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It’s 6pm and I’m standing in the shower, my toned upper body glistening in the artificial light as the water beats down on me from above. I’ve been standing there, anxious about the night ahead, for so long the water turns cold making my nipples go hard. The thought of what I’ve risked for tonight, scaring me more and more the closer it gets.

This is my first night.

It’s now 7pm, and as I walk through the door of the bar I’m meeting her at, my hands are sweaty and I can feel myself scanning the room looking for a red bow. That’s what she said she’d wear. There must have been dozens of women there that night. All seemed to be waiting for someone but none of them had a red bow on. I decided to take this opportunity to order myself a scotch to relax a bit. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. I’d been to bars to meet women for sex before but never quite like this. I hadn’t even seen a picture of this woman before; we had only spoken on the phone and by text.

A few minutes went by and I began to wonder if maybe she’d gotten cold feet and decided not to come. I looked at my phone to see if she had tried to call or text. No call. No text.

As I put my phone back in to my pocket and went to order another drink I noticed a flash of red go past the door. My heart jumped and I could feel the adrenaline begin to pump through my blood as I anticipated this woman.

As soon as she entered my eyes were fixed on the red bow in her hair. It was a bold, bright, sexy red that matched her lipstick. Her small face was framed by long, flowing, wavy auburn hair that stopped just above her ample bosom that was sexily yet elegantly flaunted by her tight black knee length dress. She had a coat on, but it was open so I could see, even from the bar, that she had curves in the right places. She was breathtakingly sexy. At that instant all the thoughts I had had only moments ago of leaving washed away. She approached the bar; catching my eye as she went past and she stopped beside and ordered her drink. Vodka and cranberry juice. As she was paying I took what I thought would be a sneaky look at her arse. It was big, round and looked very tight. An arse to be proud of I thought as I admired.

Her name was Jane. I knew this from our conversations before tonight.

“Hi, Jane is it? I’m Ian”

Looking a bit shocked that someone she’d never seen before knew her name, she responded “Erm.. Yeah, my name’s Jane. Hello Ian. Have we met before?”

Shit, I thought. She’s here and she’s not playing ball.

“No we haven’t. Are you here to meet someone?”

“Oh, Ian! Sorry,” She laughed as she finally realised who I was, “I was in a complete world of my own there! Oh do forgive me. And my apologies for being a bit late, too.” She had such a full lips that drew my attention completely as she began to talk.

“Oh, don’t worry,” I chuckled, “Though I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.”

“Well, I must confess. I was having second thoughts earlier.” She leaned in, looking around to see if anyone was listening and whispered, “I’ve never had a male escort before.”

“Ah, well that makes two of us then.”

The next 30 minutes seemed to fly by. We began talking about what she’d like to do with her time at one of the tables in the corner of the bar. Luckily for me that area was dimly lit so she couldn’t see that just her telling me what she wanted to do to me got me hard.

When I decided to become a male escort I told myself that I would spend about half an hour with a woman, if she wanted to, before our little meetings ‘off the clock’ as a way to get to know each other a bit and to set some ground rules before we got started.

We had decided to go to a hotel room for this meeting, so we’d met at a bar right next to the one I had booked. We gathered ourselves and went next door to go to the room where we’d be spending our time. She had booked the whole night with me so a hotel seemed like a good idea. I had checked in before I went to the bar so we didn’t have to wait around in the lobby after meeting.

“Good idea! I wouldn’t have thought of that.”

The room was spacious and modern with a king size bed, office desk and chair and a balcony with a view of the park. Its bathroom had a large tub and a separate shower.

As she walked in to the room, a sexy grin spread across her face. I could see she approved. I followed her in and locked the door behind me. As I went to turn around she pushed her body hard against mine, forcing my back on to the door. Before I got a chance to stable myself she was kissing me, those full, red lips on mine and her tongue in my mouth stroking mine. I could feel her large breasts pushing against my chest and her hips moving in time with her lips as she wrapped one leg around mine. I knew she could feel my semi erect cock against her because she pulled her chest and lips away while keeping her lower body writhing against mine while she slid her coat off and threw it across the room behind her.

“Do you like a woman that takes control?” She asked playfully, her lips now only centimetres from my own.

“When she’s doing things like this, I love it,” I replied. But when I was done I pushed myself away from the door, grabbing her hips tightly with my hands, turning her around and now pushing her to the door, “But this isn’t about what I want. This night’s about you.”

I pressed my lips to hers again, more forceful than before. My hands moving down her body as I kissed her. Then in one powerful motion, I wrapped my hands round her thighs and picked her up, pushing her hard against the door again. She moaned as I playfully bit her neck, moving my mouth lower and lower each time until I was finally at her breasts. At that instant she grabbed my head, pulling my face up to look at her and landed a long soft kiss on my lips. My dick was now almost fully erect and with her legs wrapped around me I knew she could feel it through her panties.

I put her back on the floor and she pushed me backwards, not too far. Just enough so she could begin to undo my shirt, kissing down my chest as she did. As she got lower and lower her moans started to get slightly louder. When she had reached the last button she started to tug on my trousers and rubbing her hand slowly over my cock through them. I stopped her and stood her up. Her black dress had a strap over only her left shoulder. As I started kissing and biting her right shoulder my hands were slowly moving up her body, rubbing her thighs and meeting in the middle, over her pussy. I put one hand over her soaking wet panties rubbing her pussy slowly as my other hand carried on towards her shoulder strap. When it got there I pulled down her dress and it fell almost all the way to the floor stopped only by my hand still rubbing her through her panties. To my great surprise she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her large yet perky, warm breasts were now pressed against my naked chest. I could feel her hard little nipples rubbing along my skin as we moved against one another.

We were kissing again, her hands moving over my body, both my hands now playing with her beautiful breasts.

“And how come…I’m the only one…in their underwear out of…the two of us?” She mumbled in between kisses.

I didn’t need to be told twice so I moved back, letting her hands run down my chest and abs to undo my trousers. She skilfully undid the button and zipper in one swift move and my trousers dropped to the floor. She leaned against me, pushing us away from the door and in to the room, passionately kissing and touching all over each other’s bodies.

Feeling my legs hit the edge of the bed I spun round pushing her on to it on her back as I quickly took off my shoes and finished taking my trousers off. As I went to crawl on to the bed over her she stopped me.

“Wait. Take your boxers off. Slowly.”

I did as I was told and slowly pulled my boxers down, staring her in the eyes as she stared right back. When they had reached the floor I kicked them away and stood straight so she could see my now fully erect 7 inch cock. She glanced down at it and straight back to my eyes. The look in her eyes was playful and naughty. She then moved her eyes down my body slowly, seemingly to look at every well-toned muscle on the way. After she had finished, she ushered me to her on the bed. But as I went to crawl to the bed again she stopped me.

“Now. Take off my panties. However you wish.” And she shuffled herself so her firm buttocks were just on the edge of the bed.

I knelt down between her now open legs and began by kissing her soft, smooth legs. Licking and kissing up her thighs, as I moved closer to her wet cunt. I kissed her pussy through her black thong, and licked at the sides of the fabric so her hot flesh could feel my tongue. Before she even realised I slid off her panties with my hands and buried my face into her dripping wet pussy. She let out a moan of pleasure as though she had just come. I played with her pussy lips with my tongue, occasionally flicking her clit with it, causing her to arch her back and writhe on the bed. My hands moved up her body to her tits now, playing with her rock hard nipples. Flicking them and pulling them sent her over the edge and within minutes she was already having her first orgasm of the night, coming all over my face as she wrapped her thighs tight around my neck. I carried on, licking, sucking and kissing her clit through her orgasm which seemed to last for minutes. When she finished, I moved one hand from her breast and began to finger her gently. One finger at first. Still with my mouth on her clit I slid another inside her, with every thrust she would moan, and her hips started to gyrate again. Still kneeling on the floor next to the bed, I was in a perfect position to hit her G-spot. I knew the instant I had found it because my whole hand was now soaked from her wet pussy literally dripping now and her fists grasping tightly to the bed cover. With her back arched again she now opened her legs even wider; allowing my fingers to go deeper and harder. Her pussy tightened once more around my fingers, almost pulling them inside her with me now licking her clit even harder and faster than before. She was on the verge of orgasm, I could tell, so I kept her there for as long as I could, teasing her until she finally came again, this time harder than the first.

When she had finished, she pulled my head up to hers, kissing me tasting herself on my face. She took my hand and sucked my fingers that she had just come all over, moaning at the pleasure of tasting herself.

Then we began kissing again, our bodies moving against each other when she pushed and rolled me on to my back. This was a woman who clearly could take control should she wish. And that just what she was doing. She was straddling me, over my thighs and her hands moved down my body, playing with my nipples and scratching playfully on my skin until her delicate hands reached my cock. She teased me at first. Lightly brushing her hands along my shaft but not the tip. It felt like hours before she eventually grasped it fully with one hand. Her tiny hand made it look larger than it is as she rubbed, slowly, up my full length, staring in to my eyes as she did. Her grip was tight. She was in control. As she sped up, her grip loosened slightly but she was clearly a master at this. I very nearly came right there. She must have sensed how close I was because she moved down my body, so she was now kneeling on the floor, her head inches from my throbbing cock and she said, “Here, let me sort that out for you.” With that, she licked slowly up my dick, from the base to the tip. When she got there she kissed it softly. She kept kissing, each time her kisses getting harder, wetter and her mouth getting wider until finally she had her lips around my whole girth and began moving up and down. I could feel her tongue excitedly licking my whole dick as it moved further in and then out of her mouth each time. Then she finished with the teasing. Her lips tightened around my cock and she was sucking it hard every time she took it in her mouth. I was moving my hips up every time too to get a bit deeper and she started moaning when I did. By my moans she could tell I was close. I grabbed her hair out of the way with one hand so I could watch her taking my full load as I told her I was about to come. I half expected her to stop when I said it but she kept going, getting faster even. It was like she was actually trying to suck the semen out of me. Seconds later I felt the orgasm building inside me, and I came hard in to her mouth. Shooting hot spurts of spunk at the back of her throat while she kept her lips wrapped tightly round my shaft. She slowed now, to savour the taste of my spunky cock, waiting for every last drop so she could swallow it all. When she took her lips from my cock, it was still twitching, as she licked it slowly, cleaning it with her tongue. She got back to her feet and straddled me again.

As she got comfy again, she planted her lips to mine again. I could taste my own cock and spunk mixed with the distinct taste of her pussy. This sent me crazy again straight away and I rolled her on to her back and stood up, leaving her on the bed. As my penis went flaccid I opened the drawer beside the table and pulled out a bottle of lube and put it on the side.

“You’re not gonna need that. I’m still soaking wet.” She grinned as she rubbed her fingers on her visibly wet pussy, put two inside and began to get herself off. I stood there amazed at the sight before me and my dick grew again instantly. I snapped out of the trance I was in from watching her and grabbed a condom from a packet and put it on. Watching me do this, Jane took her fingers from her snatch and licked them clean.

Within seconds I was on top of her, my body bearing down on hers so I could feel her breasts against me as she wrapped her thighs around my hips. Without any help my dick glided into her dripping pussy with ease. The sudden hot, tight feeling around my cock caused me to moan simultaneously with her as she felt my dick penetrate her. Slowly at first, I began thrusting. Going deeper slightly every few thrusts until I was in her right to the base of my cock. I could feel my balls getting wet from rubbing against her juices.

Then, she tightened her grip around my hips and with her hands grasping my bum pulled me hard and fast inside her. The feeling was sensational and she obviously felt the same because her body was moving faster and faster now. Without warning she loosens her legs and rolls me over so she’s now in the cowgirl position. Her legs doing all the work, she jumps up and down on my dick, every time she comes down the slapping of our bodies gets louder. She starts moaning as I can feel her pussy tighten around my dick and I go as deep as I can. Then she stops and starts riding me back and forth. My cock buried in her right to the base, I feel it moving around inside her tight pussy until she lets me find the G-spot. She’s in control now and brings herself to orgasm quickly. Even through the condom I can feel how wet she’s getting and how tight her muscles are gripping me. She lets out a huge moan as she comes hard on my cock, I nearly come from the feeling of her tightening around me and she falls exhausted on my chest, kissing me softly yet hungrily again.

I sensed in her that she wasn’t yet finished. I was right. Almost straight away, her kisses became more passionate again, her body moving against mine again.

We started again how we had finished. She took it slower this time, not as deep. Her body was moving so fast and her pussy had felt so good before that I had hardly had time to admire her sexy, large tits. So as she rode me again, her bouncing causing her breasts to do the same I began to play with them. Her nipples were only half hard, and as I began to knead her boobs in my hand I could see them getting harder and harder. Making circular motions with my fingers I toyed with them, rubbing and flicking them. After a few minutes I sat up a bit, my strong arms around Jane’s back and I took her breasts in my mouth, one at a time. I was sucking and licking her nipples when I accidentally nibbled one. This made Jane shiver and as I got ready to apologise she let out a soft moan of approval. So I carried on playfully nibbling every now and then.

After a while, she stopped me, stood up and walked slowly over to the desk, shaking her hips slowly, seductively as she went, and leant over it, resting her arms on the hotel welcome pack. She gave a perfect view of her pussy and arse from behind. I started to walk over but she stopped me before I moved a couple of feet, “On second thoughts, you might need that lube… I want you to fuck me in my arse.”

I grabbed the lube and rushed over to her bent over.

“Fuck my pussy a bit more first, then put it in my arse.”

“You got it. Have you done anal before?”

“Yeah, I did it a couple of weeks ago and I loved it!”

With that I rubbed her still wet pussy with the tip of my cock and slid it in her hard, forcing her to gasp at the shock. She turned her head to face me and had that sexy grin on her face again. As I fucked her pussy hard, I began lubing her arsehole. And sliding a finger in and out. As I slid two fingers in she let out a gasp again and a satisfied squeal of enjoyment. I could feel my dick with my fingers, both inside her and the sensation was better than anything I’d ever felt before.

She told me to stop and stick it in her arse now, so I quickly pulled out, put some lube on my dick and slid it slowly in to her arse. I slid in with surprising ease and began to slowly thrust in and out. Long, slow thrusts going as deep as I could. Her hips started to move in motion with mine and I could feel her rocking back and forth on to mu cock, trying to get it as far in as possible. I leant down over her and wrapped one arm around her, using it to pull her body backwards quickly and fast as I pushed my cock in to her. With my other hand I played with her tits, tweaking and pulling her nipples in turn. Then I moved it down to play with her pussy. It was still wet and hot as I rubbed it, separating her pussy lips with two fingers as a third slid inside her causing her to let out yet more moans of pleasure. As we got faster, and our bodies began to glisten with sweat I could feel my balls slamming against her pussy, stimulating her clit with every thrust. Still leaning against the desk she bent down further, letting my balls slap against her harder as she opened her legs too. I took my hands from her pussy and stomach and grabbed her hips. Using my hips and arms I fucked her as hard as she had wanted. She was screaming now. Looking back at me, begging me to go harder.

“Ohh.. Yeahh… Fuck…Mee… Harder!!”

I did as told and used up all the energy I could find.

It was definitely working. She carried on screaming, but instead of pleas for more, telling me she was coming. She came so hard her legs began to give out, but with me holding her hips I supported her while still fucking her tight arsehole. She suddenly stopped, turned around and pulled my face to hers kissing me harder, hungrier than before. I could feel her hands on my cock now; she had taken the condom off and was rubbing it hard and fast with that tight grip of hers. Before I knew it she was sucking my dick again. On her knees, her hands holding my bum to pull me further down her throat each time. I started thrusting, fucking her mouth with the same vigour that I had fucked her arse with. She was bringing me to orgasm and she knew it. I could feel all the muscles in my body tighten as it grew inside me. She knew it too and just as I came again she moved her mouth and pointed my hot shoots of spunk all over her beautiful tits. Exhausted, covered in sweat and panting for breath, we slumped to the floor in a pile.

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She came up behind him in the airport and wrapped her arms around his neck, her breasts pressed against his shoulders and back of his head. He had waited so long for that feeling, spent so many nights wishing for that, wanting that, imagining her smell, but yet it still took his breath away and left him pulling himself back against her. “Hi.” she said, with a deep breathy sigh as she ran her hands down his chest wishing she had come up with something better to say.

“Hi.” he said, wishing he had come up with something better to say. He stood up slowly and came around the back side of the chair, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in close, her hips pressed against him, already feeling his urgency. He knew how badly she has been wanting this. They had spent so many long nights talking about what they wanted to do together, have done to each other, and how fantastically wonderful it was all going to be. She knew how badly he wanted to already be in that taxi on the way to the hotel. His lodging already arranged by his work as this was a “business trip” for a “training.” Oh sure, there was a training and this most assuredly was indeed a business trip but he had a lot more planned for this week long trip then listening to lectures and ordering late night room service. They exchanged some forced pleasantries as they stood there in the airport, feeling as though no one else was around as they tried their best to act like they both didn’t only have one thing in mind. It’s not that they didn’t have a friendship that encompassed all that normal bullshit you talk about, it’s just a little more that sometimes some long standing sexual frustration needs to be worked through first before you can talk about baseball over coffee and when you only have a week to get through 16 odd months of said frustration, well, small talk has its limits.

She questioned whether she really was brave enough to go for the airport bathroom blow job she had described to him so many times but in a small airport like this the likelihood of being caught was a risk a bit too large for her liking. Having a good time is one thing but being arrested for public indecency when you’re both married with small children at home to think about is something entirely different. She laughed to herself at her moment of conservative thinking as she placed her hands over his as they slid down over her ass, squeezing tightly. “Do you want to go?”, he asked.

“Please.”, she cooed, as they turned from the unloading gates, his carry-on in hand, and made the longest walk of their lives towards the main entrance, and hopped in the first taxi waiting outside.

Her fingers were already undoing his pants as they both sat down and slammed the door closed. He muttered the hotel name to the driver before her lips found his and they kissed deeply. She knew she would remember that kiss forever, the taste of his lips, the feeling of his tongue sliding across them, his hand cupping her cheek and neck as she purred softly. It might as well been her first kiss, her last kiss – it didn’t matter, it was fireworks and she thought she might cry at the power of it all right then but by then her hand was already wrapped around his cock and pulling him loose from his boxers. She wondered momentarily if the taxi driver, noticed/cared/was used to this sort of thing as she felt her lover’s hand on the back of her head pushing her down. As fast she could open her mouth he was deep down her throat and she moaned involuntarily as she finally tasted that first drop of precum she had dreamed about so many early mornings. She had no shame in admitting to him that she loved that sweetness, along with most anything else having to do with sex. wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock as she started sucking him just the way she had always said she would, swirling her tongue, following her lips up his dick with her fingers squeezing tightly and rhythmically, tracing down between his legs and teasing his balls as he hit the back of her throat just hard enough to make her gag for a moment. She watched him from the corner of her eye, she could see him letting his head fall back on the headrest, hear him groan deeply, feel his hand gripping her hair tightly before moving it to her neck and squeezing firmly, making her shudder in her seat. Feeling her wetness spreading across her thighs and trickling onto the seat she thought briefly of the poor taxi driver having to clean up that mess later but no panties at the first meeting was an arrangement they had discussed at 3am more times than needs to be mentioned.

They arrived at the hotel faster than seemed possible. She hastily pressed his erection back inside his pants, wiped her lips with a finger, and adjusted her skirt as he zipped up and quickly paid in cash with an extra large tip. They stumbled from the taxi and through the double doors of the hotel, dreading that long check-in process at the front desk. Fortunately, business trips arranged in advance cut down on processing time but still took long enough to give her the perfect opportunity to slip her hand into his, resting her head against his shoulder, relishing just a few moments of sweetness before getting up to the room where she’d forget what that word means. She wouldn’t be spending the night as far as the hotel was concerned and she mused if the concierge noticed his wedding ring and the distinct lack of one for her. Her mind already moving from sweetness to contemplating how good his fingers were going to feel inside her – she had spent hours alone with his photos – the clean ones, the dirty ones, every one, looking over every detail but always spending extra time focusing on his hands. She wondered if he’d be gentle at first or if he’d get right into it once they got to the room. She had no preference either way, the important part was getting to the room….like NOW would be good.

His hands shook slightly as he signed the necessary paperwork and he thought about one of the last conversations they had had online. She had asked him if he really wanted to go through with this. They had known each other now for well over a year and had spent every night that they could together online talking into the early morning hours, both battling to some degree with a lack of sleep but it had all been so worth it. She had never minced words – she was in an open relationship that simply required honesty on her part, he….well….wasn’t. He knew part of the fun was the forbidden nature and subsequent quality of that kind of sex and so did she but he had something to lose from all this but, one can’t think too hard on those issues or else one wouldn’t be standing here at a hotel so far from home about to take a woman up to his room and do everything and anything to her body until she couldn’t walk anymore. He wanted to hear her beg, hear her moans, her screams, hear his name in the still night air as he fucked her hard on the balcony but, he also wanted to wake up with her head on his chest too. Spend a morning breakfast together in bed laughing over scrambled eggs and pancakes. Watch movies and eat bacon cheeseburgers. Drink things you aren’t supposed to drink before noon at 6am on a Sunday morning. It’s all of those kind of thoughts that make the endeavor that much more dangerous. She had told him her firm belief that despite a lack of experience she already knew there was no such thing as no strings attached sex – “There are always strings, but that’s part of what makes the sex so damned good.” He looked back down at the paperwork and wondered if he had even signed his name correctly or figured out the date but as they handed him the room keys he assumed he musn’t have done too poorly.

8th Floor – Room 10

It seemed as though there was this unspoken rule that they would make it to the room and keep their hands mostly to themselves, both thinking about what the other was thinking about. She questioned whether her legs would take her all the way down the hall to the last room on the left, right next to the ice machine. She considered the ramifications of being next to the ice machine – regular audience for the sounds of your room? regular noise to cover up the sounds of your room? Still, ever the pragmatist, she hoped dearly they didn’t get kicked out of their room for being too loud. She couldn’t help still trying to be a good girl even when being a bad girl.

They had joked that all the things they wanted in a hotel room wouldn’t exist in one place – a sturdy desk (for fucking on), a king-sized, soft but not too soft mattress (for fucking on), a balcony with whateverviewisavailable (for fucking on), an open and large shower with detachable showerhead (for….you get the point), a comfortable chair with no arms so she could straddle him, and lots of floor space. Surprisingly this hotel room had just enough of those things to be perfect, sure it was a chair with arms and the balcony view was definitely not picturesque but when you’re getting it hard on the kitchenette counter, well, who really gives two fucks.

The sound of the door closing behind her brought her mind away from the fabulous amenities (note: there is no such things as fabulous amenities in this town) and back to the matter at hand. She couldn’t bring herself to turn around, her whole body tensed and she realized she hadn’t taken a breath in what seemed like minutes. They often made each other forget how to breathe when online, they could both type things that made the other briefly consider making some kind of written reminder that humans must respire to live. breathe. The sound of his carry-on hitting the floor made her suck in a lungful of air and in a split second his hands were on her waist and her feet were carrying her towards the bed. They had talked about fucking so much but yet she was pretty sure she had completely forgotten how to do just

that – 10,000 thoughts going through her mind and not one of them had any instructions on sex. “God he’s fucking gorgeous.” “I should have ate before I left the house.” “Is my phone on vibrate?” “I hope my hair looks good.” and “Holy shit, did I mention how incredibly hot he is?”

Good thing for her that the brain is not all that instrumental in human reproduction (without the reproduction part thanks to fastidious birth control methods for the past 2 months leading up to today “….I did take it today right? I should have taken two.”) and her skirt was already up around her hips, his lips already pressed against hers, his hands working to undo his pants. She hooked her fingers in his waistband and helped him the rest of the way out (not sure if tearing someone’s pants off counts as “helping”) before wrapping her legs up over his and reaching down to guide him inside. He was already rock hard and she bit her lip to keep from smiling too big as she felt the head of his cock right at the entrance to her pussy. She considered saying something witty or at least a quick begging for him to fuck her just right but by then he was already balls deep and her mind finally shut up for a second and just let her melt into the mattress as he fucked her hard just like he always promised he would. She dug her nails into his shoulders and purred and moaned.

“You feel amazing angel.” All she could do was make more noises in response and press her hips up to meet his frantic thrusts. She was so wet by this point that she knew she wouldn’t last long and neither would he. His hands planted firmly on the bed on either side of her head, her eyes closed gently as she felt him nearing climax. They had both discussed before how they knew they wouldn’t last long on the first go but then again, that’s what the rest of the week is for. She held so tightly onto him she thought she might burst from excitement. He thought about trying to hold out a moment longer but she was just too wet and too tight and too perfect. Her scent filled the air as he pushed hard into her one last time and moaned loudly as he came deep inside her, his cock throbbing hard as wave after wave of orgasm took over. He let himself relax slowly and put his forehead against hers.

“Oh fuck” she sighed. It was all she could think to say as she hugged him tightly to her chest and let her feet slide onto the carpet. She giggled and squirmed out from underneath of him before pulling her feet underneath of her and bouncing on her heels

“Again again!”, she said laughing and tugging at his arm.

“Just….a….just a minute please”, he replied smiling at her.

It was going to be a fantastic week.

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