All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 15.


So Friday night came round, and I’d packed my things ready for my night out at Heather’s. My mother had told me about Ken being on nights and Heather being lonely, and would I mind going round to stop with her. She said nothing about jiggling, but seemed very attentive and had made sure I’d showered before I’d got changed to go.

Saying goodnight, my mum gave me a peck on the cheek, and told me to be on my best behavior, with a funny kind of look on her face. Then I was walking down the street to Heather’s house, and ringing the bell.

“Come on in, pet” she beamed, “I’m so glad you were able to come over tonight, as I’ve got a special surprise for you!” and she pecked me on the cheek as I walked past, clutching my overnight bag. She quickly shut the door, then came up close, putting her arms around my neck.

She was wearing a pretty white jumper, the kind that has little holes in the pattern that you can see through. The white of her bra showed through clearly, to my slight disappointment. Her skirt was a red tweed, tight around her tummy – and bottom too.

Then she pressed her lips up to mine, and we began a long passionate kiss in her hallway. Our tongues touched and flicked each other, and I felt my hands wondering up the smooth back of her sweater, feeling the lacy holes – and her bra strap – as we continued our embrace. When we broke off, Heather led me into the kitchen.

“Well you need to know about my little surprise, don’t you?” she asked, with a smile flickering on her face.

“Yes, what’s this all about?” I asked.

“Well, your mum has asked me to give you a jiggling tonight in bed, then she wants me to tell her all about it tomorrow! So I can touch your cock officially!!”

“Well, I kind of knew that already…” I smiled back.

“How? Did your mum tell you?” quizzed Heather, folding her arms, and showing off her breasts at the same time.

“No!” Now it was my turn to tell her a secret. “I came home early the other day, and heard you all talking in the kitchen. All about jiggling too! I thought you were going to tell her everything!”

“Well you cheeky boy, fancy listening in to ladies’ private conversations!” chided Heather, with a wink. “So you know your mum knows that Joan has jiggled you – and that now I’m going to?”

“Yep,” I replied, “I heard it all! It got me so excited listening that I had to go and toss myself in the shower. I think my mum might have been watching me too!”

“I don’t know, you’ll be fucking your mother next, and no mistake!” smiled Heather. “It’s just as well I’ve been giving you all this training, isn’t it?”

“What you don’t know,” she continued, “is that I’ve got another secret. Because Isabelle has told me I’ve got to take you up to her house tonight for a special surprise! I think I’d rather just give you your official jiggling here, but you know how bossy Isabelle can be, and she made me promise the other day…”

“So what happened?” I asked, sensing there was something else going on.

“Oh it was nothing…” said Heather, blushing a little. “Well actually we were both in bed together at the time – she is very persuasive you know. And she gave me a special girly haircut, you know, down there. And made me promise to take you up there next time you were stopping with me.”

“So you had sex with her? And then she cut the curly hairs off your pussy?” I was amazed.

“Well come upstairs with me as I’ve got to change before we go out. I’ve got instructions to wear one of Isabelle’s cardies that she’s lent me, with nylon stockings but nothing else – no bra or panties! It’s all quite strange, isn’t it?”

So she got up, and led me up the stairs I knew so well, but this time into her bedroom, not the spare room where I’d cum for her so many times.

“And the other thing,” she whispered, not wanting to wake the children, “is that you’re not to have cum before you get there. So you can watch me get dressed – but no playing with yourself!”

So I patiently sat on the chair in the corner, and watched while Heather got herself ready.

She firstly stripped off her skirt, then pulled the pretty sweater off over her head, standing in front of me in just bra and panties. She did look so sexy in her special slightly dumpy way, with breasts straining at the bra and panties nicely folding between her legs.

Then she turned away, undid her bra, letting it fall forward onto the bed. Then with a wiggle she slipped her panties off, revealing the twin rounded beauties of her bottom.

“Can I see you shaved?” I asked, getting more sure of myself now.

“Of course, pet!” she smiled, turning around and moving towards me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy, as it was all pink and bare, with the folds between her legs clear to see.

“Do you like it?” she asked, a twinkle in her eye. “You can touch if you like. My orders didn’t say anything about me not cumming – just you!”

And she came right up to where I was sitting, lifting her left foot onto my right thigh, so her pussy was now open and beckoning in front of me.

“Why don’t you just see if I’m smooth enough for you?” she smiled, putting her hands on her hips and somehow pushing her breasts forward.

God it was amazing. There was I fully clothed, with a raging hard-on, with Heather stark naked in front of me, her cunt now shaved smooth, asking to be fingered!

I put my hands forward and stroked her hips, moving one hand down over her bulge where the hairs used to be. She was so smooth! And it was just so natural for my fingers to slide down, reaching the folds and dampness between her legs. She drew in a breath as I flicked over her clitty, then beamed down at me as I began to finger it more.

“I don’t know why, Andrew, but having myself shaved makes me feel so much more sexy!” she said, “and right now I just want you to finger me till I cum, with me standing here over you, and you tending to my needs. Don’t worry, though. I’ll take care of you later, you’ll see!”

So knowing what my job was, I got to it with both hands. One explored her clitty, sometimes sliding up over her belly to reach up to caress her breasts, the other hand between her legs, sliding over the damp folds, seeking out her cunt, and slipping inside.

She seemed to like all my attention, as soon she was gasping and panting, and began moving her hips to meet my fingers, offering herself for more fingering. I’d now got two fingers sliding up and down her cunt, feeling the softer surface at the front, while my other hand was stroking her clitty, squeezing and urging it onwards.

Then she drew in a deep sigh, and put her hands behind her head, showing off her breasts and letting me know she was ready for finishing off. She was panting hard now, and I knew from experience it wouldn’t take long. I kept up my fingers pushing up into her wetness, and increased the speed of my stroking over her clitty, which was now clear to see, swollen and slippery with her juices.

Soon she was there, moaning, “Oh Andrew, take me now, take me now! Aaaaahhhh, oh yes, yes, yes!” as she pushed her cunt down on my hand, grinding and squirming above me.

It felt so strange to do her like that. Me fully clothed, and sitting down, with her nakedness right in front of me. But I was certainly ready for a good session at Isabelle’s!

As she calmed down, so I slowed down my fingers, and gently slid them out of her wet cunt. She took her foot off my leg, so she was simply standing naked in front of me.

“Here’ let me have your hand!” she commanded, “the one with the wet fingers that were inside my cunt.”

I held up my hand, and she grabbed it, bending down to suck her juices from the fingers that had been inside her just moments before. Isabelle had got her interested in sex, and no mistake!

After licking all my fingers carefully, she smiled at me: “Thank you so much for having me, young man. I do love a good jiggling myself. Maybe this is what I’ll tell your mum about tomorrow!” And she bent down to kiss me on the lips.

Then she stood up, calmly breathing in with her eyes closed, as if savouring the moment.

“Right, now I’ve got to get my special clothes on for Isabelle.” And she turned round, reaching for something lying on the bed. It was a beige sleeveless cardigan, almost like a long waistcoat really, as she pulled it on. It seemed to be angora or some other soft hairy wool, with a kind of Arran pattern and she had to stretch it to get the buttons done up – especially over her breasts.

“Mmmm, this feels so soft!” she smiled, “But Isabelle is a size or two smaller than me I think.”

The cardigan had a v-neck, and even with the buttons done up there was a nice view of her cleavage. The bottom of the wool only just covered her bottom – a bit like a short mini-dress. And Isabelle wanted her to wear this, with nothing else? She’d get arrested on the street! Especially when she pulled on the nylons. They were a small fishnet pattern – not at all Heather’s usual style – but she slipped them up her legs as far as they went. Then she went over to the drawers, and pulled out a black suspender belt.

“Excuse me a minute!” she giggled, lifting up the cardigan to her waist, and showing off her naked cunt to me again. She pulled the belt around her and clipped it together, before fastening each suspender to the nylons. I counted the three for each leg, marveling at the different views of her body that she revealed as she did them up. Then she smoothed down her dress, hiding the belt but not the ends of the suspenders, and looked at herself in the mirror.

“My, what a difference!” she smiled. “I’ll just put some lipstick on.”

And soon she had bright red lips to go with her tight beige cardigan and black fishnet stockings.

“Right, now we’re ready for our surprise!” she said, reaching out a hand to lift me up from the chair. “And now it’s dark enough outside so no-one will see us as we walk up the road…” So tiptoeing downstairs, we grabbed coats, quietly shut the front door and headed off up the road. What would Isabelle be up to? She seemed insatiable. Already she had introduced Heather – and me – to oral sex and threesomes. Now she had persuaded Heather to shave her sex, and had actually done it for her. And they’d had sex together, just the two of them. If only I could have been there to watch that!

Isabelle was expecting us and welcomed us in almost before Heather had knocked the door. “Oh hello,” she smiled, “I’ve been thinking you had forgotten our little promise, Heather.” Heather flushed slightly, “No, Isabelle, I couldn’t forget that, could I? And now we’re here, so the rest is up to you.”

I was a bit lost by this, but took in the view of Isabelle, who was wearing a thin purple cardigan, buttoned only at the neck, over a light grey plain sweater. Naturally her skirt matched the grey perfectly – it must have been a set – and the knitted material clung beautifully to her hips. She had her hair up in a smooth bun as usual, looking so demure and sophisticated.

“Welcome both,” she smiled, showing us in, then continued: “Kisses please, you two, where are your manners?” as she shut the door.

So Heather leant forward and they embraced, Heather pecking Isabelle’s cheeks in an almost French manner. Isabelle beckoned to me, so I did the same, feeling the soft wool of her cardigan as I put my arms around her waist, and almost tasting her perfume as I kissed both cheeks.

“Now let me have your coats and I’ll put them away for you.”

As Heather took hers off and moved into the lounge, Isabelle admired her cardigan. “That cardie looks so nice on you Heather, it makes you look almost animal! It looks so much better on you than me, as you fit it so fully!”

Heather smiled but looked puzzled: “I’m not sure about animal, but I’m glad you like it. It’s certainly makes me feel different, especially with no undies on.”

Isabelle smiled: “I’m glad you remembered that art, my poppet. Now give us a twirl and show it off, I’m sure Andrew would like to see more too.”

So Heather turned slowly round, lifting her arms up to her shoulder height. The bottom of the cardigan only just hid her own bottom, and the suspenders did give her a basic animal look. I could see what Isabelle meant, as my cock hardened again.

“Those stockings do suit you, my love,” said Isabelle, admiring her compliant friend. “Now come here and let me have a little stroke of you. Hand on head!”

Isabelle just put her hands on Heather’s waist, then slowly moved them up to stroke over her breasts, squeezing them gently as she did, before sliding all the way down to her hips, then lower to the hem of the cardie. To my amazement she then just slipped a hand under, at the front, to check Heather’s clitty. Heather gasped, and blushed a little too.

“Well, that’s a good girl” Isabelle smiled, pulling her hands back, “I’m glad you remembered to have no undies on, but I thought I’d like to check for myself. You do feel quiet damp though. You didn’t have him fuck you already, did you? I told you I wanted him fresh!”

Heather flushed more, “No, Isabelle, I wouldn’t do anything like that when you’d told me not to. He wanted to of course, but I didn’t let him. So he’s still fresh for you.”

“Right, girls,” Isabelle was sterner now, but winked at Heather, “We’d better go up to get ready for bed. Did Heather tell you that you were going to stop the night here with me, Andrew?”

“Err.. no!” I replied, surprised. I thought this would be a visit for an hour or so – but all night! No wonder Heather didn’t want my mum or the neighbours to see us.

“Well, let’s go up stairs and get ready for bed – I’ll bring some cocoa up later on.” And with that, she led the way upstairs. I watched the tight pale grey wool of her skirt as it clung to her rounded bottom as she started to step upwards. “Go on, pet!” said Heather, catching my eye. “You follow her and I’ll follow up behind.”

I followed Isabelle’s wool-clad bottom up the stairs, glimpsing the line of the edge of her panties through the thin wool as she walked, then followed her round and into her bedroom, where Heather and I had been taken before. Isabelle beckoned me to sit on the side of the bed.

“I’ve been thinking,” began Isabelle, “that it would be really nice to have a special girl’s night in, with lots of exciting games that girls like. Heather says she’d like that too, so what about you, Andrew?”

“Well, it depends what you mean” I replied, “I’m not a girl you know!”

Isabelle looked at Heather, then at me: “Well we thought we should pretend you are for tonight – so we’re going to dress you up as a girl so we can all play girl’s games together! So to start with, just strip off all your clothes, and I’ll get out your new ones. I’ve got plenty of spare undies for you, and a cardie does suit you, you know!”

Flustered yet aroused, I began to take off my clothes. They just watched, so I stopped when I had just my pants on.

“No, don’t stop there – I’ve got some nice girly panties for you.” said Isabelle, holding up a pair of white panties. They were plain stretchy cotton with a lace panel at each side.

“Come on, take yours off – now.” Isabelle ordered.

I did as I was told, knowing that their eyes would be on my expanding cock as I lowered my pants to the floor.

Isabelle spoke first: “Mmm, you are a good boy Andrew – I hope you haven’t worn him out too much over the last few days, Heather, or there’ll be trouble! Now Andrew, step into these for me please. And Heather, you can unbutton your cardie too – it’s bed time for all of us soon.”

So facing Isabelle’s fully clothed body and feeling my nakedness, I carefully stepped into the panties that she was holding out. I could hear Heather undressing behind me, but was too engrossed in Isabelle’s hands as she pulled the panties up to take much notice. The panties were tight around my legs as they came over my thighs, and felt really strange as the thin elastic cut into my waist as she let them go. My cock was upright, trapped by the front of the panties, which revealed the outline of my hard cock.

Isabelle smiled. “There, that looks nice doesn’t it, Heather – we’ll make him into one of us in no time! Oooh!” she added looking up, “I can see you are getting ready for bed – you do look so nice in that cardie!” she glanced over towards Heather.

I glanced round too, to see Heather smiling back at me. She’d undone all the buttons so the cardigan was hanging open. The nakedness of her breasts and belly now went down between her legs, following her shaving session earlier in the week. I just stared as my cock twitched harder inside Isabelle’s tight panties.

“Now for your cardie, my girl – what colour do you think would be best, Heather – come and see!”

So as Isabelle opened a drawer full of her jumpers, Heather brushed past me to join her. Isabelle held up a dark blue round-necked cardigan: “What about this?” she asked, and turning towards me she draped it over my chest. It felt gorgeous as the soft wool brushed against me.

“No, I think it’s too dark,” replied Heather, “What about this pink one?” And she held up a thicker pick v-necked cardigan: “This looks more like a girl’s colour to me!”

“Yes,” agreed Isabelle, “I think this time you are right – now go and help him on with it – ooops, I mean help her on with it!”

So Heather stepped forward, her own cardigan wide open and her breasts gently swaying, and held out a sleeve for my arm. It felt so strange to be being dressed like this – but amazingly arousing too.

“Now the other arm.” said Heather, moving behind me, before slipping my arm in, and pulling the jumper on over my shoulders.

Isabelle stood in front of me. “Now, let’s button you up my girl, you’ll be catching a cold showing your chest off like that.” She moved her hands forward, and pulled ‘my’ cardigan together, before doing up the top button. “Now, you do the rest while I watch. Heather, how tight are her panties round her bottom?”

So as I did up the buttons, my fingers shaking with excitement, so Heather stroked my bottom with her hands. After a minute or two she spoke: “Well her panties are quite tight, Isabelle. I think she may need some bigger ones.”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” smiled Isabelle, “because there’s no room at the front at all, now is there young miss! Please put your hands behind your head and I will see what the problem is. Heather, can you help me slip her panties off please.”

So the two of them just eased my panties down, over my hard cock, which sprung free, arching erect again right in front of Isabelle’s face.

“Well we can’t be little girls if we’ve got a big cock, now can we, Andrew. Heather, you come round behind me, so that she can watch what a real girl looks like, and I think I’ll have my first cream now – before my cocoa.”

And with that Isabelle just knelt down in front of me, then, licking her lips, she took my cock straight into her mouth, with one hand gripping the base, and the other cupping under my balls.

I gasped for breath as Isabelle worked me up, while Heather calmly walked round to be behind her, looking straight at me. She put her hands on her hips, pulling her cardigan wide apart as she did so, to show off her breasts for me, then smiled knowingly as she looked me directly in the eyes. Whilst I watched I could feel Isabelle’s fingers pumping my cock and squeezing my balls as she sucked me off.

Her head was now bobbing up and down as she took me deeper into her mouth. Heather lowered her right hand towards her naked smooth mound, then slipped a finger between her legs, catching her breath as she touched herself.

“You can be a good boy now, Andrew,” she smiled, “Give Isabelle her cream. You know she is asking for it so you’d better give it to her hadn’t you?” she raised an eyebrow briefly,

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