nipple clamps

I look up from my kneeling position, past your erect cock that is mere inches from my face. I lick my lips as my eyes reach yours. There is a hungry look in the depths of your blue orbs and I feel the fresh rush of liquid coat my slit from that look. I know that you are waiting patiently, but only for a moment, so I move my focus back down to your bobbing member.

“Pleasure my cock cunt.” You command me knowing that the very words will cause my pussy to clench in response.

Your cockhead is already dripping with precum and it causes me to lick my lips again. I stick out my tongue and dip it into that little whole that will bring me a greater gift later on. For now I am pleased to taste your salty nectar on my tongue and I moan as I lick it up. My tongue swirls around your plum size head, the feel like wet velvet, before I slurp around it. I love doing this to you, focusing on your sensitive tip before licking my way down your thick shaft.

My saliva is running freely as I enjoy the feel and taste of you against my tongue. I move back up, my lips stretching over your engorged cock as I take you into my mouth, working more of your hard dick into my mouth and down my throat with each downward motion of my head.

Your precum and my saliva mixes, making my mouth as slippery as my cunt is at the moment. I know that my juices are running free and are dripping to the floor underneath me. The thought causes my desire to mount higher. You will be pleased to see the evidence of my need for you.

You are looking down at me as I service your hard cock. You have bound me in the spreader bar at my ankles and have cuffed my arms behind my back. You watch as your thick meat slices in and out of my mouth, my head bobbing up and down. My tits bounce with my effort causing the nipple clips to pull the weight of the chain with each movement. You know this causes the pleasure pain that will only enhance my lust.

In your hand you hold the crop. You have not used it yet, enjoying the view and the feel of my mouth on you. You bend over slightly and tap my right butt cheek with it. The action causes me to moan over your cock. You tap my ass again bringing on the same action. Soon you are spanking my ass with the crop and have created a steady moan to vibrate over your throbbing shaft.

My backside is beginning to burn but the more you land the crop on my ass the more I want. The little shots of pain you give me, causing my pussy to clench over and over wanting more. I suck you deeper now. My lust to pleasure you equaling the lust filling my body.

You pull out of my mouth and grasp your steel shaft, holding it up against your stomach. “Use that slutty tongue on my balls.” You command me.

I swirl my wet tongue over your meaty balls. I love how full they are and my tongue has much territory to cover. I lick up and around all over and take one side into my mouth.

Again you pull back and reprimand me. “I did not tell you to suck my balls bitch. Place your head on the floor.”

You help me to lower myself until my forehead is resting against the cool tile. Walking around me you tap the crop over my back as you go until you are standing me. You view the wetness on the floor that I have caused but do not comment on it. Actually you say nothing at first as you begin to spank me with the crop, landing blows to my ass and the back of my thighs.

“When I tell you to lick my balls that is exactly what I mean.” You finally speak still swinging the crop. “Did I say to suck my balls?” You ask, holding your arm still until I answer.

“No Master.” I whimper in pain and pleasure.

You straddle my back, grabbing hold of my hair and pulling my head back. As you continue to pull me up, you back up, until I am back up on my knees. You reach around and begin to hit my tits with the crop bringing forth whimpers from me.

You lower me back down and tap the insides of my thighs, each hit rising higher until you begin to spank my dripping quim. I jerk and moan at the contact but you tell me to remain still. I force my body to stop moving as you continue to punish my aching pussy for a few more minutes.

Satisfied that I learned my lesson you raise me back up again and step back in front of me, your hard cock oozing with more precum. I keep my gaze on your cock and wait for you direction.

You tap your hard dick on my face reminding me that I am to do as directed by you. Again you hold your cock up and command me to lick your sac. The skin there has tightened some and I know that you have found pleasure in disciplining me. Though my pussy is stinging I am relieved that I stopped myself from cumming as you punished my cunt.

I lick my tongue all over your large balls, wetting it with my saliva until it shines in the light. I moan as my tongue begins to thrill over the feel of you under my ministrations. I bend my head down and try to reach for the area just below your heavy sac. Finding my mark I am pleased to hear you moan at the sensation.

Your hand thrusts into my hair and you finally give the command to suck your testis into my mouth. “Now you may suck them. Slowly.”

I carefully get a mouthful of your tender flesh and suck you into my mouth making sure to swirl my tongue at the same time just as you had taught me that you like. I feel your hips move forward, pushing the back of your cock into my face but this only thrills me more. I moan at the feel the rest of your sac pressing into my face as well.

I release one side and take the other side into my mouth. Slowly I pleasure you in this fashion, sucking and licking. You pull back lightly watching your skin stretch out from my mouth until I release you. You aim your rigid rod back at my mouth and tell me to suck you again.

My mouth devours you into its depths, wanting to feel that rush of your release coating the inside. I do not know where you have decided to cum yet for you have remained silent about it. I wonder, as I suck you, where you will choose this time. I hope you will choose my mouth but with my disobedience you might choose another option.

I know you are getting closer to your release as your cock thickens slightly in my sucking mouth. I am surprised when you pull completely out and step behind me again. I remain still as I feel your hand run from my neck on down to my ass, swooping further till your fingers are sliding through my wet slit.

“Mmmmm my slut is soaking wet. Do you want to cum slut?” You ask me driving two fingers into my wet hole.

“I want what you desire Master.” I answer knowing that at this point my want is not the matter at hand. This is further training and discipline on your part for not obeying you.

You continue to finger fuck me as your other hand reaches around and one finger circles my swollen clit. “Correct answer. You better not cum.” You tell me as you torture me. I want to cum so bad but hold back knowing that you will be pleased at my effort.

You stand back up and come back around to face me. You tell me to remain still and open my mouth. You grasp both sides of my head and slowly feed your cock in my mouth, watching as it disappears slowly until you are lodge down my throat. I concentrate and breathe slowly through my nose, gagging a little. Just as slowly you pull back out, stopping with just your cockhead in my mouth, before pushing back in. You begin a steady slow rhythm of fucking my face telling me how good your slave’s mouth feels around your throbbing meat.

I am pleased to hear your words. Even though you needed to discipline me you also acknowledge the accomplishments that I make through your direction. Soon your thrusts are shorter and faster and you tell me to prepare to receive your cum.

“You want my cum in your mouth cunt?” You ask spreading your legs a little further.

I nod my head as best I can to confirm my desire. I hope that you are not testing me again and am happy as you thrust faster, getting your cock a bit deeper. “I want you to drink all my cum down.” You grunt feeling your balls tighten up.

Your cock thickens even more and I know I am about to receive my cum reward. The first pulse splashes against the back of my throat.

“Take all my cock and cum cunt!” You groan as the second spurt fills my mouth. You are still pumping in and out of my mouth as your cock releasing its torrent of cum, making me to have to swallow your hot cream faster. I gasp for breath as your cock and cum fill me to overwhelming. The seventh spurt is smaller and then a small thin trail as you slow your thrusting giving me a chance to finish swallowing and to lick your cock clean.

I lick and suck you until you pull your semi erect shaft from my mouth. You smile and tell me the words that I want to hear. “Good girl.”

I smile at you, pleased that you are pleased. I stay kneeling as you walk away from me and retrieve the vibrator. You switch it on as you come back to me and lower me back down so that my head is resting on the floor again. You tease me with the vibe, running it over my back and backside before sliding it between my wet pussy lips. You glide it back and forth before concentrating the buzzing toy on my clit. You kneel to the side and behind of me, taking my chain of my nipple clamps and pulling slightly. I moan at the pain and feel my pussy clench. With the toy circling and vibrating over my aching clit and you playing with my nipples causes my desire to rise.

As you watch me you know I am right at the edge. “Cum for me slut! I want your juice drenching the floor beneath you.”

I feel my clit pulse at the command and then my cunt walls grasping over and over as I cum, wailing in my release. My body jerks with the power of my release at your hands. I barely hear you speak at the blood pounding in my ears, making me almost oblivious to anything but the wonderful sensations shooting through my entire cunt.

“Good girl. Mmmm you are cumming hard whore. I am well pleased.”

I am falling back down to reality but you keep the vibe on my clit. Your hand begins to spank my already sore ass as you tell me that you are going to make me cum again. I moan as your hand spanks and gropes my ass in time with the swirling buzzing vibrator. You move the tip of it on the top of my clit hood and use your other hand to slick up your fingers in my cum. Once wet you slide one well lubed finger into my puckered hole.

I begin to buck my hips, the sensation of your finger sliding in and out of my ass bringing me closer to another orgasm. You add the second finger and fuck my ass with them, bending down to growl in my ear. “You like my fingers in your ass?”

“Yes Master.” I gasp as I buck my hips back against your hand.

“Good because you will not get my cock tonight for disobeying me. But you will cum on my fingers!”

You put the vibe down and reach around with your free hand so that you can shove two fingers in my sopping cunt and ride my clit with the thumb. I buck wildly now, both my holes being filled by you. I started panting hard my orgasm climbing.

“That’s it whore, fuck my fingers. Cum for your Master!” You yelled at me causing exactly what you want. My cunt walls and my ass clamped down on your thrusting fingers in a steady rhythm as I cum hard at your Master touch. I cannot form words, I can only scream out my release as my body rocks and jerks in pleasure.

You slow your pace and then pull your fingers from my body.

You reach your cunt soaked fingers to my mouth and tell me again. “Good girl.” I know to suck my juices from your fingers and open my mouth as you push them forward.

You watch me until I have licked and sucked them completely clean. You set to releasing me from my binds, your thoughts on what you have planned next…

I was home from work one Thursday. It was rare for me to take much time off. We were both off Friday and Monday, having decided to take a long weekend together in the mountains. I hadn’t told you of my plans to stay home today; instead, I wanted to get everything ready and surprise you later. The trip was for your birthday, and I was determined to make the weekend all about your pleasure. Knowing you though, you had planned things around me as well.

So I wanted to give you tonight.

I began by getting everything ready I’d need for the trip. Everything was clean, packed, put together and in the car before noon. It was a calming routine, putting things in order around the house. As usual, I couldn’t get very far without having to stop and think about you. As I picked up and dusted in the library, I kept coming across things of yours, and it made me smile. Every step brought my mind to you, lover, to our morning together.


Before leaving for work, you’d found me in the bathroom, stepping out of the shower. You stood, leaning against the doorframe, just watching with a smile. I took my time drying my hair with a towel, drying my legs, my arms. As I straightened up, I felt you behind me – I hadn’t even seen you move. We stood in front of the mirror, you behind me. You wrapped both arms around my waist, pulling me back to you. Feeling you against me, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, moaning. You’d thrown the switch, and now I had to have you. I felt a warm tickle by my left ear, your breath.

“Imzadi, I need you to spread your legs for me.”

I complied immediately, and was rewarded by a small squeeze from you. My arm found its way behind your neck, and our lips met, then our tongues. I tried to show you how eager I was, how ready…but you knew. You always knew what I wanted and what I needed. As the kiss deepened, you grabbed the edge of my towel and pulled. It fell away, leaving me naked for you. I whimpered as you pulled your head away from mine, and looked up at you plaintively, but the grin on your face calmed me. You sniffed the air, and I knew right away that you could smell my arousal. Before I knew it, you slipped two fingers down between my swollen lips, bare and glistening with moisture. I could see how much I was dripping in the mirror. You brought them up to your mouth and licked them clean, then dipped them down again and offered them to me.

“Taste yourself, lover. So sweet, so delicious.”

Devouring your fingers became my only focus, and I barely heard your low chuckle. You knew that I’d do anything to please you. The fingers went away far too soon. I was quivering with need, straining to control myself, but you knew that too. It was our routine to take our time in the morning, and I knew you liked when I relaxed and let you guide me.

One of your hands fell to the small of my back and the other to my hip. Gently, but firmly, you pushed and bent me over at the waist.

“Hang on to the counter, love, unless you want to fall over.” Then as an afterthought, “If you don’t stay still, you won’t be allowed to cum. So I do suggest you choose to steady yourself.”

That was all I needed to hear, and I stretched my arms out in front me. And grabbing on to the counter, tried to hold on tight. I knew though, that when you wanted to take me hard, I had little chance of staying upright.

The hand on my back moved to my ass, gently stroking, caressing me there. I shivered at your touch and involuntarily pressed my hips back into you.

“Gently now,” you breathed into my ear. “Stay still or I’ll leave you wanting all day, my darling.”

With excruciating slowness, you pulled the butt plug out and set it on the counter next to my arms. I felt your fingers tease me back there, probing, testing. It must have been to your satisfaction, as I heard your zipper lower. It took all of my self control not to cum right then, but I knew you wouldn’t be pleased with me. Finally, your cock slid between my cunt lips, slowly moving up and down, gathering moisture. I bit my lip, but couldn’t quite stifle my moans, and I knew you’d be able to feel my cunt clenching, trying to pull you in. I saw your wolfish grin in the mirror.

“Not now, pet. You’ll have to wait until later for that pleasure. All I want with your cunt is your juice.”

You slid your cock up and down through my lips one more time, before pulling your hips back. I knew what was happening without even looking up into the mirror. You were lining your hips up, getting ready to thrust. It wouldn’t be gentle.


I cried out as you plunged into my ass in one firm, hard stroke, until your balls rested against my ass. You spanked me twice, reminding me not to speak or make noise, holding your cock still inside me. As we stood there, I focused my concentration on you, your cock deep in my hole. My muscles spasmed around you, no matter how hard I tried to still them. Again, I heard the chuckle come from your throat, and knew you could tell how hard I was trying to behave. After what seemed like an eternity, you started moving, but so slowly. I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on your cock and nothing else.

We fell into a silent rhythm, moving together unhurriedly, but so hard. You gripped my hips with one hand, and pressed my back down lower with the other. I kept expecting you to speed up your thrusts, but you never did. Instead, you kept the same pace, in and out. In and out. Stopping in between. I felt the fire slowly building inside me, but knew I’d never get to orgasm at this speed. Of course, you knew it too. You deftly slid a hand underneath me and began playing with my clit. Pinching, rubbing, occasionally slapping. It became too hard to stay still, and I felt myself rocking back into you, trying to speed up. You held me firm and took your time, helping me climb higher with your hand.

I felt you tense, your muscles firm as you held your cock deep inside me. At the same time, you rubbed me furiously, squeezing my clit between two fingers every now and then. I went wild, moaning, letting my head fall back. Your lips found my exposed neck, kissing hard. I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to cum, and told you so, looking up in desperation. Again, you grinned and held me firm as you pushed your hips forward, arching your back, and spilling your cum deep inside my ass, pushing me down as you did. I closed my eyes and hung on, wanting now to finish with you, looking for that orgasm.

But you unceremoniously pulled out of me, grabbed the plug off the counter and slid it firmly home. Giving it a pat, you answered the question in my eyes.

“You didn’t stay still, lover. Now you’ll have to wait until tonight. Remember – no touching yourself until I tell you, otherwise it might be even later.”


Hours later, I was still sopping wet. I couldn’t even move without being reminded first of the sizable plug you left stuffed up inside me, and then the fresh load of cum you kept buried inside. I racked my brain, trying to think of how I could make the night special, and all for you – especially since I felt I’d disappointed you earlier. It was part of our mutual exploration, but learning to control my orgasms was proving to be difficult. Even now, it took all my self control to remind myself that I had been ordered not to touch myself. On the other hand, you could make me cum with a single look, or a simple touch. Your control over my body seemed so much better than mine. I sighed and made sure everything was ready for our departure tomorrow.

After looking in the mirror, I picked up my keys and got into the car. Part of your night would be dinner, wine and dessert. Of course, I planned on being the last course, if you were pleased with me. The grocery store wasn’t crowded, which was for the best, since I had to stop and compose myself every so often. Walking around with the plug always brought me to the brink of orgasm; I knew I had to keep myself under control. Even if I didn’t say a word, you always seemed to know if I had been able to behave or not.

Soon, the cart was full with everything I needed to make one of your favorite dishes. I went into the produce section last. I grabbed some strawberries, bananas, peaches and cucumbers. Again glad of the relatively empty store, I felt a heavy blush creep up my cheeks as I thought about what I’d be using them for later. The heavy blush reminded me to pick up something else I knew you liked, some ginger root. Checking over my list one more time, I checked out and made my way home.

Once I put everything away, it was time to start getting myself ready for the evening. I stepped into the shower, under the hot water and felt my muscles start to relax. I groaned, leaning into the spray. It was so hard not to pleasure myself. But I brightened…you hadn’t said I couldn’t let the water touch me… I put my hands behind my head, to take away temptation, and stepped into the water, legs spread wide. I felt the warm water hit my lips, my clit. But as much as I needed that orgasm, I felt guilty. After all, this was your night. I silently chastised myself. You do so much for me, this was all about you. But, I couldn’t stop. The feel of the water, the plug inside me, the memory of the morning, it was too much. I found myself spreading my legs wider, pushing my hips out so that the water could do its task and felt a loud, intense, orgasm rip through my body. After the orgasm subsided, I felt ashamed. You would not be pleased, but perhaps you’d never find out. So I made sure I was clean for you, inside and out. Legs and cunt bare and ready for your pleasure.

I finished and stepped out to dry off, remembering our morning again. The next hour was spent happily making myself look just the way you like. I wanted to take your breath away tonight. I left my hair in soft curls down my back. My makeup was subtle, but I had red lipstick on. It was a signal between us that I wanted you badly.

Before my shower, I’d laid out my clothes, and carefully put them on. My lace thong was almost an afterthought, after all it was too tiny to cover anything. I pulled it up my legs, settling it on my hips and looked in the mirror. As per usual, my swollen lips were too much to contain, and bulged out on either side. The lace was tucked tightly between them, and I could feel it rough against my clit any time I moved. I hesitated, wondering if I could stand that all night. I started slipping them back down my legs, but stopped and thought better of it. You loved seeing my thong, and always ravished me once you found it soaked and barely able to contain my lips. I fastened the matching grey lace bra, making sure it was a snug fit, my breasts thrust proudly up, on display for you. The lace garter belt came next, and felt so nice and tight around me, like your hands, holding me in place when we fuck. I sat on the edge of our bed, and slowly rolled one silk stocking up my leg, carefully making sure it was straight. Once fastened, I repeated the same thing on my other leg.

I smiled to myself, knowing that you’d love it if I stopped here and you found me cooking you dinner just like this. But again, I wanted a night full of surprises for you. I reached out for my dress and stepped into it. My ass squeezed around the plug; I know you’d want to help me zip the dress up if you were here now. It was a favorite of yours: emerald green, clinging to my breasts, then flowing out around my hips down to my knees. You loved how it showed off my curves. I adjusted the neckline, making sure a generous hint of my décolletage was on display for you, and couldn’t resist letting my hands linger around my breasts a few moments longer than necessary. Slipping my plum heels on, I made sure my jewelry was in place and walked downstairs.

It was easy to lose myself in preparing the meal. This was something I loved to do – even more so with you, but I was so very happy to surprise you tonight. I hummed to myself, and danced around the kitchen as I began cooking. By now, I had almost forgotten about my earlier orgasm and the inevitable consequences. I’d even forgotten (to a certain extent) about the plug nestled firmly in my ass. I let myself focus entirely on dinner and on you. About ten minutes before you got home (you always texted me when you were at a traffic light that was about ten minutes away), I made sure to walk around the house, lighting candles, making everything perfect for you.

I looked nervously around, smoothing my dress and fixing my hair. The table was set with our good china, flowers in a vase and candles lit. I had only to bring in the food, being kept warm now in the kitchen. The wine had been opened to breathe about 45 minutes prior, and the champagne for dessert was chilling in the fridge. I’d even assembled the tray of fruit, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, cucumbers and ginger (with a knife) for our after dinner entertainment. The music was the kind of chilled music you loved on an evening like this.

Hearing the front door open, I walked into the hall to meet you. You smiled at me softly.

“What’s all this, lover?”

“For you, imzadi. Happy birthday.”

You smiled, that goofy smile that always makes me melt, and held your arms open for me. I walked into them and nuzzled into your neck, breathing in your scent. It always felt so much better to have you with me. I pulled away and walked into the kitchen, looking over my shoulder.

“Dinner in five minutes. Would you like a glass of wine?”

You nodded your assent as you followed me into the kitchen, immediately asking how you could help. I shook my head grinning and asked you to sit back and enjoy as I handed you your glass of wine. It took me exactly five minutes to have dinner on the table for us. As we ate, I asked you about your day and kept up a steady stream of conversation. While you looked relaxed and were obviously enjoying the food, I could tell you were curious about my day, about what I had planned, but I didn’t want to give everything away yet. As you spoke, I kept catching your gaze slip down to my breasts and linger there for a few moments before you could tear it away and look back into my eyes. You’d never been shy about doing that, but tonight your gaze was even more piercing than usual. When you did, I made sure to take a deep breath, thrusting my chest forward just a little bit more.

Dinner and dessert were lovely, and after two glasses of wine and a glass of champagne, I was feeling very warm. My cunt, on the other hand, wasn’t just warm, but dripping wet and on fire. I needed you, but kept my composure. This was your night; I had to keep reminding myself.

As I cleaned up, you kept me company in the kitchen, still trying to help. I laughed and swatted you away, handing you a cup of coffee to keep you busy. I smiled a little as you sipped the coffee, since that was one distraction that never failed.

By the time I was done, my breathing became a bit more labored, a bit nervous. You could tell, I knew, and were curious. I suddenly remembered what had happened in the shower and the color rushed to my cheeks. You raised one eyebrow at me, but I smiled and continued.

“Love? Help me bring something upstairs?”

“Of course.”

You looked surprised when I handed you the tray; the look on your face became a smile as you glanced over the items it held.

You said gently, “Imzadi, I thought I’d only be bringing you upstairs. But this promises to be equally as interesting, I think.”

I led the way up to our bedroom, candles already lit, music playing. The sheets on the bed were turned down. You set the tray down carefully on your nightstand and reached over to touch my cheek and pull me to you, the blush creeping even further down my body.

“Someone has been busy today, hmm?”

I felt the color rushing to my cheeks.

“I enjoyed planning this evening for you,” I said softly, my eyes trained to your chest.

You put a finger under my chin, lifting it up so that I looked right into your eyes. You leaned down to kiss my lips, smiling as you did so. You had just started kissing me, when I heard you take a deep breath and pull away.

“Lover, I thought I asked you not to do something today?” Your voice was firm.

I stammered, looking down at my feet, trying to hold back tears. My body quivered with tension and I squeezed my eyes shut.


Your voice still soft, but even firmer than earlier.

My eyes spilled over, tears running down my face. I knew it wouldn’t help me.

You sighed.

“After a wonderfully thoughtful, well planned evening like that I hate to do this, but you know that there are certain things that cannot be ignored.”

I hung my head, ashamed. Softly crying. I had disappointed you, and it was almost too much to bear.

“Please, lover, punish me? I couldn’t control myself, and you’re right, I should have been able to. I deserve the consequences.”

You pulled me into your arms, kissing the top of my head. For a second I relaxed, thinking that perhaps you were going to forgive me.

“Lover, first of all, thank you for planning this wonderful evening. But whether I punish you or not is my choice, not yours. I want you to stand in the middle of the room and remove your dress.”

I trembled now, realizing that I’d failed you again by speaking out of turn. I slowly walked into the middle of the room and turned to face you. You heard my zipper slowly lower. I pushed the dress of my shoulders and let it fall into a puddle at my feet. There I stood in my lingerie, waiting anxiously for you to inspect me, still shaking, crying. I was sure you could see my whole body blushing now.

Instead of walking up to me, you asked me to kick the dress away to one side. I complied, trying not to completely break down in tears. Your next words made me blush even more.

“Present yourself to me.”

I gathered myself. I had failed you, but now I needed to accept my punishment and please you. So I parted my legs and leaned forward, pushing my breasts together. I could see you looking at me. It was a look I knew well, both tender and demanding at the same time. The tears suddenly stopped and the warmth returned. I was determined to please you, to accept whatever punishment you had in store for me.

You walked up to me, running your fingers along my shoulders and down my back, causing shivers to run up and down my spine. They lingered around the hooks of my bra, and suddenly I felt it loosen. Your hands pulled mine away from my breasts, letting the bra fall to the floor.

“Stand up straight, lover, and put your hands behind your head.”

Your voice was calm, yet very firm. I did as you asked, my breasts thrust out, arms raised, bent at the elbows, palms behind my head. You circled me again, slapping the plug as you passed behind. You stopped in front of me with a wicked grin on your face, and slid two fingers right into my cunt.

“So tell me lover, did you put two fingers inside your cunt earlier today to help yourself cum?”

I whimpered, “No, I didn’t touch myself,” my eyes still lowered.

You pushed my head up again. You liked making sure I was looking at you.

“I know you had an orgasm, even though I told you not to. So how did you get one?”

I tried looking away, but you held me there. I whispered so softly that you had to strain to hear my words.

“It was the shower.”

It almost seemed that you liked that, and you smiled, but your next words reminded me that I was still going to be punished.

“Lover, maybe I have some other use for your tray.”

You walked to the nightstand, lingering over the tray for a second, and then picked the whole thing up and walked back. Soon, you had thrust a cucumber into my cunt. It was cold, making me shiver. What I didn’t realize, was that you had picked up something else. You took the whipped cream, put it on my nipples and licked the cream off – your lips somewhat rough on my nipples, but that was only the beginning. You pulled out the nipple clamps from our chest of toys and slowly, very slowly, clamped both nipples. You then took the chain between the clamps and made me hold it between my teeth. I felt my cunt getting sopping wet again.

Sometimes you never know when things work out. There I was in a bar in Sydney on a Monday after a committee meeting debriefing about the day’s events. We had had a few drinks, when I heard a woman with an American accent at the bar order a drink. She was sitting by herself. I guessed she was in her sixties, but certainly well dressed and well-presented overall. I could see that she had a delightfully ample chest. Her gaze seemed to be inviting, so I did the appropriate thing and said hello (g’day to be specific), asked her name and which state of the U.S she was from.

She seemed a little flattered by the attention and responded that her name was Sheri and she was from Nevada. I liked the twinkle in her eye and she had that air of confidence that suggested a woman who had been successful in their career. As we got talking she revealed that she was on holiday, and that she was originally going to be travelling with a friend, but that they had to pull out at the last minute. Rather than waste the fare, she decided to come to Australia by herself.

“No one to have fun with unless I meet some nice locals who will show me the town,” she joked, a natural laughter emanating from her.

As we talked it became evident that our sense of humour complemented each other. My colleagues drifted off one by one until there were just the two of us. Rather than just stay at the bar, I suggested we go to a restaurant. I knew a good one around the corner, only a short 10 minute walk away. Sheri agreed and I offered her my arm and we walked together.

As we did so, Sheri voiced that she was too old for me. She said she was in her mid-sixties, and asked how old I was.

“42, and no I am not too young for someone as fun and vivacious as your good and sexy self,” I replied.

The meal was excellent as always at the particular establishment I had chosen, and I guided Sheri to some of the tastier morsels on the menu that she was unlikely to have eaten at home. I also introduced her to some of the finer Hunter Valley wines on the wine list. As we chatted she revealed that she had been attracted to me when she first saw me. It was my turn to be flattered. As the evening continued, the talk somehow turned to sex. It’s debateable as to which one of us led it there in the first instance. She asked me if I had ever had any encounters with a woman in her sixties and I responded that I had not.

“Your breasts are beautiful, what size are they?” I asked.

“40D,” responded Sheri.

I thought I’d go for broke and say something that will either end our evening rather abruptly, or send it an entirely different direction than I suspected Sheri had in mind.

Rather nonchalantly I said, “Your breasts are simply divine, god I’d like to tie them up.”

Not unexpectedly Sheri responded with a “Whattttttttttttttttttt did I hear right?”

“Yes, I am into BDSM. Is this something you’re potentially interested in?”

Sheri was lost for words, “Ummmmm No…. I mean perhaps yes……….. I’ve never really tried…. Ummmmm.. Ummmm… I don’t really know what to say.”

I didn’t push things, but did explain that I usually met women on line so that a liking of BDSM was already established.

As she got over the shock, Sheri offered that she was fascinated and intrigued by BDSM but she had always been a cowardly lion and had never ventured about seriously considering doing anything like it.

Sheri offered, “What a country, you meet one guy at a bar, and the next thing you are talking about kinky sex and the possibility of being tied up and good knows what else!”

We then spent a good half an hour or so with mostly me talking about what I was and wasn’t into. I explained that a partner sets the hard limits and then things that they really want to try and be pushed on. I explained that the key to BDSM play was safe, sane and consensual. By continuing to engage in the conversation, I could tell that there was more than an interest in participating.

In the end I concluded, relax and let your body and mind be led to somewhere that you have never gone before.

“What the hell, I may never get another opportunity and I am very horny now.”

“Where shall we go,” she asked.

I suggested we go to my place, after we swung past her hotel so she could pick up a change of clothes and whatever else she needed.

Outside the restaurant and in a quiet area of a side street, we did something more conventional. I slowly swung Sheri around and kissed her sensuously and deeply. She responded passionately. We finally broke of our lusty embrace and made our way first to the hotel, then to a taxi, and then towards my place which was about 20 minutes drive from where we were.

When we arrived at my place I took Sheri’s arm and escorted her inside. I poured her a glass of wine and told her to make herself comfortable while I got things ready.

I knew Sheri was new at this so I wasn’t planning on going through anywhere near a full repertoire of torments. I was planning on taking things slowly and ensuring I gave her a little taste of something different. If she had a good time, maybe she would travel further down the path…………

When I invited her into the bedroom, I could see her eyes were full of both trepidation and excitement — a lovely mix.

“Darling, sit on the end of the bed, and close your eyes, your journey begins.”

I started to sensuously massage Sheri’s shoulders and neck. Slowly my fingers and thumbs firmly worked their way into soft flesh, my thumbs swirling into the back of her neck. My long fingers worked their way into her shoulders, before I started to caress Sheri’s face, particularly her soft cheeks. I ensured my hot breath danced across her neck as I did so. I traced the outlines of her eyebrows ever so lightly. I interspersed my massage of her shoulders and neck with gently caressing her facial features.

My efforts had Sheri purring, so it was time for the next step. I undid the top button of her blouse and then returned to massaging her neck. I then undid the second, getting a clear few from above and behind of the top of Sheri’s bountiful tits. I then swished my hands slowly around from her neck to her chest and caressed her, careful at this stage not to touch her breasts.

“Mmmmmm,” sighed Sheri languidly as I nuzzled her ear and promised much more.

It was time to remove Sheri’s blouse, I undid the remaining buttons and took it off her. She now sat on the end of her bed wearing her bra, skirt and whatever was under her skirt. I would find out what that was in the fullness of time. With my own neck resting on Sheri’s right shoulder, I reached around and slid my hands up her side and then cupped her breasts. She moaned as I did so, and I felt her body tense and saw her bite her lip lightly. I repeated the effort, each time I grasped her breasts a bit more firmly, lifted them up just a tad more. For about 15 minutes I teased and caressed her tits through the fabric. Sheri had my undivided focus.

“Aged to perfection,” I whispered into her ear.

My own cock was rock hard in its confines as my hands worked over Sheri’s tits. I guided Sheri’s hand to my crotch and she squeezed instinctively, feeling the hardness there, before I withdrew her hand.

“It’s time I had a look at your tits Sheri, I’ve been dying to see them since we first started talking.”

I unclasped the buckle, and slid the bra down, kissing her neck as I did so. Her breasts spilled free of their lacy confines. This time it was my turn to gasp as I gazed down at Sheri’s tits.

“So magnificent…… I am going to have fun with these,” I said indulgently.

I slid my hands up and cupped them again. My thumbs swum around her nipples wickedly, flicking and squeezing, pushing them in gently. My hands were overflowing with beautiful tit flesh. With each touch of her rock hard nipples, Sheri moaned. The slightest fragrance of wet pussy started to drift liltingly through the room. I spent a good period of time squeezing, kneading and massage Sheri’s breasts.

I finally ceased my heavy duty breast massage and came around faced Sheri.

“Open your eyes Sheri,” I said.

I looked deeply into her lustful gaze and said, “Sheri, I am going to give me the opportunity to tell me exactly what you want me to do with your tits next. This is not an opportunity I offer to anyone.”

Sheri responded, “I need your mouth on my tits and my nipples, I need you to suck my nipples.”

“Very well then, I shall suck your nipples into lustful oblivion and beyond, now offer them up to me,” I replied.

Wordlessly, I broke our gaze and descended on to her offering. I inhaled first one and then the other nipple deeply. I sucked vigorously and occasionally broke off the sucking to swirl my tongue around the hot and hard flesh.

After such vigorous sucking, I finally asked Sheri to stand up in front of me. Her tits were noticeably red from my busy hands and her nipples exceedingly engorged. Take off your skirt for me Sheri. She did so quickly and stood in front of me in her panties.

“Are your panties wet Sheri?” I asked, and she replied that they were soaked.

“Take them off then.”

Sheri stepped out of her panties.

“Beautiful,” I offered, before adding, “I bet you didn’t expect at the start of the evening, that you would end up naked in front of a man. I also bet you didn’t expect what is about to transpire — a thoroughly spanked ass that will almost certainly end up with my cock in it, a fist in your cunt, and your tits tied and used.”

I added after a pause, “and who knows what else.”

Sheri grinned expectantly before I asked her turn around, bend over and put her hands flat on the end of the bed. I shifted her legs apart slightly and put my fingers against her cunt.

“My, my, you are wet aren’t you,” I said rhetorically.

I withdrew my fingers and then “whack”, as I spanked her ample ass with the flat of my hand. I spanked her ass repeatedly, only pausing to dip my fingers ever so slightly into her open pussy before resuming. Sheri quivered as each slap landed on her bare ass, but for the most part managed to stand still. What was white was now a distinct red.

Sheri vocalised throughout, “Oh luv, spank my ass….. please keep spanking it…… owww…. yes again.”

Clearly, this was something she was into. In between Sheri’s cries, the stinging sound of hand on bare ass echoed nicely through the room. With her ass now positively glowing, I relented. I reached under the bed and pulled out some relatively thin red rope and had Sheri turn around. She instinctively rubbed her ass as I showed her the rope.

“I hope that is going around my tits,” she blurted and I nodded decisively directing her to put her hands on her head.

Be careful what you wish for,” I said in response.

I tied her tits tight. Two loops of rope bit into the soft base of Sheri’s tits. I tied them tightly.

When I was finished, I had Sheri lock her hands behind her back as I first squeezed the now engorged globes of flesh. She moaned as I applied pressure to both of them with my hands. I wickedly alternated what I did. Sometimes grasping them both lightly and gradually applying more pressure, other times grabbing and squeezing them quickly. All while we kept our gazes locked together.

Sheri reserved the biggest yelps for when I slapped her burgeoning breasts playfully and for when I harshly tweaked her nipples. She reserved her biggest moans for when I inhaled her bullet like nipples.

“Ohhh please I want to cum, I can’t take this any longer,” whispered Sheri, her eyes lost in lust.

I reminded her that I was in control of her cumming, but I would allow the request in this instance, but with a condition.

“Unzip my cock,” I commanded.

Sheri obliged and instinctively grabbed it and went to bend down. I like such instincts, but I had a slightly different plan.

“Lay on the bed with your head hanging over the edge. I am going to feed you my cock and fuck your face as I squeeze your bound fucking tits. You can rub yourself to orgasm as you do. I will not cum as I am saving that for your cunt and asshole.”

I marvelled at the colour of her tits, a nice fiery red, as I fed Sheri my cock, her mouth opened instinctively and she swallowed me. I rocked my cock into her mouth and with each thrust it slid in slightly deeper. Sheri’s eyes started watering from the exertion.

“Your tits look like they are going to explode Sheri, my, my, you turn up for a quiet drink in an Australian bar, and you end up with your tits tied up and a cock down your throat, ain’t life grand?” I asked rhetorically and in any case an answer was not possible as her mouth was fully occupied by my rigid cock.

I fucked Sheri’s mouth slowly and deliberately, my cock was completely covered in her bubbling saliva, which also ran down the sides of her mouth and dripped onto the floor. I looked down eagerly at her breasts which got a darker colour by the minute and also enjoyed the sight of her cheek bulging outwards as I forced my cock harshly to the side of her mouth. I finished off her facefuck by planting both my hands on her enormously engorged tits and ramming my cock vigorously down her throat a dozen or so times. I could have cum very quickly doing this as Sheri gagged, but I withdrew before the edge of my orgasm became too close. Sheri panted as my cock vacated her mouth. I had her sit up so she could regain her breath, and as she did so she looked longingly at my cock.

“Would you like to cum Sheri?” I asked.

“Please… yes…. I need to cum.”

“With pleasure and pain I will make you cum Sheri, now lie face down flat on the bed and spread your legs.”

As she did so obediently, Sheri quickly realised where the pain would come from. Her bound tits were now squashed under the weight of her torso. She exhaled sharply and cried out as the full weight pushed her bound tits down. I spanked her ass a couple of times, before going to the cupboard to get some cuffs and some ropes and a few other things. I put cuffs on her wrists and ankles and with the ropes extending from them; I tied them to each corner of the bed.

“Tell me how you feel Sheri?”

“I feel used and helpless and need to cum so badly. Please can you make me cum?” begged Sheri.

“First I have a few more things to do until I allow you to release, not much longer now, but when you do cum, it may well be like you never have before.”

With my fingers which I had lubricated, I started to probe her anus. I spent a good 10 minutes probing her anus, enjoying her helplessness. By the end two fingers slid in easily and deeply and I finger fucked her backdoor, withdrawing completely before plunging back in. Sheri gasped as my fingers deftly opened up her asshole. When I was done, I inserted a relatively small buttplug into the now very accommodating hole.

“Now for the cunt,” I said matter-of-factly as slipped a glass dildo into her oozing snatch.

I pushed in deeply and commented that it was in as far as it would go.

“Sheri, you are now face down with your bound tits it agony, a plug lodged in your asshole and a glass dildo buried in your cunt. The least I can do now is look after that clit.”

Sheri just moaned in desperation for further stimulation.

With no further ado, I got out my Hitachi, and applied it firmly to her clit. She started to buck instantly and simply screamed, it did not take long for her to cum. Seconds in fact. She screamed into the mattress, a sustained scream that would have been ear-splitting had it not been muffled. She bucked against her restraints and at the height of her orgasm, the glass dildo came shooting out of her cunt as she convulsed and spasm. I showed total focus and no mercy. I kept the Hitachi firmly burrowing away between the bed and her pussy, even after her orgasm had long subsided.

Sheri now moaned in desperation for the removal of the stimulation, and finally I relented. I untied the restraints and then had Sheri sit on the bed. Her face was now bright red which went well with the deep red of her tits.

“I am going to untie your tits now, you will feel intensely painful throbbing as the blood flow return.”

Sheri gritted her teeth as first one and then the other breast was free of their restraints. Her hands instinctively went to touch them, but I slapped them away.

“Not yet,” I commanded, as I focussed on the deep grooves left by the ropes on the tender base of her tits.

“Nice,” I commented before adding that I wanted the buttplug left in.

Now Sheri, I want to watch you torment your own tits now. As you do so, I want you to focus your gaze on my hard cock, and my hard cock only. I want you to think about it fucking your asshole and filling it full of thick cum. I want you to see the pre-cum oozing out of my cockhead as you torture yourself under my guidance. With that I sat on the edge of the bed and held my cock straight out with my legs spread wide. I had Sheri kneel about a metre away from my cock, her knees on a pillow.

“Grab your nipples now,” I commanded, noting her gaze had fixed squarely on my cock as I had demanded.

“Now twist them Sheri, twist them hard and keep twisting them.”

Sheri winced as she did so, and over the next 15 minutes I gave her instructions. I had her put chopsticks on her nipples that were held together by rubberbands and twist them. I was impressed by her willingness and resilience, and all the while she focussed steadfastly on my cock. I had her slap her tits as well. I enjoyed the show she put on and my cock was oozing copious amounts of pre-cum.

“Excellent work Sheri, now get back on the bed, I am going to fuck your asshole.”

“Please fuck my asshole, that’s what I have been thinking about.” Sheri commented, before I added, “I do though I need to make sure your nipples are appropriately treated too.”

With that I removed the buttplug and looked on impressed as her asshole gaped ever so slightly. I went back to the cupboard and got out a pair of nipple clamps and attached them and the weights that came with them. They were heavy weights and they dragged Sheri’s poor tormented tits downwards.

“Those weights are going to swing wildly as I fuck your ass.”

“Enjoy the defilement,” I added.

I lubricated my cock and pushed it against her sphincter which opened with little effort. My big purple cockhead popped through and then my whole cock pushed deeply into her anal tunnel. I gave her already red ass, another few slaps and watched the weights swing and drag Sheri’s tits.

Simply then, I fucked her ass. I used it. It was only for a short time, but it was a hard anal fucking. I had no intention of trying to hold on, just the need to simply deposit a massive load of semen into the asshole of a woman who I had just met that night. I came as Sheri squealed both from the anal fucking and no doubt from the swinging clamps digging into her nipples. I buried my cock in deep, virtually pushing Sheri ever so slightly forward as I did so. My release was intense, thick and voluminous. When I whipped my cock out Sheri’s anus pulsed a torrent of cum from its depths than ran down and underneath her to drip onto the bed. Sheri’s anus kept pulsing.

“Very good Sheri, when I first saw you in the bar, I wanted to fill your ass, with spunk, mission accomplished I guess……. but I am not finished with you yet.”

I left the room and quickly came back after pouring a couple of drinks. Sheri was sitting up, still with the nipple clamps on and she was examining her tits.

“Look at what you have done to them,” she said, making referencing to the colouration.

“I quipped that some of the tit abuse she had inflicted on herself.”

We sat for a while and chatted, before I ventured that it was time for some more activities. Yet again I got her up on the bed on all fours; her arms were again tied via cuffs to the head of the bed, while this time her legs were held open by a spreader bar. What I was going to do to her was to use her holes and make her cum over and over again. Over the next hour, various dildo and vibrators were shoved into her cunt and asshole, and her clit was periodically buzzed to oblivion by the power of the Hitachi. I allowed some recovery time in between bouts of orgasm, but never too long. Sheri remained fixed in place for about an hour; I lost count of her climaxes. Her holes were ravaged and they gaped accordingly. With a big dildo lodged deeply in her ass, her last orgasm in this position was from my cock as I fucked her thoroughly used birth canal and deposited spurt after spurt of spunk deeply into it. At some stage, her nipple clamps must have torn off from the exertion. I removed the big dildo and observed her gaping asshole.

Katie walks up to Michael without saying a word and takes his hand. She interlocks her fingers with his and pulls him after her as she walks out the house. Michael wonders what she has in mind but decides not to ask, knowing that soon enough she will show him. Barefooted, they walk to a corner of the far end of the garden. Katie has spent her morning preparing for this, having placed several cushions in the high grass. In the shade of an old oak there is a basket waiting for their arrival. She kisses Michael’s neck tenderly and in soft whispers tells him to lie down and enjoy the nice weather. Katie walks to the basket and as she bends down to pick up the first few items she knows that Michael is looking at her ass as her tight black skirt raises to show off her purple thong. “Do you enjoy the view, babe?” she asks and giggles innocently before stranding back up. She sways her hips as she walks back to him. Keeling in front of him, she places a bowl on the ground and she fills a slender glass with champagne, handing it to him before pouring one for herself.

Katie lays down on her side inches from Michael and raises the glass to her lips, closes her eyes before letting the sweet drops dance on her tongue. She smiles softly and take another sip before opening her eyes and looking towards Michael. He seems to have done the same thing and satisfied for the moment, she places her glass somewhere behind her back and without taking her eyes of him, her fingers catch what she is searching for. “Close your eyes, babe. Please, for me” she says sweetly but without leaving room for discussion. She leans forward and soon he feels her hot tongue on his lips. Michael parts them, waiting for her tongue to enter his mouth. She quickly pulls back just to replace her tongue with a chocolate covered strawberry. With his eyes closed, he is unable to see her batting her eyelashes as she giggles at his split second of confusion regarding the new taste. She gently caresses his face as she feeds him yet another strawberry. Katie takes a deep breath as she looks at Michael, thinking to herself how beautiful he is lying there so peacefully. It seems to be the first time that he has forgotten to worry about her, the first time he is truly relaxed.

Katie nibbles on his earlobe as a wicket thought enters her mind. She slowly sits up and when Michael’s eyes connects with hers, she begins to unbutton her shirt. Soon her purple bra is on display for him. She throws the shirt on top of the basket and begins to unzip and slowly pull down her skirt. Katie moves to take Michael in her arms, pressing her barely dressed body against his. She digs her teeth into his neck and runs her fingers over his back. Licking her lips, she asks him if he wants to get naked with her.

Without waiting for a reply, Katie pulls Michael clothes off him, finally getting him completely undressed. Gently she traces her fingers along his naked body and brushes her lips against his, unable to stop grinning as she thinks of what is next.

She refills her glass of the sweet bubbly water and instead of drinking it, she bats her eyelashes as she lets the champagne drip onto her body. “Do you want a taste?” she asks, with a wicked grin.

She lies on her back, waiting for Michael to clean up the mess she just made with his hot tongue. Katie doesn’t have to wait long before he is all over her, sucking and licking her all over. She purrs in delight, loving his mouth. As he moves his way down to her satin covered pussy, her breath turns heavy with need. Soon it seems as if there’s no more champagne for Michael to suck off and Katie quickly picks up the bottle before focusing the flow to her pussy. Michael doesn’t let the added wetness stop him, he simply keeps on feasting on her flesh through the thin piece of clothe. His hands are busy digging into her ass. Katie moans, petting his head. She shivers in pleasure. Just as she is about to cum, she cups his face and gently pulls him to lips, kissing him lovingly. Katie lifts her hips and tugs on her thong, pulling it off. She sucks Michael’s bottom lip before biting hard on his nipple. As his lips part in a mix of pleasure and pain, she pushes her wet thong into his mouth, giggling.

She wonders how much they’ve been drinking as Michael didn’t seem to notice the surprise she had kept hidden for him all day long.

Katie unhooks her bra, watching Michael’s expression change as she shows off the alligator clamps on her nipples. He looks at her in awe and she cannot keep from giggling. Her blue eyes are dark with lust as she kisses him again. She almost screams out as he pulls on the clamps, her sore nipples unable to take the pain. He quickly rubs her clit, making her forget about the pain. A loud moan escapes her lips. Within a few seconds her first orgasm hits her. Michael doesn’t stop but adds first two then three fingers to her dripping pussy. He bites her outer pussy lips as he moves a finger from her clit to into her tight asshole. Orgasm after orgasm washes on Katie when he places his lips around her clit while moving the fingers in both holes in unison. She just lies there, moaning and quivering, having lost all control over her body.

Katie places her hand on his head and weakly pushes him away, unable to take any more. Michael moves to kiss his way up her body, over her tummy, breasts, clamped nipples and neck before wrapping his protective arms around her. He just holds her close, watching her relaxed body as she tries to catch her breath.

She turns her neck to gently kiss his lips while running her fingers over his cheek, softly caressing him. When she finally begins to get over her orgasm, she grins.

“Babe, that wasn’t part of the plan. I wanted this to be about your pleasure for once, not mine” she says in her childish ways, smiling innocently. She kisses him again, this time a little harder, before sucking his bottom lip into her eager mouth. She is able to taste her own sex on his lips, the sensation driving her crazy with lust.

Unable to control himself, Michael reaches down and pulls hard on the chain, causing her to bite his lip in surprise. She knew he’d love the clamps on her big nipples. Michael wraps his lips around one of them, caressing it with his tongue. He quickly pulls the clamp of the nipple and dig his teeth into the marks left by it. Katie screams in pain as the blood finds it way back into her sore and sensitive flesh, thankful that he slowed down the blood flow with his teeth. After having chewed on her nipple for a bit, he moves to the right one and repeats his action, causing another scream to escape her lips.

She lifts his head to hers, kissing him deeply as she turns him onto his back, placing a knee on each side of his hips and sit down on top of him without allowing his rock hard cock to enter her. She gently slides the tip of her tongue over his lips, parting them.

She lets the tip of her nose caress his neck as she moves towards his earlobe, touching it ever so gently with her teeth. She sucks on his earlobe, flicking her tongue over it repeatedly. Katie kisses along his jawline before biting his neck, knowing full well how her actions are sending pleasure all the way down his spine.

Kissing his shoulder tenderly, her hot breath is dancing on his skin. Michael can easily hear her heavy breath and knows her desire for him. Her fingers slowly move across his chest, touching light as a feather and yet pulling him closer.

The darkness in her eyes clearly shows her need for him while she runs her nails down his sides. He presses his body to her, wanting her so completely.

She teasingly flicks her tongue across his nipple. Pouring hundreds of small, soft kisses as her lips travel lower and her red nails run across Michael’s body.

She licks from his belly button and further down. Katie takes hold of his cock, feeling a need to taste the very essence of her man. Licking his inner thigh as she lets her nails gently dig into his ass. She looks up into his eyes and smiles as she sticks out her tongue to taste his delicious precum.

Katie licks along the underside, applying more pressure at the base. After she has gotten it wet, she blows hot breath on the sensitive skin. She takes hold of Michael’s balls and massages them ever so lightly.

She uses the tip of her tongue to tease around the head as she reaches up to lightly touch his nipples.

Taking hold of his cock, she begins to slowly stroke it. Katie flicks her tongue across the head, in search for more precum.

As she strokes him, she sucks his balls into her mouth, fully aware that they contain what she craves. She focuses on his full balls for a while, lovingly licking and kissing them.

Katie increases the speed of her hand and squeeze the base of his cock tightly. Her free hand finds its way to her dripping pussy. Her lips vibrate gently around his balls as she begins to moan.

Licking her lips, she looks up into his eyes and lets her tongue curiously poke into the slit as she closes her lips around the head. She takes a few inches into her mouth, moving her lips up and down.

Opening her mouth wide, she takes him deeper. At five inches she begins to gag on his hard cock, her throat muscles massaging the head. She lets go of his balls to dry her tears with her hand. She moves back up his cock for a deep breath before sticking out her tongue and taking another inch down her throat while licking the shaft.

Her fingers on her clit forces her to moan. He whimpers. He is right on edge, pulling her off his cock and to his lips by her hair, embracing her with his mouth. She smiles happily, knowing how much Michael has enjoyed her treatment.

Michael turns her over and pins her down, her arms above her head. In rapid movements, he gets between her pale thighs and spreads them while pressing his body on top of hers. He quickly penetrates her, forcing her to moan in responds. She arches her back, offering her body to him. He takes her. Hard and fast. Thrusting into her petite body mercilessly. One moan quickly replaces another as they fill the hot summers air. Katie closes her legs around his waist, pulling him harder into her. Her body burns with need and she knows that his heavy balls are aching to spill their seed inside her. She feels his rough fingers on her clit and his sharp teeth on her nipple as she cums hard. The soft flesh is squeezing his cock so tightly as she climaxes, it causes him to have his own orgasm, shooting his cum deep inside her pussy. He keeps fucking her until the last bit has left him and collapses on top of her, exhausted. After a few quick breaths, he realizes that his large frame on top of her tiny body might not be the best idea and rolls off her.

She closes her arms around his neck and kisses him before crawling down his body to clean his sex with her hungry lips. She laps the juices off him, craving every single drop. Once he is properly cleaned, she moves back into his arms.

They fall asleep with their limps tangled together in the high grass.

“You’ve very good, pet, and now you will experience what a good pet gets,” Sam purred, and kissed her lightly on the lips. Fire ripped through her as he did, and she felt his broad fingers touch her sides, the gentle massaging of the finger—mounted vibrators warmly caressing the sides of her breasts. Brittany felt herself melting against Sam’s lips, closed but still somehow enervatingly delicious.

He broke the kiss, slowly drawing back, quiet serenity still lying on his face, an approving grin on his soft pink lips. Brittany shifted, spreading her legs further, pushing her pelvis forward, pointing it more outwardly, and murmured, “Please touch me, sir.”

Sam took in a breath, and smiled, almost yawning, and, with a grin, retorted “Pet, I am already doing so.” He fingers traced the lower rim of her small breasts, and circled up, the trembling vibes rounding the rim of her areole. Brittany’s eyes widened, and her mouth formed an gasping ‘O’. She leaned—halfway fell—back onto the couch, her shoulders and head sinking into the leather cushion. Sam gently slid his fingers to her nipples, pinching each between a pair of vibes.

Brittany’s hips began to buck, lifting her pelvis with each one, flinging droplets, one by one, of her wetness at Sam’s feet. “Calmly, pet, calmly,” he told her, and, as if guided by the steadiness of his voice, her hips slowed. She bit her lip, and reveled in the shock, as his vibrating fingers pinched and massaged her nubs. His naked digits stroked the sides of her breasts, gently stroking the light skin, the tinted vibes not losing their focus.

Brittany closed her eyes, and bit harder on her lip, stifling a moan. She felt her breasts pulled straight out, her nipples being stretched and pleasured, pinched and shaken, tightly clamped between vibrating hardness. She heard a rustling, and felt Sam shift. By the time could gather herself enough to open her eyes, and look to see what had happened, he was already back, precicely when he had been. Struggling to hold back the urge to thrust that suffused her pelvis, Brittany quietly peeped “Sir, please penetrate me. I want to cum for you.”

Sam smiled broadly. “I thought you’d never ask, pet. Understand, however, that it’s not yet time for what you are thinking of, pet. But don’t worry. You are about to feel something not altogether unlike what you initially intended to, this night,” he narrated, putting a quizzical look on Brittany’s face. She whimpered as his fingers released her nipples, but silenced herself the moment she saw what he was doing. With a few deft motions, he secured the strap on, the six inch vibe humming nicely, his larger member standing erect above it.

Sam gently removed the vibes from his fingers, and clicked them off. As Brittany quivered, he placed two fingers at the base of her slit. “Hold still, pet. This won’t hurt a bit,” he instructed, and stroked up. A tiny shriek came from her throat, as he stopped immediately short of her clit, then took has fingers, and rubbed them on the head of the dildo. “Very good, pet. I know you can do this,” he assured her, and repeated the process again. A third pass, and a fourth, and the vibe was sopping. Brittany felt tears welling up in her eyes—the stroking and nipple play brought her intense pleasure, but not orgasm, and the tension was unbearably painful.

Her voice shaking, Brittany peeped “Please, sir. Let me cum for you.” Blinking, when she say no reaction, she continued, pleading “Please penetrate me, sir. Please.” Sam smiled, and slid the finger vibes back on

With a soft tone, and his bright eyes shining, he spoke again. “Shhhhh, pet. Don’t sound too eager—it is unseemly,” Sam chided. He turned the finger vibes back on. Her eyes brightening at this, Brittany arched her back, lifting the pert, small spheres up and forward, happily. Sam smiled, and supported the bottom of her breasts with his vibed fingers.

Holding his fingers in place, supporting, his face, not losing its warmth, abruptly took on an even more emphasized aura of command. “Now, pet, you are going to orgasm, and that is because you are a good pet, and good pets get certain prerogatives,” Brittany hung on his every word, nodding solemnly as he spoke. “But, if you want me to give you more, you must contain yourself as long as you can. Patience will get you everywhere, and everything,” he added emphasis to the last word, and Brittany smiled joyfully. “Do you understand, pet?” he queried. Brittany nodded quickly. Sam cocked his head, and his smile retreated. Catching herself, Brittany nodded more slowly, with greater solemnity. Sam’s radiance returned.

The tickling, caressing sensations of the jiggling tips slid up the underside of her breasts. As Sam’s fingers pinched her nipples, her legs stretched out, squirming against the pleasure. He rolled the nubs again, pulled them again, tugged on them, and Brittany bit her lip in resistance. Walking forward on his knees, slowly, Sam gently placed the tip of his cock on her slit, and, at the same moment, the lubed strap on touched her asshole. Her mouth flew open, again, in an ‘O’, and she let off a pulsing gasp, and then another, her resistance rapidly failing.

Pushing slightly forward, Sam’s cock slid upward, to lightly touch her clit. As he did so, the very tip of the vibe entered her ass, rumbling, massaging. Two tears dropped from Brittany’s eyes from the pain of restrained pleasure, and, taking pity, Sam leaned forward. He kissed his pet lightly on the lips, and, the moment they touched, pinched down hard on her nipples, and pulled them close. Taking her cue, Brittany came. Her pussy was empty, but it contracted and spasmed anyway. A flow of wetness tricked down, redoubling the lubrication on the vibe. She screamed into Sam’s mouth, a bubbling gurgle thanks to his tongue’s strokes against her own. It took every fiber of her strength not to buck her hips, but she understood that doing so was Not Allowed.

Brittany’s spasms of pleasure pulsed through her with every heartbeat. She felt sweat beat on her body, she felt her pussy grip down on a cock that wasn’t there. She felt her asshole clamp on the tiny tip that had begun to penetrate it. She shuddered with each throb, reveling in the restrained glory of an orgasm, before, with a sigh, leaning back, stretching her nipples further. For a single moment, she contemplated her position—handcuffed, tied to the couch, with her own strap on beginning to penetrate her ass, and the man she brought home to be a sub dominating her more completely that she ever had owned her lone sub. She breathed in deeply, exhaled, and then heard Sam’s voice again.

“That was very good, pet, very good. You lasted longer than I thought you would. Now, you may feel a modicum of pain, but, I assure you, it is for the best. Take a deep breath, pet,” he suggested. Brittany took in another deep breath, then screamed as she felt Sam press into her. She flung her body forward, and her head on Sam’s shoulder, as she felt his wide cock slide inside her pussy. She’d never been with a man nearly as large as he, and it hurt as he pushed inside her, the head of his cock stretching her from within, stroking her insides, rubbing the ridged mound of her g—spot. The vibrator was easier—she’d never had something quite that large in her ass, but her last and only sub had loved those rare occasions where she let him fuck her ass (but never, of course, cum in it).

Sam [italics]shhhhhh[/italics]ed into her ear as she nuzzled into his shoulder, moaning as he edged deeper into her, calmly talking to her, keeping her grounded as he pushed deeper and deeper inside her, still pinching on her nipples. She felt herself filling, the shaft of Sam’s cock lumbering into her, the head touching the deepest point in her, and pushing back, stretching her, and she grew taut around him. The vibe attacked her ass from within, and her nipples screamed as the finger vibes stroked and caressed her swollen, sore nips. His cock pushed deeper and deeper… the pain grew sharper and sharper, like a razor wrapped in the orgasmic pleasure of his cock. It was almost unbearable.

Brittany didn’t know how she did it, but she felt Sam’s hair crumple against her groin, and the leather of the strap—on press her cheeks. Sam whispered sweet nothings in her ear, and released her nipples. She heard a plastic ‘click’ and belatedly realized that the caps that had been rolling her nipples doubled as clamps, when snapped together. She felt his large hands spread across her small back, and he began to thrust inside her. The vibe filled her ass, shuddering her, sending quivers up her spine. Her nipples screamed as the clamps attacked her. Her arms flailed in their cuffs, not trying to escape, just thrashing with pleasure. Lastly, she felt his cock pumping in her.

Brittany felt Sam’s thrusts go deeper. He would slam into her, his cock penetrating her further than even the most daring dildo she’d ever tired had reached. He’d pull himself a few inches out, with a slick sound, the top edge of his shaft stroking her clit, then pump back in. Every thrust grew deeper, every plunge drawing both dildo and cock out of her, then plunging back in. Again and again he rammed into her, arcing the angle so that the dildo stayed inside her. Her pussy throbbed, and contracted painfully, as the rim of his head tickled and stroked her spot, and his tip slammed against her cervix, plunging against her A spot. The clamps crunched and massaged her nipples, and her mouth became an ‘O’ again, wetly pressing into Sam’s shoulder.

He felt her mouth, and understood instantly. He pulled himself almost fully out of her, leaving just the head of his cock inside her, wide as a half—dollar at the head, and his rumbling voice tickled her ears, “I told you. Hold it in, pet. Hold it in as long as you can. I know you can do it, pet,” he encouraged her. He slid a bit further into her throbbing depth, then began to pulse in and out, rubbing his rim across her g—spot, over and over, massaging the mound. He took one hand off her back. The clamps were driving her nipples mad, the vibe, about an inch of with remained inside her, assaulted her innards.

“I don’t know if I can do it, sir. You’re so good. You feel so nice inside me. Sir, I’m going to cum again, soon. I’m so sorry sir!” the words pulsed out between gasps, slowly, haltingly, as stroke after stroke from Sam’s head caressed her spot. A kiss landed on her ear.

Sam, in his tenderest tone yet, told her “Don’t worry. I know you’ve tried, pet. I’m going to give you an orgasm now. You’ll know when to succumb. And, when you do, hold nothing back.” Her cheek rubbed against his, nodding, as her tears streamed down her cheeks, and down his back. Mid—nod, she screamed, as he thrust forward, and his free hand pinched her clit. Nine inches sank inside her, deeply. His thick fingers pinched and pulled [italic]hard[/italic] on her clit. The vibes madly struck her ass and nipples, and, in a confused shatter, Brittany lost control.

Her gush caught her utterly off guard—she had never had one before. But the combination of stimuli, the depth of the fuck, the pleasure on every nub and cavern of her pleasure, and the deeply erotic pleasure of her submission simply overwhelmed her. As her vulva was utterly filled by his cock, she felt a release deep inside herself, pouring through and out of her with the deep relief and ecstacy of the most visceral catharsis, the most fundamental, primal pleasure Brittany had ever experienced. She felt a splash pouring against her thighs and belly, only belatedly realizing that the massive flow was her own. She thrashed and slammed against Sam’s body as the orgasm danced through her, the jet of liquid from her subsiding. Her scream petered out, and she gasped, before resuming a loud, sharp moan.

Still moaning, she felt Sam release her clit, and remove the clamps from her nipples. Her legs quivering, she felt the vibe slide out of her ass, and his cock remove itself from her. Sam instructed her, “Pet, I am very pleased with your performance.” As her last twitches subsided, she head him unclasp the vibrator. “I thought you would be able to do that. I am proud of you, pet. I think you deserve a taste of what you accomplished,” he concluded, and stood up.

Sam’s long, dripping cock hovered right in front of her face, gently rising and falling with each breath he took. “Lick it clean, and do so properly, pet, and I’ll untie you, and give you even more fun,” he wickedly intoned. Those words alone prompted a trickle of wetness out of Brittany’s pussy.

“I don’t know how to thank you, sir,” Brittany whispered. Slightly louder, she gathered her wits enough to continue, ” You gave me a screaming, squirting orgasm, and now I get to taste myself, and lick your beautiful cock? I don’t deserve you, sir!”

Sam grinned, and stroked her ears. The simple, platonic potion felt like a tongue across her labia—it gave her a sexual thrill more visceral than most of her earlier lovers couldn’t get in hours of fucking. He didn’t say anything—his warm grin was approval enough. Just staring into his eyes, Brittany thought she might cum—but she knew he would be disappointed if she did. She turned to the matter at hand, and stuck out her tongue. The first droplets of her own wetness streamed down her throat, and she felt an erotic thrill. She couldn’t wait to see what pleasure would come next.

The new restaurant had the standard dim lighting that some restaurant owners thought went well with sexy waitstaff and a distinct lack of interest in the food’s taste. He and his date were led to a decent table near a fireplace. The heat was welcome on this cold winter night.

Their waitress appeared, looking perky and sexy, without vamping out, unlike too many of her coworkers. Her face was that of an angel, with long corn silk hair, and a warm smile. The short French skirt revealed legs that could do with a closer examination. All in all, she looked far tastier than the menu. The standard low cut blouse revealed perfectly sized and shaped breasts, with the nipples’ outline just visible in the tight top.

His date was noticeably pissed when the waitress appeared. What made it funnier was that the waitress was doing her best to make herself noticed, without getting fired. Sarah was her name. Several times Sarah made sure that his meal and drink were just right, while she forgot that his date was even sitting at the same table. This woman showed promise.

When the bill appeared, he saw a folded slip of paper under the credit card. Name, phone number and a smiley face. Well, that was strike one. A SMILEY FACE? She would have to pay for that.

That night he was distracted. Finally in the morning, his date limped off, unhappy that she did not earn his full attention. Still, a bit of oral, then vaginal, then a deep anal examination, followed up by her gentle licking and cleaning, and he was almost happy. Her bruises on her butt shone nicely in the bathroom light.

They promised to call each other, but Link knew better. Vanilla ice cream just got boring too fast. This girl was just like that.

Sunday arrived, and he knew that Sarah had the day off. She managed to tell him that much. He dialed her number.

“Hello?” He recognized her voice at once.

“Hi, Sarah. We met last night. Remember me? Link?”

“Oh hi!, I wasn’t sure that you would call. I’m glad that you did.”

“Sarah, I am free today, and I was wonder. . .”

“I’d love to. I’m free all day.”

He almost laughed at the anxious way she talked.

“Good, then come to my place. But I have to warn you, I have strong tastes.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say I like control, even physical control.”

There was no answer. The silence grew longer until finally he heard her breath.

“Ok, where do I go?” Her voice sounded a lot shakier. Oh well, she would soon learn. he told her when and where.

At noon, the bell rang. He let her in. He helped her off with the coat, and saw that she was way too well bundled. All that beautiful skin was covered. That would have to change.

“Sarah, now, for the next three hours, you will do everything I ask. Then, you will have a half hour to have me do anything that you want. Deal?”

Her face said it all. This was way too fast, way too heavy and probably way too scary for this girl. 26, slender, a great butt, and long legs, and breasts that were at least a handful and more than a mouthful. And from KANSAS no less. The big city ate these girls alive, and Link was glad to be doing the eating.

Finally, she nodded, with a jerky motion, afraid of what would happen next.

He ordered her downstairs. His basement was outfitted with a great plasma screen, video cams, and a whole variety of restraints and strange devices. He was proud of his work. This was all homemade. Wood, leather, chains, steel bars, and all strong enough to hold the weight of three adults. He knew that from experience. Those twins still called and asked for repeat performances. They were sweet and cute.

“Take it off. All of it.”

Sarah began removing her top. He was right. They were perfect breasts. Link could never decide whether he was a neck, leg or breast man, especially when the perfect butt walked by. Pert, large, and upstanding, he saw that the areolas were light pink and without a blemish. He smiled. That would change, too.

By the time her jeans and undies came off, she was shaking. He kept it warm down here, so Link knew that it was fear. But, fear made it even more fun. He told her to lay down on the movable table, face down. She did. He took her left leg and laced it closed in a leather and chain tether. He did the same with the left arm. He hit the button and she began to rise, enough for him to pull out the table. She cried out from fear and surprise. He grabbed a horse crop, his favorite for close in work. He poked at the nipples and watched as they began to get hard.

“But, I . . . I don’t . . . I never have! I’m a virgin,” she stammered out.

“You’re 26 and a virgin?” he demanded.

“My father is a baptist minister and very strict.”

WHACK across her left breast. She was so shocked that she couldn’t make a sound. WHACK right on her right nipple. This time she screamed. The horse crop was such a great tool. She tried to cover her breasts with her free arm, but even so, he could see the red mark rise up. From her expression, she finally realized that she was tied up for good and could not escape.

He slowly walked behind her and WHAP across her butt. What a perfect butt. Bouncy, strong, and also unmarked. For now. Then a second, then a third time. By this time she was sobbing.

Link examined her closely. Too much hair. He pushed the button and raised her even higher. He pulled out his shaving kit: a table, a bowl of water, soap, a straight edge and an electric razor.

“Sarah, do you know what I am going to do now?”

She sobbed no.

“Do I have your permission to shave you?”

She nodded yes, again in a jerky manner.

He used the electric to remove most of her hair. Her vaginal lips seemed too perfect, too unused. He inspected her closer and slipped in a finger. Damn. She was intact. Amazing. After the razor, he soaped her up and stropped up the straight edge. Carefully, so as not to cut her most sensitive skin, he removed the last signs of hair between her legs. Then, he wiped her clean and examined her again. Gorgeous. He noted, with a smile, that all his attention had gotten her aroused. The lips were swelling gently, and he saw the nub of her clit start to pop out.

“That’s a good girl, a very good girl.” He coaxed her clit out more, with his tongue, then his thumb. It was growing nicely, and Sarah soon could not stop herself from moaning. He took out a clothes pin from his pocket, and clipped it to her large hard clit. Sarah groaned in what seemed to be both pain and pleasure. He moved to her breasts. First, a scented oil, especially on the red stripes that lined each breast. Soon, she was moaning again. He found himself getting hard, what with such soft, yet firm breasts in his hands. He concentrated on the left, or top breast. Soon, her nipple was as hard as a rock. He took out a black metal paper fastener and clamped it on her hard nipple. Another muffled scream. He did the same to the right breast.

Now, she was ready.

He pulled the table back and lowered her onto it, this time face up. He undid her arm, handcuffed them together, and pulled her arms over her head. There, he hooked the handcuffs to the table.

The right leg, he bent at the knee, and quickly tied a leather band to her thigh. He pulled this hard, until her right leg was almost on her chest. He repeated this with her left leg. She was totally opened up to him now.

The fun could now begin. A virgin? Amazing.

“Now Sarah, before we start, I want to know. I do have your permission to continue, right? You are giving me express permission?” As he spoke he removed the clothes pin from her clit and started rubbing it in a gentle, soft, circular motion.

She nodded yes.

“No, Sarah, you must say it out loud.”

“yes, Yes, YES, please DON’T STOP,” she almost screamed. Her breathing was getting faster and shorter. No, this would not do. He took his hand away. Sarah began moving her hips as though she wanted to will his hand back.

He looked for and selected another oil. He dabbled a bit on her ass and moved it gently around her asshole.

“What. . . what. . . no, not there, no, that’s dirty!” she was beginning to fight her binds.

“Sarah, trust me. Do you trust me?”

“Ye .. ye .. yes, but that’s .. that’s not right.”

“Oh, yes it is.”

He reached over for a small set of BenWa balls, 6 marbles tied in a row. He oiled each one, then began to insert them one by one. By the time the fourth one was in, she seemed to get confused at the sensation. When the last one was in, he went back to her clit.

She responded at once, moaning and thrusting her hips back and forth.

Link grabbed the smallest metal vibrator he had. Might as well not hurt her too much without permission. He lubed it up, then turned it on. The slightest touch at her clit and soon Sarah was moaning loudly. He pushed it gently between her wet, hot vaginal lips and pushed, centimeter after centimeter. He hit the obstruction, and pushed harder. She gave in immediately. A small amount of blood appeared. Leaving the vibrator in and on, he wiped and washed her again. His thumb went back to work on her clit.

He brought out a twin set of nipple clamps that were hooked up to the ceiling. This time, the clamps seemed to stimulate, not hurt her. It was hard to tell, her moans were louder than the vibrator. He pulled on the chain and stretched her breasts hard. Her eyes opened with a little fear, but her words said something elese.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd, I ne ne ne ver never nuh hun no, yes, yes, YES, YES!”

All at once she came with explosive force. Link was happily surprised. She was a squirter. He pulled out the vibrator and turned it off. Her face was red, and her breath was absolutely ragged, as though she had run the marathon.

He dropped the edge of the table, giving him complete access to the sweetest part of her body. By now Link was fully erect. She was so hot and wet, that entering her was only a little harder than he expected. Damn, she was a virgin, he reminded himself. He pushed harder and began a steady rhythm. Soon all eight and half inches were inside, then out, then in, then out. Sarah began making gurgling sounds.

“Oh my, I don’t believe, I can’t oh please, yes, yes, no, yes, oh, that feels like oh!”

Just as he felt her tensing up for yet another explosion he reached down, without missing a stroke, and began pulling out the BenWa balls ever so slowly. They came out one at a time with a plop. With each ball, she screamed again. Her second explosion made him wet. This orgasm was even bigger than her first. It almost made him come. Damn, tight, warm, wet and exploding. This girl was a keeper.

He withdrew, and undid her nipple clamps. He still had one more goal, before the instructions began.

“Thank you, thank you, I never imagined.”

“Sarah, we aren’t done. Not by a long shot.” She looked at him strangely.

He undid her handcuffs, then her thighs. He helped her off the table, although she had trouble standing for a bit.

He laid down on a low table and told her to straddle him. She did this willingly. Just as she was going to impale herself, he stopped her.

“No, Sarah. I want your ass. Now!”

“No, not that, can’t I just have you inside please? It’s so large, but I want. .”

He slapped her left breast hard.

“NO, Sarah. I want your ass. Do it. That will teach you to give me a smiley face again.”

Without another word, she moved her body forward a bit, then aimed his cock at her asshole. The lube and the balls had helped, but she was still incredibly tight. She groaned and almost screamed when his head finally made it in. Little by little, he inched in deeper. God, she was tight. What a perfect sensation. Soon, she was going up and down, groaning again.

As she got into the rhythm with eyes closed he reached in a drawer for a tiny hand-held vibra-cone. He turned it on and pressed it against her clit. Sarah soon doubled her speed. Her groans got louder and louder. She came for a third time, squirting once again, but this time, her tight ass was too much for him. He felt himself explode with his own scream. He pushed and pushed and pushed, emptying himself deep in her ass. She collapsed over him, breathing hard again. He reached down, and stuck a nipple in his mouth. She groaned happily.

“Oh my, oh, wow. I never. I never imagined. Oh, don’t stop, it’s sore, but it’s great.”

He rubbed her other breast with his hand. She groaned again.

He pushed her off, then led her to his swiss shower. Twelve shower heads surrounded them plus a drencher above and a special sprayer that acted like a liquid vibrator near his hip. They were soon lathered up and washing each other. Link got hard again. Her slender body felt great in the hot water.

She grabbed his hard cock and looked at him in awe.

“That is big, I mean I’ve seen pictures, but this is big!” She couldn’t keep her hands off of it. They dried each other off, then he pulled her back into his toy room. This time, he grabbed two vibrators, quite a bit larger than the first. He oiled both up, then took the larger one and poked and prodded until it was deep in her cunt. He then pushed the second one up her ass. With a gleam in his eye, he turned both of them on slow. She closed her eyes, and began playing with her own breasts, pulling her nipples, rubbing her breasts harder and harder.

He had her kneel in front of him, then began instructing her as to what a real blow job entailed. She quickly got into it. Five minutes later, he exploded deep in her throat. She gagged, but was too distracted by her ass and cunt to complain. A minute later, she came yet again. This time, she removed her own vibrators and turned them off. She crawled up next to him and put her head on his chest.

“Link, can we do this again?”

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