“Get on with your work,” a chipper voice came from behind Riley, who sharply turned round to gaze up at the slender bodied young male that had stood behind him. He had a tidy mass of spiky platinum blond hair and small yet piercing emerald green eyes that met his bright blue orbs.

“Y-you scared me.” He breathed, relieved.

“I couldn’t do that to you now, could I?” Ryan was fairly well liked, especially with the ladies.

He shook his head dimly, placing the picture back in his pocket. “I don’t know why I carry it around for.”

“‘Cause you love her, maybe?”

Riley swept his hand over his forehead, feeling awful at trying to forget things whilst being at work. It was hard, of course, and had always been hard for him to differentiate between work and home life. “I feel odd and I don’t know why.”

The blond frowned at his cryptic statement.

“I know you might not ever get the same problem, but I feel bored with Tamsyn sometimes. It kind of makes me wanna do things that I really shouldn’t do.”

He came over more concerned. “What sort of things are we talking here, Ri?” He loved shortening the brunette’s name, and had always called him that since they first met – which meant going back a few years.

He was sure his heart skipped a beat at the way Ryan called him that. He swallowed hard at the way in which the blond male gazed at him, and even when he looked away he was sure he could feel his eyes wandering down his body.

But no, that was a silly assumption to make. Ryan had more of a way with girls. So did Riley, by the same token, but he didn’t feel that much of a buzz when he took them back to his place after a night out. He certainly didn’t feel that much of a buzz when they did other things together.

And what if they did feel such things towards each other? At the very worst, they’d end up as pariahs. Having attraction and feelings for members of the same sex was considered unorthodox in their realm, if not forbidden.

He had to really go over things with himself more, and he could only ever do that if he was alone.


Riley hated the rain. It certainly didn’t help when it got heavier and pelted down onto him – it spread through his dark hair and flattened it all the more. And it was cold.

Shivering, he managed to get into his flat. Already exhausted from the cold, he felt his eyes get heavy and he sank into a deep sleep.

Tamsyn hated the rain just as much as anyone else. She also hated it when the rain had accumulated within the clouds above the city, darkening the sky even more. She expected to finish work a little earlier, it being a Friday, and she was sure that her mates had already started to meet up in town. She called one of them to make sure. “…You’re still getting ready, are you?” She wasn’t too far from the flat.

“No! No…I’m not bottling out. I’m up for going out, as long as everyone else is still on…”

When she got in, her gaze inadvertently flitted to a small yet slender mass curled up in the bed sheets, and she gently parted the fairly long bangs either side of their head as she gazed into their closed eyes. Her heart stopped at realising it was Riley – and that he’d seemed to have caught a very bad chill.

His breathing had gotten shaky from losing so much heat within his body and he looked completely exhausted as he lay there.

She couldn’t leave him there when he was tired through from the rain. At her guess, he was probably wet through. Bang went her night out.

Tamsyn draped a relatively thick blanket over Riley, as he remained asleep in bed. All she could do was to stay with him until he awoke. She heard her mobile go off, and she answered it. “Oh. Hey.” She noticed the young male stirring slightly from the sense of warmth, and she slid her fingertips through his dark bangs. “I don’t think I can make it tonight. Something urgent came up…”

Riley stirred more and his eyes slowly opened. “A-am I dead?”

She smiled softly as she hung up. “Far from it.”

“Feels like I am.” He weakly sat up, allowing his bright blue eyes to adjust a little more to the dim light. He felt thankful that she chose to switch the lamp on that was perched on the nightstand. He settled back down against the headboard, finding it too comfortable to get up from.

He sat her up properly in bed and cupped her face with his hands either side. She gasped softly as he slid his thumbs under her eyes, wiping the areas clear from any fallen raindrops.

He took hold of her hand, guiding it to his chest. The feel of her hand against him didn’t create so much as a warm glow in his stomach, but he carelessly put that down to the assumption that he was still feeling a slight chill.

Tamsyn inched closer to the young male, surprising him at her action. She softly cupped his face with her other hand, skimming her thumb over the contour of his cheekbone. She felt warmth inside her at her hand still pressed up against his broad chest. She rubbed a few of his damp bangs between her fingertips. “You’re still a bit wet.” She mumbled dimly.

Riley’s bright blue eyes softened into hers, as they moved closer together and crashed their lips against each other. He purred in pleasure at feeling her stroke him at the back of his head, tousling his dark hair gently.

The way he was feeling was something he was used to time and time again. But it felt different, and he couldn’t explain to himself how. He started to wonder what it’d feel like with another male…

Their legs wrapped around each other as they moved together.

He didn’t know why he had images of Ryan coming to mind, but he did consider him attractive.

And that was all he ever had to think of when making out with a woman.

It seemed to be the only option to liberate us of this strife. Yet I must admit that I was really turned on by the idea. I was planning to invade the very cunt that was my passage into this world. I also knew that seducing her would be out of question and I’d have to rape her. Somehow that was turning me on even more. I decided to take SIS in confidence.

Me: Look SIS; I only see one way around this situation. I know for fact that the only way to shut a woman up like that is by having her sexually.

SIS: What are you suggesting here? Do you mean you will have sex with her?

Me: Well that is what I’m saying.

SIS: I don’t think you are in your right mind. You are just attempting suicide. She will never let you in her pant anyway. How will you even try to seduce her?

Me: It might require a use of force.

SIS: You are getting insane. If you rape her, not only her extremist friends but the Law will also protect her. You’ll in really big trouble.

Me: I don’t think that she will report once I’m done. If she does report it, I’ll try to assert to the Police that it was she who seduced me and I’ll have you, BIL and Mona to testify for me.

SIS: Still the risk is too high.

Me: The risk has been high since the bingeing. All that we are doing here is a risk. Our family is a haystack lying too near a camp fire. One wrong move and it will burn to dust. But I will never let that happen. I love our family. I love you, I love Mona and I love BIL and I love my baby. I’ll never let anything stand between us. I’ll take whatever risk possible to protect it. But if it comes to the worst and nothing can’t be done. I’ll go down for you guys. If the mom happens to prove to the authorities that I rapped her, I’ll confess and that that I rapped you too. So you don’t have to explain anything.

SIS was looking me with teary eyes. She tried to speak but words came out and she rushed into my arms and began to sob.

Me: Don’t worry SIS nothing bad will happen. This too shall pass. I just need to sort one last bit in our family. I need your help for that.

I told her that I needed Mona and BIL both to be open to me having sex to Mona.

SIS had the same thing in mind. We both agreed that it was necessary to keep the family united. We worked on a simple plan. The plan was that I would be having sex with Mona when SIS will lure BIL there. We’d see what happened from there. We only had a day because mom dad will be arriving next day. Yet we had a full day because their train would be arriving at 11 p.m.

The next day I left to work for usual. I was looking into some accounts when received unexpected news on the telephone. It was about the Devil. I was shocked to hear it. Kamila had committed suicide!

It was her mom who called.

She: Kamila found out that she was pregnant. She was in shock. I tried to be supportive and told her that she we were not the conservative parents and we’ll respect her decision if she keeps her baby but she could not accept it. I assume that the father must have left her that is why she was so upset. I tried to calm her down but she was not herself anymore. One day she sneaked into her father’s closet to find his handgun. She shot herself right there. . . .

She could say no more and hung up. I was a bit shaken up. I was about to feel sorry for her, then I remembered what happened. I had my conscience cleared. I did nothing wrong. I did what I could do and whatever happened was her fault. I decided that she did not deserve my sympathies as I had more important stuff. I knew it sounds a bit harsh from my side. But I still think I did the right thing. I did not even go to her funeral.

After another hour I had a call from SIS. She told me that Mom dad told that their train is late. We may have a couple more hours to execute the plan. Yet she urged me to do something quickly. I called BIL and told him that I think we should be leaving for home early as SIS wanted some arrangements for our parents’ arrival. BIL agree and we left for home. On the way, I was hopping that SIS had already taken care of Pamela. She had done her part. When we got there, Pamela told me that she had a sleepover planned at her friend’s house and I should drop her there. I dropped her and I when I returned Mona was sitting in the living room in front of the TV and BIL and SIS were in there room with Ravi (the baby). I texted SIS on her mobile that she can come in my room in exactly half an hour.

After that I went and sat on the couch with Mona. She greeted me and then continued watching her soap. I approached her and started kissing her neck and shoulders.

Mona: Easy there cowboy. My son is home.

Me: Let’s go to my room then, I’m feeling horny.

Moan: But. . .

I did not let her finish and planted my lips over hers. She retreated and told me to stay away till we reached my room. We locked the room and instantly our lips were locked. I began to undress myself. When I tried to undress her, she said, “I’m ovulating, as I had my period ended two days ago. Wouldn’t a blowjob suffice honey”?

I said, “Absolutely not! Get out of these clothes and then we will bargain the terms”.

She stared to take off her long Indian Shirt. I unhooked her bra and buried my face in her tits. Kissing and sucking them alternately. She had taken off her trousers too. I picked her up in my arms and took her to the bed. I lied her down and I kissed her. Then I stared to move my lips from her lips to neck, to her cleavage, to her naval and then finally to her twat. I licked it gently at first for a few seconds. Then I attacked it with full force trying to lick and suck the cum out of her. I looked at the clock at the wall I knew my half an hour will be up in a few minutes. I stopped and lied on my back. I told her to get on top of me in the 69 position. She immediately assumed position and started to suck my lund greedily. The advantage of that position and my chosen direction was that she was now facing the room door. I was waiting for the entry. It was the crucial moment. I started to work faster on her vagina with my mouth and fingers. I heard SIS and BIL in the hallway.

SIS said loudly, “he must be in his room”. Saying this, she cleverly opened the door so that she was herself out of the way and BIL had a direct view of the room. I tilted my head to see his reaction. He was shocked and immediately turned to leave but we already had approached the point of no return so SIS stopped him and said, “Come on Prem. You had to find out sometime. It’s okay.”

He was still a bit bewildered but he was not looking angry. Surprisingly Mona hadn’t noticed any of this and was still bobbing up and down on my cock. I stopped her and she realized that something was going on. When she saw BIL she started to panic but tried to calm her down. The expression at BIL’s face was very encouraging as wasn’t angry he was just a bit shocked and wasn’t looking at his naked mother. Mona calmed down but her eyes were filled with fear. I called SIS and BIL inside as I offered a sheet to cover Mona. I did not bother to cover myself up. They came in and sat on the couch.

I was thinking about a pretext start my explanation but BIL started to speak himself.

BIL: Mom, I never thought you were on celibacy period since dad’s death, but I always imagined you with guys of daddy’s age. I never thought you were boning Sahil.

He was now in a light mood and was speaking with a slight smile.

BIL: Now that I think of it, I was being foolish. What better guy would you fine than our little Sahil? Of course you are still an attractive lady I assume seducing Sahil was easy.

Mona was looking so much relieved.

Mona: I guess we both did a good job of seducing Sahil my son.

Everybody laughed at that.

BIL: Thank god you know about my sexuality! Talk about coming out of closet huh. Okay mom. You can now drop the sheet. Your gay son is not going to ogle you.

Surprisingly Mona did let go of the sheet she was holding and once again sat completely naked.

SIS: Now since we are revealing everything, Prem dear, would you take my word on your mom and mine lesbian relationship or you would like a demonstration?

BIL: What? No shit.

SIS quickly got up from the couch, a kissed Mona on the mouth. Mona received the kiss with open mouth and we could see their tongues going in and out of each other’s mouth. BIL’s jaw dropped at the sight and he was looking comical than anything.

I stopped the women and said, “Enough ladies, we need a lot to cover”.

SIS sat back on the couch.

I started explaining to BIL that how it was my entire plan to get the whole family to open to each other. He was rather impressed at the brilliance of the plan. When I had told him the whole sexual hook ups within the family, he was amused and said, “Well, my dear Sahil, you have just increased the burden on yourself because now you have two pussies and my Gand (ass) to satisfy.”

Me: But BIL right now my concerns are bigger.

I started explaining the situation about our mother. He instantly began worried. I asked his suggestions before I presented my plan. He was not able come up with any ideas, so I presented my Idea about rapping my mother. Both BIL and Mona had similar concerns as SIS but I told them that I had it figured out. After some, reluctance, some stupid alternate suggestions and a lot of thank you’s, the plan was agreed upon.

It was a couple of hours left before I could pick up mom and dad. BIL suggested that we should take some rest as him and SIS got up and left for their room. At the door BIL turned and looked at us and said, “You please carry on.”

He shut the door and left. Mona instantly resumed her position on my cock. I went back to her pussy. She had a very intense orgasm after a few minutes. I was close to climax too so I started to rise my hips to throat fuck Mona and within seconds, she had a bellyful of my seed. She turned and lied down with her head on my chest and she went to sleep. I came out to the living room and started watching TV to kill time. SIS came there a few minutes later and she sat by me. She had some news for me.

SIS: Do you know what just happened?

Me: What?

SIS: Your BIL was turned on by it.

Me: Are you saying that BIL was turned to see his mother.

SIS: Yes! He was actually horny by all that. In fact he asked me for a blow job. Do you know after how long he has done that without you being present in the room?

She was looking me with expecting eyes but I was hardly surprised.

SIS: I guess you are surprised by the news.

Me: No SIS, I’m not surprised. In fact you just proved a theory for me. Don’t worry. It is essential to my plan that he got aroused by his mother. Speaking of mothers, I guess it’s about time to go and pick up mom dad. Mona is lying naked in my bed. Please dress her up and put her in her own bed.

I left for the station. On my way I was thinking about my parents. My dad was a very simple and sober man. He was the most respectable guy I knew. Although I always respected mom while I was living with them, now that my vision had broadened, I knew she was kind of bitch. I needed to visualize her sexually if I had to execute my plan.

I thought of her body and I knew that she was sexier and younger than Mona. She had a taller frame and I bet her boobs were bigger too. She was not on the chubby side and for her age, she had a very well maintained waist. Suddenly the weight of what I was about to do hit me. I knew it was riskier than I had made everybody believe. I was ready for the consequences but a part of me was praying that things did not get out of hand and a mom did not ask any questions. But even inside my head, I knew that the prayer wasn’t going to be listened.

The train was on time and I found them waiting for me on a bench. They were very happy to receive me and mom made her usual comment while she hugged and kiss my forehead, “mera sub sey acha beta (my favorite son)”.

On the way home we chatted about my business and studies. Dad was said he was proud of me and mom had similar.

Mom: Of course my boy is doing a good job of making his family and community proud. But alas same cannot be said about his sister.

I was saddened to hear those words as they meant that mom was not going to get the matter put to rest.

Me: O SIS is doing fine. Why are you on her back? What happened?

Mom: Well I need to confirm it first and you will know pretty soon. But if my suspicion is even a tiny bit correct, I swear by Lord Shiva that I’ll punish her.

Everybody went silent on this and nobody talked till we reached home.

When we reached there although it was very late, everybody was waiting for us. Mom greeted everybody and they gave the baby their blessings. SIS served tea and I was about to suggest that I should show mom dad to the guest room when mom spoke.

Mom: Well I think everyone adult of the house is here today so I think it’s a good time to discuss an important matter.

Everybody exchanged looks and we all were perhaps thinking, “really? Right now?”

But we were ready. I was ready. So I encouraged her to go on.

Mom: Well Sister Mona, I may have some bad news for both of us. I know for fact that your Son Prem is a gay.

Mona tried to raise a protest but mom shut her up with a hand gesture.

Mom: Let me finish Didi (sister). He is gay and he most certainly did not father this child of my daughter. So now unfortunately there are 2 scenarios here. One, that my daughter had an affair in which she got pregnant. The second, that Prem wanted children and since he was himself incapable of producing a child, he brought someone to have sex with my daughter to make her pregnant. In both cases Didi, I think your family is in a very bad strife.

Let me here explain to you that none of us at that time were aware of artificial clinical methods to taking sperm and mixing it with eggs outside the body otherwise it would have been such a great alibi.

Mom continued: So what is my daughter, who is the guilty one here? You or your husband? Let me know and I swear to Lord Shiva that my Party will punish them accordingly so that society may be saved from sin.

Everyone was looking terrified at her words. I could see the look on SIS’s face. It was of complete surrender. It was time I needed to take charge.

Me: Look mom, It’s their personal matter. You have no right to . . .

Mom: Don’t be a fool son! Do you even understand what I’m saying here? It is my business that I make sure that my daughter does not become a harlot and my grandchildren are pure children of God not the seed of devil.

I took my time then spoke with a commanding and confident voice.

Me: Look mom. Listen to me very very carefully, for the last few months we are living an alternative lifestyle here. We have removed the boundaries of Taboo from sex. Sex is a sacred ritual which can be perform between any two bodies at any time. The relationship between the participants doesn’t matter.

Mom looked indignant.

Mom: What? Are you trying to justify you sister’s lustful affairs? So sex can be done with anybody huh? How would you like to have sex with your sister? Or even better, how would you like to have sex with me?

Me: I’m glad that you said that. I do have sex with SIS regularly and I’m the father of the child. And as far as sex with you is concerned, I will do it right now.

Silence fell over the whole room. For a few seconds nobody found the courage to speak. Then mother began in trembling voice.

Mom: Sahil beta! Please do not speak of such things. How can you. . . .

Me: Mom cut the crap. I’m not joking. I’ll not risk you destroying our happy family. I can’t trust you to keep the secret. So there are only two options left for me. I can either kill you or I can include you in the team. Now I’m not a killer so it comes to you being my concubine.

I got up and to her. I grabbed her by her arm yanked it and looked menacingly at her face and said, “Look at me Mom! Do I look like joking?” I took a step back a opened my jeans fly. I took out my dick and said, “You either begin to cooperate and start sucking my dick, or I shove it in your mouth anyway.”

While I was saying all that, I did not even register dad’s protests and his attempt to lunge at me which was averted by BIL. BIL now was holding dad who was kicking like a madman. Mom was still looking at me with horror. Not in a million years she thought that she would be presented with such a request from anyone, let alone her own son. She looked at her struggling husband. She shouted back at me, “you’ll have rape me you bastard! And I’m not lying about you being a bastard! You are not his son! She said pointing at dad.” I held her head and shoved my cock up her throat. Her body froze instantly. Her eyes popped out her face became red. I pulled out my cock for a little time in which she gagged and spat on the floor. I did not let get her breath back and shoved my cock back again. This time she fought back and tried to push me back. But I was too strong for her to push away. Mona had also arrived to aid me. She held mom’s hands from behind. Pretty soon mom realized that resistance was not doing her any good. She stopped struggling and her body became limp. I took out my cock and told her to suck it properly. She looked at her husband. Dad was now tied to a window railing. He was not struggling either yet he was crying and sobbing. He was lying on his stomach and I noticed that his clothes were torn due to the struggle with BIL. His underwear was visible through his torn pants. That gave me an idea. But first I needed to discharge my erection. I put my dick in front of mom again and this time she did not protest as I slid it in. She closed her eyes and began to suck my cock slowly!

I was in a hurry so I stated to fuck her throat. It took me just five minutes to ejaculate. I made sure that she did not waste my sperm and swallowed it all. After that, I got my dress lined up and told BIL that we should take mom dad to our shack because right now it would be dangerous for them to be here in the morning. It was agreed that Mona and SIS will stay at home while me and BIL take mom and dad there. I tied my mother’s hands too and told her that I’ll torture her if she tries to act smart. BIL took out his car. We I threw mom and dad in the back seat and I myself hopped in the front.

On my way there all I could think was all the talk about BDSM and torture on internet and English movies. I myself never found any thing turning on about it, but at that point, I was very much aroused by having two individuals being under my authority. I began to imagine what I could do with them. On the way BIL wanted to go to the medical supply store we owned. He took a couple of injection kits.

We reached there at about dawn. I took mom and dad inside. I decided to take them to the large room in the back where there was not much furniture. BIL told me that the injections were of motor paralytics which will help us to keep them under control. I told him that there better be no sedatives to ease the pain so that they might suffer. He explained that these were special types of localized paralytics that only made a couple of inches of nerves non-responsive. This would enable us to restrict their motion without having to tie them up and they would be fully awake too. I liked the idea and gave BIL a go ahead. He carefully injected mom’s feet and elbow joints. Now mom could not run nor could she use the force of her arms quickly. He also paralyzed her butts so that we did not have any trouble having her legs open. He performed the same procedure on dad.

After that we untied them and came out to the other room.

Me: look BIL, I hope you know that we have reached at the point of no return.

BIL: I can see that.

Me: Now we must do anything to keep them away from authorities and other people, while we can convince them to be co-operative.

Sex robot M3 day two continued.

I had just finished reading the last message telling me to relax when I got the next one:

M3 don’t put the armband on until instructed. The transdermal patch could be harmful if you wear it unmonitored.

I took a shower and got dressed; I was still so shocked I couldn’t think straight. I just kept obsessing about what had happened that I couldn’t remember. Endlessly it rolled over and over in my mind until I got an idea.

I went to my computer and opened the link from test 7 and pasted the URL into Google advanced search to see if I could get the other videos from last night. I only found the tests Genie already sent me, so I went up one level with the URL and found a long list of folders:

“Modified radio training collar”

“Male subject one outline”

“Subject one failure”

“Subject M2″

“M2 Gen 2 collar”

“Gen 2 augmentations”

“Gen 2.2 trial”

… “Female subjects”

the list continued… I clicked on them one after the other, all with access denied error messages.

Finally I see one “W_I_P” near the end. I click on it and see some text files – encrypted. But in a sub folder “Raw Data” find the rest of my test videos from Friday night.

I open and play test one and it’s just as I remember it. Hooked into the winch my arms and legs go totally limp as soon as Genie switches on the harness with her i-phone. A few seconds later my lips are visibly blue as I gasp for air before she shuts off the current. I was totally helpless and unable to move or breathe properly.

Watching the second test while I read the file notes. I see it’s listed at a lower voltage which alternates on and off. I can see myself breath in the pauses but am still totally out of breath and flop like a rag doll.

I click on test three and it takes a while to download. I notice that yahoo is still on and Genie (Owner) is still “online”.

I hear Genie giggle and see only her finger wave on the yahoo window as she says:

“Naughty, naughty. That’s for later M3. But since you’re so keen to continue our research you can put your phone arm band on and we can try a public field trial.”

The computer switches off by itself and I get a message on the prepaid phone:

There is a WiFi hot spot at Wynyard station. Put this phone on your arm with the earpiece in and go to the costume shop inside Wynyard station mall. Your phone will auto connect when in range. Take $50 with you. You have 35 minuets.

I am tired and sore and really don’t want to go on another one of Genie’s “adventures”. I’m just not sure how much is play or if that really includes putting my drivers license scan on he internet with the earlier videos if I don’t go…

While walking out of the ticket gate I heard Genies voice over Skype. Like my computer at home this phone seems completely remotely controlled by Genie.

“M3, the costume shop is to your right before you take the George street exit. Go to the shop and start to browse.”

A short pause as I walk toward the shop… From my phone in the armband the Skype camera can roughly see where I am going.

“If the shop assistant speaks to you, you will say to her ‘I am a naughty boy and need naughty clothes.’ Repeat that for me now.”

I say as quietly as I can back to Genie:

“I am a naughty boy and need naughty clothes.” As I walk into the shop just 30 meters or so from the ticket gate.

I feel relieved when I see the shop assistant is on the phone ordering something for a woman at the counter. I look at the costumes. There seem to be hundreds of them. Genie says,

“Stop M3. That’s too fast for me to see. Take each one out and hold it up to your left with your right arm and slowly turn it… One at a time, through all the costumes until I see one I like.”

I do it, red faced, but no one seems to mind me looking at each one, one by one, slowly. I feel like an age passes. Genie’s voice over the little phone earpiece is crystal clear. It’s only in my ear but it feels like everyone can hear Genie ordering me around.

I go all the way through the men’s costumes, with Genie asking to go back for a second look at the cowboy and then the gladiator. I move through to the next section and hold up here or four before I find a fairy princess costume with wings and a tiara and put it back when Genie says:

“Stop! Go back to the fairy costume. Hold it up. Good. Put that one aside and continue.”

I look through about twenty others before an Asian shop assistant comes over. I tell her that I’m a naughty boy and need naughty clothes and she doesn’t flinch. She tells me that the fairy costume is too small and starts looking through a rack just above the one I am searching.

The shop assistant stands on a footstool and presses her hip into my head like pushing a dog or a chair out of the way.

Genies say’s, “Who’s that? -[giggle]- I lost you for a second. Are you making new friends?” A long trailing giggle rings through my ear.

The shop assistant pushes an Aladdin costume in my face and I take it, and she reaches through the wad of costumes and gets an adult fairy costume with wings, tutu and mask. I am very red now, burning with embarrassment.

Genie in my ear, “Good, now get some tights.”

I start to ask about tights but the shop assistant is already looking in the cupboard under the register.

“This is your size. Go in that room, you change in there.”

I turn around to see a small stock room with no door. I don’t look at the other people milling around the shop and go in and strip down to my briefs open up the tights and put them on.

The shop assistant walks in and takes the fairy costume out of the wrapper in one motion. She slips the tutu over my head, turns me around and roughly pulls my tights up and the tutu down.

Turning me around again and says, “Hmm, you a little fairy ballerina, aren’t you?” as she turns me around once again.

She puts the fairy costume over my head and I notice there are gloves. I put the gloves on and a customer rings the bell at the counter.

The shop assistant leaves me in full view and serves the two women at the counter buying a bunch of bachelorette party novelties. The women at the counter stare at me while their dildo shaped ice block molds, party hats and nude male playing cards are rung up. I continue struggling with the pink and purple lace sparkling gloves and get them on. They are a little small.

The shop assistant comes back and says, “You forgot.” Her Asian accent makes me wonder what she means for a second. Then I see her squirt some eyelash glue into the inside of the lace mask and stick it to my face. I lift up my hand to reposition it and she slaps my hand down.

“Wait” and takes a garbage bag tie from a shelf and closes my left hand around the wand and zip-ties it on.

“You don’t lose it OK?”

The shop assistant goes out and rings up another sale. I look around the room and see the security Camera feed.

Genie says “Wow, that is good service. Wave to the camera M3 [giggle]. I saw some slippers at the door, get those now. After you pay, go out to George street and turn right.”

I walk through the shop past several people trying not to look and put on the pink sparkly slippers from the $2 basket out the front.

Genie continues talking, I try to remember it all but the humiliation is rushing through my head like flood.

“Stop when you get to the end of the next block, do not cross the street, wait on the corner. ”

I force out a quiet, “Yes.”

And the shop assistant says, “Who are you talking to fairy boy, your invisible fairy girl?”

I try to make eye contact but can’t, “Yes.”

I cannot open my left hand with the zip tie holding down my fingers around the fairy wand and I am fiddling with it as heat builds in my red face.

The Shop assistant says, “Tight?”

I nod and she reaches over and pulls it very tight holding the wand firmly in my hand. The zip-tie bites into my hand and it pushes my finger flesh in the pink lace glove out like a balloon.

The shop assistant grabs the top of the wand and pulls me into the shop in front of the counter.

“Glue dry now, you ready.”

She goes back into the storeroom and puts my jeans and t-shirt into a shop bag. I can feel the other shoppers looking. From this position people walking through Wynyard station can see in through the glass walls of the shop too. I reach into the bag to get the money and the shop assistant has walked off when my head was down.

Genie says, “M3, this is a laugh but there is something else to do today so get a move on.”

I say I can’t find the shop assistant. With that two women and a man come over to me.

The man says, “She’s on the phone, we’re next.”

I wait for a few minuets while the trio look me up and down.

One of the women says to her friends, “I think the mask is glued on” and pokes my face with her finger.

I go redder and someone pinches my ass. The tutu exaggerates my hip thrust and a girlie “ow” escape my lips, an uncontrolled reaction to the pinch.

The two women snigger and whisper something to each other and the shop assistant returns with the phone.

I lift up the $50 note and she holds up her hand in my face in a stop action.

Genie repeats, “Go right at George and wait at the end of the next block, you should see some orange flags hanging.”

The shop assistant takes my $50 and gives me a Gift certificate for $20.50. I think about it and the trio behind me pushes past.

Wolf whistles and a wave of open laughter follow me as I walk up the arcade to the street and turn right. Most passers by wait until hey are behind me to laugh.

I turn heads along George street and wait at the corner as instructed. I get a text message and struggle to read it with the phone strapped to my bicep:

Cross George street and stop under the traffic light pole with two sets of lights and the orange flag. Hold on to the pole and slowly walk around it until I say stop.

I cross with the signal and start spinning around the pole. On my third or forth turn I panic as I realize I have no money with me other than a gift certificate.

Genie’s voice is hard to hear over the Sydney traffic noise and the Saturday morning shoppers on the main road.

“Good we are connected again, lift up your arms as you turn.”

I grab the pole higher up and make another three laps of the pole. A small crowd is gathering.

“Now sing twinkle – twinkle little start, how I wonder what you are. Over and over until I say stop.”

I start singing and feel my arms get heavy holding the pole and the shopping bad in one hand and waving my fairy wand above my head in the other.

More people circle around me as I lap the pole singing. I feel dizzy from the spinning and take a break.

Genie says, “Did you stop? It’s hard to see you on the traffic webcam, it looks like you stopped. Get moving, skip faster now and sing louder.”

I skip around the pole for another few laps…

“Now M3, stop singing and tell me how you feel, but keep skipping around.”

I skip around and reply, “I feel humiliated.”

“What? I can’t hear you over the traffic. Once again, louder please.”

I repeat. “I feel humiliated!” the crowd claps and some throw small coins.

Genie sniggers, “Curtsy to your fans! Now arms up like a fairy ballerina and spin on the spot until I say stop.”

I curtsy and get more small change thrown at me. I am dizzy when I start spinning and quickly start to lose balance. It’s just seconds before I fall down.

Genie’s voice is out of breath from laughter, “Ho, ha-ha, ow that was special. Don’t get up just yet. Take your phone out and take a picture of yourself on the ground, and one of the crowd. Make sure you get your face in both.”

With some trouble I manage it and see that the tiara is a hair band and the shop assistant has pushed my hair up in a fan shape behind it. I am blushing so much my face looks like it’s been slapped. I send off the pictures. And hear Genie receive it:

“Pick up your clothes and that small change too. Walk up Martin place arcade to the State library.”

I collect my things and some coins to slow claps and mocking from the crowd when I bend over.

The walk to the library was past a hundred or so shoppers eating lunch outside and a few hundred more just walking past the Martin place mall.

At the library I get a text instructing me to put my bag in a locker and take the monorail to Harbourside and then walk over the Anzac bridge.

I got to the Monorail stop and saw I didn’t have the fare.

Another text:

M3, you naughty little fairy, why aren’t you on the monorail?”

I struggle to reply pushing the touch screen with the lace glove of my right hand. The position of the phone and armband makes it impossible for me to see the screen and type at the same time. I reply:

$ < mono. Can't pay

I wait at the stop for almost ten minuets before I get a reply, the woman in the ticket booth watching with amusement:

Hyde park fountain. Collect the coins. You have one hour to get to Anzac bridge.

I didn’t get any more texts for that hour. Walking the length of Macquarie street to Hyde park I got more wolf whistles and sniggers and quite a few idiots shouting from cars.

Two mature Asian women stopped me and made a ‘take our picture’ gesture at the entrance to Hyde park. I took their picture then they both hugged me and took a picture of the three of us saying in broken English “martygass!” They chatted excitedly to each other as they trotted off looking at their camera screen.

I got into the water of the fountain it was like ice. Each time I bent over to pick up a coin I got cheers from the people walking past. Soon people started throwing coins at me to watch me pick them up, clapping and cheering with an armada of camera phones, videos, and other cameras.

I could not open my left hand, it was still stuck tight around the fairy wand so I was trying to hold the coins and pick up more with the same hand. I was dropping half as many as I picked up. Frustrated I slipped the coins into my underwear. The crown cheered again as the very cold wet coins slid around. I collected for a few minutes until I though I saw a security guard or someone policeman looking walking over. I quickly got out and jogged off sloshing and jingling.

I got to the Monorail stop and had to fish the coins out. I couldn’t see a bathroom anywhere so I backed up to the wall and pretended to tie my shoe (a pink sparkly slipper with no laces) as I slipped my hand down my briefs for the coins.

The gloves and the wand a constant frustration, reminding me of the vulnerable situation I was in. I feel the heat from my face again as the humiliation deepens.

A foreign family walked by but the tutu was hiding the action. I got on the monorail and the family got on the same carriage and starred at me all the way to darling harbor. I got off and got another text:

Where are you M3? Get over that bridge now and wait at the statue.

I jogged down toward Sydney fish markets and climbed the stairs to the bridge.

Genie’s voice as I was passing the Channel 10 TV station: “M3, pick up the pace. Now see that security guard, ask him where Gladesville bridge is.”

The bridge guard was very patient and explained that I would need to walk to the other end to get a bus from Victoria Rd. All the while I could hear Genie laughing in my ear.

Genie asked me to move my puffy fairy sleeve out of the way as it was blocking the Skype camera on the phone. I crossed the bridge and waited at the statue of the soldier. I got another text:

Move to the other side.

I thought about it for a few seconds and made a dash across the six lanes of the bridge for the other side. I got to the traffic divider and straddled it as a truck blasted me with the horn on the way past. I sprinted to the other side of the bridge with loud honks and verbal abuse from drivers.

I got a text but it was hard to read in the direct sun. I wondered around a bit and read it in the shade of the other statue:

No stupid, why did you cross the road? The other side of the statue, I can’t see you from the traffic cam on that side.

I crossed the road again. And stood next to the first statue. More text:

M3 stupid! Stupid little fairy. Did I say cross again? Start your video camera on your phone. I can only use Skype when you are in a hot spot. Start your camera recording and cross to the other side of the road, the light is better.

I crossed again to screeching and honking from passing cars and buses. I made it to the other side and was told to send the video. It took a long time to send. The reply was:

Good. Wait.

An hour or so passed and I was really hungry and thirsty. I text:


I got a text back:

Ow, I forgot you were waiting. Go to Ultimo Rd, there is a pie shop in front of the museum. Your change will get you a water and a hotdog.

I walked back over the bridge down the stairs to Hannah’s pies. The young eastern European pie lady smiled at me as she took my order. A few minuets went by and I got the drink but no hotdog. The lady came out from a side door with her camera in one hand and the hotdog in the other.

She said, “Open wide” as she held the dog just out of reach of my mouth and took a picture teasing me with the sausage.

Then another picture of us together. She took some tomato source that had run down the side of the bun on to her finger and ran it around my lips. She pushed my cheeks in and took another of us with her head pressed against the side of mine. She gave me the Hotdog and slightly more change than I had paid.

Genie sent a text:

Send me a picture of you eating in front of the pie shop.

I took the phone off my arm and took a picture holding the hotdog in my mouth and sent it off. It took me a few seconds to attach it, I was starting to get disoriented.

A high school group came out of the Museum of Technology and the Teacher made a point of crossing them over the road to avoid me.

To be continued…

A dark and mysterious woman has an insatiable sexual appetite and a rather large surprise in her pants. A (fortunate?) young man becomes her latest obsession and prolific debauchery ensues.


James awoke to the sound of a dead bolt turning and a dull ache in his ass. He rolled slowly onto his side and his nostrils were assaulted by the usual smells: rubber, latex and cum. Having a water bed to sleep on was a nice luxury, and one of the few he had, but while you could wash the comforter, the rubber mattress and rubber sheets were there to stay. After the seemingly endless fuck fests he’d had with Mistress Bayonetta, he was pretty sure the rubber bed would smell like cum, sweat and ass until the day it was dropped in a landfill. That’s the way she wanted it though. She liked putting him (and keeping him) in the most disgusting predicaments possible. James was pretty sure she got off on it.

The authoritative clacking of high heeled boots announced Bayonetta’s entrance into the dim studio apartment. She walked into the main room, set some things on the floor and moved to one of the windows. James’ vision had just started to adjust to the room when she whipped open the shade and the sun came pouring in, blinding him.

“Wakey wakey my succulent little slut! We have a busy afternoon planned.” She then opened the window to let in some fresh air and turned to face him.

‘As long as this “busy afternoon” starts with her removing this colossal butt plug from my ass, I’ll be a happy man’ James thought to himself.

He slowly crept his way to the edge of the water bed. The full body latex bondage suit, a fact of his life since he came into Bayonetta’s possession, slowed and hindered his movements as usual. The formidable anal intruder certainly wasn’t helping either. Finally he reached the edge and prostrated himself before his mistress.

“Good morning Mistress Bayonetta.”

She looked at him quizzically for a moment before saying “Don’t you think that’s getting a little stale? Address me differently, and as long as I’m pleased you will not be punished.”

Without hesitation he bowed again and said “Good morning my Queen.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Goddess would have been better, but I suppose that will suffice. And it’s already past noon by the way.” She then flicked on the light to the main room and began taking off the long, black trench coat she was wearing.

As she placed the garment on the coat rack in the corner, James took in the glorious view of the rather unusual woman who had captured his body and possibly his heart as well. Her dark hair was up, as usual, and she was never without her black rimmed glasses. Whether she needed them to read or not, James didn’t know, but they certainly were the distinguishing feature that completed her “amazon librarian from hell” image.

Unsurprisingly, she was wearing one of the many iterations of her Bayonetta costume. They all had subtle differences but always the same central features. Black leather covered most of her body from her shapely shoulders down past her wonderfully wide hips and ending where her powerful legs entered her thigh high leather boots. There was always a circular cut out in the front of her outfit between her neck and her breasts showing off an ample amount of her H cup cleavage and sporting a pendant or emblem of some sort on the left side of the circle.

The most prominent opening in her suit was the one which allowed her third leg to hang confidently between her thighs. Bayonetta had the biggest, thickest cock he’d seen anywhere, including the many nights he’d spent cruising the internet for porn. Even soft as it was at the moment, it dropped a strong 11-12 inches down and was an imposing 6 inches in circumference. Just behind that beast her giant ball sack hung like a pair of fresh grapefruits. The entire package was completely hairless and gleamed with a thin layer of heat and perspiration. She looked like she could be your greatest fantasy or your worst nightmare come true, depending on your kinks and what mood she was in.

She noticed James was staring at her, smiled, and began stroking her fat python up and down. “Yeah, this is all you thought about while I was gone yesterday, isn’t it? Can’t get enough can you? Well, that’s why we’re a perfect pair. I needed a cum dumpster and you became one without much protest. That’s how I knew you were a keeper!”

She began fisting her cock slightly faster. “Did I ever tell you about the string of guys I tried on for size before I found you? Bunch of wimps, all of them… none of them could handle me. Actually, that story can wait for another time. That just reminded me that I have a treat for you!” She dropped her half-erect member and reached down into one of the bags she had brought.

There was a suitcase, a shopping bag and what looked like a standard one gallon can of paint on the floor. ‘Paint? Was she planning to redo a room?’

Bayonetta found whatever it was she was looking for and enthusiastically yanked it out of the bag. “Ta da!” she exclaimed. She was holding a white, plastic dog dish with the name “James” printed on the side in gold lettering. “And that’s not all!” she announced, “Since you’re going to be getting a real workout today, you need to keep your energy up. I’m going to get you some crackers.”

His eyes widened with excitement. ‘Solid food?!?’

Bayonetta walked to the kitchen and James could hear her opening and closing various boxes and pouring crackers into the dish. As she walked back with the meal he was already bowing before her.

“Thank you so much Mistress!”

“Ah ah, not so fast!” she admonished, waving a finger before him and setting the dish on the chair next to her. “This is hardly a complete breakfast. You need your protein! Now come over here and help Mama prepare your meal.”

As quickly as he could he slipped off the bed and began crawling to her. The chain attaching his collar to the bedside rattled the entire way. She grinned and placed her hands on her hips as James assumed the proper position. Then, he almost made a mistake. Rising on his knees, he was about to take hold of her delicious thighs when he stopped. “Mistress, may I touch your thighs?”

She nodded “Yes, you may.”

Starving as he was, he decided not to bother with foreplay. He placed his lips on the fat mushroom shaped head of her mighty cock, took in a large breath through his nose, and plunged his face onto her rod, enveloping a full one third of her length with one stroke. He then began applying full suction and moved his head back and forth, taking in a little bit more of her massive member with each thrust.

Her eyes closed as she took in the wonderful sensations of tongue and moist mouth meeting flesh. “Oh my, you ARE getting good at that…” She stood firm for the first few minutes, glancing down to admire the view of her thick, meaty staff sliding in and out of her sluts’ hungry mouth. She had turned him into a world class cock sucker in just under a month. She was somewhat proud of this, but then again, nearly anyone who had been forced to practice so frequently would be a pro by now.

It took every ounce of her discipline not to grab his head and jam the rest of her cock down his luscious throat, but as much as she enjoyed total domination, there was something equally sexy about the complete and utter submission of a slave willingly giving his mistress an enthusiastic blowjob. As James continued to suck her in, she reached down with her right hand and started massaging her sizable scrotum. “Oh gods… just seeing you bound up in all that latex and chained to my bed… so fucking hot.”

Her cock now jutted out at full raging hardness and James had taken at least half of the 16″ penis down his throat. The constant slurping noises combined with the rough kneading of her balls were getting Bayonetta close to the edge.

Suddenly she pushed James off of her and grabbed her cock with her right hand. She fisted it as fast as her arm would let her while reaching over for the dog dish with her left hand.

“YeeessssSSSSSS!!!” she cried as her orgasm built and she held the dish below her engorged fuck stick. Giant ropes and gobs of cum began firing out of her cock and into the bowl in rapid succession. James lost count at eleven, and began to wonder if there would be anything left of the crackers by the time she finished drowning them in her jizz.

The bowl was filling rapidly and as her climax began to ebb she set it on the floor. “There we are… you can’t have cereal without milk, now can you? Eat up slut!”

His chain rattled once more as James dove for his breakfast. He began lapping up the creamy mixture of cum and softened crackers in haste before it dissolved completely into semen soup. Bayonetta continued to pump her erection as she circled to his rear. She relished the sight of his latex covered legs and ass. Even his feet were encased in the full body suit. The only opening from this angle was his cute little asshole, and that was currently stuffed with a massive rubber dildo. She held her cock over his body and pumped out the last few dabs of spunk. They landed on his back and in the crack of his ass with light spatters. “Mmmmm” she said “That was lovely my pet, but I look forward to giving you a more direct feeding later.”

As James worked fervently to clean his new dish and sate his hunger, Bayonetta moved to the computer on the other side of the main room to check her messages. “Tasty?” she asked as she typed away on the keyboard.

“Yes mistress, your cum is always delicious!” he answered before shoving his face back into the bowl.

“Liar” she chided him.

A few minutes later James had licked his bowl spotless. Bayonetta rose from the computer and moved to the sleek bondage horse she kept in the middle of the large studio apartment. The room was adorned with all manner of bondage devices, sex toys and shiny furniture with built in restraints, but this was the one she liked the most by far.

The bondage horse was height adjustable, just wide and long enough for someone to lie down on, and the full black leather upholstery made it not completely uncomfortable to be situated on. On the sides of the horse were a series of leather straps for securing the subject and below the horse, in the base on which it rested, were 2 metal rings on each side for securing the limbs.

“We’re going to have so much fun today” she said excitedly as she adjusted the height “I really can’t wait!”

Satisfied that the sinister device was perfectly at “cock level”, she sauntered back to James. Her hips swayed from side to side and her boot heels clacked on the hard wood floor as she moved to his rear once more.

Bending over, she pulled the thick rubber schlong out of James’ packed asshole with one smooth tug. “I know you had to deal with that all night my dear, but you’ll be thanking me for it later.”

She placed the giant butt plug in one of her bags before removing a long latex glove. She snapped the glove on her right hand and rolled the rest of the latex down her forearm. Then, without so much as a warning she buried the gloved hand in James’ ass and started feeling around like she was looking for a set of keys.

He grunted as Bayonetta swirled her arm around, massaging his insides. “As it just so happens, we’re going to be entertaining a guest today. She’s a very dear friend of mine and I expect you to obey her commands as if they were my own… unless I say otherwise of course.”

She thrust her arm in and out of his ass multiple times as James bit his lip and endured the fisting. “Mmmm, this is kind of nice. We should do this more often. I bet you could even cum from this if I did it long enough! But we don’t have time for that right now.”

Finished with her exam, she extracted her arm from his slick anus. “Perfect!” she proclaimed after checking the glove “You’re completely clean. You won’t even need an enema today.” She got up and walked to the bathroom to discard the glove.

“My friend should be arriving pretty soon, so if you need to take a leak you better do it now. Once we get started you won’t have the chance for a while.”

James couldn’t help but find those words ominous, but kept his composure. “That won’t be necessary mistress.”

As she walked back into the main room, the door bell rang. “Speak of the devil…”

Bayonetta made her way to the door and hit the intercom button. “Password?”

“Hey, it’s me” a voice answered.

“Password?” she asked again firmly.

“You know it’s me bitch, just let me in!”

“Password!” she insisted with a grin.

The voice on the other end sighed. “….Umbra Witches have more fun.”

Bayonetta laughed and hit the release button that opened the outside door. Within moments the door opened and the mystery woman entered the apartment. Her face revealed fair skin and her hair was cut short and dyed white. She was wearing a long, brown trench coat with a belt tying it across the middle, much like Bayonetta’s black one earlier. She was also wearing high heeled boots just like Bayonetta, only hers were red leather instead of black. Even more curious, she was also carrying a suitcase and a container of some sort that was roughly the same size as the paint can Bayonetta had brought in earlier.

“Why do you have to be such a cunt all the time?” she asked, glaring at Bayonetta.

“Look who’s talking!” Bayonetta replied.

For a moment the air was tense and it looked like they were about to start fist fighting, but the tension drained away and they both started laughing. The mystery woman set her things on the floor. “It’s good to see you again Cereza.”

James’ ears perked up at that. ‘Cereza? Is that Bayonetta’s real name?’

The white haired woman reached down and grabbed Bayonetta’s flaccid cock with her left hand and pumped it a few times. “So, what have you been feeding this thing?”

“Handsome young men, what else?” she retorted with a smile.

The other woman groaned. “You know, it wouldn’t kill you to stick it in a pussy now and then.”

Bayonetta shook her head. “Not my style, and with my luck the bitch would get pregnant and kids are the last thing I want.”

The mystery woman released her cock and rose to her full height, which would have been equal to Bayonetta’s if she had the same towering hair. “Well, are you going to invite me in or should I stand in your entrance for the rest of the day?”

Bayonetta rolled her eyes. “Yes, yes, come in. Take off your coat you drama queen.”

As they walked into the main room Bayonetta finally introduced her guest. “Slut, I’d like you to meet my best friend, Jeanne. She’s kind of a bitch, but no more than me I suppose.”

Now it was Jeanne’s turn to roll her eyes, and as she did she began disrobing. As the long coat was pulled back, James beheld another vision of loveliness and utter terror. The woman had generous proportions in her hips, ass and breasts, much like Bayonetta, but those weren’t the only areas in which she was well endowed. Inconceivably, the massive cock and balls that hung from her crotch were even larger and thicker than Bayonetta’s. She was 13-14 inches flaccid, easily, and the rest of her body was wrapped in tight red leather. She hung her coat on the coat rack and stood before James, letting him take in her amazing body.

“And this is my new slave, James” chirped Bayonetta “Isn’t he adorable?”

Jeanne looked down at him with an air of undeniable superiority. “So, you’re the reason she hasn’t been getting any work done lately. Yes, I’ve heard all about you. Greet me properly slut, or don’t you have any manners?”

James quickly bowed his head “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mistress Jeanne.”

She chuckled as she strode further into the room. “I assure you, the pleasure will be all mine, bitch.”

Jeanne looked around the main room, examining all the toys, furniture and accessories that Bayonetta had acquired. “This place was nearly empty the last time I was here. Lords of Darkness, Cereza, you spend more money on this crappy little flat than you do on your real home!”

Bayonetta shrugged. “Can you blame me? I’m barely ever home and even when I am, I’d rather be here.”

Jeanne turned around and set her gaze on James once more. He couldn’t help but feel like a gazelle being marked as prey by a ferocious tiger.

“Hmmmm… only the most necessary openings. Hood handles, ass handles… that body suit is something else. Where did you get it?”

“I know, isn’t it perfect?” Bayonetta chimed in. “I found a vendor online who specializes in latex bondage apparel. He does custom jobs for me and every time I’ve ordered one it’s been better than the last.”

“Very nice” Jeanne agreed “You’ll have to give me the web address later. But enough pleasantries, we only have a few hours before our reservation for dinner, so let’s get started.”

Bayonetta nodded. “I thought you’d never ask.”

As Bayonetta retrieved the paint can she’d set down earlier Jeanne sat on the large leather couch to the side of the room. She wrapped her hands around her thighs and pulled her legs up, resting her ass right on the edge of the couch. “Get over here slut and put your tongue to work” she commanded.

James began crawling over to the couch, but was jolted to a halt by the chain on his collar. Bayonetta, seeing that he had run out of slack set the paint can down by the couch and walked over to unlock and disconnect the chain.

“There” she said with a soft kick to his ass “Get over there.”

He quickly crawled to Jeanne and immediately started licking her ass cheeks and tonguing her immaculate asshole through the tight body suit. The feel and taste of leather on his tongue had long since ceased to bother him. Jeanne released her right leg and grabbed the strap on top of James’ hood.

“Harder!” she ordered as she pulled his face into her ass. “I can barely feel your tongue.”

She rocked his head up and down, massaging her perineum with his nose. “Ahhhh, that’s more like it slut.”

He licked her ass in forceful, wide swaths as Bayonetta rummaged behind him. She unlocked the tiny padlock on the back of James’ suit and unzipped it halfway. The cool sensation of fresh air met James’ back for the first time in days. The lid of the can came off with a pop and Bayonetta inserted an industrial sized plastic syringe into the container.

“This is going to be a whole new experience for you babe. I hope you like it!”

She pulled back the handle on the syringe, drawing it full of the thick liquid. She then placed it through the opening of James’ suit and squirted its full contents onto his back and down the sides of his body; the first of many to come.

“How many climaxes did it take you to fill that thing?” asked Jeanne.

“Seven” Bayonetta responded proudly.

“Hah!” Jeanne laughed “Filled my gallon in six! Well, five and a half technically. I actually overflowed the thing and made quite a mess.”

James’ eyes widened in surprise. It wasn’t paint, it was day old jizz by the bucket load!

“Yeah yeah” Bayonetta sulked as she filled another syringe and flooded the goo down James’ back and over his ass “Jeanne wins again! Whatever.”

“Now now, don’t be a poor sport. It’s unbecoming” Jeanne replied while pulling James’ face into her scrote bag. “Suck my balls slut, they need some attention too.”

If Bayonetta’s balls were grapefruits, then Jeanne owned a pair of huge cantaloupes. As he began to kiss, lick and worship her smooth scrotum, Jeanne couldn’t help herself any longer and began to slide her left hand up and down her enormous penis. The action got increasingly heated until finally after ten more syringe loads, Bayonetta had emptied her bucket.

“Done!” she announced to Jeanne “Your turn.”

As Jeanne released his head and got off the couch to retrieve her own bucket, James could already feel Bayonetta’s cum seeping into every corner of his suit and slowly coating his entire body. Being bound in latex and forced to suck and fuck giant cocks was disgusting enough to begin with, but this was a whole new level of depravity.

Bayonetta slid into the leather sofa and presented her ass for James’ attentions. As he began to caress the perfect contours of her plump behind with his tongue, Jeanne hurriedly went to work with the syringe, pumping her day old cum into the opening of his suit.

“Gods, my cock is dying for a wet hole. I’ll make this quick.”

She continued to withdraw tubes of semen from her bucket and jam them through the fold of his suit, forcing the thick liquid to run further and further down his stomach and limbs. By the time she was done, there wasn’t an inch of James’ body below his neck that wasn’t caked in cum and bound by slippery latex. Even as far down as his fingers and toes he could feel the slimy seed surrounding him.

A little of the cum was seeping out around his asshole and penis, as those were the only two openings it had to escape, but the vast majority was sealed in for the duration. James felt like a stretched out pussy that had just been double penetrated and filled to the brim.

Jeanne rose from his side, zipped up the back of his suit and reattached the mini padlock, trapping him once again in his familiar prison. “Alright” she said cheerfully “Let’s do this!”

The two buxom amazons had no trouble lifting James from both ends and carrying him over to the bondage horse. They placed him on the device face down with his head hanging over one side and his ass, penis and balls hanging over the other. The sex crazed shemales then immediately went to work binding him.

Bayonetta took the straps on the sides of the horse and looped them one by one over James’ back, pulled them tight, and locked them. Jeanne walked around the horse attaching a chain to each of James’ wrist and ankle rings, looping it through the floor and pulling them tight before locking them as well. His arms and legs were now being pulled straight down along the sides of the horse and the leather straps tightened across his back made it feel like he was being pulled into the horse at twice the force of gravity.

“Perfect” said Jeanne, admiring their work “I wish I had brought a camera.”

Bayonetta leaned over James, rubbing him through the suit and swishing semen back and forth across his back. “How does it feel my pet? I bet you never imagined you could feel this filthy? This soiled and slutty…”

James struggled to come up with a suitable reply, but as it turned out, it wasn’t necessary.

She moved in front of him and ducked down so their gazes met. “And that’s why I’ve never been this turned on.” She thrust her face into his, burying her tongue in his mouth in an aggressive kiss.

Jeanne tossed her arms in the air. “Oh please, I think I’m going to throw up. Can we fuck him now?”

Bayonetta released his lips. “Oh yes” she said while staring deeply into his eyes “It’s definitely time to fuck.”

With that she got up and hurried over to the computer to activate her music player. Bayonetta’s tastes ranged from pop and techno to metal and classic rock, and she always had something new and interesting to set the pace of her thrusts to.

Jeanne had resumed masturbating and was producing a copious amount of pre-cum which she swirled all over her shaft. “Natural lube is the best, don’t you think dear?”

“But of course” Bayonetta answered as she rejoined them.

Suddenly, dance club style trance music began thumping and booming out of the speakers in the corners of the room.

“Ok slut!” Jeanne yelled with a heavy slap on his ass. “You’ve got a nice, sticky glaze on the outside. Now it’s time for the cream filling.”

She wasted no time bringing the tip of her massive cock to the pucker of his asshole which, thankfully, was still moderately stretched out from the night before. She grabbed his hips firmly and began her insertion in one fluid motion. The first 5 inches weren’t so bad, but after that Jeanne’s monster prick quickly widened into a phallus the size of which he’d never imagined, let alone experienced.

She was a solid inch thicker in girth than Bayonetta, and that made all the difference in the world. As she continued pushing into him, the pain increased and James reflexively tried to pull away. It was useless though, as his completely bound body was unable to move a millimeter in any direction.

He grunted loudly several times, and then finally cried out in pain as she reached the 10 inch mark. Jeanne stopped momentarily and smacked his ass once again. “Cereza, I thought you said this slave was well trained?”

Bayonetta stood before him, sliding her right hand up and down her gargantuan meat pole, preparing for her own advance. “He is, he just hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting COCKZILLA yet!”

Jeanne smirked and continued to drive her hungry boa into him slowly.

Fully erect now, Bayonetta grabbed James’ chin and looked down at him. “Don’t worry, it will hurt a little at first but you’ll get used to, just like with me the first few times. If she had taken your virginity you’d be on your way to the emergency room, but you’ve had enough practice now to handle her. Just try to relax your ass and keep breathing through your nose until she breaks you in.”

She opened his mouth with her fingers and placed the head of her fat dick on the edge of his lips. “And most importantly, STOP WHINING AND SUCK MY COCK YOU LITTLE BITCH!”

Bayonetta punctuated those last words by jamming her cock into his mouth and down his throat as far as it would go with one thrust. Jeanne beamed, pleased to see Bayonetta taking her proper role, and equally pleased that 2/3 of her fully engorged 18 inch fuck rod was now buried in James’ tight boy pussy.

The heat and pain in his ass were intense, but James now had 12 inches of cock in his throat to contend with. He began wagging his tongue left and right, caressing the underside of his mistress’ meaty shaft.

Bayonetta grabbed his head and continued to push into him. Her eyes closed as she began to enjoy the absolutely wonderful sensations his mouth and tongue were bathing her flesh in. Jeanne began to rock back and forth slightly, generating short thrusts that pummeled her way into the lowest depths of his rectum. She took deep breaths as her massive penis was almost all the way in and the pleasurable feeling was already overwhelming.

After several minutes of persistent insertion, Jeanne’s hips finally met James’ ass and her enormous ball sack collided with his soft penis and much smaller scrotum. The pain and feeling of fullness were so great that James could see red streaks around his peripheral vision, but at least now the worst was over.

Jeanne remained still for several moments, enjoying her conquest and allowing him to get used to her full penetration. She smacked his ass yet again, the hardest slap yet ringing out with a loud crack. “How do you like it slave? My 18 inches are balls deep in your slutty ass! Cereza said you could do it, but I didn’t believe her. Well, you just jumped on my ‘favorite slaves of all time’ list. We’re going to be good friends, you and I.”

James could feel his insides being rearranged as Jeanne slowly withdrew her cock to the 3 inch mark. She then grasped the leather strap handles on the sides of his suit and plunged her shaft home, burying all 18 inches back in his ass. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened in an extended “O” as she acclimated to this ultimate pleasure.

James grunted, but it only came out as a low, muffled sound now that Bayonetta had all 16 inches of her cock plugged in his throat, his lips sealed around her pelvis. As she withdrew to 4 inches, he was careful to take a deep breath through his nose, unsure of when he’d get another. She grabbed the strap handles on the sides of his bondage hood and sank her cock back into his throat in one quick thrust, her massive balls slapping into his chin.

“Suck slut… suck it! Show me that you want my cum!”

James put his lips and cheek walls to work, providing as much suction as possible in concert with his oscillating tongue. At this point both women began gradually increasing their pace until they were fucking his mouth and ass in rhythm with the pumping techno beat in the background. The music was loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to drown out the sounds of their increasingly crazed sex. As the two shemale goddesses unleashed their full lust, wet slurping, gagging and the creak of leather and latex completed the symphony of their depraved love making.

Jeanne’s arms and hips were a blur as she shafted his butt hole with ever increasing vigor. His ass finally grew accustomed to her colossal appendage and the pain in his depths was slowly dissipating, but that did nothing to aid his testicles which were repeatedly being smashed by her much larger sack.

“Oh gods!” she cried out in mid-thrust. “Fuck dinner and the opera! Let’s just stay here all night.”

Bayonetta grinned as she speared her spit coated cock into his face repeatedly. “As tempting as that sounds, you may change your mind in an hour or two.”

Jeanne’s staff was now moving in and out of James’ ass like a well oiled piston. “We’ll see” she replied, seemingly unconvinced.

Moments later, she abandoned the rhythm of the music and began fucking his ass as fast as her hips would move. She cried out like she’d just been stabbed in the leg as her first orgasm rolled over her and a torrent of cum came rushing out her cock. James felt like a shotgun had gone off in his ass as a geyser of spunk flowed into his innards. Jeanne held him close to her hips as blast after blast of cum fired into his depths. His ass was so packed with her cock and her ejections so copious that he could already feel the jizz creeping up into his colon and lower intestines. It had nowhere else to go.

Seeing her friend in ecstasy and her slave being ass fucked into oblivion sent Bayonetta over the edge as well. On the next inward thrust she suddenly and very roughly pulled James’ face into her pelvis, cum rushing down her sperm channel to be deposited in his dumpster of a stomach. His cheeks bulged as her cock fired cannon blasts of sticky paste down his throat. His eyes watered as his throat was stretched to the limit and he became increasingly desperate for air. Bayonetta’s face was a picture of bliss as she unloaded in her slutty slave.

Before she was even done cumming, she settled back into a strong throat fucking rhythm, realigning her thrusts with the beat of the music. Jeanne, also, regained her steady ass fucking pace as her climax ebbed.

‘What the hell?’ thought James ‘They’re not even going to take a break?’

Bayonetta abandoned the side straps and instead grabbed the strap on top of James’ head, fucking his mouth with just one arm. With the other arm she held up her index finger and looked at Jeanne. “One to one.”

Jeanne nodded, took in a full breath and exhaled loudly as the fuck fest continued.

James understood now. This was a competition.

An hour flew by as Bayonetta and Jeanne fucked him into a new incarnation. James came a couple times from the endless prostate massage that Jeanne was providing, but his mistresses were too busy to notice or care. So hard were their thrusts that despite the thorough bondage he was in, he found himself being pushed back and forth slightly on the horse. The cum coating that covered his body inside the latex suit made squishing noises as his body was continually jolted by their insatiable meat poles.

During her fourth climax, Jeanne had crammed his colon and intestines so full of her cum that her emissions were now forced backward and came spurting out of his ass, flying in all directions around the base of her cock. Her expensive red leather dominatrix outfit was soon covered in her own jizz, but she didn’t so much as bat an eyelash. She kept right on fucking him.

Similarly, Bayonetta had several times withdrawn her cock only to stick a finger down James’ throat and gag out the excess cum he was choking on; his stomach unable to accommodate any more. As soon as that was done, it was right back to sucking her 16 inch erection. Nothing would stop this clash of the futanari titans.

As Jeanne and Bayonetta both hit their sixth climax and James’ ass and mouth were flooded with seed once more, he began to wonder what exactly this all added up to.

At first he had assumed that Bayonetta was a rare specimen of some kind, a freak of nature even; if an absolutely gorgeous, sexy freak. He knew now that this was not the case. Jeanne was just like her and actually appeared to be even more dominant, lustful and crazy.

Who were these women? Where did they come from? Are there more like them? He had heard the term “Umbra Witches” but who knew what that meant? How is it that they both have giant functioning penises that put any porn actor to shame? How could they have such incredible sexual drive and stamina? He had more information now, but that information had yielded only more questions.

“Hey!” Bayonetta yelled with a slap to his face. “You’re not sucking. I never said we were done. Do your job slut!” She then grabbed the side straps on his hood and began plunging her cock into his mouth even faster.

Another half hour passed and the music came to a stop. Bayonetta had apparently only scheduled an hour and a half of music on her player. The only sounds that now emanated throughout the room were the slurch of cock entering a cum filled asshole, the slurp of cock exiting a cum slick throat and the occasional moans and sighs of the two amazing amazons.

Some minutes later, Bayonetta grabbed James by the throat and mashed her hips into his face the hardest she had all day. Bayonetta could feel the bulge of her fat slug within his throat as she released a final hot deluge of semen into his body. She pulled out just slightly and pumped herself back in many times, milking out every last ounce of her thick baby batter.

“Ahhhhh YES, take it all slut! A good slut never says no. And even if you did, I’d just have to punish you by giving you more.”

As her orgasm subsided, she withdrew the glistening tool from his throat with an especially wet slurp and a huge web of cum slid out of James’ mouth, hitting the ground with a loud splat.

After a dozen more thrusts Jeanne reached her climax as well. She quickly pulled out of James, laid her greasy pole right on his crack and stroked herself as large ropes of cum covered his back and ass. She sighed contentedly as the orgasm flowed through her body.

Bayonetta looked at her with a smile of immense satisfaction. “Eight!” she said.

“Eight” Jeanne agreed.

They were both covered in sweat, exhausted and dehydrated, but neither wanted to admit it.

“Look, I know you don’t like declaring ties, but I think we’re both done here” Bayonetta conjectured.

“Yeah, I suppose we should get ready for dinner” she agreed reluctantly.

“Great! I’m going to hit the shower. You make yourself comfortable and keep an eye on James until I’m done.” Bayonetta headed for the bathroom, already tugging at her cum splattered leather gloves.

“Gladly” Jeanne responded with her toothiest grin.

As the bathroom door shut, Jeanne bent down to inspect the slaves’ asshole. As she peered inside she saw that the cum she had packed his innards with was slowly sliding down and filling his anal cavity. “Beautiful” she commented before raining another harsh blow down on his ass.

James had never imagined that such degradation was possible. His stomach was filled with cum, his throat was greased with cum, his intestines were full of cum, his ass was half filled with cum, and he was bound in a morass of day old cum and latex. At least the ordeal was over. Or so he thought until Jeanne’s high heeled boot connected with his scrotum.

James coughed and sputtered as Jeanne slowly circled to his front. “You know, actually, I lied” she said bringing her massive prick to his lips “I want number nine NOW!”

James thought very briefly about resisting as Jeanne plowed her filth covered mega cock into his mouth, but realized there was no point. If he did anything to anger her she would go to town on his balls and it would only anger his mistress as well. This was his life now, and Bayonetta had told him to obey her guests’ commands.

“TASTE YOUR ASS, WHORE!” Jeanne cried as all 18 inches plunged down his throat. She grabbed the hood straps on both sides of his head and quickly established a fast mouth fucking pace.

As her pelvis mashed into his face repeatedly James was just thankful that her cock wasn’t half an inch thicker, as his jaw would probably have unhinged at that point. Jeanne threw her head back and snarled like an animal as her balls slapped into his chin over and over.

“Oh, you’re something else slut. No other slave has ever taken me balls deep in the mouth AND the ass. Not without physical therapy. I like you a lot…”

She looked down at him, grinning wildly as she pumped his throat nonstop. “We’re going to have to arrange a play date for you to visit my home, preferably when Cereza is busy doing something else. You think you’re a slut today? I’ll teach you the true meaning of the word.”

She timed her thrusts to be as long as humanly possible, withdrawing until there was only the head left in his mouth, and then jamming the other 16 inches of hot beef down his throat. James sucked for all he was worth, if only to get the sinister shemale off quickly. She thrust into his face faster and faster, treating his mouth no differently than the asshole she had just fucked into submission.

Jeanne lost her mind as her ninth climax began, a lightning bolt of energy and endorphins striking her at her core. Cum poured out of her cock in the largest quantity yet, and as she ejected the godly load into his body she continued to fuck his mouth. The thick filth filled his throat, crashing upon the entrance to his lungs, pooling in the bottom of his mouth, and finally dripping from his nose. She fucked his sludge filled mouth for another twenty strokes before ripping the erupting phallus out of his face, pointing it at his eyes and firing blasts of jizm into the only feature of his body yet unspoiled.

Cum continued gushing from her flesh hose as she slapped him across the face with it repeatedly. He gagged, coughed and spit up cum, attempting to clear his nose and throat. Realizing he was in actual danger, she quickly stuck a finger down his throat which enabled him to hack up the rest of the jizz. As he sucked in fresh air, Jeanne pumped her cock with her left hand, firing the final spurts of cum all over his face while massaging her ample breasts with her right hand.

Bayonetta exited the bathroom drying herself with a towel and was immediately confronted with the sight of Jeanne shuddering and painting her slaves face with her filth.

“What the hell?!?”

Jeanne turned her head, cock still in hand and a shit eating grin on her face. “Nine.”

“You’re such a petty bitch sometimes” Bayonetta scowled.

“Yes, but I’m a petty bitch who had one more climax than you!” she chuckled.

Bayonetta rolled her eyes. “Get cleaned up! I’m starving” she snapped “And good luck getting the smell of spunk out of that body suit. You really did a number on it.”

Jeanne stepped toward the shower, intentionally brushing up against Bayonetta along the way. “You say that as if smelling like my cum was a bad thing!” She laughed heartily and shut the bathroom door behind her.

Bayonetta growled, attempting unsuccessfully to brush the cum off her moist skin. “You fucking cunt…”

After washing herself off in the kitchen, Bayonetta returned to the main room and got her evening wear out of her suitcase. The skirt she had chosen was black leather, but at least she wasn’t going to the opera dressed as a dominatrix.

After dressing, she moved to the bondage horse and started undoing the straps and chains that held James down.

“You did great! I had a wonderful time and I think it’s safe to say that Jeanne did too. Rest up until we get back. I’d help you up, but you’re filthy.”


The goddess cringed when she heard the roar. “Yes, Sire, right away,” she replied as she caught and gently lowered the unconscious body of the woman to the rock shelf a few feet below the lip of the cliff. “Don’t move until I return,” she instructed the woman’s spirit, needlessly, since time would not begin again for Kate and her abductors until Astarte reappeared on the scene.

As soon as Kate was safely settled, Astarte appeared before Amun, the ruler of all gods and goddesses. “You’re late,” he thundered.

“Yes, milord. I had to see to the woman, to be sure she was safe from harm.”

“You little bitch!” screamed the other entity in the marble-walled cloud chamber. “Look what you did to me!” he shouted, waving his member at her.

With a small smile, Astarte replied, “You should be careful, Ra, where you put that thing; it might get hurt.”

“You little…!” the god shouted, charging across the chamber.

“RA!” boomed Amun. “Settle down. What in all we hold dear is going on? Astarte, did you bite Ra’s staff, and if so, why?”

“Where is that little snip? Amun, I want her banished. She tried to take my place with my husband!” The woman entering the chamber, screaming her demands may have been beautiful, but it was hidden by her anger and carpiness.

Amun looked at her, rolled his eyes and sighed. He looked at Astarte and smiled. She was indeed a delight to look at. “Madam, be quiet,” he replied forcefully to the newcomer. She looked at him, disbelief on her face.

“But, Amun…”

“Neffi, may I remind you, you are only a demi-goddess, here by virtue of your relationship with Ahknaten, who in the panoply of the gods is among the lowest. Even Ra, your chief advocate among us, is barely above the one you are berating, whose duty, by the way, is to teach men and gods how to best treat their women, in bed and elsewhere. If you do not settle down and let me get to the bottom of this, I will banish you from this realm.

“Now, Astarte, what is going on?”

Quickly, communicating as only gods and goddesses can, she apprised Amun of the nature of the struggle she was having with Ra and Nefertiti, and their actions toward the humans she was involved with. Upon hearing of what had happened to Kate, his countenance darkened. Ra and Nefertiti began to back out of the room.

“Is this a true account of what has passed among the three of you?” he snapped at the retreating pair. They stopped and looked at each other, realizing there was no evading the god king, now their inquisitor. They nodded.

In a strangely quiet and gentle voice, he mused, “You attempted to annihilate her by kicking her off a cliff? What? No pestilence; no plague of locusts? No flood; no famine? Ahhh, where are the weapons we called upon in our youth; where is the imagination, the ingenuity of the gods today?”

Suddenly Ra and Nefertiti felt the thunder bolt of his wrath pass through them. “How many times must I remind you, the humans are off limits. We may control everything else on this miserable little speck of dirt, but we may not interfere with their lives or their fates,” he thundered, his voice shaking the marble halls surrounding the quartet.

“But Astarte…”

“Did what your spell commanded her to do when you sealed her in that icon: reward whoever set her free. Do you deny it?” Ra ruefully shook his head no.

Amun turned to Astarte. “Is the woman safe?”

“Safe enough at the moment. Her attackers are leaving her for dead, but rescue will be easy. Their punishment is certain.”

“What of the lad, and their future?”

“Gideon, her son, is doing well, and I am about ready to alter our relationship so that, to him and the humans I have met through him, I am only a dim memory. I will follow his fate, and protect him when I must so that he achieves all his fate allows. As his personal goddess, this I must do, thank you, Ra,” she said, with a small bob and curtsy in his direction, smiling. “His mother, the woman, will need some help to heal; I will see to that.

“Otherwise, their futures look promising. It feels like Kathryn is descended from one of us. She is strong, bright, and determined. She is beautiful, sexual, and loving. She can also be hard and demanding. She is not a woman many would want to tangle with.

“You are lucky, Ra,” Astarte said, looking at the Sun god, “that it was I controlling her jaws when you were bitten. I saw in her mind the determination to remove the head of the staff responsible for her pain.” Ra shuddered, reliving the encounter, now knowing his attacker’s intent..

“Very well, Astarte. Return, and do what you must to finish with them as quickly as possible. You two!” Amun rumbled, looking at the ancient sun god and demi-goddess. “You are banished from the top of Olympus until I feel a need to see you again, nor may you go below the third tier of the mount. You will have nothing to do with the humans. If I hear of you interfering with their lives or fates again, I will banish you to the far side of the Styx, forever. Do I make myself clear?”

The couple nodded, fearfully, knowing Amun was not finished with them. “Further, I am limiting your abilities to self protection, and obtaining food, water, and shelter, the way the humans must. You must grow your food, dig for water, build your shelters, and you may protect yourself and each other from harm. Now, go!”

“Sire,” uttered Ra, in a plaintive voice, holding up his disfigured staff.

With a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, Amun softly replied, “You wanted to experience what your human felt. Then experience it. As your human heals, so shall you. Whatever sensation his member experiences, so shall you. All the joy, and all the pain. Live with it, brother.”

Dick and Harry hurried to the edge of the cliff. Peering over it they saw Kate, lying face down on an outcropping rock ledge about six feet long and not much wider than her hips. Shrubs growing out of the cliff wall impeded their view, as they seemed to impede any attempt to climb the wall.

“Serves the cunt right,” growled Harry. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

“Harry, are you crazy? We can’t just leave her there. That’s murder!”

“Listen, Wuss, and listen good. Tonight, we, note that, ‘we’ kidnapped a woman, using bodily force, and raped her. Whether or not your prick came within ten feet of her, you can be charged with rape because you, what’s the term, yeah, aided and abetted in the kidnapping. In the commission of a felony, all participants are equally guilty of all parts of that felony. I learned that when I was on the Grand Jury last year.

“So, if you want to go to prison for life for kidnap and rape, you go down and save her. Personally, I’m gonna leave her there until she rots.”

“Shit, I don’t know. Maybe you’re right. Nobody saw us with her. We can dump her stuff on the ledge with her. You get her purse and clothes out of the car; I’ll turn it around.” He glanced down at Harry’s crotch. “How you going to explain your dick?”

“I’ll confess to my wife I had too much to drink tonight because I was dicked off at little Katie there and picked up a pro who got angry when I got rough thinking about the good doctor Davies.” Harry pulled the rear door open and gathered the remnants of her clothing, and her purse. He paused a moment before sweeping her cell phone into the bag. “What the hell,” he thought. “Nobody gets any reception up here,” and carried the purse to the edge of the cliff and dropped it, watching it land half on her shoulder, half on the rock. He laughed, “Good luck, bitch.”

Dick had turned the T-Bird around and was waiting by the road. Harry jerked the front passenger door open, and Kate’s trolley, with her papers and computer fell out into the ditch. He shrugged and stepped over it into the car. Dick stepped on the gas and sped down the hill to the city.

As soon as Astarte saw the car pull out onto the road, she appeared beside Kate, gently waking her, helping her turn to sit on the ledge. She handed Kate her bag, asking, “Can you use your communication device here? We need help to get you back to the city.”

“I don’t know,” Kate slurred, her face swollen from the blow she had received from Harry when she bit him. “It looks like there isn’t any reception up here.”

“What do you need? Don’t try to explain it to me; just think about what it is.”

Kate thought about how cell phones work. Astarte looked at the images Kate had generated and made certain connections. She offered up a silent prayer. “Mother Isis, I need a favor…” A moment later, she said to Kate, “Try your device now.”

Kate dialed 911 and was instantly connected to the operator. “Hello, my name is Kathryn Davies. I am a consultant for Smythe Electronics on North River Road, in Altamont. I was kidnapped and raped this evening, then pushed over a cliff someplace the men called Marina Park. I need help getting back up to the top and to a hospital.”

“Okay kids, get off the line. Everyone knows cell phones don’t work on the bluffs,” replied the bored 911 operator.

“Young woman, I don’t know who you are, but do I sound like a teenager pulling a practical joke. I’ve been beaten, raped and deserted in this god forsaken place. Get me help! Call Gary Daniels, VP of human relations at Smythe. He can verify my car, a silver 2011 Toyota Avalon, is still in the parking lot.”

“Very well, Ma’m. I’ll be back to you in just a moment.” Still doubtful, the operator turned to her radio, connecting her to all emergency vehicles in the county. “All vehicles. All vehicles. Is there anyone in vicinity of the bluffs, near the area called Marina Park? We have a report that a woman may be isolated on a shelf below the edge of the cliff. Any vehicle, respond.”

“Emergency, this is Greenbrier Ambulance No. 5. We just dropped a passenger at the top of the bluffs and should be at Marina Park in ten minutes or so. Do you want us to stop and look? Out.”

“That’d be helpful, No.5. Give a looksee and let me know. Out.” The operator turned back to her phone with Kate on the line. “Ma’am, there is an ambulance in the area of the bluffs. They will be at Marina Park in a few minutes to assess the situation and provide whatever help they can.”

Kate acknowledged the operator and thanked her for her help. “Astarte,” she said aloud. “I’m going to need Deon’s help. Can you get him here tomorrow?”

“I’ll see what I can do, Kathryn. It may be later in the day…” Kate nodded. “Mother Isis…” she began, and felt a surge of warmth as the Queen of the gods responded. “He’ll be here in the morning, Kathryn. I don’t know how, but it’s being arranged.”

“Thank you, and thank whomever is doing it for me. “

“Emergency, Ambulance No. 5. We are approaching the area. It looks like there’s one of those baggage trolleys in the ditch. Holy crap! There’s a woman struggling to climb up over the cliff. Give her a hand, Frank. Christ, Emergency, it looks like this was no joke. I can see her face. She has a bruise from her jawbone to her eyebrow, and her clothes are torn, like somebody tried to jerk them off. We’ll examine and advise, but I’d suggest an officer get here pretty damn quick.”

Once Kate heard help was on the way, she insisted on attempting the precarious, if short, ascent to the top of the cliff. Astarte had braced her, supporting her when Kate needed to lean on her broken arm. Kate had been able to use the shrubbery like a ladder, supporting her weight on the base of the bushes until she was far enough up the cliff face to crawl over the edge to safety. It had taken her nearly fifteen minutes to climb the six feet to safety.

County Sheriff Tommy Doolittle was already on his way. He had seen the old T-Bird flying down the road, just under the legal limit, but really too fast for the road. He wondered what it was hurrying from. He figured if anything was found, it wouldn’t be hard to trace the car. How many T-Birds were there in the county.

He had started up the road at a leisurely pace, looking over both sides of the road for anything out of place. He was about half way to the Marina Park when the call for all vehicles came in. The ambulance crew had beaten him to volunteering, and they just barely beat him to the site. He checked in with his dispatcher and got out of his car.

The ambulance crew was busy treating and examining the blood-covered woman. He walked over to the edge of the cliff and looked down. There were her shoes, and blood spatters on the ground where she had lain. There was no question she had been there.

He drove his car to the edge of the cliff and set the brake and put the car in park. With the help of the ambulance crew, and some rope, he climbed down to the ledge and took several blood samples and retrieved her shoes. He also found an earring for a pierced ear, without the stem guard.

Tommy followed the ambulance to the hospital where he got Kate’s story and, at her request, observed while the doctors photographed and measured her bruises. Kate fished her camera out of her bag and handed it to Tommy, requesting that he also photograph the bruises on her breasts, abdomen and vulva. She also suggested he obtain a search warrant for the 1970 T-Bird owned by Richard Hardin, to look for her panties, the earring guard, and her wallet.

Kate, Officer Doolittle, and a detective from the County CID were sitting in the parking lot when Dick and Harry drove in the next morning. Kate pointed out the car as it parked. When the T-Bird’s occupants were safely inside the building, Tommy and the detective carried out the search.

Kate’s panties were recovered from underneath the driver’s seat. She identified them by the monogram on the left hip. The wallet and earring guard were recovered from under the passenger seat. The earring guard was identical to the one Kate had been wearing when she reached the top of the cliff.

A few minutes after ten o’clock, Dick and Harry walked into the conference room, just as if the previous afternoon hadn’t happened. The other trainees were already in their ususal seats. The time was approaching 10:15 when Cliff Smythe, the CEO, and Gary Daniels, the head of HR came through the conference room door, followed by a uniformed police officer, a stranger in plain clothes, and a woman so badly bruised it was hard to recognize her.

The CEO spoke first. “With the exception of Dick Hardin and Harry Bonesteel, you are all dismissed. This in-service training is indefinitely suspended. If, when it is rescheduled, you will be notified.” He waited until the five trainees had exited the room.

“Gentlemen, this lady has made some pretty serious accusations against the two of you. She says you, forced her into Hardin’s car, drove her up to one of the parks on the bluff and raped her, then pushed her over a cliff and drove off, leaving her there. What do you have to say?”

Harry Bonesteel straightened up in his chair. Damn if any one was going to put him down without a fight. “Mr Smythe, that is all just a pure bucket of crap. Dick and I left here together right after work. We stopped and had a couple of drinks and then went on home. I never saw Dr. Davies yesterday.”

“So, you’re saying she was never in Hardin’s car with you, yesterday. Is that right?”

“That’s right, sir.”

The detective broke in. “Then, Mr. Bonesteel, how do you explain that we found these items in Mr. Hardin’s T-Bird: panties Dr. Davies identifies as hers from the monogram, which matches similar garments she has in her possession; an earring guard identical to the one she was wearing when she reached the top of the cliff when she was rescued; and a receipt from the plant cafeteria, dated and timestamped yesterday at 12:15 PM?”

Dick’s face lost all its color. Harry felt like vomiting. “I…I..I’m sorry, Kate,” he blustered. “I…I was trying to protect your reputation. She asked for it, gentlemen. She was talking to Dick when I came out to go home. When I got to the car, she said she was interested in having a good time and asked if I wanted to help her.”

“And the black eye and broken arm?” asked Officer Doolittle.

Harry laughed. “Well, I guess we got a little rough. Toward the end, she and I got into a little tussle. She was staggering around and was too close to the edge when she stumbled and fell. She must have got hurt when she landed. Dick and I knew our cell phones were no good up there, so we hurried down to get help. By the time we got back there, she was gone. I’m glad you’re okay, Katie.” He smiled, sure of himself.

Kate just smiled at him. She got up and limped around the table to sit down next to Dick. “I’m not going to lie to you, Dick. Other than showing a jury photographs of my bruises and the tearing in my vagina the rape caused, there is no way I can counter Harry’s story,” she said, pausing, “unless you testify against him.

“If you do, I can see that all the charges, except for the aiding and abetting in the kidnap, are dropped. If you choose not to testify, then you will share his punishment.”

“What punishment? Keep your mouth shut, Dick! They got nothing, or these coppers would already have us in the back seat of their patrol car.”

“What do you say, Dick?” asked Kate, ignoring Harry. “Five years probation, or twenty years no one wants you to live through? It’s your choice. I know what you did, how you tried to stop Harry, tried to get him to help you rescue me. I know how you expressed concern for me when you thought I was unconscious. If you decide not to testify, all of that means nothing.”

Dick looked up at her, his face full of anguish. “I’m sorry, Kate. If I testify against Harry, I’ll be confessing to a crime I really had no part in. I can’t.”

“I understand that, Dick; that’s why I’ll see no other charges are made against you. You could have not driven away yesterday. You could have refused to help him. But you did try to stop him; didn’t participate in the assault. I can forgive your failure, not your compliance.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Is that your final decision, Dick. Be sure; this is the last time I ask.” He nodded, his head down, looking at the floor. “I’m sorry, too, Dick. Based on what I had seen the last two days, you were the leading contender for my recommendation for the VP slot opening up next year.” She turned to look at Harry. “Astarte,” she thought, “is there a way I can make him tell the truth, like Deon can?”

“Deon will be here in a moment or two.. A small private jet needed to make an emergency landing in San ‘Angelo. When the pilot heard Deon’s story, they agreed to fly him here overnight.” Astarte had barely finished speaking when there was a knock at the door. A secretary stuck her head in the door.

“Dr. Davies, there is a young man out here who says he’s your son.”

“Yes, that would be Gideon. Send him in.” Gideon entered seconds later, and was visibly shocked by the appearance of his mother, even though he had been warned by Astarte. Kate quickly introduced the others in the room.

She looked at the police officers. “Gentlemen, thank you for your assistance today, but, frankly, your continued presence will make prosecuting these two impossible. We are going to be discussing their professional futures, requiring them to openly discuss the events of last evening, without a lawyer present, and without the threat of self-incrimination.” The officers looked at each other, nodded and got up and left.

When they had gone, Kate returned to her seat at the head table. Gideon took one of the officers’ seats, near the end of the table. Kate turned to Dick and Harry. “I’m sure you two, if you considered the outcome of your escapade last night at all, were counting on beating a jury trial with the ‘our word versus hers’ defense. And as I pointed out, unless one of you testifies against the other, you would probably get away with it.

“But there won’t be a juried trial, at least in the traditional sense. In this case, I am the victim, the judge, and the jury. I know what was done to me, and by whom. It will be a form of vigilante justice.”

Kate turned to the company officials. “Just in case either of you have any doubt…Deon, would you pass me my laptop?” She typed in some commands and turned the computer so the businessmen could see the screen. It displayed a series of thumbnails, photos taken at the hospital the night before. She activated the slide show sequence. “These were taken of me last night at the hospital by Officer Doolittle.”

The enlarged photos showed the bruising she had suffered. Her breasts, belly and pubes were all covered with massive bruises ranging in color from light purple to black. The final photo was taken inside the vagina and showed tearing of the surface tissue around the opening of the shaft.

“Any questions, gentlemen?” They looked at her; her right eye bandaged, the right side of her face showing a bruise similar to those in the photo; her left arm in a cast. Both of the executives shook their head, wondering what this would cost the company.

Kate’s smile was not friendly. “If you read the software agreements of all the computer software you have installed, one of the last items in the agreement paperwork is a statement that reserves all ownership rights and privileges of any software instruction that I personally wrote to me. That includes the right to choose who can, or cannot, use that software.

“Normally, I don’t exercise those rights. However, in this case, I am permanently rescinding the access of these two men to any software I have ever produced, or might produce. Moreover, any company which hires them and gives them access to my work will immediately also lose access to my products and any computer they own using such software will cease functioning, until my software is removed.

“So what, I can hear Harry thinking. This is ‘what.’ If your computers access the Internet, they depend on code I have written. If you use any of the popular word processing programs (and here she listed a half dozen), spread sheets, database management, network management, statistical analysis, process design and management, and graphic design programs, you rely on my codes.” She paused to type on her laptop. “In a few moments, I will have a list for you of the programs you run which use my work, and the departments where they are used.

“I have also sent an instruction to each of your computers using my codes which will require each user to sign in with a live thumb print and ID number, beginning today at noon. If you have purchased software from any major software developer in the past five years, you were required to submit a print from all possible users. They are kept in a database, administered by a program I designed.

“Any attempt to use a replicated print will close down all computers on the network hosting the computer where the breach is attempted.

“Monday, Harry asked me how I expected to enforce such a ban. Dr. Smythe, would you be willing to chance having your company’s entire computer network crash and all your computer archives permanently lost or inaccessible?”

Smythe looked at her, shock on his face. The determined look on hers convinced him she meant every word she had said. Retaining the two men before him endangered the business he had struggled for years to get started, and for several more to move into the niche business it now lead. It provided employment for over 500 men and women, and paid him a million a year. It was no contest.

“I’m sorry, Harry, Dick. She may be bluffing, but I can’t take the chance. I’ll have your desks packed up and sent to you. Gary, they’re done, effective as soon as you’re done here. See that they are escorted from the building.”

Harry screamed, “You fucking bitch! I should have climbed down that cliff and kicked you into the river!”

Kate grinned at him, then looked to Dick. “Anything you want to say, Richard?”

He looked at her, sadness in his eyes. He shook his head slowly. “I’m sorry, Kate. You’re right. I should have…”

“Shut up, you fucking wuss. She can threaten pussy Smythe here all she wants, but there are other places to work. She can’t threaten everyone.”

In a gentle voice Gideon remembered with a shiver of fear, Kate, barely above a whisper, said, “Oh, but Harry, you are so fucking wrong. By now every business in the state knows about you. By the end of business today, thanks to the social media and my own user records, your name and face and the ramifications for hiring you will be global knowledge.

“But you are right, there are plenty of places to work; you just can’t use a computer, which, of course, means no cash register, no record keeping, no cell phone, no CB or sideband radio, no use of digital equipment of any kind.

“That leaves stoop labor, tending crops and harvesting them. You might get lucky and find cleaning work in some institution where you wouldn’t have access to a computer on your shift. Yes, that would be a good job for you, if you could convince anyone to trust you. Personally, I wouldn’t trust you to water cacti, but I will admit to being a trifle prejudiced. Gary, Cliff, do you have any questions or comments?”

Smythe answered first. “No questions about what you just said. Is there anything else you need or want from us?” He saw no comforting look as she replied.

“I’ll let you know. I assume you will pick up the hospital bill, as well as my son’s transportation. If there is anything else that should occur, any further treatments or care, you can be sure I’ll be touch.”

Clifford Smythe swallowed and heaved an internal sigh of relief. He had been anticipating some sort of compensatory claim. “Of course, without question or limit.

“Gary, will you take care of Dr. Davies and her son, and see that these two are properly terminated, with prejudice, of course. And that last item I asked about. I’ll go alert department heads about the new procedures for accessing their computers.

“Kate, I am so sorry about this. Let Gary know about completing the training. If necessary, it could be done on-line.”

“Thank you, Cliff; I’ll think about that.” Her face was expressionless; her eyes, flat. Clifford Smythe hurried out of the room, wondering what Kate Davies had in mind for him and his company.

“Kate,” said Gary, pulling her attention from the exiting back she was watching. She turned and for the first time that morning, really smiled.

“Yes, Gary?”

“He really did mean it. Cliff’s a good guy.”

“I’m sure he meant it. I’m sure he feels responsible. He insisted on including Harry in the training, even though I questioned his suitability. If he had listened to my objections, there wouldn’t have been any problems.”

“That explains this,” he said, showing her a note: ‘find out what she wants.’ “He passed it to me while you were telling Harry and Dick their employment options.”

Kate turned to look at the two men who were responsible for her injuries. She went to talk to Deon, then returned to speak to the HR director. “I need the use of this room for the rest of the day. I want…” and gave him a brief list of demands. He started to object, but stopped when he saw the expression in her eyes.

As he left to make the arrangements Kate had dictated he thought, “I don’t know if they’re the luckiest or unluckiest bastards in this state today, but I’d hate to be them this afternoon.”

It took less than an hour to make the preparations Kate asked for. In that hour, the entire female workforce at Smythe were informed that Harry was leaving their staff and they were invited to say good-bye ‘in any manner they wished.’

Using his power, Deon explained that their participation was voluntary, Harry would not know who was ‘honoring’ him, they could not permanently physically mark him, or break any bones, and he had to be alive at the end of the day. Oh, yes. Dick Hardin would also be available at the same time, with the same restrictions.

There were a few more housekeeping sort of instructions, then the women were asked to draw numbers to determine the order in which they were to visit the men, if they wished.

Then Deon went to talk to Harry and Dick. “Mr. Hardin, Mr. Bonesteel, I…”

“Who the fuck are you, anyway, squirt? When the fuck are we getting out of here?” Harry demanded.

“Wow! Good questions, Harry. May I call you Harry? Good. I’ll tell you, but first I want you to sit down and listen, then I want you to do just as I say, whether you agree or not.”

Harry felt a comforting cloud of indolence settle over him. All he knew was that he had to listen to this kid and do as he said. He didn’t have to worry, just comply and soon he’d be able to get out of this hell hole his actions had put him in. He wondered how his friend, Dick, was doing.

Dick had heard Harry’s bluster and cringed. He felt a similar cloud of lassitude envelope him. He no longer cared what Harry thought. He’d do what Kate’s son told him to do, and then leave and try to rebuild his life with his wife. What was Kate’s son saying?

“Okay, you bastards, you’ll do exactly as I say. When I tell you, you will strip naked and lie down on the divans they’ll be bringing in for you. When you’re on your bed, you will close your eyes and keep them closed. You will keep your hands down at your sides, and your legs down straight.

“During the rest of the day, you will be visited by several women, one or two at a time. They may or may not give you instructions. You will do as they ask or tell you. When the first woman comes in, I will instruct you to get an erection. You will do so, and maintain it until the last woman leaves. If a woman requests it, you will climax, with ejaculation if possible.

“Absent any instruction, you will lay as still as you can. If her actions cause you to react with motion, so be it. You may not, however, stand or grab her. Do you have any questions?”

“Who…” started Harry.

“You don’t need to know that. Anything else?”

“What will they ask us to do?” asked Dick.

“I have no idea, but it will have to be something you can do lying down.”

There was a knock at the door. It was the divans and some protective floor coverings. Dick and Harry watched as the makeshift beds were prepared. As soon as the men were out the door, they were ordered to strip and lie down. Deon used the phone in the room to call Kate and let her know they were ready.

Kate came in with the first woman, a pretty African-American woman in her forties, the guard’s wife. She was statuesque, to say the least. Five feet ten, Deon guessed, about 175 pounds, a EE bust and similarly sized hips.

Like many black women, she had what they called a high bottom, which thrust her upper torso forward, emphasizing her ample bust. It was easy to see why Harry would have wanted to let his hands wander all over her tantalizing form.

Yvonne hesitated when she saw Deon in the room. “It’s okay,” Kate told her. “He’s here to control Dick and Harry, so they can’t hurt you.” In a loud whisper, she added, “and he’s gay.” She winked at Deon with her good eye and left the room, to wait for number two.

Yvonne smiled and relaxed. “I can do anything to them? They don’t know who I am, and nobody else will know what happens in here?”

“If you leave traces, the next person will know what you did, but unless you tell them you were first, they won’t know who was here. They come in that way,” Deon said, pointing to the door she had just used, “and you go out there,” he said pointing to a door in the opposite wall.

He looked at the black milf and smiled. “Miss, whatever you want to do, or want them to do, will stay in this room unless you tell someone. If you want to, excuse my french, fuck either or both of them; piss or shit on them, have them kiss your ass or your quim, it’s up to you.”

Yvonne was grinning and had begun to strip. “How much time do I have?”

“Up to twenty minutes; is that enough?”

“That depends on how long it takes the little guy there to come.”

“He’ll come when you tell him to.”

“Oh, boy! Harry, you son of a bitch, I’ll be with you in five. Dick, get ready to come.” She walked to Dick and straddled him, then lowered herself onto his erect staff. She moved around a little to find the correct position then began to move up and down on the smaller man.

She glanced over at Harry and giggled. “Shit, the way he talked when he was trying to cop a feel, you’d'a thought he was hung like a horse. What happened to his dick? It looks like the head is all swole up.”

“He tried to stick it somewhere it didn’t belong. She bit him.”

“That lady who looks like she got beat up with a hurtin’ stick? Oooh, Harry, have I got a treat for you. Come in me now, Dickie, come lots!” she grinned as the man under her began to thrust his hips at her, his body spasming with his climax.

Yvonne lifted herself off the divan and quickly put her hand over her pussy, holding in the spend she had just received. She hurried over to Harry’s bed and mounted him in the reverse cowgirl position, her cunt over his mouth. “Open your eyes and mouth, Harry,” she commanded, taking her hand from her pussy.

She leaned forward and looked down toward her crotch to watch the cum drop from her cunt to Harry’s mouth. “Clean up my cootchie with your tongue, Harry. You always said what a good tongue job you could give me. Prove it!”

She pushed her snatch down on Harry’s face and began to rotate her hips. “Mmm, not bad. French my asshole, too, bastard.” She straightened slightly to give her serf better access to her rosebud. “Deeper,” she ordered. “That’s better, but you can get that tongue in there more,” she said with a grin. Suddenly, the sound of bubbling flatulence filled the room.

Yvonne let out a hearty laugh and lifted herself from Harry’s bed and turned to stand astride his chest. “You better close your eyes for this, bastard,” she warned Harry and released her bladder, hitting him just below his open mouth. When the stream stopped, she stepped down and walked back to Dick.

She closed her mouth over the end of his cock and deep throated him, then kissed him on the lips. “Too bad you’re leaving, Dickie. I wouldn’t mind some more of that now and then.” She looked at Deon, noting the lump in the front of his jeans. She grinned. “You’re not really gay, are you? And it looks like you’re closer in size to Dick than to Harry, right?”

He just smiled and nodded. “Right on both.”

“I don’t suppose I have time…”

“Sorry, I’m pretty firmly committed to someone who doesn’t allow it.”

“Lucky girl,” Yvonne said, smiling while she put her clothes back on.

With some minor variations in the activities, that’s the way the afternoon went. Yvonne was the only one who showed any hesitation about Deon being in the room. The next woman had heard him talking to Yvonne through the door and simply accepted there would be a third man in the room for some reason. Some of the women used Dick before going to Harry, but most simply went directly to the man they referred to as ‘the asshole.’

A few, seeing the condition of his glans, rubbed it with their dry hands, eliciting pained moans from the sod. Others, more sadistic, impaled themselves on it and rode it the entire time, ordering him to come, then feeding his spend to him from their box.

One older woman, a plump grey-haired matron, skewered him into her bunghole, provoking a loud scream from him. When she was about halfway down his rod, she had turned completely around, using it as a spit. Harry’s agonized scream had brought Kate and Gary Daniels into the room.

They saw the woman wipe Harry’s prick clean of the residue it bore, and feed it to the sobbing man. They watched as she reached behind her to wipe her ass with her hand and deliver it to Harry’s mouth, for him to clean away. She then padded to the chair where she had left her slacks and underwear. With a small smile, she looked at Kate and Gary, and told them, “You better get him some mouth wash before the next woman comes in.”

There were two young girls who came in together a bit later. They never looked at Harry, but stripped and went directly to Dick. Looking at them, Deon immediately thought of Sally, and asked them how old they were. “You have to be eighteen to work here,” said one, a busty natural blonde, a bit defensively.

“And we’ve both been here for over a year,” her companion said, “working for Mr. Hardin.” They were both looking at his staff, with a hungry expression.

Deon grinned. “How long have you wanted to fuck him?”

“Since the first day. Jeezis, I go home every night with wet panties,” said the blonde. “Jesse, here, is good with her tongue, but a girl needs something in her, ya know?”

“Carrie! You said you wouldn’t tell. That means I get to go first, then!” She got up on Dick’s bed and threw her leg over him, straddling his hips. “Help me put him in, will you? Oooo, yessss. Damn, I didn’t know it could feel this good. Ow, shit, my cherry; now what?”

Deon gave a small laugh. “Lift up about halfway, then push down hard. It’ll hurt for a minute, but should go away pretty quickly when you start moving up and down.” Carrie looked at him, and smiled. “Sorry,” he smiled. “I’m not part of the game. I’m just here to advise.”

“That’s too bad. Are you sure? It’d be better if both parties got involved. Or so I hear.”

“You hear right, but I can’t. My girlfriend wouldn’t like it, and she’d know.”

“Oh, well,” she sighed. “Hurry, Jesse, I get to get a ride, too.”

“Okay, just a second I’m almost there. How can I make him come with me?”

“The lady said just tell him when you want him to come.”

“Now!” she screamed. “Come now, Dickie!” Dick began the instinctual thrusting of the climactic response, sending small splashes of cum into the young woman. “Ooooh, yessss,” she cooed falling forward onto his chest.

“C’mon, Jesse, get off so I can get rid of my cherry, too.”

“A’righ’,” she said sleepily, and lifted herself from the still erect staff. Carrie immediately replaced her, impaling herself in a single stroke.

“Owwww,” she cried. “Damn, that hurt! Why didn’t you say something?”

“It was only like a pin prick when I did it.” She smiled shyly at Deon.

“How come you guys are in here, giving your cherries to someone who can’t enjoy it?” he asked.

“We’ve both had crushes on him since we started working here. And there aren’t any really nice guys our age around town. We dated some guys from the college, but when they heard we were still cherry, they got scared. Maybe now, they won’t be so scared and we can get them to…ya know?”

“And in the meantime, you take care of each other?” She nodded, looking at Carrie, riding Dick’s prick like a jockey on a thoroughbred.

“Oh mi god, Jessie, this is sooo GOOD! Shit, I’m goooonnnnaaa…aaahhh!” She screamed,thrusting herself down on the prick in her pussy, imbedding its full nine inches in her.

She leaned forward, resting her b-cups on the chest of the middle-aged man under her, revealing her bloody, stuffed pussy. Deon winced slightly at the sight, then smiled, realizing its source. He pulled some tissues from a box on the sideboard and handed them to Jesse.

“You need to clean him up a little. And yourselves, probably.” She smiled shyly, and nodded. She wiped herself as Carrie got down. She handed Carrie some tissues and began to wipe Dick’s mushroom shaped glans.

When it was clean, she bent down and took it into her mouth. “Mmm, not too bad. Better than I thought it might taste,” she commented when she straightened up.

“Jesse! Do you know where that’s been, and what comes out of it?”

Jesse laughed. “In this case, yes, I do. And I’ve already been there, and tasted it at the source.” She looked at Deon. “You’re sure your gf would know?”

“Wouldn’t you? Really?” The girls looked at each other and nodded. With a sigh, they dressed and left. The entry door opened and two adult women walked in. The wives.

Cynthia Bonesteel was a bottle blonde, about five foot ten, with the lithe body of an athlete, and the bust of a porn star, paid for by her husband. “Where is that lying bastard of a husband of mine?” she demanded, storming into the room barely a second after the girls left.

Polly Hardin was almost her polar opposite. Naturally blonde, she barely topped five five, and was, as they say, plump as a pigeon. Not fat by any definition, she was certainly attractively rounded everywhere you want a woman to be. Her c-cups were all natural and sagged a bit from nursing her three kids.

She quietly walked over to her husband and began to softly stroke his erection. “Oh, Dick, what has he got you into this time?” she said, so softly as to be barely audible.

“Got him into?” asked Kate, who had quietly followed them into the room. “Does he often do as Harry asks?”

Polly quickly turned around and gasped when she saw Kate standing behind her. “You…you’re the …woman?” she stammered. Kate simply nodded. “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to see you here. The police made it sound like you would be in the hospital for a while.”

“Tell me about Dick and Harry. How long have they known each other?”

“They grew up together. Dick was, to be kind, the nerd. Harry was the social one, popular football star. No steady girl, he preferred to play the field. He got hooked up with Dick when one of his junior high teachers assigned them a project together. He always said if it wasn’t for Dick, he’d never have made it into college, even with his football scholarship.

“It was the same in college. Harry won’t admit it, and claims he got Dick into their fraternity, but I know that he was pledged only when he guaranteed Dick would, too. The frat was on the verge of scholastic suspension and needed some students to bring up their GPA. I know that because my brother was the president of their fraternity that year.

“Still, Dick thinks he owes Harry some sort of loyalty. He even credits Harry with introducing us. He did, but only because I asked him to.”

“How did that happen?”

“The fraternity had a party, I guess it was our junior year. The next morning I woke up in Harry’s bed, obviously having had sex. He was starting to fondle me, but I got up and went to the bathroom, and pretended my period was starting.” She giggled. “I even asked Harry if the frat kept any tampons around for their guests. He just jumped out of bed and told me to get dressed and he’d take me home.

“On the way I asked about Dick. I saw him on campus, but never at the parties. I had heard one of Harry’s girlfriends had broken up with him over Dick. When I asked Harry about that, he clammed up.

“Later, I met her and learned that Harry had pressured her into sleeping with Dick. She was so impressed by the differences, in size and attitude, she decided Harry wasn’t worth the trouble anymore. That’s when I decided I had to meet Dick.”

“Harry tells that story differently, but I know Maggie, and she probably told it straight.” Kate and Polly had not seen Cynthia walk over and join them. “Holy shit, Polly! No frigging wonder you smile all the time. My God look at that cock! It must be at least eight inches and…shit, how thick is it?”

“It’s nine inches, and seven inches around the base of the glans. That’s before we screw. After I come, it’s about ten and a quarter and six, until he comes again, then after he goes soft, it’s back to nine by seven.”

She nodded toward Kate. “Cindy, this is the woman the police say was attacked.”

The tall blonde looked at Kate, taking in her obvious injuries. “Tell me what happened, would you? And why this, instead of letting the police handle it?”

Kate led them to some chairs near Deon and introduced him. She then explained in detail what had happened to her the night before, laying out each man’s actions. When she finished telling how the men had left her lying on the ledge and driven off, Polly was quietly sobbing while Cindy’s face was hard and expressionless. “That bastard,” Cindy hissed. “Because he was too fucking lazy to get to work on time. That cuts it!”

She turned and stormed back to her husband. She stood there for a minute, looking indecisive, fiddling with her rings. Suddenly she backhanded his cock with her left hand, raking her engagement ring up the bottom of his shaft, across his already torn frenulum, eliciting a howl of pain. “So, a prostitute bit you for playing too rough, huh? Well, Harry, as far as I’m concerned, a pro is the only sex you’ll ever get to have from now on.

“Polly, I need a favor. Can I borrow your husband’s cock for a few minutes? I want to leave Harry with a present.” Polly, surprised at her friend’s outburst, nodded dumbly. “Dr. Davies, can you make Harry open his eyes and watch me with Dick?”

“You can, Mrs Bonesteel. Just tell him what you want him to do. Open his eyes, his mouth, climax, ejaculate, watch you, perform oral sex, masturbate. It’s whatever you want.”

“Okay. Harry, open your eyes and watch me fuck your friend, Dick. Then get ready to clean his cum from my pussy.” She started to get up on Dick’s bed when Deon stopped her.

“If you’re counting on Dick being able to ejaculate, you might want to wait an hour or so. He has already come seven or eight times since we started at noon, about three and a half hours ago.”

With a disappointed moue, Cindy stepped down. “Is there any way you can make him…”

“Afraid not, the last two girls only got damp powder when he came in them. The male body isn’t really built for multiple times with multiple partners.”

Kate broke in. “Deon, I hate to ask it of you, but could you…”

“Oh, please. I’ll do any position you want, as long as he can see some other man in my cunt.”

Deon grinned and nodded. He quickly stripped and then helped Cynthia out of her slacks and blouse. He led her to Harry’s divan and positioned her doggy style with her hips over Harry’s face, so he’d have a close up view of Deon’s schlong in her pussy.

Deon got on the bed in front of Cindy and pulled her face to his groin, to his flaccidity. “I’m going to need a little help here. Watching all the screwing in this room has kind of burned me out.” Cindy just smiled and inhaled the limp organ, closing her lips around the base and bouncing it on her tongue.

In seconds she was backing away, sounding like she was gagging. “What the fuck…” she exclaimed as soon as her mouth was free. “Holy shit, Polly! Come look at this fucker! I think it’s bigger than your husband’s; bigger around, anyhow.

“Christ, kid, take it easy when you put that in me. Needledick here is the biggest thing I’ve had in there in nearly twenty years.”

“No kids?” he asked, getting down and walking to the head of the bed.

“No; that’s another thing that has always bothered Harry about Dick. Him so much smaller than Harry and having three kids while ‘big man’ Harry’s sperm can’t hit an egg in the tunnel.

“Easy does it back there. Mmmm. Okay, slowly now. Uh huh, yes, okay, a little faster, yeah, yeah, okay, harder, uh uh uh uh uh oh god yes yes yes oh shit i’m….aaaarggggh! Oh, fuck that felt good. Did you…no? Mmmm, good; keep going until you do.

“Anal? God, no! It’s all I can do to take Harry in there. You’d kill me! Just go ahead and fuck the hell out of me. Uh uh uh yes yes oh god again already! Yeeeessssss! Ahhhhh, that feels so good.

“Hunh, do I want a baby? Why? Legally, it would be Harry’s, right? Conceived while I was married to him. Serve the bastard right. I don’t know.” She felt Deon withdraw and pushed her hips down to her husband’s mouth.

“Clean my snatch, Harry, and be sure you get it all. You don’t want to support someone else’s kid, do you?” She looked at Deon and grinned. He sent a message to Astarte, who answered with her silver laugh. Cynthia felt a tickle in her lower abdomen.

“Congratulations,” said Deon.

Cynthia’s eyes widened in wonder, then with delight. “You mean…” He nodded.

“Don’t put that cannon away yet, kid,” called Polly. “I’ve got some revenge to deliver, too.” She came over to Deon and Cynthia. “If, that is, you can get it up again so soon.”

“Never fear,” he laughed, “the everhard dick is here.” Polly reached out and hefted his flaccid organ in her hand.

“Did I hear you ask Cindy if she wanted to try anal? If you want to, I can handle this back there. My Dick and I like to do it that way now and then, especially during my period. It’s the only time he likes to use a rubber.

“Cindy, why don’t you get him hard again, and lube him up with spit while I get in position?”

Cindy grinned and dropped to her knees, reaching for Deon’s wonderwand. This time she was more careful, and only accepted his tip, which she attacked with abandon, rapidly bringing him to full erection.

Deon mounted the bed behind Polly and placed the head of his member at her crinkled hole and grabbed her hips. “I haven’t done this much,” he stated, “so if I start to hurt you, holler.”

Polly laughed. “Oh, it’s gonna hurt. When it gets too much, I’ll let you know to stop.” Deon began to push. “No! Wait! It’s not going in. Damn. Cindy, are Dick’s eyes closed? I don’t want him to see this.

“Okay, sonny, you’re going to need to lube that monster up in my pussy. Slowly, for god’s sake! Unnnnh, okay, go ahead. Mmmmm, shit Cindy I see what you mean, ohhhunnnhh.”

Polly squeezed down on Deon, stopping him. He felt her tremble as a small orgasm rippled through her. He felt a few drops of liquid escape from his rod, deep within Polly’s sheath. He was about to say something when she relaxed and pulled off of his dick. Her hand came back to reposition him at her rosebud.

“Okay, kid, push now. Ungh, damn. No, don’t stop…You’re doing fine; just go slow at first. That’s good. Wait. Back a bit. Okay; in, in, in, wait. Ohohoooh owowowoweee. That was the inside muscle. You’re a lot thicker than Dick. Okay, push… back a bit… and push hard… again. unnnngh. I can feel your pubic hair on my butt. Is there more? Okay, wait a little until I can relax everything.”

Deon held her hips to his stomach and sat back on his heels, pulling her with him. “What…ooooh, damn! Aaaahhhh, this feels good. Whenever you’re ready now.” Polly waggled her ass in Deon’s lap.

Cindy looked at the pair, apparently sitting on her husband’s face. “Polly, since there doesn’t appear to be any running water in this room, have you thought about how you’re going to clean up the nice young guy in your ass?”

“I’m not. Harry is. Why do you think I suggested it? Dick and I have done this two or three times a year since we got married. He can come like this, but I never have. This was all just for Harry.”

Deon’s ears pricked up. Never orgasmed anally? “Astarte?”

There was a pause before she answered. “Slow short strokes until she asks for more. Same treatment on her clitoris, and massage her right nipple; it’s more sensitive than the left. As she gets aroused, she’ll ask for what she needs. Pay attention.”

He did. Soon Polly was moaning and asking for deeper, harder and faster strokes. Her pussy juice was dripping in Harry’s eyes and mouth. In a few minutes, climaxing, she lost her ability to hold herself up on her hands and knees and collapsed on Harry, her head banging into his erection. She came again when she felt the warmth of Deon’s seed splashing on her bowel walls.

She felt Deon tugging on her hips, urging her to get up. “Hey, let’s not smother the guy. He’s going to have a family to support,” he was saying.

She struggled to push herself up, and felt the invader in her rump pull out. She moaned in disappointment, then squatted over Harry’s face and commanded him to clean her anal area.

Deon and Cindy helped her down from the divan when Harry was finished and led her to sit at the other end. “My god, kid…what is your name, anyway? I know you’re her son, but…”

“I’m Gideon, Deon or just Dee for short.”

“Well, Dee, for someone who doesn’t do anal much, you sure found all my buttons and switches. I have never experienced anything like that, front or back.

“And what do you mean, Harry’s going to have a family to support? Shit if he were fertile, half the production line women in this plant would have had his kids. The whole damn town knows he can’t keep his friggin zipper up. Sorry, Cindy, but that is the rumor.”

“That’s okay, Polly. It’s more than rumor. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve found strange lipstick on his shorts. But, he’s always home at night, and he’s never hit me. I know he’s been violent in the past, but this is the first time I’ve seen it. I’ll have to see what he does after this…

“Dr. Davies, you were going to explain this procedure.”

Kate looked up from her computer where she had been typing notes on the day’s happenings. “Other than the three of us, and our statements, the only evidence I was kidnapped and raped is circumstantial, and it is a case of their word against mine. I know what happened, but can’t prove it in a court of law. The chances were very good they’d go unpunished.

“Before I came to present this week long training, I checked into the personnel records of the individuals in the classes. Your husband has been charged with sexual harassment seven times in the past ten years. Each time the charge was withdrawn after the woman was promoted and transferred.

“I guessed there were others. I didn’t think there would be this many who still had a grudge against him. I recruited them to show Harry what it was like to be the victim of a sexual assault.”

“And Dick?”

“This morning, when we confronted them, Dick was given the opportunity to testify against Harry, in return all charges but aiding and abetting the kidnapping would have been dropped, and he would have been given five years probation, or he would share Harry’s punishment. He chose to side with Harry. From what you have told me, there is some reason he thinks he owes Harry some sort of fealty.

“There was another part of their punishment, which I will alter for Dick, if he will accept it.

“Well, ladies, it’s getting late and there are a few more women who wish to say good-bye to your husbands. Do you want to wait with me outside, or go home and wait for them.”

“I think I’ll go home and mix up a pitcher of Margaritas and wait for Harry. You said he won’t remember anything about who did what to him. Will he remember anything about what was done?” Kate nodded. “Maybe I’ll go check into the motel. He might be pretty angry when he gets home.”

“Do what you must, Cynthia. Protect yourself. I can’t predict his reaction any better than you, but, under hypnosis, Harry will be instructed not to react violently, and to learn how his behavior influences people around him. But there are no promises or guarantees.”

“I understand. Can you tell me, what was the other part of their punishment?”

“Your husband is banned from using any computer program I have had a hand in writing. Because of the nature of the industry, that includes nearly 97% of the business and scientific software currently on the market and in use.”

“That means…he can’t …you can’t be serious. That will ruin him. Please, don’t…” She stopped when she saw Kate’s eyes harden.

Without a word, Kate turned to the table and turned her laptop around and typed a little. She showed the screen to the two wives. “These photos were taken by a police officer last night at the hospital. This is what I look like under these slacks and shirt. Your husband wanted to leave me… to rot, I believe were his words. Why should I care what happens to him?”

Deon stepped up behind her and turned her to bury her head in his shoulder, to calm her rising hysteria. His expression told the women to leave. Cynthia was sobbing softly as she left the room, Polly’s arm around her shoulder.

The next few women followed the typical pattern of stopping by Dick and feeling him up, jacking his prick and tickling his balls, commenting on his size. A couple attempted to deep throat him, but for the most part, that stop was simply to calm their nerves and, in a way, test the waters. Noone attempted to make him come.

After a few moments they proceeded to Harry where the abuse became more blatant. His irritated glans was slapped, pinched, squeezed, and even twisted. One woman pushed his cock back to lay on his belly, then shoved two fingers into his anus, to massage his prostate, and ordered him to come until he was empty, painfully shooting dust. Eventually, they all got up on the bed and treated Harry to a golden shower.

Around eight o’clock, a Latina came in, the final participant. From her accent, it was fairly obvious she had not been in the country very long. Upon entering, her first words, when she saw Deon, were, “It smells in here. Like a toilet.”

“Yes. There have been about 60 women in here this afternoon. With the exception of the few who came in just to see Dick, they have all expressed their opinion of Harry by urinating on him. We’ve tried to contain the urine and its smell, but the process they’ve had to use isn’t very efficient.”

“You have to stay?”

“Yes, I am really here for your protection, so Harry can’t hurt himself and blame it on one of you. But, don’t be embarrassed. I’ve seen more breasts and vulvas today than if I went to a nudist convention. If you’re like the others, it seems as soon as your clothes are gone, and you focus on why you’re here, it won’t bother you either.”

“It’s not being naked; it’s what I am going to do. Can Senor Hardin, how do you say, squirt his seed?”

Deon nodded. “Ejaculate or come, just tell him to, when you want it to happen.”

“When he comes, when I tell you, can you make Harry open his mouth?” Deon grinned and nodded.

“This,” he thought, “is going to be fun.”

Rosa Gomez stepped up to Dick and gently took hold of his phallus and stroked it. “Senor Dick, forgive me for playing with your la verga (cock), but I need some of your seed to feed to el puerco (the pig), Harry. Senor, when I have my mouth on him, please tell him.” She bent down and covered Dick’s glans with her mouth, her eyes on Deon’s.

His enjoyment of the moment was evident. His grin, he felt, must go from ear to ear. He gave the instructions she asked for and watched as she caught Dick’s sparse spend in her cheeks and carefully transported it to Harry, where she let it, mixed with her saliva, dribble into his open mouth.

“I hope you like that, Harry, because I have more for you. Today, when we hear you were leaving, my friends and I went into your office and search it. I find our green cards which you stole from us. We sent them to the HR department where they belong.

“But before that, in your office, we decide we all want to give you a present. We clean off the top of your desk and all four of them fucked my pussy. I plug all their cum in me with a tampon, then let all of them fuck my ass and I plug it. And now it is time to unwrap your presents.”

She got on the divan and straddled Harry, her vulva directly over his open mouth. She reached down and pulled the string dangling from her labia. The plug seemed to draw out the liquid it was damming in her vagina. It appeared to squirt directly into Harry’s mouth. When the flow dropped to a trickle, she commanded him to swallow, and re-open his mouth.

She shifted her position an inch or so forward and reached between her legs to extract the second tampon. Deon cringed at the thought of what was about to flow into Harry’s mouth.

As soon as the tampon was out, there was a fanfaronade of flatulence, spraying a mix of liquids and small solids all over the bottom of Harry’s face. Rosa ordered Harry to swallow, then lick her perineal area clean.

When he was done, she ordered him to open his mouth and fed him the used tampons, ordering him to close his mouth and suck them dry.

Then she stood up, feet on either side of his head, and released her golden shower. When she was done, she stepped down and looked at her victim. “No more cock sucks for you, puerco.”

She looked at his cock, and laughed. “It look like someone beat me to it. Good for them.” She looked at Deon. “If you know who did this, tell them gracias for me and my sister.” She turned to look back at Harry. “Puerco!” she said and spit in his face. Then she dressed and left without looking back.

Harry called his mother, who was waiting with Gary Daniels, in his office, discussing the ramifications of the afternoon. They joined Deon and his charges in the conference room. The smell made Daniels’ stomach turn. “Shit, we’ll never get this smell out of here.”

“Sure you can, just keep a small open flame burning in here all day for a week or so. After you shampoo the carpets. They got kind of wet,” replied Deon. “Shall I wake these guys, but keep them in thrall, so to speak?”

“Under your spell?” asked Kate. Her son nodded.

“How’d you do that, anyway?” asked Daniels. “I didn’t see any of the usual hocus pocus hypnotists usually use.”

“Stage hypnotists, you mean. I have my own special technique. Nobody else has been able to use it. Do you want them awake, or not?” he asked.

“Were there any great revelations after the wives left?” Kate asked.

“Apparently, Harry was in the habit of confiscating green cards and blackmailing female immigrants for sex, and probably free work from the men. A Latina came in at the end of the day and told Harry they had broken into his office and retrieved their green cards and sent them to HR, where they belonged.” He gave a small laugh. “When she saw the condition of his prick, she said to say gracias to whomever did what she wanted to do.”

They woke the two miscreants and gave them their final instructions-about forgetting anyone they might have recognized that day, but remembering what had been done to them, and how it felt to be the helpless victim of an attack.

The naked pair were accompanied through the production department, to the sounds of hoots, hollers and whistles, to a shower room and allowed to wash off the remnants of the day, then put into the T-Bird and sent on their way. Kate made arrangements to see Dick and Polly at their home the next day.

Deon let Kate into the rental car and stowed her trolley in the back seat. Then he got in the driver’s seat and pulled out of the lot onto the highway. It took about ten minutes to get to the Travelers’ Inn, where Kate was staying. At the front desk, they registered Deon and picked up the key.

Neither had spoken since they left the plant. Deon looked closely at his mother. Kate was looking more and more distraught. He walked up to her and pulled her into his arms, her head on his shoulder. She began to sob softly.

“Let’s get you into bed,” he said, pulling back and reaching for the buttons on her blouse.

“I don’t know if it’ll come off over the cast. I had an awful time getting it on.”

“Astarte, help! Please.” In a trice, Kate’s blouse was lying on the bed. She smiled.

“That’s a good trick. Can she teach it to you?”

Deon returned her smile and shook his head, while reaching for the button in the waistband of her slacks. He looked down to see what he was doing, and for the first time saw what Harry had done to his mother. He sucked in his breath and swore.

Kate reached up to touch his face, tears in her eyes. “It’s okay, Dee. The doctors tell me it’s all superficial, and should disappear in a couple of weeks. Hurry up. I’m awfully tired.”

He finished removing her slacks and bra and helped her into bed. He quickly removed his clothes, down to his boxers, and got in bed beside her. He reached out and pulled her to him, wrapping his leg over her hips. She was shaking, and in a moment began to sob, loud wracking sobs. Deon held onto her, offering the comfort of his touch and embrace.

It took Kate nearly an hour and a half to calm down and fall asleep. Deon had just become aware of her quiet, even breathing when he noticed a silver aura floating just above the other bed in the room. “Astarte?”

She appeared, lying on the bed, wearing a gauze-like gown. “Come, join me. Kathryn will sleep now, until light.”

Deon eased his way out of Kate’s arms and the bed and joined his goddess. “Did you enjoy your interlude with the wives? I attempted to increase their libido for you.” She reached for his still mostly flaccid phallus. “I thought you might need some relief after watching all those naked women abuse those two men. And they would be better than the two virgins who preceded them.”

“Well, the virgins would have been okay, but the Latina at the end of the day, she would have been real nice. She was almost as pretty as you.”

Astarte beamed. “Flatterer. I considered her for you, but one of the men whose seed she fed to el puerco, as she called him, had recently come down with a contagious virulent liver disease, something C-one . My information source tells me neither the immigrant nor Harry will live out the year.”

“What about the girl?”

“Irony of ironies. When she started working for Harry, he insisted she get a vaccine he turned down, to prevent her catching it.

“Enough of them. I called you over here because watching all that sex play today has me extremely aroused, and I can’t think of anyone better to help me calm down; can you?”

Deon’s answer was to bend down and slurp her nipple into his mouth at the same time his hand searched for the juncture of her thighs. Astarte moaned when he discovered the dampness indicating she was ready for him.

He pushed her onto her back and got into position between her knees. He released her nipple and moved up to capture her lips with his. As their tongues intermingled, he slid into her.

He pulled her legs up so her knees rested on his shoulders. His arms went around her, so she was bent in two, with his nearly nine inches of male meat completely engulfed in her quim. She moaned her pleasure and began to thrust her hips at him.

“Fuck me, motherfucker,” she hissed at him. “Fuck me as hard and fast as you can. Give me all the seed you have. Come with me to Olympus and live as a god. Come in me and feel immortal. Harder, master Gideon. Motherfucker Gideon. Seducer of sisters, hijacker of gods’ privileges, despoiler of virgins, fuck me, mortal! I command you! Yess! Faster! Harder! Do it do it do it do do do do do do do do do oh fuck, Amun! IIIIiiiiiiiiiiii…” her body went into full rigor as her legs straightened, pushing Gideon out of her.

He immediately scrambled back between her legs and reentered her, continuing his furious pumping for several seconds before he felt the turmoil in his balls and then suddenly he was coating the inside of the goddess’s love sheath.

He collapsed on her, pressing her breasts into her chest wall, while his cock continued to spasm, adding to the sperm load she was garnering. Astarte lifted his face and fastened her lips to his. “Lovely,” came the message in his head.

They coupled twice more, finishing up their lovemaking with Astarte in the cowgirl position, thoroughly enjoying the freedom it gave her. “Thank you for this, Gideon, my lover. In all of my experience, I cannot remember doing this.

“Although I am the goddess of love, I am supposed to be submissive, and accept what my lover gives me, even with mortals. Amun may regret letting me return.”

“Letting you return? What do you mean?”

“When your mother was attacked last night, he learned of the struggle between Neffi, Ra and me. He was extremely upset with them because we are not supposed to interfere with your lives or fates.

“He was also upset because Ra’s spell forced me to interact with you. Amun could have ordered me to abandon you and your mother, but he knew, because of Kathryn’s precarious situation, that would have been wrong, and sent me back to see that she was okay.

“As soon as she is sufficiently recovered, I must return to Ben-Ben, or, as you call it, Olympus. You will retain my gift, but use it wisely. Do not use it show off your power, as you did with Karen; nor to hurt someone, unless, as with Harry, it is the only way to achieve justice. It is a gift meant to bring you and others pleasure, just as you have given me joy.’

“I understand. I will try to do as you say.”

“I know. You are a good man, Gideon, and your intentions are good. You are going to do a great many great things and achieve much success. Now it is almost light and Kathryn will soon awaken. It is time for you to return.” Gideon had a sense of floating. He looked down and saw he was still joined with Astarte, but they were floating above the beds.

He did a double take. In the bed where he had held his mother, there were two bodies: Kate’s and-his? Astarte laughed at his perplexity. She lowered them so he-his essence/spirit/ghost-settled into his body and she settled into Kate’s. “I love you,” he whispered. She nodded, beaming.

Kate stirred in his arms. “Mmm, Deon?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Mmmm. I’m glad you came. Are you okay?”

“Yes, Mom; I’m fine. How do you feel?”

“‘M okay. Take off my panties, will you?”


“Take off my panties. If today is the last day of my life, I don’t want to die knowing Harry Bonesteel was the last man I had sex with. I want you to make love with me. Can you do that?”

“But the tearing in your vagina…”

“Not as bad as it looks. Harry wasn’t that big, you might have noticed. I’ve done more damage to myself with a vibrator.” She opened her eyes to look at him. “Now, are you going to help me, or do I need to go someplace and pick up a stranger?” Her smile betrayed her knowledge of his answer.

“It’s okay, Mom; I’m all the stranger you need.” He got up on his knees, straddling hers and reached for her bikinis. She lifted her hips, then sat up and fastened her lips to his.

“Just go slow and be gentle. I don’t care if I climax. I just want to feel you in me. Come if you can.”

He knew Astarte was with Kate, experiencing everything Kate did. He began to move in his mother, slowly pumping in and out, his strokes exposing about a third of his staff. Kate moaned in appreciation. Her arms and legs found their way around his shoulders and hips. “Lovely,” she whispered.

He slid his arms under her to take his weight and lowered his chest to hers, pillowing himself on her breasts. “Yes, you are,” he replied. Her arms tightened, pulling him closer. They fell asleep like that.

The maid knocking on the door woke them. Their shout to wait interrupted her opening the door. They were on their sides, wrapped up in each other, the head of Deon’s flaccid member caught by the tip of his foreskin in her labia majora. They laughed aloud.

“Ooooohhhh,” moaned Kate. “That hurts. Shit, I ache all over. Damn you, Harry; I feel worse today than I did yesterday.”

“I’ll go run you a warm bath, then run out for coffee and something for breakfast.

“Unless we can get a red eye out of St Lou, we’re stuck here until tomorrow. Is there anything you wanted to do besides talk to the Hardins?”

“Some more like this morning, if you’re up to it.”

“For you? Anytime. I’ll also get some stuff for sandwiches, then.”

“Typical man. You have two hungers, and as long as they’re satisfied, you don’t give a shit about anything else.” Her smile was nearly normal. Obscured only by the bandage covering her eye. “I have to check in at the hospital, to change this eyepatch.”

“Damn!” he said, grinning, “‘s always something!” He ducked the pillow she threw and slipped into the bathroom. In a second she heard the water running.

Using the GPS on Kate’s cell pone, they had no problem finding the Hardin house, a large rambling ranch style home. Cindy was there, also. She had spent the night there, with her friend. “I waited at home, for Harry, but he was in a foul mood, so I called Polly and she said come over. Do you mind if I listen to what you propose for Dick?”

Kate looked at the Hardins, who both nodded. She shrugged. “It is really up to them. My proposal is simple. Dick, you confess to aiding and abetting in the kidnap. I have spoken to the District Attorney and to the Sheriff.

“They will support a recommendation for six months in jail, followed by three years supervised probation, or weekends in jail for a year, followed by four years probation. You would participate in the vocational training program the Sheriff is instituting, building and rehabbing computers. With your experience, he said, he would use you as a peer supervisor.

“Upon your release from jail, your old job would be waiting for you, no restrictions on computer use.” She paused. Looking him in the eyes, she went on, “You would have to allocute to your crime, describing everything that happened the other night.”

Dick sat there, stunned. Polly was quietly weeping. “Do it!” exploded Cindy. “You’re a damn fool if you don’t do it, Dick. You don’t owe Harry a friggin’ thing. Every good thing he’s ever achieved has been because of you. What ever he did for you, you have more than repaid.”

Dick nodded, looking at Kate. “I…I will…I’ll take it, the six months in jail, and I’ll tell the court what Harry did Tuesday.”

Just then, there was a pounding on the door. “Cindy! Cindy! Are you there?” It was Harry at the door.

Polly answered the door. She had barely cracked it when Harry pushed his way into the house. He stormed into the living room where the group was sitting.

The first person he saw was Kate. “What the fuck are you…” Then he saw Deon and quieted down. “What’s going on? They still trying to get to you, Dick? You keep quiet, and they can’t do a thing.” He looked around and saw his wife sitting in a side chair.

“Cindy! Where you been? Why’d you leave me alone last night? Shit, I couldn’t sleep for worrying about you.”

“Bullshit, Harry,” she replied. “If you were worrying, it was about your own fat ass. That’s all you ever worry about. Even with Dick, you’re not worrying about him or what might happen to him and Polly. It’s you, just like it’s always been.

“Stick to your decision, Dick. Harry’ll survive; he always does. Go home, Harry. I’ll be there when I decide what I’m going to do.”

“When you decide…Bullshit!” he exploded. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to standing. “You come now, bitch, or you won’t ever get back in the house. Where’s your bag?”

Deon felt Astarte’s anger flare as she took control of his physical body. He was on his feet in a flash and spun the large man around. “Let her go,” he growled.

Harry, surprised, sneered at the slightly built six-footer. “Go wipe your nose, squirt, ‘n’ keep it out of business that ain’t yours.” He put his hand on Deon’s chest and shoved. Deon simply reached up and pushed the hand away. The big man frowned and again attempted to push Deon out of the way.

“I said to let go of her,” Deon repeated, softly. To those listening carefully, there was a menacing tone in the young man’s words, but Harry was beyond listening carefully. He pulled his arm back to punch the young man who was in his way.

At some level, he recognized Deon as Kate’s son, which added to the joy he anticipated when he flattened the interfering son of a bitch. He directed the blow at the spot right between Deon’s eyes.

Harry could feel nothing but pain as Deon squeezed the hand that had been aimed at his face. The larger man was on his knees, his arm out straight, angled toward his back. It felt like his hand was caught in a vise, being crushed, the pain so severe he was unable to talk.

Deon was talking. “Now listen to me, you worthless piece of drek. Listen and obey. You are going to stand up and walk with me to your car. You will go home and clean up any mess you made last night when you got home. You will do all the stuff you call woman’s work you can find: laundry, dusting, vacuuming, dishes, anything you would expect your wife to do for you. Do you understand?

“When your wife returns to you, you will do whatever she tells you to do. If she says leave her alone, you will go to another room. If she says kiss her cunt, you will drop to your knees and kiss her cunt. If she says french her ass, you will shove your tongue so far up her asshole, she’ll feel it on her tonsils. Do I make myself clear?

“When she tells you to shit, you ask how much, what color and where. Understand?

“Until she says otherwise, you are her lowest slave. And you will love it. Until she says different, that tiny needledick you are so proud of stays hidden in your pants. You don’t even jackoff without her permission. Got It?

“If she takes a lover, when they come to the house, you will welcome him or her. If Cynthia wants you to help guide his prick into her, you will do so with a sincere smile, because she is enjoying herself. That is your primary purpose-to help and allow her to find enjoyment in her life. Is that clear?” Deon released the pressure on the arm and fist he was holding. “Answer me, you sack of shit!”

“Y…Y…Ye…Yes, I understand. Please, let me go; you’re breaking my hand.”

“What do you understand?”

“That I am Cynthia’s slave, to…to…c.. carry out wh..whatever… she says… do… to.. h..elp her joy.”

Deon turned to Cynthia. “Any questions?”

“H…Hu…How did you…”

“I been working out. He’ll do as you say, now. If he doesn’t, I’ll come back and tear off this arm,” he said, shaking the hand he still held. “You know that, don’t you, Harry?” The big man nodded, grimacing in pain. “Get up now; it’s time for you to go do your chores.”

Harry stumbled to his feet and was led by Deon outside and to the curb, where he had parked. Deon didn’t release him until the car door was opened. There was a flash of resentment across Harry’s face. Deon felt Astarte’s anger flare up when he saw it. He pushed Harry into the car.

“I want you to remember what happened in this house, and what you were told to do. Because if you don’t, I will return. The next time I see you, that’ll be the last time anyone sees you. Believe that. And if anything happens that hurts or harms Cynthia, I’ll come hunting for you. Now leave.” He stood in the road, watching Harry drive away, until the car turned the corner at the end of the next block.

Cynthia was waiting for him just inside the door. She threw her arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder, at the same time thanking him. He held her, remembering yesterday. “We need to talk,” he whispered to her. She looked up into his face, her cheeks glistening, and nodded. She took his hand and led him to the guest room she had used.

Deon sat her down on the edge of the bed and sat with her, their knees touching. “Don’t ask how I know, or who was responsible, but yesterday, during his ordeal, Harry was infected with an STD, one that is usually fatal. From what I know about this particular class of diseases, there aren’t any specific symptoms, until the liver fails. By then it’s too late, and there is no known cure. You must avoid sex with him, or insist he use a condom. If you have oral sex with him, you must use a female condom,”

“I understand. How long…”

“That depends on the strain and Harry’s physical condition. It could be a couple of years, or as soon as Christmas. I don’t want to pry, but does Harry have insurance?”

“Mostly the insurance his work provided, but that ends at the end of the month. And the house will be paid off. The mortgage insurance will make the house payments for six months because he lost his job, and will pay it off in case of death. Why?”

“Because I don’t think you should suffer because your husband turned out to be an asshole. I’ll talk with my mother and see if we can’t convince the company to keep the insurance in effect for a year. The only other question is living expenses.”

“It won’t be easy, but we’ll be okay. I teach junior high math. Thank you for caring.” She looked at the bed, then back at Deon, her hunger plain. “I don’t suppose…”

Before she realized it, her panties were gone and Deon was buried balls deep in her. Although she tried to muffle her scream, the people in the living room smiled in embarrassment when they heard her climax. Polly commented that Deon had said Cindy was going to have a baby, and wondered how he knew.

Kate just smiled and said, “If he said so, you can pretty well bet on it. He has a way of knowing those things about the women he’s been with.”

“He’s an amazing young man. I’ve never seen anyone face Harry down like that,” Dick said.

“Yes, he can be. He often surprises me. I wonder, sometimes, where the shy little boy I raised went.”

The other couple laughed and agreed, kids were often surprising, especially to parents.

On their way back to the motel, Kate called Cliff Smythe and convinced him to continue the insurance at its current level for the two men, payable to the families instead of the company. She also called the DA and Sheriff and informed them of Dick’s agreement to plead to aiding and abetting. A court appearance for the next morning was arranged.

In their room, Kate stood in front of the nearly full length mirror, examining her bruises. Those on her breasts and around the vulva were already changing to yellow. Even her abdomen seemed less black, more of a purple.

“I can’t believe it,” she commented to Deon, running her hand over the bruised areas, “I usually take forever to get rid of bruises like these. Even my hand hurts less and I can move my fingers more, almost like my arm wasn’t broken.”

“It’s probably Astarte. She told me last night that her boss, a god named Amun, told her to hurry up and finish with us. As soon as you are sufficiently healed, she has to leave us.”

“Amun? Wasn’t he one of the Egyptian gods? Actually part of several. There was Amun-hotep, and Amun-ra, that I can remember. Difficult to conceive of gods having bosses, but I guess…like Jupiter and Juno being king and queen of the greco-roman gods. Well, tell her thank you for me.

“Did she prompt you to take on Harry?”

“Prompt me? Unh-uh, she just took over my body and attacked him. I told you; she is the goddess of love, and war.”

“Do you think he will do as she said? She dictated a pretty drastic role reversal there. Cynthia doesn’t really seem like the domineering type.”

“She’ll do okay. Besides…” and he told her about Harry’s future.

“Because of what I made happen yesterday? Oh, Deon! I didn’t mean…”

“Not you, Kate! And not Astarte. She made it clear, Harry’s fate was dictated by some other god he pissed off by his actions. And it had to be someone pretty powerful, because they aren’t supposed to interfere with us at all. The god who put Astarte in her statue was banished from their home because of what they did to you and to her, forcing her to interact with a human.”

“You believe in them, don’t you?”

“Don’t you? Look at me, Mom. A month ago, I couldn’t even get a decent hello from a waitress. Yesterday, half the women who came into that room offered me a piece. Sally and I have wanted each other for four years, but it would never have happened without Astarte. And you. What are the odds we’d be together if not for her?”

Kate nodded. “It’s just so…” She shrugged. “I don’t know. Everything I have studied…they just don’t fit into my rationality.”

“Mine, either, still…” They looked at each other, and simultaneously laughed at their perplexity. He walked up to his mother and gathered her in his arms, pressing her nudity to his. “We don’t have to understand. Astarte said just enjoy the gifts. Shall we?”

“I’d love to, but I still have to see the doctor. I don’t think it would be good to show him a just used vagina so soon after being forcibly raped, do you?

“But there might be something I can do for you,” she grinned, pushing him to sit on the bed. She dropped to her knees and pushed her head forward, into his crotch. He caught his breath and laid back, to enjoy the gift.

The visit to the doctor was unremarkable. The doctor was pleased and attributed her rapid recovery to her overall superb health. He offered to forward a copy of his findings and recommendations to her personal physician back in Cornwall. Kate thanked him and said she’d see her doctor and let him decide if he needed anything more than her verbal report.

The court hearing the next morning was equally uneventful. The judge was a little surprised by the leniency of the punishment, given the gravity of the charge, and questioned Kate about her opinion. When he learned that she had brokered the deal, he shrugged his shoulders and imposed the agreed on sentence.

Dick and Polly thanked Kate for her understanding. She hugged each of them and wished them well. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Harry, who had disappeared.

They were able to catch a red eye flight to LAX, which entailed a flight to Memphis, then a direct flight to LA. They left at eleven PM, local time, and with a short layover in Memphis, arrived in LA at four AM, local time. Kate had arranged a private charter to get them to San’ Angelo at noon the next day. Sally met them there in Deon’s car.

Her first sight of her mother caused her to gasp, distressed at the sight her mother presented. Kate’s face was beginning to heal. The eye patch was gone, revealing a dark purple bruit surrounding her eye orbit.

The bruise which had covered her right cheek was beginning to fade, and was a mottled mixture of black, purple, red and yellow. In patches, small areas of normally colored skin could barely be seen.

Sally ran to her mother as soon as she had cleared the concourse gate. “Mom! Are you alright? What happened to your face? And eye? Why is your arm in a cast? Jeezus Christopher, mother, what in hell happened to you in St Louis?”

Kate greeted her daughter with a one armed hug. “I am perfectly alright, Sally. Deon can fill you in on the ride home. Let’s get our luggage and get out of here. Spending six hours in an airplane is no longer my idea of fun. Why don’t you go get the car and meet us outside?”

Deon drove home, with Sally riding shotgun. Kate was reclining on the back seat, her back propped up in a corner, one leg across the rear seat. When Deon checked on her in the rearview, it looked like she was asleep. As he watched, a small silver orb settled into Kate’s chest. “Astarte?”

“Nothing to worry about, Gideon. I am just expediting her healing. After all, she must be in good health to nourish the baby she and you conceived last weekend.”

“You mean…and it’s okay?”

“Yes, he is okay, and I am endeavoring to make sure he stays okay. Now, keep your eyes on the road. I don’t trust these horseless chariot s; they go too fast.” Deon grinned, partly at Astarte’s comment on cars, partly at her news.

“What happened in St Louis? Why did you have to leave here in such a hurry Tuesday night?” Sally interrupted his thoughts. She looked at him, waiting for an answer. “And why are you grinning like a Cheshire cat?”

Ignoring the last question, Deon brought Sally up to date on what had happened to their mother in the past week. “And they all pissed on him? Good; the son of a bitch is lucky I wasn’t there. I would have walked all over his cock and balls, making sure they weren’t useable. Have they caught him yet?”

“Not as of eleven last night. But they will. He’s not dumb, but I don’t think he’s smart enough to stay uncaught for long. His size and his temper are against him.” They were home, at the house in San’ Angelo Deon had rented.

As soon as she entered the house, Kate made a beeline for the master bath and started to draw a bath. Without thinking, she called Deon to help her. Sally looked at her brother and raised her eyebrows, then grinned and gave him a thumbs up. He just shook his head and went to see what his mother needed.

She was having a problem unbuttoning her shirt with one hand. When Deon got it unfastened, he turned her to take it off her shoulders. When she turned back, braless, she saw Sally standing in the door, smiling. Kate immediately grasped the implication of calling Deon to help her with her bath.

She smiled and shrugged. “I guess it runs in the family. Are we going to need a schedule for who sleeps where?”

Sally laughed. “Maybe. Mary came up with me to start her new job. She’s been sleeping in the guest room since Deon didn’t get a chance to set up the room in the basement he promised her.”

“That’s us three, and Bertie. Anyone else, Dee?” his mother asked, climbing into the tub. “Help me sit, honey. Between the break and the bruising, I’m too achey to trust my balance.” She settled back in the warm bath water.

“You two go figure out sleeping arrangements. For the next few days, I’ll be abstaining from sex, but I’ll take my turns in his bed. I’ve grown used to having him there.” She closed her eyes and was soon in the half sleep warm baths seem to induce.

“So, who’s Bertie?” Sally asked as they walked back to the living room, holding his arm. “And is there anyone else?”

“Noone else I foresee, on a regular basis, but Bertie. Remember the Art History instructor I was complaining about last year. I was assigned to her class this summer when I registered to take the advanced course. That’s Bertie, Dr Roberta McGee…” and he went on to tell Sally about Bertie.

“OMG, Deon, that is so weird. It’s one thing to be able to screw anyone you want, but to get your teacher…damn, you could literally fuck yourself through the rest of your college career. You would just have to choose the right teachers; the ones you wouldn’t mind fucking for an A.”

“Maybe, but Astarte has told me it was meant as a gift to enjoy. I think if I start to abuse it that way, she’d take it back, and not too gently. That reminds me. There’s someone I have to go see. Can you give Mom a hand getting out of the tub? I should be back in a couple of hours.”

Deon pulled into the parking lot at the diner. It was the mid-afternoon lull, and the lot was nearly empty. Walking in, he saw Mary working the counter. Karen was not to be seen. He waved at Mary, who flashed him a welcoming smile.

He had just settled into his favorite booth, next to the door to the kitchen, when Karen appeared through the kitchen doors. When she saw him, a smile flitted across her face before her expression settled into a frown.

Inwardly, Deon grimaced, guessing at the cause of her irritation. He stood up and caught up with her at the register.

“Karen, can I talk to you. I need to apologize for what happened last week when I was in here with my mother.”

She looked at him, her face blank, then nodded. “Follow me,” she ordered and led him back through the kitchen doors and kitchen, to a small office beyond the storeroom. She locked the door behind them. “Go on.”

“That day, I used a form of hypnosis to make you do something you probably wouldn’t ordinarily do on such short acquaintance. I’m sorry. It was wrong.”

Without a word, Karen’s hand came up and struck his cheek. It was somewhere between an outright slap and a firm pat, hard enough to be felt, but not so hard as to hurt. “That’s for forcing me into something I don’t ordinarily do,” she said, then grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her for a fierce kiss.

Breaking the kiss, she turned and leaned on the desk and pulled up the back of her skirt. “Now, do it again,” she said with a wide smile.

Deon was a bit taken aback. “Are you sure, Karen? Do you really want…”

Karen turned to face him. “What? Do you need someone else here with you? Aren’t I enough? Is there something about me turning you off? I’m offering you pussy with no strings, no expectations except a good time. What else do you need?”

He grinned. “Nothing; I was just surprised. I thought you were mad at me.”

“I was for a few minutes after you and your mother left. I wanted more. Then, you haven’t been around since then and I began to wonder if you’d ever come back, or if I’d ever get another chance. That afternoon was the first time I’ve had sex since my husband got sick over twelve years ago. I had forgotten how pleasurable it is just to have a live cock in me.

“I guess I’m going to have to find someone for regular sex, but until then, I’m willing to use your guilty feelings to get an occasional lay. Now, you going to do me here, or come to my house tonight?”

Deon’s grin got wider and he reached for the older woman. “The woman who showed me how to use the hypnotic trick said I should only use it for the pleasure of both parties. It’ll be my pleasure to pleasure you.” His hands glided over her ample bosom, eliciting moans of pleasure and appreciation from both of them.

“Oooh, damn, that feels good,” cooed Karen, “but right now I’m so frigging wet, I’m going to have to change my panties when we’re done. I appreciate the attempt at foreplay, but unless you need it to get in the mood, I’m ready to get screwed.”

Deon’s hands went to her shoulders and applied light pressure. Karen smiled and started reaching for his waistband and belt. By the time she was on her knees, his pants and jockeys were around his ankles. She leaned forward and slurped his semi into her warm, vacuum-like mouth, caressing his crown with her tongue. He was hard enough to service her in an instant.

“More of that later,” she said, releasing him. “Right now, I want to get fucked, hard. Ready, sonny?” she asked, turning around to lean on the desk, and reaching up her skirt to remove her panties. Deon stepped up behind her and lifted her skirt onto her back.

He slid his hands down over her ass, caressing it, moving his right hand down to slide his two middle fingers into her opening, while his left hand moved around front to search out her clit. He withdrew his fingers and slid his cock up and down her slit before positioning it to enter her.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her back at the same time he thrust forward. If there had been pictures on the wall, they would have rattled, her moan was so loud. “Unnggghhh! Oh, shiiiit that feels soooo goooood!” she moaned. “Fuck me now, you little bastard. Fuck me hard and fast. Use me use my cunt my ass just fuck meeeee oh god that is so nice more fucker nnnnngggghhh god yessss oh shit I’m cooommming!”

She began to spasm, thrusting her hips back and forth on his cock. Moaning loudly, interspersing grunts in the moan,” nnnnghnnnnghnnngh…”

She was still moaning and thrusting when Deon sprayed the walls of her sheath with his babyseed., intensifying Karen’s orgasm. Her volume increased and then she seemed to collapse on the desk, breathing heavily.

Deon leaned over her, supporting himself on the desk on his elbows. When his staff had softened enough to drop out of her, he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, then moved to sit in the chair by the desk. Karen smiled at him from where she lay on the desk.

She pushed herself to standing and walked to him. She put her hands on his knees and spread them, then bent over and took his flaccid prick in her mouth and sucked it clean. “Mmm, good. You have sweet cum. Must eat a lot of fruit,” she said standing up. She found her panties on the floor where she had dropped them. She reached under her skirt and used them to wipe her crotch.

The knock on the door startled both of them. Without thinking of Deon’s state of undress, Karen shouted, “Come in.”

Mary stuck her head in the door. She gave a yelp of surprise when she saw Deon, half nude, sitting in the boss’s chair. “Uhhh, Karen, Marie, the new girl, is here to start. You said to have her come in a little early to do the paperwork.”

She couldn’t keep her eyes off Deon or the laugh out of her voice.

“Oh…yeah…tell her I’ll be out in a minute. And that’s all you have to tell her, Mary.”

“Okay. Glad to see you’re back, Deon. Good trip?”

“Not especially; tell you about it later.” Mary nodded and withdrew.

Karen looked at him, inquisitively. “I rent her a room,” he explained, without elaborating.

When he re-entered the diner’s dining room, he saw the new girl waiting at the counter by the cash register. She looked familiar, but he wasn’t able to place her. She looked up and saw him and Karen coming through the kitchen door together. A look of surprise and alarm registered on her face. And then Deon recognized her.

Karen walked to the register, pulling Deon with her. “Mary, come here. Hi, Marie; glad to see you’re early.

“Girls, this is Deon, one of my favorite regular customers. He has done me some big favors in the past.” Mary found it impossible to hide her smile. Karen noticed and gave her a dirty look. “Not that kind, Mary. He made it possible for me to regain control of the kitchen and avoid some legal trouble. He eats free whenever he comes in. Whatever he wants.”

With an impish grin which suited her face, and born of a sense of humor rooted in her new found sexuality, Mary asked, “Including us?”

Karen looked at her, shocked speechless, then laughed. “That is entirely up to you, as long as the other customers are all looked after.”

Marie, the new girl, was trying hard not to laugh, and was succeeding in not getting caught looking at Deon. Karen dismissed Mary and asked Deon if he needed something to eat. He nodded and went back to his booth to wait for Mary while Karen gave Marie the new-hire paper work.

When Mary came to take his order, he asked her, “When did Jordan show up?”

“Wednesday, I was at the Mall and found her sitting on a bench outside the food court, crying. She was trying to find a job, she said, but wasn’t having any luck. Without any experience, storekeepers are kind of leery hiring someone her age. Karen said she’d give her a try when I asked that afternoon; she said it would give me a chance to spend more time in the kitchen.

“She and her Ma are here taking classes, like me. Jordan, she goes by Marie now, wants to go into Social Work, and her Ma into Art and fashion design.”

“Good for them.” he glanced at the menu, not really seeing it, suddenly realizing he hadn’t eaten since they ate at the LA airport. “I’ll have a hot turkey sandwich with mashed. And some coffee.” She brought the coffee a few minutes later.

“Shit, Dee! You’ll never believe what just happened. Karen caught the cook smoking pot out back and fired his ass. I’ve got to cook and serve the evening fare. Karen said she can help prepare the ingredients, but the actual cooking…what am I going to do? Marie hasn’t ever worked, not really. And Karen says Saturdays are her busy nights. And…”

“Easy, Mary. Relax. You’ll do fine. I want you to think only about the kitchen, about what has to happen, in what order, and then do it. I promise, you’ll do fine.” Mary visibly relaxed. “Send Marie out with my sandwich when it’s ready. Now, go make Karen glad she hired you.”

After a short wait, Marie brought his sandwich and potatoes to him. “Here you are, Deon. Thank you for pretending not to recognize me. I’ve told Karen a lot about my family; enough so she knows why I’ve changed my name and appearance, anyway.

“Mom and I found most of the cash, and used a lot of it to hire Dad and them a lawyer. Not that they’ll be able to do much but make sure their rights are observed.”

She sighed and shrugged, then started to turn away. She turned back with a small smile. “In case you’re interested, I’m on the menu, too.”

“Be careful what you offer, Jordie. I expect my partners to be monogamous.”

“But you don’t promise to be monogamous?”

“That’s right.”

She thought for a few seconds. “And if I accept that, how often would I see you?”

He thought, counting. “Once, twice a week. Sometimes, maybe more, maybe less.”

“Could you work in Momma, too?”

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