new years

The year was quickly approaching its end. Allison and I, but mostly Allison, had been through quite a whirlwind experience over the past 12 months. She sewed her wild oats where they needed sewing and I entertained my own personal harvesting as well. I fulfilled fantasies through her by the stories she told me and in some cases by my own personal witnessing. She got to venture out and escape on a sexual hiatus. We both grew immensely from our experiences over the year and it brought us even closer than we were before. As I dressed in my Lucky Jeans and buttoned-down shirt, I thought about how the next year would follow; it was only hours away. I was smiling to myself when Allison came out of her closet in her “skinny jeans” and boots. I made fun of that outfit regularly because it was a trend all the girls were following, but honestly, my wife pulled it off well. She pulled her glitzy glittery blouse over her head, shimmied it side to side to fit it correctly and asked, “what are you all smiley about?”

“Nothing really,” I said. “Just thinking back on the year.”

Smiling too, she said, “quite a ride.”

I laughed so hard I almost slipped off the edge of the bed. “Quite a ride, huh?”

“In a manner of speaking,” she countered, and then laughed so hard she cried.

“Come on, jockey. Let’s get going. The year’s wasting away.”

We busted out the door and into chilly Eve, looking forward to drinking and enjoying the company of our friends. Fifteen minutes later found us pulling into an overly expensive parking lot in an under-developed part of town. The “Old City” was the affectionate name of our destination. I hated being there in the middle of what Knoxville considers the slum and surrounded by drunks and bums and thugs. We quickly got off the street and into the club.

As much as I hated being there, Allison and her girlfriends loved it. The music was loud, the bass pounded, and the drinks flowed. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she and her girls were in the middle of the dance floor, owning it. Allison sent me to the bar, and off she went. I ordered her a vodka tonic, two limes. Her favorite. I surveyed the scene and found her exactly where I knew she would be. I decided not to chance the waste of a good drink and carried it along with my beer back to the table we had sequestered in the back corner of the club. A few booty songs later and she showed back up at the table, sweaty and out of breath.

“This for me?” she asked reaching for the drink.

“You know it,” I responded.

“I hate it you won’t come out there and dance with me,” she teased.

“Not big into the ‘drop it, drop it low’ groove. Besides, I like to watch; you know that. Go. Have fun.”

“I will” was her response as she turned and headed back to the dance floor. Her ass looked really good as she made her way in and out of the crowd. I couldn’t care less about the dinner and drinks and dancing. I couldn’t wait to get her back home. That’s what I was looking forward to. Guaranteed sex.

The night continued like this for the next couple of hours. The girls came to the table when they were thirsty, ordered drinks, increased their levels of intoxication, and quickly returned to the grinding on the floor. In the middle of all that, we ordered and “killed” appetizers, drank shots, and gossiped about anyone and everyone who wasn’t with us. Hell, we might have even gossiped some about the ones that were with us. We were having fun. The night started to take its interesting turn when all the girls came back to the table at once, giggling. I had just sat back down with a fresh beer when Allison sat next to me. The girls seemed to be hovering.

“Where’s Jason?” Robin asked about her husband.


“What about JT?” asked Alli Jo.

“Right here, baby,” he responded slipping up behind his wife.

“When Jason gets back, we have a game we want to play!” exclaimed my wife to everyone. “It’ll be fun, but everyone has to play.”

“What’d I miss?” Jason asked as he slipped into the booth beside Robin.

“Just listen…all of you. Allison, go ahead. Explain to the boys.”

“Well, everyone knows that you are supposed to kiss your wife at midnight on New Years. That’s well and good and we want to kiss you guys too, but we wanted to put a ‘twist’ on the kiss.” We were all in anticipation. She continued, “We have five slips of paper here and each one of them have one of our names on them. You’re each going to draw one of the slips of paper. Whoever’s name you get, you have to kiss them at midnight too.”

I don’t know about the rest of the guys because I was looking at my wife, but I think my jaw might have hit the floor. Allison is adventurous; the previous year proves that, but I never figured she and her girls would come up with something like this, even though I was completely in favor of it.

“We’re girly girls,” she added. “We’ve all talked to each other about how you kiss us, the things you do for us, uh-hum, the things you do TO us! We thought it would be fun to see for ourselves. So??? Start drawing names.” She held out her hands; they held each small slip of paper right in front of our noses. I was waiting for them to bust out laughing and tell us we were dumbasses to think they were serious. We might have all thought the same thing because no one stepped forward to take a slip.

Allison turned towards JT and held her open hands in front of him.

“Here, you start.

JT reached towards Allison’s hands and quickly she closed them. She turned towards all the guys. Here it was, the big release. The “HA HA” on all our semi-erections.

“One thing though,” Allison said. “If you get your wife, you have to put her back. You’re going to kiss her anyway. You have to pick someone besides her.”

Turning back to JT, Allison opened her hands again. Smiling and a little knocked off his senses, JT reached into Allison’s hands and pulled away with a small slip of paper. He opened it and grinned at the rest of us.

“Is it Alli Jo?” asked Carissa.


“OK, good. Don’t tell us and don’t tell anyone else either. Wait until midnight and then find who you are supposed to kiss.”

Allison made her way around the table, holding her hands open in front of each one of us guys. I chose fourth. When Jason chose fifth, it was a miracle that no one chose their own wife. We all seemed kind of nervous around each other all of a sudden. The girls quickly slipped away from us and towards the dance floor again. They left us guys in an unbearable quiet, each of us wondering who would be kissing our wives at midnight. It was awkward, to say the least and we had fifteen more minutes of it in front of us. Finally, JT broke the silence with a joke about the seriousness of the girls. We all laughed it off and quickly found ourselves back in silence again. The minutes ticked away…s-l-o-w-l-y.

When the DJ gave the “one minute to midnight” call, it was actually a relief. We all got up from the table and actually started toward the girls. We came to the dance floor as a pack, but realized the girls had scattered about. I guess they didn’t want to make each other nervous or upset. It was just so surreal. I saw Allison and locked eyes with her for a second. She was off to the left of the dance floor, near the emergency door that led to the fire escape. She smiled, knowing that I wasn’t looking for her. I smiled back and gave her a big wink. I then turned my attention to the task at hand. I was searching for a short, skinny brunette that I had called a prude for years. Robin and I had both had our run-ins but had recently found we actually kind of liked each other. I found her with 15 seconds remaining in the countdown and slipped into the booth beside her. She had a nervous smile on her face and I was sure I matched it.

Allison was just getting ready to move from the door to try to make herself more visible to her “mystery kisser” when Jacob grabbed hold of her wrist from the side. The countdown was at “five” when she turned to look up at him. Standing well over six feet, he towered over her five foot seven frame. He wasted no time and bent down to meet her lips before the first stroke. His lips brushed over hers and she could feel strength in his kiss. She tried to reach her hands up to his face, but he held firm on her wrists. He controlled her with his grasp and pulled her up against him. His lips parted slightly and the tip of his tongue brushed over her warm bottom lip. A warm fire built in her belly and she breathed a quick breath. She responded in kind with the tip of her tongue and instantly found herself in a deep open mouth kiss with her best friend’s husband. And she liked it. Letting go of her wrists and giving her some freedom, Jacob noticed Allison was quite a frisky kisser. She continued with her tongue, but also ran her hands around his waist and buried the tips of her fingers inside the band of his jeans. She gave light rubs over his lower back as they kissed. He returned the favor and squeezed her ass playfully.

The whole group seemed to be caught up in the devilish excitement of the “game” and it showed with how long it took for everyone to return to the table. Slowly all five couples returned with Jason and Juli being the last to bless us with their presence.

“Well,” JT started. “I can tell you one thing. Carissa can NOT kiss worth a shit!”

“Fuck you!” she quickly responded with a playful slap.

Roaring laughter followed and we all immediately felt at ease. Another round was ordered and Juli made a toast to the group. The glasses clinked and the mood returned to normal. Casual talk held us for another hour before the first of the group departed. JT and Alli Jo had to get back to relieve their babysitter. Juli and her boyfriend, who I always have a hard time remembering his name, left soon after. The core group remained, me and Allison, Jason and Robin, and Jacob and Carissa. I was getting ready to order my last beer when Allison spoke.

“So who was it?” she asked.

“I cannot kiss and tell,” I said.

“Come on…I’m gonna find out anyway. Tell me. We know who Carissa kissed!”

“He’s the one who can’t kiss worth shit,” Carissa added. “Fucker!”

Carissa’s husband, Jacob, burst out laughing. He almost spit his beer. I couldn’t hold it in and laughed so hard I cried. Everyone took the opportunity to tease her again. It was pretty funny.

“I kissed Juli,” Jason said. “She barely kissed me back though,” he said with a shrug.

“And I kissed Allison,” Jacob chimed in between laughs. Ribbing Carissa even more, he followed with, “and she CAN kiss.”

My wife’s cheeks turned bright red. She had been outed by Jacob, even though she knew it would be known anyway. She didn’t expect him to bust it out so loudly though.

“So that leaves Alli Jo or Robin here,” Allison continued. “Hmmm?”

“It was me,” Robin said. “I kissed Scott…or…he kissed me. Whatever,” she said half drunkenly.

I was smiling at her but still not saying a word. Allison took her opening and began to work playfully on Robin.

“Well, which is it? Did you kiss him or did he kiss you?”

Feeling Allison would wear her out unless she gave a good answer, Robin said, “We kissed each other. And it was good too. Soft, and sweet, and…careful. Although you know he’s a good kisser anyway.”

With that, everyone was outed and we got a good idea of who enjoyed their kiss and who didn’t. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised Robin said what she said about our kiss. On the other hand, I was not at all surprised that Jacob and Allison shared a good kiss. Time quickly ticked away until we were all ready to go. The drinking was done. We needed some Krystals and a good cozy bed. I wasn’t at all sure that sex was going to be in my near future, but I still held out a little hope.

The waitress brought me our bill and I sent it back with our debit card for the damages. When the waitress returned with the card, I opened it up to tip her and to sign the slip. Allison wanted to look at the total too, so she was paying attention when I opened the waiter’s book. Planted on top of our receipt was a business card, completely black except for the outline what appeared to be a dark red “Mardi Gras” type mask in the center of the card. Puzzled, I turned the card over and began to read.


Cum if you Dare

Invitation Only

1211 Cherokee Blvd, Sequoia Hills

Password: Masked Indian

“What’s that?” Allison asked as she read the card. “Who put that in there?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “Looks like we got invited to a party.”

“By who?”

“Not sure about that one either. Weird. Come on, I’m hungry. Let’s get out of here.”

I signed the slip and tossed the card back onto the table. I got up and shook hands with Jacob and Jason, hugged Carissa, and reached out to tell Robin goodbye as well. I knew Jason was watching me, but I hugged her tight anyway and told her that she was a good kisser as well. She smiled and we let go.

Allison hugged her girls and squeezed the guys. She kissed Jacob once more for show and spanked him on the ass as we walked away.

“Yee-haw,” I heard him cheer behind us. It was followed by a quick “ow” and “what?”. Allison and I both laughed out loud as we descended the steps and back out onto the cold street. It was quite dark now and there was a buzz in the air. Actually, it was just my ears ringing from all the noise I had been “listening” to in the club for the last couple hours. Hand in hand, we made our way back to the car and climbed inside. It started quickly and blew cold air all over us when I turned the heater on. It took a few minutes to start to warm us up before we pulled away.

I was headed straight for something to eat. I couldn’t care less where I got the food from. I was just hungry, buzzed hungry. It was 1:30 in the morning and The Strip on campus was still pretty active. I pulled into Krystals, took Allison’s order, and made a bee-line to the register. With my bag full of steaming Krystal burgers, I hopped back into the now scorching car. I handed the bag over to Allison, buckled my seatbelt, and reversed from my parking space. Back straight, I directed the car towards the interstate to take us home.

“Do we have to go home right now?” Allison asked between bites.

“No, I guess not,” I said. “Why? What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. Something. Anything. No kids. It’s only 1:30. I’m buzzing.”

“I gotcha, but you have to give me some help. I have to have some kind of idea what you want to do.”

“How about this?” she asked.

“What?” I responded and turned to look at her. “You picked that up? We don’t even know what that is.”

“I know. Let’s find out. Just go by there. Let’s get an idea.”

“Alright, we’ll drive by and take a look.”

I pointed the car past the end of campus and past the entrance ramp to the interstate, searching for some more mischief to get into. I didn’t need the directions on the card. I knew perfectly well where Cherokee Blvd was located. It is the main road in one of Knoxville’s oldest and richest neighborhoods. The length of the boulevard runs parallel to the river, so every house on the boulevard either sits directly on the river or has one hell of a view of it.

We turned into the main entrance to Sequoia Hills through the big stone arches and meandered along the route for a good mile or so. We passed the neighborhood baseball fields and rounded through another turn-about when we came upon a long line of cars. This could have been any party, except that they all pointed to and were in the vicinity of 1211, the address on the card we found with our receipt slip.

Passing the residence on our left, we noticed the whole house was gated. Someone was checking people in at the main walkway. The house itself was draped in darkness. Although lost in the shadows of the trees, we could tell it was enormous against the backdrop of the river. The outline was cast by the reflection of the moon on the water.

“Nice house,” I murmured.

“Huge! Wanna see what’s inside?”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. Let’s be ‘adventurous’ one more time.”

“OK, but if anything weird happens, we’re outa there.”


We pulled in behind a Saab about halfway over the next hill. It was a good walk back to the entrance where we saw the shadow checking credentials. We made it briskly. The early morning hours were getting colder by the second. Allison and I rounded a BMW and approached the gate.

“May I help you sir? This is a private party,” came a deep voice from inside the gate.

“We have an invitation,” I answered confidently.

“Sir, are you in possession of a card with a password on it?”

“I am.”

“May I have the password please?”

“Masked Indian,” I replied.

The gate squeaked open and we stepped inside.

“Please follow the walk up to the front door. Knock once and repeat the password for admittance.”

“Thanks,” I muttered, but he was already backing into the shadows.

Arm in arm, Allison and I made our way to the door. It was heavy, dark wood with what appeared to be ornamental steel protruding from it. Head height, there was a small pane of glass, blacked out, further stoking our curiosity about what lay beyond.

“I wanna do it,” Allison said reaching out and giving a loud hard knock. “Masked Indian,” she called to the door.

The heavy door quietly opened, allowing us the first glimpse of what lay beyond. Nothing. Darkness, except faint candlelight in the distance that gave no true light to what was in front of us.

“Ma’am. Sir. This way please,” came a request from our right.

We stepped through a curtain into a small foyer. The man with the voice took our coats and hung them in the closet. He asked for Allison’s purse as well, our cell phones, and any other electronic device that may “take pictures.” He promised safe keeping and we were still buzzed, so we handed them over with no questions asked. He then handed each of us a “masquerade” type mask and asked us to wear this for the duration of our stay. We agreed and put the masks on. The man then told us we were free to move about the house as we chose and then left us promptly. This was all so “Eyes Wide Shut” to me. It was creepy, but exciting at the same time. I got that sense from Allison too as she took my arm and pulled me past another curtain and into the main living area of the house.

Entering the living room, we left all the stuffiness of the “gatekeepers” behind. My “Eyes Wide Shut” thoughts went out the door. There were no rituals going on. No one was dressed in a black cloak with a hood pulled up. The lights were dimmed, but not dark enough to be eerie. There was a large table in the middle of the room covered with “finger foods.” Beer and wine were on ice in a large chest at the end of the table. Champagne glasses and “Happy New Year’s” coozies were arranged neatly around the trays of food. It was a nice spread.

Allison and I, wanting to keep the buzz going, grabbed a couple glasses and filled them with champagne, dry for her and sweet for me. We moved around the table, sampling a few bites and met at a large bay window overlooking the back yard. One story below and outside was a brilliantly lighted pool. No one was swimming, of course, but the water radiated and begged someone to jump in. I guessed the temptation to the guests would increase with the amount of drinks consumed. To the side of the pool was an enormous hot tub. Flanked on all sides of the hot tub were people in various levels of undress. Some women were completely nude. Some sat in panties only. Some were fully clothed. The men were “dressed” the same, some with and some without clothing. They all seemed to be drinking and having a good time. A few couples or maybe they weren’t couples were making out and fooling around, but there was nothing too shocking going on. We watched for a minute and then decided to check out some more of the house.

Off the right side of the living room where we entered was a large study. A brilliant fire was glowing in the corner. We found more of the same types of people in this room. There was some serious making out going on between one couple on the oversized sofa. They were doing their best to shove their tongues into each other’s mouths. He was fondling her exposed nipple and she was busy trying to pull his cock out of his pants. Seven or eight other people sat quietly, watching this couple. It was erotic in a way. Allison and I joined the other groups and watched for a minute. The girl finally released him from his zipper and broke away from the kiss. She quickly dove between his legs and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him for only a few minutes before he came in her mouth. She slowly pulled away from his tip and swallowed his cum into her belly. She licked her lips, getting every bit of his semen into her mouth. She had a big smile on her face. I kept thinking that I was watching a porno right in front of my face. Some of the other couples, surely turned on by their voyeurism, began to make out as well. Grunts and groans and wet bodily noises began to fill the room. Allison and I weren’t ready for that, so we left the room through the side door.

We exited the study and found ourselves in a smaller den. A plasma TV hung on the wall. A porno movie played in Hi-Def in front of us. Some girl was getting railed by a guy with what appeared to be a python between his legs. Normally, a porno is something that would interest me, but when you have just seen one right in front of you, TV just doesn’t do it justice. Allison and I continued on, leaving the HD moaning and groaning behind us. Back into the living room, we refilled our glasses, only this time I took a beer.

“You guys finding everything you need?” a strong male voice asked from behind me.

I turned quickly on my heel to face him. “Jesus, you scared the shit out of me!” I said laughing at the same time.

“Sorry about that. Just noticed you guys just kind of wandering around. First time?”

“Yeah. Don’t even know what we’re doing here. Honestly, don’t even know how we got the card to come to here in the first place.”

“We invited you,” he said half turning and pointing to the girl on his left. “Kimmie noticed your wife dancing in the Old City. We had one last ‘invite card’ and decided we’d slip it to you. We were wondering if you’d show or not. By the way, I’m Ray,” he said extending his hand.

“Scott. Allison,” I said pointing to my wife. “Nice to meet you. So, is this your party?”

“Nah, we actually got invited just like you about two years ago. Now we get regular invites and since we’ve been to a few of these, the host gives us a couple cards to hand out to people we think we’d like to see.”

“Like to see, huh? Swingers?” I asked.

“Not exactly. Not us anyway. Not that we haven’t switched, but it isn’t a ‘lifestyle’ for us. More of an event from time to time. Now, there are some full-on swingers here, don’t get me wrong, but there is definitely a mix of groupings. Piece of advice? Don’t be shy. If someone gets you uncomfortable, tell them. Everyone here works hard to keep everything comfortable.”

“Thanks for the advice,” added Allison. “So, we’ve seen a few things so far, but nothing that really interested us I guess. Not that it wasn’t interesting, but…”

“I know what you mean,” Kimmie said trying to keep that comfort level going, even in conversation. “We were actually just getting ready to go up to the loft to check out the game. That might interest you.”

“What game?” I asked.

“Truth or dare, I guess, but an adult version for sure. Mostly dare. There’s always at least one game going on. It’s an easy ice breaker for most people. Want to check it out with us?”

Allison turned toward me, not to ask me if I wanted to go, but to let me know with her eyes that she did. “Sure,” I said. “Let’s see what the game is all about.”

We left the food and drinks behind and maneuvered among various couples making out into the “back hallway” of the house. At the end of the hallway was a circular staircase, leading up the next level. Allison and I let Ray and Kimmie lead the way. At the top of the stairs lay another hallway, exactly parallel to the one below it. Two doors flanked the left side and one sat to the right. Both of the doors on the left were closed, although there was no doubt that both were occupied by one couple or maybe multiple couples. The tell-tale noises of sex and lust gave that away. The door on the right was a bathroom; nothing of interest lay inside that door. At the end of the hallway was another door, pushed just to the jamb, with a slight crack so anyone on the outside could get an idea of what was going on in there. Our guides pushed the door open in front of us to a chorus of greetings.

“Ray, Kimmie,” someone said. “What took you so long? Thought you’d be here hours ago.”

“We went out for a bit,” remarked Kimmie. Nodding in our direction, she continued, “found us some newbies too. This is Scott and Allison.”

“Well, it looks like you brought us some good ones. I’m Mark,” the man said introducing himself. “We started a while ago, but you’re welcome to join. I have to tell you though that this game doesn’t allow ‘watchers.’ If you want to watch, you have to join. Are you in or out?”

“You know Ray and I are in,” said Kimmie.

She quickly looked our way with questioning eyes. I looked around at the group of eight or ten ‘gamers’ and realized they all looked pretty tame. I caught Allison glimpsing around the room as well. There was an even number of women and men, most looked to be in their 30′s like us. It struck me that they were all pretty good looking too, no one that would ‘repulse’ you if you saw them without clothes on. I suddenly felt a little overmatched or out of place. Allison, always an exhibitionist quickly took the lead for both of us.

“Yeah, we’re in too.

“I guess we are,” I confirmed.

“Great, take a seat next to Tim and Emily. Ray, you and Kimmie pull up next to John at Nicole. We just finished the ‘warm up rounds.’ Just getting ready to get the good cards out. Everyone ready?”

Whether we were ready or not, the game took off anyway. The play was easy to pick up on. Whoever’s turn it was would wait for the “host,” Mark, to choose the top card from a deck in the middle of the circle and then ask “truth or dare.” The person would then decide which route they wanted to go and either the truth or the dare question on the card would be read aloud to the group. The person would then, of course, have to answer the truth question or act on the dare to the group’s enjoyment. The group would then decide whether that person had answered truthfully or whether they had satisfactorily completed the dare. If they did not answer or act to the enjoyment of the group, Mark got to serve them a “punishment.” You could play as long as you wanted and leave at any time, but once you left, you could not come back to the game. Nicole suggested they shut and lock the door now, allowing no disturbances or peekers to the game. The door was closed and locked and the game started to Mark’s left. This offered me and Allison a chance to watch the game unfold.

Mark’s wife, Tiffany, was the first to choose a card. She was bold and chose a dare card right off the bat. She was enthusiastic too as her first dare asked her to suck on the nipples of the closest female to her left. She took off with excitement, almost tackling Nicole and latched on quickly to Nicole’s chest. For a few minutes, Tiffany slipped back and forth between Nicole’s tits, sucking and teasing the nipples with her tongue and lips. When Mark noticed Tiffany wasn’t slowing down, he called the dare complete. The group agreed that Tiffany did indeed complete the dare.

John was next. He also chose a dare and was forced to kiss both males on either side of you. Man, I was glad I didn’t get that dare card. I would have thought hard about leaving the game. John took it in stride and gave a quick peck to Ray and to Mark. The girls razzed him for his quick “kiss,” but Mark quickly voted in favor of moving on. His wife Nicole was next. She chose a truth card. She had to tell which person in the room besides her husband she would most like to fuck. She had to describe in detail what she would do. Nicole chose Ray who was sitting next to her. She went into a long story about sliding her wet body all over him and slipping him in and out of her. It was a quick story, but a good one. No one could argue with her tale. Ray was next.

The next couple dares followed suit with the first two. There was more kissing, quite a bit of fondling, and some toe sucking. Tim got jerked off for 3 minutes by his wife, Emily, and Tiffany got involved again by fingering Kimmie. There was some serious dare action going on in the game and it seemed to me like everyone was hoping for the chance to out-do the previous dare. For the remainder of the game, not a single truth was asked for. It got hot and heavy.

My turn came and went quickly. I was dared to kiss three women with my eyes closed and try to guess who they were. The first and last kisses were pretty good. The second was just OK. I chose Allison correctly, of course, but I guessed wrong on Kimmie and Nicole. Mark said I tried hard and let me off easy. It was Allison’s turn next. I could tell she was nervous because she kept fidgeting with her fingers. She has a bad habit of chewing on the tips of her fingers when she is nervous or angry. I knew she wasn’t mad, so that left nervous. I was happy my turn was over, but I was anticipating what type of question Allison would get. She chose dare as well.

Mark began to read, “The host will choose three players of the opposite sex. You will then have 10 seconds to study each ‘volunteer’s’ cock before being blindfolded. Once blindfolded, you will have to try to “name” each cock using only your mouth.”

“Oohh. I’ve had this one before,” remarked Emily. “This one’s tough.”

Allison looked at me. I gave her a smile and a wink. Mark was already choosing the “volunteers.” He chose himself, Tim, who was still reeling from being jerked off, and Ray, since he invited us to begin with. Allison didn’t seem too sure of what to do. She didn’t want to leave. She liked the sexual energy. She felt put on the spot though. I prodded her to continue.

“Give it a shot. What have you got to lose?” I asked.

“What do I need to do?” she asked.

“Get on your knees,” Mark said bluntly, pulling his pants and boxers to the floor.

Mark approached Allison as she sat up on her knees. He let his cock dangle in front of her face. Nervously, she reached out for it, unsure what to do.

“Allison, don’t get excited there. You can’t touch it yet. Just look.”

Allison looked a little embarrassed, but made up for it with a wicked smile. She licked her lips one good time too, just for show. Tim, half hard already, approached Allison and let her study him as well. Finally, Ray walked up and allowed Allison’s eyes to wander over him as well for his 10 seconds. When Ray stepped away, Emily moved in behind Allison and placed a blindfold over her eyes. She was visibly shaking now, lost in the darkness. Emily spoke softly into Allison’s ear.

“OK, here we go,” she said. “The first one’s approaching.”

Tim stepped up first. His cock was full on hard now. Kimmie took a spot behind Tim and reaching around him, grabbed the base of his cock. She directed it right to Allison’s slightly open lips. Kimmie brushed the tip of his cock back and forth across Allison’s bottom lip, tickling her softly.

“Use your tongue,” Emily instructed. “That’s right,” she continued as Allison tentatively slipped her tongue between her lips and onto the head of Tim’s cock.

Kimmie pushed against the base of Tim’s cock, pushing him firmly against Allison’s lips. She couldn’t avoid the inevitable as Tim slipped into her mouth. She wrapped her lips firmly around his cock and cautiously began to move her head back and forth. Tim tasted slightly salty, his precum dripping from his cock. Allison just started to feel comfortable when Kimmie pulled Tim back and out of her mouth.

As fast as Tim was pulled away from her, Ray was positioned in his place. There was very little teasing this time as Ray’s cock was immediately thrust between her wet lips. Ray’s cock was wider than Tim’s but not as long. Allison had to strain to keep her mouth wide enough so as not to use her teeth. Before she knew it, Ray’s cock was slipping from her mouth.

Finally, the last cock was slipped into her mouth. Allison decided she would really try to help herself out with the guess and really worked hard on sucking and teasing this cock with her tongue. She thought if she could make the “volunteer” make a noise, she would be able to use that information to help her decide who it was. Her plan worked and soon, Mark let out a grunt as Allison sucked repeatedly on his tip. Kimmie realized Allison’s trick and pulled Mark from her mouth. Once everyone was back in place, Emily removed the blindfold from Allison.

“Well?” asked Tiffany. “Can you guess?”

“The last was Mark. I’m sure of that. The first and second are hard. Were hard!” Allison started laughing and everyone joined in. “The first, let’s see…I’ll say Tim. That leaves Ray for second. How’d I do?”

“You got us all correct,” said Mark. “But, you cheated so I’m going to ‘award’ a punishment.”

Allison tried to object, say that getting someone to make noises wasn’t laid out as against the rules. She was immediately out voted and realized she would have to serve a penalty. Mark doled out his “punishment.”

“I am going to allow two of the girls to spank you 10 times.” Looking at the group he asked, “Any volunteers?”

“Me!” cried out Tiffany.

“Me too!” screamed Nicole.

“Alright, Allison, pull down your pants and lay down across your husband’s lap.”

Allison did as she was told. She unbuttoned and unzipped her “skinny jeans” and peeled them down over her hips revealing a pretty pair of white lacy thongs. Without hesitation, she slipped her thumbs against her hips and unwrapped her nakedness. She leaned into my chest and took her position against my lap. Tiffany and Nicole instantly put their hands on her pretty cheeks and worked her ass in circles. They pinched and rubbed and tickled her ass as they went. I could feel Allison’s body completely relaxed against me. That changed with the first whack. The second, third, fourth, and fifth followed successively. Allison’s breathing was a little quicker. Her pretty ass was quickly turning red. Tiffany put her warm hands against Allison’s cheeks again, massaging the sting into her skin.

“We need give her a second,” Tiffany proclaimed. “Look how red her ass is getting.”

“Gorgeous,” said Emily. “That’s a nice ass.”

Tiffany’s hands massaged Allison’s skin; it felt alive under Tiffany’s touch.

“Oh my! Look at this,” she said to the group. “Her little pussy is pretty too.”

“I want to touch it,” said Nicole. “Mark, can I have a pause in the spanking to touch this pretty little pussy?”

“OK Nicole, but remember what happened last time you asked. The game didn’t get back on track for 45 minutes. You can have one minute, and I’m timing you. Then, you have to finish Allison’s remaining spankings.”

“That’s fair enough,” said Nicole.

Nicole slipped her long slender fingers between Allison’s thighs and slowly progressed up the insides of her legs. Allison got nervous again. She found herself involuntarily opening her legs slightly to allow Nicole more room to work. Nicole wasted no time, going directly for Allison’s clit. She tickled it and rubbed smooth circles around it. Allison’s clit jumped straight out against Nicole’s skilled fingers. Nicole stroked her outer lips with her fingers as well, creating large circles around Allison’s pussy. My wife was really breathing heavy now. She also began to whimper with pleasure. Mark checked his watch and began to count.

“Ten, nine, eight…” he counted.

Nicole took advantage of her last few seconds by slipping her finger into Allison’s tight pussy. She tickled the inside of Allison smooth pussy and fingered her for her last five seconds. As Mark called “time,” Nicole drew her wet finger from Allison’s insides. I was amazed. My wife was just fingered right in front of me, lying in my lap, and she seemed to love every second of it. Nicole took her wet finger and slipped it inside her mouth, sucking Allison’s yummy juices from her finger. Tiffany gave Allison three quick swats to her ass and Nicole finished off the remaining two. With her last smack, Nicole bent down and kissed Allison’s ass softly.

“Thank you,” she said.

Allison purred, “thank you!”

Mark proclaimed her free from the punishment and got the game rolling again. It was his turn to choose. Quite thrilled with Allison’s performance, he allowed her to manage the card. Mark chose truth as well.

“The host will choose three people of the opposite sex. Blindfolded, play ‘hide the tip.’ Guess the three individuals correctly using only your cock.”

Mark was blindfolded and told to get on his knees. His cock sprang to attention. Allison pointed silently to the participants she chose. She picked Nicole, winking at her, Emily, and Kimmie. She told Mark she would instruct each girl to get on their hands and knees. She would then take charge by “helping” him into each of the girls. Allison instructed Mark that if he used his hands, he would face punishment. Mark agreed.

“OK…here we go,” Allison said.

Kimmie dropped to her hands and knees, arching her back like a cat taking a long stretch. Ray helped by lifting her skirt up over her ass. He tugged on her black panties and pulled them down to her knees. He gave her a playful swat on her ass and backed away for the action. My wife, no longer shy or nervous, walked right up to Mark and grabbed his cock by the head. She led him that way right up to Kimmie’s ass. Tiffany appeared with a little tube of lube and dropped a dab of it onto Mark’s cock. Allison massaged it into his skin. She guided the tip of his cock right against Kimmie’s now wet pussy. Overwhelmed, Mark made his best effort to thrust into her. Allison whoa’d him back, making him keep the pace she wanted. Slowly, she slipped the tip of his cock into Kimmie’s hole. Kimmie smiled and drooped her head as Mark pierced her. He tried again to go deep, but Allison held fast.

“If you do that again, I’m going to control you by your balls. Got it, mister?” she asked.

“I got it,” he confirmed, smiling.

Allison allowed Mark to make a few small thrusts into Kimmie. She felt it only fair since she got to move her mouth and tongue around the cocks she had to guess. After a minute, Allison pushed Mark back. Emily took Kimmie’s place and not a minute passed before my wife let Mark slip into her. Emily was tighter than Kimmie. I could see it on Mark’s face. He slipped a few inches into and out of her as well, but seconds after Mark started to get into a groove, Allison pulled him away again.

“Aw, fuck!” Mark called out.

“Calm down there, big boy,” Allison teased.

Now, Nicole took Emily’s spot. Nicole looked up into Allison’s face as my wife directed Mark toward her. This time, though, Allison used some of the spit from her mouth to wet some of her fingers on her right hand. They were dripping as Allison slipped them between Nicole’s legs. Allison’s spit mixed with Nicole’s already moist pussy and created a very wet slit. Allison explored Nicole’s lips, tugging at them lightly with her wet fingers. When she had Nicole good and wet, she brought Mark’s tip into her. She let Mark have a little fun this time. Allison wanted Nicole to get into it too before Allison pulled him away. She wanted Nicole to suffer the loss of pleasure as much as she wanted Mark to suffer. She was playing the game, paying them back for their fun during her dare. Mark was really working into her, even only with his tip. He began to sweat and Nicole began to cry out in little sighs. Like an evil witch, Allison quickly snatched the pleasure from both of them, leaving them throbbing and aching without any chance for relief. With a sad look on her face, Nicole crawled back to her spot. Once situated, Tiffany removed the blindfold from Mark. He failed to guess any of them correctly. For punishment, Allison told him he would have to play the remainder of the game naked. He agreed.

I smile a little looking through the window connecting the sitting area of the restaurant to the kitchen. I was waiting on a steak to get done for a table. I glance over and smile a little seeing one of the waitresses, Jade. She was hot. We always flirted and joked around all the time.

I turn and grab the tongs and flip the steak making sure it was done. Seeing it was I put it on the plate that already had macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes on it. I walk to the window and put the plate down.

“Order up, Sexy.” I say looking at Jade as she was preparing the customer’s drinks.

She looks over at me and smiles at me. I smile back and she puts the drinks on the tray and walks over getting the plate.

“Hey…when is that pussy on my menu?” I ask smiling some. She smiles.

“In your dreams, Mike.” She smirks before walking off.

I smile and watch her walk away, her hips slowly swaying from side to side. I shift my eyes looking at her ass as she walked away. Our boss always made the waitresses wear short, almost school girl like skirts, claiming it helps business. I shake my head some and turn cleaning up a little.

Lunch had just ended an hour or so ago and I was about to go on my break as soon as Ken got here. Ken was the other cook, we had staggered shifts. I worked from 10am to 5pm and he worked from 2pm to close at 10pm.

I hear the back door open and I look over seeing him. He puts his bag down beside the door, having just came from classes at the local college.

“Busy?” He asks. I shake my head.

“No. But it’s time for my lunch so take over.” I say.

He nods and walks over. I walk towards the back door and take my apron off and hang it on the hook. I turn and open the fridge getting my lunch bag out as Jade walks into the kitchen. She walks over to me.

“Going on lunch?” She asks. I nod.

“Yeah, about time for your lunch break too right?” I ask. She nods.

“Yeah.” She smiles grabbing her bag from the fridge as well.

I smile and open the door for her. She smiles and walks out, grabbing her coat on the way. I follow her out the door and walk with her up the hill and into the woods. There was a picnic table a short walking distance from the back of the restaurant, it was private and not a lot of people knew about it, besides the two of us. It was unseasonably warm for December, we hadn’t really had much of a winter this year.

We often took our lunches together and talked while we ate. We get to the table and sit down, getting our food out. Jade looks over at me as we both begin to eat.

“Plans for New Year’s?” She asks. I shake my head.

“No. And you don’t either. We both got work.” I say.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me?” She asks. I shake my head.

“Sorry Señorita.” I smile some.

“Damn. I wanted to go have fun.” She says.

“Dave wants to have a New Year’s special, free milkshakes with the purchase of a entree.” I say.

“Damn. Who’s working with us?” She asks.

“Just me in the kitchen, you and Karen are doing tables.” I say.

“That sucks.” She says.

“Yeah but what can you do?” I ask

We finish eating and she grabs my phone from the table, checking the time. We still had about 40 minutes left in our lunch break. I zip my bag and set it aside before looking at Jade.

“This blows.” She says.

“Yeah but what are you gonna do about it?” I ask. She shrugs.

“Exactly.” I smile some.

“Yeah.” she says softly.

“Besides, it won’t be that bad. I’ll be there. I’ll lay one on you if I have to so you’ll have a kiss at midnight.” I smile some. She looks at me some.

“Yeah?” She asks. I nod some.

“Yeah.” I say looking into her eyes.

“Kiss me.” She says softly.

I slowly lean in to kiss her but she stops and puts her hand in front of my face.

“No. Not those lips.” She says softly, smiling just a little bit.

I raise my eyebrow some as, she moves some and stands up on the bench of the table and moves in front of me, sitting on the table. I look up at her. She looks into my eyes and reaches down pulling up on the front of her skirt.

I slowly let my eyes move down and stop seeing the front of her black thong. Jade spreads her legs a little more and slowly lies down on the table.

Seeing she was serious I slowly move my hand up, gently hooking my finger through her thong and pulling it to the side, exposing her, clean shaven and slightly wet pussy. I lean in slowly sliding my tongue up her slit, tasting her juices as my tongue makes contact.

She gasps softly, her legs slightly shaking. I slowly lick the length of her pussy a few times before moving my tongue down, slowly pushing it against her entrance. Jade moans out softly moving her hand down grabbing my hair some as my tongue pushes inside her tight pussy.

Damn she was tight I thought to myself. I reach up moving her legs some, putting them over my shoulders, getting comfortable. I slowly begin to work my tongue in and out of her, Jade’s juices slowly rolling down over my tongue. She slowly rocks her hips some, her hand, gripping my hair slightly keeping my head in place.

“Oh god.” She moans softly as I slide my tongue against her inner walls.

Jade’s legs shake, her back slowly arching. I could feel her juices leaking out of her tunnel of love even more now. I slowly pull my tongue out of her and slide it up against her clit. She gasps softly again, legs shaking a little more.

I slowly open my mouth and put my lips around her clit, gently laying my tongue against it. I look up at her and slowly begin to move my head up and down, slowly licking her clit. She raises her head up some and looks down at me, breathing a little heavier.

I move my hand between her legs some and slowly begin to push a finger inside her. Jade moans out softly, her pussy gripping my finger as it slowly enters her.

“God…”She says softly moving her hips a little more.

I slowly begin to move my hand, letting my finger slowly slide in and out of her. I continue to slowly lick her clit, feeling her legs shaking against my back. I stare up at her as I slowly begin to push another finger inside her.

Jade’s back arches a bit high as her tight pussy grips my digits tightly. I slowly move my hand facing it downward. I slowly begin to work both fingers in and out of her. She moans softly, breathing heavier, her hips rocking against my tongue and fingers.

After a few minutes I could feel Jade’s legs shaking badly against my back. I look up at her, seeing her breasts heaving up and down, her hands gripping the table tightly. She slowly closes her shaking legs around my head and cries out softly as she orgasms, her back arching up off the table. I slowly pull my tongue from her clit as I feel her pussy pulsing around my fingers.

After a few minutes she slowly opens her legs back up as she tries to catch her breath. I slowly pull my fingers out of her. Jade whimpers softly as they exit. I lean in slowly licking her juices from her pussy. She moves her hand, running her fingers through my hair some.

I slowly lick her clean and grab a napkin from my lunch bag and clean her up some. I slowly fix her panties and reach up helping her sit up. I grab my bottle of water and take a sip, washing her juices from my mouth.

“Wow.” She says softly looking down at me. I hold back a smile.

“You ok?” I ask. She nods some as I place my hands onto her thighs, I could feel her legs still shaking some.

I move some, gently pulling her off the table and sit her on my lap, facing me. She moves some lying against me, resting.

“Taste like chicken.” I say softly. Jade bursts out laughing some.

“Jerk.” She says softly. I smile some.

“Tastes very good.” I say softly.

She smiles a little and closes her eyes. I gently lay my head against hers, gently rubbing her back. After a few minutes Jade sits up slightly and grabs my phone checking the time.

“10 minutes.” She says softly.

“Break flew by huh?” I ask softly. She nods some.

“Yeah, it did.” She says as she keeps my phone in her hand, doing something.

“What are you doing?” I ask looking at her.

“Putting my number in your phone since you wasn’t gonna ask for it.” She says.

“I was going to ask for it.” I say.

“Uh huh.” She says putting it down. I smile a little.

After a few minutes we head back to the restaurant and Jade goes into the bathroom to clean up. I wash my hands and go back to the kitchen, getting back to work.

A couple days pass and I was at home watching some TV. God this is boring I thought to myself. I look over at my phone and slowly pick it up. I bring Jade’s number up and send her a text.

“Hey sup?” I type; I move my thumb down and hit send.

“Not much trying to fix my laptop.” She responds after a few moments.

“What’s wrong with it?” I ask.

“Keeps crashing.” She responds.

“Want me to take a look?” I ask.

“Sure, but bring a pizza when you come. I’m hungry lol.” She responds.

I smile some and shake my head. She texts me her address and I call in a pizza. I take a quick shower and get dressed before leaving. I get the pizza and head to her place. I find her apartment number and knock on the door. The door opens and she smiles seeing me, I smile back at her as she backs up and I walk inside. I put the pizza down on the table and look at her. Damn I thought to myself seeing her in just a long t-shirt.

“Yes…pizza.” She smiles grabbing a slice. I smile some.

“Good to see you too.” I say. She sticks her tongue out at me and leans up kissing my cheek. I smile and shake my head as she pulls back. We walk into the living room and she hands me the laptop.

After a few minutes I figure out what was wrong with laptop and fix it. I put it on the coffee table and look at her.

“All fixed.” I say.

“Thank you.” She smiles hugging me. I smile and hug her back.

“No problem. That’ll be 29.95.” I say looking at her.

“Yeah?” She asks softly as she moves over and straddles my lap. I nod some.

“I don’t have that kind of money.” She says softly.

“Well…” I say softly.

“How about this?” She asks as she moves some and takes the long t-shirt she was wearing off, revealing her naked body to me.

“Payment accepted.” I say softly.

Jade giggles as I lean in softly kissing her bare breasts. She gently runs her fingers through my hair, her long pink hair flowing down over her shoulders as my lips lock around her nipple, softly sucking on one before moving to the other.

She moans softly as she moves her hands down beginning to undo my jeans. My cock quickly hardening, getting my cock out she wraps her hand around it, her eyes slightly wide feeling how thick it was. She looks down at my cock and smiles.

Pulling away she moves down to her knees in front of me and takes hold of my cock once again. Leaning in she slowly begins to lick the thick head, slowly swirling her tongue around it. I groan loving it, after a few moments she wraps her lips around the head of my cock and begins to suck on it, slowly lowering her mouth inch by inch, until she had all of my cock she could fit inside her mouth.

Getting my cock coated in her saliva she pulls away and slowly straddles me once again. Staring into my eyes and takes hold of my cock and slowly begins to slide down on it. I groan softly feeling her tight, warm pussy swallow my cock. Jade moans softly, gripping my shoulders as she bottoms out.

“Holy shit.” She says softly closing her eyes for a moment.

I just groan and lean in beginning to suck on her nipples again as my hand gently grips her hips. She throws her head back and moans, her pussy tightening around my hard cock more as I suck on her nipples.

“Oh god,” She moans softly gently grabbing my hair, her legs shaking already. “You’re gonna make me cum.” She says softly

Hearing her only made me begin to suck on her nipples more, working my tongue against her nipple as I sucked on it. Jade moans out loudly as she begins to orgasm, her juices flooding down over my hard cock.

Jade lays against me, as she finishes her orgasm. Catching her breath she looks down at me and leans in kissing me. I kiss her back, gripping her hips as I begin to slowly bounce her on my hard cock. Moaning she deepens the kiss, slowly massaging her tongue against mine.

“Bedroom?” I ask softly.

“Uh huh” She moans softly.

I slowly get up, picking her up as well, feeling her wrap her legs around my waist, keeping my cock buried deep inside her. I find her bedroom and walk inside. I lay her down on the bed and quickly remove my shirt along with my pants.

Naked now, I grab Jade’s legs and spread them widely as I quickly bury my cock deep inside her. She moans out loudly, legs shaking in my firm grip. I quickly begin to thrust, driving my cock in and out of her at a fast pace.

“Oh god…fuck me.” She moans, arching her back as my cock slams deep inside her.

Within minutes Jade moans loudly and begins to orgasm again, her hands gripping the covers tightly. I groan feeling her pussy tighten around me, clamping around my hard cock. I let go of one of her legs and bring my hand up licking my fingertips. I move my fingertips down, quickly rubbing her clit.

“Oh fuck!” Jade whimpers as her body jerks to my touch.

I continue my quick thrusts, knowing her tight pussy would soon make me cum. She moves her hands up, playing with her nipples, her mouth opened slightly, breathing a little heavily.

“I’m gonna cum.” I Say looking down at her.

Jade just nods, not able to speak. I continue to thrust for a few more moments before losing control. I slam inside her deeply and grunt as I begin to cum, my cum shooting deeply inside her. Feeling it Jade moans loudly, shaking as she begins to orgasm.

We both finish our orgasms and lay there on the bed, Jade’s head on my chest, my hand rubbing her bare back.

“Fuck.” She says softly.

I smile slightly and bring my hand up running my fingers through her hair. She turns her head and softly kisses my chest.

“Stay with me tonight?” She asks softly. I nod some.

“Sure.” I say softly.

Jade slowly raises her head and looks up at me. I bring my hand up and gently stroke her cheek. I lean up and softly kiss her, Jade kisses me back, her hands on my chest, rubbing it slowly. We slowly break the kiss and Jade moves beside me and snuggles against me. I hold my arms around her.

A couple weeks pass and it was new years eve. I was at work in the kitchen and Jade was waiting the tables as usual. It was getting close to midnight, we’d close soon after midnight. Getting an order cooked I place it at the window and hit the bell. Jade smiles and walks up to get it.

“Hey we still on for that kiss at midnight right?” I ask with a little smile. She nods.

“Yeah.” She smiles at me.

I smile as she takes the plate and walks off. After a while the countdown had began and I walk out of the kitchen. I come up behind Jade and wrap my arms around her. She turns her head and looks at me, smiling.

The countdown hits one, and I lean in and softly kiss her, Jade kisses me back placing her hand onto the back of my head. I gently rub her stomach, continuing to softly and slowly kiss her. After a few moments we break the kiss.

“Happy New Year.” She says softly.

“Happy New Year to you too beautiful.” I say kissing the side of her head.

Everyone eventually leaves and it was just Jade and myself. I lock the door and we begin to clean up.

“Any plans after you leave here?” I ask. She shakes her head.

“No, you?” She asks.

“No, but you should come over, no use in spending New Years alone.” I say.

“Ok.” She smiles.

I grab load the tub with the plates off the table and take them to the back and put them into the dish washer. I start the dishwasher and walk out of the kitchen. I smile seeing Jade bent over reaching for something under a table. I move up behind her and move my hand under her skirt and cup her pussy through her panties. She pauses and slowly looks back at me, I slowly begin to rub her pussy through her panties.

“Mike…”She says softly, smiling slightly.

“Want me to stop?” I ask. She shakes her head and moves some, leaning over one of the tables for support.

I continue to slowly rub her pussy as I bring my free hand down and begin to lift her skirt up. Getting her skirt up around her waist I pull my hand from her pussy and slowly push down on her panties. She looks back at me and bites her lip, I bring my hand back to her pussy and slowly begin to rub it once again. Her pussy was warm and already slightly wet, feeling her juices on my fingertips I move them down to her clit and slowly begin to rub them against it.

Jade moans softly and bites her lip as she feels my fingers on her sensitive button. I slowly kneel behind her, as she spreads her legs for me. I lean in and slowly slide my tongue against her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. She moans a little louder, gripping the desk slightly. I move my tongue again and push it inside her tight pussy. Gasping Jade pushes back against my face as I begin to work my tongue in and out of her, slowly tongue fucking her.

“Oh god.” She moans softly

She continues to push back against me, moaning softly as she grips the table. I continue my loving attack on her pussy, slowly working my tongue in and out of her. I could see her legs shaking slightly as her juices ran over my tongue.

“I’m gonna cum…” She says softly laying her head down on the table in front of her.

After a few moments she moans out softly and begins to orgasm, more of her juices running down over my tongue and into my mouth. Swallowing all that I could, I slowly pull away and lick my lips. Jade lays against the table, her juices running down her thighs slightly.

“Ready to get out of here?” I ask. She nods.

I reach down and pull her panties down the rest of the way and get them off of her. I stand up and put them into my pocket. She slowly stands and turns to face me, her skirt falling back into place. Grabbing hold of my shirt she leans up and softly kisses me, softly kissing her back I gently pull her close to me.

We lock the restaurant up and get into my car, driving back to my place. I look over at Jade and smile slightly as I place my hand onto her bare thigh, slowly rubbing it. Jade spreads her legs as far as her skirt would allow and looks at me with a slight smile on her face.

We get to my place and go inside, once the door closed behind us Jade moves up and kisses me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I reach back and lock the door before picking her up, her legs quickly wrap around me as I head for the bedroom. Once in the bedroom I sit Jade down on the bed, her arms and legs unwrap from around me and she quickly reaches for my belt. I take my shirt off as she unfastens my belt and unbuttons and unzips my pants. She pulls down on them along with my boxers and my hard cock quickly springs out. She opens her mouth and quickly wraps her lips around it, sucking on it gently as she begins to take more of it into her mouth.

I groan and close my eyes feeling her mouth around my hard cock. I look down at her and run my fingers through her hair as she begins to bob her mouth back and forth, slowly on my cock. I push my shoes off and step out of my boxers and pants, loving her mouth on my hard cock. After a few moments I pull away and grab her shirt and begin to pull up on it. The tight white t-shirt slowly peeling off of her skin to reveal a black lace bra, I toss the shirt aside and reach behind her and unhook her bra. She bites her lip and takes it off, tossing it aside. I gently push her down on the bed and lean in taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking on it as I move my hands down quickly finding the zipper to her skirt.

I unzip it and pull it down her legs and off of her. I move my lips to her other nipple and suck on it for a few moments as well. Jade moans softly running her fingers through my hair. I slowly pull away from her nipples and pick her up, moving her to the center of the bed. She pulls me between her legs and opens them a bit widely for me.

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