nephew uncle incest

Standing naked in my room, I fought desperately to figure out what I was going to do next.

I quickly finished getting ready for school, which I was now an hour late for, and ran downstairs and out the door without saying goodbye.

I got in my car and called Sandi’s Google Voice number. After a few rings, there was silence as we had agreed.

I said, “Hi, it’s me. Are you alone?”

She could tell immediately that something was wrong.

“I’m at work and in my office. What’s wrong?” she asked, concerned.

“I just completely fucked up. Mom knows. Everything. I’m so sorry,” I flatly stated.

Sandi exclaimed, “What?! How did that happen?”

“I said your name while I was in the shower and she came in just as I was finishing and heard me. Then she cornered me in my room and… and I’m not a good liar,” I said.

She asked, “Wait, why didn’t you just say you were thinking of me? What in the world made you tell her everything? Come on, seriously?!”

I explained about how I had called her by her first name only and how Mom had just chipped away at me until the whole story came out.

She said, “Dan, you should have been stronger than that. I can’t believe you gave in so easily like that. I mean, didn’t you consider that it’s not just you in this? I’m in it too, and I have a relationship with your mother that could be completely fucked!”

Her words sliced through me like a knife. Once again, I could feel my chest tighten and just silently let her talk.

“I am not happy with you right now… This was supposed to be kept completely secret, and now I have to figure out how I’m going to tell her my side of the story and why I’ve been lying to her every time we talked since we started this! Oh my God!”

I could hear her voice starting to tremble as she got more and more upset. She was sniffling and I could tell she was crying. I felt like a pile of dog shit on the ground.

After a couple more minutes of just listening to her crying, she said softly, “Fuck. I need to go so I can think this over. I don’t really want to talk to you right now, ok?”

And with that, she hung up without waiting for me to respond. I just sat there in the car crying myself. I sat in the parking lot at school for 15 minutes before I could even get out to start walking to class.

I sat in class, not hearing anything that the professors were saying. I had my laptop on but didn’t even take notes. My mind was consumed with how royally I had fucked everything up. How could I be so stupid and weak?

By the end of the day, I had convinced myself that my life as I had known it was over. My mom hated me and now Sandi hated me too.

I got in the car at the end of the day and started to head home since there really wasn’t anywhere else to go. I dreaded the moment where I would have to walk through the door and be faced with Mom’s judging eyes. I just wanted to run up to my room and hide like a child that’s done a terrible thing.

As I rounded the corner to my street, I saw an unfamiliar car in our driveway where I normally park, and as I got closer, I realized that it was Sandi’s car.

I parked out on the street, and with an intense amount of trepidation, I approached the front door. Before I got there, the door opened and Mom was there. Apparently she had been watching for me.

She looked like she had been crying. She said, “Come on in son, your aunt is here and we all need to talk this out once and for all.”

So much for running and hiding in my room. As I crossed the threshold into the living room, I could see that Sandi was sitting on the couch. She was still dressed in her business suit from work and must have just left work early to talk things out face-to-face. Her makeup was streaked down her face from crying. She was also wearing the perfume I liked so much.

She stood up slowly and gently said, “Hey, sorry I hung up on you like that earlier. I was upset.” She looked up to me and made direct eye contact and then quickly hugged me. She sat back down just as quickly.

Mom said, “Have a seat. Over there,” she pointed to a kitchen chair she had pulled into the living room.

Too afraid to speak, I sat down and waited for the inquisition.

Mom spoke again and said, “Your father is going to be home in 45 minutes and I sent Bethany down to the park. So, it’s just the three of us.”

She continued, “Sandi called me after you called her. I hung up on her twice before I decided I’d let her talk. She called again and just said that she was coming up and hung up, so there wasn’t much I could do to stop her.”

Sandi said, “I just told them I had a family emerg …”

Mom interrupted, “Shhh. Let me talk, please.” Sandi sighed angrily and stopped talking.

Mom continued, looking at me intently.

“Ok, well after you flew out of here this morning, I went on the computer and did some research about incest. It turns out that it’s more common than I ever thought.”

“Our society disapproves of incest, mainly because parents tell their children that it’s wrong and it’s bad, stuff like that. And I know that I had the same reaction to it because of that, and, ahem, other reasons.”

“I tried to look up studies on it but there really isn’t much out there. I guess what I mainly came away with is that it’s not really wrong or bad when it happens between two consenting adults, which you are legally. The problem is that when I look at you, all I see is my little boy that I thought I raised to be a good person. Until this morning, that is.”

This last statement was confusing. Until this morning I was a little boy in her eyes, but now I’m not anymore?

She continued, “And when I look at her, all I see is the sister that I’ve loved, more than life itself, all my life and…” And then she started crying again.

I got up to go over to her, but she raised her hand and said, “No, stay there. I’ll be ok in a second.”

“I guess what hurts the most is that you both lied to me. Over and over again. Even when I asked you direct questions that I was almost certain of the answers to. I’ve been trying to understand and I know it’s because you thought you couldn’t tell me without me ruining your little affair…”

I started to apologize again, and Mom raised her hand and stopped me, “Not yet. I’m talking now. I will tell you when you can speak.”

She went on, “I want both of you to know that I could see how you were looking at each other at the reunion. I saw the way Sandi was flirting with you and outright encouraging your advances, and it scared me. I tried to tell you to take your mind off her, to get over what I thought was just a crush, but that obviously failed miserably.”

She paused a minute to wipe her face with a tissue.

Then she said, “But, looking at this whole thing objectively and knowing what I know now, I honestly can’t see anything wrong with it. You’re both adults. You both consented. She can’t get pregnant, even though from what I read, the chances of problems with children are actually low. And you’re with someone that already loved you and can’t give you some sexually transmitted disease, I assume?”

She looked over at Sandi, who softly said, “You know I don’t have any STDs…”

Mom looked back at me, “So again, really the only thing that I’m most upset about is the lying and the sneaking around. But, I can see why you did it.”

She paused for a moment and just breathed deeply, preparing for what she said next.

“Look, I’ve decided that I’m not going to try to stop you from continuing this relationship. I can’t exactly call the police on my own son and sister for this. That would just broadcast the secret to the world. I tried for hours to come up with a list of all the bad things about it. Things that would ruin your life. But the only things I could come up with were how it was bad for me. How it hurt and embarrassed me.”

“If I think of the eventuality of you having sex with your aunt, it means you get to learn how to please a woman from someone I love and trust and who I know won’t ever hurt you. It’s that simple, right? But, if you’re going to keep this up, it has to be out in the open, at least to me and Dad. I’m not sure yet how to approach telling Bethany.”

“If Dad doesn’t know, then every time you and Sandi are together in front of him you’ll have to act like there’s nothing going on, and he’s not stupid. He will catch on. The two of you, especially you, are just too transparent,” she continued, looking directly at me.

“You never were good at hiding your true feelings from me. You know that, right?”

I nodded, wiping the tears from my face. I said, “I’m trying to get better at that.”

She laughed, “You have a long way to go before you can fool me, boy.”

At this, Sandi also laughed.

Mom went on, “So, I assume that both of you want this to go on? Go ahead Sandi.”

Sandi looked at Mom and said, “I have to say I’m shocked. I had pretty much given up on the hope of salvaging our relationship after doing this to you behind your back. I want you to know, and like I’ve been telling you for the last few hours, I love you Deanna and I am so sorry and so ashamed for deceiving you like this. You above any other person on Earth.”

Sandi took in a slow, deep breath, and said, “And I’m sorry, but I think I’m falling in love with your son. I’ve tried everything I can not to let it happen. But it’s happening. Oh God…”

At this, she buried her face in her hands and started crying again. This time, Mom joined her on the couch and they embraced. Mom said, “I know, I know, sweetheart. I can see that clearly now.”

Wait, what did Sandi just say? Falling in love with me?

My eyes flew wide open and Mom looked over at me and said, “Uh huh, now you see this is a little more complicated than you thought, isn’t it? Having sex just for fun is a lot harder than you think it is. People have feelings that are hard to control.”

She went on, “And I can see you feel the same, don’t you?”

I breathed in heavily and tried to speak without crying. I said, “Yes, I’ve been trying to stop it, but I can’t. I love you, Sandi.”

Mom got up from the couch and said, “Here, come and hold her.”

I nearly tripped as I got up. Sandi stood up as well and we embraced. “Oh Dan, I’m so sorry. I never meant to have these feelings,” she said, still sniffling and wiping away tears.

After a moment, Sandi turned and put her hand out to Mom, who joined in the embrace. We all just stood there holding each other.

Mom was the first to break the hug, saying, “We need to get cleaned up before your Dad gets here.”

She thought for a second and said to Sandi, “Do you want to stay the night? I can let you borrow some clothes. I just need to clean up the guest room a bit and wash the sheets. Maybe we’ll just get pizza for dinner because I sure don’t feel like cooking. It’s been quite a day…”

Sandi replied, “That would be great, Dee. I don’t really feel like driving all the way back home to an empty house right now either, and thankfully tomorrow is Saturday. What do you think you’re going to say to James? Do you want me here for that?”

Mom said, “No, I think maybe you guys should go down to the park with Bethany while I talk to James alone. I’ll call you when it’s clear to come back.”

* * *She saw that I was looking, more like leering at her, and put her hand between her legs to cover herself and said, mainly to me, “I just figured that now you’re having sex that I really don’t need to hide away anymore behind locked doors.”

Smiling, she took her hand away again, having no more shame.

She continued, “And I don’t have to try to be silent anymore either. I always hated having to do that. That’s why the door’s open. Does the new me bother you?”

I said, “No, not at all. Is that why you were checking me out yesterday? Trying to see if I was ready for the, ahem, new you?”

Sandi looked at me quizzically. Mom saw this and giggled and said, “Maybe I have my reasons. I hope it didn’t weird you out too much.”

Sandi said, “What’s this? What does he mean you checked him out?”

Mom said, “It’s a long story. I really need to get that washcloth.” Mom was starting to squirm as her juices trickled down her leg. She tried to walk between us, but Sandi stopped her.

Sandi said, “No, I want to know now.” With that, she took off her towel and handed it to Mom. “Here, wipe yourself with this, you slut.” She giggled.

“Thanks, whore,” Mom joked back.

Mom wiped herself with Sandi’s towel. She said, “Let’s go in Dan’s room and talk about it in there. I don’t want to have this conversation in the hall where James or Bethany might hear.”

We all went into my room, and Mom turned and closed the door and actually locked it.

Sandi and I looked at each other and wondered what was about to happen.

I put my towel down on my desk chair and sat down on top of it, and Mom and Sandi sat together on the bed.

Mom began telling Sandi about how events unfolded the morning before.

When she got to the part where she looked at me front and behind, Sandi got a strange look on her face.

She said, “That’s pretty out there, Dee. If I didn’t know better, it almost sounds like you were flirting with him.”

Mom looked shocked. Stunned, actually. She started “I… I didn’t mean…” Her words trailed off.

Mom was looking down, considering what to say next.

“I will admit that…” she started and stopped. She shifted uncomfortably around on the bed until finally deciding on what to say. “I was just trying to lighten the mood. We had just finished with a huge argument with a lot of yelling. His towel fell down and…”

Sandi said, “And what?”

Mom let out a huge sigh and said, “Ok, if you have to know, I was a little excited. I looked at my son and saw the body of a man. A very nice looking naked body of a man. I know now that it may have crossed a line.”

Sandi giggled and said, “Well, it looks like we have something in common after all. You may not want to admit it, but I think somewhere down deep, you are attracted to him, and yes in that way.”

Mom was clearly starting to get very uncomfortable. Finally, she said, “You’re right. I’m attracted to him, and I was ashamed about it. I was until yesterday morning anyway.”

Sandi asked, “What changed? All the research?”

Mom said, “Yes, exactly. After I read all that stuff, I had to acknowledge the fact that my son was turning me on. I could finally see what you were seeing. And then, I started thinking back to what we…”

Sandi interrupted, “Stop right there. I think I know what you were going to say next, and now is not the right time.”

Mom replied, “Oh, but I think now is the right time. He has to know. Come here and hold me and tell me it’s not the right time.”

Sandi looked very conflicted at this point. She looked like she didn’t know what to do. Mom decided for her and pulled her into her.

As Sandi’s hands touched her bare skin, Mom said “Jesus Sandi, your hands are so cold. Get up for a sec.” She pulled my comforter up from the bed and wrapped it around both of them.

They embraced again, trying to get warm. Mom said, “Here, put your hands under my armpits where it’s warm.”

In another couple minutes, she said in a very low voice, “Mmmm, ok, you’re starting to warm up. Does this remind you of anything?”

Sandi answered, “Yeah. You always kept me warm. I love you, DeeDee. Are you sure he’s ready to know? I don’t know.” They kissed each other on the cheek, and then a small peck on the lips. And then, a longer kiss on the lips.

Mom said, “Yes, it’s time. I love you too, even if you stole my son away from me and then lied to me about it.”

I was watching all this unfold in front of me and sure enough, my dick started to harden. I couldn’t help it. The two women I loved the most in the world were sitting naked on my bed and kissing each other, and I had no idea what Mom was wanting to tell me.

Mom was the first to look over and notice my predicament, followed almost immediately by Sandi.

Mom said, “Oh no, we’ve awaken the beast over there. You want in on this hug or what? This might be the only chance of your life to get two naked women in your bed with you.” She lifted a corner of the comforter and stuck her hand out and made a “come hither” motion with her index finger.

Sandi was decidedly uncomfortable with what was happening, but in my state, I was unable to resist.

I stood up and climbed onto the bed with Mom and Sandi, with my dick leading the way as usual. I grabbed the comforter and stretched it around me.

Once I was in, Mom leaned in and put her arm around me and then pulled Sandi into the hug.

I hugged Sandi and Mom close to me, and by this time my cock was at about the hardness level of diamond.

Mom softly said, “Mmmm, this is nice, isn’t it? I love you Dan.”

We just sat there and warmed each other for a few minutes. Sandi laid her head on one shoulder and Mom on the other side. All three of us were letting out little sighs and kept pulling each other tighter into the embrace.

Both Sandi’s and Mom’s tits pressed harder and harder into my chest.

I had seen my Mom naked many times over the years and had hugged her close countless times, but I had never once hugged her while she was completely naked.

I said, “Mom… this…”

Mom made a shushing sound and said, “I know. This is weird. And probably wrong. But it doesn’t feel wrong right now, does it?”

She bent her head up toward me and kissed me on the cheek, followed by a quick kiss on the lips. She hadn’t kissed me on the lips since I was little. She hugged me even tighter, crushing her tits into me. I could feel her hard nipples on my skin.

Sandi said, “Dee, I don’t know. Don’t you think this is going too far, too fast? You’re his mother…”

Mom said, “And you’re his aunt. That didn’t seem to stop you, now did it? Do you want to tell him what we used to do, or do you want me to?”

Sandi quickly said, “No…no Dee, don’t. Please…” She looked down and closed her eyes.

Mom said, “He deserves to know San. You see Dan, when Sandi and I were little girls, we slept in the same bed because our house only had two bedrooms.”

Sandi feebly attempted another “Dee… please…”

Mom continued, “Sometimes we’d hear Mom and Dad having sex, and it turned both of us on, and we didn’t really know why until we were about 12 or 13.”

“One night while Mom and Dad were doing it in the next room, Sandi asked me what I thought kissing a boy was like. Since I was a year older and wanted to be the wiser one, I lied and told her I knew because I had kissed a lot of boys already. She was really excited and wanted me to show her how to do it.”

“So, we started practicing kissing each other, laying there in the dark room with our parents in the next room having sex.”

She went on, “Eventually, we started to go to bed and take our nightgowns off and snuggle together under the covers naked. Sandi’s hands were always so freezing cold for some reason, and I would have her put her hands in my armpits to warm up.”

“Somewhere along the way, we started developing and going through puberty. All those hormones, and there we were, sleeping naked together every night and French kissing each other like lovers.”

Sandi said, “Ok, ok, enough, alright. Let me tell him the rest.”

By now, precum was leaking out of my cock. The story my Mom was telling was turning me on like never before.

Sandi said, “So, like your mom said, we laid there in the dark kissing. One night, out of the blue she reached over and took my hand and put it on her breast instead of under her arms like usual. When she did that, she moaned, just like we heard Mom moaning in the next room.”

“She took my other hand and pressed it to her other breast.”

Just then, Mom took Sandi’s hands out from under her arms and put them on her breasts. Mom said, “Just like this.”

Sandi gasped and pulled her hands away. “Dee! You said…”

Mom said, “I know what I said back then. I’ve changed my mind now. I was just wrong.” She pulled Sandi’s hands back to her tits, and this time Sandi left them there and continued the story.

Sandi sighed and said, “She started rubbing and squeezing her breasts with my hands and moaned, and we kissed each other.”

“This went on for a few days before she took my hand and made me touch her…”

Mom said, “Like this.” She took Sandi’s hand and put it between her legs.

Sandi said, “Oh God. I can’t believe you’re doing this, Dee.”

Mom turned to Sandi and said, “Shhh.” Mom turned and kissed Sandi, this time on the lips, and it was obvious that they were using their tongues to explore each other’s mouths.

Mom broke the kiss and said, “Dan, I want to see you kiss my Sandi like that.”

Sandi was obviously flustered and flushed. Her eyes were closed. I pulled her close to me and we kissed passionately. Mom put her face right next to ours and then said “That looks so good. My turn.”

And then Mom turned and kissed me, lightly at first. Then, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately for several minutes. Under the comforter, Mom pulled my hands up and placed them on her tits where Sandi’s hands had just been.

I broke the kiss and gasped, “Mom… Mom… Wait. Are you sure about this?”

Mom said, “Yes, I want this.” She reached down and tried to put her hand around my cock. Sandi’s hand was already there.

Sandi moved her hand up a bit, and Mom wrapped her hand around the base.

“Mom… What about Dad?” I moaned.

“Don’t worry about Dad. He knows,” she said.

I asked, “You planned this?”

She went on, “Yes, baby. I told him what I wanted to do and why and he said ok. I heard you guys in the shower and so I came out just when I heard you turn the water off. I told daddy long ago about Sandi and me. He gave his blessing for this one time. And maybe I can talk him into letting me do it again sometime. I have my ways, you know.” She giggled.

Sandi had clearly gotten over her previous reservations and said, “Oh Dee, I’ve missed this for so long. I’ve never been with any other woman except you. I want you to know that.”

Sandi pulled Mom into her and kissed her hard. I could feel her moving her hand under the comforter. Since no one was holding it anymore, the comforter fell down and revealed that Sandi was rubbing Mom’s clit with her thumb and fingering her pussy with the hand that wasn’t wrapped around my cock.

Mom said to me, “Baby, show me how you fuck my Sandi. I wanna see you slide your dick into her sweet pussy.”

As Sandi laid back and took her hand off the tip of my cock, Mom moved her hand there and felt my wetness. Looking down, she said, “Oh my, you’re all wet already. Let’s see how you taste.”

I got up on my knees and moved toward Sandi. Mom leaned down and sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth.

Then, she lifted up Sandi’s leg and leaned down and started licking her pussy to get her opening wet for me.

Sandi moaned. “Oh, Dee. That feels so good. It’s been so long since you did that.”

Mom motioned for me to come up and slide my cock into Sandi’s pussy.

Mom said, “Go really slow. Pull out almost all the way and lean back so I can lick her.”

For a couple minutes, I would slowly withdraw and wait while Mom licked Sandi’s clit. She alternated between licking Sandi’s clit and my cock each time I pulled out.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” I said.

Mom said, “Cum in my mouth, baby. I want to taste you.”

I slowly pulled out one last time and Mom took my cock into her mouth. Just the sight of that sent me over the edge and I exploded inside Mom’s mouth. The cum seemed to come out in endless waves. Once the spasms stopped, Mom moved up and locked her mouth onto Sandi’s, sharing my load with her.

I took over the job of licking Sandi’s clit, and in just another moment her ass was bucking off the bed and she shuddered into a powerful orgasm.

Mom said to Sandi, “Are you ready to do me now too, baby?”

Sandi said, “God yes. I need to taste you so bad, DeeDee.”

Mom said, “When Dan’s ready again, I want him inside me.”

Sandi said, “Yes, yes, baby. I’ll get him ready for you, ok?”

Mom laid down on the bed where Sandi had been and spread open her legs. Sandi got on top of her in a 69 and started licking her pussy and clit.

Mom said, “Danny, help her lick me. Don’t be afraid. It’s not wrong.”

Sandi looked up at me, her expression questioning if I was ok with this.

I nodded and we repositioned ourselves so that Sandi was licking one side of Mom’s clit while I was licking the other side.

Mom moaned, “Ohh shit that feels so fucking good. I’ve never felt anything like that! Danny, are you ready?”

I wasn’t quite there yet, so I moved so that Sandi could suck my cock into her mouth. Soon enough, I was ready. I pushed my cock down and rubbed the tip on Mom’s hard clit, which made her moan loudly.

I positioned myself and put the head of my cock at her opening. And stopped.

“Dan… I need you inside me. You can’t stop now. Please fuck me,” Mom said.

I took a deep breath and inched forward, touching the tip of my penis in the opening of her vagina. Mom thrust her hips up off the bed and I slipped right in. I was inside my Mom’s pussy!

I started to slowly move in and out. Each time I withdrew, I leaned back so Sandi could lick her clit.

Soon enough, I was lost in the feeling of what was happening. My lust had completely taken over me and I was unable to keep my pace slow. I was almost there and I began thrusting into her faster and harder.

Mom sensed this and moaned, “Cum in me, Danny. I need your cum in my pussy.”

In another 10 seconds I was spewing my hot cum into my mother’s pussy. Sandi had moved back and was now fingering Mom’s clit rapidly. Mom reached down and pulled her hand away and said, “No wait, I want him to lick me and make me cum. Danny, show me what Sandi taught you. Show me what I taught her.”

I pulled my dripping wet penis from within her and moved down on the bed and started licking her clit. She moaned and said, “Oh yes, baby, suck my clit. I want your finger in my butt too.”

Well, that sounded familiar. It looks like Mom was the one that taught Sandi all her tricks when they were kids.

Using the juices from her sopping wet pussy to lubricate her asshole, I slid one finger, and then two, into my mother’s ass.

I looked up and saw Sandi masturbating as she watched me lick Mom’s clit and finger her ass.

Mom said, “Oh yes, mmmmm, I’m cumming!” Then, her entire body convulsed. Her asshole tightened around my fingers repeatedly as she orgasmed.

Just as Mom was cumming, Sandi also came, saying “Ohhhhh yesssss!”

Mom sat up, and pulled us all together. We took turns kissing each other for a long while. We even all kissed at the same time, alternating our tongues between each other.

Then, Mom said, “San, I need you again.”

Mom and Sandi got back into their 69 position and made each other cum again.

Watching this beautiful sight was making me get hard again.

Mom noticed and said, “I want you again, Danny. This time in my butt. Your fingers felt so good. Do you think you can cum again?”

I said, “I think so.”

Mom directed, “Get us wet, San.”

I could see that Sandi got her direction-giving ability from Mom, who was directing every single move we made.

Sandi sucked on my cock, slathering me with her saliva. Then, she got a pillow and put it under Mom’s butt. She spread open Mom’s legs and bent down and spit into her asshole, following it with her fingers.

Mom said, “Ohh, baby, it’s just like it used to be. Lick me there.”

Sandi bent down and licked Mom’s asshole tenderly. Mom moaned from above and then said, “Ok, let him get in me.”

Sandi looked at me and pulled my dick into position. She spit on Mom’s asshole and then licked me all over again. Completely wet, I put the head of my cock to Mom’s asshole and slowly pushed.

Since our fingers had already loosened her muscles somewhat, the head slid right in easily. When I met some resistance, I pulled back slightly and waited.

Mom looked at Sandi and said, “You taught him well. He knows just how to do it. Ohhhhh, Danny, I’m ready for more. Push it in more.”

I pushed in further, easing off when needed until she was ready to take my entire length within her.

Mom said, “Ouch. It’s hurting just a little. San, get him wet again.”

I pulled my cock out of my mom’s ass and Sandi sucked me right into her mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Surely they hadn’t done that before.

Once Sandi had me good and wet again, she repositioned my dick back to Mom’s anus and then spit on her hot hole again.

I slid easily back in and Mom said, “Oh yeah, that’s way better. Now fuck my ass, Danny. Don’t cum in me, ok? I want your cum in Sandi’s mouth this time, baby.”

It didn’t take very long of moving my cock in and out of my mother’s tight, hot asshole before I was ready to cum again.

I said, “I’m just about there. Here it cums!” I didn’t want to pull out and cum anywhere else. I wanted to cum deep inside her ass.

Mom could sense this and quickly said, “No, wait! Pull out and cum in Sandi’s mouth!”

I did as directed and pulled out as Mom sat up to watch. The first spurt of semen squirted into the air and landed on Mom’s tits or stomach, I’m not sure. Then, Sandi was able to get me in her mouth and I finished cumming. Long after I was done, Sandi kept me in her mouth, sucking and licking my cock clean.

Sandi finally released my cock from her mouth and Mom said, “Wow! That was beautiful. You always loved the taste of my ass, didn’t you San. How did I taste on my son’s cock?” Mom turned to Sandi and they started kissing again.

Sandi broke the kiss and said, “So good. Just like I remember. I love you so much. What just happened here was incredible. I think if James knew about everything we did, he might not be so ok with it.”

Mom said, “I love you too, baby. Don’t worry, I’ll go back in there in a bit and fuck him again, and then he’ll be ok. I’ll tell him everything while he’s balls deep in my pussy.”

Sandi said, “Even the part where Danny fucked you in the ass?”

“Yes, that especially. Maybe I’ll fuck him in the ass with my harness and tell him just when he’s about to cum.”

Jesus, Mom had a harness too? I wondered what else these two sisters had in common. I also wondered what Sandi meant when she said the taste of her ass was just like she remembered. Remembered from when?

Sandi, Mom, and I kissed for just awhile longer.

After breaking the kiss, Mom said, “Are you guys up for another shower? I know Danny needs a good cleaning after being in my butt. We can all go in my shower with the big tub since it has plenty of room. Hold on, let me go see if James is ok with clearing out for a bit. Wait here.”

As she left, Sandi and I hurriedly spoke about what had just happened.

I started, “You used to have sex with Mom when you were younger?”

She said, “Yeah. I was going to tell you eventually, but your Mom completely messed that plan up. I never expected anything like this to happen either. I guess you coming out to her yesterday really sparked something within her that she hasn’t felt since we were kids. I haven’t felt it either. She made me promise that we’d never talk about it again after she moved out of the house.”

June 2018
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