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Subway Slut 1 -Kidnapped © Literocat 2011

My thanks to editor SAMI for his input and comments. Restructured and edited.

My muse insisted I write this, even against my wishes. She’s even blocked me from writing anything else until this is published. I can only assume it serves a purpose I can’t yet detect. Perhaps it will help persuade someone to avoid either of the situations that led to the suffering and harsh lesson portrayed. If it speaks to YOU or helps YOU in some way, please let me know.


Sue’s birthday was still two days away, so what kind of lame surprise party waits for the right day? Friday night is a great one for parties since we can let loose, get wasted and stay up all night. Sue’s boss gave her a last-minute rush chore to do that gave him, and us, an extra hour to gather at home for the usual ‘surprise’ SCREAM out. Their office is very conservative – during work hours. The ten coworkers who were religiously conservative 24×7 were also with us. They were always in bed by 10:00 p.m., so we only had to be ‘nice’ until 9. Until then, not only could there be no sex talk or innuendo, but we had to REALLY behave. A simple ‘DAMN’ would make them blush crimson. I don’t know how my liberal, exhibitionist mate could stand them all DAMN day. If all goes as I planed it, Sue will be dancing naked for us by 11pm.

We expected Sue by 7, but it was already 8:20 so I was getting worried! Where was she? Sue is hard to fool, so I had to wonder if she knew I had a house full of guests waiting to surprise her. She had admitted that she enjoyed flashing strangers on the subway and has often gone far past her stop just to keep teasing them. Maybe THAT indulgence was keeping her from her party? Of course I can’t tell the Bible thumpers that. The phone rang at 8:45. Caller ID said it was Sue. “Finally! Where the F… umm, heck have you been. You better have a Fu….VERY good reason for scaring the shi… crap out of me. WELL?”

“Is that anyway to express concern for your loving wife?” asked a deep male voice. “Unless you really don’t care if you ever see her again.”

The group was pressing for details so I put the caller on speaker and pressed a finger to my lips to shush them. “WHAT? What do you mean? Who is this? Ohhh, I get it. She guessed I’m having a surprise party for her and she’s turning it around on us. You’re a friend of hers pulling a prank for her. Wow! I hate to admit it, but you got me. For a second, I was really afraid for her safety. Let me talk with her.”

“This is no fucking joke pal! She can’t talk because she’s tied up… very tied up. Don’t you want proof we have her? What was she wearing when she went to work today? Do you even know?”

This guy was playing it well, but I’m already too annoyed to hear any more. “Of course I know. She wore her royal blue jacket and skirt, almond blouse, burgundy shoes and matching belt or sash. But that’s not proof.” I only knew those details because she pestered me for my opinion while she debated wearing her favorite outfit vs. something looser and easier to undo on the train.

“Hmmm. No, of course not. Anyone who saw her could tell you what she wore – on the outside. What kind of panties and bra did she wear? Shit, I guess I should tell YOU that. She wore a monogrammed pink bikini panty and black demi bra with half lace cups. Right? Yet if this is a joke, she could have told me that. She didn’t. I had a good long look for myself, but why should you believe me? Maybe you want me to mail you her finger? Or a tit? Yea, I’ll send you her left fucking tit. You’ll know it by the markings near her tall, pretty nipple at 7 o’clock. Would you believe me then? Hmmm, OK, how would I know what embarrasses her, if anything? I KNOW it’s NOT getting naked for strangers. Sure she could tell me, but what if I make her friends and family see her naked or getting laid? Is that proof enough?”

He was wrong, but didn’t understand her paradoxical compulsions. She would prefer to show him her underwear or her freckled tit rather than just telling him, but that still doesn’t prove kidnaping. How else could he know what embarrasses her unless Sue told him her most guarded secrets? Or he figured them out from intimately observing her? I know she’s embarrassed by odd things and didn’t want anyone to know what those were. “I can accept that. Why are you so fixated on embarrassing her? How do I know this still isn’t a bluff?”

“Go check your e- mail. ‘She’ sent a personal invitation to her closest friends to join her in a private video message. But SHE didn’t. I did. And it ain’t private! Check your trash can at the curb. Her expensive handbag is in it with her ID and all her papers. Might she risk losing that for a prank? Would you like to see your ‘innocent’ wife? Go to URL http://WWW.IMASLUTONTRAINS.COM .”

As a borderline germphobe, Sue would never again use anything that was in the trash for even a minute, so she would NOT put her favorite bag in the trash. Could this be real? My anxiety spiked. Frightened guests crowded around our PC. Dom checked the trash can and returned with her $1200 Gucci bag. The e-mail from ‘Sue’ was there as he said and the CC: list had more than 300 names in it. My heart skipped, and sank. At the web site, we all saw a closeup of bare feet with burgundy shoes between them. “Are you at the website yet? Good. Click on the shoes and enter the password SUEISACOCKTEASINGBITCH to make the picture live, real time. The box at the bottom is how we’ll ‘chat’. See you there.” [click]

Though this guy obviously didn’t understand her need to expose herself, that alone shouldn’t make him this angry. What could she have done to piss him off like this? I typed, “OK, I’m here, what do you want?” In answer, the camera jumped to a live shot and slow scan up over two bare feet and two rope-tied ankles tightly secured to bed posts and held widely apart. Shapely, tanned calves lead to knees folded over the end of the bed and bared thighs. A royal blue, ruffled skirt was still modestly set at a high 8″ above her knees. When the camera reached a burgundy sash on a bared waist, all the guests gasped. The disheveled almond blouse was still buttoned, though all the buttons were offset by one. The still unidentified woman’s arms were tied tightly to opposite bed posts. The camera stopped at the small chested woman’s neck. We could see a dark, lumpy bra thru the translucent blouse. At her left side, on the beige sheet, was a neatly folded royal blue jacket with a name tag. The camera zoomed into it until we could all read the company name and ‘SUE’ clearly etched in it.

Someone wildly jostled the camera up, finally halting when we saw FOUR figures wearing President masks. Playing to the cam, Nixon gruffly asked “Do you know this cock teaser?” They scanned over a flat chest to a pretty face. It LOOKS like Sue! Still, the big red-ball gag in her mouth distorted her face too much to be sure. I still didn’t want to believe it. “I’m turning on my mic so I don’t have to type to you. FDR, pull her knees apart and point the cam up her skirt, show them.” It only lifted 6″ yet we saw much more of her bare thighs, all the way to her bright pink bikini panty. Oh oh!

“She could still be a double. Show me any marks or tats that ID her.” I figured that would either end the prank or, if this were just another game, give Sue the GIFT of an excuse to expose herself to all 300+ of us. So far, they haven’t mentioned the big S tattoo near her asshole. JFK leaned a palm heavily on her mons, and drew a muffled ‘oommpf’. He probed its borders and slipped a switchblade along her thighs, far up her skirt – to her crotch. He pried the point thru the frock and slit the expensive garment from her groin down to the hem. Reversing the knife, he cut to the waist, so splitting the expensive and pretty skirt in two. He flipped it off each thigh, fully exposing her monogrammed pink panty, well toned, now frantic legs and a fattened, obvious camel toe. How could she be aroused by this? This might still be one of Sue’s fantasies and a very expensive, wild birthday gift to herself.

“Type your answers. What marks are you looking for? Maybe the three blemishes under her right nipple or even better, this crescent blue stain on the outer edge of her left pussy lip? How about the big, pale red S on her little ass? That enough ID for you?” He pressed her panty deep into her gash with his fat thumb and painfully stretched her snatch for us to inspect her blue markings. She wildly stomped her feet which let us see the edge of her big S tattoo.

“OK, OK! It looks like her. What do you want?”

“We want you and her friends to SEE what your ‘modest, innocent’ cheatin slut does when you’re not looking. We just want REVENGE! See, she’s teased all of us, except Bush, flirted and flashed us all. But she didn’t stop there. If she had, I’d just be grateful for the show. CAN YOU TELL I’M FAR PAST PISSED OFF? Before I tell you what she’s been up to, let’s get comfortable. We went live on the internet when we slit her skirt and panned to her blouse, so the whole porn world joined you and your house party. YOU HEAR THAT, SLUT?” Sue groaned angrily around her gag. Yet her puffy pussy was still obviously gaping thru the panty. “She really does have a beautiful cunt and I think you should all see it. Looks like 40,000 are watching it pulse and puff up already. She’s such a slut, I’ll bet more than a few have already had a tasty close up.” Six of the conservatives ran out of the house in a full gallop with hands over their ears.

Nixon took the blade and slashed the panty from the inside, across her mons. The flap fell closed again so he cut the waistband at the side and flipped the rendered panty open and onto the bed. Despite pulling her knees against the tight, coarse ropes, most of her pussy was clearly exposed to the camera. “You think this bitch would let us ruin her $1800 suit for a prank? Since she enjoys stripping for strangers, but under her control, we figured taking away that control and fucking her while friends watched should punish her snubbing us!” He twirled his fingers thru her damp curlies. There was no doubt now. I recognized her intricate, puffy, sculptured inner lips. I could almost scent her tasty pussy over the inet.

“By the way sweetie, you are displaying this lovely pussy to all your closest friends by special invitation FROM YOU, RIGHT NOW! – LIVE! Ha haha HAA!” Did he just cackle? “JFK tracked down your email account, cracked it, and sent out invitations to everyone in your address book. The invitations were to a surprise event they could not miss. In case we missed anyone, we’ve also been advertising your public deflowering video on the main porn sites. They’ll spread the word. All I offered there was a tease of what’s coming and that the video would NOT be available until today at 9 p.m.. They won’t know it’s a live feed until my friends are completely satisfied. Your husband can still type to us and only we will see it. It was very helpful that you invited everyone to your party tonight by email! Thanks!

“But you still have too many clothes on. Bush, come closer and try to catch these blouse buttons flying away when I cut them off. Just two buttons and her navel is again exposed to us… oh yeah, and so’s her cooch. One more button gets me to her bra. Oops, the last button flew across the room and let her pretty blouse fall fully open. Well! I wonder why her front-opening bra is so loose.” He slid a hand under a loose cup and pretended to search for something. “Shouldn’t there be a tit in here? Isn’t that what these little cups are for? I don’t feel one, let’s check if we can see one.”

When lying on her back, her tiny A cup tits vanish but leave her tall, perfect nipples behind. He needlessly cut the strapless bra at her right side and harshly yanked both parts off her chest. Grabbing her hardened nipples firmly, he brutally jerked and shook them so the slim tits jiggled off her ribs. She moaned. “Hmm. These looked so much bigger when they were hanging in my face. I’ll check them that way again in a little while. You think they’ll swell up when I use my dick to pump them up thru her ass?”

Bush chimed in and abruptly shoved a finger as deep into her pussy as possible, “can I fuck her now, huh? This wet pussy is calling to me. I want her now. Then you can have her ass.” She groaned in despair …and bliss.

“Not yet Jo… uh Bush. But you can show her and everyone watching why I asked you to join us though you haven’t seen her before today.” Bush quickly dropped his bulging pants. Then he dropped his shorts and let his 10″ snake leap out. Sue gulped at the menacing sight. If the length wasn’t enough to scare her, the baseball bat sized dick head made her eyes bulge. Hell, it scared ME!

Nixon was still mindlessly flipping the switch blade when he moved toward her thick auburn patch. He dragged the flat of the threatening, glistening, razor-sharp blade over her navel, compressed her bush and then over her clit, finally stopping under it with the dull edge displacing the precious clit. The unspoken threat was frighteningly obvious. One slight twitch and her life would be changed forever. I cringed at the slightest possibility that he might detach her cherished clit and maliciously send it arcing toward the web cam. We clearly saw the closeup of her fattened, damp lips and her turgid clit standing tall, awaiting execution. Was the blade cold? Or was she actually enjoying this?

“Maybe a better revenge would be if I cut off these excited little lips and your little man. You’d struggle for life with orgasms and I’d pickle your bud to keep it on a neck chain to remind me every day how I got even with you! I might just stir fry your pussy and have it with a very dry Chianti. Can you feel the cold steel against your priceless clit? First, I’m just going to ensure that all your friends and many, many strangers have a clear photo of this pretty pussy, with a clear bust of you and your tiny tits flattened out as they are right now. Just in case there’s any doubt, I’ll put your name tag on the photos too. You’ll never find all those images around the planet. HAA! You’ll be naked to the world for the rest of your life and beyond. Every job interview, every time you shop, PTA meetings, wherever you go, every fucking place, you’ll wonder if those strangers and any new friends have already seen you and your teensy tits naked. Mr. Presidents, we can finger her while I chat with her husband and friends. Dig in!”

Several more party guests had already left. The rest were actually relieved at Nixon’s subtly implied promise not to harm her. Some relaxed enough to find her planet-wide exposure arousing. If Nixon can be trusted, I can relax a little too and believe she is at least safe from harm. Humiliated for life, maybe, but safe. That was a huge and risky ‘IF’. Remaining calm and protecting her from the worst possibilities was getting harder and harder. JFK and FDR held Sue’s legs apart with their legs. Their fingers cruelly traced her pulsing pussy, swollen clit and open, wet, pink hole for portrait perfect closeups. Nixon bit her nipple hard, leaving deep teeth marks and a drop of blood, before telling his raging story.


In part 2 we learn what she did to earn the kidnapper’s wrath.

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I awoke in much the same position that I passed out in, sans clothing. I could feel where the cum had dried after dribbling out of my ass. I tried to move, but couldn’t. I began to really come to my senses and realized that I was tied in my current position: face on the floor, ass in the air. I moaned, which I instantly realized was a terrible idea.

“Hey Will!” Johnny shouted, “Looks like our new slut is awake!”

“I’ll be there in a minute, lets let him know how it is,” Will replied.

After a minute a light turned on and I could see the room I was being held in, well part of it anyway. There really only seemed to be a bed, a large one at that, a toilet, a mirror, a sink, and a dresser…the bare essentials. Will and Johnny walked in. Johnny was naked while will was clothed. One thing that I hadn’t noticed in the park was that they were both in amazing shape. Johnny had an eight pack!! Johnny’s cock was already hardening as he walked out of my view.

“We’ve done some checking in to you,” Will began, “We know you’re out of school for the next three months. We also know that your girlfriend just broke up with you and that you don’t speak to your parents. Long story short, nobody’s going to miss you, not for a while anyways.” As he was talking, I could hear Johnny walking around behind me. “You’re going to be our slut for the next few months. After which, we’ll let you go. I have a feeling that you’ll actually enjoy most of what we have in store for you,” Will continued.

“Like what..?” I asked nervously. Almost immediately after I finished, almost in response, I felt Johnny press his cock against my ass and then thrust the entire thing in. “GAAHHH!! OHH HOLY FUCK!” I moaned loudly. They must have thoroughly lubed my ass while I was out because Johnny’s cock slid right in with very little pain. In all honesty, it felt pretty damn good.

“Well for one thing, that,” Will replied. “If it’s out there, you’ll be doing it. We’ll be fucking you, of course, gang bangs, bukkake, glory holes, you name it. Hell we’re gonna rent your ass out. And, my personal favorite, we’ll be dressing you up in some girly clothes and putting you out there for anyone who wants some. Yeah, your ass is gonna get WELL used. Now I’m gonna leave you two alone for a bit, when I come back I want you wearing the clothing in the top drawer of the dresser.” With this Will turned an left the room.

As Will was talking, Johnny had begun to fuck in and out of my ass. “Mmmm I’m gonna stretch that nice little asshole of yours out,” he whispered to me, “You haven’t had Will’s cock in there yet. I know you blew it, but I was surprised about that. Jesus does he have a big dick. I’m stretching you now, just wait till he gets in here.” Johnny continued to fuck me, taking long deep strokes in and out of my ass. I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. Although I was being kept against my will I figured I could enjoy as much of this as possible.

Johnny grabbed and kneaded my ass as he fucked me. He kept telling me what a nice ass I had and how he couldn’t wait to fuck it every single day for the next three months. Honestly, I was kinda looking forward to it. “We need a new name for you,” Johnny said after a particularly deep thrust, “As we said, we’re going to let you go, and I’d hate for any of the guys you’ll be fucking to recognize you based on your name afterwards. Hmmmm, I know, Sam! You’ll go by Sam most of the time, but Samantha whenever we have you dolled up, which by the way will be every time Will fucks you.”

How Johnny was able to keep talking and making coherent statements as he began to fuck me harder and faster, I have no clue. After not much more time I felt his cock begin to throb in my ass. “OH FUCK!” He shouted, “Oh yes, I’m cumming in that tight little ass of yours Sam! Mmmm god damn!” Johnny shot streams of cum into my ass and then pulled out. I could feel my ass gaping open, then closing, then opening like a fish out of water. The cool air on my open asshole felt amazing. “Don’t bother cleaning up,” Johnny said as he cut away the ropes tying me down, “Will likes to push a load into an ass, and that’s one big load into one nice ass.”

After Johnny left I walked over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. Inside was a sexy lacy black thong, a matching bra, some black thigh high stockings, a school girl skirt, and a white button up blouse. I quickly took them out and began to put them on. The thong actually felt kinda sexy, especially against my still slightly open ass. Underneath all of the clothes I found a blonde wig that I put on as well, along with more lube. When I looked in the mirror I barely recognized myself. I looked fucking SEXY. “Hell,” I thought, “I’d bang me!”

The clothes and recent fucking had left me feeling extremely horny. I decided that I would please Will like the slut I would be for the next three months. I lubed my ass up again, reveling in the feeling of the lube mixing with the cum. I then went and sat on the bed, folding my legs underneath myself, trying to look as sexy as possible. I didn’t have to wait long, soon enough Will walked in, naked, and looking ready to fuck. His was already semi-hard and jerked upwards as soon as he saw me. “Damn Samantha,” He said to me, “you look so damn good. I can’t wait to sink this cock into that little white ass.”

“Mmmm and I can’t wait for you to,” I said as I stood up and walked over to him as sexily as possible. I kissed him once, then slid down his body to his now fully erect cock. “I want to please you and Johnny as well as I possibly can,” I said as I began to play with Will’s massive cock. “I want to be your little white slut, doing anything and everything you ask me to.” I ran my hand up and down his cock a few times, then used it to guide his cock to my waiting mouth. I licked the tip and sucked off a bit of pre-cum as Will gasped slightly.

I slowly took the head of WIll’s cock into my mouth, licking around it as I did so. He gasped again and began to run his hands through my (fake) hair. Without warning, his hands grew firm on my head and he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and then into my throat. I had no experience deep throating, so I gagged on his cock. He kept it there as I gagged then pulled it out. I felt as though I was going to throw up. He gave me a second, then forced it back down my throat. I was ready this time and was able to hold off the gag reflex for a few seconds, but then I gagged again. We continued this gag, take out, gag again cycle for a few minutes until I was actually able to deep throat him for a good 30 seconds before I ran out of air.

After I was able to deep throat him, Will picked me up and quite literally threw me onto the bed. He walked over to me, pulled my skirt up, and yanked my thong down. “Johnny really did a good job on that ass,” He said as he spread my ass cheeks, “Mmmm look at that gape, I love seeing cum drip out of an ass like yours.” Will placed his cock at my asshole, and much like Johnny just recently had, pushed his cock the entire way in. Even with the way that Jonny had stretched my ass, Will stretched it more. I moaned, enjoying the fucking, then pushed back trying to get as much of his cock inside of me as possible. My own little white cock, which had been hard throughout, began throbbing and slapping against my stomach.

Will picked my thong up off the bed and began to jerk me off with it as he fucked me. With his cock in my ass and the lacy feeling of the thong on my cock, I soon began to cum. As soon as I stopped cumming, will pulled the thong off of my cock, flipped it around so the cum was on the outside and stuffed it into my mouth as I moaned. “Suck your cum off that you slut,” Will commanded with a particularly deep thrust.

I moaned in response and began to try and suck the cum off the thong. Will began to smack my ass as he fucked me harder and harder. Then he picked me up and put me on the floor with my ass in the air and my head on the ground. He put his cock back into my ass and forced my cock towards my face. “By the end of the summer you’ll be able to suck your own cock Sammy,” He informed me.

With that, he began to fuck my ass harder and faster. I could tell he was about to cum. I pulled the thong, now clean of cum, out of my mouth and said, “Mmmm yea Will, cum on my face baby. I want your warm hot cum all over me. He pulled out of my ass and pointed his cock down at my face. Ropes of cum shot out from his dick and covered my face and filled my open mouth. I willingly swallowed all that went into my mouth and licked everything I could reach with my tongue.

Will kneeled down over me and had me clean his cock off, which I of course did willingly. Afterwards he left the room. After the treatment I’d been given, I was actually looking forward to the next three months.


I hope you all enjoyed the second chapter of On a Run. As always, feedback is appreciated. I’ll definitely by writing at least one more chapter, doing some of what Will detailed earlier so let me know in the comments which you like most or anything I missed.

For you, you know who you are.

She stretched in her bed, loving the feeling of the aches and pains the last two days had left her with. She remembered the rule that she wasn’t to get dressed so she wrapped herself in a sheet and walked out into the living room of his bungalow. She couldn’t believe she was finally here. She went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea then settled herself gingerly on the sofa to watch some TV. He usually slept until lunchtime, so she took some time to gather her thoughts, with “Come Dine With Me” on in the background.

She had been prepared for everything he’d used her for, made her feel. She’d always known he had the power to make her do anything. After all, she was the slut he’d always wanted, she loved sex, loved to cum and felt as though she’d been born to submit to a man, sexually at least. He had gone on so much in their time chatting and getting to know each other about the extremities of his fantasies that really, the last 48hrs had felt quite tame. She had felt pain, freedom and sexual pleasure beyond anything she had ever felt, but she didn’t feel it warranted the build up he’d given it in terms of pushing her to her limits. Ah well, there was still a day left before she had to return to reality. She shifted slightly awkwardly to relieve the pressure of the severe bruising on her buttocks and thighs and zoned in to the daytime TV…daydreaming about the last couple of days…

“Fuck, Simon please can I cum, PLEASE?”

She was begging, sitting on the toilet, pissing on his hand as he teased her cunt.

“Keep pissing slut, you’ll cum again when you’ve earned it”

She was dizzy, disconnected from reality yet elevated to a sublime place which was realer than any place recreational drugs had taken her… a place which later would make her question what ‘reality’ really meant. He’d already beaten her, sucked her clit until she writhed in an orgasm which felt it would go on for ever, fisted her dripping cunt until she squirted and screamed. He’d pissed all over her stinging body as she sat crying in the bath. Then she hadn’t cum for a few hours while he had tortured her. He’d fucked her mouth, her shithole and her cunt. Speaking such filth to her that she writhed in ecstasy but not allowing her to climax, keeping her on the brink. She was exhausted.

Once she had finished pissing he suddenly changed tack, he gently flannelled her sore cunt, the gentle touch making her twitch, quiver and squirm more than his belt had. Then he towelled her and asked if she’d like a shower. She felt so relieved at his kindness that she cried. After a warm shower, he told her to come into the living room and have some food, she was starving. Any thought of sex left her mind as she ate her dinner. Then he took her to her room and tucked her into bed, kissing her gently as she fell asleep.

“Erin! I told you not to cover your body in my house unless you are in bed, and why are you asleep in the living room? You don’t live here so don’t act like you do. You are here for my convenience and pleasure, not to doss around like some jobless student, get up and go and get washed.”

She’d fallen asleep. She woke with a start at his harsh tone, such a contrast from the night before when he’d put her to bed. She obediently and silently stood up and removed the sheet from around her, feeling his gaze as he admired the bright purple and red bruises left by his belt and whip on her stomach, buttocks, breasts and thighs. She stood still for a moment, loving the feeling of knowing how she pleased him. He walked over to her and stroked the bruises, he viciously grabbed her buttocks right over a violet bruise and squeezed it, she drew in a gasp of pain as she felt her cunt tighten, then he did the same to her sensitive, bruised breasts and nipples. She leaned in to him craving his touch already after only a minute in the room with him.

“Good girl, slut, you really have been a filthy bitch, but I think you need to learn a few more lessons before you go home”. She nodded obediently and went to get washed.

When she came back into the living room he was on the phone, sounded like he was just finalising some plans. Then the doorbell rang. Her instinct was to run back to her room, being that she was naked. But he stopped her with a glance. He opened the front door and she heard quiet voices in the hall, more than one visitor? She kept quiet and sat down on the sofa, feeling incredibly nervous and vulnerable.

She wasn’t going to be kept guessing for long, in walked an ex of hers, one she hadn’t seen for more than 10 years, Brian! He looked slightly overweight, red faced. When she’d dumped him he’d been furious. She had been an 18yr old slut who’d just used him for a bit of fun before she left home for pastures new, he’d taken it a bit more seriously. She’d barely given him a thought when she’d left, she hadn’t missed him one bit, hadn’t returned his calls when he’d phoned her repeatedly. Now Brian was looking so full of himself, really smarmy.

“Simon tells me you are far tamer now than you were when I last saw you, you little whore. He says I can complete some unfinished business.”

Erin felt sick, he looked disgusting, he hadn’t aged well, he’d been 12 years older than her back then, now he was in his 40s and had clearly carried on drinking to the same degree he always had. She kept her gaze down, as he got closer to her.

“Stand up slut”…Simon’s voice.

She automatically obeyed him, keeping her head bowed. She was terrified. Brian immediately started to take off his trousers,

“Are you going to film all this Simon?” he asked, ” I want to keep a video of her crying and begging, fucking slut.”

He stepped right toe to toe with Erin, his bottom half naked and his hard cock pushing against her belly. He grabbed her cheeks and told her to open her mouth then spat in her face, smearing the saliva into her skin. She instinctively turned her face away in disgust, for which she was rewarded with a hard slap on her cheek. He pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her down until his cock was level with her face. Then he unceremoniously rammed it in her mouth. He fucked her mouth for what felt like ages, only pausing when her gagging threatened to become vomiting. Her eyes were streaming and the smell of Brian’s slightly sweaty, musky body was turning her stomach. Then, bored of her mouth, he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her across the living room into the bedroom. He lay her on her back, bent her legs back and plunged his cock into her dry shithole, spitting on it as he did so.

“You dirty, filthy whore. I’m going to REALLY enjoy this”. Erin truly could not believe this was happening, she had discussed fantasies of being raped or fucked by a man of Simon’s choice, but she never thought that he’d actually orchestrate it! Despite the pain Brian was inflicting on her unprepared hole, she tried to relax. She shut her eyes and imagined Simon watching, pleased with her. As Brian’s thick cock violated her again and again a dull ache started to build in her, despite her discomfort she was responding to this. Her eyes watered as she choked back tears of shame. Brian started to probe her cunt, fingering her roughly as he practically bent her double to fuck her. He turned to Simon, triumphantly showing him his wet fingers, glistening with the undeniable evidence of Erin’s arousal.

“She loves it! She always did the little bitch”.

A screen flickered into life on the wall of the room, she saw a cock pushing in and out of a shithole, her shithole. Simon was filming! He’d hooked up the camera to the TV so she could watch as she was raped by this disgusting man. Simon saw her look away from the screen, and came towards her head, grabbing her hair and turning her face back.

“This is what you wanted, you filthy bitch, you can watch.”

Brian continued his assault on her hole, grabbing her tits, squeezing her already sore nipples. Erin could feel her body begin to go with the experience, the familiar aching in her cunt, the feeling that she wanted her clit touched, wanted her cunt filled. Erin watched the screen, dazed and distraught that everything she’d always imagined as just a fantasy was true, she was turned on by being fucked without consent, being used. She watched her cunt get wetter and wetter and the juices trickling down onto her shithole, being pushed in by Brian’s cock.

She started to reach for her cunt, only to be stopped by Simon,

“no fun for you slut, you’re here for everyone else today”

Everyone else? The thought went from her mind as she watched a red faced, puffing Brian stop still and fill her hole with cum, he pulled out and sprayed some on her belly then crawled over her and dripped some in her mouth.

“There you go slut, enjoy the rest of your day”. With a hard couple of slaps around her sticky face, Brian climbed off and left.

Author’s note: This story is set in Sydney, Australia, where it’s the middle of summer during Christmas, and the sun stays up until 9 P.M at this time of the year.


I awoke to the sound of a heavy metallic click, immediately feeling the uncomfortable and unnatural stretching of my asshole that can only be the result of a widely spread speculum. He must have drugged me at our Christmas party. The last thing I remembered was feeling very tired after dinner, wanting nothing more than to go home to my soft bed. I shifted in my bonds, realising that my arms were bound behind my back and I was forcibly bent forward over some kind of hard surface. I could feel something strapped to my face, which felt a bit heavy for a conventional blindfold.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” He clicked a button on the device, which whirred into action. My vision was still blurry, but I could see that he had put a set of “virtual reality” goggles on me. The image de-focused and refocused, and I could hazily see a girl in secretary’s work clothes bent forward over a table with her arms handcuffed behind her back and her legs forcibly spread apart. It took me a few seconds to recognise myself in this awkward and unique third person perspective, realising that he had concocted a new scheme to push the envelope on how worthless and humiliated I could feel while he tortured me. Picking up a mirror, he revealed what he had done. He was wearing a device strapped to his forehead with cameras positioned just above each of his eyes.

“I thought you’d like to really see yourself being abused. I’ve wired up the feed from these cameras to your goggles, so your eyes see what I see. Naturally, I want you to have a full stereoscopic 3d experience. “

He slowly toured around my body, taking care to show me his meticulous handiwork. My vision was returning to normal and I felt a little impressed by how immersive and lifelike my hijacked vision was. I was strapped to a table in a room nicely lit by the summer evening sun. It couldn’t have been long since the party. My tight grey office skirt was hiked up above my ass, and my black stockings were pulled down just below my ass cheeks. My legs were spread and firmly taped to the table’s legs, stretching the crotch area of my stockings tightly between my thighs.

Moving closer to my asshole, I could see that he had inserted a large metal speculum into my rear, which had already stretched my asshole an inch and a half wide. “I thought it would be fun to see how long it would take you to wake up.” Observing myself like this was humiliating yet strangely exciting, giving me a new perspective on how helpless and exposed I am when bound in this fashion.

Grabbing the handle, he playfully twisted the speculum. I could tell he hadn’t used any lube, as he had decided a while ago that minimising my comfort whilst maximising his pleasure was the priority of these sessions. The warm metal stubbornly clung to my asshole, twisting and distorting my skin whilst refusing to slide relative to my sphincter. Applying pressure to the handle, he widened my asshole out another half an inch, clicking the speculum into place. I felt violated and so very horny. I could feel the wetness trickling from my cunt down my thighs, as I felt the cool breeze of the air conditioning unconventionally lapping against the inside of my open canal and damp legs.

Seeing myself being manipulated in first person while immediately feeling the result of those actions felt incredible, like he had managed to find a perfect coupling between my shame and stimulation, reaching some sick new pinnacle in my debauched ass slavery career. It was almost as if it were my hands twisting and abusing my own asshole, with an uncompromising mind of their own that was completely unresponsive to my internal monologue’s silent cries for mercy.

“Today, your ass will literally be my canvas.” I wasn’t sure what this meant, but I’d surely find out soon enough. He peered into my asshole, using a torch to see more clearly. “I see you’ve kept yourself nice and clean like a good slave should.”

Daily enemas had become part of my routine now, as I was subject to this sort of abduction and treatment at any time without warning.

Using both palms, he applied strong pressure to the speculum again, clicking it twice and stretching me out to a full three inches. My sphincter started to ache deeply as my skin felt like it was going to tear. He reassuringly inspected my asshole closely, calming me a little as I saw no signs of bleeding or long term damage.

“Sometimes I grow tired of your puckered clamp of an asshole,” he derided. “I think I need to experience your tender and fleshy rectum more intimately.”

He picked up what looked like a sizeable rubber inflatable plug from under the table and slipped it into my cunt with relative ease. Positioning himself with his torch so that he (and I) were peering deep into my asshole, he began to inflate the plug. I could see the lower surface of my asshole begin to bulge upwards towards its upper surface and the entrance of my ass. He mercilessly pumped away until my canal was fully pinched closed and he was uniquely presented with the lower surface of the inside of my asshole, which was now unnaturally pressed against the inside of the speculum. I had already habituated the piercing pain in my sphincter and this additional pressure presented a new and dull ache deeper in my anal tract.

He unceremoniously prodded my newly exposed flesh. “My canvas is ready. Now it needs some art,” he mockingly remarked.

He pulled out a permanent marker from his pocket and began to draw concentric circles on my exposed rectal wall. The tip was sharp and rough and each stroke produced a piercing stinging sensation, leaving behind a burning trail as the alcoholic ink seeped into my tender flesh. I could see him drawing a target symbol on my canal wall, which strangely offended me as I realised what was coming.

Sensing my realisation, he prodded and twisted the marker hard in the centre of the target, pushing my flesh against the unmoving inflated plug in my cunt and eliciting a sharp, focused and acute pain analogous to a needle’s penetration. I could see that he had done a remarkably good job of drawing a neat, black target sign on my dry and exposed inner wall’s flesh.

He capped the marker with a click. “That’s right, my art isn’t for admiring. It’s for fucking,” he proudly proclaimed. His pants and belt hit the floor with a clank as his vision shifted while he positioned himself above me behind the table. This was going to hurt, a fucking lot. He stuffed a hard rubber cylinder between my teeth for me to bite down on during my impending ass rape. The build-up and unique perspective on my preparation had my heart racing as fast as possible, building a panicked excitement in me like I had never felt before. Breathing was becoming more difficult as I began to hyperventilate. I had never felt so scared and aroused before in my life.

“It’s going to take you months to get over this. Every time you climax, you’ll be reminded of how it pales in comparison to this moment.” He was right. This experience was going to set the bar pretty high. I felt tears well up as I reflected on the steadily escalating desire for debasement and torture that he had fostered in me over the last year. Over a short time he had turned this young and innocent fresh graduate into a deviant that craved nothing more than dry, painful and vicious ass rape. He had managed to retrain my once conventional desires so successfully that this fresh bout of shame only added to my already indescribable arousal.

He began to shove his thick cock into my ass, ignoring the sides of my sphincter and pushing straight into my tender and exposed rectal flesh. Suddenly without warning, he thrust as hard as he possibly could, displacing the inflatable plug slightly downward and mostly pushing his cock upwards into the upper wall of my ass, searing deep into my colon’s dry and raw flesh.

My eyes shut involuntarily as I winced in pain, mentally retaining the last image of him fiercely grabbing my hair as he straddled me. It was a piercing and shocking agony like I had never felt before that could only come from this kind of calculated mistreatment. He began to violently rape my dry rectum as hard as he could, grunting satisfyingly with each thrust. Each penetration hit me like a piston, pounding my head with an indescribable torment, like a shock wave emanating from deep inside my ass and exploding upward into my head.

The severe magnitude of the pain was quickly transforming, as I submitted completely to my sexual torture and felt my orgasm steadily build. Each successive thrust muted more of my anguish, adding more arousal and pleasure to my steadily filling reservoir of brain chemicals.

The pain now felt like a distant memory as the scraped insides of my asshole gave off waves of pure, blinding ecstasy with each brutal thrust. I began to involuntarily visualise my vagina throbbing and ejaculating as my crotch area filled with an overwhelming rush of warmth and pressure. I wasn’t sure whether the mechanics of my torture were causing me to piss myself, nor did I care.

He smacked my ass hard with a cold and metallic object. Momentarily opening my eyes, I saw him holding a file in his left hand, whilst rhythmically tugging my head back with a fistful of my hair in his right hand. He reached underneath my pelvis and aggressively began to draw the long file across the head of my clit, slowly bowing it across my body like a violin. He pushed down hard and took care to punish my clit in one rough and continuous unrelenting stroke, bursting my reservoir violently with his commensurately violent action.

The back of my eyelids turned a bright red, and my hearing was overcome by a blasting high pitched tinnitus as my brain began to be completely overloaded by my orgasm, causing me to uncontrollably scream as loud as I could. It felt like a dam had ruptured in my brain, completely saturating every sense and surpassing every sensory process I had ever experienced in one brief moment. As every pore and synapse simultaneously exploded in pleasure, my whole body started spasming in sync with my throbbing and collapsing asshole, which rhythmically clutched his cock and started to extract his cum. I could feel the throbbing action pulling on the rigid unrelenting speculum, generating more pain in my stretched sphincter which was constrained to a mild quiver as the adjacent walls of my canal pulsated rapidly.

He mustered all of his energy, ploughing himself deep into my ass while pushing down hard on the speculum with his pelvis, cumming deep into my raw and abused channel.

Finally spent, he lay on top of me as my orgasm continued to convulse my asshole and suck the remaining drops of cum from his now more slowly spasming cock.

He withdrew his cock and backed away from me. He hit my ass hard with the file, “Open your eyes, fuckbag.”

He was peering deep into my ass with the torch. I could see the target symbol had completely disappeared, replaced by pink gooey traces of his cum mixed with my blood. My asshole was still mildly spasming, beating like a heart and uncontrollably compressing the inflated plug in my cunt. He shoved a finger into the lower wall of my asshole which had re-presented itself to the world by virtue of the inflated plug in my cunt that remained pressed against the speculum.

Tracing out an impermanent target symbol delicately with the fluid mixture, he mockingly proclaimed, “Now THAT, is art.”

Lori woke up in sharp pain. She felt disoriented. What the hell was going on? Her head was hurting but there was a sharper pain.

It took her only seconds to realize she was under him and he was entering her ass. His cock must’ve been half in already. It must’ve been his cockhead popping in that woke her.

She was about to scream.

But he stopped. He softly whispered, “No one is here and screaming won’t help. So I am going to give you a choice.”

He slowly caressed her hair. Blew softly on the back of her neck.

“Look I could’ve taken you like the rest of them while you were drunk and not feeling anything.”

Her eyes got bigger. What did he mean? And that’s when she realized it. Her pussy seemed to be leaking cum and there was dried cum all over her landing strip, inner thighs stomach and tits.

“Here are your choices. I can take your ass just as we are. You pinned down. No lube but my spit. Or..”

She screamed.

“Hush. I told you that won’t help.”

She screamed again. Called out.

He let her. “Scream one more time and you don’t get the other choice.” He pushed his cock in her ass a bit more to drive the point.

“NNNNGHHHHHh owwwwww. Please stop.”

“Then listen to me, Lori Eryka Featherston .”

She stopped screaming. Oh my god, he knows her name. Does he really know her?

“Or… I can turn you over… Lube you up. Rub your pussy and clit to help ease the pain of losing your anal cherry. And I promise to be a lot more gentle… Mostly.”

How did he know she’s an anal virgin? How does he know her?

He ran his fingers through her hair again. Caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

“Should I keep driving in or turn you over. Choose wisely.”

Lori surprised herself when she quietly said, “Turn me over.”

“Good girl. Well chosen.” He pulled out of her ass and it hurt. She closed her eyes from the sharp pain.

He turned her over and grabbed her hands and cuffed them to the bed.

“Oh, you thought you’d use your kickboxing skills to throw me off, did you?”

Goddamn it, he does know her.

It surprised her when he offered her water.

“Your head must be hurting. Drink this and take these.”

Advil. Really? Was he nursing her or trying to violate her ass? The ass that every single boyfriend has wanted since high school. The ass that even her husband hasn’t had yet.

The overhead spotlight shining down on her made it hard to make out his face still. But now she could see that he’s dark skinned. Indian? Mediterranean? Middle Eastern? She ran through names in her mind… Vijay? Wissam? Alexander?

She took the Advil and drunk the water as he held up the bottle and slowly tilted it. After she drunk the water, she felt him rubbing her down with a warm washcloth. He cleaned up the dry cum all over her body. He got up and turned off the spotlight. Then he lit a candle on each of the bed stands.

WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING? He’s about to violate my virginal ass and he’s making it romantic? WHAT THE FUCK? WHO THE FUCK?

He cleaned up her pussy with the washcloth. Then he started rubbing her pussy lips. Rolling them with his fingers. Squeezing the outer lips.

To her surprise, she felt herself getting moist.

He slowly parted her pussy and she felt his fingers slowly spreading her lips… And then…

A finger sliding in.

He reclined next to her as his fingers continued to do their work. He played with her hair and rubbed her earlobe. Then he softly kissed her neck and planted a few more all over her upper chest.

He slipped in another finger into her pussy and then another. He started to move them in and out. And then he curled them up to rub her G-Spot.

Lori felt getting angry at herself. She almost let a moan escape. But no. She’s a married woman. She loves her husband. She will not enjoy herself. There will be no pleasure here. She will remain a faithful wife in her mind even if she was taken by others.

He knew what he was doing. He softly whispered into her ear, “Lori, I know you love having your nipples sucked and pulled… That’s what gets you going the fastest.”

He moved his head onto her large breasts. He squeezed them one by one while his other hand kept up the relentless effort on her pussy. He started rubbing her clit while he circled around her areolas. He blew on her breasts softly. His warm breath hardening her nipples. He brought his tongue to her areolas and licked all around her nipples. But he avoided them.

FUCK! BASTARD! He’s is turning me on. He knows what he is doing. Lori promised to herself that she will not be giving into the pleasure. BUT FUCK… CAN’T HE JUST SUCK MY NIPPLES FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT. Her brain seemed to be screaming it. Suck it. SUCK IT. PLEAAASSSSE. He knows me… He really knows me. A mix of emotions clouded Lori’s brain as she felt him moving down.

He got between her legs. As he continued to rub her clit with his thumb and her G-Spot with two fingers, she felt him slowly rub her asshole.

Fear came rushing back to the forefront of Lori’s brain. She had almost forgotten about this.

He moved up to her breasts and teased all around her nipples as he drove her closer to an orgasm with fingers inside her. She realized he knows how to play her body against her. The different parts of her brain were at war and she knew which one was winning. It’s impending. It’s inevitable.

“Ask me to suck them. You will have to ask me.”

“NO! Fuck off, you bastard.”

“Oh, is that what you want?”

He took the fingers out of her pussy. He moved away. He got up from the bed.

FUCK! What did she do? She was so close. Goddamn it, Lori. Ugh. No, this was the right thing to do. She will not enjoy this. She will be faithful to her husband in her mind even if they had already defiled her. And she will not give her ass up so willingly. FUCK! Fuck! She wanted to cum so bad. Oh god, he got her so close. She was ashamed to admit it. Her legs were the first to betray her.

She squeezed them together. Then it was her hips. They bucked. Wishing his fingers were still inside her. She was watching his figure move out of the room when she cringed to hear herself say, “Come back.”

He moved closer to the door. “Please, come back.”

He turned back. And got back in bed. “Good girl. Lori, this time you will have to beg.”

“Please suck my nipples.”

He got back between her legs and moved up to her breasts. As he squeezed and teased them, he took a nipple and rolled it between his fingers. He quickened the pace of his fingers inside her. He waited to get her to the edge and then he started sucking her nipples. The sensation drove her wild and the struggle inside Lori’s brain ended. She gave in. She felt the explosion not just in her body but her mind as well. He had made her cum.

He kept rubbing and led her to her next orgasm. In the middle of her ecstacy, she didn’t realize when he had switched hands and was using her own wetness to slide a finger into her asshole.

Lori gasped. He moved his fingers in her pussy faster. She knew she was gonna cum again. She felt him slip a second finger in her ass. Then a third. Within minutes he had her rocking to the fingers in her pussy and ass. She orgasmed again.

As she was coming down, he got up and blew out the candles. Turned the normal lights on. He walked back with a bottle of lube. For the first time she saw his face.

Deuce. Oh my god, it’s Deuce. He smiled. Then she looked down. His big brown cock. His Indian uncut cock. Oh my god. No, it’s too big. Too thick. No way.

He smiled and rubbed some lube on his cock and then her ass. She squirmed and tried to crawl away.

“Please don’t Deuce. Please no. Please. Let me go.”

He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders as he positioned himself between her legs. He leaned in. The angle left her pussy and ass obscenely accessible. She was at his mercy.


He caressed her face. Then he rubbed her nipples. Her body betrayed her once more. She knew he noticed.

“Ask me to fuck your ass, Lori Eryka Featherston. Ask me to shove my hard cock in your ass.”

“No! Never!”

He twisted her nipple. She winced. But she got turned on as well. And then he started rubbing her clit again.

“Ask me to fuck your ass.”

“You mean rape it.”

She saw the look of anger flash across his face. He slapped her hard. The shock of it was jarring. He caressed her again. Played with her hair. And finger her pussy and clit.

“Ask me. Recognize what could’ve happened. How it could’ve happened. Appreciate what I’ve done. Then, ask.”

Lori stayed silent. She was not going to beg him to violate her ass. He got her closer to her orgasm. He slipped a few fingers into her ass. They seem to go in without much effort or pain.

“Fuck my ass.”

She knew it was a matter of time. So she gave in.

He built her orgasm with expert fingers and then she felt his cockhead push at her asshole. He rubbed her clit faster and as she started to shake in orgasmic bliss, she felt his cock move into her ass.

Despite the slight discomfort of the new sensation, she was surprised at the lack of pain. He knew how to fuck an ass and he knew he was good at it. He had perfected the art of getting women addicted to his big thick Indian cock in their asses.

He shoved in a few more inches. Let her get adjusted to his size and girth. Then he stretched her ass some more. She whimpered and moaned as his fingers played with her pussy. Then he shoved the rest of it in. That big brown cock all the way in.

Lori’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. She let out a soft cry.

This was the definition of good pain. Just like when he had taken her virginity in high school.

“I was always meant to take your ass cherry as well.”

Lori moaned. He let her get used to his whole cock deep inside her ass. He knew she would stay gaped for a while. She knew she would miss his fullness inside her ass for days to come.

He started to move in and out of her ass. The good pain grew and so did her orgasm from his unrelenting fingers.

He seemed to last for hours inside her ass. She remembered his Kama Sutra and Tantric training. She was starting to get sore. He sensed it. He leaned forward further to sharpen the angle. He drove in deeper. Then he started pulling out upto the head. He looked deep into her eyes. She knew what was coming. He drove in hard in one strong stroke.

She groaned. “NNNghh annhhhh ohhhh fuckkkk”

He started ramming her ass and driving in harder with each stroke.

“Annnhh ahhhh ohhhhh”

His breathing got heavy. His fingers in her pussy faster. As she felt the wave of orgasm reach their break, he took a sharp deep breath.

“I’m gonna cum.”

He released his thick cum deep in her ass just as she felt her body convulse. Her pussy quivered. Her legs shook. He stayed hard inside her ass for a while longer and drove in a few more strokes. He seemed to want to power through to another ejaculation. But then he saw her face.

“I’m getting sore.”

“I know baby.” He caressed her face. “Want me to stop or do you want me to cum inside you again?”

Lori to her own horror said, “Don’t stop.”

To her surprise, he reached up and uncuffed her all the while driving into her ass. He picked her up onto him.

She was surprised. Part of her wanted to stop. Part of her wanted to get up and run out. Part of her wanted to hit him hard. Instead she felt herself sliding up and down on the cock in her ass.


After Deuce was done cumming in her ass a second time, he pulled out slowly and caressed her as he drove her to another orgasm.

He then got up and pointed to the cameras. Some hidden. Some not. With everything else, she hadn’t noticed them. FUCK!

“For a little memento of our current session.”

Lori got angry. She cursed and screamed. He smiled. She remembered he was a filmmaker. He had his place wired. He had cameras of all sorts. FUCK!

“This will never be seen by another soul. Don’t worry, Lori.”

“How could you?”

“Because you always wanted it this way. Deep down inside.”

“No, you sick bastard. I’m married. And faithful.”

“Did you note how you didn’t say Happily married?”

Fuck him. Fuck Deuce. Fuck her husband, Will. Fuck.

“Lori, you will be my bitch. You will be my slut. You will be my whore. This you will become from this very moment. Now, as my whore, suck my dick clean.”

She was disgusted. Disappointed. In herself. As she kneeled down as sucked his cock. He smiled.

“Get dressed bitch. Your husband will be coming back from his trip soon. I want you to greet him with a blowjob. Then you will let him fuck you up against the wall. You will keep this thong on. Move it to the side and let him fuck you. I want him deep inside you when he realizes your ass is leaking cum.”

“No, please no.”

“You are my whore and you will do exactly what I say. Otherwise, the vid is going to your office, your friends and your parents. Don’t forget I am in film. I will edit them to highlight you begging me to fuck your ass. Do you understand?”

Tears rolled down Lori’s face as she nodded. Deuce kissed her. Deep. Lori was surprised to see her mouth open to receive and to feel pleasure in it.

As she was leaving, Deuce called her name. She turned.

“You shouldn’t have turned over, my whore. Poor choice.”

The night was falling, dusk taking over the hills as I drove back to my little house on the edge of the city. The rolling country sped by as I rushed to make it home before dark. There had been several car-jackings and rapes in this region and I didn’t want my fiancé back home to worry about my lateness. Of course there was no cell phone reception out here so I couldn’t even call and update Tim of my progress.

I noticed the car behind me after a few minutes. They were following unnecessarily close and it was unnerving. I slowed down to let them pass, but they also slowed. I nervously watched my rearview mirror as I sped up. They sped right up as well. I started checking my cell phone for service. No luck. I was worried about driving right up to my house with them so close behind me, but there wasn’t a Sherriff station for almost fifty miles out here. I knew cell phone signals opened up just a few miles from my house. When it did I immediately dialed Tim’s number.

“Baby someone has been following me and I’m worried.” I tried to keep the panic from my voice, but he knows me so well.

“Come straight home and you won’t have to worry about a thing. I’ll be ready, baby.” He was so reassuring. I thought comfortingly of his strong arms and dark eyes and felt reassured of my safety. It was unlikely for me to be raped in my own driveway with a strong man standing by!

I pulled into my driveway a few minutes later and saw Tim standing in the light, shirtless. Despite my fear and the car just a few seconds behind me, I felt a little jump low in my stomach when I saw him standing there all protective and manly, his brown hair falling into his face. I turned the car off and jumped out, running toward him without looking behind me.

I turned and saw two people get out of the sedan that had pulled in behind my Honda. One, a man, looked exactly like someone who’d be out car-jacking and raping unsuspecting women in the country. He was tall and tattooed, dark hair shaved almost completely off. His shirt stretched tight across his chest. I was surprised to notice that he was incredibly attractive. The other person, however, gave me pause. It was a woman, taller than my petite five foot three inches, but not by much. She was dressed provocatively, a red slinky dress that showed ample cleavage and a slit up the side of her thigh that flashed her ass while she walked. Her hair was black and curled loosely down over her shoulders in a sexy, just got fucked sort of way that made me jealous and turned me on just a little.

“Excuse me, we’re sorry if we scared you, miss. We were just wondering if we could use a phone or get some directions. We’ve been lost out here for hours and you were the first car we came across all evening.” This was from the man, who introduced himself as Jackson. The woman was Cassie but she didn’t say anything. Just smoldered at my fiancé in a way that made me nervous of her plump, red lips.

“Well, I’m Tim and this is Lana. You definitely gave her a fright out there, but you’re welcome to use our phone if you need to.” Tim smiled, clearly disarmed by their charm.

Tim invited them inside to print off some directions for them to the nearest big city and offered them a drink. I was still feeling wary of this unusual couple and wished Tim wouldn’t be quite so overtly friendly.

We all took seats in the living room and that’s when the trouble started that would haunt us for days. It began when Cassie sat on the loveseat next to Tim before I could sit down. I raised an eyebrow, but took a chair instead. I didn’t like the way her dress seemed to hike itself up even more when she crossed her legs and turned toward him.

After we’d all had a few drinks, she leaned in after a look from Jackson, and kissed Tim on the mouth. He was shocked and pushed her away. “Whoa, that was totally inappropriate!” He stood up and looked at Jackson who just had an amused grin on his face. I clenched my teeth and stood as well while the two of them lounged.

“I think it’s time for you two to leave now, please.” I walked toward the door and unlocked it. Cassie giggled and reached up to cup the front my fiancé’s jeans. He jumped back, moving her hand. “Wow, that’s…um…interesting, but you guys do need to get going. Don’t want to miss hotel check ins or whatever.”

Jackson stood then and the room felt eerily silent. “I don’t think we’ll be leaving anytime soon.” I started to protest but suddenly my head felt dizzy. Tim also put his hand to his forehead and stumbled a bit. Cassie helped him sit back down and Jackson smiled wide.

“We’ve been waiting a long time to find a couple as perfect as the two of you.”

My vision started to go dark and I felt myself falling forward. Before I passed out, drugged obviously, I heard Jackson say, “Cassie, catch her please. We want her nice and comfortable for the next couple days, not bruised up.” I felt Cassie’s surprisingly strong arms break my fall and looked up into her face, a look of hunger in her eyes, before everything went black.


I awoke naked, my hands tied in front of me and my ankles bound together as well. I was laying in my living room, but all the furniture had been moved out. My head was still groggy and my vision was blurry. I blinked a few times and saw Tim across the room, tied the same as me, just as naked. He was still passed out. I looked around for Jackson or Cassie and didn’t see them. I started to try to army crawl over to Tim, but only made it a few feet before I realized my ankle restraints were connected to a hook in the wall that they had obviously put there. I rolled back toward it. It was solidly in the wall, keeping me from moving beyond just a few feet in any direction.

“Tim?” I whispered. “Baby, wake up!”

“Huh? Wassamatter?” He mumbled and then opened his eyes suddenly. “Shit, Lana! Are you okay?” He sat up and examined his own situation, ankles bound with nylon rope and tethered by the hook on his side of the room.

“Yeah, what’s going on, though?” I asked quietly. “Do you think they did anything to us?”

“No, darlings.” This was definitely Cassie talking. I looked up and saw her waltz into the living room from the kitchen. Her voice was low, sultry. “We haven’t touched you. Except to remove your clothing of course.”

“Why are you doing this? What do you want?” Tim asked, angrily yanking at his ropes.

“It’s always the same, isn’t it, Cassie?” Jackson entered, his shirt off now, showing the further extent of his tattoos which curved around his arms and chest and down his back in an intricate design.

“Yes, it is, Jackson. ‘What do you want?’ is usually the first.” She smiled brilliantly and went to her man. He bent his neck to kiss her, a lingering kiss that suddenly made me realize how naked I was.

“What are you going to do?” I asked, interrupting them. Cassie angrily walked toward me. Before I had anytime to flinch, she slapped me hard across the face and knelt down to look me in the eyes.

“We’re going to do whatever we want, Lana. Right now, I want to fuck.” She spat the last word into my face and I looked away, fire burning inside me. She stood and met Jackson in the middle of the completely empty room, right between me and Tim so that we could both see exactly what they were doing.

At first they kissed. I saw Jackson’s tongue slip into Cassie’s mouth and hers lick across his lips before I looked away, embarrassed and furious. Their hands started moving on each other next. Her hands over his chest and down to the waistband of his jeans, his hands up through her hair and down her back to squeeze her ass through the slick fabric of her red dress. When he pushed aside the straps of the dress and her breasts were completely revealed, I glanced over at Tim and saw that he was watching.

Jackson slipped the dress down Cassie’s body so that it pooled on the floor beneath her feet. Her body was curvy and tanned, her pussy shaved, her stomach toned and perky breasts with dark, erect nipples. I saw Tim shift uncomfortably, hiding what I knew must be a growing erection. I frowned, gritting my teeth, knowing that speaking was futile at this point.

Jackson made a low sound in his throat and his hands went to her breasts, squeezing and kneading them while she threw her head back, eyes shut tight. She undid the buttons on his jeans and pushed them down his thighs while he began kissing her neck and running his hands down the arching of her back over her perfectly shaped ass. She sucked on her bottom lip and moaned when her hand closed around his now revealed cock.

I looked up, mildly curious, and saw her hand pumping him gently while his mouth went to her hard nipples. His dick was huge, massive in a way that I had not seen but in porn years ago and something in me did a somersault when Cassie dropped to her knees in front of him, like she was worshipping his cock. I realized Tim was watching me and dropped my eyes, but watched from under my lashes as Cassie began to suck Jackson off.

I was transfixed by the way her tongue did laps around his cock, licking him like a vanilla ice cream cone and then taking all of him into her mouth, deep-throating him in a way that made him grab the back of her head and shudder. I felt myself getting wet despite myself as Cassie’s hand slipped between her legs and began to rub herself there while she sucked him. I snuck a glance at Tim and noticed he was very interested in her fingers, as well, vigorously slipping in what must be a very wet pussy. He had given up on trying to hide his erection; it was too big to be concealed by his knees. With a small jolt I saw a drop of precum on the head of his dick and longed to lick it off. I felt myself get even wetter as I realized that he was enjoying the show so much. How fucked up is this? I thought but I kept watching.

After a few minutes of sucking, Jackson pulled her away and pushed her gently to the ground onto her back. He got down on his knees on the carpet and positioned his cock with her pussy perfectly so that we could easily see. Cassie spread her legs wide and Jackson placed his hands just above her knees, pushing her legs even wider as he thrust into her hard. I watched his dick disappear into her slick wet hole and felt my body tremble in desire. Cassie began to moan as he started to really fuck her, his cock sliding in and out, hands moving to her breasts so he could squeeze them as they bounced with each thrust. Tim closed his eyes, his cock straining, the drop of pre-cum slipping down his thick shaft. Cassie started rubbing one finger against her clit as they fucked and within minutes she was screaming that she was cumming hard around his cock. Almost immediately, he pulled out and began jacking himself off. His cum jetted from the tip of his dick in thick ropes that splashed across her wet pussy and flat stomach and I felt my own pussy spasm longingly, the wetness seeping out between my legs to coat my thighs. I, too, closed my eyes, the desire welling up was too strong to continue watching.

I kept my eyes tightly closed until I heard the master bathroom shower turn on. Then I opened my eyes to an empty room, but for my fiancé, still tied up on the other side. “Damn,” I said, my throat dry.

“Yeah,” he murmured. His cock was still hard. I wished I could suck it. I wished that his hands were free so that he could get himself off if he wanted to. Or that my hands were free so that I could run my fingers against my clit the way Cassie had just done. I shut my eyes again and took deep breaths until I calmed down. When I opened them, Tim was soft again and Cassie and Jackson were back in the room, both still naked and freshly showered.

“How was the show?” Cassie asked, walking over to me.

“Um. Fine.” I said. “Hot.” I added, sure it would please her. I wondered when we’d be let go, trapped on our own home.

“Good. I noticed you were a little uncomfortable.”

“I guess a little.”

She leaned in, whispered. “Did it make you wet, Lana?” I gulped but didn’t answer. She didn’t give me time to answer, but pulled my knees apart and ran a hand up my thigh, sliding through the slickness there.

“Oh my, yes.”

Jackson had an eyebrow raised, arms crossed over his chest. I watched him lick his lips as Cassie’s fingers gently rubbed against my pussy making me shudder. She pulled back quickly, though, and went to join him.

“Tim was turned on, too, wasn’t he?” Jackson asked. Cassie agreed and knelt down in front of Tim who turned away.

“Your cock got the hardest while you watched me sucking him off. Did you want me to suck you off, Tim?” She asked, hand trailing over his balls. He tried to knock her hand away, but she squeezed his semi-erect dick in her hand.

“Get the fuck away from him!” I found my voice and shouted.

“No I don’t think I will, Lana. He has a lovely dick and I’ll be playing with it soon enough.” She stood and took Jackson’s hand.

They told us they’d be back later to play some more and that we’d better be ready for them. They left some food and water, laughing about how we’d have to eat without using our hands and then they disappeared into the back bedroom.


A few hours later, after we’d slept a bit, eaten, and been taken to the restroom, Cassie and Jackson began their real torment.

Cassie knelt down, naked, in front of Tim and began stroking his cock. When he didn’t immediately respond, she began touching herself in front of him, sliding her fingers over her clit so he could easily see. He let out a shaky breath and I saw his dick jump in her hand. She licked her lips and continued stroking him. I started to protest, but Jackson put his hand against my neck and squeezed menacingly enough that I only whimpered while I watched Cassie jack off my fiancé with horror and fascination.

Tim looked over at me, terror and guilt in his eyes, completely different than the raging erection in Cassie’s hands. She dribbled lube down onto him and really began working his shaft and he moaned involuntarily, not taking his eyes from mine. The guilt began to subside in his face as the look in his eyes turned to pure animal arousal. She continued to stroke him, faster and faster, and his hips began thrusting slightly forward a slack look on his lips. “You want to fuck me, don’t you, Tim?” Cassie asked softly. He tried to say no, but tore his eyes away from mine long enough to look down her lean, tan body and all he could do was whisper, “yes.” Immediately she stopped stroking him and he moaned in physical protest. She laughed and came over to me and Jackson.

“Now, girls are a little trickier. Do you want me or Jackson to build you up?” She asked sweetly as she lay down at my feet. She spread my legs, ankles still bound, knees wide, and leaned toward my exposed, shaved pussy. I whimpered again. “Don’t…” I said, weakly, but it was too late. Her mouth went first over my clit and began licking gently. I tried to move out from under her, but Jackson held me in place. I’d never had a girl do this before. I realized quickly that I had been missing out.

She sucked my clit and I moaned before lapping her tongue down into my hole, tasting me and making me tremble. I tried to tell her to stop, but I couldn’t even think as her tongue made circles inside me and her fingers began to slide inside as well. I could feel Jackson’s dick begin to harden against me as he held me down and I had a fleeting, embarrassing thought of turning around and taking him into my mouth. Tim was hard, too, unable to go soft while he watched his fiancée get eaten out by another woman, especially one as sexy as Cassie. It’s like it didn’t matter in those moments that we were there against our will. All I could think about was her fingers slipping in and out of me and how badly I wanted cock. As if reading my mind, Jackson whispered against my neck, “would you like me to fuck you, Lana?” I gulped and could only nod as I felt myself getting closer and closer to the brink. “Please,” I whispered and I didn’t even know if I meant “please stop” or “please don’t stop.” Cassie’s tongue slowed and stopped and she stood up. Jackson followed suit and they both told us to enjoy our frustrations before leaving the room.

“Dammit!” Tim yelled the moment we were alone. “I’m so sorry, Lana. I didn’t want it.” He moaned.

“Tim, I’m sorry, too. I don’t want him, honest.”

“I just couldn’t help it”

“I know, me, too.”

“I’m still hard.” He moaned again. “All this teasing is driving me nuts. And there’s something about you tied up and naked over there that isn’t making this any easier.” He shifted, his dick indeed still erect. I could feel my pussy still shivering, too, easily excitable by seeing him aroused. This was torture.

Moments later, Jackson came back, alone this time. “I didn’t think it was fair that Cassie had all the fun last time. My turn now.” He knelt in front of me and spread my legs the same way Cassie had done. I was terrified now, sure that I was going to be raped now like I had originally feared. His dick was massive and hard, but he lay down on his stomach instead of what I expected and began to lick me as Cassie had minutes before.

If possible, he was even better. His tongue knew exactly where to stroke against me, and he pushed a finger inside me at the right moment. I starting moaning and thrusting my hips up to meet his mouth, completely at his mercy as his tongue lapped at me, bringing me so close to orgasm I was ready to burst. Abruptly, however, he stopped. “Fuck,” I mumbled as he went to Tim, whose cock was still semi-erect.

“How dare you touch her?” He demanded. Before he could completely go off, though, Jackson was taking Tim’s dick into his mouth and sucking. “What the fuck?” Tim started, but couldn’t continue protesting. Jackson licked and sucked as good as Cassie had done to him and Tim’s face was a surprised blend of horror and utter lust. I watched, shocked at how hot it was to see Tim’s dick disappearing into another man’s mouth, and my body ached. Tim shut his eyes, but I could hear his breathing get more and more shallow and I could see how hard he was and how he was trying to resist, but failing. “Fuck!” He groaned, “I’m going to cum.” Jackson pulled back and Tim tried to shove his dick back in the man’s mouth.

“As much as I would love for you to come in my mouth, we have other plans for you.”

Cassie appeared then, naked but wearing a pair of sensuously tall red platform heels that made her ass look even more mouthwatering than before. Tim’s eyes went wide as she walked to him and sat down in front of him, spreading her legs, knees bent. She began to finger herself while he watched and I saw his dick throbbing with the ache that I was getting very familiar with myself. She pulled out a dildo, a blue toy that she began to lick and suck. I watched Jackson get hard as she slipped it inside of herself with a small sigh. She began to fuck herself there on the floor and my cunt spasmed jealously.

“I’m going to fuck Lana now.” Jackson announced and I shivered. Tim began to speak but Cassie gripped his dick and began to stroke and he could only moan as he watched Jackson pull me to my feet and bend me over a chair he had brought into the room. I trembled as I felt him massage my ass, down over my dripping pussy, fingers dipping into my cunt. He spanked me then, harder than I’d ever been spanked and I whimpered, but felt myself get wetter.

He spanked me again and I felt the tip of his cock at my pussy. I moaned softly and looked over at Tim. Cassie’s head was bent down and bobbing over his dick as she sucked him off and his eyes were wide, horrified as he watched another man’s cock inch inside me in one hard thrust that brought tears to my eyes.

He was so big I thought I might break. I was filled up in a way that I had never felt before, my insides melting with the immensity of the arousal and the pain, mixed together in some sort of sadistic and twisted delicacy. When he started to fuck me, I thought I was going to die from it, the overwhelming brink of orgasm and need. He went slow at first, and I watched Tim’s eyes, but as he sped up and I began screaming my pleasure I couldn’t look at him anymore. All I could do was cry out beneath him, my pussy gushing as I came harder than I’ve ever come in my life, the orgasm bursting through me, washing away everything and yet leaving me so unsatisfied, still reeling. He continued to fuck me, harder now, spanking me so hard it sent me over the edge again and I came a second time, clawing at the fabric of the chair, screaming obscenities and begging for him to give me his load. He did not oblige, but slowed his thrusts to a delicious tease that pulled at my pleasure a third time. He pulled out and I sighed, twitching, unable to move.

My phone rang; it was the Accounts department manager Ken.

“Afternoon Ken, how are you?”

“I’m fine Jim, can you come to my office at 17:00, we need to discuss your secondment?”

Dam! I thought as I put the phone down. Not only do I finish work at 16:30 I really don’t want to go on a secondment to the Accounts department. It had been discussed with my boss a while ago that it was a possibility but nothing else was mentioned, so I thought nothing more would come of it.

17:00 came and I made my way to Ken’s office on the third floor. As I walked up the stairs I cursed my boss for agreeing to this bloody secondment, just because I was 20 and the lowest member of the department he decided that I could be sacrificed, loaned out the Ken’s department as temporary cover while they tried to find a replacement for their department secretary.

I reached Ken’s office in the corner of the deserted Accounts department, no one to be seen everyone had left at 16:30. I knocked the door and entered.

“Ah young Jim, take a seat.”

Ken was a large overweight man in his late 50′s with greying hair and a grizzly beard. I had heard from various people that he was a relic from the days gone by, he would often throw his weight around believing bullying and intimidation was the key to success. I looked around his large office, with its enormous desk and impressive view I though he must be doing something right.

The meeting lasted a quarter of an hour or so and comprised mainly of Ken instructing me of my new duties; making tea and coffee, administration work, typical secretarial duties. Ken said that his last secretary Claire had been dismissed and that I shall be taking on all her duties until they find her replacement.

He instructed me to be early tomorrow so that I could be shown round, before crushing my hand with his huge ‘vice-like’ handshake and sending me on my way.

Brilliant! I thought sarcastically as I drove home, not only am I doing a woman’s job for the next two months but my hand is broken!

The next few days went by pretty uneventfully, I met the rest of the department, Cathy and Gloria; two old gals who did nothing more than sit at their desks and gossip all day. The rest of the department was made up of two middle aged men, John and Gary; two of the campest men I have met but nice enough.

I didn’t see much of Ken until the Friday when he came into the office in the morning shouting at anyone who dared breathe. Gloria informed me that this is a regular occurrence and most probably the result of an argument with his wife, and that it was best to stay out of his way or bare the full brunt of his anger. Easily done then said, I had to do the tea and coffee for his meeting this afternoon!

I was so nervous as I carried the tea and coffee into his office, I did not see the Managing Directors briefcase. I tripped over it spilling the tray and its contents over Ken’s desk.

“You fucking idiot, you’ve ruined the board papers!” Ken shouted as he jumped to his feet.

This was followed by many more expletives before I was told to clean up the mess while they finished up outside.

As I knelt there shaking, scrubbing the tea out of the carpet I heard Ken re-enter the room.

“My best suit trousers, RUINED! You best clean these now boy before it stains.”

I swivelled round, and to my surprise was now eye level Ken’s crotch as he stood there in his tighty-whitey’s, with his trousers in his outstretched hand.

“Clean these now.” He ordered.

Just before I could take the trousers from him and get up off my knees, he noticed that his tighty-whitey’s weren’t so white anymore but now had a large tea stain on the front.

“My fucking pants! Well you best clean these too.”

With that he pulled them down and kicked them at me, I flinched. When I opened my eyes I was met by the sight of Ken’s flaccid cock inches from my face, it was BIG! Bigger than any I had ever seen, and it wasn’t even hard.

Now I’m not gay, I have a long term girlfriend who I love. But kneeling there before my domineering boss, stood with his massive cock inches from my face , I felt myself get aroused.

I don’t know what gave it away but Ken knew straight away, maybe it was the fact that I didn’t turn away, the glint in my eye or maybe he noticed the stir in my pants, but he knew.

He looked down at me and growled.

“You like what you see boy?”

I didn’t know what to do or say.

“I knew the second I saw you. You’re a queer just like them other two out there.”

He thinks I’m gay! Say Something, MOVE! But I couldn’t I just stayed knelt before him, and stuttered the words.

“I… I… I’m…. not gay.”

“Ha, sure you’re not, I can see the way you’re looking at it. You want to touch it don’t you?”

All I could do was shake my head weakly.

“Don’t give me that!” And with that he swung his hips and slapped me round the face with his cock. It felt like being hit with a hammer, it was soft yet so hard it stung, I held my face.

“Now boy, I’m going to let you suck my dick, and we’ll forget all about this little tea incident.”

What felt like an eternity but in fact was seconds passed before I reached out.” I need this job,” I told myself, knowing at the back of my mind something was intriguing me. I grasped it with my right hand, it made my hand look small.

“Wank it with both hands” he barked.

I quickly did as he ordered and placed my other hand on it and slowly began to work it up and down; he grew larger with every stroke.

Ken then sat down in his large leather chair. “Now suck my cock and don’t stop until I fill that little mouth of yours with my cum.”

“What am I doing I thought, this is crazy,” but I couldn’t stop myself. I crawled like a dog over to him and positioned myself between his legs. I looked at his balls, they must have been the size of golf balls. “Shit!” I thought, “this is going to be a big load.”

“Stop teasing me boy and suck me dry!”

With that I almost choked on his cock as I shoved it into my mouth. It was huge, my lips were stretched around his girthy shaft and his head felt like it was as far in as it would go, yet I was only a fraction of the way down it. Up and down I went trying to keep my teeth out of the way.

“Argh, that’s it Jim, go deeper, take it all!” He thrust my head down.

I felt the tip hit the back of my throat, I gagged, but he wouldn’t let my head up. My eyes poured with tears and my mouth ached , I involuntarily produced copious amounts of saliva which did nothing but provide extra lubrication for him to fuck my face harder.

“Ahhh, you dirty little whore, you love it” he repeated over, and over again.

As I knelt pathetically before Ken in his office chair, him fucking my face with his impressive manhood, I started to enjoy it… momentarily. Then as he gasped the words, “I’m going to cum.” I was bought back to reality with the thought of me knelt there gagging on a mouthful of an old man’s cum.

I mustered all my strength and released my head from his shovel hands and stood up.

“No I can’t do this!” I turned to walk out of the office and leave Ken sat there half dressed in his office chair.

“NO YOU D…” Bang! That was the last thing I remembered.

I came to with a throbbing pain in the back of my head.

“Argh, What the fuck!”

“Awake again boy? Who do you think you are… get me going like that then go to leave before I’m finished! Well I was going to let you suck me off and that be the end of it, but now after that, ruining my suit and embarrassing me in front of Geoff, I’m going to ruin you boy! You’re going to wish you just swallowed it.”

I couldn’t see him but I could tell he was behind me, my vision was still blurry but I could tell that I was bent over his desk and had my hands and ankles tied to the legs of the desk with what appeared to be his ties.

“Right lets get rid of these trousers,” he grabbed the hems of each leg and pulled upwards with such force it tore my trousers up each seam. He threw both ripped up on my back exposing my bare legs, and proceeded to tug my pants down to my ankles.

I was helpless, strewn over his desk incapable of moving with my arse exposed.

“Ah much better, now I don’t have any lube so this will have to do.” He said as he spat into my crack.

“No please don’t.” I managed to weep before he shoved his screwed up pants into my mouth and secured in place with elastic bands off his desk.

“That’s better, now relax, don’t relax I don’t care but I’m going to fuck your arse, so it’s up to you.”

How the hell did I get into this situation, why didn’t I just suck his cock and be done with it, it wasn’t that bad… maybe this won’t be either. I was wrong!

He pressed the tip against my ring piece and with a grunt shoved it in. Oh my god the pain, I screamed but barely any noise at all escaped through the sweaty tea stained pants gagging me.

“Oh that’s tight, that reminds me of Claire’s arse when she first started here.”

“Claire, Claire…” Claire was the previous secretary who got fired, oh god did he do this to all his staff? Is this just the beginning?

“Arrrrrgh” I screamed as Ken hammered his cock further into my virgin arse.

“Come on boy, loosen up. I know you’re going to like it!”

His girth was similar to that of a cucumber and the length must have been 10 inches. His pace quickened with what I can only describe as the involuntary loosing of my arsehole.

“Yes bitch, I told you you’d like it, now you’re going to pay for today” And that was it, he went harder, faster and deeper until I could feel his belly on top of my cheeks, his balls smashing against mine and the tip of his cock reaching so far up my chute it felt like it was in my stomach!

The pace was frantic and unforgiving, he occasionally withdrew it only long enough to shout “look at the gape” before spitting in my hole and ploughing back in.

As it went on I felt the pain subside and a new feeling brew in my rear, one similar to that of when you’re nearing climax. Every time he pushed his fat purple head deep into my arse it would feel like I was about to cum.

I couldn’t believe it, I was being used roughly by this old man to satisfy his sexual frustration and I was starting to enjoy it. I felt helpless but found myself beginning to grind my arse back into him to meet his thrust, and he noticed.

“Ha, you little fag, you love it, you want it harder don’t you?”

“Yes” I mumbled.

“I can’t hear you Jimmy boy.”

I nodded my head.

“Arrrrrrgh!” he growled as his legs gave way, his girthy cock spasmed in my stretch hole and ream after ream of hot spunk filled my back passage. He collapsed on my back crushing me and suffocating me with his bodily sweat. He lay there for 5 minutes or so catching his breath still with his semi erect cock plugging my raw arsehole.

Finally he climbed off me and with a tug removed his now flaccid cock from my sloppy rectum, which was followed by a squelch and a gallon of now cold cum dribbled down my legs and collected in my pants around my ankles.

“Much better, now I hope you’ve learnt your lesson Jim” I nodded me head.

“Until next time eh” he winked as he released my bonds and put on his trousers and exited his office.

I laid there still bent over the desk. I removed the gag from my mouth and pulled up my spunk soaked pants. I stood up, I felt used and sore but strangely satisfied.

“Do I come in on Monday? Do I report him? Did I enjoy it? I thought to myself. But I put it out of my mind and instead turned my attention to how the fuck I was going to get home with ripped trousers and spunk stained pants without anyone seeing!

Nicky pushed opened the back-door to Bob’s house. It was Tuesday so she had at least three hours before Bob, her landlord, returned from his weekly trip to town. Three hours to do some washing, have a hot shower and grab some food before Bob returned with his groceries, animal feed and fuel. Nicky lived in a caravan on Bob’s farm. Every other day Nicky had to bathe using a basin and a sponge but on Tuesdays she took the opportunity to ‘play house’ while Bob was out.

Nicky pulled down her pink lace panties and threw them in the washing machine with her other dirty clothes. After a quick lunch of odds and ends (including a beer she thought Bob would not miss) she hung her wet clothes on the balcony to dry then went to the bathroom and started the shower. She untied the sarong she used as a dress and let it fall to the ground. She looked at herself in the mirror as she ran her fingers through her hair. She smiled approvingly at the shape of her breasts and hips, the flatness of her tummy.

Nicky jumped into the stream of hot water and drifted into bliss.

Bob on the other hand was not having a good day.

He had broken down on the way into town and had left his mobile at home on the charger. He walked some of the way home but eventually got a lift back to near his house. He thanked the driver and walked up his driveway.

The first thing he noticed when he opened the front door was the clean, soapy smell in the air. Then he heard the water running. He instinctively moved towards the sound. The clean smell increasing with each step. The sound was coming from the bathroom opposite his bedroom. As he approached the bathroom he saw the clothes drying on the balcony through the opened bedroom door. He stopped, then smiled as he recognised some of the clothes.


He had always wanted to see Nicky’s undies; and her naked body.

Bob held his breath as he slowly peered around the edge of the half-opened bathroom door. His heart almost stopped as he took in the scene before him. There was Nicky standing in the shower her back turned slightly towards the open door. She was humming a tune to herself as her fingers lathered her hair. Bob’s eyes roamed all over her body; her legs, the soft curve of her waist and hips; her firm round butt. With Nicky’s arms raised Bob could clearly see the side of Nicky’s breast and he longed to see more. As if reading his mind Nicky turned around. Bob instinctively ducked his head back around the edge of the door. Had she seen him? He waited a few seconds and then slowly peered back around the door. Nicky was now facing him but had her eyes closed and her head back as she rinsed the soap out of her hair with her fingers. Bob’s eyes drank in her beauty. Nicky’s raised arms gave Bob a perfect view of her gorgeous breasts. Her nipples protruded through the stream of warm soapy water cascading down her body.

Bob’s eyes followed the water down across her flat toned tummy, the curve of her hips and the trimmed triangle between. Bob reached down and gave his growing bulge a squeeze as he imagined touching Nicky’s beautiful body. Nicky turned around again and fumbled for the bottle of hair conditioner. She then massaged some into her wet hair. Bob continued to squeeze his cock through his pants as he admired her butt once more. She then grabbed some shower gel and started washing her body; Her arms, her breasts her tummy. Bob was mesmerised as he watched Nicky’s hands roam across her lovely body. She then washed between her legs. One soapy hand ran up and down between her arse cheeks while the other cleaned her pussy. Bob watched excitedly as Nicky moved the hand from her arse up to her breast giving each nipple a quick squeeze while her other hand still massaged her pussy. She then arched her back and rubbed her breasts briefly with both hands before turning around and rinsed the conditioner from her hair. Bob once again ran his eyes up and down her lithe body while he imagined what he would do with her.

As Nicky started to wipe the water from her eyes Bob retreated back behind the door. He heard the shower stop. When he peeped around the door again he could see Nicky bent over drying herself. Bob watched her breasts jiggle as she vigorously rubbed her hair dry. He thought about just rushing in and grabbing her but he was enjoying the show too much he didn’t want it to end. Besides, he had plenty of time.

Eventually Nicky stood up and wrapped the towel around herself. Bob retreated into the bedroom opposite the bathroom and waited behind the door.

Nicky came into the room dressed only in her towel. As she walked across the room Bob stepped out from behind her and said. “Nice to see you Nicky.”

Nicky yelped and whirled around, her eyes and mouth wide in surprise. Her hands pulling the towel tighter around her body

Bob smiled as he looked her up and down. “I thought you had been avoiding me. You know your two months behind on the rent.” Nicky looked down at her toes and nodded mutely.

“And now I find you’ve broken into my house when you knew I was out?.” Nicky nodded again. Bob took a step forward.

“Maybe I should just call the cops and have them haul your arse away?” Bob continued to advance. Nicky slowly shook her head. “Please. No.” She definitely did not want the cops involved.

“I always thought you were a good girl, Nicky.”

Nicky was still staring at the floor. She could see Bob’s feet right in front of her now.

“Are you a good girl?” Bob asked as he played with a stand of hair on her bare shoulder.

Nicky was trapped and she knew it. Her down-caste eyes flicked up and down. She could not avoid seeing the obvious bulge in the front of Bob’s pants. She raised her hands to where the towel was tucked between her breasts. “I am a good girl.” she softly protested.

“Show me how good.” Bob whispered.

Nicky bit her lower lip as she slowly lowered the towel to her waist.

Bob licked his lips as his eyes feasted on her beautiful young body once more. He reached out and cupped Nicky’s left breast in his right hand. His hand was big but her breast was bigger. His fingers squeezed and prodded as they played with her nipple. His other hand grabbed her towel-clad arse pulling her into him. Then his hands were everywhere at once; her breasts, her shoulders, her hips, her waist. He rubbed his big hands all over her squeezing whenever there was enough flesh to grab. She could feel the heat of his body grinding into her. Then his hand lifted her chin and before she knew it his mouth was on hers and his tongue was probing her mouth. As he kissed her one hand squeezed her breast while the other held her against him.

He broke the kiss and let her go. He smiled at her while he unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. He pulled his shirt over his head then reached out and pulled the towel from around her waist leaving her completely naked.

Bob grabbed Nicky and forced her onto the bed sitting facing him. Nicky couldn’t help but look as Bob dropped his shorts and his raging cock sprang into view. It was definitely pleased to see her. The skin was so tight over the engorged purply-red head that she thought it might pop. The tip of Bob’s cock glistened as it twitched up and down in front of Nicky’s face.

Nicky knew what was expected of her. She reached out and wrapped her hand around Bob’s meat. She opened her mouth and he pushed forward past her lips. He pulled out as he felt her teeth scrape his sensitive skin.

“C’mon open that pretty mouth up wide for me. I’m sure your’ve sucked plenty of cocks bigger than this.” But before Nicky could answer Bob started rubbing his dick against her lips. Actually, he was wrong, she thought. Nicky had only had three boyfriends. Her first boyfriend had an average size cock, the second boy’s dick was small and thin (like a finger). Her last boyfriend was quite large. But Bob’s cock was at least an inch longer and a lot thicker. It reminded her of an angry purple cucumber. But she had no choice. He had caught her inside his house. She had to give him what he wanted.

Nicky closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened her mouth as wide as she could. She curled her lips over her teeth as she felt the head of his penis push into her mouth. She reached up and grabbed the shaft to avoid having to swallow the whole length. She hid her true intentions by gently massaging the skin back and forth. At the same time she twirled her tongue around the head of Bob’s dick. He moaned and started slowly rocking backwards and forwards. Nicky worked her hand along the shaft as she ran her tongue around his thrusting head. Bob reached down and grabbed Nicky’s tits, squeezing her nipples between his groping fingers. Nicky moaned in the back of her throat. She opened her eyes in surprise. Was she actually starting to enjoy this?

Bob increased his rhythm and pushed further into her mouth. She reached up with her other hand and tugged gentle on his balls. Bob continued to play with her breasts and tweak her nipples. She could feel a tingle deep in her belly. She could also feel Bob starting to loose control. He grabbed the back of her head with both hands and thrust deep and hard. She gagged as he pushed further into her mouth but there was nothing she could do. With one last thrust he pulled her face onto his cock as he shot stream after stream of hot cum into Nicky’s mouth. She instinctively closed her throat to avoid swallowing the warm sticky fluid. It dribbled down her chin and onto her breasts.

Bob let go of Nicky’s head and withdrew his cock as the peak of his orgasm subsided. Nicky wiped herself with the towel and spat-out the remaining cum. Bob took the towel off her and wiped the end of his dick. He pumped his fingers around his cock as he looked down at her.

“Well that pays for the shower. Now your going to show me your appreciation for not calling the cops.”

Before Nicky could respond Bob pushed her onto her back and bent her knees up giving him his first good look at her naked pussy. Nicky tried to keep her legs together but Bob pulled them apart. He ran his strong hands down her inner thighs as he knelt next to the bed. He moved his head down between her thighs. Her perfume enticed him. He lightly ran a finger over her clitoris. Nicky stifled a gasp and bit her lip. He ran his fingers along the outside of her pussy lips. Nicky bucked at the lightness of his touch and the effect it was having on her. Bob then started rolling the skin over Nicky’s clit between his finger and thumb, occasionally tugging up and down like he had done with his own penis. Nicky did not want Bob doing this to her but her body responded just the same. None of her boyfriends had ever touched her like this. Then she felt Bob’s tongue as it flicked her clit. She moaned and Bob watched as her beautiful pussy started to swell exposing her delicate pink inner lips. Bob ran his tongue up the length of Nicky’s slit and then lightly sucked her clit. She moaned again as she rocked her hips onto his mouth.

Bob stood up. Nicky lay on the bed in front of him with her knees bent. Her eyes were closed; her breasts rising softly with each breath. One of her hands was gently playing with a nipple. He tummy and hips were rocking slightly. Her pussy was open and glistening. She looked absolutely beautiful.

Bob grabbed Nicky’s ankles and lifted them up as he climbed between her legs. She opened her eyes and looked at him as she remembered what was happening. She tried to clamp her thighs shut but it was way too late. She could feel Bob’s cock as it pushed against her pussy. He ran the head up and down between her lips. She tried to think of something else but she could feel her pussy lips grasping for his cock. He pushed the head between her lips and she realised how wet she was. Bob started thrusting in and out so only the head of his cock slipped between her pulsing lips. She tried to resist but she could feel herself turning inside out. His teasing was driving her wild. Her breathing quickened as she tried to push down capturing more of his cock. Every now and then Bob’s cock would slip forward and press hard on her clit making her gasp. Nicky couldn’t take it any more; She wrapped her arms and legs around Bob trying to pull him into her. His mouth came down on hers and she felt his tongue penetrating her mouth. She kissed him back hard, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth. He responded by simultaneously thrusting his tongue into her mouth and thrusting his cock all the way into her pussy. Her mouth opened wide and tried to devour him while her pussy clamped down tight and tried to milk him.

Bob held himself deep inside her then pulled back and started fucking Nicky for all he was worth. He had dreamt about fucking this girl since the first day he saw her and now here he was with his dick pumping in and out of her glorious body.

Nicky couldn’t believe what was happening. Bob was older and fatter than any of the boys she had been with but he fitted inside her like the missing piece of a puzzle. His fat old cock touched her in all the right spots. She started fucking him back.

Bob pulled back and teased her with the head of his cock again.

Nicky arched her back trying to pull him back in. “Please Bob. Please.”

He plunged back in and started fucking her hard again. He could feel her pussy muscles rippling around his cock as he fucked her. She felt so good. Nicky’s arms and legs hugged him close and she pulled him deeper into her with all her might. Bob ran one hand up between their bodies and over her breast rolling the nipple under his palm. It was all she could take. Nicky grabbed Bob’s face and rammed her tongue into his mouth as he slammed his cock home.

They came together.

Bob shot load after load of hot jism as deep into Nicky’s pussy as he could. Nicky responded with her own flood of juices as her pussy pushed down on Bob’s cock.

Nicky could feel Bob growing smaller inside her. He rolled to his side pulling her over with him.

When Nicky opened her eyes Bob was standing next to the bed. He passed her the towel then reached down and caressed her leg.

“Now, about the rent…”

Nicky groaned and rolled over into a ball. It was going to be a long day.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1929 between the verse and chorus of the song, “Ain’t Misbehavin,” a shriek of, “My tit is fallin’ outta my gown you big galoot!” could be heard over the giggling and drunken chaos of the Clark Street speakeasy. Flossie Braun with her red hair curled close to her face spat at the goon hoisting her by the arms to the wall. Sure enough Flossie’s forlorn breast and curious little nipple hung it’s head woefully out the side of her satin and beaded gown…she was helpless to tuck it back in because every time she tried she was smacked hard on the hand.

“L.l.leave itttt out lady, nnnnothing gets put under wraps unless III say so,” the big goon called Stuttering Al slapped at her hand but not before giving the exposed nipple a furious little flick of his finger causing her to screech even louder. She was followed by 5 other decked out prostitutes all summoned there under false pretenses to “entertain” what they thought were going to be the boys from the Moran gang, with whom they were employed. Instead it was Capone’s goons (Moran’s rivals) who surprised them at the door and then ushered the apoplectic women to the back room, all of them caterwauling about death and missed appointments.

Addie Fischer, a small dark haired girl was the only one who remained completely impassive and instead fingered the green beads hanging down between her breasts while she sized up the dire situation they were in. “Hands up against the wall ladies, we intend to do a little search,” Vinny “the horse” whistled through his buck teeth, but not before pushing a knee between Addie’s legs and forcing them widely apart.

“If it’s your mother you’re looking for, I saw her last night with her face pressed up against my ass, you stupid prick,” she said, with a wiggle of her ass, pressing her hands firmly against the rough red brick wall to prevent from falling.

Maggie Malloy kept her curly blonde hair wrapped around her finger and through great gasps of nervous giggling kept asking to use the phone. “Listen lady, there’s no telephones in hell and if you don’t shut to fuck up you’ll be shaking hands with the devil before you can say Bugs Morgan,” Marco’s big rounded hand, the size of a shovel, grasped at her buttocks and projected her a couple of feet forward with an excited, “ooh!” until she could feel the rough bricks pressing her nose.

There was an instance of chaos when Addie turned and kneed one of her captors in the balls and made for the door. She was instantly stopped by a distinguished looking man, “Gentleman” Vic Petruchio escorting in the notorious cock sucker, only known by her first name, Tess. “Listen lady, I love it rough. The rougher the better, but if you know what’s good for you, enjoy these last moments of your life.” Addie was shoved violently to the wall where she was licked from the back of her shoulder up to her ear and then goosed hard on the ass.

“Pig!” Was the only thing Addie could utter, her fear cutting off her usual constant line of obscenities and insults. Tess gave Addie a wary look and the two held hands as they waited for what was sure to be a firing squad.

The last two of their group were called “the twins”, they were completely unrelated but did everything and EVERYONE together and now sobbed in unison, as they each, Dottie and Betty Lou, dragged their satin shod feet into the dimly lit storage room followed by a gun toting 19 year old pimpled faced hooligan named Tony. A commotion in the corner behind the whiskey barrels erupted as one of the men dragged an unknown girl from the darkness by a handful of blonde curly hair. None of the other girls seemed to recognize sweet Katy McCafferty, the proprietor’s wife and manager of the speakeasy.

“Where the hell did she come from?” said Vic unlatching the back door to let in a couple of others carrying violin cases. “I thought the place was supposed to be empty. No matter, stick her ass up against the wall with the rest of the whores,” he said signaling to one of the other guys.

Sweet Katy landed on her elbows from the boot in the ass delivered by one of the two new visitors. Scurrying to her feet, she found herself pressed to the wall with three ladies on each side, all apparently terrified, looking to her for answers. Two of the men had withdrawn machine guns from the violin cases and most of the women now realized that they were somehow caught up in a gangland dispute that had nothing to do with them personally. Within minutes they all expected to be dead.

“Who the hell are you and what do you want with us?” Katy managed to find a voice for what every one of the other women, including her, wanted to know.

“It’s really simple lady, they all work for Moran and we intend to control prostitution on both sides of the city. When we are finished here there won’t be a whore in town that won’t get the message. And YOU just happen to be in a bad place and the wrong time now didn’t ya lady?” Vinny hissed as he breathed out “lady” with a fog of whiskey and garlic into her unflappable face as he fingered one of her impertinent curls.

Katy coughed in disgust, ” Listen, dead we’re useless to Moran and Capone! Alive, we can make your world spin. Why don’t you come up with something we all might like and you won’t end up spending the rest of the day cleaning up after your own mess.” Katy played with his lapels, her fingers rubbing the material as she might tease his balls with her tongue. Then she turned coquettishly towards the wall and pressed her full breasts into the brick with a smile and lick of her lips. There was baboonish laughter amongst the gangsters as they eyed each other hungrily and then looked at the meat that was lined up before their very eyes. Katy smiled dreamily, the beguiling look in her eyes masking the revulsion and the fearful quiver in her lips.

Maggie stared blankly at the brick wall counting the lines that went horizontally across and then counting the vertical lines and then giggling and starting over, everyone seemed to miss that she was stoned out of her mind. The “twins” stopped their crying and held hands again, looking hopefully over their soft shoulders. Addie and Tess licked their lips at the boys. Flossie broke the ridiculous charade by shouting out, “There ain’t no way I’m touching one of these filthy, dirty pigs…see this fellas? ” She held her tit in her hand and shook it at them…this is the only private part of me that you’re ever gonna see!” The men threw back their heads in bombastic laughter, the echoes of their voices permeating the dank, closeness of the room.

The girls shouted in unison for Flossie to shut her trap, except for Maggie who just sang softly to herself, “I wanna be loved by you, by you and nobody else but you, I wanna be loved by you…alone…boo boo bi doo!” as she counted those fucking lines.

Vic reached inside his violin case and retrieved a handled, twenty four-inch long, piece of leather known to most of the ladies as a barber’s strop. “So let me see if we are all in agreement,” he said, strolling along the line of terrified women. Stopping next to Flossie, he laid the leather strap across her left shoulder prodding the end of the strop against her bared tit. His face was pressed to hers and his mouth grazed gently along the lobe of her ear. “So what do you think I should do with this big leather strap?”

“I think you should use it on that girl over there, the one who ain’t one of us, the one who had the big bright idea in the first place.” Flossie said through her teeth, her green eyes squinting with unadulterated anger and hatred at the man who held the strap lightly over her threatened breast.

“Hey fellas, suppose we teach these girls a very painful lesson instead of blowing their pretty heads all over the wall?” suggested Vic. The room was silent except for Maggie’s incessant singing. The four men began to inspect the women as if they were genuinely evaluating the difference between fucking them silly or blowing their brains out.

“Suppose we spare them, what do you think Capone would say?” says “Tall” Tommy the lanky dark haired one with the deep Italian accent.

“He would kill us without a single thought,” replied the garbage breathed Vinnie as he bit off the head of a cigar and stuffed it in between his cheek and his gum, befouling his breath further.

“Yea maybe, but if we rough them up enough to send a message to the rest of their kind, and they agree to work for Capone, then maybe he would treat us like kings,” Marco, the stout broad shouldered guy said with a genuine smile. “So ladies, what do you say, how’s about coming to work for Al Capone and telling your friends to do the same?”

Katy was again the first to reply, “Look you can do anything you want with us and you have my word that we will never again utter Moran’s name.”

“Who made you the Madam and us you’re little hoard of whores? BITCH!” shouted Flossie, signaling her disfavor with a spit against the wall.

Katy had already turned to face the menacing thugs. Grasping at the buttons of her dress she slowly began to unbutton them with daring and bravado sprouting from her eyes. Her eyes scanned the five main men surrounding them, the other two having gone back outside to keep a look out, gazing along their crotches as if she were looking in their eyes. All but Flossie and Maggie turned to face their fate, each extending a gesture of submission, unique in their own way. The twins clung to each other and kissed, long and deeply, cooing their satisfaction while Addie lifted her skirt to her chin displaying her bright red frilly bloomers, bending into a catchers crouch as if ready to send signals to a fictitious pitcher. Tess curled her tongue like a magic carpet, wiggling the tip invitingly.

Katy seductively stripped her dress off her shoulders, letting it fall in a heap at her feet. Kicking it across the room, she began strutting behind the line of women, stopping only to poke Maggie in the back, “Hey, sing so we all can hear!”

Maggie, still mesmerized by the pattern of bricks, began to roar out her tune. “I wanna be loved by you……..” Katy strutted and performed to the tune, touching each of the men enticingly in the process. There was no doubt that she had become the master of ceremonies. The question remained, however, whether it was to be a wake or an orgy.

Capturing a chair from the corner, Katy danced across the room placing it in the center. After circling it a few times and stepping on it with one foot then the other, she arched her body so that her bottom perched high in the air. She grasped the chair’s back. “Hey, is anybody going to use that strop or do I have to spank myself?” Smiling, she looked back invitingly over her shoulder. Vic was the one holding the leather strop. Pretending to use it as a flyswatter, he swung it aimlessly through the air striking a pillar or two en route to the daring Katy.

First he pressed his hand against her back, feeling the firmness of her youth. His fingers trailed across the small firm arch, emanating a tantalizing feeling of life and femininity. “Ladies, so this is the deal. Each of you is going to take a beating in exchange for your life. Katy here will be first, and anyone else wishing to be alive when this is over, form a line right here.” He pointed to an invisible line on the floor a few feet behind.

Like a game of musical chairs, three women pushed and shoved their way into line leaving singing Maggie and Flossie still with their hands pressed firmly to the wall. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of these broads,” said Vinnie. In one swift movement he pulled his belt free of his pants.

“So what do they call you?” Vic asked, as if it mattered to know the name of the woman he was about to beat.

“Katy, you can call me Katy, and I hope you have plenty of experience with that leather thing in your hand,” she said, with a fairly obscene wiggle of her bottom.

The room was fairly silent, save for the incessant humming of Maggie who continued to poke at the cement connections between the bricks. Vic raised the strop and landed it with a loud thud across Katy’s frilly panties. She hardly moved an inch, nor did she cry out, she more or less growled under the heavy assault. Her bottom seemed like steel to the leather strap. He raised it again and snapped it with force across her bottom producing an even deeper hollow growl. Katy remained motionless, seemingly challenging him to strike harder. And that he did, raising the strop behind his shoulder and stepping with his left foot like a baseball batter, he slammed the leather across her tightly torqued derriere a dozen times. Her growls became defiantly guttural.

Tess stood mesmerized, wincing at the sound and sight of the leather strap. Oddly, it excited her to see another woman beaten, particularly one with the bewitching resilience of Kate. Her mouth gaping open with small droplet of spit hissing between her gritted teeth each time the strap landed. Her eyes appear dilated and detached and her lips curled in a sardonic smile as if she were being fed something never before tasted. Tess felt her body relent to the dominant sexuality she was witnessing….watching someone that could turn torment into pleasure. Her arousal was Pavlovian.

Tess’s sudden movement forward interrupted the less than solemn beating. Most were aware of her oral expertise, but none had ever seen her strip. Sticking one leg out from under her mid-length dress, she slowly raised the hem until it exposed her black garters and bloomers. Her stockings were short, ending just below the knee, and her suspenders dangled without purpose like bungee cords hanging loosely around the frilly black bloomers. Her ample thighs were sunless and pale. With one massive step to the side her legs splayed wide. She unbuckled the dress and threw it across the room. Her large breasts filled and spilled from the tightly packed cups of her contoured corset.

Dropping to her knees she drew her hand down the front of Stuttering Al’s pants grasping the zipper as her hand passed over it, ending between his legs and grasping his balls. Her other hand fished around inside the zipper, finding and releasing a long hard purplish cock, which she strained to surround with her fist. Tess dropped her head almost to the floor, still holding the cock firmly in her grasp.

Al stood motionless gazing around the room at every eye fixed on Tess’s fist with pride, his handsome face alight with raw lust. She twirled the giant dick in a circle and then back around, slowly rising like a swaying cobra perched ready to strike with her only weapon, her unequivocally talented mouth. . Her eyes begged his permission, her smile signified her immoral intent, as her ruby red lips slipped over the head and down the purple column stopping only when her teeth tapped against the metal zipper. Tess was a pro and wasted little time gagging on Al’s member, pumping it furiously, she suctioned her lips tightly around the rooster’s crown.

Vic raised the strop in a vain effort to continue beating Katy who now had pushed a hand between her legs and was frantically tunneling her finger along her pussy. Tommy pulled Katy away from the chair and pressed her over a whiskey barrel. He roughly pulled Katy’s pantalets off and pushed her up on top of the barrel. With one hand he fumbled to open his zipper. The other hand steadied Katy by grasping her ankle. Once in position he leaned forward between the splay of legs and pulled her two legs back, embedding himself in one harrowing thrust. The barrel rolled easily under Katie, giving Tommy complete control of her body as he pushed and pulled her back and forth using her legs like wheelbarrow handles. He beat her harder and harder with his hand as his orgasm became more and more imminent, his thrusts punctuated by the snapping short bursts of skin on skin and hushed moans from Katy.

Vinnie began lashing Flossie and Maggie with the full length of his belt. Flossie turned and spit in his face. Angered, he pulled her in a circle by the hair, flopping her to the floor. Grasping Maggie by the back of the neck he pushed her on top. “Sit on her back and hold her down,” Vinnie instructed, pushing Maggie into position with her legs straddling Flossie’s back, pinning her arms with her knees. “Pull your dress up and hers too” he instructed.

At no point had Maggie stopped singing. She seemed oblivious to all that was happening. Obediently, she yanked at Flossie’s beaded skirt, baring her from the knees to the waist, pushing most of the dress securely under her bottom. Leaning forward she managed to pull her own dress free but not before stretching her legs out and mostly laying face down on Flossie’s back using her exposed tit as a handle. Vinnie ripped off the ladies undergarments and lashed at the two, landing the belt across Flossie’s thighs and ample bottom. Maggie was small in comparison, but her bottom stuck out muscular and firm. He lashed at the two, alternating between the wriggling women amassed at his feet.

Maggie cocooned her head into Flossie’s neck, licking and biting while pinching at her nipple in between verses of “Makin Whoopee”. Flossie whose fiery temper turned to sudden, uncontrollable lust moaned and struggled to raise her bottom while she twisted and contorted her head to stick her tongue into Maggie’s singing mouth.

Vinnie continued to strap both women, seemingly more entertained by their foreplay then the stern whipping he was administering. Red stripes rose like colored railroad tracks across the two bottoms. Landing on the heaped women, Vinnie struggled to unzip his pants before releasing his stout column. Holding Maggie by the shoulders he thrust into Flossie, while bouncing on her like a mattress. Gasping for air, Flossie flailed at the floor as her pussy was stretched and pummeled. Still stoned and on fire from the beating, Maggie wormed her bottom invitingly against the assault. Her wriggling must have dislodged Tommy who thrust out aimlessly. His creamy coated member, blinded and unparticular, found it’s way into Maggie’s firm bottom. Flossie lay pressed to the ground while her friend got fucked in the ass.

Marco grasped one of the twins and pulled her toward the chair. Hand in hand the other followed. Marco pulled one across his lap, lying left to right and then the other right to left.The twins lay one across the other with their feet firmly planted on the floor. Marco raised both of their dresses and began to wail away using both hands. The girls giggled and wriggled and somehow managed to twist around to lock lips with each other. He continued to spank the twins, landing two hands at the same time, like beating bongos, but terminating with force on the two girl’s bottoms.

After Al had finished filling Tess’s mouth with his last ounce of desire, he shoved her violently to the side and diverted his stare to the frilly-bottomed twins. Pushing his hands up their thighs, he ripped and pulled off their flimsy bloomers, shredding them in the process. He tossed the two fistfuls of silk and yanked the strop away from Vic with a short apologetic nod to his higher up. Marco threw his arms around the two kissing cousins and held them firmly.

Al began to lash at their bottoms with the leather strop, “thhhhis is ffffun!” he giggled maniacally as he landed his lightning licks into the shouting twins, each with her own tone, Dottie’s high and lilting, Betty’s Lou’s low and throaty. Dottie fell to her knees and grasped for Marco’s cock. At some point he must have been pleasuring himself because out it sprang and into Dottie’s mouth. Betty Lou slid off Marco’s lap as well and kneeling behind Dottie nudged at her bottom pushing her nose up against her velvet thighs. As Al continued to whip Betty Lou, her headw went into concealment beneath Dottie’s dress where she licked and suckled her beautiful “twin’s” anus in swirls of candy sucking ecstasy.

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