Chapter 9: Toy Shop Epiphany

Edited by Susurrus

Joan was distraught and wandered the grounds aimlessly. After she and Peter left the Spa the day before, they spent the entire afternoon and well into the evening on the Isle of Eros, swimming, fucking, and enjoying the sights and sounds of their fellow guests at play.

Joan was very careful of the sun and applied sunscreen liberally throughout the day. She even had some of the other guests, both male and female, help her while Peter was out cavorting on a windsurfer. The touch of all those strangers’ hands made her feel deliciously naughty and horny.

Peter wasn’t as careful. He told her, “The label says: ‘All-Day Waterproof”! I’m fine!”

She was very worried later when, back in their room, she saw the flaming color of Peter’s skin.

He took a cold shower and they went to bed, but about 1 AM he leapt out of bed crying, “Oh god, I’m on fire!” and immersed himself in a tub of cold water.

He steadily became feverish and more uncomfortable through the night until, at 4 AM, Joan called the front desk, asking what to do. Peter ended up covered in aloe, asleep from a sedative, with an IV pumping fluids into his arm in the infirmary.

It was their honeymoon. It was all going so wonderfully and they had chatted on the beach about how they would really let loose Wednesday night at the next resort-wide party, but now the trip was a nightmare. In one of his few lucid moments during the night, Peter apologized for ruining their honeymoon, and promised to make it up to her. He also insisted that she go out and play, as they had made a pact to get the very most out of this vacation to expand their sexual horizons. Joan demurred as he slipped back into sleep, but the thought planted a seed.

Joan was not only distraught over Peter’s condition: she was confused, angry, and felt intense guilt about her own feelings. While she knew the responsible thing would be to fly Peter back to the mainland as soon as possible, she really wanted to stay at La Playa. Her worries about Peter were interspersed with fantasies about every person she saw as she wandered around the paths and lobby. She and Peter weren’t novices to same and group sex when they married, and had gone through a very candid and frank negotiation regarding what they considered an open marriage when they moved to New York a year before their wedding.

A complicating factor was her worries about whether their insurance would cover all the expenses they were facing. They borrowed money from his parents for the honeymoon (Peter’s mom would be apoplectic if she knew the true nature of the resort) and they both had college loans and considerable credit card debt. Living in New York was just as expensive as they had anticipated, and even though they both had good jobs, they were living paycheck to paycheck.

All this swirled through her thoughts, but she kept ending up right back at her desire. She had truly enjoyed the sapphic love of her college roommates, but got an even bigger kick when they made love on their web cam. The fact that it helped pay the bills made her feel like a whore, but she found in her secret thoughts that those feelings gave her a nasty thrill that sent tingles through her clit.

The impromptu fuck surrounded by all the other guests during the welcome party, the intense orgasm she experienced at the hands of Margo in the Spa, fucking on the beach and being touched by several other people while applying sunscreen for her all came together to make her outright randy. Her upbringing told her that such thoughts were wrong, and she should be holding Peter’s hand even now, but her pussy juices were flowing, her nipples were sun kissed and swollen, and her mouth watered at every cock and breast she saw. She couldn’t stop thinking about Peter’s encouragement that she go play.

She didn’t think of it as “permission” — as part of their open relationship negotiation they had agreed that permission wasn’t necessary as long as they were fully open and honest with each other. Their agreement included each of them exploring their sexuality with others – especially same-sex experiences – alone as long as they gave each other all the juicy details afterward.

Steve found her in the lobby and invited her to sit with him on a couch. He was of course nude, while she was dressed in shorts and a tank top. She felt her nipples stiffen against the fabric as she drank in the sight of his line-free tan and beautiful cock.

“I just visited Peter and the doctor in the infirmary,” Steve began. “The doctor tells me that Peter is very lucky to have only moderate second-degree burns. Anything worse and we would need to call in a med/evac chopper and get him to a burn unit right away. As it is, the doctor tells me that we can handle Peter’s needs here for two or three days until he is fully stable and on the road to healing. Then, with painkillers and sedatives he should be able to handle a standard flight back to the States. But, we want what you want. If you want to get Peter to a stateside hospital in Miami, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands we’ll call in the med/evac. We’ll cover the costs of transportation and your insurance can pick up in the new location. As long as you stay here the treatment is, of course, free.”

“Did you say two or three days?” Joan asked.

“That’s the doctor’s best estimate right now,” replied Steve.

“And I could take him home, not to a burn unit?”

“Better double check that with the doctor, but that’s the impression I have.”

“We’ve got insurance, and I’m sure my parents and his would help, but if we could avoid all that other expense, it sure would be a help,” Joan said, feeling relief flood over her as she realized she would be able to do the right thing for Peter and still fulfill her own desires. “You don’t know what a relief this news is. Thank you so much, and for creating such an incredible place!”

“My pleasure,” smiled Steve. “I’ll keep tabs on Peter’s progress, and I want you to join me and a few other guests for dinner prior to the party tonight. I can imagine that you may be feeling somewhat conflicted as a newlywed in a sex resort with an injured spouse.

“Remember that you make all the choices,” he continued, “and if you don’t want to play or participate you don’t have to. All of the staff already know of the situation, and if you need anything, or feel uncomfortable in any situation, you just find a staff member and say so. Remember, too, that all the Activities staff are licensed sex surrogates, with extensive training in counseling, so if you’d just like someone to talk to, I highly recommend any of them. In the meantime, I recommend that you get some breakfast and a little R&R. The doctor tells me that the sedatives will keep Peter asleep at least until early afternoon, but you get 24 hour access to his bedside anytime you want it. We’ll even put you on a cot next to him if that’s what you want.”

Tears of gratitude, exhaustion, and relief streamed down Joan’s face. “Thank you so much!” she said softly. “This is the most wonderful place, and you are the most wonderful man in the world.”

With that she leaned over and hugged Steve fiercely. He took the young woman in his arms, brushed a tear from her cheek, and kissed her forehead. Being the horny old man he was he felt his cock stir as he realized how hard her nipples were beneath her tank top, but he was far too much of a gentleman to take advantage of the situation, even if she was willing. Now, that night after dinner might be a different story…

“If you need anything, just call,” he said. “Now go get yourself some breakfast and rest. Have room service bring up a tray if you want. Dinner will be at seven, dress is resort standard, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy meeting some of my partners and other guests.”

Reaching for a notepad next to a house phone he continued, “Here is the extension for the infirmary and the direct line to the doctor’s residence. Use them whenever you want an update… and yes, the doctor asked me to give you his direct line.”

“Thank you. I’ll see you tonight,” Joan said as she reluctantly withdrew from the older man’s embrace.

With a smile, Steve left her and she began walking back toward the honeymoon suite.

“Two days!” she thought. She would have at least two more days here at La Playa. The thought delighted and thrilled her. She would visit Peter often, read to him if he wanted, and they could dream together of their new life. And there would also be plenty of time to explore her desires. She was sure Peter would understand and want her to do so – he’d said as much – though she’d still have to fight the guilt of exploring her own needs while Peter was laid up.

Maybe they could arrange to come back in the future. They would certainly attend some swingers’ parties and go to some clubs back home in New York. And she would encourage him to explore his bisexuality on his own back in the real world.

As she walked and mused, her body continued to feel a mixture of horniness and exhaustion, and her eye caught sight of a sign that read simply “Geppetto’s.” The toy shop! But unlike the toy shop in the children’s story, this shop was filled with toys for adults.

“I need more than just breakfast and sleep,” she said to herself. “I need a good cum, but I’m too tired to put the energy into finding a partner. Maybe they’ve got a toy, one that I can use on me and maybe on Peter when he gets better!” She turned and walked through the entrance.

It was only 8:30 in the morning, but Geppetto’s already contained two or three patrons, and the hostess greeted her with a dazzling island smile.

“Welcome to Geppetto’s,” said the lovely chocolate-skinned girl. “Is there something in particular you are looking for?”

“Thanks, I think I want to just look around first. Wow, I’ve been in toy and book stores back home, but nothing like this!” Joan enthused as she drank in the sights.

The store had to be several thousand square feet, and carried every type of adult toy from gag gifts and the predictable flavored condoms through to advanced leather and BDSM devices. The store had done a booming business over the internet months before the resort was completed, and had developed a reputation as one of the most complete outlets in the world. While the products in the store were not a part of the resort vacation package, each guest had an unlimited account, to be billed upon their return home. Joan turned a full circle, then gravitated toward a wall display with a dazzling assortment of dildos and vibrators.

This section was at least fifty feet long and contained everything from pocket rocket vibrators like Joan used to carry in her purse, through dildos that looked so real that they might explode with cum any second (some of them could actually simulate ejaculation) and on to monster schlongs in ebony and neon colors that looked as if they would kill an elephant, much less fit into a human being.

Joan felt like a kid in a candy shop, and had just as much trouble deciding what to pick as she had in the mall at age seven. She knew she wanted a vibrator, but there were dozens of different kinds, and contrary to her earlier randiness, she now felt shy about asking the attendant for help. Her shyness turned to embarrassment as an almost pretty man who made her think of an aging surfer began to browse just a few feet away.

Joan was just about ready to turn and run out of the store as the bleached blonde man let out a huge sigh . “God they’re all so gorgeous, how can I possibly choose?”

The ice broke at his words. She realized that the man was gay, his voice suggested it and his armbands confirmed it, and knowing that he was having the same difficulties she was made her reply:

“I know what you mean.”

“Are you buying for yourself or a friend?” asked the man.

“Both, I think,” she replied, flushing again with embarrassment but getting a thrill from the very thought of having this discussion with a stranger.

“I’m buying for Jean Luc, my partner,” said the man. “He’s such a slut for a really good dildo, and I just love to give him gifts. He has dozens… The whore.”

Joan had a thought and expressed it to the man: “Maybe if you gave me some advice it would help your decision?” she asked. “I want a vibrator, but I don’t know if I want a realistic one or one of those that look like they come from Star Trek. And I want my husband, who is exploring his bisexuality, to be able to use it for his pleasure too. I’m Joan, by the way,” she said, extending her hand.

“Gil,” said the man, who was dressed in a very brief boxer cut swimsuit and sandals. “Pleased to meet you. Something that will help your husband enjoy anal, huh?”

“Yeah. What do guys like best?” Joan asked.

“Honey, if I’m choosing for me I always go with real cock,” Gil said with a flourish. “But if I have to go with plastic, I look for one with at least a realistic circumsized cock head. The ledge underneath the head feels so good going in and out, know what I mean?” he continued.

“Yes, I do,” Joan replied, thinking of how good Peter’s cock head felt when they fucked with a motion that pulled his cock completely out of her pussy and plunged back in. “I’ve also enjoyed the rabbit style vibrators,” Joan said. “I love the way they tickle my clit.”

“Ooh, yeah!” enthused Gil. “I tried one once and it felt great to put it all the way in and feel the rabbit ears on my ‘taint.’”

Joan giggled and blushed like a schoolgirl, looking down and putting her hand over her mouth. When she looked up, her eye went directly to a toy that had both of the features they’d just discussed. It was a vibrating dildo that looked exactly like a real cock (in fact it was made from a cast of a famous porn star) but had a nub on the top of the shaft shaped like the rabbits and dolphins that adorned the other not-so-realistic-looking toys surrounding it.

“Look at that!” she cried.

“Oh sweetie, that could be the best of both worlds,” responded Gil.

“Would you like to try it out?” asked the hostess, who was something of a gossip and flirt and had been eavesdropping on the conversation.

Startled by the different voice, Joan gave a little jump, realized what she had done, and blushed again.

“What do you mean about trying it out, honey?” Gil asked.

“We have demonstration models of all of our toys, and private rooms for your shopping pleasure,” the young girl got the line from her training class out perfectly. “All the toys are professionally sterilized in between try outs,” she continued.

“You mean I could go in a dressing room and, you know…” asked Joan.

“Yes, of course!” replied the girl. “I’ll show you to a room and retrieve your demonstration model. You can even pick out several different ones if you’d like.”

Joan’s head spun a bit and she felt her pussy gush. Gil noticed a wet spot forming on her shorts. Even though he was confirmed gay, a pretty woman was still pleasing to the eye, and he was getting a kick out of the sexy talk.

“Okay,” said Joan. “I won’t need any other models, just the one.”

“Of course, ma’am. And you, sir?” the girl asked.

“What?” said Gil, coming out of his reverie.

“Would you like to try a toy?”

“Oh my god, yes!” said Gil. “Give me this dildo, it looks just like Master Paul,” he said, naming the resort’s Dungeon Master.

“Good choice,” replied the girl. “And it is molded direct from a casting of Master Paul’s penis,” she said. “Now, will you be needing separate rooms, or do you want to join each other?”

The last question gave both guests pause. They hadn’t thought of that. Gil was gay, and had no real lust for the woman next to him, but what a kinky twist it might be to get off with a girl. Joan had similar thoughts, with the voyeuristic side of her sexual personality asserting itself and making her nipples harden yet again. They looked at each other. Both were afraid to offend the other by saying yes, but both hoped the other would say it.

A silent understanding dawned between them. They smiled shyly, and said, “One room,” in unison.

“Fine. If you would just follow me?” invited the hostess as she began leading them to the back of the store.

Along one wall were six identical doors. “Pick any one you like, they’re all the same,” said the girl as she moved toward the door to the back of the store. “I’ll be right back with your choices.”

The rooms contained everything you would expect in a normal boutique dressing room: hooks for clothes, a mirror (actually several, including fully mirrored ceilings) and a bench. But these rooms were a good bit larger than most dressing rooms, and included a day bed on one wall and a loveseat couch on the other. One other item not seen in the typical dressing room was the small bowl of condoms, dental dams, and packets of lube on the bench, a ubiquitous feature at La Playa. Gil chose a door and bowed Joan in ahead of him. They left the door open until the hostess came back, and made small talk as they waited, both sitting on the loveseat.

The hostess came in the room with two plastic boxes under her arm and rubber gloves on her hands. “Here we are,” she said breezily, sounding to Joan more like a salesgirl in a dress shop than someone selling adult “marital aids.”

The girl put the boxes down on the bench and broke plastic tape seals on each. “We seal the boxes after they have been sterilized to ensure no accidental contamination,” the girl explained, handing each patron his requested item.

She leaned over Joan, showing her how to twist the bottom of the vibrator to turn it on, off and adjust vibration speed. Gil took his dildo, hefted it in his hand with a hungry look on his face, and reached for the bowl of condoms. He was an experienced gay swinger who had seen too many people either die or have their lives changed forever to take any risks. He passed a condom to Joan as well.

“I hope you like your selections,” said the hostess as she withdrew from the room. “You can adjust the lighting with this knob,” she said, giving the rheostat a twist to lower the lights, “and if you need anything, just flip this switch,” she pointed to a common-looking light switch, “and I’ll be right in. Enjoy!” And with that, she closed the door.

You could cut the sudden tension in the room with a knife. Their body language spoke volumes as Joan and Gil fully realized what they were proposing to do. Here they were, two strangers, who were not necessarily sexually attracted to each other, having met just a few minutes before, and they were about to masturbate together using expensive sex toys.

Joan giggled, and Gil flushed a bit as he chided himself for shyness. “Here I am, an experienced swinger, at a sex resort, and I feel like a schoolboy on my first date,” Gil said to break the tension.

“I know,” said Joan. “Isn’t it amazing how our culture and upbringing influences us even when we logically know that we could walk out that door and see twenty people doing all kinds of things to each other in less than thirty seconds?”

“Yeah, well, I’m kinda embarrassed and kinda turned on at the same time,” replied Gil.

“Me too, and I’ve been horny all morning, so I think I’ll just give this thing a try,” said Joan, ripping open the condom package and rolling the rubber onto the vibrator.

Gil stood up, the condom-covered dildo in his hand, and said, “I’ll take the bed, if that’s alright.”

“Sure,” replied Joan, as she put her hands on the bottom of her tank top, hesitated, thought, ‘Coward,’ to herself and pulled the top over her head in one smooth motion.

“I may be gay, but those are some really nice tits,” complimented Gil.

“Thank you, and you have a great six pack going there.”

“Well, it might be cliché for a gay man to be in shape, but I really like the way I look,” he replied as he lowered his shorts.

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