She pulled over into a parking lot a few blocks away from his apartment. Her hands were shaking, and she could feel the tears building up. They had talked briefly a couple days ago for the first time in three months. She thought about turning around and heading home but she knew she couldn’t do that to him. She wasn’t really sure what to expect, would he be happy to see her or pissed because she had totally pushed him out of her life. She wanted to at least talk to him and tell him everything that had been going on. She just hoped he would be receptive to listening to her at the least. Jill pulled back out onto the road and in what seemed like no time was at his place. She got out of the car took a deep breath. “Here we go.” She said to herself.

She walked briskly until she hit the stairs then slowed her pace as she climbed. The butterflies were starting to hit her big time and she again thought about turning around. He had sounded a little pissed at her on the phone and the last thing she wanted was to get into a big argument with him. Hesitating one last time Jill raised her hand and knocked lightly on the door. She went to knock again and was startled as the door open before she could.

“Hey, you are alive.” Joel extended his arms out and Jill laughed then burst into tears as he wrapped his arms around her.

“I’m sorry.” Was all she could get out as they hugged each other.

Joel released her and wiped the tears from her eyes with his thumb. “What’s with all the tears?”

“Oh let’s see, that list is to long right now. Can I come inside?”

Joel led her into his apartment and handed her some tissues as she sat down at the kitchen table. She wiped the tears from her eyes and felt herself begin to calm down. She was relieved, one that he didn’t seem mad but also that she felt at ease being back in his apartment. Jill nodded to Joel as he held up a coffee cup and she took another deep breath. “So how have you been?” she asked as he handed her the cup of coffee.

“I’m good, been busy with school lately, but it’s going well.”

“You’ve always done well in school.” Jill smiled as she sipped on her coffee. “Your mom said you might get an internship soon.”

“Yes, but it is a little tougher now. I kind of blew through my undergraduate work but have to put in a little more effort now. I have a few options I’m considering right now and actually have another interview for something in a couple days. Need to start figuring out what I want to do.”

“It must be nice to have some choices, especially these days. Your mom said you had a number of people already offering you positions.”

“Yes a couple I’m excited about but I still need to finish my degree. Derek’s dad has talked with me a few times recently about doing something with his firm.” Joel looked across at Jill who seemed nervous.


“My roommate.”

“Ah, Yes, I’m sorry little scattered brained today I guess.”

They talked for about half an hour, mostly about nothing either of them were really concerned about, but both seemed reluctant to broach the subject of their weekend together. Jill was starting to think maybe she had made a mistake, as they both again seemed uncomfortable.

“So what’s new with you? Joel said as he sipped on his coffee.

Jill decided to at least try to get the ball rolling. “Well I’m assuming your mother has told you at least some. I kind of stayed away from her also at first but finally got the guts to face her. She was very upset with me when I told that your Uncle and I were talking about getting a divorce. I’m not sure what will happen between him and I to be honest. At least we are talking more now; I guess he was a little surprised at first also.”

“How did he take it?”

“Actually better than I thought he would. I guess we were both kind of kidding ourselves that we had a strong marriage. More like we just tolerated each other over the past five or so years.” I realized when I got back that we didn’t have much in common anymore and even though we were married we pretty much lived our own lives. I just decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life like that.” She looked up at Joel and could tell this was bothering him.

“Was this all because of me?” he asked as he stood up and leaned against the counter.

“No sweetie, please don’t think that. I told you it’s been going downhill for awhile now. This would have happened eventually even if I had never come to see you. Your Uncle doesn’t make me happy anymore, in any aspect of my life. He’s a good father and provider but our kids are grown and I can support myself now, I just want more out of life.”

“I guess I’m still confused.” Joel said as he looked up. “You left here with just a note asking me not to contact you, so I’m thinking you’re completely freaked out. I’m not supposed to contact you and when I try you don’t reply. Then I hear from mom that you are thinking about getting a divorce and still I don’t hear from you.” Joel’s voice was getting louder as he started to pace back and forth. “I had all kinds of shit going through my head!” Joel paused and looked back towards her now. “I’m sorry I’m not mad at you, I was just really worried I had completely fucked up your head with what happened that weekend.”

“No Joel, you didn’t at all. I was a willing participant in case you forgot.” She smiled as Joel sat back down across from her.”Look it’s true, I did freak out at first, but not completely. I did feel guilty on numerous levels and I’m guessing I don’t have to spell that one out for you do I?” Joel cracked a smile and just shook his head from side to side. “But I’m ok with all that now. I really enjoyed our weekend and not just the sex but the time we spent at the art show, you showing me the sites, and mostly feeling like someone had an interest in me again. I loved talking with you and the excitement you have towards life in general. I’m not sure if I will get divorced, I have been married a long time and I am having a hard time thinking of myself out on my own again in some ways. The one thing that is freaking me out right now is the thought of you being out of my life completely.”

“Ok, but your still in the doghouse with me for blowing me off for three months.” Joel reached over and squeezed her hand as they both smiled at each other. “I was just worried about you, I didn’t like the thought of you getting hurt in anyway by what happened, that’s all.”

“Thanks sweetie and you didn’t hurt me, really.” Jill felt better now, she still was unsure of what was next with them but it was good to talk with Joel and get things out in the open, well most things anyways. “I was actually worried about you, I thought our weekend might have really screwed your head up.” Jill got up and poured herself another cup of coffee. She walked back and sat down to see Joel with a shitty grin on his face. “What?”

“Nothing, trust me it didn’t mess with my head, I very much wanted it to happen.”


“Yes really, I have wanted you for a long time. I’m not the innocent guy a lot of people think I am I guess.” Joel smiled as he looked over towards Jill.

“Yes I spent a weekend in bed with you remember.” Jill laughed.

“Cute.” Joel was laughing also. “I couldn’t wait to get you alone and get my hands on you.”

“Ahh so you had that planned the whole time, I wondered. Get your Aunt drunk then have your way with her?”

“No not exactly.” Joel grinned

“Not exactly?” Jill asked curious now to know what he actually had in mind. She smiled devilishly at Joel, she could tell her question had made him squirm a bit.

“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about it before, but I never thought we would get anywhere near what happened that weekend. I guess I just wanted to get my hands on you, make you feel good. But honestly I didn’t try to get you drunk to sleep with you. But I could tell when I was getting to you and I just ran with it, guess the wine had got to me also.” Joel got up as he finished and poured himself another cup.

“Have you seduced other women like that?” Jill asked as she was enjoying seeing her confident nephew sweat a little. “Just curious you can be honest; I’m not judging you or anything.”

“Well if a woman is lying on my bed half nude the seduction part is probably already done.”

“I meant have you seduced any of your clients in a similar way?”

“Oh.” Joel paused seemingly trying to come up with a good answer to his Aunt’s question.

“Honestly I’m just curious, not looking to judge.”

“Ok, yes I have. Mostly it was more just sending them away happy if you get my drift, but yes I have had affairs with some clients. It’s rare but it has happened to be honest.”

Jill smiled devilishly again at Joel. “I thought so, you were just too damn smooth that night.” They both started laughing.” Or I was just too damn drunk I’m not really sure.” Jill got up and walked over to Joel, walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck as he sat. “I really did miss you.” She said as she leaned in to kiss him. A soft peck on the cheek then Joel turned letting their lips meet for the first time in three months. Jill pulled back and an instant awkward quietness filled the air as Jill turned and reached to fill her cup. She had wondered if she could handle being around him again and just have a normal relationship or if things would go the opposite directions. Jill had run both scenarios through her head and when she was honest with herself she didn’t like the normal relationship scenario at this point and time.

“Sorry.” Joel said as his Aunt returned to the table sliding her chair closer to him this time.

“Sorry for kissing me?” Jill looked at Joel as she smiled. “”Or sorry for such a bad kiss?” Laughing now as she tapped Joel on his arm.

“Wow you are really something else.” Joel said with a slightly confused look on his face. “After I heard you were thinking of getting a divorce I truly thought that the next time I saw you would be an awkward meeting at some family function. I really did enjoy our weekend, but I guess still confused as to what now.”

“Yea well that’s definitely understandable, guess I am too.”

“So what now?” Joel looked at his Aunt as silence feel over the room. “Should I see if there are any art shows near here?” Joel smirked as he tapped his Aunt back.

“Still a smart ass I see!”

“Always.” Joel said as he took his Aunt’s hand and led her into the living room.

“So where’s Derek?” Jill asked as they sat down on the couch.

“Not really sure. Out with his girl probably.”

“How’s Sara?” Jill asked as she looked at Joel.

“She’s good, busy also with school. She is very focused when it comes to that. A little to much.”

“How so?”

“Just needs to have more fun I guess I mean. She has done all this on her own, never had much growing up, got full rides through college and is just obsessed with succeeding.”

“Not a bad quality to have really.”

“No, but she needs to have more fun. Let loose now and then.”

“Is it getting serious?”

“No.” Joel shot out quick, then looked down and smiled.

“Hmmm.” Jill was looking at Joel’s eyes trying to read him. It wasn’t that she was jealous of Sara but was curious if this was something she shouldn’t meddle in. “That didn’t sound very convincing.”

“No, nothing serious.” Joel said as he grabbed his Aunts feet and started rubbing them.”We have a very casual thing going I would say.”

“Casual? It looked like a little more than that to me with the little I saw of you two together.” Jill said adjusting herself on the couch. She thought Joel would start getting nervous talking about Sara but he didn’t seem to be at all.

“Well like I said she is very focused on school and starting her career. I guess the best way to describe our relationship would be friends with benefits, or no strings attached sex. She has no interest in anything serious or even semi-serious now. Which is fine with me also.”

Jill was kind of shocked at how matter of fact Joel had said that. He wasn’t cold about it just told it like it was. “Wow I’m impressed.”

“Impressed?” Joel asked somewhat confused.

“Well I guess I’m just jealous of how your two minds work.” Jill started laughing as she looked towards Joel.

“Don’t be jealous, I wonder if I’m messed up in the head at times.”

“More just carefree I would say.”

Joel smiled at that. “Sounds better doesn’t it. So how about you, what’s going on with Steve?”

That question caught Jill off guard. “Umm.” Now she was the one sweating trying to come up with an answer. Jill started to answer then looked down again. “Well.”

“You can tell me. Not looking to judge or anything.” Joel squeezed his Aunts foot a couple times, and then bent forward to see her face as she continued to look down.

“I have seen him since I left here.”


“Oh my God you really expect me to talk about this?”

“Sure.” Joel’s smile widened knowing this was making his Aunt uncomfortable.

“You’re unreal.” Jill said shaking her head as she looked down covering her face now. “YES!” Jill didn’t look up she could feel herself blushing now.


“JOEL!” She still couldn’t look up.”YES. I slept with him. You happy now?” Jill said slightly raising her head wondering what his reaction would be to that.

“Yes I got that much. So how was it?”

Jill was smiling now, her face still covered as she looked at Joel shaking her head back and forth. “Joel come on.”

“Touchy subject?”

“Just caught me off guard I guess.”

“It’s ok. Sorry didn’t mean to pry, just curious.”

“You’re killing me.” Jill said sliding her feet towards her and then sitting up and lying onto Joel’s chest. Her hand slid over his face and her lips found his. “Mmmmm, I’ve missed those lips.” Jill pulled back a bit then laid her head onto Joel’s shoulder. He was running his hand up and down her back as she traced her fingers across his lips. “I’m still not sure what going to happen between you and I let alone him. My head is kind of spinning right now to be honest.”

“Not really sure what to say to that.” Joel said as his hands continued to roam over his Aunts back.”I Guess I’m unclear what you want.”

Jill hesitated for a moment knowing what she wanted to say but not knowing what the reaction to it would be. “Like I said Joel my heads just has to much going through it right now. I think I will be able to make more sense once I clear my head.” Jill slid her hand down between Joel’s legs squeezing his cock firmly through his jeans. “Think you can help me clear me head?”

Joel turned slightly facing his Aunt, their lips locked again this time much more passionately. Jill’s hand slid into his jeans and began stroking his cock. His hands roamed down over her ass sliding between her legs from behind. Joel felt her moaning into his mouth as his fingers began massaging her pussy through her jeans. “God I want you.” He said pulling back slightly looking into her eyes.

Jill looked at Joel with an almost spelled bound gaze. Her hand slipped onto his cock and she began sliding her thumb back and forth spreading his precum over it. “So take me.” Jill said softly still gazing into Joel’s eyes.

Jill wanted nothing more than for them to rip each others clothes off right there but Joel seemed to hesitate. “I’m just not sure when Derek will be back.” He was staring past her thinking but his hand continued to massage her now squirming body.

“Let’s go to my hotel room.”

“You got a room?”

“Yea I didn’t know what was going to happen here and .. Just grab some things and let’s go.”

Joel pressed harder now through her jeans rubbing her pussy up and down. “I like this side of you.”

“Me too.” Jill said pushing him back a bit.”Go get your things.” Jill said as she leaned in for another kiss.

Joel slid off the couch and headed to his room. Jill took a deep breath and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. “God I need this.” she said quietly as she sat up on the couch.

“Any special request?” She heard Joel yell from the bedroom.

“Yeah, hurry up.” Jill said as she stood.

“I’m coming.” Joel said as he appeared from his room. Grabbing his keys he looked towards his Aunt who was staring at him. “You coming?” Joel said as he looked her way.

“Will be soon I’m sure.” That got a wicked looked from Joel as he slapped her ass leading her towards the door.

“Just ride with me.” Jill said stopping short of the door.

“I’ll follow you, this way I don’t have to call a cab when your head clears and you kick me out.”

“Cute. Ok that’s fine but you’re not leaving tonight I hope ya know.” Joel smiled at her as they walked out of the apartment.

Jill got into her car and backed out waiting for Joel to pull around behind her. Her fingers tapped on the steering wheel as she could feel herself getting anxious. Excited would be a better description she thought as Joel beeped his horn behind her. She pulled forward thinking of the night ahead wanting the short drive to the hotel to go quickly. She pulled to the stop sign and noticed Joel wasn’t behind her now. Looking into the mirror she saw he had stopped, another car had pulled up beside him and she could see them talking. “Damn, what now?” Jill started to get nervous wondering if plans were about to change but took in a deep sigh of relief when she saw Joel pull away and stop behind her. She waved out the window for him to follow, pulled away and her fingers again began tapping with excitement.

The drive went quick but not quick enough for Jill as she felt herself getting more and more worked up thinking about feeling Joel’s cock inside of her again. They made their way through the hotel lobby and into the elevator. Jill wrapped her arms around Joel and began kissing him wildly as the door closed behind them. “Mmm you’re in big trouble tonight.” Jill said pulling back slightly then leaning back to kiss him again when the elevator bell went off signaling the door was about to open on her floor. She pulled him by the hand down to her room and fumbled with the key card to get the door open.

Joel flung his bag towards the bed before the door even closed and spun Jill around. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began kissing him again as he picked her up, her legs wrapping around his body. “I need you now baby.” Jill got out between her panting breaths.”Just-

Joel didn’t let her finish. He let her down and spun her around his hands roughly caressing her breast as she squirmed her ass into him. She felt his hands slide once again over her pussy then up unbuttoning her jeans. Jill was consumed with lust and it was only growing as Joel slid her jeans over her hips as he turned her towards the table in the room and bent her over it. Jill bent forward loving how he was totally taking control now. She felt his hands slide up over her ass and pull her jeans down to just above her knees. One hand now slid up her back pressing her into the table as she felt his other slide over her pussy. “You’re soaking wet baby.” Joel said as he pulled her panties down now. She felt him squat down behind her and gasped out as his tongue ran quickly yet firmly up over her pussy and ass. “Just needed a little taste first.” Jill was moaning, loving this rough treatment, she didn’t feel him for a brief second and reached back to find him with her hands. Her hand met his and she moaned into the table as he grabbed her other and pinned them behind her back. Pushing her firmly into the table Jill moaned out in pleasure as the head of Joel’s cock rubbed against her wet lips. He wrapped one of his hands around both her wrist and held her tightly as his other hand began rubbing his rock hard cock up and down her pussy.

“Please baby, please… OHHHHH God Yes!” Jill gasped out as Joel pushed forward, his cock sliding into her aching pussy. Jill was going crazy, as he worked his cock into her balls deep with three to four forceful thrust. There was no gentleness on his part, Jill felt totally in his control as he began fucking her harder and harder with long deep strokes. Jill could only scream out in pleasure as her nephew held her down and fucked her silly. She soon felt her body start to shake and a long moan escaped her lips as Joel sensed what was coming and slammed his cock deep in her pussy holding it there as her pussy exploded with her first orgasm. “Oh Yes baby,” Jill’s orgasm still hadn’t subsided as she felt her hands set free then felt Joel grab her hair and pull back firmly as he ground his cock into her. Jill was panting in pleasure and pain as Joel did with her as he pleased.

Joel’s hand slapped down firmly onto Jill’s ass then his hand squeezed tightly.”Mmm that was a big one baby, I felt that.” Jill could only gasp now she felt another orgasm coming as Joel manhandled her.” You ready to get that hot pussy filled up?” Joel let go of her hair and grabbed her hips and began fucking her even harder now. Jill screamed out as another wave of orgasms over took her body as Joel’s cock slid forcefully in and out of her. She felt him moan out then bury his cock deep inside of her. His hands pulling her back onto him as she felt his cock let loose inside of her. Jill layed across the table trying to catch her breath as she felt Joel slide his cock from her. Before she could even think he pulled her to a standing position and spun her around. Jill felt half limp trying to get her legs back and Joel grabbed her head without saying a word pushed her down to her knees. Jill felt her hair being pulled once again forcing her to look at up Joel, seeing him grabbing his cock and pulling her mouth to it. She moaned out as it slid between her lips tasting their cum on it, she cleaned his cock the best she could as he fucked her hungry mouth. Jill was in heaven; Joel released her again then bent down and picked her up as if she were a feather. Placing her on the bed, his hands sliding gently now over her trembling body. Joel was breathing heavy as both of them tried to catch their breath.

“Holy shit baby, what was that?” Jill got out as she looked down realizing both were fully dressed still. Joel’s cock hanging out of his unbuttoned jeans and hers were down around her ankles.

Joel leaned forward kissing her as his hand slid over her cum covered pussy. “Sorry just had to have you right then and there.”

“God don’t’ apologize baby. I love being your little slut.”

“You’re not a slut. What’s that saying a lady in the street, freak in the sheets?” Joel asked between kisses.

Jill leaned into Joel her hand sliding over his wet cock. “Good one sexy.” Her hand tugged on Joel’s cock. “Whenever this is inside of me though, I am your slut.” She winked as she slid around and hungrily took his cum covered cock into her mouth as she worked his jeans down as far as she could. Joel worked them the rest of the way off and she felt him slide hers off her legs then his head slide in between. Jill moaned out at the feel of Joel’s tongue cleaning her wet pussy as hers did the same to his cock. They each took turns sucking and licking each other until Joel had her screaming over his cock with another mind blowing orgasm. Jill spun back around and she and Joel lay quietly next to each other. She felt so good and even better knowing this was just the start of the night. Jill let out a soft moan as she squirmed into Joel.

“You ok?” He asked as he kissed the top of her head.

“Great, my head is totally clear.” They both laughed as Joel squeezed her tight.

They spent the next hour or so talking, both trying to express to the other what they thought of their new relationship. Jill was impressed with Joel’s maturity and felt more at ease about the whole thing the more they talked. Before coming down she thought she could continue to see Joel and in talking with him her confidence only grew. Joel kept trying to get her to open up about her relationship with Steve. She thought it was odd at first but found it was nice to be able to talk with someone so openly about it. Joel seemed to get turned on hearing about her new sexual experiences, not that she had that much to tell, but she had hopes now at least of being able to change that.

Jill slid out of bed and walked towards the small refrigerator in the room. She bent over and opened the door pulling out two bottles of water. She hesitated before raising up wondering to herself if Joel was watching.

“Damn you’re hot.” Jill heard from the bed.

“See something you like?” Jill smiled as she turned towards Joel tossing him a bottle. She walked towards the bed and took a long drink of water as she stood at the edge. She raised one leg onto the bed as Joel reached out sliding his fingers over her pussy and back onto her ass. “Mmmm, was wondering how long it would take you to go there.”

Joel’s finger continued to lightly slide around her tight ass. “Think you’re up for it?”

“I have been practicing for you a little.”

“Is that so, Steve break you in for me?”

“Hmmm.” Jill smiled as she looked down at Joel. “He has played with me some, but I wouldn’t let him go all the way.”

“How come?”

“I thought it might turn you on to be my first.” Jill slid her hand back over Joel’s and lightly began rubbing her ass with him.

Joel slid to the edge of the bed taking Jill’s hand and led her into the bathroom. He continued to play gently with her ass as he turned the shower on and pulled her in with him. They quickly soaped each other up and began gyrating their bodies into each other. Jill felt Joel’s fingers slide down over her ass massaging his soapy fingers firmly into her cheeks. Although she was enjoying it she still felt nervous about the idea of having his cock slide into her ass. She had been using a dildo on herself at home but it was nowhere near Joel’s girth or length. Joel spun her around facing the wall and knelt down behind her. He soon had her moaning in pleasure as he gently opened her ass with his finger. Jill slid her hand down to her pussy wanting to cum as she felt Joel stand up behind her. Oh GOD she thought he’s not going to do it here is he.

Joel slapped her lightly again and led her out of the shower and helped her towel off. Though extremely turned on Jill also was nervous at what was about to happen. Joel led her to the bed and she sat down on the edge as he walked over to his bag. Pulling a small jar out he walked over to her kissing her lightly as he kneeled down between her legs. “Came prepared I see.” Jill laughed as Joel looked into her eyes.

“Always good to be prepared.” Joel pushed her back into a laying position and began rubbing her legs.”Relax.” He whispered as Jill adjusted herself in the bed.

“I am.”

Joel leaned down spreading her legs and began kissing and licking her outer lips. Slowly working his way down she felt her legs being pushed up and spread by Joel’s hands. She felt totally exposed to him but it was only turning her on. She started moaning at the first touch of his tongue as it slipped over her ass. He was gently sliding his tongue around her anal rim and the sensation was wild to say the least. Jill reached down pulling his head into her, as she felt herself being turned into a quivering mound of flesh once again.

Joel pulled back sliding his arm behind her knees and pinning her onto the bed. She saw him dip his finger into the jar then felt him spread the lube over her tight ass. He teased her a bit before she felt him slowly slide one finger into her. Jill let out a quiet moan noticing how much easier he slid into her with the lube. Slowly working his finger in and out Jill felt herself relaxing, enjoying the feeling of his finger twisting back and forth inside of her. Jill looked down as his finger slipped from her ass and he began massaging the area around it with his thumbs. It felt unreal and she began wanting to feel him back inside of her.

“Damn your good baby.” Jill said as Joel’s tongue ran up between her lips causing her to moan out in pleasure.

“Enjoying so far?” He said before snaking his tongue back into her wet pussy.

“Mmmmm”. Jill slid her hand back over Joel’s head as she rocked her pussy into his talented tongue. Jill let out another moan as she felt his thumb slide over her ass then easily pop inside of her. His tongue continued working over her pussy as his thumb began fucking her ass. The sensation was becoming intense and Jill felt herself starting to lose control. She felt Joel’s mouth pull back from her wet pussy just as his thumb slipped out. Joel sat up and his hands began caressing her squirming body as Jill looked up at him. “God baby your driving me out of my mind!”

“Turn over baby.” Joel Said directing her then helping her flip onto her stomach. He then pushed her legs under her so her ass was sticking up into the air. His hands began massaging her ass firmly as Jill began squirming to his touch. She felt a finger sliding around her ass as she rocked her pelvis up and down. As the tip slid just inside she felt Joel’s hand press onto her lower back pushing her ass up higher towards him. “Push back over my fingers baby.” Jill didn’t catch the “fingers,” part and as she pushed back felt her tight hole stretch around two of his fingers.

“Ohhh God Joel!” Jill moaned out in ecstasy as she began rocking back and forth into Joel’s fingers. He held his fingers in place at first and let her slide her ass over them, then began twisting them back and forth as she fucked them. Jill was moaning into the bed continuously as she felt some more lube being poured over her ass. She went to look back when she felt Joel push her forward so she was laying flat on the bed. Before she could react he grabbed her legs and flipped her over onto her back spreading her legs around him as he crawled onto the bed.

Jill was squirming as Joel’s legs slid up under hers, the underside of his cock sliding over her wet pussy as he reached down for the lube again. Jill watched as he covered his cock with the lube and she reached down and began stroking and rubbing it over her pussy. She loved having her ass played with and Joel had her squirming uncontrollably now. Since the first time he mentioned it she thought she would never be able to take him in her ass, but he had her so hot that she wanted now to find out if she could. Jill smiled then bit down lightly on her lower lip. She closed her eyes as she turned her head knowing that she would soon know.

Jill clamped her legs tighter over Joel’s thighs as she felt him spreading her legs with his. Her breathing began getting heavy and her moaning continuous as she felt Joel sliding back. She was sliding her pussy over the underside of his cock as she rocked into him wanting more than ever to feel him inside of her. She could feel her whole body shaking as Joel pressed his cock down over her lips and began rubbing it against her tight ass. The size of his cock had totally left her mind as she squirmed her ass against the swollen head.

“That’s it baby slide your ass over my cock.” Joel’s free hand slid down and began caressing her lower abdomen as Jill slowly pressed her ass harder against his cock. Jill’s hands grasp the sheets as she felt her ass begin to open up over Joel’s cock. She slowly rocked into it enjoying the feeling of it easing into her. She started to moan out then gasp as the head of his cock popped into her tight ass. The pain instantly radiated throughout her pelvis as she began panting trying to get past the initial shock. “Joel you’re to big!” She got out between her gasping breaths.

“Just relax.” Joel said as his hands began massaging her ass.

“I can’t baby you’re ripping me in two!”

Joel’s hand guided hers to her pussy and Jill began slowly sliding her fingers up and down her wet lips. She was afraid to move as she worked her fingers over her pussy. The pain was easing, it felt more like an intense pressure now and Jill slowly began rocking her pelvis into Joel’s cock as her fingers slid up over her swollen clit. She felt her body trembling as her ass began to work onto Joel’s cock, her fingers rubbing harder onto her clit now as the pain and pleasure she was feeling was driving her out of her mind. She felt Joel bend forward and begin kissing her neck. “You ok?” She heard him whisper into her ear.

Jill could only nod yes as Joel began inching his cock back and forth in her ass. She gripped the sheets once again with her fingers as Joel’s slid over her clit and into her pussy. His fingers fucking her pussy in rhythm with his cock as he slowly worked it in. She could hear him talking to her but couldn’t make out the words as her body began to shake uncontrollably.

Jill’s hand clamped around Joel’s neck as she felt herself about to cum. “OHHHH God yes baby, I’m Cummm, I’m cummmming!” Jill’s pelvis began bucking as her orgasm washed over her only driving Joel’s lubed cock deeper into her ass. She was screaming out in pleasure and pain as Joel started fucking her now with long deep strokes. The feeling was to much and she screamed out as another orgasm hit her. She felt Joel bury his cock into her ass then moan out as he emptied his load deep into her bowels.

Jill let out one last gasp as she felt Joel slide his softening cock from her ass. She could feel her pelvic muscles spasm continually as she squirmed beside Joel, her body recovering from the assault she had just endured. She turned onto her side, her whole body felt on fire, her hands slid down over her legs and she could feel them quivering as she came down from her orgasm.

Jill felt Joel slide up against her and whisper something in her ear, she heard his voice but her mind wasn’t registering what he said.

“You ok?” She heard louder this time.

“Sorry,” Jill got out. “God baby, that was intense.”


“I can’t stop shaking.” Jill said as she pulled Joel’s arm around her.

“You kinda lost it there for a minute.”

“I’m still lost.” Jill lightly giggled as she felt herself take her first full breath.

“Sorry didn’t mean to hurt ya, you had me so worked up I kind of lost control.”

“I’m ok, it was a good pain. I think so anyways, I’ll let ya know when I try to get out of bed.” Jill reached back and slapped Joel playfully on the hip. She felt herself fading off as Joel wrapped around her.

Jill awoke at 4:30 in the morning, she reached back to find Joel turned towards the window fast asleep. Crawling out of bed Jill winced as her body screamed out about last night’s events. Slowly making her way towards the bathroom she still could feel the effects of Joel’s cock on her ass. She turned on the shower then looked briefly into the mirror. “Damn.” she said quietly noticing how worn she looked today. Jill stepped into the shower and slowly felt herself coming to life again. She soaped herself up then let the water spray down onto her, it felt great and she was totally lost in the feeling when she heard the door open.

“Early riser I see.” She heard Joel say as she peeked around the curtain.

“Morning sexy.”

“You know it’s not even five yet right?” Joel said looking towards her as he stood at the toilet.

“Can’t keep up with your old Aunt huh?” Jill laughed as she let the curtain slide back and slipped back under the water.

“I guess not.” She heard Joel say his voice trailing away from her.

She got out of the shower and began toweling herself off noticing Joel was face down on the bed. He turned toward her as she walked out of the bathroom and began to get dressed. “You have class today?”

Joel was slow to respond smiling as he watched her. “Yes from ten until four or so. Guess I never asked but how long can you stay?”

“You sick of me already?”

“Not even close.”

“That’s good.” Jill said smiling. “I’m not sure to tell ya the truth.”

“Anyone even know you’re here?”

“No, I told your uncle I was going to see a friend of mine for a few days. She said she would cover for me.”

“Oh Really now! So you told her you were coming to see me?” Joel said rising up onto his elbows.

“Yea, she knows all about us smart ass! I just told her I was going away to try to clear my head.” That part was true.” Jill laughed as she threw her wet towel towards Joel. “Go get a shower sleepy head, I will run down and get us some coffee.” Jill grabbed her purse and opened the door turning to look towards Joel as he was rolling out of bed.

She drove down to the coffee shop and picked up two coffees and a few donuts and headed back. The crisp morning air felt good and Jill felt rejuvenated by the time she got back to the room. Opening the door she found Joel sitting at the table with only a towel around his waist, rubbing his eyes obviously not quite awake yet.

“Why so tired?” Jill asked as she handed Joel his coffee. “I’m the one who got molested last night.”

“Molested huh.” Joel said with a smirk on his face. “You feel ok this morning?”

“Well I know you were there if that’s what ya mean.” Jill laughed covering her face.

“Sorry, you were driving me crazy last night.”

“I’m not complaining, rather enjoyed it.” Jill looked devilishly at Joel as he took a drink from his cup of coffee.

“Me too.”

“Off limits for at least today though, have to update ya on that status.” Jill said laughing.

“Deal, Joel smirked, so you never said how long you had down here really.”

“Well, I took a couple weeks off from work. I told your uncle a few days, so I guess its up to you. I know your busy with school and don’t want to intrude on your life, I just wanted to see you.”

“Well your welcome as long as you want. I can see if Derek can stay with his girl so you don’t have to stay here if you like.”

“Going to tell him to get lost so your Aunt can sleep over?”

“Well, Joel laughed, have to see what I can come up with.”

“Your mom isn’t going to make a surprise visit is she?”

Joel laughed. “That would go over well I bet.”

“God she would kill us both.”

“Don’t let mom make you feel guilty about anything, she’s not the saint she makes herself out to be.”

“What?” Jill asked surprised by Joel’s comment.

“Let’s just say that I am good with computers, always have been and mom isn’t very sly about what she does when she isn’t judging others.”

Jill was shocked, what was he saying. “What-

Joel interrupted her before she could ask what he meant. “Speaking of that are you careful about what you do on your home computer or work one for that matter?”

Jill mind was still back on Joel’s comment regarding his mom. “Wh- what?” She asked looking up.

“It’s very easy to install key stroke programs on computers and be able to tell what someone is doing. No need to cause yourself extra grief or give Uncle Matt any ammunition if you were to get a divorce. I can show you how to look for it, but you do need to be careful.”

“Well your Uncle is about as computer illiterate as they come. I’m not sure he does much more than look up sport scores on it to tell ya the truth.”Jill was still curious what Joel meant about his mom.”We can come back to that, what the hell did you mean about your mom?”

“Just what I said.” Joel said very matter of fact. “I know she’s had affairs over the years, like I said she’s not very sly.”

“Affairs, as in more than one?” Jill said as she covered her mouth with her hand.


“You’re lying!”

“I’m serious. When I was in high school I noticed she would chat at times on an internet messenger. So one night I messed with the settings so it would record her chats. Then I guessed her email password after a few tries and pretty much knew everything she was doing. Even have pics that she’s sent and received.

“JOEL!” Jill couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Why would you save pics of your mother?”

“It’s not like I jack off to them or anything. Just kept them for ammunition I guess, not really sure what I was going to do with them. I Was kind of pissed when I first found out, but soon found out Dad was doing it also, so..”

“Oh my God. I don’t know what to say. I’m shocked, she really has had affairs, you’re not bsing me?”

Joel laughed. “Why would I make that up?”

“Damn!” Jill was shaking her head. “Who was it with?”

“Most recent one is someone from her church. I have numerous pics of them actually, not really sure how they were taken, camera on tripod or something. Most are just of her she sent of herself.”

“Sure, someone from the church, why not.” Jill said a little pissy. “You have pics of them having sex? Why would she keep that on her computer?”

“I’m not real sure why she kept them on her computer, like I said you got to be careful.”

Jill just shook her head, she couldn’t believe it. Her sister who had made her feel like a complete ass for even bringing up the idea of getting a divorce is having an affair, and has had more than one. She was staring past Joel as her finger tapped the table.

“You seem more pissed about this than I was when I first found out.”

“It’s just that she’s always preaching to me, telling me I need to go to church. Making me feel like I’m not as good as her because I don’t.” Jill said not looking at Joel.

“Yeah really, you’re just sleeping with her son, the nerve.” Joel laughed out loud as Jill’s eyes shot back to him with that remark.

Jill pointed her finger at him as her eyes widened.”Quit. Damn what a messed up family we are.”

Joel was laughing, but Jill didn’t seem to be finding the humor in his news at all.”Sorry maybe I should have kept that to myself.”

“No I’m glad you told me, now at least I won’t feel so intimidated by her next time she starts on me.”

“I’ll video tape you blowing me if you really want to get her back.” Joel laughed.

Jill burst out laughing at that thought. “Don’t tempt me.”

“Well back to my original point to all of this, you really need to be careful ok. I know we haven’t sent emails or anything but I know you have said you talked with Steve over the internet.”

“Ok I will keep that in mind. You can show me your secrets before I go back.”

Jill sat quietly as Joel finished off two of the donuts. Her mind was going a mile a minute. She didn’t know why she was so mad but she was. Well better that she knew now what her sister was really like. Knowing actually made her feel less guilty about her current situation, she probably should feel guilty she thought, she had let her nephew fuck her ass just hours before. Jill began unconsciously tapping her finger nail onto the table, as she stared off into space.

Joel’s hand covering her tapping finger snapped her back to reality. “Stop.”

“Ok, sorry, let’s change the subject.”

“Good idea.” Joel said shaking his head as he finished off his coffee.

“So what’s the plan for today?”

“Not sure about you but I’m going to class then coming home and going to sleep.”

“Uhuh.” You slept last night!”

” Yea and got woken up at 4 am.” Joel flicked at Jill’s hand with his finger.

“Sorry I had to pee. Then I was up and sore as hell so I got into the shower.” Jill flicked back at him.

“Well your back on my shit list, I don’t get out of bed that early.”

“Aww poor baby.” Jill made a frown face towards Joel as she knelt down in front of him sliding her hand under the towel and wrapping it around his cock. “How can I make it up to you?”

“Now you’re talking.”

Jill pulled his towel loose leaning in and taking Joel’s soft cock into her mouth. Her hands began massaging his upper legs then up and cupped his balls as she sucked and pulled on his cock with her mouth. Looking up she saw Joel watching and smiled around his cock wondering to herself if this is the view his pic showed of his mom. She loved feeling a cock growing hard in her mouth and soon had Joel squirming in his chair. Moaning onto it as she sucked tasting his precum as she began tightening her grip around his shaft as her tongue swirled around his mushroom head. Joel pulled her hair back and kept his hands on the back of her head as he began fucking her mouth. Jill took him as deep as she could as her hand pumped his cock in rhythm with her mouth. She soon felt him tensing up and moaned out as the first jet of cum hit the back of her throat. She kept milking his cock feeling two smaller jets fill her mouth with his cum. Jill looked up at Joel as she continued stroking him with her hand. Opening her mouth and sliding her tongue around the pool of cum in her mouth before leaning back and swallowing his load.

“Mmm, now that’s what I call a solid breakfast.” Jill said as she slid up and passionately kissed Joel.

Joel pressed her back a bit from his lips.”Ok I’m awake now, and ready for my morning treat.” His hand slid down between Jill’s legs as she straddled his.

“Slow down big boy, I need a little more recovery time from last night.”

“Really?” Joel said kind of surprised.

“I’m good, you can pleasure me later.”

“Hmm, bored with me already.” Joel pulled her back in and kissed her deeply as his hands roamed over her body.

Jill moaned into his mouth as they kissed, then leaned back as she looked into his eyes. “No not even close sexy. Just going to rest up so I will be ready for ya tonight.”

“Ok, you staying here or want to stay at my place?”

“What about Derek?”

“I will text him to see if he’s going to be there, he spends the night with his girl a lot.”

“Rather go there but this is fine also.”

“Should be ok, if he’s there he can film us.” Joel laughed as he tapped Jill on the ass.

“Cute, have never seen myself on video.” Jill winked as she leaned in and pecked Joel on the lips.

“He would do it, he’s a porn addict.”

“To funny.” Jill laughed getting up and stretching. “I think maybe I need a nap now.”

“No way miss early to rise! If I don’t get one you don’t either.”

“Maybe I will go shopping while you’re in class and buy something sexy to wear tonight.”

“Sounds good to me, but you won’t be wearing it long.” Joel said as he started to get dressed.

“Any request?”

“I have a thing for stockings and anything sheer.”

“Nice, I will see what I can find.”

“Just get your things together and you can come back with me. You can nap there if ya like. That way you will be at my place when I get back.”

Jill liked the sound of that and she got her things together and followed Joel back to his place. It was still pretty early when they got there and they both sprawled out on his bed to relax. Jill cuddled into Joel and kissed him gently as she squirmed into his body. She loved how she felt in his arms, and soon was regretting not taking Joel up on his earlier offer. Although feeling a little frisky she soon felt herself fading off as Joel rubbed her back.

Jill woke up startled, she didn’t know how long she had been asleep but could hear the apartment door being opened and shut a couple times. Rubbing her eyes she looked towards the clock to see it was noon. She made sure she was covered and listened hoping whoever it was would leave again. She could hear voices but really couldn’t make out what they were saying though. One was a man, probably Derek she thought and the other she assumed was his girl. She waited another twenty minutes and gave up on them leaving; crawling out of bed she threw her clothes on and grabbed something to change into.

Jill opened the door peaking out, not really sure why she was so nervous as she did. Derek saw her coming out and stood up to great her.

“Hi there. He said extending his hand. “You must be Jill, I’m Derek and this is my girlfriend Andrea.”

Jill shook his hand and nodded hello to Andrea, her eyes still trying to adjust to the bright room.”Nice to meet you both, sorry for intruding, guess I feel asleep there for a bit.”

“Don’t be silly, we were just getting ready to fix lunch. Grab a seat and you can join us.” Derek was turning into the kitchen as he spoke.

“No.. No, thank you though. I’m just going to jump in the shower if you don’t mind then head out and do some shopping.”

“No problem, take your time. We will have lunch ready when you come out. Need to fill up before shopping right?”

“Ok, thanks that would be nice.” Jill headed into the bathroom and quickly jumped in the shower. The water woke her up and her mind began racing with thoughts of what they knew about her and Joel. He had said he hadn’t told anyone but maybe he meant anyone who would matter to her. Jill started getting nervous as she toweled off, how embarrassing if they did know. Derek seemed nice, his girl was quiet though, did she know? She continued to get herself all worked up as she dressed and took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom.

“Hey feel better now?” Derek asked as she walked through the room and opened Joel’s door tossing her clothes towards her bag.

“Yes… yes I do thanks.” Jill could feel her nerves getting to her.

“I talked to Joel earlier; he said you didn’t sleep very well at the hotel.”

“What?” Jill said surprised.

“He said you couldn’t get comfortable last night. You should kick his ass, he was at Sara’s you could have slept in his room. “

Jill felt herself relax when he said that. “I didn’t think about it really, and I had already got the room so…”

“Well if you’re staying tonight he can sleep on the couch.” Derek said as he pulled out a chair for her.”Better yet I can stay at Andrea’s and you can have my bed. It was ok last time you were down right?”

“Yes, thanks it was fine.” Jill breathed a sigh of relief as she realized her secret was safe. She looked over at Andrea who seemed to be deep in thought.

“So shopping huh!” Andrea said as she caught Jill staring her way.

“Oh Man.” Derek shot out before Jill could answer.

Jill looked towards her to see Andrea Raise her eyebrows playfully a couple times towards Derek.

“Well count me out, I’m going to be working on a paper.”

“If you don’t mind I will go with you.” Andrea said towards Jill.

“Sure, I don’t really know where I’m going anyways.”

Andrea rubbed her hands together and wrinkled her nose at Derek who was shaking his head.

“No idea what you getting yourself into Aunt Jill!” Derek laughed.

“Stop!” Andrea shot out. “It will be fun.”

Derek sat a plate down in front of Jill and they all talked over lunch. They had her totally at ease quickly, and she was enjoying the conversation. Both seemed very intelligent, Derek she learned was pursuing an Engineering degree and Andrea Psychology. They made a cute couple she thought, Derek was a light skinned African American, probably about 6’2″, athletic build, not quite as thick as Joel but his arms looked ripped. Andrea looked like the girl next door, cute innocent face, long dark hair, studious looking with her glasses on. She couldn’t see much of her body as she was dressed in a hoodie and sweats but she also looked athletic.

After lunch Derek went into the living room and was typing away on his computer while the two girls made small talk.

“So you going clothes shopping or…?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, I thought it would be nice to hit some new stores while I’m here.”

“Great I can always use a new outfit, maybe a pair of nice heels to go with it. I kind of have a little shoe fetish thing.” Andrea said smiling.

“Little!” Jill heard Derek yell out from the couch.

“Shush up,” Andrea snapped back. “OK a big shoe fetish.” She said laughing as she looked back towards Jill rolling her eyes.

Jill started laughing also, this should be fun, be nice to have a fellow shopping addict with her. Jill went in and threw on some make up and she and Andrea were soon on their way.

They spent the next three hours combing the mall. Jill was having a great time, Andrea was easy to talk to and Jill enjoyed talking about something other than her failing marriage. Andrea had asked about her husband at one point and Jill told her they were having problems but would rather not talk about it. She was nice enough not to even approach the subject again to Jill’s relief. She had been dealing with it for three months now and it seemed everyone she talked to wanted to hash out her problems with her. While it was nice at first, it soon became apparent to her that she was the only one who could decide what was best for her. She wanted her time away from home to be a break from reality and so far it had been just that.

Andrea had great taste in clothes although you might not think so at first given her outfit that day. She took Jill to a number of different stores and got her to buy a few outfits that she normally wouldn’t have. Her daughters had always tried to get her to wear sexier things but she had always resisted, feeling more comfortable in jeans when going out or a business suit when at work.

Jill was talking looking away from Andrea when she felt a tug on her arm. “Got to go in here.” She heard Andrea say, turning to see Andrea pulling her towards the Victoria’s Secret store.

“Yes we do.” Jill thought to herself, smiling as they entered the store.

“Have to get something naughty to go with the matching heels I’m going to buy next. Make Derek regret his comment this morning.” Andrea laughed as she led Jill.

They began browsing through the store, Jill felt a little intimidated as she looked around. It had been years since she had bought anything like this and she wasn’t sure what would look good on her. She thought maybe she should start with bras and panties and go from there. She had purchased a couple of sexier sets to wear when she saw Steve and liked how they made her feel. She found a few sets she thought she might look good in then spotted a white sheer set she knew she was going to get for Joel. She held it up to check how sheer it was when she heard Andrea behind her.

“I’m not sure if I have the body for this one.” Jill turned to see her holding up a very skimpy black teddy. “Did you find anything you like yet?” Andrea asked as she looked over the table Jill was at.

“Thought I would start with the simple stuff, been awhile since I have worn one of these!” Jill laughed as she slid her hand over Andrea’s teddy.

“Come on I will help you, quit acting so ancient, you’re very sexy.”

“Uhuh.” Jill laughed as Andrea led her to the lingerie section.

They looked through the racks together; Andrea kept holding different sets up and Jill kept shaking her head no. Then she pulled out a black baby doll set, “This will put a fire back in that marriage!” They both started laughing.

“Well it wouldn’t be skin tight at least, guess I can try it on.”

They walked back to the dressing rooms and Jill walked in and pulled the door closed behind her, then panicked as it opened back up.

“I need a second opinion on mine.” Andrea said.


“What it’s ok, I can see how you look in yours also, I have great taste.”

Jill watched in shock as Andrea pulled off her top revealing a perky set of breast, then without hesitation she bent over and disposed of her sweat pants. “Oh my god.” Jill said kind of quiet.

Andrea laughed as she straightened up standing next to Jill. “Yea no bra or panties, never do when I wear these things.” Andrea said pushing her clothes into the corner with her foot. “What?”

Jill snapped her head up when she heard Andrea. “God, Jill covered her face and could feel herself blushing, I’m sorry your just stunning.”

“Well thank you.” Andrea said as she pulled her teddy from the hanger. “Not sure I can pull this one off though.” Jill watched as she slid her toned long legs into the teddy then up over her breast. Andrea wiggled to get it on then turned towards Jill. “Well?”

“Wow, you really do look great.” Jill Watched as Andrea spun around in front of the mirror. Stopping and turning her head around to check how her ass looked in her new outfit. The teddy was form fitting, the back open with only small straps across the it, and a thong back to the lower portion. Andrea spun around facing Jill, cupping here own breast as she looked in the mirror. The sheer lace front fit perfectly over her breast with two tapering pieces leading down her abdomen and between her legs.

“Think this will get a rise out of Derek?” Andrea said laughing.

“Well if it doesn’t something is wrong with him.”

“Here, Andrea said reaching into her purse and pulling out her phone, Take a pic for me I will send it to him to get his blood going.” They started laughing as Jill pulled up the phone and snapped the picture. “Ok your turn.” She said to Jill as she put her phone away, and started to peel off her teddy.

“Well you’re crazy if you think I’m going to get nude now.”

“Why?” Andrea said looking confused as she stood naked in front of Jill now.

“Because I might have to kill myself if I see my body in the mirror next to yours.”

“Oh quit!” Andrea reached out and started pulling Jill’s top up.

Jill felt really self conscious as she began to undress. She pulled her top off then slipped out of her jeans trying to avoid the mirror as she stood next to Andrea in her panties and bra. Andrea stood in front of her kind of of waving her hands not saying anything as she looked at Jill. “Ok…Ok!” Jill reached back and undid her bra them slipped her hands under the side of her panties and let them slide over her legs onto the floor.

“Oh my god, are you kidding me?” Andrea said as she reached behind Jill and spun them both towards the mirror so they were standing shoulder to shoulder.

“Noooo!” Jill said slapping her hand over her eyes as she laughed.

“Quit! Your being way to modest.” Andrea said as she pulled Jill’s hand down. “See!”

Jill looked into the mirror, and began laughing as Andrea held onto her shoulder and began swaying her hips into Jill’s. “Ok no killing myself, but I will need a drink after this.”

“Deal! Now this is the pic we should send to Derek.” Andrea said seductively winking into the mirror at Jill. “No this one!” Andrea spun Jill around and pressed their breast together as they looked into the mirror. Jill was laughing but felt a chill run up her spine as Andrea slipped her hands around the small of her back and pulled their bodies fully against one another. Jill reached around Andrea as they both continued looking into the mirror. Andrea was swaying a bit back and forth and Jill could feel herself getting excited as Andrea’s erect nipples brushed over hers. “Yeah bad idea, he would probably kill himself trying to get back the apartment.” Andrea burst out laughing, as she playfully tapped Jill on her ass as she pulled away. “Ok you sexy thing let’s see how yours looks on.”

Jill slipped the teddy over her head, she could tell her face was flushed. “What the hell was that, she thought, was she hitting on me or just being mischievous?” Jill continued to put on her outfit brushing off the moments before as just Andrea having fun.

“Nice!” Andrea said standing behind and to the side of Jill. “Nice pair of stockings and heels and you could hit the runway.”

“Well that’s pushing it but I do like it, thanks sweetie.”

“Ok let’s go complete the outfits then go get a drink.”

“Sounds good.” Jill said as they both got dressed. “Yeah just being playful.” Jill thought to herself. Jill followed Andrea out of the dressing room and found herself staring at her ass as they walked back into the store. “God I’m turning into a complete freak!”

After accessorizing there outfits with heels they decided to just go back to Andrea’s place and have a drink there. Joel had texted her and said him and Derek were going to go to the gym after his class and they would meet them both after at her apartment.

Jill was shocked how much she had actually bought when they got back to Andrea’s. She was anxious to get her new outfit on and model it for Joel now.

“Thanks Andrea that was really a lot of fun. I needed a girl’s day out.” Jill reached out and hugged her.

“Awe, thanks, me too.”

Andrea made her feel right at home, and after a quick tour both relaxed on the couch resting their legs.

“You think any bars around here deliver?” Andrea asked and she looked over at Jill.

“Yea we should have thought this out a little better, maybe the guys will serve us when they get here.”

“Well it’s only five and if they are going to the gym we will be waiting awhile for that drink.”

“You think? Joel said he was done around four or so I think.”

“Yeah they probably aren’t even there yet and their workout is about an hour and a half long.”


“Yes, never go to the gym with them, you’ll be sore the next day from just watching. Ok what would you like to drink? You hungry?” Andrea got up and started walking towards the kitchen and Jill followed.

“I’m ok with just a drink, Joel said Derek and him would get pizza or something for later. Opps I forgot, we are going to have to get out of here so you can show off your outfit. Did you send your pic?”

“Damn, no I didn’t. Oh well he can see it in person later.”

“Ok, I have wine, a couple beers, OHHH, Tequila! We can make margaritas! Sound good?”

“Yes very.”

“Great, but first I have to get out of these sweats, it’s hot in here. You want something more comfortable?”

“Sure why not, feel good to get out of these jeans.”

Jill began to follow her into the bedroom when her phone rang.


“Hey sexy, how was your day?” She heard Joel ask.

“Very nice, we had a lot of fun.”

“Cool, buy something sexy for me?”

“Yes I did.” Jill walked into the bedroom as she talked to Joel. Andrea was slipping on a loose fitting t-shirt and tossed her some shorts and a t-shirt.

“Mmm, can’t wait to check ya out. We’re running a little late, you ok hanging out there for a bit?”

“Sure. I will see ya later, bye.”

“I’ll get going on the drinks while you change.”

Jill undressed and slipped on the shorts and t-shirt then headed out to the kitchen. She saw Andrea smiling while looking at her phone.

“Sent the pic.” She said, as she sat down the phone winking at Jill and turned on the blender.

Moments later Andrea was pouring the strawberry margarita into a glass in front of Jill. She took a sip smiling at Andrea as she savored the taste.

“Mmmm, very good!”

Andrea poured herself a glass then reached out for Jill’s hand and led her back to the couch.

They were about to sit down when Andrea’s phone chirped in the kitchen. She scampered out to get it and began smiling as she read the message.

“He wrote Holy shit!” She smiled as she returned the living room.

“Told ya!”

The phone chirped again as she sat down. Andrea giggled again. “Two sexy women trying on lingerie I’ll be right over. See I told ya you were being to modest.”

While she didn’t think so it was nice to hear.

Andrea swung her legs up onto the couch then tapped the cushion beside her.

“Get comfy, sounds like they will be awhile.”

Jill pulled her legs up and stretched them out beside Andrea’s. “Ahh that’s better.” Jill lightly squeezed Andrea’s foot a couple times, “Thanks again sweetie, I enjoyed today.”

“Anytime.” Andrea said as she leaned back into the arm of the couch.

Jill did the same closing her eyes and just relaxing. She was surprised she wasn’t tired, maybe her nap did her good this morning. She peeked at Andrea who was taking the last sip of her drink as she was doing the same.

Jill sat up and Andrea stuck her glass up for her without saying a word and Jill went and filled both, returning with both drinks and the remaining margarita in the blender.

“That a girl.” Andrea laughed s she saw Jill set it on the floor between them.

Both of them kicked back again and Jill finished her second drink pretty quick. She leaned up just as Andrea did both reaching for the last of the margarita.

“Going down to easy.” Andrea said as she poured half the reaming drink into each of their glasses.

Andrea pulled her legs up and crossed them under one another as she tapped the cushion in front of her. Jill pulled her legs up and could tell Andrea wanted to say something. She started to talk then stopped before she even got a word out.

“What?” Jill said half laughing at Andrea.

“I want to ask you something, actually two things, but I’m not sure if I have the guts.” Andrea was looking down as she talked.

“Oh my god, she wasn’t playing earlier.” Jill thought to herself. She wasn’t sure what to do or say but felt herself a little on edge as she looked at Andrea. Jill could tell Andrea was nervous also as an awkward silence filled the room. While she had enjoyed Andrea’s playful nature earlier this was a whole other level. She had never had any type of experience with another woman, and though she had become aroused earlier she wasn’t sure if she could go through with it.

“I wasn’t going to say anything, but…”

Andrea looked up quickly then back down when her eyes met Jill’s.

“When you were down a few months ago.” Andrea slowly said still not looking up.

Jill now looked confusingly at Andrea, what was she talking about. She felt her stomach begin to turn a little as Andrea’s voice got her attention again.

“Oh boy, ok. I was supposed to proof read a paper Derek had on his laptop, but I had forgot to get it before he left for home. So I stopped by late one night and let myself in. While I was in Derek’s bedroom I heard-

“Oh God! Jill’s hand slapped over her mouth as she realized what Andrea was about to say. She jumped up as tears began streaming down her face, her stomach instantly was in knots, she began feeling nauseous as she made her way to the kitchen. Jill put her elbows onto her knees and began sobbing as the reality of her actions had caught up with her.

Andrea ran to the kitchen as she saw Jill fold over, wrapping her arms around her as she began to cry too. “Jill no please don’t get upset, let me finish. Oh god I’m sorry!”

Jill felt herself trembling, she felt like someone had just ripped her heart out, she couldn’t think straight and just wanted to run. She pushed herself up and started for the bedroom.

“Jill what are you doing?”

“Just let me go, I gotta go! She felt Andrea grab her arm but she yanked it loose and ran into the bedroom. She grabbed her jeans and went to put them on as she sat on the edge of the bed, she fumbled with them briefly then began to cry harder and just rolled them into her lap and buried her head in them.

Andrea knelt down wrapping her arms around Jill. She laid her head onto Jill as she rubbed her back.”Jill please calm down! Please, just take some deep breaths.

Jill fell back onto the bed and curled up in a fetal position as she tried to gain her composer. She felt Andrea slide in behind her and begin running her fingers though her hair. “Relax, just breath, its ok.

Jill began to feel herself calm a bit. She took a couple of deep breaths in, “How did you know it was me, did Joel tell you guys?”

“No… No, Joel hasn’t said a thing.”

Jill felt Andrea lay her head onto her shoulder as she continued to run her fingers through her hair. “Well, how then?”

“I didn’t know until today.”

“What?” Jill was just staring straight ahead as they talked.

“When you were talking with Derek about sleeping in his room when you were down.”


“Well I was in his room, and you weren’t in his bed. When I heard you guys I actually just thought it was Joel and his girlfriend. But then when we were leaving today I recognized your purse, I had seen it on the table in the kitchen that night and it clicked.”

“Oh my god are you serious!” Jill said starting to cry again. She sat up onto the edge of the bed again and began wiping her tears away.

Andrea got up and walked out returning shortly with some tissues and began wiping her face as she knelt in front of her. “Jill… JILL!”

“I’m sorry. Jill tried to take a deep breath, covering her face and putting her hands onto her knees.”This was my worst fear.”

“Stop , I’m sorry, I didn’t bring this up to freak you out. Just listen to me ok.”

“I can’t, my heads spinning, I just want to go.”

“Jill you drank to much, you’re not going anywhere!”

“Damn, I should of known this would happen!”

“Just come out and talk to me ok.”

As they walked into the living room Andrea’s phone began to ring.

“OH shit.” Andrea ran to grab her phone. “Hello, Ok hold on.” She placed her hand over the phone.”They just pulled in!”

“I don’t want them to see me like this.”

“Meet ya outside.” Andrea said talking into the phone as she walked to the door.

Jill went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror.”SHIT!” She turned on the water and grabbed a wash cloth and began trying to make herself look decent. She was still washing her face when she heard the door open to the apartment. Looking up again she just shook her head. “Hell with it.”

She looked up as she heard a knock on the door. “It’s safe.” She heard Andrea say to her relief.

Jill opened the door, “Thanks.”

“Sure. Should have let them come in, you look great!”

Jill cracked a smile as she reached out and hugged Andrea tightly. “Thanks, I’m sorry I lost it on you.”

“It’s ok, really. Can we talk now?”


“I told the guys we were talking about things back home and you got a little upset and you didn’t want them to see you crying.”

“Quick thinking.”

“Yea, well, we will see. Joel started to come in anyways but I talked him out of it. Be calling soon I’m sure.”

Jill picked up her phone and it started ringing as she sat down.

“Guess who!” Jill said as she answered.

“You ok?”

“Yes sorry, I’m fine”

“What’s wrong, why are you so upset?”

“I’m ok, just started talking with Andrea about things back home and got emotional I guess.” Jill nodded yes to Andrea and grabbed bottled water from her hand. I’ll be ok; really, can you just give me a little time to get myself together?

“Umm yea sure.” Joel said Jill could tell he was worried.

“Nothing affecting us ok, can I call you in an hour or so?


“Thanks, sweetie.” Jill looked up to see Andrea walking towards her taking a long drink from a bottle of wine.

“Better idea!” Jill said tossing the water aside and holding her hand out.

They sat back onto the couch facing each other as Jill put the bottle to her lips. Andrea’s hands began rubbing her thighs, “Easy with that sister.” She said looking at the bottle.

Jill smiled as she let it down. “Sorry again for the freak out.”

“What happened? I didn’t even get out what I was going to say.”

“I know, but I knew what was coming. Guess it’s been my biggest fear since I was here last; someone finding out.”

“I’m the only one who knows.”

“I know.” Jill took a deep breath. “I guess after I left I struggled with what happened for awhile. It was the first time it happened, nothing even remotely sexual towards each other prior to that weekend, but we’ve always been close. It was fun, nothing like I’ve ever experienced before, and I did feel extremely guilty after the weekend was over. But after some time away from him I started to convince myself that it wasn’t that immoral. Guess I didn’t want to face reality. Anyway, when you started talking it kinda hit me how perverted it actually is, and I didn’t even have to hear it, it was like it just hit me in the gut.” Jill wiped away the tears again as she looked at Andrea. “I can only imagine what you think of me.”

“I knew before we left today that it was you that night, if it had bothered me why would I spend the whole day with you?”

“You don’t think this is perverted, or wrong in any way?”

“Maybe a little, but I try to be open minded. It’s not like you guys are going to run off and get married. You’re not right?”


“Ok then, what’s the problem?”

“It’s not right! That’s the problem!”

“Jill quit beating yourself up and worrying about other people, no one has to know. Do you enjoy being with him?”

“Yes but what if someone finds out can you imagine what that would do to my family.” Jill said as she grabbed the bottle off of Andrea.

“How will they find out?”

“Well you figured it out without even seeing us together.”

“I heard you together though!” Andrea laughed.

“Oh yeah and the purse, the clue that tied it all together for ya!” Jill smacked Andrea playfully on the shoulder.

“Well that was a fluke; I’m a little more observant than most people.” Andrea slid in closer to Jill. “Look think about it will you. Unless you are dumb enough to actually get caught in the act, or freak out and tell someone, then no one will ever know.”

Jill could feel herself trembling, as she tried to avert her eyes from Andrea’s. “Please don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Jill I would never do that. Look at me!” She placed her hand under Jill’s chin and tilted her head up. “Seriously, trust me.”

“OH Boy!” Jill said as she tilted her head back, then brought it forward and began rubbing her face with her hands.

“You ok?”

Jill let out a little laugh. “I’m not sure, you kind of blindsided me, not even close to what I thought you were going to say.”

“What did-”

Jill cut her off as her mind cleared a bit.

“Why did you even bring that up if it didn’t bother you?” Jill looked at Andrea waiting for her to explain. “I’m not mad, concerned that someone knows yes, but I’m not mad at you.”

“That’s good.” Andrea said looking up. “To be honest I thought it was hot!”

“You thought it was hot, come on!”

“I did, ok when it first hit me I was more shocked I guess, but by the time we got to the mall all I wanted to do is drag you aside and make ya give me the details.” Andrea smiled as she looked away from Jill.

“Oh my god! I still don’t get it, so you thought it was hot, you had to know I was never going to say anything. And it was more than likely a very sensitive subject for me at the least. Or do I seem like that big of a slut that you knew I was going to start bragging at any moment?”

“Stop it Jill. No I didn’t think that at all. If I had known that that weekend was your first time together I would have never brought it up. I was kind of surprised you never even gave me the slightest hint today. Even when I was pretty sure as we were trying on lingerie that it was for Joel. Actually after I was around you today I kinda thought you were the one who had taught him…” Andrea stopped realizing what she was saying.

Jill took in a big gasping breath as she covered her mouth with her hand. Standing up and looking back at Andrea who now had her head buried in her hands. “You’ve slept with him?”

“Jill please don’t get upset again.”

“This is just getting better and better.” Jill said her hands on her hips shaking her head back and forth.

“Jill please, I’m not trying to hurt you with this.”

Jill sat down next to Andrea and leaned into the back of the couch.”I’m not hurt Andrea. But my head is spinning a bit from all of this.”

“Wow, you’re not mad?”

“No!” Jill said tapping Andrea’s hand. “We’ve talked about him and other women, I’m not naïve, and I’m not looking for the father of my children. I can’t say it’s just meaningless sex, I do care about him, and I have for a long time and always will. To be honest the best way I can describe how I feel about our relationship is, he’s my reality break. I feel secure with him also so that helps.”

“Wow, your more level headed about this than I thought.”

“Trying to be but you just showed me how vulnerable I still feel about all this.”

Andrea leaned in to Jill and gave her a big hug.”God I’m so sorry, I really didn’t want to make you upset. Sorry for ruining a really fun day.”

“You didn’t sweetie. Maybe I needed this in some way.”

“Well then, glad I could help.” They both started laughing.

“So you and Joel, you dated him before Derek?”

Andrea kind of laughed briefly and smiled as she looked down before looking back up at Jill. “Well that’s a whole other story, let’s just say Derek knows and is ok with it.”

Jill smiled.”Probably better we don’t get into it, my head can only take so much in one night.”

Jill reached down and grabbed the bottle of water, and took a long drink. “Wow I don’t even feel the slightest bit tipsy, did you even put any tequila in those drinks?”

Andrea laughed, “Hardly any, I’m not much of a drinker.”

Andrea walked into the kitchen then back in holding two wine glasses. She picked up the bottle and filled one handing it to Jill, then filling hers. “Cheers.”

The glassed clinked together and both women smiled at each other as they drank.

“I might need this if I’m going to have to act ok around the guys tonight.”

“Kinda forgot about them coming over.” Andrea laughed.

“Not sure I want to see him.” Jill said again staring off into space.


“No, I didn’t mean I never want to see him. Its just that we’ve already talked about my situation back home and once he has time to think about it I’m not sure he will buy that’s what I got upset about. Not sure I can take anymore talking tonight.”

“So call him and tell him you are ok and just want to continue your girl’s night.”

“Not sure that would fly.”

“So tell him the truth.” Jill looked over at Andrea kind of surprised. “What, you’re not going to tell him I know?”

“No I plan to, just not tonight.”

“He will be ok just be straight with him.”

“Your right. Ok I will call him but I need to finish this glass first.” Jill winked as she smiled at Andrea.”Wait, I’m going to ruin your night then.”

“Stop, you won’t. I was having fun, up until I opened my mouth an hour ago.”

“You sure?”

“Positive! We can paint each other’s toenails or something.”

They both sat quietly as they finished the glasses of wine. Jill was feeling better but dreading talking to Joel. She wanted to be honest but couldn’t do anymore crying tonight and was hopeful he would understand that she just needed tonight and she was really ok. She got up grabbing her phone and walked towards the bedroom. “Wish me luck!”

“You Ok?” Jill heard Joel say after one ring of the phone.

“Yes, sorry about earlier, I’m fine really.”

“I thought we worked this out yesterday, you seemed fine.”

“I was, I am I mean.” Jill took a deep breath. “I kind of wasn’t straight with you earlier.”


“Are you alone?”


“Go into your room I don’t want you to freak out. Ok?” Jill heard Joel take a big sighing breath.

“Ok, shoot!”

“Well, Andrea knows about us.” Jill cringed as the words left her lips.


“Joel its ok.”

“How could she know, what the-”

“Joel please just listen to me!”

“Ok. I’m listening.” Joel said after a deep breath and a pause.

“I’m ok, I just got upset at first but I am fine now. I’m just kind of mentally exhausted. Just give me tonight ok, I promise to make it up to you tomorrow and will tell you everything.”

“You sure you’re ok?”

“Yes baby.”

“Don’t leave tonight ok.”


“Don’t go back home.”

“Joel I won’t, I promise, I will see you tomorrow, ok.”


“Thanks Joel.”

The conversation went better than she thought it would have. Jill walked back into the living room to find Andrea lying on the floor with a pillow under her head. She looked up hearing Jill walk back in.

“Go ok?”

“Yea, better than I thought.” Jill walked over to the couch and sat down, rubbing her face then reaching for the wine bottle. She tilted it into her glass and saw a few drops spill out. “We drank a whole bottle of wine?”

“No, probably wasn’t much more than two glasses in there.” Andrea laughed sitting up.”Another full bottle in fridge if you want more.” Jill stood without a word and walked to the kitchen. “Corkscrew is in the corner drawer.”

Jill returned with the bottle and filled Andrea’s glass as she held it up. She was sitting Indian style and Jill watched as she bounced her legs up and down slightly. “Nervous?” Jill said looking at her legs.

“No, Andrea laughed, sorry got an energy burst for some reason.”

“Thanks again for being so understanding earlier. It was nice to be able to talk with someone else about this.”

“Glad it helped.” Andrea held up her glass and they clinked both together.

“Have to take you shopping and buy you some heels before I leave since I’m ruining your night.”

“Don’t be silly. Well on second thought.” Both busted out laughing. Andrea laid back resting her head onto the pillow again.”Grab a pillow and come relax.”

“Sounds good.” Jill said as she threw a pillow beside Andrea and laid down next to her. Both were quite and Jill felt herself truly at ease. She pulled her knees up and felt her thigh brush against Andrea’s. Closing her eyes she began swaying her legs back and forth a bit against Andrea’s. Both of them laid quietly enjoying the silence for a bit after the drama earlier.

This was not how Bill had envisioned his weekend. As he approached the house, he thought of how he had just recently blacked out Ashley and had been looking forward to a weekend full of fucking her in his currently empty house. Ashley has developed the biggest tits in school over the last few months, and it has taken Bill just an afternoon to seduce her once he set his mind on it. Bill had to stop thinking of the titty fucking he had enjoyed that afternoon so that he did not have a hard on when he knocked on his aunt’s door. Instead, he started to think of how he could enjoy the weekend. The work probably would not be too strenuous, and it was possible he could finish it in one day. Of course, he could always enjoy the company of his aunt Tracey as well. This thought caused his dick to stiffen again, so he tucked it in his elastic as he knocked on the door.

Tracey’s heartbeat quickened as she heard the knock. Before arriving at the door she stopped to look in the mirror and ensure that everything was in place. She knew this was stupid. She had known Bill since he was 11 years old and she married his uncle Bob. Still, in the last seven years he had become a big and, she decided to admit it to herself, sexy man. She applied some mascara to give her deep blue eyes a saucer like appearance. She knew there was no sexual attraction between them… even though he was so big and sexy and SO so so black… because she was his aunt. She was 12 years older, had known him since he was a kid, and she was happily married to his uncle, she told herself. She applied gloss to give her lips a pink sheen. She had always taken tremendous pride in appearance she told herself. All of this primping was not to impress her incredibly sexy black nephew… even if she had always lusted after black men.,. it was just how she always prepared. She checked her ass in the mirror. Good, bubbly as usual. She was ready to open the door.

Bill was getting tired of waiting. He was alternating between damning his parents, away on yet another Christian mission to Africa, for threatening to cut off his car payments if he did not help his aunt around the house, and thinking of all that he could “help” his aunt with around her house. He would never want to hurt his uncle, but his sexual desires usually trumped all else. He knew that his aunt was not a realistic conquest however, as she seemed happily married to his uncle for the past seven years. Still, Bill knew that if the chance ever arose, he would not be able to stop himself from taking his aunt. Just as the sexual thoughts began to dominate his thinking, she opened the door.

Bill immediately ceased damning his parents. Tracey greeted him at the door looking incredible. Her shoulder length blonde hair was immaculate as always. Bill was confident that she dyed it, but you could not tell just from looking. Her deep blue eyes, truly beautiful and surrounded by expertly curled eyelashes, looked at him excitedly. She flashed him a full smile, surrounded by glossy pink lips, that caused him to grin himself. Her round face gave her a look of innocence that Bill found irresistible in white girls. She was wearing short, tight black workout shorts that showcases her large, round ass. That ass had always captivated Bill, even since he was 11 years old. He was glad that his aunt’s recent running, an activity that she had taken up with his uncle Bob, had not left her as scrawny as it had left him. If anything, her spherical ass was now tighter. This effect was helped by the pink high heel shoes that were ever present with his aunt Tracey. Always a fashionista, she wore heels at every opportunity. Her silky pink top had a neck so wide that one bare shoulder was always visible. The outline of her C cup breasts was also visible, as Bill thought that running had only improved his aunt. As he admired his aunt’s form, she pulled him in for the obligatory kiss.

Tracey was so glad her in-laws had sent her nephew over as she opened the door. In addition to the work that needed to be done, she would enjoy the eye candy that Billy was obviously meant to be, she playfully thought to herself. Her nephew had been 6’5 for years, but she still never associated him with the giant black man before her. Billy was wearing a white tshirt that showed off the impressive musculature that he had developed in the last few years. Tracey noted that her husband’s physique, which was certainly not bad, would have been lost in such a shirt. On Bill however, it showed off the muscular bulges she found to be typical of black men. Tracey thought that Bill’s light blue shorts were somewhat shorter than typical teenager length… long enough to hide whatever he had in there… although nothing scandalous. Tracey had never seen a person with darker skin than Bill, who really was basically black except for a slight brown hue. His features were traditionally African, large and overpowering in the nose and lips… and definitely in other places… and she had to admit, he was quite handsome.

Instead of standing there admiring her nephew Tracey decided it was best to greet him. At 5’5, and wearing heels, she was able to reach up to Bill’s neck and pull him down for the kiss that she had always greeted him with since he was 11 years old. When he was a child he had resisted the kiss and she had needed to bribe him, but as he grew older he became accustomed to it. Tracey always kissed Bill to the side of his mouth, but on this occasion she allowed the corner or her lips to kiss the corner of his. This slight change, a few millimeters really, gave Tracey an almost electric jolt in her lips. She decided that this was all in good fun she giggled to herself, and besides, she needed a little excitement as her husband had left her alone for the past two weeks while he was away on business.

“Hi Billy! Soooo glad you could come over here and help your old Aunt.”

“No problem at all” Billy said as he worked to hide the slight smile that his Aunt’s initial greeting had given him. He must have subconsciously moved his lips so that they would brush against each other, he thought.

“When does Bob come back?”

“On Tuesday, thankfully. I will have to show you the pictures he’s taken in New York so far. So beautiful!”

“Sounds good. Hopefully he brings you back something nice” Bill was always impressed with his aunt’s bubbly personality. He knew that she could be intense when she wanted something, usually a big discount at a boutique of some sort, but her bubbly personality had made her his favourite aunt by far. Well, he thought, that and her other bubbly parts.

“Oh I’m sure that he will. I will tell him to get you something nice too for helping your aunt out on this beautiful weekend!”

“That’s OK, it’s my pleasure to help you any way that I can”

“Oh you’re so sweet! I know you probably have a thousand girlfriends though”… lucky little bitches…”but I will try to get you out of here as quickly as possible so you aren’t couped up with your old aunt”

“Really it’s no problem. The girlfriends can wait” he laughed “more than enough to go around for them. Besides, I always have fun with my Aunt Tracey. No one has an aunt like mine. 29 going on 18.” This was mainly true Bill thought. Although he had wanted to be home titty fucking Ashley, he did always have fun with Tracey. She definitely was a ‘cool aunt’.

“Oh Billy!” said Tracey as she placed her hand on his arm, pleased with the compliment. “Always such a charmer. No wonder there are so many girls!” Tracey was talking about his charming personality clearly, but also internally referring to the massive bicep she was gently stroking, one of the many bulging muscles on her nephew. She had always founds burly black men sexy as hell, but Billy put them all to shame she mused as she casually stroked his bicep with her thumb and smiled up at him.

The ringing of the phone ended their little chat. Tracey jumped to attention.

“I have to get that, it might be Bob!” Nothing wrong with a little innocent flirtation Tracey thought as she walked toward the phone.

Bill watched his aunt walk toward the phone and finally got a good look at her ass. He was definitely ok with spending a little bit of time with his aunt this weekend. He could watch that thing for three days straight.

Tracey turned and looked at Billy before picking up the phone. She noticed that he had been staring at her ass. She giggled to herself. She worked hard to keep it round and firm, and there was no harm in other people enjoying looking at it, even if it was her nephew. She hadn’t really given him a choice anyway, she thought to herself, as these shorts pressed and pulled her ass until it was all but impossible to avoid noticing it… especially for big sexy black men… She hadn’t worn these shorts because they made her ass look so sexy though, but because it was so hot out and because there was work to be done. Yes, she told herself, that was it… and anything else was a little bonus…

Bill decided to walk around the house while his aunt was on the phone. She was a talker, so it may be quite a while before she is off. Bill looked at pictures in the living room, including one of he and his aunt when he was 11. He thought that his aunt was pretty at the time, and he had to say that she looked better at 29 than she did at 22. Getting thicker in the right places will do that, he laughed to himself. He walked down to his aunt’s bedroom and thought back to the times when he would sneak in there just to touch her underwear. She was the most attractive older woman that Billy knew, and the thought of just touching her panties excited him. Billy had stopped sneaking in there years ago however, as he has stopped fantasizing about women at the very time that he started fucking them. Still, his aunt was a fun, if unattainable, fantasy.

Bill heard that Tracey was on the phone talking to her best friend Shannon and figured that he would be waiting for a while. He decided to raid Tracey’s panty drawer for old times sake, and pulled out a silky purple thong. This would have driven him crazy a few years ago. He laid down on her bed and rubbed the fabric of the thong, thinking about its typical contents and how the little string would fit snuggly inside that fine ass. Bill did not want to get caught with his aunt’s thong in his hands, so he picked up the phone to listen in for when her conversation ended. When the phone hung up, he would put the thong back and report for work.

“… so Bob has been gone for two weeks? Nice sex life. Are you crawling the walls yet girl?”

“Basically! Two weeks is an eternity. I’m used to getting some every night. I’ve had to put my energy into other areas.”

“Like what? Finger aerobics?”

“Don’t be so gross Shannon! I’m horny, but I’m waiting for Bob to come back. He is going to get the lay of a lifetime, I can guarantee that. He had better be able to keep up…”

“Is he still ‘underperforming’ due to the running?”

“I guess, but that shouldn’t be a problem after the big trip! I hope anyway…”

Bill had to smile. His aunt would be absolutely mortified if she knew he could hear her. He had to figure that his uncle would be too if he knew. Bill would never allow a woman as hot as his aunt to tell her friends that he had underperformed. She would never have reason to. He was brought back into their conversation when he heard his name

“…Billy is going to be helping around the house with some chores. Heavy lifting, mowing the lawn and things like that.”

“Billy is the black one, right? How did he get in your family again?”

“I told you this before. Bob’s sister and her husband adopted him from Western Africa when he was a baby. They were on one of their missions, as usual.”

“Oh yeah. He should be a good help then. Last time I saw him he was way over 6 feet tall. Is he still a cutie?”

“Oh my gosh, he is massive now. He has muscles in places that Bob doesn’t even have. So handsome too. He always has girls all over him.”

“So there are still little mudsharks around town like you!”


“What?! There was like one black guy in town and you dated him. Then we went away to university, and it was four years of jungle fever. I still can’t believe you are with Bob and not some guy named Jamal!”

” Shut up! You know that I have always been attracted to black men, but I married Bob. I love him.”

“And why did you stop seeing black men? I really doubt that you stopped being attracted to them.”

“Oh can we get off this topic? Black men are the best in bed. Everyone knows that. But I love Bob. Can you imagine if I showed up with a black baby? I would never live it down!” Tracey and Bob were now at the point in their life that they were preparing to have a baby. He had been struggling, despite their almost nightly love making.

“That would be hilarious, you racist!”

“OH MY GOD I am not, shut up!”

“I know I know! I’m just joking. No one who spent so much time pleasuring so many black men could be racist against them. Why don’t you just get a black lover to satisfy you though?”

“This conversation is so crude Shann! I love my husband and I would never cheat on him!”

“Not even with a handsome black man with a big black dick?”

“No, never. And besides, there aren’t even any black men in this town.”

“Except for the big good-looking one in your house right now. Are you telling me that you don’t miss black dick?”

“I love my husband.”

“You used to tell me how nothing could ever fill you u…”

“GOODBYE Shannon!”


Bill put the phone down and stood up. He waited for his erection to go down slightly and took off his shirt. He knew what he had to do.

Tracey was flustered as she hung up the phone. She had not been touched sexually in weeks and was hornier than she could ever remember. The last thing she needed was Shannon talking to her about big, black cocks. She didn’t even know they should be called cocks and not dicks! It wasn’t fair, she thought angrily to herself. Shannon has been with Tom since high school. She never got to experience the pleasure of big black cocks. It had been hard enough giving them up when she married Bob. Talking about them after weeks without sex was torture. She was so happy with Bob… he can’t satisfy me… Yes, she was happy with Bob. Their sex life was good… he can’t match the black cocks I got used to… it was as good as she could expect. She would never cheat on him, even if he wasn’t great in bed… black cock is so big and amazing… even if there were black men in the area… there is one and he is in the house…

“Let’s get to work, Trace”

Bill broke his aunt’s train of thought. She looked surprised at the shirtless black man standing in front of her.

“Oh… oh… ye… yeah let’s get to work Billy!” Tracey stuttered as she stared at her shirtless nephew. Billy really was built to be shirtless, she thought to herself. A shirtless, sexy black man is not what I need right now… maybe it’s exactly what I NEED… in this horny state. She also thought that she needed to get revenge on Shannon for doing this to her, but she didn’t yet know what.

“What are we doing then? Mowing the lawn?”

“Yes, we need to do that. It’s as good a place as any to start!”

Bill found the mower in the garage and primed it. Tracey found her gardening tools and took them out as well. Bill then headed behind the garage to do some pushups. He wanted to be sweaty while he mowed the lawn.

“Well, I know it’s a lot but I’m really grateful” Tracey said looking out at her extensive lawn upon his return.

“Not a problem at all” said Bill, as he set off to his task.

Mowing a lawn had never been so easy, thought Bill, as he watched his aunt working in the garden. Time flew as he watched her bend over time and again to pull out weeds and plant seeds. It was only getting better the closer he got, as his view of his aunt improved.

Tracey admitted to herself that she enjoyed watching her nephew mow the lawn without his shirt, and was glad that her sunglasses obscured this knowledge. The sun was shining off his hard black muscles and she couldn’t help but admire them. She wished that Bob looked a bit more like his nephew, but knew that it was out of the question for her to be married to, and procreate with, a black man. It would have been a scandal in their area, and, she wanted a baby who looked like her. She wished to herself that she had never dated black men… or fucked them… so that she didn’t know what she was missing. She could look though. And she did. She could also tease; just a little anyway, she thought. Tracey made sure that her nephew got a good look at his aunt’s posterior in her tightest shorts. Tracey was impressed with her 29 year old physique, especially her ass… black men like round asses… and was not going to hide it. Her gardening was getting slower as Bill got closer and her staring increased.

As much as he enjoyed looking at his aunt’s ass, Bill thought it was time to turn up the heat.

“Hey Trace, why don’t you take a break? I’m sure you’ve been working hard all this time since Bob left. Why don’t you just sit out and lounge while I finish up? Should take another hour or so.”

“Good idea Billy. Why don’t you go get the lounger and I’ll get the drinks! You can take a break too if you like.”

“Nah, I’d like to get the work done. A drink would be great though.”

Tracey went inside to get the drinks. Lemonade would be good, she thought, and she put a little extra kicker in hers. She brought the drinks out and delivered one to Bill.

“Thanks” said Bill as he put his head back and slowly downed his drink.

Tracey could not stop hungrily looking at Bill as he had his drink. Her nephew was even better up close. He was hard as a rock and with the sun shining on his sweaty body he looked like an ebony god. She could feel her crotch moistening just standing near him. Tracey shook her head and then went to her lounger. She sat down and opened her book up to page 391.

That went well enough, Bill thought to himself. She really does have a thing for black men, although he found that most local girls did, when it came to him at least. He then remembered the next part of his plan.

“Hey Trace, do you have any sunscreen? It’s pretty hot out here. Don’t want to get burned.”

“Good idea Billy! I’ll go get some” Tracey said as she ran inside.

Billy watched his aunt’s tight ass jiggle as she went up the steps. Gotta love gravity, he thought to himself.

“Do you want to do me?” Bill said to Tracey upon her return.

Tracey’s heart skipped a beat at this question.

“No… I’m..”

“Here then I’ll do you first” said Bill as he squirted lotion into his hands and began rubbing it into his aunt’s shoulders.

Tracey was relieved at this event. She was also quite impressed by the strength of her nephew’s hands on her shoulders… black men know how to use their hands… As he moved down to her legs, she was very happy that she had them waxed the previous day.

Bill was taking his time rubbing his aunt’s smooth legs. She was toned, but not enough to obscure the womanly bulges in her lower body. Bill also noted the pink thong straps that were poking above her shorts. Bill also enjoyed being so close to his aunt’s ass. It seemed to come out directly at him, without drooping toward the ground at all. It amazed him, considering how round it was. After making sure that he covered every possible inch of his aunt’s legs in lotion, Bill informed her that it was her turn.

Tracey thought to herself that Billy was really very thorough… and great with his hands… and that she should return the favour for him… it would be great to rub down every one of those black muscles…

“So you’re ready?” Billy asked his aunt, who seemed to not be paying attention.

“Yep! Lotion me up!”

Tracey was even more thorough that Bill when it came to applying lotion, and there was a lot more area to cover. She made him sit down at first, just so she could reach his upper body… and really get to touch that sexy body… in the name of efficiency. She didn’t want him to burn. While straddling him, she allowed herself to enjoy applying the lotion to her chiseled nephew. She did this in slow circular motions with both hands. He then stood up so that she could rub his legs, which were also impressive… shame about those damn shorts though… and were far more powerful than Bob’s, even though he was an avid runner. She put her hands slightly up his shorts, just to make sure he was protected in the event that his shorts rose a little… damn I can’t feel it… and then was finished. All in all it had taken around 10 minutes. Bill went back to mowing the lawn while his aunt watched from behind her sunglasses. Tracey could not concentrate on anything other than her nephew. It had been years she had touched a black man like that. She could not stop thinking about touching that sexy black body. The powerful arms, granite shoulders, rock hard abs all drove her crazy. The black men she had been with were attractive, but could not compare to Billy. She wondered if they could compare to Billy in other ways… I bet he has a massive cock… she knew that Bob couldn’t. His 6 inch penis had been adequate the last few years, but nothing amazing… I bet Billy’s is over 8 inches… at least not compared to what she had before… and massively thick… Billy even had the sexiest skin she had ever felt. So dark and smooth in a masculine way… I bet his cock is black as night… like a luxurious leather that was meant to please her… I NEED to touch him again… I LOVE my husband though… I WILL touch him again… I love my husband… I WILL touch his big black cock… I love… I NEED IT… my husband.

“The stuff in the garage, right?”

Tracey was startled by her nephew’s question. She had been transfixed by watching him at work and had gotten lost in her thoughts. She was on the verge of orgasm and knew she had to stop thinking those thoughts.

“Yeah Billy, the stuff in the garage if you don’t mind. You’re so good to your Aunt!”

Not as good as I want to be, thought Bill. Not as good as I might be, in fact.

“No problem at all. Shouldn’t take too long. Supper after?”

“Sure sweetie! I’ll make you something good as reward for all your hard work. First I’ll take a quick shower, and then I’ll whip it up!”

“Sounds great.”

Billy watched his Aunt as she ran inside the house. She had not said anything when he had stopped mowing multiple times and had to restart the mower. He found that he had to frequently adjust himself to hide his erection after running Tracey’s silky smooth legs and being so close to her fine ass. Either she had an extra strong lemonade to drink, or she had gotten caught up in the scenery. Billy knew that he had enjoyed the scenery she provided, as his aunt spent the majority of his mowing time slowly rubbing her legs together. Although Tracey’s ass was his favourite body part, he enjoyed looking at her legs as well. Running had been good for them as they were not especially skinny, but were definitely toned now. He also caught her occasionally rubbing her hand across her breast. He was sure that she did not intend it to appear sexual, but it certainly did. He grinned to himself and thought that he may be having an effect on her. He knew he would have his answer shortly after she went into the shower.

Tracey knew that she needed a shower after the last few hours. A cold shower. She was on the verge of orgasm from thinking about her nephew, and she knew she needed to get her lust under control. As she stripped in her bedroom, she noticed that her pink thong was soaked. Damn Bob for leaving me without sex for so long she thought… and for not having a big black cock… as she could never remember being so wet. She also noticed that her pink nipples were bigger than she could ever remember.

After hopping in the shower, she felt herself calming down. The cold water was doing its job. She began cleaning herself, paying particular attention to her still-throbbing vagina. It felt good to touch herself down there… not as good as black skin would… but she would wait for Bob. She began shaving her pubic hair. She wanted her vagina to look as pretty as possible. For when Bob comes home, she told herself. Even though he won’t be home for days…Billy must like smooth white pussy… she would probably not find the time in the next few days she assured herself.

Billy went into the house a few minutes after his aunt. Once he heard her start up the shower, he headed down to her bedroom. Once inside, he scanned the room for the object of his interest. He saw a thin pink strap poking out from underneath the bed and picked it up. The thong from before. It was soaking wet. Bill put the thong up to his face and smelled it. Lust. There was no mistaking it. The thong was covered in his aunt’s lusty vaginal juices. His aunt wanted him sexually, and judging by the wetness, she wanted him badly. The seduction would continue.

Tracey finished her grooming and left the shower. After drying herself, she admired herself in the mirror again. Her body could compete with any skanky 18 year old, she thought. She turned and looked at her ass. She couldn’t imagine any of the kids at the high school could compete with this. Plus she had experience… at pleasing big black cock… that no other girls could compete with. She was definitely sexier than the girls that Billy dated, she told herself confidently.

Bill put the thong in his pocket for later. He strategically intercepted his aunt in the hallway as she exited the bathroom.

“Hey Trace, I couldn’t finish taking all the stuff out of the garage. I must have pulled something in my back. Sorry” Bill lied as he took in his aunt’s form in her towel. Now he knew that her breasts had not shrunk since she took up running. She was no Ashley, but Tracey could definitely give him more than a mouthful.

“Oh that stinks! That you hurt your back that is, not that you couldn’t finish. Are you ok sweetie?” Tracey asked as her eyes were reunited with her nephew’s massive chest.

“Oh yeah it should be fine. It happened from time to time. I can finish tomorrow if you don’t mind. I can even stay here so that I can get to work nice and early.”

“If you want to, that would be great!”

“Ok then, sounds good. I’ll just get a shower then before supper. See you in a bit.”

Tracey felt sorry for her nephew but she was hopeful that he would feel better soon. She would do whatever she could to make him feel better … I know how to make a black man feel good… She was also excited by the idea of sleeping under the same roof as her nephew. She would feel safer sleeping in the same house as a man, she told herself… even better under the same covers… but now she had to make some supper. She had a nice chicken ready and some chocolate cake, and supper was not going to prepare itself.

Bill was enjoying his shower. He had to turn up the temperature from the ice cold water that his aunt had used, but he finally had it just right. Billy was tempted to masturbate, as he had gotten himself hot from the day’s flirtations. He decided not to however, as he no longer masturbated. A woman would always take care of his sexual needs for him. He decided instead to use the razor in the shower to clean himself up. He definitely thought that he would need to be presentable down there. He thought about Tracey’s pussy. She definitely keeps herself trimmed down there, he was certain. I bet it’s as smooth as ice and as warm as a sauna. Bill shook his head. He needed to be thinking clearly. After half an hour he was content and stepped out of the bathroom.

Tracey had finished with supper and was finishing applying her makeup. She wanted to look good for supper. She had decided to wear a short, yellow sundress for the rest of the day. The front was pretty low cut, showing at least three inches of cleavage, and her still-hard nipples were partially visible through the fabric, but it was just family that was over. She would not wear such an outfit if strange men were over she assured herself… black men love my tits… but Billy is family. She knew that family should be comfortable with each other… I bet he knows how to suck my nipples… and her outfit wasn’t scandalous. Her ass was obscured by the flowing fabric, but her thighs were hardly covered… I bet he knows how to eat pussy too…but hey, a little flirtation never hurt anyone, she told herself yet again.

“Trace, I need a favour” Bill asked as he appeared in her doorway

“Anything you want Billy!” Tracey replied as she looked at her nephew in only the towel, which seemed to just hang on to his hips.

“My shorts are pretty sweaty, and I only packed one pair so can I borrow some of Bob’s” Bill asked as his aunt ogled him. He returned the favour, as he was impressed by her appearance in the tiny sundress.

“Absolutely.” She replied… fall down, fall down, fall down…

“Cool. Any pair will do”

“I doubt he has any in your size, but we’ll find something.”… FALL DOWN, FALL DOWN, FALL DOWN…

Tracey brought over a blue pair of Bob’s running shorts.

“These should stretch at least!”… in some places they had better…

“Ok then, thanks. I will have to make these work. See you in a few minutes. I have to warn you though, if they don’t fit I’ll be naked!” Bill laughed.

Tracey didn’t laugh. She couldn’t get the image of her naked nephew out of her head. Her panties were also now soaked again, so she just took them off and headed to supper. The damn towel never fell down.

Supper went quite well. Billy was already seated by the time Tracey was ready to serve the food. They enjoyed the chicken then the dessert.

“Well that was great Tracey. Especially the dessert.”

“Definitely! Nothing like a good chocolate cake at the end of the day.”

“Yep. I always knew you loved chocolate too.” Bill laughed to himself at his stupid wordplay.

“MMMMHMMMM” Tracey was amused. He didn’t know how accurate he was.

“What should we do? We can watch a movie if you like?”

“Great idea. You go pick one out.” Tracey looked up and saw her nephew already heading toward the living room. Bob’s shorts were way too small for him, but they definitely stretched. The V of Bill’s back pointed down to a hard ass that strained the fabric of the shorts. Tracey missed the powerful asses she found that black men seemed to possess in large numbers. She could definitely bounce a quarter off of it…and I wouldn’t mind seeing my ankles wrapped around it… as Bill filled it in a way that Bob never could. At least in the back.

Bill looked for the right movie to set the mood. There wasn’t a Jungle Fever to be found. He decided instead to go with the movie ‘The White Masai’ on Netflix. A blonde white woman goes to Africa with her fiancée and decides to stay with a Masai warrior. It was simple, but gave off the message that he wanted. No one would be overly distracted by the plot of this movie. There may be other distractions however.

The lights were out when Tracey walked into the living room. Bill had set the movie up and was sitting in the middle of the couch. He motioned her over, and she sat to his left. As the movie started, Bill stretched out to get more comfortable. He stretched his arms so that each was resting comfortably on the back of the couch, with his left wrist just behind his aunt’s neck. He also spread his legs to give himself some much needed room.

Tracey had not yet heard a word in the movie. She just kept staring at the bulge in the front of her husband’s shorts. She must be seeing things in the dark, she told herself. The fabric was rising inches above where the crotch should be. Not even the black men she knew years before could come close to filling shorts like that. All of a sudden Bill spread out his legs and she knew. Everything fell into place. Without his legs pushing everything up, she could clearly see the outline of Bill’s penis… Big Black Cock… and it was as large as she had imagined. The blue fabric struggled to contain what appeared to be at least 8 inches of thick penis… beautiful black cock meat… that curved to the left and pointed right at her. Tracey struggled to clearly make out its outline in the darkness, and longed for explosions of brightness to emerge from the television and highlight her nephew’s member.

Bill liked how this was going. His aunt had not yet so much as looked at the tv screen. This is really going to happen he told himself. She is close

“It’s pretty cool in here, don’t you think?” Bill asked

“… huh… ah.. yeah it is…” Tracey stumbled with her words… Big Black Cock…

“Maybe I should get something else to wear. I’m practically naked here.”

“NO!!! There is nothing in your size anyway.” Tracey was surprised with the forcefulness of her no.

“I’ll just get us a blanket” She suggested, hopefully.

“Nah, don’t bother. We can just cuddle up to keep warm. I’ll never be too old to cuddle with my aunt.” Bill laughed at his own statement.

“OK, that sounds great!” Tracey said as she felt Bill’s hand…sexy black flesh… pull her by the shoulder toward him.

Tracey felt safe having Bill’s arm around her. She also felt like she was under his control, just as she had been with black men years ago… I miss big strong black men… it just felt natural for her. She felt sexy having his fingers underneath her flimsy left shoulder strap…I miss black cock… and she couldn’t get enough of his musky aroma. Bob didn’t smell like this… I need black cock… but real men did. The masculine, overpowering smell belonged with men like Billy…I’m inches from it…

Bill was enjoying being so close to his aunt, but it was causing him troubles. Her soft skin and sweet perfume were causing him to become excited. He knew that the sight of his erection might cause her to lose control, but it could also bring her back to reality and scare her away from her nephew. Billy wanted desperately to fuck his aunt, but he also wanted to avoid an awkward family situation if she turned him down. She would have to make the final move. Bill decided to grab Tracey’s legs and put them on his own. No explanation would be needed, he assumed.

Tracey felt an electric jolt as Bill grabbed her legs and brought them onto his lap. She was surprised, and excited, when he kept his hands on her smooth legs and began rubbing them. What a sweet boy, she thought, to keep his aunt warm… move those hands higher…

Rubbing his aunt’s silky smooth legs was only making Bill more excited. He knew that he couldn’t stop himself though. He needed to talk to distract himself.

“I find the contrast between black and white skin to be irresistible.” Bill brazenly stated, looking at his hand on Tracey’s leg. He casually placed her hand on his chest at the same time.

“ummm…. I definitely know women who agree. So sexy.” Me more than anyone, Tracey thought to herself. He is driving me crazy. She noticed that her right shoulder strap was slipping.

“Oh definitely. I don’t have problems picking up white girls. I only pick up white girls in fact. Not that there is much of a choice around here. Do you agree with them?” He asked as her hand moved down his chest.

“With who?” Tracey struggled to follow the conversation. He is my nephew…he’s sexy as hell…

“The women who find black men sexy.”

“Ahhhh… I used to date black men sometimes.” Tracey was angry with herself for revealing this. Bob didn’t even know. But she did used to date black men… and fuck them… exclusively in fact…with good reason… she saw her hand move onto his abs.

“Really? I’m surprised then. They say that once you go black you don’t go back. In my experience, it’s true. None of the girls I’ve blacktopped have gone back to white men even after I dumped them.” Tracey’s hand was on his lower abdomen.

“… well… sometimes it happens…” Why did it happen to me? I loved being with black men… getting fucked senseless by them…

“Why did you stop seeing black men?” Billy asked as Tracey’s hand wandered below his belly button and her right shoulder strap fell. This was driving him crazy.

“…I fell in love with your uncle.” WHY DID I STOP FUCKING BLACK MEN?! I love my husband…I love black cock… I love my husband…I NEED BLACK COCK… I belong with my husband…I belong with black cock…

“Still though, I can see why black men went crazy for you.” Billy said, and he was honest. His aunt really did have all the right curves, and a beautiful face too. He would love to see those deep blue eyes looking up at him with his black cock between those pink lips. Tracey’s pinkie and ring fingers moved just above his cock. He was having trouble controlling himself as he greedily stroked her leg.

I am meant for black men… and meant for big black cock… No, I am married to Bob. I have to stop this, she thought… I want this so much…

Tracey stood up. It was the most difficult thing she had ever done. She was so close to the black cock she so desired.

“I have to go to sleep!” She said hurriedly. She noticed the look of surprise on her nephew’s face.

“Ok then… I guess I will too” FUCK! Bill was shocked. He was also horny as fuck. He thought he was so close.

Tracey practically ran down the hallway to her bedroom and closed the door.

Bill sat in stunned silence. He thought he was about to fuck Tracey. He was desperate to fuck Tracey. He assured himself that he still could, he just needed to calm down. He waited a few minutes for his wits to return and a final plan to formulate.

Tracey was surprised that she escaped. She had been moments from taking out that massive…glorious… black cock and sucking it dry right there. Wouldn’t that have been a shock for her nephew. And for the rest of the family. No one would ever know what had been so close to happening. Except for her.

Bill knew what he should do. He needed to be patient though. It would be the ultimate test. If it did not work, he knew that he would not get to fuck his aunt. He hoped it would work. He was confident that it would.

Tracey knew that she would not be able to sleep in her current state. She needed sexual release, and badly. She had stopped masturbating when she got married and threw away her sex toys. The almost daily sex with Bob… if it deserved to be called sex… kept her desires at bay, she told herself. She would kill for one now though… I would kill for a black cock… she knew that her fingers would have to do… there is big black cock in the house… Tracey slipped off her sundress and lay back on the bed. She immediately grabbed and pinched one nipple and began furiously fingering her clitoris. Her vagina was throbbing and was soaking wet. She would get this over with and be ready to sleep, she told herself. Her thoughts kept drifting back to Bill. His hard black… so so black… body and massive penis… it was really a cock… No, she told herself. That was her nephew. She had known him almost since he was 10… now I know that he has 10 inches… No. It was wrong. And dirty… so delightfully dirty… She could not allow herself to think of sex with Billy… Billy doesn’t have sex, he fucks… Even though he was the sexiest man she had ever seen… black men know how to fuck… with the biggest cock she could imagine… I bet Billy knows how to use that cock…

Tracey left her nipple and moved her free hand to her vagina. While her right hand worked on her clit, she placed a finger in her opening. It was not enough. She still felt empty… I have been empty for seven years… She decided to go with two fingers. Still not enough… only big black cock can fill me… She was frustrated. She would imagine Billy fucking her just so that she could cum and get to sleep… black men always did know how to make me cum…

Billy stood outside the door. He could hear low moaning and fast breathing. Either his aunt was giving birth, or she was rapidly masturbating. His confidence was boosted, and he knew that the plan would work. He knocked on the door.

Billy was furiously pounding his cock into her while kissing her neck when Tracey heard a knock. God damn it, she thought, as she had been so close to climaxing during her fantasy. She put to her sundress and opened the bedroom door to see her nephew…fuck he looks good… awaiting her.

“Hi Trace, hope you weren’t sleeping.” Billy facetiously stated.

“I just want to ask a favour. I need to get up early to finish the work out in the garage. Can you come and wake me up at 9?

“Sure hunny, no problem.” Tracey was still angry that she had not cum, but happy to see Billy… and his big black cock… again.

“Ok great. I’m a heavy sleeper too, so you might have to shake me or something.” Billy lied. This was perfect, he told himself. He had interrupted her masturbation, hopefully ensuring that she would be incredibly horny.

“I think I can handle that” Tracey was busy staring at his body, and trying to sneak peeks at Billy’s package… I could do more than handle that cock…

“Thanks then. See you in the morning.” Bill bent down for peck that his aunt always used for greetings and goodbyes. Instead of their lips just brushing however, Bill made sure that he kissed Tracey square on the lips for one second. He could have sworn that her lips had tugged on his lower lip as he walked away to the guest room.

Tracey’s whole body felt like it was on fire. That innocent kiss had sent her into a lusty fit. Black lips were so full and luxurious, like they were made just for her. She missed kissing them. She missed being kissed by them. She did not want the kiss to end. Tracey knew that she had lost her ability to cum from masturbation now. She needed to get fucked. Bob could not come home fast enough…he will never be enough…

Bill returned to the guest room and lay in the bed. He took off his constricting shorts and took out his aunt’s still wet thong. He took in her aroma. It was sweet and intoxicating, and made him want to come right there. He would wait though. He put the thong to the side and went to bed. He set the alarm on his phone for 8:30.

Black cocks were pointing at Tracey from every direction. She did not have to look up to see who each belonged to. The saw JaMarcus’ 7 inch monster and took it in her mouth, while her hands grabbed the dicks of Dwayne and LaRon. JaMarcus was as thick as she remembered. Dwayne still had the pinkish head on his 8 inch black cock and LaRon’s 7.5 inch beast was as veiny as ever. Tracey saw LeStephon’s 8.5 inch cock, still slight scars from her teeth on the side, and knew she had to move over to suck it. She went from cock to cock, recognizing the black shaft of each of her former lovers. She was blissfully sucking them each off, but was wishing that one of them would start fucking her back. Then she saw Billy, standing outside of the circle of black men. She repositioned her ass so that Billy could take her from behind while she sucked the black cocks. He never moved though. Instead, all of her black lovers began cumming all over her. Tracey felt great to be covered in black seed again. It reminded her of her college days after every basketball game. She felt empty though, as she still needed Billy’s cock inside her. With black baby batter all over her, even in her hair and running down her naked body to the floor, Tracey woke up. FUCK, she said to herself. It was 8:50.

Bill had been up for 20 minutes. He laid in bed sniffing his aunt’s lust and slowly stroking his cock to its full 10 inches. He knew that he had to be careful, because too much and he would blow. At 8:55 he stopped and threw the thong under the bed. He stretched out on the queen sized bed, threw the blanket to the side and spread his legs. Anyone coming in the door would have a perfect view of his swollen balls and nearly erect 10 inch dick. He closed his eyes and waited.

Tracey slipped on her purple wool nightgown and prepared to wake Billy. She looked at herself in the mirror as she went to the door. She had already finished her makeup, as she did every morning, but something about her nightgown was bothering her. It was floor length, wool and covered up her chest completely. Billy would not like this, she thought to herself. He is the only person who is going to see me, not my grandmother, so I might as well look my best… I want that big black cock to get HARD… Yes, my red nightie is best. She took off the wool nightgown and slipped into her red teddy. Bob loved this outfit, she thought…Billy had better too… she looked in the mirror again. The red teddy clung to her body all over, and barely fit over her shapely ass. She had ample cleavage in this outfit, but made sure to tug it down anyway to make as much as possible. She spun around to look at her ass. It bulged out perfectly, as though gravity had no impact at all. Thank god for this tight material. Her ass was high and round and perfect, she thought to herself… and no black man could possibly resist it… Tracey slipped on her black heels with red bows on the front, right above her red painted toes, and was impressed with herself. It was 9:00, and time to wake Billy.

Tracey’s heart was beating fast as she approached the door. What if he is naked… and I can see that beautiful cock… No, he is probably wearing shorts… it’s a crime to cover up that magnificent cock… no, he will be under the blanket… I can move it to get a look at his cock… No, everything will be completely appropriate, Tracey convinced herself. She knocked on the door.

The knock excited Billy. His cock twitched expectantly with arousal, thinking of what may be about to happen. Billy looked like he was sporting the world’s most impressive morning wood. He had to think unsexy thoughts. This is going to work, he assured himself.

No answer. I will have to go in then to wake him up, Tracey thought. He did say that he is a deep sleeper. Tracey opened the door a crack and peeked in. She could see Billy’s upper body completely uncovered by the blanket… I wonder if his cock is out… His right arm was closer to the door, but was tucked under his pillow. His left arm was stretched out to the side. Tracey decided to lightly whisper his name.

“Billy…” she softly whispered in a tone that only a dog could hear. No response.

Well, Tracey thought, that didn’t do it. I have to go in.

Tracey opened the door and immediately scanned the bed for the object of her desire. It took no time, because Billy’s cock was completely out in the open. It was pointed almost directly at the door, and his powerful legs were spread out very far apart. It was only semi erect, but was laying on his tight abs. It must be 10 inches, she thought excitedly with her mouth agape. That’s bigger than any I’ve ever seen. It was as thick as a soup can she thought and as black as night. Tracey was captivated by both its size and especially the blackness. If Billy was black with a slight bit of brown, his cock was completely black, she thought. She found herself already standing directly next to the bed, and also Billy’s big cock. Tracey wished she could get a better look at the head, which was pointed into his belly button.

“Billy.” Tracey mouthed, although she was not sure that any sounds came out. It was time for him to wake up… please don’t wake up… and get to work… and don’t take that cock away from me…

Bill had heard his aunt walk over, but she didn’t say anything. He wished that something would happen, as the suspense was killing him. Suddenly, he felt Tracey’s fingertips, and her perfectly manicured nails, gently brushing along his chest. This excited Bill as he struggled to keep his eyes closed.

Tracey decided that she needed to touch Billy to wake him. She started by touching his chest, lightly. His wide, muscular chest had driven her crazy all day yesterday… I need to get fucked by a black man… she moved down to his tapered waist and his abs, and she let her finger tips fall into all of the deep ridges they created… I need big black cock so badly… she moved down further as Bill’s cock twitched to the left. He’s getting excited, she thought to herself… I need Billy’s cock in my pussy… She moved down to the base of his pubic region, where she had put her hand during the movie… this big black cock is meant to be touched… she gently placed her fingertips on the base of his cock. It jerked slightly and Tracey was electrified. It was warm and stiff, and the contrast between her white skin and the completely black cock in front of her really was irresistible, she admitted. She moved her fingers down to his testicles, which were drooping down and looked like they had large plums inside… I need to drain every bit of seed out of them…

It took every ounce of strength Bill had to keep from jerking his own dick. The gentle caress of his aunt’s touch on his cock made him crazy with lust. He knew he had her now, but he wanted to know how deeply.

Tracey moved her hand up Billy’s cock. She wrapped her fingers around it near the middle, and noted that she could not get all the way around it… big black cock is so thick and luxurious… she moved her hand up further and looked under the head at the sensitive fold of pitch black flesh that provided so much pleasure…big black cock is meant to go in my pussy… she gently stroked it with her index finger, and was delighted to see it jerk in response…I should always please big black cocks… Tracey lifted up the cock, firmly in her soft white hand, and looked at the head…nothing in the world matches black cock… it was pitch black and completely smooth, like a powerful helmet that she knew would bring so much pleasure… nothing is as powerful as black cock… She looked at the large space between Billy’s legs. She could fit… I belong with black cock… No, I can’t do this, she said as she moved over, all while holding the cock, and knelt on the bed in the available space…I need to fuck Billy’s cock… I love my husband and would never cheat on him she said as she got comfortable between his legs…I love big black cock and would do anything for it… Billy is my nephew; my husband’s nephew. She laid down in the space and kicked her feet up behind her…nothing is worth giving up black cock… she started stroking the cock with her two fists. I can’t do this… I need big black cock to be complete… She smelled a large whiff of Billy’s manhood. His cock and balls combined to make the most masculine smell Tracey had ever encountered. It felt like she was being enveloped in pure testosterone and sex. She was breaking. I can’t fuck my nephew…BIG BLACK COCK… I can’t cheat on my husband…BIG BLACK COCK… I can’t I love my hus…BIG BLACK COCK… I can’t…BIG BLACK COCK… I…BIG BLACK COCK… I need big black cock. I need it more than anything in the world. Nothing else matters to me. I am going to fuck Billy’s big black cock. I need to. Tracey pointed the black cockhead head toward her face and gave in.

Tracey took Bill’s massive black cock into her mouth. She instantly felt an erotic sensation throughout her body that she had not felt in years. She had not sucked big black cock in seven years. I’ve wasted seven years, she told herself. Having Billy’s cock, the biggest and blackest she had ever seen, in her mouth made her feel complete again. Black cocks were made for her mouth. Tracey quickly devoured seven inches of black steel while she jerked the rest of Billy’s cock with her right hand and rubbed the inside of his thigh with her left. I need to make this beautiful cock cum, she thought to herself. I need to drink his black seed. I need every last drop. Desperately.

Bill was in ecstasy. After all the buildup of the previous 24 hours his gorgeous aunt was finally sucking his dick. She’s doing a hell of a job too, he thought to himself. She was really craving black cock. Tracey was vigorously bobbing her head on his cock, and Bill was impressed that she could take so much. She’s not new to this, he though amusedly. The sight of his dick passing in and out of his aunt’s pink lips, along with the feeling of her warm tongue running all along his shaft, was almost too much for Bill. He wanted to prolong this, the best head he had ever received, so he looked elsewhere. Past the bobbing blonde head he could see his aunt’s impressive ass mounds straining the red fabric of her lingerie. Behind that her sexy little feet in the black heels bobbed carelessly above. I need more than just a blowjob that’s for sure, Billy stated to himself. A massive wave of pleasure struck Bill, causing all conscious thought to cease.

I need everything that’s in these balls, Tracey knew without even thinking it. She sucked on Billy’s balls one at a time, while stroking his cock with one hand and massaging underneath. Bob had decent testicles, but nothing compares to Billy’s balls. Tracey could only handle one at a time. While she was not happy about this, it did ensure that each would get the tender attention she knew they deserved. He isn’t reacting, Tracey said to herself with more than a hint of sadness. Billy had twitched and jerked, but he hadn’t yet made a noise or moved his upper body. I need to please this black cock. I need to please Billy. I know how to please big black cock, Tracey assured herself. Tracey lifted the big black cock and started gently stroking the underside of the head with her free thumb. She angled her head to the side and dove in, licking and sucking the underside of Billy’s achingly full balls. The moan that he instantly let out caused her pussy to spasm.

Bill could not stop moaning. No one had ever done this to him before, as his whole body trembled with pleasure. His aunt continued hungrily lapping the underside of his testicles. For the first time he was not in complete control of a sexual encounter. Tracey was driving him crazy, from his cock to his balls to the tips of his toes. He needed to come. Bill grabbed a handful of his aunt’s perfectly done hair and moved her mouth back to his cock.

YES! Soon I will get to taste that sweet black nectar Tracey thought as Billy grabbed her hair. She placed both hands on Billy’s spread thighs and began sucking his dick again, this time even more rapidly than before. She worked her tongue along ever inch of the cock she could reach as she awaited her prize. She found that she could now take in basically ever inch of his cock, as her limitations were overcome with desire. She looked up and saw her nephew looking straight into her eyes. So dark and powerful, she knew she needed to please him in every way. At that moment, the first spurt of her sweet reward struck the back of Tracey’s throat as her throbbing pussy finally exploded with climax.

Watching his aunt eagerly sucking his black cock, its contrast against her white skin, her pink lips massaging it, and his black hands grabbing her blonde hair as she pleasured him was just about too much for Bill. When she finally looked up at him, their eyes locked for a moment. The deep blue eyes of his aunt Tracey were filled with extreme desire, happiness and hopefulness. She desired his cock. She was happy to be pleasing his cock. She was hopeful that she would continue to please him. This look put Bill over the top, as he began a cumming in his aunt’s mouth.

The orgasm was bigger than any Tracey had ever had. Far bigger than any from the last seven years, and even much bigger than the ones she had enjoyed with other black men. Feeling his hot, hard, huge black cock in her mouth made Tracey realize her place. It was only natural for her to please black men, and of course their big black cocks specifically. Sucking Billy was providing her more pleasure than any other man had given. It was not just that he was black, or sexier than the other black men she had fucked. She was enjoying the forbidden fruit that was her own nephew’s cock. And his semen. It came out in thick, ropey strands that each provided her orgasm with further fuel. Tracey made sure that some landed on her tongue that that she could get a taste. She missed the taste of black semen more than anything. Billy’s seed tasted both sweet and robust. It was even better than Tracey had remembered, and she loved it. After seemingly forever the stream stopped. It had not been long enough for Tracey.

Bill figured that he must have had 20 spurts. His aunt really knew how to suck dick. He watched her face as his dick slightly softened and knew that she was in bliss. Her face was still scrunched up and she had tears in her beautiful blue eyes. She was semi-consciously circling his cockhead with her tongue. Bill wanted more.

Even though her sweet reward had stopped, Tracey’s mind numbing orgasm continued. I should have that to drink every day, she thought. No, every hour. Billy suddenly lifted her head by the hair and removed his cock from her mouth. Tracey squeezed her lips tightly but the cock still fell out. She felt sad and angry as the black cock she needed so desperately was removed. She was still so caught up in the orgasmic waves still striking her pussy that she barely noticed Billy’s powerful hands flip her over.

Bill knew that he needed pussy. He looked down at his aunt’s wet, pink jewel after he flipped her over. She had shaved it recently. Bill put his hands under her knees and moved them each diagonally from her pussy. He would need room. Once he had that room, he went to work. Her pussy was as smooth as silk and the aroma was even sweeter and move powerful than it had been on the thong. Upon his first lick of the outer lips, his aunt twitched. He licked again and a more violent twitch occurred. Bill moved on to the clit and started gently massaging it with his tongue. This was met with loud praise.

“OH GOD YES!!” Tracey screamed. A new orgasm had begun the moment Billy started licking her pussy. Each new lick caused a wave of pleasure to spread throughout her body. Billy obviously loved eating pussy. “OH FUCK OH FUCK!!!” she screamed as Billy put her clit between his lips and applied just the right amount of pressure. She grabbed his head with both hands and started bucking wildly. “OH GOD FUCK I NEED IT!!!”

Bill had never experienced a reaction like this. Tracey’s pussy was gushing sweet juices, and her screams had a primal intensity. The bucking made his job more difficult, but Bill enjoyed the challenge immensely. He decided to push his tongue deeply into his aunt’s pussy, as far as it would go. He needed to prepare it. This thing is already more than prepared, he corrected himself.

“I NEED BLACK COCK! I LOVE IT!!” Tracey screamed as her nephew plunged his tongue deep into her pussy, which greedily pulled it in. It already felt better than anything she had enjoyed in the last seven years, Tracey thought between orgasmic waves. The sight and feeling of Billy powerfully pinning her knees down, along with the sight of a powerful black head between her legs, was almost too much. The feeling of her nephew’s tongue inside her pussy pushed her over the edge. A massive orgasm struck Tracey, causing her to lose all control. “FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK!!!”

Bill did not have to be told twice. His cock was already rock hard again, and hearing his aunt scream desperately for his big black cock was incredibly exciting. He pulled his tongue out of his aunt’s pussy, despite desperate clinging from her pink treasure. He brought himself back onto the bed and hooked his aunt’s knees with the insides of his elbows. He lined up his dick with his aunt’s pussy and marveled at how well this had gone. He had wanted to fuck his aunt for years, but never imagined that it would actually happen. No woman yet had resisted his black cock. Bill looked at his aunt. She had wrapped both arms around his head and looked at him with the most desperate look he had ever seen. Bill plunged his cock into Tracey’s beautiful pussy.

“Note to Readers this is the fifth chapter of an ongoing story if you haven’t already read the other chapters I suggest you do before continuing with this and the following editions.”

Thank you AlphasGirl09 for editing my story.


Heather licked the cum from Tammy’s tit and then sucked the nipple into her mouth. She cleaned all of it up leaving her Aunt’s tits glistening.

Heather straddling the chair climbed over her Aunt licking the cum off of her cheek and then the chin. Licking it off her lips, she drove her tongue into Tammy’s mouth.

Their tongues were intertwined as the continued kissing each other. Tammy’s hands were cupping Heather’s ass as their tits pressed against each other.

Tammy worked her fingers down the crack of Heather’s ass as their kiss continued. She circled Heather’s asshole a few times with the tip of her finger. She moved her hand further down, sliding a finger into her niece’s pussy causing her to moan and kiss her aunt harder.

Tammy’s fingers were getting wetter as she continued fingering Heather. Breaking their kiss, Tammy said, “Let me eat your pussy.”

Heather quickly jumped off the chair and onto the lounge chair right next to it. Her legs were spread wide, anxiously awaiting her Aunt.

Tammy climbed onto the chair and lowered her face to just inches away from her niece’s pussy. She slid two fingers into her pussy as she began to lick her clit.

“Oooooh,” Heather moaned as Tammy slid a third finger into her pussy. She moaned and bucked her hips as her Aunt finger fucked her and licked her clit.

“Yes, yes, that’s it Aunt Tammy you’re going to make me cum,” Heather screamed. Tammy thrust her fingers faster into her pussy as she sucked her clit hard.

Shoving her fourth finger into her niece’s pussy, Tammy bit her clit hard causing Heather to soak her fingers with her orgasm.

Tammy moved up sucking Heather’s left nipple into her mouth, as she continued finger fucking her. “Please stop, Aunt Tammy,” Heather screamed as she shook from her orgasm.

“That was hot Aunt Tammy, I’ve never seen two women have sex together,” Ken said.

Tammy and Heather both turned their heads to see Brendan and Kevin standing in front of the cooler, stroking their cocks.

“I see you boys have been really enjoying the show,” Tammy teased.

“Very much so, when are we going to see Heather eat your pussy Aunt Tammy,” Ken questioned.

Heather, sitting up looked at her cousin and spoke, “Ken, I’ll eat Aunt Tammy’s pussy on one condition, I get a show first.”

“What do you mean?” Ken stammered.

“I want to watch the both of you suck each other’s cocks,” Heather replied.

Everyone to include Tammy had a shocked and disbelief look on their faces in response to Heather’s statement.

“There is no way, that is being gay,” Brendan shouted. His statement did make his Mother feel better even though she knew how much he loved pussy.

“Well then what is the difference with me and you’re Mom? We still love cocks but you want to see us together,” Heather snarled.

“Women are different, you naturally explore other women,” Brendan retorted.

“Damn it Brendan, there is no difference, my fantasy has always been watching two guys suck each other, so I guess if you won’t fulfill it, I won’t eat your Mom’s pussy nor will I let you have mine again today,” Heather pouted.

Tammy suddenly spoke, “Heather is right there really is no difference in who does who. We are all family and so far have had a lot of different kinds of fun together.

So why not let her see her fantasy? Who would it hurt? To be completely honest with you it has always been one of my fantasies as well. So I am with Heather, you won’t get any more of my pussy tonight if you won’t do it.”

“We’re fucked, who’s first?” Brendan said looking at Ken.

“Start sucking” Ken responded.

Brendan reluctantly lowered himself to his knees, he looked to see Ken’s now semi-hard cock just inches away from his face. He looked at his Mother with a pleading look upon his face.

Smiling Tammy said, “Go ahead sweetie,” as she rubbed her pussy hair.

“Well if I want some of that I have to do this,” Brendan thought as his mouth took the head of Ken’s cock inside.

The hard but yet soft feeling of Ken’s cock, felt interesting Brendan thought. He took more and more of his cock inside his mouth. Ken unconsciously began moving his hips to slide his cock in and out of Brendan’s mouth.

Tammy and Heather were sitting on the lounge chair together only a few feet away from the action.

“This is hot isn’t it Aunt Tammy,” Heather asked as she placed her hand on her Aunt’s pussy.

“Yes it sure is can’t you feel how wet my pussy is?” Tammy responded.

Sliding two fingers inside Tammy’s pussy then withdrawing them, bringing them to her mouth sucking the juices off, Heather replied, “MMM, the finger licking good kind of wet.”

Brendan looking out of the corner of his eye saw Heather fingering his Mom; they both were smiling at him as they watched him suck his first cock.

Brendan tried sucking Ken just like his Mom had sucked him; he began sucking faster as he was turned on by the site of the two women.

Heather was fingering Tammy’s pussy causing her to moan loudly, Tammy moved her hand over sliding two fingers into her niece’s soaked pussy.

“Your soaked too honey, you really like this don’t you?” Tammy questioned.

“Hell yes, I have never seen anything hotter, Wow it looks like Brendan is enjoying it too, look how hard he is and all that pre-cum oozing from his cock,” Heather responded.

Ken was enjoying the surprisingly good blow job that he was receiving from his cousin. The site of the two women fingering each other excited him causing him to fuck Brendan’s mouth faster.

“Hang on Aunt Tammy,” Heather said, as she crawled over to Brendan and licked the pre-cum off the tip of his cock.

“MMMM, I love the taste of cum almost as much as I do a pussy, you get see me eat pussy soon cousin,” she seductively said.

Brendan’s cock throbbed from the touch of Heather’s tongue and all of the excitement. He attacked Ken’s cock because he was so turned on sucking it hard and fast.

“One quick lick,” Heather informed her Aunt as her tongue ran over the lips of her pussy.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Ken screamed as he shot his cum into Brendan’s mouth. Brendan instantly swallowed the first blast but began choking and gagging on the volume of his cousin’s cum.

Panicking he pulled his mouth from the cock only to be blasted in the face with the remainder of Ken’s cum.

Ken has just finished cumming when he looked at Brendan and began laughing uncontrollably. “I never thought I would see you with my cum all over your face,” he laughed.

“Well it wasn’t by choice that I ended up like this,” Brendan snarled.

“Don’t worry honey, Heather and I will clean that up,” Tammy said as Brendan felt her tongue slide up his right cheek.

Heather was busy licking the cum off his left one. Tammy had his right cheek clean so she moved to his chin. She scooped up a dollop of cum with her tongue right before she kissed Brendan deeply. They shared Ken’s cum as their tongues intertwined together.

Grabbing his cock and squeezing it, Tammy broke their kiss, “Now that wasn’t so bad now was it, now this big fella will get some pussy tonight.”

“No it wasn’t that b” Brendan was able to say before Heather’s cum filled tongue filled his mouth.

“I have an idea,” Heather said as she pulled her mouth from Brendan’s. The boys wanted to see you eat my pussy, why don’t we do a 69 and really give them a show.

“A deal is a deal and it sounds like it is an even better deal for the boys,” Tammy said as she climbed on Heather who already was lying on the lounge chair.

Tammy lowered her pussy onto Heather’s waiting tongue. She instantly licked and explored the folds of her aunt’s pussy.

Tammy lowered her mouth to Heather’s pussy, licking her clit before moving lower. The both moaned in each other’s pussy as they licked them.

“That is so fucking hot!” Ken exclaimed, his cock was slowly starting to get erect again.

“It sure is,” Brendan replied while he was busy stroking his own.

Tonguing and licking they continued attacking each other’s hot, wet cunts. Tammy was the first to cum as she pressed her pussy hard against Heather’s face.

Heather drove her tongue in lapping up all of her juices.

Shaking uncontrollably no longer being able to stand Heather’s tongue, Tammy lifted her ass into the air as she continued pleasing her niece’s cunt, suddenly she felt a cock pushing into her pussy.

His Mom’s ass in the air was invitation enough for Brendan while he slid his cock into her pussy. He thrust his hips forward causing his cock to bury itself inside his mom. He began thrusting it in and out of her.

The site of the cock sliding in and out of Aunt Tammy’s pussy set Heather off as she came hard. Tammy lifting her head from the pussy moaned loudly from the pounding her son was giving her.

Observing that Aunt Tammy’s eyes were closed and mouth was open allowed Ken to walk over and stick his cock in her mouth. Tammy immediately began sucking it hard and fast.

Heather raised her head and began licking her aunt’s clit and cousin’s dick. The sudden sensation caused Tammy to moan on Ken’s dick and suck it faster.

Ken was enjoying the blowjob that he was receiving from his aunt but pulled his cock out of her mouth. He picked up Heather’s legs placing them on his shoulders then inserting his cock into her pussy.

Heather began to lick quicker as Ken fucked her. Brendan was enjoying both the pussy but also the tongue on his pussy at the same time caused him to really slam into his mother.

Ken grabbed Tammy’s head pulling it toward him to kiss her. Tammy moaned as their tongues touched and her cunt got slammed.

Heather moved her tongue to Brendan’s balls licking them as he continued fucking. He pumped into his mom’s cunt faster, faster, faster and then “AAAAAAAAAAAAH,” he blew a load of sperm into her.

Heather licked the cum from his cock and any that dripped out of Tammy.

Ken’s cock continued to shove quickly in and out of his cousin’s pussy. Heather moaned into Tammy’s clit as he stabbed it harder inside her. A big drop of cum landed on Heather’s tongue, when Brendan slid his cock out of his mom.

She moved her head up sticking her tongue into Tammy’s cunt, she sucked and licked all the cum she could receive out of it. Ken being very excited began fucking Heather faster.

He was breathing heavy as his cock continued propelling into his cousin’s cunt. He shoved it in her as far as he could and blasted her pussy with his load. He thrust inside her a few more times to finish, then he pulled out and collapsed onto the deck.

Ken’s hands were over his head and eyes were shut, when Tammy suddenly had an idea. She pulled her pussy away from her niece’s tongue, stood up, walked over sliding her pussy down onto Ken’s face, as his mouth opened she pushed Brendan’s cum into his mouth.

Ken not having a choice swallowed his cousin’s cum, he licked and sucked his aunt’s pussy until she had another orgasm. Spent Tammy collapsed beside him on the deck.

When they all had recovered from their encounter, they redressed and went back into the house. Ken hugged his aunt tightly thanking her for the wonderful experience. Tammy kissed him quickly and then scolded him.

“Listen mister, if you ever want a chance to have this pussy again, you better never say a word about what just happened to anyone.” Tammy warned.

“I promise, I won’t tell anyone, I really want to fuck your pussy again Aunt Tammy.

Tammy, Brendan, and Heather relaxed together the remainder of the evening watching a movie. When the movie ended, Tammy announced, “I am off to bed, I am worn out from all of this action, good night kids.”

Tammy leaned down to give Heather a kiss as her head was grabbed and pulled down and a tongue filled her mouth. Their tongues were darting into each other’s mouth when Heather cupped her aunt’s tit squeezing it.

Pulling her head back Tammy stated, “Baby girl, I am tired we can do it again tomorrow, I promise. Pouting Heather replied, “OK, good night.”

Brendan was standing waiting for his mom to finish when he hugged her as he forced his tongue into her mouth. He cupped her ass pulling her into his hard cock. He rubbed it from side to side of her stomach as she pulled away from his grasp.

“Nice try kids, but this old lady is tired! Plus I have to call Rick tonight, we will have fun again tomorrow, I am sure of that.” Tammy informed as she walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

In unison they both said, “Good night.”

“What a fucking hot story, I wish I could have been there,” I replied.

“Believe me, I had a lot of fun,” Tammy replied.

“I really wish I were there right now to fuck that well used pussy of yours, my cock is so fucking hard right now,” I stated.

“I enjoyed Brendan’s and Ken’s but I really miss yours honey, I love how you make me cum just by how you use it,” she replied.

“Oh yeah? Is it how I slide it side to side slowly inside your pussy. Pulling it out slowly then pushing it back in and flexing it inside your cunt?” I teased while I stroked my cock.

“What are you wearing babe?” I questioned.

“Just my sleeping shorts and shirt, and if you keep up this talk, my shorts will be too wet to sleep in,” Tammy replied.

Take them off then, I would hate to see you go to sleep with wet shorts, your pussy may catch a cold,” I laughed.

Tammy sighing said, “Even though I am tired, hang on a minute.”

A few seconds went by and she said, “Ok I am in the state of dress that I have been in most of the weekend, and that is naked.”

“My favorite outfit!” I exclaimed. “The same one I want you wearing when I get home.”

“Think that I won’t be?” Tammy giggled.

“Yes I am sure that you will be and now you will be even better fucked than ever before, Brendan and I can fuck you at the same time. Slide both cocks into your pussy just like we did that one time with mine and the vibrator, remember?”

“MMM HMMM” Tammy moaned.

“This would be so much better for you to have live hot fleshy cocks stretching your pussy wide, filling it fully.” I explained.

“MMMMM that would be nice,” Tammy purred.

“Both sliding in and out together, hitting every space inside of you,” I went on.

“OHHH yes,” she moaned.

“Then one starts shooting it’s cum inside you and you know it will trigger the other, think of it babe, two pulsating cocks blasting their cum into your pussy.”

“OH GOD, fill her up,” Tammy cried as she had another orgasm. “Damn that was unexpected, I thought we would just talk,” Tammy thought as she recovered.

“Thanks babe, I needed something good to jerk off too, and that one was great!” I exclaimed.

“I have no idea where all my juices come from, you should see the fucking wet spot on the bed” she said.

“Especially with all of the orgasms you have had the past couple of days,” I laughed.

“Exactly she has gotten a real workout,” Tammy giggled.

“Just wait until I get home, you will be getting a cock that wants and is going to get even more of that pussy,” I said.

“I know babe, and can’t wait, I better let you go it’s getting late,” she informed me.

“Yes it is, ok baby I love you, good night” I replied.

“Love you too, night honey,” Tammy said right before hanging up the phone.

Tammy tossed and turned for what seemed liked hours, until she finally sat up in the bed saying, “FUCK IT.”

She walked to the top of the stairs yelling, “Brendan, Heather get up here.”

Story continues…


The mom’s set the rules and Dad gets involved.


I woke in the night, to find Aunt Marie sliding into my bed. I felt her cuddle up to me, her hand wandering mischievously.

“That was mean of you, Jeremy, to let me fall asleep in the horny clutches of my son. Your Momma had him so worked up, he had to take it out on me,” she pouted.

I drew her in close, hoping she wouldn’t try to do anything. I wanted her, don’t get me wrong, but not enough to endure the wrath of Mom. “I’m sorry. Dad found out that Mom wasn’t safe with him. He made us change seats.”

I was awash with a mix of emotions. Hot Aunt Marie was touching me, and I wanted to kiss her, push her back on the bed and fuck her senseless. At the same time I was nervous, afraid I’d be unable to resist her touch, and ruin everything I had going with Mom. I settled for a soft little kiss.

I was regretting sleeping naked. Aunt Marie’s hand had settled on my cock, stroking me.

She sounded irritated. “He was so nice and well behaved, holding me, cuddling me nicely. I just relaxed and drifted off. I couldn’t believe I woke up damn near naked, my shirt pulled up to my chin, and my panties missing. I would never have believed it of him!”

“C’mon Aunt Marie. How could any red-blooded man resist you, even your son? Someone as hot and beautiful as you, asleep in his lap, half-naked?”

“But he’s my boy, Jeremy! You wouldn’t do that to your mother, would you?”

That, and a whole lot more. “If she had tits half as nice as yours, I’m not sure I could resist.” I reached over and gave her breast a squeeze.

She gave me a warm kiss. “I know I promised I’d make it up to you, but we can’t make love here. It’s too dangerous. Your Momma would kill me if she found out. I mean, literally, kill me.”

I tried to find an out. “I love you Aunt Marie. So much it hurts. I’m worried that if we do much more, it could mess things up between us.”

She kissed me again, silencing me. Aunt Marie was a great kisser. Even better than Mom, I hated to admit. I figure she’d had a lot more practice.

I was hard in her hand. “Let’s take it slow then. We don’t have to do everything first time out the door. We’ll have some fun and see where it goes. Remember, your old Auntie loves you, and I’d love to be your teacher.”

She pulled away from me, sitting up on the side of the bed, her hand still under the covers, jerking me off. “Do you want me to finish you off?” she asked teasingly.

She was wearing an oversized t-shirt and the bottom was pulled up high enough for me to see her panties. Damn, I’d love to get inside of them. I reached my hand inside her shirt and cupped her tit. Fucking incredible.

The light came on in the room and both of our hands made quick retreats. Probably not quick enough. I turned my head to see Mom standing in my doorway. She appeared disheveled and worn out from the day’s activities. “What’s going on, Marie?” she asked, in a scary tone.

“Saying goodnight to our sweetie,” Aunt Marie answered innocently, leaning down and giving me a quick kiss.

“Can I speak to you a minute?” Mom said.

Aunt Marie stood, and straightened out her shirt. “It’s kind of late, Alice. I was just going to bed. My head’s still spinning a little. I think we overdid the drinkin’ a bit.”

“It’ll only take a moment,” Mom answered, walking in and taking her sister by the arm. As they walked out, whispering in hushed tones, I heard my Mom. “Don’t even think about it,” she hissed.

“Why don’t you ask him…” was the last I heard from my Aunt on the matter, before they closed my door.

What I wouldn’t give to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.

* * *

When I woke, I lay in my bed for a long time reviewing the previous day. It was almost too good to be believed. I’d been able to play with my gorgeous Aunt’s incredible body before she gave me an amazing blow-job. Then I’d had my Mom, playing with her, teasing her, feeling her tits, kissing her, before she fucked my brains out in the front seat of our car, with Dad only a few feet away. Twice. She was so hot. I had fantasized about her a bit, of course, but never really thought of having sex. I’d dreamed of seeing her naked, and maybe even having her walk in on me while I was jerking off, and helping me finish. But as far as Mom went that had been pretty much it. I’d never really seen myself replacing my father in her bed.

Even when they had sex and I listened at the door, I could imagine what they were doing, listening to her muted cries, but didn’t really envision myself in Dad’s place. They had a good marriage. They still seemed to enjoy being with each other a lot.

It was easier to fantasize about my hot-to-trot Aunt, who chewed up husbands and spit them out. Those huge tits of hers were a fantasy magnet. The way she was always so playful with me, it was easy to dream of our activities becoming less socially acceptable. I had thought about doing all kinds of naughty things with her. I had for years.

Aunt Marie, yes. Mom, no.

They looked similar, eerily so, similar face shapes, same eyes, usually the same hair, although they both liked to change it up now and then. But there was something that set them apart, other than the boobs and butts. Mom was the pretty one, and sweet as the day is long. Aunt Marie was the sexy one, one look at her enough to start the fantasies running. Mom was the girl you’d take home to mother, Aunt Marie was the girl you’d lock in your basement, chained naked to a pole. Easy to see how I’d made Aunt Marie the object of all my late night Kleenex sessions.

But after being with Mom, all my old fantasies seemed inadequate. Mom was incredible. So much sexier and naughtier than I’d have possibly dreamed. I wanted her. I wanted all of her. I wanted to feel her lips around my cock. I wanted to watch her mouth drain me. I wanted to make love to her in every position I could possibly imagine. I desperately wanted to know what it was like to slide my hard cock into her ass, fucking her until she screamed. Like Dad did.

I knew I’d do anything, anything at all, to make those dreams come true. Even if that meant saying ‘no’ to Aunt Marie.

I threw on shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs to see what a new day might bring.

It was already after 9:00. Dad had left for work. I walked into the kitchen where Mom and Aunt Alice were sitting at the kitchen table, deep in conversation. There was a palpable chill in the air.

“Mornin’,” I said loudly, making my presence known.

Mom glared at her sister, then stood and came to me, giving me a hug. “Mornin’ slugger. At least one of our mischievous boys is up. Hear anything from Colin?” she asked, walking over to the oven.

“Nothin’. His door’s still closed.” I walked over to Aunt Marie, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I always did, and figured it was safest to try to maintain some normalcy. Even if the kiss was longer than usual, and on the edge of her mouth.

“Good morning, handsome,” she said, glancing over at Mom warily.

Mom had pancakes warming in the oven, and she deposited a tall stack of them on my plate when I sat down at the table. She put several pieces of crispy bacon beside them. She’d even warmed the maple syrup.

While I feasted, Mom sat down and worked on her coffee. There was a tenseness at the table, and I didn’t know what to do to change it.

Mom fired the opening salvo. “Jeremy, things got a little crazy in the car yesterday. Marie and I want you to know that even though the playfulness might have gone too far, it’s alright. We all do some things we, well not regret, but think better of afterwards. It was the wrong time, and the wrong place for something like that. You understand?”

“Sure Mom. I know it was over the top, with Dad right there,” I admitted between bites. “It’s not like we planned it; it sort of just happened.”

“Precisely. Our silliness in the lake started something we should have nipped in the bud. I’m sure the booze didn’t help. What happened wasn’t only inappropriate, but it was foolhardy to do it where we did. I know it’s hard to put the genie back in the bottle once he’s loose, but we have to consider everybody.”

Aunt Marie added her two cents. “It wasn’t just your father, Jeremy. Colin isn’t as worldly as you, and he could misunderstand what went on. We had fun, yes, but I think we all know it was only a moment of crazy naughtiness. You understand that your mother and I, we’re family. There’s things that people wouldn’t condone, happening between you and me, or even you and your Mom.” She nodded toward Mom who was blushing.

“I know Aunt Marie. I’d never say anything.”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” Mom interjected. “None of us would. It stays between us. And I know you’re not going to want to go back to the way things were. Things have changed, irrevocably.”

Aunt Marie put her hand on my arm, giving me a squeeze. “They don’t have to go back to the way they were, but things can only go so far, and we have to be very, very careful about what we do, and where we do it.”

“I understand,” I told them. I was willing to say anything. This was going much better than I would have dreamed possible. After the previous night, I figured I might find one of them strangled this morning. I would have bet on Mom doin’ the strangling.

“I’m sure you do, but it’s so easy to make a mistake. Even now, I bet you’d love to reach out and touch your aunt’s breasts. They’re almost irresistible, aren’t they?” Mom asked.

I nodded, slightly embarrassed I was so transparent.

“But that’s exactly what can’t happen! What if Colin were to come down and see that. You touching my breasts,” Aunt Marie said sliding over next to me, pressing those big tits against my arm. “Or worse, seeing you touching your mother’s.”

“Marie,” Mom said warningly.

“I’m just sayin’. We have to be careful and responsible.”

I was nervous about where this conversation was heading.

Mom moved closer. “Touching like that has to be very private. We have to set boundaries. You’re a healthy teenager, and your hormones are raging. We understand that. Your Aunt and I can help you with your journey into adulthood, but only up to a point. What happened in the car is already pushing the boundaries.” She was blushing. “Doing things with your hands is one thing. Using your mouth is dangerously risky. If anyone were to find out about that, it could be a disaster.”

I nodded again. It sounded like touching was still on the table at least.

Aunt Marie spoke up again. “Your Mom and I had a long talk. A very long talk. We agree that we won’t stop everything, but full-blown sex has to be off-limits. We can’t take things that far.”

“And nothing at all happens if your father or Colin are around,” Mom said firmly.

I suspected that their talk hadn’t covered everything we had done. I looked at Mom. “So what we did in the car is Ok, but we can’t take it much further than that?” I asked.

She nodded. “If we can draw our limits there, and understand the time and place for it, I think we can accept that our relationships have changed.”

“Exactly,” Aunt Marie agreed. “Even some of that might have been a little over the top, and will have to be a very occasional thing. Can you agree to that?”

I had finished most of my breakfast and pushed it away. “Of course. I’d never do anything to mess up our relationship, or hurt anybody else in the family. I love you both so much, and even though I’d love to do more, I understand what you’re saying. I can let you each set your limits.”

Mom shook her head. “No! We don’t each set our limits. We have to agree on the limits together, or I don’t know how much I can let the two of you be alone.”

“Alice, don’t start. I’ve told you I’m willing to follow your rules,” Aunt Marie argued.

Mom was determined to have her say. “No sex. Are we understood, Jeremy? Aunt Marie is a gorgeous, sexy woman. You’re going to want to do things. Naughty things. Can you stop it before sex? Or do we have to end everything?”

I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. “By ‘no sex’ you mean no screwing right?”

Mom reddened and nodded.

Aunt Marie made it even clearer. “You don’t get to put your thingie inside my woohoo,” she said very softly.

“Marie!” Mom whined.

“Making it crystal clear for him. That’s what we’re saying, right?”

“Am I the last one up?” Colin spoke up walking into the kitchen.

We broke apart like a football team out of the huddle, Aunt Marie scooting away, and Mom leaping from her chair. “Morning, sleepy head. Any longer, and your cousin would have eaten your share of breakfast.”

He was acting nervous, sitting awkwardly in his chair, his glance constantly moving back and forth between Aunt Marie and Mom.

Mom retrieved Colin’s breakfast from the oven. “Jeremy, if you’re done, your father said you should change the water in the coolers, and make sure the meat is iced down enough. He said if you’re feeling up to it, you can try butchering one of the smaller pigs.”

It appeared they wanted to have a talk with Colin similar to mine. I’m guessing from the sounds of things, his access was going to be more restricted than mine. Probably a lot more. Poor guy. To be that close to heaven, and to have it yanked away.

I headed out to the garage, and dragged the coolers out to the backyard. We had the better part of five whole pigs on ice, and Dad’s mysterious concoction that they were bathed in needed regular icing to keep the water cold. I dragged the coolers over to the drain out back, and dumped the water. I filled them most of the way with the hose, adding a gallon of Dad’s additive, and three bags of ice to each. I’d see about butchering one later, when I had Colin’s help.

Afterward I headed up for a shower. I was feeling distinctly grubby. And the shower provided great cover for a release I desperately needed.

When I came out, Mom was waiting for me. “Feeling better?” she asked.

“Tons.” I was wearing only a towel, and wondered how much it would hide if I kept talking to her. Just being near her was making me excited. I had come only 10 minutes earlier, alone unfortunately, but it appeared my cock hadn’t been informed of that.

“Your Aunt and Colin are loading their car. They’re going to head home after lunch,” she said, walking with me to my bedroom.

When we were inside, she closed the door and didn’t resist when I pulled her into my arms. “You understand why we had to have that conversation?”

“I think so. You didn’t tell Aunt Marie what we did, did you?” I asked, holding her close, enjoying the feel of her body against mine.

“Of course not! I told her that you did what Colin did. That and nothing more. This way she thinks that if she gets to continue doing what you guys did, she’ll be one up on me.”

I kissed her, and even though she didn’t reciprocate much, she didn’t stop me. “What about us?” I asked.

“If you follow my rules with your Aunt, and can keep a secret, we can have our own rules,” she said reaching down and adjusting my wrap.

I loosened my towel, letting it drop to the floor. “Jeremy. We have to have rules, and I told you, not in this house.”

“I’ll follow your rules Mom. I’ll do anything you say,” I assured her.

“Good. Once Marie leaves, you and I can talk about those rules.” She picked up my towel, her face nearly brushing against my hard cock. She turned and handed it to me. “I don’t mean to tease you, but this isn’t the time, understand?”

“Perfectly Mom. Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me now. You’ll get your chance later. I promise.” She stood in the doorway. “I’m going to send Marie up here to you, and keep Colin busy for a while. Say your goodbyes.”

Damn. I loved my Mom.

I didn’t bother getting dressed. I lay on my bed, gently stroking the erection Mom had left me with, keeping it primed for my hot Aunt.

Within a few minutes, I heard the knock on my door. “It’s me, Jeremy. Can I come in?”

I stood and went to my dresser, acting like I was getting dressed. “Sure, Aunt Marie. It’s open.”

She opened the door, closing it tightly behind her. “We’ll be leaving in an hour or so, and I wanted to make sure we both agreed on where things stand.”

She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and before I could turn around, she had her t-shirt off, and was removing her bra. One look at those tits, and I wanted to throw all the rules out.

I went to her and took her in my arms, pulling her face up for a nice kiss. Her hand was already gripping my cock. She stepped back and pulled her shorts off, wiggling out of them, standing before me in just her panties.

“We only have a few minutes,” she said sadly.

“Let’s make the most of them.”

She smiled. “I like the sound of that.”

I drew her over to the bed, and we both stretched out on it. She was in my arms in a heartbeat. I kissed her, my hands exploring her body.

“I know the rules sound extreme at the moment, but we have to follow them for now. I’m hoping to change them before too long, with your mother’s permission.”

“I don’t know, Aunt Marie. She’s gonna want to maintain her limits.”

“Trust me, sweet boy. I’ll work on her. In the meantime, the way I understand it, there’s only one thing we can’t do. As much as I’d love it, you can’t put that big thing inside my pussy. Other than that, we can have some fun.” Her stroking of my cock assured me she was willing to do plenty.

“Did you have something in mind?” I teased.

“I’m willing to use my mouth, if you are, stud,” she said. “Just warn me before you come, Ok?”

“I’d love to,” I assured her.

“Good. Why don’t you start then? I take a little longer to get warmed up.” She rolled over onto her back, and started pushing her panties down.

I helped her remove that last slip of clothing, then moved between her legs. “I’m kind of new to this,” I warned her, suddenly nervous.

I needn’t have worried. She was very open, even eager to give me directions. I was a willing pupil. After about 10 minutes of her tutelage, I knew my way around her warm pussy pretty well, and even though my tongue in particular was tiring, I did my best to follow her directions and learn my way around.

I knew I was doing Ok when she grabbed me by the hair, shoving my face down into her moistness, and came for me.

I learned that I liked going down on her. A lot. I liked the feel, the crazy sexy smell, and the taste of her. I loved feeling her react to what I did, and hearing her sexy whimpers, gasps, and moans. I especially loved the feeling of her losing control, crying out my name, and her entire body shaking when she came for me. I was going to do that a lot more often, if I had my druthers.

She was as good as her word. After I got her off, she had me lie down and she attacked my cock with her mouth. She was so good, knowing what to do to drive me crazy. Her hands and mouth worked together, the perfect tandem.

Aunt Marie pulled off after a bit, still stroking me. “You want to know a secret, Jeremy?”

“Yes,” I moaned for her.

“I don’t do this for many men. Almost never, to be honest.”

I groaned. “That might be the meanest thing I ever heard.”

She laughed so sweetly, it nearly made me shoot. “But I’ll do it for you. I can count on one hand the number of times I let a man, even my husbands, come in my mouth. I have a feeling you’re going to change that.”

She went back down on me, watching me, while she sucked me off. It had only been a couple of minutes, but I couldn’t hold off any longer. “I’m going to come,” I warned her.

My sexy Aunt pulled her mouth away, stroking me. “Where do you want me to take it? On my tits? On my face? Or maybe in my mouth?” she teased.

“In your mouth,” I gasped, holding back as long as possible.

“Greedy boy,” she giggled, and then lowered her mouth over my pole, bobbing her head on my cock beautifully.

I groaned and let loose, filling that sexy, warm opening.

She let me finish, and I felt her tongue teasing me, the wetness of her full mouth incredible. She pulled back, until just the head was between her lips, and swallowed. She slid her lips back over the head, sucking me, making me squirm. I was super sensitive, and each time her tongue stroked me, I jerked.

She pulled away, grinning. She slowly opened her mouth, showing just a hint of my juices, then closed it again, swallowing. “There. That’s two for Jeremy, and four for everyone else. Ever.”

“That was amazing, Aunt Marie.”

“I’m glad you think so. I can’t believe I actually like doing that for you.”

“I’m glad you do.”

“I’m sure you are.” She moved up on the bed, and kissed me deeply. I could taste the difference, after she’d sucked me off.

She climbed off of my bed, and started getting dressed. “I guess I better head back down before your wicked mother drives my poor boy crazy.” She had her panties on and was buttoning her shorts. “I know you’re going to want to do things with your Mom, I understand that. She’s not going to be able to get past her ideas of what’s allowed. Any time she drives you too crazy, you know I’m only a few miles away. Give me a little warning, and I’ll get rid of Colin, and we can take care of you proper.”

“I’ll be callin’ a lot,” I told her.

“Good. I like to hear that,” she said, adjusting her shirt. “You better get dressed now, before your Mom comes up to check on us.”

I did, demanding one last kiss from her before she could leave my room. “You are the best aunt ever, Marie,” I told her.

She grinned. “You’re probably right. And you don’t even know the half of it yet.”

* * *

I got dressed and headed down to be with everyone else. Colin may like hunting, but it didn’t take long to figure out he didn’t like the butchering that comes with it. Kind of squeamish.

He was watching me cut some ribs out, standing to the side. “Pretty crazy car ride, huh?” he said out of the blue.

I almost cut off a finger. Luckily just nicked it, nothing a little duct tape couldn’t take care of. I put the knife down and reached for the cabinet that held the tape. “Yeah. I think crazy describes it pretty good.” I grabbed the tape, tore off a strip, and rinsed my hand clean.

“You’re not mad at me, are you?” he asked cautiously.

I dried my hand, and wrapped the tape around twice before answering. “I was a little, last night, but Dad said to keep it cool,” I admitted.

He sounded like he was ready to shit his britches. “Your Dad knows?”

I went back to work, a little slower and more careful this time. “He knows that you were feeling up Mom’s boobs, and you got hard for her.”

“Jesus!” Colin groaned, pacing up and down the garage. “I couldn’t help it, you know? Having her on my lap like that, all the bouncing around, and especially after she flashed me in the lake. I’m sorry.”

God, if he started crying I was going to pop him one.

“Stripping your own sleeping Mom naked probably wasn’t the smartest thing either,” I reminded him.

He leaned back against the sink, and held his head in his hands. “I know. God, I know. Don’t think I didn’t get an earful about that. I just couldn’t help myself. I was so worked up.”

“You in trouble?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I thought I’d be in deep shit, but they both sat me down, and told me my behavior was unacceptable. Especially any touching below the waist. Aunt Alice said if that happened again, she’d tell your Dad.” He was back pacing the floor. “They didn’t seem to be too mad about me touching their boobs. You don’t think that might be Ok now, do you?”

The stack of meat next to me was growing. “I wouldn’t press my luck. Maybe special occasions, when the time is right, things are private, and everyone’s had a couple of drinks. Then we might get away with something like that.”

He stopped and stood next to me fidgeting. “You did it too, didn’t you? You touched my Mom’s boobs.”

I wiped my hands before wrapping up the meat in butcher paper for the freezer. “Let’s just say I took some liberties too, and they spoke to me about it as well.”

“They’re pretty incredible, huh? You going to try it again?” he asked.

Already did, and once you leave, even more. “When the time is right. For now, they laid down the law, and I’m going to do whatever Mom says. Take it easy, until the time is right.”

“I…I kissed your Mom,” he blurted out.

“Damn it, Colin! I don’t want to hear that. Keep it cool! If you ever get another chance like last night, play it smart and don’t get carried away. And whatever you do, keep it to yourself. If you ever talk about this to anybody else, I swear I’ll kick your ass.”

He backed away. “No. I’ll never say nothin’. I promise. I figured it was Ok to talk to you, but only you, ya know?”

I moved the meat to the freezer, and washed up for good. “I understand. I guess if you need to talk to anybody, I should be the one.” I turned and faced him. “How far did you go with Mom, anyway?”

He glanced at the closed door to the house. “She let me feel her up, inside her shirt. She even let me rub between her legs a bit. At the end she let me kiss her a couple of times.”

“Pretty brave,” I teased.

“I was scared spitless that she was going to shoot me down at any moment,” he admitted.

“What about with your Mom?” I asked.

He turned a deep red. “I was bad. Once she fell asleep I felt her up pretty good, and even took her panties off so I could see what it was like, you know? To see a real one. She was completely out of it, and I couldn’t think straight. When she didn’t respond to my doing whatever I wanted with her tits, including sucking on her big nips, I had to try more. I mean, even with my fingers inside of her, she didn’t wake up. Good thing we didn’t have much more time on the road. I was real close to doing something that she would have killed me for.”

I had closed up the coolers and put away the tools. “Good thing is right. I don’t imagine that would have gone over well. She seemed pissed as it was.”

“Yeah. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t get in more trouble.” He shrugged. “Too bad your Mom was awake the whole ride, huh?”

I shook my head. “If she was passed out, I don’t think I would have done anything. Not like that. Especially with Dad three feet away. I was happy the way things worked out anyway. Mom and I had the best talk ever. It was epic.”

The door opened at that moment, cutting off any reply. “You boys about done in here? We have some sandwiches ready before we have to leave,” Aunt Marie said from the doorway.

“Just finished,” I told her, heading for the door, with Colin a step behind.

Fifteen minutes later we were seeing them off, after loading their gear into the car. Aunt Marie surprised the shit out of me by giving me a big kiss after Colin got in on the passenger side.

“Remember what I said,” she whispered. “Give me a call anytime you feel the urge.”

I held the door for her, watching her bare legs as she got in the car. I couldn’t help but think where those sexy pins lead to. “I will.”

Mom walked over to me, sliding her arm around my waist, possessively, while we waved goodbye. “What was that about, at the end?”

“She said anytime you leave me too frustrated I should give her a call,” I explained, wrapping my arm around her waist.

She turned and we walked back into the house. “God, what am I going to do with that tramp? Are you going to behave with her?”

I locked the door behind us, and slid my hand into Mom’s. “100%. We talked about that while we said goodbye. We both agreed we would keep to the rules, but she said she’s going to work on you to get them changed.”

I turned to pull her into my arms, but she stopped me. “Slow down, cowboy. Last night doesn’t mean you can grab me anytime you want. I’m still your mother, and you need to show me a little respect.”

“Mom, believe me, I’m going to show you so damn much respect, you’re not going to be able to walk straight.”

I was shocked when she slapped me. “Don’t talk to me like that! I thought you understood we’d have rules. We’re not going to turn your father’s house into some incestuous playground. I won’t have it!”

I stepped back from her, confused and ashamed. “Sorry. I didn’t mean anything bad, I was only teasing.”

She closed her eyes, and brushed her hair away from her forehead. “Shit. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Listen Jeremy, I’m tired, grouchy and a little mixed up. I got almost no sleep last night. I’m going to take a nap for a couple of hours.” She looked at her watch. “Let me put another load in the wash, then wake me at four, so we can straighten things out before your father gets home.”

She walked past me, brushing her hand against my arm before heading to the laundry room. She turned before she’d gotten far. “If you’ve got so much energy, why don’t you put away the laundry, clean out the jeep, and see what you can about those coolers of meat.”

Crap. I’d really stepped in it.

I was folding the clothes when Mom headed up the stairs. It was a little after twelve; she’d get a few hours of sleep in. And I had a small window of opportunity to get back into her good graces.

Or I could just call Aunt Marie.

I did every chore I could think of, helping with the laundry, cleaning up in the kitchen, emptying the Jeep and washing it, and doing what I could with the hog meat.

It was nearly four when I took another quick shower to get the hog stink off me, before going in to wake Mom.

I opened the door to her room, and she was dead to the world. “Mom?” I said softly, getting no response.

She looked so pretty, so relaxed, I hated waking her. I knelt down on the bed next to her and nudged her shoulder. “Mom, it’s 4:00.”

She rolled away from me. “A few more minutes,” she mumbled, barely audible.

Damn it. I had been such a jerk. I slid into the bed next to her, sliding under the covers, and put my arm around her. “I love you, Mom. I’m sorry about earlier.”

“Shh,” she whispered, reaching up and holding my arm.

I slipped my other arm under her head, and spooned up close to her, holding her. She sighed and pushed back against me, her hips meeting my crotch. I nuzzled my cheek into her hair, kissing her neck and hugging her tighter. “Mmm,” she purred.

It was nice to hold her. When she let go of my arm, I ran my hand down her side, across her soft skin. A lot of soft skin. When I reached her hip I still met nothing but skin. Mom was naked.

That had the expected reaction down below. I pushed my new erection against Mom’s soft rear. She pushed back a little. “Be good, Jeremy.”

I brought my hand back up and pushed her hair away so I could get to her soft neck. I kissed her there, while my hand sought out her breast, holding it softly.

Mom sighed, scooting away a bit and rolling onto her back. I moved my hand away from her breast and rested it on her smooth belly. She cracked one eye open sleepily. “What time is it?” she mumbled. I peeked past her at the bedside clock. “It’s 4:08.”

“Ten more minutes.”

I kissed her lips lightly, and was surprised when they parted for me. I kissed her again, and felt her tongue brush mine. My hand returned to her breast, cupping it gently, caressing it.

She seemed OK with me touching her. I sat up and pulled off my shirt and shorts. I wasn’t going to be too bad, I just wanted to feel her skin against mine. I curled up next to her again, pressing my lips to hers, sharing the longest, sweetest kiss, while my hand explored her soft body.

When I reached between her legs, rubbing her pussy, she opened her eyes a little. “Gentle, baby. I’m horribly sore down there.”

I kissed her cheek. “I’m sorry Mom, if I got carried away.”

She chuckled softly, coming awake. “It wasn’t you, sweetie. Your old man was feeling his oats last night. He got a little crazy, making me tell him all about what Colin did and quizzing me on your behavior.”

I was stunned. “What did you tell him about us?”

She turned toward me, her hand fluttering across my chest. “It’s hard for me to keep secrets from your father, baby. I told him everything about Colin, and I told him what you did with Aunt Marie. I hope you’re not mad.”

My Mom was naked, and she was accepting my caresses. How mad would you have been?

“Of course not, Mom. But what about us? What did you tell him about us?”

She reached down and held my cock which was pressing against her, and giggled. “Look at you. So worried about what your father might have found out, and still sporting a boner for your old Mom.”

The smile left her face slowly. “I’m sorry I hit you.”

“No. I deserved it.”

She turned on her side, and slid her thigh between my legs. “We have to have rules, Jeremy. This could all get so out-of-control if we do whatever we want.”

“What are your rules, Mom? Not the Aunt Marie rules, our rules.”

My hand was sliding across her back and her ass. Damn she felt good. “No sex in the house. Kissing, touching, all has to be done when nobody is here. We don’t do anything in here, in your father’s bed. If we can follow those rules, you can find out how much better your mother is than her slutty sister when it comes to oral entertainment.”

She pushed me onto my back with a gentle nudge, and moved on top of me, straddling my waist. “Do you think you can live by those rules, Jeremy? Or do we have to cut you off completely?”

“I swear Mom. I’ll do whatever you think is best.”

She looked down at me grinning. “Did you do your chores? Or did you run off to your Aunt to get your rocks off after I rejected you?”

“I wouldn’t do that,” I told her, shocked that she would even think that I might. “I did everything you asked and more. Two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, washed the Jeep, and finished what I could with the meat.”

“But you thought about running off to her, didn’t you?” she said, with surprising sincerity.

“Are you kidding? All I could think about was hurting you and disappointing you. I wanted to make it up to you.”

She leaned down and gave me a soft kiss. “I believe you.”

She was straddling my hard-on, and rubbing herself against me, driving me nuts. “Are you going to follow the rules with your Aunt?”

I nodded. “That’s what we talked about during our goodbye. I made sure she knew that I wasn’t going to go against anything you said. No way.” I moved my hands up to her hips, and pushed back against her. “She told me not to worry, she was going to get you to change the rules.”

Mom stopped her rubbing, sitting still. “You’re willing to tell me your Aunt’s plans to let her fuck you?”

“After last night, there’s no way I’m keeping anything from you, Mom, ever. The sex, that was incredible, but the talking, the opening up, that was the greatest. I feel so much closer to you now than I ever have. Closer than I’ve ever been with anyone. Thank you for sharing all that with me.”

I could see her eyes were moist. She leaned down and kissed me again, so tenderly it made my heart ache. I felt one of her tears fall down and hit my cheek. I held her. “I love you, Mom. You could never understand how much.”

She pulled back and smiled. “Tell me I can’t understand, when you’re a parent. Until then you’ll never really know how I feel.”

She sat up again, and tapped my chest. “Jeremy. I’m going to bend the rules this once. What we did last night was pretty damn incredible, but I want to move past that craziness. You understand this won’t happen again? Not here?”

I nodded mutely, unable to believe what I was hearing.

“Like I said, be gentle. Between you and your father, I’m very sore.” She lifted up and guided my aching cock between her legs, slowly settling down onto me, until I was deep inside of her.

“Mmm,” she hummed sweetly. “Let me get used to you.”

She moved up and down a couple of times, slowly, until the movement was smooth and easy, and then she lowered herself to my chest, lying on me. “Now what was the question you had about your Dad?” She said it teasingly, giving a small wiggle with her hips.

“God, Mom. You feel too good for words,” I gasped, holding her incredible ass cheeks in my hands while I pushed into her, feeling the glory of her warmth engulfing me.

She chuckled. “That was the question?”

“Dad,” I finally was able to utter. “What did you tell him? About us?”

She sighed, rocking back against my gentle thrusts. “After I told him what Marie said to me, I explained that I had to know what you had done, and in the process of getting the story out of you, you showed more than you explained.”

“Oh God, Mom! Dad’s going to kill me!” I groaned.

She rose up a bit and gave me a soft little kiss. “He nearly fucked me to death, during the tellin’.”

“He wasn’t mad?”

“A little. But more worked up than anything else. To think his boy was feeling up his wife, just a couple of feet away. It near drove him crazy. Especially the part of you gettin’ me naked. I told him that we didn’t do everything that you and Marie did; that a blow-job was over the line.”

She spread her legs a bit, raising up so I could get a little more motion. I was fucking my Mom! Not crazy like, just sliding in and out of her, and relishing the feeling. But I was doing it. I was fucking my Mom, with her full cooperation. In her bed. I wasn’t going to last much longer. “What about the rest?” I had to ask.

She sat up, settling down on my cock, looking down at me. “He asked me if I had wanted to blow you. I admitted you had me pretty worked up, between telling you all about our old history, and acting out your little episode with Marie. ‘He’s big, you know, just like you,’ I explained to him. ‘So much like you when we were young, it was hard not to.’”

She started screwing me slowly. “He couldn’t leave it alone. ‘Poor bastard. All worked up like that, and not getting to find out what he’s missing,’ he said, then he made me go down on him. After he got off he still wasn’t done and he had me get him hard again.”

Mom stopped her movement, grinning at me. “I figure he was right. It’s a shame that you didn’t get to experience my mouth. Would you like to?”

All I could do was nod.

She climbed off of me, kneeling between my legs. She held my cock up, her juices glistening on my skin, stroking it slowly. “You have a beautiful cock, Jeremy.” She licked the entire length of it, while watching me.

I groaned loudly for her, reaching down and stroking her hair.

She smiled, and her tongue explored my shaft and head, teasing, tasting. Her lips pressed small kisses all around it. She rose up a bit, still looking up at me. “Don’t hold back. Enjoy it, and let’s get this first one out of the way.” Her mouth opened, and I watched in amazement as my cock disappeared in Mom’s loving mouth.

She used her mouth and hands together, driving me wild. It was the most incredible thing, far surpassing Aunt Marie, Penny, and any of the other girls. She closed her eyes and pushed, taking my entire length inside of her warm mouth, until her nose was pressed against my pubes.

The third time she did that, I couldn’t hold back any longer. In spite of her direction to not hold back, I didn’t want it to end, and did my best to make it last, but I was doomed from the start. “Mom,” I gasped.

She pulled back off of me, stroking my cock with her hand, massaging the head with her tongue, and keeping her lips clamped around my shaft. “Mom!” I cried, erupting between her lips, and letting her milk me dry.

Mom swallowed my load, sucking me gently, and then turned sideways, laying across my thigh, while she used her mouth to clean me and return the steel to my shaft.

She pulled back after a bit. “Better than Marie?”

“Jesus, Mom. That was incredible! Comparing what Aunt Marie did to that would be blasphemy. You are amazing.”

She was playing with my new hard-on, stroking it, kissing it, sucking it for short moments. “How about Penny and your other conquests?”

“Not even in the same league. If you’re a ten, there not even five’s. Hell, I might have to come up with a whole new scale.” I rose up on my elbows, looking down at her. “That was mean, Mom. Completely unfair.”

She looked at me puzzled. “What?”

“You’ve ruined me! I thought what they did was pretty spectacular. I loved it. I couldn’t believe how hot it was coming in Aunt Marie’s mouth, and watching her swallow my cum. And the first time Penny sucked me, the sensation was so new, I could barely contain myself. Now I know better. I’ll be comparing every blow-job I ever receive to yours. How are they ever going to measure up?”

She smiled, sucking me for a bit, before answering. “You know what the worst part is, Jeremy? That wasn’t even a good one. I’m going to blow your mind, once we’ve gotten you past your hair trigger.” She grinned, climbing up the bed, and settling into my arms. “So you’ve got your naked Mom in your bed, and she’s willing to do anything you want, this once. What are you going to do now?”

“Anything I want?”


“I want to be on top of you, to start,” I explained. “I want to see you come on my cock.”

She smiled, and kissed my chest. “That’s sweet. I want to come on your big fat cock.” She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs.

I climbed between them and she pulled her legs back, exposing herself to me. I gazed between her legs at the smooth flesh, curving into twin mounds, with that mysterious slit in the middle. A small wrinkled line of flesh occupied the center. “Uhh, Mom? I changed my mind.”

She raised an eyebrow quizzically. “Really?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind, I want to go down on you.”

She giggled. “Please, be my guest. I don’t think you’re going to find too many girls who are going to say no to that offer.”

I lowered my body, examining her smooth pussy up close, kissing her inner thighs. “I’m new to this,” I explained hesitantly.

“Shh. Don’t worry. You’ll do great. If you need any guidance, Mommy will make sure you get things right.”

I had to taste her. I just had to. I needed to feel her with my tongue, open her, revel in the texture, the taste. I licked her slowly, parting her lips, working from bottom to top. I pulled back, opening her with my fingers, seeing her up close. The smell was intoxicating, and I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with her glorious odor. I stuck my tongue deep inside of her, tasting her wetness. I peeled back the hood at the top, seeing her little bulb of flesh. It was smaller than Aunt Marie’s. I touched it softly with the tip of my tongue. “Is this your clit, Mom?”

“That’s it baby. Be gentle, Ok? That’s particularly sore today. Your father gave it a serious working over last night.”

I teased it carefully, running my tongue around it, seeing how it reacted. I moved closer and took it between my lips, sucking on it lightly, teasing it with the tip of my tongue.

“Not right on top of it, baby. Suck the skin around it,” Mom said softly, brushing her hand across my hair.

I backed off, blowing gently across it, while I slid a finger inside of her, feeling her warmth and wetness. I had her squirming nicely.

“You didn’t tell Dad we had sex, did you?” I asked, still unable to get the thought of her confessing what we did to him.

“After I told him I wouldn’t blow you, I guess he assumed that was as far as it went, and I didn’t volunteer any more,” she said softly, reaching down and pushing my head back between her legs. ” I have to be honest with you, baby. If he had asked, I don’t know if I could have lied to him. I just can’t.”

“I understand.” I played to my heart’s content, sucking on her lips, sliding my tongue inside of her, teasing her clit the way she’d told me, all while fingering her. I practiced what Aunt Marie taught me, and I seemed to be getting a nice result.

“He was on top of me, fucking me like it was 18 years ago, hard and needy. He made me tell him everything we talked about, about our past. I told him what we had discussed, of course, and it seemed to drive him wild. I hadn’t seen him like that in a long time.” She was talking softly, breaking off when I did something she particularly enjoyed.

When I pushed her legs back and pressed my tongue against her little brown star she gasped and went quiet. That was something I came up with on my own. Aunt Marie meant it when she said that area was off limits.

I found if I stiffened my tongue and pressed hard, I could get the tip inside of her, making her moan. My Mom’s sexy moan. I loved that sound.

With the talking out of the way, I concentrated on what I was doing, seeing how I could get her to respond to my actions, each additional moan, groan, whimper or squeal driving me on.

It wasn’t long before I had a finger in my Mom’s ass and was pumping her while I licked her pussy for all I was worth. I felt a new change come over her, her body tensing up, her butt-hole opening up for a second finger, her pussy getting wetter. I moved up and sucked on her clit. It felt larger now, swollen, and I used my tongue to play with it. Her legs stiffened and closed around my head, her fingers in my hair pulling me harder against her.

Mom cried out loudly, crushing my head between her legs, while her ass clenched down on my fingers like a fist. She drove her hips up against my face, hard, while she came, trembling. When she started to relax I eased up on her, pulling my fingers out of her butt, and licking her slit.

I had made my mother come on my tongue.

It was without a doubt the best thing I’d ever done. I felt God like. I’d made Mom come. Huge.

She was breathing heavily, her hand caressing my head. “Now, Jeremy. I need you inside of me.”

I moved up between her legs, my stiff rod more than ready. I pressed the head against her slit, and she pulled her legs back, opening for me. The sight of my cock head pressed against her swollen pink lips was far better than any porn, short-circuiting my brain. I pushed the head inside of her, then pulled it back out so I could watch it open her again. After a few seconds, I pressed a little further, watching the first couple of inches disappear inside of her. I was enthralled with the view, and fucked her carefully, with short little strokes, slowly opening her up, driving further, feeling the sensation of her hot channel allowing me in. I thought about the fact that I had come out of that mysterious space, amazed that it would even be possible. She was too tight with my cock only halfway in.

I giggled.

She rose up on her elbows looking at me. “Something funny?”

“Not funny. It’s just hard to believe that 18 years ago, I came out of here. Now I can barely get my cock inside of you, you’re so tight. How could I ever have come out of this?” I was still sliding my cock back and forth, watching it as if my life depended on it.

She laid back. “It wasn’t easy, I assure you.” I felt her pussy tighten up around my cock, making me groan. “Those are some naughty thoughts. Thinking about your Mom like that, while you’re sliding your thick cock inside of her.”

I pushed hard, burying the entire length inside, stopping when I was balls deep. “It’s just so amazing. You and Dad doing what we’re doing, ending up in me coming out of here 9 months later. It’s all so incredible.”

“Does it bother you?” she asked tentatively.

“Bother me? Are you nuts? It’s the most wonderful thing in the world!” I leaned over her, my arms extended on each side of her chest. “You and Dad doing this. Making love, and making me. You made me. You brought me into this world and cared for me. I love you so much, Mom.”

I dropped to my elbows, and started driving inside of her, feeling my full length penetrate her repeatedly. It was too much to comprehend. Mom, who had done everything for me, who had given me life, now giving her body to me completely. I felt myself tearing up, and turned my face away.

Her hands reached up for me, turning me back. I could see her eyes were moist. “Don’t turn away, Jeremy.”

I brought a hand up and brushed the tears away, sniffling. She pulled my face down to hers, kissing me softly, and then more intensely. My movements had slowed but I sped up again, pounding into her, trying to push more and more of myself back inside of her.

She turned her lips slightly away from mine, gasping. “Like that, baby, don’t stop. You’re going to make Mommy come.”

I held her face in my hands, our lips barely touching, my tongue exploring her lips and teeth, while I drove into her, long strokes, as hard and fast as I could.

Her mouth went slack and I was breathing hard, gasping as I felt the impending need to come build inside of me. I closed my eyes, concentrating on fucking her, intensifying her own need, determined to last long enough to satisfy her.

I was at my limit. “Mom, I’m going to come,” I gasped.

She whimpered, humping back at me, her hands grasping my biceps, digging into them.

The urge burst upon me, and I slammed down, my insides turning to lava and flowing into her. I pulled back and pounded into her again, making her cry out. Her legs flailed at my thighs, while I filled her. Her body turned to stone, every muscle clenched and she threw her head back with a cry. I fucked her all the way through my orgasm, stream after stream pouring into her, until I was spent. She was still coming, and when I slowed I could feel her pussy clenching around my cock. Her upper chest was flushed, and I started screwing her again, short, fast strokes, for as long as my stiffness would hold out.

I felt her body start to relax, and she opened her eyes, looking around until they slowly came to focus on me. “Jeremy,” she gasped, and I was astounded to see her eyes roll back, and her body stiffen up again, tiny senseless noises escaping her lips.

It was the most amazing, most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Mom was coming on my hard cock.

I couldn’t keep up the blinding pace with which I’d been fucking her, and slowed down, giving her longer strokes, at a less breakneck speed. My arms were tired, my thighs were burning, and my lower back was straining. Still, I pounded her, pulling her through her orgasm, and only moments later setting her off on another.

My mother was multi-orgasmic. Unbelievable.

I rose up onto my knees, pushed her straining legs back almost to her chest, and with the change of position the pain faded and I went back to driving into her as fast as I could, my hips a blur. Somehow my hard-on had maintained itself throughout, and I was again as hard as ever.

Mom was blowing like a buffalo, coming off her latest orgasm, when she screamed out, coming hard like she had the first time. I was starting to get worried for her. Her face was bright red all the way down to her perfect tits. She was holding her breath, and then gasping for air. I slowed down to an easy pace, released her legs and leaned over her.

She was slow to come to her senses after the last one, her entire body shaking, her legs spasming uncontrollably.

“Shh,” I whispered, caressing her face. I leaned down and kissed her softly, and I saw her eyes focus on mine again. “No more,” she gasped.

I slowed to a stop, still hard inside of her, and lowered my body onto hers, letting her feel some of my weight. I was physically incapable of stopping, but the motion of my hips was now minimal, working away at her slowly, with only a few inches of back and forth motion.

I kissed her gently, while she relaxed completely.


She was gasping through her mouth, her chest heaving. My mother was staring at me, her eyes wide open, as if she didn’t recognize me. I slowed further, pushing deep. She groaned softly, and a smile turned up the corners of her mouth. “Wow! That was unexpected.”

“Everything Ok?” I asked.

She swiveled her hips beneath mine before stretching her entire body, her back curving deliciously, her breasts pressing up against my chest, her arms stretched out over her head, pushing against the headboard.

“Kiss me, baby boy,” she asked softly.

My lips pressed against hers, and we shared a long warm kiss, gentle and exploring, our tongues playing together. I ground my hips against hers, moving in circles, playing inside of her.

She abruptly hugged me close, pulling me down onto her, her arms squeezing tightly. Her calves wrapped around my rear, pulling me tight and slowing our screwing to a crawl.

She released me, and I rose up over her, my cock still buried, amazed at how good she looked.

“Remember how I told you about the time your father wore my ass out and then fucked me silly? The first time I really enjoyed sex?” she asked.

“Sure, one of the hottest things I ever heard. That and tying a bow on your ass to give him your anal virginity.”

“I haven’t come like that since then. That was incredible. You were incredible.”

“Inspired. I am with the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world.” I gave her a long hard thrust.

“Mmm,” she sighed. “Now that you’ve fucked your poor mother senseless, what are you going to do with her?”

“I…I’d really like to do you from behind, if it’s Ok.”

“After that, I don’t think I could deny you anything. So you want to do my butt?”

“Uh, not yet. I just want to see your amazing ass, and hold your soft cheeks while we do it.”

“So you want to fuck your Mommy doggy style, fill her pussy up with your sweet cum again, and then fuck her in the ass?”

“And then do it all over again,” I told her with a smile.

She grinned for me. “Sounds like a plan. So what are you waiting for? I’m yours. This body is yours. Position me however you want me. Do whatever you want. I’ll never say no to you, baby.”

I pulled out of her, kneeling tall. “Let’s start with that talented mouth of yours around my cock for a bit.”

She got on her hands and knees and crawled to me, her mouth open, and taking half my length all at once. I pulled her hair to the side so I could get a better view of her pretty face full of my cock.

“Suck me like you sucked Dad last night,” I urged her, thrusting into her mouth.

She pulled off gasping, a string of saliva stretching from my cock to her lips. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

I grabbed her head, and pushed my cock back into her mouth. “Do it, Mom. Suck me off, make me come for you. Then get me hard for you all over again.”

She pulled away again, and then pushed me to the side. She quickly climbed on top of me, straddling my face. “This is how I sucked your father, Jeremy.” She engulfed my cock again before lowering her crotch down to my face.

Mom was a demon. She sucked me feverishly, fast and deep, her hands teasing me. I gave it my best effort to return the attention, licking her soaked slit, and playing with her rear, but she was too good, too demanding with her mouth. Each time she took me down her throat, it was like a cattle-prod to my nervous system. I could feel the hitch in her motion, and the tight penetration, driving me insane.

She pushed my legs apart and licked my shaft before working on my balls. First licking and sucking, I groaned when I felt one slide into her mouth, her tongue rolling it around like a marble. Then she was working on the other one, her hand stroking me the whole time. She managed to get both of them in her mouth, sucking and licking, before she went back to tending my cock, taking me deep.

She pulled off, gasping. “Your father can stay hard for me for a long time, no matter how hard I work him. Ten minutes is common. He’s made me suck him for upward of an hour at a time.” She pounded her head up and down on my pillar, freeing it from her mouth with an audible ‘pop’. “Do you think you’re going to be able to hold out, baby? Are you going to man up and make Mommy earn it?”

I reached down and pushed her face onto my cock, forcing it down her throat. “Suck it,” I demanded, pressing my face back into her pussy, distracting myself from the action below, while I tried hard to make her come for me. I’d show her how much of a man I could be.

It worked for a bit, while I concentrated on what I was doing, my tongue working over her sensitive clit. I was feeling proud. I may not last an hour, but I wasn’t going to shoot off in two minutes either.

Then Mom cheated. She slid her finger in my bottom, pushing in deep, and had me keenly aware of everything she was doing. She took me down her throat, pounding on my cock for what seemed an eternity, before pulling up and gasping. As soon as her mouth left my cock, her evil finger started stroking inside of me, sending shockwaves through my body.

I’d brought a knife to a gunfight. No way I was winning this one.

I completely forgot about my efforts to pleasure her, and her mouth slid straight down my cock to the root again, her tight throat massaging the head, her wicked teeth scraping my shaft, that unavoidable finger doing things to me that I couldn’t fathom.

With a loud groan I lost any semblance of control I had, shoving my cock upward and erupting. I was as far inside of her mouth as I could reach, and when she swallowed, ripples of pleasure ran down my cock, milking me dry.

I gasped, my world suddenly gone black, as if I’d stood up too quickly. I closed my eyes, grabbing onto the sheets, oblivious to her cleaning me up. I could hear my pulse beating in my temple, hammering away like a sledgehammer, my heart racing, ready to burst within my chest.

I swear I was within moments of passing out completely. I opened my eyes slowly, to see Mom looking down at me, with a teasing grin on her face. My eyes tracked down to that miraculous mouth which I’d never be able to look at the same.

My mouth was dry, and my tongue sore. I opened my lips and croaked, “Wow.”

She laughed a little, bringing her moist lips down to mine, brushing them lightly. “Not quite ready to replace your father in my bed, are you, sweetie?”

I reached for her, and she slid into my arms, letting me hug her. I tried to speak, but nonsense sounds came out at first, making her giggle.

“I would never want to replace Dad,” I eventually was able to reply. “Never.”

She hummed pleasantly, her hand softly stroking my cock, which in spite of my professed desires to do her all over again and finishing inside that mysterious back door, was down for the count.

“No? Then what are you trying to do?” she asked.

“I just want to love you too, Mom,” I confessed. “Love you as much as him. Have you love me just as much. Show you my love as intensely, as thoroughly.”

“Your father’s a special man, Jeremy. He’s going to be a difficult one to compete with.” Her tone was very serious.

“I don’t want to compete with him. I want to share you with him.”

She rubbed her crotch against my hip, nibbling on my shoulder. “Now that’s a thought. Being shared by both of you. Two huge cocks, one at each end. Or one in back and one in front. Jesus, that would be wild. Marie would be so jealous,” she murmured.

It wasn’t what I had in mind by sharing. I was thinking more one-on-one, and keeping my end of it a secret. But her words had me envisioning her lying on my father, riding him, her perfect ass sticking up in invitation. Dad reaching up and spreading her cheeks for me, as I climbed onto their bed, my hard cock in hand. Mom looking back at me in anticipation, her desperate need portrayed on her pretty face. Sliding in behind her, seeing where my father’s shaft was spreading her open, pressing my cock-head against her other opening, and pushing it in firmly.

“God, you’re bad,” Mom teased. I felt her hand wrap around my new erection, stroking me. “Where were you in that little fantasy you just had?” she asked.

“In your bottom,” I confessed.

“And your father?”

“Underneath you, all the way inside you, holding your ass cheeks open wide for me.”

She sighed, her hand caressing my hardness. “You know, don’t you, that of all the ways this thing we’re doing could possibly work out, that’s about the least likely scenario possible.”

“I know,” I said, stroking her smooth back. “When I said I wanted to share you, I meant like now. He can have you sometimes, and so can I. Not together.”

She ran her tongue across my chest, making my erection harden. “I know, sugar. It’s just too easy to tease you.”

She sat up, looking at the clock. “We have to stop now. There’s still a lot I need to do before your old man gets home. We’ll have time together later, I promise, Ok? I’m sorry to leave you like this.”

I sat up, pulling her to me for a quick kiss. “Don’t apologize. That was spectacular. But just because we’re being naughty, doesn’t mean the house has to suffer, right? If you were late with dinner every time we did anything, that wouldn’t be good.”

She grinned, climbing off the bed and heading for her bathroom. “See? That kind of thinking will make sure that there’s plenty of this,” she waved her hand up and down her body, like she was modeling, “in your future.” She did a little spin for me, then turned and wiggled her ass. “Lots of this, too, if you’re very, very good.”

I headed to my room for my third shower of the day. Wouldn’t be good to go to the dinner table smelling of sex and Mom.

* * *

We always ate pretty early, and that night was no different. Dad came home and changed out of his suit, while Mom put the finishing touches on dinner. I set the table in the kitchen, where we ate most of the time, unable to stop myself from staring at my Mom’s ass every chance I got. Damn, I’d been so close.

She was wearing light grey yoga pants, so tight they crawled up her butt, and when she leaned over, I could see the perfect outline of her incredible pussy. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing panties. This was a Mom I didn’t know or recognize. My Mom would never wear pants like that where anybody could see her. Hell, I wasn’t even sure if Aunt Marie would.

Mom was a yoga fanatic, going to the studio nearly every day. She mostly went in the mornings, but a couple of times a week she’d go in the evening, sometimes both. I loved those yoga pants on her, but her normal wear was black, and never this tight. These were practically obscene. God bless her.

When Dad came down, she was leaning over the oven, checking on the roast. He walked up behind her, obviously ogling her ass. He ran his hand over her butt, down her crack, sliding it between her legs.

Mom gasped, looking back at him, and rolled her hips teasingly.

“Harold…” she warned him, looking over at me.

Dad looked over his shoulder at me, gave me a wink, and smacked Mom on the rear.

Jesus. We were in new territory now.

Mom and Dad kept their intimacy behind closed doors, except for the usual kisses in greeting, and some evening cuddling. I’d never seen him fondle her like that. I felt like he was laying claim to her.

“How’d the butchering go?” he asked me, sitting down at the table.

“Not bad. Got maybe a quarter of it done. Colin wasn’t much help, no stomach for it.”

Mom turned to me. “Fetch your father a beer from the garage.”

I ran out to the beer fridge, returning with a Shiner. His daily beer. Walking into the kitchen, I came to a halt. Mom was bent over, kissing Dad deeply, and his hand was between her legs again. When she pulled away, I could see she was blushing. “Now that’s how you welcome your man home,” he said grinning, holding his hand out to me for his beer.

I couldn’t help staring at Mom. To go with those painted on Yoga pants, she was wearing a skin-tight white yoga top, and her nipples were so hard, I could see the outline of her areola. This was fucking nuts.

Mom served up dinner, and we ate, casually talking about cleaning up after our trip. There was still plenty to do, butchering, gun cleaning and maintenance, vehicle work, and lots more. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I had to admit, summers at the cabin were worth the trouble before and after.

“You going to the studio?” Dad asked, a comment on Mom’s outfit.

“If you don’t mind. It’s been over a week. You know how I get,” Mom replied.

“Go ahead. Jeremy and I will finish up with the meat. Don’t worry about the dishes, we’ll take care of them,” he told her.

She glanced at the clock. “I don’t have to leave quite yet, I can do them.”

Dad shook his head. “Nonsense. I know you like to get there early. Go on.”

Mom cleared her own dishes, then came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She turned and gave Dad a kiss, and it was almost as good at the one I’d interrupted. Damn, they were in a lovey-dovey mood.

As soon as Mom left, Dad had me on the dishes, while he got things started in the garage. I was happy enough to work separately from him. I was feeling nervous about what had happened with Mom and Aunt Marie, and what he knew about it. I figured that his behavior with Mom that evening must have had something to do with it.

I couldn’t spend the whole night washing dishes, and it wasn’t long before I was in the garage, back to butchering the beef. It was illuminating watching Dad work. What had taken me half a day to do, he was able to finish in minutes.

“Don’t just stand there,” he said, “get working.”

“I’ll only get in your way. You’ll finish twice as fast by yourself.”

“Yep. But gettin’ done fastest ain’t what we’re talkin’ here. Only way to learn is to get in there, get your hands dirty, and give it your best.”

He watched over my work, spare with his advice, more apt to show me how it was done, then correct my work. His work with the knife looked so smooth and easy. “I don’t see how I’ll ever be able to do it as good as you,” I admitted.

He laughed. “Are we competing now? I’ve had a hell of a lot more practice. All I ever want is for you to give it your best, learn from your mistakes, and never settle for good enough.”

He showed me his pinkie on his left hand, which was missing the final joint. “Speed is not the end game. Rushing things can make a mess out of everything. I learned that the hard way. I only pray that you can learn from my mistakes.”

“If speed ain’t the name of the game, how come you finish so damned fast?” I asked, only half joking.

“Skill’s all that counts. You get the skills down, the second nature, automatic ability to do anything as naturally as breathing, and the speed comes with the territory. You can finish fast, or you can drag it out as long as you desire. You can do a ‘good enough’ job, or you can achieve perfection. Focus on the skill, not the speed.”

We’d already done the rough work in the field, skinning and gutting the pig, and cutting it into three parts, shoulder, body and hindquarters, for transportation.

I was working my knife down the bone, turning the handle to angle the blade close to the bone, without catching it. When I had it right, the meat turned to butter, the razor sharp edge of my blade gliding along perfectly. Dad put his big hand on my shoulder, giving a painful squeeze. “There, that was it. Technique. You do that 100 times without having to concentrate on it, and the knife will not only slide through, but you can do it as fast as you want.”

I stopped to sharpen my blade, and Dad hit the beer fridge, dropping an open one in front of me. I took a long draught, enjoying the cold refreshment.

“Sounded like you and your Mom had a hell of a conversation last night, quite a bit of it at my expense,” Dad said casually, wrapping up the meat, the easy job, while watching me deal with the more technical butchering.

“I wouldn’t call it at your expense. That woman worships the ground you walk on. I can only pray that someday a woman feels for me like Mom feels for you.” I had my snips out, cutting out two racks of ribs from the torso I was working on.

“Not exactly typical mother/son conversation, though.”

“Hardly.” I had a feeling I knew where this was going, and figured it was just as well if I took control over the conversation. “Truth is, I didn’t know about the issues between Mom and her sister. During the first half of our drive home, things between me and Aunt Marie got a good bit carried away, and during our rest stop, Aunt Marie rubbed Mom’s nose in it. When Mom got in the car she was livid, and had to know everything that went on between us.”

“Do I want to know how bad it got in the backseat?” Dad asked, taking the ribs from me, and passing me another torso.

I laughed. “As long as you promise not to get jealous. To start with, having her sit on my lap, half-clothed in the dark, was bad enough, but I gotta lay some of this at your feet. Things were ok, until she started bouncing around the back seat like a Superball, thanks to your driving. Trying to hang onto her was like trying to hold on to a greased pig, and without even intending it, I was holding onto her in places that were pretty damn interesting.”

Dad laughed. “You can thank me for that later.”

“Thank you?”

“Hell yeah. You think I don’t know what Marie’s like? When I saw those women stripping down to their T-shirts and panties, I knew she was up to no good. Your Mom might have some self-control, but Marie’s a walking hormone. I figured a little bouncing around might do my boy a little good. I don’t think there was a single pot-hole I missed.”

I laughed. “I guess I do owe you a thanks. Troublemaker. Mom mentioned how Aunt Marie welcomed you into their home the first time.”

“She was brazen, no doubt about it. Naked big titty teenager climbing in the shower with me. To this day, I still haven’t told your mother the whole story, for fear it would cause a rift between ‘em that might never heal.”

I chuckled. “Don’t hold back on my account.”

Dad took a sip of his bear. “No you don’t. This story telling ain’t about me, not this time.”

I couldn’t believe we were talking like that. Once we’d started hunting, we joked around more, and hinted at things, but not so openly. I told him about holding Aunt Marie, playing with her, stripping her practically naked. Getting my hand in her pants, and how she’d been playing with me.

“Pretty incredible, I bet. Almost shameful the way God split them up. Blessing your Mom with the most incredible ass ever, and legs that can stop traffic, then putting that unbelievable rack on her sister.”

“Good thing you’re an ass-man,” I teased.

“Good thing your Mom believes that,” he said softly.

I let that statement go, afraid to chase down that trail. “I swear, Dad, I’d have been happy as hell just to get to play with her tits. The fondling and feeling her up was a bonus. It’s those damn tits of hers I’ve been dreaming about since I was old enough to care.”

“Join the team, bucko. I don’t know a man alive that could resist ‘em.”

“Yet, somehow, you’ve managed to,” I observed.

He nodded. “For the most part. If it was anyone but Marie, your mother’s damn sister, I’m not sure I’d want to. But anything I did with your Aunt would sure as shit get back to Alice, and she might forgive me with some other tramp, but not with Marie. Not a chance in hell.” He turned to me, finishing his beer. I noticed he was working through them pretty quick. I decided to catch up a bit, and pounded the rest of mine.

“I guess you learned about that, huh? Anything you did in that backseat, your Momma was bound to find out. 100% guaranteed. You should understand that. You keep doing things with your Aunt, Alice is gonna know.”

“I know. Now. I didn’t then.”

“You really made her come for you?” he asked quietly.

“In a big way. She had set some limits at the beginning of our playing around. She told me I couldn’t…” I was stuck for a way to put it.

“You couldn’t fuck her?” Dad finished my statement succinctly.

“Yeah, at least not then, not in the car with Colin in the front seat.”

Dad chuckled. “Every word of that statement was carefully planned. Believe me. She knew exactly what she was saying and implying. She’s a vixen.”

“After she came for me, she stripped me naked, straddled me and practically begged me to break our rules. I wasn’t ready for that, no way. I mean, she was rubbing against me, skin on skin, pushing down on me, grinding like a mad woman. I made her come again, even harder than the first time. It was a miracle y’all didn’t hear it.”

He laughed. “You’ve got good instincts. I’ll give you that. You get a woman off good enough, and she’ll be begging for more. Pavlovian. She’ll always come back to the bringer of pleasure.” We’d finished up the lion’s share of the rough butchery, but things were slowing down.

“You didn’t do it though, did you? You didn’t screw her?”

“No. Not that I wasn’t tempted. Wrong place, wrong time. And I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that far. Not completely. So many possible problems.” I admitted.

“Still, nothing to complain about. Not by a long shot. I’d have traded seats with you in a heart-beat, if not for your mother.”

“That wasn’t the end of it. What we were doing had me at my limits. I was going to have to finish, but was afraid of making a mess. Aunt Marie had a solution. She got down on the floorboards and finished me with her mouth.”

“Jesus H. Christ! Marie? Gave you a blow-job in the car?”

He made a good act of being surprised, if Mom had told him the full story last night. “Yeah. I don’t know if you remember, but when she first took me in her mouth, I was surprised and yelled out. That’s when we started talking about our hunting that day. She was sucking me off the whole time.”

“How was she?” Dad asked, his interest definitely piqued.

“Fucking incredible. Of course I don’t have a lot to compare her against. Penny of course, and a couple of others that were nothing to brag about. But Aunt Marie killed them all.”

“Better than Penny then?”

“Penny’s just learning. I was her first blow-job. She can’t take much more than my head and a couple of inches, but she’s so damn cute when trying. Watching her pretty face, blushing with embarrassment while she sucks me, I thought that was pretty spectacular.”

“No shit. That’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing,” Dad laughed.

I wiped my hands down and pulled out my phone. I scrolled down to the pictures, and passed it over. “Don’t tell Mom, Ok?”

He was flipping through the images, obviously entranced. “Damn, she’s a pretty girl. Surprised she sees anything in a scrub like you.”

I laughed. “I could say the same about you old man. Like there’s anyway you deserve someone as hot as Mom.”

He grinned, passing me back the phone. “You got me there. Shit, I wish I’d had a camera when your Mom first went down on me. Un-fucking-believable.”

“I bet.”

“Why wouldn’t you want me to tell your Mom about this? You don’t think she knows a thing or two about blow-jobs?”

“To hear her tell it, she knows a lot more than a thing or two,” I laughed.

“Jesus, Jeremy! How much did you talk about?”

“A lot.”

Dad picked up the packaged meat and stuck it in the freezer. He brought us both back a couple of beers. “You feeling up to telling your old man the rest of the story? The second half of your adventure last night?”

“You don’t mind hearing it?”

“If you don’t mind sharing.” He closed up the coolers, even though we hadn’t quite finished. We were 90% done. “You can finish up the rest of the butchering tomorrow. Let’s move this out to the porch.”

While I was washing up, and cleaning our utensils, Dad did some organizing and grabbed us a six-pack. Good thing. I imagined it was going to be some thirsty work.

Dad brought the guns out to the porch, so we could give them a good cleaning. I wasn’t sure how happy I was about that. With the story I was about to tell, I was glad there was no ammo out there.

I explained how angry Mom was, and how I had to give her every little detail about my shenanigans with Aunt Marie. “Hell, as soon as Aunt Marie got out of the Jeep, she went to Mom and told her I had the sweetest cum she’d ever tasted.”

Dad broke out laughing. A deep gut laugh. “That little bitch. She knows how to press your Mom’s buttons, you’ve got to give her that much.”

I explained that I’d done more showing than telling, the whole time watching Dad to see if he’d suddenly decide to take my head off. He seemed more intent on breaking down the firearms for cleaning. I talked about the touching, the holding, brushing her thigh, moving her around my lap, pressing my erection against her. I explained how Mom had my hard-on wedged between her cheeks when she decided to show off. “‘Bet your Aunt can’t do that,’ she said.”

“She’s got a point. Not much of an ass on Marie. Still, kind of surprising Alice would try something like that. It’s the competition with her sister, you know.”

“I get it now. That’s when I got to asking her about what the deal was with her and Aunt Marie. She opened up to me like I never would have imagined. We spent a long time, easily half the trip, her telling me the history with Aunt Marie, starting in high-school and all about you guys. God, Dad, to hear her tell the story of you shooting down her sister, you had to be there. It was like she was describing a legend. ‘Nice tits, but I’m an ass-man. Have you seen the ass on your sister? God Almighty!’ It was like a holy sermon she was sharing. I’d never heard anyone talk about someone else like she was talking about you. I never thought I could be so jealous of anyone, especially not you and Mom.”

“You should have seen her back then, Jeremy. She’s a beautiful woman now, but when I saw that little freshman, pretty as a picture, with an ass worthy of carving in stone, I had to get to know her. She was sweet, innocent, and unbelievably nice. She had no idea how beautiful she was, spending the last few years in her sister’s shadow.”

“Hard to believe Mom could get any prettier.”

“Not prettier, different. God, I had it bad for her.”

“From the look of things earlier, I’d say you still do.”

I couldn’t believe I saw my father blush. “She still does it for me. Twenty years, and when I saw her ass in those pants, I still almost lost it on the spot.”

“There you are!” I heard Mom call out, nearly making me jump through my skin.

She walked out, hot and sweaty from the workout in a 100 degree room. “What’re you guys up to?” she asked.

“Chatting. Man talk.” Dad said abruptly.

She nodded. “I’m going to take a bath.” She faced my father, “Can you help me out of this top? I can barely lift my arms.”

She turned her back to us, and Dad got up, grabbed the bottom, and pulled it over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up. He reached around her and I could tell he was grabbing her tits. “Harold!” Mom hissed, looking over her shoulder.

“Have I told you how much you drive me crazy, Alice?” he said softly, still loud enough for me to hear it.

“I’m a mess,” she murmured.

He turned her around, giving me a flash of tit before his body got in the way. “Harold!” she gasped.

He kissed her. Really kissed her. I watched her hands move around his body, clasping him. They were turned at a bit of an angle, and I saw his near hand slide into the back of her pants, tugging them down her hips a few inches.

I probably should have been embarrassed or something. Instead, I drank my beer, and watched with more than a little envy.

He pulled away, letting me see a glimpse of her tit again. Damn it. I was hard for my Mom, and my father was only a few feet away.

“Do you know how much I love you?” he said to her.

She nodded quietly.

“If we didn’t have an audience, do you know what I’d have you doing?” he teased.

I saw a slow smile appear on her face. I almost lost it when I saw her open her mouth in an ‘O’ and push her cheek out with her tongue a couple of times. “After,” she said softly.

“You bet your sweet ass,” he laughed. He turned her around, letting me see her pants were already half-way down her butt, the top of her crack temptingly exposed. He slapped her on that big bubbly butt. “Go bathe. Clean everything.”

Mom wiggled her ass. “You boys have fun,” she said cheerfully, heading into the house.

Dad sat back down and took a deep swig of beer. “Almost forty years old. Your Penny might be cute as a button, but she’s got nothing on your mother.”

“I’ll drink to that,” I said, holding out my bottle.

Dad smiled, clinking glass. “Not that there’s anything wrong with Penny, mind you.”

“Hell no. But she’s not Mom. Not by a long shot.”

“Still, she’s not bad. And from what you’re saying, a willing learner. We’ll give her bonus points for being a barely legal, innocent hard body. How’s things between you and her? Haven’t seen much of her lately.”

“It’s so-so. I think we both know that once I’ve gone to college, it’s over.”

“Then I’d figure you’d be taking advantage of these last few weeks. She may not be your Aunt Marie, but I imagine she’s as willing, and a lot less trouble.”

I had to laugh. “Not near willing enougth so far. It’s taken most of the year to get to a blow-job. I don’t imagine I’ll get any further before we both leave.”

“Now that’s a damn shame. Can I give you a piece of advice?”

“If it has to do with women, I’d be a fool not to listen.”

He chuckled. “Young women today don’t want to go to college inexperienced. That last summer makes for willing experimenters. If Penny’s not one of them, you might want to cut bait, and troll elsewhere.”

I was surprised when Mom showed back up, a six-pack in her hand, holding her arm across her bare breasts, hiding very little. Tight yoga pants, pushed down on her hips, barefoot. Fuck, she was tempting. “Looked like you guys were bone dry out here. That’s no way to have a man-to-man.” She put the beer on the table, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then gave Dad a better kiss, before departing.

I couldn’t help but stare at her, coming and going.

Dad coughed to get my attention. When I looked at him, he was grinning. “About Penny?”

“Truth is, I haven’t been pursuing much. I don’t want to hurt her feelings.”

“Making a woman out of her wouldn’t hurt her feelings. I’d guess the opposite. Better you, who cares for her, than the first upperclassmen whose eye she catches. I read once 20% of girls lose their cherry their first year in college. Half of them lose it before then. Penny’s already behind the curve.”

“Worth thinking about.”

“Now that you’ve done your best to distract me from your story, you want to get back to it?” Dad said, opening two of our new beers, and passing me one of them. I could already feel the first four, and considered passing on it, but that wouldn’t be manly now, would it? And Dad was definitely all about being a man.

I took a long drink, building up some courage. I was still confused and surprised by their latest actions. I had a feeling there was a message for me, in the way Dad was acting with Mom. Was he showing off? Proving his place with her? Or was he teasing? God, I was nervous about how things were going, but I figured Mom was right. Hell, he already knew most of it. I’d have to see if I could finish the discussion without mentioning the part where I fucked his wife.

“We were talking about you visiting her family for the first time, and Aunt Marie coming on to you, right?” I asked, receiving a nod in return. “Mom said that was when she lost her virginity. I couldn’t believe it. She was sitting in my lap, wearing only a t-shirt and shorts, telling me you were her first. How you were so patient, going down on her over and over again, to get her ready.” I took another sip. “I was hard, Dad. Really hard. It was so embarrassing, getting hard for Mom. I couldn’t help it. Not between reliving what Aunt Marie had done, holding Mom in my lap, and then listening to her tell her story.”

“I should hope the fuck so,” Dad said, leaning back. “Not much of a man if that didn’t get you worked up.” He took a sip of his beer. “Mom or not.”

I grinned. “The point was, I was hard as stone, and she noticed. She couldn’t help but notice, the way we were seated. She actually touched me, commenting on how similar you and I were. I think that was what had her going. She kept telling me how much I was like you at this age. She closed her eyes, and described how you took her the first time, and I don’t even think she realized what she was doing. That was when things changed. I mean, before then, I hadn’t done anything more than hold her. I hadn’t touched her bad, or nothin’, I swear. Then she held my cock, telling me all about your history, her first time, tying a bow around her ass for Valentine’s Day, all the blow jobs she gave you, even about the first time she really liked sex – the night you wore her ass out, flipped her over and pounded her into multiple orgasms.”

Dad was watching me intently. “She told you about all of that? Jesus, Jeremy, doesn’t a man’s love life get any privacy?”

“I swear, Dad, I wish I could have taped it. She was so into it, her eyes closed, reliving it all in her mind. She worships you. She practically came just talking about it. It was so hard to hold her, and hear her talk about another man like that, even if it was you. I was so fucking jealous. I know it’s wrong, but Damn, Dad! She’s telling me how good she is at blow-jobs, how often you do it, and that she’ll do it for you anytime you ask. How she’ll deny you nothing. That you take her ass at least a couple of times a week. God, it was so weird hearing that about Mom.”

He nodded. “I imagine it would be. You’re Mom gets kind of worked up when she’s drinking, then that bit with Marie, it’s a recipe for trouble.” He grinned, playing with the label on his beer. “She exagerrates a bit. I don’t take her up the backdoor twice a week, probably not even once a week. She won’t do it anytime I ask. She has her limits. Pretty hard ones. She is generous and accomodating. I’ll give her that.”

“Can you imagine? I never thought about Mom like that. Aunt Marie, of course. But not Mom. It’s not that she’s not pretty, I’m not stupid. But she was just my Mom. Then to hear her talk about you. Her panties getting wet while she talked, her hand sliding down and holding me, telling me how I was big around, like you. How wonderful you were, that you were the best man she’d ever known, like I didn’t know that.”

“She said that?”

“You know how she remembers every word about how you rejected Aunt Marie? Mom is in my lap, holding my cock in her hand, describing losing her virginity to you. ‘Your father’s a good man. The best I’ve ever known.’ Her exact words. I’ll never forget them.” I put the beer aside, and started reassembling my rifle. “She started talking about Aunt Marie, and how she had to get married first, the issues with getting pregnant and how that brought them back together again. She said things had improved, and she’d gotten over most of the past. Then she dropped the bomb. She told me that Aunt Marie was trying to steal me away from her.”

Dad grunted. “Fuck. She’d see it that way of course. Maybe rightfully so. We can’t ever really understand the dynamics between them.”

“Yeah. She was furious that Aunt Marie said I had the sweetest cum she’d ever tasted.”

Dad laughed at that. “She’s got a point. Your Aunt is known for being stingy with the BJs, while your mother considers that her personal area of expertise. That would burn her up.”

“I know. That was the end of the intimate chat-time, and Mom wanted the rest of the story about exactly what happened between me and Aunt Marie.”

“And you were still re-enacting as much as telling?” Dad asked, settling back with a new beer. I was getting left behind. He’d finished two while I was working on my last one.

“Mostly. I didn’t mean nothing by it, I wasn’t thinking straight. I feel like such a shit now, handling Mom like that, your wife. I swear, Dad, I’m so sorry! It was just that she was there, half naked, in my lap, talking about such naughty things. Then when I would show her what I was doing with Aunt Marie, God! It made my head near explode. I hope you’re not too angry with me. That you’ll forgive me. I swear Dad, the last thing I want to do is interfere in any way between you and Mom. It would destroy me to mess that up.”

Dad watched me quietly. “Take it easy, Jeremy. Let’s not worry about that right now. I don’t think we’re going to be any the worse off for you taking a few liberties with your Mom. Let’s finish the story, and we can talk about repercussions later. Ok?”

I nodded. I described how Aunt Marie was sitting on my lap, encouraging me to play with her tits. How the touching escalated as I fondled Aunt Marie’s boobs and removed her shirt, while she rubbed my cock. “That’s how I got Mom’s shirt off, but she wasn’t rubbing me anymore, she was more fixed on what exactly happened. Every little detail. Even to the point of describing how I’d gotten Aunt Marie off. When I started showing her, I thought for sure she’d stop me, but she didn’t.”

“Jesus, Jeremy! Don’t tell me you fingered your mother!”

I was embarrassed. Obviously he felt I’d stepped way over the line, and he was right. “Dad, listen. It was a crazy time last night. I did some stupid things, and Mom let me. But I don’t want to lie to you about it.”

“You didn’t do everything you did with your Aunt, did you?” He looked both worried and upset.

“No! I made her come for me, exactly like I made her sister, and I explained how the next part came to happen, with her removing her panties and straddling me, both of us practically naked. I don’t know if she would have done it, but you have to remember, I still wasn’t thinking straight about the competition thing. When I told Mom she might not be able to turn around, lifting her leg straight up in the air, over my head, like Aunt Marie had done, Mom gave me grief, and proved she was just as flexible as her sister, if not more so. I guess the Yoga pays off. Of course at the end, she was sitting naked in my lap, facing me, rubbing my hardness between her legs.”

Dad shook his head. “I swear, there probably was only one chance in a million of getting your mother like that, and you found it, telling her she couldn’t do something her sister could.”

I nodded. “I know that now. She’s kind of predictable like that. I wouldn’t do that on purpose, I didn’t know. I told her how worked up I had been with Aunt Marie, about to make a mess, with no way to clean it up. I’m holding her by the hips, sliding her wetness up and down my aching cock. Aunt Marie’s solution was to get on the floor boards and blow me. Mom went ballistic when I told her that. She was so angry, I’m surprised she didn’t crawl into the back seat and throttle her sister. As it was she told me that we were done with show-and-tell, and she started to get dressed again.”

“But you wanted to, didn’t you?”

“I had mixed feeling, honestly. I mean, Hell, she’s beautiful, and talking about how good she was had me wanting her bad. At the same time, she’s my Mom, and as soon as she put on her shirt, I couldn’t stop thinking how I’d fucked up, touching her and all. I was practically groveling through my apologies.”

Dad put his fully reassembled gun aside, thankfully. “Don’t take this wrong, but you don’t apologize for doing what any sane man would do. What you did was wrong, not just because she was your Mom, but you betrayed my trust in you. Still, you don’t tell her your sorry after you did it. It’s a screwed up message. If anything you tell her it was good. Don’t thank her like a wimp, and don’t apologize.” He finished his last beer. “It’s water under the bridge. It happened. I’m not happy about it, but I can’t say I’m surprised given the situation. Hell, I have to take part of the blame. If you’d started with Alice on your lap, I dare say none of this would have happened.” He shook his head, draining his beer. “Your Mom is no longer just your mother, now she’s a sexy, beautiful woman. That can’t be helped. You understand that you can never say a word about this to anyone, right?”

“Of course! God, who would I talk to about it?”

He held my eyes with his. “Me. You can talk to me. I understand. I’m not going to kick your ass, or punish you for doing what you did. The God’s honest truth is I don’t know if I’d have had any more restraint. Probably less with Marie. Your relationship with your Mother’s changed, for better or worse. Whatever happens in the future, you can talk to me about it. Man to man. And not just about your mother either. Marie, or Penny, or anyone else for that matter. I’m here.”

I finished my beer, putting it down, and turning to him. “You know this is messed up, right? Talking to you, about this?”

He nodded. “But I also see where you’re coming from. This opening up, this talking about your Mother as a woman, and our history, your honesty about this, it’s … I don’t know, it’s special. I’m just a guy, you know, and that’s my woman. Mine. But you’re not some poacher, you’re my son. You can’t know what that means. Not until you have your own.”

I chuckled, humor the instant defense against anything sentimental. And I was afraid if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. “Mom said pretty much the same thing.”

“She’s right. It’s weird. I’m fucking confused. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I want to tear into you for messing with my girl, at the same time I want to congratulate you, and even thank you for opening up about everything. I want to hear about you nailing that teasing bitch Marie, someday soon, and still I want to stop you, knowing how it would drive your Mom bats.” He grinned. “If you do manage that one, have your camera ready. Those are some pictures I’d love to see.”

“What pictures?” I heard my Mom ask, once more nearly making me leap ten feet in the air. She moved around so damn quietly. We were going to have to put a bell on her, if Dad and I were to have any more private talks.

Dad grinned. “Can I show her? Penny?”

I rolled my eyes, “Dad…”

“I won’t if you don’t want me to,” he said.

“Jeremy! Are you keeping things from me now? After everything?” she asked, suddenly blushing when she realized what she was saying.

I passed the phone over, and gave it to Dad. “Knock yourself out.”

He turned away from the table, and patted his lap. “C’mere Alice, let me show you a little of what our boy’s been up to.”

Mom gave me a smile, then sat down sideways across Dad’s legs, the lower part of the robe opening, exposing her thighs all the way to her hip. Sitting in his lap. I was instantly jealous. That should be my lap she was sitting on. She was my lap Mom.

They were both huddled around the phone screen, getting an eyeful of my girlfriend’s efforts. Penny would be horrified. “Hey, guys, you can’t talk about this, Ok? It would kill Penny to know I was letting anyone see those pictures.”

“We’ll keep it in the family,” Dad told me, while Mom figured out how to zoom in on parts of the picture.

“Who’s that remind you of?” Mom asked jokingly, holding the camera up to Dad.

Dad grinned. “A certain, inexperienced freshman as I recall.” Dad turned to me. “I still can’t believe you’re not hittin’ that. She’s a cutie.”

I rolled my eyes. “We had this discussion. I’m going to give it a shot, Ok? It’s not like it’s that easy. We’ve been away at the cabin half the time, and even when we’re both around, it’s a little tough to find places to be alone.”

Mom turned to me, and I saw that Dad had his arms around her waist, one sliding inside her robe, obviously playing with her tit. “It you want some privacy, you can always bring her around here. I’ll make sure to give you a little space. You always have your bedroom.”

I was more than a little surprised. “Over Christmas break you gave me hell for bringing a girl into my bedroom.”

“That was before. You’ve graduated, about to go off to college. Things are different. And besides, it was that trashy little whore Tammy I disapproved of, not you having a nice girl like Penny over.”

“Jesus, Mom! Now you tell me? Hello? A little info like that might have helped.”

She raised her eyebrows at me. “Me? If we knew a little about your girlfriends, and we didn’t have to hear about it second hand, maybe we could have talked about it. You think I like having to hear about your conquests from Marie? You never tell me anything anymore.”

I blushed. She was right. I was very private about that kind of stuff, at least until the last two days. I sat back. “You’re right Mom. As always. Don’t you get tired of always being correct?”

She smiled. “Nope. But I’ll take a little of the blame. It’s not like we’d opened up much in the past.”

Dad laughed. “Not like the last 24 hours, that’s for damned sure.”

I nodded. “No more secrets. Hell, I could use some advice. It’s not like I’ve made much progress on my own.”

Mom grinned, turning the phone screen toward me, with the close-up of Penny’s mouth wrapped around my shaft. “Not doing too bad.” She showed Dad the image. “What do you think?”

“I wouldn’t be whining,” he smirked. “She might be new at that, but she looks willing enough. You’ll be able to train her. Hell, I bet in a few weeks, she’d put your Aunt to shame.”

“Harold!” Mom hissed, poking him.

“What? It’s true, and you know it! Attitude is 9/10 of a great blow job, and your sister is the poster girl for the wrong one.” He turned to me. “How does Penny feel about it?”

God, these conversations were becoming awkward. “She was the one who suggested it, actually. She was worried she wouldn’t be any good, but I have to say, she seemed to like doing it, and once I got that first one, the next dozen or so were all incrementally better. And she swallows with a smile. I like that a lot.”

Mom grinned. “Sounds like a keeper. Some girls really like doing it. And if they do, they usually become very good at it. You just have to keep working with her.” She turned, her arm around Dad’s neck, hugging him. “Your father taught me almost everything I know.”

Dad grinned. “She knows a lot. She was a complete natural. By our second week together, she was the best I’d ever had.” He was still fondling her. Her movement in his lap, and his caresses had opened her robe halfway, and I was seeing a lot of flesh. I could have seen her tit if Dad’s hand wasn’t in the way.

Mom smiled. “Have her over soon. Maybe for dinner. We’ll let you have the evening with her, and see if you can’t make a little more progress.” Mom was wiggling in Dad’s lap. “What’s got you so worked up?” she asked him, making a show of rubbing her ass against his crotch. “You like the idea of that little girl giving our boy a blow-job, don’t you? Maybe you’d like to help train her? Pretty little teenager choking on your big, thick cock?”

“Please,” Dad growled. “You and I both know she couldn’t hold a candle to you.”

“Big blue eyes looking up at you, pushing her hair back out of the way so you can see her beautiful face,” she said softly, slowly, sexily. “Teenage painted lips stretched tight around your thickness. Holding her head while you pushed past her resistance, her innocent tongue teasing you. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like that.”

“Mom!” I said. “That’s my girlfriend you’re talking about.”

“Alice,” Dad said warningly.

She laughed. “Oh, so it’s Ok for you to feel up your Dad’s girl, but you would begrudge him the same? Don’t you think you should at least let him hold her in his lap, both of them naked? Wouldn’t that be fair?”

“God, Mom, this isn’t some kind of trade!”

Mom grinned, reaching down between her and Dad. “Your father likes the idea. A lot. I can tell, even if he won’t admit it. The big guy don’t lie.”

“Enough, Alice!” Dad barked. “This kind of teasing is why he doesn’t share more of his life with us. Nobody likes a tease.”

Mom pouted. “I’m not teasing. Not completely,” she said softly.

He lifted her off his lap. “You’re done teasing me,” he growled, standing up and jerking his pants down roughly. I could see why Mom said Dad and I were so much alike.

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