The chain link fence that had served as the border between his and Jean’s yard seemed a lot shorter than it used to. Since he had been 12 he had taken care of her children, well a lot of the neighborhood kids after school till their parent got home. And maybe Jean knew of the affect which she had on him. Well granted not to the degree of perversion. For example she was probably was not aware how he had arranged the growth of vegetation on the fence so that a line of sight was clear from his window to her garden. Where she would in the hot days of summer kneel in her cut offs to tend the vegetables as he had watched on. She was probably unaware as well how he had twisted the blind in the bathroom ever so slightly or raised the curtain just enough in the bedroom that when he would leap that very fence in the dark of night he was given access to her as she bathed, as she wrestled beneath the sheets, with her husband or with the toy that he had found early on in his lust with her in her bedroom drawer.

If she was aware of the volume of hours he had spent on her in his mind she might have been flattered, she should have been flattered. Hers was not an above average beauty, Here five foot nine frame was one that clearly had born four children and worked long hours as a nurse with little time for the gym or other maintenance. It was not that she was fat, it was just that she was a woman, a middle aged woman with short dark curly hair she permed so she would not have to pay extra attention to. Perhaps it was because of her nondescript nature that she found some of the things he did, well surprising.

As a daily guest in their house, a friend and caretaker or her children after school while she and her husband worked, she grew accustomed to him being there. Almost more accustomed to him than to her frequently absent husband. So accustomed in fact that sometimes things in her mind sort of slipped, particularly when he and her husband were both in the house.

She blamed herself for the incident that started their slide. Sure there were times she had caught him staring at her breasts, her ass, he was a teenage boy. There were times that his foot would wander up against her leg under the table during a game of Risk. There were times when she took a little too much pleasure in teasing him about girls. He was a teenage boy, she found it funny, flattering. The event in question however was singular in comparison to these moments. She had been carrying on a conversation with her husband over the counter while he watched TV and she busied herself with the preparation of supper. It had quickly devolved into the usual, “yeah” and “uh hu” responses, so silence had quickly settled in and she devoted her full attention to the carrots in the sink.

Having finished with the kids in the yard Ted had entered the house quietly through the garage to let them know he was taking off for the evening. When Jean had come home she found her husband had already found the TV and his chair instead of supper so she quickly slipped on her short housecoat to start supper before she finished changing. The sound of neighborhood disputes in the backyard drifted in the kitchen window while her thoughts drifted off catching the back of Larry’s head out of the corner of her eye while moving rhythmically in front of the sink.

Not believing his eyes out of his mind as he watched her shift the weight from one foot to another. He could hear Larry’s soaps on TV and decided that a quiet entry was best. It was always best not to talk to Larry, Larry was an asshole. He leaned back against the table for a moment, watching the fabric sway across Jean’s ass. He did not have to imagine what was just above the line of the terrycloth as it rode up teasing him. He had watched that ass in cutoffs in the garden, he had probably run the underwear she was wearing through his fingers, over his hard dick when they were not home. The round cheeks he had watched in the shower. Once when Larry fell asleep in front of his soaps he had watched her spread out on her bed, ass stuck up in the air, the corner of the pillow in her teeth. It was a fear that something might change and snatch this moment from him that sent him from the table while her stare was on the window. It was something about her stare that made him wish that she was looking for him in the backyard as she grinded against the sink. He spotted his glass on the counter right way. The rule was simple and strictly enforced. Dirty dishes were supposed to go by the sink. And though he sometimes enjoyed the lecture because she could be a close talker when she was angry, this was better.

Jean’s stare drifted from the window to the TV to the absence of the balding back of Larry’s head when she felt the footsteps behind her. Maybe it was the young doctor who had visited at work that day, maybe it was that it had been that Larry had not pinned her ankles behind her ears in over two months. No matter what it was the footsteps moved through the floor, up her legs. She stopped shifting her weight and dug her heals in without breaking the sway so she could feel it better. She was looking at the back of the lazy boy when she felt the warmth and the pressure as the glass clinked down beside her and an arm withdrew along her hip. It was instinctive, she stepped back to meet the man behind her. Leading with her ass then pressing off the sink with her hands. She had expected him to be farther behind him as her shoulders pressed back against his ribs, as the top of her ass rubbed back against a hard dick in jeans. She had expected him to be shorter, she had expected him to be Larry. Larry who having now had slid further down in his seat had his feet showing. It was everything. Everything he ever wanted had dreamed about. As she leaned backwards into him he stole a glimpse past her closed eyes at the full hanging breasts being restrained ever so slightly by the robe while her ass slid the length of his hard dick. Then his mind racing, his senses flooding he pulled away and beat a fast retreat to the back door.

It was different after that, there was a malice of forethought now. There were no innocent brushes. He realized every one of his “blunders” as just what they were, calculated advances. And they were no less frequent, he could not help but think there were times she intentionally tried to stay away from him. And there were other times as well. It was nine months since they had paused as they brushed against each other when they met at the door. Her body passing closely, awkwardly her polyester nurses uniform turning against him. It had been nine months since he had last seen her. His freshman year seemed like a blur, his cherry popped, god bless drunk girls with experience who decided they need to be sex educators, things were different. He leaped the fence with one bound fueled my all those months of fantasies.

He had opened Jean’s door a thousand times, knocking as he opened it and calling out to announce his presence. Today no answer came, the kids were still in school for another three hours, and it was Tuesday, the day she traditionally had off of work. He found her right before the kitchen in the laundry, oblivious to his entry. He watched as she lifted clothes from the washer to the dryer. He knew her outfit very well, the loose shorts, tank top. But there was one very important difference in that the side of her breast which was normally restrained by the sports bra now floated free beneath the fabric. Instinctively his hand went to his already hard cock. If he would have thought about it he might not have done it. If he had thought about it, it still would not have mattered. All that mattered was the loose shorts riding loosely on her generous ass, and the smooth white skin of her breast as he took his cock in his hand.

She would remember him in the doorway from that day forward, she would remember everything about this moment forever. There was a fire in his eyes that she knew but was different. She was caught between a smile and the desire to greet him and the desire to chastise him for walking in on her. Her eyes wandered down his six foot four frame. It was obvious that College had changed him, the t-shirt fit tighter across his rising chest, the young boy that had been in and out of her house for years was still there but he was different. When her backwards stare fell on the hard dick in his hand her jaw dropped.

She knew that cock, she had felt it against her thigh, her ass, once even brushing her forearm against on the excuse that she had dropped a playing piece to a board game they were playing. She had laid on her bed her legs spread thinking about it. But it was bigger and more beautiful than she had ever imagined. The kind of dick that she would dream about when Larry used to bend her over the bed and slam up against her ass. She stayed facing the dryer her head turned to his approach. Her mind racing looking for the words to say but she could not find any as they fought all over her tongue. She chose instead to bend over to close the dryer door and then lean forward to press the start button. All the while never taking her eyes off Ted, and his hard dick. She turned her stare forward as he stepped closer.

But he had seen her eyes on his, on his dick, wandered if she was even aware of how she had bit her lower lip. He approached her, his right hand sliding past her hip as it had when he had put the glass on the sink. And just like that time her instincts told her to drive her hips back into him. She wanted to arch her shoulders against him. Feel his breath on her neck, his cock on her ass, her nipples hardened immediately as the fabric of her shirt slid across them at the thought of his hands groping her breasts. She wanted him to be her husband. She did not want him to know what the thought of him had forced her to do to herself in the bathroom at work after she had rolled against him in the hall nine months ago. She could not let on to the feelings, the thoughts that seemed so wrong that had filled her head for so long.

“Where is everyone” the words fell above her ears, his breath along her lobes.

It was a perfectly natural question, one she had heard many times but this time, the weight of the words was much different. “Out…” was all that came out of her mouth before she found herself pressed against the dryer as his right hand slid across her hips to just above her polka dotted panty line. When she felt the fingers gaining purchase beneath the elastic of her panties it was too much. Her ankles rocked her up into the air forcing her loose short covered ass against his raging hard on. She might have withdrawn at this point if his right hand had not descended to scratch at the generous pussy fur above her clit. She wanted to withdraw but was caught in the moment, and by him. His left hand positioned his dick along the crack of her ass and pulled her to him. His left hand now free it slid over her ass and up her side snaking it’s way under her left tit he gathered the fabric of her shirt in his hand and pulled tight. She gasped at the sensation of the fabric pulled tight over her nearly exposed breasts, and the power and the pressure of his hands so irresistibly close to them. The fabric of her top still tight in his hand his hand slid up between her breasts towards her neck, his forearms dragging against her nipples. This was too much, she needed to find clarity she needed a moment to collect herself, to stop this flood of feelings.

Every half-hearted attempt she made to escape his grip found her grinding her ass harder against him. She was keenly aware of it as it snaked it’s way between her legs sliding in past the fabric of her shorts, gliding along her already moist underwear. She went to her tiptoes again as if it would lift her off of that monster that was now riding the length her pussy, its delightful upward angle teasing her clit. On feeling her rise his hand firmly ran the length of her throat, took hold beneath her jaw and forced her down on him, the head of his dick sliding over her clit she breathed in deeply as though she was being suspended above the ground by his powerful dick. His right hand found the rhythm she was starting, fingers lightly clawing at her pussy hair as if trying to crawl down to her clit and the head of his cock a mere inch or two away. His hand at her throat had forced her stare to the dusty mirror above the dryer. Making her watch his hands at her throat, his fingers under her panties, and his eyes devouring her body. She watched as her lips came near her ear, she felt his breath.

“Shhhhh…” The sound, his hands, his dick, all pressing against her made her shudder as she felt her clit tremble. “This is nothing we have not done, done before.” She knew exactly what he meant, she had thought of this and thought of this a lot, it was apparently something he thought of often as well. So often that it was ingrained in them.

He joined her at the mirror and gathered in her gaze, his lips still by her ears. “Touch it” she withdrew her trembling right hand from the dryer, her gaze still lost in his. Her fingers slid along the hot head of his cock and began the run the length of his shaft when his left hand closed tighter against her throat. “Not there you need to put things back where they belong” His right hand left her mound and seized her hand on his dick making him squeeze it then sliding it so her fingers slipped along her wet pussy and he forced her to begin rubbing her clit to the rhythm she had established. Still staring in the mirror he watched her try to stifle the moans she was trying to make as she felt his hard dick against her pussy, her fingers quickly bringing her clit to climax. His right hand slid up her soft stomach and began groping at the breasts he had so long dreamed about. Gathering her nipples beneath the fabric, squeezing, pulling, tugging at her had nipples she could not take it anymore and a loud moan escaped her.

“ohhhhhhhhh godddd..” His reflection in the mirror broke into a smile more devious than anything she could remember. She watched his tongue, then his mouth fall on her ear, licking, sucking at her lobe, then her neck. Her knees grew weak, she could feel her climax building. Removing her wet fingers from her pussy she tried to guide his big head back into her pussy but he resisted, teased her. Forcing it against her clit then withdrawing his hips. She could not stand it… “Fuck me!” She could not believe the words had come out of her mouth. He spun her around in front of the dryer and looked into her eyes, one hand pulling her generous ass against him his other burying itself in the back of her curly short hair and craning her neck up to him. He reached down and ripped her shorts to the floor.

“Not yet.” Ted lifted her from the floor by her ass and her hair. She was not a small woman but he was no little boy anymore. Her legs wrapped around him wiggling, trying to get that hard dick in her he placed her on the dryer. “I have thought about this for too long”. She arched her back as he stepped forward forcing her underwear to the side, and trembled as this boy who had been in her house so many times put his fingers into her pussy. “I have spent years watching your breasts. It is time that you showed them to me”. He slid the tank top straps down over her shoulders. He was like a wild animal when he got his mouth on her middle aged tits. His fingers working her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clit, the dryer vibrating beneath her. He stepped back and she looked at his hard cock and then closed her eyes waiting to feel it buried inside, waiting to let her orgasm erupt all over it. But it was not his dick that she felt, instead it was his mouth enveloping her pussy and the flat of his tongue shaking against her clit. She opened her eyes to watch her babysitter fucking her with his mouth as she began to drive her hips against his face. “I told you to show them to me” he said looking up at her from her pussy. “I have always loved watching you play with your nipples. Show me.”

If she was going to panic this would have been the time and place. But in comparison to the fact that his tongue was driving her to orgasm the thought that he knew, he had seen her play with her nipples, and what else he might have seen was of little consequence. Her fingers had been on her breast for mere moments when she felt the fire of the orgasm and grinding her hips tried to get clear of the flat of his tongue pressing tightly against her clit as she came all over his face. He held her tight as she thrashed atop the dryer, his hands now joining her on her breasts. With a devilish smile he slid her underwear off of her, wiped his wet face with them and placed them in the pocket of his undone jeans. Pulling him to her on the dryer their mouths met for the first time. For the first time since it began he recognized reluctance in her eyes but within moments of their lips touching her tongue was in his mouth.

She had forgotten how kissing could be Larry had never been a good kisser and now he was a non kisser. But tasting his spit and her pussy and their tongues clashed it all came flooding back to her. Sliding her off of the dryer onto unsteady legs she broke the kiss and stared up at him, the down the dick in his hands and knew what was to come next. She lowered herself to her knees. Bragging to her friends that she could deep throat her husband did not seem like much of a brag, but Ted’s cock, there was something to brag about. His hand slid around the back of her head and craned her neck up to look at him as his other guided his dick towards her partially opened mouth. “Have you ever thought about this?” She nodded yes. “Thought about what Jean?”

“Abou..” was all she got out because she opened her mouth to speak he forced his big dick deep into to back of her throat. She started to gag, to retreat but he held her tight.

“Come on, you know you can do it”. She overcame the urge to gag, felt her throat open a little more as his dick slid in and out. “You can take it, I’ve seen you take it”. Seen her take it, she tried to freeze. How did, what did, she looked up at him with confusion and fear and he took that opportunity slam it even father in her throat. Her gaze never left him as he continued to fuck her face, and confess to her about the long term lust he had for her, about what he had seen in the bathroom, the bedroom. Her confusion and fear were replaced with wanton lust by the time she felt his hot load explode down the back of her throat. He held her there on his cock till she drained him of all that he had. Then he slowly began fucking her face again until his was hard once more and her pussy was on fire.

Lifting her from the floor he grabbed the familiar worn robe from the hanger on the drying rack and slipped it on her. While their tongues once again danced in each others mouths. God she loved kissing him. He lead her into the kitchen and asked her to make some Kool Aid for him. She knew exactly what he was up to and made a modest production out of reaching high in the cupboard for the pitcher. She could feel his eyes all over her body, and every inch of where the cloth of the robe touched her skin was on fire. When the pitcher was half full in the sink he was behind her just as he had been the last time she had worn the robe for him. But this time when she stepped back into him his hard dick pressed the fabric of the robe against the crack of her ass. This time when she leaned backwards into him his hands groped at her breast. She looked over to the chair where Larry had been the first time this had happened. Then out the window across the backyard where she could see Faye her friend and neighbor adjusting her swimsuit and lawn chair and red hair as she prepared to lay out. She leaned back over the sink and he leaned with her taking in the same scene. “Your windows always do have the best view” he whispered in her ears and they stared at Faye, as his hands groped at her breasts, as she grinded wet pussy against his dick through the fabric. “Ask again”.

I apologize for taking so long to get this chapter finished. I have been extremely ill and did not feel much like writing. I’m better now. Hope you enjoy reading about Bobby taking his mother’s anal cherry.


“L. U.?” Mrs. Brubaker queried her daughter as she pushed the front door open.

“Huh?” Becky asked.

“L. U.,” April shot back. “In the van, you blamed me and your father for what happened to you at ‘L. U.’”

“Oh, that,” Becky said as her mother closed the door behind them. “Just a nickname we had for the school; ‘Lesbian University.’ Most girls I knew were munching carpets long before they arrived there or they began doing it shortly afterwards. ‘Juiceless Lucy’. . .uh, Mrs. Leonard, broke a lot of them in herself.”

“Was she your first?”

Becky’s face wrinkled in disgust. “That dried up old cow? Not on my horniest day would I let her touch me.”

“So. . .,”April Brubaker mused, “I take it that is part of the reason why. . .”

“All of the reason why,” Becky interrupted. “She did the same to three other girls while I was there.”

Mrs. Brubaker, her face flushed with anger, went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and pulled out a couple of energy drinks. She gave one to her daughter and sat down at the kitchen table. “That bitch!” she exclaimed after opening her drink and swallowing about half of it in just a couple of gulps. “Something should be done about her.”

Becky sat down, pulled her chair closer to the elder Brubaker woman, and placed her hand on top of her mother’s. “No need to worry about it, Mother. I’m kind of glad she expelled me.”

April Brubaker pulled her hand away and caressed her daughter’s face. “I am, also, dear,” she said. “But, what am I to do? I want you to get a good education.”

“I will, Mother. Trust me. I’ll get a job and pay for it myself.”

“You’ll do no such thing, Becky. I’ll take care of it one way or the other.” April sighed. “It may take a while, though.”

Becky sipped her energy drink. “I thought Dad had bunches of money.”

“He does,” April told her daughter. “But it will be a while before I can get him to part with any of it.” She paused, noticed the questioning look on Becky’s face and continued. “He won’t be coming home. Not anymore.”

“Why?” Becky asked.

The next half hour plus was spent with Becky remaining silent while her mother told her about her dad.

“That bastard!” Becky said when her mother had finished talking. “How could he do this to you? How long has he been running around on you?”

April sighed; a lonely sound that made Becky want to hold her mother and never let her go. “Since we first learned I was pregnant with you.”

“You are going to divorce him, aren’t you Mother?”

Mrs. Brubaker nodded. “You bet your ass I am,” she said. “And I’m going to take every fucking cent I can get my hands on.”

Becky gasped. “I’ve never heard you talk like this before, Mother. What’s going on, anyway?”

April smiled at her daughter. “It’s the new me.”

“From what I heard last night,” Becky said. “I’m sure all this crap with Dad hasn’t completely soured you against men.”

“No, it hasn’t,” April told her daughter. “As a matter of fact, it’s opened up a part of me I never knew existed.” She eyed Becky suspiciously. “Besides me moaning and wiggling around from the tongue lashing you gave me, what did you hear?”

Becky laughed and, in a higher-pitched voice than normal, she said, “Oh, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. Fuck me, Bobby. Fuck me like you did that first night.”

April Brubaker’s face turned a deep crimson as she cleared her throat. “I said all that?” she asked. When Becky nodded her head in the affirmative, she added, “I must have been out of my head.”

“Don’t worry, Mother,” Becky said. “I understand. I just hope that you won’t mind sharing him once in a while.”

“Sure,” Mrs. Brubaker said. “Why not?” Then she quickly added, “It’ll be up to him.”

Becky smiled. “Great!” she said. “I’ve been wanting him to break my cherry since fifth grade.”

It was April’s turn to laugh. “Fifth grade? Why, you hardly even knew boys existed back then.”

Becky bristled slightly. “I knew enough to realize that I wanted him to stick his little ‘thingy’ inside my hole. That’s all I thought about. But you kept chasing him off and calling him all those bad names.”

April stood and hugged her daughter. “I’m so sorry, Baby. I was a different person back then.”

“I know,” Becky said. “‘Back then,’ you could be a real bitch when you wanted.”

April stood and hugged her daughter, pressing her tits into the back of Becky’s neck. Feeling emboldened, Mrs. Brubaker filled her hands with Becky’s more than ample breasts. For the first time in her life, she was the aggressor; the pursuer and not the pursued. She wanted sex with a female and the thought of it being her own daughter she wanted to have sex with only heightened her desires. “Still can be,” she joked. “If I don’t get what I want.” She sucked Becky’s earlobe into her mouth.

Becky stood, pushed the chair from between them and turned around. April’s hands fell to Becky’s hips. Before she could tighten her grip and pull her in close, the younger Brubaker woman had already closed the gap.

“Oh, Mother,” Becky moaned. The rest of her words became unintelligible when Mrs. Brubaker pressed her lips against her daughter’s. Hands roamed over every part of the two women’s bodies as April’s tongue was forced to retreat from Becky’s invading oral appendage.

First came the outer garments. In no time at all, they were standing before each other, clad only in bra and panties. Becky’s tits fairly jumped out of her bra when April unhooked the front strap and helped slide it down her daughter’s arms.

Mrs. Brubaker pulled her face from Becky’s and, like a guided missile, zeroed in on her daughter’s left nipple, fully encasing the bright pink bud and the surrounding areola between her lips.

Becky’s hands wandered aimlessly across her mother’s back; from her fleshy ass to her shoulders for a few moments before stopping at April’s bra strap. Working quickly, she unhooked the bra and pulled it off her mother, dropping it unceremoniously on the floor beside them. She then began to squeeze them lightly.

“It really makes me so damned horny,” Becky told her mother, “to feel your nipples get hard.”

April mumbled her reply, not yet willing to break the suction on her daughter’s breast.

Becky continued to massage April’s breasts, stopping every few seconds to roll her mother’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Her breathing became erratic and soon, she was gasping for air. She gently pushed her mother’s mouth from her tit, looked her in the eye and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom, Mother. Might as well get comfortable.”

April Brubaker, already lost in that dream-like state of mind that comes with the knowledge that one is going to have pure, unadulterated sex, could only nod as Becky grabbed her by the hand, led her into the bedroom and gently pushed her down onto the bed. She scooted backwards until her head rested comfortably on her pillow and waited for her daughter to follow.

“My daughter!” April thought. “My daughter is about to make love to me.” She could still put a stop to this if she wanted. “But, do I want to?” she asked herself as she felt Becky settle beside her.

“Yes,” April told herself as Becky tenderly caressed her breast. “I have to stop. We have to stop.”

April Brubaker shuddered as the palm of Becky’s hand slid down her stomach and inside the waistband of her panties.

“Fuck it,” she whispered. “And especially fuck Herman and his two-timing whore.”

Becky’s fingers crawled through her mother’s pubic hairs at an agonizingly slow pace, tickling her, exciting her.

April’s heart raced with anticipation as she silently urged her daughter to continue. Desire mounted. Becky’s fingers reached their destination. They began to strum across her mother’s clit much like a master guitarist.

Like water being forced over a dam because it had no place else to go, April Brubaker’s passion spilled from her soul, filling every fiber of her being. Her body was alive and she didn’t care if it was her daughter, her own flesh and blood, who was providing the stimulation. Once again, she was being set free.

Mrs. Brubaker whimpered as she struggled to get her own panties off. She finally succeeded in getting them down to her ankles. She pulled one foot free and left the crumpled cotton briefs wrapped around her left ankle.

Becky’s hands were busy now. So was her mouth. She had risen to her knees and with the fingers of one hand still on her mother’s clit, she captured a breast in the other hand. Once again, she was nursing at her mother’s yearning, heaving bosom.

Becky’s mother cried out, expressing her need for Becky to continue. Her hips bucked and her back arched, throwing her pussy against Becky’s hand and temporarily dislodging her tit from her daughter’s mouth. Both women groaned in an expression of extreme disappointment.

When Becky’s lips once again found her mother’s nipple, April Brubaker threw her head back and said through gnashing teeth, “You make me hotter quicker than anyone I’ve ever known.”

By this time, Becky had slipped her middle finger inside April’s cunt and had her thumb resting on her mother’s clit. In a very uneven rhythm, Becky alternated between fucking her mother with her finger and diddling April’s clit.

Mrs. Brubaker pushed gently on Becky’s head. “I need you to kiss me down there,” she whispered seductively.

Becky, feigning ignorance, asked her mother, “What?”

April repeated herself. “I want you to kiss me down there.”

“Down where, Mother?”

“Where you have your hand.”

“Where is that, Mother?”

Finally realizing that she was being urged to talk dirty to her daughter, Mrs. Brubaker gulped a lungful of air. Words exited her mouth that, just a few short weeks ago, would have made her blush profusely. Now, it only made her a bit uncomfortable to say them. She whispered her instructions, talking quickly.

“Oh, baby,” April said. “I want you to eat my pussy. I need to feel your tongue on my pussy. I want you to kiss my clit like you did last night.”

Becky smiled within herself. She was hoping this would be the day her mother would return the favor. But, she knew her mother was new to the idea of a woman satisfying another woman sexually. Becky Brubaker would count this as a labor of love. She wanted to bring her mother along the path of Sapphic love slowly so as not to spook her. Becky would give her as much time as she needed.

To Becky’s surprise, when she crawled into place to worship at the altar of her mother’s sex, April told her to turn around.

April Brubaker spoke softly, almost in a whisper. “Sixty-nine. I want to lick on you, too.”

Delighted at her mother’s change in attitude, Becky Brubaker gladly acquiesced. She spun around and, knees on the bed astraddle of April Brubaker’s head and slowly lowered her pussy onto the older woman’s face.

April Brubaker, not content to lay there and wait for a taste of her daughter’s nectar, quickly grabbed Becky by the hips and pulled Becky’s pussy down to her. Unsure of exactly what she should be doing, Mrs. Brubaker licked tentatively along the outer lips and then stopped.

Becky, her face already buried in her mother’s cunt, raised her head, steadied herself on her hands and knees and looked between her tits at her mother. “Just do what comes natural, Mother,” she said.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Mrs. Brubaker said.

“I know, Mother,” Becky said soothingly. “You liked what I did to you last night, didn’t you? And you remember how good it made you feel?”

April nodded her head and, when she did so, her nose rubbed against Becky’s hot, throbbing clit, causing the young woman to have a mini-climax. “But, baby, what if I don’t do it right? I want you to enjoy this, too.”

“Do to me what you remember about how I made love to you, Mother. You’ll do just fine.”

Encouraged by her daughter’s patience, April continued to hold Becky’s ass cheeks in her hands as if she were afraid the younger woman might float away from her; continued licking those fat young pussy lips. “I guess the best thing I can do,” she said to herself, “is to do to her exactly what she does to me.”

Just as Becky latched on to her clitoris, April Brubaker decided to satisfy her daughter first. She tightened her grip on Becky’s hips and rolled, finally coming to a stop with the daughter on the bottom.

“Oh, Mother!” Becky said in a rushed, high-pitched voice.

Mrs. Brubaker moved away from Becky and turned around to face her daughter.

“Did I upset you, Mother?” Becky asked.

April swiped at a strand of hair that had fallen over Becky’s eye and tucked it behind her ear. “No, Baby,” she said. “You didn’t upset me.”

“Then why did you move away?”

Mrs. Brubaker stared lovingly at her daughter’s breasts and licked her lips. She grabbed one of those sweet, young tits in her hand and stroked it lightly. “So firm, yet so pliable,” she said with a smile. “They’re just begging to be sucked.” She leaned in and pulled the tiny bud of flesh into her mouth.

Becky quickly placed the palm of her hand on the back of April’s head and held her mother close, her excitement and passion climbing higher and higher with every stroke of her mother’s tongue on her nipple. Each time Mrs. Brubaker tried to suck her nipple ever deeper into her mouth, Becky would whimper as her body twisted and wiggled on the bed in response.

Becky began to gasp. Her breasts heaved upwards and her stomach began to knot. She was micro seconds away from an orgasm when April quit her nursing and began to trail her tongue down the younger Brubaker’s stomach, pausing only when she reached the top of Becky’s black lace bikini panties. Becky spent several anxious moments, her body yearning for release before her mother began to move.

Slowly, Mrs. Brubaker traced her tongue along the waistband; from one side to the other and back again. She knew she was tormenting her daughter with her actions but, she was feeling bold and mischievous. She had not been this bold with Herman nor with Bobby. She could not have explained herself if her life depended upon it. Just the idea of a Sapphic, familial love made her heart race; gave her life purpose. She wondered why it had taken her so long to discover the real April Brubaker.

Instead of taking Becky’s panties off, Mrs. Brubaker, in her haste to get at her daughter’s sexual center, urged Becky’s legs apart. She simply pulled the panties away from and to the side of Becky’s lips. This time, there was no hesitation on April’s part. Starting at Becky’s asshole, Mrs. Brubaker licked her way up to her clit.

Becky was in heaven! Her own mother was tickling her clit, causing her whole body to shimmy and shake. And, when her mother’s tongue began licking her asshole for the second time, she tensed in preparation for a mind-blowing orgasm she knew would soon follow.

Mrs. Brubaker could sense that her daughter was getting close. She could feel the secretions of Becky’s lubricating juices flowing more rapidly against her face.

Becky’s breathing was growing more erratic with each swipe of her tongue. Her breasts heaved and her stomach seemed to be tying itself in knots. The next swipe of her mother’s tongue across her perineum took her to the edge.

Becky arched her back, grabbed two handfuls of April’s hair and pulled her mother’s face into her quivering quim. April, her nose now buried deep inside Becky’s cunt, continued licking her daughter’s perineum.

Becky fucked her mother’s nose with short, rapid strokes. Still gripping April’s hair tightly with her left hand, she moved her right hand to her own clitoris. Placing her forefinger on one side of her hooded nub and her middle finger on the other side, she squeezed lightly and began to slowly stroke her super sensitive man in the boat. Several strokes of her fingers and a few more swipes of her mother’s tongue, combined with the air rushing from April’s nose into her clutching vaginal cavity, sent her into a sexual stupor; the likes of which she’d never before experienced.

Becky screamed as she beat her heels on the bed.


Bobby, on his way home from visiting a friend, looked longingly across the street as he drove by the Brubaker house. The minivan was in the driveway. After a moment’s hesitation he made a u-turn and parked in front of the Brubaker home. He unbuckled his seatbelt and had his hand on the handle to open the door when a taxi pulled into the driveway. He looked on in interest when he saw Herman Brubaker exit the cab and, with casts on both legs, and leaning heavily on his crutches, head toward the front door.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Bobby muttered to himself. “He’s supposed to be in jail.”

Bobby waited until Mr. Brubaker was inside his house and had closed the door before exiting his car. He hurried up the walkway, barely making it up onto the porch before he heard April screaming. He fumbled in his pocket for the key she’d given him. He couldn’t find it. Then he remembered that he’d left it in the glove box of his car.

Mrs. Brubaker screamed again; this timer louder. Bobby grabbed the doorknob and turned it clockwise. To his relief, the door was unlocked. Not bothering to close the door behind him, he ran towards April’s bedroom, unprepared for what he saw playing out before him.

Becky was laying on the bed, clad only in her bikini panties, her body coiled into the fetal position and her eyes opened wide with fear. Supported by a crutch under his left armpit, Herman Brubaker had a handful of Mrs. Brubaker’s hair and was dragging her off the bed.

Bobby rushed into the room, his closed fist high in the air. Swinging it downward, he hit fat Herman on the back of his neck.

Herman Brubaker released his grip on his wife’s hair and crumpled to the floor, dazed and confused, quivering spastically, his mouth opening and closing like a hungry goldfish. Herman’s breaths were shallow and rapid. He looked at Bobby with questioning eyes.

With the lower half of her naked body still on the bed and her head and torso hanging precariously over the side, April Brubaker’s hands clutched at the bedding, trying to get a good grip so she could get back on the bed.

Bobby glanced briefly at Mr. Brubaker and, deciding he was not a serious risk, rushed to April’s aid. He pulled her upright, helped her turn around and then sat down beside her.

Herman Brubaker spoke in hushed tones, his voice creaking and his body trembling in fear. “You bitch!” he said to his wife. He then gave Becky a scathing look. “You and your mother. . .you disgust me.”

Becky was now sitting beside her mother, her and Bobby both hugging her and caressing her. “Where’s your fucking whore, Daddy,” Becky sneered. “Sucking the jailor’s dick behind your back?”

April Brubaker looked her husband in the eye. “Why are you here, anyway? I already told you that you couldn’t come home no more.”

Bobby kept a wary eye on Herman Brubaker as the fat man struggled to a sitting position, ready to hit him again if he made the wrong move.

“I wanted to see if we could kiss and make up,” Herman said, unsuccessfully trying to look remorseful.

April grunted. “Hmmph. You really think I’m gonna swallow that one?”

“Really, honey,” Herman said. “I’ve went that bitch packing. All she wanted was my money.”

April’s lips curled in disgust. “Well, mister big shot lawyer, figure this one out.” She turned to Bobby and kissed him full on the mouth and pulled back just a bit so Herman could see their tongues in action. Despite the gravity of the situation, Bobby’s cock was getting hard. He began to caress April’s breast.

Mrs. Brubaker broke contact with Bobby and turned back to her husband. “Someone else has taken your place. You’d better come up with a whole damned lot of support money, too. We’re gonna be needing every penny of it when we honeymoon in Tahiti.”

In defense of the activities in this installment I have to tell you that the idea came to me in a dream. In it, a good friend of mine (who sometimes appears in these stories as Julia), was reviewing my writing. She insisted – as if any moron could see – that this just had to be the theme for my next chapter. My wildest fantasies had never considered this activity but who am I to argue with the incredible Julia – not even in my dreams!

Sub, hoagie, hero, grinder, torpedo, po’ boy, wedge: whatever you call a sandwich on a long roll of Italian or French bread usually depends on your region and upbringing. Until recently, I leaned towards “Hero”.

However, once you start involving them in your sex life, you have to give this matter some additional thought. “Jerked off by a 6-inch hero”, “I fucked my sub”, “Getting your cock stuck in a grinder” and “Cumming deep inside a po’boy”, are all open to some serious misinterpretation.

To maintain focus and clarity in this story I think I’ll just be “on a roll”. [groan]

The day after my interesting encounter with Denise, Amy accosted me in my yard:

“Hey Thomas, Denise tells me you agreed to putting us up in the city. That will be awesome!”

“Hey Amy, no worries, it will be fun, I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’m fucking dying for it!” interjected my mannerless cock.

“Oh, I can’t wait. I know you’ll take care of us. Do you want to have lunch with me to work out the details?” she asked.

We agreed that lunch would be nice, that it was my turn to host, no she couldn’t bring anything, and we’d meet in thirty minutes. Twenty-five minutes later I was showered and shaved and waiting like an over-anxious schoolboy.

Amy showed up right on time wearing a simple, blue summer dress and platform sandals that perfectly suited her public personality. Had she dressed for her actual mood, she would have needed considerably more latex and fishnet. She knocked on my kitchen door and stepped inside.

Now my kitchen is one of the least private rooms in the house. Amy’s house overlooks the half-glass door and window, Denise & Co have a more distant angle of the same, the window above the countertop looks over Barbara’s house and yard, and the dining room window makes the kitchen visible from the road and sidewalk.

Amy stepped up to me and give me a big hug and a short peck on my cheek. It was very appropriate for the location although I’m sure some tongues might wag that a pretty married blonde neighbor was spending alone time in the weird outsider’s house on a weekday afternoon.

And, if Denise caught sight of us, she might be very tempted to come over and indulge in some serious tongue wagging herself.

“Call her!” suggested Mr Penis in his usual helpful way.

The lunch plan was quite simple given the supplies and time available: Panera tomato soup, some sharp imported cheddar, freshly sliced local ham and turkey, lettuce, tomato, Hellmann’s (in a squeeze bottle), and two long rolls of Italian bread. I explained this to Amy and she agreed happily. While we chatted I began to heat the soup on the stovetop and lay out the sandwich stuff, cutting boards, and utensils on the counter.

On the other side of the island, Amy started to discus the city trip excitedly. Staying with me would save them so much money. They were insisting on treating me on our Friday night out. It would be so good to see Claire at the baby shower. We were going to have so much fun.

“Talking of fun, I heard that Denise really enjoyed talking you into this.”

By now I just assumed that Amy and Denise told each other everything: “Yes, she was very persuasive. And I was pretty persuadable.”

“Oh yeah? I heard that she practically had to bend over backwards to talk you into it!”

With that we were off and the conversation descended towards the gutter.

“I was so shocked when she suggested it that I had to take it sitting down.”

“I’m sure she made it too hard for you to refuse us.”

The lines would have been corny outside of the context of our plan: take two, test-driven, sex-freak neighbors several hundred miles away from their husbands and families for a long-weekend sleepover with their current favorite man-toy.

“I’ve been wet all morning thinking about it.” said Amy bashfully. With that she stepped back from the counter and slowly adjusted her dress by rotating the waistline, adjusting the bodice, and subtly sliding her hands from her small breasts all the way down to her crotch. She paused there with her eyes closed and pressed the fingertips of her two hands into her groin. I watched transfixed while she caressed herself.

Hidden from the neighbors’ view below window level, she gathered up the hem and slooooowly began to reveal her golden thighs. I’m not quite sure how to explain how her borderline plumpness does not detract from the overall perfection of her smooth, tanned, and hairless legs.

The zenith of her tease revealed her naked pussy. It is one of the more beautiful ones with a long, tight slit surrounded by smooth, plump mounds. Her labia are hidden from sight until opened to reveal proverbial petals. She bunched the dress with one hand and slide her fingers along her bald pussy. Gently she toyed with her slit and her clitoris, occasionally dipping a finger tip inside herself.

With a little shudder she stopped and allowed the dress to fall back into place. As she brought her glistening finger to her lips for a taste I knew I was falling for her dangerously.

“Mmm, mmm, hmm, let me help you with something.” she said.

She stepped around the island and stood close to me. I was slicing the cheese with a sharp knife. She picked up each of the rolls in turn and spread them open along the cutline. With her left hand she took the mayonnaise and with the right she began to caress my ass. She alternated between kneading my buttocks and tracing the line of my ass crack with her fingernail. I halted my cheese slicing, frozen in place. My cock was delightfully hard. She continued to molest me out of sight while she squirted a bead of mayo onto the rolls for all the world to see.

“Mmm, looks like you need some help with the meat!”

She dropped to her knees and pulled down my sweat pants and underwear. I had to arch my back a little to keep my bobbing cock off of the cabinet. She began to kiss my ass cheeks and she reached around for my cock.

The unspoken “rules” we’d established on our first encounter were supposed to set a limit to our activities and I had genuinely intended to not complicate Amy’s life with actual adultery. All of this had come about since her husband Dave’s libido was lost along with his job and the intention was to simply help her with an outlet to her frustrations. I was aiming to avoid actual skin-to-skin sexual contact with her although she had crossed the line somewhat by holding the base of my cock during Denise’s bathroom blowjob at the recent party. In moments of weakness (such as now) I was beginning to resent the “rules”. Perhaps, I wondered, if we just stopped short of actual penetration…

“Perhaps you shut the fuck up and let me fuck her to death!” said my cock unhelpfully.

Amy began to kiss and lick my ass crack. She cupped my big balls with her palm, encircling my shaft with her thumb and index finger. I automatically bent lower and pushed back against her face; the cheese knife tumbled from my hand as her tongue licked and probed me from behind. My cock begged for her to stroke me till I came.

“Please, please, stroke me! Stroke me till I cum!” was how he begged and I kinda had to agree.

But Amy just continued to hold me tightly while she deepened her oral assault on my ass. On and on she continued until, when I felt the tip of her tongue probe my asshole, I felt my stroke-free climax begin to build. Anyone watching at this point would have wondered about my rapturous expression as I bent over the counter to closely contemplate some basic sandwich makings.

Then she backed away from my asshole, released my cock, and reached up for one of the long sandwich rolls.

Her hand gripped my buttock and her thumb pressed against my saliva-slicked asshole. She clamped the bread over my cock. As her little thumb penetrated my anus she began to stroke me with the slippery roll.

“Mmm, mmm, Hellmann’s!” yelled my cock.

With the exhibitionist setting, the excruciating build up, the feel and texture of the improvised “Fleshlight”, plus the anal stimulation, the cum rose quickly through my balls and I began to spurt into the roll and through it onto the cabinet door. Amy immediately slowed her pace and held me firmly till my spasms subsided. Her thumb had been entirely in my ass and when she slowly removed it I twitched like a touretter while the last drops of semen were milked from my cockhead. Finally she de-breaded my shrinking cock, placed the bespoiled roll on the counter, and stood up to plant a swift kiss on my mouth.

“You dirty, dirty boy!” she whispered in my ear, “Go clean yourself up while mommy fixes lunch.”

When I returned from the bathroom all the signs of debauchery were gone and Amy was putting the finishing touches on our sandwiches. The cheese, the sliced meat, the lettuce were layered on the bread rolls but which one had been obscenely abused I could not tell. The soup was ready so I poured two bowls and placed them on the table. She indicated me to sit there, sliced each sandwich in half and arranged them on our plates.

In the unlikely event that you should ever find yourself in this situation, don’t spoil the moment by asking or even worrying about which roll has the special sauce. If Amy intended me to eat my own cum after that little performance, I wasn’t going to object. I took a spoonful of the tomato soup for courage and a brave bite of my sandwich at the same time she did.

“Mmm, mmm, delicious!” she grinned and wiped a small dollop of white stuff (mayo?) from her chin. Mine tasted delicious too.

Our conversation switched seamlessly to the logistics of the upcoming trip and fifteen minutes later she stood to leave. She pressed into me for a swift and reckless kiss near the kitchen door. If her tongue tasted of my ass or my cum I couldn’t detect it. She thanked me for a “delicious lunch” and sashayed off towards her home, her blue dress fluttering breezily as she went.

The scene was set for an epic weekend but, for now, my cock and I dutifully cleaned up the dishes:

“Fucking hell that was insane!” I said.

“My hero!” he intoned.


Author’s Note: This story was co-authored by both AsylumSeeker (parts 1, 3, 5, and portions of 7) and WhiteWave48 (parts 2, 4, 6, and portions of 7).


Dillon, a tall and slender young man of nineteen, parked his white pickup truck in front of Anna’s house and walked to the door. They’d met in a class they both attended at the local community college. On break he’d seen the adorably cute blonde standing in front of a Coke machine searching through her purse for more change. Realizing she had none, the index finger of her right hand pressed the eject button so she could reclaim the coins she’d entered.

He’d reached down into the coin return slot and slipped them back inside, adding his own to meet the purchase price. She’d looked at him and smiled in appreciation. And that had started their relationship, which had been continuing for the better part of six months, with twice-weekly dates and, at times, study sessions, where studying rarely occurred.

He noticed the curtains of the front window shifting aside but couldn’t make out who was looking. But seconds later the front door opened and Anna emerged. The girl looked beautiful in a short denim skirt and a yellow half-top. They’d been getting very sexual over the past month. It was quite clear to Dillon she’d dressed that way to make things easier for when they parked after the movie.

Anna looked so pretty, with her bright yellow hair made up and held in place by two plastic hair clips. Her breasts freely shifted under the thin top, indicating she hadn’t bothered with a bra. His excitement surged and his dormant penis stirred.

“Hi, Dillon!” she warmly greeted him.

He pulled her into his arms. “I’ve missed you,” he told her, and then kissed her succulent lips.

She quickly broke it off. “Not here! My dad can see.”

He walked her to the truck and opened the door. After the movie, which spawned several make-out sessions, they drove up the hill to an overlook. Several other couples had already taken the good spots, so he parked the truck in a thicket of trees that offered no view. But it wasn’t so bad… He had Anna to admire.

“How are you doing in Ms. Patterson’s history class?” she asked.

They both attended the class but at different times. “Fine… Why?”

“Why are we required to memorize all those things?” she asked in exasperation. “It’s not like I’ll remember them!”

“I can help you study if you want,” he offered.

A frustrated expression appeared on her face. “You always say that, but we end up doing anything but studying.”

“I can’t help it that you’re such a beautiful young woman,” Dillon complimented his adorably cute girlfriend. “Can you blame a guy for wanting you?”

Her frown turned into a slight and growing smile. “There’s such a thing as self control, you know.”

His right arm reached around her shoulders and pulled her close. “There’s no such thing when you’re this close.”

She giggled while enjoying the complimentary words. “You’re so bad!”

He made a point of looking down and admiring her bare, shapely legs, flat tummy, and the perky swells beneath the skimpy top. “And you are gorgeous.”

He leaned his face towards her, kissing those sumptuous lips. He breathed in deeply, enjoying the scent of her perfume. After several innocent kisses to warm her up, the tip of his tongue slowly pushed into her mouth. The wet muscles anxiously entwined, triggering sexual arousal in them both. A pleasant warmth returned to her lower belly as his balls began tingling and the soft cock started rising.

Their breathing grew heavier and pulses raced. His left hand reached over, caressing her smooth belly. The tip of his index finger traced along the rim of her cute belly button. When it encountered the gold piercing he smiled to himself. She began moaning into his mouth as their temperatures rose.

His hand moved up under her top and cupped the right mound. It felt so soft and supple as he squeezed the firm swell. Anna’s body eagerly pivoted to her left, making her more available to his advances. The tingling heat in her pussy was intensifying and she could feel the flowing wetness.

When her mouth pulled away they gazed deeply into each other’s eyes. Both were breathless. Dillon noticed the windows were steamed up, providing a veil that hid their intimate touching.

“Undo your pants,” she whispered.

He was only too eager to comply. His penis was fully extended and had been painfully throbbing inside of the small cotton enclosure. She looked down as both his hands pulled the belt loose, popped the button free, and tugged the zipper down. He removed his cock and balls, exposing them to her view.

“Why did you have to be so damned handsome?” she asked rhetorically.

After kicking off the sandals Anna reached beneath her short skirt and pulled the panties down her legs. She playfully hung them from his rear-view mirror, adding, “Isn’t that what guys do? I brought a spare pair tonight.”

After lifting her left leg and draping it over his right thigh, she reached her left arm around his neck and the interrupted kissing resumed. The hand that was formerly on her tit ventured south; the fingers sifted through golden curls before stroking the moistened lips. Her body shuddered as he touched her sex.

Her previously tranquil tongue turned wild, hungrily embracing his and thrusting to the back of his throat. The fingers of Anna’s right hand encircled his engorged shaft, squeezing hard as it pumped up and down. His hips made frantic fucking motions as her pelvis was grinding her pussy against his probing fingers. Juice coated the tips.

“You’re getting messy,” Anna decided.

She reached over, pressed the button of the glove box, and retrieved one of several condoms. After tearing the wrapping between her front teeth she carelessly tossed the packet and rolled the protective layer over his swollen penis.

“I want you so bad,” he whispered.

“This is nice too,” she countered.

“Come on, lay back, there’s plenty of room,” he persisted.

It didn’t take her long to figure out what he really wanted. “I’m not doing that! I’m a virgin.”

“So am I.”

“Except that I plan on remaining one for the time being.” Her voice was beginning to turn angry. “If you can’t handle this, then just take me home.”

Not wanting to be left in his aroused condition, Dillon backed off. “I’m sorry. This is nice too,” he added, using Anna’s own words.

Despite his growing sexual frustration he fingered her clit fast and hard as she stroked his cock. They breathlessly panted as the steam on the windows thickened and perspiration surfaced on their skin. She was writhing wildly as orgasm approached. He wanted so badly to fuck Anna, and lamented his inability to convince her.

Both of her hands reached down and grasped his left wrist. She pulled it tightly against her pussy and thrust her hips forward, smashing her clit beneath his fingertips. Seconds later her luscious body stiffened in climax. Her voice loudly cried out as all of the sexual tension was released. She continued the frantic fucking motions upon his fingers as a flood of essence rushed her innocent canal.

Moments later she heavily sighed. “God, I needed that. It was nice, baby. How come you haven’t cum yet? Usually you’re first.”

“I don’t know.” When he sounded aggravated Anna felt a little guilty for refusing him.

As both her hands resumed squeezing and stroking his cock, she tried explaining her position. “Look, it’s different for a girl than for a guy. Please don’t be like this; it’ll spoil the entire evening for me.”

“Can you try sucking on it?”

She looked at him, saw the hopeful grin, and briefly giggled. Her gaze shifted to the upright, latex-covered cock. “Well, I guess I can try it.”

As Anna moved to a kneeling position on the floor he inched closer to the middle of the bench seat, extricating himself from behind the steering wheel. She looked at his swollen penis apprehensively. She’d never gone down on a guy before and was nervous. But it appeared harmless enough with the condom on.

As her left hand cupped and squeezed his balls, the right gripped the base of his penis. Her mouth hesitantly took in the couple of inches. Her tongue swirled over the bulbous head, feeling the warmth of it through the thin membrane. Her lips tightened around the throbbing hardness and began sliding up and down.

Dillon softly groaned. His hands cradled the back of her head as his hips started slight fucking motions. Even wearing a condom he felt good with her mouth on his cock. Anna’s lips moved down and up, from the sensitized tip to the top of her right hand, sucking hard as she did. His leaking cum began accumulating in the latex reservoir as her sexual attention encouraged its flow.

“Am I doing it right?” she asked.

“You’re doing fine, don’t stop,” he quickly responded.

Encouraged by his assurance, her mouth resumed its erotic activity. Anna’s lips encircled him harder as they slid even faster. She could hear Dillon’s breathing growing heavier and knew he was getting close. His hands drew her head further down as his hips pumped upward. Her tongue swirled around and around as tingling pressure filled his aching balls.

“Oh, yeah… So good,” he moaned aloud as his cum began moving.

In the final seconds he delighted in the wondrous sensations radiating through his crotch.

“Uhhh!” he grunted as his body stiffened.

She felt the initial blast of cum as it struck the tip of the condom. She maintained the stimulation as Dillon continued to ejaculate. Three more times he twitched and groaned, squirting ribbons of semen that quickly filled the rubber. When his hands removed from her head, she pulled away and returned to the seat beside him.

“Was that good?” Anna questioned.

He was all smiles. “Yeah, of course it was. Come here.”

Their lips met in a kiss.

After dropping her off at home Dillon returned to the car. Despite finagling a weak blowjob out of her, his frustration was still building.

Once seated behind the wheel he angrily slammed his hands on the top of the dash. “Damn it! Am I ever going to get laid? Everyone’s doing it these days. What makes her cherry so special, anyway?”


“Frank! Is everything ready?” Jessica called brightly to her husband from where she stood at the front door. She was doing her best to sound relaxed and unworried. “If you like, I can take your bags out to the garage and put them in the car for you,” she suggested.

“No. Leave it,” her husband called from his den further down the hallway. His voice reached her in muffled tones. He must have been looking for something inside a closet.

“Are you sure? It’s getting late and you’ll miss your plane.”

“Like I said, leave it. You know I can’t stand anyone touching my things.” Frank’s voice was closer now, with a distinctly irritable edge.

With familiar dread, she heard his heavy footsteps and the jingle of coins as he made his way toward her, checking the contents of his pockets as he came.

“Thanks for the offer,” he said, “but I can only be sure of things if I do them myself.”

He paused and touched her forehead, planting a little kiss there as he turned to check the hall table.

“Now you won’t forget to feed the dog, will you?” he queried.

Jessica sighed. He’d already asked several times that morning. Of course she wouldn’t forget to feed the dog. Princess, their adopted black chow, would make sure she kept to her daily routine. Jessica was sure the animal was so smart it could read the time on the wall clock.

“And watch out for those kids looking for candy,” Frank reminded her as he patted his pockets again, looking for his keys. “It’s Halloween tomorrow, and you never know who’ll come knocking at our front door.”

“I have candy for them. I’m sure everything will be OK,” sighed Jessica, fishing the keys from beneath his newspaper on the hall table and handing them to him.

“Would you like me to drive?” she suggested, trying to change the subject. “Then you can catch up on the stock market report along the way.”

Forty-five minutes in a confined space with Frank was something to avoid if possible. It was far better to suggest an absorbing activity than to provide another opportunity for close questioning.

“What a good idea,” smiled Frank on his way back to the kitchen for a last mouthful of ice water. He swilled it around in his mouth as if to remove a nasty taste. “But I’ll back the car out of the drive for you,” he called out.

At least she’d said something right. She had no concerns about who backed out of the drive as long as it could be done in a reasonably peaceful manner. She waited near his large travel bag, his carry-on and his lap-top lined up neatly in the hall.

Frank came back toward her, his arms wide in preparation for a big embrace.

“Last real hug before we say good bye,” he said with a smile. “There’s no need to see me off at the airport. Just drop me there and come on home.”

“Oh? Change of plan?”

Jessica usually paid for parking and sat with Frank in the lounge until the last possible minute for boarding. Sometimes they were able to find a coffee shop but recently, with new security arrangements, the final thirty minutes or so before he passed through the barrier had turned into an opportunity for a small inquisition, an unwanted reminder of the written instructions he’d left for her at home.

Frank wrapped his arms round his wife and drew her close. He could feel her breathing into his shoulder and sensed the anxiety in the rise and fall of her breasts against his body.

“Hey! Honey! Nothing to worry about! I’m only going away for two weeks,” he reassured her in soothing tones, stroking her dark curly hair with his broad, warm hand.

Held close in his strong embrace, Jessica was torn between emotions. For some reason she was yet to work out, when he held her like this she loved him so much that it hurt, but she feared him in similar measure when he stood a little further off and she could observe him more dispassionately, noting his anxieties, knowing his need for control.

Even though they’d occupied this house for only three weeks, she began to feel a familiar longing for him to be gone on this business trip, at the same time knowing the loneliness would set in a day or two after his departure. As a young company wife of twenty-eight, with six of those years living in new places with Frank, she was familiar with the plus and minus aspects of this kind of arrangement.

Frank pulled her closer and tucked his thigh between her legs. Jessica could feel his hardening cock pressing just below her hip. She could sense his arousal as he lowered his face to hers, and she could smell his skin – that beautiful natural man scent that had drawn her to him in the first place.

“Come on, Honey. You know I’ll miss you like crazy.” He tilted his head to one side and moved in for a deep kiss, opening his mouth and swallowing her lips.

Against her will, Jessica felt the heat rise in her body, her heart rate responding to his kisses, to the touch of his hand on her cheek, to the ever increasing pressure of his thigh on her pussy. As he moved his hand to a breast and brushed his fingers across the nipple, she knew he’d taken her almost to the point of no return.

Panting, she watched as he stepped back and undid the buttons and zipper on his pants, his hands moving boldly, his fingers deft. He spread his knees and pulled the two sides of the zipper apart.

“No!” she cried out. “You’ll be late!”

“Never!” replied Frank. “Don’t worry. I’ll drive. Just take your panties off and make it easy for me, Hon.”

He was yanking his pants lower over his ass. Wearing briefs today, he found it easy to plunge his hand inside and flip his engorged penis over the top of the elastic. Still at half mast, it fell heavily, a little to one side, and as Jessica wriggled out of her panties she saw it rise to a free-standing hardness. Frank watched her expression of amazement. He knew he had her full attention.

“We’ll make a mess! There’s no time for you to change,” she argued as she undid the buttons on her blouse.

“Let me be the one to worry about that,” Frank reassured her, stroking his length a couple of times, almost to check if it was really there. “Come here,” he commanded.

Frank reached out for her and took her by the wrist. Sliding his other hand beneath her bra strap, he pulled it down her arm forcibly enough to reveal one breast. The nipple popped over the changing shape of the bra cup and he gave it a quick tug.

“Now this is one sexy wife I’m leaving!” he laughed. “Can’t think why I stay with this job.” He leaned down and drew the nipple into his mouth as he exposed the other breast with his hand. “Well,” he said. “Not much time, as you say. We’d better get moving.”

And move he did. Hoisting her little skirt high, he maneuvered his wife into the corner of the hallway behind the frosted glass panes of the front door, bending his knees so that she could balance on his thighs.

Only a few inches taller than she was, he found it easy to lift her up while she clung to his strong neck. Using Frank’s thighs and shoulders for support, Jessica wrapped her legs round him while he busied himself with their physical connection. Frank was strong, and he made the whole thing look like a smooth production in spite of the energy they expended.

Freed of any need to hold his wife’s slim body with his arms, Frank felt into her slit with his fingers. He heard her gasp with desire as he touched her clit and fingered its shaft. Doing it like this so near the front door and so close to a deadline was sure to make her hotter than ever. He knew her anxiety would carry her over the edge in record time.

Taking his hard cock in his hand, he swiped it along her slit, wetting his cock head and the surrounding parts of her entrance in one move.

He glanced at his watch. Countdown! It was time for the ship to dock.

“Say it for me, Hon!” he panted as he teased her opening. “Talk dirty to me! Hurry!”

“What? Now?” Jessica couldn’t believe she was hearing this.

“Say it! You don’t want me to miss that plane!”

“Frank… no! There’s no time.”

“Just say it!” Frank was hissing at her now.

“OK… Must I?”

“Yesss! Hurry!” Frank was holding his cock, stroking it a little and refusing to enter. He teased her clit with his fingers, and withdrew.

Above him Jessica panted, her pussy raging with want; she could smell his skin, hear his ragged breath. Hanging on tight, she felt him swipe his cock along her slit one more time but she wanted him to touch her clit for longer. She wanted him to plunge into her now.

So she said it – or some of it – hoping it would be enough.

“Ram me with your big cock. Baby! Sink it deep.”

“More!” shouted Frank.

“Sink it so deep it gags me! Yes, till I feel it up my throat!”

“Where?” Frank had to have the whole routine.

“No!” Jessica cried out. “I won’t say it, you bastard! Take me like I am or leave it! Miss the goddam plane!”

She felt Frank laugh as he threw back his head, his body trembling with excitement.

How Jessica hated that word he wanted. It was so demeaning in her opinion. But as she felt Frank shove his swollen cock through the gateway to her lava-hot depths, she knew she’d won that round and he was content with her win.

She sank down on him, filled to perfection, feeling him take her weight and lift her with his thrusts. With renewed interest, she began to tighten her pussy muscles, squeezing his length as it slid in and out, and as the heat increased and spread round her loins, she knew she was as close to orgasm as he was.

Frank pumped harder, breathing through his smile.

“Bitch! Whore!” he gasped. “My everlovin’ home-whore! Fuck, I love you!”

Jessica knew his release was imminent. Frank began panting faster with each thrust. She closed her eyes and withdrew into herself, her body rocking with his, the internal heat generated by their union building to explosive proportions, the tension reaching the point where she was holding it in check, drawing her stomach muscles higher and higher, squeezing him tighter, waiting for something to give.

She felt him tense, ready to shoot his cum deep inside her, and in that moment she let herself go with him. The dog barked in the next room as they shouted into the void, their bodies tensing and jerking in a joint climax. Jessica shuddered with the tremors of their combined orgasmic forces.

As he pumped the last of his semen inside her, Jessica went limp, her body slumped against his, her vaginal pulses still lurching in spasms that didn’t seem to want to stop, each one propelling her husband’s slippery penis from her body.

He stepped back and withdrew his slackening member, catching it in his hand to avoid splashing his pants. With practiced hands, Jessica grabbed her pussy to stem the flow of juices as she slid down his thighs to the floor. Frank was already tucking himself back into his briefs and zipping up his trousers as his wife made a dash for the bathroom.

“No time to wash!” Frank called after her as she turned on the faucet. “I like you fresh-fucked!”

He stood by the open door and waited for her, his suit jacket over his arm.


It was late afternoon as Dillon pushed the mower out of the garage. After checking the oil and gas levels, he pulled the starter rope and began mowing the front yard. He looked good in the shorts and t-shirt he was wearing. Realizing he’d soon be sweaty, Dillon pulled the t-shirt off before getting started.

Just minutes later, across the street and two houses down, a woman emerged from her home. As Dillon finished the easterly sweep and turned the mower back to the west, he noticed the lithe older woman. She looked to be around thirty and was likewise wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Only she looked much better in them, he quickly decided. His eyes gawked at the new neighbor, captivated by the alluring sight.

If rumors were to be believed, she’d just moved in from Australia, of all places. Why anybody would move to a bland Southwestern town from such an exotic locale baffled his young mind. But he was rather glad that she had, for it gave him something beyond school to think about, and had already fueled more than one fantasy.

He kept looking with each western swath, admiring her bare slender legs and nice ass, thinking to himself how nice it was to have something to do as he labored. After the chore was done he pushed the mower back inside the garage, closed the door with the push of a button, and returned to the house.

He stepped up to the front window and saw that she was still busy gardening, planting white flowers into the large tubs that lined the front porch. Compelled by his desire for a better view, he quickly walked to his bedroom and retrieved a set of binoculars from his closet shelf. He fully opened the slatted shades and focused in.

“My, oh my,” he whispered to himself as she moved, her front briefly facing him. “What a nice chest you have, and such impressive nipples.”

He zoomed in even more, confident that his lewd peering was going unobserved. She was a very attractive woman, he decided, as she swept several stray strands of dark hair out of her face. Perspiration had formed on her upper brow, making it glisten.

“Who are you?” he wondered aloud.

Dillon felt something on his back and he jumped. “What the hell?”

Mark, his seven-year-old brother, laughed.

“What do you want, punk?” Dillon asked in an aggravated tone.

“Mom said you were going to take me to the store and help me pick out a Halloween costume for tomorrow.”

By the time he refocused his attention on the neighbor, she’d already disappeared. He lowered the binoculars and sighed. “Yeah, I know. Come on, let’s go.”


‘You must cultivate your own garden.’

Jessica kept the words pinned to her fridge with a white camellia magnet. Frank thought they meant ‘keep busy at home while I’m away’, but Jessica knew better.

Ever since she’d first heard this saying, Jessica had taken it to heart in more ways than one. Its philosophy confirmed itself over and over every time she waved Frank into the skies on another business trip, leaving her to spend time with herself – on herself – no questions asked.

As she stepped out of the shower onto the fluffy new tub rug and towelled herself dry, she looked in the bathroom mirror and checked the shape of her breasts, patting her tummy and taking up different admiring poses as she hummed a little tune in anticipation of a few pleasurable hours alone in the new garden.

Although the late October days were already cooling by evening, Jessica knew she could slip into her favorite old shorts and t-shirt and enjoy the warm sunshine for a while. She found the touch of the fabric arousing. The soft, familiar texture against her bare skin made her feel at home in a new place, reminding her of many pleasant times tending her own personal garden of delights no matter where she lived.

As she pulled on the tight shorts, feeling the seam separate her labia and sit comfortably up her ass, she recognized the familiar rush of warmth in her loins and wondered how long she’d last before she needed to take action. Her sensitive nipples were already tingling against the stretch material of her cotton tee, and she knew her excitement was building quickly.

Opening the front door to let Princess out, she stooped to gather up the tray of white petunias she’d bought at the plant nursery on the way home from the airport. The fluffy black chow, excited to be in the front yard, sniffed her way round her favorite shrubs.

The owners of the house had insisted on white as the only color for their garden. But at the time they’d had no idea what a picture their new tenant would make with her tan skin aglow and her shoulder length dark curls blowing lightly in the breeze, stepping through their front door and carrying the young plants, white with bloom, to the large tubs along the porch.

There were four tubs in all so Jessica distributed the tiny individual pots along the row, wiggling her hips as she walked, loving the friction of the thin material of those soft shorts as she placed the flowers in position and then stepped back to admire their potential. In their protected position, they’d be good for at least a month before the weather became too cold.

Apart from the young guy across the way mowing his front lawn, she was in a world of her own as she took up her digging tools and began work on the first tub, bending low over the freshly turned potting mix, all the while intensely aware of the searing heat building between her ass cheeks and along her swelling labia.

Trying to prolong the tension, Jessica was pleased when the sound of the mower stopped and she could finally hear one of her favorite rock songs playing on the radio indoors. As she separated each plant with her fingers and bent over the tub to place it in the soil, she wiggled her ass in time to the music, humming along and enjoying the fall of her breasts and the bounce of her hardening nipples against the stretchy fabric of her t-shirt.

Caught in the moment, she was suddenly aware of the young guy packing up the mower. She sent a secret look in his direction, admiring his naked torso as he prepared to push the machine down the side path. Knowing he was there somehow added to the thrill of the occasion. She felt very naughty indulging in self-pleasure in full view of the street.

Rather self-consciously, Jessica continued her little dance. Each time she moved, the seam of her shorts pulled tighter over her protruding clit, and she began to feel an unavoidable compulsion to brush both nipples with the backs of her hands – to tease them a little, secretly, out there in the front garden.

“Ah!” she thought airily as she felt the burning tingle from the tip of each nipple arrived at her pussy. “I’ll do it with flowers next time.”

The thought made her smile, so she took up two of the young flowering petunias and held them to each breast, rolling each hard nipple beneath the heels of her hands, her body bobbing in time to the music. The action captured her imagination and she began to breathe more heavily.

Quite suddenly, she let out a gasp of embarrassment and dropped the plants. Pretending to pick them up, she ground her wrist against her pussy with an urgency that surprised her. She’d almost gone too far, and in the front garden, too. As if she’d just heard the phone, she made a dash for the front door. The slam could be heard along the street.

Behind the door once more that day, she thrust her fist against her pussy on the outside of her shorts, grinding her knuckle hard against her rigid clit. Her desperate touch produced pulses so strong they brought her to her knees and forced tears from her eyes.


Dillon guided his brother Mark down the sidewalk. While Dillon was dressed in jeans and a dark red t-shirt, Mark was wearing his Spiderman outfit they’d bought the day before. Others were also out trick-or-treating, but the groups were smaller compared to when Dillon was younger. Although Halloween was still a festive time, not as many kids went door to door.

After walking Mark up to a front door, he let his younger brother ring the bell and gather the treats. Once the traditional transaction was completed they approached the next house. Dillon grew a little nervous when he realized it was the house across the street and two down from his own where the cute Australian woman lived.

He’d seen her outside several times gardening, and yesterday he’d homed in on her nipples with his binoculars, but he’d never been up close. He silently wondered if she’d look as pretty in person.

Dillon heard a faint ‘ding-dong’ sound as his brother pressed the illuminated white plastic button. A few moments later the door opened. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but what he saw was quite surprising. The woman’s face was every bit as pretty as he’d thought, and she did have an impressive, shapely body.

The woman was dressed in shorts and a white pullover t-shirt that hugged her sizeable bosom. Dillon’s eyes briefly surveyed the swells of her breasts and immediately noticed the dark circular outlines of her nipples and areolas. Her face was streaked with perspiration, and flecks of what appeared to be insulation of some type clung to the sweaty skin. She was holding a bright red pipe wrench in one hand.

Jessica appeared both surprised and confused upon seeing the two of them standing in her doorway. She didn’t notice the wet spot on the left side of her chest which had rendered it practically transparent. Dillon saw and gazed at the visible front part of a breast, the light brown dimpled areola, and the impressive nipple shaft.

“Trick or treat!” Mark announced while holding out a plastic bag in anticipation.

“Oh my!” she gasped. “Is it that time already?”

Dillon felt embarrassed. “It is a little early yet, but my mom didn’t want the rug rat out too late.” He glanced down the street. “There’s others coming as well.”

“I guess I lost track of time,” she quickly explained. “There’s a leak in the kitchen and…”

He picked up after her voice trailed off. “You picked a perfect time. You can tell them it’s your costume. It’s quite bewitching.”

Jessica smiled and gave a brief laugh, unaware of just how bewitching she looked in her semi-transparent top. “That’s true, I hadn’t thought of that. Have we met?”

He nodded his head from side to side. “Not really, but we’ve seen each other. I live across the street and two houses down. I’ve seen you gardening when I’m mowing the yard.”

She acknowledged him with a nod of her head. “Yes, that must be it. I noticed you… was it yesterday? I’m Jessica, by the way.”

Jessica switched the wrench to her other hand and extended her right hand in greeting. Dillon shook it, noting the softness of her fingers. They briefly looked into each other’s eyes and he immediately liked the woman. There was something about her that struck him the right way.

“Trick or treat!” Mark impatiently repeated.

Jessica momentarily disappeared and returned with a large candy bowl. She bent down and held it out, allowing Mark to select what he wanted.

“One piece, Mark, leave some for the others,” Dillon reminded his younger sibling.

Jessica winked and whispered, “You can take two.”

Mark looked up at Dillon, smiled defiantly, and grabbed two miniature candy bars. “Thank you!”

After straightening up she smiled. “It was nice meeting you, Dillon.”

“Yeah, it was nice meeting you too,” Dillon quickly responded. “Look, I’m not a plumber. It’s just me, my brother, and my mom, so I do most of what needs to be done around the house. I can stop by after Mark is finished and help if you’d like.”

“Yes, I’d like that, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble,” she readily agreed.

Dillon grinned. “I’ll see you shortly.”


As she shut the door Jessica felt weak at the knees, almost like a teenager in love. Making her way back to the kitchen with the wrench, she couldn’t disguise the smile that lifted the corners of her mouth and raised her spirits. What a lovely prospect! A handsome young guy coming into her home!

There was something about that front door, too. She knew that Halloween would bring visitors, but lately it seemed like ‘Open Sesame’ to all kinds of erotic delights, even if many of them were the result of her own imaginings.

“Dillon… Dillon…” she said to herself as she took another sip of the red wine she’d poured earlier to simplify the plumbing problem and lubricate her thoughts. She leaned back on the kitchen counter, forgetting the leak under the sink for a while.

What a hot young guy! She did enjoy looking at guys when Frank wasn’t around, and this one was so young and so delicious, and he’d be here in her house very soon. She could observe him at close quarters – on his knees with his head inside the cabinet, his ass in the air. She could make bright conversation and perhaps try a naughty little innuendo now and then. Frank would be so jealous if he knew. Later in the evening while she watched television with the dog, she’d have real memories to fuel the fires of her imagination and heat her pussy for a nice little session with herself.

In spite of her love-hate relationship with Frank, Jessica had never had an affair with anyone else, preferring to stay safe from his questioning and merely observe sexy men, constructing romances about them in her mind. Even with her husband at home in the house, she could indulge in this activity. All she had to do was shut her eyes to bring on the man of the moment. Frank just thought she was acting dreamy and happy.

“So, his name is Dillon,” she said to herself, busily setting up a new fantasy in her mind. “Young spunk plumber investigates…” Already she could see the movie review, its heading in large print. “Investigates her plumbing, more like it,” Jessica laughed, but her chest swelled with pleasure at the imagined conquest.

Looking down as she thrust out her breasts, she realized why Dillon had been ogling them. The wet side of her t-shirt was almost transparent and clinging to her erect nipple. If only she’d known at the time! Clearly she’d missed an opportunity for an erotic experience. Groaning aloud with disappointment, she was tempted to add to the effect and wet the other side too, but she knew this would look like a try-hard effort, a sure recipe for disaster.

She looked at her watch. If she was quick, she could get herself through the shower and into some fresh clothes, ready for her young helper when he arrived. She could let him through her front door and into her arms as he dropped his tool kit in uncontrollable lust, taking her luscious body in his embrace and raining kisses upon her… her…

She couldn’t finish the idea. The mere thought made her breathless. Kisses. She missed those.

The trouble with Frank was simple. He was sexy and good for a hard fuck, but he was not in the least romantic. His games of control often left her weak and helpless, frustrated by his need for power, and unfulfilled by his lack of empathy. He even retained control over the mail, not allowing her to open any of it until he returned.

The mail! There was something there she needed to examine…

Buoyed by the promise of having a young guy in her house for the evening, she turned her attention to the small pile of mail she knew was building on the desk in Frank’s den.

One of those letters had bothered her for days and Frank hadn’t opened it, even though he’d been home at the time. The letter remained in a prominent place on the desk, and Jessica had been watching it with interest, especially since her husband’s departure.

It was from a hotel in a place nowhere near any of Frank’s destinations, so it had to arouse her curiosity. Not for the first time did the thought of him having an affair cross her mind. With this letter in the house, she felt she was close to holding the proof in her hands. Perhaps he’d even left it for her to find.

“What the heck!” she exclaimed, still caught up in a frivolous mood. “If he’s up to something and he’s left it all there in that envelope, then I’m anybody’s!” And she walked toward the den, full of reckless bravado, her heart beating fast as she confronted the unknown.

Fifteen minutes later she was shedding her last tear in the shower. As warm water poured over her head, she said goodbye to the sham that had been her marriage, and opened her mind to a new life – without Frank.

After she’d dried herself on a fluffy towel and was bending over to submit her wet hair to the heat of the dryer, she felt the blood rush behind her eyes, increasing the heady feeling already there from the wine and the hot shower. Breathing hard, she knew that having a good cry was one way to eliminate all feelings of regret. As she moved into an upright position with her hair still over her face, the feeling of release was almost orgasmic.

With her hair newly dried and full of bounce and her mood light once more, she walked naked into the kitchen to find clean panties, shorts and a t-shirt among the clothes folded in the laundry basket. She paused on the way and took another sip of wine from the glass on the counter.

Just as she was stepping into her shorts, the doorbell rang.

Grabbing the t-shirt, she made her way toward the front door. There she stopped.

She was sure her unsuspecting young neighbor was on the other side, just feet away, so close to where she stood in the hallway, semi-naked and ready for him. Jessica realized how excited she was, her bare breasts rising and falling with each breath. The hall light was on so she guessed he’d be able to see her blurred figure through the frosted glass and notice her naked skin – even the darker shapes of her nipples.

The doorbell sounded again and Jessica jumped at the ‘ding-dong’ so close to her ear. Quickly she pulled the t-shirt over her head and thrust her arms through the sleeves. She was still tugging it down as she opened the door.


Dillon had been nervous and feeling a little shaky as he crossed the quiet street and walked two houses down. The younger trick-or-treaters were mostly gone, replaced by an older crowd of teenagers flocking from door to door in clusters, many of them not even dressed up for the holiday. He’d noticed Jessica had turned off the outside light, a recognized if oft-ignored sign that she was no longer handing out candy.

He’d taken a deep breath before pushing the doorbell and then he’d waited, worried that perhaps she wasn’t home. He tried again and the door opened a few moments later.

A few weeks ago T came home from work and mentioned that one of the people where she works had posted a cabin for rent notice and would I be interested in getting away for a weekend sometime? We checked into it and found the price reasonable and the drive not too far so we booked it for a weekend.

The owners had told us that it was quite remote, and there was only one neighbor who was an old man that lived by himself. They also told us that he was somewhat of a busy body who kept coming around and telling them what to do and how to fix things in their cabin. We all thought he must just be lonely and needed someone to talk to but that he was harmless in every other way.

We managed to sneak out of work a couple of hours early and beat the rush hour traffic out of town so when we arrived at the cabin it was still mid afternoon. The day was still quite pleasant so we quickly changed clothes and went down to splash around in the lake a bit.

While we were in the lake we noticed the neighbor was watching us and what we were doing. When I went up to the cabin to grab a couple more bottles of beer I waved at him and he just turned and went inside his place. I brought the beer back to T and while we sat on the dock I teased her and as usual started to pull on her swimsuit ties and soon the halter top of her suit was hanging around her neck, but untied at her back.

We finished our beer and splashed some more in the water as I kept pulling her top aside and showing off her tits. She finally said “what if the old guy sees me?” to which I replied “maybe I want him to see!” She finally said if that was what I wanted she’d need more alcohol so I made another trip to the cabin for beer.

We spent the next hour or so sitting on the dock and splashing in the water while I kept exposing and pulling at her tits. Finally I just pulled her top over her head and tossed it on the dock. T made no effort to cover up and we spent the next half hour or so with her breasts completely bared.

Even though I couldn’t see him I was certain that the old man next door was spying on us and he would have had plenty of opportunity to look at T sitting on the dock with her tits in full view as she faced towards his cabin.

About that time it was starting to cloud up and cool off a bit so we grabbed our stuff and headed back to the cabin. I dared T to walk back topless and she tossed her top at me and took off at a jog back to the cabin door. I was hoping that the neighbor would get a good long look at her tits bouncing while she jogged back to the door.

Soon it started to rain so we got a fire going in the fireplace, made some dinner with a couple glasses of wine and after a shower moved into the bedroom. The bedroom was on the side of the cabin facing the neighbor, so our window was only about 50 feet away from his cabin. I had the lights on and the curtain open as T came into the bedroom after her shower. I was hoping that the old man would be able to look across and get some kind of a show.

T asked me for a back rub and after I had oiled her up and rubbed most of the kinks out of her back and shoulders I reached over and grabbed her vibrator. We call in “The Torpedo” since it’s waterproof and we often use it in the hot tub. It’s about 9 inches and bright pink with multiple settings so it’s easy to find a setting to fit whatever she’s wanting.

T was still on her stomach and was squirming a bit as the vibrator did it’s job in arousing her while I worked out the last knot in her shoulders. I was just about finished when I happened to catch a glimpse of movement outside our window.

By now it was dark and the rain had mostly stopped so it was difficult to see outside but I could just see the light reflecting off the old neighbors glasses as he stood about 15 feet away from the window. Of course he had no trouble seeing in as we had the lights on and the curtains open.

I asked T to roll over and as I oiled her tits and her shaved pussy I told her that we had company. She stopped for a moment and then I explained that he was outside, just barely visible, and that I was hoping that we could put on a show for him. I could see her thinking it over and finally she said that as long as he doesn’t come inside it would be fun.

I spent the next 10-15 minutes rubbing the oil on her tits, stomach and pussy with one hand as I worked the vibrator with the other. I think that was about all she could handle as she gave me that little push that means get down there and lick me to an orgasm. As I slid down her body I quickly looked out the window and could see that our neighbor was still watching.

T loves it when I lick her pussy and clit while at the same time I keep working the vibrator in and out of her pussy. I clicked the button to turn it up on high and started to pound the Torpedo in and out of her pussy while I licked her clit and pulled her tits with my other hand. This never takes long and in less than a minute she grabbed my head and held it tight as she had a orgasm that was the longest and hardest that she has had in many months.

When she was finished and the vibrator was shut off and removed she just laid on the bed for a few more minutes. She was of course naked and with her legs spread open, and her pussy spread from the large vibrator I’m sure the neighbor was getting the best look at her naked body that anyone could have who wasn’t in the room with us. I rolled her on her side facing the window for a couple more minutes as I snuggled up to her ass and played with her tits.

She asked what would I like and I couldn’t decide between letting the old man watch her give me a blow job or would it be better for her to get on top and ride me so that she would still be totally exposed to his view.

I gave her the option and I was somewhat surprised that she chose to get on top and straddle me. I slide up in bed a bit and as I moved I once again caught the light shining off his glasses, he was still outside watching us. T got on top and kneeled over me and with one quick move sat down on my cock completely.

I adjusted our positions a bit so that she was about a three quarter view to the window. I didn’t want to make it too obvious, but I wanted to make certain that he would get the best view of T’s nude body possible.

I love to pull on T’s tits while she’s on top and as usual I grab her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and as she moves up and down I pull them side to side, up and down and straight out. I had pinched and pulled them every way that I could and finally I couldn’t hold out any longer.

I pulled her down onto my cock by pulling down hard on her nipples as I shot my load into her shaved pussy. After a few moments I let go of her tits and she smiled and asked if I had enjoyed that. The obvious answer was yes, and I asked her if she liked being watched and she said as long as I enjoyed it that was the most important. As she was getting ready to get off me I teased her and asked her to look out the window and wave at the old man.

I was a bit surprised when she fully turned to the window and waved and then as she slide off of me and stood by the bed she was still facing the window and said “there he goes” as she could see him turn around and leave.

We hopped into the shower together and as we washed each other I asked her if she was ready for more fun tomorrow and asked if would she like to tease the old man some more. Her reply was that she’ll be ready for whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t expect her to fuck or suck the guy.

We’ll have to see how the rest of the weekend goes. Maybe we’ll need to come back and rent the cabin again this summer.

Copyright © 2012 Lux Zakari

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, and actual events, locales, or organizations is entirely coincidental.


* * * *

Cosmic Charlie

“Hey, Nick.” I said as I stood in the doorway. Nick looked like I had woken him up or, more likely, I had woken up his parents’ dog and the dog had woken him up. “I told your Dad I’d bring his drill back before he came home on his lunch break. When’d you get home?”

“Uh . . . yesterday. Sorry, man, come in. Its so fucking cold outside.” I walked into his parents’ living room. I had bought the house next door seven years ago when I was 22. I’m only ten years older than Nick, so while he was growing up I was sort of the cool young uncle or older cousin next door. His dad travelled for work a lot back then, so I would take him to college basketball games and things like that. I’m sort of embarrassed to admit it, but for the last few years he was one of my best friends. When he was younger, there was nothing sexual or unsavory about it, but the man who stood before me now was quite a stud.

He came back into the living room with a cup of coffee for me. He was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants and a darker gray v-neck sweatshirt. His short brown hair was messed up from sleeping. Even though his clothes were loose, I could see that he had gained a lot of muscle mass since he left for college.

Nick shivered. “I’m not used to the cold since I moved to SoCal. Its been fun though. I’ve met a lot of cool people.” He paused and then suddenly remembered that he hadn’t emailed me since he left. “I miss a lot of cool people too. Sorry, I didn’t email you.”

“Hey, its ok. I didn’t email you either.” Nick had moved to Southern California for college on a baseball scholarship. We’d lost touch after that. For the next twenty minutes we talked about how great college life was for Nick. It reminded me of when I was nineteen, when the whole world was in my hands and I had no mortgage or bills to worry about. As Nick talked about classes and football games and everything else, I was enjoying living vicariously through his memories.

“Hey, Sean.” Nick said after the conversation had died down, “You got any weed?”

“Of course. You wanna come over later?”

“Yeah, the Syracuse game comes on at six. Can I come over to watch it?”

“See ya then.” I said and then walked back over to my place.


I spent the next few hours doing work in my home office. I was midlevel management at a titling company I had worked for since high-school. I’d recently been allowed to work from home two days a week, which helped to cut down on the tedious monotony of my boring but lucrative job. My one saving grace was the local gym. I worked out obsessively to keep my body fit and toned. While I didn’t want have huge amounts of muscle – I wasn’t going for the muscle man look – my body fat was low. I was toned and strong and my body showed it.

After work I hit the gym and then the grocery store to get a six pack of beer and some food for the game. Nick wasn’t legal, but no one would ever know if as long as he didn’t blab about it. I wasn’t sure his parents would care if I gave him a beer or two anyway. I got home and stuck the beer in the mini-fridge that I kept in my basement TV room. I jumped in the shower to clean up and then waited around for Nick.

Nick came over promptly at six and made a beeline to the TV in the basement. “You want a beer?” I asked.

“You serious?”

“Yeah, don’t tell your dad. The pot is upstairs, by the way. There should be enough to keep you mellow during the two weeks with your parents.”

“Thanks.” he said. Then he laughed out loud. “I’m all surprised that you’re giving me a beer, when you’ve been supplying me with illegal drugs since I was sixteen.”

“You’re not turning into a pothead are you?” I asked during the commercial after the opening tip-off.

“Nah, I hardly ever smoke anymore. I can’t with baseball and everything.”

“Baseball practice is really doing wonders for your body Nick.” I said. Was I crossing the line saying this? Am I allowed to compliment his body? I didn’t want to make Nick feel uncomfortable.

“I know,” He said with a big fucking grin on his face. He took a swig of his beer then said, “You’re looking good too. I hope to fuck I have a body like yours when I turn thirty.”

“Fuck you, I’m not thirty yet.” I said and tossed a box of kleenex at him.

“Close enough.” he said, “So, how are things here? Been doing a lot of heavy drilling?”

Nick figured out that I’m gay when he was in high school by observing the company that I brought home on the weekends. It never seemed to bother him at all, and it didn’t really change his relationship with me.

I laughed at his double entendre and said, “Some. Not as much as I used to, I’m slowing down a little. What about you, you keeping those legendary California girls happy?”

“One or two,” Nick said and took another big swig of his beer. “Actually . . .” he hesitated, “I’ve been fucking around a lot with guys since I got to college.”

“No shit?!” I said. I was stunned. I didn’t really know what to say. I just sort of looked at him and my mind went blank. I wanted to say the right thing. If I was the first person Nick came out to, I wanted to say the right thing.

“I’m not sure that I’m gay,” he added. “I don’t know if I want to date guys, but I’m pretty into having sex with them.”

“Well, you’ve got a lot of time to figure it out. Keep having fun and everything else will make sense eventually.”

“Its funny, Sean. When I was in high school I used to tell you about my dates and you’d tell me about yours. You made me feel like such a man when you did that. Since I moved to SoCal, every time I banged a guy, I would think, ‘Man, Sean would love to hear about this.’”

My dick was stirring in my shorts. “Yeah, like what?”

“Dude, like, I drive to West Hollywood and go to a club. All these dudes are swarming around me because I’m young and new and everything.” He was talking real fast now. “I always get my pick of the crowd. When I tell them that I play college baseball, they go stupid for me. This one guy took me back to his place and told me that all he wanted to do was hump my leg while I jerked off on his face.”

“Did you do it.”

“Of course, I wanted to get off. He never even took his dick out of his boxers. He just crushed it into my calves and humped me like a fucking dog. He ate all my cum and then wanted to leave. It was kind of hot, I guess.”

“It sounds hot to me. No regular guys though?” My cock was rock hard in my pants. I kept shifting around in my chair, hoping he would tell me more.

“No regulars. Its hard. I need to keep up my reputation.” He needs his teammates to think he’s straight, I thought.

There was a long pause as Nick finished his beer. “Sean, I didn’t come over here for weed or to watch Syracuse school Bucknell. I came over here to fuck. I’ve been dreaming about you since I sucked my first dick in September. You wanna screw around?”

“Uh . . .” I looked at him sitting there. Nineteen, built like a brick shit house, beer bottle in hand, rubbing his package through his jeans. I would never get this chance again, “Yeah. Yeah, I want to.”

There was another long pause. We looked at each other for a moment then both turned away. We were good friends, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to take advantage of his trust. He had to make the first move. “I’m not sure how we’re supposed to start.”

He reached over and grabbed my crotch. “Lets start here. You’ve got a nice dick don’t you.” He kneaded my dick through my pants. I groaned and started to push my crotch into his hand. I grabbed his hand and massaged it while he massaged my pole. His hand was strong and muscular. Then I reached over to grab at his meat. but instead of a growing cock, my hand found something solid and hard in his jeans. I looked at him with a sort of stupid look on my face. This was a new twist to me, and I didn’t know what was going on.

“Hang on.” Nick said. He got up and pulled off his shirt. Then he dropped his pants. He stood in front of me wearing white athletics socks and a jockstrap with a cup. My jaw fell open. He grinned and did his best to strike a sexy pose. “I dug around a little on your computer while I was watching your dog last summer. You’re into stuff like this, aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah!” I exclaimed.

“I’ve been wearing this jock during practice since September just for you. Merry Christmas.” I slid out of my chair and started to walk on my knees toward him. “Come and get it, Sean,” he called.

I pushed my face into his crotch. My nose crushed against the hard plastic of the cup as I stuck out my tongue to lick the material stretched over it. The jock tasted salty. I inhaled deeply through my nose. I could smell sweat, body odor – Nick’s manly, masculine smell. I kept licking and smelling the cup and jock, moving my face around the mound that sat in Nick’s crotch. As I did, Nick worked his hands through my hair, massaging my scalp and neck.

I moved to the side of the cup where it met his leg. I could smell his clean skin and his dirty, sexy crotch all at once. I stuck out my tongue and pushed it under the side of the cup, trying to get a taste of his balls. Nick pulled back, “Not yet,” he said.

He used his hands to pull me onto my feet and started to take my clothes off. He started with my shirt and then unzipped my pants. I kicked off my shoes and he pulled my pants off. He paused and looked at my boxer-briefs. “You’re a leaker, huh?” he commented as he fondled the wet spot on my underwear.

“Not usually.” I said. It was a lie of omission. I had never produced precum before in my life. Nick had me hotter than I’d ever been before.

He slipped off my underwear and grabbed my dick. His hand was hot and strong. He slowly jerked me. Milking the precum out of my dick. He scooped it up and brought it to his mouth.

He tasted it for a few seconds than leaned forward and kissed me. His arms wrapped around me as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He gave me a real hug, bringing my whole body into his and squeezing me while we kissed. His mouth still tasted a little salty from the precum. He leaned into me and I fell backward onto the couch.

As my body fell into the couch, Nick placed his hands on my chest and started to rub my pecs. He kissed my nipples and sucked on them, moaning and cooing softly as he did. I could feel the hard plastic of his protective cup rubbing against my leg. I looked downward at his muscular ass, which was neatly divided into triangles by the straps from his jock. I imagined all the things I would do with that ass while Nick tongue washed my abs.

I was dreaming about eating out Nick’s ass when he took my cock into his mouth. His mouth was warm and wet, and his tongue circled around my cock head.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned. Nick was holding my hands as he sucked my dick, slowly squeezing them. He looked up at me, his brown eyes shining, and asked me if I liked it, if he was doing a good job. He was trying to please me, to make me proud of him.

“You’re doing amazing Nick. This is amazing.” I looked into his eyes and could see at the same time the kid that was living next door when I first moved in and the smoldering hot man he had become. I used to fantasize about what his dad must have looked like when he was younger, and I now realized that the stud before me was the object of that fantasy: a younger, stronger, sexier version of his old man.

Nick was moving his face up and down my shaft. I removed my hands from his grasp and put them on his head, pushing his face lower. “Lick my balls Nick,” He went for them, rolling my eggs around with his tongue. Shivers shot through my body as he sucked on my sac. After a minute or two of that, he moved back to my cock. I could have used more work on the balls, but if the boy was cock hungry, I was more than happy to let him worship my cock. He sucked and licked me with a renewed vigor. I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I leaned forward and gripped him under his arms, pulling him up to his feet.

“Sit on my face. I want to eat your ass.”

Nick crawled up on to the couch and squatted, bringing his muscled ass down onto my face. His cock and balls were still contained by his cup and his asshole was framed by the straps from his jock. Just before his ass met my mouth I saw his tight rosebud winking at me. I then stuck out my tongue and licked from the pouch of his jock, up over his asshole, all the way to the top of his ass. The sweaty residue of the day filled my nostrils and mouth. I moved back down to his hole and rimmed him with all the energy I could muster.

Nick pulled the cup out of his jock and threw it on the couch next to me, giving him free access to his cock. His groans, normally low and husky, were getting higher as I licked his boy pussy. “I fucking love this, Sean. Eat my cunt.” He pushed down against me, burying my face deeper in his crack. My whole world at this point was his ass on my face. It was all I could see, feel, smell, and taste. “Shove your tongue in there, man.” I darted my tongue inside his hole. “Oh yes, fuck my cunt with your tongue.”

I continued to eat his ass and smell his sweat. I pistoned my tongue in and out of his asshole, pausing every so often to take care of his ass lips and the surrounding skin. Nick continued to grind his ass into my face. Suddenly he stood up and turned around. His nine-inch cock jutted out from his groin, bouncing up and down with his heartbeat. He sat down in my lap. My cock slipped into his wet ass crack. His cock stood straight up in front of him, only inches from my mouth. Only a nineteen year old can get hard like that, I thought. He grabbed my hand and brought it back to his asshole. “Play with my hole, Sean.”

I started to toy with his muscle-cunt, moving my finger around it and occasionally threatening to push in. Nick grabbed the discarded nut-cup and put it over my face. My eyes went wide and I breathed in through my nose. The smell of sweat, piss, precum, and Nick filled my nose. “There’s three months of ball sweat in there. This piece of plastic was stuck against my dick and balls for hours each day, just for you.”

My tongue shot out and I started to lick at the plastic while continuing to breath deeply through my nose. I was completely out of control, lapping at the cup like a dog. This was heaven. Screw general anesthesia, a few hits of this kids dick sweat and you could pull out both my kidneys without me noticing.

Nick leaned in and moved his mouth to my ear. His tongue shot out and licked my earlobe. “I did this for you,” he whispered into my ear. “I wanted to make you happy. Are you happy? Do you love my Christmas present?” I nodded and took a deep breath. I closed my eyes and groaned loudly.

“This isn’t the real present. I have another present for you Sean, something else I’ve been saving for three months.” he whispered, “I’ve never been fucked. I want you to be the first one to fuck me. I love you man, I want it to be you.”

Was this for real? Jesus, he had planned this whole thing. Coming over for the game wearing the cup. It was all a set up, and it was the best gift I’ve ever been given.

He pulled the cup away from my face and looked into my eyes. “You wanna do it? You wanna pop my cherry?”

“Yes,” I hissed, then hesitated, “If you’re ready Nick, I don’t want to do this if you’re not ready.”

“I’m ready, are you?” He rubbed his ass against my dick.

“If I fuck you now I’m going to shot my load in seconds. I need a break.”

Nick slid his ass down my legs and pulled my cock up against his. He hawked a huge wad of spit into his hand then wrapped it around both of our dicks. The pressure of his grip drove his dick into mine. His cock was rock solid and felt hot against my dick- the glories of youth. Instead of stroking us, he started to fuck his cock into his hand and against my dick. His precum was drooling onto the head of my dick and down onto my stomach as his dick slid up and down my shaft.

“I’m gonna cum all over your chest, Sean.” he said, just before throwing his head back and groaning loudly. His body convulsed as he came. His load shot all the way up to my face and fell across my nose and lips. I stuck my tongue out and took in some of his cum. As the salty flavor of his baby-batter hit my taste buds, my own orgasm took over. I bucked my hips up and down as I started to shoot my own load. Nick was still shooting, and our cum intermingled on my chest and stomach.

After his orgasm subsided, Nick slid off my body and crawled between my legs. He started to lick up the cum from my stomach. He chased the cum around with his tongue through the short dark hair that covered my abs. I closed my eyes and my body completely relaxed. Nick kept lapping up the cum and eating it. He crawled up my body, eating the cum off of my chest and then my face. His tongue moved over my lips and then my nose searching for the last drops. When he finished he rolled onto the couch next to me and sighed loudly.

“Fuck man, you’re a good lay.”

“Better than the young studs in SoCal?”

“Way better. Its better when you love the person.”

“I love you too Nick.”

There was no need for either of us to explain what we meant. Our love was not romantic, but brotherly and erotic. Nick had routinely told me “I love you, man.” in a casual and half-joking way, usually jabbing me in the ribs when he did, since he was sixteen. This was the first time I had ever said it back.

“Half time, stud.” he called out, “Let’s get some food and check in on the game.”


We ran upstairs and got some food. I was still naked and Nick was still in his jock. Thank god the blinds are closed. “Your parents aren’t going to come looking for you, are they?”

“I told them I was watching the game with you.” he replied. We went back downstairs and watched the game while we ate. Nick had the mistaken view that Syracuse would win the whole tournament this year. I told him that it was too early to tell. Nick has always loved to call the entire season sometimes before it even started. It was a trait he got from his dad.

Our back and forth continued with some talk about his baseball team and whether he was getting along with the other players. Baseball has been Nick’s whole life for as long as I’ve known him. He said that he was settling in with the new team, but some of the older guys were giving him shit.

“You’re the bottom of the pole now. You were a star in high school, but you’re going to need to re-earn that respect. It’ll get better when they see you play in the spring.” I told him in my best big brother voice.

He nodded back, then said, “Speaking of bottoms and poles. You ready to fuck me?”

“You’re sure you want to do this?” I asked.

Nick slipped on to the floor and started to mockingly kiss my feet. “Please fuck me! Please fuck me!” He rolled onto his back laughing. “You’re the one who’s taking my virgin ass, Sean. You can either do me willingly or I’ll tie you down and take advantage of you.”

“Yeah right,” I laughed, “You might be a big baseball stud now, but you couldn’t pin me.”

Nick jumped off of the floor and on top of me in a flash. He held my arms against the couch trying to pin me down. I arched my back and threw him onto the floor. I jumped down onto his body and tried to pin him down. As I grabbed his arms and pushed down, he pushed back. Fuck, I thought, he’s a lot stronger than me. He wrapped his legs around my thighs and flipped me over onto my back. Again he pinned my hands over my head. He moved in and kissed me while rubbing his hard, jockstrap covered dick into my crotch.

“Who’s the stud, now?” He was vulnerable. I could have broken his hold if had wanted to, but I didn’t want to.

“You’re the stud, Nick.”

He pushed his cock into my crotch again. My dick was hard. “Looks like you’re ready.”

“Sit on the couch.” I said, “I want to suck your dick first.”

I stop at my neighbor’s house to return a book I had borrowed from her. I knock, but no one answers. So I pull out my key and opened the door. I have known Alice for years. My intentions are to just drop off the book and leave, but I hear a sound coming from inside and I feel obligated to check it out.

I sit the book on the table and proceed inside. The closer I get to the noise the more curious I get. I near the bathroom and see that it is open a little and inside is Alice. I turn and start to walk back the way I came in. Then the door opens and out walks Alice, naked and dripping wet. I am not prepared to see her that way and neither is she. We both jump.

Alice is quick to recover though. “Oh, Ryan, it’s just you.”

Unbelievably, she makes no attempt to cover her naked, toned body. She hasn’t turned away from me and she doesn’t attempt to cover her breasts or pussy. My eyes wonder across her body. Her pussy is shaved and her breasts were just barely big enough to fit in a bra. And talk about some pretty, pink nipples. My cock is instantly up and pushing at my jeans.

After a few moments of silence, I finally find the voice to speak.”Alice I’m sorry I came in like this. I didn’t know you’d be naked.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it Ryan. School let early so it’s not like you expected to see me here.”

Alice is a second grade teacher and she is right I didn’t expect to see her here, at least not naked. “Well I should have just waited to drop the book off,” I counter trying to take the blame from her.

Alice giggles and says, “I didn’t hear you knock. Besides I don’t make it a habit of answering the door stark naked.

I laugh and say, “That’s probably a good habit. It would be odd seeing someone answering the door in the nude.”

Again she giggles. Then she says, “I got something for you to see, right up your alley.”

She walks past me, not making any attempt to cover up. I follow her to the study and she searches for a book. She bends over to look at the bottom shelf. Her legs are spread enough to give me a good view of her pretty pussy. Again my cock threatens to rip free from my pants.

She doesn’t find the book on the lower shelf so she searches elsewhere. Finally, she looks up to see it on a higher shelf. Softly she says, “Well there it is. Ryan, can you give me a boost up?”

I glance up to where she is looking and I realize I can easily just get it myself. I don’t even try. Instead, I stand behind her, placing my hands on her slim waist and lifting her nude body up. Her ass crack wraps around my hard cock as it strains in my jeans.

She pulls the book from the shelf, but I don’t immediately set her down. I hold her ass against my cock for a few seconds longer. I then let her slide down against me, back to the floor. As her feet touch the floor, my hands move up to brush against the curves of her breasts. Unconsciously, my hands reach further around and lightly touch her nipples. She doesn’t pull away, but I do.

Alice turns around toward me with the book in her hands, but she doesn’t hand it to me. Instead, she takes it to the desk and lays it down. She pulls out the chair, looks at me and says, “Ryan, will you sit here for a minute? I want to show you something.”

I sit down as she moves up beside me, seemingly oblivious to her nakedness. Unconsciously, my arm reaches out and my hand settles on her back. She doesn’t move away, instead she steps between my legs and sits on my lap.

She opens the large book, showing me a few things in it and telling me about what she had read from it, but I am not really listening. With my hand on her back, my other hand finds her stomach. My hand slips from her back to her ass and my other cups her breast. She is still talking as I find the nipple with my fingers. I massage her breast and nipple and then reach up to do the same with the other.

At some point she stops talking. She isn’t saying a word and neither am I. Her back is now resting against my chest. Both of my hands are cupping her tender breasts. My hard cock is pressed firmly against her ass and back. Silence falls over us and finally I give in. I reach down to cup her naked pussy. It is warm and soft.

I massage her pussy gently. I can’t believe that I’m doing this with my neighbor. With one hand on her pussy and the other on her breast, my hands grow more insistent. They are squeezing and pulling. My fingers begin searching for her clit and entrance. I use both hands to spread her puffy pussy lips apart and I find her clit.

I start to tease her clit, hardening it and Alice squirms in my lap, giving me a soft moan. Her head leans back against my chest and I drive my finger into her pussy. She arched back and moaned again. I plunged it deeper before pulling it out suddenly moving my hands away. With them resting on her stomach I whispered into her ear, “Alice, I better stop.”

Hastily Alice says, “No! I don’t want to. I want you to touch me. I’ve wanted it since you moved in next door.”

I am taken aback by the confession. I search for the right words to say even though my hard cock, pressing against her lithe naked body and my mind is screaming for me to just take her. “But this could get us in trouble and besides that I’m married.”

“I don’t care,” she protests. “I want you to touch me. I want you to have me.” She twists in my lap until she is sitting sideways. She looks at me with innocent eyes and whispers softly, “Ryan, will you kiss me?”

I look into her pleading eyes. I see her partly open mouth and her puffy lips. How can I resist? She lifts her head and I lean toward her. My lips gently touch hers and push forward to meet with sweet passion. Our tongues dance. Alice reaches for the bottom of my shirt and breaks to lift it over my head.

Again she twists in my lap to face me. Her arms reach around my neck and mine go around her back. I pull her close. Her naked chest presses against mine and again our lips touch and our mouths lock deeply.

I reached to pull her arms from my neck and I push her back against the desk. She catches herself with her arms. I reach behind Alice and push the book aside. I put my hands under her armpits and lift her on the desk between my legs. She leans back on her arms and I lean forward. My mouth closes around an erect nipple. It stiffens in my mouth as my tongue teases it and my mouth sucks. My mouth soon finds the other nipple.

Alice moans and arches her back, thrusting her breasts tightly against my mouth. “Oh, Ryan, that feels good.”

I move up to capture her lips in another passionate kiss. Again out tongues dance around each other until we can hardly catch out breaths. I move away from her tender lips. I move lower down her soft body, kissing and licking my way down. I find her bellybutton and I tickle and tease her with my tongue.

My mouth moves lower and I kiss her puffy pussy lips. They stiffen in excitement. My lips seek the crevasses between her thighs and the lips of her pussy. I kiss and lick as my fingers spread her pussy lips apart. Her clit lies exposed and inviting. I lick at her clit and her hips begin to buck. I attack her clit with more zest. My lips begin making slow circle around the now fully hardened clit. I tug and tease it. Alice moans softly and them moans again louder. Her hips are quivering.

“Oh god Ryan,” she moans heavily. “You’re driving me crazy.”

I spread her pussy lips as Alice raises her legs and spread them wider. I teasingly touch the pink of her entrance with my tongue. It tastes sweet and wonderful. I don’t know what she showered with, but it is amazing. I explore deeper with my tongue, circling around her opening. I cup my tongue to make it stiff and I plunge deeper into her pussy. Alice’s hips buck again to meet each thrust of my tongue. She is moaning and cooing.

I take my tongue out of her pussy and sit up in the chair. I reach for her lips and we kiss again before she says, “You’re driving me wild. My pussy feels like it’s on fire.”

I smile at her and wink. I am nearly twice her age and her she is giving herself to me. I can’t believe it is real. I reach again for her breasts and bury my head into them. My mouth finds her nipples. My mouth clamps onto each breast and hungrily devours them. Then I push Alice back on her back. I dive in, kissing and licking and sucking on her spread pussy and clit. Damn her pussy tastes so good.

Alice pushes my head away and looks at me. “Let me have that cock of yours.”

Her athletic body moves quickly. She springs from the desk and lads on her knees between my legs. Her hands settle on my chest as she leans to kiss me there. Her hands grow boulder and she pulls off my shoes and unbuckles my belt. Within moments she is pulling my jeans free from my body. They slide off my hips, over my legs and off my feet. She sits back marveling my hard cock as it points straight at her.

Alice pushes my cock against my stomach and starts kissing my shaft. She pulls my uncircumcised cock down and my cockhead pops out of the foreskin. She gasps in surprise, “Wow I’ve never had an uncircumcised cock before.”

She slides her tongue out and prods my cockhead. Her tongue circles around it just before her mouth engulf the entire head of my cock. I feel her hand playing with my balls as her mouth licks and sucks on my cock. I grab a handful of her blonde hair and forcibly pull her head onto my cock. I could feel my balls tighten and before I know it my cock erupts, blasting Alice’s wet tongue and lips. She doesn’t even recoil and a second blast hits her chin and neck. The next couple of shots spray her breasts. Surprisingly, Alice directs the rest to her stomach and pussy.

Finally, I lay back into the chair. Alice is smiling and I can see cum dripping from her mouth and chin. Her neck and breasts are a sticky mess as globs of cum run down her breasts and drip from her nipples. Her stomach glistens with my sticky cum.

I reach to pull her against me. I can feel my slippery cum as her body presses against mine. We kiss again passionately and I can taste the saltiness of my cum on her lips. I lift her up and sit her back on the desk, pushing her to her back once more. I lean in and kiss her puffy pussy lips and the soft skin between her thighs and pussy. I then spread her pussy lip apart and ravage her clit with kisses, licks and sucks.

I plunge back into her tight pussy, twirling my tongue around her insides before thrusting in and out. Alice’s hips squirm and buck as she moans uncontrollably. Finally, her hips make a few violent bucks before lying still.

After a few silent moments she lifts her head and says, “I’ve got to pee.”

I nod at her and say, “So do I.”

I follow her back to the bathroom. Alice sits on the toilet and spreads her legs open. “Go ahead,” she offers.

I step in and aim for the small area between her legs and pee, moving up to her mound. I shower her with warm pee and she leans back, closing her eyes and smiles. When we are both finished, she drops her head back down and smiles. “I don’t suppose Sandy lets you do that?”

I shake my head. Sandy has never been the adventurous type, but Alice here seemingly liked to do more. A lot more.

She stands up and grins at me. “Are you going to ravage me or not old man?”

I grin back at her and lift her up, taking her quickly to the bedroom across the hall and I throw her flat on her back onto the bed. I kiss her mouth, her breast and her pussy. My cock is back fully hard and I want nothing more than this woman.

I settle myself between her legs and push into her waiting pussy and slowly start thrusting in and out. Then suddenly she thrusts her hips upward as mine thrust forward. My cock slips all the way into her as I feel my balls slap against her tight ass. She continues to thrust upward hard matching my thrusts forward until I am sent over the edge.

Stream after stream of cum spurt out of my cock, entering Alice’s welcoming pussy and filling her insides. At the same time Alice is consumed by an orgasm of her own. With my softening cock still deep in her pussy, I pull her up against me. We are panting hard for several long moments.

When I get my breath back I say, “Sandy will kill me if she ever found this out.”

Alice pulls away and looks at me. “Who’s planning to tell?” I grin at her and she continues, “As long as you come over every day to fuck me, I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

Its Been a while since I’ve submitted, so here’s my newest project. I hope you all enjoy.



William watched his daughter with a smile on his face. She was cleaning the kitchen, her head down some. She had been a handful that morning, and William had been forced to put her in her place. Now her blazing read ass was visible just beneath the hem of the over-sized mens’ dress shirt she was wearing. Her long, rusty auburn hair fell around her shoulders as she wiped down the counters and rinsed the dishes she was loading into the washer. He heard her sniffle now and then, he had really laid into her with the belt he kept hanging on the wall. She should have known better by now than to talk back, but she had a tendency to get a bug in her shorts. She always regretted it in short order.

Katlyn was making a point of not looking over her shoulder at her father as he ate. She was still mad at him. She had only asked to get a piercing, but he had shot her down quickly- and when he had she had nearly bit his head off.

“I’m not a baby anymore! I can do anything I want!” That wasn’t entirely true, though. She was old enough, certainly, and if she walked into a piercing studio they would serve her without a second though, but she still lived under her daddy’s roof- and she still had to follow his rules. He had a way of reminding her that he had put a lot of work into making the body that housed her over-zealous spirit, and she would not do anything to it that he did not first approve of.

What Kitty didn’t know was that William had only denied her because of how she had asked. Demanded was more like it .. informed him that she was going to get it done, really. He wasn’t going to take that, not from his little girl. He had spent nineteen years teaching her how to behave, mostly on his own, and he was not going to be disrespected now.

The quiet in the kitchen was disrupted by an unexpected knock at the door, and both William and Katlyn were shook out of their thoughts. Katlyn looked at the door with curious eyes, but started to head for her room. Her shirt, the only clothing she was wearing, was thin enough to see at least a hint of everything. William stood and watched her, then shook his head.

“Where are you going? You’re not done yet, young lady. You may leave the kitchen only when you have finished cleaning it. That means the floors too, they need mopped.” He watched her, a sternness in his eyes. He nodded when her eyes, defiant at first, dropped, and she took a few steps back into the kitchen, picking his plate up off the table. Turning, he left the room, assured that she would do as she was told. He heard the kitchen sink turn back on as he made his way to the door, along with the unnecessarily loud clink of dishes in the sink. She was going to earn herself another spanking at teh rate she was going.

William did not bother to look through the small viewing hole in the door, opening to be greeted by the vaguely familiar face of a relatively new neighbor. Relatively new meaning he had only lived in the neighborhood a few years, where-as everyone else had lived there for at least ten. He nodded and opened the screen.

“What can I do for you, Bob?”

Robert, otherwise known as Bob, smiled. He had a lithe figure, thick dark hair, and eyes that had a tendency to shine with a jovial friendliness. He had to be a good 10 years younger than William, who was mostly grey, though he retained a well worked body, firm in all the right places, soft in only a few.

“Actually, I was wondering if you had a chainsaw. I’m getting rid of that old dead oak in the back yard, but my chain saw just gave up the ghost.” Robert stuffed a hand in his pocket and grinned as William looked across the street at the towering, definitley dead oak. It would be good to see that thing gone.

“Sure, come on in, Bob, I’ll go dig it out of the tool shed for you.” William stepped out of the way and let his neighbor in. Robert stepped by him, workmens’ boots making a bit of a thud on the tiled entryway. William waved to the living room, “Have a seat, I’ll only be a minute.”

Turning, William checked the kitchen. Sure enough, Katlyn was on her hands and knees with a large sponge, scrubbing up the tile. He almost laughed to himself. If she hadn’t have broken the mop chasing a mouse around the kitchen last week, she wouldn’t have had to do the floor on her hands and knees. He had forgotten, or he might have let her skip the floors.

Leaving her to her cleaning, William went out the back door. It only took him a couple of minutes to find the chainsaw. He kept the tool shed generally in order, though he had to admit, it might be time for a cleaning, and a trip to goodwill. Testing the charge, he nodded to himself and headed back into the house.

Katlyn, who still didn’t know there was anyone in the house, was still on her hands and knees, her back, and consequently her firm, red ass, pointed toward the living room. William was surprised to see Robert standing in the kitchen doorway, his jaw slack and his eyes on the bobbing, bare ass 6 feet from his boots.

“I’ve got what ya need, Bob, but why don’t you stay for a bit, have some tea before you get to work.” Both Robert and Katlyn jumped. One, because he had been caught out spying on his neighbors daughter, the other because she had jsut realized that she was being watched. Katlyn jumped to her feet as Robert’s eyes flew to her father, holding the chainsaw over his shoulder. William set the power tool by the door and smiled at his neighbor, ever the good host. His guest was turning red form embarrassment, while his daughter was nearly flaming with fury. He almost laughed.

“What are–” Katlyn started to let out a screeching inquiry, but William cut her off, setting a hand on her shoulder. Robert’s eyes had fallen back to the girl, welcomed by a new view. Now he could see her hard little nipples through the white shirt, and the front cut off just below her crotch, her long legs visible up to the tender thighs. William didn’t have to look to know the man had a raging erection, it was written all over his face.

“Ah ah- Kitty, why don’t you get Bob a glass of that sweet tea, and bring it to him in the living room. I’d like one too, if you don’t mind.” It wasn’t really a question, more like a polite demand. Katlyn turned a brighter red but turned form under her fathers hand as he moved over to their guest, leading him back into the living room- which he doubted he ever got to in the first place.

“Have a seat, Bob, Kitty will be right here with your drink.” William watched as his neighbor, probably in his mid forties, sat down on the couch. He seemed a bit distant, if not a little embarrassed. He looked at William as he sat.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to . . . ” He didn’t seem to know what to say, or how to say it anyway.

“Oh no, don’t worry about it. “William smiled and waved off his apology as his daughter came in to the room, holding two glasses of tea. Remembering her manners, she proffered the first to the guest, then gave her father the remaining glass. She looked like she was going to leave, but William reached out and gently grasped her arm just above the elbow.

“Why don’t you join us, sweetheart, I don’t think Bob has really ever gotten a chance to know you.” William smiled up at his daughter as a slightly shocked expression marred her face for just one, delicious moment, and then she turned, her head raising some in silent defiance.

“Yes Daddy, of course.” Katlyn ran a hand back through her hair, the shirt raising just enough for Robert to see her clean shaven pussy for half a breath, before it fell back down and she sat on the floor, near her father’s feet. William smiled proudly and reached down, stroking his daughter’s hair.

“So Bob, time to get rid of that old oak, huh?” William started the small talk, and after a while, he saw Robert’s muscles begin to relax as the tension of being caught out began to leave him. Katlyn was relaxing as well, thinking herself safe as time passed. William smiled inwardly, nodding at some small thing that Bob had said, before running his fingers through his daughter’s hair.

“Kitty, it look like Bob is out of tea, why don’t’ you refill his glass for him?” Katlyn looked up at her father, and moved with out a word, crawling over to her neighbor. She knew what her father expected. Kneeling at his feet, she reached out for his glass, and once more Robert’s eyes took on an intense look as his eyes fell on the girl. William smiled just slightly, watching Bob shake his head a little.

“Oh no, don’t worry about it, I’ve really got to . . um . . get back to that old tree.” He smiled nervously down at Katlyn who was looking up at him with large, crystal blue eyes and full, red lips. She had a perfectly pale complexion with a sprinkling of small freckles over her nose. Robert felt his cock begin to stir again as she leaned forward, her fingers brushing his as she grasped the glass. Her breasts barely touched his knees before she sat back again.

“Oh there’s no rush, it’s been there for a year already. Relax a bit.” William watched as his daughter read his mind. When she leaned forward , he knew Bob could see just inside her short, to the valley between her breasts, to their soft curves.

“No I really . . ” Bob started to shift nervously. Anyone could see that he didn’t want to leave, his eyes hadn’t left the kneeling girl before him since she started her short trek to his feet.

“When was the last time you fucked a wet pussy, Bob?” William decided to cut to the chase. His daughter shifted a little, and he could see the flush of excitement move over her flesh, as well as that slight shadow of shyness he had never bothered to train out of her. It was endearing. Robert’s eyes flashed across the room to William and his jaw dropped. It was obvious that he was shocked, his disbelief at his neighbor’s question was written all over his face.

“I- not that’s . . ” Robert seemed to losing the ability to form complete sentences as he looked back down at the girl who was still kneeling patiently in front of him. When he looked down she leaned forward just a little, her hair falling over her shoulders. She reached up and unbuttoned the top button of her shirt, showing a bit more of her cleavage.

“Are you offering . . .?” Robert looked back up at William again.

“A good neighbor shares what he has, Bob, and I happen to be a very good neighbor.” William did not break eye contact with Robert and he watched the man, still leaning forward some, ready to leave.

“You can’t be serious, she’s your daughter.” Still, Robert looked down at the girl again.

“Kitty, show Bob what I’ve taught you. Show him what I am offering him.”

William continued to watch proudly as Katlyn’s fingers moved down her shirt, unbuttoning each button slowly, and then letting the white fabric fall to the floor. She now knelt in front of their neighbor completely naked. Standing slowly, she took a step forward, running her hands over her breasts, making her nipples hard, a hand moving down between her legs to touch herself.

“Please, Mr. Nelson. I’m already wet.” Katlyn’s voice was soft, pleading. The defiance had left her eyes as she had fallen into her purpose, into her training. Robert sat back the rest of the way, a defeated man whose eyes burned with desire. William smiled slightly as he watched. When Robert moved again, it was to reach out. He hesitated just before his hand touched Katlyn’s breast, though.

“May I?” He sounded unsure as he looked up at the girl, but she nodded.

“Please . . . you can do anything you want.” Robert looked up at her, still unsure, but also curious. His uneasiness made him move slowly, but it did not stop him. His right hand cupped the girl’s breast as his left ran up her hip and around to the small of her back, pulling her into his lap. Katlyn spread her legs to straddle he neighbor’s lap as he caressed her breast, pulling it closer to his face, until he could close his mouth around it. Katlyn moaned and let her head sink back as he began to suck on the nipple, the hand on her back moving down to her ass.

William watched as his neighbor pulled his young daughter even closer to him, until her stomach was pressed against his chest. He watched as the man suckled her nipple, losing his inhibitions more quickly for each moment she remained in his hands.

And Katlyn, she was doing her father proud. She moaned as the man moved from one nipple to the other, using his teeth to stretch it, to test how far he could pull before she gasped in pain. Katlyn’s back arched as he reached his goal, and her fingers dug gently into the back of his head, encouraging him to continue. William let Bob explore for a few minutes, just enjoying watching his daughter give in to the man as his hand slid down between her legs to see how wet she was. Katlyn gasp and cried out in pleasure, and William could see from behind as Bob’s fingers suck deep inside of her with ease. She was nearly dripping with pleasure.

“Good girl, Kitty, show Bob how much you like to be shared, how much of a slut you are.” William sat back some. He would get more involved later, but for now he was going to let the man enjoy his prize. Katlyn whimpered and moaned at her father’s words, grinding her dripping wet cunt against Robert’s hand, pushing his fingers deeper inside.

“Oh yes, Mr. Nelson . . please . . .” She rode his fingers as she used them to fuck her, testing how willing she was to be used as her father wished. the man was astounded at how the girl was ready at a word, and his thumb ran across her clit. He was even more astounded when he cried out, grasping on to his shoulders and throwing her head back as she came hard around his fingers. He imagined what it would feel like to have his cock inside of her grasping cunt at that moment, and nearly exploded. She came so easily.

“Enough.” William sat forward some, and at the word his daughter looked over his shoulder at him. Robert was broken out of imaginings, and thought he had done something wrong. William’s eyes were only on his daughters though.

“Get on your knees, you know what I want you to do.” Katlyn whimpered and nodded, sliding off of Robert’s lap and moving fluidly to her knees. She looked up at the man as he relaxed back again, realizing that it was not him that William had been speaking to. His eyes searched the young girl’s as her hands moved up his thighs, and he groaned as her fingers brushed his cock through his jeans. He was so hard, he thought he might cum in that very moment. He began to fight, to hold back as the girl unzipped his jeans and opened them. Robert didn’t believe in underwear, and Katlyn was surprised when his large cock suddenly smacked her face. Robert gasped at the sudden sensation, his head going back for a moment.

“That’s a good girl. You liked that didn’t you, feeling his cock slap your face like that. Why don’t you ask him to do it again.” William sat back again and watched his daughter, so ready, so willing to take this man’s cock into her mouth. He watched as her eyes moved back up to the man’s face as Robert dropped his head back down to look at her. William could see the question in his eyes, was she really going to ask him to smack her face with his cock again? He could also see the hope that she would. Robert wasn’t the type to openly admit that he wanted to use a woman, but William could see the need, the excitement in his eyes. the same excitement he felt when he daughter lay naked in front o of him, legs spread wide, sex open.

“Please, Mr. Nelson, will you smack me with your big cock again? It felt so good, I like it when it stings . . . I deserve to be hit with your cock . . please?” The pleading in her eyes was so deep, so real, Robert couldn’t’ resist. His hand was already around his cock before he had even made up his mind, and the large mushroom head made a delicious slapping noise as it hit the girl’s face. He gasped with pleasure as she whimpered, and repeated the movement. The look in her eyes nearly made him let go of his load, but he continued for another moment, until hos cock brushed her lips. His eyes flew back at the wet heat and before he knew what was happening, his cock was inside of her mouth.

Katlyn hadn’t been able to resist the taste of the man’s hard meat as his cock brushed her lips, her tongue flipping out. A fraction of a second later she was pushing forward, taking his cock into her mouth. She took him all the way in, letting him fill her mouth, then her throat, all in one quick movement. She wanted to keep sucking him, but she knew that if she did, he would come right then, so she stopped, pulling back. her mouth found something else to fill it, her tongue training down the shaft of his cock, all the way down to his balls. She began to gently lick and suck his balls, carefully stroking his cock, not wanting to make him cum just yet. She could feel him getting close as she sucked on of his balls into her mouth, her tongue moving over the sparsely haired scrotum as she moaned and whimpered. She felt his hand come down to her hair and he began to grasp, his breath coming fast as he groaned.

“Oh god yes . . . ” They were the first words he had spoken since she had been pulled into his laps, and they sent a thrill, a need through her. She had his cock back in her mouth before his voice had even faded form her ears, pushing him hard into her throat and bobbing her head up and down. Robert clutched her hair with a guttural cry, and after only a second he released his load into her throat. He held her down, thrusting up some as he emptied himself, his hand relaxing as he began to breath again. Katlyn pulled back and sucked on the head, sucking him clean and pulling the last of his cum from his cock. She moaned as she tasted it and swallowed, sucking his cock a little more.

Looking up at him she pulled back some. She could hear her father moving behind her.

William was standing, walking over to his daughter. He smiled down at her as her head turned to him. Grabbing her hair she stroked slightly, then grabbed pulling her up. Bending her over he slipped a hand between her legs. He ran his fingers over her cunt as he forced her to look at the recovering man before her. His fingers sank inside of her for only a moment before moving upwards, gently teasing her asshole.

“Now, tell Bob what you really want.” William’s voice was commanding and soothing at the same time as he teased his daughter’s holes, his own cock swollen from her display. He truly enjoyed watching her serve others, but now he was ready to fill her with his own stiff erection. He needed to fill her with his own cum. His finger prodded her asshole to encourage her, telling her what he wanted her to say.

“Please Daddy . . ” She whimpered, not squirming some. She had a tendency to be hesitant about serving the way he was telling her to. His hand broke contact with her ass and she whimpered, opening her mouth to plead, but a different sound resounded through the living room. There was a crack so loud it sounded like glass was breaking, and Katlyn cried out, tears rising in her eyes. “Please fuck my in the ass Mr. Nelson!!” She didn’t’ hesitate again, trembling as her father’s hand returned to her lick holes.

Robert groaned and looked into the girl’s eyes. His cock was already swelling again, and he couldn’t help but reach out and run a hand over her breast. Unexpectedly, he took a cue from her father’s behavior.

“Is that what you really want, Katlyn?” His fingers closed around her nipple and pinched, twisting until she whimpered.

“Yes, Please Mr. Wilson . . please?” She blinked back tears as she looked into his eyes. He played at looking thoughtful.

“You know . . I’m not sure I really believe you. You’ll have to convince me while I fuck your cunt.” Katlyn gave another small cry as he pinched her nipple harder, his attention turning to her father.

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