new year’s

First off, I hope everyone had a happy holiday.

Secondly, this story is purely for recreational purposes. I received two challenges- a man emailed me and told me my sex scenes were often depressing, and another person suggested I write a story under 1,500 words. So this is just sex, and happy sex at that. No angst, I swear.

This story is 1,488 words (yay). I hope you enjoy.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

I hated going to Times Square for New Year’s. It was an overrated experience for an overrated holiday. Your feet get trampled on, elbows hit your chin, and someone eventually punches your boob. It’s not fun.

But Scott wanted to go, so there we were… freezing our asses off.

He loved doing wholesome and momentous things with me. I didn’t want to drag him down by saying it was boring, but unfortunately those very words came out of my mouth when he insisted going to the tree lighting in December. I owed this to him.

He wasn’t a bore. He had an exciting job, working as a stagehand for huge musicians. He got me into the coolest concerts. He was an amazing kisser. Sex was fun. And I was pretty sure I was falling in love with him.

He liked doing cheesy things that were blah to me, however. Seeing the ball drop in person wasn’t fun. Scott felt bad when I started shivering.

“Here, have some hot chocolate.” He handed me a thermos and my heart warmed up a little.

He kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms around me, snuggling his chest against my back. I sighed. This, I loved. Not the whole throng-of-screaming-people around me part.

Ryan Seacrest was somewhere in the front, getting the crowd to scream louder for the bright cameras scanning across the thousands of smiling faces.

I could deal with people barfing around me and screaming too loud and getting too wasted for Scott. I could suffer through Ryan Seacrest and his blindingly white teeth and cheesy catchphrases. I could even deal with getting frostbite.

I laughed a little to myself, realizing what a sap I was becoming. Love will do that to you, I guess.

Scott turned my head to face him and he peered at me with those big hazel eyes I loved so much. He kissed me softly but with such a consuming passion that I decided being a sap wasn’t so bad.

My eyes popped open when I realized something else was popping up down below. Scott was hard. No, hard wasn’t the right word; he was completely solid.

“You’re hard!” I was turned on and maybe a little shocked.

Getting a boner didn’t seem like a wholesome activity to me.

He laughed, his breath hot and wet against my ear. “Mmmhmm, so you’ve noticed.” He ground it against my ass.

The movement lifted up the skirt of my dress a bit. The blistering breeze snapped against my legs that were shaking in spite of the thick tights I wore.

“Not here. Later.”

I meant it. I was never very much into public sex. The threat of getting caught wasn’t exciting to me; it was terrifying. As much as I got on Scott’s case for being a goody-goody, I was no bad girl.

He laughed and gave me a forceful thrust that made me lose my balance. The only thing that kept me standing was his strong arms around me..

I turned my head and met his gaze. “You’re such a dick! Stop it.”

His eyebrows lifted and his smile turned into a torrid smirk. “Why? Are you getting wet?”

My jaw dropped. Scott never talked dirty in public. Ever.

“You are, aren’t you? That’s so hot.”

Before I could stop him, he was lifting up my dress in the back. He smoothed down the front so if anyone looked, all would seem right. No one was paying attention to us anyway; their eyes were focused on the ball that would dropping any minute.

“I’m not sure about this,” I whispered.

“You think I’m boring. Is this boring?”

He ripped a hole into my tights and revealed I wasn’t wearing any underwear. The sensation of the cold against my wet pussy was a devastating turn on.

Then I felt the warm thump of his cock. I wasn’t sure how he managed to unzip his jeans and maneuver his cock out of his boxers without me noticing, but all I wanted was his thickness inside of me.

The shouts and laughter of the people around us faded out. All that existed was the two of us, our bodies fighting to join together, and the sensation of Scott’s breath against the back of my neck.

“Are you ready?” he asked softly, his hand running down the front of my body. I couldn’t feel too much because of my bulky coat, but just knowing he was doing it was enough to make my nipples painfully hard.


As soon as the word was out, he was plunging into me. I cried out accidentally and a couple nearby turned their heads. My face must’ve been contorted in an expression that looked like a cross between ecstasy and agony. It wasn’t hard for them to put two and two together, especially by the way Scott started going at me. He wasn’t being careful, or gentle.

The couple, who seemed to be about our age and was really good-looking, grinned at us. I didn’t know if Scott noticed them because I couldn’t see his face; I could only hear his animalistic grunts behind me. Then they looked at each other and their grins grew wider. They started making out; the guy boldly stuck his hand down the front of her shirt. The girl moaned and looked back at me, her face a mirror of mine.

I imagined what we must have looked like to people if they bothered noticing- me crying out, openmouthed and sweaty with smeared makeup, and Scott rutting into me desperately, his jeans falling down so that only his long coat covered his ass.

The image to me was so hot that I almost starting orgasming. Scott continued grunting into my ear, pressing against me. His hands clenched my hips hard. I lost track of the couple in our frenzied fucking state.

Then I bumped forward again into a body and they bumped back. Scared, my eyes popped open and it was the girl from before. She was staring me, her face longing and tinged with pleasure as her boyfriend fucked her from behind. Both of us were increasingly getting close together as our partners pushed into us.

We suddenly came so close that we could kiss one another. The same idea must have occurred to the girl because her face lit up with a wicked grin and she kissed me. Her tongue was wet and hot and delicious in the freezing cold.Scott and her boyfriend both went “fuuuuck” at the same time.

Scott’s cock swelled inside of me, I presume at the show we were giving him. I heard Ryan Seacrest somewhere in the background and realized dimly that the people around us were counting off.

My body was tightening and my cunt was already spasming, preparing itself for the onslaught of pleasure that was due any second. The nameless girl laughed into my mouth just before she groaned.

She held onto my neck tightly as she whispered, “I’m cumming.”

The man behind her grunted and presumably came too.

“I’m gonna cum in you, baby,” Scott shouted into my ear over the cries of “4, 3, 2, 1!”

He finally came, his cock jumping with every powerful surge. Now we moaned together, as I squeezed him tightly and deeper into me, my own orgasm breaking over me. I could hear our new friends still shouting and crying out.

Cum filled the inside of me and I sucked it in with every spasm of my orgasm. Scott’s thrusts turned jerky and his slick cock slipped out, spilling its last remnants all over my bare ass and the back of dress. I shook harder and came again as I felt his rapidly cooling cum slide down my legs, underneath the tights. It was a deliciously filthy sensation.

Scott buried his head between my head and shoulder and laughed into my hair. “That’s payback for calling me a bore at the tree-lighting. Happy New Year, Jess.”

He pulled up my tights and smoothed down my cum-stained dress. We giggled at the thought of me having to walk around with him splattered all over me.

“Wait,” I said, interrupting his hands that started roaming pleasantly across my body. “What happened to that couple?”

Scott looked around. “I don’t know. They vanished.”

We smiled at each other.

“They must have went back home to have another go.” I kissed his neck, licking the sweat off.

“Wow, they had a really good idea. That was kinda hot, you know,” Scott laughed. He looked so cute I couldn’t resist kissing his cheek.

“Happy New Year. I love you.” I inhaled sharply when I realized what I said, completely terrified.

His face was tender when he kissed my nose. “I love you, too.”

Then his kiss moved down and he kissed me properly to commemorate the occasion.

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