nice tits.”

I struggled to get away from the grip of my captors to go to Jeanie’s aid, but to no avail. Jeanie looked petrified and didn’t seem to be resisting as much. I saw a flash of steel and understood why. The girl was holding a knife against her. Shit.

“You’d better be good, dude, you hear?” the boy said behind me. “Or your girlfriend’s going home with one less tit.”

As if to emphasise his point, the girl reached up and cut off one of the buttons of Jeanie’s dress. Jeanie had worn a dark blue button down dress that went all the way down to her knees, but the boy molesting her had raised her skirt so we could see her panties. They were pink and tight enough so I could see the little cleft of her sex. They also looked a little wet. “Fuck, I hope they don’t notice,” I thought.

My attention was drawn upwards by another sudden movement and another button dropped to the floor with a slight click. This was getting bad. I could see the top of her pink bra now. Yes, for a slender woman, she certainly wasn’t lacking in the boobs department. Her breasts were heaving as she looked on, terrified and unsure of what the gang would do next.

Click. Another button fell to the ground, and she was exposed almost to the waist. Damn. What should I do? What could I use to negotiate our safety?

I turned to look at the leader, wondering if I could appeal to his sense of decency, and heard yet another click. This was followed quickly by a squeal, and I turned to see Jeanie’s bra cut in half and hanging off her shoulders. Her breasts were nice — white and round and quite firm, her nipples clearly hardened, probably by the cold as much as by fear.

“Look, if you don’t want money, what do you want?” I turned back to the leader, trying to ignore the sight of the boy’s hand releasing her skirt to slide up to her unprotected breast. Jeanie’s breathing was audible and harsh.

“Like I said, we want to have fun with you and your girlfriend,” he smiled.

My heart sank. The worst kind of assault was one that made little or no sense. If there was nothing they really wanted from us, I would have no bargaining chip to use.That meant we were completely at their mercy.

“Hey, that’s a nice dress,” said the girl behind me, and I turned to look at them again. Instead of cutting off the rest of Jeanie’s buttons, she had unbuttoned the dress the rest of the way down. The knife was still gleaming against Jeanie’s goosepimpled flesh, just under the curve of her left breast.

I gaped. Jeanie was standing only in her panties now, and all the guys were getting a little excited by it. I think maybe the girls were too, because I heard the girl who’d slapped me exclaim: “Shit! For an old woman she’s got nice ones!”

“Take it off,” the girl next to her said to Jeanie, the knife moving down in the direction of her panties. “Let’s see you naked.”

Oh fuck. Holy fuck. If she complied, there would be no way back. The hormonal levels in the narrow alley were conspicuously rising, and I could literally smell the excitement amongst the gang members.

Jeanie, obviously mindful of the knife, did not think to object and did as she was told, slowly reaching down, hooking her thumbs into the waistband and drawing her panties down her legs. The boys gasped and I heard one of them say “holy fuck!” as she stepped out of them.

Like I’d said, Jeanie is a slender woman, but she did take good care of herself. She had a nice body — a bit thinner than the type I’m used to, but certainly not too thin for me to not be able to appreciate it — and her pubic hair was sparse enough so that her pink clefted sex could be seen. It was plastered against her skin and looked a little wet to me. Damn.

Her panties fell to the floor from her nerveless hands, which quickly went up to protect whatever shreds of dignity she had left. I think she had been in too much shock to cover herself up when her breasts were exposed, but now that she was completely naked in front of a group of clothed people, she seemed to have become suddenly aware of her nudity.

“Keep those arms down,” the leader ordered her. His eyes appeared to be a little glazed as he stared at her. Jeanie shook her head and clasped her breasts and groin more tightly. The girl next to her pressed the knife up against the bottom of her breast and her arm fell away to press over her privates.

“Well, your girlfriend’s a little shy, isn’t she?” the leader said to me conversationally, almost as if we had been discussing the weather or some other mundane thing.

“The slut’s wetter than a bitch in heat,” the girl who’d slapped me opined. “Look at her panties!”

We all looked at the soiled garment, now lying on the floor near her feet. The gusset was a much darker colour than the rest of the material on her undergarment. I looked up at her and saw that Jeanie was blushing furiously, her face redder than I’d ever seen. Damn it. If it weren’t for the knives, if Jeanie wasn’t at risk, I’d have taken my chances with these young punks and their knives.

“That’s good. Means she’s ready for us,” guffawed the leader. “Who’s first?”

“NO!” Jeanie squealed, and was slapped in the face by the girl. Fucking bitch. Girl or not, I was ready to take her out there and then.

“Me!” said D. “Come over here and hold on to her.”

“No, wait,” said the leader. “You guys are stupid. Don’t you know anything about DNA?”

Fuck. Just what we needed. An educated rapist.

“Tell you what dude,” he said as he suddenly stepped up to me. “You go first. Let’s see how you call it rape afterwards if your spunk is inside her too.”

I opened my mouth to make a smart retort, but shut it again. I was wrong about the educated part. The kid was a moron who thought he knew a lot.

“Go ahead! We don’t have all day!” he yelled at me, pushing me forward.

I looked right into Jeanie’s eyes, unsure of what to do. Was there some way I could distract them while she ran away? Then again, how could she run out stark naked like she was now? Maybe this was a way we could buy some time while I figured out our best options?

I think Jeanie had the same thought as I did. I could still see fear in her eyes as she looked at me and nodded slightly. A little relieved that she wasn’t resistant to the idea entirely, I stumbled forward, my eyes fixed on her, and didn’t see the hands undoing my jeans. I didn’t know I was being undressed until I heard the girl gasp when she pulled down my briefs.

“Fuck, how’s she..?” she giggled. “I’m glad I’m not taking that thing!”

Jeanie’s eyes had tracked down to my groin and widened when they alighted on my tackle… which didn’t do a lot to quell my hardening cock. Oh fuck.

The girl beside me was holding it, as if she was weighing it. “It’s heavy too,” she cooed. “I can’t wait to see how she’s going to have to stretch to take it!”

She pulled at my prick and the boy behind me pushed me at the same time soI stumbled into poor Jeanie, who grabbed me around the shoulders. The poor woman was shivering, she was so scared and cold.

My jeans were halfway down my legs, so there was very little I could do to right myself except clutch at Jeanie while my face smacked into the middle of her chest. Mmmm. Her scent was intoxicating, and reminded me of what I’d smelt last night, during and especially after… hmmm, did that mean she was..?

“God, look at the slut. She’s really wet!” said the girl holding on to my cock, and I felt her hands pull my cock upwards, towards Jeanie’s waiting sex.

She was right too. Jeanie was swimmingly wet, because the moment my cock was pressed up into her vulva, it was as if a ripe fruit had burst and dripped its juices all over it. I felt her wetness slide down the stem as my cockhead nestled at the entrance of her trembling vagina.

They had pulled me upright so Jeanie’s mouth was next to my ear and I heard her whisper: “I was wrong. It’s no little monster… hhhhhh! It’s not little at hhhhh… all!”

She was breathing shallowly as the boy behind pushed me towards her, while the girl draped Jeanie’s left leg around my hip to better facilitate my entry into her. Jeanie did not seem to be resisting, or even reacting at all, other than to sigh softly as my erection slowly slid into her welcoming slit.

“God, look at her take that!” said the boy D, a note of jealousy sounding in his voice. “It’s gone in so easily too!” Jeanie shuddered as my cockhead was completely engulfed by wet, spasming flesh. It felt like she was… having a small one. Was she..? I turned my head to look at her, and saw that her eyes were closed.

“Just imagine it’s last night again, Jeanie,” I whispered in her ear. “We’re all alone, there’s nobody else here…”

The spasms around my cock slowed as her breathing became more regular. Then the leader shoved my hips forward, slamming me up deeper into her. “Get a move on, dude!” he yelled, and I felt her insides spasm once more. Yes, it certainly felt like she was… getting turned on.

“They’re looking at us, Jeanie,” I whispered into her ear. “They’re looked at you, at your naked body. They’re looking at your pussy, and my cock sliding into you…”

Her pussy started twitching around my cock like mad and I knew… this was a turn on for Jeanie alright. “Oh godddd! You… fuckkkk Bennnn!” she moaned as a mini-climax gripped her. Her pussy began sucking earnestly at me like I was a delicious lollipop.

“Come on, dude, finish up quick so D here can have his turn,” I heard the leader say as he pushed me forward more, shoving the rest of my cock into Jeanie and driving the breath out of her. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me in wonder. “It’s even bigger than I remember,” she said to me and the gang laughed out loud.

“What a slut,” said the girl who had been holding the knife at Jeanie’s breast. She looked… annoyed. Actually, she seemed to be looking at D a lot. Hmmm. Maybe she liked him. I could use that to our advantage.

I turned to speak to her but the leader shoved me hard in the back. “I said, get a move on, dude!”

“I’m… sorry, Jeanie,” I whispered in her ear as I withdrew, my cock dripping with her fluids. “I can’t think of what…”

“Shhh,” she replied, kissing me at the corner of my mouth. “Just fuck me and… and maybe they’ll…”

I was still doubtful about the wisdom of doing that, and was about to withdraw all the way out of her when I felt the cold steel at the base of my cock. Fuck, this lot wasn’t kidding around.

“I don’t like to repeat myself dude,” the leader said behind me. “If you want to get out of here in one piece, I’d screw her like a dog in heat.”

“Just do it,” Jeanie whispered in my ear. “Don’t let them cut it… I want it… to feel it inside… just like last night…”

Sighing, I realised that she was right. I would gain nothing by antagonising them. Not while I didn’t have any coherent plan for dealing with these punks. I pushed forward again, groaning as my cock was easily swallowed up by Jeanie’s hungry vagina. Then I began slowly sawing my erection into and out of her, making her groan and moan softly with each stroke. I didn’t let up, but I didn’t increase my tempo either… I just kept it regular, making sure to pull my cock until it was almost out of her, and then press it forward until it was completely buried inside her.

After a while, I realised that the young gangsters had stepped back, seemingly content to just watch me fuck Jeanie slowly. For her part, Jeanie was cooing and grunting, my strokes driving her up against the dirty alley wall. She seemed to be… enjoying it as much as she was scared by the entire scenario. Me, I kept going through the options in my mind: which one I’d attack first when I got my chance, how I’d grab hold of Jeanie and get out of this little alley.

That sounds a lot easier than it actually was. Jeanie was no slouch, and her pussy was really working my cock. After a while, I kind of stopped focusing on the gang and started focusing on the sensations running up and down and around my cock. Jeanie’s pussy was a heavenly glove that gripped and released my dick as I stroked it into her, a tight mouth that seemed intent on sucking me up further and further into her. Her own breathing was accelerating, her pulse racing behind the walls of her vagina as I plundered her.

I suddenly came to my senses when I felt the familiar tingling sensation at the base of my cock. I was ready to come. Right into Jeanie’s pussy. “Fuck, what I am doing?” I thought to myself. “When I’m done, they’re going to rape her! Got to stop this!”

I summoned all my will power to stop my semen from gushing out. Jeanie really wasn’t helping me at all — her pussy was sucking at me like a newborn baby suckling at a mother’s teat for its first meal. I had to focus my thoughts on the most disgusting things I could think of to stop myself from coming into her.

I succeeded this morning where I’d failed the night before. As she had a huge orgasm, I felt her vagina massaging my cock up and down, clamp and suck and all but wrench my cock out by the roots. Her left leg was thrumming frantically at my hip, trying to draw me up into her as far as I would go. But I did not lose it this time.

“Fuck, she got the big one,” said one of the girls from behind me. “Look at her trembling like that.”

“Yeah,” said the other girl. “Look at all that water she’s giving out. It’s like she’s peeing on him. Is he done..?”

“No! Look at him!” said D. He sounded frustrated. “He’s still hard!”

“Wow. He’s a machine!” I thought I heard admiration in the girl’s tone and smirked. That’s one up I got on you, D.

“Dude,” said the leader, stepping up just behind me. If I swung around right there and then, I could have caught him full in the face. If my cock wasn’t still occupying Jeanie’s cunt, that was. “You had your chance. I told you to finish off in her or we’ll cut it off.”

“NO!” yelled Jeanie.

One of the girls appeared to share her sentiment. “Maybe she’s too loose for him,” she said. “Maybe he can’t come because she’s too big down there.”

I wanted to speak up to defend Jeanie’s honour, but thought the better of it.

“Yeah well, that’s possible,” I heard the smirk in the leader’s voice. “She’s hot, but she’s not young anymore. Probably done it too many times.”

I wanted to throttle him for that, but I couldn’t do anything to anyone unless I took it out of Jeanie’s still spasming vagina, and that would take me too long. I needed the element of surprise on my side.

“I know what,” the other girl piped up. I could tell them apart by their voices by now. This was the girl who was looking a little jealously at D feeling Jeanie up. “Let’s give him something tight to really sink his cock into.”

Fuck. What was the little devil planning for poor Jeanie?

“What?” the leader stepped back to look at her. “Do you mean you want to do him..?”

“No! Of course not!” she said indignantly. “Make him put it in her ass. That should be tight enough.”

I heard D guffaw with laughter. “Yeah, that’s right,” he said. “Make him fuck her ass. I can do her pussy while he does that!”

“Oh god, no,” said Jeanie. “I’ve never.. ” She was still breathing hard from her last orgasm. “Not in my ass!”

The girl laughed. It was a harsh, cruel sound. “Do we look like we care, bitch?”

“Do it, dude” said the leader, from behind me. “I’d like to see your girlfriend take it in both her holes. A real 3P!”

“No, please,” she pleaded. “I… I can’t…”

“Shut the fuck up,” growled the girl who had quickly stepped up to stand beside me. She was close enough for me to grab by the throat, and I would have too, had it not been for the knife I saw her holding against Jeanie’s heaving breast. “Nobody cares what you want, bitch.”

“Let’s get this bad boy out then,” said the other girl, who seemed to like handling my cock. I felt her fingers at the base of my erection, pulling it out of Jeanie’s vagina quickly, drawing out a flood of fluids from within. “Good thing this thing is nice and lubed… it’s going to be a little easier for her going in her ass.”

“Hey look,” I began, trying to think of what to say or do to stop this bad situation from escalating further. “I think…”

The cold knife was suddenly at my balls again. “Nobody cares what you think, fucker!” the girl said as she tried to manipulate my cock into position at Jeanie’s asshole.

That was a lot easier said than done though — the way we were standing, it was almost impossible. Like I’d said, some may be impressed by the girth of my cock, but in terms of penile length, I’m just an average guy. The angle was just wrong.

I push you against the wall, face first. I’m angry. You’ve been such a slut, running around in your tiny skirt, tits hanging out. I smash your face and tits against the wall with one arm as I reach my other hand under your skirt to roughly grab your ass and feel how wet you are.

You’re a slut. A whore. And I know you want me to fuck you or you wouldn’t have been wearing those clothes. I push my fingers into you and you say no, trying to get away. I reach my other hand around to grab a tit, pinch a nipple, cover your mouth. I fuck you like that for a while up against the wall, telling you how wet you are, how much you like it as you tell me no, to please stop.

I grab your hair and drag you to the ground. You crumple at my feet as I stand above you and undo my pants. I use your hair again to drag you to your knees and slap your face.

“You’re going to suck me,” I tell you. “You’re going to drink my cum.”

I hold your mouth against me and grind into it as you try to struggle away.

“If I so much as feel your teeth on my skin, you’re going to regret it.”

You move your face away, not wanting me in your mouth. Fine.

I kneel down on the ground and push you over onto all fours.

“You don’t want to suck me? Fine, but I’m still gonna fuck you.”

I hold you around your stomach with one hand and pull up your skirt with the other. Again and again I hit you, palm flat against your ass cheeks. You whimper and cry.

“Your ass is getting red, whore. I bet you like it. I bet you’re soaking.”

You are, and I laugh at you and rub your wetness all over your face. Then I go back to your pussy, still holding you with one arm so you can’t get away. I shove two fingers inside you roughly and you gasp, crying out no, stop, please stop. I don’t. I fuck you hard, deep, as long as I want. I occasionally pull out to spank you again on your ass or thighs, your wetness making the slapping sounds even louder. You start to cry out louder, so I shove a gag in your mouth.

I’m done with your pussy. You’ve stopped whimpering, stopped struggling. You’re taking it. I’m bored.

I pull you up again and tell you to suck me. I need to come. Of course, you can’t. The gag is in your mouth.

“Put your mouth on me, whore. I need to come. I want to fuck your face until it has my cum all over it.”

You try to protest, tears in your eyes, but can’t say anything because of the gag.

“You’re not going to suck me, slut? That’s too bad. I’ll have to find another hole to fuck. Don’t worry, you’ll like it.”

You know what’s coming, and you want it even less. You try to spit the gag out, shriek around it, but it doesn’t help. I force you back down on the ground on all fours, ass in the air.

I spank you a few times as I stroke you from pussy to ass, getting you lubed up. Suddenly I shove a finger in your ass and you groan, cry out. I can tell you’re trying to say no around the gag, but I ignore this.

“What? You don’t like this?” I ask, my finger stationary. “Perhaps another?”

You whimper and try to move away, so I use my other arm and my body weight to hold you down. I push a second finger in as you lay flat against the floor.

“Hmm, no good whore? Insatiable, you are. I guess you want a harder fuck.”

I pump my previously immobile fingers in and out of you and grow harder as I watch you stretch to take them while trying to struggle to avoid them. Eventually you can’t struggle anymore and grow limp, compliant as I take your ass.

I pull my fingers out and flip you over. You’re crying, spent, but I’m harder than ever. I take off your gag and slap you in the face.

“Alright, cunt. You suck me right now. Make me cum in your mouth or I swear I will violate every hole in your body until you’re a bleeding sack of meat.”

I straddle your face and hold your head to me, and like a good slut you suck no matter how hard I pull your hair or reach around to pinch your tits until I come down your face.

*** Argh! This is gonna spill over and I can’t have a Chapter 7a and 7b.

So there’s gonna be a Chapter 8.

The more that I read it over, the more I had to grin, though I sure didn’t think of it as quite this much of an action comic at the time that I wrote it …

And I’m laughing to read the weird (to me, anyway) collection of tags that I used for this. I doubt that I could have come up with this particular combination if I’d looked at them and THEN written it, lol.

For the later parts of this chapter, try to remember that some of these things do ‘love’ in a different way to humans, though I’d say that they mean it in just the same way, once they’re there.

With the exception of two, the others in the final scene of this are all mixtures of some sort, and by their own admission, their ‘other side’ is a fair bit more … animalistic. Mischka is one like that and in this, she finally comes to grips with the mixture.




“I think that I can understand it from his point of view,” Mischka said as she and Taela folded the blankets and things.

No matter how civilization had advanced, there was still a need for laundry to be done and it was an even greater need if one didn’t really have any convenient way to get it done – especially here on a trading post.

So there were still laundromats.

“I also hear what you’re saying,” she smiled, “He needs to get us out of the bay where it costs us like blood to keep the craft in there. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t want to be there either for much longer.

We need our own place, and somewhere that we can park for free – or at least for a lot less than it’s costing now – and this rock isn’t worth even thinking about as far as living here is concerned. We can’t leave our ship parked outside here. We’d have to shovel it out of the snow about every three days at the outside.”

“Then why don’t we go somewhere else?” Taela asked.

“He wants to,” Mischka nodded with a smile, “As far as I know, he’s looking into better places right now. But he also needs for us to be located where we can get the ‘wanted’ listings and go track them down. That makes the location even more important and harder to find.

Fugitives tend not to live around a whole lot of other people, since that means that the law is just that much closer, right?”

Taela nodded and as she looked at Mischka, she also saw past her across the mall hallway to a bathhouse where travelers could take showers long enough to get clean as well as feel better for having done it.

Mischka saw Taela looking and she turned around to look herself.

She turned back with a smile, “How much have we got left out of what we decided to spend on the laundry?”

It wasn’t all that much, but Mischka had an idea, “If we double up on the shower cost – like we buy two showers back to back in the same stall and we wash real quick, we can stand there and actually get warm – and if we do it that way, though it’s the same thing, I’m hoping that we’ll have enough left over to get something hot to drink before we head back, I think.”

She could see that Taela was thinking about it but …

“What’s to decide on?” Mischka chuckled, “We met without anything on, Taela. I think we must have seen all there is to see on each other, but hey, if there’s something that you’re curious about on me, just say it and I’ll show you.

It’s just a shower, you know. And then we can sit down and relax with a drink afterward.”

Her face showed that another thought had come to her and she reached out for Taela’s shoulder, “I think I get it. That was when I was working and didn’t know what was going on. I meant what I said about not liking girls either. I’m not gonna – “

“I know,” Taela nodded, “I’m being a little stupid about it, I guess. I like your idea. Let’s get a locker for this stuff and do it.”

As they walked across the hall a few minutes later, Mischka smiled after Taela had asked one more time just to be sure.

“Absolutely not. Not if there’s nobody paying me to do that. About the only time that I’d get the idea in my head would be to help a friend while she’s making it with her guy, but even then, that’s really stretching things.”

“How do you mean?” Taela asked and Mischka shrugged, already kicking herself for even mentioning it, though as far as she knew herself, it was the truth.

“I mean like if there’s sex going on in sort of a … I dunno, a shared way. I think that I could help to make it feel better, but it doesn’t matter even hypothetically, does it? I only have four friends; you and your guys are three of them. I wouldn’t even think of doing anything to mess it up.

I’m not all that heavy a sleeper, you know. I know what you and your guys do while you’re trying so hard to be quiet about it and you know that I don’t mind at all. All I’m saying is that under the right circumstances, and only if I was a part of it, then I might try to help another girl.”

Taela looked over, “But that’s – “

Mischka shook her head, “Not to me, it’s not. Look, if it was you and me alone together someplace, then in my head, messing around then is what I don’t want to do, because, … well, it wouldn’t feel right to me.

But if I was at an orgy – to exaggerate – like where everybody’s doing it, that’s different to me, and if I knew the other girl, I don’t think there’s anything wrong if I give her a hand while she’d getting bopped anyway.

I even know what to do to make it good because it’s what I had to do, isn’t it? I’d just see it as being nice for a person that I care about. In a situation like that, I think that everybody involved should just want to help anybody else so that they all have a great time. I mean, that’s what it’s all about then, right?

I doubt that I’d care then if I found that the hand down between my legs was yours or anybody else’s, just as long as I knew them well enough.”

They found the place deserted except for the attendant. After paying, they just got undressed and stepped into the shower together and they carried on with their conversation.

“I did like it when we were dancing,” Taela smiled, “it was really nice.”

Mischka nodded, “That’s my favorite part. You ought to dance for them one time, you know. You’re pretty good at it, from what I saw anyway, and you know that guys love it when a girl does that for them.”

“I’d feel like an idiot doing that alone,” Taela laughed, “I didn’t mind at all when we were dancing together. I’d probably love it if you danced with me then.”

Mischka lowered her arm after rinsing the soap from her armpit, “Uh-uh. If we did that, then I’D feel like an idiot, wouldn’t I? They’re your men.”

“I don’t know, ” Taela began, “I mean, I know about that, but you’re living with us and I love having you there. You’re a part of us now, and I think Shorty’s in love with you anyway – and if he’s not, then I think that he ought to be, for the way that you help him so much with everything.

You’re not the only one with eyes, you know. I’ve seen the way that you two sit together in a corner while you teach him.”

“That’s because he learns a lot better and faster if I’m against him. That’s why we sit like that. I know that he has thoughts, but he’s not mine.

Are you kidding? It’s not like I’ve ever had a ton of female friends, Taela. I don’t take it lightly.”

Taela nodded, “Ryan found that out about Shorty. He understands what you tell him very well, but if he is taught by somebody who is touching him the whole time, then it is the difference between understanding some and knowing some, or knowing something as though he owns it.”

“His speech is getting a lot better too,” Mischka said, “What makes me a little sad is that I can hear him in my head when we do that but you can’t and Taela, he’s almost eloquent then.”

They started in on washing each other’s hair and after that, Taela adjusted the spray so that it came out as more of a thicker stream. She grabbed Mischka gently and stepped back so that the almost hot stream poured down on them both and they stood there with their eyes shut and their heads together , just enjoying the heat.

“Ohh,” Mischka groaned, “Finally water warm enough for me. This is fantastic!”

Taela sighed, “This is something that I miss so much. Where I come from, we lived partly inside an old volcano crater, and there was a spring which ran as warm as this and there was a pool where it poured down into and then ran as a stream.

Even in the middle of the coldest winter, I was never cold in that mountain and I always had that hot cascade to wash under.”

“If I had something like that, Taela, I don’t think I’d ever leave there, “Mischka said.

“The rest wasn’t much, but it was our home. It’s dangerous to be outside there after dark. Now that Shorty’s wing is fixed, he could probably live there, though I doubt that he’d want to. I think that he knows that he still looks different to the rest of his kind. You could probably live there too.”

Mischka shook her head a little, “It sounds alright, but though we’re different from each other, Shorty and I both know the way that we are inside. I’m probably no different from him that way. But I’d bet that I don’t look much like what Shorty’s kind are either, and I’d probably be fighting for my life there forever. That’s something that I already know because we are the same like that.

Shorty and I think the world of each other, but we know that we’re different enough from what’s on our home worlds to make the pea brains there want to kill us for it. Between us, we each think the other one is awesome because we know that we are so different from each other – kind of like you and Ryan – but that’s here.

If I took Shorty to where I’m from or he brought me to the place you came from, it would be the same thing; we’d both be fighting for our lives and each other.”

The water slowed and then stopped and unconsciously, both of them made the same sound of regret and then they laughed a little and drew apart to get out and towel off.

As they left the place, Mischka pointed to one of the large bathtubs and Taela almost groaned as she said that she wanted a bath like that so much now.

Mischka looked out into the mall again and her eyes lit up.

“We can do it,” she said.

Taela shook her head, “No, we’ve probably barely got enough for those hot drinks. A session in one of those tubs costs like five and a half credits, and that’s not including whatever bath gel you want in it.”

“Just follow me,” Mischka grinned, “The place where we met is right over there – and they owe me my last pay. We’ll have enough then, and we still won’t be over what we agreed on. Come on.”

She almost dragged Taela over and they walked inside. The place was a little dark and quiet at that time of the artificial day. They only saw one of the DJs.

“Hi Thomas,” Mischka called over, “Is Murphy around anywhere? I came to get my clothes and my last pay.”

The man shook his head, “No. I dunno where he is, but I heard about you and what happened the other week and I’m glad that you got everything straightened out. Go take a look in the dressing room for your stuff – if it’s even still there. I’ve got your pay here in the drawer. Murphy was gonna pocket it in another day or so. He’s still some pissed over the blood and all.”

Mischka asked Taela to stay there for a minute while she got her things, and for the next few minutes, Taela spoke to the DJ just to pass the time.

“I wasn’t here that night,” he said, “but I heard about it all. A bit of a shame that the assholes had the place filled that night. From what I heard, it was pretty good to watch you guys dance, even though they tell me that you didn’t know what was going on. I’d have loved to have seen that.

I know that you’re a Morgarod or close to it, but you’re lovely all the same and your looks set you apart in a dive like this. I think that if this were a better place for it, you could do well dancing here. They’d come from all over to see you dance – especially with Mischka. I’m gonna miss seeing her dance too, but this place is about the best joint here – and it’s still a shithole.”

“Aw, that’s sweet, Thomas,” Mischka said as she walked over with her things. Thomas unlocked the drawer and pulled out the card which would allow him to transfer her pay from the bar’s bank to her account in hers. “It’s the truth, Misch,” he smiled, “I’m just a guy like any other under the skin, but I’ve never been the kind to hoot and holler out shit talk at a dancer.

I’ve always loved it when you’d dance, either alone or with another girl. I know you’re really not like that, but the way that you put so much into it, ” he smiled, “honey, there are dancers on this rock who can only dream about dancing the way that you do – and there are lesbians on this rock who come in here to dream about you doing that for them. I think I must have been asked at least three times each by them all when you were coming back, every one who knew that you danced here.”


As they walked out of the bar on their way back to the bathhouse, Taela rolled her eyes, “I can’t believe the way that I let you talk me into dancing with you like that again.”

Mischka chuckled, “And now you’re going to tell me that you feel embarrassed over it, huh? You ought to be feeling a little proud of yourself, Taela.

Think about it. That guy DJs for more than one club. He sees naked women dance in front of him every single night, all kinds, all colors, all species – and he begged us to dance for him, just for him, me and you.

He’s complained to me before that most of the time, he’s fighting to keep his eyes open from working so many jobs to come up with the money to send his little girl for an education when she gets old enough so that she doesn’t end up having to stay here and can make her own life for herself. I know him. He has naked women around him all day long and twice as many all night too. He says that after a while, it’s a little like watching cattle.

Morgarod dancers are rare hereabouts, though he’s seen the odd one come through here on the circuit.

But he asked for you and me, just one time, for old time’s sake. And don’t worry about him using a cam. He didn’t. He’s built his livelihood on being trustworthy to tons of dancers.

I got my pay and now we’re going to have that bath, Taela.

Go on and tell me that you hated every minute of it. You didn’t even blink when I took off my clothes. Yours were off even faster after that.”

Taela began to laugh then, shaking her head a little in wonder at the two of them, “I loved it, Mischka. I really love dancing like that with you. I can’t help it. I didn’t even mind your fake kisses very much, either.”

Mischka looked over, “They were mostly for show, but they weren’t all fake, Taela. There wasn’t anything really in the ones I planted on you but my being thankful for the way that you’ve helped me and my absolute joy over having a friend like you. I’m always feeling happy these days, and it’s a huge change from being afraid and paranoid all of the time.”

The attendant looked surprised to see them back as Mischka paid for a long bath in the large tub with the bubble bath that they took eleven minutes to decide on by smell.

Seven minutes later, they were lying in a mountain of fragrant foam with almost hot water buoying up their breasts, sipping something cool.

“What are they like?” Mishka asked after a few minutes.

“Who?” Taela asked in return.

“Your men,” Mischka smiled, “Who else? What are they like in bed?”

Taela thought about it for a moment and then she said, “They are often almost completely unlike each other. Shorty is sometimes a little shy for some reason. But he’s, … well, he’s a lot of things. When it’s slow with him, it’s so nice. He’s not large, but it feels so good with him inside me. I just want to hold him there and wish for it to go on and on.

He can get excited sometimes too, and then, … I don’t think anyone can fuck faster than Shorty can when he’s feeling it. I just hang on then and try not to rip the sheets to shreds because it feels so wild and good.

The really wonderful thing about him is how you can make love to him. It’s a little like being a girl and having a girl to make love to – but he isn’t one. Once he trusts you, he lets you do anything to him and I really like that a lot.”

She held up her hand, “I have wide fingers. With a little lubrication, I can fuck him very gently and he’s so happy then. He’s not ashamed and he knows that I mean it. He hangs on to me any way that he can and I just take him along for as long as I want to and his kisses to me are so gentle and nice before I finish him in any of a couple of ways.

Ryan is a human and he fucks like one, I guess. I am always so taken with him. I love to look at him then if I can. He’s always gentle – unless I don’t want that, and he’s unbelievably strong.

Sometimes, I lie down and he takes me, so I wrap my legs around him and then … “

She smiled, “It’s hard to explain. He rises up on his knees with me hanging on to him with my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and he just fucks me until I can’t hang on anymore. It always amazes me how he can do that – lift me up right off the bed as though I weigh nothing then.

He has this way about him, too. Sometimes I want it very slow from him, but deep and strong. He knows just when I want that, though I never tell him that I do. He just knows it somehow. My favorite way then is on my back so that I can look at him and hold him to me. When it’s like that between us, he can make me so happy that I just start to cry very slowly and softly. I can’t help it.

There’s no other thought possible for me then and it’s that I’m his – and I want to be his. There are so many differences between us, and yet at those times, we are not very different at all. He’s larger than Shorty and he spreads me wide open when we fuck like that, and still I want more of him. He gives to me like that. We’ve done it for so long like that and then at the end, when I tremble in his grasp over the way that he holds me so carefully, and I begin to sob from the longest and sweetest finish, I sometimes find that he came before me and said nothing and gave no sign.

For all I know, he didn’t even notice it in himself, though he says that he does.

He does that all for me, Mischka. The whole thing, for me, because he knows that I love it that way with him.

I tried to explain it to my mother once and she told me that she’d never had a man like that for her.

As far as using his mouth on me, he’s very good, but Shorty is even better, because Shorty can make his tongue tremble. I like that a lot, but I have to be careful when I let him do that, because after that, I can’t feel much of anything for a while there.”

She looked over at Mischka. “Is that what you wanted to know?”

Her friend laughed a little as she nodded, “Yes. I think you’re so lucky to have them to love you. If we weren’t in this bath, I’d probably have been fooling with myself as you said it, it sounded so good. And then it would have gotten stupid, wouldn’t it? With me asking you to back up or elaborate on some point or other until I squeaked from holding back when I finally came and then feeling like a bloody idiot.

But I have another question, though I think that I can guess the answer. When we were in the shower and you were pulling me to stand with you, I felt something against my leg for a minute. Then you moved and it was gone.

When we were dancing and I got down to fake the other part, I almost fell over. I finally got to see what that was, …

But, … um, … what was that?”

Taela shrugged a little in embarrassment, “My hair down there. It’s the same as what’s on my head, thicker than most people’s hair and it moves by itself, that’s all.”

Mischka’s jaw was dropping a little, but she caught it, not wanting Taela to feel strange, “That’s wonderful, well I think it is, anyway. I’d love to ask you to let me see it here where there’s enough light, but I think, … well, I don’t want you to get shy over it. I’m happy that I can see you without any clothes today. Since we bought them, you’re always wearing them, and I think you’re so beautiful without anything on.”

“I think that’s what I’ve been enjoying today with you,” Taela smiled, “I like seeing you like this, since it’s just us and, … I don’t know, I just like it a lot. I still don’t want to do anything you know, … well, at least I’m pretty sure that I don’t.

But I like spending the day like this with you, Mischka.”

She had a thought then, “We can make a deal out of it. I’ll let you see that hair if you’ll let me see you dark the way that I first saw you that other night, and, … ”

She hung there.

“Go on,” Mischka grinned, “What else were you gonna say?”

Taela looked down for a moment, “I like to look at Shorty’s body a lot. You’re a little like him that way and I love the way that you look, but I am a little curious about something. You said to ask if there was any part of you that I wanted to see, and …”

She forged ahead then, “Can I see where your tail is attached? I always want to look there on Shorty, but the chance to ask him goes by so fast every time, and, … well, could I see that on you?”

When Mischka nodded, Taela got to her knees so that her pubic hair was clearly visible and she watched as Mischka sat spellbound watching it.

“That’s amazing,” she whispered in a little awe, “Can I touch it? I won’t try to feel you or anything. I just want to feel it moving on my fingers.”

Taela nodded and after a minute, Mischka laughed a little, “I love it this!”

She rose up on her knees too and she put her hands onto Taela’s shoulders to look at her, “Listen, Taela. I’m still the same girl and all, but, … ok, promise me something.

If you ever get it in your head that you might like to feel a girl’s kisses there, promise me that I can be the one. I know what to do, honey, so I can guarantee that you’ll love it. I just want to feel that against my face one time at least.

So promise me if you can, alright?”

Taela laughed self-consciously, but she nodded a little, “You might be waiting a long time, since I’ve never felt that way yet, but alright, Mischka. I promise.”

Mischka leaned forward and kissed Taela on the lips very quickly, “Thanks.”

She moved away then and went to all fours, turning away from Taela and then looking back. As she did it, her skin changed color to a dusty-looking, almost-black shade of gray. Her skin now matched the skin of her wings exactly. Only her hair was darker, both on her head and down along her spine right to her hips, attached as it was the whole way there.

Taela gasped to see it and she smiled, “I’ll never know why you don’t look this way more often, Mischka. I really like to see you like this. You always look so beautiful and mysterious to me, but like this, I think you are the loveliest female that I have ever seen. I think the color and the wings are the final touch for me.”

Mischka was a little dumbfounded for a moment. She’d been certain that on the evening that they’d met, Taela had been too bombed to really know what she was looking at. But that clearly couldn’t be the case now.

Taela grinned after a moment, “And I’ve learned something about you too. When we danced, both times, that night and today, your tail was always moving, back and forth like a long serpent or, … or like a ribbon being waved slowly in the air.”

Mischka nodded, “Yeah. I do that to keep the males a little tantalized since I’ve got the tail and everything. I think it helps to hide the fact that what I’m doing with my other end then isn’t maybe as um, passionate as it might be if I was doing it for real. I can’t really say, since I’ve never done that because I really wanted to or anything. What’s your point, Taela?”

The other girl smiled widely, “There are no males here now, nobody here at all but us – and you’re doing it right now.”

She looked up, “I think that you’re a little excited.”

Mischka shook her head, “No I’m not.”

Taela wasn’t really convinced, though she let it pass. “Can you lift your hips a little more and move your tail up? I just want to get a look underneath.”

“Underneath my tail?” Mischka was surprised, “All that’s under it is my asshole unless you look a little lower. You want to get a look at that?”

Mischka had said it that way because she felt silly and she was a little uncomfortable with the idea and she hoped that saying it like that would end the moment.

She wasn’t prepared at all to see Taela’s hopeful little nod.

Then it hit her.

From the time that she’d spent with her three friends on their craft, Mischka had noticed more than enough about Taela to conclude that she had to be the most ‘anal’ girl – to put it nicely – that she’d ever met.

She thought it over for a second and knew that she probably felt the way that she did because it was a place on her body that she’d really never had the thought to include in any playtime during the infrequent times when she was having any kind of sex. By way of contrast, Taela obviously had no such reservations at all. Mischka leaned down so that her hips rose a little more and she looked back again.

“Is this good enough? If I get any lower at this end, I’ll have bubble bath in my mouth.”

She watched the sweetest little smile begin to widen on Taela’s face. “Your tail, could you lift it a little more?”

Mischka was slow about it, wanting suddenly to appear nervous. She wasn’t nervous, though.

Not at all, really.

She was feeling a little adventurous and she even knew why. She’d already come to admit to herself that she was starting to love Taela for her friendship and company. To someone like she was, it was something that she’d never really had and she knew that it was the same for Taela because they’d spoken about it.

She was attracted to Taela, but she could still tell herself easily that it wasn’t really a sexual attraction – well it was, just not what Mischka told herself that girls who liked girls felt.

To Mischka, it was the exciting feeling of something very sensual, and THAT was what she loved.

It was why she could dance with another girl so well, because to her, females just had much more sensuality built right into them than males of any sort – other than proper dancers, at any rate.

Mischka would argue with anyone who tried to tell her that she was beautiful. Hell, she’d barely rate herself as even mildly pretty on her best day. She thought that her mouth was too big and toothy, her eyes could frighten the dead to her mind and the rest of her even when she was paper-white, was too bony.

She wasn’t quite correct by any means, but that was how she saw herself.

She just wouldn’t argue with Taela. When Taela told her something like that, she had trouble with it, but she could at least believe that the girl really felt that way.

She raised her tail a little more and blinked right afterward.

She was certain that she’d heard Taela sigh very softly.

“I am looking at the place where your tail just joins your body,” Taela whispered, “It’s fascinating to me – probably because I don’t have one, but I really like it.

Can I touch it, Mischka? Please?”

Mischka told Taela yes, though she bit back the joke which she’d been about to make about being thankful that they’d had the shower so that she knew that she was clean. It suddenly felt like a rather crude thing to say, and then she had a rather startling thought.

When they’d been in the shower, it had been Taela who had soaped and washed her there, attracted by the tail of course. She’d liked the way that it felt very much, but she’d just told herself that it was because of her feelings for Taela and how good it felt to be able to trust someone for once in her life.

She felt the grasp of Taela’s hand around her tail at the base and she almost wanted to purr from the sensation when she felt Taela run her thumb over the skin gently. She tried to hold it back, but a very quiet sigh slipped past her lips anyway.

At least she hoped that it had been quiet.

She’d really wanted to groan.

She felt Taela’s fingers slide over her flank just a little very cautiously and right then, though she wasn’t exactly certain of just what this was, Mischka was almost terrified that it might stop suddenly.

“Something that almost no girls have, and yet, it is something that most should have,” she heard Taela say.

“What?” Mischka asked, wondering if it was some sort of riddle.

“A tail, silly,” Taela grinned, “Everything else here is the same as what I have, isn’t it?”

“Except for that amazing hair of yours, “Mischka pointed out and Taela nodded, giving her friend the point.

Mischka turned her head to look back and she couldn’t see Taela’s face because she was leaning forward. She wondered what was so fascinating about her asshole to Taela for a moment.

But then she felt her sigh coming out. She wasn’t sure what the sensation was which had caused it, other than something warm and wet against the bottom of her tail back there.

“Taela, what are you doing?”

The sensation stopped then and Mischka cursed herself silently. She’d wanted to know what that was.

She sure hadn’t wanted for it to stop.

“I’m licking the bottom of your tail,” Taela whispered. “You want me to lick it some more.

Don’t you?”

“Yes,” Mischka heard herself whisper right back, “Please do that again.”

The sensation began again and Mischkas’ vocabulary shrank down to only “ohhh” right then.

“Besides,” Taela’s soft voice came to her when she stopped for just a second before it continued, “you want me to keep going, … because then, …”

She chuckled, “You can hope.”

Mischka felt her own wickedly lascivious chuckle deep down in her throat, “That feels so good, Taela. But what am I supposed to hope for?”

“You’re supposed, … to hope, … that I, … do, … this….”

Mischka felt her chest heave to expand as she gasped. Taela had moved her tongue forward.

She almost collapsed from the way that it felt. But she didn’t and it was a good thing.

She’d have inhaled a lot of water if she had.

She felt Taela’s palm on the inside of her thigh, high up and nudging so lightly against her sex. Taela wanted to tease her at least a little, but no more than that, since she was feeling unsure about it herself and the position was murder on her neck.

“You’ll have to move if you want some more of that,” Taela said, hoping that Mischka would agree and not back away and leave her feeling stupid. “Put a towel there on the edge where it’s deepest and lean out of the bath standing up. I want to be under your pretty tail again.”

Mischka nodded, though she knew that Taela wouldn’t see it. She moved to the deeper part and did as she’d been told, not daring to speak. Not even daring to look back for fear that it wouldn’t continue.

But her fears were groundless. Taela had her face back there again in no time, licking Mischka everywhere back there but one part with that thick tongue of hers. The only part which was excluded was Miscka’s cleft, though it was nudged a little every once in a while. Mischka relaxed completely and she felt her tail ease down onto the side of Taela’s face to lie over her shoulder, the end of it twitching feebly in the water.

Then she felt Taela’s soft kisses as they receded to the point where they were only placed on her cheeks.

Mischka groaned when she felt Taela’s finger slip into her.

“I think we’re the same even about this,” Taela decided aloud, “since I can tell that you like it.”

“I – I lo–love it,” Mischka hissed between her teeth, “Oh, please don’t stop, Taela.

I never knew … oh, … ohhh.”

“I hate to sound, … demanding of my best friend,” Taela chuckled as she placed her cheek on top of Mischka’s hips, “but I’m trying to get you to want something a little more there. Do you want me to finger you harder, or, … “

Mischka shook her head, “No, this is so good. Just keep it up. Maybe I’ll be more adventurous – ohh,…. the next time.”

“The next time?” Taela laughed softly, “Alright. If you want to explore this with me, I’d love to help. And you’ll need it, you know, the practice.”

“W-why?” Mischka groaned huskily as Taela’s finger went deep then for a moment.

“Because I’ve decided on a few things for us,” Taela smiled. “I’m still not sure about doing the licking thing, though I am beginning to like the idea. I like thinking about it in the way that you said – about helping.

I guess that I’ll have to face it sooner or later, Mischka, since I’m going to need to help you when Shorty finally fucks you here.”

Mischka’s eyes widened and she turned to look back, but Taela saw it as the movement began and she began to mimic the motions with her finger. Mischka moaned and arched her back, pressing back onto the finger several times.

“Shorty’s with us, but he needs a female of his own. Ryan and I have talked about it a lot and we know how you two feel about each other. I’m thinking that it could be the best thing for everyone. I think that you ought to try it with him.

If you do and you both find that it works, then I’ll play with you too if you want me to, and I’ll even share Ryan if you still let me have Shorty sometimes.”

She lifted her head then, “But that’s for later and we need to talk about it.

Right now,” she began , though she let it hang there as she began to use the fingers of her other hand on Mischka’s cleft, running her wide fingertips lightly over Mischka’s clitoris while her extended and thick middle finger fucked the other opening a little more vigorously.

Mischka lowered her head and began to moan while trying to get her hips into the play at the same time.


“I still don’t feel like one of those women, ” Taela said as they relaxed over their drinks in the little café, “More and more, I am coming to like your definition of it. It gives me such nice thoughts in my mind and it’s what I do a lot of anyway.”

She grinned a little as she looked over, “Only I do it to a pair of males, though it would be exactly the same intent if they were females. So as far as it goes, I can agree with what you said about helping.

What did you want to ask Ryan about?”

Mischka nodded, after having to think for a moment, “I was going to ask him if he could maybe help me a little later on. Before we all met, I was staying at a rooming house.

It’s been a couple of weeks, but I’d like to see if my few possessions are still there. I don’t have very much, maybe about three boxes of stuff, but I’d kind of like it if Ryan could come with me. The landlord there is a dick and there could be trouble. The way that he always stares at me and makes rude suggestions really creeps me out and I’m afraid that he’ll go farther if he knows that I’m not coming back after this one time.

I’d really hate it if, after finally having my name cleared, that I had to hurt an idiot in self-defense. It worked as an explanation for why I killed to protect you from the one who was trying to drag you off that night since I made sure to include my personal safety along with yours, but it’s not something that I can just trot out as a defense every other week, is it?”


Ryan and Mischka walked along the deserted back alleys toward where her room had been. There was little if any lighting to make one’s way by on these grimy pathways. Ryan looked around, feeling a little bit of a mixture of trepidation and disgust at what he saw around them.

His thoughts turned back to the confident and slick way that the security detachment liked to portray their tenuous hold on things in the trading post and he mentioned it to Mischka quietly.

She nodded, answering in the same soft, guarded tones, “Yeah, like you’d ever find one of their patrols down here unless they’d gotten themselves lost. It’s happened once or twice before and they had to come down here like the fucking cavalry in force. They only did that because they were all scared shitless and it was the only way that most of them had agreed to go at all – that and the scary thought that it might be them the next time.”

She looked down an adjoining alleyway and for just a moment as they passed, she saw one of the others of her kind hunkered down over the corpse of someone and gorging. Whoever it had been was still twitching feebly and the sound of their soft footsteps caused the other female to look up, suddenly nervous.

Their eyes met and the wild female hissed quietly as she withdrew deeper into the shadows.

She came back, returning to her meal just seconds after Mischka and Ryan had passed by on their way. Her meal was still warm and she wouldn’t go far even if she’d been forced away. With a careful look around, she leaned down again, pressing her gore-covered face deeper into the abdominal cavity as she began to eat once more.

Ryan had seen nothing of it due to his human vision, but Mischka had seen far more than enough to be thankful all over again for the way that her friends cared about her. She didn’t have to live that way, though by her efforts, she’d been able to sidestep most of this sort of life because she’d put herself out there as a dancer to capitalize on the latent prurient lust of humans and others.

But as they walked, she was coming to wonder about someone else who couldn’t do the things that she had, and it began to worry her.

The locks came undone with a lot of clacking, rattling, and clanking as the door to the place was opened. The grimy lump of a human grinned as he peered out at Mischka.

“You’re back, eh?” he smiled and on him, it looked hideous, “I can’t let you into your room until you pay me the rent for the last two weeks, … or we might work something out, ” he said with a leering grin.

“I know you’re always a little broke, Misch, so just pay me for one week, that is, … if you’ll let me – “

Ryan stepped around the doorframe and pushed past Mischka then and the greasy gnome almost tumbled over backward in his attempt to get a look at the tall human, “What the –”

“Here you go,” Ryan smiled a little evilly as he held out some real, honest-to-goodness coins, “One week’s rent. Now let her into her place.”

The man changed his mind instantly, “I’ll want two weeks, plus – AAighh!”

He groaned a little and it ended in a whimper as he found himself hanging by the material of his filthy shirt from Ryan’s grip as he was carried further inside and Mischka closed the door.

“I haven’t got any of that,” Ryan grinned, “so how about just settling for me allowing you to breathe – after we’re gone?”

“Alright, … “the gnome nodded desperately, “o – okay.”

He led them up a set of creaky steps which sounded as though they were hard-pressed to bear the combined weight of the three of them until they arrived at a door.

“I’ve forgotten the key,” the wretch said, “I’ll just go and get it. Be back in a moment.”

The door crashed inward and fell off its hinges from the force of Ryan’s throw. They walked inside, stepping around the unconscious form of the landlord. Mischka frowned as she saw that her things had been disturbed in her absence, but she also saw that nothing was missing – with the exception of only one thing and she groaned.

“I had a little picture there on the nightstand,” she said sadly, “It was just one of those little things that you can get at an arcade. That’s where I got it from.

It was only a cheap little photo of me and Rhani. She’s a little vampire. She’s not like the regular ones either. She’s a smaller breed from somewhere else. But I’d see her around sometimes and if I had any extra coin, I’d try to buy her something to eat.

Other than you guys, Rhani is my only friend.

She’s small and for her to get anything that she could manage to kill, … well, I’d rather not think of what it might be.”

Mischka looked around and then she looked up at Ryan, “Let’s go.”

When they were outside, Ryan unhinged the small collapsible parcel dolly that he’d brought and they fastened her boxes with the straps and they walked off, retracing their steps.

As they approached the intersection where she’d seen the feeding vampire, Mischka was startled to hear small cries from that direction and she nudged Ryan’s arm and held her finger to her lips.

Ryan jammed his hand into his pocket and came up with a lightstick. Snapping it once in a bending motion to activate the chemicals inside, he put it back into his pocket for the moment.

As they rounded the corner, Ryan heard the faint sounds of a quiet struggle and he tossed the lightstick down the alleyway.

In the unearthly blue glare of the device, they saw the female vampire, but now she wasn’t hunkering down at her meal. She was holding down a smaller form and snarling, though the one under her held up a pair of thin arms pleadingly. From the sounds now, the smaller one was begging to be allowed to leave – and remain among the living.

It didn’t appear to Ryan as though it was working at all well.

Ryan looked up, finding himself alone suddenly as Mischka climbed straight up on her wings. She was fully dressed in the clothing that he’d bought for her, but that clothing allowed the use of the large appendages on her back.

The brief glimpse that he got of her features showed him that she’d lost her ability to maintain whatever conscious effort it took for her to remain light-colored.

Her face and any parts of her skin that he could see had gone dark. And then she was gone into the darkness up above them.

He looked at the scene before him and it didn’t seem right to him somehow, so he reached for his PDW, about to draw back the cocking handle if this looked like it was going to go on toward the conclusion that he could easily foresee. But he never got there.

The female on her knees over the smaller one was bowled over in the next instant and swept aside.

Ryan looked over and he saw only a ball of flailing limbs for a moment before he heard a muffled screech.

What he saw then …

Mischka looked to have flames in her eyes from the heat of her gaze at the female – who was now struggling ever more feebly as her lifeblood sprayed off into space to the side. The female tried to cover the gaping wound on her neck, but the blood still pumped out past her weakening fingers while this very new to Ryan, dark-visaged Mischka looked to be just barely able to contain her obvious wrath.

She looked down in some rage with her long teeth bared in a very primal way for a moment until it became obvious that there was no fight left in the dying one.

She turned away to get to her feet and then she was almost bowled over herself by the smaller form, who now hung from her and hugged her, almost wailing her tears out.

Mischka put her arms around the other one and held on, “Rhani!” she hissed quietly, “Oh Rhani, are you hurt?”

The smaller form shook her head against Mischka’s and a moment later, Mischka stood up and took the smaller one’s hand to lead her away. She felt something in her friend’s small hand and when she saw what it was, she almost burst into tears herself.

It was the little photograph in a cheap plastic frame. Rhani didn’t have enough for even a stitch of clothing, but she must have been holding that little article in one hand ever since they’d last seen each other.

“Come on,” she said, wiping her eyes as her darkness began to fade, “I’ve always told you that this place would be the death of you. I don’t ever want to see it once I’m finally right. I need to get you somewhere where you’re safe.”

Ryan found himself looking at, … well he wasn’t really sure.

This ‘Rhani’ appeared to be a dark, obviously naked – and very dirty female something like Mischka of … – he couldn’t tell at all accurately – maybe twelve at a stretch – and that was a long one, too, and though she wasn’t more than four and a half feet tall, she looked taller, due to her lankiness . He knew that he was more than likely incorrect, knowing that it was a little silly to be trying to apply human standards out here to creatures who were not human.

As they drew a little near to him, Rhani saw him for the first time and she drew back, looking afraid, but she settled down as Mischka spoke to her in that strange half-squawking form of speech that she and Shorty used.

From what Ryan could see, Rhani got it, but she kept trying to tell Mischka something and she was insistent.

“Tesem,” she said clearly, trying to pull Mischka in a slightly different direction, “Tesem, … Tesem.” It was followed by a whole lot of other things, not one of which Ryan had any sort of clue about.

“This is Rhani,” Mischka said, “She’s filthy and she smells right now, but I’m happy that she’s still alive, at least.” She stopped and Rhani stood in front of her, pleading and beseeching as she tugged at Mischka’s hand, and when she finally made herself understood, Mischka’s eyebrows disappeared right against her widow’s peak.

She looked at Ryan in astonishment, “She wants to go to the animal impound.”

Ryan blinked, “What the hell for? I didn’t think that this trip would take all day, Mischka. I don’t mind helping, but I’m not going there if she wants to look at the puppies.”

Rhani squawked and chattered and Ryan could see that Mischka’s eyebrows weren’t going to be very visible for a little while yet, by her expression. When she finally understood it to Rhani’s satisfaction, she turned and blinked, looking at Ryan.

“I’d guess it happened about the time that you and the others were helping me. I didn’t even know anything about this.” She looked to be feeling incredulous for a moment and her eyebrows still hadn’t reappeared when she stared at Ryan again.

“They’re holding her husband.”


The Anubian sat on a small bench with his arms restrained straight out on either side of him. The tranquilizer that he’d been hit with was finally wearing off, though slowly, since they’d kept the dose topped up and he found himself trying to work his consciousness through the fog of it.

He’d been drugged, though he’d never fully lost consciousness. He wanted to snort in derision.

Humans and their stupidity.

It even went as far as what they thought that they knew about his kind.

He did hear the door to the cell being unlocked very quietly, though, and he waited with his eyes closed; his head not hanging down quite so much anymore.

He felt the bonds around his wrists which held him there, but he also felt that his bracers hadn’t been removed. He guessed that they’d either been overlooked somehow or that more likely, his captors hadn’t thought them to be important.

He activated the cameras in the left one with a curling motion of one finger. The tendon in his forearm stood out and he heard the barely-audible click. He had a feeling that he’d want a record of this.

The female pound guard crept into the cell, barely moving – barely daring to draw a breath as she came. She knew that what she’d been trying to fight off in her mind was unconscionable and very likely highly illegal as well, given her position. She didn’t want to harm him in any way, though the thought in her mind of what she wanted to do would still constitute abuse in the strict legal sense once she was living her little fantasy.

But she couldn’t help herself anymore. He’d been here under sedation for the maximum allowable time. She felt drawn here, and it was going to have to be now or never.

She hadn’t been pulled here by any conscious thought of desire from ‘him’. This was all something inside of her and she’d finally lost her ability to fight off her desires any longer.

It happened to her fairly often. It was one of the reasons that she was working here, after all.

She looked at him, sitting there with his eyes closed. Her own eyes ran over his lean and muscled body. Side to side and top to bottom, he was the single most wickedly attractive male that she’d ever seen and, …

God, she thought; he must stand well over six feet tall.

Well, when he was on two feet anyway,

As she crept closer, she barely felt her tongue as it slipped out of her mouth to lick her own lips, though she noticed after a moment and gently bit her lower lip as she edged nearer. It was as hard as anything to do, but she brought her face as close to his muscled body as she could and inhaled his scent a little slowly.

What she smelled was a little foreign to her, but that didn’t matter.

His scent screamed ‘MALE’ to her. Pure, heavy-balled musk hit her brain and it told her a lot about him if you were a female with eyes to see his power and beauty as well.

He was the kind who could bang you until you threw your head back into the pillow so hard that you could hear your own vertebrae grind, as well as the way that your jaw threatened to snap its ligaments as you screamed for him.

And if by some magic miracle, you managed to retain enough control to lunge up and bite one of those nipples in your joy, well, he’d just roar at you and fuck you even harder.

He was the kind who’d laugh softly as he watched you get up on aching and trembling hips to stumble uncertainly to the can for a piss – if he didn’t change his mind and fuck you all over again right then on the floor. It would come to you then that it wasn’t out of cruelty or anything stupid – he actually cared and it would amaze him that you’d have put it off for that long when you didn’t need to at all.

He was just amazed that you did. Hell, he’d CARRY you there if he thought that you couldn’t make it.

To one very lonely female guard working alone at the animal impound, that was love if it stayed with you.

She knew the kind. She’d had one once upon a time; an incredible male who could make her grab her pillow and hold on in a white-knuckled grip so that at least she had something to lay her head on while he held her up on failing knees and caressed her everywhere that he could reach so softly and well while he STILL fucked her brains out and chuckled over the staccato slapping of his hips on her ass.

But she’d lost him one night as he’d worked overtime on the outside and an avalanche took him from her forever.

She’d never been the same since, though she tried never to let it get to her too much.

When it did, there was always the ones that the cops brought here, wasn’t there? Most of those ones couldn’t hold a candle to her Robby’s memory – though this one might, she guessed.

It was just too bad that he was likely an animal. Why if he could even speak to her a little, she’d do anything in her power to free him…

Just as long as he fucked her like Robby used to and he stayed around and never went to the outside.

But she guessed that he wasn’t like that; he was just a fuck in an animal impound to her, just passing through on the way to wherever they threw these things after the quick hearing. She lowered her nose and inhaled again.

She wanted to groan, but she didn’t; being so careful to not even exhale against him in order to draw another breath of him into her nostrils. Her knees felt a little weak for it all the same and she sank onto them onto the floor there between his legs and looked up at his face.

He was something, she thought. With those pointed ears standing straight up the way that they were, and, his coal black fur …

And she could just make out the tip of one tooth at each corner of his long, narrow mouth as they extended barely past his sweet-looking lips.

To her at the moment; he was sooo sexually attractive to her. She actually felt a little lost. She was already wet.

She’d always had thoughts of fucking with one of these dog-men things.

She wanted to touch the very short fur which covered those long muscles. She almost ached to do it, too.

She stopped as she consciously forced herself to remember that she had turned off the surveillance cam in this cell. Just to make certain, she looked up and she saw that the tiny LED was out.

It was a moment of pure coincidence, but as she turned her head back to look at him again, she didn’t see it as the tiny LED winked back on.

She sighed inaudibly. She’d done this before to other males – just not one like him and she wondered if she might ever get the chance to even meet one of these ones for herself one day, though she supposed not. She saw them only very rarely, most often in the company of their females, and there was no ignoring the looks of disdain with which they regarded humans. She shook the thought out of her mind.

Even the females looked so good to her, and from the very little that she’d heard at all of their kind, they were all known – once you got their fuses lit properly – to be such incredible sex beasts.

She guessed that the best that she could manage here was to fuck him while he was still out of it and satisfy herself with that.

She knew what she’d do after that, of course; though waiting for her shift to end would feel like forever passing. She’d run out and scour the vidshops in the commerce sector, looking almost frantically until she found her favorite seller in the corners, knowing that he probably wouldn’t let her down.

But she was confident that at some point later today, she’d go home and shove the wolfish-looking dildo that she planned to buy into her as she watched the illegal porno that she’d hopefully find. The worm in the little shops was good to her, knowing that she was a little bent and he always kept odd things in stock just for her – since she kept coming back.

What she didn’t know in her ignorance of his kind was that no such video existed. No Anubian would have ever consented to be a part of such a thing, even if he was starving and needed the money.

There was nothing illegal about inter-species relationships out this far, but pornography of it was illegal to make, sell, purchase, or own. Humans were still humans, and their lawmakers knew that if they didn’t at least try to keep some sort of lid on things, sooner or later, somebody somewhere would start screwing potted plants or other things which couldn’t say no.

She’d done this before to male prisoners of various species that the cops brought here sometimes if they didn’t know what to do with them, though she’d never had a shot at one like this one ever. It was her very personal and delicious little kink.

She was actually beginning to hope that they’d forgotten about this one. With a little luck, this might work out and she could maybe make it a regular thing to help her get through her long shifts.

You had to time things right, that was all, she told herself. At the right time, they’d still be under, pretty much and she’d suck to get them hard. It usually didn’t take long at all, thanks to the particular sedative that was used here.

Once that had happened and she could see what they had, she’d climb up and ease herself down on them for a hopefully fine fuck until she was happy. The contraceptive foam in her pussy would deal with the spermatozoa and with a quick wipe of a towelette, no one would be the wiser. Best of all, they’d never really be sure of what had happened.

She opened her mouth and her tongue slipped out to lick the end of his sheath. Now that it had begun, she felt a little emboldened and she began to try to get her tongue into the end of it.

She felt the tip and the heat which was beginning there and in only moments, she felt it as the end of it grew to emerge for her. With a sigh that she couldn’t contain, she began to fellate him.

She gave in to her want and her hand reached out to caress and hold his scrotum. The balls in there felt so large and heavy to her and when she felt that he’d reached what had to be his full size, she started licking it up and down over it’s long and darkly pink length.

A good thing that she was already on her knees, she thought, the taste and the heat of it would probably have driven her there anyway.

She reminded herself that time was against her, so she quickly stood up and pulled off her trousers to prepare herself for the final sweet part. With her hands on him in such private places, she doubted that he’d notice her weight as she sat on that fine long prick of his.

But she landed on the floor, jumping off just in time as he’d opened his eyes and snarled. The way that his teeth had snapped shut almost over her nose had been a hell of a fright and a very near thing.

She heard the hallway door open behind her and she jumped up to get her pants on as quickly as she could.

It didn’t help that the prisoner was almost barking the place down in his rage at her.

“What were you doing?” the shift super asked as she came to the open door with three others, one of them a human male.

“N-nothing,” the pound worker said.

“Oh fuck off,” the older woman groaned, rolling her eyes, “Nothing, huh?

Think you can come up with a good lie here for the public about how your belt is hanging undone and your shirt is outside of your pants?”

She pointed to the camera on the wall above them, “Try hard, Debbie. I need to hear a really good fairy-tale after what I was looking at in the monitor back there a few seconds ago.

I just happened to look at the panel on my way by and I found just one cam switch in the off position. I turned it on just for the hell of it and guess what I was looking at.”

Debbie stuttered and mumbled for a moment, and the super told her to unlock the restraints.

She looked up, her mouth falling open, “But, … but, .. he, …”

“Just unlock him,” her superior said, “As usual, the Security types can’t tell something intelligent from a rock and they brought him here by mistake – since their own IQ is a lot closer to the rock.”

She turned to the others, “It happens here now and then. If I hadn’t been out on my lunch at the time that your friend was brought in, I’d have set them straight.”

“But that was about two weeks ago!” Mischka said, “It takes you that long to come back and look in yourself?”

The supervisor ignored her and she turned to the quiet, though still angry individual on the bench, “I’m very sorry about all of this, Sir.”

His ankles were free as Debbie worked with trembling fingers. He didn’t move a hair, though he glared at her, waiting. When both of his wrists had been freed, he moved faster than anyone would have believed possible, grabbing Debbie by the throat, lifting her clean off the floor to growl in accented, yet startlingly clear English.

“Do not ever dare to try to stand in my sight again.”

He threw her against the single barred wall next to the door as though it was nothing. Her head slammed against the bars and she fell into a heap on the floor.

Rhani was against him the next instant, holding on for all that she was worth.

It softened things for him in a heartbeat as he looked down at her for a moment as he held her, and then he looked up.

“I have video of the whole incident,” he said coldly, “and now I will go to swear out a complaint against this one, you, and this whole place,” he said quietly, “There is an Anubian embassy here – as you call us – and I will seek what aid that I can there.”

For what he’d just said, Ryan liked him already.

But Rhani spoke then and she managed to calm him down to a degree, and he looked at the others for a moment as she led him away down the hall.

Outside and with the introductions made, he regarded Ryan without suspicion after he’d heard what had happened and he offered his thanks to him and Mischka.

After that, he leaned down and nuzzled his face against Rhani’s for a moment. It ended in a soft kiss between them and he sank to walk on all fours with them after the smaller vampire jumped up to ride on his back.


Back in the depths of the impound, Debbie had regained consciousness and she began to sputter about calling the cops herself to have the creature charged with assault as she tried to hold her head.

“Just shut up and have one of these headache pills, sweetie,” the supervisor said quietly as she sat on the floor with her arm around Debbie, “With a little luck, nothing will come of it since the cops here are such fools. The only problem will be the record of you trying to fuck yourself on him.”

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” Debbie sobbed, “I’ll lose my job if anybody ever sees that.”

The other woman nodded, “Listen, you’re not the first one who’s done that. I’ve been doing it forever. I just don’t get as many chances for it these days, that’s all.

Hey,” she paused, thinking things over, “have you ever, … you know, … uh, with another girl? Maybe we could get together later after I wipe that video. I’ve got the key, you know.”


They walked to the Security detachment offices where Tesem – as he was called, proceeded to roar out his indignation over his arrest and treatment at the hands of the security patrol.

He leaned over the watch officer’s desk, almost trembling with suppressed rage, “I did nothing wrong. I only approached your people and asked for directions. How does that merit my arrest and what happened to me?”

The watch officer nervously paged her manager and Ryan began to chuckle as he recognized the man.

“You’d better get this mess straightened out quick, Charles. I’ve got a lawyer who’s just dying for another reason to tear this farce here apart.”

“I demand the return of my belongings,” Tesem snarled, “as well as my personal weapon before one of your imbeciles here manages to kill himself with it.”

Charles nodded, his face a bright shade of scarlet as he began to see to things personally.

“You’re not allowed to carry a weapon like what was impounded while you’re here,” Charles said, trying like hell to manage some tone of officiousness.

“I had no other place to put it,” the Anubian growled, “It would be worse if someone else stole it. Then you WOULD have a reason to arrest me.”

“Besides, “Ryan grinned as he fought back the laugh that he felt, “You let your idiots walk around here loose armed with shooters and tasers, Charles.

And we both know that they’re not even to be trusted if they were only armed with rubber bands and paperclips.

He can leave it on my ship, since I’m licensed for weapons.”

Tesem looked over, “My thanks, Ryan. Through Mischka, I am finally finding one human who I wish to begin to trust.”


It had been one of the strangest hours of Ryan’s life, he thought to himself afterward as the four of them sat in the food court in front of a little eatery and he watched as the little slip of a girl put away more food than he thought that he could eat after starving for half a week.

Before that, as Mischka led them through the mall, she felt a little odd for the quiet way that Tesem smiled at her for a while, so she asked and he shrugged, “Forgive me for staring. It is very good to see the one in Rhani’s little picture. She has spoken of you often and I have seen how she missed her friend.”

Mischka had led them to the bathhouse and gone inside – almost dragging Rhani, who’d protested all the way while he’d stood out front waiting with Tesem the Anubian as Mischka got her small friend cleaned up in the shower.

“So you’re married to Rhani?” Ryan asked, wanting to see if he had this straight after all, “Congratulations.”

The large male nodded, standing as he was in order to wait, “I had not thought of it, but when the merchant craft that I was on docked here, I’d reached the end of my compulsory service. I met Rhani and, … well, we fell right away. I do not know if humans take a recreational period after being wed, but that was what I was trying to arrange, and I sought help to find a vacation seller.”

“What was your tasking on that craft?” Ryan asked and the Anubian shrugged, “I was part of the security group there. It was my last assignment before release.”

He looked down for a moment, “Back home, there had been a coup attempt and several members of the royal family were harmed. My family has always guarded the members of the royal house. I was not there then, but many of my family were killed in the fighting – as I would have been very likely had I been there. The rest of us were shamed and scattered.

I knew nothing of it, being off-world at the time. My combat record was taken into consideration and my punishment was to serve for a time as security on the merchant ships.

I will never go home again for the shame of it, but I never expected to meet someone like Rhani, either. Aside from this unpleasantness and your gracious help in it with Mischka, Ryan, I am happy here with her, though I am looking for work before my share of my family’s fortune is gone.”

Ryan had to smile, “We seem to have at least something in common, Tesem, I was security on the freighter which brought me to this corner of the galaxy. I’m trying to start up a bounty business. We ought to maybe talk a little later.”

The two of them fell into a sort of easy chat then, just swapping war stories for a while until the females emerged from the bathhouse. Ryan could see that for all of his cool and collected outward appearance, Tesem was quite obviously very much in love with his diminutive bride.

“What happened after Tesem was arrested?” Ryan asked, and he learned that Rhani hadn’t known what to do, knowing that if the cops had arrested Tesem for only asking directions, she didn’t think that there was any better treatment possible for herself at their hands – if they didn’t just shoot her on sight out of what she was. So she’d waited, only leaving when she was so hungry that she couldn’t think straight any longer.

It had been almost two weeks.

Mischka had led them here to buy something to eat and as Rhani began to put away more food than Ryan thought could have been possibly packed into that thin little frame, Mischka tried to tell of it while she sat braiding Rhani’s long black hair into lengthy pigtails for her.

“As far as I can tell,” she said in a way that Ryan saw was revealing her happiness and relief, “Rhani came here from someplace – and neither of us has any idea where – after stowing away on a slow passenger hauler. I met her here, and we’d sometimes hang out together, though it was always me taking care of her, like I’m doing now.”

Ryan looked at Rhani, who looked back now with interest, since she wasn’t feeling the hollow and almost constant pain of her gnawing hunger and fear.

“She looks like she’d just a kid,” Ryan commented, “well, with wings.”

“She’s not,” Mischka smiled, “though she’s lost track of the time. We seem to agree that she’s about twenty-two, twenty-three, or thereabouts. This is as mature as she says that she’s going to get. Her kind doesn’t get very big, not that I’ve ever seen very many like her. The ones that I have seen tend not to live for very long around here. They just can’t compete with the others for food.

Can I ask you for a really big favor, Ryan?”

The words hung in the air between them for a moment as Ryan looked at Rhani and her husband.

Rhani looked back, trying to smile around the last mouthful of food in her mouth. She tilted her head a little, as though she was trying to figure him out in some way.

Whatever it had been, he thought, she must have arrived at some decision for herself for the way that she seemed to settle into her seat a little happily with a quiet sigh.

“What uh, … what was that about?” Ryan asked.

There was a pause as the two girls exchanged some of those odd sounds.

“Rhani likes you,” Mischka smiled, “She says that she can’t see anything in you that’s nasty or cruel.”

He looked very confused, “Nasty or, … what does that mean?”

Mischka smiled again, “Rhani’s got this weird little sense to her. She can feel things about somebody – sometimes astonishing things – and she knows almost right off if there’s any danger to her from someone else.”

“Wasn’t it working earlier then?” Ryan asked.

“It probably was, Ryan,” Mischka nodded, “Probably perfectly too, but when you’ve gone hungry for a while, …” She left it there, seeing his nod of understanding.

He still looked skeptical – until Rhani growled and squawked her way through a quick little paragraph and Mischka said, “She says that you were hurt once by your mate – a female named Sarah, and she told me that the little scar under your lower lip is from fighting another human male like yourself. He hit you, but he was holding a small blade in his glove and you killed him not long after that.

From what she senses, that human managed to get your weapon from you, but you crushed his throat with your knee and he strangled. Even so, you hit him with your fist twice before he died, because you were furious by then.”

Ryan sat with his mouth hanging open, nodding a little after a moment, “He was Brazilian Army. We fought them on Titan, a moon of one of the planets where I’m from. How the hell would she – “

Mischka chuckled, “She says that she likes the pictures that you carry in your heart. She thinks that those people are very fortunate.”

Mischka looked down for a moment, swirling the last of her beverage around in the cup, “So, …”

Ryan grinned, since he couldn’t help it and he nodded, “Yeah. If she’ll do this thing of hers for us once in a while if we need it.” He looked at Tesem for a second, “I’m thinking that if you need work, maybe we can come up with something together.”

Tesem smiled and when it had been translated for her, Rhani nodded seriously.

“She says that she’d do it for you as well as the others that she’s seen in you,” Tesem said.

Rhani spoke again and Mischka looked a little embarrassed by what had been said.

“What was that?” Ryan asked.

Though Mischka tried to tell him that it had been nothing, Rhani disagreed, knowing somehow that her friend was doing it and she looked at Ryan and began to elaborate, though she knew that he couldn’t understand her.

Finally, Mischka relented and said only, “Ok ok, I don’t know where to look now thanks to her, but since you seem to need to know for some reason, she told me that I’m one of the fortunate people in your heart and she wants to meet the rest.

OK now? Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Ryan sat there, more than a little embarrassed himself for the moment and at a loss for words.

Rhani spoke up again and he just knew.

“Tell her that we’ll see how it works out, but for right now, “he rolled his eyes, “please tell her that I’d like it if I didn’t have to hear any more of my secret thoughts, ok?”

He waited as Mischka translated for him. Rhani sat there looking at him and she tossed him a smiling shrug and a nod and he knew from her motions that she couldn’t really help it. Her expression changed then and Ryan groaned, holding up his hand.

“Fuck,” he groaned, “tell her I don’t even know myself right now, but I guess she’ll be the first to know if and when she and Tesem here make the list, alright? In the meantime, I’m gonna have to get a real tight handle on my inner male retard.”

Rhani sat still as she picked up her drink to slurp up the last of it. She looked up at Ryan and she nodded knowingly with a sweet little smile as her husband grinned a little.


After a quick stop to buy Rhani some clothing and to make a few other purchases, they went to the docking bay where the others waited inside their craft, hurrying a little due to the time and the want to eat at a reasonable time.

Taela was smitten with the little vampire female right off the hop and it quite obviously went both ways as Rhani surprised Taela and Ryan when she attempted to speak.

“Tae-la,” she sighed, testing the sound as she looked up, “so … nice … hair.”

She grabbed Tesem’s hand, “This Tesem. Husb-and for … me.”

Taela found herself grinning as she stepped forward to shake Tesem’s long hand, “I’ll bet that he is, too.” She looked up into the Anubian’s long face, though his build caught her eye for a moment as well, “I’m Taela, Ryan’s female.”

Tesem bowed deeply, “I have found a friend in his kindness and it is a moment of honor to meet the one who holds his heart.”

Shorty was in awe of Rhani almost as soon as they began to converse with each other and he stared at Tesem, though it was obvious that they’d both met someone who’d impressed them.

Tesem could see that they’d have some things to wonder about in him, so he just tried his best in his quiet way to explain what he could.

“It is a bit of a coincidence, my name. We knew nothing of it, but I have since learned a little of humans and others.

There was once a civilization on Earth, known to humans as Ancient Egypt. There is absolutely no connection in it to us, but humans call us Anubians, though it is not what we call ourselves. Their old civilization had many deities, it seems. One of them was a god known as Anubis.

It seems that there is a resemblance between us and this deity to humans.

Another coincidence is my own name.

‘Tesem’ to us is nothing other than a male name. It means ‘one who acts correctly’ in our speech. I have learned that there was a breed of canine once in that land – a sort of dog, as I understand it. They were prized there and famous or their hunting ability. That is what I read of it anyway.

As I hope that you can see, I am not any kind of these dog creatures. From what I have learned of them, they are rather simple things where we are not.”

Ryan nodded, “I doubt that your research would have indicated it to you, Tesem, but those simple things are famous to humans everywhere, in any of the breeds in which they might be seen. To humans, there is nothing as pure as the unconditional love that a dog shows his master or mistress, once the dog has chosen that one. I’ve never heard of your name, so I’d suggest that you forget about meanings. Your name sounds fine to me.”

Tesem nodded his thanks, though he sighed a little, “I have still not decided whether I ought to be pleased or a little annoyed that my name to that long ago group of Humans translates to ‘hunting dog’. Worse still from my viewpoint is that I was trained as a hunter in our military – one who seeks to find and learn of the strength of our enemies.

But I am very happy to have met you all and I hope that Rhani and I can be of use to you soon.”

Rhani looked around and asked what this place was.

When it had been explained to her, Rhani grabbed her husband and stepped right up to Ryan, chattering all the while as Mischka tried to translate as quickly as she could.

“She says that if this is how we will make our living, then you will surely need her. She says that she can tell how many are in a group and maybe more than that without even seeing them, and from what she knows, Tesem is a proven warrior to his people.”

Mischka grinned a little then, “She wants to know when we will start.”

“Not long after I finally get done with configuring the import of the wanted poster data,” Taela frowned as she went back to her seat. “I have trouble with only one thing, …”

She held up her fingers, wiggling them a little, “Morgarod fingers just don’t work well on the Human-based QWERTY keyboard taken from Ryan’s shuttle. I’ve been trying to use that since the Morgarod ones which were in here had all failed due to their age. I can manage on a QWERTY keyboard, but it goes slow because of my fingers and there is no Morgarod keyset. My old keyboard wouldn’t ID to the system correctly.”

Her shoulders sagged a little and she sighed with a soft smile as Ryan held up two largish boxes, “I found Morgarod keyboards, Taela. I bought you two – in case one doesn’t work or fails or whatever.” He shrugged, “For all I know, it’s possible that neither of them will work here, but I tried to find one anyway, and they tested out ok where I bought them.”

She tilted her head, her smile still there for him, “Where on this lump did you find these? I hope they work, but, … I have to say that I’m amazed.”

He laughed, “Well it’s a trading post.

You just gotta look around a lot and ask a little. I got them at the “Everything for 10 Credits Store, Surplus, and Hair Care Center in the mall. Everything cheap you could want while pretending to be a trooper and you can look your best while you do it.”

Taela laughed as she took one of the boxes and within two minutes, she was smiling as the data feed filled their own on-board database, “I don’t have to peck at the keys with a fingernail anymore.

What are all of those rolled-up things there on the floor?”

“Sleeping bags – military surplus sleeping bags,” Ryan said, “We checked them out by unzipping them in the store. There are no holes or rips in any of them and they’ve been dry-cleaned too.

These are Arctic-rated back on Earth – as long as you’re sleeping someplace cold but sheltered out of the elements. There’s a whole other kind if you’re going to be out on the open. These ones can be unzipped completely and then you can zip two of them together if you want – kind of like a sleeping bag bed then, so two can sleep together in a bit of comfort.

Sleeping in the seats on this thing is killing my back and we also seem to have picked up a couple of new crewmembers in Rhani and Tesem, I think. They were having a tough time of things out there.”

“Where will we all sleep then?” Taela asked and Ryan shrugged, pointing at the several sections of open flooring.

“Rhani and Tesem can sleep together obviously,” Mischka said, “She and I always used to before when we stayed in one place. That way, we – meaning her mostly – could feel a little safe comfort. I kind of doubt that she’ll need that from me now, though. You and Ryan pick out a place for yourselves wherever you want and I’ll find a corner someplace too.”

Shorty looked over and Mischka chuckled, “You can sleep wherever you want, Shorty. But I was thinking that we ought to go on with what I was teaching you about jamming earlier. We can sit in the corner together the way that we always do.

I just need a little time to put away my stuff here and then I want to get started on the dinner. We bought a few things that I only have to heat up in the quick-oven,” she smiled, referring to the microwave oven in the galley.

Shorty stepped over, wanting to know if he could help her in any way. She pretended not to understand him at first, so he leaned in to place his head against hers so that she could get his thoughts to her, “What can I do to help? I still do not know where I will sleep, though maybe I could put that sleeping bag thing over my seat and sleep in it there.”

Mischka glanced around at the others for a second. Tesem and Rhani were looking around, her out of wonder for the most part and he out of what Mischka took to be professional curiosity. Ryan and Taela seemed to be involved in their own discussions as well. She saw that no one was looking at them for the moment.

She did her best to try emulating the way that he could speak into her head.

“I think that, after the meal, things will quiet down in here. I do have things to teach you about the types of jamming. Rhani and Tesem are newly-married, so I can guess what will cross their minds, and you know Taela and Ryan well enough.”

She took a breath then and decided to go on before he could think anything else to send to her.

“Tonight – that is, if you think that you like me enough, I want to do just a little more than sit with our legs touching. I want to join my sleeping bag with yours and we can sit as we always do.

When you have your thoughts about us, well, I want you to know that I’ve been having the same ones, so if I’m a little lucky tonight, I might come to know your name.”

Shorty pulled back his head and he stared at her for a moment, his yellow eyes searching hers. Mischka’s tail slid between his legs, searching for his, and when they touched, Mischka wrapped the end of hers around his tightly.

They both gasped as they looked at each other and then Mischka smiled very softly and she kissed Shorty in a slow and very different way for a couple of minutes. He hadn’t moved a muscle squatting as he was in the most pleasant sort of shock and realization.

She opened her eyes and saw Taela grinning to her. When she got Shorty to look as well, Ryan was nodding too.

Mischka didn’t mind. She just reached for him and she touched her forehead against his as she spoke to him in their silent way, now that she knew his true name.

“Thank you, Deym-yan. I think that you have a fine name and I feel special to know it at last.” She settled her arms around him a little better as she sighed, “I’ve wanted to know it for a long time now.”


Mischka opened her eyes and looked off across the dark cabin. The lighting was very low, but the dimness hid nothing from her eyes, being what she was. She could see Ryan on his knees, holding Taela as she hung from him and she knew what Taela had meant about it, though at the moment, it was only slow.

She looked over to where the newlyweds were bedded down and her eyes widened a little. Tesem was on his back, half sitting up a little, while Rhani sat on his prick and held his face to her tiny breasts.

Mischka could clearly see that Rhani had the mechanics of this worked out perfectly to take the wide differences in their relative sizes into account. She was moving slowly, and yet, she was driving herself down forcefully on the downward strokes and working her little hips to maximize things for her male.

Mischka just couldn’t figure out where she was putting that pole of his inside of her.

Still, she decided that it was very nice to see, as well as being a little inspiring to be able to watch.

The first time that she’d really looked over at them, they were going at this in much the same manner as Taela and Ryan were doing it at the moment, but …

She’d watched as Tesem had mounted Rhani from behind. She guessed at the time that she’d have expected to see her on her knees and leaning forward in the same way that she would have done it, but no …

Where she’d have thought that their size difference would have worked against them, they’d already learned ways to capitalize on it.

Tesem held her to him tightly with one long arm – right off the floor, though her legs hung down a little. He clutched her to his front to thrust into her while Rhani’s face showed a mixture of love, lust, and most of all, quite a lot of absolute delight to be held that way.

When they’d moved so that she could lie under him, Mischka thought that her expression to him just had to mean so much, and before very long at all, he’d picked her up again and held her so that she rested on the tops of his muscular thighs, her head hanging back while she made the sweetest little noises and her wings wrapped themselves around him.

Mischka liked to see it. Her little friend had always had such a tough time of things. She figured that Rhani deserved to have the love of someone like Tesem, since they looked to be so good for each other.

As her thoughts came back to the way that she rode him at the moment, she saw Tesem’s hand begin to move toward her hip. As she watched, Mischka had a thought about him. He was pretty inspiring to look at in any way, she decided.

Large and muscled, much like Ryan, he appealed to her eyes in a way that took nothing from the way that she admired her new lover’s smaller body.

Tesem’s hands were a bit of a mystery to her, however. When he was bipedal, they looked like regular hands anywhere among the humanoid races; five fingers, one of them a thumb for grasping. They were long like the rest of him in many ways and appeared to be just as dextrous as anyone’s hands.

But when he leaned forward and wished to move on four feet, those fingers had a way to join together in a way and what they looked like then were paws. She didn’t get it and knew that other than asking for a demonstration – which she thought would be a rude thing to ask- she’d need to content herself with her own observations over time for the answer.

Her eyes widened then. She watched more carefully as Tesem lifted his hand from where it had been resting on Rhani’s hip to bring it to their mouths for a moment. She watched carefully as they both licked his fingers and then, she observed as he moved it back to her bottom end and reaching around her – because he could, she guessed – she saw her little friend’s eyes open as she’d gasped and then smiled down at him sweetly when his finger pressed its way inside of her gently.

Was everyone here so fixated?

She wondered about that, though after a few seconds of whatever Tesem was doing for his wife, Mischka couldn’t doubt that it seemed to be heightening things for her to a good degree.

Her thoughts came back to Deym-yan then and she lifted her head to kiss his cheek very softly and slowly, though she left a wet smear on it as she did, hoping that his kind of what they were might understand the gesture.

“You surprise me, Deym-yan,” she thought to him, “This is the way that I have always ached to be able to begin with anyone, yet not one ever did before now. You are so good to me just like this. How did you know it was what I wanted, when even I had forgotten that I might have a hope for it?”

She felt his sigh against her ear and the way that he rubbed his wet cheek against hers, “I have always wanted this too. Tonight, I just knew that you were the same, so I hoped that you would allow it.”

“Male,” she hissed quietly to him in the way of her kind, using her actual voice instead of her thoughts, “for something as nice as this for a beginning, I find that I would allow you anything with me, because you alone seem to know how to prepare your female in this way. It is not a little thing to one like me.”

She felt him raise his head, so she did likewise, to look into his yellow eyes while he peered into her whitish ones for a long moment as their hands worked on, “You say that you are my female?”

He’d asked it so softly and in such a careful tone without any of his characteristic and cautious pauses, and even in English, that Mischka felt her heart melting. Again, she told herself, how could he have possibly known?

She smiled at him very softly, “A lover such as you seem to be to me can drive me past my own too-stupid and careful obstacles. Where I thought that I held a hope to only mate with you this night, I must admit to my male that I find a much larger hope in my breast for only one – you.

I suppose that we must still be cautious, Deym-yan, but in this speech, the human girls would tell you that they were thinking about it.

For ones like us, the thought is absurd, for my kind does not love in that way. As far as I might make a guess, yours does not either. What are we to do? I had a want for you this night, but now …”

She stopped suddenly to moan very softly over what his fingers were doing to her and more, over the way that he’d kissed her cheek just as wetly as she’d done it to him. She slid her face against his slowly.

“There are things,” he whispered, “things which, … must be done, I think.”

He paused then, while her mind whirled in a bit of wonder over what he might be talking about, since she wasn’t sure.

His thought came to her again, since he was a little afraid to ruin what seemed to be beginning with his voice.

“We live here now, wherever this family of ours takes us. I think that mating with the others will come into it at some time, so I wish to know what is meant so that I do not mistake it.

Do you wish to be my female in this family, even though there are two other males who will probably want to mate with you? They are larger than I am – both of them – and you would offer me your love even so?”

She raised her hands to hold his head, “Yes. I want you because of who and what you are, and to me, I also want to have the wonder of you as mine alone. I know what you say, and I am prepared to allow it with them – especially since I see it as my way to allow you to mate with their females.”

She brought her face even closer to his and she kissed his lips very softly, “I even know that you would want those males yourself, Deym-yan. I know this about you – and still I want to be the only one who knows your hidden love, just as I am the only one who knows your name.

Think a little, Male. You might not see it, but it is the best and only real way for us two here.

Mate with any that you want from among us six. I will push so that no others can join. Five others are plenty for anyone. I will likely mate the same as you with them. What I think to offer is that we might mate with them, but each of us holds only the other one in our love.”

She drew her head back a little, “For that, Deym-yan,” she smiled as she whispered, “I would give you anything that I have to give. Try to say the same to me and let us begin.”

She looked up and almost laughed softly for a moment, “And I am offering you this even before we have joined, though I think that we ought to reserve the last of it until we learn that we can do it well between us.”

“But, …” he hesitated, “but Ryan has told me that your kind always seeks for two males, do you not?”

She shook her head, “That is what most of us do. But I am not like that for the most part. Do you love Ryan in your way? I think that you do.”

He nodded, “Yes.”

She smiled, “That is enough, Deym-yan. At some point, I would want you both at once. It is a fantasy that I carry, that’s all. I am also human enough to NOT want that as a way of life, if I can have you for as long as we can make it last between us.

As far as the other males, I might like it with someone that large now and then, maybe even a lot, I cannot tell yet.

But I know myself, Deym-yan. I know what you have now, and I tell you that it is not as small as you seem to regard it. There is plenty enough there to make this screecher’s female happy, I can tell you.

You do not even think of it at all, but we have been here playing slowly for hours, Deym-yan – hours long – and what you have there is still like a hot metal bar in my hand.

Something else,” she smiled, “Be gentle, but try with two fingers in me for a moment.”

She gasped for an instant and she watched his eyes widen, “You are tight.”

“I can loosen to allow something like what Ryan has to pass, but slowly,” she said, “and once it opens, it is looser. The next day, it is like this once more. I have learned this of myself in my life. When I give myself to you, it will always be tight. We come to know our mates once we have chosen, my kind. Rhani is the same.

My mother was like this after birthing two – and I was large and hard for her to pass. When Rhani mates with her fine husband, he must wait for her to open for him. We – whatever we are – her and I, always return to that size, especially if we have our male for us – another reason to want your love for me.

I do not know what the girls are like where you come from, so I cannot say much of them.

And another thing,” Mischka chuckled, “since I seem to be pleading my hopeful troth to my male; you and I are a little unique among the pairs here.

Ryan is human. Beautiful Taela is half human and half Morgarod, so she gets her lovely hair from that. Tesem is Anubian. Rhani is, … whatever she is with me.

All of them are different to their mates.

You are half Morgarod – “

“I don’t have lovely hair?” he asked in a joking tone.

Mischka chuckled, “With all of your lovely hair, but you are the closest male to what I am. I am whatever Rhani is, but a larger breed and I am half human. Have you ever seen it when two of your kind mate?”

He thought back and he nodded, “Yes. They scream at each other and then they fall over slowly, still joined. They lie still with their eyes open. I used to look for pairs like that when I was little, because they did that after eating together.

I would arrive then to steal any food they left unguarded,” he smiled, “Their eyes were open, but they saw nothing then.”

He began to run his other hand over her shoulders and back, “I think that you have the most beautiful hair of us all – of any that I have ever seen, Mischka.”

She smiled at the heartfelt compliment, but then she said, “That stillness that you used to your advantage, I don’t know if you know what it is. Has it ever happened to you?”

He shook his head, “No, never. What is it for?”

Mischka smiled, so happy to learn that his breed retained the mating characteristic, “Wherever our kind once began, I am sure that they were together – the same creatures at one time. How they split, we will probably never know.

Deym-yan, the pause then is the second ending, and I guess that it is only possible for what we are. I have felt it and even though the male was a low and selfish turd to me, that long few minutes was so good. I only thank my larger brain that I guessed its purpose.

If one of us has this with her male, it is what the humans call heaven, but it also assures that the seed finds the egg. The pair cannot move while the male’s seed seeks the egg. With no egg, it lasts for a long time, this joy, but if an egg is found, the joy fades almost right then. Until it passes, the lovers stay locked together.”

She closed her eyes and leaned against him, half-turning so that she could feel the way that her breasts were pressed against his chest. After a moment, she opened her eyes.

“We can have this joy, Deym-yan, where none of the others here can. We only need to think about when I am not fertile until we wish to make our young together.”

She lifted her hand to push his hair back for him, and she whispered to him very softly, barely making any sound at all.

“You might be the only one here who can give Rhani little ones as well, though I do not know that yet.”

She sat back then, reaching to touch his shoulder, “Have I told enough of my heart and other things to win you as my male?”

He smiled and nodded, “More than enough, Mischka.

I have found myself staring at you since you saved us that night. I wondered how someone like me could ever hope to get you to notice me very much at all. Now I find that you have noticed me.

I will do as you say. I never had a hope to have a female to love me just for her and I. Now?”

She stared as he faded from her sight. He was gone as far as she could tell, but then she felt his soft kiss on her lips.

“There are still things to be done,” he smiled, and then she felt his tail slip from the grasp of her own.

Mischka sat wondering for several minutes and then he was back before her with her dinner plate. She could see and smell that there were a few pieces of meat there on it.

“I couldn’t find anything to kill so that you might eat,” he smiled as she felt his tail connect with hers, “I hope that this might serve.”

Mischka’s eyes widened as she stared at him, “You – you really mean this? I never expected something such as this, Deym-yan. This – this says to me that your hopes to have me are real.”

He nodded as he set the plate down carefully, “As real as your hidden hopes as you said them to me.

I have the same ones about you.”

He smiled a little then, “We know enough now as what we are to prefer meat that is cooked. Eat this, Mischka and we can begin. I will always give you meat somehow, whenever you want to say what we are telling each other right now.”

She moved then and got to her knees before his offering. She knew that they ought to be a little quiet for this part of it at least so that their intent wasn’t mistaken by the others.

Mischka tied her long hair back into a crude bun as quickly as she could, looking over her shoulder at him as she did it.

“You really do want me as your female,” she sighed, seeing the way that his yellow eyes regarded her.

He nodded, “For as close to forever as we can get. I’ll do my best not to ruin it.”

She wiped a tear from her eye and then she nodded, “I’ll be working even harder then, Deym-yan. ” She looked down for a moment, “I never thought that anyone would ever – “

She looked up at his eyes again, “You must be the best male of whatever we are anywhere. I accept and you have your female. Since I have come to be here, I have ached so much to know your touch.”

With that, Mischka moved to position herself and she leaned down on her hands as she knelt there.

Her tail let go of his and it began to sweep back and forth a little languidly to cause him to look at her hips and what she had for him. She inhaled the scent of the cooked meat for a moment, thinking about them together. Her little slideshow passed through her mind rather quickly as she saw her memories of any male that she’d ever liked in her life.

Then it seemed to be about the three males right here on this craft. She saw him next to each of the others, the scenes moving past her mind very quickly. But she kept seeing him, more and more. Finally, all that Mischka could see in her mind was him, nothing but him, scene after scene.

At that point, Mischka Myers came to her moment, and she opened her mouth and began to gorge on what he’d brought for her. She wasn’t aware of it at the moment, but he stared at her as he watched her lovely skin turn dark.

Her hips rose a little higher and then she swung her tail aside in a definite movement and she held it there for him.

She felt his legs as they slipped in between hers and then she felt his hands on her body.

It was different now to what she’d felt before.

It was different from what she’d ever felt in the hands of any male who’d taken her this way.

These hands belonged to Mischka’s male – the only one that she’d ever really chosen and who was enough like her to know how she felt.

She whimpered a little, as she felt his prick seek her entrance, but after a moment, she felt him begin and she also felt it as she opened for him and he slid inside of her.

A piece of the meat was a little too large for her, so she grasped it in her hands and began to gnaw while her male began to take her away with him. Her human side felt a little foolish, but the rest of her knew the importance of eating it during this first coupling between them.

She felt that he was being so careful and she wondered why it would have surprised her to realize that out of any of the males that she’d ever had – not that she’d have allowed them this in this way – he was the only one who would have shown her a concern over her choking.

She finished the last piece of the meat as she listened to the soft slapping against her bottom. So nice, she thought, so very good for her.

But she was something other than what the humans here had termed a vampire, and so she also felt that she had gravy all over her face from her rooting around for the meat like the animal that she was partly. She held up her hand and saw it run over her fingers and she reveled in the combination of her genes and his as she heard the very quiet grunts from him.

She’d seen what he had and even felt his little scrotum for the past hour and then some. As a part human girl, what he had might cause some to think of it as something not quite as masculine as what Tesem or Ryan might have swinging there.

But she knew that it was only a sign like that out of the dark human past and their ancestors.

To the girls in the other long dark past which she carried, small was better – since it couldn’t be ripped or bitten clean off as easily in a mating fight by other males – and she knew that back where she’d come from – even today, that thing was a target.

Jeff Foster lay on his back under the clear summer sky as a red-tailed hawk soared overhead towards the Susquehanna River a mile or so away. He watched it work the thermals in the morning heat, wondering what the bird was thinking as it flew by. Jeff himself felt great. He was flying high, too, on his first day of liberty in almost six months.

A few feet away, Jeff’s mom lay on a recliner in their yard, stretching as the sun warmed her body. His mom was wearing an old red bikini. She would not have worn it in public but this was their backyard and only Jeff and Mr. Cuddles could see her, so what the hell. The backyard of their duplex was small and covered with scrubby grass but it was private, unless the neighbor was peeking out the upstairs bedroom window. That wasn’t the case today because the other half of the duplex was vacant and had been for months.

Jeff was on the other recliner, and Mr. Cuddles the cat strolled around cadging strokes from them as he passed by. Jeff was in long swim shorts, bare-chested and wearing sunglasses dark enough to let him stare undetected at his mom’s body stretched out in front of him. She looked great. Jeff rolled over onto his front, just in case.

It was late June in Wilkes-Barre, upstate Pennsylvania and Jeff’s mom, a medical receptionist, had taken the day off to be with her son. She was feeling bad because she felt Jeff’s incarceration was partly her fault. But Jeff didn’t blame his mother. He had been the one caught trespassing in the empty building, not her. Expecting a couple of weekends community service, his mother had declined the assistance of an attorney to save money.

Unfortunately for both of them, Jeff was hauled up in front of Judge Ciavarella of the Luzerne County Court. Ciavarella would later be sentenced to 28 years in federal prison for taking bribes to keep a local privately run young offenders institution full. Preying on defendants without legal representation, Ciavarella had sent hundreds of young people into long term custody for trivial offenses. But this would all come out in the future. Right now his mom just felt guilty.

Jeff was eighteen and his mom was forty two. They were both single. An unwise affair with one of the married doctors at her practice had turned sour two years before and she had not dated since. It was the latest in a long series of unsatisfactory relationships for Jeff’s mom. Jeff’s father, of course, was long gone. Despite her passionate nature, the emotional roller coasters of so-called romance had left her anxious and bewildered more often than not. She was just too sensitive for her own good. Nowadays she spent a lot of time fantasizing because it was safer. She had her favorite movie stars. That way she didn’t get hurt.

Jeff wasn’t happy, either. After he was sentenced his girlfriend dumped him straight away, never even visited once, so the only female company he had in prison was his mother’s regular visits. Unfortunately, bottled up inside all alone, Jeff had developed feelings for his mother that a son shouldn’t have. This first day out at home, seeing her in a bikini was an erotic dream come true. Of course, his mother had no idea that he now lusted after her, and he had enough sense to conceal it.

He looked at her. A runner, she was toned, slim, and her face was still attractive. She was lying on her back and her body was oily in the summer sun. Her black hair was tousled and her face was upturned to the sky. He could see her breasts sagging a little out of the sides of her bikini top. Her belly was flat. Her delicious crotch an alluring hump gently rising above her thighs, leading down to her shapely legs, shaved and glistening in the light.

Jeff was horny as hell, although he couldn’t do anything about it but watch her. Well, watching was better than nothing and he could feel his dick hardening against the recliner underneath him. It was turning into a great morning. His mom stirred and turned on her side to look at him, squinting in the bright sun.

“It’s great to have you back at last, Jeffy. How about topping up my sunblock?”

He arose, crouching to hide his half-hard dick in his baggy swim shorts. His mom handed him the cream and lay down on her front, undoing her top strap to get an even tan on her back. The bikini straps hung down at the side, exposing a generous view of side-boob. With her face down buried in her folded arms she could not see his shorts, so he relaxed and started on her. As his hands worked the cream into his mother’s body he could not help but notice that she responded as if to a lover’s touch.

In fact, Jeff’s mom had not the slightest interest in him sexually. But pretending his hands were someone else’s hands was OK in her book. She imagined Chris Hemsworth was rubbing in the cream and she shivered slightly in her romantic dream world. Meantime her son thought about pushing his fat cock inside his mother as she lay beneath him stretching and moving lazily as he applied the cream. It would be so easy. But she would never stand for it.

Jeff tried to take his mind off sex as he rubbed in the cream, at least until he could return to the safety of the recliner. Instead he thought about his future. A good student before he was put away during his final year at high school, Jeff had refused the education program in prison. In his bitterness he had lost all respect for authority, and now found himself eighteen years old without a high school diploma or any chance of a job. His childhood dream of attending Slippery Rock University was gone. He did not realize it, but he had been brutalized by the system that had treated him unfairly, and he had become an angry young man.

His attempt to think about other things was not working. As he massaged his mother and she uttered occasional moans under his hands, his cock stood up inside his shorts. Taking a big risk, he continued to rub in the cream with one hand while his other hand felt down inside the elastic waistband of his shorts and gripped his cock. His hand was slippery with the cream, of course, and he was unable to stop himself from starting to pump, ever so gently, ever so quietly. One hand was rubbing the cream onto his mom’s thigh, while he was fingering himself with the other when his mother spoke.

“Come on, Jeffy. I need both hands. Don’t be lazy,” said his mom as she wriggled her little ass for emphasis.

As Jeff watched her ass he could not help himself. He pumped harder and harder then came suddenly without warning. His cock shot a load inside his shorts and his knees trembled. He only just managed to stifle a moan. The cum messed his shorts and he wondered what he was going to do.

“Jeff. Both hands, please,” said his mom.

On an impulse he cupped his hand, filled with cum, and slapped it on his mom’s thighs. He worked it into her skin with both hands, hoping it would be diluted with the coconut tanning cream. It mixed well with cum, and even better it had a strong coconut aroma.

Then Mr. Cuddles showed up. For some unaccountable reason, Mr. Cuddles found this new smell on Jeff’s mom fascinating. He jumped up on her and Jeff moved back to give him space. He watched as Mr. Cuddles padded around on his mom’s back.

“Get him off me. He tickles. Ow.”

“He’s just being affectionate, Mom.”

Mr. Cuddles sniffed the air and made his way down south to Jeff’s mom’s thighs. There he hesitated and started licking her.

“He’s such a good cat,’ said Jeff, full of admiration.

“I wish he wouldn’t lick me. Now I need a shower.”

“Mom, this is the best day ever.”

“It’s my treat, Jeffy. Anything you want today.”

Jeff pretty much already had what he wanted, but was not above extracting more.



Later that night Jeff and his mom were watching basic cable, while the cat was prowling around looking for attention. She stroked him as he nuzzled up to her.

“You know, I’d do anything for this cat. I love Mr. Cuddles more than anything in the world,” sighed his mom as they ate pepperoni pizza in front of the TV

Jeff looked at his mom.

“Apart from you, Jeff,” she added hastily.

The local TV news was a piece on the arrests of men and women meeting in public locations for anonymous sex. Apparently it was called dogging. Jeff watched the piece with interest. Enthusiastic locals mixing with drivers from nearby I-81 made for an eclectic mix in the Wilkes-Barre dogging community. Jeff reflected bitterly that it probably wasn’t so different from any other upstate PA town, most of which seemed to be filled with perverts and evil judges.

He watched his mother making a fuss of the cat, again. He felt a little jealous.

Cogs started to whirr in Jeff’s brain and within minutes the germ of a really bad idea started to form. Jeff was bright but very horny, and horny trumps brains every time. He worked through the details in the next few days and then set the date. In his mind the plan was foolproof. It might not succeed but it had no chance of anyone getting hurt.

A week after his release Jeff returned home from the YMCA to an anxious mom.

“Mr. Cuddles never came back last night. And now it’s the end of the day,” she said, looking upset.

His mom ventured outside for a tour of the neighborhood and also spoke to people on the street. With enormous guilt, Jeff followed, making a show of looking for him. Tomorrow she would start putting up pictures and she had already spoken to the animal welfare people. She was optimistic. He had always come home before and his name and address was on his collar.

Mr. Cuddles was actually tucked up with food and water in the empty duplex next door. Jeff had made a copy of the key the neighbors left with them for emergencies, and never told anyone. Jeff hated seeing his mom upset and resolved to have the ransom note in place by the following morning. In the middle of the night Jeff sneaked downstairs to push the note under the front door.

His mom found it there when she went down in the morning before leaving for work. She nearly threw it out without reading it, but a picture of a cat on the envelope caught her attention.


She gasped in shock as she read the rest of the note spelling out detailed instructions. She knew she couldn’t tell Jeff. He’d want to do something foolish. She spent all day thinking about it at work, but told no-one. She Googled cat-kidnapping. It was quite common. Who knew?

The following day at dawn she drove the short distance to the river. To say Jeff’s mom was nervous would be the understatement of the century. She parked in a distant lot and made her way through the woods to the park restroom, a wooden shack beside an empty parking lot. It was dilapidated but open and in working condition.

She went into the women’s section and sat on the seat in the cubicle next to the dividing wall between the men’s and women’s restrooms, as instructed. The graffiti was shocking. Clearly men had been in here. Men interested in having sex with other men, even though it was the women’s restroom. On the dividing wooden wall was a series of holes plugged with repair patches. Jeff’s mom had no idea what these were. She was puzzled. She heard a knock on the wall. She summoned up enough courage to speak clearly. She was angry and afraid equally.

“I am Mrs. Foster. Where’s my cat?”

She heard a meow. It sounded like Mr. Cuddles but of course she could not be sure. A wooden slat in one of the larger holes disappeared with a sliding noise and a note popped through, falling on her lap. It was dark on the other side, she could see nothing through the hole. She picked up the note


Nervously, she put her hand and forearm through the hole. A hand took hers gently and placed it on a furry head. She felt around. It was Mr. Cuddles alright. His ear was shredded and he had the lump on the left side of his head where a dog had attacked him last summer. She was so relieved. He purred as she stroked him. She didn’t want to let him go. She wanted him back so badly. Then he moved out of her reach and she could hear him being put in a carrier.

A soft, almost tender hand grasped hers as she was about to withdraw and guided it to something else. She knew immediately what it was. An erect penis. She gasped in fear and shock. The kidnappers hand enclosed hers, making it wrap around his stiff warm cock. Then, he started to make her hand squeeze and pump up and down and she felt the throbbing organ quiver in her reluctant grasp.

The whole experience was unreal. She couldn’t see him, she couldn’t hear him, in a way she even felt safe as he was in a separate part of the building. As her hand was forced to pump up and down, she wondered about resisting. She could probably pull away suddenly, the kidnapper was holding her quite gently. But what would be the consequences for Mr. Cuddles? This act was the ransom, she realized.

It had been a long time since she had held a cock. She decided to go with the flow and grasped the cock with renewed purpose and kept pumping, although it was difficult with the kidnapper’s hand around hers.

“Let my hand go. I can do it better on my own.”

The hand moved away and she found herself gripping the perpetrator’s cock solo. She was in shock and woodenly pumped up and down, trying to bring this episode to a conclusion. It was so different to anything she had ever done before. Who was she dealing with? It could be anyone on the other side of the wall. Perhaps Chris Hemsworth had kidnapped her cat. The thought brought a tingle to her crotch and a little wetness started to form in her panties.

She pumped harder and faster. Two minutes later she heard a muffled moan and her hand and wrist became warm and wet. The kidnapper had come all over her hand. She slowed her action as she could feel his cock become limper. It was all gooey with sperm. Very slowly, to allow the kidnapper to stop her if he wanted, she let go and pulled her hand and forearm out of the gloryhole. She looked at the copious volume of cum dripping off her fingers and palm. With her other hand she pulled off some tissue from the roll and, trembling, wiped off all the cum from her hand. She needed to wash her hands of course, but now what? Money as well?

“I want my cat back,” she said quietly.

She was careful not to insult him. But she was hoping he would speak. She had a pocket recorder and she wanted evidence she could go to the police with. Instead of a reply she heard some strange loud noises through the gloryhole. A cubicle door banged, then some other sounds, and it all went quiet.

She waited patiently. Well, not that patiently. She was just about to repeat her demand when the kidnapper knocked twice on the dividing wall. She wasn’t sure what to do so she repeated his knock back at him. She heard a grunt of approval and shortly thereafter the fat head of a large cock appeared through the hole.

So he wanted to continue. Well. Her mind was in overdrive. She could leave. But why do that now when she had already jerked the guy off? It would just put Mr. Cuddles in more danger. Now the entire cock was through the gloryhole and his balls too. She was fascinated. It was a good looking cock, large but not crazy-big. But it was black. Her fantasies of Chris Hemsworth went out the window.

“Suck it,” said the man in a gravelly voice through the gloryhole.

So he could talk. Perhaps she could get him to say more, for her recorder. Her hand, as if it were someone else’s, reached out and grasped the cock. It was stiff, and became stiffer at her touch.

“Well, will I get what I want?” she said as her face moved forwards to the man’s throbbing dick, her voice low and deep with the stress. Her mouth was so dry.

“Oh yeah. But make it snappy, Park Patrol comes around soon.”

She already knew inside herself that she was going to do what he asked. Why was this so easy for her? It should have been really difficult. But she had to fantasize. She cast around for a black guy she liked. Idris Elba. She also dismissed any lingering suspicion that Jeff was involved in any of this.

She suddenly realized how much she had missed the physical pleasures of a relationship. As she thought this her mouth closed on the glans, wetting it. Then she pulled back a little and the tip of her tongue darted around it, teasing the aperture where the pee comes out, seeking out the underside where the glans bulges over the main shaft.

“Hurry up,” said the kidnapper.

Annoyed at his lack of appreciation she held the glans inside her mouth with her teeth, biting at the knob end, and roughly pumped the shaft with her hand.

“That’s better. You were sucking like a woman. Here it comes, buddy.”

She yanked the cock out of her mouth just in time as cum spurted out and landed on her nice clean cotton top, soaking the thin material and wetting her breasts. How could he have so much when he had just come minutes ago? She held his cock in front of her face and watched the final spasms shoot onto her neck and chest. The sight and feel of the man’s sperm landing on her gave her a thrill of such intensity that she almost forgot about why she was there, almost forgot how angry and worried she was. With her other hand her fingers moved around her chest, spreading the cum out all over and she watched as her top became semi-transparent with the coating of semen. Then her cum-soaked fingers moved down to her pussy.

As she sat in the cubicle on the toilet seat, holding an anonymous cock dripping all over her, she felt the rush of an orgasm grip her, legs and ass shivering as she shamefully enjoyed the moment for what it was. Sex for sex’s sake with a stranger, and an enemy at that.

The door of the women’s restroom banged open and a voice called out.

“Anybody in there?”

It was the Park Ranger. Jeff’s mom was sitting in the cubicle with her front top covered in semen. The black dick, already shrinking, left her slippery grasp and disappeared back into the gloryhole pronto.

Jeff’s mom managed to keep the nerves out of her voice, and even sound a little outraged.

“I’m nearly done, sir. Is there a problem?” she said clearly.

The Park Ranger recognized the voice as a woman.

“I didn’t mean to disturb you, ma’am. Just checking. Have a nice day.”

The gloryhole wooden slat was already down and Jeff’s mom was on her own. She took her time cleaning up and went home, shocked at what had happened.

Jeff’s mom walked through the front door. Her son was sitting on the sofa staring into space. He had a cut lip and a black eye. She did not notice, being distracted by her experience in the park restroom. On the short trip home the reality sank in. She had prostituted herself but had not recovered Mr. Cuddles.

She was angry with herself and ashamed. But at least no one had seen her, or could identify her. She pushed the memories of pleasure back down into her subconscious, not yet willing to accept them for what they were. She threw her bag onto the sofa next to Jeff but did not dare to sit down next to him. She smelt and she needed to change and shower.

Jeff looked at his mom. He was very relieved to see her return unharmed. After her delicious hand had jerked him off he had suddenly been forcibly ejected from the men’s restroom by one of the regular pervs. He had been beaten, insulted and thrown out in fifteen seconds by some guy twice his size. It had never occurred to him that others might spoil his dream of anonymous sex with his mother.

At least he had returned safely with the cat and his mom had also returned safe and sound. Mom seemed OK. Now Jeff had to consider his next move. Mr. Cuddles couldn’t stay next door indefinitely. And Jeff wanted more than a tug job from his mom, he wanted the real deal. He wanted to fuck her. He thought about nothing else.

“I’m going to freshen up,” said his mom.

His mom turned and walked up the stairs, he watched as her legs disappeared sashaying ever so slightly as her recent sexual experience still flowed around her body. She enjoyed her shower very much, only the thought of her missing cat spoiled it as another orgasm shook her body while she played the blast of water on her pussy.

The next morning brought a new note.


Jeff made sure he was out. He would have enjoyed watching his moms reaction but he did not trust his abilities as an actor. Jeff prepared for the meeting with great care. He bought clothes at the second hand shop specially. He put pebbles in his shoes to disguise his walk and stuffed cushions down his shirt and socks in his pants to create a misshapen appearance. He had a crash helmet over a ski mask to cover his face. He used a different deodorant.

Mr. Cuddles, who was getting a bit pissed off with the whole thing, was back in his carry cage.

The park and trail along the Susquehanna River ran right into the town. There were many access points, handy for casual encounters and invisible comings and goings. The sun was dropping below the horizon and the scrubby back areas around the more remote parts of the river trail attracted those looking for casual sex with strangers.

Jeff had given his mother specific instructions. Jeff’s mom wanted her cat back and she wanted him back now, at this meeting. Whatever she had to do. She watched as a lumpy man in a crash helmet limped out of the woods carrying a cardboard cat carrier. She wasn’t sure but she suspected he was young. He saw her and turned towards her. She sat in the drivers seat of her Civic as he approached.

After her previous experience, Jeff’s mom decided that she would be safer if she was unidentifiable. She wore a headscarf and dark glasses, even though it was sunset. She had a sundress on and a cardigan.

Jeff himself was shaking and sweating with nerves, not helped by the hot summer evening and his bulky garments. He knew how much he had to lose. This was far more dangerous than a gloryhole encounter. Get this wrong and his mother might never speak to him again, cast him out, disown him. As long as she did not know who he was he would be OK. Jeff limped forward over the parking area to his mother’s car holding Mr. Cuddles in the cage.

He put the cat carrier on the hood and moved to the car window. His mom watched him, wondering what motivated this stranger who had taken her cat, and also framing her own fantasy in preparation for what she felt sure she was going to endure.

“How do I know it’s my cat, you pervert?”

He opened the car door, leaned forward and took the car keys before she could stop him. Then he handed her the cat carrier. She opened it three inches and peered in. Mr. Cuddles looked up at her balefully. Jeff signaled her to put the cat on the passenger seat. She did so. He took her hand and hauled her out of the car, holding her with one hand while he locked it up and left an inch of window down for the cat. Then he walked off, dragging her by the wrist. This manhandling of his mom was extremely exciting for Jeff.

Near the parking lot was a fenced-off area where building work was underway. Jeff had discovered a way through the chain link fence to a private area, screened from the lot and the park in general. He led his mother through a gap in the fence.

Jeff led his mom to a ten foot high mound of earth, covered in grass and weeds. It towered over them and without warning he pushed her onto it. On a forty-five degree slope she lay on her back wondering what would happen next. She looked up at him. Jeff pulled out a burlap sack and motioned his mom to put it over her head.

“Sex under duress is rape. I’m not putting that on.”

Jeff shrugged, jangled the car keys and turned to leave, as if to retrieve the cat.

“Very well, how about this instead…” she said in resignation.

She leaned over forwards and took hold of the hem of her dress, a long sundress that went down almost to her ankles. She slowly pulled it up and Jeff watched its progress up her calves, thighs, then exposing her exquisite hips, and her pussy tucked up and hidden in a pair of pink cotton panties. Then on up, exposing her tummy and her bra. Jeff reflected that this was above and beyond what he had requested, but he wasn’t complaining. Her hands stopped just above her eyes, still clasping her dress over her face. She could see nothing of her antagonist.

Her body was now displayed before him, her face and neck covered by her ruffed-up dress. To Jeff it looked like a pose of utter submission. Much better than the burlap bag. He took off his helmet. Underneath for concealment he had on the polyester ski mask. He leaned forward and touched his mother’s knee. She shivered in anticipation. He had to see her pussy. His middle finger hooked the waistband of her panties and pulled the left side down ever so slowly. A little tug further and she was exposed.

His nerves had inhibited him so far, but now his mom was exposed his cock started to rise and he was becoming rock hard. She could not see him, so he had no inhibitions about freeing it, and his cock sprang from his pants like a cobra ready to strike. He pulled her panties down further until they were around her knees.

He let his own pants drop to his ankles and undid his shirt. He was mostly naked at the front now. He leaned forward, steadying himself above her with both hands either side of her on the grassy slope. Her panties fell the rest of the way down of their own accord and she unconsciously let her knees move apart, ever so little.

Seeing this, excited to the point of madness, he dipped his pelvis down and pushed the tip of his cock against his mothers labia, grinding it in a half circle around the oily wetness. She gasped at the soft velvet touch of him. She knew what it was. He moved it and lowered it slightly. Almost of its own accord, without a guiding hand, its tip started to find the way, slipping gently in half an inch.

“You beast. Get it out of me. My son is just out of prison. When he finds out who you are you’ll regret this.”

This was the last straw for Jeff. He felt it coming but he couldn’t stop it. In an ecstasy of lust he came, withdrawing slightly and gushing out gobs of semen all over his mom’s pussy as his cock wobbled about, its tip touching her. Leaning his head down, he could see his cum decorating his mom’s pussy like cream on a cake. He managed to remain silent but it was the most erotic moment of his life. His mom’s pussy was snow white with his cum and it was a beautiful sight.

Jeff’s mom herself was having a pivotal moment. She was aroused by this anonymous encounter. In all this mental tumult she could feel his cock barely entering her, then withdrawing as the hot drops of this man’s sperm landed on her pussy and crotch. She shivered with desire, and waited for the next thing to happen.

Jeff had shot his bolt far too soon, but he was only eighteen. He knew he just needed a short time to recover. What could he do to keep the momentum going? His mother’s breasts were staring at him. He lowered himself down on top of her, and their damp flesh met and sealed them together.

His cock pressed against her crotch and they could both feel the slippery wetness of his cum engulfing them as they squished around against one another. Then he softly kissed her right breast. It took her by surprise. She had been enjoying the imprint of his soft but still half-engorged cock as it rolled against her pussy.

She moaned, although she did not mean to, and she instantly regretted it. He sucked in the nipple so that it grew a little within his mouth. Jeff did not know it, but his mom needed stimulation of her nipples to reach her sexual peak.

His mouth around her nipple told Jeff’s mom that this was no ordinary kidnapper-rapist. In her pleasure she noted that fact, and relaxed a little more which heightened her sexual enjoyment which she was starting to acknowledge even to herself.

Jeff switched to the other nipple. He could tell his mom was enjoying it. She was trying to project the shame and humiliation she knew she was supposed to be feeling. But it didn’t wash. Just a hint of a twist in her spine, a knee flexing outwards, and her fingers that gripped her dress were flexing back and forth.

Jeff’s dick was recovering. Sucking his mom’s nipples had reinvigorated him quickly and he sensed that he had to seize the moment. He lifted himself up on his knees above his mom, his legs either side of her, balancing himself on the slope, reveling in her beauty. Her pussy was covered in cum but as yet un-assaulted, her nipples still swollen and reddish, best of all her whole body straining and flexing.

Spreading her legs, he knelt in between them, and aimed his cock at the entrance of his mom’s pussy. He slid it in an inch. It felt like heaven, but more exciting. Unable to help himself he fell gently forward on top of her, hands on the grassy slope, thrusting inside her. As he fell he felt the delicious feeling of his cock slide up inside his mother, and the double satisfaction of her involuntary cry of pleasure as it did so. The remains of his cum on his mother’s pussy oozed up between them, oiling their bellies and thighs as they touched.

“You bastard,” whispered his mom.

Jeff held himself still inside his mom for a precious moment, savoring his victory. Then he started to thrust inside her. He knew they could not stay there long. Jeff started to thrust hard and fast while his mom reached the limit of her self control trying to remain silent and play the outraged victim. It was possibly the greatest screw she had ever had and soon she knew she was going to come. She did not know how she was going to disguise that. She did not have to.

Only three minutes after entering his mother Jeff arched his back, digging his toes into soft earth for leverage and rammed his cock as far inside his mother as he could, shoving her further up the slope a couple of inches. As he did so he felt his cum rise again and flood into her pussy, this time deep inside her. She felt it within her and could tell in any case that he was coming from his violent ramming as he drove her upwards moaning with pleasure. She thought she had heard that voice before but was so drowning in her own orgasm that she did not give it a moment’s thought.

Jeff only permitted himself a minute of post-cum pleasure inside his mom as he felt his semen start to escape from her pussy and slide down their thighs. He eased himself out and his mom instinctively closed her thighs, pressing them together as she wrung the last drops of pleasure out of her son’s fuck.

“You can put your dress back down.”

Jeff’s mom, still pressing her dress to her face with both hands in her heat, pulled it back down and let it fall, with a little help, to her ankles. The kidnapper had put his crash helmet back on. She knew he had not been wearing it when he was on top of her. Kissing her nipples. Fucking her.

The whole episode had taken perhaps ten minutes, but it had grown darker in the warm summer’s evening. Jeff silently pulled his mom up from the slope and led her back through the hole in the fence to the parking lot. Neither of them noticed the dark silent figures who had been watching them from the woods. Several had their cocks out and were jerking off as they watched Jeff and his mom walk away.

They returned to the car without incident. Mr. Cuddles was on the seat looking at them through the air holes. He was pissed.

“I get to take him home. That was the deal,” she said.

The kidnapper nodded and gestured her into the drivers seat. She sat down on it, facing him with her feet on the ground. Jeff had intended to give her the cat back in the carrier but realized he had not checked it for incriminating evidence. He hadn’t taken the price tag off or anything. She would have to take him home without it. He gestured to her that she could take the cat but he would keep the carrier.

“OK,” she said. “Help me with him.”

He put the door end of the carrier on her knee and undid the latches. She slowly opened the door and reached in for Mr. Cuddles. She gripped him and lifted him gently out onto her lap. Mr. Cuddles felt a familiar grip and was content to be lifted out. When he landed on her lap he looked around him and saw not a familiar face but a figure in a headscarf and large dark glasses. Looking further around he saw a figure with a big black blob instead of a head. Mr. Cuddles didn’t know these people.

He sat quietly until the carrier was clear, then suddenly hissed, scratched, and leapt off her lap. Jeff and his mom watched him race across the lot and disappear into the shrubs on the other side.

“Shit!” said Jeff’s mom.

Jeff dropped the car keys on her lap, turned on his heel, and hobbled off towards his bike hidden in the woods. After taking five minutes to compose herself, Jeff’s mom started up the car and headed home. Jeff had a YMCA fitness club alibi, so had to wait a while before he could go back. The cat escaping was no big deal. Mr. Cuddles knew his way home.

But the incident got Jeff thinking. After the unbelievable heaven of fucking his mom, he wanted already to repeat it. It had seemed impossible. But now, with Mr. Cuddles escape, perhaps there was a way. It was in the hands of fate. And his mom.

The following morning Jeff was in the kitchen making coffee. He heard a noise at the back door. It was Mr. Cuddles. Uttering a prayer of thanks, Jeff quickly checked on his mom. She was in the shower. Perfect. He slipped out the back door, scooped up Mr. Cuddles, vaulted over the picket fence to the other property and let himself in. He was back in their kitchen within two minutes, Mr. Cuddles safely secured next door. He trembled with excitement.

The next morning brought a new note under the door for Jeff’s mom.


Jeff’s mom screeched in annoyance when she read the note. Stupid cat! So now she would have to prostitute herself again for the mangy ungrateful fleabag. Jeff sat silently at the other end of the room, his eyes closed in anticipation.

His mom scrumpled up the note and threw it on the floor, then lay back on the sofa wondering what would happen at the rendezvous. She retreated upstairs to be alone. Once in her bedroom she opened a package that had arrived from Amazon which she had hidden in her bedside drawer.

This time she was instructed to park in a different lot, further along the river out of town. The night was hot, and it was dark. She felt a little weak because she had not eaten for 24 hours. Her son had attributed that to nerves, but it was something else entirely.

This night the kidnapper emerged from bushes down near the river. He put the meowing carry-case in the back seat of her car and took her car keys. She didn’t bother to check the cat. He led her away to another sheltered location under the trees with wooden picnic tables. It was so hard to see in the dark, and they both kept stumbling. She followed along behind him as he held her by the wrist.

He pushed her upper body gently down on one of the rough wooden table tops, leaning her face forward, feet still on the ground. He put a burlap bag on her head, pulling it down to her shoulders. This time she did not protest. She instinctively splayed her arms out along the table, and laid her head down with her cheek against the tabletop. She could feel the rough burlap against her face. She could see nothing.

He removed his crash helmet. He wore the thinnest ski mask he could find. It also had a large hole for his mouth. He wanted to kiss his mother. Rapists don’t kiss, he realized, but he still wanted so much to kiss her on the lips.

Jeff had planned so hard to get his mom there he had forgotten to plan the most important thing. What was he going to do with her when he got her there? Yeah he’d had ideas, fantasies. But nothing specific other than fucking her again. He knew he had to act quickly, without hesitation. He knew it was imperative to keep up the pretense that he was a man who would not hesitate to hurt her.

In the dim light from the stars he looked down at her stretched out before him, legs together but arms spread-eagled across the table, her head an indistinct shadow of burlap. He leaned down and picked up the hem of her dress, pulling it up all the way, past her waist and stuffing it up near her chest. She wriggled a little as he did this to assist him. The dress, now under her upper chest, was a lot more comfortable than the wooden table. She lay there with all her weight on the table, her toes cleaving furrows on the grass

Jeff’s eyes were now getting used to the dark. He was amazed at what he could see after ten minutes when before it was just blackness. He looked down at his moms panties. He could not tell what color they were in the dark but they were light, high cut, and sexy.

“Hurry up. My son comes home in an hour. Get on with it and be on your way.”

She had intended to insult him more directly, but could not bring herself to. In any case she had a surprise for him if he was up for it. The mention of ‘my son’ snapped Jeff out of any hesitation and also gave his dick a boost. He could feel it growing. He undid his belt and his pants dropped to his ankles. He unbuttoned his shirt and opened it. He placed his hands on his mother’s ass and ran them around over her ass cheeks, at the same time stepping forward so that his erect dick was brushing against her.

In an unconscious movement she was now standing with her legs apart. He felt around the front of her crotch and tucked his fingers up into her pussy cleft, outside the panties. The panties were sheer nylon and he could feel every bump of her pussy opening as he roved around. He realized his mom had shaved herself since their previous encounter. No pussy hair anywhere. She seemed oily, inviting. He had to go in.

Just as he pulled her panties to one side he noticed it. A thin white string coming from her asshole. He wondered what it was, but not to be distracted he ignored it. Positioning his dick at his moms pussy hole, pulling the gusset aside with his other hand, he rammed it up inside her, leaning into her against the table to get the maximum penetration.

“Ooof!” she said in reaction as she felt her son’s dick travel as far up inside her as any man’s ever had. He started to pump into her, she was wet and ready. She felt marvelous.

But it was time for his mom to make her play. She wanted to try something she had never tried before, something she had dreamed about but never had the courage to do even though she’d had offers. In her erotic fantasies she had always wanted to try anal. Who better to do it with than a cat-kidnapper whom she would never see again?

“Stop!” said his mom.

Jeff stopped thrusting, wondering what was going on. But he did not withdraw, pushing hard into her, making sure she knew what he wanted. She swallowed and gasped, loving the feel of him inside her.

“The little white string. Can you see it?” she said.

He slapped her ass gently for yes.

“If you want you can pull it out and come in me that way. I expect it’s more to your taste. No doubt you’ve been in prison.”

Jeff was breathing heavily. His mom wasn’t the only one who wanted to try this. He’d refused plenty of offers in the slammer. But now, with a woman, well. As the penetrator. That was entirely different.

He backed up and watched as his fat cock slid out of his mother. It sprang up and wobbled about just under her asshole. Fascinated he took a hold of the white string which turned out to be a strong plastic thread.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Rightside Up – my ending to Bobby96600′s series A World Turned Upside Down. Thanks for his permission to continue his effort.

Bobby96600 wrote a story. I won’t summarize it, it’s very short and only takes a few seconds to read. I don’t believe it was intended to be a satire, but in many ways it comes off as one, including one of the wimpiest protagonists ever, who at the end of the story said he was going to get revenge!

For some reason, I found that funny. I had to do SOMETHING with it…The author was most gracious in granting me permission.

This story could have been posted in Non-Consent, or Humor and Satire. I chose Loving Wives, since that was the original category for chapter one of this tale.

Maintaining the ‘style’ of the original story, there may be a few grammatical errors in this follow-up. There are numerous racial epithets as well, keeping in line with the original. Honestly, I find them rather useless as a literary tool, but the original story was so littered with them, it would be hard to maintain any kind of continuity without them.

There are too damn many intriguing stories that are never completed. If I find a story that’s been left hanging for too long, I’ll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don’t write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

This is not my usual, there are elements of satire, and some mockery of original elements of the base story. Payback is deliberate and extensive. Very dark response, some would say extreme, in spite of elements of humor and satire. I never said I was a nice guy.

For information on how I choose which stories to continue, please read my profile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I lay at the bottom of the stares, trying to decide what to do. The interracial mutant bastard fucking my wife of 10 years was a foot taller, and a good 100 lbs heavier than me. He was a monster, and lets face it. I’m not all that big.

A bookkeeper by calling, I’m 5’3″, maybe a buck thirty. Hell, my wife is bigger than me. It didn’t mean I was going to let the bastard get away with it. He had the brawn, but I new I had the brains. At least I hoped so.

Then again, I had something else going for me, she didn’t know. I wasn’t always the week specimen I was today. I had been a Green Beret, a front lines military analyst, Spec Ops interrogator. A bad experience with chemical warfare had nearly killed me. I’d spent almost a year in intensive care. I knew I’d never get my full strength back, but I had learned to live with it. As a matter of fact, I was getting weaker over the last few months, but not enough to weaken my resolve!

A muted ‘Fuck me!’ echoed down the stairs, indicating they were still going strong. I wasn’t sure how long he’d last, screwing the love of my life, my wife of 10 years, but I figured I’d be smart to hurry. If you’re going to do something, no cents procrastinating, right? That’s one of the things they taught me in the service. Just a few nights earlier I’d been viewing some prank videos on YouTube. That gave me the core idea. I’d just have to enhance it.

I dumped a quart of oil in a large pot, and turned on the burner. I used a second bottle to oil the space just beyond hour bedroom door, at the top of the stairs. I kept the last few inches next to the wall clear for my getaway.

I greased the middle of the stairs the same way, while listening to my wife’s solicitous mantra of need. “Fuck me, you fucker!”
I lifted the glass surface off of the coffee table, wrapped it in a towel, and beat it until I was happy. I opened the towel on the stairs, scattering the shards of glass there full length.

I could smell the oil starting to heat up, and got cracking. Timing was every thing.

At the bottom of the stairs I put together my final ingredients. Since I no longer owned a gun, and played no sports, I was somewhat limited. I settled for the fireplace poker, and the kitchen cleaver as a last resort. I grabbed a hank of rope, and cut it in half, putting a slip loop on each end, making sure it wasn’t too lose.

I paused a moment, listening. Things had gone quite for a moment. I feared I had run out of time. Then the tell-tale headboard banging started up again. “That’s it,” my wife’s dulcet tones echoed down the hall, “Fuck me! Fuck my tight white pussy with that big black cock!”

Reassured, I whipped out my perfectly average dick, nearly six inches long when erect, and pissed on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. That wasn’t difficult, since I’d been holding back the urge from the moment I saw that jungle bunny’s huge member making my wife’s belly bulge with each powerful thrust. I yanked the electric chord off the lamp, and exposed the last four inches or so of wire. I put one end in the urine, and the other I carefully laid on the step before the bottom, taping it to the edge. I plugged the cord back in and stepped carefully away. I once again thanked my lucky stars for the years of Spec Ops insurgency training.

With my oven mitts on, I turned off the burner, safety first, and grabbed the heavy pot of boiling oil, an old military standby. I trudged up the stairs, awkwardly, my feat on the outer edges. At the top I heard them still going at it. I smiled to myself, figuring that was about to change.

I opened the door quietly, pot in hand. Their they were. Derrick, her boyfriend as I had just learned, was big and black and had a cock the size of my forearm. At least as thick. He had my spouse on her belly, pounding his enormous dick into her, while she screamed at him to fuck her harder.
His legs were spread wide around hers, and I could see where they joined. It would have been hard to miss. They were both facing away from me. Allah must love me. It was perfect.

I walked up behind them and grabbed the pot at the top and bottom. It must have weighed a good 10 lbs, and it took almost all my strength to maneuver it. It was difficult, but I knew the result wood be worth it!

my slut-wife of over a decade screamed, for what must be the 100th time. Ninety-eight since I’d discovered her, too be precise. I’m a bean counter. Smartest in all the county. Each new passionate plea had me clicking the mechanical counter at my side.


“OK, YOU’RE FUCKED!” I shouted back, and heaved the boiling oil between there legs at point blank range. A perfect shot, the excess splashed up his back, and on the back of her thighs. I pressed the bottom of the pot against his ass, listening to the sizzle, yielding another great result.

I backed up to the doorway, waiting for the inevitable retaliation. The monster in our bed, squealing like a pig, saw me and leapt onto the flour. Ok, maybe not ‘leapt’, stumbled was more like it, but I like the word leapt. Leapt, leapt, leapt.

“Catch, Sweetie”! I told my wife, tossing her the scalding pot. I laughed as she caught it against her belly, screaming again.

I think the massive ebony beast lumbering my way was trying to say something, but I’ll be damned if I could make it out between his own crying and my slut-wife’s incoherent shrieks. He started to gain momentum, and I decided it was time for a strategic withdrawal. I could here him only a few feet behind me, as I frog-walked down the stairs, sticking to the sides.

I looked over my shoulder when I was about halfway down, and saw Blulk (that’s Black Hulk, if you didn’t get it) appear at the door. I took my time on the next few stairs, until I knew he’d scene me. He bounced off the wall, rushing my way, growling something about killing me or some such nonsense. Fat chance. He had no idea who he was facing. Green Beret genius bean counter. It doesn’t get any more dangerous than that. Forget the Seals and Marines. Special Forces baby. Uh-Rah!

Think about it. John Cena, the Marine, Steven Segal, the navy seal, or John Wayne, the Green Beret. Who would you want on you’re side?

Blulk hit the oil slick before he could build up a full head of steam, but it was enough. His feet started kicking out like a cartoon character, and then he was falling down the stairs face first at a hi velocity.

Too fast. I ran down the last couple of steps and jumped clear of the yellow puddle from about two steps up. A massive leap for me, butt my adrenaline was pumping!

I grabbed the fireplace poker justin time to see him sliding down the last few stairs. I noticed that his body had wiped the first few steps clear of the glass, and he’d left an ever growing blood streak down the remaining steps.

As he hit the bottom, his screaming abruptly stopped, as he lied in my piss, his body shaking until the circuit breaker popped. Luckily it was still bright enough for me to see, as I took my time liberally applying the poker to the exposed parts of his unconscious body. Which was all of it.

Breaking a leg is harder than it looks. I finally had to put his foot on the final riser and jump on his calf from a few steps up. On the forth one I heard the long awaited crack. I never fell once. I might be small but I’m nimble, my first excursion down the steps notwithstanding. My trusty poker assured the break was complete.

Hands and feet brake much easier as I knew.

My wife was still screaming upstairs, but no sound was cumming from the degenerate animal at my feet, except for semi-conscious grunts. The poker was heavy, but I managed. The little hook on the end was useful, especially when I stood on top of him, swinging it down between his legs repeatedly.

I’m a bean counter. The best, or so Mom says. I know everything I own, and its value to the nearest penny. This grunting beast had taken my most valued possession, and reduced her value to nothing. Nothing! You don’t steal from a bean counter. Especially knot won whose a genus!!!

I was exhausted, sweating heavily, and I knew he was to heavy to move by myself. Taking the ropes, I put one around his neck for later, and carried the other one with me. I went back up the stairs, where my zero-value slut-wife was lying on the bed, grasping between her legs and crying. The loop of the rope fit over her head nicely. I gave it a tug, and it pulled tight.

I don’t think she even knew I was their, until I yanked on the rope.

She gasped, grabbing at it, but I kept pulling. She whined and cried, following me on her hands and knees. At the top of the stairs, I started my wide stanced walk, and once I cleared a few step’s, gave a hard tug, and watched her start the slide down after me.

She did a good job of cleaning up a lot of the oil, and most of the remaining glass. She was trying to talk, begging, pleading, sobbing, but I wasn’t in the mood to here her explanations, or listen to her petty complaints. She chose this path, when she decided to insult one of America’s finest!

She was laying on her lover, a fitting ending to her little journey. I gave her a good hard jab with the poker. “Get up, Lynn. You’ve got things to due.”

She whined that she was hurt, and that she was sorry. I yanked on the rope with awl my might and she stood.

“Drag your boyfriend this weigh,” I told her. I pulled her rope, and jabbed her with the poker again. She whimpered as she tugged with all her might, his mammoth body slowly moving.

My darling spouse looked like shit. A big curved burn mark was on her belly. Her front was streaked with blood, chunks of glass embedded in her skin. From her ass to her knees, the back of her legs were lobster read.

I licked the look on her.

It was only a few feet to the basement door, and then a score or so steps down, (score, another cool word I hardly ever get to use. Four-score and seven…) but it took her almost that many minutes to drag her boyfriend that far, crying the hole time. I hated the mess he made of our hardwood floors, but some things can’t be helped.

Somehow, she got him all the way down stairs, bouncing along each step. At least she had gravity on her side. See, that’s how you can tell I’m a genius. I knew the attic would be too much trouble. Let nature assist you, whenever possible.

I noticed the loop around his neck was digging into his skin. “Buddha’s beard, Lynn! You weren’t supposed to kill him!” I laughed. It was difficult, but I managed to losen the rope, before tying it to the exposed steel post. My loving wife was curled up on the ground, sobbing. So much for loyalty to her boyfriend.

He wasn’t breathing so I applied old fashioned CPR. I kicked him in the gut and chest until he gasped. Good enough for me. The way his legs looked, he wasn’t going to get up and walk away. Not on those feat, anyway.

I tugged my wifes leash. “Up Lynn, up!”

“I cant,” she groaned. “I’m dying. I need to go to the hospital.”

A couple of wax of the poker, convinced her she wasn’t dying. At least not yet.

“No sitting down on the job, Honey. There’s so much you still has to do!”

“Please, baby! she sobbed pitifully, her naked body shaking. “I’m sorry!”

I pulled her along, but was very disappointed when she collapsed on the first step, unconscious. Dam it. She always was a lazy thing. In the field I would have gigged her, and had her up for an Article 15.

From the garage, I retrieved all the rope I could find. I made sure loverboy was going nowhere, and gagged him to keep him quiet. I wasn’t done with him. No, not bye a long shot.

For my wife, I had different plans. Lots of rope, lots of knots, pretty patterns. I was in no hurry, and took my time. I had her hogtied quite nicely before I was thorough.

I went upstairs, looked at our beautiful home, and sighed. Once again, I’d have to do her job for her. I’d clean the steps, fix the circuit breaker, take care of the floor. I’d even change the sheet’s, and flip the mattress. That was a hellacious job, but I’d done it once before. I knew I could manage.

I wasn’t going to do everything for her. She sure as shit was going to dig loverboy’s hole in the backyard himself. But there was no rush for that.

~ * ~ * ~

I sat at the cozy table for two, toasting my darling wife. “Too us,” I whispered.

“To us.” She sipped her whine.

She looked great. She was wearing my favorite outfit. I to had dressed for the occasion. Her adulterous affair had nearly destroyed us. It was time to move forward. She had betrayed me, but it was one time in 10 years. She deserved a chance to redeem herself.

It had been a week since that time. A long difficult weak, for both of us I imagine.

She leaned forward for more bread, but the chain around her collar pulled her up short. “May I have another peace of bread, honey?” she asked nicely.

I was feeling generous. It was her third piece. A feast. I pushed it across to here, and continued eating my filet mignon.

“I’m sorry,” she wined piteously.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it my love. I’m a bean counter. Everything gets counted. Credits and debits. Everything has to add up, balance. You have a massive debit, its going to be difficult to reestablish any kind of equity here.”

Her boyfriend moaned from his position a few yards away. It had taken an enormous amount of work in the last seven days, to get things to the point were I was considering allowing my wife an opportunity for restitution.

Lynn’s eyes followed my own, landing on the form of her former boyfriend—or so she swore—strapped to the device I’d maid for him.

It was a frame of black steel pipe. Nearly six feet in length, and four feet across, it had two cross poles at the two foot and four foot points. He was tied to it, face down, his arms and legs fastened securely. A rope secured him at the waste, so his body wouldn’t flop around when he was upright or inverted.

The hard part had been making the hinged middle that allowed it to be rotated and tilted. Ropes and pulleys made it possible, their was no other way I could move his massive bulk on my own.

“What…..what kind of debit,” my wife asked softly.

I finished the last of my steak, leaving a few bites left unconsumed, watching her stare at it lustfully. “I have no idea how long this has been going on, and no way to verify any claims you make. I do know that in my presents, you begged him to have intercourse with you 99 times.” I placed my manual clicker on the table.

“No, honey! Thats impossible. I…I wouldn’t do that,” she whined.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me you black bastard…Kneed I go on?”

She shook her heads. “I’m sorry, I’d undo it if I could.”

I smiled. “That’s exactly what I was hoping you’d agree two. We need you to unfuck him.”

The look of confusion on her face were priceless. Unlike her worthless self. “Unfuck? How?”

I opened the bag beside me. I pulled out a strap-on that was at least as big as are unwelcome guest’s tool had been. “With this. He fucked you, now you will fuck him, returning his fucks, since we no longer want them.”

She shuttered, handling the item carefully. “Ninety-nine times? What makes up a time?”

“I believe I have a solution fore that as well. I’ll show you once we’ve started. Shall we?”

I loosened her leash, giving her some room, while she tied her instrument of recompense around her waist. I past her a large bottle of oil. When I replaced what I’d use in my preliminary payback, I’d bought extra. She was getting the cheap stuff. The investment was too high already.

I adjusted the rotational settings, and lowered her black buck to the ground, belly first. He was aware, if not too cogent. I was keeping him fed and watered. I didn’t want to loose him before we were through. Hell, I’d even set his leg and braced it, all those years of field medical training paying off. “He’s all yours Lynn, honey. Time to start.”

It took her a while to get in place, apply the oil to her disproportionately large artificial member, and start penetrating him. He was whining quiet nicely, his threats to my health having been reduced to almost zero a few days earlier.

Once she had things worked out, she did a reasonable job. “Like this, honey?” she asked me nervously, pumping her toy in to our guest.

“Thats perfect. Keep going.”

I removed my own clothing, using a better lube to grease up my own, not unsubstantial condom covered member. She turned nervously when I took my place behind her. “You asked him 99 times, my dear. I believe it’s time you asked me.”

She nodded. “Fuck me, baby? Please?” Call me crazy, but I honestly belief she meant it.

“Hold still a moment, my love.” She stopped her movement, and I placed my protected tool at the entrance to her traitorous pussy, and entered her. She whimpered a bit as I filled her. I’m not sure why; I’m surprised she could even feel me after having bean used by her ‘boyfriend’.

It took some work, but we found a reasonable rhythm, whereby she thrust herself back onto my cock, and I pushed her, and her huge rubber dong, into our groaning guessed. I would pull out a few inches, and she’d back up and take me back in, only to repeat the exercise.

I normally didn’t have a short fuse, but it had been a while. Months, actually. After a minute or so, I pushed her into him, and made her stay still, as I completed my own effort, coming for her. I pulled out off her, removed my used condom, and tacked it to the wall. “That’s one,” I told her.

She was back to pumping his quivering ass, paying off her debt in that black asshole’s asshole. (See what I did their? Pretty cool, huh?)

“Can we go again?” she pleaded, repeatedly. (See, I remember my schooling. That’s a Tom Swifty, write?)

I was willing. And there were additional avenues of recompense I was considering investigating. I walked over and stood beside here, my limp member at eye level. “I’ll need help getting ready.”

“You…you want to me suck it, don’t you?” she asked nervously.

“Of course,” I said. “I watched you suck him like a bro. Don’t I deserve the same? You are my wife, after all.”

She started slowly, but I was surprise how good she could do it, her hips continuously thrusting away at her boyfriend’s vowels, all the while. She took all of me in her mouth, sucking and tugging, smiling for me as it grew. Even once I was fully hard, she didn’t stop. I liked it. I had a very good feeling she’d be doing that a lot more often. Then again, there were many things she’d be doing more often. She didn’t know it yet, but she’s a smart woman. Not a genius like me, but no dummy. She had to suspect what was in store for her.

I retrieved another rubber from my industrial sized box. One gross, 144, and I planned to use them all. Only ninety-nine before she had unfucked him, but their was more than that to pay for. Lots more.

I put the rubber on, held her still, and found my way back inside of her. After a few more minutes we’d found our special rhythm, and this time I lasted a lot longer. She noticed, encouraging me. “Fuck me, stud. Ware me out with that big cock,” she pleaded. A good three minutes after I’d started, I was groaning as I filled another condom. Ok, maybe not filled, but there was evidence that I’d had a good come. Really good.

I was shot. Two loads in one night! I helped her off of her ex-boyfriend, and let her use the laundry sink too clean up. It was selfish of me, I know, but I was going to be spending a lot of time down there, and didn’t need the whole place smelling of shit. That’s why I’d given her a nice little bucket, and made sure she kept the both of them clean. The fearsome dark beast who’d thrown me out of my own bedroom a week earlier, wasn’t so fearsome, and in his weakened and tied up state, had problems cleaning up after himself. Lynn didn’t like having to take care of him, but he was her boyfriend, not mine.

~ * ~ * ~

A month into balancing the scales, I noticed something. I was getting stronger, feeling better. I could make it all the way up the stairs without getting winded. My efforts at exercise were improving. I enjoyed working out in the basement, showing of my new strength. I’d moved from the five pound dumbbells up to 10, and was now completing multiple sit-ups at a time.

Lynn, on the other hand was looking much improved. Her new forced diet had her losing the most of the weight she’d put on over the last decade. I had given her a hairbrush, and a tooth brush, and once a week let her clean herself thoroughly at the laundry sink, while she was doing the laundry.

The at-home STD tests for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, hepatitis and trichomonas had all yielded negative results. Another $200 down the drain, but I felt better. I was still going to keep using condoms. Better safe then sorry, my old DI used to tell me. Or was that Mom? I can’t remember.

The wall of condoms now numbered over 70. That’s right, 70. I was doing it two, sometimes three times a day! Lynn was the beneficiary of my increased libido, and would urge me on, while we unfucked her boyfriend. He wasn’t looking as good as me or Lynn, but that didn’t bother me much. Casualty of war, you know. You fuck with the bull, sometimes you get the horns. (See what I did with ‘bull’ there? That’s a double entendre! Don’t tell me I can’t right!)

I had a surprise for Lynn. I didn’t think she was going to like it, but again, not my problem. Theres winners and losers in life. I was a winner. Lynn, not so much. Not after fucking with a Green Beret bean counter stud. Semper Fi!

Once I finished my workout, I let her use her mouth to get me ready for another unfucking session. She strapped on her ‘punisher’, as she’d taken to calling it. Somewhere along the line she’d developed a real disliking to the third member of our little threesome. It was to the point where after I finished in her the first time, she begged to keep going while I took a rest. Ten or fifteen minutes later, my energy returned, her mouth would get me going, Id slip on a condom, and go at it.

Today would be something new. She got me hard, and turned away, bending over so I could start the second part of our session. I pulled her up by the hare, and stuck my cock back in her mouth. “All the way, my love. No stopping.”

She slowed down, looking nervous. I don’t think she liked change. She sucked me, while slowly humping her ex. I was feeling grate. Strong. Even through the excitement of knowing I’d soon be coming in her mouth, I held on a good three minutes, maybe even four! I could tell she knew I was approaching my finish. She looked up at me, slowing down.

“Don’t stop. You did it for you’re boyfriend, you’ll do it for me.”

She picked up the pace, and was rewarded with a mouthful of my best throat yogurt. She grimaced but worked her way through it, swallowing, and gave me a tentative smile after ward. “That was wonderful, dear.” I knew she lied, but I loved her for trying. And she’d be trying that a lot more.

“Thank you, sweetie. That was very nice. You don’t get to count that as one of your unfucks, butt I promise you a nice little surprise later.”

She was angry with her big black buck. She unfucked him rally hard, even had him responding a little. “You bastard,” she growled. “This is all your fault!”

Several minutes later, I was feeling up for another try. I stuck my dick in her face, and she started sucking. Ass I firmed up, she paused. “All the way?”

“Not this time, my little Angel. Just hard enough for me to enjoy that naughty little cheating whole of yours.”

My rubber encased man meat pounded her, in perfect rhythm with her unfucking. We where getting good at it, working together. It was a banner night for me. After seven minutes I was still going strong!

“God, baby, you…your gonna make me come!” she gasped.

That’s right. I was the man. I pounded that pussy. She squealed, and I felt something new, a strange tightness around my cock, as she slammed her cock into her unfuck-friend, and I pumped her viscuously. She was gasping, and the new sensation put me over the top.

When I pulled out of her, walking to the wall and pinning up hour latest trophy, I saw her pull out of the dark meat, walking toward me. “That was incredible, baby. I love you so much.”

She tried to hug me, but we weren’t ready for that. We still had too balance the scales. Beside, the leash pulled her up about two feet short.

I shortened her chain, and went upstairs to get dinner. I saw the tears in her eyes, as I placed her plate in front of her. It held more than double what I’d been feeding her. A full chicken breast, and a scoop of mashed potatoes. I pushed the butter toward her, along with a spork and plastic knife, the first utensils she’d bean allowed.

“Butter?” she wispered.

“And salt,” I said, spicily. (Swifty!) I gave here a wink.

“You, you forgive me?” Her beautiful blew eyes were swimming in tears.

I laughed. “Hell no, my love. We still have a ways to go before their’s any balance, and it’ll be long after that before we even think about forgiveness. But I did like the blowjob.”

~ * ~ * ~

The next few days were back to normal. Every day I felt better, stronger. Cooking fore myself seemed to be the trick. That and the exercise. That’s all I could figure.

People were starting to get curious about her absence. They had all easily accepted my first explanation about her taking a vacation on her own. After more than a month, they were asking when she’d be getting back. I arranged to email her friends, bragging about her wonderful South Sea island vocation, and that she’d be extending it indefinitely. I found some nice pictures from Google and attached those.

Her meals were back to the usual, bred and water for breakfast, no lunch, and something simple for dinner, typically a bologna sandwich.

On the fourth day, with our number almost too 80, she tried to hang onto me, when she sucked me hard. “All the way?” she pleaded.

“Sure,” I said. “Why knot?”

She got me off, and ten minutes later, I was pumping her again. She was obviously excited, and for the second time in are marriage, I felt that special tightening around my cock, as she cried out her joy for me. This time I lasted almost a full minute afterward, and almost thought I’d get to hear her scream again. Almost.

She was trembling in her seat, when I uncovered the plate in front of her. A burger, with a role and all the fixings. A heaping of potato chips. Even half an ear of corn. I set the condiments in front of her. Catsup, butter, salt, pepper. Her voice broke as she opened the burger, preparing it. “Thank you, baby. I…I’m sorry.”

“I know, deer heart.”

~ * ~ * ~

Things slowed down. One condom a day was the knew standard. She worked hard to make sure she got a mouthful of my cum each evening. I teased her a few times, pulling away from her, and watched her scramble to get me back. The first time I pulled out and sprayed her face, she almost cried. “Please, baby! Does it count? Does it count?”

Not only did it count, but I gave here seconds.

We were almost at ninety, and I had a new surprise for her. She earned her dinner, unfucking the broken beast, who rarely moved anymore, while sucking me of. When I let her get me hard again, this time I moved behind her and oiled up my cock. No condom.

She pushed herself deep into black booty, waiting for me, eager. I’d been giving her an orgasm almost ever night. This time I spread her ass cheeks and pressed against her other hole. Her head spun around quickly. “Honey?” she said nervously.

“Did he have you here?” I asked, pushing, probing, trying to work myself in. It wasn’t ez.

“No! Never. Nobody ever have,” she whined.

“Reach back and spread you’re cheeks, Angelic one.”

She whimpered but did as she was told. With a beastly effort, I forced my way in. She grunted, but held onto her cheeks. It took some work, and a good bit more oil, but I managed to do a good job of filling her virgin hole, groaning as I let lose my first uncontained load into my wife in over 9 years.

She pouted as she looked over at the wall. “No condom?” Fore a moment I thought she was going to cry.

“Not tonight dear, but Ill make it up to you.”

Ribs. She loved ribs. Ribs with a loaded baked potato. She finished it all looking quiet happy. Her eyes lit up when I put the second small covered plate in front of her. She lifted the top off, exposing the small slice of chocolate cake. “For me?” she gasped, her finger scraping off some of the icing and bringing it to her lips.

“I told you I’d make it up too you, beautiful.”

~ * ~ * ~

Condoms eighty-eight to ninety-five, took more then a week. She wanted a load in her mouth, and another in her bottom every day. Begged for it, if it looked like I had other plans. Unless I was good for three, there was no condom on the wall.

Luckily for her, my renewed strength, better eating, and constant fucking had me coming three times a day, more often than note. Only once did she not come when it counted, and she really surprised me when she came from taking it up the Hershey highway.

I had to cut her portions back a little when it looked like she was gaining wait.

She was becoming a tease, shaking her bottom at me when I came down to workout, or licking her lips teasingly when I brought her breakfast. Once she found that she’d earn her meals with her mouth and ass, whether she was unfucking or not, she became absolutely brazen. She would suck me weather I came or not. The first time she pulled away on her own, saying “Let’s save the rest for later,” I was shocked. When I came down to find her laying on her table, legs open, rubbing her pussy, I was absolutely gob-smacked. (I learned that word from my SAS buddies. Bob’s your Uncle!)

“I want you, baby,” she moaned. “No unfucking. Just give me some off that wonderful cock.”

I didn’t even need the warm up sucking. I put on a rubber, and went at her. Pounded a good one in to that pussy, made her suck me hard, and did it again. She climaxed twice, telling me how much she loved me. I tacked the two rubbers, with surprisingly full contents below the others.

“Why their?” she asked.

“Forgiveness count. Its a start.”

She cried,

That night, over dinner, she cried again, when I put a glass of wine in front of her. She sipped it slowly. “Whats all the noise outside?” she asked tentatively.

“Were putting in a shed.”

“Four real?”

“Yes. Later, I’ll take you out side and show you.”

She was clearly excited

When I took her out their around 1:00 am, away from prying eyes, she was nervous. When I took her inside, moved the floorboards away, and handed her the shovel, she was not so happy.

I had her dig for a couple of ours. I made her tell me a story. A story of a cheating wife, and how she came to be that way.

By the third night of digging, she’d finished her story of seduction and submission. She cried threw most of it, apologizing profusely. She said she had never had an orgasm during sex, and the first one, delivered by her demanding lover, brought down all her defenses. It had gone on for six weeks. Every weekday after the second week. She had tried to keep it hidden, but when loverboy insisted he wanted to rub my nose in it she went along. She couldn’t tell him no, or he’d take away his magical love wand.

It sounded like a lot of stupid excuses for her to be a slut. That’s what I told her. “Sounds like a lot of stupid excuses to bee a slut.”

“I tried to stop hymn. I tried hard. I even fought him. He was too much, too big, too strong, too demanding. I didn’t want it baby. You have to believe me!” she whined, standing in the bottom of the five foot deep hole.

“I know what I herd. You weren’t fighting too hard when I walked in on you.”

“Once he was in me, I couldn’t resist him. I’m sorry. I tried to stop it, but once he got going, that big thing inside me, I lost all control. You half to believe I didn’t want it, baby, I swear I didn’t. I didn’t love him, it was only sex.”

“You want to climb out of the whole, my dear loving wife?” I asked.

“Please. Your frightening me, baby.”

“Then explain something to me. After I found you having sex with that interracial bastard, I went to the doctor to make sure you hadn’t given me anything. I had a full blood workup done. Can you imagine my surprise when I found out you’ve bean poisoning me?”

She shook her head briskly. “No! I would never do that. I love you. I only want the best for you darling. I would never poisson you. I couldn’t do that!”

“You haven’t been adding anything mysterious too my food? Nothing to weaken me, make me sick, so you could kill me off and leave with your big black lover?”

“Of course not! The only thing I ever added to you’re food was vitamins, my love. I swear it’s true. I only did that, because I know you hate to take them, and I want you to be healthy and strong. So we can live a long life together.”

I gave her my hand, and pulled her out of the hole. I lead her to the kitchen. “Show me,” I said.

She opened the cabinet, and write in front was a row of eight different vitamin bottles. She brought them down. “This is it. Two of each one ground up with breakfast and dinner. That’s all. It was for your health!”

I read the labels. I’m a bean counter, the best their is. It didn’t take me long to add up the numbers. “Darling wife, you’ve been giving me 20 times the recommended dosage of vitamin D, 16 times the dosage of vitamin B, 10 times the maximum dosage of Vitamin A, and 6 times the maximum intake of Iron. Any one of those good make me very sick. The iron alone could kill me!”

The stunned look on her dirty face convinced me she was stupid, not evil. “But that’s impossible! How could they cell it, if it’s not safe! I only gave you what the label suggested.”

“The dosage is per day, not per meal, and the same supplements are in several different bottles. They all add up. Trust me, my love, the numbers don’t lie. Numbers never lye.”

She nodded sadly. “If you say so, it must be true. Nobody knows numbers better than you, husband dearest. I’m so very sorry. I only meant to help you. I never would intentionally hurt you. I love you far to much for that.”

“You think it didn’t hurt me, the things you said, seeing you in bed with you’re damn lover, screaming for him?” I snapped at her, using my best Green Beret, leadership voice.

“I…I’m sorry, honey. I was under his spell. It was that big dick. The dick made me say it. I swear I didn’t mean it. I love you. It was only sex with him. It wasn’t even really sex with him. It was sex with that big dick. You half to know I love you. Please forgive me and let me make it up to you.”

“We’ll sea.” I chained her up in the basement, and went to bed. I had a difficult time getting to sleep, knowing that phase two of my brilliant plan was nearly complete.

The next morning I let her do the laundry, and clean herself up. All the digging had left her kind of messy. I probed her tonsils after breakfast, letting her earn her dinner. I told her I was happy with our progress, and that I’d let her make it up to me again that knight. Number 99. Number 99. Turn me on dead man. (Seriously, play it backwards. It really says that. Kind of spooky.)

I’d stopped feeding the vicious interracial interloper the first night of the digging, and stopped watering him the second. He wasn’t in very good shape that evening, when he received his last unfucking. He didn’t speak, didn’t moan, didn’t move. Luckily we were dun with him.

Lynn was pumping him, while I pumped her, in her tight little cinnamon ring, earning her desert. After I finished, I took a rest, and was surprised when she stopping slamming the ‘punisher’ into her boyfriend.

“I’m afraid, honey,” she whined. “I…I don’t think he’s alive. I fear we’ve unfucked him too death.”

I sighed, and presented my prodigious cock for sucking. “We still need one more, baby. Let’s make it a good won, Ok?”

She wasn’t in the mood, I guess. She kept her big dildo inside him, and I took my time filling the condom. I was becoming a true stud. I lasted more then 10 minutes, but she never came for me. I didn’t like it, but I understood. Even a Lothario like moi can’t guarantee an orgasm every time.

Dinner was a special one. A nice thick steak for the love of my life, asparagus, steak fries, and chocolate mouse for dessert. It was a quiet dinner. I was in a good mood, and thought she should be too. Instead she seemed nervous and frightened.

Let me tell you, getting that big black buck up the stairs was no easy feet! Even after strapping him to a board, setting up pulleys, and putting plastic on the stairs, it took us nearly an hour to get him out of the basement. Once we had him in the living room, I loaded him onto a dolly, and waited until 2:00 am to take him out to the shed. Lynn did most of the work. I was healthier, feeling stronger every day, but even after a few months of starvation, our extinguished guest still must have weighed more than a hundred pounds.

We dumped him in the hole we’d prepared, and I allowed my wife the honor of filling it with the dirt she’d removed. When she was done, I replaced the floor bored, and moved the bench and equipment back on top of them. I noticed that while I was finishing up hiding the evidence of the demise of her ex, she spent a lot of time staring at the second hole I’d had her dig. She was trembling when I took her in my arms. “We’ll cover that one up for now. Let’s hope we never have to use it, my love.”

~ * ~ * ~

The next morning she was waiting for me, on her knees at the bottom of the stairs. We played tonsil hockey, and I fed her twice. Once with a mouthful of my finest, then with a waffle and fresh blueberries. It was the weekend, and I had decided I’d be spending most of me day with my dear love.

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The Bahamas — Day One, Part Two

“…This is Tessa, Brad’s girlfriend.” My heart stopped. A feeling of pure sickness washed over my entire body, and I started shaking. I fumbled with the phone, almost dropping it, and I hit the little red phone picture button to end the call as hard as I could, as if I could erase what I had just heard. My breathing was labored, to the point of being near hyperventilating. My eyes burned, but I couldn’t cry. It was as if I was so shocked that tears just refused to come, to accept the situation.

Brad walked back into the room, holding the other pair of handcuffs, a candle and the nipple clamps, and it was like my body took on a mind of its own. With all the strength that I had within my small body, I shoved myself up (slightly difficult, considering one of my hands was handcuffed to the headboard) and hurled the phone at him as hard as I could. I screamed, no words, just a loud screech because I didn’t know what to say.

With quick reflexes from playing football in high school and college, he was able to just narrowly miss the phone, and it hit the wall behind him and shattered into what looked like a million pieces. His eyes grew large, and he just stared at me in utter horror before throwing the handcuffs, the clamps, the candle and the lighter to the ground beside him.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” His voice came out in a roar, a pitch that I’d never heard before. Had I been in my right mind I probably would have been terrified, but right now I was so angry that I couldn’t even think straight.


His eyes lowered with a flicker of recognition, and his voice dropped. “Who was on the phone, Nicole?”

“Your ‘girlfriend’ Tessa,” I sneered with as much venom in my voice as I could muster.

All the bastard could do was nod. The room was still while he stood at the foot of the bed in silence for a few long moments, his eyes glowering down on me. It was only then that I realized where I actually was — naked, handcuffed to a bed, with absolutely no where to go. And it wasn’t like I’d bought some flimsy handcuffs. No, the store that I’d gone to sold law enforcement strength handcuffs. Like the ones the police used. There was no wiggling my way out of these. If he wanted to keep me here, he was more than able to. And we weren’t even connected to the main hotel. I was stuck. “Unlock me. Let me up.” My voice was cold, almost unrecognizable, even to me.

He just shook his head, and stayed silent for a few more moments. He was going to have to say something. This was so uncomfortable. Hell, I’d much rather us be having an all-out screaming match than this. “No, I’m not going to uncuff you. We’re going to talk about this. It’s not what you think though.”

The nerve! Who the hell did he think he was, to keep me prisoner like this?! The second he finally let me up I was so filing for divorce. This shit was ridiculous. He couldn’t do this to me!! This was most definitely some form of kidnapping, right?! Definitely against the law. He was a prominent lawyer. I wonder how much press coverage I could get if I got him arrested. I was going to take him down so hard.

“GOD DAMN IT BRAD, LET ME UP!” I screeched. Okay yes, I got slightly scary-high pitched with I was upset.

He leaned down to the ground to the other set of handcuffs, looking like he was grabbing a key for a moment. But then… oh no. He- he was grabbing the other set! What the hell?! He unlocked both wrists of the new ones, and walked over to me. “NO!” I screamed, and reached out to scratch him, or hit him, or something.

But he just grabbed my small wrist and put it up on the headboard next to the other, and before I even knew what was happening, I was cuffed by the other wrist as well. Fabulous. Now he had me doubly restrained.

“Nicole, we are going to talk about this.” He paused, and was silent for a moment. The only sound that filled the room was the slight clink-clink-clink of the handcuffs hitting the headboard, as my entire body was shaking, out of rage. “I know that if I were to let you up, that would be it. So we’re going to talk about this until it’s resolved. Understood?”

I closed my eyes, and tears ran down my cheeks. I said nothing. He was technically right. The second that he let me up I was out of here. “Fuck you,” I whispered.

I could practically feel his smirk as the bed dipped and he sat down next to me. “Such vulgar words from such a pristine little girl. What would your mother say?”

“Shut the fuck up Brad. You don’t get to make jokes. Uncuff me. Please.” I choked out a sob, and forced my eyes open to look at him. I focused all my energy into what I hoped was a hateful stare, but I knew that it wasn’t coming across as strongly as I wanted. I loved the man, that wasn’t going to change within five minutes, no matter what the circumstance. But my heart was broken, and I knew that was in my eyes. He had to see that.

At least, if he did notice my hurt, he didn’t acknowledge it. That was always our problem in our marriage. He’d close himself off like this. He’d take the offensive, like I was some other player on the other football team. Someone he had to defeat by becoming ultra-cold. He’d resort to sarcasm, mean little comments, and would undercut me. I could practically feel our problematic marriage bubbling to the surface again. It hadn’t even been a full 24 hours.

His deep voice, the scary one that he used when we were fighting, or when he was doing lawyer things, interrupted my thoughts. “The woman who called you was Tessa Dallas. She’s an intern at the firm. She started a few months ago. She is not my girlfriend.”

I just stared up at him. What else could I do at this point?

“I’ve had drinks with her a few times.” His voice grew softer, quieter as he went on, and his eyes left mine in shame. That was something that I rarely saw. I could feel bitterness rise in my throat, and for a moment I was sure that I was going to vomit.

“Did you fuck her?” my voice sounded distorted, like it wasn’t me asking the question. It couldn’t be.

He quickly shook his head, but remained silent.

“You did something with her though. Oh my God. You’re disgusting.” I could barely choke out the words.

“It was a kiss. Once. Nothing more, Nicole. Certainly not enough for her to be calling herself my girlfriend. And that was the last time that I saw her…”

I couldn’t breathe, and fire rushed through my veins as anger overtook me. We’d had our problems, but we’d been faithful. At least that’s what I had thought. My friends had been so sure that he was cheating. Why else would he be gone so much? But I stuck to the fact that no, not my Brad. Not us. We weren’t that couple. But apparently he was. He was the guy that went out and kissed random girls despite that little platinum wedding band on his finger.

“Get. Away. From. Me.”

He simply shook his head again, and leaned towards me, and pressed a soft open mouthed kiss to my neck. I tried my best to pull away from him, but with the cuffs it was no use. I kicked my legs, thrashing around, trying to push him away from me. He just gave me a sad smile though, and used his large hands to hold down my hips, as he feathered more kisses down my neck, towards my collarbone.

“Stop…” I whimpered, but my body was betraying me. I could feel myself arching towards him, despite all of my internal protests against it. He nipped my right collarbone softly and gave my waist a small squeeze before he pulled away from me, but only far enough to allow his lips enough room to hover about half an inch above my skin.

“Remember that one really big fight that we had, about a month ago? The one-”he paused, and I swear I could hear his voice break, “The one where you mentioned divorcing me?”


It was his own father’s birthday, and the asshole had forgotten. God, I’d looked like such a fool explaining that one. “Oh yeah, sorry your only son forgot your birthday, Mr. Davis. It seems as though work is much more important to him than you, or his mom, or me these days. Haha!”

I stormed through the front door, and glanced at my watch as I slammed the door closed behind me — 11:53. I’d spent the past five hours at a birthday party for Bradley’s father making up awkward excuses about how he would be there in ‘just fifteen more minutes’. It wasn’t even as though I had been able to get in contact with him to get an ETA on where he was, or when he’d be coming.

I really wasn’t close with his family. Brad knew that. I mean, we tolerated each other fine, but his mother wasn’t all that fond of me because she had always hoped that Brad would have married his high school girlfriend, Brittany. Who, coincidently, was also at the party. His dad is fine, but is just quiet, so he wasn’t much of an ally to me. And Brad’s sisters don’t like me any more than his mother do. I’ll never measure up to Britt. I’ve long since accepted that. But normally I can hide behind my husband during these awkward family encounters. Except for you know when he doesn’t show up.

It was just horrible. Just… sitting there. Staring at the door, hoping he’d walk through it, show up and rescue me. But of course not. And it really shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did.

But what did surprise me was to walk into the apartment and find him sprawled out on the couch, watching a TiVo’d episode of CSI: Miami with a beer. “Hey baby! Where’ve you been?”

I threw my purse and keys to the ground, not bothering to walk over to the little table in the hall that I normally put my stuff down on, and I could feel anger pour through my body like hot lava. “You son of a fucking bitch. How long have you been here?”

He stood up and flipped off the TV, and stared at me, clearly confused, with one eyebrow raised. “Ummm… like two hours? I got home early; I was hoping we could have dinner together or something.”

“It was your father’s birthday party, you fucking moron! I’ve been telling you about this for weeks! And I’ve been calling and texting you all night!”

He pursed his lips and inhaled sharply, “Ah shit, I’m sorry Nikki. My bad. Hope you told Pop ‘Happy Birthday’ from me?” he paused, and gave me a half smile, “Hey, did you bring back any cake by any chance? I’m starving.”

“IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY?!” I exploded. I could feel my face turning red, and my voice was so loud that my body shook. Seriously, that was what he was going to say to this? ‘My bad?’ And then ask for cake?! I had barely seen the man in six weeks, but I’d been leaving him little post-it’s all over the place for this. I’d been making sure his assistant reminded him about this party. I’d put it in all of his different calendars and organizers and phones.

He just gave me this strange blank stare and shrugged, and looked at me almost as if I was crazy. Okay, that really set me off.

“Goddamnit, Bradley, I haven’t seen you in months! I ask you to do this one little thing, not even for me, but for your damn FATHER, and you can’t even manage to do that?! Seriously?! I mean what kind of a heartless bastard are you?!” I threw my arms up and stared at him wide eyed as I walked closer towards him.

“What are you talking about Nikki, I see you all the time…”

God, he was so daft. “No, no you don’t. You see me in passing. I see the damn doorman more than you. We haven’t made love in nine weeks. NINE. I haven’t had a proper meal with you in almost five months. And we haven’t had a conversation that wasn’t some form of a fight in God knows how long! So no, you don’t ‘see me all the time’”

He was silent. Yes, there was no comeback to that because I was completely right. He knew that. Which was utterly heartbreaking, because I shouldn’t be right about something like this. Where had our marriage gone? Where had the happy couple that we’d once been disappear to?

“Well did you ever think that it’s because you’re horrible to be around?” His words, although low, and not said in an angry tone hit me like a slap in the face. “Yeah, I mean shit, Nikki, no wonder we don’t spend time together, I can’t stand to be around you. All you ever fucking do is scream at me and point out everything I’m doing wrong. I’m sorry that I can’t be perfect like you are. I’m sorry I wasn’t born with a damn crown on my head, like Miss Nicole Paisley Weston here. Princess Nicole. Little princess can do no wrong.” He let out a bitter laugh and stared at me with a harsh cruelty in his eyes.

“This is over, isn’t it? Why the hell are we even trying anymore, Brad? Clearly it’s a lost cause. I mean you clearly hate me so much, and right now, I’m thinking pretty much the same about you.” I paused, and stared at the floor and took a shaky breath, “I’ll call my lawyer in the morning and have papers drawn up. This is done Brad. I want a fucking divorce.”

And with that he was gone. Before I could even look up, he had stormed out and slammed the door. I slid down the wall and started sobbing, and that’s what I had remembered about that night. I never did end up making the call to the divorce lawyer, I tried, but I couldn’t bring myself to dial the number. We didn’t speak for a week and a half straight after that. But then we just sort of got back to normal and pretended it didn’t happen.

But apparently his night hadn’t ended there.


After he’d stormed out of the apartment, Brad had texted the ‘hot intern’, Tessa Dallas, that he had had drinks with many times before. He didn’t really have all that many close guy friends since joining the firm, mainly because he was the youngest. And all of his college friends didn’t live around here. But the girl was the closest to his age, her being twenty one. He asked her to meet him at ‘their’ bar, a little place called Lockdown.

He drove and parked without thinking, barely pausing before he jumped out of the car to go inside, only stopping long enough to slip off his wedding ring. Yeah, it was a shitty thing to do, but he wasn’t exactly in the best frame of mind at the moment. To say the least.

He walked inside the dark, smoke filled bar and smiled when he saw her sitting in a corner booth, waiting for him. Tessa was everything that Nikki wasn’t. She was model thin and tall — he figured she was probably around 5’10” or so. And she was a blonde, with this wavy hair that somehow always looked like she had just come from the beach. Her skin was deeply tanned, and her eyes were a deep purple, a color so startling that she was often stopped on the street and asked if her eye color was ‘real’ or not. She was stunning. Absolutely stunning.

But honestly, he wasn’t all that ‘into’ her. Sure, she was hot. Anyone could see that. But he wasn’t really attracted to her. Sure, maybe a little bit, but it was more that he just liked her personality. He liked that she was still in college, and that she was this upbeat sorority girl. He liked that she was like Nikki was when they were in college. Spending time with Tessa was like spending time with the woman who used to be his wife. Tessa was so much fun. She had such energy about her. So much spirit. So much passion. He could talk to her, or argue with her, for hours.

He’d been going out to have drinks with her after work for the past few months, since she started at the firm. After all, he was done with work most nights around midnight, and it wasn’t like Nikki was going to be up anyway (at least that’s what he figured). So he would take Tessa out for a few hours, and just enjoy her company. She’d become one of his closest friends. His confidante. But really, there hadn’t been anything sexual about their relationship.

A bit of sexual tension, just by nature, sure, but nothing more. Until that night. He broke into a grin as he approached her. With one hand he signaled the bartender to bring him a drink (he was a regular, so he didn’t need to really say what he wanted), but he kept his eyes on her. He mouthed ‘Hi’ to her as he got closer, but he walked slowly.

His heartbeat slowed. He hadn’t even realized it had been beating fast. It was the first time he felt calm all night. It had been such a stressful day at work, and then to come home and have his wife flip a shit on him hadn’t helped. But just being near Tessa was like an instant anti-anxiety drug. Finally he approached the booth and slid in next to her. Without a word, he pulled her thin body into his, into an almost crushing hug.

He breathed in her scent — a mixture of vanilla and some flower (lilies?) — and just held her. It was like he was releasing his stress into the universe, through her. Feeling her skinny arms wrap around his large body in an effort to hug him back with just as much intensity sent his heart soaring, and he just squeezed her tighter. The two sat there, embracing, for about three minutes, without a word. Neither realized when the bartender brought over his scotch, or when the song changed in the background. It was only them in the world at that moment.

When they finally pulled apart, her eyes were huge with inquiry. He had never touched her like that before, so why now? He just shook his head, and closed his eyes. He put his hand up, in a ‘stop’ type of motion, and quickly downed his drink.

When he had finished, he put down the glass and his hand, and took her hands in his. He just looked at her before he shook his head in awe, and then began spilling out the entire story, of how he and Nicole had been fighting lately, about how bad their marriage really was. Sure, he’d told her that things weren’t great, but he hadn’t let on just how terrible things really were. And then tonight, he’d worked so hard to finish up work early enough to get home to try to catch her for dinner, but she hadn’t been there. So he’d just taken the night to relax, and had caught up on CSI. Honestly, it was a complete mistake that he had forgotten his father’s birthday party. It wasn’t like he was this horrible, malicious man that was out to make his wife suffer through things with his family. His assistant hadn’t been in that day to remind him, and he’d lost his blackberry that day. He hadn’t gotten any of her texts or calls either. There were simple explanations for everything.

No, it didn’t make it okay. He understood that. But he’d apologized! So why hadn’t she just forgiven him?! It was a legitimate mistake! He was just under so much stress lately… everything was just getting to him. It was like the world was crumbling down around him, and he couldn’t even rely on his wife to be on his side. Hell, tonight she said that she hated him. She said that she wanted a divorce.

He paused long enough to lean his head back against the wall, and apparently long enough for Tessa to think that he was leaning towards her, or ‘making a move’. Because she certainly took that and ran with it. She pulled one hand away from his, and wrapped it around his neck, and pulled him close to her, bringing their lips together. Softly at first, as if testing what would happen, their lips just barely brushed. But before he even knew what he was doing, he had let go of her other hand, and grabbed her waist, pulling her over to him and lifted her onto his lap so that she was straddling him on the seat. He massaged the back of her neck as he pressed her head down towards his, and slipped his tongue between her open lips.

After our brisk morning walk around the gardens, we went back to our room. We were certain the chambermaid would be there, and that she would have had the time to pick through the carefully strewn clothing and jewelry we had left lying about. After all, Ems and I rehearsed this often enough.

As expected, the door to our room was closed. Ems grinned at me. We knew it was hotel policy for maids to leave the door open when they cleaned the guest rooms, so it meant either of two things: That the maid had already cleaned up the room, which was highly unlikely, given how quickly we’d returned; or that she had discovered something worth taking a second look at, and didn’t want anyone walking in on her.

Quietly, we opened the door and stepped inside. The living area was empty and clean, and we could hear movement within the bedroom. Ems was the quicker, and she drew the doors open with dramatic flourish. I dallied behind, not wanting to make my presence known to the person in our bedroom.

I heard her exclaim, and Emily, demonstrating her practised cool, saying sharply: “And what do you think you are you doing, young lady?”

“Why, I was just cleaning up in here.” I heard the insolence in the maid’s voice and took that as my cue.

“What is going on in here, Ems?” I said loudly as I strode into our bedroom, not pausing even as I noted the naked back of the girl who was facing away from me. She was looking defiantly at Emily, so she had not noticed my presence until I announced myself.

She gave a start, turned and saw me, and turned pale. She was very fair, and her features were delicate — her eyes large, her nose sharp and turned up at the very tip. As I’d walked in, I noted that her back was smooth and unmarked, which was rather unusual for a young woman employed as a chambermaid. I smiled, knowing we had come upon our intended prey.

“Isn’t that your dress, Ems?” I enquired, maintaining a stern demeanor and tone. “What is this girl doing wearing the dress I bought you yesterday?”

“She was wearing it when I came in, darling,” was Ems’ reply. “I had no idea…”

“Take it off!” I roared, startling the girl once more. “Take it off right now!”

“B… but…” she stammered. “Please, sir, I…”

“I said take it OFF!”

“No! I’m not… wearing…”

“Ems, is this how you repay my kindness… by giving away my gifts to some pitiful servant?” I said sarcastically. Ems grinned at me because the girl’s attention was fully on me, and she could not see what Ems was doing. Which was how Emily managed to take her completely by surprise, pulling the dress off her shoulders so it fell to the floor at the girl’s feet.

It took her a moment to realize what had happened… then the girl screamed in shock. She was completely naked under Ems’ dress, which was a nice surprise. Her breasts weren’t as sumptuous as Ems’, and her figure was more girlish than womanly, but it was sufficiently feminine to evoke a reaction in my pants. Her pubic hair was sparse, and as red as the hair on her head… though not as red as her face was at the sudden revelation of her body.

“You..! How dare…” she sputtered, her hands rising quickly to her chest and pubic area in a vain attempt to preserve her modesty. I leered at her to let her know I’d seen her bodily secrets and didn’t let her finish. Her indignation would give her courage, and we needed to keep her off-balance.

“How dare we? We walk into our room to find the maid wearing a dress I’d bought as as gift to my wife, and you ask how dare we..? I daresay we ought to be asking YOU, how dare you!”

She shushed up right away, her eyes still defiant, but now tinged with wariness. She knew she was standing on very shaky ground right now.

“Ems, we’d better get the manager in here right now,” I said, looking at my partner-in-crime. “Tell him we’ve got a naked little thief in our room.”

“No! No, please,” the girl pleaded. “You can’t…”

“Oh yes we can, young lady!” I said triumphantly. “Ems, if you’ll please…”

“You don’t know who my mother is!” the girl blurted out, her eyes looking wildly about. She couldn’t bring herself to look into my eyes, which suggested she was panicking, thinking of what she could do to get herself out of this predicament. “Mother… she’ll…”

“Tell you what, dearie, I’ll call in the police as well, and we’ll see just what it is your mother will do,” I smirked at her. “I’m sure the police will get here rather quickly, and you won’t have any problem explaining your side to them in your current state.”

“I… you… you bastard!” she exclaimed.

“Now, shall I take it then that you would like to give your statement to the manager and the police officer? I’m sure your mother will be most concerned about how her daughter is in such a state, and under arrest to boot.”

I waved my hand in her general direction, and saw her shoulders droop in defeat. Good. She knew there was no getting out of this. Her hands remained firmly in place, though, and her knuckles were white with strain. Next step.

“OK, Ems, will you call the manager in right now?”

“NO! Please. I mean, he’s a creep and I… I don’t want him to know…”

“You should’ve thought of that before you came in here and put on my dress,” Emily said, as she picked up the handset of the phone. “I wonder what we’ll find in the pockets of your uniform.”

“No. No, please,” she begged, her eyes moistening, her voice turning into a whine. If she was pretending remorse, the girl was a pretty good actress. “Please don’t.”

“Well, something has to be done about this,” I said firmly, remembering what the manager, Mr. S. had had to say about this little scamp. A real handful, he said. She uses her wiles to get her way — flirts when she has to, then making accusations of improper conduct. She was such a poor worker and so quick to help herself with the guests’ belongings that he would have fired her, if not for her mother. No one crossed her for the sake of her mother, and the girl knew it and took full advantage of it. Mr. S. would most certainly have been pleased to find her in this state. “We can’t just let it rest like this.”

“I… ummm… I could make it worth your while,” she suddenly changed her tune, her eyelashes fluttering coquettishly. Or so she hoped. I’d seen enough women to know when it was a put on, and this was definitely a put-on. Besides, her hands remained firmly clasped across her breasts and on her groin, so I knew she wasn’t about to offer her body. She was only playing for time while she thought of a way out.

“And how do you propose to do that?” I said to her, making sure my leer was obvious. “What do you have to offer?”

“I could… I could bring you champagne and stuff for free,” she said, her eyes darting about my face nervously, her hands clutching even more tightly at her body. “If you would kindly let me dress…”

“Do you hear that, Ems? She can bring us stuff FOR FREE!” I guffawed, startling the girl once more. “Wow, what a treat!”

“In case you don’t realize, young lady, that dress you were wearing cost more than you would earn in two years,” I glared at the girl. “What I have is money. I have no need for any “free stuff” from you!”

She shut up and cast her eyes downwards, biting her lower lip. The girl appeared to be struggling with her own thoughts and unable to come up with a response.

I decided to press my advantage, adopting a gentler, but still sarcastic tone: “Generous as that offer may be, I’m afraid I have to decline. I have no need of free stuff. Especially not if it happens to be “free” because it has been retrieved from someone else.”

She looked up at me, shock showing in her face. Perhaps she was surprised we had cottoned on to her dirty little habit?

“I suppose we shall have to revert to our original plan. Ems? If you’d please..?”

“No, wait,” she pleaded, her eyes betraying her desperation. “I can’t… please spare me.”

“My dear young lady,” I put on my best lecturing voice. “It’s obvious to me that this is not the first time you’ve done something like this. It would be very remiss of us to not report you for your crime, because you would only continue with your merry jaunts into this fine hotel’s guestrooms. No, something must definitely be done about this. Ems?”

“NO. Please, sir, allow me to make amends for my error,” she begged once more. “I… I said I would make it worth your while. And I will. If you will ask your lady to leave the room, I will…”

“Ah, my dear, there is one thing you must understand. There are no secrets between my lady and myself. Whatever it is you wish to propose, you will propose in front of her.”

I smiled at her grimace. I wasn’t sure what it was she was planning, but I presumed she intended to keep it private so that it would become a matter of just my word against hers. Keeping Emily in the same room ensured she had to deal with two people, not just one.

“Well? What is it you wish to propose?” I smirked again. We were very much in control of the situation.

“I’m sure you would prefer if we were alone…”

“Not at all. You can be sure I very much prefer that Emily is here to bear witness.”

“But… but I… uh…” she stammered, unsure of what to do next.

“If you have nothing more to say, then I presume we are done speaking and we should proceed with notifying the relevant authorities of your misdeeds. Ems?” I insisted, pushing her to commit to her only remaining route.

“NO. No, please,” she pleaded once more, trying to draw an iota of sympathy from me with her piteous whine. “I… I’ll do this…”

At that, she dropped her hands from her body, exposing her fright-hardened pink nipples and the cute little tuft of flame-colored pubic hair down below. Her hands fluttered like helpless butterflies, but remained at her sides. Her eyes remained fixed on the floor, her breathing harsh and loud in the silence of the room. She was either scared or excited. Or both. The reddish hue on her face deepened as it spread to her shoulders and the tops of her breasts.

“That’s nice, my dear,” I said appreciatively. I meant it too. She did have a nice body, although Emily was by far a better specimen of womanhood. “Very nice indeed.”

She turned in a slow pirouette, keeping her eyes downcast, but giving me a good view of her entire body, front and back. She had a nice ass, round and perky, which bounced as she moved. But then I’d already evinced that fact from the quick look I’d had when I first walked into the room.

When she faced me once more, I noticed that her breasts were rising and falling at a faster rate than before. Interesting. Her very first time naked in front of a man, and she was actually excited. I wondered if her mother had lied about her daughter’s virginal ways, but rejected the notion right away. There was no way Madame L. would have allowed her daughter to set a foot wrong. Not if she wanted to maintain her pristine image in the community. No, any daughter of Madame L.’s would have to be as much a paragon of virtue as she was. Or rather, appeared to be.

I smiled, noticing that her hands were not fluttering anymore. In fact, they were held determinedly at her sides, as if she was proud to show off her maiden wares. Her eyes met mine. She looked defiant once more, almost as if she was challenging me to keep looking at her. I allowed my eyes to drop, linger at her breasts, then slide down lower, towards the barely covered mound with its lovely pink slit.

I kept my eyes trained on her sex, noting her slight trembling, and smiled. “That is certainly a delightful sight, my dear,” I said appreciatively.

My continued observation of her nude body, and particularly, her uncovered slit, seemed to unnerve her. She fidgeted a little, then made her move towards her clothes.

“Now that you’ve seen all, I shall…”

“Not quite,” I replied quite firmly, stopping her in her tracks. “I said it was nice, I didn’t say it was sufficient.”

“Why you…” she started, glaring angrily at me. Clearly, she thought she had made amends. I had to ensure she realized how wrong she was.

“Before you continue, I think you should have a look at Ems over there,” I gesticulated towards Emily. The girl had apparently not noticed the rustle of Em’s dress as it settled on the floor, but she certainly did notice Em’s nude body. Her mouth fell open.

“You may think you’ve given me a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, young lady, but as you can see from Emily over there, I’ve seen better.”

“But I… no one’s ever seen me like that before!” her petulance knew no bounds. “You’ve taken advantage of me, you bastard.”

“Not at all,” I said evenly, smiling as I looked into her eyes to show I meant what I said. “There are two people here who can testify to how you sneaked into our room and tried to make off with my lady’s new dress. And only one who will say otherwise. Now, who do you think the police and manager will believe? My wife and I, or a little chambermaid with sticky fingers?”

“I can… I can say you were both… you took advantage of me!” she was determined not to give in, even as her desperation raised the tone of her voice.

“Yes, well, let’s just call the manager and the police and let them decide. Ems?”

Her head dropped, her eyes cast onto the floor as her bluff was called. She clearly had no cards left to play. And I hadn’t even pulled out my trump card yet.

“As I was saying, you can see that your exposing yourself to me hardly qualifies as ‘making it worth my while’. Not when I’ve got a far better eyeful every night with Emily.”

“But… this is my first…” she stammered, unsure of how she should continue.

“Young lady, it doesn’t matter to me whether you’ve shown yourself to a hundred men, or if you’ve been cloistered away for the last 18 years. You did promise that you would make it worth our while, but thus far, I’ve not seen anything worth my while. Yet.”

I let slip that I knew her age before I could stop myself, but thankfully, she did not seem to notice.

The girl turned to face me again, fiery defiance in her eyes. She did look a lot like her mother did when she was railing against immorality and obscene behavior. “So… what would I have to do, for it to be worth your while?”

“What is your name, girl?” I pretended ignorance.

“I… Phyllis,” she replied, her gaze not leaving my face. I kept my own eyes on hers, making her flinch even more than when she thought I had been perusing her naked body. “What do you wish, sir?”

Emily answered her question from the bed, to which she had moved while the girl turned her attention to me. “We’d like you to make a mess of this bed.”

“What?” she turned around to look at Ems, who was lying with her legs spread on the bed. “What do you..?”

I could observe Phyllis’ expression in the mirror on the wall next to the bed, and almost burst out laughing at the look on her face as her eyes alighted on Ems’ delightfully plump and denuded vulva, now gaping a little and inviting further investigation. Damn it, Ems was always able to get a rise out of me. My cock felt constrained in my pants, and I longed to take it out.

“She said, you should make a mess of the bed,” I said helpfully, suppressing my laughter. She really did look quite comical, with her eyes and mouth wide open like that.

“You mean you want… No. Sir, I am sure you would prefer…”

“I am certain I would prefer if you help my lady out, over there. Yes, I do mean you should put your face down on my Emily’s pussy over there and lick it till it becomes messy.”

Her eyes widened even more. She turned and looked pleadingly at me.

“But I can’t. I’ve never…” she was shaking her head even as I nodded mine.

“There’s always a first time for everything. Besides, how would you know you wouldn’t like it if you haven’t ever done it?”

“But… it’s wrong! I can’t… maybe I can clean your room. Naked,” she said, her words coming out in a rush. She was truly desperate now. “You can both look at me all you want. You can… you can even touch me… all over…” she shivered, and I wasn’t sure if it was from fear or anticipation.

“I repeat — I have that. I look at that every night. And I touch that every day,” I said, gesturing at Ems’ naked form. “I’ll grant that you are different from Ems, but I have no desire to experience anything less than what I already get regularly.”

I felt bad speaking that way, especially in front of Ems, who had assured me she had no issues with being referred to as an object to be used by men… but whose feelings still mattered enough to me to not want to show such disrespect. But it was all part of the game we were playing, and we knew we wouldn’t achieve our objective if I played nice.

“I don’t know… what do I..?” she said hesitantly.

“Simple. Like we said, make a mess of the bed. Start by going over to Ems,” I instructed her, and she looked at me beseechingly once more. I returned her look with a determined stare and she knew she was beaten. She would have no other way to get out of this, other than to comply with our commands.

Silently, she turned to face Ems on the bed. I observed her expression as she walked slowly to the edge of the bed, stopping in front of Emily’s spread legs. Her eyes were fixed on Ems’ exposed privates, her face colored red. She was both embarrassed and excited — I could see from the rise and fall of her breasts that her rate of breathing was speeding up again — and probably embarrassed again by her excitement. Her nipples had shrunk to tiny little pink knots on her chest.

“Now, be a good girl, get down on your hands and knees and start licking,” I said, and Phyllis’ head whipped around.

“What? I… I can’t. I’ve… I think I should…” she protested, turning around and trying to move past me, away from her prescribed punishment.

“Oh no you don’t!” I grabbed her shoulders — but not too hard, so there wouldn’t be any marks on her skin. “You’re staying here like this.”

Speaking over her head, I directed my next comment at Emily. “Ems, it appears that our Phyllis would rather that we report her to the manager and police. If you’ll get dressed while I hold her here so we can tell them how we came upon her in our room…”

“No! Please. I beg you, kind sir. I can’t… I mean, I won’t…”

“Ah, therein lies our little problem, Phyllis,” I said, my hands firm on her shoulders. I made sure there was no other contact between us even though she was close enough for me to touch her naked body. “You won’t. In spite of your promise to make it worth our while, you won’t. You leave us with no choice.”

“But… but I’m… she’s a woman… we can’t…” she protested. She wasn’t really struggling in my grip, partly because I kept my eyes locked on hers, staring down her resistance.

“Oh? Perhaps I ought to explain, my dear Phyllis. On every woman is a little magic switch,” I smiled at her protest. “I’m sure you would have found your own… or at least had some experience of how that switch works.”

She turned a deeper shade of red, and turned her head away, perhaps to hide her embarrassed acknowledgment of my suggestion. I paused, waiting for her to collect her thoughts, and noticed that she was staring at Ems’ puffy lips again, her eyes locked on the mysterious split of her groin.

When she turned to look at me again, her eyes were bright with lust. “How did you know I..? Ummm. Does it show on my… on me?”

“Oh no, not at all, my dear,” I replied. “I just expected that a pretty young woman who is as… matured as you are, would have naturally found out how her body works.”

She said nothing, her attention back on Emily. Or rather, on Emily’s finger, which was sliding into the slippery groove of her cunt. Her finger gleamed wetly as it appeared, then disappeared back into her luscious cleft.

“Oh my…” she breathed, and I caught the note of excitement in the girl’s voice.

“Your job, my dear Phyllis, is to find that little magic switch… what is called the clitoris, for your information… find it and make Emily excited. Make her so excited that she screams and reaches her peak. Orgasm.”


“Yes, orgasm. That’s what it’s called. The point at which all the excitement you feel comes to an absolute peak, and then you’re flung over the precipice and you lose control of yourself. Some say you forget who or where you are for a few moments. Others say it feels like you’re dying up until the point you reach orgasm. It is the most intense sensation you will ever feel in your life… and for some women, it is something they keep wanting to reach, tim and again. Have you ever experienced such a thing?”

“I…ummm… no…” Phyllis appeared to be having a difficult time deciding between listening to me and watching Ems play with her pussy.

“Well, it matters not,” I said, gesticulating at Ems once more. “Young Phyllis, we would like you to lick Ems’ pussy until she reaches orgasm, after which we will forgive your little indiscretion. If you do not wish to continue, we shall let the manager and the police deal with it.”

“Oh. I… Uh… OK…” she sounded a more unsure than her actions suggested. Her resistance overcome, Phyllis quickly clambered onto the bed and knelt down before the altar of Ems’ sex. Slowly, she lowered her head towards the delicious pink slit. Perhaps it was a whiff of Ems’ heady musk that gave her pause, and she raised her head a little.

“I d…” she began, and, tired of her protestations, I grabbed a handful of her auburn tresses and pushed her head down on Ems’ vulva even as Ems raised her own hips to meet the girl’s face. Her protests were drowned in Ems’ groin.

“I’d try really hard to find that little magic button, Phyllis,” I said encouragingly as I held her head down for a few moments. Then I realized there was no longer any need for force. The girl must have realized that since her face was already buried in Ems’ pussy, she might as well get on with it.

Emily, on her part, was doing her best to help Phyllis find her clitoris. After a few seconds of Phyllis bobbing her head about and Ems pushing her groin upwards, Ems announced the discovery of her clitoris with a loud groan.

“You’re not done yet,” I said as I observed Phyllis’ head rising slightly. “She has to reach her orgasm. You’ve only just found it.”

Whether or not Phyllis had intended stopping, I had no way of knowing. Ems later revealed that Phyllis had set about her task with the gusto of a young pup trying to find its mother’s teat, and just like the young pup, she kept on licking and licking at Ems’ sex.

I watched the young redhead servicing my partner for a bit, then I spoke up again when I had properly prepared for the next step in our indoctrination of young Phyllis L.

“I see you like licking Ems’ pussy, Phyllis,” I said as I moved to the edge of the bed just behind her. She really did have a delectable behind, and the way she was positioned, her buttocks were sufficiently spread so I could see her own pussy leaking juices as she licked at Ems’. It was quite a cute vulva, really… with a smattering of red hair scattered around puffy red lips… and a lovely little puckered brown ring just above that.

“It’s good that you like the taste because that’s my semen you’re drinking there as well. What I put in there last night,” I continued.

Phyllis exclaimed and thrust herself backwards as my words penetrated her sex-addled brain. And yelped as she thrust herself onto my erection. I don’t think she had any inkling of what had happened until it was inside her. While she was licking at Em’s cunt, I had removed my pants and placed the tip of my cock right at the entrance to her vagina. Phyllis did not appear to have noticed this even though my engorged organ had grazed against her vulva a few times as I positioned myself behind her. But she did notice when she suddenly impaled herself upon my prong.

I grunted as my prick was suddenly engulfed by hot, wet, clasping flesh. She was tight enough so the entry was rather pleasurable, but it was her yelp of protest that made it more so.

“Awwkkk! Oh god! What’s that?” she yelped as she felt my prong surge into her exposed hole. She was wet enough so the entry was effected with little friction or pain on my part. On her part, I expect it might have hurt because it was her first time. I couldn’t really tell, and I don’t think she could either… Her backward thrust at my last statement was so swift that I felt my prick press against and burst past a little barrier inside her before either of us could react.

“Oh god! What have you put inside me? Oh god,” she moaned as she turned her head to look back at me. “It… it hurts. Oh godddd….”

She realized she couldn’t turn around, stuck as she was on my prong, and then noticed the mirror at the side. “Oh god. What… what’s that?” she moaned as she saw our reflection… particularly, how I seemed to have embedded a part of myself into her body. Perhaps she was still in shock, or maybe she was curious, but instead of removing the intruder in her private parts, she raised her left leg as she stared at the mirror… and saw how my stiff cock snaked into the split of her groin, under the tuft of red pubic hair. She stared at the mirror for a few moments, perhaps while her mind digested the image. Then she lowered her leg and groaned again: “My god. My god. What have you done to me? Oh god. Oh god!”

Surprisingly, in spite of her protests, she appeared to be in no hurry to remove the offending prong in her pussy.

“Me? I have done nothing, my dear,” I said through gritted teeth. Madame L. was right. Phyllis was a virgin. And she was tight around my cock. Tight enough to make me want to come quickly into her. But that wasn’t part of the plan. No, it didn’t matter how much control I had to exercise, coming into her clasping little vagina was not what I wanted to do. “This was all your doing.”

“Oh god… I am… I was… a virgin!” she groaned as she moved forward a little. She appeared to be preparing to take my prick out of her cunt, yet she seemed to not want to do so.

“Yes, you were,” I said. “Consider it a favor, that I have now removed that burden from your shoulders. After all, only virgins are sacrificed, no?”

She said nothing, but her eyes were half-closed and it was hard to tell if she was in lust, or just plotting a way to get back at us.

“Now, you have a job to do. Remember?”

“God. That. Your thing…”

“Cock. Prick. Dong. Prong. Take your pick.”

“Your… cock. It’s too… big!” she said while she moved forward a little more, withdrawing more of my cock from her squelching pussy. I saw and felt copious amounts of Phyllis’ cunt fluids running out of her ravished hole. “Oooooh godddd!”

I said nothing as she drew forward some more, until only my cock head remained embedded in her bulging hole. “Oh… my… godddd!” she groaned. “How did it… my cunny… how can… you destroyed me!”

Emily spoke up: “Yes, well, that’s nice to know, but we’re not done here, are we?” From the breathlessness I heard in her voice, I could tell that Ems was well on her way to her orgasm. But not yet. We were both not done yet. I looked at her, shaking my head slightly, and she grinned in spite of the lust coloring her face.

Phyllis moved forward, to plant her face on Ems’ pussy, but not before cooing as my cock slipped out of her, drawing even more vaginal fluid out of her plundered orifice. “Ooooooh…” she moaned, then she was muffled by Ems’ vulva.

I considered pressing my cock forward, back into her vagina, but held back, waiting to see how she would react to the sudden vacuum of my withdrawal. Phyllis’ buttocks waved about enticingly as she set about her task of pleasuring Emily again. I gazed at her leaking vulva, and the little ring above that, and wondered if I should move on to the next step. But she preempted me. Without warning, she stopped her licking and turned to look at me, arching her back as she did so. The movement angled her vagina upwards, but it did not stop the streams of fluid running down the insides of her thighs. Looking at me with lust-filled eyes, her face streaked with Ems’ fluids, she looked right into my eyes as she drove herself backwards again, this time swallowing my cock up completely in her virgin sheath.

“Ooooooooh godddd,” she moaned as my pubis thumped up against her backside. “That… that’s so… big… and deep!”

I grinned, feeling my cock surge right up to the end of her slippery sheath. It sounded like a protest, but it most certainly wasn’t. Clearly, Phyllis liked the sensation of her inner flesh being stretched and spread by my invading cock.

“I… want to feel it. Inside… me,” she gasped as she pushed back harder, making sure her vagina had claimed every available inch of me. Then, she reached back and pulled at my hips. “Come. Stay… inside!” she commanded, and refused to go back to Ems’ pussy each time she felt my cock slide out of her… even for a fraction of an inch. Phyllis appeared to be enjoying being impaled deep within her vagina. But she was still unknowing of the ways of sex… and I was about to teach her about its pleasures.

I pulled her hands from my hips, drawing a muffled mewl from her as I withdrew my cock slowly from her clutching flesh until the head of my cock was nestled between her fleshy labia… then I drove forward quickly, neither giving her time nor warning to adjust. She gurgled her reaction from the depths of Ems’ vulva, her hands flying outwards as she was driven up hard against Ems. I repeated the actions, making my withdrawals agonzingly slow and my entries searingly quick, and she seemed to enjoy the rhythm I set… so much so that she came very quickly.

I felt her vagina suddenly tighten along the length of my cock, and saw her body stiffen and then quiver uncontrollably for a few seconds while her pussy tried its hardest to milk my prong of its seminal treasure. I held back, from my own explosion. We were not done yet, and I couldn’t allow myself the luxury of ejaculation, even into such a wildly sucking sheath.

It took several seconds for her orgasm to slowly subside into little temblors that grew further and further apart. When she was done, Phyllis sagged against Ems’ left thigh, her mouth open while her tongue lolled against Ems’ cleft.

We let her rest for a few moments. Ems had come down quite a bit from her race towards her own peak, while I was still rock hard… and embedded deep in Phyllis’ still convulsing vagina. When I decided she had recovered sufficiently from her first orgasm, I told Phyllis that she had yet to achieve the goal we had set her.

This time, she did not protest. She gamely set about licking at Ems as enthusiastically as she had before, groaning only slightly when I dragged my still engorged prick from her slippery cunt. Her inner thighs were coated thickly with her lubricant, the streams of wetness staining the white sheets.

Phyllis was getting Ems closer and closer to her climax, and I knew it was the right time to initiate the next step. I reached for the bottle of olive oil on the table behind me and poured it liberally over my prick. Ems’ eyes flew open as the smell of olive oil filled the room, but Phyllis was getting better at her job, and she closed her eyes again, while I moved back into position.

This time, my cock was aimed at the little brown ring above Phyllis’ still weeping vagina.

“Owwwww!” she yelped as I pushed forward, penetrating her backside with one stroke. Her anal ring disappeared into her buttocks with the pressure of my thrust, and Phyllis had little time to react. As my cock head disappeared into her rectum, she yowled with pain.

“Owww! Ow! Owww! Sir! Please! That… that hurts!” she cried as her anus finally found its strength and clamped down on my cock, preventing deeper incursion into her forbidden area. “Please… sir… remove your… cock from my… ass. Sir! I beg you! You can put it back down there… in my cunny. Please! Sir!”

“Very well, my dear,” I said gaily, and moved to pull out my prong from her asshole. She relaxed her muscles so that I would be able to effect my exit, and I took the opportunity to press forward again, spreading and stretching her rectal passage ever deeper.

“Aauuwww!” she groaned as more than two-thirds of my cock claimed her backside. “Ohhh! Please! Sir!”

“Young lady, I do believe you complained when I first entered your cunny,” I grimaced. She was tighter in the back, so much so I could feel her pulse through her rectal walls. “Yet, you seemed to enjoy it when you got used to it. Who is to say you won’t enjoy this now?”

“But I… it’s wrong,” she protested, tears spilling down her cheeks and mixing with Ems’ vaginal fluids. “M… you shouldn’t… do it in my… in my ass.”

“Well, now that I’m inside, the point is moot, is it not?” I said, making as if to withdraw once more. Again, she relaxed, thinking to let me out, and again, I pushed forward more, so that three-quarters of my prick was now buried in her taut, quivering buttocks.

“You… I don’t…” she moaned. “I can’t!”

“If you want it to hurt less, you’d do well to relax your backside,” Ems piped up. She had sat up, her eyes flashing. Was that due to desire or triumph? It didn’t matter. Just like the smell of olive oil no longer seemed to affect her. We had achieved our goal. “Just loosen up back there. And cock your hips like this.”

Ems’ hands went to Phyllis hips, positioning them at the right angle for penetration. The resistance I felt around my cock suddenly melted away, and I gleefully thrust the remaining part of my cock deep into Phyllis’ backside.

“Auwwfff!” she groaned as her rectum was penetrated completely by my engorged cock. “Hhhh… hurts…”

“I said relax, girl,” Ems commanded. “Relax and it won’t hurt.”

“I… hhh… am!” Phyllis responded. “It… hhh… hurts less!”

“Atta girl!” cheered Ems as she lay back on the bed. “Now, you still haven’t completed your task.”

“I… hhh… d… oww!.. don’t… know how… long I can… take this,” Phyllis gasped as she felt my cock twitch deep in her buttocks. “It… ooooh… feels like I… hhh… have to… shit!”

Ems and I laughed. “You won’t, my dear,” said Ems. “Not while you have that big old thing inside your butt.”

Phyllis said nothing, moaning slightly as she moved towards Ems once more, my cock firmly entrenched in her backside. Every movement of my flesh against hers seemed to provoke a reaction, but whether it was pleasure or pain, I was no longer sure… because Phyllis’ rectum seemed to be accommodating my engorged cock very well. So well, in fact, that I was able to start pistoning my cock into her ass with abandon, and she neither seemed to object nor stop her licking of Ems’ pussy.

Now, Ems is a lovely lady, and I love her dearly, but she always did take a while to reach her peak. Because Phyllis kept stopping to object to what I was doing to her body, she had to work harder and longer to get Ems back to the level of excitement she needed to be at, to reach her climax.

I could tell when Ems was getting close to her orgasm, because her skin would turn a pretty pink and her breathing would become harsher and louder. I think Phyllis could tell too, because she seemed to be getting excited along with Ems… I could feel her heartbeat racing along as Ems began to turn pink and shudder. Reaching down, I placed my hands on Phyllis’ breasts and pinched lightly at her hardened nipples, pulling at them slightly as if milking a cow.

That seemed to do it for her, because she started to come too, just as Ems started screaming out her orgasm. I felt Phyllis’ anus clamp down hard on the base of my cock, holding me in place, while her buttocks began to shake. Then her rectum began to convulse, far more strongly than her vagina had. Her pussy had almost managed to milk me of my semen; her rectum was rather more successful. Unable to help myself, I felt the tingling rise from the base of my cock, slowly, then increasing in speed, until my semen burst out of my cock head in uncontrolled spurts.

Phyllis must have felt it too, and it most certainly pleased her immensely, for I felt her rectum begin to suck at my cock even more strongly, where it had seemed to be weakening just before my coming. I didn’t just come into her, I sprayed her backside, filled it with as much semen as I could muster from my balls. As much as my mind was telling me this was a bad idea, I had no way of controlling it once the tingling started… nor did I have any wish to, such was the breadth and depth of lust coloring my mind at the thought of plundering this young girl’s delectable derriere.

Despite our declared wish to remain rational and focused on our goals, I daresay both Ems and I were unable to control ourselves once our orgasms were upon us. I do not know how long my own peak lasted, nor what happened immediately afterward. Suffice to say, I must have “grayed out”… and both Ems and Phyllis too, for we found ourselves still in our respective positions once we returned to our senses.

My cock was still embedded within Phyllis’ anus when I came to and found myself lying on the girl’s bare back. She was, in turn, still lying on Ems’ left thigh, her head turned and eyes open, staring the reflection of the three of us in the mirror. Ems was still lying on her back, her eyes closed, her breasts rising and falling in a regular, familiar rhythm.

No one said anything for a while. We just listened to each other’s breathing in the silent room. Finally, I raised myself wearily off Phyllis’ sweaty back, drawing a soft moan from her as my cock exited her asshole with a wet squelch. She appeared to want to rest a bit more, but, remembering her situation, she finally drew herself upright.

Phyllis looked at me. Her hair was a mess, her face streaked with dried and drying fluid; some of it her spittle but most of it Ems’ pussy fluid. “Sir, do you still wish to report me?” she said as she stood up slowly. It looked like she would have some trouble walking, not least because of the fluids running down the insides of her own legs.

I shook my head. I was still a little breathless from our recent activity.

“I have paid my dues then,” she said as she waddled to her clothes on the floor. “I trust it was worth your while?”

Phyllis was no longer shy about being nude in front of us. In fact, I was almost certain she enjoyed being observed by Ems and myself, because she made no move to cover any part of her body. The little imp turned to look at us and smiled as she bent over her clothes, giving us a good view of her privates. As she did so, I saw a trickle of whitish fluid leak from her anus. It made her giggle, and she reached back to scratch at her asshole without a second thought.

“Yes. Yes it was,” I replied, and Ems nodded appreciatively as well. “There shall be no further recriminations.”

“Well, then… I suppose there’s no longer any need for me to service you,” she said. Her voice was muffled as she slipped her dress over her head, and I couldn’t see her expression, so I didn’t know what her meaning was.

“Phyllis?” Ems piped up. “Can you tell us why you weren’t wearing any underwear while you were cleaning our room?”

She turned around and looked at us squarely. “No, I won’t. That’s MY business.”

Then, before we could say anything else, Phyllis walked as quickly as she could to the door and exited our room.

Ems turned and hit me on the shoulder with her fist. It was more a gesture than it was any intent she had to hurt.

“MATT! What did you DO?”

“I… umm… couldn’t help it,” I replied sheepishly. “She was shimmying and shivering and I lost control.”

“You do know that she could easily go to her mother and claim she was sodomized and raped by you?” Ems was angry, but it was out of concern for me. “Given her track record, that’s a highly likely scenario.”

“Here, put these on. These are the first present you get one our anniversary.”

We were going to celebrate getting married at a posh restaurant with all our friends. I was so excited to show off the new clothes he got me! they were a little too tight but I look good enough to handle that.My husband handed me a pair of underwear when I grabbed they started to vibrate! “AHHH!”, I gave a little shrieked and dropped them on the carpet! THEY BUZZED! I looked at him and he was grinning! He had what looked like a remote control to a car doorlock in his large palm and with his thumb he pressed a button and I could barely hear the buzzing sound from the ‘thing’ I just dropped. We were both getting dressed to go out. He always liked to choose my clothes and he was GOOD at it. He had much better fashion sense then I did! We had only been marred a year and even though we hoped for children nothing had happened yet but it wasn’t his fault: I was STILL getting used to him. I bent or to pick up the underwear and tell him I wasn’t going to wear them and he grabbed my hips from behind and slid that pole all the way through my legs until, looking down, I could barely see the head of it peeking past my pussy. He flexed it and started to slide it along my shaved slit getting himself all wet wih me in the process. As my hands reached the offending panties he hit the buzzer button again and ordered me,

“Stay in this postion and keep holding on to the panties. I ordered them online especially for you and for this night. You know you always had trouble with orgasms and I want to make you have them all the time. The ad said this was a guarantee!”

He reached down and bent over me with his cock still sliding slightly between my now sticky wet inner thighs and he grabbed the panties and straightened a little bit and reached around my waist and pressed the buzzing part, very lightly, right where what he called my ‘love nubbin’ was.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!” I cried out and jumped as the light electric jolt stimulated that part of me while it buzzed against my clit. I don’t like to orgasm I was always told it was evil. He was laughing softly behind me and his breath as blowing in my ear. I was close to the foot of the bed so I rested my hands on it so I would not fall down! My still unbuttoned blouse, that I was wearing to our anniversary dinner that night, was hanging open around my naked breasts.

“Please! Don’t! STOP!” I cried out trying to make him listen.

“Don’t stop? Ok I promise I won’t stop!”

Another light jolt hit my clit and I spasmed it ALMOST hurt and all the blood was rushing there and I was going to…”NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Please nooooo!!!!”, I begged him starting to cry. He was never like this before!

“I am tired of being the only one having any fun when we have sex! I want you to feel what it’s like too! be a good girl and be still! The part that vibrates is called the ‘egg’ and…” as his voiced droned on with the explanation, I held every muscle in my pussy as tightly as I could and gave all my concentration to NOT orgasming….but I knew I would lose this time…God forgive me I knew I would lose! The head of that wicked pole was pressed right in between those two pink parts of me he called ‘flower petals’ and that monster was ready to break my resistance! Then he did something else he never did before: I felt something slimy and pointed being pushed against the other hole above where his….

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” I shrieked so loudly I was sure all the neighbors coud hear me! “Please…please don’t go there that is bad.” I was crying even more as I desperately tried to keep myself from an orgasm!

“This little toy beeps every time you contract or release your muscles in that luscious virgin peach of yours! He slowly pressed it into my resisting muscles. I could not keep it out it was made for easy penetration and I sobbed with relief when a realized it was no larger that what came out of me and only hurt a little going in. I kept my muscles tight but I was dripping down my legs now and my breath was coming in short gasps of fear and my heart was beating too fast! My husband continued calmly, “This device has a pump and when I squeeze it it is supposed to…” My scream drowned out his words as the THING in my ass suddenly JUMPED in size and I could barely keep my muscles tight! Thank God it didn’t beep I was still in control but just barely. Just then the buzzing underwear he held to my clit jolted again and I could not help it…with tears streaming down my face I knew I was his whore even if I was his wife as the device in my ass beeped with each contraction of all those muscles and every cry that came from my mouth with every contraction as pleasure made my body go insane in waves and I lost my mind to it and he made every bit of pleasure HURT as the slamed that huge hard pole into every contraction of my forced orgasm and the tip of hs cock bit the end of me deep inside at the entrance of my womb, as if angry about the lack of children. As I cried out with each stroke he also cried out with pleasure and in his own mindlessness he squeezed the pump AGAIN just as we both came at the same moment and pain shot through me even as the juices of both our pleasures flooded out us!

I was sobbing uncontrollably with shame as he eased himself out of me an pushed something that made the evil toy deflate and the evil underwear stop buzzing. I was shocked and amazed that I had enjoyed that so much even while hating it and further shocked that this was the man I married! He was turning into the devil!

“Come here…come here baby I am sorry. Please forgive me? I got carried away! I am just so happy I could make you feel what I feel! That was my second present to you today!” His eyes were glowing and full of love and I let him draw me close until the tears stopped and we held onto each other in that moment as if time did not matter….

…but time DID matter! We had a party to go to! The guests were waiting!

“Quick we have to wash off and get dressed and go!” he was already ahead of me as he let go and ran into the shower with the forgotten underwear still in his hand and the devices dropped on the floor. I followed him and we washed up together and took care not to get our hair wet. We dried each other off. I loved this kind of thing: it felt like a massage and I loved to rub my hands on that strong body and he loved it too. We came out of the bathroom and started to dress and get ready as fast we could. Then he ordered me in a soft, but firm voice,

“Put on this underwear I got just for you as a special present.”

My insides still hurt from the pounding and he wanted…? But he had a strange look in his eyes as if he knew I was his whore now and if I didn’t….? I looked down shamefacedly and slowly pulled the buzzing underwear over my legs and tried to hide the fact that it was not quite pulled all the way up when he smiled and came to hug me and pulled them up so tightly the egg was pressed right where….I tried not to think about it as he let go and pulled my skirt, (which somehow now felt way too short and tight), down around me until it was at mid thigh where it belonged.

“I want you to wear this bra. This is third present to you.” I looked at it in horror! It was like the ‘Genie’ bra without the pads and their were two nipple sized holes in it! Tiny holes! He handed it to me while he was pulling on his trousers and when he reached for a belt, to keep them up, from the closet he gave me a LOOK….

….I put the bra on. He came over and adjusted it until he could gently pull each nipple through the holes. The holes were not so tight to cut off circulation but they were lined with nylon lace that started to tickle my nipples immediately!

“Jump up and down for me so we can make sure everything is in place and will not move.” I was shocked again! Who was this strange crazy man I married! I started to beg him, “Listen to me please I can’t go to the party like this I can’t think with all this…please please…”, I started to cry again and I yelped as the jolt hit my ‘love nubbin’ which had already had too much stimulation and made me notice how sore my ass was!

“If you cry you will get a jolt and if you smile you will get a buzz and if you jump up and down in that bra and do everything I say you will make me happy and you will be happy too!” I slowly jumped up and down. The bra did not offer that much support and I bounced…”Jump faster! Jump up and down like a cheerleader and make believe you have pompoms!” This felt so embarrassing even though no one could see us I smiled a fake smile and started to jump up and down and pretend to shake pom poms while my breasts bounced around and the lace tickled my nipples and made them hard and I could see he was getting hard under his trousers and he noticed me looking and grinned,

“Don’t worry sweet heart we will save that for later we have a party to go to and you are going to look STUNNING! I have the best most awesome most OBEDIENT wife don’t you agree?”

“Yes!” I said breathlessly still smiling and jumping with parts of me hurting from penetration and ashamed of an orgasm.”

“You can stop now. This is the shirt you will wear tonight”

I stopped jumping and sat on the bed with my sore tushy. Thank GOD he chose somthing LOOSE to go with the bra! I was scared already he would make me wear something as tight as the skirt!. Oddly enough it went well with the skirt and he lovingly slid some extra high heeled shoes over each foot and laced them around each ankle and tied them off with knots I know could not be untied unless the laces were cut with scissors, sucking each toe before he put the shoes on while he knelt and looked up my skirt with puppy like adoration. Then he grabbed my hands and pulled me up.

Oh OHHHHHHH!!!!! the shirt material was also lace and it tickled my nipples constantly! There was nothing to do for it no way to get away from it! It was making me WET again! Wet in the evil underwear! As if he could read my mind he made the underwear buzz for one second and I forced myself to smile.

“Say ‘thank you’ to me”, he ordered softly.

“Thank you…”

“Say ‘thank you for the awesome gifts’….”

“Thank you for the awesome gifts!”

“Good girl! Are you ready to go?”

He was already dressed and he looked sooooo tall and handsome! I was wet just looking at him.

“Yes…” I breathed, “I am ready.”

“That is wonderful because I have more lovely presents for you today all for our special day!” He kissed me gently on the lips and gave me one more hug and took my hand and helped me walk out to the car because I was so wobbly on those heels. Why such high heels?

“I love those heels on you. Try to walk steadily darling. That sweet peach of yours sticks out just right in those heels! I want all the women jealous and all the men hard when they look at you my little whore wife.”

Now I was scared! I smiled at him but he must have seen the fear because after he lowered me into the bucket seat of his black, limited edition Corvette he shocked my poor love nubbin again which made me clench sore tushy muscles while my breasts stayed hard. I yelped again and when he got in the ‘vette he said calmly,

“You will act normal the whole time as if nothing is going on. You understand me? No fear no bad thoughts we are going to have a great time! You will LOVE the rest of my presents!”

My stomach was doing flip flops and I was feeling so sexual as every part of me was stimulated beyond endurance and I had to act ‘normal’. Oh God how was I going to survive the night!

As we pulled out of the driveway he turned on the A/C and pointed the vents right at my breasts! “Do you like this?” he chuckled as my nipples stayed cold and hard….I was scared of the shock so I whispered, “Yes dear I love it!” I could feel the rumble of the 350 engine through the seat and between my legs and the feel of the egg on my clit. He had total control over me.

“Don’t worry darling no more shocks or buzzes for the drive.”, He winked, “We can’t have cum running down you leg when you walk into the party!” He grinned wickedly. He was so beautiful! Unbelievable! I was hot and wet and horny and horrified and scared and sore all at once! It was a thankfully short drive but a long walk up to the building and as I swayed on those heels he was kind and gracious and kept his arm around me so I would not fall but every step was excruciating as the movement of the egg in those special panties made my sensitive clit get sore with an arousal that was too soon. A sudden gust of wind blew my shirt in my face exposing my hard, lace encased nipples to the world if anyone was there to see it and I could here voices of others, arriving late, in the dark night. the lights from the building shone through the material my husband did not bother to pull down, I was so vunerable in every way! I dared not say a word to him about it either! His arm was still lovingly around my waist when he laughed and said loudly,

“Hi I am so glad my old college chums could make it! So nice to see you!”

I was flaming red with embarrasment as I heard some male voices answer back and I had no idea who, or even IF anyone had seen me in the darkness? My devil-of-a-husband gently dragged the lace shirt down over my nipples and I shuddered inside at the feel of the material as we came up to the door and went in….

…..UNBELIEVABLE! We walked in on a red carpet like we just won the Academy Awards! He had pulled out all the stops for this party!

“Copy me.” he whispered in my ear.

Smiling friends family and co workers and old college friends stood in a line on either side of the carpet! There were mirror balls on the ceiling! He raised his hand and waved at the crowd and smiled and so I raised my hand and waved…the material was driving my nipples crazy! I smiled. Waved. Tormented. Smiled. Waved. Smiled. Walking down that carpet while he held onto me and the egg in my panties caressed….I was scared of the jolt surely he would not do that in front of all these people! Somehow I managed to get to the end of the carpet and someone gave me such a huge bouquet of roses I could hardly get my arms around it! To hold it it for the photo shoot I had to let thorns poke me slightly all over my breasts! Some one put a crown on my head and led my to…

….I started laughing I couldn’t help it…A THRONE! Oh this was tooooo much! I looked up at my husband laughing and forgetting the circumstances when he hit me with the jolt and I cried out and dropped the bouquet and he caught me and carried me and set me on the throne all scared and shaky now….all eyes were on me as he began the buzzer and I was sure everyone could hear it but everyone was acting normal. They were asking him if I was OK and he came up to me while I was starting to drip and orgasm in front of all these people a second time while sitting on the throne. The way he had placed me made it easy for anyone nearby to look up my skirt. I was mortified. He kissed my forhead and smiled gently and said, “We are telling them you sprained your ankle wearing those heels…OK?

“Yes…”I tried to smile while the egg buzzed. “Yes My ankle I can’t walk on it…yes…” He was talking to someone next to him and one of his college buddies came up. “My friend is a doctor we should let him look at your ankle.” OH NO! He would see up my skirt! His act of touching my ankle happened at the same time of my first cry. I tried to make my cries, of obscene pleasure before the whole world, correspond with the doctors movements while examining my ankle so it looked like legitimate pain. I felt so humiliated. I could feel the cum between my legs and was glad when he stood up and told my husband I should not walk on it but should stay sitting there.

What a relief…My devil husband leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You did an AWESOME job of acting! I am so proud of you and so happy I could give you pleasure!”

I as in a dreamy daze at this point and not quite in reality. He sat in the throne next to mine and they put a crown on him too. I barely recognized anyone at this point not even my own mom and dad as they cheered with everyone else like nothing was going on. Two children decked out in cute bows and ribbons like at our wedding brought us huge goblets of wine so we could toast each other. I smiled and waved at the crowd like a doll.

“Be a good girl and drink all the wine!”, My husband was laughing and smiling and joking with people…it seemed like a gallon of wine to me I never drank much! He downed his easily and quickly. I tried my best to copy him and got it all down. The room was swimming around. I was smiling and laughing but I had no idea what I was smiling and laughing at? Someone handed me the bouquet of thorny roses and I scooted back in the seat of the throne to avoid the worst of the pricks. My husband leaned over and said, “You are so beautiful and such a good obediant whore I had this throne made very special just for you. It is my next present. They will start dancing to the music as the lights go down and you will feel dancing deep inside you as they dance…”

He was being so kind and sweet and I had know idea what he meant. He got out of his ‘throne’ and stood behind mine and cameras flashed and pictures were taken of us as I smiled and tried to wave and tried to keep my skirt down while avoiding the pricks all at once.

Suddenly the music started and the dancing began. The lights went dim. No one noticed as he ‘buckled’ me into the throne with a slight protrusion right where my bladder was so that the belt pushed against my bladder and made using the muscles more difficult. I was sorry I drank all that wine.

“This throne for my queen cost alot and came from Japan. Now that you are nice and tight again from Cumming I think you will enjoy this. In the darkness he reached around and started to carefully roll my already crazed nipples in his fingers, underneath my shirt. I moaned but no one heard it in the music and dance. A loud song came on and my eyes closed as he played with my breasts. During the loud song he jolted my abused clit several times but the yelps were drowned by the music. Each jolt made all my muscles clench hard. He finally stopped punishing me for crying out.

“Now you will be nice and wet and tight. You make me so hot you sweet beautiful bitch!”

I was mindless.

A disco song with a sexual beat came on and as it did and the rainbow mirror lights flashed and people got tipsy and happy the seat of the throne I sat on suddenly had a hole in it. While my husband continued to torture my nipples I felt something slide between my legs like his cock did at home only this was BIGGER. “Hold on to your roses and let them drop a little bit it is all that will save you from shame. When this is done with you I won’t hurt you anymore and you can enjoy me all the time. But while no one is watching I have to make sure no one will hear you….

Through the hole in the bottom of the throne I felt his hand come alongside the snake and he had something that cut the obscene panties away and I was sorry to lose them because there was nothing between me and IT….

“Be a good girl and open your mouth. How I make the settings work on this machine depends on your obedience to me.”

I nodded unable to speak.

“Open your mouth sweet heart as wide as you can and hold the roses lower so you can rest your arms and hide yourself.”, I did as he said and he stuffed that cum soaked egg with the underwear wrapped around it in my mouth. I was gagged. “Try not to attract attention and it you need to scream this will help muffle the sound. I will go tell the DJ’s to play very loud music and there is a video camera below that will show you what is happeneing to you above. Also I will be able to have a video for myself to enjoy!” He put some glasses on my eyes and I could SEE THEM! Two flexible mechanical snakes! The belt held me in place just right and my poor bottom was exposed! The sides of the throne moved! Two panels came between my legs and spread them open! No one could see but me! The next song was louder! The huge bouquet of roses hid my spread knees! I held it as tightly as I could with trembling hands. My husband came back and began abusing my breasts again. Rougher this time while I could see nothing but the mechanical snakes as they moved around seeking….

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