no inhibitions

“Can I suck your balls?” Mary asked softly without looking up at me.

“Mmmm! Please,” I replied as I saw that Jean already had Rick’s cock in her mouth, and saw Pat move behind her, hesitating a moment and then lying on her back. Jean understood immediately and spread her legs, letting Pat move between them. Rick gave me a glance and began to drop to his knees, letting Jean kneel lower.

Mary had sucked one of my balls into her mouth and was massaging it with her tongue, humming, and I moaned in response to the nice vibration as I saw Trish behind Mary, watching what Pat had done and then doing the same. Mary was surprised, releasing my ball and looking down between her legs when she felt Trish between her calves and then her hands on her ass.

“You want to do that?” she asked, but was already making space between her knees for Trish, and we both followed her urging Mary to lower her hips. As I dropped to my knees, Mary murmured:

“Oh, this is going to be good,” and then her lips slipped around my cock, and she moaned as Trish found her pussy, and continued occasionally to moan as her tongue discovered the funny place, apparently enjoying it, and I sure was, also the way her fingers were fondling my balls. I reached down and found Mary’s breasts – firm and round, her stiff nipples caught between my fingers.

Then there was nothing to do but enjoy it, what Mary was doing, of course, and her response to what I could hear Trish was doing, and watching Jean and Pat, whose fingers seemed to be competing with Rick’s to fondle Jean’s nipples. For a moment, my hand left Mary’s breast and urged her to move her head on him. She nodded and then didn’t need any more encouragement, eagerly bobbing her head, experimenting with how deep she could take him, but then holding still with a shiver and gasp when Trish distracted her, which happened often enough to keep me from coming as soon as I might have otherwise.

When I remembered to look, it seemed that the situation was about the same for the other three. Jean had made a good suggestion, and Pat and Trish had picked the best alternative.

Then Mary was becoming more aroused, almost biting me when Trish did something good – no, better! But that was arousing for me, too, not so much her biting as the infectious recognition that she was so aroused. My hips began to move, and she held him with one hand to keep him from going too deep as my movement took over from that of her head.

“Tighter,” I murmured.

She understood, not just holding him tighter but also sucking and licking more vigorously, understood that I wanted to come, moving her hand on him – or me moving him in her firm grasp. Maybe Trish understood, too; there were no more interruptions in Mary’s attention, also clutching my tight scrotum.

I began to moan, wanting to come, but also wanting to prolong the exquisite sensations Mary was giving me, obviously aware of how aroused she was making me, trying to do everything she could to make me come, wanting me to, wanting me to come in her mouth.

I did! Again and again spurting in her eager mouth, and she wanted it, receiving them with aroused moans of her own until I had to hold her head still. She drew it back and little and let me feel her tongue moving, not so much on him as moving the creamy liquid around in her mouth. A “born cocksucker” I thought as I enjoyed the sensation, but didn’t like the expression in reference to Mary.

Then she must have swallowed; she let him slip from between her lips and smiled up at me. I returned her smile with an appreciative “Mmmm.” She nodded, but then started with an “Oooh!” – her eyes widening and then closing as her expression changed.

Suddenly it occurred to me that Trish could probably see that Mary had released him. For sure, she had started again, and girls knew what was best for each other, but Pat and Trish weren’t getting any … Mary was still holding my cock, but it didn’t look like she was aware of it any more – and it wasn’t much to hold by then. Her expression clearly said that she was only aware of what Trish was doing in her pussy.

Pat was nearer than Trish. Mary let go of my cock as I move away, glancing at me and then glancing down at the top of Trish’s head between her thighs. As I got between Pat’s thighs – already drawn up – I heard an emphatic “uhnn” of recognition, and she let her thighs flop open.

Nice pussy, this was going to be good, I thought as I stretched out, looking at it as I moved closer, nice pussy, already a little aroused. Didn’t I get an erection when I was eating a pussy? Of course, it was also arousing for girls. Just before I made contact, it occurred to me that Jean might be trying to let Rick hold off so that they could come at the same time; she had enough experience to do that, but maybe now she would let him come first so that he could do it to Trish.

As thoughts, not so many words were necessary, only taking a second or two before I had my mouth on Pat’s pussy.

“Uhnn!” I heard again, and she rocked her pelvis up. If it wasn’t before, it had become aroused in anticipation when she recognized what I wanted to do, my tongue sliding up between her lips and discovering that they were already nice and slippery.

No more juicy details – no, one later. Jean did make Rick come, and he did attend to Trish, and then Mary and Jean gave themselves up to their own orgasms – someone shushed Mary. They flopped down, freeing Pat’s and Trish’s heads and letting them draw their thighs up, rocking their hips up to give us more access, and we used it.

Remembering how Geerta had eaten Marga, I slipped one and then two fingers into Pat’s slippery hole, much to her delight. As my thumb rubbed below it, I recalled Jean’s wanting me to rub her asshole, and did that, too. Pat was surprised, responding with a surprised “Oooh!” when she first felt it, but after a second or two, she added an aroused “Uhn-hnnn!” and then she was starting to lose all control, gasping as her thighs twitch, and then muffling her mouth with her wrist as she came with spasms.

I was very pleased with my success – and did have another erection. As I looked up while Pat was recovering, I saw that Trish was also just lying there and breathing deeply. I had completely forgotten about them in my concentration on Pat, overheard any noises, but it looked like she had also gotten what she deserved.

Jean and Mary had long since recovered and were sitting up, apparently had been watching us, and seemed impress, Mary, at least, who mouthed a just audible “Wow!” Jean’s snort and nod suggest that she agreed.

“God, that was good!” Pat murmured, and took a couple of more deep breaths. Then she snorted and asked:

“Where did you learn that? From the Dutch girls.”

“Um-hmm. One showed us. … Well, she was doing it, I just saw her doing it.”

“To the other one? … Of course.”

“And the other, from Jean, my thumb.”

Jean looked amused. She couldn’t have seen that, but understood. Pat snorted again, and then glanced over at her with another snort and smiled and said:

“Thanks, … – Hm-hmm! – I’ll remember.”

“What?” Mary asked.

Pat and I sat up, and then Rick and Trish did, also looking a little curious after Mary’s question. But then she seemed find the answer by herself and murmured:

“Oh, that? With your thumb? … Hmm! Like Jean said last night? We heard that. Um-hmm, then Rick did, too. That sure was a surprise, but then good.”

Rick chuckled, but Trish seemed even more curious then and asked:


The rest of us glanced at each to see if anyone wanted to tell her. After a moment, Rick – perhaps as her most recent partner responsible for intimate details – explained:

“Jean asked him to rub her asshole. … I should have done that, too, … now. Apparently Pat also liked it.”

“Oh,” Trish replied, looking surprised.

“I do, too,” Mary volunteered, with a pleased expression, as though she were proud she was among the more experienced. Trish just snorted with a wry smile.

There was a pause in the conversation. I suddenly saw Mary with fresh eyes, seeing her again like the first time I had seen her lovely breasts, recognizing now that they seemed to swell out past the sides of her ribcage. Yes, they did, slightly; I remembered feeling that when I had slid my hands down to hold them. I don’t expect that my looking at her was the reason for her changing the subject, but she did:

“Well, I guess I don’t have to ask what you did last night,” glancing at Trish and Pat.

“Nope,” Pat replied with grin.

“Or what you did this morning?”

Pat snickered. After a moment, I snorted and said:

” ‘Every which way’, … all at once.”

Trish and Pat chuckled, while Mary looked disbelieving and said:

” ‘All at once’? You can’t do that,” and looked at us all questioningly.

Jean snorted and replied:

“I don’t think so either, … not really ‘every which way’, – Hm-hmm! – but maybe a couple of them ‘all at once’.”


Jean looked at us, as though to suggest that one of us explain, and Pat and Trish looked at each other with raised eyebrows and then looked at Rick and me with slight nods. Rick also looked at me, as though he thought I should be the one; I had started the question.

“Jean’s right. They did it together, and Rick and I joined in … from behind.”

“Oh. … Like that!” and her face lit up:

“… Yeah, that would be good! … Whose idea was that?”

“It was. The Dutch girls’,” Pat replied as Trish nodded with snort.

“Oooh, I want to do that.”

After we all chuckled heartily, Jean remarked:

“Maybe later. … Anyone want anything to drink? I guess the wine will be pretty warm, unless someone wants to get dressed and fetch something cold.”

No one did, of course, but Mary remarked:

“Pity this isn’t a nudist colony, then we all could just go to the bar. … Well, I guess that’s what it’s like at one.”

We all chuckled with nods. As Jean found the bottle and opened it, Mary continued:

“I wonder what it’s like at one. I like being naked … like this with you all.”

“I didn’t get that impression the first couple of days,” Trish commented.

“Oh, … I guess not. Yeah, we all were pretty private, turning away to change clothes.

“Until Jean didn’t,” Pat continued: “… had to turn around to find her bra. Of course, we all had seen girls at school – or elsewhere. So after that, we didn’t worry about tops, just a little about bottoms.”

“Till last night,” Mary added with a grin.

The wine was warm, so we just sipped at it. As we passed the bottle around, Mary suddenly remarked:

“Oh! I forgot that.” When we looked at her, she continued:

“When I was little, I always played with my cousin naked, … when it was warm enough, in the garden. … Funny, that I didn’t think of that till now.”

“How did that start,” someone asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, we just did it. I can’t remember when it started, maybe when we were still in diapers. I can remember our mothers – sisters – reminding us to take them off when we went out to play, maybe so they wouldn’t get dirty. It just seemed normal, and later we did it sort of automatically: go out to play, take off our clothes first. We didn’t think anything about it.”

“And when did you stop?” Trish asked.

“Oh? … when we were eleven. Francis and I were just about the same age.”

“Francis or Frances?” Jean asked.

“Oh, Francis, my cousin is a boy. … I didn’t mention that. … Hmm? Maybe our mothers wanted us to see what the other sex looked like; we didn’t have any siblings.

“One reason,” Jean agreed: “and why you might have stopped at that age.”

“Um-hmm. Yeah, towards the end of that summer – we only did it in the summer – Mother told me that we were too big to play like that any more – naked, we didn’t do anything – and I guess his told him, too, so we just didn’t the last few days of that summer. … Oh! Maybe Mother saw that his little thing – I didn’t have a word for it – was stiff. That had happened lots of times, even when we were small. We didn’t think anything about it. It wasn’t much, either, just stood out and then didn’t.”

We nodded, liking her story as the bottle passed. After Mary had had a sip, she looked up and exclaimed softly:

“Oh gosh! I forgot all about that! A couple of years later they moved to the Continent; his father was a banker. Can’t remember when we last saw them. … Hm-hmm! Maybe just as well.”

“Why? Forgot what?” someone else asked.

There followed a comparison of our prepubescent experiences. We shared nods and smirks, except for Trish, who didn’t have any siblings, nor apparently childhood friends to see naked. When she complained disappointedly, Pat replied:

“Oh, I don’t think you really missed out on anything.”.

“Not since we got here, that’s for sure,” Trish replied with a snort, smiling, and then added: “‘every which way’.”

We nodded with chuckles. The bottle had returned to Mary, and she reached for it and took a sip, tilting it up well past the horizontal. Even with the larger bottle and taking sips, with the six of us drinking, it was almost empty. Then she looked up – or down, she’d had her head tilted back – and asked in cheerful voice:

“Is it ‘later’ now?”

The contrast of her apparently harmless question and her tone with what we knew she was referring to made us almost laugh, and she joined in and then murmured:

“Well, someone had to say something.”

“At least more subtle than last time,” Jean remarked and asked: “Is it?”

“It must be; the sun is setting,” Pat replied, and smirked. Mary looked hopefully around at us.

“Can’t deny that,” Rick agreed and just happened to reach down and move his sack like I would have if I felt that it was sticking to my thigh. We were all sitting cross-legged.

“In a while, it will be later. But I guess compared with ‘earlier’, it is ‘later’ now, … if that is what you wanted to know,” Trish added her comment, but then also smirking, and also apparently by chance rubbing her fingers on the inside of one thigh, rubbing them up closer to her pussy.

“Well, then it must be later, don’t you … agree, Jean?” I suggested.

I had hesitated, changing from “think” to “agree, since we were really talking about agreeing to do something. Mary almost grinned; we all had found indirect ways to answer her question positively. Jean smirked and chuckled, even slid her hand up her thigh and let her fingers play in her hair. More in response to seeing her do that than to a felt need, I reached down and moved my cock aside with my thumb as my fingers moved my sack like Rick had done. As I was doing that, Jean replied:

“If everyone thinks so, it must be ‘later’. Later for what?”

We nodded with chuckles, Mary too, with a grin that faded before she replied a little softly:

“You know, … what they did this morning.”

“Oh, that,” Jean replied facetiously, but then changed her tone as she agreed enthusiastically:

“That’s a good idea,” and smiled, and then asked: “With anyone in particular?”

“Well, the boys, of course, … and well, … Pat and Trish have already done it, so I guess with you again, if you want to.”

“I do,” Jean replied immediately: “… been wanting to since I heard about.”

They smiled at each other, but Mary must have caught our surprise at her “with you again”.

“Oh, we didn’t tell you that. We did it this morning. She was telling me about what they did when she came east. Well, I asked her, wondering about Pat and Trish and what she had said about helping each other. Hmm! They did. There were just three girls in the tent, and they did it in a triangle – no one left out. So then, when it seemed that you weren’t coming back so soon, and probably wouldn’t for a while, well, we did it. I was thinking I would like it.”

Jean just nodded. Trish, who had been more hesitant about it, but then found out that she liked it and could admit it, replied quietly:

“I was too, but it took a while to realize it. … Good thing now, I guess, if we’re going to be left out.”

“Not if we can help it,” I said: “… don’t know how well we can coordinate everything, but we’ll try.”

Rick nodded as the Pat and Trish and Jean snorted. After a moment, Mary grinned and said:

“Oh, like that, to them while … That really is about ‘every which way’. Hmm! Really, if we do it to you a little.”

With chuckles, we moved around, Jean and Mary finding each other. Obviously, Pat and Trish helped us get aroused, and we, them, and then from our experience with Geerta and Marga, Rick and I chose to move behind the girl we hadn’t slept with. Pat and Trish seemed to have the same idea. I had eaten Pat before, so she joined Rick, and Trish crawled around with her ass behind Mary’s head.

Then Jean and Mary were helping our cocks find the other’s pussy, not without Mary’s “doing it to you a little”, but then Jean guided mine into Mary’s pussy. Oooh, the tightest of the four! And then Trish raised her thigh, and I drew her hips closer and found her pussy. Nice, having her thigh for a pillow. I had to draw her a little further, so that I could move and press him as far as possible into Mary’s pussy.

And then it was all as good as Mary and Jean could have imagined, and Trish and Pat got theirs too. At one point, I wondered if I should hold Mary’s or Trish’s breast, but found Jean’s hand on Mary’s, so Trish got all the attention I could give her. Mary’s tight pussy could squeeze even tighter, and Jean knew how to make it do that, and how to massage my balls.

Pat’s and Trish’s orgasms couldn’t have been as good as Mary’s and Jean’s, but Trish’s must have been very good from the way she flushed pussy juice in my face. Mine couldn’t have been better, not the way Mary’s pussy was clutching him as she had hers.

We all relaxed and slowly recovered. Hands moved around, finding breasts, taking them from someone else’s hand to fondle; rubbing asses. When Rick rubbed mine, I slid my hand up from Jean’s breast and over her hip and rubbed his in return. Then Trish snickered, and I felt her move her arm, and then felt Mary snort, and then Rick chuckled. Then I was very surprised to feel his hand slip down between Mary and me. Was that what Trish had done? It must have been to make him chuckle, must have found his cock. Did he want to do that? Jean snorted. He did! I returned his chuckle despite my greater surprise.

If he wanted to, I could – and did, finding Trish’s arm and following it down behind Jean’s ass, and found her hand on his cock. With another snicker, she slipped her fingers from under mine, and Rick chuckled warmly as he moved his fingers on me, and I did on him. If the girls could do it, why not? All of us chuckled warmly as I thought: of course the girls liked the idea, all of them having demonstrated that they enjoyed doing it to each other. Rick didn’t seem to be just kidding, his fingers held my cock more confidently – nice, whoever’s fingers, and nice, whoever’s cock – as mine held his.

“Um-hmm,” he confirmed, just before I agreed, and the girls did too, Mary nodding.

Maybe Pat hadn’t immediately understood what was going on, but I guess the sequence of chuckles and um-hmms gave the right idea; her hand slipped down next to Rick’s and she chuckled with an “um-hmm” as her fingers joined his, holding them around my cock.

We squeezed each other and then removed our hands and rolled on our backs, my head still resting on Trish’s thigh. Tactfully, no one made a comment or snorted – even a general one about its all having been good, but we all knew that. Not even Mary. But after a few moments, she was the first one to say something:

“I got to go again,” but she didn’t move.

“I do too,” Trish agreed and began to sit up, tousling my hair before she removed my pillow.

“The power of suggestion: I do too,” Rick remarked.

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