After two visits to help Kitty surprise her husband with her lactating breasts, Mark is becoming very attached to her. The third visit promises to show results soon.


I’d had ‘Friday on my Mind’ but it was no Easybeat melody. Some of the plain Jane’s I was sucking to get them milking were really into the business arrangement. One stood up the whole time until I was done. Just get on the tit and get out. But knowing I was coming back to see Kitty made the other clients worth bearing.

As Friday morning neared I knew that I was going to see you again and your wonderful tits would be puffy and full. We might even get a drip or two today, you were so advanced. I was quite skipping along the path as I went to the front door. I knocked and waited, wondering how you would be dressed today – the skimpy negligee or the housedress? I waited and then I heard footsteps. The door opened and there was a man standing there, tall, well-built and quite a good looking bloke and I instantly recognised him from the photos inside as the husband.

“Hello, can I help you?” he asked.

Quickly my training came to the fore. I knew you had stated this was a secret surprise for your husband so I improvised, “Yeah is Jamie in?”


“Jamie … Jamie Martin. He was supposed to meet me at the shop.”

“I’m sorry mate but I think you’ve got the wrong address .. there’s no-one here by that name.”

By now you were at his side looking shocked, and in a housedress. One answer I guess.

“Is there a Jamie next door perhaps?”

“No sorry. Just an old lady.”

“Oh sorry buddy – must have written his address down wrong or something. Cheers.”

As I turned to go I saw you mouth, ‘two hours’ to me and I got the message to be back then. I left and went back to my car. A close call but I am sure he’s none the wiser. I got on the phone and called Mrs Jenkins, my 11:30 appointment and she was free because her hubby was interstate for a couple of weeks so I went around to her place for the appointment and sorted out an hour on her floppy boobs.

Two hours later I was back and you answered the door in your sexy negligee and quickly ushered me in.

“I am so sorry Mark. He surprised me by taking the day off but he’s gone to golf now so he won’t be back for hours.”

I barely heard the comment as I studied the generous breasts pushing the negligee away from your taut stomach. “Shall we begin?”

“Well yes but you should know that … um .. well, it’s just that having taken the day off we … um sort of. We had sex and he was sucking my tits.” You started to whine like a little girl, “I know you said I shouldn’t let him but, well – we just got carried away. It won’t do any harm will it?”

I spoke soothingly, “Let me see once we are settled but I don’t think it will be a problem. I did notice they look a little puffy. They are growing aren’t they?”

“Yes, I have to use the outer clips on my bra and I think the DD cups are becoming a little too small.”

“Don’t worry. When the time comes I will measure you for a new bra and we can arrange a visit to our shop. It’s all part of the service. Now how about we get comfortable? Is there anything you need from me before we start?”

Remembering how horny you were on Wednesday and the way you had asked me to finger you during the session I guessed that you might want that again although you had already had sex with your hubby. I was somewhat surprised then when you said,

“Well, actually … there is something. I hope it’s not too much but, well … you know how you did what you did the other day … I mean … um… at my back door? Could you do that again … please … if you don’t mind?”

You had the most gorgeous look of embarrassment on your face and you couldn’t see that you were asking a man to finger you while he sucked your tits – I am the luckiest man in the world. I tried not to make it sound that way, “Oh of course Kitty. Please relax. You can ask me anything. Let’s sit.”

You took your usual place and I leaned over and opened your flimsy negligee. You shrugged it from your shoulders and you were naked on the couch. I could smell the aroma of your sex and wondered what I was about to find. I fondled each breast gently at first and then tested the muscle and sinew and the pliability of the nipple. You eased back into the lounge and closed your eyes and sighed gently as I finished the preliminaries. Soon I was up on the lounge and leaning in to start taking the first nipple into my mouth. I immediately allowed my hand to caress along your thigh towards your moist pussy and as my fingers drew near the outer lips you flinched.

“No, just the back … please.”

I was curious that you didn’t want any other stimulation or preparation but your wish was my command. As I reached under you, you shuffled forward and spread your lovely long legs to grant me easy access to your bum. There was obvious moisture there on your perineum – the aftermath of an orgasm I supposed. Using that fluid as a lubricant I was able to start the massage of your tight rear muscle which gripped at the invading finger but relaxed quickly to allow a little penetration. That first tip moving into your sphincter brought a monumental sigh. You really did love this feeling.

I suckled on your breast and quickly the flesh had stretched into my mouth and the nipple was lodged at the back of my throat. I had a good clean suction and your breast was melding to the shape of my mouth. Again you sighed but I recognised this as the result of the tingling arousal of your nipple, and the cupping and massaging of your breast confirmed my thought that this tit was indeed bigger as I stretched my mouth wider to capture the broad areola that was clearly darker and bigger as a result of the stimulation. I wondered if hubby had noticed as he sucked.

My finger was snaking into your arse hole and was now a couple of knuckles deep and rotating, massaging the inner walls where earlier today your husband’s cock had been only millimetres away inside your other cavity. The tight muscle was stretching and steadily relaxing and allowing the invasion to continue. You were moaning at the feeling and the pressure in your tit.

After a continuous session of sucking you, as I started to move to the other breast, you glanced down at me in that glazed, ecstatic way and simply said, “Do two … please?”

As I moved in on your other nipple and commenced to vacuum it into my stretched mouth, I slipped a second finger into you alongside the first and you gasped and then let out a long moan as you pushed your hips down to encourage the deeper penetration. You easily accepted the second finger and they were soon pushing deeply inside your dark pleasure. Your breast continued to swell with the attention I gave it and your hand was again at the back of my head holding me to you, pulling me into your very core. I had no doubt that your arousal at the breast was at least matched by the tingling sensation that burned through your hips as I delved my fingers into you. Your body shook as you quaked and put a strangle hold on my digits that were now pressed as deep as they could go into you and wriggling to stretch your girth.

“Three!” I heard you whisper hoarsely.

There was ample moisture and the third finger slipped in like it had lived there its whole life and I was soon pumping your bum hard and strong and you were quaking and shivering in your excitement. I was wondering if you weren’t about to explode in an anal orgasm. I’d heard of these and it seemed like you were about to demonstrate. Your tit was nestled deeply in my mouth and you were panting hard and then I felt and heard you,

“Ungh … ohhhh … oh my God! Ahhhhhhhh!” and my fingers were clenched in a grip that I thought might break them and then you descended from that pinnacle and I kept a slow stroking in and out of you.

Our session time was up and you were clearly a sexual wreck and I assumed that I would have to think of some way to deal with the rock hard cock in my pants as your tit popped sloppily from my mouth. I realised I too had been a little carried away with the intensity of my suckling when I saw the two reddened peaks as I sat back. You sighed and opened your eyes and looked at me. There was a strange twinkle in your eye and you looked down into my swollen lap and smiled cheekily.

“I guess I did that didn’t I?”

I laughed, “Ahh, yes, I guess so … but that is alright.” I started to move.

“No Mark, that isn’t fair. But there is something I would like you to do for me that might help.”

I wasn’t going to miss a chance with this stunningly hot lady, “Sure what can I do?”

“Well, it seems, many years ago that … um … to keep a girl a virgin for her wedding, the Greeks would only … erm … ‘take advantage’ of her one way as that wasn’t considered to be ‘having sex’ – that’s why they call it Greek. So I guess our contract would still not be broken if you were to … erm … do me that way. Would you mind helping me try it?”

Was she kidding? Here I am getting a history lesson from this hottie who wants it up the bum after I’ve already loosened the back door! We’d done everything except fucking traditional style and she was worried about the contract? “Sure .. of course I’ll help you!”

I tried to sound relaxed and professional and I am sure I failed 100%!

I was out of my pants in a second and Kitty simply rolled around on the lounge so that her butt was in the air and her face towards the armrest. I moved in behind her. “What about lubricant Kitty?”

She spoke over her shoulder, “Don’t worry I am sure I am still pretty wet down there but use some spit if you need to.”

I moved behind her and there were the glorious glistening holes of this woman’s being, her wondrous labia majora inflamed and wet and above those lovely lips her still open hole where my fingers had been working only minutes before.

My cock was straining straight and hard and I thought briefly, she wants me to take her bare back, still we haven’t used any protection so far. I moved closer between her spread thighs and saw that winking hole. I leaned forward and gently kissed her perfect rounded and firm buttock.

“Ummm,” she moaned.

I poked my tongue out and gently traced the rim of her sphincter and tentatively nudged it into her open hole, “Ooh yesss!” leaked from her buried face.

I slid my tongue around her and across her perineum, that tight wrinkled flesh that holds a million nerve ending, “OOOOOhhhh!!!”

And I thought what the hell and I plunged it between those closed fat wet lips of her cunt and into her. Immediately she yelped, “Noooo!” and clamped her cunt shut on my probing tongue but it was too late as I tasted the salt as her clamping expelled her husband’s remnant cum onto my tongue. The hot tangy mixture of her juices and his cum was a nectar I couldn’t believe could taste so good! I held her hips and buried my face into her to suckle the last drops, slurping them from her now gaping womb as she wailed her protest only to immediately change to moaning approval as I cleaned her completely.

“Oh my God that is so hot! Suck me! Get it all!”

My cock was twitching with insane arousal. I sat up, dribbled some of the silken mixture onto my palm and stroked it along my cock before pointing it to the holy grail before me and pushing into Kitty’s anus. “Ohhhh … YESSSS!”

I slipped straight in with little resistance and I was soon pumping into her fast, slamming my thighs against her bum cheeks and she shifted to lift up onto all fours doggy style and I could feel my balls slapping against her wet cunt as she pushed back against my inward thrusts.

“Oh my God – your balls! More!!”

I moved into the doggy position over her back and buried my cock in her bum, repeatedly slipping it out to its full length and slamming it back in to her appreciative murmurs, moans and groans as they built to a crescendo. I reached around and found her pendulous full tits swinging below her with our motion, each inward pump swung the tits out and back from her face making me wonder if she could, or had, been sucking her own tits. I grasped those full melons in my hands as I pumped harder and I felt the moisture from each tit streaming into my palms. The warm fluid lubricated my massaging hands as I spread and coated Kitty’s big tits and tried to tug on her nipples despite the slippery wetness.

“Oh God! You’re milking Kitty!” I howled as I exploded inside her anal chute, spilling my cum to mix with the potion of her and her husband’s juices we’d used as lubricant. She clamped down hard on my invading manhood to the point that I could barely move it and she slumped forward and screamed into the pillow of the armrest as her anal orgasm rocked her world.

Thank God for the pillow or the neighbours would have invaded fearing a murder. Again an hour of arousal and an explosive orgasm left me depleted and my wilting cock soon slipped from Kitty as she fell away beneath me. I fell into the lounge and she rolled over.

“That is the biggest orgasm I have ever had!”

“Well I think it is safe to say you are a natural at anal sex!”

“What made you suck me clean? That was so hot!”

“It just happened and yes it was hot. I think that last bit of extra arousal is why your tits are leaking a little.”

For the first time she looked down and saw the faint smear of the pale milky fluid that coated her nipples and she gently scraped a finger across her boob and brought it to her mouth to taste the life-giving nectar. “Umm!”

“Don’t over do it but, now the milk is starting to come, we should see quick results. You want to still keep this a secret from Hubby?”

She nodded. Internally I was laughing – the milk or my fucking in the arse?

“Then he can’t touch you for the next couple of days. You will only leak a little, but for a lot of the time. Just add a couple of soft cotton pads to the inside of your bra to soak it up and protect your clothes. I think one more session will see you letdown your milk and then he will be able to keep you going from there, okay?”

“You’re the doctor, Mark,” she giggled.

We got up from the lounge and I dressed.

“I think I might need a shower before he gets home.”

I thought about the semen oozing from her backside that I had just deposited and I agreed, “Probably a good idea. Now what time Sunday?

“Oh God! We have people staying all weekend – that’s why he took the day off.”

“Okay then, Monday? But you will have to keep massaging the girls to keep them from drying up. Can you do that without spoiling the surprise?”

“Yes, I will be careful.”

“Fine Kitty, I will see you on Monday at 10. Bye.”

“Bye Mark … and thanks. You have no idea the world you opened for me today. Thank you!”

She kissed me on the cheek and I was gone – and already pondering what else could happen on Monday!

Master had taken centuries to build his fortune, and in the twenty-first century he kept the money coming in by wisely investing in businesses that were guaranteed to make him money. These usually involved the food and entertainment industries, and while most people were more than willing to let a rich vampire become co-owner of their companies, some were not so willing. Lauren Whitt, the owner of McGill’s Dragon Pub, was one such person. Master had been trying for two years to set up a meeting with her, and she always put him off with one excuse or another. He suspected she was afraid to do business with him because he was a vampire. Although vampires had the same rights as true humans, a lot of people were still afraid of them.

Unwilling to wait any longer, he decided to pay her a personal unannounced visit. Since it was going to be over night he decided to take Rick with him, and maybe Helena, just incase a beautiful blond man was not as interesting to her as a beautiful woman. Yes, he was not against using bait to get his way.

Rick was dressed in his usual loose yellow shirt open on the sides and crotchless jeans. The front of the shirt was long enough to hide his cock and balls unless he was aroused and then nothing would be able to hide that hardware. As usual Master made him wear a plug that could be turned on to vibrate by remote controls. For the time being Master decided not to attach anything to his nipples. Still Rick had such nice nipples, so sensitive and tasty. He pinched them hard between his fingers and smiled when Rick reacted with a whimper of lust.

Helena on the other hand Master dressed in a nearly transparent blouse of pale blue and the pales of suede chaps. Beneath it the thin blouse her luscious tits were pinned with tiny enameled ladybugs trimmed in gold. They were clearly visible under the blouse if the leather vest she wore over it opened just right. Since her blouse could not hide her naked pussy Master allowed her to wear a pale white thong. A remote control butterfly nestled against her clit beneath them.

“Such sweet treats,” he said and hefted her ripe breasts. “Now I must go dine before we leave.”

Master called Maurice and Andre into his bedroom. Maurice supplied the blood while Andre supplied the ass. Working his cock deep into his pet’s body, Master fed well on the orgasms he would not let Andre have until he was satisfied. Then he and the man came together in crashing orgasms. This would tide him over until Dallas.

During the flight to Dallas, Master decided to let Helena entertain them by activating her butterfly. Agitated by the tiny clamps on her nipples and the butterfly humming against her clit, she squirmed restlessly in the seat across from Master and Rick. While they watched, she pinched her clamped nipples and rubbed her wet pussy to heighten the sensation. She sat so they could see everything. For Rick it was an eye feast watching her masturbate, his cock standing hard against his belly. She made eye contact with him and continued to play with her pussy until massive orgasms shook her body, Master smiled and asked Rick, “Do you want to fuck her?”

“Oh yes,” Rick answered greedily.

Rick dropped to the floor in front of her while another orgasm shook Helena’s gorgeous body. Her magnificent breasts were heaved while she squeezed the ladybugs clinging to her super sensitive nipples. Rick tore the thong and butterfly off her pussy and leaned down to run his tongue over her juicy cunt and swollen clit. She shuddered again as he ran his tongue inside of her and slurped on her hot juices. Half crazed by her pussy and the hum in his ass, he repositioned himself and rammed his cock deep inside of her hot cunt. Even though they were both well used for sex, her pussy like his ass was still super tight. Slowly drawing his cock back, fighting the urge to cum, he hesitated a second and then fucked her again. His spine became a piston as he fucked her over and over. He did not want to cum until he could hold back no longer.

Master watched Rick’s ass with lustful eyes. Rick had such a hard tight ass, perfect for fucking. Sweat glistened on his lower back in the hollow before the flair of his muscular hips. When Rick could hold back no longer, he rammed his cock deep inside of Helena and exploded with a flash of lightning up his spine. She screamed as her well-used clit lit up again.

Master smiled with satisfaction. His pets were deliciously lusty. He made them clean each other up before having Rick sit back down beside him. He didn’t make Helena put a butterfly back on, but he did leave the plug in Rick for tearing the first butterfly off her. Rick’s ass was going to be good and ready for a thorough fucking when they reached their final destination, the Hotel Marriott.

Reservations were already made and only required a signature, but while this was happening, curious people in the lobby could not help but notice Rick and Helena’s provocative attire. It was hot and she had taken off her vest, and his shirt was damp with sweat. No one said anything outright.

Needing a suite for the next two nights, Master had their suitcases taken upstairs with Rick and Helena while he made a few business calls in the lobby, one of them to Lauren Whitt to let her know he was in town and wanted to stop by and see the pub. Also if she wanted to come over for drinks, he would be happy to supply the wine. He assured her he had his own food and would be no threat to her.

“You travel with your own food?” she asked incredulously on the other end of the cell phone.

“Certainly. It takes many months to prepare my food the way that I like it,” he answered in a matter of fact voice. “Rick had to learn to like pain, and Helena just had to learn to let her sexual inhibitions go. I can do anything I want with her now.”

“A man and a woman?”

“Why not? Men and women taste differently.”

“I did not know that.”

He could hear her interest on the other end. The curiosity of one who was getting aroused just thinking about uninhibited sex. “My pets are quite delicious not to mention quite beautiful. I let them play on the jet over, since it’s still a couple of hours before I have to rest, I’m going to feed some more. You are welcome to join us if you want.”


He heard the doubt in her voice. “You don’t have to join us. For me it’s like dining. They are my food. I can have a bottle of chilled wine waiting if you like.”

“I need to think about it.”

“Certainly. Then I will see you tomorrow, as I intend to stop by the pub for a nice visit. I hear the music there is excellent.”

“It is.”

” Very good, then unless I see you soon, good night.”

He had put the thought in her head and suspected she would show up at least by tomorrow evening. Locating his suite, he found his pets dutifully waiting on him to join them. Both were nude and looked as if they had taken a quick shower. Removing his own clothes, Master climbed on the bed between them and told Rick to turn over. Running his hand along the firm back and ass, he smiled and moved to kiss Rick’s willing and responsive mouth. Rick would allow no male but Master to kiss him so deeply and passionately. This pleased Master enormously.

Facing Helena, he cupped her sweet face in his hands and gave her the same long lingering kiss. Her soul was kind and innocent, but her body was made for sex. When Master drew back he gazed at her magnificent breasts with pride. This beautiful creature belonged entirely to him, heart, body and soul. But her being a woman and his cock being so large, he was afraid he would hurt her if he ass fucked her. Call him old fashioned but he didn’t like hurting women. That was why he kept and favored males for butt fucking. Besides men had that sweet spot that just needed to be stroked by a nice large cock.

Turning back to Rick’s delicious ass, Master told Rick to get on his hands and knees while he felt for the plug and removed it. Master kissed Rick’s left flank and them lightly bit it. His teeth were sharp and sent shivers of desire through Rick’s body. They tasted like candy on his tongue. Positioning his cock against Rick’s rectum, he slowly pushed the head of his cock into Rick’s body. He did it slowly to increase the pleasure and savored Rick’s tremble of desire. Such a fine willing body, such a tight sweet ass.

The vampire knew when he hit the sweet spot. Rick gasped and tried to rock his butt backwards to take more cock inside of him. Such a horny boy Master thought. Drawing back and then ramming forward, Master smiled and picked up his pace. “Suck his dick,” he told Helena. “Get under him and lick his cock.”

Helena did as she was told, although it was not a burden. She loved sucking Rick’s cock. Taking the swollen head into her mouth, she sucked and licked on it while stroking him with her hands. Oil freed from his ass supplied the lubricant.

Rick teetered on the edge of an incredible orgasm. Master would not let him cum until he was ready to release his hold. Moaning wantonly Rick threw his head back and prayed he would get relief soon. Master’s cock was plunging rhythmically in and out of his ass, Helena was treating his cock to one incredible blowjob, sucking and stroking and hefting his ball sack. Suddenly Master slammed his cock deep into Rick’s ass and released his hold. Rick came violently as a bone crunching orgasm ripped through his body and emptied into Helena’s mouth. It seemed to go on forever as Master pumped hot cum into his bowels.

“You are such a good slut,” Master said as he withdrew his cock from Rick’s fine ass. The sound of it slipping free was sexy in itself. For fun he slapped Rick’s hard butt with the flat of his hand. The pale white skin turned a deep red for a moment. Master liked it and wondered if maybe it was time to push Rick’s tolerance for pain. Pain released such delicious hormones, but not everyone could mix pain and sex. He would work on Rick’s lovely white ass the next night.

Smiling at Helena, he said, “Next.”

The Luncheon

Jill finished putting on the finishing touches to her makeup. She was meeting Mary for their normal Wednesday luncheon at Lucky Louie’s, one of their favorite local restaurants, in just a few minutes. She pulled on her thong, and decided not to wear a bra, since it was a very warm afternoon. She looked really great in her white blouse and tennis skirt. Just as she was walking out of her bedroom, she heard the doorbell ring.

“I wonder who that is?”, she said to herself, and quickly went down the stairs to answer the door. Looking thru the peephole, she saw Mary standing on the front porch. Opening the door, she said “Mary! I thought we were going to meet at Louie’s?”

Mary, a stunning, big breasted blonde standing several inches taller than Jill at 5′ 6″, looked at Jill and said, ” MMmmmm! Don’t you look yummy! Actually, I was in the area and figured it’d be silly to drive two cars. So, I decided to pick you up.”

Laughing, Jill invited Mary in and said, “Silly girl, you’ve been trying to pick me up for months!”

“Well, true. And with the way you look right now, I’m afraid poor Louie would be scandalized by the way my nipples are trying to poke through this blouse.”

Jill looked at the clingy rayon blouse Mary was wearing, and saw she wasn’t exaggerating. She obviously had decided not to wear a bra also, and the nipples on her large breasts were way beyond what would be acceptable in a family joint like Louie’s. Feeling particularly wicked, she reached up and tweaked Mary’s right nipple, saying, “Boy, you’re not kidding! Those tits would have all the waiters stumbling around with hard-ons, and poor Louie would have a stroke! But, I think it’s the air conditioning and not me.”

Mary was quite surprised and aroused by Jill’s brief familiarity with her breast. She and Jill were pretty open about Mary’s bisexuality, but Jill had never before shown any interest. Mary decided to push a little and see if there was a new relationship possible. Jill was an incredibly attractive woman, and Mary had often fantasized about having sex with her. Mary reached out and caressed Jill’s breast, saying, “These nips aren’t exactly G rated either! I guarantee that it’s the company, not the air conditioning.”

Jill felt butterflies in her belly when Mary briefly touched her breast. She’d admitted to herself that she was curious about sex between two women, but she was partly repelled and partly stimulated by this situation. She started walking toward the kitchen, and looked back at Mary. “Perhaps we could use some Iced Tea… I’m a bit nervous about diving into this pool.” Moving to the fridge, she obtained a pitcher of tea and poured it into two tall glasses after filling the glasses half way with crushed ice.

Mary smiled, and followed Jill into the kitchen, taking a seat at the table. “Jill, it’s OK. I apologize if I upset you.”

Jill gave a half smile and put the glasses on a tray, “Really, I need to apologize to you. I shouldn’t have done what I did.” Picking up the tray, Jill stepped toward the table. Stumbling over an errant table leg, the tray bounced up as Jill started to fall. Icy tea flew up and spilled down the front of both Jill and Mary, soaking them to the skin. “Aaah shit!”‘ yelled Jill as she sat down hard on the floor.

Mary, after getting her breath back from the frigid dousing, looked down at Jill on the floor. Her white blouse was a weak tea color, and transparent as a wet t-shirt. Looking down at her own clingy blouse, she saw that the tea had made the material wrap around her firm breasts, and her nipples were sticking out like little pencils from the cold. She started to giggle, and said “Well sweetie, that’s one way to break the ice – so to speak.”

Jill looked down at her breasts, clearly visible through the soaked material, and up at Mary’s high, firm breasts silhouetted by her blouse. She too began to giggle, stood up from the floor and sat next to Mary. “OK, now what do we do?”, she said through her chuckles.

“Since we’ve clearly received a sign from the Fates, I’d vote for getting out of these soggy, cold clothes! Where is the washing machine?”, Mary said as she stood up, and pulled her blouse off over her head. Her wet breasts bobbled a bit, goose bumps showing on the pale, creamy skin of her chest and flat belly. She then skinned out of her slacks, holding wet clothes in each hand. Her lacy thong was wet too, revealing a pronounced camel toe where her obviously shaved pussy was pressed against the material.

Jill jumped up, a bit at loose ends by the naked beauty of her friend. She grabbed a dishtowel from the sink, and started drying Mary’s chest without thinking. As she started rubbing the towel over Mary’s breasts, she suddenly realized what she was doing. As she started back from Mary, she also realized that she liked the feel of another woman’s breasts in her hands.

“Don’t stop now, Jill. “I’m still wet!” Mary quipped. She saw Jill give a little shiver, and using that as a signal she put her wet clothes on the table and started unbuttoning Jill’s sodden blouse. “You’re cold. Let’s get these wet things off, and jump into a warm shower.” Jill allowed Mary to help her out of her blouse. Mary gently caressed Jill’s breasts as she removed Jill’s blouse, and felt Jill’s hands cup her breasts in return.

Jill shyly looked up at Mary, and said with a shudder of surrender to the wave of lust passing through her body like an electric shock, “Nice tits!”

Mary laughed softly, put her arms around Jill and pulled her close, squeezing Jill’s hands between their breasts. She bent her face close to Jill, and softly kissed her on the lips. Feeling Jill return her kiss, she became more ardent and opened her lips slightly, allowing her tongue to slip smoothly between Jill’s lips, and her hands to slide down Jill’s back and squeeze Jill’s firm ass cheeks through the wet skirt she was still wearing.

Jill felt Mary’s tongue in her mouth, and met it enthusiastically with her own. She moved her hands over Mary’s tits, and felt Mary’s hard nipples rub against her equally stiff nipples. Sliding her hands down Mary’s torso, Jill explored the flare of Mary’s hips, and the soft, firm feel of her ass. Pulling Mary’s body to her, Jill ground her pussy against Mary’s crotch.

“Girlfriend, it’s getting hot in here!” Mary said as she broke their kiss. “We need to get out of the rest of these wet things.” Mary stepped back a half step, and bending over she pulled her thong down and stepped out of it. Jill quickly removed her wet tennis skirt and her soaked thong in one fluid movement, throwing them on the table with Mary’s clothes. Grabbing Mary by the hand, Jill led her to the bedroom, “The shower is in here…”

“So is the bed,” Mary whispered. Pulling gently on Jill’s hand, she led her to the bed, pulled down the bedclothes, and helped her to lie down. Leaning over, Mary kissed her again, while softly running her fingertips over Jill’s breasts. She gently pinched one of Jill’s nipples between her thumb and finger, and pulled on the nipple at the same time. Feeling Jill respond, Mary broke their kiss and kissed Jill’s neck, running the tip of her tongue down over her collarbone and up the swell of her right breast. Finding the long, stiff nipple with her lips, she sucked it into her mouth while flicking it with her tongue. Her teeth gently gripped the warm, hard nipple, and pulled lightly while she sucked Jill’s aureole into her mouth with the nipple. Mary’s right hand moved to Jill’s left breast, and began rolling and pulling the nipple at he same time.

Jill couldn’t believe the waves of lust and pleasure rolling over her body! Her pussy was hot, and wet, and ached for attention. Opening her eyes, she saw one of Mary’s magnificent tits near her mouth, as Mary bent over her body doing wonderful things. Jill reached up and held the firm breast to her mouth, suckling on Mary’s nipple like a newborn. She loved the feel of Mary’s warm nipple in her mouth… like a tiny little cock that her tongue could entirely cover.

Jill moved her free hand down the side of Mary’s chest and over her butt. Mary moved her leg, and Jill’s hand just slid down Mary’s thigh into her crotch. Jill could feel the heat radiating out from Mary’s wet pussy, and her hand moved to stroke the lips and her finger slid in to the soft, wet slit. Jill moved her finger slowly up Mary’s cunt until she could feel the hard nubbin of her clit. Jill thought that she had a large clit, but Mary’s clit was half again as large as hers! She let her finger flick over the stiffening bud, and felt Mary shudder and her pussy contract. Jill smiled and sucked Mary’s tit harder.

Mary was on fire! Jill’s hard nipple was in her mouth and her fingers were playing in her pussy, while Jill sucked on her breast greedily. With no hesitation, Mary slid her tongue down Jill’s breast, and circled her belly button. Sensing no resistance, her tongue slid lower on Jill’s body until she was sliding along the top of her bare pussy.

Jill shuddered and her legs spread of their own accord… she was no longer thinking, just feeling the sensual thrills of Mary’s attentions. As Mary slid her lips down to kiss Jill’s pussy, Mary’s breast was pulled away and Jill saw Mary’s swollen pussy moving closer to her head. Jill realized Mary had moved into a 69 position, which Jill enjoyed doing with John. Jill felt Mary’s tongue slip into her cunt, and flick her throbbing clit, sending electric shudders through her body. Throwing her arms around Mary’s thighs, Jill pulled Mary’s crotch onto her mouth. She felt Mary’s clit like a finger on her chin, lowered her mouth and sucked the big clit in with her tongue flicking it about like a kid licking a lollipop.

Mary’s whole body seemed to be one exposed nerve ending, and her entire universe shrank to the ecstasy she experienced as Jill sucked and licked her cunt like it was her husband’s cock. Particularly when Jill used her pursed lips to suck her long clit in and out of her mouth. She felt her climax begin to spread through her body, and increased her frenzied licking of Jill’s pussy. Mary could feel Jill begin to tense up, and her thighs begin to twitch with her own rising orgasm. Mary buried her mouth into Jill’s pussy, her hands clenching Jill’s tight ass, and her middle finger slipped over Jill’s asshole.

Jill went ballistic, grabbing Mary’s ass and shoving her tongue deep into Mary’s cunt. Her own pussy was on fire, and both women writhed on the bed in full orgasm. After forever passed in a few moments, Jill kissed Mary’s soaked pussy and sat up. “That was fucking incredible!”

“I feel the same. Fantastic!” Mary said as she sat up, drawing her finger through Jill’s wet pussy. “All I need now is a big, hard cock to be in Heaven!”

“Hmmmm, funny you should say that,” Jill said. “John and I were having sex a couple of days ago, fantasizing that your Jim was fucking me when John walked in. I was supposed to pretend that I was you, so John could fuck you, but we never made it that far. I used my favorite dildo to pretend that Jim was banging me, and John gave me my first anal sex and simulated DP. It turned me on so hard that John didn’t have much left for me to be you.”

“Wow. I feel cheated!”‘ Mary said with a grin. “You liked the anal sex?”

“Damn straight! It felt incredible, and I felt like such a slut. It was great! Have you had a cock up that pretty ass yet?”

“No, but we’ve talked about it a few times. I’ve been kind of nervous about it. Jim has a pretty thick dick, and I’ve been afraid it would hurt”

“It only hurts if you tense up. John had me relax, and his cock slid right up my ass.” Jill said. “John and I would like you and Jim to come over this Friday night for supper and cards… and I thought maybe…”

“Maybe some more adult fun?”, Mary asked.

“Yes,” Jill answered. “I sort of hinted that to John. I’d told him earlier that you and Jim were experimenting. What do you think?”

“If it’s OK with you, I’d love to suck and fuck your hubby and see your mouth wrapped around Jim’s cock, and watch you be fucked by him.” Mary said. “But we’d have to set it up for the guys, so they think it just happened spontaneously. You know how guys are.”

Jill grabbed Mary and gave her a hard kiss on the mouth. “Oh yes I do… I’ve been wanting to get into Jim’s pants for a while now. Here’s what we’ll do…”

“Are you sure?” I say, looking into big eyes. Not just any eyes. They belong to the hottest women in our office.

“We only have half an hour; I want you to fuck me.” You reply with Passion and lust shooting out of your eyes.

“That’s all I need to know.” We head to the store cupboard. I reply. I grab a handful of your hair and

Pull the long hair back. The snarling beast inside each of us is Set free.

You grab my hair on the back of my head, pulling me back. “Fucking kiss me you bastard”. You press your lips on mine; shove your tongue inside my mouth, darting around mine. I smell your scent, so intoxicating; it makes my hard cock twitch in my shorts.

We start working on each other’s Clothes. You rip my shirt off, I unbutton your blouse; tear your bra down from your breasts. I Cup my hands around your beautiful firm breasts, twisting your hard nipples.

You have a nipple ring. God I want you. You buried your face in my neck; I growl as you bite down hard then start licking and kissing your way down to my chest. You can’t resist biting hard on my nipple, before licking and kissing your way down my chest and stomach.

You go down on your knees; struggle to work the buckle of my belt free then lower the zipper. You yank my trousers and boxers down to my knees, my hard cock springing free.

A wet drop is already welling up from the tip; I feel your amazing tongue lapping it up.

I growl out with pleasure and roughly grasp your head, taking handfuls of hair in my fingers.

“Uuhhh, yes. Suck me!”

You wrap your hand around my shaft and squeeze rhythmically. Running your tongue up my cock, softly, then again, more firmly.

I gaze into your innocent blue eyes looking up at me. A knowing, sultry, smile curves your lips as you take my cock in your mouth in one wet stroke.

“Oh God… So fucking good” I moan, my head falling back to rest against the wall.

I feel you taking my shaft into your mouth, over and over, sucking and licking and swirling. A soft humming moan escapes your throat.

My hand still in your hair, I push your head forward, feel your nose press on my stomach, your tongue lapping away at my balls. I hold your head tightly and start fucking your mouth.

Pulling out till my head is on your lips, and then drive your face back across the length of my shaft until my balls slap your chin. Tears well up in your eyes as your throat spasms on my cock every deep thrust. Streams of saliva are covering my cock, running down your chin and down my balls.

“Fuck, we have to hurry.” I pull out of your mouth, a relieving look on your face.

“Fucker,” you say as I grab your arm, pulling you up on your feet.

“You got that right.” I spin you against the wall, sliding my hands under your silky black skirt. I pull your black panties down, lifting your skirt up, before pressing you against the wall.

Gripping your hips I lift you up while you wrap your legs around my waist. Our tongues are playing a chasing game, twirling around each other mid-air between our mouths.

You drop your hand in search of my shaft.

“C’mon” you groan, your hand gripping my cock, pressing it on your slit. I drop you down, my cock sliding in you all the way up to my balls.

“Oooooh yeah, that’s good Phil”, you say, closing your eyes. You drape your arms over my shoulders as I begin to pump my cock in and out of your wet pussy.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder, dammit!” I start fucking you furiously; slamming your body against the wall. Your pussy is pulsating on my throbbing cock. You start moaning and screaming.

“Shut up, H. Take this cock like the innocent little slut you are and be quiet.” You nod and bite your lips trying not to scream, your nails dig into my back. Your heels pressing into my ass as I pound you against the wall.

Pulling you off the wall then slamming you back up against it, over and over as I pump my cock even faster than before.

Your head in my neck, muffling the moans that escape your breath, trying desperately to obey my order. My hands are on your ass cheeks, spreading them, holding your body against the wall, fucking you harder up against it. Pinning you against the wall, your whole body starts trembling as you draw nearer and nearer to your orgasm.

“Oh…yeah….fuck me…just like that,” you moan in my ear, biting hard on my earlobe.

I feel your cunt grip my cock, pulsing around it, knowing you are close to your peak. It’s spurring me on to fuck you with all I’ve got, sweat dripping down my forehead. Your mouth pressed hard in my neck, preventing you from screaming loud as your orgasm shatters through your core. Your body tenses as waves of pleasure wash over you.

I want to fuck you more, pulling my wet cock from your pussy; I pull your ass cheeks apart again, dip my fingers deep in your pussy and rub it over your quivering asshole.

“What are you doing” you say still panting.

“I’m going to fuck your ass H” I reply.

“Oh my god – I’ve only done it once before with my husband and his dick is much thinner than yours” you reply with an air of panic in your voice.

I tell you relax and firmly push my thumb in your asshole. I feel your ring start to relax and I start thumb fucking your ass with one hand and stroking my cock as hard as it’s ever been lubricated by your pussy juices and cum.

I ease the tip of my cock into your hole and firmly push. You resist for a split second then relax and my cock starts to slowly enter your tight hole. I keep pushing until most of my cock is inside you. I give you a few seconds and pull out slowly before hammering my cock in hard.

You scream with painful pleasure as I pound your tight ass hole. I feel your hand go between your legs and grab my balls – squeezing them hard.

“Fuck this is amazing” I say as I feel my cum rising.

“I’m cumming” I say as I continue to push – you look back into my eyes – innocence lost – full of lust.

“Cum on my face you bastard” you say to me.

I slip my dick from your ass, spin you round, and push you to your knees – just in time to open your mouth and receive my load all over your face – in your eyes and hair.

As my squirting stopped, you grab my cock and milk the last of the cum from the tip and then, looking me in the eyes, slip my still hard cock in your mouth and clean our cum from it.

Catching our breath, we lay against the wall together, kissing. You pull your lips from mine and smile

“I’d love for you to fuck me like that every lunch.” you say.

We help each other to straighten out our clothes and hair, before sneaking out one by one. In the lift you pinch my arm.

“My knickers!” You sqeal. I look down at your skirt as you lift it, your juices drip down your leg. We both realise your wet panties are still lying on the floor in the cupboard.

“Nice, a souvenir for someone.” I say with a grin.

My concentration was on the computer screen when I heard the unmistakable sound of a pile of file folders as they hit my desk. I looked up. “Ah shit, Ellen, I just whittled that pile down from this morning.”

Ellen shrugged her shoulders. “Sorry Lily. Count your blessings ’cause you should see the stack that I dropped off at Hank’s office.

Ellen was right. With the economy in the toilet, I’m lucky to have this job. I popped my head over the top of my monitor and surveyed the office and a dozen empty desks that sat before me. Desks that once had people with real lives working at them. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

I knew what the folders consisted of. They were old clients. My job, this week at least, was to go through the files and remove all the companies that were out of business or were bought out by a larger company. That way, the sales people didn’t waste their time cold calling a defunct company. It wasn’t hard work, just tedious.

Time went by quickly as I worked through the stack. Before I knew it, lunchtime and come.

No expensive Bristol grilled Cajun turkey for me; nope, just a cold cut sandwich and small baggie of potato chips from home. Why does lunch always seem to fly by? Soon, I was back at my desk sorting through yet another list of phone numbers.

Finally, another folder for the ‘done’ pile. From a distance, I heard the distinct sound of Lisa’s Parah heels strike the floor. I looked up and saw her coming my way. Lisa was a goof. Girls that I worked with were laid off, yet Mr. Hudson kept her on the payroll. While no one could prove it one way or the other, the rumor was that Lisa was banging Mr. Hudson to keep her job. It sure wasn’t her computer skills.

She walked up to my desk. “Hi, Lily. Ah, Mr. Hudson would like to talk to you. Oh, he wants the files on the Wilson sales, too.”

“Wilson files? Aren’t those a bit out of date?” I asked.

Lisa shrugged her shoulders. “That’s what he said.”

“When does he want them?” I asked as I turned around in my chair looking for the folder in my second file cabinet.

“Right now. That’s all he said to me.”

Lisa walked back to her office wiggling her tight ass back and forth like she always did in a pencil skirt so tight it looked like a second skin. Trouble was, there were hardly any men left in the office to notice her tight skirt and long legs. I gathered up the file, put the computer to sleep and walked toward the corporate offices.

Mr. Hudson is kind of like Santa Claus. You know he exists, and you see him once a year at the company Christmas party to slip some watered down eggnog.

You need to go through three secretaries to get into Mr. Hudson’s office, which just seemed to enhance the mystery behind the man. The first two secretaries waved me by, a smile on the their faces, till I came to the last secretary. I didn’t know any of their names, as most office staff aren’t permitted in the corporate offices.

I couldn’t quite make out the nametag on the desk, as it was turned to one side. I cleared my throat. “Lily Richards to see Mr. Hudson.”

“Miss Richards. Yes, Mr. Hudson is expecting you. You did bring the Wilson files didn’t you?”

I nodded and then held the file folder out in my hand. “Good,” the lady said, “give the folder to Mr. Hudson. Let me buzz you in.”

I walked up to two large cherry red mahogany doors with highly polished brass ornate door handles. A thick brass plate with the name ‘Matthew Hudson’ carved deep into the brass was mounted on one of the doors. I stood and suddenly the door buzzed and with all my might I pulled a door open.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I held the folder up against my breasts and took a few steps in the room. I felt my heels bury themselves in the thick teal blue-green carpet. The same teal blue-green color the waves on lake Michigan make when they strike the rocks on a hot summer afternoon. I looked around. Floor to ceiling bookshelves on one side of the office were made of the same cherry red mahogany as the doors.

A quick glance to my left revealed a leather sofa, and a pair of leather chairs turned just so they pointed to the front of this massive dark walnut desk. A small desk light with a green glass shade cast a warm glow against the almost black wood.

The office was more like a suite, massive in size and luxury. It seemed as though time itself bypassed Mr. Hudson office. The room gave me the impression of an old English gentlemen’s club. I was sure Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor Watson would emerge any second from one of the dark recesses of the room. A mystery a foot—ready to be solved. I could almost smell the apple blend pipe tobacco smoldering in his pipe.

I could see two massive darkly stained doors on what appeared to be the south end of the office. A large mirror with ornate edging was on one section of a wall. That mirror seemed so out of place in this room. It was as though the mirror was part of the wall. For some reason, that mirror gave me an unsettling feeling.

Mr. Hudson was watching a monitor; the light from it gave him an eerie ghost like glow. He was quite and I walked up and stood between the two chairs. I cleared my throat. “I have the Wilson files you wanted sir. I mean Mr. Hudson, sir.” I felt like a kid talking to the school’s principal at junior high. Christ, the guy scared me.

The muscles at the hinge of his jaw twitched a bit underneath his skin. “Thank you. Just place them on the right side of the desk.”

I took several steps and leaned in to place the folder where he said. I caught his eye as he tried to cop a peek of my boobs between a gap in my shirt. I reversed my steps and stood in silence waiting on whatever else he wanted.

For seconds silence reigned.

“Is that all?” I asked.

Without looking up. “That’s all Miss Richards.”

I turned and made a few steps back to the door when I heard his chair move. “Miss Richards?”

“Yes, sir?” I said as I turned around.

“How long have you been with my company?”

“Almost five years, sir.”

I could hear his fingers tap on a keyboard. “You’re twenty-seven and single?”

“That’s right. I have a boyfriend. As soon as things get back to normal, we plan on marrying.”

“Ah, damn economy. You know what Miss Richards?”

“No sir?”

“Washington needs to get their heads out of their ass and get some jobs going in the country. That’s what we need.”

“I agree.” I wasn’t about to get into an argument about economics with him, and since you can’t argue with someone who agrees with you, I moved my head up-and-down. “My boyfriend worked for Chrysler and poof, his job was gone, so everything came to a grinding stop. His unemployment had run out a month ago. I’m the bread winner now.”

“We need jobs.” Mr. Hudson said.

“Anything else?” I asked.

“Nothing else.”

Somehow that brief conversation made me realize that Mr. Hudson really didn’t like to lay his people off. I took a few more steps toward the door.

“Miss Richards.”

I stopped and turned around. “Yes sir?”

This time Mr. Hudson moved from behind his desk. My eyes followed him as he stood in front of this desk then he sat on its edge. I guess Mr. Hudson was approaching sixty. He was in good shape for a man of his years. Clearly he didn’t let just his money run his life. His Gray-white hair barely covered his ears and his dark brown eyes had a serious almost controlling look to them.

“Lily, you don’t mind if I call you Lily do you?”

I returned half a grin. “No…no, sir that’s fine.”

“Good. Lily you’re an attractive young woman.”

My face blushed. “Come again?”

“We’re both legal age and I’m not one to beat around the bush. You have a fine figure and quite frankly I’d like to more of it. As a matter of fact, I’d like to see all of it.”

I damn near shit myself when he said that. My face must have turned bright beet red as I felt it turn white-hot. Yet I wasn’t embarrassed, kind of flattered actually, but none-the-less my boss shouldn’t be saying that to a female employee. “That’s not really what we should be talking about,” I said, “There’re guidelines posted in the lunch room about sexual harassment.” I tried to read his expression on his face. Right or wrong, I knew I was standing on thin ice and I could hear it cracking under my heels

Mr. Hudson moved his hands about in front of his body. His big hands were well manicured, well kept, and sported an expensive looking gold wedding band. “I’m not harassing you. I’m offering you a proposal. Call if an indecent proposal if you will.”

Shaking my head, I looked at him in his expensive slacks and dark designer suit that seemed to blend into the room perfectly. My thoughts turned to Lisa. “I won’t sleep with you.”

There I said it. Boss or no boss. Job or no job. I could almost feel the icy water tickle my toes when the chunk of ice I was standing on gave way. I wasn’t going to crawl into bed with a guy that was old enough to be my grandfather.

Mr. Hudson seemed a bit tense. Perhaps he wasn’t use to being turned down. We both stared at each other when Mr. Hudson spoke.

“I’m not asking you to sleep with me. I’m not asking for sex.”

Now he looked fragile as though his ego was badly bruised from my sharpness. “Go on,” I said half interested, “If you’re not wanting sex, what then…” I ran out of words and looked at Mr. Hudson.

“My wife Barbara and I have been married for over forty years. I want to stay married to her. I have two daughters, one will be graduating this spring from college, and I’m not going to throw all that away for a quick fuck on the sofa.”

I covered my chest with my arms. “What do you want?” I have to admit my interest was piqued.

“When Barb went through midlife crisis, well let’s just say the well dried up. We’ll have sex now and then, but for her, it’s just part of her wifely duties. She’d just as soon mow the grass than have sex. Now, don’t get me wrong we both love each other deeply. I’m just not quite ready to toss in the towel just yet.”

Mr. Hudson moved his head side-to-side. “I know things don’t work like they use to on me either.” He smiled. “I’m getting old, too.”

I pressed my weight onto one foot. “But, you didn’t say what you want.”

“It’s simple. I want to watch you undress.”

“Here?” I asked almost falling over from the shock of his answer. Actually, I almost laughed at him.

“Yes, right here in my office.”

I shook my head, and then shifted my weight onto my other foot. “I don’t know. Undress as in everything?”

“Correct. I want to watch you undress and then dress. I appreciate the female form.”

Moving my head side-to-side. “That’s all?”

“There’s a bit more than just that,” he said.

“Oh, there’re strings. There’s always strings aren’t there?” I said with a bit of sarcasm in my voice

“Just a few,” he replied, “I’ll touch you in certain places, I’m sure you’ll know where, and you’ll touch me.”

Oh, Christ I thought. Mr. Hudson has some issues. On second thought, he’s fucked in the head. I stammered my reply back.

“Mr. Hudson, I-I-I can’t-can’t. Why-why don’t you just go to the Holiday Inn by the airport and let a lady of the evening take care of your needs?”

“Discretion. I need absolute discretion, Lily. If word got out or if I’m seen with a lady of shall we say less than honorable intentions, well let’s just say that’s not an avenue I want to drive down.”

Between the chitchat and the proposal offered, I’ve been standing in Mr. Hudson’s office for about ten minutes. We both could see that something had to give. Mr. Hudson looked at the clock on his desk, the second hand clicking down time. “Ask me any questions you have. When you’re done asking, you’ll have thirty seconds to decide. If you don’t want to partake of my offer, then this conversation never happened and you can go back to work without worry of repercussions from me—”

“But?” I broke in. “You’ll fire me if I don’t agree.”

“You’ve been here long enough to know I’m a man of my word. If you choose to pass on my offer, then you pass. Several of your co-workers have agreed and they all seemed pleased with the arrangement.”


“Discretion, Lily, is paramount. I won’t tell you who, they won’t tell you either. And if you agree, nothing that happens in this office leaves this office. You are never to tell a soul. Is that understood?”

“Yeah, but—”

“Ask anything you wish, but after the time is up, and you are still standing here, then that will tell me you have agreed to my terms.”

I felt my stomach turn and it seemed that the once cool room had suddenly become stuffy and hot. Perhaps it was my own body betraying me. I felt a tingle between my legs. The thought of stripping out of my business attire in front of Mr. Hudson clearly was tempting, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it as to why I thought so.

I cleared my throat. “No kissing,” I said.


I shook my head a few times. “No sex—just touching—that’s all.”

His answer seemed to come slowly as though he was thinking about what I said. “Agreed.”

“Does everything come off?” I felt my face turn red on that one. The heat from my body seemed to increase.

“Yes, everything comes off and you will undress in the order in which I desire. You will stand nude before me as I look upon you. Agreed?”

I nodded back ever so slightly as I tried to think of more questions, but for the life of me my mind seemed to come up blank. Then it hit me.

“What’s in it for me?” I asked as I shifted my weight back to my other leg.

“I will compensate you quite handsomely.”

“How handsomely?” I asked. My words came out sharp and clipped.

“I like that. Right to point. I knew you had a good head on your shoulders. You’re a job class eight. Would one week’s salary be a good starting point?’

My ears couldn’t believe what they just heard. Half my salary would be nearly five hundred bucks. “Yes, it would be a good place to start,” I said.

Mr. Hudson smiled. “Any more questions?”

Try as I could I couldn’t come up with any.

He pulled the clock over so we both could see the second hand tick. We watched it till the hand hit twelve. “You have thirty seconds to decide.”

I was frozen. My feet wanted to dash out the door, but somehow the idea was intriguing not to say the least was the money. Fifteen seconds left. My throat seemed to tighten cutting off my breath. I watched Mr. Hudson, his demeanor signaled nothing except that of confidence. My eyes followed the second hand as it counted down. Four, three, two, one. I was still standing in front of Mr. Hudson. I could have run then, but I knew I’d have to keep running right down to the unemployment office as Mr. Hudson was not a person to be told one thing then have it change.

“We have an agreement then?” he asked.

“Yes, we do.” My words came out hollow and so weak and they seem to simply fall from of my lips and onto the carpet in a whimper.

Mr. Hudson smiled. “Good choice.” Then he walked back behind his desk and turned the light down. “Please, stand between the two chairs.”

Christ, I thought, that was quick. I somehow managed to move closer to this desk and took a few steps back. I turned around. My heart was pounding. My hands wet with perspiration. I stood before him with my hands down by my sides. The hem of my tan skirt just touched my knees. I wore a white shirt, and underneath I had on a pastel yellow bra. My fingers barely touched my thighs and the cheap drug store suntan pantyhose that covered them. How did I know this morning that I’d be standing in front of my boss ready to strip out of my clothes. I felt my head spinning. I stifled a laugh. I wished I had worn nicer undergarments.

He folded his hand together, his thumbs nervously tapping themselves together. He leaned out a bit. “Take your panties off.”

I swear for a moment the irises darkened with something primitive. My heart stopped and I sucked in my last breath. I stood there frozen. My hands were unable to move.

“Miss Richards, we do have an agreement don’t we?”

I squeaked out a faint “Yes.” I felt like I just ate a butterfly sandwich. My stomach growled.

He restated his command. “Take your panties off and place them here on my desk.”

Those words that came from out of Mr. Hudson’s mouth shocked me at first. I paused, looked at him sitting behind his desk, then I shook off my left heel and using my toes I pushed the heel of my right shoe from my foot. I heard his chair groan and when I looked up, I could see the moue expression on his face.

“No. No. No. Not like that.”

I stood quietly in my stocking feet. My toes wigged into the plush carpet.

“It’s all right,” he begun, “I forgot this is your first time. Put your shoes back on.”

I reached down and slipped my toes back into my heels.

I don’t know why, but I straightened my skirt, knowing damn well in a few minutes I wouldn’t be wearing it.

“Skirt first.” He directed.

Make that seconds. My fingers moved behind my back and as I was just about to scoot it around my waist he stopped me.

“No. From behind.”

Christ, he’s picky. I reached behind and my fingers worked on that damn little metal hook and when I felt it pop, I pulled the zipper down. I watched his face light up while the sound of a zipper releasing metal filled the room. I felt my skirt bag around my waist and I held it up not wanting to let it drop.

“Step out of it.”

I raised one foot then the other and stepped out of my skirt. I presented him with his trophy. I was standing in front of my boss, my skirt in my hands. He gestured with his hand and pointed to one of the chairs. I draped my skirt over the back.

“Your heels, now, but don’t kick them off, take them off by hand one at a time.”

I raised my left foot up to my right knee and slipped my heel off. I wasn’t wearing what you could call a ‘high heel’ as they were only a couple of inches tall. They were just a pair of black pumps. I placed it carefully down on the carpet then did the same for my other heel. I could see where this was leading. The old guy got off watching. I place my shoes by the chair.

“Your hose now,” he said. His eyes were glowing. “Slowly,” he said.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of the cheap pantyhose I wore, then pulled them down my waist, down my hips—”

Slowly,” he commanded

I slowed my pace and as sensually as one can take pantyhose off, I pulled and nudged them down my thighs, to my knees. I figured I’d slip them off the same way as I did my heels and that seemed to work as I caught Mr. Hudson smiling when I pulled the hose free of my toes. I tossed them on top of my skirt.

In bare feet, a shirt and my panties, he looked at me and I knew he didn’t need to tell me what came next. I slipped my fingers into he waistband of my white nylon boy shorts panties, sucked in a breath and pulled them down to my knees as slowly as I could, never breaking eye contact with him. The crotch popped out between my legs with a subdued snap. Oh God I wanted to die. As I pulled them down, a small pelt of brown fur about a wide as the palm of your hand was exposed.

I did it. I stood there with my pussy hairs showing, my panties to my knees.


I looked up and I felt like a small fish and this shark was going to chew me up then spit me out. He just stared at me with my panties at my knees. Then with a slight movement of his finger I knew he wanted them off.

“Place them on my desk.” His voice seemed rather whispery. “Lay them out as though they were on your body.”

There I was. Standing in front of my boss with my pussy showing, my small forest of brown pubic hairs seemed to have his undivided attention. My panties were soon on his desk, spread out for whoever happened to come in. Mr. Hudson sat back in his chair, a look of victory on his face. His eyes seem to be locked onto my bush. As stealthily as I could I slipped a hand in front of me.

“Hands to your side,” he said. His constant staring at me was freaking me out a bit. Christ, you’d thought there was an oil field hiding between my legs the way he looked at me. I swear I could see him lick his lips, as his glaze seemed to congeal on my body.

“Nice, very nice,” he said as his eyes moved back and forth. “It’s good to see a bit of a bush. Hell, back in the 70s— now that’s when women had some fur. Christ, today, it’s as though someone clear cut the forest.”

I never thought it was possible to be groped by a pair of eyes, but that’s exactly how it felt. Just like a pair of hands running over my half-naked body, those dark eyes of his were stirring my juices. I never considered myself much of an exhibitionist, but somehow, someway, his gaze was turning me on.

I closed my eyes for a second. I remember how my boyfriends in college would undress me in the back of a car. We always had a good time. But, ooh God, if we were making out on the couch while my friends or his were in the other room, I’d wet the cushions. It was such a turn on for me knowing someone was watching us. I couldn’t shake the feeling I was being watched by another set of eyes besides Mr. Hudsons. Those old college feelings were resurfacing.

“Your bra next.”

My eyes opened and his words brought me back from my college days to his office. My glance caught the mirror on the wall.

By no ones measure could I be considered voluptuous. I do get the attention of men from across a large room. I guess I’d describe my breasts as about the size of apples with perk nipples. I have dark pink areolae around each nipple.

Taking a clue from my shoes and hose, I un-buttoned my shirt as carefully as I could, making sure I’d flash a bit of tan flesh as I laid the collar of my shirt back against my skin. Soon, the front of my bra came to view and I slipped my shirt off. I placed it across the arm of the chair next to me.

It was way to late to have second thoughts. One pastel yellow lace nylon bra contained the last of my decency. Perhaps I’ve watched too many bad porn videos with my boyfriend, but for whatever reason, I turned my back to him, reached behind with my fingers and popped the clasp of my bra open. I let him see the straps fall loose across my back.

My bra fell across my boobs and I held the bra the best I could with one hand. I turned around and as seductively as I could, holding my bra in my hands, I allowed it to slip lower till one of my nipples escaped from a yellow cup. I heard him moan slightly in the stillness of the office.

I lowered my bra until my breasts were exposed. I felt my nipples twitch.

I did it. I was nude in front of my boss. Who in the fuck would have thought I’d be standing here like this while I was getting ready for work this morning. I have to admit it, I was enjoying this perhaps more than Mr. Hudson. I noticed his right hand had mysteriously disappeared underneath his desk.

Mr. Hudson leaned forward. “Excellent. Lily you have exquisite breasts.”

I felt my face blush. I listened to him pour compliments into my soul. It felt good. Damn, did it feel good! Mr. Hudson’s words were warm and pleasant to my ears. Like fine expensive wool, his words wove around me like an old warm sweater shielding me from a cold Michigan winter.

I heard him say, “Place your bra on my desk, just above your panties.”

Doing as I was told, I returned to the spot between the two chairs. I just stood there waiting for another order. It didn’t take long and with the flick of his fingers I knew he want me to part my legs. My feet scuffed into the carpet and I moved my legs apart. I was nude, humiliated, and horny as hell.

My splay legs tumbled. I felt that tingling sensation between my legs I always get when my hormones are in turmoil. Shit, I felt my cunt weep small crystal drops of juice and they quietly flowed down my inner thigh to my knee. I closed my eyes, as I didn’t want to see Mr. Hudson’s reaction.

Suddenly, the phone rang and I must have jumped twenty feet into the air. I heard Mr. Hudson speak quietly into the phone, I couldn’t hear what he was saying, then a smile leaked out at the corners of his mouth.

He put the phone down and the sound of Mr. Hudson’s chair moving fill the office. He walked over to a large armoire that blended in so well with the surrounding décor, it was almost invisible—I never noticed it when I came into the office. He fidgeted with a small key he obtained from a pant’s pocket. He turned the lock and pulled the double doors open. The hinges squeaked. Curious, I leaned over to my right, trying to sneak a peek at what was hiding inside the inconspicuous chest. I heard some papers rattling and within a minute he closed the doors, locked them, and returned to his desk. He pocketed the key. A small package was in his hands.

“Lily, I don’t mind you wearing pantyhose, but what you had on were not at all becoming to you,” he said as his fingers opened the package. I heard the sound of cellophane crinkle. He held his hand out. “Here, put these on.”

He handed me a pair of thigh highs stockings. I cocked my head to one side. God only knew what else in that chest. The stockings were a transparent stone gray; the color was split between dusk and twilight, but quite sheer. I could tell they were expensive when I ran my fingers across them.

“One at time, and slowly, there’s no need to rush this,” he said.

Sitting on the chair that was open I slipped my toes inside a stocking and rolled the sheer nylon up my legs as slowly as I could, stopping every few inches to tug the material tight on my leg. I did the same with the other stocking and snapped the lace top against my skin.

Damn it, my pussy was just aching for attention, anyone’s attention. I felt what seemed like long streamers of my pussy juice run down the inside of my leg damming up at the lace top of those stockings.

“Lily, are you wet?”

Shit, he noticed, too. I was shocked by his forthright question. I couldn’t lie out of it. “Yes…”

He pushed himself from the back of his chair, raised a brow and asked, “Show me.”

I hesitated for a few seconds and then as though I had no control over my hands, one hand moved down pass my waist, stopped for a second and then it slipped between my legs. I felt my warm slippery juice surround my fingers. My fingers were submerged in my own lust. I lingered there for a second or two and then pulled my hand out. I raised my hand about waist high, and moved my fingers back and forth across each other. They slid frictionless. My fingers glistened in the dim light of the room.

“Excellent! Put your heels on, then your shirt.”

“My bra? Panties?” I asked with a slight begging tone thrown in for good measure. He didn’t reply. The old bastard had me hot and he didn’t do a damn thing but ask me to strip for him. I noticed another long rivulet of cunt juice as it twisted down my leg.

With his hands folded on his desk, his eyes watching my every move, his finger pointed at my skirt on the chair. “You can put that on now. I’ll leave the rest here for safe keeping.”

I stepped back into my skirt and the metal catch found its way into the hook and I pulled the zipper up. I straighten my skirt around my waist and stood there. There I was, naked under my clothing. No bra, no panties. Mr. Hudson handed me the Wilson folder. “A few names need to be verified. I’ll email you when I think you’ll have them ready.”


“I’ll send you an email.”

God! My pussy on was on fire, pleading for some attention and he calmly tells me he’ll send me an email? What the fuck!

Taking the folder from his hand, I stopped for a second and looked down at my bra and panties still lying on his desk. I turned and walked to those huge doors and then out of his office.

I didn’t make it twelve steps when it dawned on me. I had suntan hose on when I went into his office and I’m coming out with translucent gray stockings on. Sure has hell, someone will notice the difference.

As I made a few turns down the hallway to my office, I quickly noticed my nipples were rubbing against the fabric of my shirt. Little-by-little they plumped up and pushed out against the material. They were begging to get out from underneath my shirt. With each step they grew larger, fuller, and longer. It seemed as though a blacksmith forged them in the heat of a furnace, making them so hot and pointy they could burn through the very fabric that held them prisoner. I pressed the manila folder up to my chest, hiding the truth from my friends. And the truth was? That old man got me so fucking horny; I’d screw a monk if one happened to walk by.

Trying not to break into a run, I made my way to my office cubical as quickly as I could. My heart pounded in my chest. My skin felt flushed. I sat down nervously—the fabric of the chair felt rough on my bare ass. I tried to push some of my skirt under me. I was a total mess. I pushed myself up as close to my desk as possible and stared at a blank monitor. My fingers shook as I pressed the space bar, waking up the terminal. I just stared at the screen for a few moments then I pressed ‘F5′ refresh. Nothing. The email screen remained blank. I scanned the office, everyone seemed to be busy, and they didn’t seem to know or even care about my problem.

I started to feel a bit more at ease with my nakedness under my clothing. There was something naughty about being nude under my business attire. I closed my eyes for a moment when I noticed my hand had worked under the hem of the skirt. I bit down on my lip while my fingers explored the wetness between my thighs. I couldn’t recall when I’ve been like this. Perhaps during college when the only thing between being totally naked during a game of strip poker was a pair of very wet pantyhose and three aces. I touched the soft moist hairs between my legs. The tip of a finger meandered through my short hairs.

“Shit!” I looked up; Lisa was standing next to my desk. I didn’t hear her coming.

‘F5′ refresh. Nothing.

“How’d it go in the big man’s office? Didn’t catch hell did you?” Lisa asked.

“No, everything is fine. No problems.”

We chatted about nothing of importance for a few minutes. I’d kept pushing the F5 button refreshing the email with my left hand. My fingers were still between my legs. I knew she had to know something was up. Lisa might be an airhead, but she’s not stupid.

I followed her eyes to my thighs and my hand under my skirt. “Problems down there, Lily?” Lisa asked.

My mind raced and within nanoseconds I invented a quick lie. “Damn file cabinet snagged my pantyhose. All I had were a pair of stockings and I can’t seem to get the tops to stay up.”

“Bummer,” Lisa said, “I was just curious about your meeting. Thought maybe he’d tell you how work looks around here. I’ll talk to you later.”

Lisa wiggled her ass down the walkway toward her little corner of bliss.

I looked at the clock. It was well pass four in the afternoon and soon the office would close for the evening. I thought perhaps Mr. Hudson’s phone call had priority over me and he simply forgot. I pressed ‘F5′ refresh button. My heart stopped. The email icon turned red, a new message was in my mailbox. My fingers shook. What I wanted an hour ago, I was now deadly afraid of.

The email was short and to the point. ‘I’d like to review the Wilson file with you. Bring it in as soon as possible.’


I glanced at the clock, it was now a quarter till five. Most of the staff was busy shutting done equipment and getting ready to go home. I grabbed the folder, held it to my chest and made a beeline back to the corporate offices. The first two secretaries had already gone home. I walked up to the desk of the last secretary as she was shutting down her terminal.

“Miss Richards—”

“He’s expecting you. I hope you have everything in order. Mr. Hudson doesn’t like to be disappointed.”

I returned a half-hearted smile and walked over to those huge doors. I heard the electric latch buzz and I pulled a door open.

I entered his domain, this time instead of an English pub, I felt like I was in a medieval castle. Gone was the glow from the desk light and computer monitor, in their place cracked crystal glass sconces mounted on the walls were dimmed low and illuminated the darkened room. I didn’t see Mr. Hudson so I sheepishly called out his name.

“Mr. Hudson. Ah, Lily Richards with the Wilson file. I’m back.”

I heard a door open and just when I turned my back the light from that open door stabbed my eyes. I turned away and the door closed. Twilight once again enveloped the room.

Mr. Hudson walked over to me, gone were the expensive pants and designer suit. In their place he wore a deep burgundy red smoking jacket tied together around his waist by two fluffy ties. His feet were bare.

I drew in a big gulp of air. I knew what was going down. I swallowed hard. Mr. Hudson sat down on the leather sofa, he draped his arms along the back and looked at me like I was some kind of tribute offered to him by a defeated army. Mr. Hudson, a knight from the famed King Authur’s round table, his hauberk removed while a servant maiden was busy polishing it to a metallic luster in another chamber. His halberd and morion were being made ready for another quest. I stood before him, the spoils of a victory.

I reached behind my head and loosened a silver hair clip. I shook my head, then ran my fingers through my hair, a cataract of golden hair streamed down over my shoulders. A shadow of a smile touched his lips then the corners of his eyes crinkled in delight. His smile broaden.

“Put the folder on my desk and step in front of me.” His voice was low and confident in the stillness of the office.

I placed the folder on the desk; my panties and bra lay undisturbed from earlier that day. I took the few steps back and stood before him.

With his arms still lying across the back of the sofa, his eyes were scanning my body; I thought I heard the soft sigh of a child.

“Lily, take your skirt off and place it on the chair.”

I reached behind my back and fumbled with the hook and zipper. Quicker than the last time, I pealed the garment down my waist, pass my hips then tugged it from my feet. That tingle I had felt earlier had returned with a vengeance. I looked at Mr. Hudson. That small grin on his face had grown into a full-blown smile.

“Your shirt now.”

My breasts were more than eager to be freed from the prison that held them. I dropped my shirt onto the floor. My eyes glanced down and I saw my nipples, puffy and erect, begging for attention. I gulped down a few more quick breaths of air.

“Come closer,” he said as he wiggled his finger at me, his arms still lying across the back of the sofa.

I took a few steps in. He wiggled his finger. Two more steps. Another wiggle. I moved in till my knees were touching the sofa’s brown leather cushion.

There was no hiding the fact I was turned on. Twin droplets of warm cunt juice collected then combined with others to finally drip down onto the carpet. I watched his eyes as they caught and then followed those long drops of liquid as they wept from my cunt.

I knew what he wanted. He wanted to hear the liquid sounds of sex I will make as I push aside my small inner lips apart and touch myself in the most intimate way. He wants to know he can still make a young woman swollen, sodden and compromised. He wants proof of his manhood. I swayed in my heels as I proceeded to prove to him the man he still is; the man of his youth. I closed my eyes and the room fills with the sounds of my fingers moving in and out of my cunt— the sounds of wet sex.

I jumped. Mr. Hudson’s hands were tugging the tops of my stockings up, pulling the sheer nylon tight against my skin. He pulled so tight; he raised my shoes off the carpet.

“I like that,” he said. A look of deep satisfaction filled his face, while bright shards of lust filled his eyes.

Mr. Hudson placed his arms back across the sofa. His knees were apart. I followed his eyes to the two burgundy ties around his waist. I knew.

I bent down, my breasts changed shape as I leaned in. I felt his hand on a breast, then the other. Ooh, God, finally!

He rolled a nipple between his fingers, cupping my breast with his other hand. My eyes were closed and I relished his gentle touch. He took my breasts into his hands, leaned out and kissed each nipple, running his tongue across the tip. I shuddered where I stood. A pair of fingers parted my hair between my legs and returned to my breasts, smearing my juice onto a breast, which is quickly licked off. My knees began to buckle.

I reached down the pulled on one of the ties around his jacket. I pushed one side then the other apart.

My heart stopped. My breaths slowed, then they too, stopped. His body was well trimmed, while tan lines marked the outline of a non-existing bathing suit. A few chest hairs, silver in color, dotted his upper body. Mr. Hudson was lean and well built. He took good care of his body as I could see the results sitting before me.

Suddenly, my eyes caught Mr. Hudson’s cock, which stood erect between his legs. I could tell he was proud of it by the way he smiled. Hell, a man in his twenties would have been just as proud. His cock bobbed and swayed back and forth like a snake ready to strike out at any second. Mr. Hudson’s fingers wrapped around the shaft, leaving more than enough room for a second hand. One slow longing stroke of his hand, and a single opal drop of cum seemed to boil to the top. It glistened in the dim light from the sconces. I reached down and squeezed the droplet between my fingers. Slippery and warm to the touch, I raised my fingertips to my lips and tasted his cum. It was salty and musky. I wanted more.

Mr. Hudson removed his grip and his cock stood erect proclaiming its dominance over me. The maiden, the damsel, the prize of victory, the office worker, I was all of that. I was his. Whispers of apprehension flowed over my body. Mr. Hudson’s splayed thighs trembled as his muscles twitched and lurched.

I was having second thoughts about telling him no sex. I wanted that cock. I wanted to feel it fill me. I thought about my boyfriend, but there would be no parley when it came to him. I’d stay true with my word.

I bit my lips, I felt my knees weaken and I lowered myself between his legs, my hand on that magnificent cock, my lips touched the cock head.

Hot. I felt his heart beating against my lips. I took in the scent of his body, the cologne he wore, the salty, lusty smell of a man read to explode. I flipped a handful of my hair over my shoulders and let a curtain of gold tumble down upon his cock. He moaned out softly.

“What would you like me to do?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Kiss it. Please, Lily.”

His voice had a beggar’s tone to it as I moved my head back and fourth allowing my hair to tease the very tip of his cock. It now stood at attention, like an angry soldier standing in formation just waiting on permission from me.

I placed his cock to my lips, the head swollen and red, I licked the small slit and caught a drop, and then another drop of cum as it oozed to the tip. I reached down into the curly patch of brown hair growing at the root and wrapped my fingertip around several, pulling them gently away from his body. His torso moved, then jerked with every gentle tug of my finger. Mr. Hudson, a knight of old perhaps in this dark and forbidding room, but for now, I was his tormentor. I noticed his hands moving up to my breasts, inviting and so tempting, but I pushed his hands away.

“Please, Lily.” His voice took on a new urgency.

I allowed him to cup my breasts, palming them with his hands while I wrapped my fingers around his cock. Reaching down between his legs, I scooped up his sac and rolled his jewels between my fingers.

Married ten years ago when we were both 55 years me and my husband John still loved each other and life was cruising. The sex wasn’t as good. John and I were born and raised in the Queensland’s middle class families I had the misfortune of him being brought up by strict catholic parents. His idea of great sex was instant ejaculation. However, our business success allowed us to maintain our prosperous privacy, out own cocoon.

We had this plan to go 2 Italy to celebrate our 10th anniversary. The world would be our oyster and Rome another pearl. It was our third day in Rome that we were far out in the country, getting away from the tourists and relaxing. In the classic tourist ‘Lets take more pics’ mood we arrived at a dirt road in front of an old abandoned cottage. We both took a few shots of each other leaning against a fence. It was becoming somewhat romantic, alone in this beautiful place posing for each other.

John saw him first. A man was standing on the other side of the property by the fence. He must have been there watching us and our antics for a while. He was in his early 30s with wavy black hair and looked like some kind of Italian artist if there was such a thing. Yet there was an old world charm about him which hid his youthful strength behind a veneer of sophistication. He walked over 2 us and shook our hands. His deep-set black eyes cringed when he smiled. When he shook my hand I felt as if my hand was caressed. But I may have imagined it. I looked down at his hand. They had long, thick fingers ending in manicured fingernails. One of my friends who reads stuff about ‘body language’ once told me that size of the finger is proportional to the size of…ahem..the male member. Bullshit – I had told her.

‘Were we in his property?’ we asked. ” No problem” came the reply in perfect English and through flashing white teeth.. A friend of his owned the cottage and would not mind us taking some pictures. He told us he was a ‘photo artist’ and insisted on taking some pictures for the ‘Australian Tourists’. It kind of broke my romantic mood. But then it was a beautiful day and we went for it.

Later that afternoon I saw John looking at the camera and grinning like a Cheshire cat .I took the camera in my hand and couldn’t believe it. There were the pictures I had shot and there were a couple of pictures the stranger had taken. I was wearing white shorts extenuating my long smooth legs and my slightly overdeveloped breasts..My God….in one picture I had bent over to pick up something and my right breast was..showing clean through to my brown nipples. It could be called obscene if not for the artistry of the image. … Our Italian friend was quite a photographer…I felt my nipples gently harden under my shirt..i quickly looked at John to see if he had noticed.

Totally unaware of my reaction John exclaimed “Look at that ..hmmmm… sexy you . Rosie, you are so sexy!” we were silent for a while; both of us just looking at the picture fully aware that the stranger had taken the picture exactly for the same reason.

john broke in” You should be proud of your sensuality babe. Be cool..I m cool to it…it makes me so proud to be with you” I was thinking ‘You are cool to it? Really?’ Are you cool to that guy getting a hard on off my nipples John?’ I didn’t say anything ..I just walked back to my room. The tingling feeling of my nipples.? It was still there.

That night, we fucked like bunnies. John had is usual quich ejaculation and we drifted into slee. I felt myself drift away. And then could feel my husband move. He put his put his hand on my shoulder and was pushing me under..slithering me down. I knew what he wanted. Price Charles likes to drift into sleep with his shrinking cock in my mouth. I slid lower until my face was in level with his semi hard cock. I was on my side, bent at my waist with my face towards his cock I felt the world move as if the boat we were in had slightly tilted…and suddenly I could feel the slight freeze and smell the grass as I bent over to over to pick up something and someone caressing my dangling breast..I looked down and I was those hands..thick fingers..the nails beautifully pressing into my nipples..a finger gently brushing against my nipple…I looking up to feel something smooth and thick brushing against my lips..I opened my lips and took John’s cock in..gently sucking it deeper into my mouth…john started 2 gently moan and I again had the feeling of those hands holding my breasts..pulling me into his cock.Yet, I knew it wasn’t john and yet I sucked deeper. …saliva filling my nostrils smelling something like tobacco.Normally I don’t enjoy this part..but this time it was different..I felt the thing in my mouth grow and ..i felt hands holding my head as that thing was opening up my mouth..making love 2 my throat…it gently started to move in and out..and I could feel those hands on breasts..caressing, cupping the fingertips gently rubbing the nipples, all at the same time.

I could hear someone above me breathing hard and a deep voice droned

” Suck my cock you Rosie. Suck it”

I tried to look up but for some reason I could not see through the blanket

I felt the voice again “U love it don’t you?”

I tried to reply..”I…..yes..”

” Suck it..suck babe..your mouth is so warm inside ‘

I moaned ” Ahh..mmmyuesss”

The droning voice continued ” this is what you want..this is all you want..You want to suck. You are such a great cocksucker”

In my mind I tried to say ” yess..yes..this is it..dont stop. Use me “

” Love your mouth babe…be mine . You be mine..keep sucking . I am going to fuck your throat…swallow more”

And then the thrusts grew more urgent as that meat filled my mouth. the hands holding my head wouldn’t let go.

And suddenly it was exploding mouth.filling it with sweet cream… and I started to swallow but it kept flooding my mouth and dripping from its corners…

The next day I woke up late…I had a feeling something big had been forced into my mouth..the sweetness inside the mouth was gone..but the sticky feeling persisted..I turned to john..who was on his back and gave him a kiss on his lips..

Marna watched the door close as the men guided her new slave to his cell. He wasn’t completely broken, but very close. She looked forward to molding him.

Marna crossed back in front of Gary. “Well, now that your friend has left, we can address your punishment.”

Gary looked up with weeping eyes, “B-but I’ve already …,” he began.

“No you have not,” stressed Mistress Marna. “You simply choose your friend to be punished first. You choose to listen to his screams to avoid your punishment. Now, you will choose again.” Mistress Marna smiled.

Marna stepped forward and lightly raked her nails across Gary’s stomach. She proceeded to rake them down the shaft of his cock from base to head. He moaned and strained forward.

The door opened; Lance and Drew walked back into the playroom. They stood behind Gary and awaited Mistress Marna’s command.

Mistress Marna gave her slaves a smile to let then know that she was well pleased. She again addressed the man suspended in front of her. “You seemed to start to enjoy having your ass fucked. I noticed how your screams had turned to moans.”

She watched Gary’s reaction and facial expressions. His eyes grew wide and he displayed the characteristic reactions of confusion, shame, but also lust. She gently laid a finger underneath Gary’s hard shaft and gently stroked it up and down. She noted by the color also that he would need to orgasm soon.

“Tell me Gary, do you want to cum?” she smiled sweetly at his face.

“Y-yes, Oh fuck, I need to cum. Please, please let me cum, please!” moaned Gary as he started to gyrate and thrust his hips.

“Letting you cum will not exempt your punishment. That will still be administered. Is that understood?” said Mistress Marna. She was still stroking his hard shaft.

Gary’s cock and balls were throbbing and aching. “I’ll do anything … anything at all if you just let me cum. Oh fuck, please let me cum!!!” Gary was starting to shout.

Mistress Marna stopped stroking Gary’s cock. “To cum, you will be fucked in the ass until you release your load …”

Gary’s mouth was open and he was breathing hard. He was nodding his head ‘yes’ to confirm he was listening.

Mistress Marna continued, “…and then you will drink all of your cum.” She noticed his revulsion at the thought and he started to pull at the ropes on his arms again.

“Didn’t you just say ‘I’ll do anything at all to come’?” asked Mistress Marna.

“B-but I j-just can’t!” Gary said as he felt his stomach turn.

“Oh, but you can and you will,” replied Mistress Marna. “I can always let your balls turn blue and have you made into a eunuch. The choice is yours.”

Gary looked down at his cock and back at Mistress Marna. “I’ll drink it!” he replied, but Mistress Marna didn’t miss his defiant tone and look.

“Lance, Drew.”

“Yes, Mistress Marna.”

“Place the ring in his mouth,” smiled Mistress Marna.

Drew went to the cabinet and brought out the ring gag. Lance was already standing beside Gary when he got there. Gary refused to open his mouth so Lance just pinched his nose until he did so. Once the ring was in place and Gary’s mouth securely spread open, the two men stepped aside for Mistress Marna to come forward again.

“Drew, prepare the machine. Use the inflatable.”

“Yes, Mistress Marna.”

“Lance, get the electric pump.”

“Yes, Mistress Marna.”

Marna stood in front of Gary as the men moved away to comply with her commands. Gary stared at her with drool running down his chin and dripping on his chest; slowly making its way down to his stomach.

“You thought to defy me; never a wise move. It shall add to your punishment immensely,” as she started to rake her nails down his inner thighs applying firm pressure and leaving red marks. “Now not only will you drink your own cum, but theirs as well.”

Gary’s eyebrows shot up and his struggles started anew. Mistress Marna stepped around behind him. He couldn’t see her clearly as his own image blocked his view of her in the mirrors. He felt something hit his ass cheek which stung. He wrenched forward and pinched his ass cheeks together. Something smacked his other cheek. Yes, some kind of paddle he thought. He was being paddled like some kind of errant schoolboy.

“I – will – not – be – defied! You – will – do – as – you – are – commanded!” Mistress Marna was landing precise blows for each word. Gary’s ass was starting to hurt and burn. “You will cease your struggling and take your punishment. Do so now!” cold command issued from Mistress Marna as well as the slaps.

Gary stopped struggling and when he did, the paddling stopped as well. Drew stepped forward and handed her a huge dildo covered with lube. She gave him the paddle and took the dildo. Without preamble, she shoved this simulated cock up Gary’s ass.

Gary looked at his image in the mirror. His hard throbbing cock; straining purple in front of him and drool running out of his spread mouth. His ass cheeks were burning, but it also felt good. Then she shoved something in his ass and he screamed. He wanted to pass out so he didn’t have to feel anymore of this.

Mistress Marna moved in front of him. She was holding a cord with a switch on the end. She pushed the button and he felt the thing in his ass start to expand. His eyes grew wide and fearful as he looked at her. She pushed the button again and it stopped. She stepped behind him again. “Hmmm, I think just a bit wider.” He felt it expand some more and stop. “Yes, that will do nicely,” said Mistress Marna.

Gary felt them doing something because he could feel the vibration through whatever they had inserted. Then it started to be withdrawn about halfway and plunged forward again; then stopped. “Back three more inches,” Mistress Marna commanded. There were some more vibrations again. Mistress Marna moved back in front of him again.

Mistress Marna looked at Gary and gave a short nod to Drew. The fucking machine was started at slow speed. The dildo was drawn out until only cock head of the massive dildo remained inside and then it was rammed back full length into Gary’s ass. Gary threw his head back and screamed each time it was rammed back in.

Marna nodded at Drew and the machine stopped again. She stepped up to Gary and held his chin firmly to look into his eyes. “Don’t worry, I made sure you can’t pass out.” she smiled at him. “What was it you said, ‘That’s better, wouldn’t be any fun if you don’t feel it’, yes, I believe that was it.” She nodded again and the machine was set into motion.

Gary started screaming and his struggling started again. Mistress Marna just stood in front and observed. Soon his struggling ceased and he closed his eyes and started to moan. “Drew, two steps up,” commanded Mistress Marna and the machine increased in speed.

“Attach the pump,” Mistress Marna commanded Lance. He inserted the pump over Gary’s cock and slowly slid it up his shaft. Mistress Marna stepped forward and released the harness and dropped it to the floor. She started to slowly massage Gary’s balls and nodded at Lance to switch on the pump. His moans increased and he started to thrust into the pump.

Gary felt as if he was being torn in half. After what she had said he once again struggled to try to get free. It felt like a log was being shoved up his ass. After a while, his pain started to turn to pleasure and he could feel his cock and balls start to throb and ache once again. He started to moan as the ass fucking was turning him on just like when Tom gave him one. He felt something envelope his cock; warm and moist like a cunt. Then someone was massaging his balls and he started to hump in earnest. He could feel his sperm coming up and forcing their painful way out; finally releasing.

“Argh-h-h-h-h!!!” screamed Gary forcibly as he shot load after load into the cylinder tube of the cock pumping machine. Even after nothing more was being released he kept humping until the machine was turned off. He hung there breathing hard like he had seen the women do that he had used. The pumping in and out of his ass had stopped as well; his head started to clear.

Mistress Marna had nodded; that was all and both machines were turned off. She eased the pump off and watched Gary’s flaccid cock slip out. She retrieved the harness off the floor and reattached it once again. She walked behind him and detached the machine. In one fluid motion, she slipped the cock from his ass and handed it to Drew. It would be sterilized for additional use later.

Lance and Drew both new what was going to happen; they had both her command. They each had sported a hard on since Mistress Marna had started.

Marna returned to where Lance stood holding the machine looking down at it. She smiled and came up and kissed him lightly on the lips. “No, this is not your rewards. That will be later.” He smiled and kissed her passionately in return.

She kissed down his neck and playfully licked and sucked his nipples. Her tongue trailed down his chest and drew circles around his belly button. His breathing picked up a beat and definitely increased when she sucked the head of his cock into her hot mouth. Her tongue swirled dances around and around before she plunged down his shaft; fully engulfing him to the base. Pre-cum seeped out as she sucked back down to the head. “Ummmm, very nice,” Marna said.

Lance was breathing hard and Marna handed the pump to Drew; he slipped the pump over Lance’s cock. When she switched it on, he thrust unto it and started to match the rhythm of the pulses. “I want you to cum hard for me; I want lots of your wonderful cum,” she said before she started to lick his balls. Lance didn’t waste any time; he had been holding back for a long time now and wanted release also.

“Ughhh, ughhh, ughhh … Argh-h-h-h-h!!!” was Lance’s only reply as his cum was collected in the cylinder container as well. He was leaning slightly forward and gently massaging Mistress Marna’s shoulders. She flipped the machine off and waited for Lance to recover before slipping it off his penis. When she stood up, she gave Lance a deep affectionate kiss and then smiled at him.

As Marna handed the pump back to Lance, Drew stepped up beside her. As always, he made her smile and she stepped into an embrace and kissed him deeply. Their tongues danced and probed while her hands were kneading his balls. He drew himself in closer and moaned into her mouth; he was so close. Like Lance, he had been holding back until permission to release was given.

Marna stepped slightly to the side and Lance slipped the pump over Drew’s hard cock. When he turned it on, Drew moaned loudly into Mistress Marna’s mouth. He started releasing almost immediately and the cylinder collected his sperm to add to Lance’s and Gary’s. When he was done, Lance switched the pump off.

After Drew finishing cumming, he held Mistress Marna close and rested his head against her shoulder. Soon his breathing returned to normal and he gave her one of his sunny smiles.

When Drew smiled, it finally dawned on Lance. Yes, by cumming now, they would both have the stamina to last longer for Mistress Marna later. Drew’s smile was contagious and Lance beamed a smile as well.

Mistress Marna smiled as well before saying, “Drew, get the funnel. Lance, you will feed him.”

Marna watched as Lance carefully removed the pump from the collecting cylinder. Both slaves walked over to Gary. Drew inserted a wide mouth clear funnel into the ring and held it there; this would force his tongue stationary so he could not force the cum from his mouth and to insure he didn’t choke.

Marna signaled Lance to wait a moment. She walked over to Gary. “You will find that if you swallow this cum without struggling or trouble, I will grant you a rest period before we continue,” said Mistress Marna. Gary nodded his head ‘yes’ signaling that he had understood her.

“Lance. Small sips; cum should be savored,” smiled Mistress Marna.

“Yes, Mistress Marna,” said Lance as he smiled.

He tilted the cylinder and let only a small amount of cum drizzle into the funnel; then watching Gary’s throat to make sure he swallowed it. It was time consuming, but Gary finally finished the last of the cum.

Drew withdrew the funnel and Lance left with the container. Mistress Marna stepped over to Gary and rubbed the palm of her hand over his stomach. “Very nice; see what you’ve been giving away all this time.” She reached up and released the gag and carefully removed it from Gary’s mouth.

Gary closed his eyes and hung his head in shame for so many reasons. He realized after they had started that he didn’t mind the taste; it actually tasted quite good. He like having his ass fucked and just thinking about that had started a stir in his cock again. Hell, he even like it when she paddled him. “Was he some kind of pervert?” he was asking himself. After everything that he had already gone through; he still had to face his punishment yet. None of this had been it.

Marna observed his face. “Thinking does not become a slave.”

Gary snapped his head up and his eyes got wide. “Could she read minds?” he wondered.

Mistress Marna smiled at him, “Yes, in a way I can.” She was tracing her fingers over his chest. “Tell me honestly, you enjoyed everything. Didn’t you?”

Gary’s heart skipped a beat. “H-how did you know?” he whispered a little scared and awed.

Mistress Marna stared at him, “Would you care to rephrase that question or do you wish to forego your rest period?”

Gary gazed down quickly. “I’m very sorry Mistress Marna. Forgive me. May I ask how you knew?”

Marna smiled, “It is sufficient that I do know. You are submissive in every way.”

Marna watched for his reaction. Gary nodded his head ‘yes’ and she continued. “You are not a sub for a Mistress though; your happiness will be with a Master. Only a Master can provide you with the discipline and pleasure you require.”

Gary was slightly shaking his head ‘no’ trying to come to term with his feelings. “But I like to fuck women,” Gary was thinking, “I can’t be gay!” and yet he had liked it all.

Marna looked on as confusion etched into Gary’s face. She could see that he was trying to mentally justify and assert that he was a heterosexual male.

Marna provided the word his brain was trying to seek out, but kept overlooking. “Gary.”

“Yes, Mistress Marna.”

“Look at me and look at my body.” Gary lifted his gaze and did as she had commanded. He looked at her breasts and trailed his eyes down to her cunt. His cock started to stir as all sorts of images raced through his mind of what he could do with her.

“See Gary; feel your cock getting hard,” Mistress Marna was pointing at his cock. He looked down to visually confirm what she had said. “No, you are not strictly gay. You are bi-sexual. You derive pleasure from both sexes, but more from male than female. You can use women for release, but are you truly satisfied when you have finished?”

Gary was still looking down at his cock and listening to what Mistress Marna was saying. Marna stood still while Gary absorbed what she had said.

“No, Mistress Marna; I’m not satisfied,” he said.

“Then, do you wish a Master with a firm hand?” said Marna judging the timing was right.

“Yes, yes Mistress Marna I do,” confirmed Gary.

“I will arrange it for you. The standard sum you will be paid is $100,000 a year for your; shall we say “services”. This sum is paid after the term of your contract. Is that acceptable to you?” Mistress Marna smiled.

Gary’s head snapped up and his mouth dropped open; he smiled, “Holy Fucking Shit! You mean these slaves get paid for this! Then why in the hell did he have us kidnap her?”

“I believe in your excitement that you have forgotten your place. I’m sure your new Master shall train you appropriately,” said Mistress Marna with a slight smile.

Gary quickly looked back down. “I am again sorry Mistress Marna and yes, it’s very acceptable to me.” He couldn’t keep his excitement from his voice. “Damn!” he thought, “that’s more than I ever could make doing anything else!”

Marna couldn’t miss the excitement. “He’ll turn out just like Drew,” she thought “he’ll do everything with love and his Master will enjoy having him.”

“Give no thought about the man that hired you. That is not your concern,” said Mistress Marna with anger in her voice.

“I did not mean to make you angry Mistress Marna, please forgive me,” shuddered Gary.

Marna calmed herself. This was no time for anger. “You have not; the situation has. This agreement still does not exempt your punishment.”

Gary nodded his head again, but continued, “Mistress Marna? What of Tom?”

He heard her laugh lightly, “You will be seeing him again shortly. He will be present for your punishment as you were with his.”

His heart skipped a beat remembering Tom’s pain, but he also remembered how excited it made him. He nodded his head again. He could hear her walk away and then walk back.

“Would you care for some water before we begin again?” asked Mistress Marna.

“Yes, please. Mistress Marna.” said Gary and he lifted his head, but made sure his eyes stayed down.

“Very good.” she said as she tilted the bottle to his mouth.

Mistress Marna stepped away, but Gary heard her. “Lance, Drew. Bring Tom back in.”

“Yes, Mistress Marna,” they said and left.

A short time passed and Tom came in with Lance and Drew behind him. He walked over to Mistress Marna and knelt at her feet.

“Tom,” she ran her hands threw his hair and smiled.

“Yes, Mistress Marna.”

“You will be retied now and present for Gary’s punishment.”

Tom stiffened slightly, but said, “Yes, Mistress Marna.”

Marna nodded at Lance and Drew. They came over and took Tom to the same spot he had been before. Once the ropes had been reattached, Mistress Marna stepped in front of Tom. “You will watch his punishment in the mirrors until I direct otherwise. You will not cum! You can control yourself. If you cum, there will be additional punishment.”

“Yes, Mistress Marna.” Tom waited until she moved away and looked straight ahead into the mirrors.

Gary’s cock was still flaccid even with the brief stirrings he had earlier. She came over and lightly stroked his balls. “This will not do. I believe a movie is in order. You will look at the monitor until it is shut off.”

“Yes, Mistress Marna,” replied Gary which shocked Tom.

She stepped behind the men, took the remote and played the disc again of their transgression; from the plane, to the trees and the final teasing of her nipples by Gary. By the time the disc finished, there were four hard cocks in the playroom. The only difference this time; Gary was the only one in harness.

Mistress Marna walked in front of Gary with the riding crop in hand. “You will not be given choices as your friend was. You will not be receiving pleasure as you have already had some. What you will be receiving is painful punishment for your transgression just reviewed. For the last indignity of teasing her breasts, your punishment will be intensified so it will not be forgotten.”

Gary nodded his head, “Yes, Mistress Marna.”

Mistress Marna slowly raised the riding crop and Gary shut his eyes. “You will look at your punishment,” Mistress Marna angrily said.

Gary blanched, but opened his eyes. His heart sank as he understood that he had just displeased her again. “I’m sorry Mistress Marna for not understanding.” He looked up at the riding crop in her hand.

Marna brought the riding crop down with full force onto his left nipple. Gary screamed in pain. She raised her crop again and brought it down full force onto his right nipple. Once again the pain bit into Gary and he issued a scream. Sweat started to bead and tears were at the corners of his eyes.

“Lance, the clamps.” ordered Mistress Marna. Lance rushed to retrieve the clamps that still dangled in the air. “No,” said Mistress Marna. “Give me the warmers.”

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