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“I’ve been thinking about you all day long.” I heard those words as I walked into the house.

She was laying back in this big comfy chair, some music was playing – a new CD I had bought her. I looked over, Eva was laying with her arms up over the headrest, her eyes closed. This was new. Her top stretched up, I could see her midriff perfectly. We didn’t do many things together during the day, in the afternoon. Any other time really, only at night in ‘our’ little room.

She spoke with her eyes still closed, “I pictured YOU. Imagined you doing all those things to me, you know, from last night. ALL FUCKING DAY; it was very distracting in class you know.”

I could hear her sigh as I moved by her, my heart was pounding, she kept her eyes closed. Her mother wasn’t home, but still…”Eva I think we should be…..” my voice quavering.

Anticipating what I would say, “What? It’s just us. I fell asleep at the Student Center…..” She turned a little to her side, facing me and opened her eyes a little. This little smile, ” I lay there for nearly two hours running you through my mind. Certain things you….” She smiled and pressed her hands down her front, sort of squeezing herself. “mmmmmm……Do. Did you?”

“Did I, what?”

“Think of me today?”

“Yes.” I took her hand, and she closed her eyes again.

“Tell me about it then.”

I had to think, come up with something, “I can just….. I can feel you, your breath, the rise and fall of your breath, your hair in my mouth for one. Your warmth. Almost like you are still touching me, when you’re not around.” I found myself kneeling by her.

“Can you meet me sometime? I mean outside. School maybe, or…. I’d like more time together.”

“I don’t know, it could be – awkward.”

“You made me wet all day.”

“Are you wet now?”

She raised her arms above her head again, stretched, her little girl voice, “Check.” Eva’s short skirt skattered about her legs, her grin was infectious. I’d never done anything like this, we were ‘good’ outside our little room, outside. The ‘darkness’ was another matter.

This was gray.

I lay my hands at her knees and slid my hands up her legs, under the hem of her dress, and lay my palms over each hip pressing my thumbs over the soft fabric of her panties. That little triangle patch of pink silk. Immediately I could feel how warm, I scritched her there, rubbing my thumbs back and forth over the smooth fabric, pressing into her pussy lips through the fabric, watching as the effects of my touch spread across her. Watching her smile as her cheeks flushed red, giggling a little as she opened her legs wider. I pulled the elastic fabric back at her thigh and tucked my thumbs beneath the fabric from each side, and then curling my fingers between her legs…..and dipping my middle finger into her swollen lips. She was soaking sopping wet.

She felt as if she had burst open; like delicious fruit, ripe and warm, breaking, splitting down the middle, pulling her open. I pressed my finger back between her legs, sliding up her center and tipping my middle finger into her, pushed up inside, deep inside her, and then pressed a second finger into her. I watched her move up the chair as if I were pushing her up, before lowering herself back down into my hand, and arching her back. Stre–tching Her lower lip tucked between her teeth.

“Mmmmmm,” she lilted, tilting her head back, accepting my intrusion, yielding.

I could have done anything to her. It had been like that for awhile now, it was becoming a problem – I thought. Somehow. That line we had drawn between us, of no intercourse, was wavering. The desire rising between us was becoming this hunger that was more and more difficult to control. Yielding is a desire for more. I felt myself melting, melting in her warmth.

She began to speak as she ground down on my hand, “We could meet somewhere, go far away. Where no one would recognize us.”

Her eyes were still closed. To look at her one would think she were simply napping in this oversized chair, but she was undulating her hips against my hand. Her head was bobbing up and down. I had her panties tugged down to her knees now and her one leg was up over the arm of the chair, she was tilting sideways. My thumb was working her clit, I loved the way she swirled and pushed her cunt into my hand. I took the hem of her skirt and threw it up over her tummy so I could look at her. Her legs wide, I could see the glistening pink, spreading her lips wide, her hard clit peaking out. Looking at her now was incredible, seeing what I had been doing to her in the dark. To see her! I could see my fingers disappear into her, see her clit white and hard, shining beneath a little tuft of dark hair, the color of her skin, the soft swirls of hair growing out those pouty lips, so pink and her shining line down the middle. Her pussy lips were loose, swollen out. The way she was creaming white in my hand. I loved the way her hips undulated against me, those small hips.

“I picture myself…..mmmmmm,” she was licking her lips trying to talk as I rubbed her. Catching her breath, and starting again, “…I walk up to you, ahhhh, close up….. to you, and climb up into your lap. Like a kittie, I think. I would giggle a little, nervously. I’d settle myself on you, in some dark little bar, mmmmmm, in a corner somewhere, my knees hugging your hips, my toes peaking out on either side of your knees. I’d be all hot and soft between my legs. You would be all so…..” She reached her hand out and touched my crotch, squeezing the head of my cock. “Lets do that.”

I joined the little game as I stroked her body, as I masturbated my little girl, pressed my fingers inside her. “I’d wrap my arms around you, hold you to me.”

“I’d hug your neck,”

“I can feel your hair, tilt your head back so that you look up at me. And I’d press my warm lips against you, melt into you.” I pushed my finger deep into her, curling it and stroking the rough skin inside her as I spoke.

“Ohh, yeah. Kiss me.” She was writhing now, holding her mouth open, eyes closed. I could picture her imagining our kiss. “And fucking me.” I was rubbing into her rapidly. My cock was ready to burst. She was stroking the length of my cock through my trousers with her hand. Just the head of my cock rubbing against the fabric, the pressure of her small fingers on me, of my boxers, I could feel her nails scritching me there. She was going to make me cum. She was pressing herself into the chair, stiffening, I could feel her begin to cum. That trembling urgency, the shake of her hips against my hand.

She continued, “I’d moan into you, your mouth. Catch your bottom lip between my teeth, nibble it, suck on it. I loooove that.” She arched her back then, cumming. Still speaking, “Cover your mouth, oooohhhh, with wet kisses. Oh god!! I’m cumming,” she began jerking forward in the chair, “Can you feel it? Feel me.”

I held my fingers inside her. “Yes.” I could, her vagina was sucking on my fingers. I could be fucking her right now I thought. She was still holding my cock in her hand.

She let out a deep moan, almost a growl, lifted her arms above her head and pulled her legs together around my hand. Her thighs trembling I could feel her cumming, still cumming, my cock ached for her, she was turning herself in the chair.

I wanted to fuck her so…..what would we do? I was beginning to worry. What had we started?

In the silence of the house, post-orgasm, she began to tug her panties up her legs, one side then the other, leaving her dress up over her belly, legs open. Giving me a lazy, open view of her, her open legs.

She says to me, “You were very bad.”


“Yeah. You took advantage of me. I’m SO horny Paul…..Taking advantage….” She leaned forward and kissed me, “But it’s okay… I like you that way. You’ve made me want to be bad too, which is good. I need to loosen up a bit, go CRAZY. So tonight, maybe we can……lets do it! Go out I mean.”

I stiffened. I wasn’t so ready. That line, she was my niece. I was still so hard, still so hungry. What we had, all that we had done, but I was still in ‘control.’ I kept telling myself that anyway. I didn’t want things to change. The unknown…

I was stammering now, “We….I just….”

She sat herself forward, looking at me. “Come on Paul. We do everything.”

“But not,” I paused. “And, we do it downstairs, in….. Now. This is….I don’t think it’s so very right.”

“Right?! You don’t want me?”

“No, no. I mean. Yes. Eva, I…. want….you have no idea. You just…..”

“I understand.” She smiled again, a different smile. “You want me to take care of THAT for you.” She was looking at my crotch, my pants were tenting before me and I began to open my pants, god oh god did I…..aching……


I stood near the chair with my cock pulled out through the flay and Eva opened her mouth, swirled her toungue around the tip of my cock. I watched, watching her do what I had felt so many times. Just swirling her wet tongue around the head of my cock, before letting it slip in between her lips. Took me in, holding my length, began to suck on me, and looking up at me. I loved the look in her eyes, mouth around my cock. I could see the white of her eyes as she looked up.

I just stood there with my legs open and she leaning over the head of my cock, when….the door! We jumped.

The smell of sex in the room. Eva bounded from her chair and up to her room. I closed my pants.

Her mom stepped in, “Where’s Eva?”

I, licking my lips said, “Uh, I don’t know. I think she might be upstairs.”


Eva, as she did each night, entered my room – ‘our’ room. I could feel her standing there, though I could not see her for the darkness. Her soft voice, whispering, “Hi.” And adding this time, “We need to be more careful.” I could hear the fabric of her pyjamas, some vague sense of movement by the bed.

Our rituals at night had changed. The lights were still out. It was still so very black in ‘our’ little room, she came down a little earlier. But now, she stood at the edge of my bed, I could hear the fabric leave her body. Lifting her top off, dropping her pyjama bottoms, their rustle in the darkness before the mattress moved and she would slip in next to me, naked now. I also laying there, waiting for her, with nothing on. We were like young lovers, every night sleeping skin to skin, naked, together, wrapped around each other. Nothing else, nothing else mattered. Just this rising hunger between us. The feel of her so soft skin against me, the way she curled into my waiting arms.

Her lips on me, the naturalness of our words upon the other. Her warm breath on my skin as she talked. Her hair tangling around us, always everywhere. Her sweet scents, the shampoos and perfumes, lotions. Blueberry and cinnamon, cherry.

The way our sexes could find the other in the darkness, how our bodies simply knew the other, physically familiar without any thoughts at all. In the dark, the touches and caresses. I knew every breath of her, every moment, the way her arms moved, the bend of each finger, the temperature of her skin, all of it imbedded in my memory. I knew her scent the same as I knew my own soul.

Her body was curling toward me, pressing her back into my chest I was folding my arms around her, cradling my little girl. As she touched me, I felt her back arching, as she would catch the tip of my cock and let it slip between her legs. She was already so wet I simply slid along her lubricating my cock as I pressed against her, I myself dripping between her legs, her wet pussy lips splitting open as she closed her thighs around my cock until I was poking through her closed legs. Then, reaching down, Eva would play with the head of my cock with her fingers, tugging at me, squirm on me, sliding along my length.

Her sing song voice, “I do, so love to torture you.” She would dig a nail into my cock, “Like that?” I jumped. “You know how I am about making you crazy….I love when you say, ‘How bad I’m being!’”

I squeezed my arms around her. “You bad little girl. Hi….my, you ARE horny today.”

“I think, you might be too,” as her body slid along my cock, squirming and sliding down my length. “You didn’t get to cum this afternoon.” I felt her move herself forward as far as she could go whilst still gripping me with her thighs until I began tipping up between her legs, and then catching me right at the opening of her cunt, until the tip of my cock nestled right at her vagina stretching open; then stopping, holding me there.

Her voice was so quiet, fragile, “What are we going to do about that?”

The head of my cock, dripping, dripping into her. I could feel her drinking me in. The slightest push, and…..I could feel the walls of her cunny on all sides of me, yield, just to be one with her. She would let me. Holding herself there, my hips undulating so slightly, so slightly, any more and she would take it as an invitation to impale me. Oh god, I nearly came right there. That very thought – of fucking her – of the head of my cock nestling inside her ass checks, pressing into her open puss – I could feel myself trembling. My hands numb.

Then her soft voice in the darkness, “….Fuck me. Do it. Go on. I’d let you. I want you to.” She is twisting around my cock, just a little. Holding herself for me. Offering herself. And I am pressing to her, holding to her as well, her flower, drinking her, pressing, ready to pound her. Thrust deep into her, her legs spread around the head of my cock. Perfectly positioned.

All the while cooing, “Do it. Come on……” Waiting, ready, giving herself. Excruciating.


Willing, willing my body, and turning myself on my back, hearing her growl of disapproval as I move away, dropping out from between her legs. Before turning toward my little Eva again, and rolling her, pressing her onto her back. Lay my chest across her front, lay across her breasts, press her deep into the mattress and kiss her so softly, feeling her mouth yield, open, soften. Her lips meet mine in the darkness, chewing, licking me. Kissing. We kiss silently in the dark, kissing her for fear of what else we were capable of. Her frustration lost in a million kisses. She loved kissing me, told me over and over and over. Something we COULD do.

This gray world we were creating, entering. Our own making. Black and white merging together, that’s what it was. I was weakening and she knew it, black and white merging, blending, becoming one – gray. Every touch, every offering, every lilt of her voice, was having its effect. Like being bound by miniature threads, any one of which could be broken, but again and again and again, lashing me, wrapping me up, and becoming harder to break.

Between kisses she whispers, “God, I am falling in love with you. Now that you’ve got ME all hot and bothered, again. I…..I can’t stand it. Why??? Why not. Just this once?” This whine in her voice.

“You’re not alone little girl.”

“Well we can do this, you allow THIS anyways,” and she wrapped her arms around me and breaking our kiss, I felt her move her head down my chest kissing this line of kisses down my front. She moved steadily until her lips touched my cock and she began to give a circle of soft little kisses around my tip, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock, and then her lips opening and I felt myself entering her. Just the head at first, but then deeper, entering her. Fucking her, fucking her mouth. I lay there thinking, ‘It’s the same thing. The same. I let her do THIS. Why?’

And I felt myself move her back off me, and lay her back down, lifting my leg up over her thighs and lay on top of her, I love the feel of my body pressing down on hers. The feel of her movements, squirming beneath me; her body, feeling her push that little mound up into my abdomen, of my cock dropping between her legs, sliding up her thighs.

Feeling that little line of cunny hair tickle my belly. I was possessed, in this moment. I felt her knees rise, her legs spread wide. Felt her nails on my back, digging in, drawing lines on my skin. Her hair was laying across her mouth, I could feel it when I kissed her again. We were warm, wet, the moisture of our skin was already allowing us to slide together, our bellies slipping against the other, my cock grazing, just grazing her thighs and pressing her into the mattress, touching her over and over between her legs. Higher. Higher. Feeling her, open, ready, and that unbelievable aching hunger. The sheets thrown off us, the warmth. The dark, the dark. The white of her eyes, the white of her teeth.

And then ……I am thinking. Thinking. Fuck! Thinking. Stop thinking.

That line, us, what are we doing? And I pause.

What am I doing?

I lay beside her. Fall back to the bed.

She sighs out, sadness. Hunger. Love. I pull her to me again, and she is still letting me, patient….. Laying on my chest now.

“It’s ok. Well…” and I could tell she was looking down at herself, and wrapping her legs around my thigh, began humping her pussy, sliding it up and down my thigh. “You at least need to take care of this. I, Paul, I just can’t stand it anymore. If we wait…..I’m going to need to cum three four times tonight. I can’t stand it.”

I felt her humping against me, hard, moving in long strokes until she was shuddering against me, cumming almost immediately, and then lay on her back again.

She was looking at me, “One. I need you to eat me.”

She was tugging at me, pushing my head between her legs.

“Eat me, oh I can’t stand it, then I’ll make you cum.”


I went to the discount store for a clock.

Never has such a simple act been filled with such erotic dreaming. I looked around with a sense of guilt as if everyone knew. I could barely stand it, could barely walk. As I set the clock down on the counter, I thought I might cum. This is so I can see my niece at night when we….I am thinking my mind can be read. The clock is bright, bright letters. It’s why I chose this clock. Light. I was going to bring light into our little room, a green/blue gray light glowing on the night stand. I would be able to see her. See us.

You see, I was beginning to realize we would fuck.

We would fuck.

And fuck. And fuck and fuck.

Fuck. And I wanted to see her.


Tonight we did it. We went to an out of the way place far from her house, far from her mother, from our little room. Tonight we were just-a-couple among people who did not know us. Tonight we were out in the open, lovers.

The beginning, the very beginning, was so wonderful. Knowing that the time that lay ahead. Anticipation is the most pleasurable – desire to come. Oh god it was so wonderful. She went by another route, we would drive separate. I was driving in my car, we would meet at this place we had selected. No one would know. Would she do what she had said, walk up to me and sit on my lap? Put a knee on each side of me. I closed my eyes and breathed. It was raining a little, I waited at a light. Sweet anticipation.

She had kissed me right at the table as I sat down, a slow lingering kiss.

“I ordered you this. Thought you could use something right away. She pushed a red wine toward me.” Nervous, smiling. “You ok? Hi.”

“I’m fine. Fine. Best day of my life. Waiting.”

She smiled. “It’s kind of weird. Doing this,” she looked around. I realized how much older than her I looked just then.

I said, “Your out with your old man.”

She reached out and took my hand.

“You make me happy. I could sit here for hours and just be here with you. Our little secret.” She laughed, “I can’t explain it. I know it can’t be this shiny and new, as you call it, forever’ but, we’re just hanging on, enjoying the ride. I’m ….nuts about you.”

“You have no idea how I feel about you, little girl.”

“What I love best about you. What is most delicious to me; is you give me something I always wanted.”

“What’s that?”

“I always have wanted…. is to be shown, taught, opened up. No one ever seems to be willing to do that for me. Romance yeah, but sex.” She blushed, the look of her saying that word.

I laughed, guilty, sort of proud.

“Paul. There’s this whole other person inside of me, the one that you are seeing, the one you’ve been talking to, she has always been screaming to be let out. You NEED to let me. I don’t, don’t know how. And I don’t entirely know why. We have something that we can’t let go of, walk away from. And……” I had already finished my wine. “And we can’t stop.”

“I want you to know, I never want to hurt you. You haven’t had the best experiences, and right now things are, I think, they’re pretty wonderful. But…..” I wanted to say more, but it was too much, I knew too much. Too longwinded.

I simply said, “I need another….”

I watched her tear up, “Christ. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m crying now. I’m just too excited.”

“It’s ok. Ok. We are fine. We are great.”


Oh the things we talked about, the things we said. I have no sense of what was said when, the order of anything. The order of my life is gone now anyways. Once you have left yourself, left the world, exited time. You are never fully back in it again. It never fits the same way again.


“You have traveled so much, I’m so jealous. Promise me you’ll take me to Europe, to France and Thailand, someday. Take me everywhere with you, I want to go……….. I want to set off rockets, blow shit up, just kidding… but that would be cool. Only when traveling though. Ha!


“I want to sit next to you in a hot tub, naked with ten other people. Be the one taking care of your poor drunk ass. Hahahaha. I love taking care of drunk people, I don’t know why. Makes me feel useful, I guess. Being able to help a friend in such a vulnerable state. I would love to take care of you. And you could be as lecherous as you want.”


“Please paint me, paint on my skin. I want to feel your fingers, your brushes ON ME. The oils spreading on my skin. This seems random, but I can’t get the idea of it out of my head. This book I love, in it the guy paints on his girlfriends skin when they’re painting her new apartment. Its just wall paint, but….I just love those passages. Sigh. I was on cloud nine the rest of the night just thinking about being painted, on my skin. The brush, the warm paint. After I read it, I was like laying on the sofa and mom kept staring at me , and I couldn’t figure out why. I went into the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. I had my hair tied back, but my cheeks were all flushed, all pink and pretty. My eyes looked so bright and I had this permanent smile on my face. I looked rather post-orgasmic. It was so funny. I realized, she had to have thought I just had sex or something.”


We sat across from each other, our hands reaching out across the table. We were sitting in a dark corner of a little bar, smoke in the air, warmth, the smell of liquor. Red, and glowing orange lights.

I remembered something, “I thought you were going to sit in my lap.”

She leaned in. “I did didn’t I?”

I watched her rise from her chair as if in a dream, the way she moved just then. An animal moving inside her, as she stepped around the table, and as I turned to her, as she stood right in front of me laying her hand on my shoulders. I watched her knees rise as she settled herself above me in the little booth, knees on each side of me, her feet poking out from my knees. She pulled at me and moved herself so we were crotch to crotch. I was so hard, the bump of her against me sent shivers up my spine, my brow was wet. I simply looked at her.

I could feel hairs against the fabric of my pants. She sat on me, but felt light as a feather.

I held her around her waist and looked up into her eyes and let her hair fall all around me. God how I loved her wide eyes, open mouth as she leaned in, softly, so softly kissed me. Her mouth parting lightly and I felt her tongue trace the tops of my teeth. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I could feel her body undulating, stroking my cock with her pussy. She took my lower lip and sucked on it softly, then bit with her teeth smiling, “I said I’d do that too.” We kissed slowly, deliciously, lazily – all the time in the world – touching our mouths, feeling our tongues.

She was touching my cheek with her palm, running her fingers through my hair, looking at me over and over like she was amazed I was there. Smiling. Settling her small frame into my lap, my little girl, with one leg on each side of me straddling me. At some point I remember saying, “This is really happening.”

She squeaked, “I know!”

And I was stroking her, running my hands down her back, massaging her shoulder blades, feeling the frame of her, and wrapping my hands down around her small waist. The trail of skin between her top and her skirt. She was still moving along my length, tipping her hips back and forth, feeling me harden and press back into her, sighing and moaning at the feel of me. Unmistakable, I could feel her bare flesh, sliding now along the fabric of my pants. Staining me.

“Have you got panties on?”

She touched my cheek with hers, breathed in my ear, “Check.”

I pulled her closer through the thin fabric, and then let my hands fall down below her hips, down to the hem of her skirt until I was touching her thighs, her bare thighs, soft downy skin. And I began to raise my hands up beneath that skirt, wrapping my large hands around her ass, feeling, feeling. Higher. Delicious. Nothing.

She leaned back a little, I was looking down between our legs, at the little bit of fabric that covered her from me. Giving me space and wrapping both my hands around her ass I began to press my fingers up beneath, in between her legs, tipping my fingers into the crack of her ass. She felt so wet and I curled my fingers up through her front and then around, pressing her open and reaching right under her dress, cupped her cunt as she lifted herself up, sitting on her knees a little.

Her cheeks were glowing red, fire in her eyes. How it felt! It was an utterly singular moment. How deliciously decadent, and no one near us. This place filled with people, but we didn’t care.

The risks, they were nothing.

We just kissed. Touched, stroked, squeezed, breathed. Warmth. I was rubbing the ends of my fingers up to her shoulder blades and back down to the small of her back, and then stealing touches beneath that little skirt – wicked girl, what she did to me.

“How can you be so wicked and look so innocent?” I whispered up to her. Looking deep into her.

“Pure thoughts,” she smiled at me, rubbing me steadily as I began to meet her thrusts, dry humping in a bar. What were we doing? I had this vague worry, but then it passed. I kept thinking how I wanted to reach down and open my pants, fuck her right here, but had my hands wrapped around her bare bottom, was holding her against me. I didn’t want to let her go. We kept kissing like this, silent soft kisses. Tonight.

I let my fingers press deeper into her, felt her bare pussy, how she was soaking me. The whole crotch of my pants was wet. I held my hand there and let her sit back down, cupping her pussy, pressing my fingers up into her opened her right up, impaled her with my fingers, feeling her legs spread wide over me, her low moan. Stretch her right out. She was flesh quivering against me, trembling against me, her hairs falling around my face. Her smell, our smell, steaming about us, lifting up on her knees, giving me access. I loved the way we smelled, how we tasted.

We said nothing at all.

She leaned back, opening her eyes as if from a sleep, swaying lightly and then looking at me, our eyes on the other, looking into each others eyes. She said, “Tomorrow you will say ‘We shouldn’t be doing this.’”


“But you will. S’allright.”

“No, I….”

“Promise me then. Tonight. You’ll do anything I want tonight?”

I nodded. Torturous thoughts in my mind. I nodded.

She started to raise herself back up, “We can’t leave at the same time.” I was reaching for her as she continued, “I’ll leave first. Meet you at home.”

She took her jacket and lay it across her arm, then stopped and fell into me, to kiss me one more time, leaning down, turning her head, opening her mouth wide and pressing herself hard into me. We kissed so passionately just then, like I would never see her again.

I let my hands stroke her, hold her to me, touching her bare thighs again as she stepped away my hands dropping off her.

I felt destitute, watching her leave. I vaguely felt this to be the high point, from which it all would end.

She, looking over her shoulder. Eyes aglow, smiling.

“See you! This little girl, needs to go to bed.”


When I got home the house was silent. I sat in the bar and had one more drink, I could smell her on my hands each time I lifted the red wine to my lips. The combination was incredible. I was hard again as I drank my last drink, hard as I rose from the table, and hard as I put the key in the lock at home. She was inside, I was trembling, could barely get my key in the door.

All the lights were out.

Silence, as I crept down the basement stairs, thinking, she is there already.

But she wasn’t.

The room was empty. But my clock was there, and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, this dim glow throughout the room, green/blue gray. It hued everything. I could see the mirror on the one wall, all my stuff on the dresser, brushes and combs. The bed shone white in the low light.

And I waited.

First, there was the slow opening of a door, then creaks on the steps. I opened my eyes, waiting, listening for her soft steps as she entered the room. Silence. I rolled over toward her. Looked at her in the near darkness. Could see! She was standing there in her red silk nightie, the one she wore down every night. It looked black in the low light. I could see the fabric touching down her legs, loose around her thighs. I could feel the thin fabric against her. She stood where she always did, by the edge of the bed. Her eyes were adjusting, and she met mine.

I said, “It’s the clock. I bought a clock.”

She looked at it, then me. “You can see me?”

I nodded, “That all right.”

She nodded.

Her skin shone silver in the light, silver, a glow that seemed to emanate from her. I had placed the digital clock on a low stand against the wall, across from where I ‘knew’ she would be standing. Her hair was disheveled, a tangle fallen about her shoulders. Her lips were full. I watched her fingering the buttons down her front, three of them, undoing each one until this white line of her skin shone out from between the fabric, and quickly bringing her arms back slipping the top down her arms, her small breasts.

Small, no sagging, young, soft mounds, her hair touching down to her small nipples. And without pausing she tugged her bottoms down, no panties, she never wore panties just those two pieces of silk and most recently, always removing them before getting into bed. I reached out a hand, and took hers, we could see each other, we knew.

She kneeled on the bed and slid in next to me. “Hi.” This long soft lilt, recognition, innocence, nervousness. We knew what we would do to the other tonight.

Her waist was impossibly small, her thighs and hips, that area between her pussy and hip wasn’t the span of my hand; just this little triangle, a dark line rising from between her legs.

I felt the covers lift as she slipped beneath the sheet, and slid over to me. I felt her hip just touch me. I waited a moment. I wanted our time to last forever, the moment before….I lay on my back and simply looked at her, drinking her in, the feel of her skin against me as she lay there. As I turned toward her, could feel little wisps of her hair on my cheek. The smell of her, and then she was rolling over, facing me, and lifting her one leg up over mine. I caressed her hip and pulled her close.

She smiled, her teeth glowing white in the low light. She gave the tiniest kiss on my lips and then backing away looked close at me before turning her back to me, and scootching back, bumping me with her little butt.

“Just like we always do, right?” She said as she snuggled in. I could feel her arching herself, tipping her hip, back and back, knowing our bodies how we moved, perfectly tipping her hip back, lifting her ass and catching my cock right between her legs. I pushed my length between her legs, feeling her clamp her thighs around me, its wetness, and wrapping my arms around her I cradled her, and kissed her neck. Pushing my nose between her shoulder and her cheek. Breathed a little in her ear. She turned her cheek to me, giggles, “That tickles.”

She was moving her hips, as I was kissing her neck, letting me slide between her legs, touching me with her fingers and pushing the head of my cock with her hand, more forceful this time. And, this time, I was letting her, could feel the tip of my cock press further than it ever had, felt her open, the flesh opening, sliding, wet, warm. Held myslef there.

I lowered myself a little, scootching down as she held herself for me, open, legs parting lightly. The tip of my cock settling right between her legs, could feel her cunny kissing down on me. We lay like that in the silence, her warmth, the sheet up over us. She did not move at all, I know this little game, and this time, this time, I played.

The slightest undulation, the smallest push, as I let the head of my cock press further inside. The pressure of her was exquisite. My heart pounding and as I listened to her sigh out, little squeaks of her breath, as I entered just this little bit at a time, only the head of cock, pausing, pumping in then out again. Back in. She was trembling the whole time.

I lay my hand on her hip, and rather than move, this time pulled her hip back, felt her slide on the mattress toward me. Another little inch….and another. I could hear her breaths, feel her heartbeat as I pressed myself to her, sliding inside, my hands on her pulling her down, my cock filling her as I pulled and pressed, her body yielding utterly. Letting me do whatever I wanted, until I was pushing my hips against her hard, and filling my little girl.

I was pressed in as far as I could from how we lay, and simply held myself to her, began kissing her shoulder blades, rubbing my palms down her back and up over her hips. Curling my fingers over her body as i filled her. Felt her, felt her on all sides of me, touching her, stroking her, leaning back as I lay there holding her there with my cock. Feeling her, all of her, combing her hair with my fingers, squeezing her breasts, teasing my fingers down her arms, down her legs. She lay like that with me, feeling me, moving herself ever so lightly, so that my cock slid out and then in again, not very far but enough so that our bodies were in motion, and we could feel the other – me inside. Feeling. sensing our touch. One. What we fought, this moment, this yielding. One. Her silver body in this light, was all.

I could suck on you, eat you, chew your clit, press my face between your legs. Kiss lines up your tummy, suck your nipples in my mouth, kiss you. You could suck me off till I came, and we could tangle ourselves, cover our bodies with kisses, touches, our breath, just like every other night. I could lay on you, you could sit up high on top of me, play with me in any way imaginable and I would let you. Except……

I could push my fingers up inside of you, draw these wondrous little circles until you are squirming around my hands and all I do is hold myself there and let you push and squeeze and rub yourself into my hand, feel you grinding yourself against me until you cum again and again and again. But still that hunger, wanting, desire would not leave us. It was inexorable, drawing us to tonight. To that itch that will not go away.

She began to squirm on my cock more intently, moving away, drawing her body on me in longer and longer strokes. I met each backward thrust until we were meeting each other. Bumping. I was pulling back until just my little tip was touching her again, and then that opening up of her flesh, yielding, popping back inside, wrapping my hands in front and holding my hand over her puss, and I began pushing her onto her belly. Felling her roll onto her her stomach, and lifting up, rising up above. Then pressing down, filling my little girl.

I loved the feel of her ass against my stomach, and she is pushing her ass up into the air, meeting my thrusts, pushing herself back against me. Her head is down on the pillow but her ass is up in the air and I am holding on, fucking my little girl, listening to her breath, her moans. Her elbows are up and she is pushing herself against me.

And then I drop out of her, and she is surprised, reaching around with her little ass. I am up above her looking at her, lay my hand on her, move her, she is moving however I want, I love the way she moves. I can tell she would do anything right now. I turn her around, and she lay with her arms around her head. I want to see her, see her eyes.

“Not like that…..” I say. She was looking at me, wide eyed, confused. “Don’t worry, I’m not done with you little girl.”

She whispers, “mmmm, you better not be.”

I begin to slide my fingers up inside her again kneeling beside her, and feel her open her legs wide, bring one knee up. I just want to feel how wet she is. Touch her. So hungry for her touch. So good, so wet and just slide my open hand over her, smearing us everywhere, up onto her belly, smear us on her skin wet and hot. She is soaking wet, and then she reaches her arms up to me, and I am pressing her back into the mattress, lifting my leg over her, laying on her, like we have done a million times. Rise up and lay against her, we touch our bellies together and look into the others eyes.

“Yeah……like this. I need to feel myself inside you,” and we watch my cock touch up between her legs, both of us looking down between her legs. Her knees bent back, and held open. Her hair is everywhere, she looks dissolved, hungry, wild. And I press myself inside , my whole length, looking into her eyes as I settle into her. Their glaze as she tips her chin in the air, as she feels me inside. Feeling me enter her, looking up vaguely in my eyes, but filled with such pleasure she can scarcely see outside her body.

So slow, holding her to me, and then slide back out. My cock has this weight, I can feel the weight of my body filling her, each thrust, deeper, harder. We can see my shiny cock leave her body and then press back in. Her eyes are closed, I move slow, let her feel me enter deep and then slide back out. Her belly filling with me, our heat. I can feel her breath on my chest.

She is holding my arms and I lay myself down, and we simply touch our lips together and hold our mouths together. God I love to kiss her, and we touch our mouths as I rise and fall on her, watching her head bob upward as our sexes bump together and my cock lifts her a little on the bed.

This slow rhythm on the bed. She chews my lower lip again, knowing how I love that, holding on as I fill her, our sexes – bump, bump, bump. And we fuck. Gloriously fuck. Our bodies begin to move faster, we feel our hunger rise, urge the other on. Pressing against each other, she is grinding her pussy back up against me, with each thrust holding her legs open for me, lifting her knees. Oh it feels so good, so tight. Pressing in as deeply as I can, lay my head by her ear and simply breath, feel her hairs, her skin against me.

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